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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • 'America I'm putting my queer shoulder to the wheel' -- Allen Ginsberg
    • "What’s the reference to Trotskyism here for, may I ask?"

      Remember, Stalin told Trotsky, before he left Russia, "This awl will be yours, someday."

  • 'Why this bullsh-t?' Video of Israeli navy flotilla takeover
    • Give Mikheal a break, guys. He's got heavy child-support and alimony obligations. Let the man earn a living.

  • Oren's memoir reveals Israel's elite is hyper-sensitive to U.S. criticism
    • "The connections to Eretz Yisrael were always there, part of the Jewish DNA, so to speak."

      Are you trying to be stupid? Nobody has found any genetic material which is related to religious beliefs. (Sometimes getting a free country is, tho!)

      Take that "Jewish DNA" crap and shove it. You are an anti-semite!

      There's nothing wrong with my DNA. The only Jewish gene I have is the one for pattern baldness. And for that, there's a Yarmulke, so everything works out fine.

    • Hostage, if "Jon s" could, he would be happy to convince any country he could that all the Jews who live there have a Jewish agenda which precludes even minimal loyalties or civic participation. Cause maybe if they thought that, "Jon s" "best friends" (go kvetch ay Herzl) might turn the Jews over to the tender mercies of the Zionists, wholesale, a transfer.

    • "Why not consider the possibility that the Jews praying for a return to Zion for thousands of years – actually meant what they were saying? "

      Squelch! Every steaming pile, and he's got to jump right in it!

      That's right, "Jon s" they "actually meant what they were saying!" So another words, our relationship with all the countries we have lived in is based on a lie? When we told them Jews could be just like anybody else as far as the State is concerned, we were just playing a game, and all the time we had another agenda?
      Oh wait, I forgot, any doubts you can stir up about Jews, any negative feelings, is grist for your mill. Of course you would say that Jews have an unrevealed against the countries they live in.

    • I wonder how when and why Josh Marshall decided he is a Zionist.

    • "Mooser- Two men who love the same woman are inextricably linked."

      But one must ask, Yonah, if a women loves two men, is that big of her? Cause I once married loved two women, and the Judge said it was bigamy!

      "Two men who love the same woman are inextricably linked."

      Now, of course, the course of true love, rocky or smooth, between any number of men and women is something you know a lot about, huh, Yonah?

    • "In this never-ending PR campaign, Oren complains he is regularly stabbed in the back by Bob Simon and many other American Jews. Our next installment will look more closely at his hostility and barely concealed contempt for them."

      Uh-oh, I have a bad feeling that poor old Tribal Unity is going to get another beating. I often wonder why she hangs around to be treated like that.

    • Just read the most pathetic thing ever from Josh Marshall at TPM. Mr. Marshall has been following the Oren ibroglio, and the Israeli election. And in this article "The Ridiculous Mr. Oren" Josh Marshall explains his deeply thought out support for the two-state solution and Zionism:

      "I believe all people deserve this but especially with the Palestinian people because, much as each side expresses the bond through bloodshed and hate, I believe the Jewish and Palestinian peoples are inextricably linked together, forever."

      Gosh, aren't the Palestinians lucky we are so devoted to them and their land! To me, there's more than one person looking ridiculous. I wonder has Josh Marshasll received similar announcements being "inextricably linked together, forever." from Palestinians?

      Somehow, I sorta doubt it. Oh wait, I guess that must be the "bloodshed and hate" part. Some people got no gratitude for us inextricably linking them to the Jews!

  • 'We are you and you are us' -- Netanyahu has tons of American friends
    • "Israel is like the family’s crazy, rich uncle who abuses everybody else, but coddles, bribes, and threatens them into shutting up about it. "

      Problem is, after he dies, the family gathers round for the reading of the will, all hoping they are included after all that sucking-up. Then the accountant explains there's no money, just debt in the assets box.

    • "a Catholic, Jesuit institution in Milwaukee, Wisconsin."

      Well, they should know.

    • "We are you and you are us” … "

      "and I am the Walrus.Goo goo g’joob."

      Guess I'll go see if there's any worms to be had. I'm not an early enough bird for this place.

