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  • An open letter to Birthright participants past, present, and future
    • "All of a sudden, my Israeli tour guide turns on his microphone and announces to the bus to close the curtains on the windows so that Jerusalem, our destination, will be a surprise."

      Was it supposed to be a little like arriving in a sealed boxcar?

    • " I was called a racist and an anti-Semite, among other things by Birthright representatives. "

      Yes, they are very concerned about tribal unity.

  • Allegations of anti-Semitism used to cover up anti-Palestinian hate crime in Brooklyn
    • "This story is a clear illustration of the reasons for the failure of the Palestine solidarity movement. "

      Gee, 'jaynOt' I read Mondowiess pretty closely, usually in the morning, but I missed the article on the "failure of the Palestine solidarity movement."
      Maybe I'm just obtuse, but in what way has the Palestine solidarity movement failed?

    • Love to see the syllabus for Prof. Pletakh's course. I bet it's a doozy.

    • My sympathies to Mrs. Petlakh.

    • While the details of this incident are unclear, we reiterate our commitment to non-violence and express our horror at the injuries that Mr. Petlakh suffered. We hope to know soon the full details of what happened.

      I see.

  • The hidden documents that reveal the true borders of Israel and Palestine
    • Gee, talknic, I hate to say this, but when I read all this stuff, I wonder if the Zionist leaders, whom we have always assumed were intent on doing something for the Jewish people, weren't actually simply, like a lot of other people, more intent on doing something to them. Nah, I shouldn't think like that.

    • I think I will call it "tribal utility". It's the idea that what would normally be considered the worst kind of inter-actions (coercion, deceit, manipulation) can be countenanced or even freaking made noble (making the desert bloom, redeeming the land) if it's done to people in the "tribe".

    • "When kids fight over the last brownie, many moms will make one of them cut it in two, and the other one then gets first choice."

      What about when a larger kid smashes the face of a smaller child, and then steals his lunch, complete with brownie?

      Denis, you know what you can do with that lame equivalency hasbara? Every solution you ever thought of skips any kind of Zionist accountability. Why is that?

    • "Only Israel has been lying about its borders, deceiving Israelis for generations, illegally selling them non-Israeli territory"

      Well, there's "tribal unity", and then there's 'tribal utility'.

    • "I can only assume that the agenda and ultimate objectives were more important than the daily lives of these mere mortals"

      Well, it doesn't seem like tribal unity to me. Maybe it's something we should call "tribal utilitarianism"?

    • "How did the Zionists manage to persuade “everyone” that “Israel has never defined its borders”?"

      And persuade Zionism's supporters that this was an acceptable situation. Let me take a wild guess, it was everybody else who was keeping Israel from declaring its borders?

    • Gee, I know I should have more faith in people, but for some reason I am compelled to ask, why, when the top Zionists had a chance to make a secure state for the poor, beleaguered and persecuted Jews from Europe who had emigrated to Palestine, they choose instead to put them in a precarious, tenuous position which would require continued intransigence and violence, and had at bottom (expansion of territory by war) an illegal aim.
      Why, it's almost like they didn't care about them!

  • Israeli president's diagnosis -- 'Israel is a sick society' -- doesn't go viral in the U.S.
    • Really something, isn't it "talknic"? He's really a prize, that "ivri" (if that's even his real name!)

    • "Hi, Mooser. Why do you leave off your list the possibility that Israel will soften?"

      Oh, I don't know. Probably because I read a blog called Mondoweiss, I guess. Ever hear of it?

    • MH, go talk to Dr. Pangloss.

    • "Second, that nobody can predict when, where, or from whom will come the gesture that eventually results in negotiation between enemies and agreement on terms of peace."

      Sure, you never know when the Palestinians will soften, and make the "gesture" which will allow "negotiations between enemies"
      Gosh, MH, what, out of their store of treasure and land, do you think the Palestinians ought to offer to Israel to get the process started?

  • The rabbi's fridge
  • The ice floe
    • "Well, excuse me while I go & stick my head in the oven."

      Really, these days there are much easier and more humane ways of finding housing for Jewish-Gentile married couples.

    • Dickerson, I might as well admit it. Sure, I know it's a failing, but maybe it'll help somebody else come clean too! I gotta say it, if I was instantly transported to Israel by Divine Power and then was given the choice of accepting the new-risen Christ or being pitched into the Lake of Fire, I'd probably be so famischt I'd just go along and convert, and try to figure a way out of it later.

