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  • Hany Abu-Assad's 'Omar' bags Oscar nomination for Palestine
  • Palestinians agree: somebody has to mow the grass in Gaza
  • Will 'sex in the toilets' really renew Zionism?
  • Israeli Embassy publishes fake LinkedIn profile of Rouhani as a con artist who seeks nukes and supports terrorism
  • On NPR, All Trivia Considered
  • Why is the Egyptian regime demonizing Palestinians?
  • Covert online students hasbara units directed out of Israeli PM Netanyau's office
  • Yahoo! features Middle East news from Glenn Beck-owned right-wing website
    • I noticed that because I had an rss of yahoos Middle East news and was going to complain why I kept seeing the blaze

  • How Israeli apartheid is coming unstuck
    • More wrongness on your part. The fifteenth amendement was passed in 1870 that states: Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

      States in the south passed all sorts of laws and conditions which made it difficult for the African American communities to vote, such as literacy tests. The civil rights movement in part fought to remove those clauses and make them unconstitutional. Can you please do some research before you post your Zionist word diarrhea on this site.

    • There arn't Pakistani Muslims in India. Indians and Pakistanis are the same race. And Islam is an official religion of India. Muslim Indians are fully Indians, they don't recognize themselves as Pakistanis.

      You're really ignorant about the rest of the world aren't you?

    • Ugh really? You want to complain about jews not being able to live in Arab towns? It's like Americans complaining they're not allowed to live on Native American reservations. No, you're not allowed because you're land thieves and have taken over other areas that were once predominately Arab. Let the Arabs have their neighborhoods in peace.

      Secondly, I don't believe that if as a Jew, I wanted to live peacefully alongside Arab neighbors and not attempt to come in and gentrify the whole neighborhood, I would be forbidden. Because I'm not a Jewish supremacist, like you.

  • The kids are back, and it's not alright
    • Pretty much described my Hebrew school education as well. With a healthy dose of Israel is always on the defensive and has never provoked any conflict.

      I think the "best" part (really worse or ironic) is that as much Zionism they tried to steep us in, they never made more than a half assed attempt to teach us Hebrew. We learned the letters and they trained us to parrot along with the cantor but no one seemed to care that we didn't understand a lick of Hebrew, save a few words here and there. Not that Hebrew school wasn't glorified babysitting services at my synagogue anyway. I hated it so much and I begged my mom to drop out as soon as I got Bat Mitzvahed.

  • Story glorifying US tourists' gunplay in settlement is denounced as AIPAC propaganda by angry NPR commenters
  • Why Palestine is different
  • Birthright guide turned US youths' eyes away from refugee camps, settlements
    • It's actually good that the comments are so vile. The nastiness I received from some relatives when I began questioning Zionism and Israel and the reaction I saw to jimmy Carter's book and the Israel lobby was what really pushed me over the edge. Young liberal Jews, who are raised to be skeptical and think critically but not allowed to use that skepticism on the issue of Israel without being called a traitor will be turned off by these comments and it will cause them to move further away from Zionism. If the young men found out there article was linked here, I welcome them to read more of this site and continue to ask the hard questions on Israel. I went in 2004 (not on birthright but my brother and cousins did). When I was there I felt there was something rotten there and the more I looked into it the less I liked. To top it all off I travelled to other Arab countries and learned that as a Jewish American I wasn't hated for who I was like I was raised to believe I'd be.

      Travel beyond the limits of what birthright attempts to restrict you to.

  • Boston Globe's groundbreaking salute to BDS will bring 'fierce criticism,' US Campaign says
    • If we want to thank the Boston globe, we should subscribe to it. Businesses respond to money. And newspapers are a dying industry, so every subscriber counts. Plus we can show them even if the pro Israel whiny babies threaten to cancel, they'll have the support of others. This may also lead to more quality coverage of the conflict.

      You can digitally subscribe if you have an iPhone or iPad.

  • Anonymous sources in the Israeli US Embassy don't like what they see on television
    • I really don't think the Israel lobby people have that much to worry about- Americans know the Cuban expat population in southern Florida controls American policy with Cuba but that doesn't necessarily correlate to anti Cuban American sentiment.

  • For backing '5 Broken Cameras,' 'Jewish Press' smears Dustin Hoffman as has-been 'figleaf' with 'Semitic nose'
    • The movie was mentioned in the Julie Louise Dreyfruss television show VEEP, last week. Her daughter wrote appointive review of the movie and her staff was freaking out over the repercussions over having the review leaked to the press. It was very similar to the plot line in House of Cards where the oped from the college newspaper comes to light. Although this time they don't mention the Israel lobby nearly as directly.

  • Send in the clowns
    • Nobody is asking any of them to be on panels discussing the issues. Jason Alexander doesn't really have an credentials that qualify him to discuss the issues besides the fact that he goes on some state sponsored tours of the region and thinks he's suddenly an expert.

  • 'Arabs, I hate Arabs!'--Independence Day and just another day in Jerusalem
  • Preparing for Iran?: US on verge of $10 billion arms deal with Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE
    • When the Saudis buy us weapons its less about preparing for something and more about a "jobs program". Their problem is not that they don't have enough arms but their army is relatively small and they don't have enough manpower to use what they buy. They just let it sit in the desert and rot.

