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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Rescuing atheism from Harris and Hitchens
    • "promote and violently defend their own Gods." "Cigar God"

      And I suppose you would be all right, just hunky-dory, with somebody 'diss'ing' George Burns? Or saying "God smokes ultra-light cigarettes!"

    • Well, as for me, I'm convinced. If humans didn't invent God, He would have to exist.

  • J Street names Jewish victims of latest violence, but leaves out Palestinians' names
    • "How can J Street be called liberal? How can the adjective liberal be applied to any kind of Zionism?"

      Hello, Emory! Welcome. I think the moron in the oxy of "liberal Zionism" has been much discussed at Mondoweiss. Use the "search" box (click on magnifying glass, top right) or click the "archives" tab at the top of the page to get started.

  • In Israel/Palestine we are witnessing the end of a colonial regime
    • "(Israeli sovereignty over West Jerusalem is, of course, not in question internationally.)"

      And will exist when the "colonial regime" ends?

    • "The Kingdom of Jerusalem lasted about 200 years,"

      And Methuselah lived 900 years! But who calls that livin'...

  • Israel lights the spark at Al-Aqsa again
    • "Irvi", no doubt, distinguishes himself by pronouncing it "hyper-boles" instead of "hy-PUR-bə-lee".

    • "Well, that`s because the way they redefine “defeat” today in the political correct lingo. Similarly, the US was “defeated” in Afghanistan and perhaps even in Iraq. Once upon the time defeat meant that the other side vanquished your forces – perhaps took your land."

      Of course, back in those days, the Jewish people were the uncontested masters of the earth, and dumb "laws of war" and "politically correct" nonsense never concerned us! After all, we weren't the ones suffering. We just took what we wanted, all over Europe, right "irvi"?
      If only we could return to those glory days of 1750- 1950 or so, the days of unrestricted warfare and booty. We were champs at it, right "ivri"? We were always on the winning side, right, "Irvi" And today, with our vastly increased resources, and the hundreds of millions of young men ready to fight and die for our cause, how can we lose?

    • "Once upon the time defeat meant that the other side vanquished your forces – perhaps took your land."

      Yeah "Once upon a time". Another fairy tale. You're full of it, I mean, them.

    • I'll save everybody the trouble since I endured it.
      Shorter "ivri":

      'This is our big chance to seize Al Aqsa, now's our chance!!'

  • 'We want him to speak up on Palestine': Boston SJP statement on being kicked out of Bernie Sanders rally
    • "Any solution which puts the Palestinians in a Greater Israel area as the majority is not going to be acceptable to the Israelis and is a recipe for civil war."

      "A civil war" meaning Israeli-against-Israeli? I should worry about that?
      Because Israeli might start shooting at each other, we should let them go on doing what they are doing?
      Let 'em.

  • Scenes from the Gaza fuel crisis
    • "In addition to providing Americans a brief and sorely needed lesson in resource limits"

      Do you really want to do that, Neil? It might make Americans think abut how much money and resources we waste on Israel, and what we get back for it.

      No, I think your interest is in having Americans think we have unlimited resources to waste on Israel.

  • Jerusalem at a breaking point
    • "The right-wing provocateurs should be prevented from setting foot there,"

      And, who is going to do that, the same "Israeli soldiers" who are now protecting them? I looked at your archive on "Jerusalem" and you are convinced we own it lock, stock and barrel and always have. You would just rather somebody else did the dirty-work involved.

    • "It looks like you’re the one with the genocidal agenda."

      Uh, "Jon s" when you talk to Yoni Falic, do you know who you are talking to? Well, maybe you'd better find out.

      You are getting Tribal Unity all upset. Hasn't she been through enough already?

      "There are over 8 million Israelis, many of them 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation born in Israel."

      There are, I would assume, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations born of the people ethnically cleansed from the Palestine by the Zionists. Why you keeping them out?
      Look what do you intend to do, just keep flinging this stuff until we hopefully forget what actually happened?

    • "Jerusalem is not in Israel."

      If Mondoweiss had an article consisting of just that headline, I wager it would engender the biggest epidemic of Zionist logorrhea ever. Just those five words.

    • "I don’t really think that it is... But in my dark moments I fear that it is."

      Yes, I know what you mean. And now events are developing so fast all over the region.

    • "Places are made holy by the sentiments that arise in our minds concerning them."

      Oh yes, that's true! Why when Zionists look at Palestine the thoughts that "arise in our minds" is "This place is wholly! "Wholly, Wholly, Wholly mine!"

    • "It may also be that the mass of Palestinians comes eventuallly to the same conclusion, that they must leave."

      Much more likely that support for Zionism, which was a fad and a fraud to begin with, will collapse before it comes to that.
      Do you really think Zionism is a powerful enough historical idea, along with the artificial "Jewish people" that not even we really believe exists that we are willing to bear the costs that genocide, transfer, will bring, to get Palestine?
      If so, congratulations, you have a lower opinion of Zionism than even I do.

