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  • Pro-Israel wealthy Jews feature in 'Forward,' Christie roast, and U of Michigan censorship
    • I think Yonah is saying the "Jewish Daily Forward" ("the referenced article") article referred to in Phil Weiss's article is "antiSemitic in any number of ways" and is a "Jew hating article."

      But you know, I'm pretty sure that whole "Jewish Daily Forward" place is full of apostates anyway. It's those apostates who mess up the tribal unity. "Remember the TU, consider the TU! " That's all I ask. Think before you excommunicate!

  • Obama equates Israel's creation to African-Americans gaining right to vote
    • "especially when there is a worldwide rise in antisemitism, and life for Jews in Europe is becoming increasingly untenable."

      I know how you feel Hophmi, but I think you should give up on it. I don't think Zionism's "best friends" are going to carry out their part of the deal.

  • Sheesh: A conservative response to the special relationship
    • "What was Mozart thinking writing all those Divertimenti…?"

      Oh, crap. I was hoping you wouldn't bring up that whole Mozart-and-the-Divertimenti thing. But you did, and well, case closed! Can't fight Mozart, well, unless you're Putin, of course.

    • What a subtle attempt at diversion! "Hophmi" and "catalan" are so clever! We'll never find our way back to the topic.

  • Zionism is tired
    • Hello "Boomer". Of course you are right, it would have been PBS, (not NPR I make that mistake all the time!) so it would have been one of the KCTS Ch. 9 stations in the Seattle area.
      Might it have been a Rick Steves travelogue? Don't remember. The Channel 9 (KCTS) website might list it in the archives.

    • "We’re it not for the British, the mandate would never have included any mention of a Jewish National Home."

      I caught part of some NPR documentary on Jerusalem, bout 2 weeks ago now. The part I saw featured an interview with the now-elderly Zionist woman who had 'cased' the King David Hotel for the Zionist bombs. She was still proud damned proud, of having killed British people. 'They were our enemies', or something like that was her line.

    • "try reading the recent article & comments on MW re Obama’s bribing Israel to quit bawling so loud until his Iran Deal is...."

      You have a point, Citizen, but it is important to keep in mind that the Moderators at Mondo seem to be making a big effort to exclude any sensible or moderate Zionist commenters. For some reason, the extremist lunatic Zionists are featured. And even with all those moderate and sensible pro-Zionist comments to choose from, too. So it's best to take them with an few grains salt.

    • Sure, "ivri"!
      Yes folks, if there is one thing that history in-dub-itably teaches us, it's that Jewish Nationalism projects always succeed!
      Yes sir, why don't the Arabs just look at Jewish history, and shrug their shoulders, and say "Facing a completely united, politically disciplined and rapidly-growing organization like "the Jews", what with our limitless population, infinite financial and natural resources, including a huge land-mass with access to all the oceans, what possible chance do we Arabs have. We give up!"

      Sure, "ivri". Now, to show us the floor topping and desert wax benefits, why don't you top your comment off with an explanation of how turning our religion into an absurd yet/and criminal political ideology, and stealing a small country we can't stay inside of has been 'good for the Jews'?

  • Netanyahu eulogizes settler movement founder convicted of manslaughter
    • "His trial began in August 1989, despite protests by 13 right-wing Knesset members and hundreds of supporters."

      Ah, such respect for the judiciary they have in Israel.

    • "then we could simply make you and your friends judge, jury and executioner or more likely as has been done before you will simply anoint yourselves."

      And in the immortal and inspiring words of the Psalmist we chant (translation from Hebrew): "Oy Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, think I'll eat some worms".

    • "Hopefully Moshe Levinger burns in eternal damnation, that would be fitting for a scumbag murderer who justifies his killings by claiming he was “chosen by God.”

      Well, to be fair, there is no record of G-d issuing a denial.

  • 'NYT' obit turns the murderous settler rabbi into a 'contentious firebrand'
    • I have come to the conclusion that the sole reason "catalan" comments is to attempt diversion.

  • The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity
    • The way I remember it, Gulf War 1 was touted as such as success, that nobody was concerned about being blamed for Bush Jr.'s Iraq invasion, it was going to be a slam-dunk. It was more like the neo-cons and Israel-firsters were afraid they wouldn't get enough credit for creating the war.

    • "But they left their Jewishness behind, in their mad rush to respectability."

      C'mon, already, huh? They left one kind of Jewishness behind, and choose another. There have been "court Jews" for hundreds of years.

    • ‘If “our government” broadly was running a propaganda campaign that’s them doing their job, organizing the population and trying to achieve policy consensus.’

