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  • Liberal supporters of Israel slam Trump's 'terrifying' comments-- some saying Jews need to keep a majority
    • True. Yet while most "democratic" societies treat "persons" equally before the law, the Zionist philosophy treats persons differently depending on their so-called "ethnicity". Therefore, a Jew may take another's property illegally and reside there for long periods of time without sanction while a "Palestinian" or even "Israeli Arab" does not have the same privilege. And the "liberal Zionists" merely shake their heads recognizing the injustice while at the same time ensuring there are no sanctions. No loss of military aid, no review of tax deductions and criminal sanctions against those who fight in foreign militaries not called Israel. So, what is wrong with these Diaspora Jews? Don't they see the handwriting on the wall? Isn't Zionism analogous to the ethnically based barbarism which propelled the Bosnian conflict and Rwanda? And, why do they feel they will be immune to the inevitable blow-back such activities engender? I would submit that the rise of the Trumpistas with their xenophobic , and therefore antisemitic, tendencies will tar all not considered "pure' enough.

    • The heart of the matter has always been holding to the pipe dream of a "pure" ethnic state. Yet such has been a major part of Judaism since its beginning. Only in the 1800's when Jews were emancipated were the Jews faced with an existential question they had not faced previously: Should the assimilate to the extant they would be participating members of the larger society as a whole, or should they retreat within their own self-imposed "ghetto"? Before this time, there was no worry. the larger society as a whole allowed or more likely, forcibly imposed this segregation of Jewish society from its neighbors. But, what happens when those artificial barriers are lifted? Zionism is the reaction to emancipation. It is the creation of an artificial "ghetto" or "shtetl". Yet reality has a nasty habit of reasserting itself. Will the Jews give Palestinians equal rights in Israeli society? If they do, no matter how much Netanyahu and his friends beg and threaten, Israel will cease to be a "Jewish" state. Frankly, one of the things I despised about the Obama administration was the use of the phrase "Jewish state". A state is a state is a is not up to the US or anyone else to define it. If Israel wants to keep the land and transfer the indigenous population, a regional war will ensue and the idea of Israel will be buried under all the bodies. Finally, it the Jews decide to keep the land and make the Palestinians residents of "bantustans", the world will sanction Israel endlessly and it will cease to be a modern state in any sense of the word.

  • The Obama administration needs to own up to the quagmire in Syria
    • Sorry but my phraseology was incorrect The reported paper for Netanyahu was titled "A Clean Break" and can be located at :
      Unfortunately, the phrase "Defense of the Realm" was a subtitle of the paper and stuck in my head. Read and enjoy.

    • Does anyone remember the story, promulgated by the Bush administration and amplified by the media, that Saddam's WMD's somehow went to Syria for safekeeping? And that Syria was facilitating the entry of Sunni warriors into Iraq and that was why we actually attacked Syria and killed some of their border troops? Funny when you look at it but these same Sunni "jihadists" entering Iraq were joining "Al Qaeda in Iraq" which has now evolved into the Al Nusra front in Syria, same commanders and same troops. And of course the same funders-Saudi Arabia. The "Arab Spring" in Syria was a joke. It was funded by the Saudis with the implicit objective of overthrowing the "heretical" Assad regime.Why do you think a well-funded military insurgence was waiting in the wings so quickly? The wild card was ISIS which arose in Iraq and was funded by-who exactly? It wasn't the Saudi government. I would say it was the Gulf States aided by the Turks who wanted an ally against the Kurds but watched the movement get out of control. We played with the Saudis but wouldn't admit it. Israel became involved because they want to keep the Golan and it was promised to them as long as they sided with "Al-Nusra". That is why they attacked Syria at times and also gave medical and other help to the "insurgents". Such blatant help ended when the Druse found out and lynched a couple of wounded Al-Nusra fighters in Israel. Israel didn't really want it known how much they were assisting the Saudis so now they supposedly "ended" such help but I wouldn't believe it for they still want to Golan. And now Petraeus, among others, want us to arm Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) militants. This is Obama's policy, no doubt. It is a continuation of the "Defense of the Realm" papers given to Netanyahu by the neocons before the first hostilities broke out with the 911 attacks. How many more have to die for the monumental mistakes of the Bush, and now the Obama, administrations. I have no idea.

