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  • Israeli embassy puts Mona Lisa in a hijab -- 'Israel now, Paris next'
    • "But to accept and then cancel creates a much bigger splash than just saying no."

      Sorta shows you something, don't it? There's positive consequences for renouncing Israel. Everybody will want to be on record as renouncing Israel soon. I can't blame them.

    • That's top-drawer, first-class parody, just like Mother used to make! Seafoid really outdid himself!

    • "Similar to how the nazis were"

      For variety in in analogies, look into the hot-bed of nationalisms and Chuvanisms and cultural supremacy (and territorial wranglings) which embroiled Europe from, oh, 1850s up to WW2. That is where Zionism came from. Gets you out from under comparing them only to one group.

  • 9 things the American media isn't telling you about Israel/Palestine
    • Judaism doesn't cover the half of it. Okay, I guess it'll cover anything if you make it up as you go along.

  • How many would be alive today if Obama had not quashed Goldstone Report?
    • "i was hoping Hostage turn up."

      It's always great when he does, but don't forget, he also has a comment archive here which is veritable library of information.

    • " He has not prepared the American people for anything that would end Israel’s impunity, or end our support for oppression of Palestinians."

      So true. Sadly, not a thing.

    • Jackdaw, do you have a point? Or are you just flinging a bunch of "what-aboutery" around?

    • Page: 159
  • Gaza-- and 'Guernica'
    • "do you people know how many horses were brutally killed in ww1 and ww2?"

      Lotta Jews, too, wasn't there? Well, I don't know, but maybe if we didn't pass quite so easily over the slaughter of our animal friends and servants, we wouldn't be so quick to murder people, no matter what species of people they are.

      But thanks, DaBakr, for weighing in in favor of the slaughter of animals. Do you think poison gas is the most humane way to dispatch them, when they are no longer of use?

    • "It is nothing more than an attempt to legitimize killing Israeli civilians, and by extension, Jews around the world who are supportive of a Jewish state."

      Yeah, Hophmi, I bet you scurry around Manhattan looking over your shoulder, and packin' heat. Thank God nobody could ever, ever identify you from your extensive Mondo archive! (Each post with a time and date stamp, too)
      Ah, but what a sense of mission, of purpose, you must get from courting danger in defense of the Jewish people. I'd sleep better knowing rough men like you ( and a quick hand with the QWERTY, too) are protecting my Jewish identity, if I could sleep at all these days.

  • Hasbarah Bingo
  • Kerry is off the Israel bandwagon
    • "ancient Jews committed mass suicide to avoid subjugation by the Romans, to pledge that the fortress must never fall again."

      That is not what happened. See the caterer was a total idiot, he kept on sending chickens to the Romans, and Ham-and-Swiss sandwiches to the Israelite troops.

    • "no, I’m afraid they thought they were superior from the beginning…"

      Zionism is racism.

    • . "Israel will up and de-militarize. The world is at peace once again."

      IT WOULD SURE AS HELL HELP!! They could start with their illegal, uncontrolled, un-inspected nuclear weapons. Or do they plan to whack anti-Semites in Paris?

  • Fabricated martyrdom?
    • "The goal is to END the war."

      There's a "war"? When did Israel declare war? On who? You are always saying Mondo isn't giving both sides of the story, so please, tell us about the "war".

      I see an extremely disproportionate incursion and atrocity by Israel. I don't see any war.

  • In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza (Updated)
    • "Perhaps it is time Israel realizes that it is placing Jews all over the world in jeopardy, because people are going to feel anger now that Israel is behaving like a mad dog, and killing civilians so blatantly, and it will not bode well for Jews all over the world."

      And then, being in danger, I guess these Jews will have to go to Israel. Or perhaps even humanitarian governments can help the Jews move to Israel, to 'get them out of danger'.
      Zionism thrives on anti-Semitism, it's is a necessary ingredient.

    • "Ain’t he cute with his specially picked surname?"