  • Boston Marathon bombings unleash a new wave of Islamophobia
  • 'Constructive engagement' didn't work in South Africa, so why are liberal Zionists pushing it for Israel?
    • Because its their cause so they are blinded from reality. Of course the right path is unappealing to them- because it requires that they make serious concessions. My Zionist family members love to complain that there is no one on the Palestinian side to negotiate with- but they don't want someone to negotiate with them, they want someone to submit to all their demands. If I bring up hunger strikers or non violent protests then they say its just a publicity stunt- but non violent protest is all about publicity stunts. Ghandi and MLK were the biggest publicity hounds ever. Not to mention that their opponents either cast them as deadly "subversives" or foolish and frivolous. Those in the conflict don't see the magnitude of what they did till after the smoke dies down. So yes, it's right to dismiss jstreet until they really start digging into the uncomfortable truths of the occupation. Until then, it's just an organization that's meant to be a stoploss from Jewish youth support of Israel.

  • Fear of democracy in the Jewish community
  • In 'Haaretz,' Hass says Palestinians have a 'duty' to throw stones, Levy cites Passover story in support
    • There's a really easy way to avoid stone throwing. Stay in Israeli territory. Don't live in the settlements in the West Bank.

  • 'NYT' runs another piece warning people not to intermarry during delusory secular interval of 30s and 40s
  • Just another Shin Bet interrogation
  • The next generation of Israeli racism
  • Federal anti-discrimination law being used to shut down criticism of occupation
    • How is their a denial of free speech for pro Israel people? Nobody is saying you can't speak, just that we have a right to counter any of your mistruths. Nobody is banning Hillel or standwithus from campus.

  • 'My surprise was even greater--' Israeli emboff pens Dickensian letter to Lancet justifying harsh treatment of children throwing stones
    • I saw the story about the little girl injured with rocks. Why not blame the parents though? They brought their child in the middle of a conflict by choosing to live in the settlements. They could stay in tel aviv or Haifa or Beersheba and not run the risk of stones being thrown at them.

      At some point he parents looked at their options and said "do I choose y residence based on whats the best forum daughter or do I make the decision based on religious and political ideology." and they chose the latter.

  • US Jews leave 'Gatekeepers' asking why we give money to Israel -- says Oren, outraged
    • I went to see Gatekeepers with my mom. My mom is a liberal Zionist, born in Israel.
      She whispered to me twice- first during the scene where Rabin and Arafat shook hands on the White House lawn she asked "Why didn't that work?" I didn't say anything. Then Netanyahu was on the screen and she hissed "I hate that man so much"

      Anyway, she really liked the movie. My other Israeli born and raised relatives (also currently living in the us) liked it too.

      I don't think they would like Five Broken Cameras though. I think it's one thing to watch Israelis talk critically about their country but its another to show the Palestinians as sympathetic.

  • Double standard
    • Maybe they don't mention charney is Jewish because his name is really really Jewish.

    • To be fair to the NPR piece, American Apparel doesn't feature biblical verses printed on the plastic bags. Dov Charney may be Jewish and his religion might be important to him but he doesn't bring his religion into his business the way Forever 21 does (also In and Out Burger has the bible verses as well)

  • Anti-semitism charge against Mearsheimer failed
    • McCarthy might have been the public face of the communist scare but it wasn't just him. It's like saying Pam gellar or david horowitz are nuts but there are a lot of people who think like them.

    • He was interning at MEMRI. It explained a looooooot.

    • I had a guy like that in one of my college classes. He thought I should back up his obnoxious views because I was also Jewish.

  • 'Get me to the checkpoint on time!'
    • That is such bull. I'm Jewish and I entered plenty of Arab countries and lived in several under no threat whatsoever. My name is Jewish enough that it wasnt a secret of what my religion was and nobody bothered me about it. I was welcome and free to move about as I saw fit.

  • 'Biden seeks to reassure AIPAC of loyalty' -- Washington Post headline
  • Wrong t-shirt
    • The tshirt on the back says dont support ahava. It very much is about the Palestinian occupation

    • Page: 4
  • The controversy over the Oscars joke that Jews run Hollywood
    • There are black and Hispanic judges on TV. Judge joe brown, judge Mathis, the people's court judge is Puerto Rican, judge Alex.... Judge Judy is just the most popular

  • '5 Broken Cameras' co-director's boycott call angers Israeli consul, who brags on the doc
    • I think its really unlikely that "Five Broken Cameras" is going to win. I think it's great and groundbreaking that it was nominated but thinking about the politics of what goes into the voting process and the fact that the voters make up the older generations of Hollywood elite, I'm just going to say they're not going to let it win.

      I watched how to survive a plague and it was really good too. It's hard to remember when AIDS was a literal death sentence because i was so young when it happened and the debate over bringing drugs to the market quicker or taking the time to make sure they really work well is interesting (coming from the daughter of a research statistician for "Big Pharm"). Still liked five broken cameras better but it was interesting.

      Also, they really just need to make these movies more available to the public. I want to see gatekeepers but its only playing in New York and I can't go see it. Can filmmakers self publish to amazon or iTunes or google so the public can see their work instead of limiting it to the theater circuit?

  • Which will prevail-- latest neocon charge on Hagel over Israel, or D.C.'s fatigue over delay?
  • Abrams calls Hagel anti-Semitic for questioning legitimacy of the Israel lobby
    • He was talking about how the Republicans are just holding up the confirmation because of Benghazi, the conservative guy said "we'll he did make this comment about Israel" and that's when Bill Maher made that statement.