      Sure, Dr. Pangloss, whatever you say. After all, everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

    • " people should just ignore him "

      Good idea, and one I will implement from now on without fail. After all, I have an whim of iron.

    • "In the spirit of saying something kind, that is some very original thought"

      It's pretty much straight wing-nuttia with a twisted Jewish twist.

    • Well, I've been trying to avoid saying this straight out, but I think it's just awful of the Moderators to take advantage of a delirious old man.

    • "And in terms of root causes, collateral damage from the reactions against Roe vs Wade and the Civil Right Act’s change to America’s political demography."

      Yup, nuttier than a fruitcake. "JeffyB" The ' Tea Party Zionist'. That's right JeffyB, if only those damned women and minorities had stayed in their places, America wouldn't have invaded Iraq. It's all their fault!

    • "Krauss, I followed Josh Marshall's ("a Jew and a Zionist") articles on this. As I remember, Marshall concluded it was all about oil. He did not want to see Israel as a factor.

  • Gush Shalom: Abolish 'Jerusalem Day' - the settler holiday
    • Good Lord, I wonder if Hanson will use the "Trefa Banquet defense".

    • "Some people simply have no clue."

      Yup, I was surprised the sentence didn't end "of gold".

    • "a “pathetic decision” which is lending aid to “the latest attempt to nail the entire Jewish people to the cross.””…"

      Now that there is some mighty felicitous phrasing.

  • Congress and state legislatures are on the warpath against BDS
    • "You seem quite sober, Hostage, and haven’t totally fallen for the cult-mentality where BDS is going to bring Israel to its knees in a couple of years. Surely you know that these activists have no economic or electoral power and are punching above their weight by making a lot of noise."

      Wow, Double Standard, you are smooth. Hard to see how anybody can resist your Zionist blandishments. Especially given the generosity of your compliments ("haven't totally fallen for the cult...) preceding your d'oh-so-self-evident proposition. ("Surely you know...")

    • "The Queen sent a birthday card, and Her Majesty does not send cards to the undead."

      Really? Well, I saw Lon Chaney walking with the Queen, doing the werewolves of London. His hair was perfect.

    • "There is no requirement for Zionists to acquire Israeli citizenship before taking a Busman’s Holiday (extended excursion) in their pseudo-“homeland”.

      Thank you.

    • "JeffB has been busy. Both you and Marnie appear to have been excommunicated on the same day"

      Well, at least I was excommunicated in good company! It's hard to figure out what has happened. Did JeffyB get a sudden attack of scribendi furiouso in the last week or so, or did the Mods just start passing stuff they would normally delete as the delirious ravings of a man with brain-fever and the vapors? Hard to tell.

      I think JeffyB has his eye on running his own 200-seat-synagogue, you know, an upscale kind of place, no apostates allowed. And he would be the Chef Rabbi.

    • Page: 236
    • " But we surely don’t need to debunk the idea that there has ever been the slightest excuse for any American Jew to become an illegal settler in Palestine."

      Christmas decorations. Scary blow-up Santas! Lights, lights, lights! And Christmas music! And what about Easter? Churches on every corner. That's about where we got to on that.

    • "The Palestinian “right of return” spells the end of the Jewish people’s...."

      Wait a minute, isn't this where we got to on another thread, and somebody asked you, who, exactly these "Jewish people" are, and you couldn't answer.

    • "and that there were no pogroms in the USA that drove them all to join in a flagrantly illegal enterprise."

      Well, I hate to be fussy, but, in point of fact, it's actually rather the opposite, isn't it? It was the lack of persecution, freedom to travel and success in America which made the settlement enterprise possible.

    • "If you think equal rights for all is anti-Jewish, your idea of Jewishness is very different from Mooser’s."

      Oh, great, RoHa! That's it, man, go ahead and get me excommunicated. Just my luck, to get excommunicated and named an apostate by an atheist Lord High Excommunicator. Once "JeffyB"s determination of apostasy is registered in Jerusalem, I'll be through as a Mondo commentor!

  • Netanyahu: Jerusalem was always the capital 'of the Jewish people alone'
    • "I actually think he’s a robot! Think about it. All those hi tech industries have come up with a cyborg Internet troller"

      I don't know, "Bornajoo". I watch all those "How it's Made" videos, and robots can put together cars, and assemble computers, and make chips. "JeffyB" can't even construct a sentence, let alone put together an argument. Robots also have a "log" which records every action they take. "JeffyB" isn't even aware he has an archive.
      He's no robot. He's just one very sad man.