      Yes, I picked up on that after a bit of confusion. Charming, isn't he?

    • "Though it has gone unreported, Rand Paul lost his base last week."

      Oh, gosh, I hope that's more than true! I hope it's an understatement.

    • Oh well, I guess there's got to be a 'price tag' for reading Mondoweiss. Couldn't I just send a little money, and we get rid of the 'settlers'?

    • "So if you’re jewish and zionist and have suicidal tendencies, by all means move to occupied Palestine"

      Much, much bigger colonial projects, projects which were taken as new permanent facts in the world, have vanished into the "ash-heap of history". The Zionist project will do the same. As to how "bloodthirsty" this collapse is, well, that's mostly up to the Zionists.

    • "Thanks, Sumud. I had to read Pat Nguyen’s comment history before I could understand the context of Shingo’s comment. I didn’t realize Pat was an incoherent troll."

      Actually, it might be worse than that. There's a writer at Mondo named "Phan Nguyen". I can't help wondering if "Pat Nguyen" chose the user name to create confusion.

    • You know, when Zionism was formulates, and got its ideology, its ethos, and its plan, I don't even think long-range accurate artillery was even developed, let alone airplanes and all the other instruments of modern war. The idea that 'the Jews' would be safe behind a line of hills and a border (except they never did get that) and with internal control is something out of , gawd, two centuries ago.

    • Uh, Pat, you were asked, up-thread, where Israel's border's are. Feel like answering?

    • "You first Pat. What ARE Israel’s borders? Officially?"

      I read that question, and heard the sound of little feet pitter-PATtering into the distance. Funny how that short question sends 'em running.

  • Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught
    • "Israel’ s golden age just died."

      Israel had a "golden age"? Nobody tells me anything.

    • "Israeli boys murdered in cold blood by two perps who are running free"

      Don't you read the papers, DaBakr? It was a love triengle, which resulted in a murder-suicide. (The quote is above-thread) You know how it goes, Dabakr, the love which "dare not speak its name" but which "frightens the horses" if you get my drift.
      And certainly Israel is awash in guns.

    • "I think it’s taking things a bit far to suggest the Israelis themselves killed the boys. That would’ve far too risky."

      I'm sticking with "love triangle, ending in tragic murder-suicide". Happens all the time around here, why not there?

    • "But they don’t, do they?"

      ROTFL(MSJAO) Taxi! You think it's hard to get 'em to say "ham" just try and make 'em say "Ham and cheese"!

    • "(Has nothing or little to do with right wing, it has to do with ethnic origin.)"

      When it comes to "ethnic origin" there's no fooling Yonah! He see's right through any political pretensions to the heart of the matter.

    • "But British culture is also famous for human refinement, same as Jewish culture is."

      Right, but there's no need for conflict! Just follow the old advice "Talk British, think Yiddish" Or maybe it was "Dress British, talk Yiddish".
      Still damn good advice, old chap! Had it from the Vicar himself.

    • "The WMD of the Gaza onslaught, indeed."

      Indeed! Could'na done better myself. But of course, you know that!

      But once again, we will need to reserve judgement until the experts weigh in. Any time you are ready, Hophmi.

  • The killing fields
    • "Victorian era child laborers die building Hamas tunnels."

      Uh, wouldn't "Victorian era child laborers" be sort of old by now?

    • My favorite bit is where a Zionist mines all of human recorded history for atrocities and genocides, and claims Zionism is entitled to its own atrocities and genocides, cause it builds healthy nations 12 ways, or something.

    • Chris, Hillel once said: "That article by Gabriel Ash is all you need to know about <i.Hasbara, the rest is commentary"

    • "Who are we missing?"

      Hophmi? No can't be him. Walid said "Israeli"

  • Which crowded cities can you fire into?
    • I can never understand Gideon Levy. Not that I doubt his courage, and commitment to the truth.
      The military purged potential 'defectors' from their midst. What did Mr. Levy think they would do? Encourage them to talk to the other troops, pilots, whatever? Sponsor discussion groups on the Occupation?

