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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Huckabee's 'oven' comment echoes Netanyahu's talking points on Iran as Nazis
    • "One question – who is a Jew? Are you defining it in a religious or racial kind of way?"

      Oh, that's easy.
      If antisemitism is planned, and natch, you need to know "who is a Jew", why the answer is obvious! Wouldn't want to hurt the wrong people.
      Ask the most religious, most observant, the very frummest Jews who they consider real Jews, and use that as a guide! I mean, they should know.

  • Time Warner executive moonlights as speechwriter for Netanyahu
    • “Is it because he’s Jewish and the law doesn’t apply to him?” was also borderline inappropriate."

      Very inappropriate. And not necessary. Just exercise a little patience, and the Zionist will say that for you. But don't say it for him!

    • Although the two situations are very different in most ways, I often find disturbing parallels between the Israel lobby, and the days of "the China Lobby".

    • "Back in the days when I was single and rambling around the world I embraced, and was embraced by, a number of foreigners."

      Back when I was single, I always had a date on Saturday nights.

  • You be the judge
    • "Mooser, please! I don’t want to see that sort of thing just after breakfast."

      I'm sorry, "RoHa", but my conscience was tormenting me, and I had to confess.
      I might add that since those youthful offenses I have become obsessively conservative in matters of dress.

    • "and it is a verse of which christians ought to be ashamed and not proud."

      Never, ever follow Yonah through the no-leash area or a cow-pasture. Yonah has a knack for finding the biggest pile, and jumping in with both feet.
      That's it, Yonah, you tell the Gentiles about religious verses of which they "should be ashamed". You do that. I can't think of a more productive thing to do.

      Yonah, I know, maybe we should change the old saying to fit you: "People who live in glass houses should break all the windows, that'll show 'em!".

      Yup, both feet, and jumps around in it. Wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have a habit of throwing so much of it around....

    • Shorts, sandals-and-socks are "Jewish traditional clothing"? Well, they are just right for hanging out singing old Beach boys songs...

    • " I hate to admit it, but I went through a similar phase."

      I once wore plaid bell-bottoms, with wide cuffs!. And Frye boots. We all have shameful secrets in our sartorial past.

  • Huckabee plays the Iran Holocaust trump card
  • When a U.S. president demanded inspections of a nuclear facility in the Middle East (and failed)
    • "A lover of rumors and innuendo."

      A lover of fine rumors and vintage innuendos. Get it right, Yonah.
      Look, at least he's not asking his "dead friend" to back him up!

  • Israeli general likens attack on Gaza towers to 9/11 attack, as 'symbol'
    • "Thank you, Dan~ that photo is iconic."

      In more ways than one. That steel-framed tower is still standing.

  • It's time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped
    • "here is where we are at and we cannot turn back the clock to remove Israel"

      Yonah, maybe we can't, but there's a whole lot of other people in the world with a stake in this. And as the Little Old Clockmaker grimly said, when asked to repair a clock which only 'ticked': " Vee haff vays of makink a Hickory Daiquiri, Doc!"

    • "Real Jews practice the teachings of Rabbi Hillel."

      Gosh, I don't know about anybody else, but I am content to leave the decisions and definitions and discussions of who is a Real Jew to the Zionists. They're much better at it than we are. They're much more picky than we will ever be, from what I read lately.

    • "He means the biblical Ahab who was a king in the kingdom of Israel "

      Bear in mind. Ms. A, we 'malaprop' like crazy around here.

      "Are you greater than the Prophet Elijah"

      The Prophet Elijah? He's a wimp. Even I can out-drink him.

    • Oh well, never underestimate the power of a pair of startlingly blue eyes. So that's where they got that exact shade of blue for the flag! I should've known.

    • Page: 247
    • Yonah, I just can't get over your ability to communicate, to reach out to people, to establish a level of trust and some likability, and then find common ground.
      And one thing about you, Yonah, you may not always make an agreement, but you always make a friend!

      Yup, Yonah, you sure can accomplish a lot in one thread.

    • "I am absolutely baffled by how you can put your loyalty to the tribe ahead of morality?"

