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  • Due to Israeli siege, Gaza infant mortality rate on the rise for first time in five decades
    • makes me wonder why the international community, particularly the US, didn't simply gather all the infants who died, put them all in a pile and just bombed the smithereens out of them, or even lined them up and opened live fire on them. i mean it would have been so much faster, more efficient, less expensive and just all around a hell of a lot easier.

      say what? oh?? you say those are most certainly NOT acceptable forms of murder, too gruesome, but slowly murdering them more surreptitiously this way is acceptable, even palatable to you???

      seriously???? i'm disgusted, appalled and horrified at the lack of effective action to stop israel from the heinous murdering of innocent Palestinians.

      murder is MURDER, period! whitewashing it with more subtle methods doesn't change a damn thing, it is MURDER.

  • 'They are the terrorists'–-Palestinians mourn a second death from settler arson attack
    • "Jewish state", yonah?

      you mean the borderless criminal thug entity of izrael that murders Palestinians, steals their rights and land for its 'state'. a 'Jewish state' born of ongoing decades-long ethnic cleansing and genocide. you sound so proud of this so-called 'Jewish state' founded on horrific, unspeakable pain and cruelty.

      nothing of "israel" is not rightfully Palestine's.

  • The two-state pipedream: Israel will move 100s of 1000s of settlers
    • @aloeste - stop speaking for me. don't steal my human rights, too (which is all you know). what i said is very clear, and it is not what you said.

      your words are nothing more than the typical feeble, limp hasbara of a zionist criminal. i can't even say nice try because it's just too lame. are you being paid to mangle truth to spew your garbage? sure glad i don't have that immoral, dishonest, unethical, ugly, filthy illegal, criminally slanderous job!!!

    • all of izrael is Palestine, the stolen lands of Palestine. it's already a 'one-state'... it's the state of Palestine.

  • US gov't has 'faith in the system' that Israel will prosecute killers of Palestinian child-- why?
  • Palestinian toddler killed in settler price-tag attack
    • yonah, settlements are ILLEGAL, PERIOD. get that through your head once and for all. thus, there are NO 'normal settlers', they are ALL criminals who have broken international law and stolen lands of Palestinians. they all belong in the clink.

      then again, only izrael deems their own crimes normal.

    • the government's complicity screams loudly to the world that izrael is a terrorist nation in its entirety

    • i hope this inhuman act of terrorism moves the hearts of the world to stomp israel to a bloody pulp. i fear so much for the lives of little baby Ali's parents and brother, too, after reading this horrific sad news reported by Ma'an News:

      "The mother was in critical condition with third-degree burns covering 90 percent of her body, an Israeli doctor told public radio. The father had burns on 80 percent of his body and the son 60 percent, with all of their lives in danger."

      link to

  • Israeli general likens attack on Gaza towers to 9/11 attack, as 'symbol'
    • ok, let me see if i got this straight,

      in a nutshell --

      so, a high level zionist iZraeli general essentially makes very clear to all the world this:
      israel is to Palestine exactly what the 9/11 terrorists are to the US ...and... israel commits the same acts of terror against Palestinians as the 9/11 terrorists did to Americans.

      in response to 9/11 terrorists the US obliterates the middle east, murdering millions of innocents to rid terrorism -- calling it justice.

      and in response to izrael's terrorism, the innocent Palestinians are deemed terrorists and annihilated -- all the while the US supplies izrael with more bombs, weapons & the means to deliver them so that self-admitted izraeli terrorists can continue murdering more innocent Palestinians.

      yep, i got it.

      can it get anymore f--ked up than that?

  • It's time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped
    • time for america and the whole damn world to realize they've been duped by zionism...and DO something to stop it.

      until that time, the palestinian holocaust continues as it always has in full swing in all its horrific atrocities...decade after decade after decade.

  • If Americans support Iran deal, 56-37, what gives Israel the power to 'croak' it?
    • last i heard, the fat lady is definitely planning to sing!
      and sing and sing and sing she will .......

    • MRW -- holy wow! extremely well said! A+++++++++++++, +1000000000000 x 10 to infinity!

  • The Iran deal: a triumph of irrationality
    • racism will end when humans stop thinking, talking, writing in the divisive rhetoric of 'white', 'brown', 'black', 'jewish', 'muslim', etc... and simply replace that with: 'people' or 'human beings' or 'bipedal hominids' or 'naked primate' ...anything that unites us all as the same, one single species that we are

  • Video: Israelis in West Jerusalem call for attack on Iran
    • amazes me that israel just doesn't get the fact that ...if...if...IF... iran had the same aggressive mentality as the zionist regime, or even a fraction of the zionist war-mongering ideology, israel would be long long long gone. that iran does in fact NOT have such insanity, that israel still stands after all their war threats to iran is proof enough that israel is safe from iran.

    • what exactly are you afraid of yonah? that iran has NEVER attacked ANY other nation, EVER!? that iran has strictly forbidden development of nukes based on devout religious belief against such weapons so much so iran's leader issued a fatwa against nukes? what is so scary about peace? where is the 'threat to israel' in that??? it is ONLY in israel's phobic paranoia, NOWHERE else. war-mongering israelis seriously need massive psychotherapy, not a war against iran.

    • wait, you mean the zionist regime doesn't execute/assassinate whoever they want whenever and wherever they want already? lol!!!

    • i knew this would happen, my fear is unfolding. let's just hope PM nutjob doesn't go along with what his people demand. i hope it's just the far right-wingers screaming for attack and i hope the world uses an iron hand to conrol bibi's murderous aggression. he really is the greatest WMD, along with his cronies.

  • Israeli settlements are a 'war crime,' but ICC dodges the case -- Buttu
    • let these eloquent, beautiful, wise words from the prosecution NEVER be forgotten! thank you Harry!

    • i am so thoroughly sickened and disgusted with 'the world' ....

      who gives a shit that settlements have been around for sooooo long? so what! it DOESN'T MATTER, settlements are a WAR CRIME, they are ILLEGAL.....PERIOD! and why on earth would anyone even think to appease any criminal????....EVER? who the hell cares what israeli critics say? oh, so a criminal bawls and screams his bloody head off and we say: there there little fella, it's gonna be ok, we won't punish you, come get a hug. wtf? for real?

      crime is crime and justice is justice, END OF STORY! world officials in the justice system need to grow some balls and stop being such pansy-assed wimps! i mean, WOW, this is beyond maddening and disturbing at all levels.

  • ICC rules prosecutor to reconsider 'Mavi Marmara' investigation
    • from one of my comments at opinio juris about hostage:

      "I don’t see any ‘politics’ in the opinions expressed in Hostage’s comments regarding such procedures, rather I see interpretation of law with a high order of legal competence, knowledge, insight, understanding and thoroughness of detail."

      i'll also add here that it is my opinion (from what i've seen him share) hostage is so obviously expertly versed in law that his knowledge of law can be a very real game changer for palestinians and the world towards peace. his opinions and interpretations are fact-based, they are clear, they are solid, they are indeed superior (sure hope hostage holds some high-level position to get things done)! i'm personally blown away...

      don't thank me, thank hostage!

    • Hostage, thank you so very much for your reply, it helps. incidentally, i'm seeing your comments all over the place (e.g. opinio juris, where i commented very briefly on a heller article re your obvious superior expertise). i so greatly appreciate more than i can say in words the time and effort you take to comment here, there, wherever! not sure if you write articles, per se, as i don't know you by author name if you do, but i'd read them all for sure. you are shedding true light into the blackest hole on earth, there simply are no words of gratitude to thank you enough. i'm so so soooo glad you and a few others i mentioned in my earlier comment are regulars here at Mondoweiss!!! DON'T EVER LEAVE!

    • not only is this article fantastic, but the comments, too, are extremely informative. i thank all of you for informing the world, particularly regarding the legal aspects. so hats off to annie, hostage, harrylaw, just and others!

      which brings me to my questions, please pardon my staggering ignorance of international law in advance. i am wondering -- since Turkey has issued arrest warrants for israeli officials over the Mavi Marmara tragedy -- what's up with that? what can or will happen?

      can Turkey involve Interpol to go after them too? can Interpol do anything with or because of Turkey's warrants? if not, why not??? also, does or will the fact that the turkish legal system already found israeli officials guilty have any bearing at the ICC? i'd appreciate any education/clarity on this.

      i guess i'm just overly stunned by israel's continued impunity... i mean, do we seriously live in a world with two sets of law: 1) israeli law for israel, and 2) international law for the rest of the world ??????? this is so f**ked up

  • 'We should seize it' -- Obama announces Iran deal as 'new direction' for the Middle East
    • yep, that's the kind of deceitful black op i'm talking about. american interests would be bibi's likely target, not to mention his sweet revenge against obama....but i wouldn't put it past him to target other nations. he's just too sick not to attack somewhere. and nope, i don't think you're paranoid...not at all, but the criminal PM of israel is! trust me, there is nothing more dangerous and deadly than a raging narcissist in extreme panic mode! i consider bibi himself to be a WMD. i expect massive fallout from him over this deal...and it won't be pretty.