      That is something which is very hard for me to deal with in many critics of Israel. It's the fact that they, even if they are critical, are so shocked by Israel's actions, as if all of this wasn't entirely predictable, and a foregone conclusion.

    • "the evolution of that, in the more enlightened Zionist, is to consider that there are Many Good Palestinians. They are the ones who are conciliatory to the idea of a Jewish state."

      The Zionists are willing to split the gold mine with the 'good Palestinians'

    • Oh, I can't copyright that, it's hardly original How to make the case for Israel, and win!

      If you should happen to click the link, you'll notice that this is the schematic all our Ziocaine-addled correspondents follow to the letter.

    • Zionist are entirely incapable of believing that anybody would value Palestinian lives. Almost every comment from Zionists is predicated on Palestinian lives being of little value. And when people here won't accept that they are dumfounded!

    • "Arabs generally hate Jews."

      Ah, so that's why the Zionists would accept no place but Palestine for their Jewish State! Makes perfect sense!
      I mean, why go where you might be accepted, when you can go where people "generally hate Jews". I mean, that's what every fledgling Jewish State needs doesn't it, to be surrounded by people who "generally hate" them.

      Why, I'll bet that's exactly what the Zionists told all the people they conned into moving there: "Our hold on the area is tenuous, mostly illegal, actually, and the Arabs generally hate us. You'll love it!"

    • We had to go through all of this during Cast Lead, so let's save the Hasbaratchniks a lot of trouble and just get the routine straight. Any report of Israel hurting innocent people or comitting atrocities is to be considered in five stages:

      1) It's a lie, never happened
      2) It happened, sorta, but Hamas did it!
      3) well, it happen, but it was a mistake.
      4) It happened, it was an atrocity, but Hamas made them do it.
      5) Ziocaine Amnesia takes over. It never happened!

      It's the five stages of greps.

    • " many military personnel are ordered not to wear their uniform when off-duty"

      And without the uniform, nobody knows who they are. It's a secret!

    • " one of the most densely populated strip of land on earth"

      Annie, that just can't be. If it wasn't a people-less land and a desert, the Zionists couldn't have made it bloom!

  • Controversial, illegal, and documented: Israeli military strategies in Gaza
    • "It’s you that is losing and lifting it DaBakar."

      It never seems to occur to them that they are the only person there to describe, the only person who's mental state they can describe.. The minute I saw "Dabakr"s words, I knew it was pure projection.

      Or maybe he fights part-time for Hamas, and knows what they're thinking, in between trolling for Israel. Wouldn't put it past him.

  • Dr. Kristol's curriculum: US 'special responsibilities' include 'ancient longings' of Jewish nationalists
    • Go boil your head, Sean. Not that it'll do any good, but please, give it a try.
      I know you, and want nothing to do with you, okay?

      "My current position is this:"

      Oh, your current position seems to be about what it has always been. Remember to wipe your head when you get it out of there.

    • "You nailed it about becoming white."

      Yes,yes, but the important thing is, don't tell anybody I said that!

    • "The ethnic makeup of Jews in Israel"

      Well, who'd have thunk it! Not a single "Ashkenazi" Jew in Israel! Which only shows how great Zionism is, if they could get along with out the much-vaunted 15 pt. Ashkenazi IQ bonus, and still steal a country.

    • "Remember how great everything was when Europeans believed in their great national destinies? Human rights are so lame by comparison!"

      But to a certain extent, they started to discard that after WW2. Threw large parts of it out. Zionism happened to be shopping for ideology at the time, saw that stuff in the dump, and said "Oh, look, a bargain!"

    • "Whatever the cause, at some point during the last 100 years, America developed a little crush on the chosen people: Jews are officially cool"

      That's funny, not one of the non-Jewish people I know ever expressed anything like that, at all. Most of them say "well, if the rest of them are anything like you I plan to avoid them whenever possible!"