      Oh, please, Double Standard's only loyalty is to his own pretensions. Those, he will never betray!

    • "I have a feeling you are the kind of person that doesn’t suffer fools gladly."

      Oh, no. On the contrary, I'm actually pretty comfortable with myself.

    • Shoot! (no pun intended) I don't think I told that joke right.

    • Yonah: "As a student of history...."

      So glad I bought that three-pack of screen-wipes.

    • "there are very few of them. practically non existent as far as i am aware."

      Keep your eye on "Tzedek Chicago! You may be surprised.

    • "Real Jews obey the Ten Commandments. All of them."

      "All of them"? C'mon, that's too many. Isn't seven or eight out of ten enough?

    • " He is portrayed in Kings as an oppressive ruler, particularly in respect of Naboth’s Vineyard!"

      Well, look what goes on at Martha's!

    • "For an old fogey like me the original text is the movie “Exodus” with Paul Newman."

      Speechless. Gee, Yonah, I knew it went deep, but gosh, I never knew how deep!

    • "Do you trust Bob Dylan?”

      I asked my Daddy that once, and he turned to me, looked out of his eye into both of mine and said: "Boychik, what matters is not whether you trust a man, but what you trust him with"!

    • "But if you want to apply a caste-system to Judaism then all non-Jews are Untouchables"

      Wow, there must be an awful lot of sexless mixed marriages out there.
      Not, I hasten to add, that there is anything wrong with that. But still, wow, what a catch 22, you can marry 'em, but you can't touch 'em!
      It's like a joke I heard once, where a guy dies and goes to Hell, and when he gets there Hell is one big gun store. But nobody will sell him a pistol. Finally, he demanded to know why he had to go through eternity un-armed, and was told "there's no piece for the wicked!"

    • "Anyone else?"

      I don't know. I know, of course, that people in Israel and the areas illegally occupied by Zionists who have those dual-passport things can get out, but I'm not sure about how it filters down.

    • "I have to say I can relate to the same experience of the aggression and a kind of insistence in the delivery. It grated on me very badly. I had no ‘evidence’ to back up any opposition on my part, I just had a gut reaction against all of it."

      But you of course, were in Israel, and resisting Zionist indoctrination growing up in Israel and all the rest, or throwing it off later in life would be, I'm sure, a much, much many, many times more difficult task than it is for a shaigetz ainer like me out on the Island. I never forget that. I've got no corner on character strength, who knows how I would have turned out had I been raised there. Like you said, a pressure cooker, where all I got was a little steam off the chicken soup. I wasn't worth the trouble of keeping within the Zionist fold, really, which might have been my saving disgrace. Go, little Shonda, go! First gear, well all right...

    • “You would be the intellectual toast of Tel Aviv!”

      Well, since "Jon s" says:

      " In Israel there's a rising tide of racism , xenophobia and anti-democratic tendencies, especially (though not exclusively) among the Orthodox Jews" "Jon s" - See more at: link to

      he may have to be content with the cheers of the Israeli Left. He'll be a wanking-class hero!

    • "Wow. You acquire citizenship in a country that faces no threats, abandon your birthplace,"

      C'mon DS, are you trying to embarrass "Jon s"?

    • "But Judaism is akin to the Hindu caste system in that members are taught that it is vital..."

      Holey Moley, "roross", thank you! I never thought about it that way before, and I don't know why, probably because I'm pretty slow on the up-take.
      But it makes perfect sense!
      The Ultra Orthodox, of course, are the "Brahmins", and the regular Orthodox, the "Kshatriya".
      Now, naturally Conservative Judaism forms the "Viashya". "Reform" Judaism, as is only proper, forms the good ol' "Sudra", (the schmaltz of the earth, those folks) and I don't need to actually delineate who the "Untouchables" are at this point. We know who we are.
      Anyway, I better go, I've got a crossing to sweep.

    • "But surely it also applies to the USA?"

      It sure does. Which makes it very easy, or should make it very easy, for Israel to look at the history of the US, and conclude that they cannot afford to pay the terrible price America paid for settler-colonialism. And that they don't have the resources, nor is Zionism a strong enough historical current to withstand the consequences of settler-colonialism.