    • LOL!!! yes, exactly! that is toooo funny, just hilarious! thanks for that, Harry!

    • this is an epic quantum leap towards world peace, we are witnessing a near miracle with this deal. satanyahoo's opposition, rhetoric, antics and threats are only going to render him more the obtuse, aggressive and hated fool let the little imp bellow like a child who's spilled his milk. nobody's really listening, other than his cronies wherever they may reside.

      my fear and concern regards the incessant, relentless, profound depth of pathology of his and zionism's narcissim. yes, bibi will yell, scream, gesture, posture, etc....but when he doesn't get his way, he does very very bad things. he loves WAR more than any living thing, i fear he'll conjure up some black op based on false premises against iran to justify attacking them. somehow, in his twisted sickness, he'll link all this deal stuff to Palestinians, and hurt them bad, too. his evil never stops. this deal is far worse than poking a sleeping grizzly, this iran deal dumps mega-tons of fuel smack on top of bibi's devil-fire from, bibi goes BOOM!

  • Gaza-- and 'Guernica'
    • the most gentle, precious, beautiful innocence so violently butchered.
      the pain and grief i feel is too profound for words....
      and to even try to think what Palestinian/Gazan people are feeling...

      i keep screaming inside: how can ANY OF THIS HELL be allowed to happen even once...and can this be real????????

      but it is.

      Allison, thank you for showing the world the evil, hideous face of iZrael. i'm praying for the protection of all innocent life. do whatever/everything you can to BE SAFE and STAY ALIVE!

  • Israeli police ransack Tariq Abu Khdeir family home and arrest relatives in apparent revenge raid
    • i am so genuinely sickened by the horrific evil of iZrael. it affects me so severely and i can't bear the agony...i've felt anger like i've never known before, disgust beyond words, pain so profound i've dropped to my knees. on and on and on their evil deeds continue unabated and supported by our psychopathic govt. it's truly unbearable. i empathize deeply with how Palestinians must feel being the victims of such brutality...FOR OVER SIXTY YEARS!!!! they suffer a collective punishment akin to the holocaust, whereas izraeli zionists suffer a collective narcissism akin to Hitler.

      the hideous criminal face of iZrael is rapidly becoming uglier, more repulsive and far more intolerable to the world. their only meaningful victory is self-delegitimization. and despite the ongoing silence (complicity) at iZrael's egregious crimes, i am convinced the sentiment worldwide is dropping like a rock and will indeed manifest in some productive action, else those who can effect change cannot be classified as human beings.

  • Israel viciously bombs Gaza, that's the only truth
  • In Shuafat, Palestinian family delays funeral of murdered teen to search for answers
    • ok, so we have eye witnesses, culprits who tortured this poor boy to death can be seen on camera, and Ma'an news had an article stating that according to Mohammed's cousin, the license plate was written down:

      "Ansam Abu Khder, one of the teenager's cousins, said witnesses had written down the car's license plate and that police were examining CCTV footage." link to

      but STILL NO ARRESTS!! and where the hell is abbas in all this? hardly a peep out of him! i haven't slept well since Mohammed was murdered, it just eviscerated me seeing his innocent face and knowing how horrific his murder was. that izrael is beating, torturing, abusing his family and other innocent Palestinians over his death just brings me to my knees in grief. honestly, nothing sickens me more than the diabolical crimes of these rabid zionist psycho-freaks.

  • Photo Essay: Israeli soliders destroy Qawasmeh and Aisha family homes in retribution attack
    • oh my God, i am (as all of humanity is) so literally sickened by zionism. someone please tell me....WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR ABBAS TO GET OFF HIS TRAITOROUS BUTT TO SEEK PROSECUTION OF IZRAEL'S PERVERTED CRIMES AT THE ICC???????

  • Israel maintains gag order in missing teens' case, leading to charge of media 'manipulation'
    • "With regard to an incident where it is feared there was a abduction of three Israeli citizens in the Hebron area"

      no proof of a kidnapping per gag order, merely a 'feared' one. how interesting :) i still think those teens are living it up somewhere.

  • Simon Schama's Israel whitewash
    • "The fifth and last program begins with a discussion of the origins of Zionism, and makes the case that the history of the persecution of the Jews justified the creation of the state of Israel, an argument I agree with..."

      too many problems with this to list or explain them all, some already mentioned in comments. here's just a couple more:

      if every group of persecuted people created their own state, we'd be a world of islands, disconnected and isolated from each other (e.g., women would have their own state.) this would not foster peace, nor would it teach humanity to embrace diversity or coexistence.

      there is no justification for the persecution of anyone, so cannot justify creation of a state due to persecution by persecuting another.

    • "The Nazis did nothing wrong either buddy. If that is your argument."

      BAM!!! and in so few words...very powerful...absolutely love it!

    • "Zionism is INHERENTLY disastrous to the native people of Palestine."

      it's inherently disastrous to all of humanity, including's anthropocentric ideology (not only the jewish supremacism component) is disastrous to all life.

  • Israel lobby group compiles secret dossiers on pro-Palestinian speakers
    • idiotic how your hasbara 'response' is usually a non-response, totally fails to address the question by posing another question. hop, your credibility sucks, and that you can't see how or why only provides further amusement for the rest of us.

  • Avigdor Lieberman: 'Our Oscar goes to Scarlett'
    • omg Daniel, tooooo funny, LOL!! she looks exactly like the lie-berman in that photo! that is one scary face!!!

    • oh look, it's the new obese Ken and bimbo Barbie dolls (i feel emesis coming on) strolling down the red carpet. those empty plastic freaks are sure to win over and entertain the heartless zios worldwide.

  • AP asks State: Why shouldn't folks boycott Israel when your own settlements policy is ineffective?
    • "MS. HARF: Well, as we’ve said, boycotts directed at Israel are unhelpful, ..."

      uh noooo, what rock is she residing under? boycotts directed at iZrael are indeed very helpful for the Palestinians.

      "MS. HARF: I’m saying I wouldn’t make any assumptions, Matt, about the kind of leverage we have."

      oh please, don't make me gag! WHAT EFFECTIVE LEVERAGE do you really have mizz harf??? if that's even remotely true, try using it to enforce international law!!!

  • Fearless authors dance on third rail of US politics...
    • this was funny, good job Phil!
      only thing not funny is 2017 means 3 more years of izraeli apartheid... :'(

  • SodaStream flap educates Americans about the illegal settlement project
    • "In our opinion, your SodaStream relationship has significantly deteriorated your status with a vibrant segment of film viewers."

      yep! i'm boycotting anything and everything having to do with her.

  • Scarlett Johansson not only abandons Oxfam but throws it under the bus
    • it's not the wording that ruins her public image, it's her choice.

    • Krauss, exactly! well said. that they did NOT take immediate, conclusive action to stand by their principles in strength and sever ties with sj on the spot at the very beginning of this whole thing leaves an ugly blemish on the face of oxfam's integrity and morality, to say the least.

      there should never have been a "three-week battle" or any battle at all in the first place. oxfam should have been proactive on day one to prevent that by asserting publicly they will never allow such an ambassador and will thus end ties with her.

  • Lost in Occupation: Scarlett Johansson ends relationship with Oxfam to stick with SodaStream (Updated)
    • i agree, that oxfam did NOT sever ties with sj ... and i mean IMMEDIATELY... over her stupid ss endorsement is a huge ethical and moral blunder on oxfam's part as far as i'm concerned. it leaves the world wondering how long it may have taken oxfam to cut her loose, and why it even took this long and still they had not done so. how convenient for them that she quit. i now question the truth of oxfam's integrity.

      i'm not saying oxfam jumped off the cliff, i'm just left kinda hanging without certainty of resolve about them since they waited and did nothing, and it's that very insecurity that leaves me questioning them. had they immediately taken firm action to end their relationship with her (because it was a blatantly obvious no-brainer to do so), they would have saved themselves/their image and intentionally not left any doubts, imho.