    • "Zionism has opened the door wide for the reemergence of white ethnic and Christian religious nationalism in Western culture"

      Well, whether or not it "opened the door" I don't know, it's not like it takes a huge amount of brains or creativity to cook up a racist-nationalist cult. But nobody has done more with it than Zionism. How many of those Christian religious nationalists have stolen an entire country for their followers? They can't even take over a county.
      No matter what any of those other people think of Jews, they have to admire Zionism, for accomplishing the things they only dream about. Why, those "sovereign citizens" are merely pale imitations of real settlers.

    • "What, if anything, is left of that infatuation now?"

      It is also instructive to look at America's national vogue for Nationalist China. Another case in which media (magazines, back then), money (the China Lobby) and personality were used to distort and corrupt American actions. Lot of parallels, odd as it may seem.

    • "Why is it that most..."

      Citizen, I'll tell you what I think, but please don't tell anybody I said this, it'll ruin my PC reputation. What happened was, Jews became white. I think it happened sometime shortly after the "6-day war" but I'm not sure exactly the date. They think it's a permanent change, but I'm not so sure.

      It's also possible that changes in America, the rise of conservatism, and the Christian fads (as they relate to Israel) and the new kinds of social segregation have allowed another cohort, a different cohort in the 'Jewish community' to become more prominent.

      "Not hard to see and old pattern, manifested by the question, “Is it good for the Jews?”

      Citizen, have you ever heard that whole joke?
      Everybody always laughs at the Rabbi's question in response to being told an asteroid is going to hit the Earth and destroy all life, ("But is it good for the Jews, or bad for the Jews?") but nobody ever hears the real punch line The actual punch line is: "Don't be such a schmendrick Rabbi, it's always bad for the Jews!"

  • Photo: Message on Israeli shell headed to Gaza, 'Thats for canceling the Backstreet Boys, you scum!'
    • "That’s tame compared to the latest fad with is to write messages to the IDF boys on your bare bottoms and other body parts."

      A nice Jewish girl couldn't possibly do that. It's simply inconceivable. Modesty, chastity, and proper relations between the sexes are very, very important in Judaism. And no mensch in the IDF would accept or look at such an e-mail!

      If it is true, I think Hamas is forcing them to do it.

  • 'Israel is wrong by any moral standard' -- Robinson says, as US media pile up
  • In photos: Over 1,000 New Yorkers protest Israel's attack on Gaza
    • "very large Syrian immigration in the mid-late 19thC to established"

      Yeah, the lousy newcomers sneaking into America to ensnare us with Sharia Law! We've been here since before the Revolution, right, DaBakr?

    • "The length of your responses doesn’t make them right...."

      No, but Yonah has to turn the Palestinian rockets into the equivalent of a stolen illegal nuclear arsenal if he has to type his fingers to the bone to do it!
      Oh, it's not that Yonah himself is bigoted against the Palestinians, but see, he's got a sixteen year old neice, in a settlement, and you know, he hates to leave his little girl's behind.

      See, Yonah is not defending Israel, far from it! He is defending his family and who can blame a man for that!

    • "Is it just me or is there something seriously wrong with the wiring of the brains of the Israel Right or Wrong Crowd? "

      Both genetic and chemical causes have been investigated, and rejected.
      The Ziocaine Syndrome appears to be entirely behavioral in origin. Of course, the existence of Ziocaine Syndrome-by-proxy rules out the genetic cause as soon as it was observed.

      But much more, research and clinical trials, will be needed before any treatment is found.

  • Horrifying details continue to emerge of massacre in Khuza'a
    • "Israel out! 100%"

      And where would you send the "Israelis"? Not that I don't agree with you, but where have they to go? You want them over at your place? A country, any country, would be insane to take any number of them.

    • Oh, I don't know if Israel plans to do a Masadadammerung on the entire planet, but I do think they will loose a nuclear weapon or two before it's all over.