    • "Ah, the old Israeli mystique. If we play our cards right, sometimes it even gets us a hearing for anti-Zionism and BDS :-)"

      I saw that! And got a big :-) from it, too.

    • "You don’t have to live in Israel."

      Who does? No, I'm serious. Who are the Israelis that can't go anywhere else, the ones that have a life-and-death stake in solving Israel's problems? Why is Israel ruled by people with weird ideological and political agendas, all of whom can simply split if Israel doesn't meet their expectations, or if they make Israel too hot to hold them.
      I never have gotten that straight. Who, in the last estimation, cannot leave "Israel"?

    • "Jon s" don't you see the wonderful opportunity being offered to you here, in this thread? Why, using this thread as a springboard, and doing a bit more research, and you could correct the gross errors in the Israeli-schools history syllabus! You would be the intellectual toast of Tel Aviv! The man who delivered Israeli school-kids from a manipulative and erroneous education!

      Or you could go on lying through your ass to Jewish children, it's pretty much up to you.

    • Well, I knew a guy, once, who corrected my spelling. He ended up with de rigueur mortice, and tenonitis of the elbow.

    • "weren’t hoodwinked by the hasbara,"

      Look, the US army was set on drafting me, and people were telling me I should go join the IDF. I simply didn't want to die a virgin! Of course, I've accepted my fate by now.

    • "I admire those of you who could see things so clearly from such a young age."

      No, don't pull that! I did not see anything clearly! (Well, except maybe those terrifying sock-and-sandals! God, No!) I didn't see anything clearly, I felt frightened, I didn't want to be pushed into anything, it was all so apposite to everything I was learning about being, well, a Jewish American, none of it made sense, all of it contradicted what a saw around me, and the people were very aggressive and angry, and really wanted to boss me and push me around. And there was "folk-dancing".
      I didn't see anything "clearly", I was a kid. Don't pull that.

    • "I like your wit."

      Scoff if you must, my dear Ms. Abarbanel, but mark my words, one day you will see the Ziocaine Syndrome listed in the DSM. There has already been a Ziocaine Syndrome Defense in a murder trial (a bartender served a man a non-kosher drink, and he shot 'em. You think I'm kidding?). When psychology finally recognizes this affliction sufferers will be eligible for disability payments and treatment, too!

    • "They were attacked....."

      Sure, Yonah.

    • "The “we” refers to American Jews."

      I see. So as soon as I came to the conclusion that Zionism was not the answer to the Jewish people's problems I ceased to be a Jew?

      Ah, so that must be why an I-used-to-be-a-Zionist-until-I-learned-better story is de riguer, cause if you haven't got that, you weren't a Jew in the first place? Very interesting outlook, akin to the one we've adopted toward Bush's War on Iraq.

      "Congrats on your moral purity and forwardness."

      For rejecting Zionism? Please, "tyokyobk", this is shameless flattery. It hardly took any of that to reject Zionism and I've never claimed, in any way shape or form, that it did.

    • "If one assumes the Goy is out to kill Jews what’s next as a Jew in your thoughts? Zionism."

      And if a person doesn't like Jews, what better, more humane thing to do then help them go to Israel? Sure beats a pogrom.

    • "Thank you Mooser! :)"

      You're welcome. I enjoyed the article.

    • And I am sure that we can't be the only two in the world who felt that way.
      I'd hate to think that the validating principle of anti-zionism is to have once been a zionist.

    • "Can I please ask that you address...."

      Yes, maybe Double Standard can make clear (which he refuses to do) what his address is, where he lives. Probably, he's an American who wants to see Israel march off a cliff for his amusement.

    • "catastrophes being remembered on this day is the Spanish Expulsion in 1492."

      Now, now, "Jons", it wasn't as if there wasn't compensation for the expulsion! Didn't Queen Isabella give the departing Jewish Community a Royal paper saying "Don't worry, you can take it out on the Palestinians, later!"?

    • "Takes things out of context, starts twisting your words into pretzel shapes, until he finds himself as a worm on a hook. Then…Poof! The nightmare ends…until he shows up another day acting like nothing happened…and it starts all over again."