  • Deconstructing Scarlett Johansson’s statement on SodaStream
    • golly gosh ScarJo, does your anencephaly also make you thoroughly blind to the Palestinians' viewpoint regarding your nimrod statement "… supporting neighbors working alongside each other, receiving equal pay, equal benefits and equal rights. That is what is happening in their Ma‘ale Adumim factory every working day."??? link to

      think i'll tweet this MW article and the above link to the airhead and email both to Oxfam warning that if Oxfam trades in their ethics for the money this dimwit brings them, well, the harm it will do to Palestinians and to peace and human rights worlwide contradicts their very existence...and they'll have zero credibility.

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  • Eric Alterman declines request to debate Max Blumenthal at Brooklyn College
    • "Why would anyone sane debate him?"

      well, first, anyone that much opposed to Max, since Max stands for true human rights, can't be and indeed isn't all that mentally sound. secondly, no zionist would debate him...because they know damn well how much they'd end up with mud on their zionist faces, humiliated-extraordinaire...and publicly, no less. it's a bit too much for z's to risk with their narcissistic pathology.

  • Poor showing among heads of state for the lonely funeral of Ariel Sharon
  • Despite being hard up for cash, Netanyahu (sorta) makes an appearance at Mandela memorial after all
    • Adam, that picture is priceless!!! you couldn't have found a more perfect pic, just look at the sneering snark all over satanyahu's face...sooooo apropos!! love it!

    • So what excuse does Liel prefer?

      well, to issue any faux excuse at all is corrupt, but FARRRRRRRRR be it from satanyahu to muster any integrity to tell the truth!

  • Help send Netanyahu to the Mandela memorial!
    • yeah, please do! sure hope you can 'steal' better than him (in this case, that is, lol) ....just PLEASE steal him far away from the rest of the world.

    • why, yes, of course...a ship! i bet the Mavi Marmara would love to transport him.

    • the only way i'd donate to help send bibi satanayahu to SA would be if there was an arrest warrant waiting for him for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide...the second he steps off the plane. how great that would be: from plane straight to jail. what better way to memorialize Mandela and celebrate his life's mission?!

  • Avigdor Lieberman bombs everywhere but in The New York Times
    • rudoren belongs caged in with a leopard long enough for her to count how many times the leopard changes his spots...and if she gets gobbled down by the jowled meow in the process, hope someone calls a vet to save the cat, but more likely the spotted beast would instantly gag her back up. she's nothing but a toxic hair ball to any creature.

  • Only sanctions against Israel will end occupation -- Gideon Levy
    • "While this country is run by reasonable people..."

      excuse me??? you can't be serious! they are anything but reasonable! try all these together for starters: stupid, paranoid, aggressive, brutal, war-mongering and criminal.

    • sanctions are good, but equally important is withdrawal of all US aid. AND izrael very seriously needs to be held accountable and prosecuted at the ICC for all its egregious crimes dating back to the beginning. i'd love to see the day when the world slams izrael with all three courses of punishment at the same time. izrael is a spoiled recalcitrant little devil brat, time for the entire world to institute major discipline on this out of control fractious zionist demonology until the beast is safely chained down...whatever it takes.

  • Et tu, Bill?
    • first thing i thought (feared) after the deal with iran was reached was that izrael could so easily carry out a false flag op on American soil or target Americans abroad (they may even use a small nuke), and then feed US govt a load of crap intel claiming it was iran who did it...finally drawing us into war with iran like izrael's wanted from the beginning and continues salivating over. kind of izrael's psycho-sick way of getting what they want and saying about iran "told you so!"

  • Lipstick on a pig
    • contemplate this: there's not one single species on the entire face of this planet...nor in its history...that harms its own kind [or its environment] to the degree and/or frequency that humans do to their own kind [and environment]...not one! the incidents of conspecific murder throughout the non-human animal kingdom are comparatively extremely rare.

      the implications of this are very profound and far-reaching. humans are extraordinarily cruel and destructive whereas animals (e.g. pigs) maintain harmony and the only peaceable kingdom on earth. even an amoeba has the 'wisdom' (whether consciously or not isn't the point) to morph away from harmful stimuli and move towards that which does no harm. this pretty much relegates humans to far lower than 'animals', more like scum of the earth as a species. how utterly sad the majority of our species remain this way. hats off to the pigs, they don't behave this way!

    • "We are not taking about cute pudgy pinkish animals but about quite hirsute muscular brutes"

      LOL!!! now THAT is funny!!! oh wait,'re referring to certain 4-legged swine, i thought you were talking about a particular group of homo sapiens, you know, the ones who steal land, bulldoze homes, violate human rights and commit crimes against humanity daily....sorry, my bad. but anyway, you might as well have been, i see no diff...

  • Jeez -- is Hagel's tie supposed to look like the Israeli flag?
    • "A warning to never ever again stand idly by in the face of hatred and bigotry."

      right, so then Hagel/Obomber Admin why are you.....standing idly Palestinians suffer horrific atrocities DAILY????? the hypocrisy makes me so sick!

  • Rutgers roiled by fake eviction notices describing demolition of 25,000 Palestinian houses
    • “We had many students who came to us who were very upset when they received eviction notices, who felt harassed, who felt that they have been deceived and made to feel targeted and unsafe in their dorm rooms, ”

      wow, what a bunch of puerile, spoiled brats! imagine if, instead of fake eviction notices, fake IDF soldiers showed up in droves behaving aggressively and kidnapping everyone that squirmed in sight, leading them away to 'administrative detention'. oh, what the heck, why stop there? why not go further to what follows next: the torture during interrogations. in fact, why not be even more realistic and carry this whole thing out at a preschool or elementary school seeing how izrael so loves to target and kidnap innocent children. well, i guess alternatively, they could have loaded up a bunch of fake tear gas canisters and fake guns with fake rubber coated bullets...or even better....they could have rained down fake white phosphorous on the entire university, but nah, that would be a little too...too.....umm.....spooky for them, not to mention how the NSA would spazz out. or what about a (fake) Nakba? how would they like to be forcibly removed or murdered if they don't go? what say they to that? no? just imagine....

      these students should count their blessings that they're even in any school and be grateful for their safety, that this was fake and NOT real. and they should especially be empathic towards Palestinians, rather than complaining....they haven't a clue the multitude of traumas Palestinians truly experience repeatedly on a daily basis.

  • Major 'NYT' piece calls two-state negotiations 'phony'--and catastrophic
    • thank you HarryLaw, very well said! the 1ss completely ignores and dismisses izraeli accountability with respect to international law, thereby continuing their privileged immunity from it. the zionists are adamant in that they'll never give up their 'jewish' state inherent to the 1ss, they've made this abundantly's their greatest threat. what part of 'never' do those promoting a 1ss not understand? the only way to resolve this conflict is for the international community (including Palestinians) to enforce international law via the ICC and ICJ, implement severe sanctions and discontinue aid for non-compliance. it's not the Palestinians' nor the world's problem settlements are difficult to evacuate regardless of how extensive they've's izrael's problem tough! break the law, face the consequences, the end! izrael CAN evacuate ALL settlements if the world stops buying their manipulative excuses of "we can't"...YES THEY CAN, and they would if they had serious enough legal repercussions to face if they didn't. 1ss is like the perfect storm, an environment inviting decades of more izraeli apartheid, oppression, aggression, internal war, conflict, etc.

  • Shady PR operatives, pro-Israel ties, anti-Castro money: Inside the Syrian opposition’s DC spin machine
    • despite all the rhetoric, spin, and massive effort to rally support for a strike, there's no definitive proof that assad was behind the alleged chemical attack in the first place, and that fact alone is way more than reason enough to say NO! to any attack on syria, not to mention it's illegal, plus a whole host of other reasons. this is izrael's war-mongering manipulation, supported by the US. i don't care who's said what, the intelligence is simply NOT THERE to support a strike, case closed....which is why we've been hearing from the start all kinds of war-mongering twists to garner more support to strike.

  • Latest 'generous offer' leaked: Israel wants to control Jordan River and 40% of West Bank while Palestinians get 'temporary borders'
    • hah! izrael's EXISTENCE relies solely on colonialism, land thievery, ethnic cleansing, etc.....i.e. izrael's existence, by its own non-stop choosing, is criminally based and criminally carried out...nothing else or less. it's never been about judaism, it's always been only about zionist supremacy and its inherent criminality.

  • Former AIPAC official warns against US 'retreat' from Israel's 'permanent reality'-- conflict
  • John Kerry invokes apocalyptic 'domino theory' in call with House Democrats
    • "...the resolution authorized the President to use the military in virtually any way he saw fit to prevent chemical weapons attacks on Syrians, the US or American allies."

