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  • Israel seizes 1000 acres from 5 Palestinian villages to build new settlement in response to teens' abduction
    • "If this is your final answer, then you are being willfully ignorant. Enough has been published about this to mollify any concerns you have"

      Yes m'lord. Of course, your Grace. Anything you say Rev. Rabbi Your Honour. Yes, Your Imperial Highness!

    • It's like Gene came here to give us a personal panorama of how character defects intersect with Zionism. And the grandiosity! Next he'll be telling us he is Napoleon.

    • "You’ll justify anything for dear Israel."

      Justify? Ol "ivri" just sat there and confessed that all the crimes are "standard Israeli"!!

  • Alvin Rosenfeld's Holocaust complaint
    • Also remember, there were shifting layers within the world of Judaism. In Germany there were communities of Jews settled there, mostly urban, and then, in the 1800's Jews being forced from Russia and going West. So within what was now the same national State, Germany, communities of very different, and differently resourced Jews.

    • 1) "Apply exactly the same standards to Israel you apply to other countries." Nah, I got a better idea. We will extroplate the Zionist's principles from their actions and than make judgements accordingly.

      2) "Apply the same degree of passion towards
      Oh, put a sock in it.

      Of course, the Zionist belief that they can dictate the terms of the argument will be held to the end. It's pretty obviously the one JeffyB clutches at all the time. Sorry JeffyB, that day is done.

    • 3) Immediately obey any and all demands concerning discourse, syntax, facts, and limits of conversation laid down by anybody calling themselves Zionist

      4) Bowing or curtsy not necessary, just a quick bending of the knee will do.

  • Richard Cohen says he married Israel and has been faithful during ups and downs
    • "That’s something to celebrate. Not everything has to be so depressing. "

      C'mon, you peasants, get with the program! It's your religious duty to support your liege Lord when he wants to go on a Crusade. So pony up villiens!

    • " The Holocaust was Judaism’s crucifixion, Israel was it’s resurrection."

      Wow, talk about assimilation! You don't get more assimilated than that!!

    • "I’ve said this before. The Holocaust was Judaism’s crucifixion, Israel was it’s resurrection."

      ROTLMSJAO!!! Okay, JeffyB, you wanna supply us with cites showing that is an at least aceeptable religious explanation?

      Cause as far as I know (and we can easily find people with more exact knowledge) what you just said is a heresy, a blasphemy on the Jewish religion, quite frankly.

      Anyway, about all those people, Rabbi's, Sages, you are going to link us to to show that your "Crucifixion- Redemption" theology is anything but a figment of your sick imagination, JeffyB?

    • "That particular demand dehumanises Jews, inasmuch as it turns them into a lifeless archetype"

      Yeah, but you're a lifeless archetype that people must defer to. That makes up for a lot. And what about all the projection you're entitled to? Not everybody can get away with that. It may be a lifeless archetype, but it's become an aristocratic archetype. Nobody gives that up without a good scare, at least.-

    • "Mooser– he’s working on it."

      Can't wait to see the e-mails. And you must admit, they got quick service.

    • The demand that everybody in (at least) your society see you exactly as you would desire to be seen, accept your version of history and the conclusions drawn from it, and predicate costly action on these self-serving perceptions, and be obsequious into the bargain (make us "comfortable"), these are not the demands of ordinary people. These are the demands of an aristocracy.
      And those who aren't willing to make those demands (let alone get them fulfilled, like Cohen) have no place in an aristocracy. Nor does an aristocracy need to be very big, not at all.

    • "Is this romanticizing of Jews and or Zionism a effort to distract from the ‘current’ horrors of Zionism and Israel?"

      All the facts, all the real history of that people called, and/or calling themselves "Jews" mitigates against very strongly against, giving any legitimacy to the Zionist pretext of the Jews as a national people.
      So an alternate, a legendary or mythical history, and with it the national ethos has to be created, and inculcated wherever possible.
      And in fact, make it anti-Semitic, or rather Judeophobic to even inquire into the facts concerning the history and present disposition of that people.

