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  • 'This land is ours. All of it is ours': Meet the Netanyahu cabinet members focused on fighting BDS & annexing the West Bank
    • So let me get this straight. The God who didn't show up for the Holocaust, will show up to intervene in the Zionist's behalf? Yeah, OK.

    • "never mind, covered in previous comments."

      ROTFLMSJAO!!! You do have a sense of humor, Yonah!

    • " if you are paraphrasing you should say so and not use quotemarks."

      Ah, yes, the amazing Zionist relationship with quotes and the quotemarks which distinguish them.

    • "Ms. Hotovely and extremists like her..."

      Good ol' "Jon s" always ready to say something bad about other Israelis. But, of course, only to us at Mondo. Actually oppose those "extremists"? Nah, not so much.

      C'mon, "Jons" show us the daylight between you two. There isn't any.

  • Red lines, shmed lines-- U.S. must buy Israel's compliance with Iran deal
    • "However-it seems much more obvious that commentaries here as well as the owner have much love for the Mullahs who control Iran with an iron fist."

      Does this mean you won't be sending "PW" and Mondo a Hannukah card? That'll sting, but you gotta do what you gotta.

  • Corey Robin revisits Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem
    • "Mooser you do such incredible acrobatics trying to understand (justify) Hamas’s suicide bombings of civilian targets."

      Gosh "Neggy", I'm flattered you went through the trouble of checking my comment archive, but after all that research, why didn't you link to any of my quotes justifying "Hamas’s suicide bombings of civilian targets". After all, that could make people think you were, ah, firing from the hip, so to speak.

    • "Is the rule about justifying or denying the Nakba no longer in force?"

      Maybe the Mods got tired of trying to prevent Zionism from being defended entirely by lunacy and logorrhea? I believe that led to complaints about the paucity of Zionist voices on Mondo.

    • "A rather extreme example of not keeping kosher,"

      I am no expert on the intricacies of Kashruth, but I'm sure you are right, in one way or another. Let's not think about it.

    • "You are aware that more of the Sassen interview tapes were recently found and written about, and there is no question that Arendt was incorrect in her statements."

      Will Hannah Arendt be going on a speaking tour with Tony Judt?

    • "Let’s not do the whole namecalling thing."

      The Irgun was not a private army working under the auspices of a political movement Zionism? The Irgun was not devoted to carrying out the aims of Zionism through violence? (And all under cover of Judaism, too. One of the most disgusting acts of religious fraud carried out in a long time.) That puts them up their with the SA in my book.

    • Oddly enough I'm re-reading Shirer's "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" right now.

    • "I know you will shout “Zionist propaganda” etc., but I think it might be interesting, even for a partisan like yourself, to look at the Irgun’s deliberations, policy, and reasoning for when and why they did what they did they did 1938-1939." "Neggy" - See more at: link to

      Poor misunderstood Irgun! If only we made some effort to understand them, and their "reasoning".

    • "Philip Roth’s greatest novel is easily “Portnoy’s Complaint.”

      "And now you know the worst thing I ever did...."

      Very true about "Portnoy's Complaint". Never really understood myself or my culture till I read that. It's my guide to the perplexed.

    • "I know you will shout “Zionist propaganda” etc., but I think it might be interesting, even for a partisan like yourself, to look at the Irgun’s deliberations, policy, and reasoning for when and why they did what they did they did 1938-1939."

      It's not "propaganda", not at all! It very clearly shows they were thugs and murderers, rather like the SA or SS.

    • "At the time, I expected a retort with a counter- example or two of cases where rational explanations alone could not suffice. Instead, my very erudite and usually tempered friend launched into a crazy sounding diatribe that came seemingly out of the blue. He did not have a single argument to proffer, instead preferring to accuse my not-quite-prepared self of buying into abject anti-semitism mixed with self-hatred."

      You touched off a Ziocaine Syndrome event. That can be very dangerous.

  • The crisis of the American Jewish community
    • "Or am I thinking of Holy Ground?"

      Perhaps you are thinking of the whole cloth out of which computers are woven. You know, the Shroud of Turing.

    • "I hereby chide you severely for your lack of Judaic respect."

      I've always been a Litvak. Can't help it.
      If it's any discomfort to you, it is almost certain I would be just as disrespectful to any religion I happened to be. I'm sure I would make no distinctions in that respect.