    • "You’re a classic extremist, Phil. You seem absolutely incapable...and etc."

      Yes, yes Hophmi, you've made all that quite clear, many times. Now, did you happen to have anything to say about the article?

  • An exciting night at the opera: 'Klinghoffer' opening dominated by protest and heavy police presence
    • Phillip, you may be the Isaac Watts of the new movement in Judaism.

    • In the non-anti-semitic version of the opera, Klinghoffer defeats the terrorists, throws them in the steerage, and single-hands the liner back to port.

  • 'Another Jew!' Speakers at 'Klinghoffer' rally blame Jews for promoting anti-Semitism
    • So let me get this right, Jackdaw. In the non-anti-Semitic version of the opera, Klinghoffer defeats the terrorists, throws them in the brig, and single-hands the ship back to port?

  • B'Tselem video: Israeli soldiers blindfold and detain 11 year old disabled child
    • " i was raised on robert kennedy "

      Wasn't that a Joni Mitchell song?

    • "It’s hate , not trauma that makes them what they are."

      It's worse than trauma, actually. It's vicarious trauma, PTSD-by-proxy. That way, it can be anything you need it to be, whereas real trauma has real consequences.

    • "Another successful thread hijacking by yonah."

      It'll stop soon. Most of the time he's fairly well ignored, but sometimes, well...

    • "And killing Gazan kids will never compensate for what the Nazis did in Vilna."

      Oh, I don't think any Zionist would contend that it does, just that they have the right (just as another nation the Germans had) to find out if it does.

    • "your speculations regarding the reasons for Amos Oz’s mother’s suicide are either cruel or childish/moronic. chose one."

      Gee, I could almost say they are a lot like Yonah's "speculations regarding the reasons" the Palestinians cause themselves all the suffering they endure.

    • "I’ve been trying to imagine how I would feel in your place, and the closest I can get is if I had studied religion at a seminary affiliated with the Christian Identity movement, and my siblings, etc., had moved to an Aryan Nation compound in northern Idaho involved in stealing land/resources from the Nimi’ipuu (Nez Perce) or Kalispel, Kootenai and Schitsu’umsh (Coeur d’ Alene) tribes."

      And people say inter-ethnic understanding is hard work! Kris, you got it in one shot. an almost perfect correspondence.

    • "It really shows up the optimism that Jewish texts can influence how people behave in the real world where Jews have power."

      Seafoid, I sometimes wonder, concerning Jewish texts, if the Chicago Statement of Biblical inerrancy hasn't been adopted into the Jewish religion. Couldn't somebody find everything they needed to support Zionism and Jewish supremacy in "Jewish texts" if they were willing to ignore the context? And make careful selections? Sorta like a segregationist who will only watch the ante-bellum scenes in Gone With the Wind"

    • "intolerable situation of claiming territory without offering the residents citizenship"

      Maybe the residents should be asked if they wish to grant the Zionists citizenship in their country? That ever occur to you.

      Also, Yonah, Israel has never annexed or claimed any territory since 48. They "occupy" it . You might want to look up that word "occupy" as in "military occupation">

    • "I was sent to study in rabbinical school on the west bank from the age of 17 to 19,"

      "Rabbinical school"? The school doesn't have a name? What was the name of this "rabbinical school" Yonah? Have you forgotten already?

      There are many people here (thank G-d, I am not among them) very familiar with Palestine. The name of your "Rabiinical school" to which your were "sent" would tell them a lot. It would help them understand you.

    • " But they are putting themselves in danger, and their parents have a responsibility to protect them."

      Many people don't know this, but one of the surprising effect of Zionism on Palestine, and especially Gaza, is the amazing proliferation of perfect nuclear families, and obedient, well balanced children, very concerned about their "permanent record" and getting into a good college.

    • "A mitzvah in Hebron is less valuable than a fart in Brooklyn."

      That's it! You've just given me the name for the rich Corinthian leather-bound collection of Yonah's comments I am preparing! I'll title it "A Fart Blows in Brooklyn."

    • "Maybe you will tell us this is the kind of world you live in so it,s not your fault."

      Hey, Brooklyn is tough. If Yonah can make it there, he can make it anywhere.

