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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • 'What is your religion?' question surprises two American visitors to the occupation
    • I'm hoping a new Jewish religious denomination grows out of JVP. Once there's an open and not-Zionist co-opted denomination established, I think it will be attractive to people.

    • At any rate, we can see who will be the first thrown under the bus when the time comes. Those poor schlimazels, the settlers.

    • "Why else go to church?"

      If the music is good. I'm not much of a spoken-word fan, but some people like that. But for me, it's all about the music,

    • "Some ultra orthodox communities expect women to shave off their hair once they get married."

      So there you go, Annie, your charge that Orthodox women decide to shave their heads is baseless. The community, ah, uh...well, expects it of them. That makes it.... welll... something, I'm not sure what.

    • Man, I gotta tell you, stories like this get my kishkas in an uproar!
      But there it is writ plain for all to see, the product of generations of persecution. The humility, the unwillingness to intrude on other's space, the complete abdication of intimidation (let alone actual violence) because you know it will avail you nothing, even if you are in the right. The necessity to practice one's religion unobtrusively, or in secret, and most tragic of all, the abandonment of any pretensions of superiority to a dream of simple equality.

    • I mean, really, expecting settlers to follow the law? What was I thinking?

    • "But truth be told, if these women went walking down ‘an ultra religious Jewish street’ in Hevron, they’d likely be hassled or harassed by the Jewish residents, and neither I, nor the police, would want that to happen to them. "

      Yup! You tell 'em, Jackdaw. In Israel, settlers rule! Don't mess with those settler riotgrrlls, if you don't want your peyas torn out by the roots. Don't hand 'em no lines, and keep your hands to yourself!

    • I think Daniel Rich was indulging himself with some heavy irony. I'm pretty sure (Ruf mich k'nak-nissel!) he didn't mean it to be read on its face.

    • I sometimes wonder if "Jackdaw" is simply a mis-transliteration of "yatebedam".

  • Some reflections on the 5th anniversary of Kairos Palestine
  • Israel lost the British elite after Gaza onslaught, UK ambassador says
    • "Or maybe Israel just has a collective form of paranoid schizophrenia."

      Unfortunately, the symptoms and disabilities of the Ziocaine Syndrome (and Ziocaine Syndrome-by-proxy) often mimic the effects of other conditions, which only makes diagnosis and treatment that much harder.

  • Hate attacks in Jerusalem and Israel include one by settler girls
    • Well, I'll just put my lyrics to "Settler Girl" back in the drawer. The Beach Boys deserve better than that.

  • 'Palestine is an anxiety' for Americans-- Salaita in New York
  • South African activists reflect on parallels between life under apartheid and Israel/Palestine today
    • "that is the most religious statement I ever recall you making."

      Yeah. Thank God that Zionists never sink to the cynical use of religion to attain their ends.

  • First they came for the Palestinians . . .
    • "(Except for the lack of capitals, of course.)"

      You are a braver man the me, RoHa, to mention that.
      But I do find it very hard to understand why somebody who has come to write so well, (and in this difficult quasi-conversational form, too) wouldn't take just a bit of time and a few key-strokes to make it more legible.
      Oh well, 'different key-strokes for different key folks', as the ancient Yiddish proverb has it.

    • "These are tough days for the ideal of free speech after all."

      Yes, once a man has 'settled' on somebody else's website, he expects to be able to speak his mind, and promises to act no worse than an IDF soldier in a Palestinians house.

    • "I wrote so-called Holocaust, because..."

      I don't think I've ever, in all the years I've been here, seen anything like this! .

  • Revisiting 'Graveyard of Numbers': Israel refuses to return remains of Palestinian militants as a punitive measure
    • "Very very few in Israel viewed Goldstein as a hero...."

      Squelch! Oh, phew! Whoa! What are you doing, Polar? Don't try and rub it off on me!

    • "Mayhem", I'm glad you got "ethnic cleansing" in your comment, since "eljay" omitted it. Maybe he just forgot for a minute, but I'm sure you never do.

