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I was raised a zionist jew but REALITY led me to end that. I was fortunate to have visited Palestine/Isr. twice 1980 while in the military, then again, in 2004. Each time for several weeks traveling north to south and into West Bank but not Gaza, unfortunately as my permit was revoked.

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  • 'Death to Ahed Tamimi': Israeli settlers vandalize Nabi Saleh
    • But please, remember well, that THESE sorts of graffiti sprayed death threats and racist epithets that are sprayed on the walls and houses of Palestinians by the psycho-fanatic settler thugs is NOT NEW...they've sprayed such evil for years and years...I viewed them back in 2004 and they were already Hebron and elsewhere in the WB...this is NOT a new/phenomenon which is really hard for many Americans to wrap their brains around so well has the brain washing/propaganda mill functioned for Decades and decades. We need to de Program ourselves. There oughta be a 're-education' effort developed to help move westerners along...particularly geared for US-ians, imo.

  • In 'NYT,' Israeli minister calls BDS activists 'enemy soldiers' and compares them to Nazis
    • So many excellent posts above but had to add my 2cents the chorus. I can only remember the HATEFUL reactionary comment of Netanyahu when Americans "dared" to compare the ruthless barbaric actions of IDF to Nazis....he said "how dare you compare"...but the TRUTH is that DECADES ago, pious orthodox Israeli scientist, Dr Yeshayahu Liebowitz did just that after 6 day war...he warned that Israel would devolve into a Fascist Police State in order to 'maintain' the occupation...he warned to END the occupation and make Israel a real DEMOCRACY for all. He was the blessed sage who then used the term "JudeoNazis".

  • Israeli Labor sells out African refugees, as 'infiltrators'
  • Top Israeli officials who issued directive to execute Palestinians hang Hebron killer out to dry
    • "In his defense, his lawyer Eyal Beserglick said Azraya “acted in accordance with the rules of engagement AS SUGGESTED BY HIS SUPERIORS." ---- Mein Gott in Himmel!! How familiar the refrain. Could it be any clearer?

      He 'vas just folloving orders'.
      ......NUREMBERG REDUX --
      So the next time we read about Israelis or zionists spitting invectives at dissidents who DARE compare IDF to Nazis....perhaps that phrase vill ring ze bell..?

  • Why Shmuley Boteach was banished from Cory Booker's memoir
    • Not to forget Smiley Botox's felonious relatives.....his sister's son Ephraim Deveroli, who was racketeering at age 20 in weapons for profit as a contractor with Uncle Sam...along with his partner, massage therapist David Packouz, 8th son of Miami rabbi, founder of Aish Ha'Torah and co-felon...for passing off ancient chinese ammo for soldiers in Afghanistan ..profiteering about $250MILLION bucks...prosecuted but little info about him ever serving prison time...Also Smiley's brother who ran a handgun biz in Watts until US Congresswoman Maxine Waters all but ran him out of the neighborhood...Rolling Stone made faux heroes out of DeVeroli and Packouz enough to lead to a Hollywood film script "Arms and the Dudes" which may /may not actually complete for release? Who knows, maybe Arnon Milchan will underwrite such dreck....what else can an old mossadnik in Hollywood do?

  • Running for top UN job, UNESCO chief to appear at Zionist celebration on Capitol Hill
    • @ a blah chick....Such an important issue to point to!..."tolerance" but it's not even the 'museum' that is being build atop the Mamillah (ancient) cemetery...but asphalting the burial grounds for their parking lot !! ahhh such'd read some of what some archaeologists had written several years ago when they'd uncovered the numerous interments there..they removed the remains...or stacked them atop other remains!! to make room for the foundation...Can you even IMAGINE the hue and cry that that would have been yowling from Tel Aviv to Poland etc had anyone DARED to touch a gravestone even of abandoned gravesites ?..thanks for reminding readers about this obscene action of their "Museum of Tolerance".

  • White House is now in open spat with Netanyahu over his 'American values' lecture
    • Re "war mongering" & neolib or anyone else's Austerity......racheting up ....i've bitten my nails down to the stumps just considering what might lie ahead with the next maroon in the WH, who ever that might be....Hillary? Jeb? Mitt? they are all disgusting and cause ceaseless angst...woe unto the planet and all life therein.!!

