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  • Censorship in Brooklyn: Food Coop bars 'any events related to BDS or Israel' from meeting room
    • You all are hilarious. You all want to censor and stifle Israeli free speech but when the COOP boycotts those who support BDS it's wrong. Are you all so self-righteous that your way is the only way? You all get to decide who gets to speak and who doesn't.

      How many pro-Palestinian speakers have been yelled over, heckled and silenced on college campus'? How many Israeli?

      Hypocrites. All of you.

  • Anti-BDS funding stipulation sparks legal fight at UCLA
    • You anti-Israel people are the biggest hypocrites in whole entire world. If an Israeli speaker comes in to talk, he/she is interrupted to the point that he/she can't even give the speech. You don't even want to hear the other side. And now you talk about fairness.

      You ask Jewish people to say their views on Israel to get on the student government.

      You support boycotting a Israel while not allowing any dissenting views. How many debates have BDSers had with Anti-BDSers? I guess the better question is how many debates have been turned down?

      But you support free speech...only if you agree with it. Pathetic.

      Let the skewering of me begin.

  • Racism disguised as liberal anguish
    • Donald,

      FYI - this news just came out today - note the proposal was put forward by PALESTINIAN and INTL parties and Israel accepted. But Hamas did not. The blockade could have been lifted but Hamas refused. I know even though there is a quote from the Hamas spokesman below you are all going to say I'm lying and the world media lies, butI wanted to give one last try.

      "The Palestinian militant group Hamas has rejected a proposal for a five-year truce with Israel that would have included the lifting of the blockade on the Gaza Strip, according to senior Hamas official Musa Abu Marzouk.

      Marzouk said that the proposal—put forth by Israeli, Palestinian, and international parties—also included clauses about the establishment of an airport and a seaport in Hamas-ruled Gaza, Haaretz reported. "

    • Did you just say Israel has killed 30,000 Bedoiun in the Negev? Please show me one shred of evidence of this.

      I love how people say they are informed when they read this site - this site literally never has an opposing point of view and you think it educates you. You only agree with facts that fit your narrative. I bet everyone on this site believed Israel opened a Damn and flooded the West Bank a couple weeks ago as spoken by the the Hamas Interior Minister. A straight up lie as no damn exists - just like these 30,000 Bedoiun somehow Israel is murdered but is not reported anywhere.

      It's a sad world when free press of the West is considered Hasbara and government controlled press is what you believe.

    • Donald,

      I want to address where you say "The point of the original post was that defenders of Israel often express compassion for Palestinians and then justify everything that Israel does on the grounds that it is all Hamas’s fault." I justify what Israel is doing based on the fact Hamas is the elected government of the Palestinians in the Gaza strip and states it's main goal is to destroy Israel and does all in it's power to accomplish that goal. If the Palestinians want the blockade gone, then they need to make sure Hamas stops smuggling weapons. Hamas is a big part of Palestinian society - it can't be ignored. I don't think it's wrong to think human suffering is wrong and place most of the blame on Hamas and part of the blame on Israel. Once again, Israel does plenty wrong - in every country there is systematic discrimination - but everyone decides to act as if the Jews went into the Palestinian Mandate and started murdering people innocently farming their lands. This is nonsense - it is a complicated conflict with multiple conflicting narratives.

      If Israel removes the blockade it puts Israeli lives at stake plain and simple. Why? Because Hamas that controls Gaza wants to kill all Jews as stated by themselves multiple times. If violating human rights is the only way to make your citizens safe - then it must be done. This is how you can can empathize with the innocent Palestinians caught in the cross fire of the conflict while defending Israel's blockade.

      Finally, Arab Muslims are responsible for the worst human rights abuses against their own people int he world along with discrimination yet you defend a Palestinian culture largely built on the same beliefs. Based on the history of strife, war and instability in Arab nations in the region (Iraq, Lybia Syria) and the fact there are still slaves in places like Qatar, floggings for insulting Islam in Saudi Arabia, and so on, what do you think a Palestinian state would look like? What have the Palestinians done to advance people and help their average citizens? Has violence actually accomplished anything? Israel is the only diverse country in the Middle East with 20% Arab Muslim population. Iran 98% Muslim. Saudi Arabia 100% Muslim. Iraq 97% Muslim. Turkey 99% Muslim.

    • Prove one thing I said is not true. I know facts and hasbara are the same to people like you.

    • The Palestinian population has grown in the West Bank and Gaza. Please study what genocide is and do not use the word so lightly.

    • Donald,

      You make some good points. You are someone I can talk to because even though I don't agree with you on all topics, you speak with reason. Most of my comments are directed at those that are commenting on your article. They clearly have their minds made up that Israeli's are the worst human beings on earth. The commentors talk about a slow genocide being commited by Israeli's when Israeli Arabs have one of the longest life spans in the MIddle East...Fact. The Palestinans population has grown in both Gaza and the West Bank. You just can't throw around the term genocide and ethnic cleansing when there are absolutely zero facts to back it up. Now I will try and respond to you thoughtfully providing facts.

      In your article you stated "That is bad faith in action. It wasn’t enough for this person to say that Hamas would smuggle weapons" I think I misinterpreted this to mean you thought it was ridiculous for Kristoff to say Hamas would smuggle weapons when it appears you were mainly saying it's ridiculous to say no rebuilding would happen.