  • 'I know how the brainwashing works'
    • "I also feel irrelevant to the discussion here at MW, where the editors and most commenters have an ambivalent or a negative attitude towards religion and nationalism including almost all manifestations of Jewishness that are not universal in their essence"

      Did you just say you would feel relevant to the discussion at a site where an unambivalent positive attitude towards religious nationalism includes almost all manifestations of Judaism that are supremacist in their essence? Okay, sure.

    • " Yes, there is a widespread tendency to dehumanize the Palestinians."

      Thank God they don't take it as far as, you know, actually killing them! Just call them names a lot.

    • ." If we can find out what drives the programming "

      Okay, I hope this isn't anti-Semitic to say, but I've heard it's driven by the needs of a colonial project which is becoming more and more desperate and untenable.

    • "consider this P to King 4, a first move in our conversation"

      Yonah, your comments are ipecac to my ears.

    • "Firstly we come from different sides of the tracks. I am Ashkenazi and your roots are not in Eastern Europe"

      Bornajoo, when you come from the wrong "side of the tracks" (I am still stunned Yonah used that locution) there's not much you can do. Believe me, people from the right side of the tracks always know.
      Good work, Yonah!

    • "You seem to be in an “in your face” personality and that is not me now, maybe 20 years ago, but now. but even 20 years ago it was support of rabin rather than acquiescence to hamas that was my rebellion."

      An "acquiescence to hamas "? Aw doesn't Yonah have a nice way of saying you are next door to a terrorist!

    • ."I am Ashkenazi and your roots are not in Eastern Europe."

      You mean his parents came from Muslim lands where Jews were treated better than Eastern Europe?

    • "myself included, are reluctant to blame Jewish culture."

      Like I always say, W Jones: You tell me what's in "Jewish culture" what it consists of that is not common to the culture around it, and then we will know what to blame it for and what not to blame it for, won't we?

    • In2u, I think many people would find your comparison to "power hungry narcissists" unsettling.
      After all, what one person may see as narcissism, another might think are the natural prerogatives and perquisites of an entitled aristocracy.

  • Identities of minors who admitted to killing Mohammed Abu Khdeir to be revealed Monday
    • "Although Ben-David has claimed a mental health disorder the extent of his duress is unknown. During arraignment in July he reportedly stated that he is “the messiah.”

      Why is that crazy? Isn't a guy who redeems a Messiah? And aren't they redeeming the Holy Land?
      Wel;, when you redeem, you're a Messiah. Not every Messiah is modest about it.

  • Anti-semitism charge is increasingly being leveled against Israel's mainstream critics
    • When people say my criticism's of Israel are anti-Semitic, I usually tell them I really don't care what religion they are in Israel, never really looked into it.

    • Page: 181
    • "I know of no other group that the “self-loathing” thing is attached to as a generic means of keeping order. Why is that?"

      Because the idea of a Jewish polity, a Jewish 'peoplehood (and a super-national one, at that!) is so artificial, so specious and so obviously mustered for the worst political ends, that no method is too fantastic to use in pursuing it? Come to think of it, the more fantastic, the more outre the argument, the more it distracts, too, from fundamental questions.

    • "let your sadism fly, mooser "

      Yup, Yonah, that's me, a massive sadist.
      Did I ever tell you about the time me and another guy, both of us armed and bullet-proofed and with our own armored vehicle, arrested and locked a developmentally-disabled 11 year-old in the truck?
      You can read about it at Mondowiess!

    • " I urge you to post the web links that testify that you have ever spoken out publicly against anti-semitism."

      Oops! You got me, Mayhem. Everybody knows how anti-Semantic I am. If there's anything I can't stand, it's cheap Semantics.

    • That was gratifying to hear about, Bornajoo! It should only happen to me!

    • "walid– I’m sorry for using the language of the Israeli general, but that is the reality that i live in."

      C'mon Yonah! Don't you live in Brooklyn, New York, the United States of America? What is this about "reality"?-

    • " i argue that supporting the war is a rational reaction."

      Yes, you do.

    • "it because they sincerely empathize with the Palestinians and how many are doing it because they are anti-Zionists or anti-Israel and are actually using the Palestinian cause as a means to do it."