  • Israeli gov't promotes 'free degree' for young American Jews who immigrate to Israel
    • Also I recommend reading this well supported article about this issue :
      "in an upscale suburb of Detroit, with a median household income of $98,832, the Michigan Jewish Institute managed to “transform itself from a small campus-based college into a burgeoning online university,” in the words of the Jewish Daily Forward . In an article published earlier this month, (2012) The Forward reports that the school has done this “thanks in large part” to federal aid designated for low-income students, mainly Pell Grants, totaling more than $25 million over the past five years. And here’s the real kicker: most of this money is going to students who aren’t even studying in the U.S. Most, in fact, are in Israel. Or as the Forward puts it:

      But very little of this money has been spent on men and women taking courses in Michigan or, indeed, in the United States. Instead, the majority of MJI’s students can be found working toward an MJI degree in Judaic studies at yeshivas and seminaries overseas, mostly in Israel.

      Affiliated with the Chabad Lubavitch movement, the Michigan Jewish Institute “seeks to serve all segments of the Jewish community,” offering “an environment that adheres to the highest ethical standards and religious traditions of Judaism.” The MJI website lists the address of its “Main Campus” as 6890 Maple Road, West Bloomfield, MI, which also happens to be the address of “The Shul,” a Chabad synagogue (“shul” is Yiddish for “synagogue”) built at a reported cost of $6 million, with menorah-shaped glass panels on either end, and which opened its doors in 2002. "

  • Video: Israeli soldiers share an ecstatic moment as they destroy homes in Gaza
    • I cannot remember ever reading that Resistance fighters ever regretted any successes they had fighting brutal oppressors. They have been heroically victorious.
      Did Warsaw fighters regret their tunnels, guns or sabotage? had they more power would they have regretted it? Further hasn't only been Hamas military wing which has fought...there are a number of other militia who valiantly fought against 6 idf armored infantry divisions (not to mention Isr.Navy gun ships & Air Force bombings.) They did as Hezbullah before them (2006) and are still be standing-- with the people of Gaza, proud of their resistance fighters.

  • Video: Mark Regev, deciphered
    • I cannot now remember the source I read from yesterday which discussed that young man who was videoed as he went thru the streets searching for survivors when he was shot and fell on the rubble ....his associate rescuers could not get closer to him and it was excruciating watching him lying there vulnerable, and then, within a minute two more shots rang out...killing him as he lay there wounded. Cold blooded murder! the article was quoting a soldier who said they were hold up in a Shujayyeah apartment and they decided to make it a game, by drawing an imaginary line in the street so that anyone who crossed their "line" would be shot. And so he was. I suppose they'll blame Khaaamasss for that one too?

    • @seafoid......Yes....especially since UN school representatives reported as carried on NPR (no less!)...tonight that they had given Israel their coordinates ELEVEN TIMES in order to prevent any further attacks bombings, etc. Once, twice, even three times...but their "precision bombing" and focused pinpoint targeting seem to not be functional --or-- can't they blame their 'misfires' on Khaaamaas as well?

  • Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says president of NY Board of Rabbis
  • 10,000 march on Qalandia in solidarity with Gaza
    • ALL AMERICANS ought to be aware...that as of today, Friday, 25 July....your elected congressional hasbaRAT will be taking a BREAK. --yesterday I was part of a town hall meeting with our congressperson. as 6th questioner... I asked:
      -WHEN IS CONGRESS GOING TO SAY ENOUGH...!!?! and push for a ceasefire, with at least as much gusto as they send US tax dollars /weapons/bombs to Israel - as they did last week-- unanimously boosting a 'puny' $250Million by taking all national highways/bridges funding to ZERO and putting it onto Israel's "want" list. UNANIMOUSLY, folks.
      My congresswoman's response to my question-- are you sitting?
      She said ...'not for a while....since we're all , regretfully, leaving on Friday for our "BREAK" '....and I interrupted asking- BREAK?? Now? There's a slaughter going on in our names, using our tax dollars...THIS IS WRONG.
      ... she stumbled around acknowledging that, yes, it was a bad time to leave....and then she added the piece de resistance.. it is an EXTENDED HOLIDAY BREAK. ...FIVE freaking weeks.....FIVE.... I yelped...and said September?
      No the people cannot wait !! it's time to fight...America MUST do the right thing and demand a ceasefire.. this is a deliberate evasion of responsibility..
      we MUST STOP the massacre.
      I ask y'all to please call your 'elected rep asap...either in DC or Home district office--we MUST get this organized..

