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  • Jeremy Corbyn and ’anti-Semitism’ - making sense of the hysteria
    • @Mulligatawny .

      The UK is a big deal because of the UN security council and the English language. If the Palestinians win the ear of the UK PM it will be a serious diplomatic blow to Israel.

      In reality the UK is already downgraded because we are leaving the EU
      Teresa May addressed the UN last September , few attended - a measure of that downgrading of UK importance

  • Israel, are you a real state?
    • The Polish Government’s laws forbidding people from blaming Poles for the Holocaust are reactionary and wrong: an attack on free speech and even an anti-Semitic dog-whistle.
      But as historical fact the point is right. It was not Poles who set up the death camps, it was the German occupation forces. Far from being perpetrators of Nazi violence, Poles were victims of it. An astonishing five million, eight hundred thousand Poles were slaughtered in the Second World War, by German forces - and also by the Soviet Union. That is 17 per cent of the total Polish population - among nations, only the Soviet Union lost a greater share.
      Poland’s Government exiled in London was the first to highlight the murder of the Jews, notifying the UN in 1942 when other allied governments preferred to hide the Holocaust. The rival, Soviet-backed ‘Lublin Committee’ also aimed to help Jews, organising the first aid collections as the survivors were liberated by the Red Army

      Jan Karski (24 June 1914 – 13 July 2000) was a Polish World War II resistance movement fighter and later professor at Georgetown University. In 1942 and 1943 Karski reported to the Polish government in exile and the Western Allies on the situation in German-occupied Poland, especially the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto, and the secretive German-Nazi extermination camps.

  • New Israeli train line with station named after Trump was built on stolen Palestinian land
    • Where in my comment did I justify Israeli actions?

      You and annie are merely projecting your hypocritical guilt onto me and I remarked on that hypocrisy

      Until I see evidence that Kay24 and Annie and other MW ers are all committed to creating a strong campaign for forcing reparations and return of stolen lands to native Americans from you Americans on MW I will continue to see hypocrisy

      And how cynical of Annie to call a suggestion that she and her MW fellow travellers campaign for reparations return of stolen lands / properties to native Americans as she campaigns for Palestine - as mere 'whataboutery'

      Multi tasking is beyond Annie / the rest of you all?

      Between 1776 and the present, the United States seized some 1.5 billion acres from North America’s native peoples, an area 25 times the size of the United Kingdom. Many Americans are only vaguely familiar with the story of how this happened. They perhaps recognise Wounded Knee and the Trail of Tears, but few can recall the details and even fewer think that those events are central to US history.

    • And - most of America was built on land stolen from native ppl.

      VAST tracts of land
      Prrsumably all American, Australian, New Zealander Mondoweissers are also keen supporters and actively working for reparations plus returning stolen land to its rightful native owners in all those aforementioned giant colonialist settler states - otherwise I smell HYPOCRISY

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  • From Greta Gerwig to NYU, Israel has deep reservoir of cultural support in U.S.
    • Shakespeare based 'Merchant of Venice' on a real occurrence.

      Except in the original story Shakespeare adapted for his own use it was a Christian who demanded a pound of flesh from a Jew ..

  • Why 'give him a chance' is not an option
    • He gave up his weapons of mass destruction, helped the CIA interrogate Islamic radicals

      No doubt those Islamist rebels were turned and used to further US regime change in Libya and Syria.

    • Alice is worried over white supremacy under Trump?
      AFRICOM? White racist org instituted 8 yrs go under Obama / Hillary Clinton in order to recolonise Africa. Theft of millions from Haiti? Clinton Foundation stands accused
      Destruction of Libya? Under Obama / Killary - the latter caught on film gloating over death of Arab African leader
      Right wing coup in Honduras? Killary responsible ..
      'Super predators'? Killary insulting inner city black Americans

  • No Escaping the 'Cohen': Nick Cohen is becoming a Jew (again)
    • The fact that my comment lampoons people such as yourself and the ADL

      Don't kid yourself Brewer.

      Second point: Why not deal with the crap that emanates from Cohens mouth rather than attack his physical appearance.

      You are intellectually lazy - that's all

    • That picture qualifies for the ADL’s cartoon of the week

      You prefer you Jews of an acceptably Aryan appearance then?

      Comments like yours confirm all my worst suspicions about this site

      How and why do the mods allow comments such as yours and Citizens ?

      Derogatory comments like yours and Citizens about a Jewish persons physical appearance simply wouldn't be tolerated if expressed about a Arabic person / someone of any other origin

    • Just take a look at him. My, my my

      What's wrong with his face exactly ?

      Explain your comment

      Just too 'Eastern European Jewish ' looking for your liking - huh?

  • British Parliamentarians pay homage to Dick Cheney during debate over ISIS
    • Annie [email protected]


      You offer three paltry blockquoted examples - ALL of them from dating from this month in 2016!
      Close to five years on from the relevant date you finally agree that the NATO assault on Libya wasn't such a great idea as Weiss thought it back in 2011!!

      Lets open up the MW archive and refer back to August 2011 and the publication of Weiss's empty headed endorsement of NATO intervention in Libya shall we?

      What we find is THIS comment from you. Hardly amounting to any kind significant criticism of Weiss's argument.

      August 24, 2011, 1:22 pm phil, i like your enthusiasm and wish i could share it with you. sure, i’m ehrens i am reserving judgement for similiar reasons mentioned in his post. still, your energy here feels good.

      Do try to be honest Annie

      You have had very little to say by way of condemnation of the NATO assault on Libya nor Weiss's cheerleading for it.

      And what you have had to say by way of condemnation is five years too late and irrelevant so long after the event

    • So you would have preferred that Cheney give the order to shoot down a passenger plane? Really?

      How inhumane of you.

      As it happened on the day stopping a hijacked passenger plane was only spoken about as an option rather late after 3 planes had already been deliberately crashed

      The fourth plane was brought down by the passengers themselves thus rendering military intervention a moot and unnecessary point

    • Annie [email protected] :

      It notes the irony that Britsh SF have been sent back to Libya to fight the very groups they trained in the first place.

      yeah. thanks for the info egbert.

      Annie [email protected]

      i think they are counting on everyone’s memories being wiped clean every 3 months or something.

      Annie Robbins - You yourself are forgetting Philip Weiss's gloating endorsement of the NATO assault on Libya and the bloody removal of Ghadafi right here within the pages of MW in 2011 ..

      Exulting over Libya

      How ironic that you have implicated yourself in the same hypocritical forgetfulness you accuse others of ..

      A negative aspect of prolonged involvement in and exposure to Philip Weiss's narcissistic and ignorant 'activism' no doubt ..

  • Jewish American activists unfurl banner in support of BDS at the Western Wall
    • @echinococcus

      as if mosques were Zionist venues

      The Western wall is not a 'Zionist' venue as you imply

      The Western Wall is a site that transcends Zionism.

      It is a site which is and has been for thousands of years a site of great religious significance to Jews

      Codepink chose to invade and desecrate Judaism's holiest site.

      I doubt you would condone a similar invasion of a Christian or Muslim holy site.

      But invading a place of worship that is holy to Jews is fair game to you.

      Shame on Code Pink and the hypocrites on this thread that support them

  • Hectored by Zionist wannabe archaeologists, 'NYT' recasts article on Jewish temples
    • @Sibiriak

      That there was an already established Jewish diaspora outside Palestine and Jerusalem makes no difference to my argument
      The ban on visiting Jerusalem imposed by the Romans would have affected those Jews too.
      If Palestinians choose to describe the restrictions on their freedom of movement to Jerusalem and their holy sites as a form of exile imposed by colonialists / an imperial power I doubt you would disagree.
      Palestinians would ascribe these restrictions as part of an attempt to ethnically and culturally cleanse Jerusalem of a significant Muslim presence and heritage.

      There is no doubt that in ancient times with the destruction of the Temple that the Romans had embarked on a clear policy of imperialistic de - Judaizing Jerusalem

    • @Kris

      I really see no reason for your snotty and childish response to my comment.

      In the context of my comment I was clearly talking about how Jews at the time would have felt at being barred from visiting Jerusalem by the Romans.