      Seems like a distinction without a difference to me. Zionism is the kind of ideology that produces people to empathize with, besides being wrong.
      It is possible for a person to be anti-Zionist solely because it is a fraud on Jews, regardless of the fact that Zionism hurts Palestinians. Possible, but not probable, I think.

    • "Well I did try that link and I realised it was being run by an old long lost friend of mine! I’ll be getting in touch with him for sure. What a small world"

      Wow, talk about nachos with guacamole and sour cream! You know the guy? So there you go. Not so out-in-the-cold as before.

    • "Thank you for speaking out against the war!"

      "If one assumes that Israel has a right to exist, then Israel has a right to react to rockets"

      "Hamas is allowed to threaten the viability of Israel, these two events point out that reasonableness of Netanyahu and the need to do something about Hamas controlling Gaza." -

      Yonah Fredman, July 25th.

    • " but towards the end of that war I came out against it and as this war approached"

      Excuse me, Yonah, but there was no "war". That is, as is usual for you, the coward's locution in this case. There was no "war". There was a murderous, disproportionate reprisal attack by the Zionist regime on territory it already occupies.

      On what basis, besides excusing Israel, do you call it a "war"?

    • Bryan, you noted 8 things. Here's a classic article, in which Gabriel Ash gets it down to 4:

      1) Israel rocks!
      2) Arabs suck!
      3) You suck!
      4) The whole world sucks

    • Bornajoo, the regular established-type Judaism is beyond amateurs like you and me. It's a job for experts, specialists and leaders!

      Try that link from Shmuel. It might better direction for people like us who just don't have what it takes.

    • Yonah, I take it back. When it comes to meaninglessness, you still reign supreme, baby. I hadn't read your comment yet. Now that's double-talk like Mamila used to make!

    • "We know all too well that anti-semitism has been around for a long time and those who have their political barrows to push don’t like it to get in the way of their mealy-mouthed agendas. "

      Yonah, watch out! You have tough competition in the reducing-words-to-meaninglessness department! Get your game on!

    • " That’s right, there is apparently no plausible reason for criticizing Israel without it being anti-Semitic at its base. A pretty neat trick."

      To paraphrase one of my favorite commentors: 'When you criticize Israel, you are probably criticizing Jews, there's no getting around it'

  • Does 'the thief of Jerusalem' deserve US aid? (Update)
    • "A google consumer survey with a push poll question. That’s scientific."

      That's telling 'em, Hophmi. I saw a scientific graph which showed the exact correlation between criticism of Israel and rising anti-Semitism.

  • Europe wearies of Netanyahu's diversions
    • "Note how in the new-world countries, where the bulk of today`s (non-Israel) Jewry is concentrated, as the US, Canada, Australia, this problematic phenomena did not by and large repeat itself."

      So what did they do wrong in the US, to get this result? They allowed Jews to live as individuals, not as either a protected or persecuted class, and organize their religion as they pleased, with no reference to the State, beyond following the law. The same for other religions.
      But I'm not worried, I know the Zionists will never allow the Jews (or anybody else) in Palestine that option. I mean, look at the terrible result for Jews in the US!

    • "I understand – to really perceive this point you got to be either a Jew or a German"

      What a slimy little guy you are "ivri". Slimy.

      What he just did, Annie, is call you a Nazi. Or maybe I'm wrong (it is, after all, a shocking contention) and "ivri" would like to explain that remark?

    • Walid, you will have to excuse Yonah. He is laboring under some severe misunderstandings concerning what words are, and how language is used.

    • "regarding Gerald Ford....fart/... Sadat, Begin and Carter."

      Gotta say it. When Yonah does step out of the corner, and stops muttering, he turns out to be a sparkling and witty raconteur and astute political analyst.

    • Gosh, Ivri, when you put it that way, it does seem like anti-Semitism is a sort of conspiracy against the Jews, doesn't it? The entire world proceeds on its serenely just way, with only the Jews suffering. Everybody else has it good, we have it bad.

      And because anti-Semitism, we should listen to Zionists, who are special people on a mission from God to do what is best for Jewish people!

    • "I don’r see how, barring an asteroid or some other unbelievable occurence, that the Israelis and their fellows can stop this slide"

      Just as a tangent, that certainly puts a new slant on a classic old joke.

  • 'NYT' can't keep its story straight on anti-Semitism in Germany
    • "mooser- Rantisi is dead. But he was a jew hater."