  • Horrifying details continue to emerge of massacre in Khuza'a
    • It's late and there's not much we can do EXCEPT...en masse CALL the damn Congress...tomorrow (Friday) early as you can....BECAUSE you see I learned this afternoon whilst talking to my congress critter...who admitted to me that as far as GAZA goes ....well, no foreign policy work will be done until SEPTEMBER!! why? because they are LEAVING DC tomorrow for FIVE freaking weeks...FIVE. SO please CALL them...they are coming to home district perhaps you can air your 'disappointment' in person...see, they need to raise money for the next campaign....the children of GAZA need our support....what else can we do?

  • Israeli military destroyed el-Wafa hospital even though it knew there were no weapons inside
    • As per NYTimes just now....4:30pm EST, the death toll exceeds the RT count of half a day ago , now stands at:
      "After 13 days of fighting, at least 417 Palestinians and 18 Israelis have died."

    • Kalithea.....the photo of a newborn baby wrapped in white swaddling material, is actually a a photo I too am familiar I saw that neonate's photographic image being delivered from its mother the day was delivered so that the viewer could see the wound that killed mother and baby 'in utero' minutes before. A large hole mid thoracic spine of newborn. I have no tears left...only a burning in my eyes at what we are able to witness...during this latest ethnic cleansing...what Eichman was prosecuted and hanged for....ghettoization and ethnic cleansing. That photograph is one of many that haunts.

    • PALDi5....and anyone else you can go 'lifestream' into Gaza thanks to Jehad Saftawi @ this link...his front window over Gaza....not sure where ....and currently there are no rockets ....all is dark and quiet for can communicate with others at the well as with Jehad..

      "IDF News Desk also confirmed that the MILITARY UNDERSTOOD THERE WERE NO WEAPONS INSIDE of el-Wafa hospital...."

      This is clear acknowledgement - on the record, by the occupier- exactly what is "legally" understood as a war crime, by their OWN legal interpretation as I read earlier today on (ugh) Gatestone written by Shoshana Bryen.

  • Israeli police ransack Tariq Abu Khdeir family home and arrest relatives in apparent revenge raid
    • Marnie.....a slight correction .....American police/sheriffs departments have been IN ISRAEL....Dozens of states and thousands of police, over the past few years to receive 'special' training overseas, there in the belly of the beast. Though by no means is this link the only resource, I'm posting it because of where it was found. However, I do recommend researching this topic ....and hoping that some enterprising writers/journalists might take up this topic and deepen the resources. Who pays for it and what is exchanged aside from immeasurable propaganda. Orwell might have considered including this in 1984, but thought it was "overkill"....
      see this one:

    • Mndwss.....about graveyards in GAZA.....strangely enough as I was scanning news items in JTA today....I spotted an item that US Congressional reach has passed resolution to protect graveyards anywhere from destruction especially if its religiously based, no doubt it was an aipac written piece aimed at protecting long abandoned old European Jewish cemeteries..but the first place I thought about was the international graveyard in Gaza...where they've been tending the site for decades with care. Why is US Congress more interested in protecting graveyards over living people in peril in Gaza???

  • Why I, a Palestinian-American Muslim, went to the White House Iftar and what I learned
    • I'd read (Prof) Tariq Ramadan's statement on his attending the WH Iftar....and at the shock and silence when Obama introduced first speaker, ron dermer, who LECTURED the esteemed guests, as if they were naughty school kids....about the negatives within Arab and Palestinian culture. I am glad that this young man has posted his sentiments ...and I must add that I found a link that connected me with tweets that Dermer sent out his cohorts who cheered his lecture... What meds does Obama take ?? I encourage folks to look up Tariq Ramadan on FB to read his full statement.

