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  • Netanyahu mentions 'BDS' 18 times in denouncing movement and its 'gullible fellow travelers'
    • Walid says:
      March 5, 2014 at 5:46 am

      "Respect and sanctity of all other heavenly religions"

      you surely are joking.....thousand year old buddhist statues blown up in afghanistan,churches burnt down in egypt,pilgrims bombed,camels smoked the list goes on and the devil makes his plans .................

      lo and behold

      tarry not on the road to the holy land for the gatekeeper awaits,judgement book in hand.

    • Justpassingby says:
      March 4, 2014 at 1:06 pm

      " type the words backwards (see the pic), he have the paper upside down :)"

      now you know what he thinks of the whole charade.circus coming to town

  • 'It was clear to me as a black person just what I was seeing around me': Report from an African-American delegation to Israel/Palestine
    • Bill Simonds on March 3, 2014 4 says

      " This is really important for us to understand, because Apartheid itself was constructed to a great extent looking at Jim Crow segregation in the United States."

      is that right bill simonds,you mean like the caste system in india,

      you went to israel and the black/ white racial apartheid clearly does not exist,especially to the extent it did in america and even today in some areas,so you have decided to change the definition of apartheid to fit the narrative to support the boycott ..............propaganda is what it is called

      where were you bill simonds,rev boyd,rev hagler of the Presbyterians

      where was the church when jews faced apartheid and genocide?

      Rev. Boyd challenged Fletcher to explain the designation of Israel as an Apartheid state. Fletcher first explained that the designation of the crime of Apartheid refers to a particular form of racial oppression, and that Apartheid in South Africa was but one example:

      racial oppression ? hasbara fail

      Rev hagler says ........."some kids" must be kidding

      " I don’t know whether you call that post-traumatic stress or whatever you call that, but the reality is I just could not, for the life of me, produce some papers on demand for some kids pointing some assault weapons at me."


      interfaith peace is a good thing

      faith is what the conflict is about....stick to that with it ....peace will come ,a great victory for the 3 companions of abram

  • Thought experiment. Dateline Ukraine
    • Shingo

      you are so aggressive with the detailed point by point block quote lightly coloured background that i will throw the towel on the gas issue
      Rest assured when the gas arrives at your house you will boycott it and use only home grown organic naturally produced gas
      none of this vile israeli gas for advice sir,eat more beans.

    • Itzik says that the deal is done and the reseves are kept a secret but evidently there is 1165 trillion cubic feet which is almost 3 fingers in dilation per compressed volume,take that as a base multiplier and you have over 50 years supply at the present consumption rate

    • kalithea says:
      February 28, 2014 at 10:2

      year one....iranian eartquake

    • more fuel for the fire-or should i say gas.............

      link to

      MOSCOW: Ukraine owes Russian gas giant Gazprom a "huge" debt of $1.55 bn for unpaid gas and may not be able to keep the discount it currently enjoys for Russian gas imports, the firm said on Saturday.

    • its a gas gas gas .....the great gas war competition for european gas markets

      link to


      link to

      In January 2009, this disagreement resulted in supply disruptions in many European nations, with eighteen European countries reporting major drops in or complete cut-offs of their gas supplies transported through Ukraine from Russia............and now this

      Israel is now an energy exporter. Israel is now exporting natural gas and will soon become one of the largest natural gas suppliers in the world. This new reality is likely to change the entire economy of the Middle East. In fact, it just might reshape the entire world supply and demand graph of natural gas.

      thats sums up the russian support of syria ,the russian arms supply to israels neighbours,but most important of all eu countries will now have access to cheaper gas and break the russian monopoly of the european market
      one definite loser will be iran wanting to supply the european markets who will have to compete with israel and russia.