    • The USA is free because not merely because of our values but because of our military providing a shield to the west. We can be free because the CIA is murdering Al-Qaeda in Pakistan. Israel can be free because through violence and terror Hamas and al-Aqsa Martyrs were stopped. I want a democratic Israel. But I know that the only currency that you can pay for land in is blood. - See more at: link to

      There's some prize JeffyB for ya, a golden oldie from the vault. Of course, it's not JeffyB's blood at stake, but what would Israel do without altar knockers like JeffB? Ah, how blessed is Israel, with friends like JeffyB calling for blood.

    • "I think anti-colonialism is disgusting racist." "JeffyB"

      Sure, just like Roe vs. Wade, and all those Civil Rights laws. Ruined everything in America!

      "I'm moving this to a new thread...." "JeffyB"

      Because you just stepped in it good and hard, over Jerusalem's recognition by the US "by law" as Israel's capital?
      And you're still taking that insufferable officious and condescending tone? "JeffyB" I gotta ask you, are you nuts?

    • "And because of this BDS makes race central to its thinking. "

      No "JeffyB", just central to yours.

      (Ach! These cases of scribendi furiouso and monomania associated with the Ziocaine Syndrome are so sad.
      Er drayt sich arum vie a fortz in russell)

    • "And they picked it up from Soviet anti-Zionism who got it from the Nazis"

      Soviets and Arabs and Nazis, Oh my! Soviets and Arabs and Nazis, Oh my!

      "JeffyB", why do your posts invariably conjure up a vision of a little wooden bird who comes out of a clock and says "Cuckoo! Cuckoo!"?

    • "I’ll let you get the last word in." "JeffyB"

      Wow, c'mon, "JeffyB" you must have known you were lying when you said that.

    • Clean-up! Logorrhea on Aisle 11! What a mess!

    • Dusk was amazing yesterday. This far north, the dusk is very, very long in the spring-summer months. It can last almost all night. And yet the thought of deifying the dusk never even occurred to me! Well, those dark days are over and I've seen the twilight? It's a new dawn of...geez, that won't work either.

    • " I’m willing to fight a war for Jerusalem."

      From SoCal? Yeah, okay "JeffyB."

    • Hey, "Jonsilla" how do you like being replaced as the resident mayven on the Jewish religion and Jewish history? After all, we know better than to take any advice from "apostates" like you.

      Nope, from now on "JeffyB" is the big-deal religion and history teacher around here:

      "Rabbinic Judaism, which calls itself "Judaism" today because there are no other forms widely practiced. Judaism being a cultural preservation movement is a religion of practice not belief." - See more at: link to

      "Finally Judaism (and this is pretty much across the board, regardless of strain) is not a religion of belief, it is a religion of practice. It isn't like Christianity where saying believing stuff matters much. It is a question of doing stuff." - See more at: link to

      And what is the result of all this "practice":

      "It might very well have been morally preferable for Jews to have just disappeared in the 2nd century. But they didn't and they formed a system designed to last. And how they got their country back." - See more at: link to

      And all without one peep from you, "Jon s" . So go back in your hole, and wait patiently until "JeffyB" gives you permission to speak.

    • "That’s a lie and quite offensive to boot. Cut it out."

      Really? As far as I'm concerned it's pretty much fardinen a mitzveh. What do you plan to do about it?

    • "So JeffB doesn’t believe that there’s a God, and Lysias doesn’t believe that there’s a Jeff."

      @ Jonsilla:
      You haven't got the balls to argue with "JeffyB. Never even tried to correct him.
      The "classic Left" in Israel just bends over and spreads 'em for a guy like "JeffyB"
      He's the top in Israel, and your Left is drek, a worthless check.
      Zionism doesn't need you, but Zionism can't go a day without "JeffyB" . So shut up. And ask JeffyB what he wants you to do, and then do it, chump. With a smile.

      Isn't that great, "Jon s"? A lunatic American Tea Party Zionist means more and is in closer accord with Zionism than you, a guy who lives in Israel. I hope you enjoy being "JeffyB's" boy, "Jon s". You were made for the job.

    • "It was dedicated to the god of dusk, Shalem."

      Having a "God of dusk" is a very good idea. I thoroughly approve.

    • "The religion you took an oath to join, which included an oath of loyalty."

      "JeffyB" are we the unluckiest religion, or what? Plagued by disloyalty and phonies who would disavow Judaism's real-estate interests.

      Gee, Jeffy, what percentage of self-declared Jews are worthy of the awesome inheritance of Judaism? And remember, "JeffyB", the more people you excommunicate, the more Judaism is left for you! Your share of the reward and the reparations will be all the greater, for each person you kick out.

