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  • Why did Netanyahu respond to chickenshit with 'grassy knoll' remark?
    • I think the "ceremonies on a grassy knoll" is a reference to Itzak Rabin, and his assassination.

      “When there are pressures on Israel to concede its security, the easiest thing to do is to concede,” he said. “You get a round of applause, ceremonies on grassy knolls..."

    • "i know it’s not supposed to be funny"

      Hey, I didn't know Elie Wiesel is, or was, the president of ELAD, maybe I missed the news about Netanayahoo's poor shrink.

    • "Si ce n’est vrai, c’est bien trouvé."

      Me too. I regret nothing.

    • Will nobody rid Netanyahoo of this turbulent President?

  • 'We are in a violent fight with extreme Islam' -- Feiglin leads rightists to pray at al-Aqsa Mosque
  • 'Exalted anti-Zionists' are now driving the conversation
    • "He’s practically begging the Israelis to be smarter, that’s all."

      I don't know why Friedman thinks the Israelis are holding out on us. I think they are being as smart as they can, and giving the problem the benefit of all their intelligence.

    • You know Dave, I hadn't thought of that, the fact that a "two-state solution" no matter what other virtues it may have, does nothing for the Jim Crow-like conditions in Israel. Nowhere have I ever seen any suggestion that it would, should or could, either.

  • Does SJP have the right to free speech?
    • "Over 40% of Jewish American college students report that they have experienced or are aware of anti-Semitism on their campuses."

  • Al Aqsa mosque is closed off for first time in 47 years as tensions flare
  • SodaStream says it plans to leave West Bank for the Negev, but boycotters promise to not let up
    • "Stocks down from $58 to $21?"

      Really, the stock-price graph looks a lot better if you read it from right-to-left!

    • Yup, it's always worse then you think.

    • "In Naqab, where SS new factory is, Israel denies water to Palestinians there"

      Thanks. As soon as I saw that "water made exciting", I knew we were headed there. Denying rights to, or thieving from, the native population is a basic prerequisite for Zionist economic development.

      Zionism or Israel, it's always worse then you might think.

  • 'Chickenshit' attack enrages Netanyahu and lobby, but will it stir voters against Obama?
    • Well, any way, I think I know what Jeffry Goldberg thinks of Netanyahoo.

    • As I understand it, the only person who can be ascertained to have used the expression "Aspergery" in connection with the Netanyahoo regime is Goldberg. Am I missing something?

    • Okay, supposedly the "chickenshit" comment is a quote from an anonymous official, right. And then there's the "running list" Goldberg gave, no context, no dates, no names.
      How the hell can anybody get all excited about that? I must have missed the part where Goldberg had any kind of evidence to back up what he says.

    • Page: 183
    • "The other day I was talking to a senior Obama administration official about the foreign leader who seems to frustrate the White House and the State Department the most. “The thing about Bibi is, he’s a chickenshit,” this official said, referring to the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, by his nickname.

      This comment is representative of the gloves-off manner in which American and Israeli officials now talk about each other behind closed doors,"

      "This comment is representative"? Okay, then there's no need to get too upset.

    • I'm assuming the quote from Goldberg has been authenticated?

  • Loyola SJP investigation reflects double standard towards Palestinian voices on campus
    • " table hosted by Taglit-Birthright Israel, which provides trips to Israel exclusively for Jewish students..."

      So they have space for an expressly discriminatory project? And the wrong kind of people can't even approach the table? I must not be getting this.

  • Why the Salaita case matters, outside the United States
    • “The American university system is still a rat’s nest of anti-Semites and terrorist-lovers.”

      And for that, Jews go to college? A honda! That's what it is, a honda!

  • As AJC and CAMERA go after Jebreal for writing up Israeli 'hate policies,' 'NYT' backs her up
    • "Experience is the best teacher."

      Right you are, Benedict! So, you want to talk about the last time we Jews tried to combine religion and empire? What was our experience then? Is it something we should repeat?