      But last week, he was talking to Tina Brown about the girl shot by the Taliban and he started talking about how great it is to be in Israel vs. everywhere else in the Middle East because Israel is more "western".

  • More on SNL's fellate-a-donkey for Israel skit
    • It could have been the guest- Justin Bieber attracts a different audience and they probably wanted to cater to a younger group who doesn't follow politics as much

  • 'NYU' business school and 'Think Progress' endorse businesses that operate in occupied West Bank
    • That's all good, if people are just drinking soda water plain. But by adding the flavored cola syrups that soda stream sells, it's equally as unhealthy.

      Sorry, not BDS related but that's just dumb.

  • Teen puts SodaStream's Superbowl Ad to shame
  • 'Most moral' army in the world is looking more and more like Bull Connor enforcing Jim Crow
  • Netanyahu out as PM?: Yair Lapid shocks Likud/Beiteinu in Israeli election
  • Wiesenthal Center calls leading German journalist 'anti-Semite' for criticizing Israel, then refuses to debate him
    • This is why there is a confusion about the "Jewish lobby". Simon Weisenthal center isn't necessarily a primarily Israel advocacy foundation but it gets involved in things like this.

  • Israel lobby doesn't want Al Jazeera coming into 'millions of American homes'
    • I emailed cablevision about it. They told me if enough users requested it they would consider adding it to their lineup. I asked them how many viewers watched fox business or any of those other channels that are randomly tucked in the high triple digits. Cloo network?

    • I think they're afraid that if Al Jazeera does air something they view as controversial, they won't have any leverage to force a retraction or something.

      Really they have nothing to worry about- barely anyone watches current tv to begin with and if Al Jazeera takes over there won't be some massive switch from CNN/MSNBC over to AJE. The average American isn't really THAT interested in serious news. Which is why it's on FIOS in NYC and not a wink of controversy. Most people won't even know its there.

      Something about this story is confusing me though- are they going to create a special version of Al Jazeera English for airing in the United States, with more domestic American focus or are they just buying current tv for the channels and its going to show Al Jazeera English as is.

  • Scene on an Israeli bus
  • NY mayoral hopeful Quinn urges Obama to free Pollard
    • It's more of a take on "I have but one life to live for my country". Had he not been caught he would have continued passing secrets. This wasn't a one time under duress. He knew where his loyalties lied

    • He doesn't express remorse, he accepted the citizenship of the country he was spying for and that's where he'd go if he's released. That's not remorse, that's "I did right by the country with which my loyalties lie and I'm only sorry I got caught so soon and couldn't give any really useful information"

  • Obamas' Christmas card gets thumbs down over cranberries and trifle
    • What's wrong with it? I like Bo, he's a very pretty dog and as a pet owner I like to dote on my cat, if I sent holiday cards, it would include my cat in them. George bush also doted on his yorkies, and the clintons had socks the cat. The dog is an easy way of feeling like you have access to the family while keeping their daughters out of the limelight. Dogs aren't affected by negative press.

      It's very secular, focusing on winter rather than christmas. The scarf is silly but who cares.

      The message is clear- Happy Holidays in the most inclusive terms from the Obamas. Here's a cute picture of our dog enjoying the snow on the White House lawn. Thanks for donating to our campaign and please keep up the support.

      Do your critical friends want an invitation to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom? Did they donate that much money??

  • Lobby versus Hagel (NYT goes after his 'record on gays')
    • There is an African American lobby- NAACP. Except, that African Americans are American citizens and do not represent anything that would deter American foreign policy, especially one that benefits another country.

      The only other ethnic lobby I can think of is the Cubans in Florida, and they're opposed to the the current Cuban government.

  • Update: South Africa turns up the pressure on Israel
  • So you’re thinking of Birthright: A primer by students who went on birthright for those still considering the trip
    • I bet it depends on what the Israeli government is feeling at the time. If they're feeling demographically threatened, then they'll play it a little looser.

      The whole passing Jewishness maternal lineage is the most arbitrary thing I have ever heard of.

  • Abrams and Ross blame Palestinians for failure of peace process-- and never say the word 'settlements'
    • Can I ask why when anyone interviews some talking head from WINEP they never mention the connection to AIPAC or that this pundit may not be the most impartial source? It drives me nuts.

  • Poet Joy Harjo responds to boycott demands over Israeli performance by adding a West Bank visit
    • She should go and see for herself. She could become more vocal about supporting the boycott afterwards. I think it would make an even more important point to say she had gone against the idea of a boycott and now she fully supports it.

  • Another Jew describes his journey away from Zionism
    • How old was he? If he was 10-13, I don't blame him for not really recognizing what was going on. Especially pre Internet days of the 1980s. I didnt really understand what was going in Israel until I was in my late teens when my parents stopped shaping the environment I was exposed to

  • Israel's annexation moment has arrived
    • What losing side- WWI they were part of the Arab rebellion which was on the side of the allies against the Turks (winning side). WWII they were under the authority of the British, which was the side that won...

      It's Hasbara so of course it's a pile of elephant doodoo but its so bafflingly wrong

  • I want to return! (whether Facebook cares or not)
    • In my opinion, you should be able to live where you want, regardless of whether the government is Israeli or Palestinian. Inshallah one day you can live there.