      link to

      possible events to watch for

      syria....sunni led,kurdish,alawite regions with local government,assad to remain leader of alawites,kurds northeast,jordanian palestinians south west
      turkey ....political strife increasing to oust present anti israel leadership
      lebanon ....increased pressure on hezbollah and iran to make peace or risk all out war from sunni and israeli military accept framework with political compromises but increased economic benefits from jordan -israeli gas deal
      israel...increased pressure to maintain regional stability in the form of political compromises that come with access to gas markets and to continue to encourage seperation of church from state.
      the parable of jesus and the money changers is a warning from the past........... rabbi pinto and company a good example

      link to

  • Harvard students collect testimonies of apartheid from Palestine to US
    • henry norr says

      "If the situation in Palestine doesn’t fall under those definitions, it’s hard to imagine what would, beyond South Africa. (Apparently some Zionists offer the opportunistic defense that Jews and/or Palestinians are not a “racial group,” so these statutes don’t apply, but I don’t think that will get them far.)"

      henry that paragraph right there is the problem.racial defined as

      1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) denoting or relating to the division of the human species into races on grounds of physical characteristics

      relegion on the other hand that calls for a seperation of believers and non believers is a different matter as G-d has instructed his prophets to maintain seperation through his laws.conversions are the order of the day-people have to choose sides so it is the relegion itself that creates the apartheid

      much like in ireland where protestants and catholics are seperated through relegious apartheid
      islamic countries,israel,african countries all enforce in one way or another relegious apartheid

  • Political Zionism is destroying a culture and a people, and intentionally so
    • Anyway the olive branch is a symbol of peace and the american eagle grasping an olive branch in one claw and arrows in another is a potent reminder of the possibilities in kerry,s framework

    • Naftush says

      "suspect" narratives

      you are correct but you need to understand the presybies have been left out since the league of nations days but that still does not change the fact that the real message is ........zionism has stuffed up but we presybies can do better.he is planting the trees a symbolic gesture on behalf of the flock back home while at the same time making the support the local indig gesture
      I read an interesting article today on al akhbar,they have a few good writers and it was on abbas and his efforts to mediate in the syrian conflict
      quiet interesting because several palestinian proposals were implemented,one on chemical weapons and also that assad remains to lead another day,geneva 2 stuff
      so here you have this guy planting trees while the palestinian leadership are busy at work controlling the narrative in syria and lebanon to there advantage.

  • Mayor of Canadian city invites Ehud Barak to economic summit
    • Palestinian refugee destinations will include canada,australia,new zealand,and it will be the capitalist economies that fund it .......hows that for a ideological construction

  • Jewish community commits intellectual suicide before our eyes
    • Jewish community commits intellectual suicide before our eyes
      Philip Weiss on February 21, 2014 193 says

      "It’s tragic, and embarrassing. The Jewish community is rebranding Jewish culture, "

      Shmully and guilt
      Philip Weiss on April 26, 2012 462

      "I took some of the cookies I had not been able to eat from the night before and closed the heavy front door after me. It was 6 a.m. and still dark on Shabbos. I drove back home wondering how I was going to mend my ways."

      {scared of israel,s shadow ,i sneaked out in the early hours of the dawn,cookies in hand.}

      from the Book of Guilt ......the story of a jewish left wing anti zionist special forces operator and his struggle to mend his ways

  • Adalah founder assails myth of 'Jewish and democratic' state
    • Hassan jabba jabba

      who are kidding ......the flood israel with arabs through quickie marriage scam is an old one practised worldwide by various nations
      Trying to make it political earns you negative bonus points

  • Effort to remove Jews from West Bank is akin to Nazi slaughter -- settler spokesman
    • Talknic says............yet it was israel


      does not change the fact that moslems have restricted jews from visiting jewish holy sites in jerusalem and hebron.
      the settler movement has ensured that jews worldwide have access to there holy sites.
      that is there main responsibility
      no amount of arab propaganda sprouted by you can change the historical ties jews have to hebron and jerusalem

    • Daniel rich says...........