      In any case with your reference to Muslims being prevented access to THEIR Holy places in Jerusalem by modern day Zionists it seems to me you are accepting my point that the ancient Jews would have taken the Roman imposed ban refusing Jews access to Jerusalem as a form of exile imposed on them by an outside imperialist power.

    • @benedict ( October 11, 2015, 7:27 pm )

      The Jews were banned from entering Jerusalem after the Roman destruction of the Temple. That alone would have surely been considered an exile by the Jews.

  • In a parallel universe where I am a Syrian refugee
    • The author is seeking to make himself a 'victim' twice over with his article

      Once as someone who lost Palestine to Zionism and a second time as an imaginary 'victim' of displacement due to Syria's 'civil war' ( a war caused by the West and its proxies Saudi Arabia and Turkeys meddling and bloody ( for the Syrian people that is ) attempts to overthrow Assad thus reducing Syria to a state of utter chaos just like Iraq/ Libya, Afghanistan ) as a Palestinian refugee in Syria

      Victimhood politics at its worst and most pointless.

  • Human rights activists thank Lauryn Hill for canceling upcoming concert in Israel
    • [email protected]

      Let’s do a short time line of the facts. Lauryn Hill schedules concert. BDS lobbies her to cancel the concert. Lauryn Hill cancels the concert. BDS does Victory Dance.

      At last!
      One of you have admitted the truth !
      Hill was BULLLIED into her decision rather than seeing the censorious BDS 'light'!
      That you count bullying entertainers into toeing the craven anti Israel line does not speak well of BDS..

      BDS is the dead horse

      The true facts are that Hill, like other artists were fully prepared on playing gigs in Israel in the first place before the sly BDS bullies intervened ..

      Stop whitewashing BDS as a arbiter of saintliness on the I /P issue
      BDS is in its intent and membership is nothing but a mob of sanctimonious reactionary bullies..

      You people should check out Jello Biafra's account of the aggressive way the BDS ers went after him over the issue of playing gigs in Israel
      Deeply unpleasant reading detailing the relentless bullying of Biafra a thoroughly decent man by BDS..

    • [email protected]

      Indeed, you are right.
      It reeks of sheer desperation on the part of the BDS mob that they seek to claim this as a 'victory'
      Hill's statement made no mention of BDS nor did she voice support of BDS
      Indeed, she voiced support for reconciliation and equanimity over support of BDS style boycotts

      The singer posted the announcement on her Facebook page Monday, writing: “It is very important to me that my presence or message not be misconstrued, or a source of alienation to either my Israeli or my Palestinian fans. For this reason, we have decided to cancel the upcoming performance in Israel, and seek a different strategy to bring my music to ALL of my fans in the region. May healing, equanimity, and the openness necessary for lasting resolution and reconciliation come to this region and its people.”

      The BDS mob and their supporters here are merely clutching at straws.
      A spectacle that would be funny if it were not so pathetic ..

    • Annie [email protected]

      YOU are being disingenuous!

      Sanctions are widely regarded as an act of aggression by all those who hold a truly progressive stance on politics

      Sanctions are regarded as a tool used in lieu of all out war against other nations

      And what is BDS but an attempt to impose sanctions on Israel?

      America in its wars of aggression against the Rest of the World has imposed and continues to impose sanctions on a long list of other nations running from A -Z including :

      North Korea
      Democratic Rep of Congo
      Ivory Coast

      So do not lecture me that BDS is non aggressive / non violent

      Once again Annie Robbins you are hoisted up on a hypocritical petard of your own making.

    • Amigo @

      Your lack of logic and hypocrisy is quite stunning.

      You disapprove of cultural boycotts imposed by Israel on Palestinians but then go on to applaud the BDS cultural boycott of Israel / Israelis?!

      Shame on you!

      Unlike you I am against ALL cultural boycotts.

      Cultural boycotts only serve to create divisions between people rather than freedom of all people to associate with others.
      You and other BDS proponents seem intent on preventing freedom of communication between Israelis and Palestinians

      YOU wish to curtail or block entirely the very freedom of association / communication between Israelis and Palestinians that could lead to a solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians

      Shame on you!

      Another BDS fail!

    • B.D.S FAIL yet again

      Hill said:

      “It is very important to me that my presence or message not be misconstrued, or a source of alienation to either my Israeli or my Palestinian fans.

      So Hill asked that her message NOT be misconstrued which is exactly what you people are doing by twisting her words!
      You people have no respect whatsoever for what she actually said..

      to bring my music to ALL of my fans in the region. May healing, equanimity, and the openness necessary for lasting resolution and reconciliation come to this region and its people.”

      Nowhere did she mention BDS / 'apartheid' etc. .
      Instead she elaborated on her desire to reach BOTH Israelis and Palestinians
      Unlike some commenters here, Hill respects and recognises the humanity of BOTH Israelis and Palestinians.

    • The pro BDS spin that Mondoweiss is clumsily attempting to attach to Hill's decision does not match Hill's intentions which were not about boycotting Israel but about her frustration about not being able to set up a gig in the OPT as WELL as a gig in Israel

      The singer posted the announcement on her Facebook page Monday, writing: “It is very important to me that my presence or message not be misconstrued, or a source of alienation to either my Israeli or my Palestinian fans. For this reason, we have decided to cancel the upcoming performance in Israel, and seek a different strategy to bring my music to ALL of my fans in the region. May healing, equanimity, and the openness necessary for lasting resolution and reconciliation come to this region and its people.”

      Can't you people READ??

  • Shit dead rabbis say about gentiles
    • [email protected]

      Excellent comment Hophmi!

      The quote, which I can find no direct source for, is most likely not reflective of his actual views. Like many religious men, the Rebbe tended to analyze the world in binary terms, a Jewish one, and a non-Jewish one, and his focus was on the Jewish one. This makes him no different from many clerics. In practice, he was clearly a welcoming guy, and if you want to learn more about him, you can peruse Chabad’s website, where I do not see very much reflecting this view.

      Thank god that you have a sense of perspective and proportion - unlike Weiss!

  • #JusticeForMikeBrown: NFL star Reggie Bush connects Ferguson to Palestine
    • [email protected]

      I hope I have time to drop this important link in here before this thread closes

      Yet another Grand Jury has failed to provide justice for a black victim of police brutality
      Eric Holder died after being placed in a chokehold by a white NYPD officer.

      Another CPR radio report for you here.


      Honestly, I despair of the situation in America. The man interviewed by Don de Bar says the slogan that really cuts to the heart of the matter is 'No justice - NO Profit' because profit is at the heart of the matter

      He also criticises the political power the police now wield

    • Annie @

      It is difficult to know exactly what the facts are without a trial in which all evidence from both sides can be examined.

      Only Officer Wilson's testimony was presented to the Grand Jury
      Whether or not Brown attempted to grab Wilson's gun or not it seems to me that the crux of the matter is the arming of police itself.
      I see no reason why police officers policing a local suburban community would even NEED to be armed in the first place
      It seems that the war on drugs is a good part of the reason why police
      working in poorer largely black suburban areas are armed in the first place

      John McWhorton draws a clear link between armed police presence in black communities and the war on drugs here :

      According to this documentary criminal justice is the third largest growth industry in America. It is a money making enterprise Apparently police narcotics activities are not recorded in city budgets therefore there is no accountability.

      Earlier this year US Attorney General Eric Holder announced this :

      We have determined that there is cause for the Justice Department to open an investigation to determine whether Ferguson police officials have engaged in a pattern or practice of violation of United States constitution or federal laws

      According to this report by CPR radio news it is a pattern which has been ongoing in America for decades

    • Seafoid @

      Why are all the Zionists on the side of the police?

      Your comments smacks of a clumsy attempt to subject ME to discriminatory racial profiling

      How come your Americans have racism on the brain and yet it is STILL such a massive problem in America?

    • Annie Robbins @

      You want to know what I think?.