      Oh, and BTW, "JeffyB" the "oath of loyalty" Marnie supposedly took? I don't want to shock you, but it wasn't an oath to be loyal to you. Hard to figure, I know, Jeffy, but there it is. Must be some break-away sect or something.

    • "Me personally if I were dictator of Israel...."

      You're not? Gosh, from the way you talk, I never would have guessed. I thought you were all that and a Chef Rabbi into the bargain.

    • "Thanks Mooser and Just –"

      Nobody can tell you how to be Jewish. Do it any way you want to.

    • "All the apparent inconsistencies are resolved if we drop the assumption that it is only one person who is using the “JeffB” moniker."

      Or maybe it's one person who is, well, nuts. I think that is much more likely.

    • “Third God’s claim in “the book” is one of might. That is how he justifies himself as opposed to the other God’s.” "JeffyB"

      Oh yes, "Jeffyb" He is a Mighty God. But not mighty enough to make you believe in Him! Why, that makes JeffyB mightier than god!!! Yes, God can fool the dumb and weak into believing in Him, but not "JeffyB!" "JeffyB" is too smart for that.

      And since JeffyB is smarter than God, he is the perfect person to explain God and religion to us.

    • "Third God’s claim in “the book” is one of might. That is how he justifies himself as opposed to the other God’s." - See more at: link to

      OK, here we go; a little trip through the archive

      "BTW I'm an atheist and not shomer shabbas"

      "Dude, I'm an atheist Jew. My daughter's boyfriend's parents run their own little synagogue for about 200 people. While they would never call themselves this I think both of them are atheists: they believe in Judaism but not the ability of the Jewish God to affect material reality." - See more at: link to

      "It is a true tragedy for Palestinians that their society was destroyed to make room for Israel. God (I'm also an atheist, being metaphorical here)" - See more at: link to

      Q: Religious background A: "2) Jewish atheist."

      "Abigail.... I'm an atheist."

      Whoo-boy! "My atheist wife and atheist me had no problem getting an orthodox rabbi who was willing to marry us (didn't end up being the way we went but..) because we had not engaged in an act of apostasy." - See more at: link to

      "Because we had not engaged in an act of apostasy!" You denied her your 'essence'?

      "As far as atheists. An atheist can acknowledges the state religion and be supportive of it, even if they personally don't believe in the existence of God. For example myself." - See more at: link to

      Plenty more from "JeffyBs" archive. So we have an atheist Jew who delights in judging others on their Jewish manner. Somebody should really read the ADA to the Mods. It's not fair to take advantage of a person like this.

    • "Why on earth would I want to do that?"

      Holey Maloney! Shmuel's link is to a Mondo thread in 2013!! And there they all are, and not a one of the Hasbaratchniks has changed their tune or their approach an iota. It's all there, including commenters being driven away.

    • "Levinger and Kook were two excellent arguments in favor of atheism."

      Really? Well, where would you place "JeffyB" on the advertisement-for-atheism scale? He claims to be (along with his wife!) an atheist, and found Orthodox Rabbis easy to fool.

    • "If the increasing volume and verboseness of his posts are any indication"

      I'm not sure if "JeffyB"s posts have changed in any way. My guess is that something has hardened the Moderator's hearts.

      JeffyB seems to be crowding the rest of them out. There's not much for a "liberal Zionist" or a "classic Left" Zionist to say once JeffyB takes the field. Must be wonderful for actual Israelis to know they have champions like JeffyB, ceaselessly striving to enhance Israel's glory, from the safety of the US.

    • "JeffyB" if you are an atheist, as there is no God (Do I need to link, JeffyB, it's all there, in your archive) what the hell difference does anything it says in the Bible make?

      So know we've got a lunatic Jewish atheist, a preservationist-for-profit, lecturing Marnie on her insufficiently Jewish manner-of-speaking? Okay.

    • Shmuel, don't get on my case. Talk to "JeffyB" about it. He's the Lord High Excommunicator, and the Chief Preservationist.

    • "Mooser seems to share this view. Could you expand on it a bit, please, for the sake of the theologically disadvantaged?"

      The "theologically disadvantaged" are, of course, all those who did not have a list of the Kings of Judah inscribed on their shirt-cuff or middy-blouse when they sat for the Scripture Knowledge examination.

    • Okay, okay Rabbi Levinger is a sociopathic thug. But he's no "apostate"!

  • The burden of remembering
  • What if the Times had sent Rudoren to Selma in 1965?
    • There are still, cough, cough a few examples of the minor megafauna around today, beleaguered as we are.

    • "Mozart lost."

      Good. I got the rockin' pneumonia, and
      I need a shot of rhythm and blues. Now, roll over Beethoven, and tell Tchaikovsky the news.