  • The day after
    • Israel should be worrying about all those abstentions. Having the US and Canada on your side is nice but it's not like they can shield Israel from all it's future consequences. Israel should be visiting the Countries that abstained and ask about what Israel can do to ensure future support from them. It's probably something simple like knock it off with the settlements.

      As an anti Zionist I'm thrilled to see these developments and Israel's obtuse reaction that will only drive governments further away, but it's painful to watch a country choke on its own hubris. It's like watching Lindsay Lohan or Chris Brown, you can't help but wonder why there's no one able to straighten them out and keep them from causing another gigantic mess for the publicists.

  • 'We lost Europe,' says Israeli official
  • Washington Post defends picture of dead Gaza child after complaints from 'Jews in large numbers'
    • It's the "Me too me too I'm suffering too!" Syndrome. They don't like looking at these images unless they have some sort of way to compare it to Israeli suffering, or else they just try to claim the whole photo is doctored.

      I also know a lot of Zionist Jews who's thought pattern is this: "I'm a good person, so I must be supporting good causes because a good person wouldn't support a bad cause." When they see images like the one posted by the Washington post, their eyeballs start twitching because it hurts that thought pattern they've created for themselves. They have to justify it with, well if that's what Gaza looks like, then it must be even worse in Israel, because its the "good side"

  • Broadwell scandal not the first time Petraeus was sloppy with email -- in 2010 he leaked his own emails scheming with neocon Max Boot
  • Palestinians circulate draft resolution at UN as Barak implores US to help Israel delay bid
    • Oslo is dead. Israel has no interest in following Oslo, and they only keep it as a way to look like they are trying for the whole peace thing. How often does Israel stray from the commitments made under Oslo?

      The Palestinians are being pragmatic in this situation. If Israel wants a two state solution, they'll let the UN thing through. There will be negotiations over what the borders will really look like, but in the end there are two states. If Israel and the US continue to object the way they do, then the narrative becomes- "if you don't want two states, then what exactly do you want?" It really puts the issue of the one state solution on the table because the Palestinians will say "we went to the UN fully supporting a 2SS and the Israelis rejected it. They must not want us to have a state, therefore lets look at new solutions."

  • Four more years for Obama -- three more months for Netanyahu?
  • More divorce news: US Jews 'don't care enough about Israel's survival'
    • The area would have been Uganda.

    • Florida is a swing state- every vote counts. He's not trying as hard in New York, which is going to Obama anyway.

      Besides, there's an age split among concern for Israel amongst Jews, older Jews tend to care more than younger Jews, and the older Jews are in Florida.

  • Brazil’s barbarians at Israel’s gate: South American Israel lobby tries to shut down World Social Forum on Palestine
    • That's funny because its just so bizarre. There is fear amongst Brazilians for their lives and property, but that threat is mainly from regular crime and most homes and businesses are already equipped to handle these situations.

  • From questionable circumcision ritual to occupation tourism, NY Times chronicles Jewish life sans judgment
    • It's about subscriptions. Especially among baby boomer and older Jewish readers, who are much more loyal subscribers than younger more ambivalent Jews, who probably don't have room in their budget for a full subscription to the Times. The Jewish subscribers don't want to read anything that's even slightly negative about Judaism. It might cause them to cancel their subscription, and the newspaper industry is already suffering enough. Why risk offending good subscribers.

  • Adelson doubles down on TV's most famous Republican sex-advice rabbi
    • Great video...

      Obviously he knows that they're telling the truth, he's like the others in the communities in that he does not want the specifics getting out. "It's a do what you want but don't air our dirty laundry in public" reaction.

      I sort of feel like there's a level of Jewish complicity with conservative and reform circles- we find the ultra orthodox people's lifestyles unsavory, but we don't really want to break them up because they're supposed to carry on the traditions for us. We feel better knowing that they exist, because it lessens our guilt for pushing traditions aside. "I don't keep a kosher home, but the people in Brooklyn don't use electricity on the sabbath, so Judaism isn't totally going away"

      I got that feeling with some Muslim and Christian groups too. They didn't like the hard liners, but they secretly respected them because they didn't "give in to the temptation" that everyone else did and lived a more "pure life" My boyfriend in Egypt fasted for nifsu Shabaan through Ramadan (basically a month and a half instead of a month). He wouldn't engage in any sexual activity during the time, and during the day he wouldn't even hold my hand or touch me. I was really mad about it and I insisted it was an optional fast, he could break it if he wanted as long as he fasted for Ramadan, god probably wouldn't be too mad at him, but he insisted. I was sulking about it to another friend of mine, who wasnt fond of my boyfriend to begin with and when I told him about it, he was actually very impressed with my boyfriend for following through with it. "If its such a good thing, then why don't you do it?" I asked him. My friend told me its because he's a bad Muslim already so what's with breaking another tradition (he considered hashish permissible during Ramadan as long as it was after sunset) but I shouldn't push the issue with my boyfriend because he's being a good Muslim.

      It's amusing to see how freaked shmuely is about making sure the kids are raised Jewish. "Yes, you should be free to go out and express yourself and have a relationship with your children- you're still raising them Jewish right? Good, oh Judaism respects women so much blah blah blah, moms should have relationships with their children, you're not going to raise them in a non-Jewish household so it's great..."