    • "why not like the ottomans?"

      Gosh, Zionism does aspire to be at the top of the heap, politically! You want to be like the Ottoman Empire? Now, there's a good model for Zionism.

      And let me guess, because the Ottoman Empire, a couple hundred years ago, did something, Israel gets to do it in 2014? Okay, that makes sense.

  • Sh*tstirring Jeffrey Goldberg dumps diplomatic sh*tstorm with 'chickensh*t' quote
    • "Again, calling someone a dufas or a coward behind the cloak of secrecy is acting like a coward. Am I missing something."

      Heck, yes! Most of it, judged by your opening sentence.

    • "Mooser – that’s just an ‘official’ saying it’s a ‘good’ thing Netanyahu is scared to launch wars"

      Yes, it is, isn't it? Can't deny that, I wouldn't even try.

    • "Over the years, Obama administration officials have described Netanyahu to me as recalcitrant, myopic, reactionary, obtuse, blustering, pompous, and “Aspergery.” (These are verbatim descriptions; I keep a running list.)"

      Of course, the context in which those pejoratives are used, and the reasons why strong language is resorted to, Goldberg has forgotten. Of that he keeps no "running list."

    • "Chickenshit and shooting of right wing settler next day"

      Obama is a murderer! Benghazi!

    • Gosh, biorabbi, the possibility that Goldberg got it wrong, or more likely, is misreporting something? After all, "chickenshit" is a term which is easily and appropriately applicable to veritable host of things when discussing Israel, nobody disputes that?

      And if this anonymous high official did describe Netanyahoo as, literally 'a chickenshit', what of it?
      It certainly doesn't please me, but coarse language, scatological descriptors, mother-oaths, taking the name of the very name of God in vain, vane and vein!

    • Wait a minute, Biorabbi, I'm confused. Is there some reason why Annie shouldn't have a "negative" attitude towards Netanyahu?

    • "(You’re so cool)"

      Me? I couldn't lay an egg on a bet. And when I was younger I could never get laid. I'm pretty ordinary.
      What was cool is that chickens were classed as "livestock" in my town, and forbidden for private homeowners (or indeed, renters) to keep. My wife became an activist and convinced the City Council to change the ordinance (with all kinds appropriate safeguards) and allow citizens of Bummertown, in Kidnap County, to keep chickens (up to four, no roosters, setback, suitable coop and hen-house, blah, blah, blah) if they so desire.
      I guess the Council got tired of having their houses egged every week-end.

    • "As anyone with any understanding of the realities knows, such steps are the only way to end Israeli intransigence,"

      And it may not even take all of those things, only some of them, or, indeed, just some credible intentions perceived that the US may do them. So let's give one or two a try for a start.

    • "allegedly calling netanyahu a chickenshit."

      "Annie, you clearly think negatively of Netanyahu."

      I'm afraid he's right, Annie. If you didn't "think negatively" of Netanyahoo, you would never, ever doubt that anybody called him "chickenshit"!

    • "It’s worth noting that by calling Netanyahu ‘chickenshit’, the State Department is criticizing Israel for not being aggressive enough toward Iran."

      “The good thing about Netanyahu is that he’s scared to launch wars,” the official said,"

    • That is precisely the reason I avoid coarse language, using it only under the most egregious of provocations.

    • "could very well be, Mooser!"

      I know from chickens. Use to raise them (for eggs and companionship).

    • "wait… you think “chickenshit” is anti-Semitic?"

      It can't be! I know from chickens, and if you want the soup and the scmaltz, the shit comes with.

    • “But to suggest that it is something other than anti-Semitism is a grave mistake. Even in America, where Jews are more at home and secure as equal citizens than anywhere else in 2,000 years, the unsettling fact is that fully one-third of Americans still accept the notion that Jews have “dual loyalties.” This was apparent in the Anti-Defamation League’s June 2002 survey of Anti-Semitism in America, which also found that 20 percent of the American public agrees that, “Jews have too much power in the U.S. today.”