    • "The Temple Mount is Judaism’s holiest place. Jews have right to visit and pray, but we are not allowed to, in the Jewish capital of the Jewish state. This is outrageous."

      You so funny. Palikari, you may not know this, but it will come as a relief to you to know that God hears our prayers no matter where we are. The reception isn't any better in Jerusalem. It's an all digital 1G network. Okay, it's not quite as fast as the Christians 3G network, but it works fine from anywhere.

    • "It is the extreme sanctity of the Temple Mount within Judaism that has kept almost all traditional Jews from even stepping foot there."

      Oh, please, please don't throw us in the Briar Patch! Good thinking, Eliot! Unfortunately, too late for that now.

  • Hey Jews, listen up, Netanyahu is your leader!
    • " Its actually a psychopathic kind of thing, but it all collapses when any of us get sick or need real help."

      Oh, that's easy for you to say, but I've got Tribal Unity (this is her, in better days) living here at Moosehall, and you just started her weeping and wailing again.

      "PS most kids I know whose parents made them go to hebrew school hid in the bathroom the whole time. My wife did, we have that in common. It was that or be taught about some loser college students perception of isreal, a la Brandeis Hillell in about 1977."

      Oh great, now she's hysterical. Why don't you tell me how to calm her down. Wait, it's still early, maybe I can sneak some vodka into her cornflakes at breakfast. That poor girl. She's even been kicked out of England's Jewish Chronicle

    • "Until it does, it’s just a small blip on the radar."

      Yup, just a little blip- with a nice sized illegal uncontrolled nuclear arsenal. (And a fairly robust delivery system, too) Blip-blip-blip-BLAM!

    • "keep the Yiddish coming"

      Brush up your Yiddish and the women you will wow!

      Here is an interesting web article/presentation: "9 ways to Engage Yiddish in the Israel Palestine debate"

    • "TRANSLATION: “If two say you’re drunk, go to bed!”

      Okay let's go to the archives:

      "Mooser sez:
      "Try not posting while drunk, for a start."

      Okay, there's one. And "Grover" replies:

      "Being shickered up is the only way a reasonable person can fathom an Israel hatin' Yidlach such as yourself. - See more at: link to

      That makes two! Nighty-night, "Grover".

    • "But we are told that nearly everyone hates Juice."

      What are you talking about, RoHa? I often spend the entire day looking for the Motts Juice. If I can find the Mot Jewste that's even better.

    • "Well said Mr. Prime Minister..."

      "Grover",Az tzvei zuggen shiker, leigst zich der driter shloffen

  • Video of 18-year-old Palestinian chased by Jewish mob and killed by police shocks global audience
    • "So, just to be clear: If a non-Jew is stabbed and, shortly after, a Jew is pursued by a crowd, you’re saying that it’s perfectly acceptable for the non-Jewish police not to arrest but to murder that Jew. Is that about right?"

      Eljay, no, of course not. If it was another Jew the mob wanted shot in Jerusalem, they would yell "He's a filthy Leftist!" or maybe "He's from the B'Tselem" !
      Of course "Look, he's got a TV camera!" might work, too.

    • "A vicious mob that had done what do him before he got shot?
      And your answer is…….?"

      Is it safe to let "Jackdaw" go on commenting here? Can the movement afford it? I mean, he makes Zionism and Zionists so appealing And his arguments are so hard to refute!
      And he's so brave! Such moral and intellectual courage! I'm telling you, he's the man who could change the mind of a whole generation of American Jews.

    • "Annie: You know by now I don’t make things up."

      Thanks for the hilarity, "Jackdaw".

  • 'Third intifada was launched,' Palestinian law student posted before carrying out fatal attack in Jerusalem
    • "The war ended in 1945. Nazism was stamped out. Displaced persons went back home, or (for those manipulated by US propaganda) ended in resettlements across various countries."

      If I am not mistaken, there were about, at most 300,000 displaced Jewish persons in Europe at the end of WW2. It was that low for some very horrible reasons, but that's about what it was.

    • "And what is ‘legitimate self-defence’ when one is living illegally on occupied land?"

      I think every one of the settlements has the inalienable right to hang out a white flag, and say "Please don't shoot, we are unarmed, and there are children here. We are coming peaceably" before they are hauled off.

      Edit: Hoo-boy, does my mind work slow. Go to Hostage's archive and wordsearch "settlers" or various other terms, and you might just get chapter-and-verse on this stuff.

    • Combatant or civilian, in either case, they are still criminals. Is there any way around that?

    • Are they any more innocent than those who supply material aid to the Islamic State?

      "Aaron, ixnay, man! You don't want to go there. I mean okay, if you're another, there's-a-big-steaming-pile-lets-step-in-it kind of guy, go ahead.