  • Toobin trusts State Dep't more than Manning, Keller says he was motivated by 'personal unhappiness'
    • Why is anyone surprised with Toobin's exhortations about trusting the guvmint? He hasn't appreciably changed his POV and just because he writes doesn't make him a 'journalist', especially when you look at who publishes his writings and who backs him. Thank goodness for Bradley Manning, Ellsberg, Vanunu, Snowden and all the others who have stood up and been whistle is the first duty, especially of people in the military (a la Manning) to report crimes against humanity as per Geneva Convention protocol...doesn't anyone remember the lessons supposedly learned thru the prosecution for war crimes of Nazi soldiers and officials? Those laws supposedly also apply to so called "victors".
      The US Army helicopter video of the machine gun attacks on civilians, Reuters journalists, a man with his children and even first responders to the initial gunning down of victims who in broad daylight lay dying in a Baghdad street.
      Manning exposed THAT by releasing that horrific video.
      So, despite all the brutality that thousands of Iraqi civilians experienced in the so called liberation of Iraq from Saddam, including torture, maiming, murders and rapes by US soldiers 99.99% have gone unpunished.
      Manning stands alone against all that US inflicted criminality...and he now facing 100 yrs in prison, alone, for telling us.
      God bless Bradley for his conscience and for doing what he thought he must to stop these psychopathic endless wars foisted onto innocents around the globe.

  • Documents reveal how US let Israel off the hook over 'execution' of American Furkan Dogan
    • How many times have photo journalists been shot at and/or murdered by IDF over the years? it seems that it is NOT exceptional to assassinate any benign observer with camera...Remember British film maker James Miller, targeted one night in Gaza after being watched filming all day there? .remember young photo journalist, Fadel Shana in Rafah whose clearly marked AFP automobile was hit by an IDF missile? I cannot remember names of so many of the other press members shot at or killed while clearly marked as PRESS on the scene in Palestine. Remember the targeting of Al Jazeerah media center in 2003 AFTER being given their exact coordinates?...and of course the most recent example.. Emad Burnat co-director of Five Broken Cameras who is in California for the Oscars this week end as a living testament to a he was shot at whilst filming the idf in his village. The Camera saved his life. How many other eye witnesses have been mowed down by Israeli uniformed thugs? My blood boils with each new assault on life...while Uncle Sam sits idly by forking over another few billions to their parasitic craven associates.

  • Evelyn Garcia welcomes a debate on US Middle East policy -- not smears and misrepresentation and hate mail
    • Not to forget the scathing statement that India's first PM, Jawaharlal Nehru in his (published) journal during that period, which I read about in Najma Heptulla's book "Indo-west Asian relations: the Nehru Era" (1991). "Events at the UN and on the ground in Palestine had disappointed Nehru so much that he"spoke with anger and contempt of the way in which the Palestine vote had been lined up. The Zionists had tried to bribe India wiht the promise of millions and at the same time his sister (Vijayalakshmi Pandit) had received daily warnings that her life was in danger unles she voted right. Despite the pressures exerted on him by the carrot and stick policy of the Zionists, Nehru stood firm and refused to dilute the Indian stand in any way. The Arab League (2/48) threatened withdrawal of oil concessions if the US continued to support the partition of Palestine. (the US had acquired exclusive long term oil-prospecting concessions in West Asia along w/British and Dutch corporations. Owning about 42% of the oil resources in W.Asia, the US had much to lose if the Arab threat became reality. As a 'safety' measure the US did a strategic withdrawal of its position on Palestine. Its delegation to the UN withdrew support in the GA and supported the proposal for a temporary trusteeship for the whole of Palestine." There is much more to this manipulation but the words of Nehru sum it up quite well: "I must say that the US government have handled the Palestine question with quite extraordinary Ineptitude and Opportunism."

  • Billboard campaign to end US aid to Israel hits LA -- thanks to CBS
    • And now...tonight, I got a message from one of the folks who got the contract with the advertisers, who got the contract signed and delivered the "free speech" i.e., moolah....and his message was that they PULLED the advert...ripped off the image of the American flag...because of complaints....reneging on their signed contract...SO
      ALL of us are needed to CALL the advertisers demand they honor the contract and allow for our "Free" speech rights....encourage the oppo to buy their own dang boards...but allow us our message....put the adverts back up @ STOP THE $
      " I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this anymore."