    • "I’m waiting for the Camus payoff!"

      I never bet on Camus races.

    • "just had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Reverend Shipman who told me that the STAND WITH GAZA Benefit Concert for the Ahli Hospital has moved to Bethesda Lutheran Church @ 305 Saint Ronan St., New Haven CT @ 830 pm tonight. "

      Sure would like to know the story behind that. Perhaps we will, this week.

    • I don't know, but it sure looks to me like Zionism wants Jews to demand the privileges, of an aristocracy. 'Go ahead, you deserve it' Zionism tells them.

    • "I’m waiting for the Camus payoff!"

      Oh, it'll be here any second now. He's already got his nose under the tent-flap.

  • I see five bears
  • Judaism's hijacking by Zionists drives 70% of secular Jews to marry non-Jews-- Koppman at Huffpo
    • "Phil, who has long argued in favor of intermarriage."

      Yes, remember Phil's articles: "Which One Makes the Better Balboosta?" And also "Do You Really Want a Girl, Just Like the Girl, Who Married Dear Old Dad?"

    • "The notion that Zionism is driving Jews away from Judaism is baseless"

      Oh yes, the 100% rule, Hophmi. Know it well.
      But very soon, if they are not operating now, there will be another form of organized Judaism which spurns Zionism. And then we'll see, won't we.
      Or do Zionists have some way of preventing Jews from displaying their feelings about their religion and Zionism?

    • " Biology argues in favor of intermarriage BTW"

      Oh baby, does it! As I recall, when Ms. Right came along, Biology was haranguing me all the time about getting married. Told me it would be good for everybody.

    • "I guess most American Jews below the elite level"

      Gee whillikers, Mr. Wilson! We have all these elite Jews and Zionists screeching all the time how we gotta be our own nation, and now these crazy American Jews out-marry at 70%? Why, it's almost like they can't wait to throw that nation-hood (no pun intended) away. Don't they know how they are supposed to act?

      There's an important lesson here, and it's this: Regular Jews, actual congregants to fill the seats in the Temples, need to be eliminated. They are always doing something wrong, marrying out, getting sympathetic with the Palestinians. Buncha other liberal stuff too. What we need is a Judaism composed solely of Jewish leaders. Jewish Leaders do what's expected of them, that's why they are leaders! Whereas Jewish followers, well, not so much. Gotta get rid of 'em.

    • "It’s the Jewish crisis par excellence."

      Let's see now, instead of being herded into death camps, 70% are marrying out, welding and melding Judaism and Jews (such as they are, cause that's the only way you get 'em) to everybody else, and that's a crisis? Not in my book.

    • "The first is that Judaism is in an integral element in the mosaic of Western civilisation, and corrupting the one must also corrupt the whole."

      Oh, there's enough corruption in Western Civ. to go around. The Zionists give some, they take some.

      But, uh, speaking of Western Civilization I can't think of any more complete assimilation than turning your religion and ethnicity into a nation-state. Join the club! Just like all the big Gentile nations!

      The authentic Jewish position would be, as everyone knows, to never join any club that would accept one as a member!

    • Holy Mackeral, do I get to ask; "What's love got to do with it?"

    • "When one’s worldview is entirely tainted and infected by an ideology that’s what you get, ritzl."

      Oh, screw "ideology"! Jackdaw don't need no stinkin' "ideology". What he's got is a pretext!!

    • Dickerson, I am anticipating a Ziocaine Syndrome Defense in the Galloway assault case. I have no doubt it will be presented as a mitigating factor in a capital crime pretty soon.

    • Well, one might say it is "an almost completely spurious term", mightent one?

    • Wow 70% intermarriage. Must be a lot of heartbroken parents sitting shiva, or not.