  • Marco Rubio and AIPAC allied in effort to insert poison pill into Iran deal
    • Has Israel given diplomatic recognition to the government of Iran? Or is this merely a replay of what they did with the Palestinians: gained recognition while refusing the reciprocal? Funny but I remember they still owe the Iranians money for reneging on an oil deal a few years back. Is "debt" forgiveness also required by Bibi?

  • Fingerhut boycotted J Street because 'millions of dollars' were on the line
    • In addition, this agreement is not a treaty therefore Congress has absolutely no say in the matter. Although Obama can hold out the specter of diplomatically recognizing the Iranian regime, something he hasn't done until now. Frankly, that threat would frost all those Zionist supporters for it would definitely place Iran on a par with other countries, instead of maintaining the diplomatic farce, like non-recognition of Cuba, which has continued far too long. It still wouldn't be a "treaty" but it would hold out the intriguing possibility of Congress actively advocating diplomatic recognition so they could become involved. Bring that idea up to Shumer and his ilk.
      This "negotiation" is, in reality, a UN agreement wherein the US is merely one negotiator among many, and not the most important negotiator either. Funny how we refuse to go back to basics and think about the reality of both the policy and the politics. Instead, we argue about the garbage analysis promoted by the MSM and some brain-dead ill-educated members of Congress.

    • Although it is laudable that some take Adelson's money and then "bite the hand that feeds them", those are too few to really matter. The more interesting things that are happening include this strange idea that merely by passing a statute, Congress can somehow tie the hands of the president. Corker's idea, which Shumer has all too eagerly approved, is a constitutional non-starter. Obama can safely ignore it unless Shumer and his new Republican best friends wish to impeach Obama. Instructive would be the impeachment case against Andrew Johnson where the Congress also tried to impeach and convict a president for ignoring a trespass on his rightful constitutional powers. If Shumer wishes to foment a constitutional crisis then one wonders why he would even want to be the Democratic leader and I would think it would be a disqualifying act in and of itself. You can either be Israel's senator or the Democratic leader, I doubt the party would accept him being "both". Obama only needs Congress to lift statutorily imposed sanctions, otherwise he could tell them to suck eggs. And I would submit, if he laid it out like I have, the majority of Americans would overwhelmingly support him.

  • Biden will skip Netanyahu's speech
    • Actually, the one thing unmentioned is that Bibi rescheduled this "speech" to coincide with the AIPAC meetings. Now, if Biden is away to parts unknown, will he "return" for AIPAC? If too many Democrats appear for Netanyahu, do you think that having them speak at the AIPAC conference will confirm the idea many Americans share: that our government works for Israel and not the USA? Whereas, if they don't speak before AIPAC and boycott Bibi, then will AIPAC tar them as anti-Israel? With the attendant publicity, I think the Democrats would be insane to show up for the speech, and AIPAC would be insane to call them on it. But, never count out the unfortunate habit of Democratic cowardice combined with Jewish Lobby arrogance. Should be interesting as the time for the speech approaches. No matter what happens, this will only accelerate the Democratic rank-and file leaving the Zionist camp as can be seen with the younger Dems already.

  • 10,000 students' demand for accountability dismissed by University of South Florida
    • USF is a public university probably subject, at least in part, to the Florida"s Open Government Laws ie. the Sunshine Laws. USF "decertifying" referendum duly administered by rules after the voting was probably illegal. As to their endowment, I would think there would be no reason a court would uphold USF's actions of hiding any accountability. But remember this is USF we are talking about. Remember the professor USF fired and went out of their way to have deported? A guy by the name of Sami Al-Arian. A professor who the university helped trump up terrorism charges against because he had the temerity to suggest the Palestinians had rights? All because Zionist groups pressed for the charges and his removal? USF is Zionist-owned, lock, stock and barrel. I would think an enterprising lawyer could have a field day with the USF administration.