      Or maybe I could sign myself into Humornon, where they cure you of being a jokie.

    • "... is exactly where Steven Salaita belongs."

      Well, Hophmi, not everybody has your talent for outreach.

    • "You seem to support the notion that to hate Israel is to hate America."

      Utterly meaningless, yet cryptic and very insinuating! Have you thought about maybe doing some heavy-death-metal music lyrics?

  • Activists call on Oprah Winfrey to distance herself from Leviev over human rights abuses
    • "All of the Noachite laws apply also to Jews."

      See that? That's because we are a fair-minded people. Would it be right to only make non-Jews follow the Noachite laws? No, it wouldn't.

      And damn it, if Jews can follow the Noachite laws, those other people better. Only fair!

    • "I thought Noahide was a sort of artificial leather."

      OK "RoHa", that tears it!
      You know what your problem is? You got no respect for seniority! No respect for precedence!
      You knew there was a lousy joke to be made out of "Noahide" (the miracle fabric which resists rain for 40-days-and-nights) but did you wait for me to make it? Noooo!
      That's it, just cut in front of an old man, thanks pal.

  • 'Patronizing Israeli crap' -- more American Jewish responses to Oren
    • "Early onset Alzheimer’s? ? ?"

      Any other disability or illness can afflict a person who also suffers from Ziocaine Syndrome. It confers no immunity.

  • Interview with Rela Mazali: The Israeli left, BDS, and the 'habit of hope'
    • "As for the rest, the incredible notion that the violence emanating from Gaza cannot"

      "Emanating from"? Sure, okay.

  • In rebuke to Israel, State Dep't says it has no objection to BDS aimed at occupation
    • "Likewise, the Justice Department is permitting tens of thousands of US citizens to reside in settlements acquired and maintained by plunder, murder, and terror, and to return or visit the USA without fear of prosecution"

      Freebooting and philibustering are such fun!

    • " let’s set our alarm clocks."

      Nah, I got a better idea, you or maybe Phil or Adam or one or two of several others can set your alarm clock, listen, and then I'll read about it at Mondo the next day or so. You guys are young, and besides you're hardened to the stuff. If I listened I'd probably bust an aorta or something.

  • 'NYT' finally acknowledges that 'growing number of American Jews' support BDS
    • Sure"ivri" everything we see, hear and read about Israel is an illusion. Sure, okay. Is there anything else I don't know?

  • United Church of Christ votes to boycott & divest from companies profiting from Israel's occupation
    • To find out what is or isn't "antisemitic" or "antisemitism" simply access any one of our Zionists comment archive and word-search those terms. I hope you have all day to do it, and don't mind feeling very, very guilty.

    • "The Mandate originally provided for Jordan too until the British went back on it." "DS"

      Why don't you get some "court clothes" and seek an audience with Her Majesty, and try to recall the exalted sovereigness to a sense of her responsibilities as "Defender of The Faith" ? Why not? A little flattery, a few gifts, and the might of the British Empire will once again be backing the Zionists. Don't forget to say "sorry" about that unfortunate incident at the King David...

    • “The interesting thing about Americans doing this is that they themselves sit on the blood soaked land they took from the indigenous here.”

      Okay, yes we do. Now, do you think Israel has the resources and historical momentum to pay the same price we did for that? A terrible price, which has led to a lot of bad things, socially, politically environmentally, you name it. For everybody. That's what is always so funny about the "whataboutery". Are they suggesting such events are laudable, and a necessary part of a State's history? And that Zionism has the wherewithal to pay the prices for these things?

  • In effort to thwart BDS, some Israel supporters urge partial settlement freeze
    • " Stop distorting the truth...."

      And start acting like a "gentleman" so you don't fall away"?

    • "When Cheney was asked about Iran he went on in a fearful rant about Iran. Russert did not challenge him"

      Audience viewing-habit research clearly shows that viewers will switch away from the program if the anchor or interviewer challenges people like that. It confuses and worries the viewer, and he is gone. In addition, anxiety over the content in the show makes viewers much less receptive to the ads if he or she does listen.