      the Nut Z

      well one mans lunatic is another man,s butternut

    • James North and Phil Weiss on February 19, 2014

      nice piece guys especially the follow thru with the "" Hostage says:
      February 20, 2014 at 12:35 am""

      but you are wasting your is the link take the trip

      link to

      when you get to the halfway down you read this

      Israeli authority[edit]

      Cave of the Patriarchs, 2010
      After the Israeli victory in 1967, in which Israel gained control of Hebron, the first Jew who entered the Cave of Machpelah for about 700 years, was the Chief Rabbi of the Israel Defense Forces, Major general Rabbi Shlomo Goren. "About 700 years ago, the Muslim Mamelukes conquered Hebron, declared the structure a mosque and forbade entry to Jews, who were not allowed past the seventh step on a staircase outside the building.

      all things considered the gentleman above ,a mr wilder,knows why he is in hebron and the answer is simple.

      he is there to ensure that the days of forbidding jews entry to jewish holy sites in israel are over.

  • Great Britain’s 100 year war on the Arab world
    • link to

      Maralinga....subjects of the empire as guinea pigs

      The McClelland Royal Commission of 1984–1985 identified significant residual contamination at some sites. British and Australian servicemen were purposely exposed to fallout from the blasts, to study radiological effects. The local Aboriginal people have claimed they were poisoned by the tests and, in 1994, the Australian Government reached a compensation settlement withMaralinga Tjarutja of $13.5 million in settlement of all claims in relation to the nuclear testing.[6] Previously many of these facts were kept from the public.

  • The campaign against BDS is a deliberate choice to maintain the status quo
    • says who

      "The campaign against BDS is a deliberate choice to maintain the status quo
      David Schwartzman and Mai Abdul Rahman on February 18, 2014"

      the campaign to discredit hophmi is a ..........deliberate choice to maintain the status quo on mondoweiss
      well so it would seem,but then again they all could be on the same team

  • The alternative is BDS
    • Haidar eid says

      "Transforming Israel from an ethno-religious Apartheid state into a democracy should  be the objective of every single person believing in liberal democracy in general. "

      Liberal democracy the middle east,is a wonderful idea proffesor,the sooner the better.

  • 10,000 Israeli teens follow mother-hen of extremist settler movement in anti-Kerry protest
    • Allison says

      "In fact, of a dozen teens I spoke with, most didn’t even know that the march was scheduled to take place on a controversial hilltop, and none could articulate its strategic importance to both Israeli and Palestinian negotiators."

      Each and every person knew why they were there except you allison. how could you not understand the immense sacrifice that israeli,s have made to ensure that these children grow up in a state that Jews can call there own.

    • Allison says

      "In fact, of a dozen teens I spoke with, most didn’t even know that the march was scheduled to take place on a controversial hilltop, and none could articulate its strategic importance to both Israeli and Palestinian negotiators."

      E1 has been occupied several times,in the news many times in the past year,israel is a small country news travels fast
      in fact

  • NYT obit of rabbi left out his urging Sharon: 'Very simply, wipe them out'
    • link to

      The High Commissioner established the authority of the Orthodox Rabbinate over the members of the Jewish community and retained a modified version of the old Ottoman Millet system. Formal recognition was extended to eleven religious communities, which did not include the non-Orthodox Jewish or Protestant Christian denominations.

      "Zionism unsettled" is old news and,got left out from the begining including the reform jews
      the real business was concluded by the league of nations not the UN.

  • Derfner: The boycott isn't economic warfare, it's psychological
    • Bilal a says........russians

      You have a point there but remember too that the russian orthodox church are back big time and are prepared to defend Jerusalem.the war in chechnya was an example of what the russian military are capable of.the same goes for protecting syrian orthodox is no coincidence thay there are over a million russians living in israel.