      AND ever-mindful that this resolution was tailored "as broadly as possible" (meaning all inclusive, no possibility of being broader), the above quote is nothing short of a blatant admission that the Obomba Admin has zero care in the world for other innocent civilians that aren't Syrian or in countries considered "American allies". The implications of this are too far-reaching for this comment section, but surely, we all get the drift...and we see it playing out as facts on the ground all over the world. simply consider Palestine or all of Africa as a small sample of numerous examples. nope, no genuine Obomba empathy, support or care for any of them, rather they get violated and annihilated.

  • Video: My friend frees bird caught in garage
    • in the video, Justin calls the bird "little brother"...he gets it...he does indeed. may the world be filled with such humanity, a world where there are no war crimes because war itself is deemed the highest of crimes, a world where we all can pick up our little brothers and hold them dear to our hearts, a world where people want to do that. as a veterinarian, i have many stories much like Justin, the purity and wisdom of peace that animals inherently live by and with is utterly amazing. the animals are my greatest teachers...nothing less.

  • Witness accounts on the killing of three Palestinians that stopped peace negotiations
    • hmmm, i'm glad to read here that negotiations are being boycotted over the murders by the IDF of these three Palestinians, but Ma'an News reported 2 days ago that the peace negotiations in Jericho this past Monday, same day as the murders, did in fact take place. so wonder what's up with that, i'm a bit confused by the discrepancy between your article and Ma'an's: link to

  • Glad tidings from NY: Power gets wise counsel from her hero Wiesel
    • @yrn
      question is, are you also a Nakba denier? if not, then why don't YOU say so publicly? or should we assume that you are since you can't, won't or haven't said so? what, you've got no comment on the link yourself? why is that? don't like being reminded of the murderous rampage against Palestinians? only the horrors of atrocities suffered in the jewish holocaust are worthy of infinite pan-global hyper-melodrama, resurrected relentlessly? well, think again! your silence is passive complicity. what IZRAEL did and does to Palestinians in the PALESTINIAN HOLOCAUST which is STILL ONGOING is equally as unconscionable and unforgivable as what the nazis did in the jewish holocaust. don't like THAT truth? try psychotherapy, it may help.

  • When racism isn't a cause for shame
    • does it even matter what the 'true' translation of the word 'Kushim' means? even if it does mean 'nigger' that is certainly not the only aspect that makes what Lau said utterly racist.

      he "castigated Jewish youth for watching sports broadcasts, since the players are just 'niggers'." .......or black, Negro, green or purple...whatever! the point is: the youth were 'castigated'...because the players WEREN'T JEWISH. the players could've just as easily been Oriental, Indian, Latino, any non-Jewish race, and imo, THAT is fundamentally and sickeningly racist.

  • If ending the conflict is so important, why did Kerry choose Indyk with a record of 'failure'? asks AP's Matt Lee
    • it ISN'T important for the izraeli regime to end the conflict, they don't want peace. they are criminal war-mongers and thrive on conflict in their blood-driven quest to expand. in fact, that Kerry intentionally chose a pro-izraeli zionist team will assuredly add fuel to the fire when Palestinians get screwed, again! only this time, the Palestinians will revolt. i think the PA will sell the Palestinian people out on some joke of a pathetic peace process which gives Palestinians nothing as always IF talks even get that far, and a massive 3rd intifada will result.

  • The Israeli army tried to bring this Palestinian artist to his knees, and failed
    • thanks for sharing this interview publicly Philip, i've already 'liked' and left a comment on youtube. Faisal's art is deeply moving and meaningful, the more it spreads, the more people it will 'touch'. i'm very relieved, elated, and grateful he's here in the US reaching americans, they need it most!!

    • you can't be serious. crimes are crimes, PERIOD!, regardless of any history. the izraeli occupation and apartheid are illegal, i.e. CRIMES. by your pathological line of reasoning, if people murder your family, the world can justifiably defend the culprits by claiming the murderers have a history in the area of your house. your comment is insane hasbara at its best, or as you put it, the devil with his detail thing...AGAIN. if you want to be a real human being, then minimally, you will need the following: 1. heart, 2. conscience, 3. eyes that see clearly or a strong pair of glasses, 4. education in international and humanitarian law, and human rights.

  • 'Look at the world through their eyes' -- Obama should take his own advice
    • i love Falk, he is cut-throat and nails the truth down hard, but i disagree with one thing he suggested. After he reiterates Obama's statement of “I can promise you this: Political leaders will never take risks if the people do not push them to take some risks. You must create the change that you want to see. Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things.” ........Falk says, "Possibly, there is some remote hope to be found in these inspirational words...". BUT...Palestinian leaders have already created some change that their people wanted to see and pushed them to get, they gained statehood at the UNGA. a very significant, historical "extraordinary" step....and they were immediately severely punished by the US (and of course izrael) when they got it.

      Obama's hypocritical thuggery and empty rhetoric is only sinking the US deeper in izrael's quagmire which translates into an increasing national security threat to all americans worldwide. i'm wondering whatever came of that CIA report several years ago that predicted izrael's fall within 20 years. how much more hated can we/they get before serious repercussions start playing out in reality. it's already at disastrous levels with all these f***ed up wars. with izrael hell-bent on attacking iran, it's only a matter of time before the world pukes out the wretched poison of our foreign policy.

  • Israel's changing image
    • i'm very surprised nobody is considering the very real possibility that the soldier did in fact shoot and kill the boy who has since been missing from someone's family. what real evidence is there that this child was NOT shot and killed? who says he wasn't? Ali Abuminah? how would he know? and why would he not raise this specific concern himself, but instead says, "There are no other images to suggest that the photographer actually fired at the person in the image in this case,"...and then just leaves it at that ?

      so, because there are no further damaging images of the boy dead (which would indeed be an all-too-obvious egregious dereliction of so-called IOF 'ethics', so much so that the soldier would not likely ever post them) it means the boy wasn't shot??? what kind of illogical reasoning is this other than a dangerous assumption taken as fact?

      put simply, we do NOT know if this boy was shot/killed or not, period! and if the soldier's telling the truth that he found the photo online, we will never know the truth of the status of this boy. furthermore, not considering (and investigating) a possible tragic outcome for this child in this unbelievably violent situation depicted in the image only normalizes such wicked izraeli behavior even if it typifies zionism's darkness SOOOO much (which it does) that the rest of us, by almost expecting it, have hence unwittingly fallen into an apathetic complacency with it.

  • '60 Minutes' report on 'Iron Dome' tonight likely to carry giant payload of hasbara
    • nor will Bob likely report on how the izraeli kill mission in Gaza last November was instigated in the first place (at a time of calm with no rockets from Gaza) by....none other than....more of the same: izrael murdering innocent Palestinians.

  • Brooklyn College Political Science Dep't to sponsor talk by Elliott Abrams
    • i hope someone in the audience demands Abrams to explain exactly how his wife's comment would be perceived and acted upon if the word "Palestinian" was changed to "Jewish"

  • Code Pink 'filiflustered' Brennan confirmation hearing for CIA chief
    • Code Pink is some of the greatest, most effective PEOPLE POWER ever! i hope they turn the whole planet PINK. they rock the world!

  • 'Daily News' jumps on 'Jews tossed from Brooklyn College' claim (updated)
    • wow. occupied much, US??? just the first two words alone, followed by the qualifying rest, of the Daily News title "FORUM FUROR: 4 Jews tossed from BDS meet at Brooklyn College." is nothing short of intentionally inciting a massive feeding frenzy of pro-izraeli trolls whose gluttony for power/domination-thru-strife/corruption is utterly insatiable.

  • Israel lobby gave victory to BDS by crazed reaction to Brooklyn event
    • well, i'm laughing! it's really beyond comical stupidity how scuffed up the pro-izraeli zionists have become by their own self-undoing. what fools! oops, i mean, what champions of self-delegitimization!! then again, if they insist on shooting themselves in the foot, maybe we shouldn't be giving them guns...just a thought. lol

  • Hagel's 'caged animals' line echoes Israeli soldier at checkpoint-- 'the animals are locked'
    • uh, satire...right?

      and if you are not fake?
      then you are hopelessly misaligned, quit spewing your filthy zio-junkie hasbara.

      we the people of the world are on to you!

  • Brooklyn College stands behind BDS event as pressure from elected officials comes down hard
    • time for an American Spring against our corrupt government for willfully allowing izraeli-minded zionists to occupy it as well as 'we the people'. we are exponentially endangered (and hated) at all levels all around the world by the zionist maniacs.