  • Palestinian resolution fails at the Security Council, U.S. votes against 'staged confrontation' at the UN
    • After watching the latest example of Palestinian diplomatic strategic incompetence, one is left with a few indelible impressions. The first is that Abbas is a Quisling supreme. Arafat must be rolling in his grave to think he once elevated Abbas to the position of Prime Minister, only to demote him later. I often wondered about their falling-out and frankly, I wouldn't doubt that Abbas played a role in Arafat's death. For, why would you rush this vote? On Monday or later you would have a much more amenable Security Council.Were you trying to create a situation wherein the US would not have to veto Palestinian statehood? If so, I have news for the Palestinians. Counting on Obama, or any other US politician, is useless. They will "follow the money" on the Democratic side; and follow the lead of the brain-dead Christian Zionists on the Republican. Why not embarass the US? They have been an obstacle for decades. Powers is only the latest incarnation of intellectually dishonest US diplomats opining on the Middle East. She is useless to say the most but more likely a disingenous hypocrite . If she wished to retain any credibility she would resign rather than kissing up to the likes of Boteach and the Weasel (Wiesel). Going to the ICC is NOT a substitute for the Palestinians. For if the US and Israel stonewall the ICC, what is the remedy? Whereas, getting at least 9+ votes in the Security Council would make BDS, and the imposition of EU sanctions, that much easier. Follow the money, fellow truth-seekers. That is where the real power lies. If Abbas wishes to not be a Quisling, his next move should be to organize Palestinian elections. Otherwise this is just more BS, a circle-jerk aimed to distract the masses rather than getting anything done.

  • Boteach says boycotting businesses in West Bank settlements is Nazi-like activity
    • Should Shmuley buy a calendar? After all, Saturday does follow Friday therefore why is he so confused about where he was and why he was there? Was he sleepwalking to New York City and only became awake when the sound of the camera disturbed his slumber? Apparently his children must suffer from the same narcolepsy, traveling to NY to chant along with dear old dad. Chanting and traveling while asleep is Orthodox , right? After all, this is "America's rabbi"? Perhaps he went to the biig city to get treatment. After all, who wants to be a narcoleptic traveler imbued with a minor malady of dishonest Zionism? Is this a new disease or merely a chronic condition shared by those Zionists who can't tell time.

  • PA considers ‘re-defining security coordination’ with Israel in wake of Palestinian govt minister death
    • According to the basic tenets of criminal law, you take the victim as you find him. If you strike or unlawfully touch someone and they die bcause you exacerbated a pre-exiting medical condition, you are still guilty of manslaughter. According to even the Israeli admission, the IDF either pushed, shoved or struck the victim and their is a good chance he was also exposed to Israeli tear gas. Therefore, the IDF is left without an excuse and should prosecute the soldier. Yet, they can't because that would end the Israeli impunity that exonerates all those who kill Palestinians. So, where do they go? Especially when the Quisling PA recognizes that their safety may be sacrificed to the Israeli necessity of maintaning their immunity? So far, Abbas has rolled over each time the Israelis demand he do so. Since his legal term ended years ago, and he has never really tried to organize new elections, his Quisling status is secure. But, apparently that is not enough anymore. He is still the safest man in the PA unless someone decides, with Israeli help, that a reprise of the death of Arafat is in order.

  • 'Suicide Drones' and the Spoils of War: Israeli arms manufacturers look to cash in on the war in Gaza
    • If you remember the history of the twentieh century, the Spanish Civil War was used by the Germans to test weaponry and tactics later used during WWII. From the dive-bombing Stukas to the terror bombing at Guernica, the war was a testing ground without regard to the numbers slaughtered except as selling points for arms manufacturers. Isn't this really the same? Only this time this weaponry is sold on the open market after being "tested" for efficacy on a defenceless population. They have learned well from their ideological forbears .