  • Lobby smeared Pascrell as 'Islamist fellow traveler' for signing Gaza letter-- and lobby lost
    • Even a bit more rabbi to the stars (Jon Gosselin , Michael Jackson, etc) Shmuley Boteach (or as his critics call him, Smily Botox)...has 'won' the GOP seat in this election. Shmuley who touts "Jewish family values" such as his sister Ateret's son Efraim Diveroli, whose father Michael set him up at age 19 to run his own Weapon selling contracts thru procurement contracts at the Pentagon, made a cool quarter billion by selling ancient Chinese ammo repackaged thru a trader in Albania he knew, sold to the Afghan army. Shmuley's brother, Barkochbar was selling weapons in an impoverished East LA stripmall until community leaders and Congresswoman Maxine Waters confronted him and chased him out..though he continues to sell para-military equipment and weapons thru his lucractive outlets stashing his profits to avoid paying childsupport and taxes in an Israeli bank. Shmuley also had a money scandal of sorts when he was accused of inappropriate management of money he was raising for a charity in London but most info about that issue has 'disappeared'. values....weapon sales and fast lifestyles of the rich and wannabe famous. Hollywood's loss would become NJ's.

  • Congressman Joe Pitts: 'It is incumbent on Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat to restart a peace process'
    • No laughing matter, here...considering this maroon Joe Pitts, with his Masters in Education, & former teacher has served for EIGHT TERMS, no teaparty newcomer.
      I'd suggest he be put in stocks in front of the Capitol Bldg -the only suitable public response to such ignorance.
      He sits on the Energy and Commerce committee and its Environment & Economy subcomm and Chairs the Energy Health subcommittee (think Keystone XL). THIS explains a lot about US policy and the folks in PA's 16th district who elected him 8 times. His twitter: repjoepitts his office # 202-225 2411; district office (Lancaster: 717-393-0667).

  • '60 Minutes' profiles Palestinian Christians, Michael Oren falls on his face
    • RoHa...
      100% true...real learning is for there for all who want it to fill in the years of manipulative lies....
      We learn from each other, from blessed erudite associates...
      pls forgive my negs. Just tired.
      There should be no diminished effort, because Palestine is waiting!....
      -- heart felt respects to Hostage...and you RoHa & Annie, citizen, Sumud, Cliff, Sean and many others who steadfastly come teach share.
      blessings all.

    • Hostage......and I believe that as long as informed well intentioned people continue to try to reason with hophmi.....we are all become "hostages". He enjoys jousting with people he perceives as anti Semites. The great unwashed Un-chosen. His arrogance is his Wall, his protective ghetto....all he needs is his handy dandy hasbaRat guidebook and voila, he's ready to put in a few hours as the local zionist golem.
      He is a text book example discussed in Wandering Who? category #3: "those who put their Jewish-ness over and above all of their other traits." is "the key element and the fundamental characteristic of one's being. Any other quality is secondary."
      He cannot be just another ordinary citizen. He lives as a professional Zionist.
      Consider his dismissal of Dr. Israel Shahak as a classic symptom.
      Shahak should be remembered, respected and honored for the human mensch he was and his contributions to civil society.
      There used to be a time when Jews respected menschen.
      I still remember some of my elders who were kind gentle decent people.
      If you review Shahak's early life during WW2 you would think that with all the edifices, memorials, tributes, museums and paeans to the shoah that such a man as Shahak would be revered for his humanity and his successes no less than his actual survival; that is the conundrum...the mystery--worship the (Golden calf) of holocaust but dismiss the message of survivors. Use the holocaust as a weapon and the word anti Semitic as a guillotine, and denigrate those who refuse to play "chosen".
      Dear Hostage ... hophmi is a dead end.
      There is nothing you can say that will bring him back to the "living".
      I guess folks keep trying to reach him, reason with him, believing he's another human being but he is really a golem, a zionist automaton.

      Left to his own devices with no one to hate or fight with, he might just
      long for his own lost can hope.
      I'm checking out of this...i salute all you good people for trying but like a vampire needs blood he needs your passion against injustice.
      Just dont play with vampires or golem.

    • before any eruptions over the anti Israel anti semitic screed I just posted above by hophmi or any other hasbaRat....this is to inform readers that those words are not my own but were published in an opinion column in Haaretz today. As Kathleen wrote....better late than never.
      But never in the NYT/WP/LAT/NBC/CNN/ABC/ad nauseum.

