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  • Rightwing rabbi seeks to pit Power against Rice on Iran ahead of AIPAC speeches
    • "Once there is an operating, visible, non-Zionist Jewish denomination operating,"

      They may have to hold revivals at major sports stadiums through-out the US before the main media admits they exist, of course, there is that.

    • "I think you are counting them before they are hatched."

      They may not be quite hatched, but they are definitely in the incubator, and little beaks may be pecking through the shells any day now.

      To get right down to it, all it would take for Zionism to be mortally wounded among American Jews is to go out of fashion.

      "The REAL impact in my humble view is splitting the ZIONIST and JEWISH and AMERICAN ZIONIST communities among each other."

      Once there is an operating, visible, non-Zionist Jewish denomination operating, all bets are off, and the food-fight begins!

  • Netanyahu's speech and the end of the Israel lobby
    • "is that a question or a statement hops?"

      Hophmi must be a veritable wizard at interfaith out-reach. When inter-faith out-reach reaches a sticky patch, the cry goes round: "Send for Hophmi, he'll know just what to say!"

    • I'm getting to very much dislike that little two-word locution "Israel's security". I never know whether it means "secure in its declared borders" or "secure in its intransigence". It's such a big weasel phrase if I ever saw one scurry down a hole, I'd be afraid to send Fritz after it!

    • “Why does the most successful, the most well integrated, the most culturally and politically influential, the most socially and economically well situated Jewish community since the late years of the Roman republic..."

      It's amazing what trauma can do for people, isn't it? I thought trauma is measured by how much it disables or incapacitates? I find it hard to square Tony Judt's obviously (to me, anyway) correct summation with suffering from trauma, unless it was a particularly malleable form of trauma. Oh well, I'll never understand it.

    • "As such it will require very uncomfortable tension between the US and Israel in the near future."

      Well, the Israelis are doing their part, heck, more than their part to create it.
      Let's hope the US is not unappreciative of their efforts!
      Netanyahoo's snub of the Democrats who asked to see him will help.

  • It's not about nukes, it's about the US shifting the power balance -- Parsi
    • "I don’t know a single soul who would willingly volunteer to become a boot on the ground in Iran."

      Aren't there already a huge number of people, already enlisted, or obligated by post active obligations (the "ready reserve," I think it's called) who will have much, much less choice in whether they go to Iran or not? Their choice would be pretty much, go or disobey an order, and bear the penalties. Wasn't that a lot of how they manned Iraq, by calling people back with post-active obligations?

      That's plenty of people, along with those active now, to get us way deep into it. By the time they start conscription (selective service) and are drafting small numbers, everybody will know why those draftees should be ready, hell, eager to go.

    • " it will reduce the United States’ commitment to the security of Israel,"

      Not to in any way slight Mr. Parsi, or imply anything about his well-spoken words, but when some people say "the security of Israel" I never know whether they mean "the security of Israel" or 'protecting Israel from the consequences of its own intransigence and lawbreaking'.
      And I still don't know where the dividing line is. If there is one.

  • Hillel's segregated lunch counter
    • I think we will see some spectacular in-and-out running before this whole steeplechase ends.

    • " Do you stay toxic?"

      Certainly no more than if you had been rendered unclean by consumption of trefe or other transgressions from the Covenants. With the right prayers, the right ritual, I'm sure it can be atoned for, and a purification effected.

    • [...]
      "Jewish Civil Rights Veterans Barred from Speaking at MIT, UMass Amherst Hillels" it looks like the answer, straight from the mouth of Hillel, came back showing which line they will take. Looks like they'll be going to Hillel in a handbasket soon.

  • Thanks to Netanyahu, Israel support turns into a political football
    • "You didn’t point out that Patrick Chappatte is part Lebanese. Why not?"

      Mostly because of Danny and Marlo Thomas, I would think.

    • "Kagan a “reformed neocon” …where is this evidence?"

      Remember Phil also likes to supply us with the MDR of irony, and other vital newstrients.

  • The Emperor's Nuke Clothes
    • "My hat off to the mohel. That’s one brave rabbi!"

      Just in hope of saving parents any unnecessary problems, I think it should be pointed out that a Rabbi is not necessarily a Mohel, and a Mohel may not be a Rabbi. And then you get some that all "all three"; that is, a Rabbi, a Mohel, and a surgeon.
      Regulations may have changed since my day, tho.

    • "Why , that,s his Kippah."

      I should've paid more attention in Hebrew school. But I guess everybody knows that.