      Girl: "Mom tonight, the man I'm going to marry is coming over for dinner and meet you"
      Mom: "That's nice, what's his name?"
      Girl: "His name is Robert..." (Mom emits scream)
      Mom: "How could you want to marry out, not marry a Jewish man?"
      Girl: "Mom, why are you jumping to conclusions, I didn't even say his last name!"
      Mom: "But his first name didn't start with 'Doctor'!

    • "P.S. The Ziocaine concept was first used on Mondoweiss by “Mooser”

      Just remember that the latest research indicates that the Ziocaine Syndrome is a purely behavioral malaise. Both the 'external chemical' and 'genetic' theories have been pretty much discarded, and the Ziocaine Syndrome is usually classed among the behavioral disorders.

    • "Terrible, isn’t it?"

      Well, as an inveterate blasphemer, I'm sorta glad they relented a bit on that. Besides, I already leave no turn unstoned.

    • Page: 169
    • Thanks for explaining it, Philemon!

    • Look at the bottom of the comment thread on Shipman's letter here at Mondo. A commenter "Gracie" has reported a letter announcing the cancellation. I don't think it's hit the web yet, the artist's site and the venue site both refer to the concert. So I don't know. But there might be something there.

    • amigo, did you know that "Semites" is an almost completely spurious term? That it has no useful meaning at all?

    • “How many of these liberal anti-Zionist Jews do you think believe in the God of the Torah? They certainly don’t follow the laws"

      Gee, White Light, thank G-d there's at least one of us who has never broken a covenant, or mislaid a mitzvoh!

    • "he condemned it? where?"

      Sounds like to me he just about encouraged it!

    • "How many of these liberal anti-Zionist Jews do you think believe in the God of the Torah? They certainly don’t follow the laws. It seems like for most of them Judaism to them is liberalism, and if a gentile accepts liberalism, why should one refuse to marry him?"

      White Light, I agree with you! There's way too many people calling themselves Jewish, and frankly, there won't be room in Israel for all of them. It's time we cut a few weak sisters and thin reeds loose, huh?

    • Commenter "Gracie" reports that Rev. Shipman had his "Stand with Gaza" concert (benefit for hospital 9-1) cancelled, due to "unfavorable publicity".

    • I don't know if I can put them in a cage, but they better not be outstanding in my field!

    • So maybe I am on to something. Even a blind pig finds a truffle once in a while. I have this crazy idea that there are many, possibly thousands, of people in America, who would identify more strongly as Jewish, be willing to engage more with religious and/or secular Judaism if the got the goddam Zionism out of it! And most of all, if they were sure their children would not be preyed upon by Zionism, if they were sure the values inculcated in Religious Education were more in line with their own values regarding equality and violence, for starters.

  • Arielle Klagsbrun calls on the Jewish community to 'love and honor' those who refuse to support Israel
    • "Rebukes from Jesus ain’t..."

      Isn't it wonderful how Zionism entitles you to speak for every Jew, and put words in their mouth, so to speak? Some people don't like having their words put back in their mouth.

    • "And I think it is quite poignant that what truly turned her was not propaganda one way or the other:"

      Be very interested to know what "the propaganda" is that turns a person towards the Palestinian cause. I see a lot of appeals, I see a lot of facts, but where is the "propaganda"?

  • The checkpoint is burning
  • Coming to a campus near you: ADL recruits student politicians for Israel trips
    • "Cue the wails of “Victim!” and/or “Extradition!” if this guy gets charged with a hate crime."

      Or, possibly, a Ziocaine Syndrome defense? Leading to a plea of mitigated responsibility for actions? I never dreamed it would be so soon.

  • Countdown to the next round in Gaza
    • Yonah is always bullshittish on Israel !

    • "But if thousands of American Jews joined those protests, American Jews would know. Protesters would return home with videos to show their synagogues; hawkish parents would be appalled by the treatment meted out to their children."

      And us good ol' American Jews will bail out Israel's stupid ass at our own expense, and with the added bonus of beatings and death at the hands of other Jews? Ah, sorry, Petey, I know how much you would like to see us get the crap beaten out of us, by Zionists, but I don't think it's happening, pal. -

      Those goddam Zionists can save their own ass. Oh let me guess, if we don't do what Peter asks, everything that happens will be our fault.
      They got friggin grown-ups in Israel, maybe they should start listening to them.