  • Don't conflate anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, NYT arts critic asserts
    • Wait if its a hashtag then it's twitter nt Facebook. Either way it's the Barbara Streisand effect. By throwing such a large hissy fit trying to conceal an issue brings about greater attention to the topic itself. Hashtag might have gone away in a day or two (like all hashtags do) but now that it's being censored, it becomes a popular form of resisting censorship and being provacative

    • It's old people reflecting time. They reach a certain age and start worrying about what the world will be like without them. It's a fear about losing control of the narrative. Once Eli Wiesel and the other survivors die, then who will live to tell the tale and well all be forgotten... Blah blah blah.

    • By waking people up it means, Jews under 30 have to be more supportive of Israel. They can't just look at birthright as a free vacation, they really have to live it.

      It won't work because we come from a different generation. I think growing up outside of the Cold War era puts people my age in a very different mindset than our parents. I think my mom really believes very deeply in a suitcase nuclear weapon from Iran. My intense dislike over Israel and my brothers disinterest in the topic freak older generations out.

  • Abbas agrees to 'Dershowitz Formula' in NY meeting with Jewish leaders
    • "According to Dershowitz and other participants in a Monday night meeting with Abbas in New York, the Palestinian president also promised to make “a positive statement” about the connection between Israel and the Jewish people during his Thursday address to the United Nations General Assembly."

      WTF? Why does he have to make any sort of statement? His responsibility is to the Palestinian people and he should speak for them.

      "Sources at the meeting also revealed that Abbas has assured U.S. President Obama’s Administration that he would not press for a General Assembly vote on the Palestinian request for non-state recognition before the upcoming November 6 presidential elections."

      Again putting others interests before the Palestinians. But Abbas will do it. Maybe Dershowitz should be spending his energy focusing on getting Netanyahu to shut the hell up about Iran between now and the Presidential elections, since that would be more helpful than anything Abbas could do.

      "They also said that Abbas had asked Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to stop referring to “wiping Israel off the map” and to replace that incendiary formulation with a call to “put Palestine on the map” instead."

      How on Earth do they think Abbas has that sort of influence? Forget the Elders of Zion, is there some secret Muslim elders meeting in Dershowitz's imagination where all the Muslim leaders would go and talk strategy? Abbas can tell Ahmadinejad whatever he wants and Ahmadinejad will promptly ignore him because Abbas is basically a joke.

  • Senate adopts Netanyahu's red-line over Obama's, 90-1
  • Anti-Semitism is alive and well (in the U.S. political discourse, anyway)
    • I remember how shocked I was when I learned about the Japanese concentration camps in Northern China and Unit 731, and how most of the Japanese responsible were given immunity in exchange for their research in order to prevent the Soviets form obtaining it. I wrote to the Holocaust Museum and asked why they didn't have a section of the museum devoted to the victims of the Japanese atrocities as well (since it was occurring at the same time) I got back a pretty standard Zionist response, "but they weren't trying to wipe out allllll the Chinese, Filipinos, Indonesians, Koreans, and those people had homelands... Blah blah blah."

  • Pro-Israel ads suggesting Muslims are 'savage' set to arrive in NY subways next week
  • NPR's Raz cites Adelson support for rabbi candidate without any mention of Israel issue
    • But but but.... He was hanging out with MICHAEL JACKSON, obviously he can't be racist.


    • I don't think he gets glowing descriptions in other media outlets...he's sort of seems like a Montgomery Burns type, the evil billionaire. The big thing is that most media downplays how deeply involved with Israel causes as he is.

  • Coptic Christian leader of organization that produced anti-Muslim film spoke at Pamela Geller's anti-mosque rally
  • Amb. Christopher Stevens appears to have been killed in premeditated al-Qaeda attack
    • They went with what the guy said... He said he produced the movie and he's an Israeli American real estate developer... What would you have assumed... Oh he says he's Israeli, he must be lying?

    • Can she tell the difference between Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi?

  • AP reported anti-Islam film that sparked protests was made to help Israel, but questions surround producer of the film
    • The thing is YouTube has to manually check every video that's been flagged for removal. If there's a lot of videos, it takes time.

    • If this guy is a fake, then I think this might have been an attempt to get the Egyptians attacking the Israeli embassy as well, in which it just gets exponentially more disgusting...

      Also, the references to Islam and Mohammad were dubbed over- even in English, so the actors claim they thought they were just making some stupid low budget adventure movie and not anything directly offending a religion.

      There is something really fishy about all of this.

    • I don't buy it... The guy interviewed and said he was Israeli, i get why he would give a pseudonym but why on earth would he lie about his nationality unless he was trying to stir up more trouble...

    • You know the thing struck me as something that would come out of Israel. Remember their blackface video? It's Israeli humor or something

    • He should go back to Israel.

  • Report: Daniel Pipes and David Horowitz gave money to anti-Muslim politician Geert Wilders
    • Nope, all media saying its Israeli American, although after watching the video, I could see how people would be confused that it was done by Copts though. It's really terrible race baiting filth. Like "Birth of a Nation" type crap- except Birth of a Nation had groundbreaking production techniques, this is just crap.

  • Michael Moore says Palestinians have gotten a 'raw deal'
    • I think his main concern was getting bush out of the white house and he needed the progressive except Palestine votes so he kept israel out of it. My mom would have a whole different take on that movie if Israel was brought up.

    • Yes it is. There are many restrictions on late term abortions when the fetus could possibly survive outside the woman, but in the early weeks, when most abortions take place, it's a mass of cells. Anti abortionist shock photos arent abortions, they're mostly photos of miscarriages where the baby was already dead or severely deformed. And forcing a woman to carry a dead fetus in her womb until she expels is naturally is cruel.