  • Harvard Jews battle Hillel's censorship of BDS discussion
    • i'm just always so amused (actually disgusted) at how zionists scream against violence (usually involving twisted conflations, fabrications, manipulations & paranoid psychosis), then vehemently attack NON-violent tactics as if the two opposing tactics, violent & non-violent, are equal in nature. simply put, they spazz out over ANYTHING other than 100% unquestioned acceptance and compliance with their criminally corrupted world view & policies. even more amusing is that they don't see the glaring contradiction in this...or...that we won't see it. zionists are nothing but a pathetic clown show, on paper thrones wearing paper crowns.

  • UN fact-finding mission: Israeli settlements violate intl law; Israel must 'immediately initiate a process of withdrawal'; Governments and companies must '[terminate] their business interests in the settlements'
    • This just made my day!!! Despite the complaints of this report being 'all talk, no action' this report leaves one seriously horrendous gigantic stain on izrael which izrael can never bleach out..not one matter what it says & does..or doesn't. instead, this stain will remain exactly what it is: an indelible, atrocious deeply embedded shameful blotch now smeared all over every pro-zionist face. yes, yes, THIS report is indeed a historical marker for the face of zionism. ohhhh for the evil of zionism to be so grotesquely disfigured by TRUTH!! well, all i can say is: BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!!!

  • Hebron teen was killed by Israelis minutes after buying cake for his 17th birthday -- PCHR
    • it's far beyond absurd how easy it would be for IOF to prove their claim that Mohammed had a fake gun (plastic gun has now morphed into metal, lol). all the IOF needs to do is simply release the entire duration of unadulterated, unedited, un-manipulated RAW film footage captured by the security cameras which every checkpoint has.

      but NOPE, IOF has not released any of it...because:
      1) said footage was "accidentally" deleted just like when Jamal Julani was attacked by izraeli lynch mob in Zion Square back in August. all the crucial video evidence proving suspects' guilt was irreversibly deleted.
      2) said footage shows no such fake gun (and IOF hasn't yet manipulated the footage into fabricated lies).

      THIS in conjunction with changing details and particularly the total media black out (reuters journos not even allowed to show ID papers, B'Tselem journo beat up/detained, etc) shows izraeli forces to once again be the real culprit of terrorism via murder of a child in cold blood. they only dig their own grave deeper....and deeper...while demonstrating how moronic izraeli forces are to think we the people of the world are too stupid to see right through their hasbara...especially when IOF had the idiocy to abuse reuters journos. uh, not too smart izrael!

  • Palestinian officials hint they will go to ICC over Israel's latest settlement plan
    • this is absolutely pathetic!!!!!!! like there aren't enough heinous izraeli crimes already to motivate abbas to join the ICC immediately????? he uses the sickening weak rhetoric of "IF" izrael carries out E1 construction??? "IF"???????????????? unbelievable!!!!!!!

      yo, abbass, you disgusting little wimp! listen up! in case you haven't paid attention to the PEOPLES' SUFFERING...Pals have been imprisoned, tortured, murdered, oppressed and ethinically cleansed for DECADES. it's called GENOCIDE, you idiot!


  • Another 'NYT' reporter goes to Gaza and offers condescending anthropological observations on social media
    • "Gaza today and tomorrow."

      the "today" part of this sentence - as if Erlanger is silently snickering with evil thoughts of: "and they wonder why we bomb the children, heh heh heh" if being dressed in camouflage could ever possibly justify murdering innocent children.

      and the "tomorrow" part of this sentence??? - a clear threat against humanity that izrael will continue to do just that, bomb and murder more innocent children.

  • It's time for the media to talk about Zionism
    • ...but i’d hardly call the discussions accurate or honest. ‘radical islam’, for example: is there really any other kind?

      do you honestly believe that ALL islam is radical, that there is no 'other kind'??? are you seriously that significantly ignorant???? it's arrogant ignorance like this that harms all life. very sad when it's a simple choice to educate one's self, and in this world of global strife and suffering, there's no excuse not to. you have as much blood on your hands as the 'radical islamist' criminals from your irresponsibility in not educating yourself. you're pathetic beyond reason.

  • Former Israeli diplomat: Netanyahu doesn't want a two-state solution (and it's about time Washington figured this out)
    • so send NATO troops in to enforce relocating the illegal squatters. izrael has zero mindset to move any of them out, and they will NEVER accept a 1SS. any such one state entity will be overwhelmed with apartheid abuse, violence (squatter violence, that is, as Pals will never allowed to be armed), human rights violations against Pals on a scale never before seen, etc. etc. it will deteriorate into a black swamp of hell real fast.

      people are profoundly naive and out of touch with reality to think the 1SS is the answer. it will never work because izrael refuses peace and their whole fascist existence is based on a 'jewish' state, certainly not a state with the majority of citizens being Pals. that's completely out of the question for zionists. and if they are 'forced' into a one-state is certain that Pals will be abused, detained, tortured and punished mercilessly...and izrael will cover it up and disallow any outside independent investigations or independent journalists.

  • Journalist teaches students to join no party and sign no petitions for any cause -- oh except one
    • "They show how a commitment to Jewish history as Behar interprets it trumps his professional ethics."

      then he's neither professional nor ethical, not even close.

  • Israel responds to UN vote by approving 3,000 new settlement units and plans to build in strategic West Bank corridor
    • Buttu's remarks are VERY damaging to Pals: "With Israel's latest announcement, the ball rests with the international community."

      NOT TRUE!!!!!! Pals can sue izrael at the ICC for this CRIME. Pals have the power now, so give it back to them, Buttu! very very irresponsible remark.

      and Ali Abuminah??? i am SHOCKED that he would so quickly devalue to zero Pals' new statehood by saying: "Will there be real, concrete action -- including sanctions -- to force Israel to halt, and begin to reverse its illegal colonization of the 1967 occupied territories?......Sadly, that is unlikely, which means that yesterday's vote was nothing more than a hollow gesture. Israel's announcement should draw attention back to cold, hard reality: there is no 'two-state solution.' "

      is he out of his mind?????? PALS NOW HAVE LEGITIMATE LEGAL RECOURSE AT THE ICC!!!!!!!! which means that yesterday's vote was EVERYTHING!!!! what an idiotic thing for him to say, especially when he knows better!!!!!!!!! i'm so thoroughly disgusted with his truly harmful rhetoric. hey Ali, EGO CHECK!!!

      and Daniel Levy? "If President Obama is not up to trying again, this time with muscle, then the conversation to start having with Israel's leader should be about democracy rather than separation."

      LOLLLLLLLL, is he serious?????? izrael has NEVER been about democracy and NEVER will be, period! doesn't matter what they spew out their mouths, izrael has been a brutal apartheid from the beginning, they do not want it any other way!! who is Levy trying to fool?? what a joke!

  • A binational state is actually a compromise -- ask Derrida
  • IDF spokesman posts blackface photo of himself as Obama, then issues non-apology
    • those thinking this is merely a show of racism are missing the far more sinister pathology of narcissism, the incidence of which is extraordinarily high among pro-izraeli zionists, and it is blatantly obvious. expecting a narcissist to show morality and respect on anyone else's definition of both terms is beyond laughable, not gonna happen cuz nothing exists as real outside their world view, which is pathological...and more often than not, also extremely dangerous.

  • Munayyer: Fundamental change needed in Israeli and US policy towards the Palestinians
    • i just wonder why the author of the article, which was very good, and others, too often fail to mention that "armed resistance" against occupation is LEGAL:

      UNGA Resolution A/RES/33/24 of 29 November 1978:

      2. Reaffirms the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means, particularly armed struggle;

      UNGA Resolution A/RES/3246 of 29 November 1974:

      3. Reaffirms the legitimacy of the peoples’ struggle for liberation form colonial and foreign domination and alien subjugation by all available means, including armed struggle; …
      7. Strongly condemns all Governments which do not recognize the right to self-determination and independence of peoples under colonial and foreign domination and alien subjugation, notably the peoples of Africa and the Palestinian people;

      plus many other UN resolutions confirm/reaffirm the same thing repeatedly: e.g., UNGA Resolution A/RES/34/44 (23 November 1979), UNGA Resolution A/RES/35/35 (14 November 1980), UNGA Resolution A/RES/36/9 (28 October 1981), etc. etc.