    • "Fishermen say they have brought home a varied catch of sardines, squid, shrimps, crabs and lax to Gaza’s markets"

      Small spelling error in that sentence, which I would like to correct if I may; it's spelled L-O-X that is, "lox"

  • Beinart urges young Jews to get arrested in the West Bank for the sake of Zionism. Will they?
    • "I guess you didnt need to go to figure out what was going on?"

      I could figure this and figure that, but the reality of the situation, once I got a good picture of it, is beyond anything I could have imagined, in my most dire imaginings.

    • "Few American Jews have any idea that under the military law that governs Palestinians in the West Bank, Israel routinely criminalizes freedom of speech and assembly."

      Am I correct in thinking that Americans who went to the West Bank to protest would get a good dose of settler, too?

    • "In the photo, how young does Peter Beinart look? 25?"

      I don't know why he should look any younger. It's the same photo of him I always see.

      Wait a minute, I do have this right, don't I? (I will get things mixed up) Beinart wants these idealistic two-staters to go to the West Bank, and get arrested by Israel? That should be good.

    • I just love the way it is always our job to save the Zionists from themselves.

    • What Peter wants is for American Jews critical of Israel to get beaten killed and arrested by Israelis. He'd like that. That is what he is talking about isn't it?

    • "If it’s so goddamn important to save the two-state solution, why didn’t he make the sacrifices to keep it going? "

      Why didn't Israel?

  • Thirteen arrested as protesters tell Senators Menendez and Booker: 'No more blank check for Israel's crimes'

      Any solution which depends on Israeli cooperation is doomed to failure, a solution imposed on the Israelis might work. But I doubt it, since Israel cannot stand any accounting. The only question is how much damage Israel will do before it collapses.

    • "There’s really nothing to say other than this “person” is a genocidal lunatic."

      You are going to take somebody who writes like this : "The only crime Israel commits is tolerating Palestine’s existence.) at his word? I wouldn't.

    • 'does not have as its goal the dismantling of Israel but the end of the occupation "

      Like you could have one without the other!! Who the hell is he trying to kid?

  • This war was not a war, it was a massacre
    • Gosh, ivri, do you think you will be as right in these predictions as you are in everything else? I don't see how you can miss.

  • The Palestinian message to Israel: Deal with us justly. Or disappear
    • "I have to say that your reference to “two thousand years of praying and dreaming” is rather creepy–what kind of people, after “two thousand years of praying,” end up believing that God approves of the sickening crimes that Zionist Jews defend and support against the Palestinians?"

      Kris, I've spent a lot of time wondering if they actually believe this stuff themselves, or just expect other people to swallow it. I've never been able to figure it out.

    • "Peace will come when two peoples each see the other not only as their enemy but first as human beings and begin to walk together toward a positive relationship"

      Isn't that a lovely way to see "We will keep what we have stolen, and we will not be accountable for our crimes"

      I'm sure the Palestinians have a pretty good idea of what the Israelis are like, as people. You seem to think Israelis should be promoted to Gods, beyond any human accounting.

    • "that Jews who found a way back to their Promised Land after some two thousand years of"

      Don't you mean the Zionists who slithered into Palestine on the backs of British conquest in the failing Ottoman empire? Killing and expelling the population as they colonized? What the hell is this "found their way" bullshit? It was an organized colonization predicated on victimization of the people in the area, and a whole lot of fraud and taking advantage of Jews. "Found their way" Forsooth.

    • "Now compare Israel`s position in its birth and now"

      Well, see, irvri, that's hard to do when Israel itself doesn't know where it's freakin borders are. So there you are, Israel's position ROTFLMSJAO!!