  • Dempsey bucks Obama line by praising Israelis for Gaza tactics
    • Sixty years ago, President Truman fired Douglas McArthur for disputing presidential policy. I would suggest that Obama, if he has any balls left, show Dempsey the same treatment. He should have the option of resigning as Joint Chief and from the service or being fired outright.

  • 'Jewish students were barred from attending' pro-Palestinian event -- Alterman misrepresents
    • I once read an interview of Alterman where he reminisced about his childhood. It seems that after he played with "goyish" children, his father would take him aside and ask him whether or not his friends would stick up for him if Jews came under attack under a 1930's- like Nazi scenario. Of course the father never asked that of young Eric's Jewish friends and playmates. I doubt Alterman recognized, then or now, how much he internalized his father's beliefs. There is only a Manichean divide--Jews good, Goys questionable but probably bad. And fudging of the 'facts' as in his labeling of the Brooklyn College problems as examples of "antisemitism" is par for the course. For he has to believe. Otherwise he would have to recognize that what he was "carefully taught" (a nod to Oscar Hammerstein) was wrong and ignorant to boot. And that the questioning of authority is required of the young, otherwise they would merely be aping their teachers' prejudices without thinking for themselves by applying their ideals to the facts, not myths, at hand.

  • Europe wearies of Netanyahu's diversions
    • What is fascinating is the total lack of foresight exhibited by not only the Israeli government but the Israelis and thei Zionist fellow-travelers as well. Apparently they harp on the fact that "only" 274 MP's voted for Palestinian recognition, short of the 326 needed for a simple majority of the Commons. What they fail to realize is that both the Conservatives and Liberal Dems could have made an appearance and voted against the resolution if they really supported the "Jewish" state. But they didn't. And only 12 opposed the resolution. The French, Spanish and Swedes appear poised to also recognize Palestine. Of course, the Israelis blame the US for letting their unpopularity reach these heights. Never do they look in the mirror. It is far easier to blame Obama. But slowly the chickens are coming home to roost. I don'r see how, barring an asteroid or some other unbelievable occurence, that the Israelis and their fellows can stop this slide. It has gained too much momentum and I don't get the feeling that Obama will lift a finger to help them. I do agree with Mairav Zonsein from 972 however, that resolutions condemning the occupation and threatening sanctions against Israel for colonising and militarily occupying Palestine within either the '48 borders, or at worst the '67 borders. including East Jerusalem, the Golan and Shebaa farms would be a more effective route to statehood that merely recognizing Palestine without delineating any borders. It is also almost funny how the US media, especially the broadcasters on TV and radio (NPR, are you listening?), have gone out of their way to ignore this story.

  • Tablet types Rev. Shipman as elite, anti-semitic WASP
    • "..Yes there’s anti-Semitism in the U.S., I believe it worked against Joseph Lieberman getting the vice presidency.." No, Phil. Although I voted for Gore, I held my nose because I saw Lieberman as a smarmy, unctuous hypocrite. The funny thing is, as a US Senator, he proved me right over and over. I can understand anyone who voted against him, not because he was Jewish or not, but for the reasons stated above. If you believe that the only reason one would vote against Lieberman was because of "antisemitism". that says more about you and possibly should be a "teachable' moment as it were.

  • 'Ethnic cleansing for a better world' -- Richard Cohen says Palestinians brought the Nakba on themselves
    • When is he going on a book tour to promote his view of ethnic cleansing? Is the New York Review of Books going to do a review? Remember? The guys who ignored Walt and Meirsheimer really should extoll Cohen. How about the NY Times or the Washington Post? Of course he could try to hock his book on the Daily Show or Colbert but I think he is too much of a coward. Interesting how he has tried to cover up his true feelings all these years to not appear as the virulent racist he is.