      And we can see the devastating effect of these invidious ideas on the Jewish community in America, living in isolated communities, and afraid or prevented from attaining any economic assets, social status or security.

    • I think I read "chicken shit" was used in reference to something, a plan, position, not as a desription of Netanyahoo, and Goldberg is just pooting gas on the fire.

    • I think it's a mature Buff Orpington hen.

  • Normalizing occupation, NYT runs whimsical story on time zones
    • "The day is from sundown til sundown, no matter what man made time it is!"

      Well, he better take care, if I find him creepin' round my back stairs.

    • "Where is all this saved daylight being stored?"

      Well, it's probably compressed for storage, but more to the point, who gets to use it?
      Ever notice how it never rains when some people go golfing?

  • Rivlin commemorates Kfar Qassem massacre and speaks of 'equality'
  • 'It's going to be rad': Amman skaters work to build 7Hills Skate Park
    • Would be wonderful if they had access to some skate-boarding helmets and pads. The stuff is not very expensive, and can make a huge difference.

  • Jebreal debunks Netanyahu's 'American values' claim in NYT piece on 'hate policies'
    • "It is hard to be balanced when one side is a state and member of the United Nations and the other is designated as a terrorist organization"

      Gosh, what a world, "Shalom"! I guess when you're "designated" you're "designated", and there's no hope for recognition, let alone any 'shalom'.

    • C'mon, Hophmi, and Jon s, and especially you, Double Standard! This is no time to fall down on the job. Back me up on this!

    • "I am an Arab and I know 8 Israeli Arabs in my area in NYC."

      That's what Mr. Hashemi says about himself.

    • "He then lists his other favorite things"

      Girls writing Hebrew on bombs that make flashes?
      Phosphorus which lands on their nose and eye-lashes?
      Bombers which fly with the moon on their wings?
      Could those be a few of his fav-o-rite things?

    • How can you have a "civil rights movement" in a country which is based on, well, racism?
      To what basic law or concept can civil-rights advocates appeal? That more civil rights or equality would strengthen the "social fabric"?
      A basic legal (let alone social) equality of individuals is, frankly, anti-Zionist, and anti-Israel. To advocate "civil rights" is to advocate the destruction of Israel.

  • Under pretext of restoring calm, Netanyahu government is escalating Israel’s war on Palestinians in Jerusalem
    • This is a tragic story of a truly devoted physician, who was unable to deal with his failure to cure his patient. If only he Yatom had availed himself of the latest research and clinical studies on the Ziocaine Syndrome, this tragic story may not have been written. But written, it has been, indeed.

    • "It claims US anger with Israel is ‘red hot’."

      Jaynot, you do know that the man who wrote the Atlantic article, Jeffry Goldberg is, well, I'm sorry to put it in terms this raw, but he is a flagrant tendentiouscist.

    • "Remember that in life Israelis are Israelis but whenever they are killed they become Jews."

      Man, I heard the conversion process is rough, but I didn't know it was that bad.

  • Another New York Times' reporter's son is in the Israeli army
    • "Two women in the picture. They are the only ones without a weapon."

      Yeah, the weight of a weapon slows the girls down when they're running pizza and soft-drinks out to the front-line soldiers.

    • "Neither of you are Bernie Taupin"

      Thank you! In return, you can tell everybody, this is your song.

    • "seafoid gets my vote any day! sorry mooser ;)"

      Absolutely, Seafoid! I just ran it up the flagpole, to see who would set it on fire.

    • Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda,
      Here I am,
      In Israel's Army
      I'm getting lots
      intensive training!
      Yesterday I think I saw a Palestinian!

    • "but neutrality inherently favors the Palestinians"

      Not everybody has hands are quicker than the eye, but sometimes the hand is more honest than the man.