      Also the greatest preventer of abortion is contraception, so people against abortion should be handing out condoms and vouchers for birth control to passers by and making it so easy to prevent pregnancy in the first place that abortions are truly a last resort. No people who oppose abortion view babies as punishment for women who are sexually active and unmarried. Its also why they want to cut social safety nets for single mother.

  • Protests against Palestinian Authority and high cost of living rock West Bank
  • Welcome to colonized Jerusalem -- the capital of Israel
  • Tom Friedman's restless quest
    • Were making fun of Tom Friedman and his completely superficial analysis and lack of true understanding about the Arab world, even though he gets to publish a column in the New York Times. Although its funny that a man with his head as far p his ass as Tom Friedman can even see that Israel is fucked.

      Where are the Arab Mandelas? Sitting in jail or dead. Mandela would just be another guy if there wasn't very public campaigns to get his life and his message across. American media is looking for a Arab or Muslim who is passionate about human rights yet is willing to stay quiet about the whole Palestine issue and only say nice things about Israel, which is why they haven't found this person yet.

    • Yes because that's the issue that is most important in the whole conflict, selling land to Jews.
      I don't agree with killing or torture but I understand the hostility. The Palestinians are struggling to keep whatever land thy have left, why should they accept giving it freely to the enemy.

  • Dems buckle, will add language to party platform referring to Jerusalem as Israel's capital
    • Ugh. I was going to vote Jill Stein because I'm in a solidly blue state so I could afford to vote in principle, but I was going to give a bit of money to the democrats so they can compete in tighter races. Now I won't. If Romney and Ryan come into office, well I'm fucked anyway, whats another four years of going from one dead end job to another?

  • Saban makes the Likudnik argument for Obama -- forget about two states
    • I wonder if Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson are buddies. I bet they go to a lot of the same events and make small talk. They probably "mean girl" George Soros too... ("OMG- do you see what tie Soros is wearing today- so last season") There isn't really much of a difference between the two, except maybe Saban is willing to pay slightly more taxes than Adelson.

    • Maybe if they're first gen Poles, but after the first generation, theyr completely assimilated and no one gives two poops.

  • Romney and Pro-Israel Dems attack party platform, but insider says AIPAC reviewed platform language and had no problem
    • Israel should just be thankful that the US will be its Security Council Representation for another 4 years and stop crying about the stupid embassy issue already. It's just one of those things that's easy to promise when you're not in office

  • Pro-Israel activists turn to cartoons in effort to tackle delegitimization on campus
    • Are Joe and Sarah even real people? I got the impression they were characters in this stupid cartoon and it's all being staged out like some viral marketing, which makes it even more lame- here talk to these fake characters like they're real... Engage with them. It would explain why they have discussion mods other than "Joe" and "Sarah"

      I gave up on trying to debate zionists on the subject because they're living in another reality and it doesnt matter how you argue because their narrative just doesn't match up with the facts on the ground. It's like trying to discuss evolution with someone who believes the earth is 6000 years old. How do you discuss dinosaurs with them if you can't agree on how old the fossils are?

    • No, the point is you dont talk in complete sentences and your thoughts just seem to run together. I looked back to read your history of comments and you're a hateful little troll but you also weirdly jump between hasbra- like hey "I'm new to this whole I/P discussion, let's dialogue" to being openly hostile and using loaded hasbraist terms.

    • Are you on drugs? Even factoring in a language difference, you seem somewhat- off.

    • "I like the colours" is the oddest compliment for a website I've ever heard. Especially since this site is very minimalist... It's probably a standard WordPress template.

    • It was probably conceived in a Zionist summer camp... They had a workshop called, "how to fight delegitimization" and they came up with this tripe.

    • This is as bad as the intelligent design people who get so whiny when it comes time to study evolution. "What do you mean we descended from apes... It's just a theory... We want equal time for our batshit theories too"

      Going and studying in university means you have to learn uncomfortable truths. God didn't create the Earth in Seven Days, in it's expansion, the United States cruelly and systematically wiped out an entire race of people already living here, and Zionism and the creation of Israel is founded on some ugly colonial concepts. If your beliefs don't stand up to the scrutiny well then maybe you should take a good hard look in the mirror and grow the f up.

      If you can't deal with reality, you shouldnt be in college- or at least a real college. Build some fake "Liberty University" type school that will keep you in your Zionist bubble. I'm sure there are schools out there that will shield your weak ass views from ever being questioned.

  • New report documents 'war crime of pillage' by BDS target Ahava
    • Well in that case, let's tell the people in Zimbabwe that they should totally be proactive by setting up businesses in ivory trading- those tusks are being totally unproductive attatched to those elephants.

      The Dead Sea is at the point where it needs to be preserved.

      Israelis are part of this incredibly ethnocentric mindset where the local populations don't know how to properly exploit their land, so they should turn over possession to Europeans who better know how to handle things. Palestinians had a primarily agricultural based society, but Zionists claim they "made the desert bloom" through wide scale irrigation , stemming from..... The Jordan River? If Ahava were a Palestinian company, you can bet the Israelis would be tripping all over the,selves blaming them for the destruction of such a natural treasure. The whole operation would have been shut down years ago.

