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  • Our demands (designing placards for a demonstration)
    • I'm sorry you feel that way. But you seem to be of the belief that because you see the Arabs around you as your equals, all Israelis see Arabs as their equals. You need to take a trip to the West Bank or Gaza. Better yet, visit Sheikh Jarrah on a Friday and ask the Israelis demonstrating there what the reality is. Or, you can continue living inside your bubble.

      The messages in the campaign are not lies, they are the truth condensed in to as few words as possible.

    • I agree, "If Israel...Why can't we?" seems weak. But, that doesn't mean American's message can't work. And he/she makes the Christians/Blacks and Whites/Blacks doubts of the current campaign a non-issue:

      "Israel Has Jews Only Roads. We Demand Christians Only Roads."
      "Israel Has Checkpoints for Arabs. We Demand Checkpoints for Ethnics."
      "Israel Has Outlawed (is this accurate?) Mixed Marriages. We Demand America Outlaw Mixed Marriages."
      "Israel Kills Protesters On Its Borders. We Demand America Kill Mexicans On Its Borders."

    • A lot of great discussion here.

      Would the main message of this campaign be safer if "Christians" was substituted with say "Privileged" and "Blacks" with "Minorities"?

      So, the ads would read:

      "We Demand"

      "Privileged only neighbourhoods with the right to refuse minorities"
      "Privileged only highways so we don’t have to drive amongst minorities"
      "Walls around "ghettos" and "hoods" so the privileged don’t have to look at minorities"

      "We dictate who is privileged, for security reasons"

      "We demand the same privileges our Israeli friends enjoy"

      The shock element is watered down, but the message seems safer. Does it still have an impact?

    • Hi guys,

      Thanks for your feedback and encouragement.

      Even though I live in the UK, I pay a lot of attention to what is happening in the US with regards to Israel/Palestine. Two things I find frustrating about the US are the silence/ignorance of ordinary Americans about the "special relationship" and the casual hypocricy of the American Jewish community. Hence, my idea for this campaign.

      The question this campaign seeks to address is: Would Americans agree with the special relationship if they knew what they were giving Israel free reign over (apartheid)? Answer: Definately not.

      I think the campaign could work well as posters, put up in public locations and on University campuses. It could also work well as a social media campaign through Twitter and Facebook.

      I chose to use "Christians" instead of "Whites" because Zionists tend to frame Israel/Palestine as an Arabs against the Jews struggle. As most Christians in America are white, and as most Israelis are also white, the campaign's message automatically implies that the demands are being made by whites but keeps the message within a religious frame.

      I don't agree that the campaign should seek to distinguish between settlers and Israelis because they are both represented by and representatives of Israel. Who is the Prime Minister of the Israelis? Netanyahu. Who is the Prime Minister of the settlers? Netanyahu. If you are an Israeli who hates the settlements, do something about them! As Annie put it so eloquently, "this is the face of Israel, own it."

      Overall, I believe pro-Palestinian activists the world over should give up demanding equal rights for Palestinians because whilst we all want this, it has been tried for too long and we have very little in terms of victories to show for it. Instead, I feel the best way is to flip the equal rights issue on its head and for all of us non-Jews to demand the exact same freedoms that Jews in Israel enjoy. The beauty of this is that such demands are untenable in the west and could cause embarassment for those that defend these freedoms for Israelis. The end result could be serious doubts amongst ordinary people, especially Americans, about their country's relationship with and support for Israel.

      I have tried to keep the campaign humurous and serious at the same time. It is meant to shock, because the situation for Palestinians - all Palestinians - is, unfortunately, shocking. Americans need to see this campaign. If it takes a Brit to get the message across, I will happily do whatever I can.

  • Messaging, at AIPAC
    • I have no idea if anybody is already working on this, it's a thought I had. Ask yourself why members of Congress are afraid of AIPAC and the answer is that AIPAC knows which way they are voting on the various issues. Take that away from them and they are rendered blind, leaving Congress to vote as it wills. Politicians already tell us they will do one thing but end up doing another, with an anonymous voting system the lobbies would get the exact same treatment we get.

      Banning foreign governments from funding domestic political parties, although detrimental to party finances, would leave successive governments to run their foreign affairs as they see fit.

      Americans need to decide if they want a government that serves their interests or the interests of lobbies and foreign governments.

    • I wouldn't hold my breath. Ordinary Americans are living inside a very comfortable bubble.