      Oh but Israel's position in one place certainly has changed- more and more Jews know that Zionism (apart from its horrific toll on its victims, the Palestinians) is a criminal fraud against the Jewish people. And fewer and fewer of them will want to support, in any way, Zionism's murderous and criminal business.

  • Elizabeth Warren says killing Palestinian civilians is 'the last thing Israel wants'
    • Warren reminds me of the old "Kill-a-Turk-then-rest" joke. The one that ends "But Mama, what if the Turk kills me?" and the Mom says: "Why should he want to do that? You haven't done anything to him!"

    • "It wasn’t really all that dangerous before the Zionists started arriving."

      The pacific nature of Palestinians society, and if I am correct, an almost complete lack of any martial activity (did they even have any kind of an army?) is one of the most horrifying aspects of the entire sordid story of Zionism.

  • Yale Protestant chaplain says Americans must curb Israel so as to curb anti-Semitism
    • Washington Post leading the charge against Rev. Shipman.

    • Gracie, do you have any more info? I found a little of the reaction on the web.

    • "Due to much unfavorable publicity surrounding my letter of August 26 to the New York Times, the board of the Episcopal Church at Yale has decided that it would be best to cancel the STAND WITH GAZA concert scheduled for Labor Day evening."

      There's a story there. Sure would like to know about it.

    • "anyway, we seem to be dying out, so soon will be primarily of historical interest"

      That's too bad. And just when Spel-chek could have eliminated the problem, too. It isn't fair.

    • And I admire the fact that the Presbyterians had a religious-administrative process which, by striving to utilize the ideals they espouse brought them to a consensus and an action more in line with those ideals. I don't know that there is any comparable process in Judaism. Certainly Zionism didn't bring it, more the opposite, given that Zionism appointed itself representative of Jewish aspirations without any intra-Jewish process at all.

    • "Algemeiner has an article up now characterizing the Holocaust Survivors Who Took on Israel as students of the “Sissy” school of Jews."

      It's like it becomes performance art at some level. Do they really want people concluding that Zionism has more use for Holocaust victims than Holocaust survivors? But they couldn't leave it alone, that ad, could they, nope they felt compelled to go there. Stunned.

    • OK, that was a good one. I'm proud of that one.

    • "[my emphasis to help JeffB's memory]"

      Philemon, that's very gewberous of you, but nobody has yet found any cure for Ziocaine Amnesia.
      And JeffyB sure is a perfect example of it. He wrote those words, what, about a week ago. And now they are being "put in his mouth" ROTFLMSJAO!!!

    • "Please don’t put words in my mouth."

      Hey, don't knock it, JeffyB! Having words in your mouth might be better than the stream of crap that comes out of it now.

    • " The public statements by the church *are* based on big principles regarding sin, humankind, and universal rights, etc."

      That is wonderful. The importance of basic princi[ples, and the process to attempt and act on consensus you have been telling us about is inspiring.
      I must say, it's all very tempting, but I have a long-standing practice of not converting to any religion I can't spell correctly.

    • Ah, TE Lawrence! I saw him in a movie. So handsome, and so expressive.

    • "but as a sovereign nation"

      Hmmmm, most of the sovereign nations I know of know where their borders are, and which towns and cities are, or aren't within its sovereign territory. So Israel might have trouble even claiming that designation.

    • "So Shipman is saying that American Jews have a responsibility to curb Israel’s war crimes because this is feeding anti-Semitism. "

      Say what? Who the hell does he think we are, Presbyterians?

    • "He sounds like he comes out of the old tradition of elite Protestant Arabism. "

      Wasn't that more of an English colonial thing, "The Arabists"?

    • " I have argued for a while that these long historic connections are under-recognized."

      Yes! Yes! Zionism has done such a good job of making people think Israel, and it's support, is our only connection with the area!
      And if I am not mistaken, besides the German Irish, Italian, and other immigration groups who have assimilated, there was a wave of immigration, long assimilated now, from the countries of the expiring 'Ottoman Empire'.

    • Oh, BTW, if anbody has any problem following JeffyB's logic, it's a "process of elimination". I just wish he wouldn't leave a mess for others to clean up.