    • "If the JVP Jews influence a sufficiently large number of Jews, and this influence passes on from generation to generation, then more and more Jews will become ex-Jews, and leave no Jewish offspring."

      You are right, RoHa! What's a parent to do? Obviously, there's only one strategy which can make a practical difference in halting this descent into apostasy: Parents should make joining JVP grounds for dis-inheritance, and the family assets (or that prodigal's share of them) will be turned over to the JNF. That'll show 'em!

    • "As hophmi said. None."

      Azoy vert dos kichel tzekrochen!

    • You wrote, “So they don’t matter in the long run.”

      I've got it! Hophmi's real name is Methuselah! He plans to outlive all those JVP kids by several centuries at least. Time is on his side.

    • "JVP Jews by and large are just leftists who happen to be Jewish,"

      Olde Yiddish folk-song, loosely translated:

      "Oh, how ya' gonna keep 'em,
      Down at the Schul,
      After they join JVP?

      How ya' gonna keep 'em
      Away from the tref?
      Or going off and marrying
      some cute Gentile waif?

    • " I mean, can you imagine sicker than that?"

      Why, yes, I can. What's even sicker is Hophmi's idea that a guy who is ashamed of his own name is going to have a big hand in the Jewish future, for one thing.
      And the idea that Judaism is going to turn itself over to a Hophmi to design its future, is pretty twisted, too.

    • BTW, when we talk about "The Jewish Community, which one are we talking about? Are we talking about the Orthodox, the Conservative or Reform (to mention only the roughest divisions)?
      As far as I know (and I would appreciate any info to the contrary,) they are for all intents and purposes, separate religions.
      Hophmi may be talking about "Leftist radical assimilations" or whatever, but it sure sounds to me like he is talking about Reform Jews. Really, once a person has eaten tref slept with a Gentile, produced half-breed children, and ignored the Sabbath, what possible effect could they have on the Jewish future?

    • Gee, without significant, government imposed anti-semitism, an entire cohort of Jews who fancy themselves as intermediaries between Jews and others will be out of a job.

      BTW, the people who Hophmi says "will by and large not perpetuate Judaism in any meaningful way" are about oh, a good 75% to 90% of the Jews now alive.

      Has anybody else ever seen a religion so eager to reduce its own numbers? Oh well, Holy Land, they're not making any more of it. The less Jews there are, the more Holy Land for each Jew.

  • Kim Philby's last straw
    • "The link you provided is to a neo-Nazi website."

      Make sure to report Mondo to the Homeland Defense, you little snitch.

    • " (Why the scare quotes btw?)."

      Well, there were a couple of quote-marks left over from Dabakr's comment, so "Jon s" used them.

    • "Is the same thing as the person who claims: “there sure must be something wrong with those Jews because there is an awful lot of anti-semitism around here. a double blind argument to say the least. i think your actually better then that and wrote too quickly. But maybe not."

      Hey, all, looky here! A new tactic in the Zionist war on quotes. Here we have a quote mark (") at the beginning of a statement ("there sure must be....) but no end-quote mark! So what on earth is that lone quote-mark supposed to mean?

      You know, Zionists may have put Gaza "on a diet" but there's one thing they are very generous with. They will always put words in somebody else's mouth.

    • "And everything in the “Protocols” , from start to finish, is a lie."

      Even the part about the Jews raising private terrorist armies and sending colonists in to take Palestine for themselves? Even the part about stealing nuclear arms and holding the world hostage with them? Is all that a lie?

    • "So, sure, while we’re at it, why not include “the Zionists”?"

      Crazy, isn't it? The next thing you know, people will be accusing the Zionists of murdering Folke Bernadotte.

    • "OK, I’m thinking of JFK. Do you believe every crackpot conspiracy theory...."

      "Crackpot theories" like taking the old Testament as history or a land-deed? "Crackpot theories" like the racist ideas which undergird Zionism? Buddy, you don't want to be talking about "crackpots".
      "Crackpot theories" about how Israel has annexed Jerusalem?

  • The grotesque injustice of Obama's speech at the Washington synagogue
    • Admit it, Hophmi. The latest tonsorial fad among men with alopecia, shaving one's head, was a real kick in the guts to Jewish conversion efforts. Who needs a yarmulke now?