  • My journey from Zionism to Palestine solidarity
    • "Yes, I work hard to support my children from all my marriages"

      Sure, I know "Mikheel", all your ex's live in Texas.

    • When my Mother found out I was anti-Zionist, she said I should come back and live at her house! "But Mom" I said, "Your house is too small, there's not enough room..."

    • Ah, our Israeli family values man is back!

    • "That is patently unfair from you, Mooser: The obvious problem is that it was enacted by Czechs and Poles"

      Yes, and unless my memory is faulty (it better not be, I just finished "Rise and Fall...") a German named Adolf Hitler had something not quite so peaceful to say about it.

    • "Wow! Thanks for that quote, Mooser."

      If you are going to use it in argument, please Google it, and make sure of the context in which it was said, and other relevant information concerning the quote.

      At any rate, I don't think Herzl envisioned a situation in which individual Jews, affluent and secure, would have to be inveigled, one-by-one, to make aliyah. I think they were looking to get us wholesale, via a deal with their "best friends".

    • "I would like to know what your parents think about your anti-Zionism."

      I believe Adam Horowitz is no longer a minor, and is of age to make his own decisions.

    • "Of course, I meant it as a joke. Mooser makes jokes all the time, too."

      That's disappointing. I thought it was a compliment.

      But let me inform you, I am not making jokes! Dad, I'm serious!

    • "Nothing could be further from the truth, imho."

      I respect people who have had a change, have come to new conclusions about Zionism, sometimes at a personal cost, and often at the price of being spurred into action. For better or worse, it wasn't that way for me, I did not like it as soon as I knew what it was. You know, beware of any enterprise that requires a new suit of clothes, but always bring a change of underwear.

    • "and i am just wondering if you would accept that for jews?"

      Always seemed to me pretty obvious what the Zionists would accept for the Jews by looking at the statement from Herzl:
      "The anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies".

    • "Catalan" doesn't need a Nobel Prize.
      He just wants us all to know he is an all-rightnik.

    • "And I’ll take this opportunity to make the following statement"

      Yes, "Jon s" is announcing he has found the deed and purchase agreement for Beersheba! And the official annexation papers! A momentous statement indeed!

    • "Regardless, even you would agree that the kicking out the Germans of the Sudetenland and east Prussia was unjust. Likewise with the confiscation of Karelia from Finland. Yet in both of these cases these injustices led to peace."

      Really? I guess the Sudentan was no longer troubled, nor Finland after that. Brought lots of peace, diden't it?

    • "There is a problem with your thinking – peace is quantifiable and measurable."

      It sure is, "catalan". So why don't we measure peace in villages not ethnically cleansed, and people not slaughtered, and land not taken!

      Or do you have some mystical measurement of peace which includes doing those things? Would you like to tell us by what measurable and quantifiable doing those things can be measured as peace. Or was the Nakba the "justice" part?

    • "Because you have no respect for anyone?"

      You got me, there. Yes, I am sadly deficient in that area. I'm a born Litvak, an ahzes ponim,a shaigetz ainer! , and when they told me about Zionism in Hebrew School and elsewhere I thought it was, well, not the answer, to put it gently. Wanted no part of it.

      But yes, in general I do lack respect. Can't deny it. When I got my first bike, my Mom said it was "a shondah for the family" I kept on telling her it was a Honda, but she never got it.

    • "Why do Zionists choose to come across as so unlikeable in internet forums?"

      Gosh, if you became convinced that all Jews are like those Zionists, wouldn't you be in favor of having them go away to their own country and not bother us any more? It's more humane than the other alternatives!
      After all, if Jews can live peacefully and communicate well with others, and still have the right to as much or as little Jewish religion as they please, what need of Zionism?

    • ".... but if people I respected said it was so, it must have been so."

      Luckily, that's one problem I never had.

    • "as frustrating as it’s been for me dealing with this over the years"

      To improve "Grober's manners, or Hophmi's, or Yonah's all Mondo has to do is get an editor named Phil Whittaker or Phil Williamson. The abuse from Zionists would stop immediately.