      I can tell you right now

      It is clear to me that the municipalities around Ferguson have been carved up to create almost white only and wealthy middle class neighbourhoods at the expense of black Ferguson which has had the effect of turning a potentially prosperous neighbourhood into a poorer largely black ghetto with a very narrow tax base

      It is also clear to me that that same process is replicated in many thousands of municipalities across America.

      It is also clear to me that whilst you people complain about the ghettoization of Palestinians YOU Americans live in a society where there are black ghettoes created by whites existing in EVERY American city

      It is clear to me that the ghettoization of many tens of millions of black Americans represents a level of institutional racism that little Israel with its population a mere fraction of America's cannot match

      So - it is manifestly clear to me that you Americans REALLY ought to get your own house in order before you employ the diversionary 'whataboutery ' tactic of '' whatabout' Israel as a fig leaf covering the shameful state of your own society

      Whether you are lecturing the Russians or the Israelis and the rest of us about racism and human rights YOU American's live in glass houses

      And do not give me your nonsense about how at least you TRY to make it different !

      America was confronted by its race problems twenty years ago with the OJ Simpson case and before that - Rodney King

      Decades later - little has changed

      The truth hurts doesn't it Annie!

    • The early reports sought to present Brown as a passive victim, a ‘gentle giant’; but we now know that he was actively engaged, and perhaps hostile, in his altercation with Wilson.
      The shooting was said to have been unprovoked; but we now know that Brown reached into Wilson’s car and tried to grab his gun.
      We were told that Brown was shot multiple times in the back; but we now know that was untrue.
      The most famous detail – Brown putting his hands up, to plead ‘don’t shoot’ – is disputed among eyewitnesses.
      We also know that Brown sustained a gunshot wound to his hand which could be consistent with Brown trying to grab the policeman's gun
      Do we know everything about the confrontation that day?
      No, and despite the evidence released by the prosecutor, we may never know the full story.

      But it is clearly a more complicated than the media and campaigners led us to believe.

  • As conditions worsen in Gaza, residents ask: ‘Where have all the activists gone?’
    • No one talks about the “brutal and dehumanizing” Egyptian occupation.

      NormanF is raising a perfectly legitimate point here about double standards .

      WHY doesn't the Egyptian blockade of Gaza raise the fury and engagement of the anti Israel crowd in the same way the Israel's blockade of Gaza does?

      Rather than answer NormanF 's salient and intelligent question you people respond with hysterical accusations of 'Jewish tribalism' and desperate evasions of Norman F 's question

      Why can't you people come up with an explanation as to WHY you people do not get as angry about the Egyptian blockade of Gaza as you do Israel's blockade?

      NormanF is merely pointing out the hypocritical double standards code that the anti Israel crowd live by.

      Hence your childish annoyance

      Israel’s crimes belong to Israel and its ‘supporters’. Israel and the US are responsible for much of the misery and upheaval and death in the region.

      If you ignore the centuries long Sunni /Shia sectarian split and the current misery that Turkey and Saudi Arabia's attempts to create a Sunni Muslim hegemony in the Middle East and Iran's simultaneous fostering of Shia power in the region - a conflict currently tearing the region to pieces - you might be half right at least

      Of course, your failure to mention the Sunni / Shia split as a major source of conflict in the region is just another example of your hypocrisy

  • In the last days of 'Operation Protective Edge' Israel focused on its final goal -- the destruction of Gaza's professional class
    • And all that destruction wrought upon Gaza was BECAUSE the crazed nihilists in Hamas were firing rockets into Israel

      You people discuss this issue as though Israel's assault on Gaza was unprovoked

      IT WAS NOT

      Hamas never seriously imagined that the rocket fire would achieve the lifting of the blockade on Gaza

      But Hamas are nowadays fully aware of how armchair pro Palestinian 'activists' Westerners love posting pictures of carnage incurred by Hamas and its idiotic rocket fire into Israel

      Hamas's 'war' aim was all about garnering sympathy - and you people fall for it every time.

      Hamas has no conscience about throwing away the lives of thousands of Palestinians all for the goal of stirring up hostility to Jews / Israel in the West

      But the Palestinian people are the ones who pay for the propaganda war against Israel.

      Not the useful idiots in the West cheering Hamas on in its futile and suicidal 'resistance'

  • Is the firing of Steven Salaita the beginning of a new Blacklist?
    • An Israeli theatre group were prevented from performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year by BDS reactionaries

      So you are wrong Shingo

      Needless to say the BDS hypocrites who forced this Israeli theatre group out of the Edinburgh Festival showed no interest in boycotting, for example, American performers /theatre groups as punishment for America's support of the illegitimate Kiev regime and its aggression against the civilians of the east of Ukraine

      For some inexplicable reason BDS supporters all suffer from a disgusting tunnel vision which dictates that they find Israeli militarism somehow more reprehensible than that of any other nation including America.

      Which is of course the height of hypocrisy.

    • Do try to be less idiotic Shingo

      Individuals are not obliged to represent the institutions that they work for. Academics are not owner by institutions.

      Those individuals would be subject to BDS regardless of their political views you chump.
      They would be considered to represent those institutions they work for
      That was what happened with the South African boycotts
      They could be ardent anti Zionists but with Israeli citizenship they would STILL be subject to boycott/blacklists

      So yet again you are wrong and have spectacularly failed to disguise the reactionary character of BDS

    • Oh dear!

      Poor Shingo does not understand the all important concept of CONTEXT!

      Nowhere in my comment did I mention the occupation nor Salaitas stance on the occupation

      What I DID say was THIS;

      He supports BDS and its denial of free expression and free association to Israeli academics.

      Dictionary definition of hypocrisy;

      1 ) a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

      2 ) a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.

      3 ) an act or instance of hypocrisy

      Salaita complains that his freedom of speech /association has been denied and yet he supports BDS which is founded on the principle of DENYING freedom of speech/ association to certain academics simply because they are Israeli.

    • tod77

      And what are institutions made of?

    • Can we not rustle up our own counter, boycott blacklist?

      You already have your blacklist!
      It's called BDS you twerp!

    • Salaita is an appalling hypocrite.

      He supports BDS and its denial of free expression and free association to Israeli academics.
      Now he is throwing a childish tantrum about being denied HIS right to freedom of speech and showing his own hypocrisy and that of the whole pro Boycott Israel bandwagon
      He is merely reaping what he himself has sown.

  • The Brits are way hipper about Palestine than Yanks
    • The Brits are way hipper about Palestine than Yanks

      Exactly so, and also a rare moment of self awareness by Weiss revealing the true extent of the narcissism inherent in the modern day fanatical anti - Israel project.

      The Israelis are foreigners who do not adhere to our Western standards of behaviour ! ( amply demonstrated by Barack O' Drone Bombers' love of drone strikes / the destruction of Iraq/ Libya as functioning states .. the list is endless .. as a result of Western intervention ) who must therefore be taught to be civilised - just as white missionary minded colonialists from powerful Western countries used to seek to civilise those other native foreigners in the third world

      The Brits are way hipper about Palestine than Yanks

      Again, a marvellous Freudian slip revealing how adopting a pro Palestinian and knee - jerk anti - Israeli attitude is, after all, the latest fashionable bandwagon that today's 'hip' liberals wish to jump on!

  • Avishai says we misrepresented his views
    • Dimadok says :

      Wonderful reply to a whole MW ideology.
      “This isn’t the place, either, to explain all the ways I find your views about historic Zionism misinformed, even crude, and your political analysis one-sided”.

      Ditto! :)

      Those stuck in the rut that is Weissworld are getting the vapours!

  • Missing Israeli teens found dead near Hebron; Netanyahu: 'Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay'
    • [email protected]; Just get outta town with your hocus-pocus proof that jews are a race - they're NOT a race: they're different people from different parts of the world who practice the religion of judaism.
      Poor Taxi - unable to construct an intelligent counter argument you resort to constructing a feeble straw man argument instead.
      Exactly WHERE in my comment did I claim that the Jews were a 'race'?
      Look again at this quote ( reading it PROPERLY this time ) and tell me HOW it demonstrates and supports your false contention that I consider the Jews a 'race'?