      Is that a quote from Rantisi ? “don’t apply the brakes, let the nature of hatred and warmaking take its own course and so all hatred aimed in that direction is emotion which should flow and not be dammed”

      Is that a quote from Rantisi?

    • , "as long as you don’t engage in wishful thinking."

      Okay, you caught me, "Jon s"! I've never had an Armani suit or custom-made shoes.

    • " if you presented me with those statistics your anecdote would be presented in a journalistic context."

      Oh, I see. You are presenting things in a "journalistic context". Must be a "journalistic context" with a wavelength between 570 and 590 nm.

    • "I’m not aware of having been “thumped” regarding Hamas’ crimes"

      ROTFLMSJAO! No, you are probably not aware of having been "thumped" because you always run away when you are shown to be wrong, or mendacious.

    • Gosh, all I can say is, as an American Jew, this thread and the statistical evidence presented leaves me with a big problem. I mean, when it comes to being discriminated against, or even the object of hate crimes, who do I compare myself to? I mean, shall I as a minority, compare myself to the treatment endured by other minorities and out-groups in America. By comparison to them, I am blessed with an absence of active prejudice. That would be my bent, to compare myself with them, think that I was blessed, and that they shouyld be treated as well as Jews are.
      Okay, that works for me, but would it be fair to Judaism? Perhaps not! I mean, look who it puts us in with! Why, it's almost anti-Semitic to think like that!
      Nope, the only thing which is fair to Judaism is to compare the treatment of Jews with the assaults suffered by the most elite portion of the white population.

    • "I’ve also heard that in much of Europe Jews are afraid of wearing a kippah in public these days."

      What can you say? Hey, in 1968 I was afraid to wear bell-bottoms. And then, at some point in the 70's, I was afraid to take them off. Tastes in clothing change.-

    • "there are those antizionists who are in favor of jew hatred, as in, “don’t apply the brakes, let the nature of hatred and warmaking take its own course and so all hatred aimed in that direction is emotion which should flow and not be dammed”. "

      There are, Yonah? Can you name any? Yonah, you must be able to name at least one, since you are quoting somebody aren't you? Or did you pull that quote out of your butt? That's called lying, Yonah.

    • "Right, because at Mondoweiss, Jews and Neo-Nazis are the same thing."

      What on earth are you on about Hoph? "Randy Scheunemann of the Emergency Committee for Israel and PNAC" is the person under discussion. Hardly a neo-Nazi. A "neo-liberal" or "neo-conservative", possibly. No one is calling him a neo-Nazi. Are you?

    • I'm sorry, Hophmii, it's a long involved thread. Just who was it made : "the argument that because a few thousand Israelis moved to Berlin, there is no antisemitism in Germany,"?

      I can't recall anybody stuffing that straw man except you.

    • So, American, you figure White Nationalism is the antidote to Zionism? I can't think of two groups more likely to be at each other's throats. I hope they don't leave hickies.

    • "That should tell you all you need to know."

      Isn't that what God said when he gave Moses the Ten Commandments? Well, even if He didn't, he sure doesn't give it the same oomph you do, Hophmi!

    • Yonah, I get no kick from champagne, mere alchohol doesn't thrill me at all. So tell me, Yonah, why is it true, that I get a kick out of you?
      I get a kick, every time I see your comments there before me. I get a kick, tho it's clear to me, you obviously don't adore me.

    • "express their hatred for Jews, which is directly related to their hatred for Israel, but nonetheless is still hatred for Jews."

      Oh, come on, Yonah! You can't tell me you don't get a 'kick' every time you think about how the Jews, and their suffering, become the human shield for Zionism's crimes?
      I mean, what a cool trick to play on the Gentiles! I mean, hey, if you're gonna hate on Israel, you got to hate on Jews, right, cause that's who runs Israel, right? And there's no hatin' on Jews allowed! That's anti-Semitism, isn't it? Got 'em screwed, don't you? They'll never past that little conundrum.

      And I thank you Yonah, for putting it so plainly.

    • "I think it is dangerous to dress like a Jew in certain parts of Europe and those parts of Europe are Arab neighborhoods."

      Well, Yonah, of course it is! When you wear custom-made Armani suits and are shod in bespoke, hand-crafted Italian foot-wear of rich Corinthian leather, people naturally think there's a lot of pelf in your wallet.