    • "58% of Jews are college graduates, including 28% who say they have earned a post-graduate degree. By comparison, 29% of U.S. adults say they graduated from college, including 10% who have a post-graduate degree."

      Plus, Jews never lie, say anything self-interested, and always tell the truth about non-Jews. And American society is, by law, divided into "Jews" and "non-Jews", oh, and don't forget, "Jewish apostates".
      Hey, it's a natural thing for a religion to get old, have low Torahrahrahsterone levels and get apostate trouble. It happens.
      JeffyB, you simply must get around to dealing with those "apostates" one day. They haven't got the proper "preservationist" spirit, and are no use in keeping up the 'justifications'. You know, so the "Christian World" pays off.

    • "We can morn for dead societies but we can’t resurrect them."

      Sure, "JeffyB", after all everything happens for the best, in this best of all possible worlds!!! Whoopee. Well, except when it happens to Jews, in which case it "justifies" what happens for the best!

    • JeffyB thinks that the Zionists are entitled to the benefit of any atrocity which has happened anywhere, throughout history.' If they did it, Zionists can do it' seems to be "JeffyB" slogan.
      Of course, it never occurs to "JeffyB" that Zionists should pay the same price as others do, and that Zionism does not have the resources to pay those prices.

    • "Shingo" I wonder if we are now seeing a great number of posts from, ah, certain commentors, that at one time would not have been accepted?

    • Okay, the brother-in-law thing I just threw in. But I believe no two people on earth are any further from each other than fifth cousins. On average.
      So maybe I didn't share a bunk-bed with all of mankind growing up (I had two sisters) but all humans are related. No separate creation for anybody.

    • "Today mainly all the Christian world needs to do is not welch on the deal."

      Yeah, that mean old "Christian world" owes us! No wonder you are so picky about who is a Jew or an "apostate", JeffyB, those reparations only go so far. Wouldn't want undeserving people horning in on the deal.

      And here's the money quote:

      "But a desire to improve Israel has nothing to do with the nihilism and race hatred that is BDS."

    • Just like the movie JeffyB!

      "The reparations that were on par with the crime was giving us Judaea back — Israel is the reperations. Claim is settled by Israel..."

      Yeah, yeah Jeffy, and "the Holocaust justifies the Nakba completely", too. Yeah, we get it. And the whole list of what makes a good "preservationist" "atheist" Jew.

      Not to put to fine a point on it, you're nuts. Nuttier than the proverbial lavatory rodent. I should consider filing an ADA claim in your behalf.

    • " But in reality racists can be highly educated and intelligent people."

      It was only a few years ago (and the era isn't over yet) that racism was considered the forefront of scientific anthropological knowledge and a proper handling of the "races" key to mankind's future. And that view was so prevalent among 'educated' people we still can't get past it.

    • All men may not be our brothers, but any number of them may be our brothers-in-law.
      I do believe that almost any two people on earth, will be no further from each other then fifth-cousins. Yes.

    • "I don’t think your intellectual dishonesty is a sign of anything other than a complete lack of intellect and character."

      "JeffyB" is sociopathy's most ardent proselytizer! Did you ever see anybody so proud of it?

      I will always love the part where JeffyB brags about being completely hypocritical towards his own religion, an "atheist" "preservationist"!
      Of course, you can easily see how 'preservationist' religion works: The less you believe, the more credit you can give yourself for going through the motions, and disparaging those who don't. Now, that's the spirit which will save Judaism!

    • "You get an incredibly distorted perception of Israel from MW."

      Funny, isn't it JeffyB, that some people who have never heard of Mondo get the same "distorted" picture of Israel on a Birthright tour? Now, why do you suppose that happens. Could it have anything to do with what's going on in Israel? Those kids seem a little young for apostate trouble.

    • "Arguing about irrelevant dissimilarities is a distraction. Attention should proceed from the analogy to the specific facts of the case."

      There is a definite value to "JeffyB" and Hophmi and especially "Jon s". They show us exactly what level of argument has been, up til now, considered sufficient to justify Zionists to themselves and others. And the level of control they wish to obtain over Jews is easily seen, let alone the harm they intend toward Palestinians.

    • "But politicians are allowed to retract."

      Why are you making excuses, "JeffyB"?
      I thought you had a 'justification' for everything. Don't back down.

  • 'So wait, the Nakba is…?': Listening to Israelis discuss the Nakba
    • Danaa, could it be that one Zionist commenter here simply said the unsayable when he said: "The Holocaust justifies the Nakba completely"?

    • "Icarus. The Greeks figured it all out 24 hundred years ago."