  • Defend Palestine supporters from NY college president's anti-Semitism slander
    • "President Travis also launched the College’s first capital campaign for $50 million,"

      Is that another way of saying Pres. Travis is plunging the college deep into debt? I'm not sure, but I think that's what a "capital campaign" is, it just sounds nicer that way.

    • "When they use anti semite –you use ethnic religious racist."

      I always say I don't care what religion the Israelis say they are. They can call themselves anything they like. Now lets talk about what they do and what they say about themselves
      In fact, we won't talk about being Jewish until they bring it up.

  • 'You don't want us to breathe!': Video captures everyday frustration of life under occupation in East Jerusalem
    • "Arabs always complain...."

      Whereas Jews, as everyone knows, are astoundingly taciturn, and unwilling to make judgements about others.
      I've heard we got this way from being discriminated against and oppressed. It's because we know what it's like to be judged. Is that what you are trying to say NormanF?

    • "I don`t particularly appreciate labels but if you insist then guilty as charged"

      Yeah, I'm just aghast at the depth of your moral courage.

    • Thanks, Walid. for response and link. I can still hardly believe how effectively and in how short a time Israel has mentally barricaded itself against not just the world, but the rest of the Jewish world, too.

    • "lolol, abc!"

      Are you laughing? I can stop you, cold.
      Try this: the arguments, the rhetoric, the level of discourse offered by (let us call them) "Norman F and the Normalizers" is what they think is cogent and persuasive, and in their experience, has been so or they wouldn't bring it here. Notta lotta boffo yoks in that, is there?

    • Taxi, I've said this before, but I don't like to say it to often. But I get the distinct, hell, the unshakable impression that Israelis think the world will thank them for getting rid of the Palestinians.!! Yes, it is almost impossible no to feel that.

      Of course, they may find out differently, and that's when the Palastemkin villages will go up.

    • "it’s mind- boggling."

      It's the Ziocaine Syndrome. By tomorrow, when the excitation of the initial phase, (called "the luntz) with its periods of aggressiveness, grandiosity, and acting-out alternating with vintage whines is over, comes exhaustion, and a period of Ziocaine Syndrome Amnesia.
      He won't remember a thing he has said, the poor schlump.

    • "in this case, the US."

      Whew! Good answer, "just". Lucky you spoke up so quickly. I think you were this close to getting excommunicated!
      There would have been a Fed Ex guy at your door demanding your tallit and tefillin and "proper attire" in a half an hour!
      And then (allowing up to ten business days for delivery) you receive a small package in the post, and that pretty much finalizes it! You're sitting there, crying, and thinking, 'I can't put this goddam thing back on! Is this some kind of joke?" It's really sad.

    • "In the name of which nation you speak here?"

      Well, there you go "ivri"! Nobody will ever dare to ask you that question! After all, you're a Zionist!

  • Israeli police ransack homes of 40 Palestinians during al-Shaludi home demolition
    • " For goodness’ sake does one have to have fancy property to pray ??"

      That's right! As the saying goes; 'there are no atheists in the Foxholiest of Holy's!'

    • Look, this "Jewish nation" the Zionists postulate is a complete fraud. If Israelis were ever allowed to relax for a second, and forget how much they hate the Palestinians the first thing they will do is remember how much they hate each other.
      Unless there is some kind of existential hysteria to hold it together, it falls to pieces.
      Okay, have Jews anywhere in the world, when given a free choice, ever chosen to live like they do in Israel? Nope.

  • David Remnick undermines Israel's one-state president
  • One week in Jerusalem and -- it's not complicated
    • "Normal? Hey, let’s not get personal here."

      Mr. Fearey, I am sure he meant nothing personal. It's just that lately a lot of pro-Zionist posters seem to be very worried about their normality, and their "normalization".
      We try not to speculate why.