      But what happens if you dress like a Jew, but walk like an Egyptian?

  • Ethnic Cleansing by All Means: The real Israeli ‘peace’ policy
    • I always find myself wondering how much contempt "shalom" must have for people to offer arguments like that.

    • TheThomas, I think if you re-examine the comment, his name is "ivri" (I-V-R-I), not "Irv".

      We can assume the lower-case 'i" is just an internet convention, and his name is "Ivri", not "Irv". Big difference.

    • "I am Jewish, have been to Israel/Palestine many times..."

      What a strange way of saying 'I am an American citizen"!!

    • Thanks, all.

    • "Unlikely, but possible, with enough prayers and enough balls… "

      You can keep what you have stolen, and avoid an accounting for your crimes, and live happily ever after on tomatoes and cell-phone chips and an illegal nuclear arsenal? And the accomplishment will redound through the future to the benefit of all who call themselves "Jews"?

      Sure, that's what's gonna happen.

  • As Kerry scrambles to prevent Palestinian action at UN, Israeli govt makes clear it will never accept Palestinian state
    • "using instead of"

      That was supposed to be using ">" and "<" signs

    • Hello talknic, can you or anyone else please tell me how to include links in these comments?

      Here is the formula:

      [ href=" web address you wish to link"] text you wish linked [/a]

      Use that form, using instead of [ and ] brackets (I used brackets so it wouldn't turn into a link, and not be seem. Don't forget the space before "href".

      Here's a tutorial on links: link to

    • talknic, you have become (or maybe you were always) really, really good at that type of line-by-line avec links comment! Thanks!

  • The Missing Context: 'Islamic State' sectarianism is not coincidental 
    • " multicultural"

      Are you talking about "multicultural" as setting aside a small amount of resources to investigate intellectually and celebrate the many cultures which go into a nation, within a framework of legal equality, or "multiculturalism" which actually involves segregating and discriminating against or allowing separate administration certain self-identified or State-identified groups of people?

      Cause I'm getting mixed up about that word.

    • "and it took over 2 years to really kick off a civil war there."

      That's how I remember it, too.

    • "Attacking the shocking mismanagement of America’s post-Iraq activities is easy."

      But saying there's just something wrong with Muslims is hard. And courageous.

  • 'Progressive' rabbi ascribes Roger Waters's concern with 500 Palestinian child victims to rocker's alleged drug use
    • Cast your aspersions to the winds....

    • Whoa, Pabelmont! It's Gibeonites. With a "b". Not "Gideonites". They are the people who put Bibles in hotel rooms. In accordance with the Holy Writ : "Gideon checketh out, but no doubteth he lefteth it to help with good Rocky's revival"

    • Pol Pot? The Zionists don't even like to acknowledge there was anybody except Jews killed in the Holocaust.

  • The Center for Jewish Life is stifling free speech at Princeton University
    • "The drop-off of donations from lower-middle class Jews, however, will have little effect in reducing the salaries of the ‘non-profit’ CEO’s or changing the politics of their ‘non-profits; because they increasingly depend on six and seven digit contributions from Jewish millionaires and billionaires"

      That's what I've been saying for years now, Dickerson! Judaism, and Zionism, and getting the two mixed up just right, is a job for specialists, professionals! Leaders, not followers!
      Ordinary people just get in the way, and have no stomach for the job.

    • "Mooser is right."

      I give you fair warning, Eliot! You may live to regret those words. I usually do.

    • Weiss is a pretty common name. Are we talking about the same Weiss?

    • "oh come come. he acts as if he is completely unaware of the many ‘red lines’ (be they official or not) that anti-zionist, pro-Palestinian groups enforce in colleges and so-called liberal bastions across the US"

      They refuse to send pizzas to the IDF, or run out there and "comfort" the brave, rough men who allow Israelis to sleep at night?

  • How Israel relies on Islamophobia
    • "In terms of it’s economy, education, military I would say it’s first world state."

      A first-world state that can't support its own military, and can't define its borders? That ian't 'fust-cless' where I come from.

  • From Schindler to Gaza-- two evenings at the Lensic theater
  • British Parliament sends a message to Obama: the people see Israel as a 'bully'
    • "The purpose of the Balfour Declaration and the subsequent League of Nations Mandate was to bring back the displaced Jewish nation to its “Jewish National Home.”