    • From the link:

      "It was clear to the Sulzberger family that Rosenthal was not their kind of a Jew. This, and perhaps the fact that he had a non-Jewish wife and non-Jewish mistress, only intensified his drive to advance Israel's image."

      Okay, I'm really liberal about out-marriage, but there is such a thing as going too far!

    • "One wonders if the policy was reversed during..."

      link to

      link to

      . "And equally, no one has been more responsible for the present-day "Israelism" of this most powerful of all papers than Abe Rosenthal."

    • Any competent military administration gets pretty good at making risk-benefit assessments. And you can be sure the risk of a NYTs reporter's issue breaking so much as a fingernail has been assessed, and rejected by the IDF.

      Do you think the kid is worth more to the IDF as a soldier, or more as an example to his parents of the fine people the IDF training creates? I think they are at very little risk.

    • "Lack of power = leftist sympathy."

      Good Lord, how un-Jewish those "leftists" are!

      "In terms of selection, the nyt focuses in Palestinian suffering way disproportionate to the actual number of deaths"

      Jeezuz, you're insane, aren't you, DS? Just plain insane.

    • "But Mamila, what if the Hamas tries to kill me"
      "Why should he do that? What have the Americans ever done to him?"

    • "By the way, I hope that all Mondoweiss readers know that both Noam Chomsky and Ed Herman are Jewish. "

      Yeah, according to themselves. Frankly, I've heard different from a lot of people. Aren't there Jewish authorities who can make a proper and definitive determination?

    • "But Mamila, what if the Turk kills me?"
      "Why should he do that? What have the Jews ever done to him?"

    • We need an edit window. I forgot to add "ROTFLMSJAO!!"

    • ," but neutrality inherently favors the Palestinians because they will always look like the victims."

      I never knew neutrality is anti-Israeli! Oy Gevalt is there no relief?
      What a world! When neutrality and reality are anti-Semitic, what can you do?

    • "No credible reporter can, and unfortunately, the NYT has lost their sense of rationale and seem to have no qualms about having some who can never have any unbiased opinions and write in a professional way."

      NYTs report; 'Israel was accused of an atrocity in Gaza today, but all the reports from my son say it isn't true! And besides, he wouldn't do such a thing.'

    • Let's lose the dogs of war!

    • Darn, I'm a little disappointed. I really hoped "jon s" would favor us with some examples of NYTs "anti-Israel" reporting. I don't get to see something like that every day.

    • "There’s a creepy, voyeurist feeling to this article."

      That's because a creepy "voyeurist" is reading it. Why kids in IDF uniforms gives you that "creepy voyeurist" feelings I don't know, and hopefully, you won't tell us.

    • Poor old NYTs! There it is, doing its best, and the 'anti-Israel bias' of the times is a constant complaint of RW Zionists.
      Sort of gives the lie to the old "if-you-are-pissing-both-sides-off-you-must-be-right" thing.

    • "Sending an American child to fight in the IDF, where child killing is an art form, is an indictment of parenting more than anything else"

      However, I'm sure they got lots of good maternal advice on the way to their military assignment.

    • "The same would be true if the NYT had Irish Catholic owners during the Irish conflict before the Good Friday agreement."

      An American newspaper owner who was "Irish Catholic" couldn't avoid interfering with the editorial department on the subject of the "Irish conflict"? Okay.

      And I thought that ship had sailed.

    • "What difference does it make? Her reporting is totally skewed against Israel as it is, even with her son in the army."

      Oh, please, DS, do tell us more about the "totally skewed against Israel" reporting in the NYTs. That should be very interesting.

    • "He was a much more committed Zionist than the Sulzbergers, wasn’t he?"

      And the Sulzbergers getting older?

    • Hophmi, did you ever hear the joke (stop me if I've told it before) about the dog who chases cars? He get's back from chasing a car down the street, barking like crazy, and when he gets back, he says: "I love chasing cars!"
      And another dog says: "Yeah, that's great, but exactly what do you intend to do when you catch one?"