  • Who is Goliath?
    • "I know, Jews are scarred by the Holocaust and by persecution in Europe. They tried to wipe us out."

      it is long past time to effectually address the scarring of Gazans. unlike the Jewish holocaust, an atrocity NEVER to be tolerated, the Palestinian holocaust has lasted decade after decade after decade, generation after generation after generation. the magnitude, severity and chronicity of Pals' physical, psychological and spiritual scars are shockingly unprecedented.

      imagine the Jewish holocaust lasting over 60 years. the point is: it didn't, it wouldn't, and it's a sure thing it will never happen again. but...can't say the same for the Palestinians. think about that.

  • Overwhelming US support for onslaught was given in prejudicial disregard of Palestinian perspective -- Scholars
    • excellent article, BRAVO!!!!!!!! now, how can these people get interviews on mainstream networks? it would be great if this information was splattered all over US news media, however they can...through written articles to interviews or guest speakers on msm news channels! heck, at the very least, even a youtube video documentary of these scholars (and others) discussing these facts, if not a specific film for this purpose! whatever it takes to get the facts pounded into the US powers that be!

  • NYT's Rudoren: Gaza funeral 'didn't feel incredibly human to me'
    • Rudoren doesn't come across to me as being particularly human, far from it, in it's no wonder she said something this obtuse, appalling, and utterly absurd. She herself has a long way to go before she can claim understanding humanity to even the slightest degree.

  • Worldwide protests against Israeli aggression in Gaza
    • this is fantastic!!! and the list is growing, a little green flag that says southissouth added two new events in real time as i viewed the list (both in the US).

  • Exile and the prophetic: Is Israel going Gaza Rogue?
    • thank you much for this article Mark Ellis, i always enjoy reading them. of particular interest is what you've shared from Haber:

      "He said that Hamas rocket-fire was deliberately provoked when Israel broke the cease-fire so that Israel could do a little 'spring cleaning,' deplete Hamas's arsenal of weapons." ...and... "He told me that this happens every few years, and that I should expect it to happen in another few years."

      this is nothing short of solid evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity. i'm sure Pals will find this VERY useful when they gain statehood and head to the ICC.

      so, BRAVO! to you Mr. Ellis for sharing it, BRAVO!!!

  • What comes after Cast Lead is worse
    • i'm sorry allison, i have a serious problem with their "targets are specific"...sooooo they are specifically targeting the innocent civilians they've murdered, including babies! i hope and pray someone in the world prosecutes them straight to hell for that. the targets are not surgical or specific, and it's no wonder they celebrate it, as evidenced in the sick tweets by the IDF spokespeople i read in another article here.

  • Israel supporters (and IDF officials) proudly display their bigotry on Twitter (UPDATED)
    • here's the same little baby girl in the video in this article, filmed obviously just minutes earlier than the above video since she's still alive in this video.

      WARNING: this is VERY graphic, shocking and extremely disturbing to see!!! link to

      personally, i'm deeply traumatized, i'll never be the same again after watching this. i've already contacted multiple human rights orgs, including B'Tselem and Amnesty...and i also contacted a well-known muslim international human rights lawyer in Washington DC to pursue prosecuting izrael for this horrific war crime.

  • Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld: 'If they dare to strike Tel Aviv... we'll wipe the whole place out'
    • hey Phil, why didn't you point out to Rozenfeld that their violation of the truce and murder of a boy in Gaza started all of this in the first place???????? what a missed opportunity!!!!

  • Israel rejects truce and escalates fighting in Gaza with assassination of Hamas leader; 10 killed, 90 wounded in Israeli attacks
    • Thank you Alex, Adam and Annie...thank you ALL for this article and especially for keeping us updated and informed, it's much easier to read everything here than to check all the different tweets and news sites. (just now liked the page Annie referenced) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

      this really sickens my heart and soul. like everyone else decent, i dread the brutality unfolding and the number of innocent people being brutally murdered AGAIN. it's another OCL happening... i hope Egypt and the entire international community slams izrael hard enough to end this crazed massacre NOW.

  • 7 Palestinians, including 3 children, killed and 52 injured as Israeli attack on Gaza continues
    • hey jon, wanna know the real solution? there would be NO bombs ever raining down in izrael if izrael 1) lifted the illegal siege and 2) complied with and abided fully with international law. in other words, izrael brings this on's called self-delegitimization, and izrael is the world champion of that!

  • At least four killed, dozens wounded, in Israeli shelling on Gaza
    • boo hoo, izrael is they start murdering innocent CHILDREN, as always! just before today's murder-mania they shot Hamid Younis Abu Daqqa in the chest (which takes precision aim and is thus deliberate/intentional murder). before Hamid....oh let's see....HUNDREDS of innocent children bombed or gunned down in cold blood. and the blood letting by rage-crazed zionists continues...on and on and on.

  • Irish Foreign Minister plans to push for EU ban on settlement products
    • settlements being illegal makes all those who dwell within them equally culpable...period. and the more we tolerate, accept, remain silent about the terminology of "settlers" instead of calling them what they really are: illegal settlers/squatters/criminal immigrants, the more we contribute to normalizing this metastatic crime.

    • O!M!G! - you can't be serious!!!! you're actually equating ILLEGAL settlements per INTERNATIONAL LAW with "vitriolic anti-semitism"?????....LOLLLLL!!! are you out of your mind? do you honestly believe Homo sapiens sapiens are that dull-witted that they can't see the blatant idiocy of your reasoning? this is the most amusing hasbara imaginable. indeed, zionists have not changed...not one little bit...still trying to deceive with pathetic and pathological illogic. so, uhh, tell me, since WHEN does illegal automatically mean anti-semitism (it's a rhetorical question)? LOLLLLLLL!!! next!

  • 3 NY Jewish groups condemn Pam Geller's 'savages' ad in subways
  • Fraudsters: New report highlights how Islamophobes have no expertise in the religion they claim to know
    • it didn't appear in comments, i knew he wouldn't expose his own incompetence. so i left the same comment (but added, "Let it be known, then, that you, sir, are a genuine, authentic fraud.") on his stupid (but very public, haha!) ME forum facebook page for all his little flunkies to cogitate on.

    • great comment Blake. but what a convenient omission by pippi pipes in all his undertakings, especially with his big harvard PhD in, of all things, history! LOL. he's authentic and qualified, being a fraud!

    • i just wrote the following to pippi longstocking regarding his article on "Rampaging Islamists" because he has a PhD in history, not religion/comparative theology, not middle eastern studies, and definitely not Islamic studies, so he's hardly qualified. i doubt it will pass moderation to appear:

      Dr. Pipes, your gross lack of education specifically in Islam, per se, immediately disqualifies you from discussing the meanings of Islamic teachings as well as the context from which those teachings stem from...both of which are indeed critical to a proper understanding of Islam, as is the case in any religion. This article (as well as the comments) is primarily fear and hate-mongering dribble drabble. You need to take responsibility for the harm this ignorance results in since you are contributing to a very dangerous separation in the human population. You haven't a clue how serious your contributions are, obviously. And if you do, you can never associate the word peace with your name..NEVER. The very least you could do, which you do not do, is consult mainstream reputable Islamic scholars for their input on all this "rampaging"...they have all emphatically denounced violence and state clearly that Islam opposes violence, even in the face of such blatant insults which purposely incite. They do NOT condone the rampaging one iota. Yet you fail to bring this to the attention of your readers, thus your silence is complicit in spreading falsities which harm. Ethically, professionally and personally, you should be ashamed of yourself. I can state with absolute certainty that men of integrity do not abide by such complicit silence to promote fear and hate.

    • Daniel Pipes who's supposedly 'qualified' needs to be exposed for his grossly misguided interpretations and selective targeting of Islamic references purposely out of context to fear and hate monger....and for ethical misconduct in abusing said qualifications.