      Recently, surveys of mitochondrial (Merriwether et al. 1991), Y-chromosome (Hammer et al. 1997), and various types of autosomal polymorphisms (Bowcock et al. 1991; Batzer et al. 1994; Deka et al. 1995a, 1999; Jorde et al. 1995; Watkins et al. 1995; Barbujani et al. 1997; Stoneking et al. 1997) have all shown that most human genetic diversity is found within, rather than between, populations.

      It will be obvious to anyone but you that that last sentence UNDERMINES and consigns to the garbage bin of history any theory that seeks to place humans in a 'racial' category.

      Furthermore, how ignorant of you that you regard factual scientific evidence about the nature of human populations genetics as mere 'hocus - pocus'!
      Remember Taxi - when going about your daily life please take care to avoid modern dentistry, modern medicine AND modern technology because according to you - it is all ' hocus - pocus'!

    • [email protected]
      When I look at a picture of the three teens, I see three distinct physiognomies:
      1- dark-red hair/snow white skin
      2- brown hair/olive skin
      3- dark-brown hair/brown skin
      And they want us to believe that they all come from the same exclusive gene pool.

      Taxi - when I look at native English, Scots and Welsh people I observe some very varied physical appearances ranging from light to dark red-haired/blonde and light-coloured blue or green eyes through to olive skinned/black, brown haired/brown/hazel coloured eyes! And yet - those native Scots, English and Welsh populations all stem from the same gene pool! Amazing!! But let us rely on the science shall we - rather than mere subjective observation ..

      With the exception of the autosomal RSPs, in which an ascertainment bias exists, all systems show greater gene diversity in Africans than in either Europeans or Asians.

      So - to put it in a nutshell - Africans are mostly black skinned but show the greatest genetic variation between individuals!

      In fact, the great lesson of modern human population genetics have all shown that most human genetic diversity is found within, rather than between, populations.

      These results are reassuring in their consistency and offer broad support for an African origin of modern human populations

      Meaning that modern human populations tend to look VERY different from each other but are ALL ultimately derived from the SAME gene pool!

      So - modern genetics does NOT support your observational 'thesis' - lame as it is.
      Maybe you ought to revert to using the discredited pseudo - science of phrenology to make your tawdry racial points!

  • Why I pull against the U.S. in the World Cup
    • @Donald:

      Charmless and patronising in nature though it was ( how predictable of you Donald ) your response merely demonstrates that I successfully scored a direct hit on you!
      Football is a sport which belongs to the working classes of this world. The sport's participants, players and passionate supporters traditionally are all drawn from the ranks of the working classes.
      This is a fact that middle class liberals like yourself and Philly Weiss are painfully ignorant of.
      If American soccer indeed does conform to the social and class norms that apply to football elsewhere in the world then the American World Cup football team will contain mostly blue collar background players and supporters.
      Therefore, logically speaking, Weiss really ought to throw his whole hearted support behind the American footie team..
      But of course, being middle class, Weiss simply does not understand that that very working class football culture is not his to appropriate in the first place.
      In recent years the unedifying spectacle of middle class types declaring their interest in and 'love' of football has become quite the fashion. Football has been adopted and to some extent appropriated by a chattering class eager to show it's condescending 'sympathies' with the 'underdog'.
      Of course, this middle class interest has appeared at a time when the political and social power that working classes used to wield against their Capitalist enemies has all but disappeared - therefore making football 'safe' for the middles classes to patronize.
      However, football belongs to the working classes. Middle class attempts to steal this aspect of working class culture for their own purposes will always fail and the chattering - middle classes will simply have to move on and find some other working class cultural bandwagon to jump on and steal from.

    • I love the United States; it’s the country that took in my grandfathers and provided me with comfort and meaningful engagement. (SOB!) But today when the US plays Portugal in the World Cup, I imagine I’ll be pulling for Portugal, just as I found myself screaming my throat hoarse for Ghana last week against the U.S. in a lost cause. My feelings about these games are instinctual. Why do I have them and how do I justify them?

      The REAL reasons why Philly Weiss does not support the American football team are THIS :

      Bouffant - haired snob Philly Weiss is simply too ungrateful and too graceless in his attitudes to ever truly appreciate the shelter and subsequent success America has afforded him and his family and too resolutely middle class in his prejudices and soul to ever understand the passionate working - class support implicit and so necessary to the game and history of football - to EVER consider lowering himself to supporting the American footie team.

      We have too much. We dominate the world’s culture and finances, our language is all over the FIFA promotion of the contest. Why should we get this too?

      This paragraph amply demonstrates Philly Weiss's deep seated sense of self - loathing of those very American and optimistic values of success and ambition - far more than the it demonstrates any real concern or self awareness about how America is screwing the rest of the world and everyone in it through Washington's insane aggressive, expansionist desire to dominate the planet.

      Why should we get this too?

      Don't make me laugh!

      World Cup winning teams are always drawn from those teams with an already long established track record of World Cup wins.

      This means that those nations that have already won the World Cup several times before - such as Brazil, Italy, France and Germany - will win it again and again.

      That means that America can NEVER EVEN BEGIN TO HOPE to win the World Cup!

      So stop kidding yourself Philly Weiss and stop wallowing around in false modesty and middle class liberal self - loathing.

  • Dr. Ruth says she might shoot you if you don't support Israel
    • (Sadly, I’ll admit that, it’s with a huge sigh of relief, that I silently celebrate the natural deaths of so many older people.)

      Because you are a misanthropic person ..

  • Simon Schama's Israel whitewash
  • 'I'll believe a corporation is a person the day it gets a colonoscopy'
    • Do US corporations experience routine male baby circumcision even though it has little health or medical value? I mean, do they feel pain while being totally helpless just to make their parents happy?

      Oh do stop with your Jew - baiting crocodile tears!

    • And what is a Corporation made up of?!
      All very simple really ..

  • Truman always opposed a religious state, but caved to 'fanatical' Zionist lobby
    • Philip Weiss's article also depends on presenting Truman as an unprejudiced witness towards the Jews.

      On July 21 1946 Truman used the diary to vent his anger at the former treasury secretary ,Henry Morganthau, who had sought his intervention on behalf of a ship of Jewish refugees who had been denied entry by Britain to what was then Palestine.
      "He'd no business, whatever to call me," Truman wrote, "The Jews have no sense of proportion nor do they have any judgement on world affairs,"
      In the same diary entry Truman goes on to say:
      "The Jews, I find are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvian , Finns , Poles , Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or misplaced as D [isplaced] P[ersons] as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the underdog."

      And of course Truman's anti Semitic prejudice was again shared by his contemporaries.

      Churchill was steeped in racial prejudice and talked about the Soviet Union as a 'worldwide Communistic state under Jewish domination, 'the international Soviet Union of the Russian and Polish Jew', or just 'these Semitic conspirators'.
      British Minister Harold Macmillan complained in 1943 that Henry Morgenthau
      'He had a frightful little Jew - the worst type - Dr White with him' who had an 'insulting attitude to the British.'

      From : 'An Unpatriotic History of the Second World War' by James Heartfield.
      Chapter Nine; Race War.
      Pages 89-90.

    • Ah yes! Harry S Truman that famed campaigner for racial equality !

      Does Philip Weiss have any notion at all of how historically ignorant and out of the true historical context his (mis)take on the racial thinking of the likes of Truman actually is?

      Why - Weiss's ignorance is positively satirical!

      Race thinking

      "Though the Nazi government in Germany took racial thinking much further than anyone had thought possible , those prejudices were hardly unique to the Nazis.

      ' I think one man is a good as any other as long as he is not a nigger or a Chinaman' , the future US President Truman wrote early in his career,
      'He' ( his uncle Will) :
      does hate Chinese and Japs. So do I . It is race prejudice, I guess. But I am strongly of the opinion that Negroes ought to be in Africa, yellow men in Asia and white men in Europe and America.

      Not that Truman's contemporaries were any less prejudiced ..