    • "You simply make an antisemitic assumption."

      And there's that squelching sound....

  • UCLA Hillel partners with PR firm to fight BDS movement
    • Well, my 'search' skills are not that good. But I'm sure there are people who know about it, if it indeed was a 'take-over' and not a gradual process, a rightward shift which was both cost-free (or even profitable) and not clearly delineated until Protective Edge made clarification imperative for many.

    • One does wonder what the bill for this PR work will be, or is it a case of gratis?

    • "What was Hillel before the right wing takeover a la the NRA? "

      Seafoid, I thought that was an interesting question, so I tried Googling several combinations of search terms ('right-wing takeover Hillel' etc.) but didn't come up with much.

    • "What could go wrong?"

      You are right. I didn't read closely enough. These are lantsman.

    • Well, I just hope "PR firm 30 Point Strategies" is well, well, a.... it's just that at a crucial time like this should we be running to strangers for advice?

  • Kerry just snubbed a gov't minister who calls for segregated bus lines. And that's a bad thing?
  • Israeli army kills 14-year old Palestinian with U.S. citizenship
    • "Israel kills American boy with Palestinian heritage."

      What's wrong with 'Israel Kills American Boy in Palestine'?

    • "There is no record that I know of Israelis doing the same thing to Palestinians."

      Hey, look, Mondoweiss Lanes has a new pinsetter!

  • 'Village on the volcano' is latest effort to change the subject from the occupation
    • "It is that freebie trip to Israel that we must watch out for. It clearly shows that after accepting that, most recipients end up being eternally devoted to dear zioland."

      Well, just to be fair, aren't there stories on Mondo about people who found their illusions and misconceptions about Israel starting to crack and crumble on a Birthright trip? It doesn't always work.

  • 'Jewish students were barred from attending' pro-Palestinian event -- Alterman misrepresents
    • Yonah, did you follow the instructions as outlined above in order to attend the event?"

      And surrender to "ministalinism"? Never!

    • "Me too! And I’m not even Jewish!! Go figure."

      Keith, it's just not fair, is it? Of course, you could convert, but it's such a long, involved process.

      Wait a minute, I've had an inspiration! Next time it happens, try getting upset and yelling "You're only calling me an asshole because I'm not Jewish!"
      To paraphrase Sir Elton John, 'I know it's not much, but it's the best you can do'. Unless you want to go through that long, involved conversion process, of course.

    • "For some Jews who are total assholes, no matter how many times or people tell them they are acting like assholes—they will say it anti semitic and are ‘only’ called assholes because they Jewish."

      That happens to me all the time! Never have figured a way to get around it.

    • "That might have indicated my point of view."

      By your own admission, you were throwing around accusations of "Stalinism" (or, knowing you, "Stalinismisticness") and "hectoring" people.

      You couldn't just get through the line, standing quietly and favoring all and sundry with beatific and benevolent smiles which affirm your pacific intentions, and opening your mouth only to say something nice to somebody? Ever think of maybe trying that? Or would that be to lower yourself?

    • " How could they tell you were not a Jew of like mind?"

      Gee, maybe it was because, to put it plainly, at an event which was already a bit tense, Yonah made a disturbance in the line, and seemed ready to contend the outcome of the Russian Revolution. And the exact amount of "Stalinism" present. So they escorted him out.

  • Israel and Palestine is not about Jews vs. Palestinians
    • "The event was cancelled (boycotted) by Robbins; he then scheduled an event off campus as a protest re the Salaita scandal. "

      Thanks, for the explanation. I was wondering about that, too.

    • "What is it that makes nationalism appeal to PEPs that doesn’t to most American liberals?"

      They eat a lot of chicken-hawk soup.

    • " you can’t ever trust the Gentiles to do what you think will best assure Jewish continuity"

      They just won't stop saying "I do", the schmucks!