    • "“They could have set up a democratic state, where all have the same rights and write a constitution that fits our times, instead of going back 3,000 years into their myths” "

      And possibly suffer the same fate as the Jews who went to America?
      No way! Why, that might have made them equals with the Palestinians! Could they risk that?
      In America, which has one of those moderny constitutiony things, Jews get nothing (the FDA doesn't even enforce kashruth, a basic religious health requirement. The place is nothing but a movable Trefa Banquet!) And look what happened: silent Holocaust" (well, one can imagine something characterized by Peter Noone as "The sound of lovers in love". But I'd rather not.)

      No, they couldn't take that risk.

    • "I’ve always wondered just what the status of ‘settlers’ is under international law? Are they considered civilians?"Where’s Hostage when you need him….?

      Call for Hostage, and get Mooser, hoo-boy, is this place going down hill! But I'll take a stab at it: Whether they are civilians or not, they are still criminals. They are dangerous, habitual criminals. In fact an organized crime.

    • "echo- “Just as well sit where you are and be regular citizens of where you already belong.”
      "Yonah" replies: (with some justification. Some.)" what history book are you reading from? how full of horse manure are you allowed to be? "

      Yonah, I'm sure everybody istired of me saying this, so this'll be the last time (so let's go UC!) THE PRESENT CHANGES THE PAST!!

      Judging by us, and what we say about ourselves, and what we do NOW, I can find it not-very-shocking if people start thinking Jewish persecution and discrimination never quite happened the way we keep on claiming it did. Better get used to it, Yonah, I've been watching it here and indeed, all over, for years, and I think I'm right about this.
      You've been so intent on having the 'past' (and it's not even a real past, but let it go) condition the present, and have been told so often that it should (but gee, it doesn't, does it?) that you are missing the obvious.

    • "All my life I lived and worked with jews and found them talented, generous and friendly. There is no other so small segment of the world´s population that brought forth so many Nobel Price winners, inventors and academic “super” brains"

      Lucky for them you never met me.

  • Bon Jovi's Tel Aviv gig is upstaged by Roger Waters's incantation of Israeli victims, including Dawabshe boy
    • "For an individual, homeland usually means the country where you were born, or grew up in. Your native land.
      As in:
      “Last month, when I visited my homeland, I rejoiced in its freedom”."

      Ooops, there's another one of those little "accidents".

    • Page: 256
    • Uh' Jon s" if all those things you infer happened to Jewish people, and many of them did, can you please link us to a Jewish religious authority who says it is all right for us to kill and steal and lie because of these things, and because of our "feelings" for Palestine?

      And, please, just to reassure me, could you link to a Jewish religious authority who can explain why it gives me rights over Palestinians?

      I just want to know you Zionists are doing the religiously correct Jewish thing in violently colonizing Palestine and all the rest. I mean, this should be cake for you!

    • "Thus, Bali is the homeland of the Welsh nation."

      Ladies and gentleman, please stand, for the Welsh National Anthem!

    • "For an individual, homeland usually means the country where you were born, or grew up in. Your native land."

      C'mon, "jon s" sing along You know the words:

      "And, hey, I was born in West Hartford!"
      - See more at: link to

    • "stealing land or killing children..."

      Anybody's children:

      "And you shall not let any of your children pass through the fire to Molech, neither shall you profane the name of your God: I am the LORD." Leviticus 18:21

    • " I don’t feel comfortable with the word “homeland”. It has too many implications of specific rights that may (or may not) supercede the rights of others. "

      Well then: TELL "Jon s" ABOUT IT!! He's the one who is putting it into practice.

      But I get it, "Yonah" You don't feel comfortable, so the rest of us have to stop "disparaging" that totally bullshit Zionist "Homeland" (Homeland? Mean Gott!) concept? Not going to happen. "Jon s" thinks he has the right to kill other people in the name of the Jews over that "Homeland" GO TALK TO HIM!

    • "Mooser- “Jews to Palestine” was common graffiti in 1930’s Poland."

      Exactly, Yonah! You can see that I am right.
      Yes, we should have kept saying that Palestine was the one place we didn't want to go! Jeez, we have a whole buncha Jewish thought which goes that way: God kicked us out, and we should stay out still He brings us back. (What, you think God needs your[or any man's] help to accomplish that? I trust Him to pick the time and the method, and I'm sure it doesn't involve stealing land and killing children).
      They would have chartered luxury liners to bring us back to Palestine. Oh well, too late for that now.

    • " It’s something I feel a connection to, and enjoy being part of."

      And oh, won't you be daring and liberal and classic Israeli Left when you point out the analogies between Job and the suffering of the Palestinians.

    • "So you won’t have to endure my tiresome tedious and pathetic comments. You can cheer up. "

      Well, gee "Jon s" given that you are now recycling your own comments ("I allow myself to reprint..." Some people might call that spamming the thread) maybe it is time you took a break.

    • "bryan, I suggest that you read Harold Bloom, an expert on literature, and what he has to say about the Original Testament." "Yonah"

      Does Bloom say the Original Testament functions as a land deed, and requires non-Jewish people to obey it?

