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A fine wreck of a civil rights activist who still has the button saying "Mississippi, Vietnam: Freedom Is the Same All Over" As active as I can manage in JVP


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  • Celebrating in Jerusalem, killing in Gaza, pandering in Sacramento
    • David, thank you so much for the article and more importantly your steadfast presence and perseverance in a hostile environment. Your patience with the legislature is really appreciated. I would have failed at that long ago.

    • Jeff: Not all groups have the resources to make new signs on short notice. And given the great Israel Lobby sport of denouncing critics as antisemites I am always happy to see a banner that foregrounds Jewish opposition to these war crimes.

      Are you actually implying that these signs were made for this particular demonstration and were therefore inaptly designed? I believe you know better.

  • 'Likudism' invades the academy: continued Zionist attacks on activism and scholarship at SFSU
    • This is a great compilation, Dan. The suit serves Lawfare's purposes even when they lose:

      1. It successfully pressures on San Francisco State University as an entity to crack down on Dr. Abdulhadi, the AMED program, and radical students.

      2. It consumes an immense amount of time and energy that could be devoted to more proactive efforts at achieving justice in and for Palestine.

      3. The suit itself has a chilling effect on younger academics, especially untenured ones, grad students, at the like.

      We are doing everything we can to use the fact of the suit to educate newcomers to what Hillel and its friends are really up to, and spotlight university complicity, but there are other things we would much rather be organizing around.

    • Thanks for introducing me to Prof. Davidson's work. I hadn't seen it before and based on this essay have hunted down a slew of his books.

  • A private tour of the Hebron Heights winery
  • What Palestinians can learn from South African anti-apartheid struggle
    • Professor Eid says that international opposition and solidarity and internal resistance; were more important than armed struggle; and the underground movement. I'm not so certain. From late 1987 June of 1988 South Africa fought pitched tank and artillery battles at division-level strength against the Angolan revolutionaries and their Cuban reinforcements. The South Africans sustained heavy casualties and their command structure was almost entirely broken. The Angolan army and Cuban volunteers were able to occupy land bordering on Namibia and began building air strips. Eighteen months after that South Africa released Mandela. For details see Prof. Horace Campbell's history at

      All political efforts in the struggle are crucial and should be supported. But it is a mistake, especially given the nature of the Israeli government, to think that this problem will be solved through politics alone.

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