  • Florida election theatrics: Netanyahu fearmongering on the campaign trail
  • 'Do you know what the word Savage means in the dictionary of the desecrated?' -- Mark Gonzales
  • Pro-Israel ads suggesting Muslims are 'savage' set to arrive in NY subways next week
    • "For one thing, it would be anti-Semitic, or pretty darned close. And what if we make them so mad they won’t give us Judaism back, and keep it for themselves?"

      what??? you've got to be kidding me! first, i'm not jewish, so please forgive (and/or correct) my ignorance. zionism is neither a race nor a religion, rather a [diabolical] political movement which has nothing to do with Judaism. and from what i understand, zionism has hijacked true Judaism, much like the islamist extremists have hijacked Islam...neither have anything to do with the true religions. i think we all need to start pushing as hard as we can the clear and critical distinction between zionism and Judaism to stop them from claiming that zionism IS Judaism, it is NOT...they are diametrically opposed.

      calling zionists savages is not anti-semitic, zionism itself is anti-semitic! zionism is all lies which go directly against God according to hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide who follow the teachings of the Torah, so how can they possibly give you Judaism back when it's not even theirs to begin with??? they CAN NOT have or keep what's not theirs! true Jews have never lost Judaism. do not give zionists that kind of power over you in their bullying to claim it for themselves! we all must demand that Judaism belongs to the real Jews, it's yours, not theirs and will never be theirs, and they cannot steal that truth! who cares if zionists equate zionism with judaism? let's all make that their problem, not yours! zionists aren't jews, so criticism of zionism is not anti-semitic.

      i don't give a damn how mad they get, so what! let the little bullying imps get mad, they will never change the truth and i for one will never shut up or give up the truth. i am more than fed up with their aggressive bullying, we need to stand up strong against them at all times in all ways, regardless.

  • Resolution: UC Student Association opposes all racism, whether anti-Semitism on campus or racism of Israeli human rights violations
    • "Mondoweiss attempts to mislead its dittohead readership"

      so says a pro-z bobblehead. tell me something (no, no, i don't mean deny, i mean explain): why are zionists the #1 anti-semites (please learn the definition of who and what 'semite' refers to)? and....why on earth (literally) is peace the real existential threat to izrael? never mind, they're rhetorical questions. bobble, bobble, bobble goes the head on the dashboard, especially on bumpy roads.

  • Israel's version of the two-state 'solution' is anything but dead
    • "So who wants the job?"

      me! i would implement the most severe sanctions down to the marrow, cut all aid and trade, kick out all ambassadors/diplomats, refuse & remove any membership to all international orgs, and encourage all nations do the same....until they comply with all international & humanitarian laws and get OUT of the west bank, end the siege on Gaza, allow Pals, UN or NATO troops to monitor/secure borders. their structures can remain, Pals can use them or do whatever they decide with them.

  • In new leaked tapes, Romney rejects two-state solution - 'The idea of pushing on the Israelis to give something up to get the Palestinians to act is the worst idea in the world'
    • hey, where's Anonymous these days? why aren't they spazzing out and going on the warpath with nation-wide (and global) protests and all their cyber tricks against izraeli occupation of american policies?

    • i'm glad to see it's being covered on entire section with multiple articles about the leaked tapes. in the article "In new tape, Romney casts doubt on peace for Israelis and Palestinians", they link to Mother Jones and include a couple of Hanan Ashrawi quotes (this woman should be president)

  • Romney brags he's got Netanyahu's campaign consultants (and he'll shoot you before telling their secrets)
    • surely, you jest. now i'm really laughing, LOL. but if on the off chance you're not joking, well, then if you won't stand...try sitting.

    • omg...i busted out laughing at this article/video. thanks phil & alex, i needed a good laugh! haha hahaHAHAHAHA! good job Mother Jones! romney, what a floundering dunderhead.

  • Beinart says the rightwing lobby panicked Obama on Jerusalem (Yes, why?)
  • Moses and Mohammed are not equivalent figures in Jewish and Islamic faiths
    • "...I refuse to accept that it’s OK for anyone to kill or hurt another person..."

      you fail to see your own contradiction: it was the film makers who instigated and delivered the initial harm...and THAT, too, is NOT OK. it doesn't matter if you don't understand how that harmed so many around the world, this isn't about "you"'s about all of us.

    • eljay, i agree...this isn't about the extremists, everybody know their reactions cannot be tolerated. nothing justifies the violence, destruction and death...nothing ever will! you say: "I cannot accept that the provocativeness of a cartoon or a movie ... can or should ever be used to justify violence, destruction and death." but it was "used to justify violence & destruction"...both by the film makers who knew very well in advance it would elicit violence and destruction...and still they went ahead with releasing it, thus 'using' it for that very thing: violence and destruction. the extremists used it to justify the same plus death too. and innocent people everywhere got used for the ego-tripping both sides stubbornly insisted on, and it was the innocent ones who lost their lives.

      given that there is no justification EVER for such violence, the real questions are: how tolerant are any of us towards the vast majority of muslims who were indeed seriously hurt and anger (rightfully and understandably so), but who also condemned the violence and did not react violently themselves? how much can we embrace what it means to co-exist with other religions or other people who feel things differently than we do? how willing are we to respect those differences and/or learn from them? alternatively we may ask: how egotistical, oppressive and arrogant will we insist on being which only harms others? how willing are we to take responsibility for ourselves to choose peace and NOT intentionally provoke the sleeping grizzly?

    • "Apparently they’re not capable enough, because they riot, destroy, burn and kill. Over cartoons and a lame, cheap-ass movie."

      that's not fair. first: extremists' love for their prophet/religion is not what's misguided in any religion, their hearts are in the right place. love has no boundaries whether highly educated or 'backward' folk. however, the violence of their reactions is criminal, it's inexcusable and unacceptable. second: 'cartoons and cheap-ass movie'? very disrespectful of you. maybe from your un-insightful perspective they are. but you cannot judge or dictate what is sacred to another or how sacred it should be or not, everyone feels that for themselves. those involved in the film and cartoons knowingly intended to provoke violence which makes them each a willful act of extreme endangerment and a security threat for humanity everywhere, not to mention a profound destruction of peace worldwide and a wasting of hard earned efforts as well as the resources poured out and the loss of thousands of lives for the last decade. that is the reality, yet you minimize the situation to 'cartoons and a lame, cheap-ass movie'. that is a sad and scary denial of the reality, whether any of us agree with the reality or not doesn't matter, it's still the reality we must deal with in this world.

      i have a doctorate degree, does that make me a better person than a 'backward' villager? nope, not one iota! i also have american diplomats in my immediate family working in the ME who are now extremely endangered because of this 'lame, cheap-ass' movie. i am beyond terrified for their safety and absolutely outraged at everyone involved: those who made the film to intentionally provoke this violence and those who intentionally reacted with murder and may still react with more of the same violence...they're all criminally responsible for what they've chosen to do. they could have all chosen peace, but they didn't ... and much harm has resulted. it's not over yet, it's still spreading. people need to take responsibility for their choices and learn to respect differences.

      reality check: there are hornet nests out there, like it/agree with it or not, they exist. simple wisdom: don't disturb a hornet nest, innocents get killed.

      it's NOT freedom of speech when it involves knowingly eliciting violence, it is endangerment...and it is criminal. americans can't say one word of criticism about izrael without US legislation being slammed against us which annihilates our freedom of speech, but americans can put out a hate-mongering film that gets innocents killed and the US defends that? sorry for venting all in this reply, but i'm sick and tired of all the disrespect, ignorance, intolerance, violence etc. etc... i'm just disgusted, appalled and downright outraged at all of it. i hope to God my family is safe. when it gets personal, it's no longer a 'lame, cheap-ass movie', it's an unacceptable and inexcusable criminal reality, the same as murder

  • Coptic Christian leader of organization that produced anti-Muslim film spoke at Pamela Geller's anti-mosque rally
  • New Mexico Jewish Federation mounts pressure against Sabeel conference, but it won't stop me
    • ahhhh, it! thank ya much! the ???? immediately gave it away, it makes sense now. haha, i can hear exactly the mood your inner voice had...but it's not too dramatic, more like spot on! :-)

      btw, the 'z' in israel is my way of referring to's become routine habit. same for not using any caps since it's faster and more convenient typing comments, short messages, etc. without them.

    • sorry Mooser, i didn't realize that phrase had or originated with pejorative meaning (i don't gamble either), and i've never used the phrase with that intent. i could have easily said call a leaf a leaf...just call it what it is.

    • yes, very true and an important issue...but as you know, even if they weren't exclusively jewish, they'd still be illegal, so that's what i'm addressing.