      You know Yonah, this is all so dumb. I mean Zionism, that is. Why didn't the Zionists "briar patch" Palestine?
      Say it was the last place on earth Jews wanted to go? ('Please, don't throw me in the briar patch!')
      I bet that would have worked, they'd be herding us into the place in droves. Oh well, too late now. I guess we can go on to the story of the "tar baby"

    • "Whether or not present-day Jews are all directly, biologically, descended from the ancient Hebrews or Israelites is impossible to prove"

      Gosh, all that genetics looking for "the Jewish gene" was wasted?
      You don't think modern genetics can give us some pretty definitive answers about that? About the chances, the probability of today's Jews not being "directly, biologically, descended from the ancient Hebrews"? I rather think it can. And has.

    • "How many times a day does a religious Jew mention Jerusalem or the land of israel?" "Yonah"

      How much is each mention worth? A dunam, an acre? A Palestinian life?
      Amazing, just amazing what you think Jewish prayers are good for.

    • "But there are some Jews in America and elsewhere throughout the world and the vast majority of Jews in Israel circa 2015 who consider themselves either as Jews with an awakened national spirit (after a long slumber) while there are many others Jews who consider themselves a religion that puts an emphasis on am yisroel and on eretz yisroel and on Jerusalem. To pretend that this population does not exist because it doesn’t exist in Buddhism is just pretense and wastes everyone’s time."

      Okay, "Yonah" we won't pretend it doesn't exist, no not at all. in fact, I'd like to know more about it. How many people does this group of "some Jews..." consist of? At most, a few million, at most?

      So, I don't get it, what makes you think the entire world is going to upset itself for a tiny, tiny, number of silly, (or worse) people calling themselves"Jews" and claiming the world owes them something? Or does Judaism, (and the world's obligation to it) simply concentrate itself in the remaining Jews, each one entitled to a larger share?

    • "In its spread of people, if not in the 100’s of millions, Judaism became a world religion, not one tethered to a small corner of land."

      Gee, you would think Jewish people would be proud of that. I know I am. But, I do admit, an attitude like that is completely unprofitable, providing neither power, land or money.

    • "Your automatic assumption that all religions are alike: that no religion has a homeland, is based on what?"

      And your contention that the world owes us our fantasy homeland is absurd. It doesn't work that way, especially when there are fewer and fewer of us each year. All they have to do is wait us out. (I know, I know, the National Orthodox and Haredim are going to outbreed the entire world.)

    • " What history? Could you please cite the historical evidence that shows that all or most European Jews, North African Jews, Middle Eastern Jews, African Jews, Asian Jews, American Jews, et al.– that all or most of these Jews are direct descendants of Jews that once lived in Palestine? All the evidence I have seen suggests otherwise."

      So "Jon s" is contending that nobody found the Jewish religion or lifestyle attractive, nobody wanted to marry into us, convert, or even simply get absorbed by an appealing, vigorous and working religion? Okay "Jon s" you are right, nobody would touch us, and we expanded to tens of millions of people over Europe and Asia by 'natural increase'. I don't want to do the math which gets us to the highest point of Jewish population, before Christianity and Islam got busy.
      Gee, I would have thought we could glory in the diversity of people who, for whatever reason, call themselves Jewish, but no.
      But what is making me laugh is this: under my "present change the past" theory, what "Jon s" says (the "natural increase" theory) may actually become true!
      Sorry, just musing, won't do it again.

    • jon s “And if you perform in the USA..."

      Wow, he must hate the "special relationship"!

    • "As a teacher, I try to do my best to remain faithful to the values that I believe in."

      I'm sure you have never falsified an attendance sheet, or defrauded a school for office supplies. Other than that, what the fuck is this "As a teacher"? Say, two can play at that: "As a Jew, I think you're full of crap"

    • Just, I choose to live on land that is part of my people’s "historic homeland" No. 75

      "Jon s" it's just as stupid and untrue as the first time you said it. You talk about stealing land in Palestine like you were choosing a suburban town.

    • "Anf if you perform in the USA you’re.../...trial of the Guantanamo prisoners "

      I'm sorry, "Jon s" is there some list of performers Mondo is demanding must play the US in spite of those things? I'm sure many performers won't play the US.

    • "You stand.../....the Anti-Semites"

      Uh, "Jon s" I want to get one thing clear. Are the things you mentioned the excuse for the things Roger Waters mentioned, or are they the reason for them?

      I don't quite get what the relation is between the things. Could you explain? And most fascinating, what are the "And so on"s? Is it like "ad infinitum" or something?

  • Iran Deal coalition breaks apart, and J Street looks more and more like AIPAC
    • "Ok Mooser, I actually took you up on that offer and googled JVP,..."