    • I read a bit of larry derfner and his logic does have some magic to make the medicine go down,but i am convinced that the settler movement is on the right track,regardless of bds which is a throwaway eu economic lever for cheap gas from israel,s gas fields much like the sailing to gaza project was,except turkey blinked.
      the bds is a fully funded eu pressure tactic but they cannot have it both ways and eventually they will have to accept settlement goods that are taxed by the PA
      this movement with weiss and e1 is a sign of things to come in israel.
      one thing i can say for certain that kerry will not be back,and instead Jordan,s king will be the one to break the good news that the money,s in the bank and e1 will become a monument to peace and cooperation between is. and pa.

  • EU Prez Martin Schulz wreaks havoc during speech at Knesset
  • Letter from Al Aqaba on the 'Rebuilding to Remain' campaign
    • Live fire training on residents.......seriously soldiers go to the village and train while residents walk around.looking at the village from google maps all the surrounding fields are being worked,the houses all appear lived in,do i have the right place aqaba between zababida and tubas ?
      when was the live fire exercise ?
      says in the link it has a double story kinder
      maybe i could open a coffee shop,do some art out the back on the weekends
      Sounds like a great place to live.

    • where exactly is al aqaba on the map

  • The killing of Odeh Hamad
  • Free it or f--- it, Palestine comes to Los Angeles
    • Ritzl

      "what was their info input"

      input came from the internet from sites that are anti israel and anti jew

      The grafffitist saw the jewish symbols and reacted giving little thought to the true purpose of the building or group
      i have a saying
      who would put a rock upon a sapling,a blind man searching for a blessing
      In south africa we used to say that when the zulu,s came marching down the streets armed with there traditional weapons anyone with a white skin was in danger regardless of his political beliefs.
      Attacks on zionism and israel can become "lost in translation" as people like to say and jews will be attacked regardless of there political beliefs much like the behaviour of some of the posters on this site.

  • Gaining the 'valuable hatred of their enemies,' boycott movement is educating others
    • Philip Weiss on February 8, 2014 says

      “Gaining the ‘valuable hatred of their enemies,

      .in south africa if any media published articles similar to this one,especially by fellow white south africans there lives would be in danger.i remember a special forces officer bragging to me how they assainated Ruth First with a parcel bomb

      link to

  • Coke Super Bowl commercial featured a Palestinian but don't fall for the sugary sweetness
    • i love this one about subliminal messages................."We tapped into the psyche"................anyway who profits,certainly not "american palestinians" and you guys think sodastream is bad because,because, the link below,the last paragraph is quite interesting

      "In fact, the unrest in Egypt has actually led to a positive outcome for Coca-Cola’s business in the country. The situation served as a catalyst for activating new marketing campaigns.

      “We tapped into the psyche of our Egyptian consumers”, explained Mr. Bolden. The company used the notion of “building a future together” by making an effort to portray itself as improving Egypt as a whole. The outcome of the unrest has created an opportunity for Coca-Cola to engage in what Mr. Bolden calls “cultural leadership”.

      link to

  • Revealed: Right-wing group StandWithUs' strategy to combat Israel Apartheid Week
  • Israel and apartheid: a response to Hirsh Goodman
    • giladg says:
      February 5, 2014 at 3:41 pm

      "The South African Jewish community seems to have seen better days. An arrogance has crept in over the past 10 years, an arrogance that does not bode well for them"

      giladg---i am ex south african jew,i left in 1991 because i did not want to raise my children in a 3rd world country with limited educational facilities.

      what amused me was the afrikaaners had this attitude that jews were weak and soft and would not last long on the rugby field.
      however they had a lot of respect for israelis almost if they were a different breed of jew all together
      one thing i do know, south african jews donated millions of dollars to israel through jnf
      and other charitable organizations.many of my friends settled in israel and i considered it myself when i visited and stayed on a kibbutz in the 70,s
      had i been an observant jew at the time i probably would have.

      however my experiences have taught me that conflict needs to be carefully managed by remaining flexible in thought and purpose.israelis need to ask themselves as do jews world wide .....what is the end game,how do we stay ahead of the wave that launched israel.