  • In Gaza, the ultimate humiliation
  • Oren's criticism of US Jews earns his book five thumbs down: 'slinky,' 'self-aggrandizing,' 'twists reality'
    • You know, I gotta wonder, all those who rail against "assimilation" of Jews; okay, let's say they got their wish, and the US made Jewish assimilation extremely difficult. Separate citizenship for Jews, or fraction of citizenship, proscriptions on certain occupations, restricted travel, discrimination in public services and accommodations and no civil service jobs without conversion. No service in the military! All of those are well within the practices of places that have made Jewish assimilation difficult.
      Would they then say "Isn't life grand for us in the USA, what a great arrangement"? I doubt it.

    • "Irfan~ thank you so much for your rich and thoughtful comments here"


    • Does it ever occur to anybody that "assimilation" is a two-way street?

      Has there ever been a question of Jews "assimilating" in the US? They have always been "assimilated" into the definition of "people" and "citizens" since they got here (Others have not been so fortunate).

      Now, how much social or religious isolation a Jew or even Jewish "community" wishes to enjoy, (if they enjoy that) is up to them. But I don't think the "assimilation" is up to us.
      And it is pretty artificial, and extremely dangerous, to pretend that Jewish "assimilation" is a choice we make, not, for the most part, made for us by others.

      Would anybody like to point out a community of "un-assimilated" Jews in the US? Could they even do that if they wanted to, opt out of US citizen ship?

    • " I am practically a Mayflower American (having arrived in the bodies of my grandparents in 1923, ’25, 41 and 41)"

      Good Lord, "Jons" was right about the "sexual differences"! That is one hell of a gestation, Yonah.
      But it's a good thing you got here before all the African-Americans. You wouldn't want then taking your place on the (rotflmsjao) "Mayflower"

    • "Michael Oren chose to leave his homeland in the U.S. and join the America Jewish diaspora in Israel."

      Since we've been milking a lot of bovine allusions lately, "Bulls-eye" Eliot! "The America Jewish diaspora in Israel" is perfect!

  • UN report on Gaza war is 'tepid,' 'unserious' and exhibits 'anti-Muslim bigotry' -- Finkelstein
    • "But I’ll try to stick to the point even though I believe your issues are much larger and may have to do with your own self..."

      Thank you. I appreciate that. I'm a mess, but try and look past it. It's my Jewish upbringing, you know, and all that.

    • "Growing up in a Jewish background or being located within ideological circles of Jewish writers/thinkers is of paramount relevance given the centrality Israel holds in modern Jewish every day life. It informs biases, sentiments and is well illustrated by the positions people advocate or whose side they mourn more (even soldiers who occupy)." - See more at: link to

      I'm sorry if I have made a mistake. That paragraph does not refer to "Hostage"? If it does, I think you can give him a tad more credit for independent thinking.

    • Was he really saying that Hostage, of all people, couldn't think for himself?

    • "It is also bigoted to accuse someone of bigotry without proof."

      Okay, glad we got that out of the way. So now, let's go ahead and do it, using the most tenuous and tendentious of ethnic insinuations!:

      On the subject of Israel, the social location, exposure to ideology/thinkers of the writer matters absolutely. It is not at all ethnicity but social location and the history of your comments do reveal your or mine or somebody else’s social location. Growing up in a Jewish background or being located within ideological circles of Jewish writers/thinkers is of paramount relevance given the centrality Israel holds in modern Jewish every day life. It informs biases, sentiments and is well illustrated by the positions people advocate or whose side they mourn more (even soldiers who occupy). "

      How much do you know about Hostage and his "background"?

  • 'A traumatized society is dangerous'
    • "Yes, it’s what I noticed as well"

      Did you know that the bottom right-hand corner of the comments box can be 'grasped' with your pointer and pulled-down, expanded? Makes it easier to type longer comments in a nice large comment box.
      Okay, we have exhausted my knowledge of the comment system.

    • "Spend time with Indian Jains or Parsees and you get the same ego-driven attitudes and culturally, try the Chinese for ‘my son the doctor, my daughter the lawyer/concert pianist’ crap."

      Feh the head chef gave me $40.00 and I picked up almost a hundred bucks in tips. And one waiter gave me a joint! Not bad for an afternoon's work, back then! All I was getting out front as a guest of the affair was depressed!