  • Hamas mimics Hezbollah tactics, and no one will have stability till blockade is lifted
    • You could ventilate a tunnel with a bellows pump if you had to.

    • "Jackie Mason: Obama Has More Jews in His Cabinet Than Netanyahu Does"

      Well then, 'bilal a' since you feel that way I guess I won' bother to try and refute any of the "Jews run America" comments here. Apparently you are proud of it and consider it an advantage?

    • It doesn't take a very big gas or electric motor to pump lots of air.

  • How Israel militarized social media
    • "Israel should counter Pallywood and the anti-Israel propaganda."

      Yup, that's Zionism, gonna fight the whole world, and reality, too! BTW, use of the word "Pallywood" will get you banned. See, if you can call it "Pallywood" somebody else can call it "Jewywood" or maybe "Hebiewood" Get the picture, chump?

      Although I must gasp, and indeed, gape in wonder at a, uh, 'Zionist' who wants to deal in ethnic slurs. Now, that's epic stupidity.

    • "“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do”

      Yes, but he's got to be a man. A spoiled, disturbed child like Israel has "gotta do" what a spoiled disturbed child has "gotta do". A spoiled, disturb child with illegal nuclear weapons.

  • Gaza massacre is generating ideological crisis in American Zionists
    • "I don’t think that Israel or the Israeli government just recently lost touch with moral norms."

      But isn't it wonderful to think that with just a little "the-spirits-have-done-it-all-in-one night!" moral conversion by Israel, things will get better? Nobody gets hurt, it all gets better.
      It looks to me like Zionism decided quite a while ago to hurry to a place where "moral norms" could have no effect.

    • ” Any Jew who is not sickened by Israel’s behavior has forgotten what it means to be a Jew."

      Gosh, there's a big division between those who think there is a moral solution and those who know "an application of power" is necessary.

      OK, MJ, and if every Jew in the world was "sickened by Israel's behavior" that would change "Israel's behavior" how, exactly? Would it pick their pocket, or break their leg? Of course "behavior" instead of oh, "war crimes" or just "crimes"? Like Israel is a bad child?

      There's got to be a name for this type of hasbara. It's very, very cynical. It could be called maybe 'moral hasbara'? (Nope, need something better than that).
      You suggest a moral solution is available, neatly forgetting that Zionism ,by it's very nature is impervious to moral criticism. Also has the wonderful effect of completely circumventing the fact that Jews, as Jews, have no influence on "the Jewish State. It comforts while it pretends to indict.

    • "Seafoid’s linguistic theory of the “Hebrew Ghetto” insulating them from the reality of how they are perceived…"

      IIANM, Seafoid's perception about how Israel uses a made-up (not "revived") Hebrew to isolate Israelis from the world is shared by many.

    • "The jewish prison"

      Oh, I don't get too upset about being in the Jewish prison. I just won't stand for Zionists being my jailers.

    • "I have the same hope about Monash."

      Yup, gotta hope. Sometimes it's all one can do.

    • Well, it's probably wishful thinking, but I'm going to hope that Brandeis would have been appalled at Israel. He died, of course, before Israel was a state, and he may have had the ideas of many of his generation concerning colonialism, but I'd like to hope his passion for the US Constitution would help him see what Zionism is.

    • "What makes you think he wouldn’t? Did he express himself on the subject?"

      Well, Wicki says: "He (Brandeis) also became active in the Zionist movement, seeing it as a solution to antisemitism in Europe and Russia, while at the same time being a way to "revive the Jewish spirit."

    • "Judaism can’t fix Israel."

      Even if Judaism (we'll say American Judaism) wanted to, it's not set up, there's no process, no mechanism, through which Judaism can do it.

      How many seats does "Judaism" have in the Knesset? And of course, "Judaism" has no seats in the House and Senate. And then the is this: Even if all Jewish Americans wanted to do is pass a resolution stating their position on the issue (Something like the Presbyterian divestment resolution) we don't even have a process to do that.