    • ---- No hasbara effort can deny what is happening to Israel. It is becoming more and more of an ethnocentric, contrarian religious community with a shortening fuse and no tolerance or patience for any scrap of criticism or independent thought that doesn't line up with the most extreme marker on the right.
      Israel is perceived as a brutal state living in well-fanned hysteria and existential anxiety, which sees any political process as a conspiracy, any move on the ground as a justification for war and any criticism as an anti-Semitic campaign.
      ---- anything that in some way benefits the Palestinians is perceived as a threat... Any act of protest is considered an "airlift" by the Luftwaffe or a terrifying "flotilla" in the style of the Spanish armada, and every foreign observer is perceived as an enemy requiring an "operation" and a "confrontation." How does neurotic sensitivity like this accord with the apparent readiness for eternal war? Perhaps the psychiatrist of "The Big Brother" reality show has answers.
      ---Israel appears enclosed in a bizarre egocentric bubble: -instead of a sense of strength and some calm, fears are seething and jumpiness and violence are bubbling over.
      Israel just seems to be waiting in ambush for any threat or criticism of it so it can pounce on its critics and then wait for the next provocation.
      ----This dissonant bubble - perhaps produced by the prime minister's personality and his leadership - cannot continue to exist in the long run. One day it will crack and break open: with a bang or a whimper, from within or without.
      But - paraphrase Netanyahu's remarks: "If we discount the Arabs, the ultra-Orthodox, the Palestinians, Gush Dan, the demonstrators, the left, the center, Haaretz, The New York Times, Channel 10, Europe, Asia, Africa, U.S. President Barack Obama, the present and the future - our situation has never been better."
      (more later).....

    • hophmi
      I've been reading your 1-man response to the (mondo) world over the last few hours, taking in yr comments, one by one, slur by slur, and I finally relented ...perhaps because of your last breach of reality - a bridge too far... -aside from the arrogance of your approach to each and every person who has stepped a little emporer...Off with their head...its irrelevent! he doesn't count because....I say so! discard !! etc etc
      it was stunning to see a my small collection of yr negatives.
      here's a short list:
      "Forget about quoting Shahak. He’s not remotely credible.."
      "I won’t accept a single cite from that book without independent verification. It’s not remotely a credible source."
      "The book’s author is a Palestinian diplomat, not a scholar or historian.."
      "The fact that you would rely on a book like this for anything is telling. But never mind."
      "I’m amazed that you would continue to quote from a book that accuses the Jews of starting World War II."
      .."the Federation letter does not say anything like that. It encourages people to contact CBS ....blah blah blah.."
      "The clear assumption here that Jews direct and influence the reportage of news at these places. Is this Rense?"
      BUT the last one....
      "i wont dignify yr nonsense about how jews are pushing us toward war in Iran or yr nonsense about ringleaders for a war that was overwhelmingly supported by the American people when it started."
      Forget Dr Israel Shahak...dismissing of anyone/everyone--
      -- except those You decree as 'worthy'....and who would that include? Wolfowitz? Perle? Feith? Wurmser? Abrams? ......Forget the Yinon plan of 1982 which BEGAT the PNAC/New Pearl Harbor thrust for a war...against the whole list in Yinon's Greater Eretz plan to divide & conquer the entire region to maintain Israeli hegemony...
      It was the Neocons in Bush regime who pushed for war against IRAQ....(they tried to convince Clinton to sign off on PNAC letter but he rejected it)...who knows what goes on behind the scenes------
      -- but your failure to at least acknowledge that it is the Israeli govt, I.E. yes, Jews... big jewish zionist donors like Sheldon Adelson funding those who 'stand with Israel' despite that it in no way serves US /American best interests....
      Jewish Netanyahoo has been pushing for war and using all his influence in Congress, which is considerable, to push the 'threat' to Israel to "allow" Iran to go nuclear.
      It aint the Hari Krishna that incessantly talk about "The Threat" and "narrow window" ..and all the other rot that goes along with "The Threat". Bibi is the THREAT ...and that is way most global polls seem to interpret how the world views these ceaseless calls by Zionist Jews for more war, with Uncle Sam doing the heavy lifting....essentially a call for armageddon if....he didn't know how that would play with CUFI and Hagee's crowd. It's taken years but the efforts and sacrifices of persistent activists who see the reality/truth of the "Jewish demockracy"....I think the hasbara machine like the sorcerer's apprentice run amuck....Enough.