    • What's that red cap on the rocket? Shouldn't that be removed a few days after manufacture? Oh well, I'm no rocket scientist.

  • White House says Netanyahu offers no alternative but military action (and Liz Warren won't say if she's attending speech)
    • "She’s always been a sensible ‘girl’.

      Grandad, the phrase you are trying to use is "material girl".

      "She has to fight the aging of her body in public"

      She does isometric Kaballah exercises to keep her figure trim and lithe. And rests her elbows on Jaffa lemons to keep them trig and appealing.

    • "mooser, it’s only the winep tools saying it was hezbollah."

      Of course. They would say that.

    • Oh great, another person whose always got another place to go.

    • So when it came time to start wishing death-by-public-transportation (or chartered-tour-company-conveyance) on unpopular commentors, it was an Israel and one of their slavish imitators who led the way.
      And Zionists (and the unsuccessful practitioners of Zionism) are always trying to tell us how violent other people are.

    • "If Mooser doesn’t get told at least once a week to get hit by a bus, he begins to misbehave."

      And who is going to tell me, you? You're quite the macher!
      But Yonah, if you want to call for my death, go right ahead, I can't stop you. I know how you feel about the surplus Jewish population.

      Oh, I see why you are so pissed off, Yonah. I made a smart crack about Madonna, down-thread, and you're fighting for the lady's honor...

    • "or that Iran funded Amal/hizbollah to murder 241 US marines in Beirut…oh right, Americans do remember that."

      Yes, we do. Ronald Reagen was President at the time.

    • "Walid, senior citizens should avoid wearing teenage heels, and strutting around a stage."

      When she embraced Kaballah and forgot about the Via Dolorosa it was bound to happen.

    • "Following her staunch Catholic upbringing and faith in her early career, frequently referred to in her songs,"

      Oy I remember that! Like such a virgin she was! ROTFLMSJAO!

    • Any certified Jewish person can become an "Israeli citizen" (or, rather, an Israeli Jewish citizen, which is a much better thing) by 'purchasing' property and if I recall, passing through to sign papers. It's that darn certification which is so hard to get.

    • "one of the heads of the organization told me in a private conversation after the invitation was publicized."

      Yonah's hearing voices again. And what they tell him makes no sense at all. This isn't going to be good.

    • No, he came from Rhodesia, and holds Israel and US citizenship.

  • New DC bus ad takes on the special relationship on eve of Netanyahu’s address to Congress
    • "It,s not much compared to the litany of murderous crimes they have perpetrated against the Palestinians."

      Some of which they may ultimately get away with, too. In some fashion or another, although there's no way Zionism, or for that matter Judaism, as it is, will come out of it smelling sweet or with clean hands. The former of those entities thinks they can afford that, but I don't think the latter can.

    • "Never thought I’d live to see the day."

      Yup, never thought I'd live to see even this much push-back to Zionism.

  • Banksy goes to Gaza
    • Oddly enough, in a certain way, it's possible that crazy Rabbi who got the blurb on the bus about the "Gentile waiting for the Jew to act" may have a point. When there is a visible and operating non-Zionist Jewish religious and/or fellowship extant, it can't help but point out that there is indeed a division on Zionism in the Jewish world.
      And creating those non-Zionist Jewish denominations (look, you can't expect non-Zionist Orthodox to hang out with non-Zionist Reform, can you? So there would need to be several, at least) is something no Gentile, no Palestinian, can do for the Jews. But if we do it, the reverberations will be profound. I get the feeling that it's close.

    • "I wonder if the Zionist animal lovers will drop whiskas food parcels for the cat.Just to salve their consciences."

      Maybe. I can't stop thinking about the 15 yr. old kid interviewed in Jerusalem, who couldn't wait for burnt-animal sacrifices to start up again at the Temple. I wouldn't let him near my cats.

  • Leading NY institutions discuss the Nakba -- and there is not a Palestinian in sight
    • " its primary mission of providing a safe for millions of Jews."

      And everybody knows the Zionists received their marching orders straight fromn God, too. What absolute nonsense. "providing a safe for millions of Jews" ( Oh look at that, a 'Freudian sic.') was the Zionists "primary mission" according to nobody but them. And gee, they would say that, huh?

      And nothing the Zionists have ever done shows they had the slightest concern about providing "a safe" for millions of Jews. They were interested in using them.

      Who are you trying to kid, "Jon s"?

    • " like other organs of Hamasbara,"

      Aww, look who is so proud that "bara" has become a suffix indicating deception! That is funny. Oh, the exquisite self-awareness of Zionists.