      Yes, I think it was a wise old Greek who said: "You can take an ass around the world, and it won't come home a donkey."

      "catalan" let me give you a tip. When you comment, don't put your name, linked to a word-searchable comment archive, above your comments. It'll only cause you no end of trouble.

    • "That’s kind of intrusive but yes, I am a U.S. citizen. Clean record and everything"

      Nobody said you had to answer. But since you did:

      "As to me I used to be an illegal working with Poles, Philippinos and others in the restaurant business."

      "Known poverty. Been illegal."

      "I have mixed feelings about America. I am sorry but as an immigrant I will always be an outsider."

      "And here in the States I am an immigrant with a Slavic accent so I don't think I make a good American nationalist."

    • "There is a lot of mediocrity here,"

      And everywhere else. By definition.
      Funny how that works. But of course, you are above the common run, a cosmopolitan, and entitled to judge.

    • I assume, "catalan" that you have the proper documents allowing you to work in the US, and keep a US citizen from a job? You mentioned your immigration status was not kosher in an earlier comment.

  • 'For Palestinians, history is never behind us': Family memories on Nakba Day
    • Yup, that discussion on the "Hurva" which turned out to be a story of religious fanaticism, fraud, war crimes and bad debts, did not draw another response from "Jackdaw".

      But let me get this straight, Jackdaw's claim to credibility and authenticity is based on being part of that? Ho-kay!

      "My ancestors, religious Zionists who emigrated to Jerusalem in the early 19th century, were treated badly as well, but were able to eke out an existence because European consuls in Jerusalem gave the Jews european citizenship with all the attendant protections."

      Gee, isn't that called "extraterritoriality"? That always makes for good relations with the native peoples.

    • "For the sake of my descendants I earnestly hope I never run afoul of you or your kind."

      For the sake not fouling my shoes I will never follow "Jackdaw" through a cow-pasture. He steps in every steaming pile. He sure stepped in it that time.

    • "I’m not asking anyone to hear their personal stories, and I’m not particularly interested in visiting their former dwellings in the Jewish Quarter. "

      You have already forgotten all the heart-rendering stories you posted earlier in the thread? Ah, sweet Ziocaine Syndrome amnesia to the rescue. Some therapists believe it may be a defense against pre-traumatic stress syndrome

    • "Echinococcus", there is something fascinating about "Jackdaw's" decision that this post was the right place for him to argue the greater imperatives of Zionism over those of "Arabs".
      He looked at the post, the images, the text, and thought this was the perfect place. Buncha smart ones, those Zionists.

    • "Isn’t it about time the carrion bird was warned about persistent Nakba denial? Or preferably, booted! It’s especially offensive at this time – and isn’t allowed wrt site policy. Are mods overworked (asleep at the wheel)?"

      The Mods, seem to have hardened their attitude to an alarming degree. Before this latest trend, the Moderators made a good-faith effort, simply out of human decency, to keep the Zionist point of view from being represented almost entirely by lunatics. Perhaps that became impossible at some point. After all, has a single Zionist commenter ever protested anything Jeffy, Jackdaw Jon s or Ivriy has said? Well then, they must be representative.
      And unless Mondo wishes to exclude Zionist voices, they are pretty much what you get. And they seem to be crowding Hophmi out, which if true, is pretty funny.

    • "Poor diddums…. he sounds like a 12 year old."

      And reasoning and talking on a 12 yr. old level is all that has been required of Zionists, up til now. It has served, and as you notice, Zionists are downright insulted if asked to relate on an adult level.
      At that point they usually retreat into some Jewish-power fantasy (We won it fair and square, cue song: 'Me'n Jews Against the World', followed by a post delineating how many Jews are apostates, and just in it for the persecution).

  • 'Forward' ad on all the great ways to be Jewish doesn't mention Israel
    • "Nobody can tell you how to be Jewish"

      C'mon people, get it together, already! It's been several thousand years, an awful lot of trouble, and we still can't answer that most basic of questions?

      Although looking at the pictures, I get the feeling that being Jewish has a lot to do with doing all-right.

    • "amigo", don't forget "completely" at the end of it. And with plenty left over to justify anything else you like, including a "preservationist", a false Judaism, which never the less hunts down and punishes "apostasy".
      And it's a floor topping and desert wax, too.

    • "Very cool. (wonder what the usual suspects have to say…)"

      Oh, they'll probably say the ghosts of Marx and Engels still stalk the Forward building in NYC. Or something like that.

      "Nobody can tell you how to be Jewish"? But, but what about seeking out and excluding "apostates"? Everybody knows that Judaism has apostate trouble.