    • "According to Rabbi David Duke and others who because they want to show the evilness of Jews and Judaism, take a debate format about many subjects (including creepy ones) and make it into a proto-Protocols of Zion rule book, yes."

      What the hell are you talking about? Anything real, or something in your head? "Rabbi David Duke"? Are you mixing him up with Rabbi Kook?

    • "One week... and it's not so complicated"

      Here's an article from back in 2008 expressing hope that the situation isn't too complicated for out "beautiful minds"

  • Netanyahu's 'battle for Jerusalem' can't end well for any of us
    • "The equation of Israel with Nazi Germany is a license to harden one’s heart. the upcoming battle will involve killing and it is probably best to harden your heart. it is totally logical to harden your heart. then you have become a soldier in your cause."

      I see, Yonah. So we can expect that Zionists will be willing to transmute any criticism of Israel into a comparison with Nazis, to help in the process of hardening of hearts needed to keep Zionism working! Thanks for the tip.

    • " they must have done it to you a lot when you were in the fifth grade and called into the principal’s office."

      Nope. I was a model student, a natty dresser, and in with the in crowd. Went where they went, knew what they knew. It doesn't matter where you've been, you ain't been nowhere, Yonah, 'til you been in!
      Sixth grade was another story, of course, but, I ask you, what isn't?

      Anyway, Yonah, I get it. Separation of church and state is good enough for American Jews to (in my estimation, purely subjective) abuse, and it's too good for the Jews in Israel, or not good enough for the Jews in Israel. Maybe you could explain which one (TG or NGE) it is?

    • "horizontal- it is not clear to me that the zionists could have reached an agreement with the palestinians from the very beginning. i doubt that is true."

      So, Yonah, my friend, are you saying that 1948 and the declarations of Israeli Statehood never happened, or that they were from the very beginning, a fraud on the Zionist side, all promises they intended to break as soon as advantageous?

      They did, in fact "reach an agreement with the palestinians (sic)", but they were in violation of it as it was declared. Already operating outside their own territory.

    • "Fully 96.8 percent replied that visiting the site would constitute “a contribution to strengthening Israeli sovereignty in the holy place.”

      Isn't this the old birthright-for-mess-of-pottage thing come back?

    • "the idea of separation of church and state is such an easy phrase to attract americans who favor the separation of church and state in america"

      Yonah's dismissal of the "easy phrase to attract Americans" is one of the more disgusting things I have seen from him.
      Hey, Yonah, aren't you an, in the final estimation, an American citizen?

      Hey Yonah, would you like to take a wild, off the cuff, guess which religious cohort in America should get down on their friggin' kneees, don tallit and tefillin and thank God every day for the separation of church and state in America? Can you guess which group that might be, Yonah.

      For God's sake, Yonah, if you can figure out where it isn't, you should move to Israel, and free yourself from this awful "separation of church and state"

      Fortunately, I know better than to air my opinions on a community which would do this to a person like you, Yonah, What the hell have they made of you, what have you made of yourself?

    • Gee, Yonah, what if your behavior here is an indicator of the values from which you make your judgements concerning Zionism?
      And, if I may be so bold, tells us a lot more about Zionism than particular thing you might say.

    • What is so hysterical is that all these Zionists how go on whining about persecution and discrimination, don't know the difference between a privilege and a right. That's something I normally associate with an aristocracy.

    • "This is exactly the point of debate between Jews and Rabbis during the Enlightenment when citizenship was offered them. They wanted the citizenship privileges but did not want to give up the claim that Jews comprised a ‘Jewish nation” that would have to follow some of its own laws instead of the nations laws."

      See, American, when that happened, (Jews were offered political emancipation by the countries they live in) guess who loses the position they have? The position of being the intermediaries between the Jews and Gentile power structure. So when the States offered political emancipation, the only way those people could claim any authority was by persuasion and exterting moral influence. Gentiles would no longer help them to control Jews. And this was going to leave some people in a bad spot.
      Zionism isn't just something Jews do to "Arabs". Zionism is something Jews do to each other.