      It is time to introduce my peer-reviewed (when you gotta go, you gotta go. And it was peer-review which found the paradox, and you try to cross this theory on a chicken, and you'll know viaduct!) hypothesis of the patheticology at work: What you have just described is called "The Ziocaine Syndrome" and repeated Ziocaine Syndrome episodes produce a deleterious effect on the character similar to the effect of chronic cocaine-and-alcohol abuse.
      You can look it up! Besides the celeryberellium The Ziocaine Syndrome effects the Gore-Tex, too, and you get soaked when it rains! Ziocaine Syndrome episodes are followed by a period of amnesia, which is why they come back and say the same dumb stuff all over again.

    • "Jews are just people like all other people."

      Yes, but certainly more so than some, and, it must be admitted, less than some others.

    • “Honest scales, honest weights, an honest ephah and an honest hin you shall have. I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt” (Leviticus 19:36)."

      Thank you Shmuel. As you may know, Washington State has legalized marihuana, and I was thinking of opening a pot-shop. Now I have a wonderful and fitting Scripture Quote to put by the doorpost of my store.

    • "There is the system that does the duping and there’s the ‘dupee’. I never said that the dupee is free from responsibility here… "

      A "system", already? Zionism isn't a "system" it's much more like Soylent Green. It's people.

      It's Jews preying on each other.

    • " To the last minute, intellectual honesty will remain limited to very few among them"

      Oh, ye of little faith! Don't count on their "intellectual honesty"! Count on their self-interest!.

    • "But, Israel as it is, not as we learned it,"

      What you mean-um "we", pal? I remember sitting in Hebrew School thinking what a bunch of shit they were trying to force down my throat.
      And Jeez, that nonsense about "the Jewish people".

    • "the average jew in USA has a knee jerk response,which is Israel does what’s best for the jews"

      "Citizen" as an American Jew, the fact that "Israel does what’s best for the jews" is an article of faith with me!
      Of course, when I found out which Jews Israel does what's best for....

    • Oy!
      The Jews in Spain,
      They felt a lot of pa-in!
      They Jews of Spain got kicked out in the rain!

      Now, once again...

    • "The expression putting the cart before the horse doesn’t even begin to describe it."

      You are right, Shmuel. It's much more like the old saying about "locking in the horses before lighting the barn on fire"

    • You think the photo is good, you should try reading the article.

  • Focus on Jewish Democrats as key to Iran deal raises 'loyalty' issue
    • "Yes with Hummus and fine wine"

      Yeah, I'll read about it in Mondo. Maybe you could have an interdenominational banquet, too.

    • "At least hophmi tries to be nice and respectful.”

      What choice does he have? Or, for that matter, do you have? So, mind your manners. And man, sober up, okay?

      Oh, BTW, Grover, would you say Hophmi's posts directed at Phil and Annie have been "nice and respectful"?

    • "Here’s another shovel…keep digging."

      Ah, good ol' "Grover"! I'm convinced he either writes with a bottle in front of him, or maybe he's had a.....

    • "You should check out JVP’s very own Cecile Surasky."

      Gosh, "Steverino" you should really join Hophmi in the "Outreach" industry. You know just what to say to everybody. You make friends everywhere.

    • "I would have preferred the people in the video that Weiss posted would have told him to go fuck himself. For that to happen, Weiss would have had to tell them who he is and what he does."

      Gosh, there's nothing Zionists love more than seeing Jews fight each other. Grover's already anticipating going to Tzedek Chicago and throwing his not inconsiderable weight around. "Grover", I'm telling you, that is not how Tribal Unity is achieved!

    • Steve, it is not a good idea to post while drinking. You get combative and irrational.

  • 'NYT' must think it has no Amish readers
    • " No, I don’t think that if she joked around about being ultra-orthodox it would be a huge deal."

      Gee, maybe I'll work up a dynamite stand-up routine from the material in "Failed Messiah".

    • "First time I heard that rule."

      Yes, "Catalan", that rule isn't usually included in the "All-rightniks Handbook".