    • Thanks for confirming that the fortunes of Israel are totally dependent on American's religious whims. They change quite rapidly.

    • "Now I just block them."

      It is very, very difficult to listen to people demanding the most elite of privileges; to be 'comfortable' , to limit the terms and scope of discourse, to ignore facts, while others are pleading for their lives.

      The tone-deafness of Zionists never fails to amaze me.

  • Chancellor Wise, why not accept the scholarly inquiry of your colleagues over the politicized judgment of Salaita's critics?
    • "i have never heard such a thing wrt jewish lovers."

      I have. In fact, I asked a girl once, after a night of passionate love-making; "Was it good for you, baby, Was it good for you, too?"
      I'll never forget her answer: "Mooser, I don't think this was good for anybody!"

    • 'But even if you were right that what he meant that people who held those beliefs were bad at sex its hard to see how that isn’t a rather offensive statement and thus still deserving of some discipline."

      JeffyB, we are not going to have a discussion on circumcision, no matter how much you want to.
      But I really doubt that mutilating the male sex organ makes one a better lover. I suppose we could take a poll among the distaff, if you want. (No pun intended, I don't think men or women should be polled)

    • Philemon, don't put words in JeffyB's mouth! And if you go to his archive, you won't have to, since he is all over the map. Funny what happens to a person once they believe contradicting them or disagreeing with them is anti-Semitism. They can go real wrong, you know?

    • "a very professional troll"

      Gosh, if JeffyB is a pro, I'd hate to see what a sloppy amatuer looks like. So, JeffyB hasn't convinced a single person, has made a very unpleasant spectacle of himself, and has worked himself into a confrontation over his basic honesty with one of the editors. Some pro.

    • Annie, JeffyB said it himself: "It's a process of elimination!"
      If he hangs around, we're gonna need a lot of toilet paper.

    • I do have a problem using Zionist to mean those demons in human form who crucified Jesus and try and subvert the good people of the earth from living in the righteous peace of Christ that would exist if they weren’t present." -

      Those gosh darn Romans screw up everything! And Jews and Italians can sometimes look alike, too. Wow, nobody better mistake me for a Roman, or ka-boom, they're gonna get it!

    • My, this is very interesting. It's like watching a man paint himself into a corner by refilling his brush from the Sani-Kan. That's not a sight you see every day, even in the Goldenah Medina!

    • "The evidence was a process of elimination."

      Jeff, your evidence is, without a doubt, a process of elimination. Why, it's defecatory!

  • Leading Jewish organization celebrates Israeli settlement products
    • "It seems to be the nature of established institutions to resist change"

      It may be more than their nature. It may be their structure, too. For whatever reasons (and I can think of a couple) they may be designed as one-way streets, as far as changing the institution's core values goes. And there's also the nature of Zionism, which doesn't brook compromise.

      I think it will be easier to set up parallel or competing institutions to get the job done than try to change the existing institutions. And why take on the lack of credibility and mis-trust these institutions have accrued as your own burden? Leave them with it.

    • Anyway, I think we will see parallel, or even competing organizations assuming the non-Zionist functions of Jewish organizations, and Jewish religious functions, before we see the established Jewish- Zionist organizations change in a substantial way.

    • "B’nai B’rith would have to accept that, the same way they bought Zionism as an expression of Jewish consensus.)"

      Do they? Have to accept it? Couldn't they simply dissolve the organization, if it comes to that? Re-emerge under another name. Or are they obligated in some way to reflect changing ideas in the 'Jewish community'? I'm not sure they are, but I'd love to be wrong.

  • Ceasefire deal after weeks of fighting in Gaza promises easing of blockade
  • Gaza goyim jailbreak
    • "as the emotional ties to Israel of many Jew"

      Emotional ties are all right, but they can be switched off in a second. On the other hand, something like having close relatives living in Israel, owning property in Israel, being invested in Israel, stuff like that real, material ties to the place, makes things very hard. But that is lessening for many reasons.