      Which is not to say that events like this can't provoke extraordinary events in the religion involved in it, events like schism, or new denominations, but Judaism as presently constituted, no.

    • "Brandeis was of course thinking of the U.S. government. I wonder if he would have made the same demands on an Israeli government."

      FWIW Louis Brandeis was born in 1856 and died in 1941. But I suspect he might very well have demanded the same thing from an Israel government, if there was one.

      What makes you think he wouldn't? Did he express himself on the subject?

    • "Let Marc Ellis be the foot inside the community and you can be the foot outside the community"

      Maybe you should carve that in stone tablets, Yonah, since you are so good at giving commandments. But you'll need another nine, since you threw out the first ten.

    • "Israel is not going to make it."

      And they came this close, too.

    • "So how come I’m criticized when i say that Phil Weiss’s one foot inside the Jewish community is a fake foot that he has put there, not out of any inherent sense of belonging"

      Phil, how many times did I tell you wrap your head in thick aluminum foil before going to bed!! Look what's happened now, it's just like a warned you! Yonah Freedman got inside your brain, and now he's busted you for lacking " any inherent sense of belonging". I been trying to tell you, Zionists have ways of knowing these things!

      But Yonah, don't you sort of think you are trespassing on medical privacy issues when you reveal Phil Weiss also has a wooden leg, which he apparently leaves everywhere?.

      I happen to know, Yonah, that you have a glass eye. Oh you try and hide it, but it always comes out in the conversation!

      Oh, almost forgot! "How come I'm criticized..." you ask, Yonah? Basically, because you are. not to put to fine a point on it, a jerk. "Not out of any inherent sense of belonging" Kish mir en toches, Yonah Yoanah, you wanna ask me where I'd like to put my foot?

    • "and call for democracy, for a binational state, anything to end the long nightmare of religious nationalism."

      And just compensation for all those displaced or harmed by the Zionist project! ROTFLMSJAO!
      I find the idea, that even now, especially now, Zionism can be a two-way street, to be hilarious. If Zionism didn't make a science of doing things which are irrevocable, they wouldn't still be around.
      So can Zionism afford to make restitution, possibly absorb some reverses, and make itself a good neighbor in the ME? I'm not sure the US can afford that. Can Israel?

  • Avishai says we misrepresented his views
    • "Nothing wrong with same sex love of any kind and clearly you have a crush on Phil"

      And I'm the one who thinks he can look into people's souls. Would you like to cite any material from me showing a "crush on Phil"?

    • "As I see it, the genuine error of Phil was assuming that Bernie has “views”. Instead, he has decided that making sounds of “moral anxiety”, without any prescriptions, mind you! is what “sounding nice” requires at this time. Needless to say, a “spine” is the last thing Bernie would wait for."

      Well put piotr. Very well said. And think about the vast sense of entitlement it takes to think that "moral anxiety" is an adequate response to Zionism's actions. That's what shocks me.

    • "—including arguably just wars that might nevertheless have been avoided"

      Man, speaking of Trojan Horses, who wants to open up that sentence and unpack it?
      So wars that "could have been avoided" , but weren't, can be "arguably just"? Sure, okay.

    • "I’m not even sure the Avishai’s out there are all that aware of what’s happening to them and/or around them. This exchangw really seem to be a case of direct stimulus-response."

      I'm not sure how much, if anything, can be done for guys like Avishsai until the CDC or NIH is willing to properly fund Ziocaine Syndrome research. We just don't have the answers, nor much treatment for the Syndrome's sufferer's, until further research is done. But remember, Alopecia was once considered incurable and untreatable, so don't lose hope! (I'm praying for a cure for that for myself)

    • "I am also being 100% genuine when I say that when you take off the clown mask and write lucidly about Zionism and Israel (and Judaism/Zionism) I agree with you almost to the letter."