      I think the only way to kill off AIPAC is to introduce an anonymous voting system in Congress on all matters relating to foreign countries and governments and to introduce legislation banning foreign lobbies from aiding political parties. Ideally all lobbies should be banned outright and the voters should get to decide what they want, but that's never going to happen.

    • This just in: Democracy in action, a la AIPAC style. Watch an Israel lobbyist throw a tantrum and knock the camera out of the hand of Alison Weir, President of the Council for the National Interest Foundation.

      "If a Congressman crosses the Israel lobby by voting against aid for Israel, or voting against some legislation Israel favours, they very often find that the next time they're running for office there will be a candidate put up against them who is very well funded."
      Philip Giraldi, Council for National Interest Foundation and former CIA counter terrorism expert.

      "We do not question what the Israelis want."
      Rt. Lt Col Karen Kotowski (currently working at the Pentagon).

    • Zionists have aligned themselves with vicious anti-Muslim groups in Europe and elsewhere. Of course Holocaust denial is repulsive, but would it hurt for Zionists to take a look in the mirror once in a while?

    • AIPAC is not evidence of US democracy it is evidence that the rich and powerful can buy the President and Congress against their better judgement. Nothing less.

      The US should step back from its special relationship with Israel
      Intelligence Squared debate - Feb 9, 2010
      Pre-debate poll result: 33% For | 42% Against | 25% Undecided
      After the facts were layed out for the audience, post debate poll result: 49% For | 47% Against | 4% Undecided

      The politicians may need campaign contributions but the ordinary citizens don't.

  • What Netanyahu won: no talks, no Palestinian state (and the fire next time)
    • Richard, you are utterly clueless. You remind me of a friend who philosophises when he is high. At the time, the words are like an epiphany to him, like he has cracked the code of the universe. The next day his face is red. You think you're smart Richard, but actually you're not.

      For a Zionist to use the words "others'" and "freedom", in the same sentence, is in itself disrespectful and more so hypocritical - I find it insulting. The audacity...

      BTW, my friend is not Zionist. But he is Jewish.

    • Ridiculous. That's like Muslims saying to get rid of Al-Qaeda, you have to kill us all.

      You conveniently forget, Richard, that not all Jews are Zionist. To suggest that you all have to die to liberate yourselves from Zionism is bull because Zionism is an idea and there are ex-Zionists out there who realised it's a bad idea and they're not dead yet. There are Jews who see Zionism as heresy - no return from exile until the Messiah comes - which reality would you have them accept your political/ideological reality or the reality that they believe is the commandment of God?

  • Help me, James Madison. 'NYT' runs Zionist piece that hints at ethnic cleansing of West Bank
    • Walid, they will never relinquish control over the Palestinians whilst there are millions of dollars in tax revenues to be stolen from them.

    • I read a comment today I think it was on Paul Woodward's site from a guy asking if Hamas's charter calling for the destruction of Israel is disgusting then why is Eretz Israel rhetoric not also disgusting? After all, they are meant to achieve the same thing in the same way. Good point I thought.

      Why do Zionists get to write about the destruction of Palestine in the NYT (ethnic cleansing and what not) but slam Hamas when they (used to) call for more or less the same thing of Israel? Why is Zionism so readily given an audience to fantasise with about ethincally cleansing the brown folk when there was no Western audience for Hamas to fantasise with about ethnically cleansing the white folk? It can't be a regional issue (West vs. East) because I'm from this region (the West) and we all know that killing is very wrong - whether it's the Zionist doing it or the Arab.

      So what is it about Zionism that gave the NYT a green light to publish this filth?

      It could be that the outlets that embrace such views are either Zionist owned or fully support the Zionist ideology regardless of which direction the ideology decides to take itself. This means that the occasional criticism of Zionism from these outlets are red herrings that are designed to give Phil Weiss and the rest of us that little glimmer of hope that the discourse may be changing. But the discourse will never change until ownership of these platforms falls into our camp.

  • 'Commentary' concedes Christians n Jews no longer enemies. Ergo--
    • Thanks Miura. I'd like to know why Zionism is fixated on Islam.

      Anyway, in other news Zionists are running rabid on CiF, accusing Muslims and Blacks of all sorts! Classic war withdrawal symptoms if you ask me:

      link to

    • Zionism is no friend to Christianity when you consider that Palestinian Christians are treated with no less contempt than their Muslim neighbours by the occupiers. The fact that Zionists seek to hide this to win the approbation of Western Christians is truly vile. And Christians who buy in to this lie are equally as vile. They deserve each other. Let's hope the rapture comes soon and relieves us of this mess.