    • Would the Palestinians have been "shafted" were it not for the exigencies created by Zionism?

    • Bornajoo, I am just trying to be candide with him.

    • "If they understood morality, they would not be Zionists."

      And when they say stuff like 'Well, Russia did this' or 'China did that' or What about the US' I wonder if it isn't reality as well as morality they are deficient in.

    • "Thoughtful people ain’t having it."

      Oy "Neil Schipper" such logic, such realism! So much better than any of these dreamers here. I don't even need a panglossary to understand it! Why, with logic like yours, I could reason away the Holocaust!

    • "to sit down to internationally administered negotiations and seriously work towards a ‘good enough’ deal.”

      Just like the Zionists did in Hitler's Germany when they worked out there "Transfer Agreement", "Neil Schipper"?

    • There you go, "Jon s" you've been given a brush and a hose. Use them, before you track it all over.

    • Page: 218
    • "Amigo, where do you see, in the quote you provided, any mention of expulsion?"

      "Jon s", check your shoes.

  • Right-wing bomb thrower David Horowitz behind anti-SJP posters
    • "In jail for what, exactly?"

      Refusing to reveal the names of the two Muslim-outreach organizations for which he serves on the Board of Directors. I've heard you do hard time for that, too.

    • "Is it? Polling shows that 54% of Jewish college students have personally witnessed or experienced at least one antisemitic incident on campus."

      And this statistic is made more appalling when considered in light of the fact that no other perceived racial cohort, ethnic grouping or religion has ever gotten anything but a hearty, egalitarian welcome on campus, and a proposal to host a festival in their honor.

    • " the way to combat bad speech is with good speech,"

      And in case you didn't know, Hophmi is on the Board of Directors of not just one, no, two Muslim outreach organizations. If they weren't two of those secret doing-good-by-stealth outreach organizations, he could tell us their names.

    • "In jail for what, exactly?"

      I am not sure that incarceration would be the appropriate remedy, but that thing around his mouth is at least a misdemeanor. And it doesn't do much for his demeanor either.

  • Hillel accuses BDS activists of ‘colonizing’ student groups
    • "Colonizing"? They remind me of a completely tone-deaf person walking a large dog.

    • "I don't think I'm out of touch. I recognize that most of the world doesn't like Israel. I just think they're wrong, and that they are usually hypocritical in their criticism."

      "hophmi May 24, 2010 at 3:49 pm" 2010!! The Pilot is ever-steadfast, at the helm, day and night!

    • "as the anti-Israel movement does."

      And I thought the express aim of BDS is Israel's occupation. But I see you're point, Hophmi, now that I've read all the posts from "Talknic". I really do see your point. I mean, once you start going after the "occupation" where does it stop? At the partition lines, with no Jerusalem?

      Oh, I almost forgot: obsessing over one conflict in a world full of much more serious human rights violations Yup, the whole world sucks.

    • "speaking of “radical and marginal groups”, hillel is sounding more “radical and marginal” all the time"

      Yes, but thanks to the poster pictured at the top of the article, I finally know what Hillel does! "Piloting the Jewish Future"! So it must be just like those small boating and seamanship courses I took from the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

    • "Piloting the Jewish Future"? That's a big job, for young people who have proved brave and daring. They must be apprenticed to a pilot for years.

  • Israel gives out 'security Oscars' at the UN to Iran, Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia and PA
  • Israel turns off power to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the dead of winter
    • "i use arse when i don’t want to get caught swearing! "

      That is a good idea. I will try it.

    • "except when its not, as it is not in this case. after over 25yrs-it was hardly about the money"

      Sure, the money gets less important as time goes by. If that's the case, why not drop the suit?

    • Whoa, ol' "DAbakr" is a real "CAMERA" fan. Never seen him open up like that at that length before. He loves him some CAMERA.

      Ah the resident Zionist fact-checkers. And the depth of their sources!

    • "Just like the IDF and the Jewish “settlers” killing Palestinians with impunity, which you defend."

      Oh, I don't know, the IDF has lots of repeating weapons, while ol' Palikari seem to have a muzzle-loader. One feeble, inaccurate shot, a lot of smoke, and he high-tails out of site. I don't think he has ever been able to manage more than one sentence, before beating a retreat.

  • Al Jazeera publishes leaked intelligence files showing Netanyahu lied about Iranian nuclear threat
  • Israel's new Asian allies
    • "Binyamin is THRILLED with the Islamisation of Europe; that means Christendom is being destroyed and the only tears shed in the mid east over that, are those of crocodiles."