      my rabbi made a speech on friday night about the bible story of moses and the ark and how the poles for carrying it were always left in -his words stayed with me and i think i know what it means----i have limited knowledge of these things so be patient.....
      israel has been founded as a state.the reconnaissance force has done its job but the ark has not been carried in -it still sits in the desert waiting to be picked up and taken to Jerusalem
      the diaspora jews are the ones that have been given that important task
      that is our destiny
      the question is when will israel be ready for the arrival of the ark carried by diaspora jews
      the answer is simple ,when israel as a state and people observe to the letter the mitzvah that comes with the ark.
      that is the endgame

  • I stayed away from Israel just as I stayed away from Nazi Germany -- Hugh Trevor-Roper
    • David hab......

      you write well which is refreshing after reading the useful others but i must question the "influence policies" comment as if pro israel are the only lobby groups.
      those you never read or hear about are the most powerful,those exposed are the most attacked.thats how it works.

    • Citizen says

      "the catholic church deserves to be jabbed"

      what jabbing have you done to the catholic church,i mean like personally.have you attended any protest meetings regarding priests who about on the internet forums,i notice you post anti israel all the time,what about your own relegion,do you ever attack it as much as you attack judaism

  • Kerry's framework according to Friedman and Indyk (Updated: Abbas Weighs In)
    • Dutch

      which times do you refer when jews were expelled from the time of the pharoahs or recently.

    • Woody Tanaka says:
      February 3, 2014 at 2:59 pm

      "Certainly if an Arab state forced out Jews, then those Jews should have recourse,"

      Woody please explain......recourse for what.not sure what point you are trying to is a well known fact that hardly any jews live in arab countries.egypt has one or two and morocco a smattering but thats it.not sure what point you are trying to make but it equates to #HASBARA FAIL

  • The Process
    • today i read about a small ray of sunshine in the israel times online

      link to

      this is an important offer and i hope the palestinian people will give it some consideration.a lease of settlements is not only a commercial enterprise but also has a connection in the bible.maybe a cap on numbers,a census to be entered into the book of numbers

      In Genesis, Esau returned to his twin brother Jacob, famished from the fields. He begs Jacob to give him some "red pottage" (a play on his nickname, Hebrew: אדום‎`Edom, meaning "red".) Jacob offers Esau a bowl of stew in exchange for Esau's birthright (the right to be recognized as firstborn with authority over the family), and Esau agrees. Thus Jacob bought/exchanged Esau's birthright. This is believed to be the origin of the English phrase "for a mess of pottage".

      link to

      as you can see it has it ups and downs but that is long as it ends fairly

      the british leased hong kong from the chinese so this is not a new concept

      more important it will create a bond on a spiritual level,and a healing that both relegions are in need of.
      this is very important as humanity faces unprecedented challenges in the next 20 years.if judaism and islam can make peace it can also help heal the divide between sunni and shia and the belief in one G-d instead of two.

      let us all pray for a sign ,a guiding light in this decision.

  • 'FT' blast on settlements will strike fear at Hasbara Central (if not among liberal Zionists and 'glitzy blondes')
    • Talkback

      "the right of self determination"

      Did not include jews living outside palestine,
      Does that also apply to arabs living outside palestine
      and which palestine do you refer to
      the one ruled by the ottaman turks or the one under the british mandate

  • Kerry’s billions: US economic plans for Palestine place investment over freedom
    • Krauss says

      Sodastream is a commercial enterprise created solely to enrich its shareholders.they will adapt and move on.
      Oxfam a charity that does important work ,a beacon,was used by both sides of the festering sore called the i/p coflict for political gain
      one has to ask ,as this type of campaign picks up speed ,how many other beacons of society will be trashed by both sides in their pursuit of victory
      this will not play out like the south african sanctions but will cause a lot more collateral damage as both sides begin to dig in

  • SodaStream flap educates Americans about the illegal settlement project

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