      I don't see why Jews and Muslims should be enemies today but Zionism obviously needs to perpetually feed this myth. When you have Palestinian Christians under occupation it makes you wonder whether Islam really is the enemy of Zionism or whether it is the Arab (to the ignorant, the two easily become one). Or is it even simpler than that: the White man vs the Black man? I want to read up on when, how and why this myth in its modern form came about, if anybody has any sources?

  • Gideon Levy says Goldstone has given green light to Cast Lead 2
    • Zionists need Cast Lead 2 more than anything. Especially now.

      It's sad to say, but with a vote in the UN on the recognition of a Palestinian state looming, Itamar, the recent Jerusalem bombing and Juliano Mer-Khamis' death are good news for Zionists because the more Palestinians are seen to be returning to the use of violent resistance (I'm not saying they are, I'm suspicious of who was actually behind the recent deaths on the Israeli side) the easier it would be to persuade the international community of hypocrits to vote against a Palestinian state.

      I wouldn't be surprised if Cast Lead 2 is meant to provoke a violent response from Palestinians. You have to ask yourself, is there really a need for Cast Lead 2? Any why now?

  • What slapdash H.R. 1765 reveals about the lobby and public awareness
    • So basically we have to line your congress's pockets with dough until they're fat enough to burst before they budge in any meaningful direction that may hint at the possibility of peace? And even then without any guarantees? No thanks. I'd rather wait to see what our EU does. At least they're consistent.

  • Slater says Jewish state is warranted by likelihood of recurrence of anti-Semitism
    • Ok Hophmi, let's begin with Palestinian refugees. Please compare Israel's record to any Arab state you wish on this subject.

    • I don't get this sudden demand to be recognised as a Jewish state, it's a red herring: Israel OKs another 8,000 Ethiopian immigrants—but these may be the last - JTA, November 16, 2010

      As for the Jewish-state-does-not-equal-racist-state argument, Haaretz reports: "If there is no justification for bringing the Falashmura here, why is Israel doing it, despite the considerable social and economic costs involved? If, alternatively, they are entitled to Israeli citizenship, why set a quota? For citizens of what other country has Israel ever set an immigration quota? Indeed, this smacks of pure racism."

      The argument that zionism was formed with good intentions but has become corrupted over time may have its merits, but the real question is if Ethiopian Jewish communities are barred from aliyah then what is Israel? Is it a Jewish state, or a zionist state or is it a democratic state? With each governing coalition changing the country's image, seems to me that Israel is a bit like Madonna: doesn't quite know what it is.

  • Israeli soldiers don keffiyehs to try to break the back of Palestinian resistance, then stop photographers from filming them
    • How exactly is this conflict not radicalising Muslims? Judging by the increasingly degrading treatment of Israelis who dare to protest, could it only be a matter of time before this conflict radicalises Jews also? There are only so many beatings a human being can take before something snaps,

  • Bill spills the beans-- linkage of global terror and Palestinian issue
    • I'm getting flashbacks of a time when Patreus made (and then unmade) the link between I/P and threats to US interests. Did anyone listen to him?

      The only linkage that will drive America to end the conflict is some sort of linkage between maintaining the Status Quo and campaign funding drying out.

  • Constructing a nationalist narrative
    • He's saying that anti-colonialist Jews are fools. But Marc Prowisor's the fool. If he comes from a line of Jews I bet he could trace his genealogy back to a Palestinian.

  • Oren: Colonization benefits Palestinians
  • Blogging Israel/Palestine
  • Bibi & Barney: Spring Pollard for 3-month freeze extension
    • If this is what ordinary Israelis want then it is fantastic news isn't it? Pollard could be used as leverage, but instead of a lame 3 month extension on a freeze that never was, Obama should skip the whole peace negotiations charade and offer up Pollard in exchange for a complete, immediate and permanent Israeli withdrawal to the 67 borders and a declaration of a Palestinian state with E. Jerusalem as its capital. The Arab peace initiative would then take effect. Everyone's a winner.

  • Help! CNN runs reports produced by propaganda outfit headed by former AIPAC president
    • Conflict? What conflict? Do they mean the occupation - the one-sided oppression? When did that become a conflict? "Conflict" insinuates that the other party has an equal or comparable share in the wrongdoing. But you tell me, does the daily Palestinian wrongdoing equal even a modicum of the daily Israeli wrongdoing?