    • "I tried to edit my last response to you but the system reached the time limit for edit..."

      Yes, gotta watch the time limit on the "edit window"! I think it is five minutes?
      BTW, just before the edit window is disabled, there is a confusing stage during which the post seems to take an edit, but then the original post disappears from the page! Refreshing the page brings the unedited comment back. ( This may help you avoid double posts, from thinking the original has been deleted.)

    • "So that was the moment that all ended even though I still had to go through with the schooling until I was 11"

      "Look, Bornila, my child" said the Rabbi, "All that paleontology, the extinction of the dinosaurs, it all really boils down to one question....."

    • I would never deny that the history of the Jews is replete with trauma. There is no denying that.
      But if God should appear to (far be it from me to really know) grant Jews lives without direct trauma or persecution, is there something so wrong with living that out?
      And it seems a much more respectful way to acknowledge the real trauma of Jewish history than pretending to it, or using intra-personal abuse (gee, isn't it usually child abuse of one type or another?) to create it.

    • "You seem to refer to yourself as a secular Jew, correct me if that is my mistake,"

      No, I prefer the descriptor people have used for me my whole life: "typical". Why fight my own custard?

    • "I really did not understand what you were saying in response to my post."

      I'm sorry, it was a reference to a translation of a ancient Geek play

      I was just trying to say that no matter how bad I might have it, I try to remember that there's some people who really got it bad, and that ain't good.

    • "Mooser, I think you ran with a ball not thrown there but you made me smile."

      Even a foul ball, if caught on a fly, is an 'out' and counts. But for real fun, speaking of "cults" go over to Tony Ortega's (great writer, great guy) "The Underground Bunker" and compare the culture of Scientology to Zionism.

    • "Israel is a highly dysfunctional, at times insane, culture and society, because of the wounds it has inherited from Judaism"

      Uh "rosross" have you ever considered that Judaism is an awful lot like "Soylent Green"? It's people.

    • "And everybody hates the French…. "

      Only because they haven't seen "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" and "Les Deux Demoiselles de Rochefort" a hundred times, and don't believe in spring and love.
      I have no time for people like that.

    • "Long disputed who took it."

      Okay, okay, I'll send a donation this month.

    • "to what we call psychological trauma and by extension to societal or cultural trauma."

      I prefer to call it a "the trauma principle" or "trauma axiom". That is, everything is regarded in the light of a trauma, especially things that need not be. A less-than-zero-sum, a lose-lose psychology.
      And there must be some directed pretense about it, or it's real, and we will find the disabilities common to emotional trauma in every area of their lives. Do we?

    • "But today I’m really glad I’m just another human being with no stupid labels"

      That would be nice. Bornajoo, you have inspired me! I am going to see about having my criminal records sealed.

    • " it is hardly surprising that only the strongest and most balanced will be able to break free."

      Uh-uh, this is starting to look very bad for weak, unbalanced, me. Trepped, like a ret!

    • Now, you gotta remember, I lived way out on the Lonkguyland, where there were trees and stuff.
      But I gotta tell you the story of another Bar Mitzvah I attended. Well, the older brother of the BM boy swept into the hall, and two Aunts near me went into ecstasies over the accomplishments of this young Jewish man, he was pre-med, a champion tennis player, played concert piano, had a gorgeous, accomplished GF, to boot, finally, one sighed and gave him the ultimate accolade: "He's all that" she said, "and Oy Gevalt, you should hear him dahven!!"

      I knew right then I didn't have what it takes. I took off my jacket, removed my tie, left out the front, came back in the kitchen, grabbed an apron, and started bussing tables and washing dishes

    • "I would just add, there are no secular Jewish communities."

      Well, I can't agree with that kind of exclusivity. I accept and welcome both the heterosecular and homosecular Jewish communities.

    • "ancestors because we carry culture with us in unconscious ways and often we can understand ourselves better if we know who our ancestors were and what sort of experiences they had."

      Do you think every goddam Jew is a balebatim and knows who and what his ancestors are. Did it ever occur to you there has been a great deal of family disruption (to put it mildly) that comes with the events connected with Judaism in the last 100 years or so?