      And, of course, our job as Jews was to fall right in with Britain's imperial plans and schemes? Yes, sir, that's what our history leads inexorably to, becoming England's lackey in the ME?

  • How 'Open Hillel' created a new community by challenging the Jewish establishment
    • They have picked themselves a tough job.

    • Horizontal, the "about " page at the Open Hillel website explains their organization and intent.

      link to

    • "mooser sits up in the pacific northwest and the last time that he spoke to an orthodox jew under the age of 21 is 40 years ago"

      She may have been "under the age of 21" but she was damn well over 18. And the kid is not my son!

    • "Next thing you know the dog who pees on my shoes whenever I visit will call that communication as well. "

      That's what I like about you, Yonah, your bravery! The way you say things directly, unafraid to face any canine or ruminant.

    • "All I want is for Israel to live within international law. The same law that applies to all people."

      The same law which has been already bent in their favor. Many times.

    • "and your ignorance regarding these jews should not preclude a probabilistic assessment of their political loyalties over the long range."

      It sure didn't preclude you or Hophmi from doing it, did it?

      And BTW, quite instructive how both of you purposefully and willfully mix up a commitment to Judaism and a commitment to Zionism. Let alone to the most intransigent facets of Zionism.

    • So you think that Orthodox Judaism education is the guarantor, if you will, of Zionism?

    • You know, Prof. Weiss seems "a tad Zionistic", doesn't he? Why haven't we had a "real conversation" with him. Not one of those false conversations, which are never any good.

    • "the last time you got into a real conversation with anyone here that was a tad Zionistic?"

      "A tad Zionistic"? Yonah, you are an artist at reducing words to meaninglessness. We should have a "real" conversation about it.

    • Yonah. I'm the one saying those Orthodox kids have more possibilities. But as you say, you know better. I will bow to your superior knowledge of the subject.

    • "and he is casting aspersions."

      You are right, I should be more careful, Yonah. After all, didn't Cleopatra die from that?

      So you agree with Hophmi that the purpose of an Orthodox Jew is to become a committed Likudnik, and we can count on all the kids to become extremeists, too? Who is "casting aspersions"?

    • Of course, the idea that the "Orthodox kids who have a commitment to Judaism that goes beyond Israel politics." could become disgusted with or against Zionism because of it, well, that isn't even worth discussing, is it, Hoph.
      I mean, it is to laugh! What kind of a "commitment to Judaism that goes beyond Israeli politics" doesn't include intransigent, expansionist Zionism?

    • "They are far, far, far outnumbered by Orthodox kids who have a commitment to Judaism that goes beyond Israel politics."

      Anotherwords, you are counting on them to be extremist bigoted intransigent Likudniks, even if Israel moves to "the left"? Because they are Orthodox? Very revealing, Hophmi.

    • "The question is whether these kids will have any influence in the long run. "

      Nah, I doubt it. After all, being so much younger, they are bound to all die off before the generation of old Zionists. They, of course, will live forever.

    • "no, he got bogged down dissecting Shecky Greene material back in the mid 70s and never really recovered."

      Ol' Shecky had quite a bit to say about the efficiency and precision of communication. He was the one who said: "The medium is the massage, but I want the maximum!"

    • "low form of communication."

      Unlike muttering in a corner for paragraphs and paragraphs of broken syntax, intellectual dyslexia, Freudian slip-and-fall scams, and all through the warp and woof-woof of this whole cloth, (embroidered with pilpul and schmaltz liquor), runs a fools-gold thread of bigotry among the old.

    • "this is not efficient. pretty colors, but not efficient."

      I can well understand your objections, Yonah. If there is one thing your comments show a real devotion to, it is the efficiency and precision of communication.

    • Yonah, you are in favor of anything which give Israel time and space to get rid of Palestinians.

    • “For all the Jewish professionals out there who have been sitting around scratching your heads trying to figure out how to engage young Jews: here’s your answer.”

      Strictly as a tangent, I love the un-ironic use of "Jewish professionals" in that sentence.

  • British Parliament votes overwhelmingly to recognize Palestinian state
    • "I’ve just looked at the website and it’s easier to find the story of a parrot in California that used to speak with a British accent, was lost for four years has returned speaking Spanish"

      Must be the "ex-parrot" everybody talks about.