  • American Jews who choose 'humanitarian values' over Zionism are tempting another Holocaust --Gordis's blackmail
    • True true. I never had an issue in an Arab country because of my religion. I'm not very religious, but I also travelled with more observant Jewish friends and we never encountered trouble.

  • (Video) Romney's Jerusalem is 'the capital of Israel' ad
  • A legacy of two martyrs
    • The KKK did blame the three people for Their death. The point was to scare off more young adults from the North to come and participate in the Civil Rights movement, the attitude was, we are handling it our own way, don't come and interfere with our way of life.

  • Corrie verdict energizes worldwide movement to challenge Israeli impunity
    • Well wasn't the whole point of the state of Israel and the criticism of Zionists on this board that if you're Jewish and the anti Semites come to get you, it won't matter how well assimilated you are? They should mention this in Hebrew school- Israel will only save the "good Jews", the "bad Jews" are going to be left to die., so you should be a "good Jew" if you don't want to be killed by the wicked Goyim. Im imagining kids coming home crying, saying they're going to be killed because they're not "Good Jews"

  • CUFI: Keep Israel the focus of US elections
    • Actually the Cubans do the exact opposite of American Jews. Cubans want us to be tougher on Castro while American Jews and CZs want us to be closer with Israel.

  • Jimmy Carter on Corrie verdict: 'The court’s decision confirms a climate of impunity, which facilitates Israeli human rights violations against Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Territory.'
    • I had a grumpy old history teacher my sophomore year in college, who said, that in the future, they're going to build monuments to Jimmy Carter because he was right on so many things.

    • Look at his comment history... He's joking

    • Yes, but the average American has the mental abilities of a sixth grader, he's writing to a broader audience, the people on this site read lots of books while other Americans Fifty shades of grey is the first book they've read since they were assigned homework.

    • Hehehe yeah, Hasbra zionists don't have any words or phrases that they use....
      Except- "No partner for peace", "right to exist", "demographic threat", "push us into the sea"....

    • I think he was joking.,.. A lot of zionists claim Jimmy Carter is anti Semitic because he dares to demand serious negotiations from Israel.

  • State Department affirms Israel's impunity-- abandoning ambassador who said Israeli investigation of Corrie killing was unsatisfactory
    • It's tough because a political opponent can use an officials lackluster attempt to get an American saved as being soft on foreign policy. No politician wants to be confronted by images of crying and concerned parents. Or be accused of having an "Iranian hostage crisis" on their hands. Unfortunately for the Corrie's situation, there is a very vocal group of Americans who blame the whole thing on Rachel, and the officials just end up shrugging their shoulders and saying what can you do. I think the child sex tourists in East Asia are the only ones who get less public sympathy than Rachel Corrie-

      Also, a lot of Americans really do believe that the government can just come in and rescue them whenever they get in trouble. Like Midnight Express or that series on National Geographic Channel, Locked Up Abroad, where Westerners discover that when it comes to breaking the law, they don't get special treatment by the authorities. Americans who don't travel outside the country also tend to hide their jealousy by blaming the person for getting themselves in that situation or traveling to somewhere so unsafe (why bother when Epcot center has that exhibit with all the different countries)

    • Well really they can't unless the families say that they have permission to speak to the press about their case. Usually they'll mention relieved or thrilled when they're able to accomplish something but refusing to give any hint about what the reaction of the family probably means the reaction was poor.

    • The only time the US really intervenes on behalf of a citizen is when they're trying to prove a point with a state with which we have poor relations. Most of the time, they come and visit you and say, we'll give you a list of attorneys who speak English.

      There's a short list of countries where you can get arrested and they'll make a huge deal about it and you can bet we don't like their government.

  • Cindy Corrie following the verdict: 'I don't think that Rachel should have moved. I think we should all have been standing there with her.'
    • I remember having a friend who supported the war because maybe there's a chance they're telling the truth. She's not my friend anymore.

    • They won't do anything, at least not as long as they get free summer vacations in Israel and campaign funding from Israeli lobbying groups.

    • I'm glad to see they're proud of her. Whenever zionists say it was her fault for hanging out with the Arabs or getting involved in the conflict to begin with, it reminds me so much of the Freedom Riders during the Civil Rights movement. Young adults who decided to pursue what was right even though they had no direct connections to the victims and were putting their lives in danger because it was right.

  • Torturing a Palestinian, a literary titillation
    • 50 shades of awful does not have kinky sex in it- it has pretty unrealistic sex in it.

    • "Jews get STDs too"

      what was the previous mindset that Jew/Jew mating somehow protected you from STDS. Or was it, the Jews didn't know STDs until they started dating non Jews, so dont pollute our Jewish utopia with your diaspora diseases.

      ETA- I kept reading and the article just gets more and more racist.

    • I think it does happen a lot. Friends who come back from Afghanistan are waaaaaay different than when they left.

      Its not entirely there fault, because being in the military is very stressful and youre priorities get screwed up. Self preservation for you and your comrades comes in and values like mercy, empathy, and compassion are shelved.

      I think shes very misguided in saying that the army didnt affect her or her character in a negative way- it obviously did. The fact that she writes about it shows she does think about these things seriously, and knowing as a female there is a high chance of someone committing sexual assault on you, from your own side, no less... that could also leave some cracks.

      I havent read it, but Im speculating her views on it are more complicated than she is letting on, she doesnt want the bad press in Israel and in Jewish circles. You dont write about things like this if it doesnt bother you on some level. I think shes a coward more than a monster.