    • "When I was growing up I thought Protestants were boring because they didn’t have feelings. Then I married one "

      You married one? I prefer to think I married the only one.

    • Phil, how many times do I have to tell you: Think Yiddish, Talk British Give 'em that Anglophile orthography and you'll never go wrong.

    • "How and why avoid the term when anyone who self-identifies as a Jew on any issue ipso facto separates the self from the non-Jew?"

      That's right, you are from Chicago, aren't you? Another words, why bring a knife to a gunfight?
      What's the good of having different identity cohorts if we can't call each other names!

  • WATCH: Ultra-Zionists protest Muslim-Jewish wedding saying miscegenation is 'gravest threat to the Jewish people'
    • But their are other threats besides out-marriage to Jewish marriage. Did I tell you folks about how gay marriage of all things, is threatening my marriage? It's true, it does happen. My wife was reading so much stuff about how gay marriage was bring stability, security, and so many other benefits to couples. Well, the other day, we were having a little argument, and she got all mad, and said "You better watch out, mister, If you don't shape up, I'm going to get rid of you, and marry a man!
      Of course, my response was devastating, and for me, lightening-quick. It took about two hours to think of it.

    • "Or is that a common Jewish joke that Philip Roth commandeered?"

      Me: Ma, Ma, I'm getting married, but she's not Jewish"
      Mom: "Good, after you're married, you can come live in my house!"
      Me: "But Ma, it's so small, there isn't room!"
      Mom: (grimly) "There will be. I'm going home and put my head in the oven"

      Everybody knows that joke.

    • "How can anything from Facebook be private?"

      People do have strange relationships with social media, don't they?

    • "Perhaps marriage between Jews of all sorts, and non-Jews, would help too."

      Oh, maybe, but who is willing to brave the unknown, and face the wrath of their community? Who, for the first time ever, will step forward and take this plunge into the wedded abyss?

      Oh, only about %50 of American Jews, that's all. Oh don't worry, I do believe the Reform Jewish denomination has gone to patrileneal religious inheritance, too!

      Oh, it's Israel you are talking about? Yes, it would help, so the Jewish State has many laws making it nearly impossible.-

    • Marnie, when a Zionist tells you anything, and I mean anything about Israel, Zionism, Judaism, or anything even remotely connected with that, you are supposed to shut up and listen.
      Omniscience and omnipotence are Zionism's immediate benefits, even if you can't actually go and steal somebody's house.

    • Marnie, when I see a post over a paragraph long from Mikeal, I treat it as if it were somebody standing in a corner, muttering, with his hands working in his pockets, and looking shifty-eyed at everybody in the room. I would avoid such a person.

    • marty-mcfly, I see the engenderment of a great Mondo article in your comment! A post called "Who Knew?". And that question would be answered by quotes from among the many people, Jewish and not, who were able to very accurately predict the consequences Zionism must lead to. "Who Knew?" indeed!

    • "It was customary to mourn a son or daughter who had married out as though he or she were dead and then never speak of him or her again."

      When my mother heard I was marrying a non-Jewish girl, she immediately offered we could come live in her house! "But Mom, I said, there isn't room..."

      Maybe, given the facts on how many American Jews marry other than Jewish people we might re-adjust our perspective on what is "customary". We seem to have adjusted. Not that I would deny anybody the dramatic tableau of weeping parents sitting shiva for their out-married son.

    • "Common sense argues that a lot of intermarriage in fact would be a very good thing for Israel."

      If it will help those poor chumps in Israel, I am prepared to marry more than one wife. Many people would say that's big of me.

    • Further note to self: Do not send money to those bring-back-19th-Century-Czarism-in-America groups. They are no-goodniks!

    • "I don’t support them or,think that what they did is productive "

      Gosh, I hope nobody tells the Ultra-Zionists that! Without your approval, they will have to stop all this!