  • The 'New York Times' is now a pro-Israel weapon. Who decided that, I don't know
    • Doesn't a paper have an Editor, usually hired by the owner, who sets the editorial policies. At one time I believe an A. B. Rosenthal was the very pro-zionist editor. Who is it now? And print newspapers can lose a lot of money these days, which may enter into it.

  • Putting Israel's cynical humanitarian work in Nepal in the proper context
    • "So there’s J-positive blood babies to save and thus it’s not hard to see why this is rolling."

      "J-positive blood"? Is there such a thing? This is very confusing. I knew extensive DNA testing could establish certain probabilities and inferences can be made on the basis of those and other evidence, but "J-positive"? Scary.

  • Why readers interested in balanced coverage of BDS should avoid the New York Times
    • Dabakr did I mix you up with one of the other ilk? Sorry, but all of you are pretty much interchangeable. I don't see any reason to make an effort to tell you apart. Maybe it was JeffyB

    • "Dabakr" I can smell the flop-sweat on you all the way up in the Great Northwest. BDS has you all spun up.
      But you just keep ordering us around. Get more imperious, and don't forget to tell us who isn't a Jew. Reducing the number of possible supporters is a smart way to go. More Zion for you!

  • Settlers Supporting Settlers: Towards an explanation of the US/Israel relationship
    • "Mooser Sez “Steve Grover, couldn’t we just say: “The Holocaust justifies the Nakba completely” and be done with it?” No thanks, I prefer to shout as loud as Joshua’s trumpets in Jericho that you mentioned: The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Husseini was a NAZI and should have swung at Spandau with his friends. I also prefer to highlight the subject of Abu Mazen’s doctoral thesis with as much thunder! "

      Oh, I see, "Grover". Even if the Holocaust was taken out of the equation, they still owe us a hell of a lot, due and payable on demand, for lots of other stuff they did to the Jews?

    • " i don’t deny that borders have never been officially negotiated since ’48 and again ’67 war."

      So when Israel proclaimed state-hood and described its boundaries they were just kidding? they made a mistake? It's not a matter of "negotiation" and you know it. Why didn't Israel try to "negotiate" more land, if they needed it?

    • "They are different; Jews were in far more desperate straights"

      Well, when the Jewish community can't supply enough Jewish girls for the desperate straights to marry, out-marriage is the inevitable result.
      The word is "straits", Hophmi, like they got in Gilberta.

    • "minions = followers. and usually ‘ underlings’ who follow a powerful and charismatic leader or ideal. who are these “minions”?"

      Is it a veiled insult, or simply an innocuous mis-typing of the word "millions", which, (follow me closely, here) inadvertently formed a word, "minions" and thus was not detected by Spel-Check and corrected? That's what I can't figure out.
      Let me know if you come up with the answer.

    • Didn't the Zionists have something to base their hopes on when the appealed to Nazi Germany in 1941? Hadn't there been some successful interaction between the Nazi leadership and the settlers and Palestine, previously? If I remember, this interaction was deemed worthy of a medal.

    • If I'm not mistaken, settlements in the US in the Colonial day were sponsored by powerful or rich people back in England or France. Maybe what AIPAC and JNF do is analogous to that. Sponsor, finance and link with the established powers. Which puts Zionism right in line with earlier settlement efforts. The sponsoring countries got in wars over the colonies, too.

    • Racism is very fungible. Racism doesn't necessarily follow a white-to-black delineation with levels based on hue. Since the 'races' and their 'racial characteristics' are spurious to begin with, many permutations can be manufactured, once the ideas and practice of racism is established, according to the needs of the moment. And those 'moments' in history (ex. the need for slave labor in the New World and ability to take people from Africa) can last, by our individual reckoning forever or even seem a fixed fact of life.

    • Steve Grover, couldn't we just say:

      "The Holocaust justifies the Nakba completely" and be done with it?

      Wouldn't you agree that one declaration, like the ringing notes of Joshua's trumpet at the walls of Jericho, should crumble all opposition to Zionism? Why should we grovel and beg? Why substitute histrionics and hysteria for history? Why not simply point out the axiom proven by the historical mathematics?
      Will you join the many minions of people who recognize this basic historical equation?

    • "Actually, viewing the Jewish people as part of the white race by the white race has a relatively short history"

      Doesn't it, though? Just shows how quick we are to forgive. Far be it from us to hold a grudge against white people for keeping us out. That's damned white of us.

  • 'Forward' reports what 'NYT' covers up: Jews for BDS
    • "Why can’t you provide some simple definitions of what you Zionists mean by “Jews” and “Jewish”?