  • Tonight's GOP benediction, from rabbi at NY power synagogue, is shot across Obama bow
    • Did anyone mention Shmuely Boteach, Michael Jackson's rabbi is running in Bergen County NJ as a republican, it's got a huge Orthodox community, except that Boteach is such a fame whore, you really have to be in the tribal mindset to think hes a good pick.

    • Hey- in a way its progress. The Republicans are nominating a Mormon guy, their also ran Santorum was a Catholic and the invocation is done by Jews and the evangelical wing is still supporting them.

      Also, it just smells so desperate. "Look, we love Jews, please break from the democrats- we can suck up to you just as well..."

    • But not surprising.

  • 'New Yorker' hides the Israel agenda
    • The advertisers probably do share those feelings with subscribers and if they don't they're veeeeerrrry reluctant to state it outright- who wants Dershowitz on their tail?

    • I'm now living in Hawaii and the Honolulu Star, which is the biggest newspaper doesn't discuss very much mainland related or even less international stuff. I would say, the smaller newspapers really dont care all that much and they just want to find shocking stories for their readers.

    • My parents are in the lower echelons of that circle- were not high rollers but we donate, so yes, I know what you're talking about it being a very Jewish paper. Also, while I read the Times off my iPad, I use my parents subscription to login, so I'm really freeloading.

      Funny you mention CBS news, because when I'm unemployed I watch Judge Judy and the CBS news is on afterwards and it's so gag worthy pro Israel. They had a big story about airfare to TelAviv being mispriced on a website and whether the airline would honor the tickets. They went on and on about the swastikas last winter, but when it came out that it was a Jewish person doing it, they never updated it. I figured there was a connection somewhere.

      The New Yorker isn't even really a news magazine, it's a high brow culture and arts magazine founded by the intelligencia set in New York in the 1920s. I don't remember the guys name, but in Harpo Marx's autobiography talks a lot about him.

      Slightly off topic, my dad has a year and a halfs of editions of the New Yorker sitting on the table in the den. he says he wants to read them all when he has some free time, but he doesn't want to cancel and miss an issue, so the stack just gets bigger. My mom and I browse it, but if it we cancelled it, I don't think anyone would miss it. It's another example of money my dad wastes by subscribing because he would like to read it one day, but if they started being too critical of Israel, my mom would cancel on principle.

      Also, the worst part is my parents are same about the issue, Ive done freelance work for her friends and theyre even more rediculous.

    • Well cable television relies on ratings- CNN is having huge problems because no one wants to watch them (meaning less money for advertisers) and MSNBC makes a lot of its advertising money on those weekend prison documentaries. Also, TV audiences are even more fickle than newspaper subscribers, you have a higher chance of losing them to another channel that they might click if they're bored, so CNN and MSNBC have to ENTERTAIN us rather than inform, which is why they're so big on having viewers submit things on iReport- it makes the news more interactive. PBS and NPR are a little better, but my parents donate heavily during their campaigns so while my parents aren't Sheldon Adelson rich, their demographic is very highly sought after for money and my PEP parents already think these outlets are too hard on Israel.

      They also heavily donate to the ADL, Hadassah, The Jewish Red Star of David, JNF, and only this fall switched from donating to AIPAC to JStreet (it's probably because they hate Newt Gingrich so they wanted to show their displeasure with Sheldon by donating to the other Israeli lobbying group) I know what they donate too, because I pick up the mail so I see who sends them contribution letters...

    • Because I don't think these readers are the ones who subscribe to the new York times for 30 or 40 years straight. Maybe they buy off the stand or read online, maybe even do the weekender subscription, but regular subscribers are older, more affluent, and PEP at the very least.

      My mom complains that the NYT is biased against Israel the way they report NOW. They still like the other sections though, so they won't cancel their subscriptions yet- but some more pro Israel Jews might cancel if the see the NYT moving too far away from their own views. And subscriptions are the meat of the income of income for the Times and losing it could have drastic consequences.

      Anyway, my mom complains about the evening news never shows real news anymore. we don't watch CNN or MSNBC either (According to her, CNN is pro Palestinian too). I asked her why was she watching the local stations, the quality of news on BBC (which we get on cable) and Al Jazeera (iPad streaming) was much better than Brian Williams showing you tube videos. She didn't respond to al jazeera but she said she doesn't like BBC because she doesn't like media british accents or their views on some issues.

      Again, when you ask why the New York Times or New Yorker muddle the facts about Israel- its because they want my parents and their friends to keep subscribing.

  • Israeli court rejects Corrie family lawsuit; calls Rachel Corrie's death 'regrettable accident'
    • How many of those are settlers? I don't think settlers should count as civilians, they are putting themselves in harms way to claim the land- as in they know it's safer to live in Tel Aviv, but they choose not to and go right into the center of the conflict zone and raise a family there. It's like kicking a bees nest and then wondering why you keep getting stung. And choosing to raise kids there is basically saying, you are willing for your children to die in the conflict rather than negotiate with the Arabs over land.

    • I also think the communities are heavily invested in their churches and a lot of them have swallowed the Christian Zionist tripe. It will change when they start seeing how the Israelis treat their African population. There's going to be a certain point where they can't take black people to Israel lest some random Israeli starts making racial comments. Or Latinos who look Arab.

    • Isn't that what they did to native American property, or say Customs raids where families can get torn apart?

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