    • "but in 2014 the politics of 1881 is the topic of jokes and nonsense from you, so i offer this sentence with trepidation "

      I hardly think a person who announces their own personal commenting standards suffers from trepidation! Tropophobia, perhaps or Tocophobia, but "trepidation" you don't got, Yonah. Nice word, tho.

      Anyway, 1881 is a very important year in Jewish history! It's the year the Reform denomination was started by Rabbi Wiess, and went on to become the largest and most active denomination in Judaism! No, there's no "nonsense" about 1881.

      Okay, what happened at the 1883 banquet, when the first class of Reform Rabbis was graduated from Rabbi Wise's seminary is not my fault, and I do not approve of it. It was unfair and sorta cruel. Do you happen to have a video? I'd love to see it.

    • " Mooser I read recently that the character Yogi Bear is believed to have had Borscht Belt influences."

      Yes, I've heard that.
      He spent two weeks in the Catskills, and he came home entranced with Kosher-style food. Seems it's the only cuisine which doesn't give him the heartburn.
      Anyway, when he went back to Jellystone National Park, Yogi had hired a Chef away from one of the resorts, and no longer suffers from dyspepsia.
      I'd been trying to get him to try a blueberry blintz for years, but, well, bears, you know...hard to get them to try anything new. Anyway, two weeks at Grossingers did the trick.

    • "just" wait til Hophmi figures out that Mondoweiss is probably not going to do a feature story on the four dead Rabbis, with the murdered Rabbis the center of the story. He'll never forgive Mondo. for that.

    • "Tell us about your Jewish Muslim outreach work again Hoph. We need a few laughs"

      What would be funny is if I went to the archives, and found how many goddam times that I-do-Muslim-outreach schtick has been used.
      I guess the amnesia episodes help a lot when it comes to producing any new Hasbara They forget they used it yesterday.

    • "i wonder what you’re like in person."

      Yonah, everybody knows that.
      I have the cool, clear eyes of seeker of wisdom and truth,
      yet with the slam, bang, tang, reminiscent of gin and vermouth. I hear the sound of good solid judgment whenever I talk.
      Yet, there's the bold, brave spring of the tiger that quickens my walk. What can I say? I believe in me.

    • "i will react to his nonsense with name calling and mischaracterize his statements."

      So you blithely announce that, declaring your rhetorical intransigence for all the world to see, and I'm the bully?

      Yonah, you need to think about stuff, I remind you: nothing, not a square foot of ground stolen, not a single house stolen or demolished, not a single Palestinian killed or expelled, nothing can be accomplished for Zionism by people who are easily bullied. You, son, you are the one who should be doing the bullying, not me!

    • "The different churches: meaning mosque and synagogue, need to learn how to share"

      I'm sorry, Yonah, what have the Israelis offered to share. In fact rather than sharing, they just keep on taking. In fact, given the events, a person could get pretty insulted and upset by a sentence like that. Must be part of your famous "sensitivity"

    • "mooser- you’re a clown and a bully. don rickles comes to mind. i wonder what you’re like in person."

      Oh, I see. So I'm the "clown and a bully" who wrote this: (This is verbatim, and linked above)

      I consider Mooser, three quarters of the time, to be an utter waste of time. upon occasion i will react to his nonsense with name calling and mischaracterize his statements. For example: if he says, “of course those thieving settlers ought to be afraid” I will say that he is happy that they are afraid and in fact wants to see them dead, whereas in fact, he only says that they ought to be afraid.

      To Mooser- You are a junior high school bully, who justifies your immature behavior by saying that your cause is just. but in fact you are a bully because you like being a bully and the justice of your cause does not mitigate the fact that bullying people gives you a thrill."

    • "the idea of separation of church and state is such an easy phrase to attract Americans who favor the separation of church and state in america."