      Truman's predecessor, though known for the executive order that guaranteed Black Servicemen their Civil rights, could also give rise to casual prejudice. Roosevelt discussed the high birth rate in Puerto Rico with his advisor Charles Taussig:
      "I guess the only solution is to use the methods which Hitler used effectively." He said that it is all very simple and painless - you have people pass through a narrow passage and then there is the brrr of an electrical apparatus. They stay there for twenty seconds and from then on they are sterile."
      All the same, Roosevelt was often taken aback by his ally Churchill's choice of words. Frederick Eggleston, Australian Minister, in his diary records that Roosevelt
      'said that he had numerous discussions with Winston about China ... and he continually referred to the Chinese as "Chinks" and "Chinamen"

      The casual prejudices of the time seem surprising, but they were endemic.
      Prejudice is not the same as the systematic racial laws that Hitler introduced in Germany. Still. the prejudices that the Allies shared were also linked to policy. Both Britain and America were societies that had white supremacy woven into their fabric."

      From : 'An Unpatriotic History of the Second World War' by James Heartfield.
      Chapter Nine; Race War.
      Pages 89-90.

  • Update: 'Blood bubbles' -- mainstream media turn on SodaStream and Scarlett Johansson
  • Why Americans must see 'When I Saw You'
    • I noticed an increase of “Philip” bashing from our Zionist trolls.

      No - it is called having a right of reply and free speech - neither of which you grasp the importance of ..

      Especially given that it is Oleg's country that Philip Weiss is talking about.

  • This is what an academic boycott looks like: Two new campaigns target conferences hosted by Israeli universities
    • Without putting too fine a point on it, we don’t boycott individuals, just institutions.

      Utter B.S.

      Hostage - I think you will find that those institutions are made up of INDIVIDUALS.

      So actually B.D.S IS in the business of boycotting individuals..

  • Happy new year from Mondoweiss
    • [email protected];

      I would guess the Native Americans dearly wish that THEY could turn back the clock and stop the Mayflower in its tracks thus stopping a bunch of aggressive foreigner's from STEALING Native American land - and massive tracts of land too.

      In the future political Zionism will fall away and Israel + Palestine will be re-united into one entity - Arab and Jew will live together relatively peacefully -

    • Please bring back the green line!

  • Simon Wiesenthal Center calls Falk, Walker, Waters, Blumenthal and ASA anti-Semites
    • Now, France's top security official wants to ban him from the stage. Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala has a small but faithful following of fans from disparate walks of life. Some are marginalized immigrants from France's housing projects. Some are Muslims. Some are even adherents of the far-right.
      An investigation also opened this week after Dieudonne allegedly made an anti-Semitic slur toward a Jewish journalist on France-Inter radio. "When I hear him (the journalist) talk, you see ... I say to myself gas chambers ... A pity," Dieudonne said during a performance last month, parts of which were shown on French TV.
      Dieudonne originally rose to fame as part of a comedy duo with the noted Jewish comedian Elie Semoun. The two regularly parodied everyday racism and discrimination in France before they fell out. Years later, Dieudonne befriended the founder of the far-right National Front party, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who is godfather to one of his children.

  • Guilty on Christmas
    • [email protected];

      Based on your rejection of the test, it sounds like you are saying it is OK to “mock Christian religious claims”, “stay away from Church”, and not be friends with someone only because they are “very Christian.”..
      2. Even if it were true, how does that make it OK to treat all Christians today this way?

      You are making the mistake of seeking to conflate my justified criticism of the long history of INSTITUTIONAL anti - Semitism within the INSTITUTIONS of the Christian church - with an assumption that I support Weiss's - admittedly honest - though bigoted views about Christians.

      In no way do I wish to excuse or endorse Weiss's views or feelings about individual Christians as expressed in his article nor do I endorse bigotry against Christians nor any other religious / non religious group.

      1. I am doubtful about your claims. The Church did not see every Jew as guilty. For example there were Christian Jews. The Sanhedrin member Nicodemus (“innocent of blood”) did not participate. Nor was deicide even limited to the pharisees, as for example the Nicene Creed blames the Roman leader for the crucifixion. Israel Shahak noted that the rabbinical community was respected much more than any other non-official religious group.

      Your reference to Christian Jews is entirely missing the point!

      Of course those Jews who became Christians were more likely to escape the bigotry of the the institution of Christianity ! They were Jews who had rejected Judaism after all!

      Once a Jew became a Christian - a Jew then became cleansed of the 'sin' of deicide. Prejudice against Jews back then was theological in character rather than racial.

      Jesus - if he did exist ( there is plenty of historical evidence that the Romans crucified many of the rebellious Jews who had challenged Rome's Imperial power - maybe Jesus was one of those crucified Jews or maybe an amalgamation into one persona of such crucified Jews ) - was crucified by the Romans because of his claim that there was a higher power and kingdom than that of the Romans.

      And of course the Romans held that there WAS no power higher than that of Imperial Rome.

      And apparently - unlike those other rebellious Jews - Jesus took his message to Jerusalem - thus drawing himself and his - subversive - of - Roman - power - message to the attention of the Roman authorities - thus sealing his fate.

      But later - when Saul / Paul was selling Christianity to the Roman Empire how was Saul/ Paul supposed to get around the problem of Rome's responsibility for Jesus's death?

      Well - he found a suitable scapegoat for Jesus's death by blaming it on the Jews rather than the real culprits - the Roman rulers of Palestine.

      That new Christianity - with it's added anti Jewish component of the charge of deicide - then became the ideology of the Roman Empire and the later Western / European world.

      Therein lies the origin of the unhappy history in the Christianised Western world between Christians and Jews.

    • Christ on a bike!!!

      Do not blame me - I am merely a 'victim' of the catastrophic ill effects of the crapulous British 'comprehensive' 'edukashun' system - effects I have yet to shake off ..

      In that case - there ought to be a special *Pedants Corner* page on M.W - overseen by RoHa - where RoHa can correct my grammatical mistakes to his little heart's content..

      A separate page I will then be able to cheerfully avoid entirely..

    • [email protected];

      This constantly questioning ethics is what makes Jews profound ethical thinkers.

      Some twenty per cent of the Israeli population is Arab.

      How does your presumably 'constantly questioning' ethical framework deal with the fact that a substantial ( growing ) minority in Israel are not Jews - given that you wish to maintain a Jewish state ?

      Why not just have a secular state for all Israel's citizens instead?

    • bilal a @;

      Your 'test' does not scan.

      Remember that the European Christians held that the Jews were collectively and also in perpetuity - guilty of deicide - that charge of deicide was only revoked by the Vatican in the 1960's.

      I mean - try this empathetic test for once and try to imagine what it was like to be Jew in Christian Europe for all those centuries with the charge of deicide hanging over Jewish heads ?

      Whether you like it or not that history continues to ( negatively ) colour Jewish - Christian relations.

      Jews fared somewhat better in the Islamic East - regarded as of Dhimmi status - but also respected as the People of the Book as were Christians similarly respected too.

      No such respect was afforded the Jews of Europe by the Christians.

    • [email protected]:

      Your pedantry is a bore!

      All that matters is being understood - using imperfect grammar does not matter!

    • [email protected];

      If a Muslim / Christian / Buddhist / Hindu etc. claim feelings of solidarity with other Muslims / Christians etc..

      And claim to be proudly Muslim / Christian - 'formed by Muslim /Christian tradition' - does that count as 'longing for some sort of tribal kinship' too?

      Can they therefore be said also to be unassimilated - which in your book only appears to mean they must therefore be hostile to the 'other'?

      Have such Muslims / Christians etc. formed an 'ethnic boundary of their own making'?

      Or - does your criteria only apply to Jews?

  • Israeli rap warns vulnerable Jewish women about seductive, dangerous Arab men
    • [email protected];

      I have a mile long list of the sins of Philip Weiss - however - the fact that he is American is not one of them - I would detest Philip Weiss no matter his nationality.

      In the interests of brevity however - I shall list but a few of his sins here..

      1. His hypocritical stance on militarism.
      He claims to be opposed to Israeli militarism but he supported NATO's recent aggression against Libya and doubtless he was also one of those foolish Jews who supported NATO aggression against Serbia during the Balkan wars of the 1990's.
      Any true leftist must be against ALL militarism.