    • Is it any wonder that Jewish kids today only pass their Scripture Knowledge test by dint of caffeine and a list of begats inscribed on their shirt-cuffs? No, not when we consider that:

      In Israel there's a rising tide of racism , xenophobia and anti-democratic tendencies, especially (though not exclusively) among the Orthodox Jews. - See more at: link to "Jon s"

    • "And Happy Shavuot to all those celebrating today!"

      That's right! And all of you who are not celebrating today, you're a bunch of apostates, and you'll get yours later!

  • JVP to Obama: 'Shared values' means opposing Israel's systematic discrimination against non-Jews
    • "I’m glad you avoid being judgemental about Mooser."

      So am I!!

    • "The security council has nothing better to do than chase accountants in Albuquerque?"

      What happened to the guy who used to have your job? Ever think about that?
      Coupla black UN helicopters made a left at Albuquerque, and he was never heard from again.

    • "Don’t judge"

      Of course, when the situation is as clear as it is to you in the Taos Pueblo, judgements are simply unavoidable. And you are just the guy to make 'em.

  • Sam Harris and the dangers of false atheism
    • "And it means “down diddy doo.”

      Blake wrote of it, and its sublime mystery.

    • "But, seriously, I frequently ask “what do you mean by X”, and hardly ever receive answers.
      Why is that?"

      Have you tried asking these same questions while standing in the dusk, waiting to go gently in to that good-night? Do that, my son, and you may even learn the answer to the ultimate question: "What does 'diddy-wah-diddy' mean?"

    • "prayer is the including of G-d in ones thoughts and deeds"

      I do more than that, I always let God tell me what to do. And so far, we haven't had a single argument! He always agrees with me.

    • "What do you mean by “spirituality”?

      Dusk, of course.

    • Thanks, "gamal"! Good advice all around. At any rate, it couldn't hurt!

    • Thanks, "Gamal". Well said.

  • Pro-Israel wealthy Jews feature in 'Forward,' Christie roast, and U of Michigan censorship
    • “It’s time to have an adult conversation.”

      Yes, and unlike the child-like media babel which accompanied the debate over VietNam, or Civil Rights, we will be much aided in achieving a mature national discourse concerning IP issues by the presence of Fox News! How can we go wrong?

    • "Especially the Zionists, only that they discriminate against everyone but the Jews."

      Did the Zionists put their hopes in individuals, or maybe families, managing to find their way to Palestine, or did the Zionists think that Jewish populations should be turned over to the Zionists for 'resettlement' in Palestine. I'm pretty sure it was the latter.

    • "They want to be good, properly Jewish, Jews, but they don’t know how, and nobody can tell them how to be Jewish."

      Go to the "Build Your Own Judaism" website for help with this. Design a Judaism which fits your lifestyle. Choose a diet which may help avoid apostate trouble.

    • I wonder if we are reaching a tipping point, a point at which more accusations of anti-semitism are made by Jews against other Jews or Jewish organizations, than against non-Jews. I wonder if some kind of analysis would show we passed that point a while back. I don't know.

    • RoHa, has any religion ever been so hamstrung by self-haters in its mist? (They're worse than gorillas. ) Here we have a "Jew hating" rag, calling itself "The Jewish Daily Forward" which has been in business, I think for, well over a hundred years!
      Amazing, isn't it, that besides being beset by persecution from without, we must fight a running battle with those within the religion itself? I wonder why that could be?

    • I think Yonah is saying the "Jewish Daily Forward" ("the referenced article") article referred to in Phil Weiss's article is "antiSemitic in any number of ways" and is a "Jew hating article."

      But you know, I'm pretty sure that whole "Jewish Daily Forward" place is full of apostates anyway. It's those apostates who mess up the tribal unity. "Remember the TU, consider the TU! " That's all I ask. Think before you excommunicate!

  • Obama equates Israel's creation to African-Americans gaining right to vote
    • "especially when there is a worldwide rise in antisemitism, and life for Jews in Europe is becoming increasingly untenable."

      I know how you feel Hophmi, but I think you should give up on it. I don't think Zionism's "best friends" are going to carry out their part of the deal.

  • Sheesh: A conservative response to the special relationship
    • "That’s what I am saying, beneath the American mask of “we are so tolerant” is the depth of viscous bigotry. "

      It's an oily, oleaginous bigotry, too. "Viscous"? It's more than just lubricious, it's a multi-weight, all-season, semi-synthetic, long-life lubricant!