      "Christendom"? Huh? I've never heard of a country called "Christendom". Is it one of those tiny European Duchies like Grand Fenwick?

    • Because Israel isn’t a little shitty country. It’s a successful and stable liberal democracy"

      Hooray for Israel! Hophmi will now, with a great flourish of the pointer and audio-visual aids, show us the "successful and stable" borders of Israel, behind which the "stable liberal democracy" of Israel resides, with liberty and justice for all, and to all, a good night, as long as the Iron Dome isn't rusted.

      Hophmi, how long are you going to try and sell that same load of clams?

    • "PS I hope it does not ruin your or Bandolero’s day but most East Asians are Judeo-philes not phobes.
      The reasons, however, can often be equally creepy and narcissistic, and also conspiracy based, though inverted from the type indulged by hobbyists such as yourself."

      Wow, tokyobk, it must be tough to fight the philiac and phobic misconceptions of "creepy and narcissistic and also conspiracy based" East Asians, and have to deal with inverted "hobbyists such as" .

    • Oh, I wasn't worried about whether anybody is a Zionist or not, I was just thinking that "Stormfront" thing was a little much. Especially without some kind of link. But just as an general accusation? Sheesh.

    • "Why do you think China has been ‘westernizing’ for the past 3 decades? Why do you think Islam has been allowed to be ‘exported’ to former Christian nations? Why do you think bds has been permitted to gain a toehold? Why do you think the church of Rome now openly talks and behaves like any other ‘christian’ denomination"

      Whoa, those are weighty questions! I'm still trying to find out who put the Benzedrine in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine!

      But I get it, we got trouble. With a capital T! But I'm with you, I'm not even Catholic, and I sort of miss the Latin Mass. It was impressive. They do talk just like anybody else now.

    • "Obama may not be a bad man. He may even be a smart man but in terms of the world stage and FP-he is strictly junior varsity. Out of his league."

      Normally, I might think that was a little bit tendentious. But coming from someone with a long, distinguished diplomatic and political career, topped off by a stint as a successful world-affairs consultant, who has a reputation for scholarship and objective analysis, it has a devastating impact. Coming from you, "Dabakr", it's worth squat.

    • "i should add that where this fits..."

      Really? You "should"? Okay then, give us a good long mutter.

    • The Opium Poisoning, and the Opium Wars. A terrible episode in the lives of both China and India, and the ramifications are still being felt today.

    • "But no need to go off mission, you probably have a Stormfront article ID’ng the Jews behind those too."

      Look who popped in just to make a fool of himself. BTW, "tokyobk" do you have a link to the Judeo-phile vs. Judeo-phobe survey for East Asians? I might go there this year, and would like to be sure of my reception.

      I guess it's no big news, I pop in and make a fool of almost myself every day.
      And I don't care what anybody says about Sassoon, my hair looks fabulous!

    • "And it is a gift that keeps on giving, even into today. It is enough to drive a man to drink."

      Or make him go completely to pot.

    • "The US is in the same “company” as other nations who committed genocide, tortured and kept slaves. Do you feel comfortable with that?"

      Dabakr, the US is much, much bigger, has a huge population and resources, and arose out of events which changed the face of the earth. We can get away with stuff Israel shouldn't even think of!
      Go play with the little dependent kids, and stop trying to punch above your weight. And try and keep your trunks up.

  • No matter who wins the Israeli elections, Palestinians lose
    • "A Hobson's choice is a free choice in which only one option is offered. As a person may refuse to take that option, the choice is therefore between taking the option or not; "take it or leave it".

    • At any rate, Mr. Nettenyahoo made it clear that he will give nothing to the Democrats and won't even talk about dealing with some of their concerns. This may force them to give that hard look at the kind of support they have up til now been giving Israel.

      And that insulting "partisanship" excuse, like the Repubs are the real representatives of the entire American political establishment. Let's hope the Dems. don't just sit there and take it.

    • If I am not mistaken, don't an awful lot of the settlers have dual-passports? So they can make a hasty exit, if they make Palestine too hot to hold them. And that is who the vanguard of the Zionist conquest of "Greater Israel" is.

      One thing I've never quite been able to grasp, is who gets stuck in Israel when it falls apart. I know who can leave, but who will be the people who get stuck there, (among those called "Israelis) and can't leave? Who would that be?

    • "A Labor-Livni victory would be a calamity: it’s vital that this election completely demoralize Israel’s liberal supporters and extinguish their last hope for some kind of “enlightened” government on the horizon."