      2. He recently recounted how - on a long haul flight - he sat next to an Israeli national to whom he lied about his true opinions on Israel. To my mind that suggests his duplicitous instincts are deeply rooted and that his commitment to the Palestinian cause is only skin deep - after all - one would expect a person with a deep sense of solidarity with the Palestinians to defend to the death his REAL beliefs no matter who he is sitting next to.

      3. He possesses an outlandishly supersized ego to match the outlandishly supersized hairdo.

      4. Prefers hash browns to Potatoes Dauphinoise?
      I think not - some months ago now we established beyond reasonable doubt that Weiss is just not a 'hard hat and lunch pail' type of character - rather he is bourgeois to the bone - so - no hash browns for Mr Weiss methinks.

      And finally - a seasonal greeting from Jack and I both..

      A Merry Easter and a Happy New Year to you Libra!

      Chag Sameach to everyone else!

    • hey dumb [email protected];

      Hey dummy - you really do not get the irony do you?

      After all here you are stereotyping me in a racist fashion ( your stereotyping of me as a Jew who therefore MUST be a Zionist is racist in itself ) whilst complaining about Jews racist stereotyping of Arabs.

      Furthermore - I am quite sure you have me mixed up with another commenter here - I have never commented on or about ANY of these 'Yizhar-ites'.

      I have no idea of what or whom you are referring - I did ask you to clarify about this matter to which you refer in your comment months ago but I had no answer then.

      You better come up with an explanation for your accusations against me - or find the comment in which I referred to these 'Yizharites' - because you will not find it.

      But keep up the Jew baiting performance why don't you?

      After all - here on MW - with Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz off massaging their considerably over sized ego's - you do appear to be getting away with it.

      Again - I consider your lumping of me as a presumed Jew in with those that MUST be Zionists - is simply racist.

      Oh btw - here is a recent example of my views - which are quite different from the stereotyped way that you depict my views.

    • [email protected];

      Look - my rationale for linking to those comments was that Weiss complains about 'problematic speech' only when it suits him - as do you.

      Personally I believe in no holds barred free speech - people in a democratic society must have the right to speech that offends others otherwise our freedoms mean little.

      However - Weiss is a hypocrite - as are you - complaining about others offensive speech whilst ignoring the offensive speech on YOUR website here as the content displayed in those linked to comments shows.

      So - even by your own criteria - both you and Weiss are hypocrites.

      This thread is in essence a debate about free speech - but whether you have the intelligence to grasp that fact or not is open to question of course.

    • [email protected];

      Thanks for your super post Piotr - I was quite unaware of this lovely song until you posted your comment. There appear to be quite a few video versions of the song on U Tube.

      Palesteena - Original Dixieland Jazz-Band , 1920

    • The real angle on this ( non) story

      As Weiss himself admits the video has garnered few hits ;

      Well at least this isn’t viral. Just 1800 hits so far.

      It IS a non story of no significance..

    • But I don’t want to muzzle. I want to point out racist speech and problematize it.

      The irony Mr Weiss is that you have done nothing of the sort.
      You lazily presented this video without even bothering to identify the 'artist' involved nor did you bother to provide a translation of the song.
      Evidently you packed in serious journalism a long time ago.

      Well at least this isn’t viral. Just 1800 hits so far.

      So actually you yourself admit that the video itself has garnered little interest - therefore the video is of little significance - your decision to make a story from an unpopular video therefore smacks of desperation.

      BTW - What's with the levitating table in the video?! The video was clearly 'produced' by a descendant of Ed Wood..

  • Kerry wants to imprison West Bank with massive security fence along Jordanian border
  • Israel's war on Christmas rages on
    • [email protected];

      Now show me a comment here on MW which implies hatred of Jews, only because they are Jews.

      Given that you clearly identify Israel as a Jewish state whilst also identifying that Jewish state as being against all non Jews ( in your opinion ) in your comment - I would say your comment does in fact imply hatred of Jews.

      Also - the conflict is between the Palestinians and Israelis and is nationalist in character on both sides.

      Also by branding Israel an 'anti gentile' state - implying that Israel is at war or hostile to ALL 'gentiles' - you are again engaging in anti Semitism.

      Evidently neither Adam Horowitz nor Philip Weiss are paying any attention to your bigoted comments.

  • A Jewish Christmas message to the unsaved world
    • [email protected];

      From where I’m standing, those of Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and so many other problems can be traced back to the Jews of Israel.

      How historically illiterate/ entirely amnesiac of you Walid.

      The French themselves ( along with the British ) bear a great deal of the historic guilt for destabilising the Mid East as a result of the Sykes- Picot agreement of 1916.
      The Sykes- Picot agreement was an act of imperialist arrogance which carved up Greater Syria into smaller nations comprising of competing religious and ethnic interests - designed therefore ( the French and British hoped ) to be forever riven and hampered in their development by sectarian strife and therefore easier for the West to control.
      Also - without the carving up of Greater Syrian territory into the separate colonial entities of Iraq / Kuwait / Jordan / Lebanon - and in particular Mandatory Palestine - Zionism could never have conceivably got a foothold in Palestine in the first place. Without Sykes - Picot - Israel would surely never have existed.

      Since then American meddling in the region has been the prime cause of instability in the M.E region.

      This piece by Stephen Zunes details the brutal effects of American hegemony in the M.E region and how since the CIA engineered coup of 1953 in Iran - Washington has stumbled from one ill advised policy decision to another bringing with it the inevitably bloody consequences for the M.E.

      On the subject of Iraq's present day troubles - do pay particularly close attention to Zunes recapping of American policy on Iran - Iraq from 1980- to the 1990-1 Gulf War and do consider that Zunes wrote his article on the eve of the final bloody phase of America's attempts to pacify and control Iraq.

      Noam Chomsky :

      Oh, yes. I mean, control over the Middle East, especially the energy-producing regions, has been the driving force of American foreign policy since World War II. U.S. efforts to control the Middle East had been the leading theme in U.S. foreign policy since World War II.
      One of Roosevelt’s main advisors, A. A. Berle, said around the late 1940s that if we can control the Middle East, we can control the world. The State Department described the Middle East as a “stupendous source of strategic power,” the “greatest material prize in history.”

  • EU official threatens funding to PA, saying Israel should pay for its occupation
    • On the other hand - the EU is offering THIS carrot to both Israelis and Palestinians..

      EU promises 'unprecedented' aid for Mideast peace

      — European Union foreign ministers on Monday pledged "unprecedented" political, financial and security support for Israel and the Palestinians if they reach a peace agreement.
      In the event of a final peace deal, EU ministers said, the 28-member trade bloc will offer Israel and a future state of Palestine a "special privileged partnership."
      That will mean increased access to European markets, facilitation of trade and investment, closer cultural and scientific ties and promotion of business-to-business relations.
      Greater political dialogue and cooperation in the security realm are also foreseen, the ministers said.

  • Mahmoud Abbas: Hero of the anti-boycott forces
    • [email protected];

      Let me ask YOU a serious question and I expect a serious grown up reply from you for once.

      If Abbas / the P.A took Israel to the ICC what do you think the consequences might be?

      And who do you think would suffer those consequences?

      Certainly NOT YOU.

      The Palestinian people would suffer the consequences - that is they would suffer even more.

      People on MW are fond of advising the P.A to undertake actions without any regard for how that might actually affect the Palestinians themselves.

      eljay: Always scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to mindless and empty 'moral' posturing.

    • [email protected];

      Exactly who are you - a non Palestinian - to tell Abbas what HE should?!

      Involving the ICC would be an aggressive act against Israel - there is absolutely no doubt that that would be how it would appear to Israel.

      Furthermore - Israel might well - and probably would - retaliate by punishing the Palestinians - so of course you can advocate that Abbas take hostile action towards Israel regardless of the consequences - because YOU would not suffer - only the Palestinians would!

      That is something that your ilk is just not cognisant of at all - that such actions would make life even worse for the Palestinians - the Palestinians would suffer the consequences - but not YOU.