    • "Column wasn’t worth reading in the first place – exchange of texts with unhappy 12 year old"

      What a ways we've fallen since "Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda".

    • "you’d like to be funny, like Mooser"

      That is not a treatable condition. Having become addicted to levity (it's the soul of wit, you know) early in life, I am now a confirmed joke fiend, an unredeemed joke addict, yes, a jokie. Not even a spell at Humornon straightened me out.

    • "Why send a child to a camp if she is unhappy?"

      What on earth? Why send a child... I ask you "piotr" could a happy child have composed this masterpiece!

    • " By the way, I’m sure that Phil can speak for himself. He doesn’t need you."

      You should e-mail him, Hophmi, and give him the facts about Annie, gentleman-to-gentleman! And don't forget to mention she has no concern for the Jewish birth-rate.

  • Congress needs to stand up for American people's interest over Netanyahu's
    • Ah, Motley Crue, the "lewdest, the crudest, and the nudist rock band" as I believe they once described themselves.

    • But always remember, J.L, that after the manic or grandiose phase of a Ziocaine Syndrome episode comes the sweet, sweet Ziocaine amnesia.

  • Greece’s Syriza makes military deal with Israel that only US has made
    • "And who knows – the Arab world may even one day do a big re-think and come to a conclusion that it was all along pursuing all along the wrong target, while its real problems and treats lie entirely elsewhere."

      And when that happens, won't those dual-passports come in handy!

    • "Irvi" if you want to know the truth, it was all the links "Scotch" provided to unassailable primary sources which clearly supported his opinion which got the Mondo Moderators all non plussed!
      And in their confusion and shame, they pressed the "print" button, and the truth spilled out for all to see!

    • " It needs a developer to clear the old rubble off the site and build some fancy apartments and a shopping mall."

      "RoHa" is right. Just look at the place!

    • Wow, that comment from "Scotch" is really telling. Apparently comments get held up in Mondo Moderation for years!
      Jeez, comments from a decade ago only now being published? Pick up the pace there, Moderators.

  • Christian Zionists expose their anti-Semitism at conservative summit in Iowa
    • Michelle, here's one of my favorite Sensational Nightingales cuts.

      "Hard Headed Yo...." Oh, sorry I mean, "Jonah"

      "Go down to Nineveh and preach my word!"

    • "because Jews believe that they are the chosen people and gentiles are not."

      As far as I know, the the Koreans are the chosun people!

    • Money makes the world go round? Well, I knew a guy, he used to be a dervish, who got fat sitting and looking at French Impressionists! Of course, 'Monet makes the whirled go round.'

      Reminds me of the guy who was addicted to the Hokey-Pokey, but he turned himself around.

      That's what it's all about.

    • "anti-whateverism toward any people/group is against all people/groups"

      Yes, every bigotry towards any people is a bigotry towards all peoples and people. I very much agree.

    • "Mooser, you are an excellent example of “those who haven’t studied them in depth” (or, perhaps, at all)."

      Huh? Absurd! Look, it's pretty simple. When choosing a religion, choose the one which works for you. I should think a religion's ability to deliver on its promises should be easy enough to determine without years of study. Shoot, make a spread-sheet, do a little research, crunch some numbers, do some physics and some metaphysics and a little transgendersubstantiation (nudge-nudge, wink-wink!) and religion of your choice should be easy to determine. Google, in this as in so many things, is your friend.
      Easier than deciding which mid-size 4-door sedan to purchase, by a long shot. Especially if you include all them foreign cars. Of course, that's a choice when it comes to religion, too, A daring person could cast off all ecumenical passive restraints and choose one of those sectsy foreign 2-door sports models.

    • A lot of support for Christian Zionism, as it is for Zionism, is firmly based on the bedrock religious principle of subvention.

    • "Israel of long ago was never like this current this false this anti-Israel"

      Now, I'm very ignorant of both the Old and New Testament, but if I recall, there was a lot of trouble in the Old Testament over keeping the Jews in line, and a lot of contention. Lotta problems with false Gods, stuff like that. Golden Calf-ism made inroads among the community. Big problems formulating a suitable type of political-religious synthesis. Life was no bed of charoses for the Ancient Israelites.