      But Likud, Netanyahoo, is so atrocious toward the Palestinians and seems to feel he can get away with anything.

      It is an awful situation. Isn't this what is called a "Hobson's choice" kind of thing? Not sure.

    • "Yet, these articles telling us what the government that will never come into being is going to be like are a waste of time."

      You are probably right, Yonah, it is "a waste of time" and that would be a good reason for not reading it. I'm glad you didn't waste yours.

      BTW, Yonah, could you recommend any articles in Mondo that aren't? I like to save time, too.

  • Congress flooded with letters urging members to #SkipTheSpeech of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
    • "New Gallup Poll : Seven in 10 Americans Continue to View Israel Favorably"

      Herb, my faith in your ability to change that is boundless. I bet you will succeed beyond my direst expectations.

  • Cycle '48: Remapping the Nakba
    • "Or what about assisting their emigration to the US, as millions of Jews have been doing for the last century or so?"

      If they have the old dual;-passport, and dual citizenship, what assistance do they need except a ride to the airport? Good old Israel, which puts itself in the hands of people who can make a hasty exit if things don't work. And it doesn't get any hastier than dual-citizenship, you are simply coming home.

    • Thanks benedict! I understand it much better now! 70 years and actually kicked off your own land, bad. 3,000 years ago Bible stuff, good, virtually a deed to the property! Can't understand why I never understood that before, thanks.

      Edit: Ok, benedict did some Googling, and now I've got the story straight. Israel, all the people and all the stuff were there all the time, they were just in hiding until 1948.

  • Inflammatory posters at UCLA call Students for Justice in Palestine 'Jew haters' (Updated)
    • Well, I hope Hophmi is satisfied. He wanted to know who did it, and now we do. Speaking of which, do they ever get tired of stepping in it.

    • "Yes and yes, which is why I’ve been merciless on people in my community that engage in it, why I supported the Park 51 project, why I’ve posted several dozen screeds on social media taking on people like Pamela Geller and why I participate in Jewish-Muslim outreach."

      Hophmi gets called on not supplying a link to the "two Jewish-Muslim outreach organizations" where he serves on the Board of Directors, but can't link us to. So what does old Hophmi do? He doubles down! And claims a whole lot more stuff he won't link to.
      Way to build up that cred, Hophmi! So please, Link us to this great stuff?

      "You guys have a long history..."

      Of breaking little hearts, like the one in Hophmi? Go ahead, Hoph, hit us with your best shot.

    • "Must be your implaqueability Mooser."

      Well, I have always wondered why Israel did not make it plain to everybody that the Jews in the rest of the world have nothing to do with what Israel decides to do. Sort of a disclaimer.

    • "Racism and the Caste system all in one"

      And to top it off, she lost 5 pounds off her waist and hips, and now looks svelte!

    • "Well the world is filled with liars"

      But there are very few people who can receive and decode diplomatic radio transmissions with their fillings. It takes a sort of knack.

    • "Didn’t collaborators get executed in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising?"

      Collaborating with the Germans in the Warsaw Ghetto? It never happened, not once! Against TU! Why, collaborating with the Nazis would be as bad as being an anti-Zionist!

    • "Maybe whomever did this should emulate the students at Durban Tech [South Africa~ed.], when they called for Jews to “de-register.”

      Well, I suppose you can keep on hoping for that, but Hophmi, why hasn't Zionism, or Israel, made sure that everybody knows that Zionism and Israel are entirely the responsibility of the Jews in Israel (or working for Israel, like diplomats, etc.) and in no way the responsibility of Jews anywhere else. So Jews anywhere else shouldn't be attacked for them.
      Why don't they do that, Hophmi? It would cost next to nothing, and make a lot of us old galoots feel more secure. Why don't you suggest it to them, Hophmi?
      It couldn't hurt.

      You know, like a legal announcement in the newspaper: "Israel declares that Galut is no longer responsible for Israel's debts, or actions, blah, blah..." you know the form, I'm sure

    • This will all be over very soon, thank G-d. I received word through the fillings in my teeth that Israel plans to make a public, international proclamation declaring that only Israeli Jews are responsible for the actions of Israel, and the Jews in the rest of the world are not involved and should not be held responsible.
      That should really ratchet down the tension. Should happen any day now.

  • Ten year old Palestinian boy attacked by settlers and abducted by Israeli soldiers while playing in the snow in Hebron
    • "Currently, one out of every six men drafted into the IDF drops out before completing his three-year term."

      Lack of TU. It's showing up everywhere. And it was so strong up til now, too. It's a shame.