      Now, stop blubbering "catalan". And wipe your nose.

      "I have already expressed my conviction that humanity will shortly reach its breaking point and a war of annihilation will follow."

      Oh, that's nice. But please, wipe your nose.

    • "I am living the affluence here in the States but inside I will aways (sic) be a 7 year old boy with boogers waiting in line in the cold for the once a year oranges" - See more at: link to "Catalan"

      Yup. Like the sitar player with an unexpected hit single, it's a ragas-to-riches story.

    • "What was Mozart thinking writing all those Divertimenti…?"

      Oh, crap. I was hoping you wouldn't bring up that whole Mozart-and-the-Divertimenti thing. But you did, and well, case closed! Can't fight Mozart, well, unless you're Putin, of course.

    • What a subtle attempt at diversion! "Hophmi" and "catalan" are so clever! We'll never find our way back to the topic.

  • Zionism is tired
    • Hello "Boomer". Of course you are right, it would have been PBS, (not NPR I make that mistake all the time!) so it would have been one of the KCTS Ch. 9 stations in the Seattle area.
      Might it have been a Rick Steves travelogue? Don't remember. The Channel 9 (KCTS) website might list it in the archives.

    • "We’re it not for the British, the mandate would never have included any mention of a Jewish National Home."

      I caught part of some NPR documentary on Jerusalem, bout 2 weeks ago now. The part I saw featured an interview with the now-elderly Zionist woman who had 'cased' the King David Hotel for the Zionist bombs. She was still proud damned proud, of having killed British people. 'They were our enemies', or something like that was her line.

    • "try reading the recent article & comments on MW re Obama’s bribing Israel to quit bawling so loud until his Iran Deal is...."

      You have a point, Citizen, but it is important to keep in mind that the Moderators at Mondo seem to be making a big effort to exclude any sensible or moderate Zionist commenters. For some reason, the extremist lunatic Zionists are featured. And even with all those moderate and sensible pro-Zionist comments to choose from, too. So it's best to take them with an few grains salt.

    • Sure, "ivri"!
      Yes folks, if there is one thing that history in-dub-itably teaches us, it's that Jewish Nationalism projects always succeed!
      Yes sir, why don't the Arabs just look at Jewish history, and shrug their shoulders, and say "Facing a completely united, politically disciplined and rapidly-growing organization like "the Jews", what with our limitless population, infinite financial and natural resources, including a huge land-mass with access to all the oceans, what possible chance do we Arabs have. We give up!"

      Sure, "ivri". Now, to show us the floor topping and desert wax benefits, why don't you top your comment off with an explanation of how turning our religion into an absurd yet/and criminal political ideology, and stealing a small country we can't stay inside of has been 'good for the Jews'?

  • Netanyahu eulogizes settler movement founder convicted of manslaughter
    • "His trial began in August 1989, despite protests by 13 right-wing Knesset members and hundreds of supporters."

      Ah, such respect for the judiciary they have in Israel.

    • "then we could simply make you and your friends judge, jury and executioner or more likely as has been done before you will simply anoint yourselves."

      And in the immortal and inspiring words of the Psalmist we chant (translation from Hebrew): "Oy Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, think I'll eat some worms".

    • "Hopefully Moshe Levinger burns in eternal damnation, that would be fitting for a scumbag murderer who justifies his killings by claiming he was “chosen by God.”

      Well, to be fair, there is no record of G-d issuing a denial.

  • 'NYT' obit turns the murderous settler rabbi into a 'contentious firebrand'
    • I have come to the conclusion that the sole reason "catalan" comments is to attempt diversion.

  • The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity
    • If I'm not mistaken, when the oil companies were offered Iraq's oil after the war, they refused it.

    • The way I remember it, Gulf War 1 was touted as such as success, that nobody was concerned about being blamed for Bush Jr.'s Iraq invasion, it was going to be a slam-dunk. It was more like the neo-cons and Israel-firsters were afraid they wouldn't get enough credit for creating the war.

    • "But they left their Jewishness behind, in their mad rush to respectability."

      C'mon, already, huh? They left one kind of Jewishness behind, and choose another. There have been "court Jews" for hundreds of years.

    • ‘If “our government” broadly was running a propaganda campaign that’s them doing their job, organizing the population and trying to achieve policy consensus.’

      Sure, Dr. Pangloss, whatever you say. After all, everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

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