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  • Palestinian Harry Potter fan challenges J. K. Rowling on BDS using lessons from Hogwarts
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    • It is factually false to say "what THE Zionists did to the Jews ". Most Jews were Zionists or became Zionists who were Nazi victims. As a comparison in this forum, it would be false to use the phrase "the Palestinians" to describe the actions of specific Palestinians. Had you stated what specific people did to other people, I can accept the facts; I can't accept attempts to re-write history. In your small inclusion of the word "the", you make the huge implication that those who followed Zionism, just as those who followed Naziism, were responsible for the deaths of Jews during the Holocaust. Accuracy matters. I assume you would take offense to being called a Holocaust denier.

      I do agree though, that the forum should stay open to all discussion about past events.

    • "not Israel. as usual Israel is willing and eager to pressure the US into another war so it can get on with their land theft and ethnic cleansing. there’s nothing modest about that. it’s theatre all right, just not the kind you’re envisioning."

      Ha! As I stated, countries do what is to their own self-interest. It is certainly modest when all parties know a war won't happen. The countries are not likely biting on any of this; only the public mob. It's illogical on any deep strategic level for the US to attack Iran when the Straits of Hormuz are indefensible. What you have done in your first sentence is jump past the first modest move (pressure on the US), and assume an outcome without logically entering the innumerable counter-moves which make up the chess match that is foreign policy. Every party involved has a similar "fantasy" outcome which by your definition would be immodest.

    • An admirable thought. From a purely geopolitical point of view though, it's clear that Iran has been granted a huge post-Iraqi war opening and is doing what all countries do given such: act in its self-interest. There are 70+ million Iranians, met only with a similar number of Turks. All the other countries vying for influence in the gap opened in Iraq are much smaller in population.

      What I'm getting at is that no matter what "concessions" Iran presently makes, they have no time limit on their goal of nuclear capability. Every government knows this, including Israel. What is happening in the region right now is theater, the intended hope on each party's part of being some modest advantage going forward. MAD is a stand-off; only madmen would act on it.

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