    • "(I think, marrying out in Czarist Russia for example in the 19th century was only possible if the Jew converted to Christianity. If there was no conversion there was no marrying out.) - "

      Thanks for the tip, Yonah! Note to self: Avoid 19th Century Russia setting on Way-Back Machine. It's no fun.

    • "You can tell us what you “think” history all around the world might really be."

      I have to live in the time and place I am. To do otherwise is to become a little insane.

    • Yonah, any time you think a particular historical episode is relevant, you are welcome to hop in the driver's seat, and set the Way-Back Machine for any date you please.

      So basiocally, you want me to be terrified all the time, cause the Gentiles may kill me? You know what, Yonah, they just might. I have very little control over what other people do.
      But naturally, you all want all Jews scared out of their wits, all the time.

    • "Common sense argues that a lot of intermarriage in fact would be a very good thing for Israel.

      Common sense and history argues that Jews have little trouble marrying out, unless they are prevented from doing so by other Jews.

    • Gosh Seafoid, I'm getting nostaligic. Why as little as two years ago this post would have produced several comments praising and extolling the necessity of Jews marrying only Jews.
      Whether they thought this could be accomplished by legal means or by oppressive social pressure with in the "Jewish community" they were unwilling to say.
      And now I'm getting an intimation of something even crazier, that the Reform Jewish denomination has endorsed a paternal, not maternal religious inheritance? I must be wrong.

    • "Since the state only permits weddings within faith-based communities, mixed Jewish-Gentile married couples are exceedingly rare in Israel."

      Uh, excuse me, but how on earth did they ever get away with calling Israel a Democracy? A democracy where the State controls marriage?
      A democracy which has State-supported purity squads? Sure, okay.

  • 40 Holocaust survivors condemn 'massacre' of Palestinians, call for BDS against Israel
    • One does have to wonder if Zionism values Holocaust victims more than Holocaust survivors. One of those two have a proven value, and the others are, apparently, just old and in the way.

  • Palestinian-American teen denied access to Israel’s airport
    • "I’d make sure that my daughters had the right to travel through a foreign country that they are not citizens of before"

      Mikheal will never leave his little girls behind!

    • "So, don’t discount other personality disorders!"

      Why, are they fair-traded or something? You want personality disorders, I can get them for you wholesale! (And then I sell 'em Gene Shae's comment archive, and they go away satisfied.)

    • "Until then, feel free to cast dispersing and snark as long as the day"

      I'm casting dispersing and snark as long as the day? Who knew? Did you mean 'casting aspersions', you know, like what Cleopatra died of?

      "@Mooser, one day you will,learn about responsibility and hard work."

      W-w-w-ork? Like man, don't say words like that. Besides, I'm allergic.

    • I don't get it, I really don't.
      I realize, believe me, I fully realize, that Zionism has to troll for sociopaths, the emotionally troubled, even outright psychopaths, if they are to fill the ranks. And obviously, the troll comments are meant to appeal to those people, and that is where Zionism will find its recruits.
      But why they are convinced those people will be reading Mondoweiss, I'll never know.

  • Our new look
    • "Crowd Favorite hardly the optimal way to get the site redesigned to look more professional"

      My impression is that interactivity is what they are after, and portability, the ability to run on all kinds of devices. And support lots of different formats. Simplicity helps with all that.
      Not to mention the fact that after full functionality is achieved, the site can still be tweaked graphically, for better appearance, I'm pretty sure.

    • Danaa, what about "Jethro", upthread. His Mondo greets him with "Howdy Jethro"!! That is too cool. Howdy, Jethro, Granny is out by the ce-ment pond....

    • "MW posting an article criticizing some circumcision rituals though either."

      W. Jones, let's be frank, okay? The act itself, and the right of a child to its own bodily integrity was under discussion, not just "some circumcision rituals"!!

    • "There are sockpuppets that, in the course of their work, make donations to things they are against "

      I was going to get banned for lousy jokes, but then I made a contribution. Come to think of it, I better make another one. I've been using all the same jokes.

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