  • Chomsky used to need police protection when he spoke about Israel, no longer
    • "Israel more than any country needs time travel. Send the IDF back in time to fight the Nazis and leave the Palestinians in peace."

      Given the relations of Zionists and the Nazis, that might be problematic. And what about the Mufti? Why go all the way to Europe to find Nazis?

    • "Israeli dysfunction is not– it’s completely and deliberately voluntary."

      Exactly. It is definitely not due to some drug they all take, (although the intoxicated appearance of sufferers appeared to confirm that, and gave rise to the name.) nor can it be traced to any genetic anomaly. (Or there wouldn't be Ziocaine-Syndrome-by-Proxy victims, would there?)

      It is entirely a behavioral malady, and it is called 'The Ziocaine Syndrome'. Unfortunately, it may not be entirely voluntary, either. People whose information and influences can be controlled can probably have things imposed on them to a certain extent, I guess.

  • Jaffa, indeed, Forever: A review of Adly Massoud Derhally's 'Jaffa Forever'
  • There are some things about Gaza that I still can't wrap my head around
    • "israel being the neanderthal"

      Me, I refuse to talk bad about those Neanderthals. I didn't know them, they might very well have been nice folks, according to their lights. Besides, there's a big Scandinavian, Swedish and Norwegian community here, and they're alright.

    • "Would they dare do this to Jews or Christians? We know the answer to that."

      As far as I'm concerned, the answer is, "yes, they will" Witness the treatment on non-European Jews in Israel, and I've heard the Christians in Palestine have suffered along with their Muslim neighbors.

    • "But from its first day, the State of Israel has refused to fix its borders, being ever ready for expansion by force "

      If I was able to understand Mr. Fincham's article correctly, Israel wants the best of both worlds. Borders, to delineate a State for diplomatic purposes, and no-borders, occupied territory never annexed, to facilitate expansion and exploitation..

  • Why we are blocking the boat
    • "As the Israeli consulate labels the ILWU workers “cowards” for honoring a community picket,"

      While simultaneously castigating the protestors for making the dockworkers lose pay!

  • An open letter to Birthright participants past, present, and future
    • Citizen, you know what the old saying is: 'Where there's a will, there's an inheritance'.

    • Citizen, my name for how Zionists use Jewish affiliation is "tribal utility".

    • Frankly it shocked me. They tell 'em to pull down the shades, and they do it?

    • But Marnie, try and think about it this way: This could be a big win-win kind of thing, all this "I'm a Jew" type stuff.
      See, all we have to do is reject all the stupid land claims and supremacy stuff which plagues Zionism but retain that magnificent sense of Jewish peoplehood which Zionism has engendered in us!! In fact, we could use this "Jewish peoplehood" to change or even defeat Zionism!
      How can we lose, if we do it like that? The power of Jewish peoplehood, used for good, instead of eeeevil!

    • "All of a sudden, my Israeli tour guide turns on his microphone and announces to the bus to close the curtains on the windows so that Jerusalem, our destination, will be a surprise."

      Was it supposed to be a little like arriving in a sealed boxcar?

    • " I was called a racist and an anti-Semite, among other things by Birthright representatives. "

      Yes, they are very concerned about tribal unity.

  • Allegations of anti-Semitism used to cover up anti-Palestinian hate crime in Brooklyn
    • "Again, taking a flag out of someone’s hand from behind is not an assault. At most, it’s harassment. "

      I suppose next Hophmi will argue there is a Zionist Droit du seigneur, too.

    • "Leonard Peltakh was punched in the face and needed eight stitches."

      And they say the Age of Chivalry is over!

    • " Leonard Peltakh was punched in the face and needed eight stitches."

      Ah yes, those telegenic stitches.

      Gee, Hophmi, you've spent more words on this than any other article in a long time. It must be very important. But, I'd rather think about something more positive! Eight stitches, you say?

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