      And gosh, what if the guy who has done his full Army service comes home to find the drop-out got his job and married his best girl. Can't have that, gotta make sure the drop-outs don't do as well as real IDF vets.

  • Racism is in the air: Video showing racist exchange between Israelis and a flight attendant goes viral
    • Gee thanks, all, how very generous. But really, it's just a sort of knack, I'm sure anybody could do it.
      I always try to remember that levity is the soul of wit!

      Oh yes, and "dialogue".

    • "The British were definitely supremacist in they colonial period, and insisted on proper manners."

      And if the natives didn't always display those good manners, the British beat hell out of them, or worse. Or blew them from the mouths of cannons.

      Oh, wait, you are talking about British manners toward the natives? Oh wow.... (begins backing away) oh yes, I'm sure they were of the best (runs like hell).

    • "PS 2 shekels will get you 5 that my classy greek hook is bigger than yours!"

      Yes, but have you got a dewlap?

    • "Almog also said that when Naftali was in Afula on Sunday, a shopkeeper spat in his face and tried to attack him, screaming “Drop this story with Bibi; I’ll finish you!””

      Naftali: "What on earth are you yelling about, shopkeeper? I happen to know you are a tepid Herzog supporter, and hardly even interested in politics."
      Shopkeeper: "Yes, that's true, but I am also an Israeli! If there's screaming, spitting and attacking going on, count me in! Your mother's wears upside-down eye-liner!"

    • "So he reads headlines, types up a brief comment in reply, and moves on to the next story or website."

      Ah, I get it, he's on an hourly wage, and I guess some of the others get paid-by-the-word.

    • "My aunt told me later that my uncle used Saturday night drinks to determine who had the right stuff early on in their training. "

      Gosh, considering the amount of money it takes to train a pilot, not to mention the personal commitment required from the hope-to-be pilot him (or her) self, I can't think of a more objective or fairer way to see who should be washed out.

      And a guy named Mikey Weinstein tells me religion enters into it, too. We need God-fearing pilots.

    • "Her tone was one of affectionate amusement rather than condemnation."

      I remember when they caught me, on Torah-knowledge examination day, with a list of 'begats' inscribed on my shirtcuffs. You never saw such a fracas! I almost didn't get Bar Mitzvahed over it.

    • "Fine ,fine but no need to snap at me"

      Oy I messed up my editing. No snapping intended. Sorry.

    • "The image of the “Ugly American’ is now quite quaint."

      I hope so. I read "The Ugly American" (by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer) and the "ugly" American is actually the hero of the book (insofar that it has one), as opposed to the "pretty Americans" who meant the inhabitants of the SE Asian country the book is set in no good, in spite of their "pretty" appearance. But the phrase "Ugly American" came to mean something else, oddly enough

    • "Clearly this zionist self serving bigot has few social skills."

      Okay, okay, so aidel gepotchket they are not.

    • "I am told however by people that know that no such discipline or code of conduct exist in the israeli military so you might be right."

      Oh, please, tell me about it.

      I'm sure that is pretty much the same everywhere.

    • Palikari, don't you have another barrel in that pop-gun of yours? You take one shot and run, every time.

    • "This is what happens when you instill in a people a feeling of entitlement since birth."

      In a stratified (especially one stratified along such bullshit lines!) society everybody is always anxious and/or aggressive. You've got all those people either trying to demonstrate they are worthy, entitled to the superior positions, and all those people resentful of inferior positions, and all of it deadly serious because of the economic and legal implications (as well as the social and psychological)

      Good job Zionists, you've created the Nuju and they're a mess.

    • "Go round the corner and get the 68."

      Maybe I'll just take one of the cars. For some reason, I don't trust buses anymore.

    • My parent used to sing me to sleep with this old folk-song:

      "Speak harshly to your little boy,
      And beat him when he sneezes!
      He only does it to annoy,
      Because he knows it teases!"

    • Gee, could somebody correct me if I am wrong, but isn't, no matter where they come from, (and no matter what the level of etiquette in the home shtetl) isn't the most universal experience for Israelis being drafted into the IDF for a couple of years at 18? And doing occupation service?
      Perhaps that has something to do with it.

    • Oh you don't need to mention Hizballah! I once argued an Israeli to a standstill. He was working for a Seattle "developer" (and that's another story and it's in the papers) and was trying to sell me some property. I told him how I felt about Zionism (you know how it is, tribal unity made us intimate, quickly, and I am very good at ingratiating myself, as anybody can see.)
      He said we could "agree to disagree". See how easy that was?