      This is why Israel's PR strategy will eventually collapse - because the strategy is heavily flawed. The internet is the best source of education in the world today and whitewashing Israeli crimes with words like "conflict" and security "fence" and "closed military zones" is insulting the audience's intelligence. People appreciate honesty and when they know you are lying to them they are no longer interested in what you have to say. The lobby is all about PR. And the best/only way to beat the lobby is with counter-PR on an equal if not greater scale.

      Back to the mission statement: "...focus media and public attention on the 21st century Israel that exists beyond the conflict" says, to me anyway, looking past the occupation, Israel is actually a remarkable place. That's just like saying 'looking past the fact that he's a serial rapist who has caused misery and suffering to many, many, women, Joe's actually quite a decent chap.'

  • CAMERA doth protest too much re its role in Boston anti-mosque campaign
    • I don't like CAMERA. As Jeff wrote, their title is an oxymoron. They should change it to Committee for the Aspersion of Middle East Reporting that is Accurate.

      They once went after a British tabloid because one of their reporters was, apparently, an ISM volunteer. If the CAMERA extremists are allowed to have their say, why not everyone else? I'm a big fan of Christiane Amanpour purely because she gets on CAMERA's tits - never actually seen any of her reports.

  • 'Cordoba House' controversy has one Pakistani American looking for a back-up plan
    • There is no sense in upping and leaving just because a bunch of right-wing, headline hungry thugs is upset at you. It's what they want you to do. Are you really preparing to surrender yourself - and everything you and more importantly your parents worked hard to achieve - to them? They have short attention spans and will soon move on to some other cause once the cow has given all the milk she is prepared to give.

      You should try living as a Muslim here in Europe. I'd bet it's far worse here. What satisfies me though is knowing that the law is on my side and that we have such a thing as civil liberties.

  • Gentleman's disagreement
    • You'd expect Melanie Phillips to side with the her fellow Brit Jews and call Peres out for his smearing (as Jewish leaders have done), but no she blames the malicious/sloppy press for "miquoting" the President. I've read her article twice and both times he catagorically states "There is in England a saying that an anti-Semite is someone who hates the Jews more than is necessary." (Even after you read her tripe of an argument in defence of Peres.) He does not differentiate between criticism of Israeli policy and anti-semitism. They must both equal the same thing to him.

      There are reports also of a few MKs expressing shock at the Presidents remark.

  • Foxman plays Holocaust card
    • "He compared the idea of a mosque near ground zero to the Roman Catholic Carmelite nuns who had a convent at the Auschwitz death camp." Notice how Palestinian suffering must never invoke memories of Jewish suffering during the holocaust - David Cameron was slated by Israel recently for calling Gaza a Prison Camp (turns out "Prison Camp" is a trademark of Holocaust Industries Inc.) Why is Abe now using the holocaust analogy with 9/11? Is it a tactic to silence his critics or does he genuinely believe that American suffering on 9/11 is comparable to Jewish suffering during the holocaust?

      And can we stop using the term "holocaust card" please. It's no longer a card, it's a chip. Abe did not "play the holocaust card," he bet the holocaust chip.

      "The symbolism is wrong." He's absolutely right here. The symbolism is 100% wrong... if you're trying to placate bigots and facists that is (someone should remind Abe he's in America, not Israel - perhaps he's at that age where he tends to forget things). And notice how the term "Mosque" is used repeatedly to stir up tension. It's not a mosque, it's a community centre open to everyone.

  • 'America is a thing you can move very easily' (said Netanyahu)
    • What was that old hasbara saying... oh ye, "the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity." Have the Palestinians ever been given the latter opportunity?

  • It just gets worse
    • Isn't it up to each resident to decide for him/her self if he/she wants to assimilate? This is extremism and Zionism seems more like an extremist cult as each day passes.

  • Petraeus emails show general scheming with journalist to get out pro-Israel storyline
    • Let's all send this article to Patraeus saying "Sir, FYI..." That would be awesome...

      PS. Brilliant article Phil.

  • CNN on the growing cultural boycott
    • Read this and replace the words "Ministry of Defence", "MoD" and "RAF" with "IDF"; "British" with "Israeli"; "Iraqi" with "Palestinian"; and "Iraq" with "Palestine". The Arab names of people and places can stay the same:

      The parallels are uncanny. Ather Karen al-Mowafakia could have been Ziad Jilani.