      Okay, than we both agree, all settlements should be removed, every Israeli who has served in the government or IDF should be investigated for criminal activities and war crimes, Israel brought before the ICC, full compensation should be paid to all Palestinians affected by the Zionists
      and any Israeli (non-criminal, of course, if there's any left) who wishes to remain can stay, as a Palestinian citizen, if, and only if, they get permission from the Palestinians, and after the Palestinians have received full compensation and justice. To be paid by Israel, not the US, damn it.
      I'm glad we agree on these things. I'm sure you agree it's the only possible and just solution. And I'd like to see a program exposing all Jewish kids to the crimes of the Zionists as part of their religious education.
      That lucid enough for ya?

    • When a lib-zio tries to swing the conversation to “historic zionism...”

      And watch for for that slippery little appellation "historic Palestine". When a Zionist (or a not-a-Zionist or "non-Zionist") puts "historic" in front of Palestine, you know it's gonna get deep, you'll need waders.
      Ah, but that's that's liberal Zionists and not-a-Zionists and non-Zionists have in common. They all want to talk about 'what-if' in "historic Palestine" than what is in the real Palestine.

    • Didn't "snowdrift" nail it, though! He sure did. First at-bat, and "snowdrift" hit it out of the park! Avashai better learn some new pitches.

    • "That said, I can’t really see much difference between philosophically me and other people who reject the idea of a Jewish national state in historical Palestine and who wand there to be one state where all have equal rights."

      Which is just a really sleazy way of saying you want the Zionist to keep what they have stolen, and not be called to account for their actions. And how the hell can a state be a "Jewish national state" and have equal rights for all. If it's got "equal rights for all" than it is not a Jewish national State is it?

      You are just a Zionist who won't admit it, or thinks he can hide it. And all that subterfuge, misdirection (Jewish social group? WTF?) and most of all your cowardice.

      "The upcoming MW prom? Don’t worry, Phil is definitely asking you not me."

      Aww how nice, you finish up with a nice homophobic slur. You never disappoint.

      "Non-Zionism is actually an important ethical tradition which includes a lot of people that are admired here at MW. "

      So now you are just making up stuff. "An important ethical tradition"? Going back 15 minutes?

    • "and had to distance himself with strange, out of phase, hair-on-fire objections to avoid that fate."

      You mean Phil jerked Avishai's string, and right on cue, Avishai danced?
      Yup, Phil pretty much played him. Heck, why should Phil do it, when all he has to do is let Avishai do it to himself?

    • "there is some place to get an array of perspectives on it even if it tilts toward Anti Zionism."

      Am I the only person here who thinks Mondoweiss tries as hard as they can to follow the four "principle aims" on the "about" page?
      Does everybody except me think that Mondo is published under false pretenses?

      Maybe I'm not cynical enough. Or maybe any reporting about the issue which isn't hasbara must be "anti-Zionist"? I wish I knew.

    • "Or because I call our antisemtiism where I see it here. Yes, I think a few regular commenters here are anti-Semites or close to it"

      Which ones, want to give me their names? Have you told Phil Wiess about it? Or Annie?

      And what goddam difference does that make. If you haven't got the teeny-tiny dollop of courage necessary to go from "I am not a Jewish Nationalist" to "I am an anti-Zionist" you might as well be a Zionist
      and you're of no use to me.

      "Hatikva does give me goosebumps, the though of Jews being powerful is alluring to me. " Says the not-a-Jewish-Nationalist! And you think Zionism makes us powerful? Sure, okay, whatever. I think you've got a couple screws loose.

    • "Now, I don’t call myself and anti-Zionist for reasons we can discuss"

      So, you are not an anti-Zionist? That's all I need to know, thanks.
      You are a Zionist, who for some reason wants to hide it, or thinks enough chatter will obfuscate it.

      And I never, ever, have set foot in Israel, and very much resent you saying I have. Have been anti-Zionist since I was Bar Mitzvahed.