    • Sumud..
      You are most welcome!...

      I'd bet many have seen that (horrific) Simon/Alpert/CBS report about the 2 teen shepherd lads being kicked & beaten w/ stones...but with years of numerous / increasingly vile examples of (IDF/border police) abject brutality many viewers have buried images in the memory hole.

      Chris' statement about lack of familiarity with Bob Simon- nudged recall of that 20 + year old CBS clip.....
      Thank you for the acknowledgement, 'steadfastly' !!

    • Chris mentioned not being familiar with Bob Simon, oddly enough you added .."like Mafia tactics....they come after you....they'll break your legs..."
      so I HAD to share this short item which I viewed in late 2000 that discussed (peace-maker?) Yitzhak Rabin's policy of "break their bones" actually take place. The thing that kept me glued was the familiar face/voice of CBS reporter Bob Simon on the scene. I was surprised when I googled to locate a reference to it this morning and found this:
      Most older/experienced international news journalists know the reality, but are prevented from showing it, and absolutley Bob Simon is one who truly knows.
      Also I had to "cheekily" add that I'd not "tarnish" the Mafia, who at least had a specific street 'code of honor' which rarely intentionally harmed children or teenagers or other innocent bystanders unlike
      the thuggish hoodlums who carried out sadistic abuse by IDF or border police brutality, literally, on thousands of innocents annually.
      From haaretz piece here's the money quote:
      "In February 1988 CBS cameraman Moshe Alpert filmed four soldiers carrying out Yitzhak Rabin's "break their bones" order against two Palestinian teens. Their bones didn't shatter, but Israel's self-image and its international image did. Now, years later, one of the victims speaks out."
      CBS Jerusalem correspondent Bob Simon did the voice over and transmitted Alpert's footage to the United States.

  • ADL enlists city of Oakland to block Atzmon event
    • I was remembering back- perhaps 15 yrs ago or so, to a used bookstore with a relative, asking her if she'd read the book I was pointing to by Chomsky. To which without hesitation she immediately explained he was anti-Semitic. She is one of those I now think of as a gate-keeper. I remember pulling my hand back from that book in slow-motion, wondering how she knew, as she wasn't a particularly committed Jew or Zionist and not a dedicated history/non-fiction reader as I was, yet I deferred to her age and determined "knowing" rejection. I remember that as the moment I decided that never again would I ask but that I would begin my reading program of writers so identified to learn for myself. The memory is shameful to me now as I was the reader and a librarian connected to libraries for decades.
      But that was long before the 2000 intifada, and long before I'd begun to fill in the blanks...the 'missing history' which became easier to learn about and eventually more available thanks to the internet, where I was sent a book lists of titles unknown to me, obscured by time or 'disappeared'.
      That memory returns each time I read these on-going debates.
      There was a deeply buried sense that if one raises certain questions related to issues of Jewish identity and Jewishness one is labeled pariah, self hater and betrayer to the Tribe as I am in my own family of origin.
      However, something deeper is beginning, which has its roots in the rich intellectual soil where Gilad courageously plants his questions, challenges, doubts, internal struggles for public consumption.
      He stirs the pot much to our good fortune, to have his provocative voice in our midst in these very dark times.
      The biggest problem however, remains long as people are willing to take the A-Train...( "A" train that toots "Atzmon" the "A"nti-Semite) ...without having READ 'Wandering Who' for themselves.
      It's Ironic, actually that many jump on that 'hate Atzmon train' without someone else's PRE-DIGESTED interpretation of what Atzmon "really" is saying.
      So many 'progressives' available to explain what Gilad's real intent and meaning.
      That is not okay.
      Digging deep putting his own internal dialog in print takes courage, ability and an abiding sense of wanting to create a more just & honest world.
      To not be the carrier of mythology, hasbara, propaganda, indoctrination or well intentioned (or not) brain-washing.
      Whether we were born in Israel or elsewhere, many were so indoctrinated but now want to purge ourselves of the lies and myths and get to the "other side" in order move forward, CHOOSING a braver new world minus the old familiar victim mentality.
      My indoctrination took place in North America but never did I hear the words, Palestinian, occupation, or transfer until 2000.