  • Netanyahu says there will never be a real Palestinian state
    • Last night on Chris Hayes show, he brought up two issues with Congressman Jim Moran, normally one of the more honest memebrs concerning I/P issues.. The first was the fact that he was one of the few members of Congress asking for a ceasefire. He replied that it was a fact that most of his colleagues sided with Israel, avopiding calling them out for their callousness and toadying. Then Hayes brought up Netanyahu's statement. Instead of acknowledging the truth of the statement, Moran hemmed and hawed basically saying he did not believe the statement reflected Israeli policy. Left unsaid were the ramifications of this being a true relection of Israelin policy. For if it is, a rethinking of US foreign policy would be in order and no longer could the US establishment hide behind the idea of a "peace process" for it is evident that Israel has no intention of allowing Palestinian self-determination. It does make one wonder why the Forward and other Jewish publications haven't covered the statement by Netanyahu. Nor has the US media establishment for all it shows is that they are living in fantasyland to believe Israel wants any peace for the Palestinians except the peace of the grave.

  • Only non-Jews can save Israel, Eldar says
    • Does Israel deserve to be saved? The land will remain, so will populations of human beings. But should the state of Israel, that Zionist ideal of a 'Jewish 'state be saved or rightfully be consigned to the 'dustbin of history'.The problem Eldar has is that he is a Zionist, he sees some justice within the Zionist view and the history of Israel. I, on the other hand, do not. I see Zionism as a massive crime (of theft and brutality), built upon a faulty premise (that Jews are a separate ethnicity entitled to a state upon the land of others) that should be seen as the object lesson in what happens when bad ideology is married with the worst attributes of religion and nationalism.

  • Israel lobby doesn't want Al Jazeera coming into 'millions of American homes'
    • What will happen if a news organization in the US does not employ the ubiquitous 'pro Zionist' filter found in the rest of America's 'main stream media'? Such a question must scare the hell out of Foxman, Kristol, Dershowitz and their ilk. For by denying Americans the right to view information over the public airwaves, they display their contempt for American values such as the First Amendment. Yet, if such information is disseminated without the pro-Israeli gatekeepers, the truth may actually get to the public, with questions asked about America's unquestioning support of the so-called 'Jewish' state which Zionists are either loathe to, or will never be able to answer satisfactorily to the general public. This is hilarious.

  • An account of the Guardian's racist endorsement of the Balfour Declaration
    • Perhaps it would be instructive to remember the circumstances surrounding Balfour, and the propaganda required to 'sell' it. At the time, Great Britain was bleeding from fighting WWI, both with the slaughter of thousands of British troops and the staggering economic costs. The Brititsh leadership saw Balfour as a 'two-fer'. It would receive needed financial support from the Zionists and possibly get the US into the war using the slavish support of Zionist-leaning Jewish-owned media in the US; and would drive a wedge into the German Jewish support of the German military between the Zionists and the non-zionists. Try reading Lord Montagu's letter decrying Balfour asking whether he was to be considered an 'English Jew' or a 'Jewish Englishman'.
      Both of these war aims succeeded beyond Balfour's wildest dreams. The US media and Jewish population which, at the beginning of the war sided with the Germans or was neutral, immediately enlisted in the Allied cause resulting in the US entering the war on the Allied side. And Britain received an infusion of cash and credit to continue their participation in WWI.
      Although the German Jewish population continued to support the German military, (look at the figures showing Jewish participation in the German military and contrast it with the figures showing Jewish participation on the Allied side, there really isn't any comparison, the Allied Jewish participation was miniscule) it unfortunately set up the scapegoating of Jews upon Hitler's rise to power. That was the legacy of Balfour. Is it really any wonder that the Guardian, and other so-called 'leftist' media didn't use any excuse they could dredge up to promote Balfour at the time? Not if you examine the circumstances they were dealing with.

  • Report: Israel to give US only 12-hour warning before attacking Iran because Netanyahu doesn't trust Obama
    • Interesting. Obama should declare that any warplanes flying in or near the Persian Gulf or Iraq, without prior clearance from the US, will be considered hostile to US forces and shot down. That would put an end to this silly posturing of whether or not there is prior notice. For if Israel attacks, the US will be in the cross hairs and considered an accomplice no matter what. I wonder if Obama has the guts? For such an action, clearly in the best interests of the US, will enrage the Israel-firsters.