    • "But of course, you’re using it to demonize an entire nation."

      Nobody pays me to do PR work for Israel. You bet I want them "demonized"! I'm not going down with their airplane cause we have the same hook in our nose, buddy.

    • Israelis, rude? Huh? I just got done with an Israeli on another thread. He seemed to be exquisitely sensitive to word-choices. I said "goddam" and he went all to pieces.

      And ever since then, the No. 26 which goes down my street, stops in front of my house and revs his engine threateningly!

      And I'll be damned, damned to hell and back if I ever, ever let an Israeli talk down to me again.

      So we live here, in the US, (and all over the world) with no protection whatsoever, and we manage. They live where they are special by law, have a superior position, and they screw everything up. I'll be damned if I will be talked down to by them.

    • " It must be in their DNA."

      In their DNA? Yeah, they wish.

    • But, but, aren't they all Israelis? The passengers, and the flight crew, too? I mean, hey, we're all Israelis here! Friends, roaming countrymen, where is your ex-ibal trunity?

  • Netanyahu flips off Harry Truman
    • Thanks very much for the extensive reply, "Talknic".

      I cannot, understand why Israel, no matter what it ultimately gets away with, must also be absolved into the bargain. Yes, they may get away with a lot of it, but none of that makes it all right. It doesn't change what happened.

    • "Nonetheless, since 51% (or more) of Jews support Israel’s right to exist, one can “blame” (if you find blaming useful as a basis for your next step of action) American Jews."

      And Yonah very carefully glues the target on our backs. Yonah seems to be saying that the 51% (and more) support makes it necessary to blame all Jews for the works of Zionism.

      I'm telling you, it does my heart good to see Jews that aren't afraid of anti-Semitism any more! How far we've come! Yonah seems to be saying, 'Bring it on, we can handle it!' And if tribal unity holds up, we will!

    • "you accept this (bull’s eye painted on your back)."

      Of course he does! (because he thinks it will always be a paintball fight)

    • "“Zionism saved hundreds of thousands”

      So, after the horrible genocide of WW2, it was a matter of a couple of hundred thousand Jews who might want to settle in Palestine? Seems like that could have been accomplished.

    • "eljay- I do not read many of JeffB’s comments. "

      Yonah, is that the old TU? Is that the Moma lotion? You aren't going to boost a fellow Zionist? Oh well, in unity there is strength, but I guess you can do what you want.

      “Zionism saved hundreds of thousands”

      Ok, Yonah, no arguement, Zionism saved "hundreds of thousands. Okay Yonah, so it comes down to a couple of hundred thousand Jews, and that was too many to settle peaceably in Palestine?

      Gee, if it was just a matter of a couple of hundred thousand people, what went wrong? That should have been easy.

    • "And G-d bless the ol’ bastard...."

      Oh cripes, sorry, you know how us old soldiers talk. I was carried away by reminiscences and got as little too picaresque. Didn't mean a word except "G-d bless", of course.

    • "A discussion of Ben Gurion’s motives and results is perfectly on topic, but irrelevant to the point being made by Bibi in his ads."

      Yonah, what's big, grey, and always carries a trunk?

    • " If you consider yourself a friend of the Palestinians, I am asking you please to support my ideas, "

      I'm not sure you want to take it along those lines, Dr. Fincham. Around here, you never know, he might even be a Palestinian! (Just trying to help.)

    • "So how much does Israel get to get away with?"

      eljay, I'm not the expert, I'm the gimpel who is asking the dumb questions! "Talknic" seems to know what Israel has gotten away with so far. Maybe Dr, Fincham knows how much Israel should get away with.
      I certainly don't.

    • "People who refer to Ben Gurion by some shortened form would call him B.G. never Ben."

      Maybe not you Yonah, but me an' ol' Bennie were like this. Like this!
      Sure, he was a little formal at first, as befits a noted war criminal and terrorist, but in a few weeks he unbent and said "Look, you can cut the 'Mr. Gurion' stuff and call me "Ben" or "Bennie". And G-d bless the ol' bastard, it was always "Moosie" or (when he'd had a few) "my little Moosila".
      It's too bad you weren't around, Yonah, ol' Bennie was a lot of fun when you got to know him. Every once in a while he would put one hand over his eye and do his dead-on imitation of Moshe Dyan trying to estimate mortar ranges. Oh, G-d, we laughed. He used to say "I never knew Dyan had a glass eye until it came out in the conversation!"
      Yonah, a guy like that does not stand on formality!

    • Thanks "Talknic" I was hoping for a clarification of the the clarifying.