      "Because you know I am involved in a Jewish social group? My involvement was precisely because I am interested in real dialogue not in group think"

      Some of my best friends are Jewish, too! And we have real dialogue. I mean, what kind of dialogue (except groupthink, of course) could you have with a social group which contains non-Jews?

    • "I have been very wary of Bernie Zionists ever since Madoff. Mooser- were you in the club ?

      No, I never got a penny from Bernie. And I was never very special. Everybody always says I'm a "typical Jew".

    • "Mooser I think there could be violence in the US over this question."

      You mean guys in bulletproof phylacteries and steel yarmulkes with Uzi's are gonna come to my house and drag me to schul?

      Okay, do I worry about them maybe assaulting somebody, somebody who, say runs a website they don't like? Yes, I do. Wouldn't put it past them at all.

    • So basically, tokyobk, you are saying that if Israel dials it back a bit, they'll be able to keep what they have stolen, and get away with it? And if they go too far, they'll blow the whole caper?

      But please tell me, tokyobk, under what circumstances "liberal Zionism" can "sustain it's moral and intellectual contradictions"? If they have manged to "sustain" their "contradictions" up til now, I see nothing this week that should give them any more trouble than any other "contradiction" they have been able to "sustain" up til now. Just some higher numbers, nothing a "liberal Zionist" can't easily rationalize. Give 'em a week or so.
      Zionism was corrupt and destined for failure, and to do a lot of damage to all, from the day it was conceived. And anybody who supports any part of it supports the entire thing. You too, pal, you too.

      Unless I am mistaken, tokyobk, and you are like me, an anti-Zionist. Are you an anti-Zionist, tockyobk? Gosh, this is one situation where I'd love to be wrong, so please tell me if you are indeed, an anti-Zionist, and I've been misreading you. Oy will I have to apologize!

    • "Those stuck in the rut that is Weissworld are getting the vapours!"

      You are so right Dimmy. The stink off Avashai's hackery are nasty

    • "Where, in your blog, is a post about how missile attacks ought to distance us from Hamas?"

      It never fails! Zionist always know what other people should say, write or think. And what kind of moral instruction must be imparted.
      Wait a minute, what on earth is he complaining about. Didn't Mondo publish the instructional IDF posters about Hamas arms and tunnels and baby carriages? I mean, hey, Avishai, what do you want, it's straight from Netanyahu!?

    • Great analysis of the letter, snowdrift! Thanks.

    • In all of this I hear the Zionists begging for somebody to save them from themselves.
      I'd sooner help an injured cobra or rattlesnake. Anybody tries to help them, they will turn on them in a flash.
      Okay, let's say the pressure from American Jews (a man can dream) becomes so great Israel has to moderate it's course in some way. Then the Likudniks, the righties can all curse us for preventing them from doing 'what needs to be done' and blackmail us with that. And the Left (or whatever they've got there) can say "Look we've done what you wanted, so now you are obligated to continue to support Israel.
      You know what? Unlike marrying two women, it's not big of me, but I'd be happy just to save Judaism and Jewishness from the Zionists. But I'll be damned if I do anything to save itfor them.

    • "The political Zionism with ideas of relocating was,is,and will be always plain wrong and that wrong should be corrected."

      Israel can't afford that. Zionism is, and was always designed to be, a one-way street. Success in establishing "the Jewish State" or destruction.
      It's almost a mean joke at this point to infer that Israel could do anything to change it's course. Like asking a man with one leg (and no prosthetic) to run a foot-race.

    • "Ditto" Yonah Freedman

      Ah, must be nice to have one word with which you can sum up the sum total of your reasoning ability. That's you, Yonah "Ditto" Freedman.

    • "Wonderful reply to a whole MW ideology."

      The Mondoweiss "ideology" is plainly stated on the "about" page. If you think the website is publishing under false pretenses, say so. Please tell us how Mondoweiss hews to an "ideology" not accounted for in the "about" page?

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