      Also Israel might also retaliate - for example - by seeking to pursue and force Palestinian's involved in organising suicide bombing attacks on Israeli civilians before the ICC.

      Of course - those thoughts will just NEVER have occurred to the likes of you..

    • [email protected];

      This will be a setback, to some degree. It means an additional layer of explanation is required in a defense of BDS

      Yeah right!!

      It certainly requires a convincing 'explanation' from outsiders like you and the tiny BDS 'movement' - as to why on earth you people should have more of a say in the future if Palestine than a Palestinian / Palestinian politician like Abbas!

      Whose struggle is it anyway?

      Unlike you and the other BDS fantasist's - Abbas is involved in the real pragmatic business of the realities of dealing with Israel!

      He has far more legitimacy as a Palestinian leader than the likes of the miniscule BDS 'movement' can ever have.

    • [email protected];

      Greetings Mahane.

      Great video link.

      In Europe - during the 19th century - trade/ economic exchange between the small states of Europe and their people did a lot to bring those smaller states and their people together into the modern states and peoples they are today.

      Economic links and trade can do the same between Israelis and Palestinians I believe.

      But both Israel and Palestine must share the water resources and other resources equally for the benefit of both peoples.

      Do you agree?

      EU promises 'unprecedented' aid for Mideast peace

      BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union foreign ministers on Monday pledged "unprecedented" political, financial and security support for Israel and the Palestinians if they reach a peace agreement.
      In the event of a final peace deal, EU ministers said, the 28-member trade bloc will offer Israel and a future state of Palestine a "special privileged partnership." That will mean increased access to European markets, facilitation of trade and investment, closer cultural and scientific ties and promotion of business-to-business relations.
      Greater political dialogue and cooperation in the security realm are also foreseen, the ministers said.

  • Israel is uniquely sexy -- Ari Shavit tells Sally Quinn
    • [email protected]:

      A lot of the instability in the Lebanon is an overflow of the civil war in Syria - right?
      In June this year there was fighting between the Lebanese army and the Salafists in Sidon -and then a car bombing in July and since then.
      The fact that Hezbollah is allied to Assad has caused friction in Lebanon too between Shia /Sunni has it not?
      But the Lebanese army seem more than capable of dealing with the Salafists.
      I have read there are over 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon and that was back in late August this year.

      Then there is the funding of the Salafis everywhere by Saudi Arabia.
      I listened to a Tariq Ramadan interview where he said it was more accurate to talk about the 'fundies' as Salafis rather than Wahhabis as we know them in the West.
      But Salafi seems to mean the same type of hard core Islamist ideology as Wahhabism - as far as I can see.

      Some people I know from Lebanon on fb say that most life continues as normal in Lebanon though.
      The fact that the Lebanese have taken in so many Syrian refugees is impressive though - especially when you think about how folks in the West complain about a few hundred or thousand refugees/ immigrants being in Europe.

    • [email protected];

      I saw a video once of a young Lebanese woman complaining bitterly about the Lebanese predilection for plastic surgery.
      The irony was that she herself admitted that she had had a nose job herself!!Pot calling the kettle black there I think!
      Think there is a phenomena known as 'Lebanese nose' in Lebanon ?- meaning about post plastic surgery noses!
      I always think that when Lebanese men are good looking they are VERY good looking men.

      BTW - have seen news reports of fighting skirmishes between the Lebanese army and Israeli forces in the last 48 hours plus fighting between Lebanese army and Salafist militia in Sidon.

      People are talking about it on social media etc. .

  • Palestinian negotiators angered as Kerry proposes Israeli demands
    • [email protected];

      Well as I said Humphries is retiring Dame Edna soon.

      With regards to what you said about Livni and Erekat - I agree - I think the I/P conflict is such a tragedy and a huge waste of human potential particularly for those under occupation by Israel.

      Both the Israelis and Palestinians are intelligent talented people - it is a damned shame they cannot get together and pool the resources they have together plus sharing equally between them the natural resources such as the water / gas reserves - either in a two state solution or one state solution - the latter probably the better option.

      Maybe a sort of federation between two states - with one overarching state?

      I do not think the land can be easily divided between these two peoples.

      So would be better if they lived in one state - one democratic equal secular state with separation of religion from state.

    • [email protected];

      You cannot be serious!! Or are you being sarcastic?

      The latter applies here Shingo..

      Comparing you to Sir Les because you are an Aussie has been a lot of fun for me!

      For my entire adult life I have been aware that Sir Les/ Dame Edna are the comedic alter egos of just one man - Barry Humphries.

      For one thing - many years ago now - my mother and I went along to see a live show by Dame Edna Everage in which Sir Les featured.

      The irony of 'Sir Les' is that Barry Humphries is himself a very urbane and cultured man - in complete contrast with Sir Les!

      Barry Humphries is apparently retiring his Dame Edna show and is touring his farewell Dame Edna live show next year - which I intend to go and see.

      Barry Humphries is an Ozzie but I like to think of him as an honorary Brit too!
      He has had a lot of success as a comedian over here.

      Anyway - thank you for the links.

      I mean - what's not to like about 'Finding Nemo'!?

      I cried my eyes out for that poor little lost fish!

      As for Livni and Erekat I think there is probably just mutual respect between them ;)

    • [email protected];


      How many more times must I correct you on this fraught issue ?!?!

      Sir Les serves his nation Australia in his dual role as Australian Ambassador at Large and Chairman of the Australian Cheese Board!

      Anyway - here is Sir Les the international diplomat - 'reaching out' to the people of Hong Kong .. especially the ladies of 'Honkers' ..

      As for Zippi Livni alleged 'honey trap' status - read Walid's comment and mine on this thread.

      YOU are the only one who still believes this crap about Livni bestowing her sexual favours upon unsuspecting Arab politicians / diplomat's - all for the benefit of the State of Israel!

    • [email protected];

      She also has a history of doing sexual favours for Israel, so who knows what she’s offering Kerry?

      OMG I cannot stop laughing at you Shingo!

      No she does not.

      If you believe the Arab presses' nonsense about the allegedly sexually rampant Ms Livni you really are daft as a brush and twice as gullible!

      ( but who am I to argue with your umm - fantasy life.. )

    • [email protected];

      During my Fleet Street style muck raking adventures online - I found THIS - not terribly revealing - photo of Erekat and Livni 'together'.. ho hum..

      The article accompanying the photo is really funny

      Coming soon: Arab newspaper claims Tzipi Livni had sex with Mr Bean, to prevent him from converting to Islam !!!

      Apparently Erekat threatened to sue over the B.S allegations of a supposed 'affair' between him and Livni.

      Charles Ayoub’newspaper Al Diyar is starting to “leak” the names of those with whom Tzipi Livni slept. The first name that was leaked is Yasser Abed Rabbo, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Executive Committee.
      The second person Livni allegedly slept with is Saeb Erekat who was the Palestinian chief of the PLO Steering and Monitoring Committee.
      However, Al Diyar is known to pull stories out of nowhere with a level of credibility below the temperatures of Antarctica.

    • [email protected];

      .. looks like Kerry is tickling her fancy and Erekat is jealous.


      Personally I still think Kerry and Livni are probably cackling like hyenas at the thought of stitching the Palestinians up yet again - or perhaps they are laughing about Israel/ America doing to the Palestinians what Erekat may - allegedly ! - have done to Livni - yikes..

      The photo seems to me to inadvertently sum up the power relations between the three though - America / Israel and the Palestinians..

      The love / hate triangle between the three as it were..

    • [email protected];

      From Livni’s avowal about her MO when she was in the Mossad, makes you wonder what else they continued in Washington.

      I wonder if THIS photo sheds any light on the matter..

      Livni and Kerry are laughing their heads off about something ( America and Israel uniting to screw the Palestinians yet again I wonder ? ) - but poor Erekat looks like he is chewing a lemon..

      The end of the affair - perhaps?

      I am referring to the usual dismal failure of I/P 'peace talks' - OF COURSE!

      I feel a potential M.W caption competition coming on..

      Any takers?!

  • Netanyahu's situation room recognizes no West Bank
    • [email protected];

      My friend is one of those guys, he lives on coke(the drink, that is) and pizza, yet hardly gains weight.