      I do not think the whole conflict is the Palestinians fault. I actually very much dislike Netanyahu and his policies. I do think the blockade is necessary although not to the extreme it has been at points. I base this on the initial withdrawal from Gaza back in the early 2000's by the Israeli's when a blockade didn't exist and the genocidal nature of Hamas who does in fact control Gaza. The Palestinians voted for Hamas and now Hamas still somehow enjoys popular support in Gaza. Hamas imported weapons and attacked Israelis which brought about the blockade. If that is now how you saw events unfold, please share with me what happened. Israel obviously sees the risk of removing the blockade and Hamas getting advanced weapons from Iran too much of a threat to it's citizens. Hamas's charter does indeed call for the death of all Jews - you can look it up anywhere. Hamas backs it up by importing weapons and attacking Israel. They are in a state of war. If Hamas, who controls Gaza, refuses to even accept Israeli's existence, is Israeli supposed to put it's citizens at risk for the sake of human rights? What if the blockade is removed and Hamas acquires advanced weaponry Israel can't contain? These are real life questions that Israeli leadership has to deal with - people really want to kill all of them. You talk of bad faith - these two groups have been in a brutal war with each other - what have the Palestinians done for Israeli to show good faith? There are lives at stake - it's not an oops, I was wrong. If Hamas accepts Israel upon the 67 borders formally, then I'd be fine asking Israel to show good faith.

      Israeli leadership has recognized the two state solution. They have offered the Palestinans 96% of the West Bank with land swaps. Most Israeli's mourn the deaths of Palestinians and say they just want peace - all you have to do is see what happened in both West Bank and the Gaza strip after the 3 Israeli Teenagers were kidnapped and murdered. This quote was posted on the official Fatah facebook page (not Hamas, the PA) "Good morning, Martyrs of Palestine, who are watering our roots with their blood."

    • All of you don't provide any facts. You shout extremes without providing a shred of evidence. I never once said I don't feel bad for the Palestinians. I never once said I agree with everything Israel does. I think Israel's settlement policy is wrong and I think Israel has used excessive force at times and they should be held accountable just like any other country in the world - but that's exactly my point - like any other country in the world. They are held to a higher standard - you can spew your extreme language and actual talking points all you want by insulting my humanity about not caring about "dead babies in ice cream coolers". How come you all act like Israel has no grievances? Before trying to fix others people need to look inwards. More civilians have died in Syria than in the whole entire Israeli/Palestinian conflict yet you speak of Israel as if they are committing genocide. Again, I'm not absolving ISrael but am asking you why you speak so strong against Israel, who has treats Arabs better than most Arab leaders in the middle east, like they are hte worst people in the world.

      None of you want peace - you live on hatred. I made a mistake trying to have a real argument based on facts. You ask how it must feel to be oppressed by the Israeli's but you don't like ask how it feels to see your children blown up during the second Intifada or someone sneak into your house in the middle of the night and slit the throats of a whole family, including a 6 year old infant in cold blood. Aren't Israeli's human too? Don't they have rights just like Palestinians? Wouldn't an Israeli who lost his children to a rocket feel the same as a Palestinian? Both sides have narratives - the fact you 100% only give legitimacy to one shows you lack wisdom. Hate won't get us anywhere.

    • I am going to lead by saying I hope you post my comment even though I disagree with what is being said here and hope you are willing to listen to my side.

      “The internal differences and the absence of cooperation between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are behind the delay in reconstructing the Gaza Strip,” This was said by the secretary general of the Arab League Elaraby - someone who does not like Israel.

      "That is bad faith in action. It wasn't bad enough to say Hamas would smuggle weapons-she had to pretend there would be no rebuilding at all." Hamas openly admits they are rearming and will never stop rearming. Their charter alone calls for to kill all Jews.

      Quote from Hamas' leader:
      “The gun is our only response to [the] Zionist regime. In time we have come to understand that we can obtain our goals only through fighting and armed resistance and no compromise should be made with the enemy.”

      Quote from Hamas leader on how they will build an army secretly:
      “Thousands of fighters above ground and thousands of fighters underground have been preparing in silence for the campaign to liberate Palestine."

      I can post a hundred more of those. As a liberal that champions the human rights of the Palestinians, I ask you the same question that you ask Kristoff - how can yo put all the blame on Israel? Hamas had children build their war tunnels, do nothing to defend their people when they shoot rockets from civilian areas. I'm sure you've heard this before: If Israel were to put down their weapons today, they would be destroyed, if the Palestinians put down their weapons there would be peace. If the Palestinians put down their weapons and Israel policies like the blockade don't change, I will be the first to say you were right and I will stop defending Israel.

      Cement supposed to be used for rebuilding is also being sold on the blackmarket:

      At his warehouse, one of the biggest in Gaza City, manager Maher Khalil complained about the complexity of the system. “We do what we are supposed to do,” There is a list published with people’s names which we post outside. They check their name and come with their coupon. We check the ID and then give them the cement. We told the UN inspectors who came to see us we can only check what is going on inside the warehouse, not what is happening outside. Inside we sell the concrete for 500 shekels [£81] a tonne. Outside they sell it for 1,600.”

      Palestinians live in refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria? Why couldn't they get citizenship as equals in those places like other countries take in refugees? Why wasn't there a fuss when Egypt destroyed Palesitnians houses in Gaza along the Sinai?

      A true liberal would not support a regime that believes in arresting people for insulting Islam, has summer camps where children hold fake AK7s and kill Israeli's, make professors resign and get death threats if they take their students to Aushwitz, call for the destruction of a whole people, discriminate against women, christians and gays. The list goes on.

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