      That was when I chose my own "new beginning" tentatively at first, trying to gather reading material to study after being given a specific list of 9 titles thanks to an online discussion group I found that year of informed people, who were mentors to 'new-comers' at the start of the latest American anti Zionist movement.
      It took me almost 2 years to find those powerful "disappeared" titles and the beginning of my sense of outrage/rage at having believed so many half truths and outright lies as propagated for decades with little to no counter argument or even discussion. To question was to be disloyal.

      As time went on there was no diminishment of my sense of being betrayed.

      Now looking back it seems as if I am remembering another person who had internalized so many fallacies, so many spinning versions of what used to be a simple identity....Judaism as a humanistic religion based on the pursuit of Justice and concern for the Other...who could hate such special people who have been persecuted ?
      I'd hoped that the progressive progressives would be the first to want to read the shared inner dialogs that Atzmon has placed in front of us; Read them FIRST-hand not second or third hand from the ever present 'other' who knows more -- who protect us from Atzmon's self hating professions -- and thus spare us from truly looking into the Mirror.
      With the sole hyper-power in lock step with the neocon plan which was spawned from Oded Yinon's 1982 WZO Kivunim Jnl's - expansion plan for greater Eretz Yisroel to fulfill this divide/destroy all of Israel's enemy/neighboring states....this 'debate' that arises whenever Gilad tours North America to play his soaring magnificent saxophone/clarinet Jazz wasteful, shameful and pure folly.

      The old doomsday clock on the wall tells us that we are only minutes from a nightmare scenario that has at its heart, a vast nation that has mistakenly embraced felonious lies as "gospel" and reject again another prophet. I think of him as an exJew, expat Israeli British Pied Piper prophet.
      Get a copy of Wandering Who and read it for yourself. Now.
      There isn't a minute more to waste.
      As Eldridge said: if You ain't part of the Solution you are part of the Problem and Palestinians are waiting.

  • Breaking: Israeli bulldozer, soldiers destroy entire Bedouin community near Anata in West Bank
    • There are no defenseless shtetls and Cossacks in Florida, New York, New Jersey, etc.....where many of these Jews, committing these ruthless acts, are from. Just sayin'.

  • 'In Hebron I felt that God had abandoned earth'
    • There are few ways that can reach into peoples' minds and hearts as deeply & profoundly as through cinema....the above youtubes describe Hebron as it is now, after decades of militarization & zealot occupiers in its a ghost-town where its (majority) population of Palestinians, cannot walk, shop or play with any sense of safety or security; even on the UN road (Shuhada Street) which US taxpayers funded, which - sad to say- is the least of the trouble for those who live in that negatively charged environment.
      Ali Abunimah posted mention about a movie, which wrapped up filming in Hebron in June ; This film tells the story of 3 boys, Christian Jewish and Muslim, 3 friends who grew up in Hebron prior to the 1st Intifada. It is a story that must be told so I hope that you will visit the trailer and that you will share it and do whatever you can to get this film completed-- here's the link:

  • 'Forward's ad director says he's chosen not to visit Israel because it's gone 'so far afield'
    • No it is not "easy"...but there has to be a desire....a human curiosity despite the programming and brainwashing we all have experienced in this country. When there is discussion of suffering and oppression how can one turn away without at LEAST TRYING to learn more. There is really no good excuse for those who choose to remain ignorant.
      Shunning? not good, but frankly it seems to be more from the perspective of those who hold the state of israel higher than they do their friendships or the idea of compassionate humanity. having received the most hateful propaganda from AISH Ha'Torah thru my only older sister during the blitzkrieg of Gaza...a simple one in my entire family finds it odd to shun me for merely asking questions a dozen years ago or more.Since being relieved of the burden of trying to reason with such "idolizers" I long ago turned my focus to learning all that I missed over the decades of my own ignorance and thanks to the Internet meeting up with wonderful folks who helped me learn and in turn, to share and do all I could to distribute information....debate when I all writers and speakers with courage and work to overcome the WALL of protectionism for all things zionist/israel/etc. It is no kindness to ignore the elephant in the living room....imo. Israel is nothing more than the golden calf anew.

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