    • "We cannot move past this ideological gridlock so long as continued settlement growth is not understood as illegal (it is) and those who object to this growth are portrayed as bigoted (we aren't)?" .... why the question mark, Annie...are you questioning something here? if so, what? has this not been long ago established as fact?

      part of holding izrael accountable is keeping the language consistent. for example, the words "settlers" and "settlements" are misleading. both words must reflect the criminality inherent in them. "settlements" should always consistently be preceded by "illegal" because they are illegal. international law is law, period. and "settlers" should always consistently be replaced with "criminals" or "squatters" or "illegal immigrants" or "land thieves"or just "illegals". if everyone makes a conscious effort to use the correct language to call a spade a spade each and every time, there is no way to silence us. the pro-izraelis can scream all they want, cancel events, get in our faces, throw hysterical tantrums...but they cannot stop the truth, nor the growing awareness of this truth which is reinforced by and reflected in the correct language. insisting on this correct language hammers in the truth, it bombards people when heard repeatedly, non-stop...and very soon an immediate association between "settlers"/"settlements" and criminality takes hold with a firm grip that's not easily forgotten.

      too often i don't encounter this correct language in either writing or speaking, rather i'm once again exposed to the commonly used words of "settlers"and "settlements". such wording tolerates izraeli crimes. it lets izrael off the hook and ignores if it's so long-standing that the criminality of any or all of it no longer matters due to apathetic complacency. incorrect wording downplays the magnitude, severity, frequency and relentless defiance of law while simultaneously, it weakens the crimes committed, even normalizes them...and it also weakens the battle for exhausted Palestinians. izrael fabricates enough lies and fake excuses, we should definitely not make milk and cookies out of the daily crimes they're really doing.

      we should always reference the multitude of violations against international law as a backdrop to izraeli crimes to keep them in the spotlight.

  • California academics: State assembly resolution on Palestine activism 'poses clear threat' to academic freedom
    • HR 35 does not support tolerance and diversity, it supports absolute INtolerance of our constitutional rights and decreases diversity of thought. leave it to the histrionic hasbara minions to take the truth and twist it until it pukes out the opposite, cached in a 'positive' tone of utter falsity.

  • Dems buckle, will add language to party platform referring to Jerusalem as Israel's capital
    • oh PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! the majority clearly voted no, it's very audible in the video. that obama intervened to ensure it went through is only going to further enrage the entire ME, probably incite more terrorist attacks against us. zionism is an existential threat to peace, to this whole planet.

  • Influential Israeli org 'Regavim' focused on expelling Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line
    • "driven by extremists who don’t understand the basic rule of law." i don't mean to be argumentative, but i completely disagree with this. these zionist extremists know and understand perfectly well what the basic rule of law is, which is why they purposely defy, deny, and ignore the law. their parasitic survival depends on manipulating what they know about it, a further indicator of how they clearly scoff at the law (which they do understand) by thinking themselves above it, like all criminals. i really don't think it's helpful to use rhetoric which seemingly excuses them or eases their accountability by saying they don't get it. these criminals get it, and they must be held to full account and prosecuted. i get so tired of the often too-weak language used. the world needs to get bold and stand up to izrael, not politely say in a weak, obsequious way, "gosh, i'm so sorry, maybe it's just you didn't understand us". BS! there is no excuse for their crimes, period.

    • sardelapasti - thanks for clarifying your point, i understand. "those who are trying to ban every comparison to 1939-45" are the blind majority. and, as we all know, murder is murder, it cannot be qualified by which form is better, bomb or bullet vs oven...nor is a massacre of many at one time any less barbaric than cooking one at a time. the same evil intent is present. fortunately, intelligents don't need anyone punching holes through the zionists' laughably weak hasbara and criminal whitewashing as the inherent, barefaced idiocy of both screams volumes for itself and is immediately self-evident to any and every decent human being.

    • "the Zionist haven’t lighted the ovens. Yet." ...oh really? tell that to the families of the thousands murdered...see if they agree. not to mention how the Zionists' strategy is to cook one at a time so as to be nearly imperceptible (to the blind, that is). to the extent your comment is dishonest and irresponsible is to the same extent izrael keeps on 'lighting the ovens'.

  • Israeli court rejects Corrie family lawsuit; calls Rachel Corrie's death 'regrettable accident'
    • below is copy/pasted from CNN article:

      Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee and head of the PLO Department of Culture and Information, also condemned the ruling. She said that the evidence shows Corrie was "deliberately murdered" and that the Israeli court has victimized her again.

      "We must make sure that Rachel Corrie's death is not a senseless incident," Ashrawi said in a statement. "It must be stressed that Israel's habit of blaming the victim and exonerating the criminal is not (only) applied to Palestinian victims, but also it has extended its reach to international solidarity activists and victims of Israeli violence."

    • i think anyone considered a state party national can file a complaint demanding investigation/prosecution of izrael by the ICC; Rachel's case is international and deserves proper and true justice obtainable only in an international, independent court. this case should be eligible for ICC, despite occurring on land with non-state status, since Rachel is an American and the perps are izraeli nationals. there is no justice otherwise.

  • Two-stater says the reality has shifted to one apartheid state
    • don't kid yourself, the zionists will never give equal rights to Pals, it goes against every fiber of their zionist being. this notion of "provides equal rights for all" is a fantasy, a pipe dream, a falsity that will never be realized, unfortunately. i'm convinced that there will either be a two-state solution or, as long as izrael has the backing of major world powers (which it's always had), a perpetually unresolved one-state apartheid where Pals suffering continues, if not worsens. in other words, Pals will see no increase in rights than they already have, regardless of any legislation.

  • Breaking the Silence report details soldiers humiliating and torturing Palestinian children and using them as human shields
    • and the world lets them...that is what appalls me most. they are too criminally sick to change themselves, it's too deeply ingrained in their identity. but that the international community hides it, sweeps it under the rug, makes excuses for it, redirects it....flat out lets them get away with such torture and cruelty is blatantly unconscionable at best. i'm relieved to see it reported, but that alone won't stop it. the world needs to come down hard on izrahell and any country (especially the US) who supports them...and i mean HARD. severe punitive sanctions, withdrawal of all aid, refusal to allow their participation, kick out their ambassadors & diplomats, ban them from international orgs, etc. etc. you see anyone saying, "ok izrael, bye bye! you are done here in my country until you STOP behaving as the sociopathic nazis you've become." uhh...nope! and so the izraeli abuse, torture and terrorism goes on and on and on and on....and on and on and on... and the world allows it.

  • Daughters fight to save mother from arrest in Nabi Saleh
    • paranoia and narcissism are so deeply ingrained in the z-psyche, it catapults psychopathology into a whole new dimension of evils not seen anywhere else in the entire history of this planet. and the wounds these IOF (Insanely Obscene F***ers) inflict upon the innocent people from their relentless torture leave unhealed scars that bleed for a lifetime. that zionists are completely oblivious how they themselves are wholly responsible for the hate, disgust and outrage they incessantly invite upon themselves and indeed receive from the international community is another hallmark of how profoundly diseased they are. they only isolate themselves further in their own rabid existence.

  • Discussing life 'after zionism' in Israel/Palestine
    • meanwhile, back at the zionist ranch, the z's lounge proudly shining their diabolical knuckles on their chest thinking: "HAH! we did it! we won! HA HA!!! slowly, bit by bit, day by day, and only by breaching international law, we have indeed created a 'reality on the ground' that everyone is finally..FINALLY (whew!)..convinced cannot be changed. my, my...aren't we the ever-so-clever ones! those idiots have no idea. zionism WILL rule forever! let us be very clear: do NOT fool yourselves, we will NEVER allow this one-state jargon to touch our privileged existence! HA HA!!!" .....and everyone else just sits there and says, "well, yeah, true...[sigh]"

      NOT ONCE in this article did anyone ever bring up enforcing international law, nor did they even touch upon the possibility of other states/countries bringing iZrael to account for such breaches. plus, not one mention of consequences: no punishments, no sanctions, no end of aid, no kicking them out of important groups...absolutely nothing! another CLEAR SIGN that the world has given in to zionism and thus helped cement their apartheid goals. an apathetic complacency has befallen humanity globally...and it is WE, the international community, who thus fail the Palestinians as much, if not more, than the psychopathic Z's.

      if anyone thinks a one-state solution is the answer, wait until they see the civil war that naturally erupts. the war-mongering, power-hungry, paranoid narcissistic ideology of zionism is far more resilient and stronger than what most realize, it is the very core of their identity, it IS their very stability. they are nothing without it, they cannot thrive, period. no creature on earth will willingly stop breathing upon request, and if it's forced...well, survival mode kicks in. imagine the ensuing bloodshed. THAT is the reality.

      it'd be far easier to remove 700,000 illegal squatters back beyond the green line, whether they like it or is law...and send in NATO or UN troops to maintain peace at the borders. in addition, the international community needs to grow a pair of gonads and really tighten the screws on izrael. if anything could be successfully 'forced' onto the zionists, it should be compliance with international law.

  • A Lynching in Jerusalem: Anatomy of Jewish racism
    • " matter how far it spins into vile apartheid thuggery."

      this is seriously, gravely, disturbingly understated...more like: speeding exponentially as murderous criminal terrorism, which it truly is.

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