      My guess is that guy may be heading towards Type 2 diabetes if he has been consuming large quantities of sugary cola over a prolonged period of time.

      If he drinks the non - sugar variety of cola as he should do - he would be alright.

      But if he drinks the coke with the sugar in it your friend should really see his doctor about having his blood tested to check that his blood sugar level is still okay and normal.

      Having high blood sugar over a long period of time leads to the insulin producing cells in the pancreas being destroyed - so the body loses it's ability to produce enough of the hormone insulin which is needed to regulate blood sugar levels.

      Being overweight - especially carrying weight around one's stomach increase the risk of getting diabetes as well - because the body - and the pancreas specifically - is struggling to maintain it's insulin resistance so that blood sugar levels do not become high and cause damage.

      One of the first things a newly diagnosed diabetic is frequently advised to do is to lose weight if they are overweight because loss of weight increases insulin resistance and lowers blood sugar levels.

      Also - if your friend is eating a lot of pizza and other fatty foods - even though he does not appear to put on weight - that saturated fat will still be furring up and clogging up his arteries and blood vessels leaving him at risk of cardiovascular disease which causes strokes and heart attacks.

      I know this stuff because I am type one diabetic.

      Even with good diabetic - diet control and exercise - diabetes still causes damage.

      So it is best avoiding sugary / fatty foods and being overweight in order to avoid diabetes altogether.

      It is an irreversible condition and it is tough to control it once you have it.

      Just look on any site about diabetes and you will see all the illnesses it can lead to.

    • [email protected];

      Gosh you just ALWAYS have to be right don't you?! You need to have a little mercy for those lacking your iron will to remain thin as a whippet!

      People are surrounded by high fat easily obtained foods these days.

      Our ancestors probably stuffed themselves with food when it was available - hence an inbuilt instinct to scoff high calorie foods whenever possible.

      Anyway here is a clue to Netanyahu's uhh - body shape..

      Binyamin Netanyahu ice-cream habit causes meltdown

      As far as vices go, Binyamin Netanyahu's may be quite vanilla. But the revelation that the Israeli prime minister has a budget in excess of £1,700 to feed his formidable ice-cream cravings has caused a media storm in Israel and delivered a gift to his political opponents.

    • Phil [email protected];

      How funny!

      I am not sure that referring to a man's middle aged spread is offensive really...more like pointing out the reality of how middle aged men ( as do many ladies ) do tend to end up becoming built for cuddliness rather than speed shall we say..

      I need photographic evidence of your alleged washboard tummy!

      I suppose you are going to plead the good effects of family genetics and gym membership etc. etc. instead!

    • “The Prime Minister is the figure in the formfitting sweater, on right.”
      rotflmao…..oh my!

      That's called 'middle aged spread' Pollyanna.. Happens to men in their mature years..

      Of course both Philly and Scotty have bellies like washboards right?!

  • 92d St Y speaker decried those who 'suck the cocks of Jew-haters'
    • The joke about donkeys on Saturday night live was as vulgar, but not abuse, it was parody, exaggerating (slightly) the subservience of politicians to the lobby.

      No - the SNL sketch was supposed 'satire' of the abusive lowest order - as is your juvenile insult directed at me elsewhere on this page.

      In any case - your point about 'subservience' is disproved by the recent deal America made with Iran over the nuclear issue.

      After all - MW itself made a big song and dance about the efforts of the supposedly all powerful Lobby to derail the deal.

      But of course America went ahead and did it's own deal regardless of Israeli / Lobby misgivings.

      Thus proving that Noam Chomsky is perfectly right when he states that the power of the Lobby is overstated.

      That America follows it's own strategic interests and kicks the Lobby to the kerb if the Lobby contradicts American interests.

      So - not only was the 'parody' SNL skit vulgar - it was also WRONG.

    • And here’s a question for Podhoretz: Commentary’s mission statement, on its website, states its dedication to “the preservation of high culture in an age of political correctness and the collapse of critical standards.” And neoconservatism has historically decried the fall of civility, blaming the vulgarity of popular culture on a decline in religious faith and the growth of government. Now Podhoretz is Exhibit A in degradation, coarseness and contempt for civility. What happened on the way to the forum?

      So says 'Holier than' thou Philip Weiss - but wait!

      Could this new sanctimonious Weiss be the same one who saw fit to include this on his website?

      Who applauded SNL on their vulgar 'comedy routines' accusing pro Israel folk of being 'donkey fellators'?

      Who knew! Donkey fellator is anti-Semitic trope

      More on SNL’s fellate-a-donkey for Israel skit

      Podheratz is evidently not the first to lower the tone of political / and specifically M.E discourse into the base language of the gutter.

      Philly Weiss and SNL got there FIRST!

  • Help send Netanyahu to the Mandela memorial!
    • [email protected]:

      @ MahaneYehude1 “I am very lucky to live in Jerusalem..”

      Where did you get this quote from? MY1 did not say such a thing on this thread at least.

      I said to MY1: "You are very lucky to live in a beautiful city like Jerusalem."

      I think you are falsely attributing to MY1 something he never actually said.
      And anyway if MY1 is in West Jwrusalem he is in

    • [email protected];

      They did not steal Jerusalem. West Jerusalem is legally part of Israeli territory whether you like it or not Shingo - east Jerusalem is not and is therefore occupied illegally.

      Also should a 2ss ever occur the capital will be split between the two sovereignties of Israel and Palestine.

      There is no theft involved.

      I think many other commenters on both sides of the I/P divide would take issue with your characterisation of Jerusalem as peaceful.

    • [email protected];

      Thank you my dear Mahane! Greetings from Britain!!!

      BTW - you are not so bad yourself! I think the moderators must like you too as do I ! You have certainly racked up a lot of comments on MW since you began.

      You are very lucky to live in a beautiful city like Jerusalem. I hope you have peace there between Israelis and Palestinians soon.
      I am sure you must treasure the holy city of Jerusalem and it's people - no matter who they are!

      Best wishes and luck to you Mahane - miriam6

    • [email protected]:

      @Annie: I also love Mondoweiss!!!

      I fear you are getting touch of the Stockholm syndrome MY1 - or something similar ..

      Or you are a glutton for punishment - perhaps ..

    • [email protected];

      What a dreadful self righteous two - faced bore you are.

      And if Bibi attended you would be the first shrieking and whining about that TOO!

  • Man of zeal?
    • Face it Annie - Walid is a confirmed 'boob' man.

      After all - every one of his comments on here on m.w represents one giant 'boob' after another..

  • Israeli report: Kerry proposed long-term Israeli military presence in the Jordan Valley
    • [email protected]:

      The trolls here at MW tried to claim he was declaring Palestine would be Judenrein, but he was only talking about the Israelis and the IDF, not Jews. See Abbas: No Israeli presence in future state

      Sure enough no to residency for Israeli citizens - but do you have proof Abbas would allow Jews who have relinquished Israeli citizenship to reside in an independent Palestine?

      Do you have links proving that is so?

      Presumably that would also mean no Palestinians holding Palestinian citizenship would be allowed to reside in Israel then?

      I mean fair's fair right ?

    • James [email protected];

      Both Abbas and Mustapha Bargouti have said they would not allow Jews holding Israeli citizenship to remain.

  • Interview with Roger Waters: 'It's a duty for artists to speak out'
    • [email protected];

      Virtually every country on earth - particularly in the West with it's colonialist past - has committed war crimes - are they to be called Naziesque too?

      To take your reasoning to its logical conclusion - every one of those countries has therefore behaved in a Naziesque fashion - and thus your argument renders the unique and extraordinary horror of Nazism to the level of the ordinary.

      The Allied powers were guilty of colonialism - and war crimes during WW2 - ( at home - whilst preaching against the evils of Nazism - America segregated its blacks - ) but still although the ideas of racism and racial hierarchy were shared by both the Allied powers and the Nazis - the Nazis took those racial policies to an extreme.

      As usual your banal and trivialising equation of Israel equalling Nazi Germany is proven historically illiterate not to mention offensive.

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