      And found a picture on a Facebook page of somebody holding a sign? No, how about something from their mission statement, or a statement of principles. That picture on Facebook is nice, but it's gray and carries a trunk- it's irrelevant.

      And you still haven't talked to "Steve Grover" about JVP being "mainstream" and "Jewish". It's not me you have a problem with. I think JVP stands a good chance of being a Jewish antizionist organization someday. You never know.

    • Thanks, "Grover", I knew I could depend on you (Oh God, let me once in my life fly-fish the stream he comes from) to take the bait.
      Look, you got no problem with me, it's commenter "A4tech" who says:

      "JVP is the most widely accepted and respected mainstream Jewish group existing today, and are fully committed to the values of justice and liberty as instructed in the Torah. They are Jewish first and foremost, not Zionist." - See more at: link to

      Talk to him about it.

    • "The Iran deal did not pass the Congress, it merely avoided Congressional veto."

      Wow, I thought I could party hearty, but I've never seen a man just up-end an entire bottle of pilpul into his mouth and swallow like that! Yup, by the end of the comment he's staggering. I hope EMTs are standing by!

    • "JVP is the most widely accepted and respected mainstream Jewish group existing today,

      Ah, the age of miracles has not passed! Finally, a "widely accepted and respected mainstream Jewish group" which is anti-Zionist!
      I've waited all my life for this!

      Okay, "Grover", and "Yonah", and "Hophmi" and "mcohen", you heard the man! JVP is the most widely accepted and respected mainstream Jewish group existing today. Who could argue with that!

    • "How very convenient for you..."

      Shorter "a4tech": "I couldn't find a quote saying JVP is anti-Zionist. How inconvenient"

      One Google, a quick read, and a copy-n-paste is all it would have taken. One sentence. Really, it's not that hard, lot's of people do it. Don't even have to link it, but don't forget the quote marks, since it is a quote. But it's not there, is it?

    • "I have no idea why you people are mislabelling a group like JVP as Zionist, when they are clearly not."

      Well, why don't we make this easy "a4tech" ?
      Why not simply go to JVP's mission statement and come back and tell us what they are, Zionist or antizionist? There should be a statement at the site to make it plain to all.

  • The refreshing bluntness of Ayelet Shaked
    • "So what Americans think ain’t necessarily so."

      Like those things that you're liable to read in the bible?

    • " You so wish to be Anglo though that you can’t even enjoy the privileges you were born with."

      Okay, "catalan" that's enough of that. You can stop hinting. I've already told everybody about "Anne Glow". Frankly, I think a little gender-bending would be good for you, too.

    • "What the f*&k is she then? What is a Jew? What does it mean?"

      Judaism, like any religion, can be, and is whatever a person, or group of people, want it to be.

    • "Mortgages are usually cheaper and less stressful."

      Are you kidding? I've been a nervous wreck ever since I made the final payment. Who the hell lives in a house without paying rent or a mortgage? I lie awake nights waiting for the city to evict me for squatting. I try to tell myself I am house-sitting, but then I think "Jeez, when the owners get home they will kill me! Look at this place!"
      The stress is killing me. If I had teeth, I would grind them. How I wish I was comfortably upside-down, underwater again, where a man can breath.

    • "Couldn’t agree more! As an immigrant myself..."

      Look, "catalan" I accept the fact that you aren't smart enough to distinguish an immigrant from a refugee from a colonist.
      But don't expect the rest of us to be that dumb.

    • "You must be really tired, eh?"

      Yes, I am. I left out the end-quote mark. Sorry.

    • "the dishonest, disingenuous approach of Mondoweiss writers, where it is permissible to rubbish Judaism whilst any slating of Islam is immediately condemned as Islamophobia."

      Gee, "Mayhem" are we in some kind of competition with Muslims for favorable ratings?

      And even with searchable archives, you can't come up with a single example?

    • "No. Such archaic, barbaric, ethnic supremacist beliefs must be obliterated from the face of the earth."

      I don't know, my Rabbi told me: "Never blame 'barbaric, ethnic supremacist beliefs' for what is usually accounted for by self-interest and stupidity and bigotry. You give her much more credit than she deserves.

    • If we are going to have mortgage equality, we will see gay refinancees, too. It works the same for everybody.

  • How can a 'New York Times' reader possibly know what is truly happening in Israel/Palestine?
    • "blind-sided view of reality(sic)

      Hoo-boy! So that's what it feels like Mayhem, like you're being "blind-sided"? Good. But why is any of this a surprise to you?

    • "as the global recession and declining advertising revenues took a particularly heavy toll on print-based “old media” companies across the United States."

      I wonder if it is no more than that, slanting the newspaper toward Israel/Zionism could relieve them of some of that "heavy toll". And it was certainly easy for them to do, simply a continuation and hardening of their editorial practices.

    • "You would get the impression around here that Palestinians were the only people getting killed in this conflict."