      Makes you understand why Britain and America and others are so strangely supportive of Israel. They sing from the same hymn sheet. Birds of a feather...

  • Why is this happening in a church basement?
    • "Why is this happening in a church basement?"

      Because God never goes down to the basement. Having the debate down there was a wise decision because it meant that God could not have overheard it. If Israel really is God's land for these people then this misdemeanor will go unoticed come the Judgement. Pretty smart thinking if you ask me. Kudos to the organisers. Bravo!

  • Why do they hate us?
    • Did anybody read that story about Lebanon firing on Israeli warplanes? When you are fired at for violating your enemy's airspace you don't go running to tell the media, you try your best to deny it. Imagine if the Russians flew warplanes over the US, what would the US do?

      United States military fired anti-aircraft artillery at Russian warplanes that were flying over the US, a senior Russian security official said on Tuesday.

      "Our aircraft have been targeted by US anti-aircraft guns while flying over southern Florida, and there was no damage," the official who requested anonymity told AFP.

      A military spokesperson neither confirmed nor denied the report.

      The United States issues almost daily reports of Russian violations of its air space, but its military rarely opens fire unless the planes fly within range of its guns.

      The overflights violate UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended a devastating 2006 war between the US and Russia's Hezbollahvich militia, but Russia argues they are needed to monitor fit babes in bikinis."

  • What leaders will decry Henochowicz's 'devastating injury'?
  • It's up to Obama whether the siege of Gaza continues
    • It's time for a new approach. Everything has been tried. Condemnation after condemnation has resulted in nothing but empty rhetoric. US Middle East policy is at the mercy of the wealthy and powerful AIPAC. The only option I can see is for the Russians or the Chinese to take FULL control of the peace process. Sideline the US, and sideline the quartet.

      The best thing for Russia or China to do right now is to threaten Israel with the sale of arms and [peaceful] nuclear technology to Arabs. Outside of the US, Israel and their circle of 'friends', how real is the threat of conflict resulting from an arms race in the Middle East? Unless you still believe that Arabs are naturally savages, who can say for sure that an arms race in that region will spark wars?

      Times are now desperate. And the measures need to be equally so.

    • "The Obama administration would only offer its support if action from the UN was so weak as to be worthless."

      So weak as to be worthless pretty much describes Obama so is anybody really that surprised?

  • Obama: No daylight
    • The only daylight we will ever see is that which reflects off Obama's teeth.

      Was that racist? Sorry if that was racist.

  • Hair-curling demo in support of flotilla raid outside Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv
    • How about declaring war on 'war' itself...?

    • Thailand: conflict has been going on for what, a month?
      Afghanistan: conflict has been going on for what, 9/10 years?
      Pakistan: conflict has been going on for what, 5/6 years?
      Iraq: conflict has been going on for what, 7/8 years?

      Israel/Palestine: conflict has been going on for more than FOURTY years. And will probably go on for another fourty. That is why there will always be more criticism of Israel than of any other nation. If you have a problem with criticism the solution is so, so, simple: change your ways.

    • If you pause the vid at 3:01 it looks like someone is holding up a banner that reads 'Arrogant Israeli Barbarism.' Obviously I'm reading it wrong. 'Not Enough Barbarism' is probably what it really reads.

      Lets not forget those Israeli picnics during Cast Lead. Does anybody here remember them? Imagine that. Enjoying a picnic whilst watching bombs being dropped on innocent civilians and children being burned alive by white phosphorous. Any sane human being's stomach would have turned. But not Israelis'. Definately not Israelis. They were there with binoculars in hand, zooming in on the entertainment.

      More tea Rabbi?

      This will refresh your memories:
      link to

  • New Yorkers join worldwide chorus of condemnation over Israeli attack on flotilla
  • 'Americans for Peace Now' characterizes flotilla as a 'threat'
  • American Jewish Committee rushes to justify attack
    • Absolutely disgusting.

      Supporting the Gazans is a Jihadist's venture is it? Then so be it.

      First it turns out the Israelis were sure that weapons had been prep'd aboard the flotilla beforehand, now it turns out an IDF search has turned up no weapons (except for two pistols - that were brought on board by the the IDF btw). When will the lies desist?

      There are going to be protests all over the world this week. Please, all of you join in. The only way we're going to change this miserable situation is to participate in overthrowing it. The zionists are trying the scare the west in to supporting their brutality by invoking Jihad and Martyrdom? It's disgusting.

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