      Yup, Yonah, the jury is still out on that one! Is that "separation-of-church-and-state thing settled law yet?
      Gosh, if it's not, I hope we Jews have a lobby in Washington which can get us a state or two out of the fifty for our own.

      Yup, "Americans who favor the separation of church and state in america". Probably some tiny minority somewhere.

    • "but it does mean that as a human i have particularly feelings that are aroused by these attacks and therefore increased sensitivity to the insensitivity of an idiot like bibi and also to the insensitivity of many of the commentators here."

      Yonah, you have already announced that you have your own private commenting standards, and they will include lying about posters, fabricating quotes, and personal attacks. You make that clear.

      It's just that you are so darn cute you can get away with it!

    • "just" every time I think that modren American life moves too fast, and change comes with dizzying rapidity, and the world is in love with the new, I return to the comment section in Mondoweiss, there to reassure myself that for some people, the same old Hasbara crap is just as good as it ever was.
      There I find stability, and an unchanging ideology.
      And the verities are always honored, the great unifiers of Hasbara are always evident, to witless:

      1) Israel rocks
      2) Arabs suck
      3)You suck
      4)Everything sucks

      Ahh! As comforting and constant as the "four questions" in the Hagaddah!!

    • Gee, why can't the Jewish religious significance of Jerusalem be in giving it up? Works for me, and agrees with reality.
      Oh, wait, that wouldn't get control of the city, would it? It would probably result in invitations to pray there, but what religion, what "normalized", "self-determined" and (pace Yonah) "self-emancipated" religion would be satisfied with that?

    • Well, since Israel shot a couple of Palestinians, declared them guilty, and there's an end to finding out the truth.

    • “the battle for jerusalem” has been invoked by every single Arab leader since 1948 in 1000s of speeches"

      Yes, Norman al F calls the faithful to battle in his comment above.

    • And yet, the Zionists were willing to accept the status as Jerusalem as an international city when they accepted the UN partition? But by 67' Jerusalem was the center of everything. Oh well, looks like the declination took a wild swing.

    • "The Jewish people reject it and they will defend their capital, their nation and their existence at all costs."

      Sorry, "Normie", every single indicator shows that, as 21st Century information spreads, Zionism's 19th Century blend of religio-facism, and ethno-supremacy effected by illegal and violent colonization grows steadily more and more unpopular, with Jews and everybody else. And the number of Jews generally is declining, and the number of out-marriages steadily increasing. Don't you feel like you are just, well, fighting history, NormanF?

      I know, Normie, among the Geritol-and-Jewish set, it's still very popular, they had an article on the survey here.

  • Israel sows despair and senseless violence
    • "And how do you see that happening when the Israelis have nukes and the US and the special interests are behind them?"

      Sure, W Jones, this attempt at Jewish nationalism and a "Jewish State" (No resurrection or virgin birth allowed?) will be as successful as any other we know about.

    • "We all have to work for a peace that will be found beyond incitement and blame"

      Gee, what peace is "beyond incitement and blame"? Now, what possible peace is like that?

    • "jd65" I enjoyed reading your comment, even though it was long and my lips got tired reading it. But it made a lot of sense to me.

      But I'm very sure that those Jews who desire a religious connection with Judaism will simply (and it really is, we've done it before) find a new, not-Zionist way to worship.

      And I'm very sure that if a not-Zionist Judaism is established and can get started, the number of people who will flock to it, and will want their children instructed in that kind of Judaism will be astounding. There is a huge hunger for it, and to some extent, a desire to show people (and children) that Judaism can be something they want to embrace, not run from.

    • "No one can fault the Palestinian people, all they keep asking for is to be free and given their
      basic rights."

      That's true, but you see, Zionists don't think like us. Zionists do not believe in "basic rights". They have none, so they don't believe anybody else can have any either.
      According to Zionists, what the Palestinians are asking for is privileges, and they don't deserve them.

      That's what every single argument with Zionists breaks down to. And there's one of the sad parts, that Zionists think their own basic human rights are privileges accorded the deserving.

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