      I'm sure some Israelis get killed. What they are doing, colonization through violent expropriation, and not an outright military rule, is a very, very risky business, for the colonists. They can get themselves killed trying to steal land like that. But you know that, of course.
      But tell me, Mayhem, why do you Israelis tolerate people, almost every one with an escape ticket in his pocket, coming in and playing out their 'Wild Middle-East' fantasies on your poor country? Those foreigners are going to get you in deep deep shit and then skip out on you. Oh well, no skin off my nose.

  • After 22 years it's time to stop pretending about the peace process
  • 'NYT' preaches to Palestinians about launching 'intifadas'
  • 'NYT' reporters parrot Israeli claims re cherry tomato
    • "When they’re celerbrating something"

      Yup something like drinking a whole bottle of Cel-Ray!

    • "people eat broccoli?"

      You know, it was seeing a friend of mine eating asparagus which altered my whole conception of Man as Nature's last word.

    • "Have I told this story before?

      I think so. You ended up with a bad sunburn

    • Well if aspirin isn't strong enough, I believe it was at Bayer that heroin was first refined from a morphine base.

    • " I grow both eating tomatoes as well as cooking tomatoes,"

      Didn't I read somewhere that tomatoes were, for a long time, considered to be poisonous? In fact, some guy had to go to the town square (in Italy someplace, maybe France?) and eat tomatoes and not die before people accepted them. Did I read that, or did I make it up?
      Makes me wonder how they convinced people to eat broccoli....

    • "Soda that tastes of [shudder] celery?"

      Well, it didn't taste all that good, but had definite health benefits. Celery, of course, increases your celerity, which improves acceleration, sometimes by a lot.
      Of course, it took a lot of moxie to drink the stuff. People often used it as a chaser.

    • "Originally, those Jews came from the Poles, too –I doubt you can establish a difference."

      Wait a minute. At this point, I think you are beginning to compare, so to speak, a bagel with a bialy.

    • "Not a single claim.../.... which is generally excellent."

      Gee, maybe they should put a warning label on the Dr. Brown's: "Caution! More then one bottle may cause logorrhea or scribenzi furiouso combined with acute spasms of point-evasion."

    • And the sweet yet peppery taste of celery, formerly an ethnic ambrosia, turns to ashes in my mouth. There I was, thinking of real ethnic accomplishment and almost every state in the US had several brands of the swill! Can't win. Just when I thought we really had something. And the thought that a lot of other people like that stuff is frightening, somehow.

    • "No one can beat the Bagels on Long Island, but they’re now in the hands of the Italians. Originally, they came from the Poles"

      I like you, man. Your prose induces a picaresque ethnic vertigo. These days, that's hard to get. Anyway, I don't think Dr. Brown ever revealed his religious preference. Or where he got his medical degree. Or his taste buds.

      Wiki: "Cel-Ray was so popular in the 1930s among New York City's Jewish community that it earned the nickname "Jewish Champagne"."

  • To condemn, or not to condemn
    • " I understand that you are trying to say nasty things about the settler and the settlements, I just don’t understand why the shtetl is your paradigm of nastiness. I don’t get it."

      Don't worry, "Yonah", I took care of it. A "Director's Cut DVD" of "Fiddler on the Roof" is at this very moment being mailed to "Bumblbye". That'll fix him. I dare him not to weep at the end.

      "Yonah" I keep on telling you - the present can change the past, as much as the past conditions the present, maybe more. Why wouldn't you assume a settlement is pretty much like a shtetl?

    • "Mondoweiss: the place where child murder is condoned"

      "According to people here, their children were legitimate targets.
      There’s a place in hell for all of you."

      "Most people here don’t regard Israelis as full human beings."

      You know, "Hophmi", I've never thought of you as very attractive, but I might change my mind. You have the cutest little pout. Makes your lips look purty.

    • "The crime of colonisation is committed by the state, not by the individual."

      Oh for God's sake, man, how stupid do you think we are? That's supposed to confer some kind of immunity (or in this case, complete impunity) for the people involved, carrying out what you just said is a crime of the state! Sure, that makes sense.

      Hey, I know, since only the State is committing the crime, the individual settlers (who have ROTFLMSJAO no connection with the State) are innocent, naturally, the IDF has to protect them, right? Because, you know, they are persecuted individual Jews, redeeming the land, which is (yeah, that's the ticket!) an individual religious act?

    • Well well, look at that, "a4tech" is a devotee of Dr. Pangloss! That always cures what ails you, as long as there's nothing wrong.

    • "And a truly moral legal system would impose severe penalties on those who replace commas with ellipses, and put commas after subject clauses or compound subjects*. I would suggest lesser penalties for confusing “its” with “it’s”."

      And typographical emoticons are to run untrammeled, unstymied, hog-wild through the land, wreaking death and destruction on punctuation? Okay then, tell me where punctuation ends and TE begins? I tell you, those things are a snake in the turf, knobbling literary front-runners, and bringing all the punters to grief. They should be expunged to the outer darkness, where there is, or so reliable reports inform me, much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
      Darn it, wish I could gnash mine. Oh well, I guess those days are over.