    • "I think history testifies persuasively that we are the Chosen People,"

      Sure, sure, DS, indubitably! Absolutely, without a doubt, we Jews is Chosen! Unfortunately, the question still remains: Chosen for what, exactly?!

    • “semitic” refers originally to a group of related middle eastern languages, including Arabic, Hebrew and many others, and has come to be applied to the ethnic groups speaking those languages. "

      And is it accurate in that? Are they indeed related, as the man who invented the term "Semitic" ("Semitic" not 'antisemitism', different guy, wasn't it?) thought, and in the way he thought?

      Of course, as long as we know who we mean when we say "Semitic" it really doesn't matter how it started out, if it gained a useful meaning.

    • "As an atheist, I can live with that view."

      You are a braver person than me (Which, I freely asseverate, is not hard to be. My timidity is legendary), much braver.
      If I was an atheist, I would be much too scared to admit it. If the belief in God is a delusion, it is such a big and powerful delusion that to deny it can be life-threatening. If God doesn't exist, and religious people kill over Him they are some seriously ill mofo's. Damned if I'll be the one to cross those crazy violent bastards. So as I say, it's a good thing I'm not an atheist, cause I'd be to scared to admit it, and I'd have to live with that.

    • Michelle, "Semite" is a spurious term. It has no real meaning. Do you think both Arabs and Jews are both descended from the sons of Shem, one of Noah's kids? I doubt it.

    • "We really should do something to correct this terrible situation."

      I'm trying! I want to help create a world in which almost everybody can be smarter than me. And so I feel compelled to get stupider and stupider. No, don't thank me, it's really not that much of an effort.

    • "intercede =>> intervene"

      Nonsense, a scurrilous implication! I haven't given myself an intervenous injection for years!

    • BTW, as the human genome has been completely mapped, anybody who says racism has a genetic basis should be able to point to the genes which produce racism.

    • "The wish of Palestinians to spoil this real special relationship"

      Get a load of this! ROTFLMSJAO!

    • "Can’t understand this except to say Half of all humans are of low

      Not me. I don't go for half-measures. All of me is of low intelligence.

    • "English monarchs outrank God."

      Maybe English Monarchs outrank God, but English colonial officers can get close, becoming a CMG (Call me God) or a GCMG (God calls me God)

    • "Modern liberal pretensions that all religions are basically the same (and no religious claim is more absurd than that one!)"

      That's right! There's a big difference between those religions which can get God to listen to prayers, intercede in human affairs, reveal the future, and forgive sin, not to mention guaranteeing eternal life, and those religions that, well, can't.

      So make sure, when picking your religion, to choose well.

    • "in reaction to Giles and the semantics."

      Don't worry, Yonah! No one will ever accuse you of being anti-semantic! Heck no, they'll have to fight me if they do!

    • "The root of all racism lies in biology: humans are closely related to chimpanzees who form tribal groups and compete for resources with neighboring groups. Racism is in our genes."

      That's the best excuse you can come up with "Racism is in our genes"?

      Oh, give me a break. Okay, Mr "Racism is in our genes", let me ask you, how many shades of skin-color difference (on the standard PMS color scale) do people need to see to kick off their genetic racism? Imagine coming home from a vacation in warmer climes with a nice tan and being enslaved by your own family. That's genetics!

    • Yup, Donald, I'm with you. I took one look at this thread, and gave it the old miss-in-baulk.

    • "because of the descendancy"

      "descendancy"? Must be the opposite of 'ascendancy'.

  • Deconstructing Netanyahu's response to the Iran deal
    • "What Trotskyites rarely do..."

      I think we've been promoted from "Stalinist", but I'm not sure.

      Trotsky is dead, "Schlipper". The Stalinists gave him their awl.

  • 'If we don't take out Iran,' it will reenact the Holocaust in US and Israel -- Steven Emerson to Times Square rally
    • "Or is it sicker than that? Must they push and push until there is a reaction against them, which they will then interpret as anti-Semitism, proving the accuracy of their worldview?"

      Well, then, Giles, you could foil their dastardly plot by simply not giving them that reaction!

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