    • "Because the belief in Palestinian indecency is the cornerstone of the entire edifice"

      Schmuel, you would know better, but it has always appeared to me that Zionism requires as a cornerstone a firm conclusion that everybody except "the Jews" is indecent. And it seems to count very heavily on them not being so decent either.

  • Shlomo Sand resigns from being Jewish. Totally. Mostly. Almost
    • "I can only answer as a gentile on the ‘characteristics’ gentiles see most often—- 1) the eternal enemies thing and 2) the eternal obsession you are exhibiting right now in picking, picking, picking at the Jew thing with gentiles and even other Jews.”

      That does it! No bagels for you!

    • "I can only answer as a gentile on the ‘characteristics’ gentiles see most often—- 1) the eternal enemies thing and 2) the eternal obsession you are exhibiting right now in picking, picking, picking at the Jew thing with gentiles and even other Jews."

      Ah, I apologize, you did give an answer. Thanks.

    • " I believe a Jewish culture exist and that is how some Jews define themselves–by the culture, not the religion."

      Okay, so what does that "Jewish culture" consist of? Not what you say Jews say it consists of, what you think it consists of. That is the question you won't answer.

    • For some reason, I just love Christmas tunes. Maybe that's cause I grew up in what might be called the Golden Age of popular Christmas music. Yeah, that's it, that's the reason. I can live with that.
      But something very sinister, very omnibus has happened to me in recent Christmases. What with all the advances in plastic molding, materials, and tinting, and all kinds of new light-sources (LED, low voltage bulbs) and digital control, I'm starting to like Christmas decorations and lighting displays.
      I'm going soft in the head, I tell ya.

    • "Who the hell is Mooser or you to tell me I should change"

      No, as the sentence of mine you quote immediately above that retort says, hopefully,.” you are not powerless to change the way you think about it.”
      Naturally, I could be wrong about that.

    • Shoot, wrong again, I looked it up and it was the movie Hercules.

    • Thanks so much, Annie.

      And American, always remember, Jews are just like other people, only more so.

    • "You must think being worse than everybody else makes you better than them."

      Oh no, not "worse" morally or ethically or anything, just less significant. Oh, you know, a zelig I think they call it.

    • "Here’s the conundrum. As soon as we identify as *anything,* we logically differentiate ourselves from others who are NOT that. So that gesture in and of itself designates a kind of privilege, and even responsibility. I don’t know how to get around that, except to simply stop identifying OR repudiating as *anything*. Which is to repudiate received “identities” altogether."

      Yes, that's a problem.
      My personal solution is to identify myself as a nobody. Nobody cares what or who a nobody is, so nobody gets upset. When I define myself as a nobody, and treat the person I'm relating to as a somebody, everybody seems satisfied with the group they are put in. It works pretty well.

    • W Jones, are you a liberal Constantinist ? Don't see too many of those around here.

    • "I call it coming from the ”Jewish religious culture’ by looking at the tribe from ancient days to today."

      So you think those "tribe from ancient days to today" are the same people? What distinguishes them.

      And what are the characteristics of that "Jewish religious culture". You refuse to answer that and there is a good reason for that..

    • "the shared this and that ethnics is now based on—it would be as a ethnic religious ‘ culture"

      I see, an "ethnic religious culture"! What percentage of Jew receive any religious instruction? What are the attributes of this "religious ethnic culture"? The ones which are common to every Jew, of course, whether in conformance or opposition?
      Anytime you want to say what they are, I'm sure I'd like to hear of them.

      Of course, American, if what you are trying to say is that all people who are Jewish are Jewish, I can't argue with that.

    • Shoot, got lost. The book was written before PE, and we'll have to see what Sand's response to that is. He's got one hell of a row to hoe.

    • "Don’t blame me if its a unexplainable can of worms—they started this stuff not me."

      And of course, you are powerless to change anything about it, even the way you think about it. So much easier to take their word for it.

    • "At his age and status, and considering the fact that he lives within the privileged Jewish sector, it would probably make no difference whatsoever."

      Well, that's extremely liberal and open-minded of them.

    • " When you realise who he is..."

      "I haven't decided yet who or what I am".

    • Sand could...

      Thanks much. If Sand did change ("conceivably") to one of those other designations, would that effect his life? Would he keep his job, his house, all that? Have the same rights?

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