    • That was comment No. 4 from "Lorensacho"!
      Reminds me of the old joke about the stunt artist who erected a two-hundreds foot high platform, and dove into a vat of flaming gas. His agent said it was the greatest act he ever saw. The artist said "Yes, but there's one problem."
      "What's that"? asked the agent. And as they took the artist off to the hospital he said "I can only do it once!"

    • "The situation looks hopeless and though the spilling of lives is such a horrible thing, it seems inevitable."

      Hey "Yonah", can I get a couple bottles of whatever you're taking? It sure makes you nonchalant. Makes you a real cool customer.

      Now "Yonah" try and peer through the fog and answer the question Who made the violence "inevitable"?

    • "Analytic and Algebraic Topology of Locally Euclidean Metrization of Infinitely Differentiable Riemannian Manifold”

      Oh, screw all that fancy casting, porting, and polishing, just hang a turbo on the sucker (better still, a pair) and turn up the boost!

    • "When an Israeli kills civilians he may just get elected prime minister. It wouldn’t be the first or second time."

      On the other hand, when a Israel's Prime Minister comes up with a plan to kill fewer civilians, Israelis just might kill him! It wouldn't be the first time.

    • "If you look at slave revolts in the US or attacks on wagon trains of Westward colonists, you see a variety of responses.

      The choice to murder the master’s children or to rape his wife is still a moral choice.

      I think you spend too much time at the movies, or reading cheap (or expensive) historical fiction, and getting it mixed up with fact.

    • "I may be naive, but do you disagree that we should base our actions on laws?"

      Sorry, "Jon66" I'd like to take you up on it, but there's an ordinance barring public elicitation in this municipality.

    • "I’m no expert on international law. I don’t claim to know the difference between civilian and protected person or any other term. But I do believe that the intent of the set of laws is to protect both those under occupation and civilians in the unoccupied areas."

      "No expert?" Okay that's a start. Say, why don't you familiarize yourself with the international law and Geneva Conventions concerning military occupation? Are they supposed to last any longer than is militarily necessary? Are they supposed to last, oh, 70 years as an instrument of policy, and combined with violent settlement?
      Give it a try, and maybe you won't end up using that ridiculous "no expert" plea. Is that what you say when the operation is a success, but the patient dies?

    • Moser
      I may be naive....

      Yeah, just a wide-eyed, ingenuous, babe-in-the-wood. But somehow, you know enough to call me a moser. Like a surgeon, cutting for the very first time.

      My advice to youy is: stay out of the Northern National Parks, if you know what's good for your Subaru.

    • "Mooser, jon66 is interesting, too."

      "Interesting?" Hardly, just another schmaltz-covered wing-nut.

    • "Of course they have a right to resist. But the methods must be within the bounds of international law."

      I nominate that as one of the stupidest things ever said on Mondo by a Zionist apologist. Red herring in cream sauce.

      But I appreciate you admitting that Israeli actions are illegal. In fact, why don't you tell us about Zionist respect for and adherence to "international law"?

    • "fully human agents with choices, however circumscribed by the terrible and criminal activity of illegal colonists."

      Well some people (and we know what kind of people they are, typical "reverse-Zionist" "Jew-hobbyists", every one!) do claim that when killed by the IDF or settlers, the Palestinian's choices are even somewhat more "circumscribed." On the other hand, "tokyobk" has never heard them complain about it.

    • "violence against advanced settlers and the brutal response is indeed how the west was won."

      Uh, sorry, but the method of opening and settling the American West didn't "win" us anything. It was a tragedy of human greed and shortsightedness we are still paying for in many ways. We didn't "win" anything, and lost and threw away a tremendous amount.

    • " do you have a point to your word play “shtetlment”?"

      "Yonah" you better be careful. You keep on asking incisive questions like that, and your comments will be turned over to Anna Augustovsky for moderation.

    • "Human beings don’t lose their moral agency even when victimised."


    • "Cigar God" what I always wonder is: "Do they think the Mods are doing them a favor by publishing their comments, or is the ethical and intellectual force of the arguments such that the Mods can't possibly ban it and live with themselves? Gee, I wonder.

    • You know Annie, I probably shouldn 't say this, but the way "tokyobk" discourses could serve as the very definition of "pseudo-intellectual".

    • "Its a kind of reverse-zionism "

      Oh, BTW, "tokypbk" did you ever happen to define the term "reverse-zionism"? Or do you simply make up terms, depending on insinuation, instead of definition? Or a reference to the term in use (no, not just by you)?
      Maybe I'll start calling this practice "picking the Yale Lox"

  • Netanyahu's 44 seconds of silence at UN are being widely mocked -- 'pathetic,' 'creepy'
    • "Each year, every head of state on Earth, regardless of how shitty their country is, regardless of how failed a leader they are, gathers at this charade." Hophmi on the UNGA

      And who amongst us in our very mist would deny a man like Netanyahoo a time and place in which he can feel comfortable?