  • Publisher of the 'Atlanta Jewish Times' suggests Mossad should assassinate Obama
    • Perhaps the publisher read Victor Ostrovsky's book : 'By Way Of Deception'. In it, Ostrovsky describes how, during his Mossad training, his instructors held the Kennedy assassination as a prime example of a political murder performed correctly. Although never admitting the Mossad was behind the 'hit', one must wonder at the coincidences. After Kennedy told the Israelis that Dimona should be declared and Israel should join the NPT, he was assassinated and the much more 'pliable' Lyndon Johnson inaugurated. How 'pliable' was Johnson? He scotched all mention of Dimona and the NPT, and even when the Israelis attacked the Liberty, he attempted a ham-handed cover-up which remains to this day as the 'official' explanation. Where do you think the US policy toward Israeli nuclear weapons i.e. 'ambiguity' arose; with such policy remaining to this day? And investigation of the role of the Zionist gun-runner, Jack Ruby, is anathema to the main-stream media. Interesting, isn't it?

  • Israel: Still not doing Gandhi very well
    • It reminds one of the Museum of Tolerance built upon a Muslim cemetery. If Israelis are that blind, there really is no hope for them. I wonder if they would put a plaque on this statue containing the quotation by Gandhi cited above?

  • Could Ron Paul's Iowa surge finally open up political debate on Israel and Iran attack?
    • In 2003, Shieffer sat on a panel reviewing JFK's assassination. The panel discussion was televised on C-Span and I'm sure remains in their archives.. During the question and answer period, an audience member asked about Jack Ruby and why his part in the drama was always downplayed, what was the history of Ruby, his connections etc. Shiefffer came unglued and merely stated with contempt that Ruby was a bar owner of no importance. Interesting how he never answered any of the questions. At that time I understood that he didn't care for TRUTH, only what he could 'sell' to a gullible public. I wouldn't doubt his contempt bled over to Ron Paul because, unlike the other Republicans who are willing to abrogate any US foreign policy interests in their slavish devotion to Israel, Ron Paul espouses a foreign policy where US actions woulod be governed by US interests, not Israels. One of the strangest interludes during the last debate was Herman Cain saying he would join with Israel in an unprovoked attack on Iran if the Israelis came up with a foolproof plan. And the other Republicans nodding in agreement. Except for Ron Paul. I wholeheartedly agree with Paul's position that Iran is not really a problem.
      The funny thing is, even the MSM debate hosts have deliberately ignored Ron Paul and will not even discuss his positions on foreign policy even after the deabtes during their so called 'analyses'. MSNBC avoids him, and any criticism of Israeli oppolicies like the plague. Ditto FOX and CNN, let alond CBS, ABC or NBC.
      I agree that Paul's views on domestic policy are simplistic at least, and utterly destructive at most to the workings of modern civilization. Yet, his idea of US foreign policy acting in furtherance of US interests, first and last, do hold appeal. As for Shieffer, 'Nuff said.

  • Cornel West & Rosemary Ruether launch petition to stop Marc Ellis's dismissal from Baylor University
    • I graduated from Baylor, both undergraduate and law school. In the 70's and 80's, Baylor first distanced itself from, and then severed, ties with the Southern Baptists. Why? Because the Southern Baptist Conference had decided that Baylor's academics did not 'toe the line' as far as the right-wing dogma espoused by the conference. In other words, Baylor had decided to promote academic freedom and allowed ideas which were anathema to the Southern Baptist Conference. For instance, they actually allowed the teaching of evolution in biology classes, along with free lectures by the likes of Gloria Steinem and John Dean. Now, after selecting Ken Starr as president of the university, it seems that Baylor would much rather end its role as a bastion of such intellectual freedom, and retreat into a dogma laden institution more fit to graduate right-wing hacks, such as Starr, over thinking individuals. Pity, really.

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