      I guess the moral of the story is not to confuse what is actually the law, and what actually happened with what Israel can get away with.

    • Thanks much for clarifying, Dr. Fincham. Thanks.

    • "Zionism saved hundreds of thousands"

      Zionism saved Jewish people in the post WW2 "displaced person's camps" from going anyplace else, except Palestine, if they were "good human material" or had money.

      Yonah, if you want to go into how many Jews Zionism "saved" I suggest you wear your Wellies, and have the hose and a stiff brush ready. You are going to step in it, a lot.

    • "I’m perplexed that not a single one of you guys (by which I mean Zionists – liberal, regular or hard-core) has condemned or even commented...."

      Of course not, "eljay"! How could they, between tribal unity, and the high degree of etiquette practiced by Zionists?

      And besides, are you expecting some kind of 'Unified Theory of Zionism" from those clowns? Don't you understand that Zionism is a democracy! The only unifying principle in Zionism is sacrifice for the Jewish people! Self-interest plays no part!

    • "Sorry I don’t see that. The USA government was mostly overrun by Arabists."

      Is that who those guys were? I never knew. I thought they were re-shooting "The Arabian Nights" at the State Department. That's why all those camels were parked in front of the Capitol!

      Oh, Jeffy, you are always good for a laugh!

    • "here’s your shmuel update. he’s inundated with work. writing 2 books, article and teaching."

      Good, that's sure what I was hoping to hear. That he's busy, teaching writing. Glad to know, thanks, Annie.

    • "Not that editing or whatever they won is not important in the film industry."

      I think they won a technical award for vorkapiching . And for the mellowest drama.

    • "And there isn’t anything the Zionists can do about it. That’s the important thing."

      There's too many moles for them to whack any more. And their machinations are getting too exposed. They can still try to do the things they have been doing of course.

    • "The process of declaration and recognition is not the only, or most common, means by which a state gains recognized sovereignty."

      Thanks for those two comments helping to explain the sequence and meaning of the events.

      Wouldn't, in the case of the territories outside of the original Partition and occupied by Israel, the "acquired by war" prohibition come into play as a fundamental objection to "gaining sovereignty" rather than "occupying"? (Although, no matter what, at this point not with the territory of the original partition) No matter what settlement is ultimately reached.

    • "In the mid 1940s the USA policy was to support the arms boycott. My great uncle abused his ties with the army to help get weapons to Palestine."

      Is that what "JeffyB"s "great uncle" did? Isn't there a name for doing that; "abusing his ties to the army"? I know it's not tikkun olam but it does begin with "T", and sometimes ends with a firing squad.

    • " If Ben Gurion had had a different frame of mind he would have acceded to the US wishes"

      And Ben Gurion, of course, was a moody guy, and you never knew which way he would go. It's not as if he had any consistent aims, or, indeed, had taken any irrevocable actions by that time.
      Gosh, old Ben's in a funky mood, says "We must have our own state" and then the Nakba happened. Ah, the chance connections and wild choices of fate!

    • " when Wasserman Schultz “sensed Obama was considering replacing her as chair in 2013, she began to line up supporters to suggest the move was both anti-woman and anti-Semitic.

      I am getting the horrible feeling that maybe TU can't be depended on. That's really scary!

    • In case you forgot, 33 countries voted for partition,"

      Exactly, Hophmi! Everybody voted for it! So in that case, why didn't "Israel" abide by it??

    • Thanks, "talknic"! That was a bit of a slog to get through (my lips get tired reading all the big words) but it makes the situation crystal clear. Thanks again.

      There is one thing which makes it hard to understand. Why would Jews put other Jews in that kind of situation? But if I ask that, I'll disturb the TU.

      Anyway you don't have to scratch very hard to find it. The Hasbara infection, I mean.

    • "He has no complaint about..."

      Why does he need to? There's an important point here, and that is that a foolish consistency is not required of American Jewish Zionists. They can change their mind any old time they think it suits their purposes or, their principles.
      The Zionists have no disciplinary power (of any real kind) over American Jews. Not even the compulsions produced by poverty or anti-Semitism.

      Do you see what I am saying? Hell, I hope Mr. Rubin's turn-around is in fact, entirely hypocritical! Serves the Zionists right, and is exactly what they deserve.
      The point is, that no matter what it's based on, the Zionists have neither the power or the condition which will bring him back into line. If he made the decision purely on self-interest, that's fine with me. He made it, and so will many, many others. And there isn't anything the Zionists can do about it. That's the important thing.

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