    • "Bibi is the foreign head of State most respected by Americans aside of Pope Francis."

      "I started listening to the Netanyahu speech a few minutes into it. It was painful to listen to - but painful in a different way than it was last year or the year before that. His voice simply sounds irrelevant. Who is he talking to? He sounds out of time and irrelevant."

      Josh Marshall, editor of TPM

  • Parents of slain Palestinian teen say Israeli forces planted knife
    • "Here’s an interesting story about a Cleveland police officer ..."

      You are comparing bagels to bialys again. There's no comparison between US policing, no matter how bad, and illegal soldiers at an illegal checkpoint in illegally occupied territory.

    • "The police in many civilized, Western countries have, and continue to do, the same, if not worse."

      And that is why it is allright for Israel to have illegal checkpoints in illegally occupied areas, and shoot young women down at these checkpoints? Don't quite see the connection.
      It is, however, a wise move to exempt Israel from the list of "civilized, Western countries", as you do, that gets you out of a lot of stuff. Yeah, we get it "Jackdaw", it's the lawless Wild-West frontier there.

      Oh, BTW, does Israel publish guidelines for behavior and actions at checkpoints? So everybody can get with the program, and the world can see that Israel is adhering (even in that uncivilized, Eastern country) to civilized norms for illegal checkpoints in illegally occupied territory?

      "What country to you come from?" ROTFLMSJA-ZAO! And what country, exactly, are you occupying at the moment, "Jackdaw"? You had a hard time with this question before, didn't you?

  • Palestinian solidarity movement will 'grow and grow and... be impossible to stop' -- Slaughter to Clinton in 2011
    • "Is there a country in Western Europe Or UK where Jewishness is not a key? Maybe in Scandinavia? Certainly Canada is in the Jewish Establishment bag."

      Citizen, take advantage of my formula for success: "Dress British, talk Yiddish" and you can get over anywhere.

  • Israeli embassy's attack on Rosengarten just made her stronger
    • Somebody said: "A Holocaust survivor is someone and -only – someone who was in the camps and who lived through it. Period."
      Hophmi wanted a more inclusive definition of "survivor":

      Hophmi: "OK. I think you're very wrong. We wouldn't refer to a survivor of the Rwandan genocide as only people who survived machete attacks. The category encompasses Hutus who were in Rwanda at the time of the genocide, because they were the targets. And that's because the event caused them to behave in survival mode...."

      Hophmi:"Elie Wiesel is not perfect either. He just happens to be one of the most eloquent speakers and writers on genocide we have in the United States. You really have some nerve talking about a Holocaust survivor that way. Who do you think you are?"

      Hophmi: "One doesn't need to be a death camp survivor to be a Holocaust survivor. Anyone Jew (and others who were persecuted) who was in Nazi-occupied territory during the war years is a survivor.""And so it should be defined that way. All of these people were affected by German barbarism. "

      Hophmi: "a Holocaust survivor is generally defined as any Jew who lived for any period of time in a country that was ruled by the Nazis or their allies.

      Hophmi: "Uh-huh. Or it's simply that the vast majority of Holocaust survivors support Israel..."

    • "Just fyi everyone, Lillian herself is very careful *not* to describe herself as “a Holocaust survivor”, but as “a refugee from Nazi Germany”."

      Thanks, Ms. Cobban! If Lillian herself is not insisting on, in fact disclaims the label "survivor" for term "refugee", what on earth could the motivation for Hophmi's and "Jon s" dissection of the "survivor" term be? They used to be sooooo liberal about who was a "Holocaust survivor" (as I found by checking their archives.) I wonder what changed when it came to Ms. Rosengarten?

    • "and isn’t just a sock puppet you invented using a different IP address to get past the alert moderators?"

      Please don't even suggest that. I could never manage that. Until I looked it up when I read this comment, I thought an "IP address" was the GPS coordinates of my municipal sewer-line connection.

    • [...]

      UH-oh, he's past jocose, been lachrymous, and now he's gettin bellicose. Let's hope comatose comes soon.

      "Grober" you're all class.

    • "What you can’t do is make a big deal out of it only when it serves your particular political perspective."

      Aww, c'mon Hophmi. I provided a link to your archive, wordsearch "survivor", but did you go and read it? Nope.

    • "I would not classify her as a “survivor” in the sense that she survived the death camps."

      You better have a talk with "Hophmi" about that, "who is a survivor" thing.

      But we get the basic principle: When it justifies Zionism, everybody is a "survivor", but when it leads to doubting Zionism, well, then their credentials as a "survivor" are suspect?

      Any grist for your mill, I guess, but wow.

    • "You’ve never quite explained why Rosengarten’s survivor background is relevant, ."

      Hophmi, for the answer, simply word-search "survivor" at your own archive.

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