      I suppose I could go to the web and make something up. And I could do one hell of a job at it, too.

    • "Mooser, can you send along some of those photos for posting?"

      Don't tempt me! I just went upstairs and checked, still got 'em. Besides, unless you knew what a typical professional Bar Mitzvah photo album looks like, it wouldn't mean much. Also privacy issues and respect for deceased. Plus, my ears stick out exactly like two jug handles in every photo of me.

    • "Perhaps, Mooser, you were very lucky (or enormously far-sighted) in your choice of parents."

      Nah, they weren't going to let me sit home a study Torah for a millennium or two! They wanted me to go get a job, to go to work!

    • "You do have a tendency to misinterpret and misread."

      It's probably cause my lips get tired when I read a lot. Having to sound all the words out and stuff. Maybe you could try not writing way over my head?

    • "Jewishness isn’t just a religion, it is a kind of a tribal and racial affiliation."

      It is also one hell of a dessert topping and floor wax. If you haven't yet used Jewishness in those capacities, give it a try. Your floors and frappes will both thank you.

    • "Perhaps, Mooser, you were very lucky (or enormously far-sighted) in your choice of parents."

      Oh heck no! I was just a shaigetz ainer. A born litvak!

      And my arrangement of "Blues in the Night" ("My Mama done told me, when I was in knee pants....") blew them away at my Bar Mitzvah reception.

    • Just remember, while a cultural history of persecution can be a drag, I just keep telling myself: "Mooser, there's really only one "first-class tragic trauma". And I don't think I've got it. I mean, I've often made people sore, but no one's told me that before!

    • "If you went to Hebrew School and participated in Bar Mitzvah then yes, you were brainwashed to some degree."

      Oh no! What on earth can I do about it? I feel like I'm stuck in a front-loader on "fast spin"

      Oy Gevalt a few years in Hebrew School, a Bar Mitzvah and I'm fucked up for life.

      Well, lemme tell ya, pal, it was worth it. No we didn't have a reception at some fancy hall, just an apres Bar Mitzvah brunch at the house, and I played the organ for the guests and relatives, in my Bar Mitzvah suit! I wasn't brainwashed, I was a star!! Got a couple hundred bucks out of the deal, to boot.
      Changed my life, made a man of me, and you call me brainwashed!

      Oh gosh, did I ever tell you about the photos? My "Uncle" was an artist and wildlife photographer, and my Mom asked him to snap the bash. Well, I think there might have been some differences over the appropriate emolument for the job, because I am probably the only Bar Mitzvah boy from, from (lemme see...) oh '63 who has a BM photo album of B&W "art shots" no group photos, none of Rabbi and etc. But some incredibly revealing shots, none the less. My "Uncle" Art (Swoger) could pack it away, and it was on us.
      I've still got the album.

    • "However, after thousands of years of having a religion brainwash you into believing you are exceptional and other than non-Jews and must remain so and because of your special nature, self and religion, are threatened by non-Jews"

      And of course, this is the thread, nay, the chain, which connects Orthodox Judaism (in it's various forms) to Conservative and Reform Judaism? Is it constant through the Ashkenazim and Sephardi divisions? And the other lesser-known forms?
      Should be very evident then, and easy to trace in writings, beliefs, and practice. I'm especially awaiting the expose on how this is all so cleverly disseminated through the secular Jewish community.

    • "However, after thousands of years of having a religion brainwash you into believing..."

      Wow, some kids have it really rough. My parents said I could stop Hebrew School pretty soon after my Bar Mitzvah if I wasn't that interested.

    • "Glad that you do not live in Israel. It is a terrible, unforgiving, harsh, pressure cooker of a place."

      That is exactly, exactly how I pictured it, lo those 50 years ago when I was a Jewish kid being told about Zionism in the suburbs (LI) of New York. I could not bring myself to see anything good in it.
      And I never could understand why American Jews, who successfully lived as equals, should admire in any way Israelis, who did nothing but screw up.

    • Oh, I'm sure the person had a great time writing it. Gosh, I will say one thing about being Jewish, the license for BS is virtually unlimited!

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