      Oh you know, somebody like me. I'm probably a typical specimen of the type, or so I've been told all my life.

    • "It would be like siding with a Mexican Nationalist Front / Nazi alliance in World War II (pretending they existed at the same time) to take over the SouthWest and the rest of the USA respectively."

      Wow! "JeffyB", why are you wasting time blathering to an unappreciative audience of people who don't pray after meals, when you could be writing political thrillers? That kind of "ripped from the headlines" and "so real it really could be happening really" stuff sells big!

    • "Salkin blew up and my son walked out of class, never to return."

      Well, sometimes I wonder if maybe many 'Jewish leaders' (that ought to cover it) don't harbor a lot of resentment over the fact that Judaism is a voluntary association/identification most places. They almost seem to take it as a personal affront, as if a trusted partner let them down. Makes 'em touchy sometimes, I would think.

    • "Not even the most ardent zionest agrees with JeffB."

      How can you say that? Has anyone, either a regular commenter or newly-registered commenter, of the Zionist persuasion, ever contradicted a single thing "JeffyB" has said? I can't remember it happening. Can you?
      As far as I know, "JeffyB" is the recognized authority on all things Zionist and Jewish. And if you are Jewish, defer, defer, to the Lord High Excomunicator!
      And who, I ask, has dared to gainsay him? Which one of the "liberal Zionists' has unlimbered their vouchsafer and loosed so much as a 'nay' in his direction? Is there not one Zionist breast, which seems to feel the moral duty of calling JeffyB out? Not one, no, no, not one!

    • "Didn’t cost me anything. (But I used the sneaky tactic of getting born there.)"


    • . "What is the connection between the French people and France or the Chinese people and China?"

      The miracle of separate creation! From each region's soil sprung the man of the region, the Frenchman for France, Chinese people for China. The inextricable ties of blood and soil, as ordained by God Almighty. Go fight City Hall!

    • "The purpose of the BDS movement is the destruction of Israel. A complete overthrow of the government, slashing huge chunks of Israeli territory and giving it to hostile foreign entities and the replacement of the population of Israel by a hostile alien population"

      Oh, fer gawd's friggin' sake, "JeffyB", if you can't bring yourself to say "Palestinians" just go ahead and say "Arabs". Nobody really expects any more than that out of you.

    • "Wrote a long reply to your question. Reply got censored. "

      Don't worry, "JeffyB" the reply which did get published was just like the movie!! Good job.

    • "Does Israel existmainly to act as a giant petri dish to isolate and purify Jewish DNA?"

      Ewww. You know what happens when you over-purify human DNA? Sorta curdles, doesn't it?

    • "Ah, you bring up one of the most disgusting aspects of Zionism-the eugenics aspect of the whole project"

      There's an encouraging aspect to it, tho: It is by any measure, failing miserably.

    • BTW, "JeffyB" full of viscious fantasies about Jews, keeps on nattering about "apostasy". Gee, as far as I know, there has never been any public confession of faith required in Judaism, nor is there any agency for detecting and exposing apostasy. Perhaps "JeffyB" would like to give us examples of Jewish attempts to impose uniform belief on Jews, by seeking out or even excommunicating "apostates", and how that worked out for us? You know, as one modern day instance, the Reform movement?

      However, I fully understand the new emphasis on uniform belief and practice. There's only so much Holy Land to go around, and weak sisters, inconsistent practicers, apostates and mosers need not apply. Why should they receive the benefit of the Justification?"

      (I mean, what do they think we are? Like those crazy Christians who extends the benefits of Salvation through Christ's crucifixion to all mankind? Sorry, but we can't afford that. Ours, the Justification by Holocaust, is a private one.)

    • Notice this: "JeffyB" just made a self-serving hash out of Judaism, but will a single Zionist or indeed Rabbi try to make an effort to correct his very harmful and downright insulting views? Where's _______? And _____? (You know, speak of the Zionist, and he appears so I won't).

      Gosh maybe "JeffyB" is right, there's nothing to the religion but self-interest, self-excuse, and keeping up appearances, and creating pilpul. And what geographical extent it can be made to appropriate. ('Signs of Biblical Jewish culture in New World' say Israeli archeologists...)
      Maybe nobody really cares what conception Jews have of their own religion, as long as.... except I've never been able to figure that part out. Of course, when the imminence of existential persecution is a dominating exigency, long term plans must be put aside for immediate emergency measures aimed at survival.
      That must be it.

    • Oy Jeffy! I love that song!! I play it myself, in a medley with "Shady Groove" and "Cripple Creek".

      "....a drunkard's dream, if I ever did see one"

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