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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Chomsky used to need police protection when he spoke about Israel, no longer
    • "Israeli dysfunction is not– it’s completely and deliberately voluntary."

      Exactly. It is definitely not due to some drug they all take, (although the intoxicated appearance of sufferers appeared to confirm that, and gave rise to the name.) nor can it be traced to any genetic anomaly. (Or there wouldn't be Ziocaine-Syndrome-by-Proxy victims, would there?)

      It is entirely a behavioral malady, and it is called 'The Ziocaine Syndrome'. Unfortunately, it may not be entirely voluntary, either. People whose information and influences can be controlled can probably have things imposed on them to a certain extent, I guess.

  • Jaffa, indeed, Forever: A review of Adly Massoud Derhally's 'Jaffa Forever'
  • Why we are blocking the boat
    • "As the Israeli consulate labels the ILWU workers “cowards” for honoring a community picket,"

      While simultaneously castigating the protestors for making the dockworkers lose pay!

  • An open letter to Birthright participants past, present, and future
    • But Marnie, try and think about it this way: This could be a big win-win kind of thing, all this "I'm a Jew" type stuff.
      See, all we have to do is reject all the stupid land claims and supremacy stuff which plagues Zionism but retain that magnificent sense of Jewish peoplehood which Zionism has engendered in us!! In fact, we could use this "Jewish peoplehood" to change or even defeat Zionism!
      How can we lose, if we do it like that? The power of Jewish peoplehood, used for good, instead of eeeevil!

    • "All of a sudden, my Israeli tour guide turns on his microphone and announces to the bus to close the curtains on the windows so that Jerusalem, our destination, will be a surprise."

      Was it supposed to be a little like arriving in a sealed boxcar?

    • " I was called a racist and an anti-Semite, among other things by Birthright representatives. "

      Yes, they are very concerned about tribal unity.

  • Allegations of anti-Semitism used to cover up anti-Palestinian hate crime in Brooklyn
    • I still want to know when the Palestine Solidarity movement was declared a "failure" and by who?

    • I can't imagine what my wife would say if I was in a public brawl, and with a women, too! She would think my behavior was abominable. It hadn't occurred to me that different standards may obtain among those who move in more elite company. Maybe he was trying to keep up with the Palins?

    • "This story is a clear illustration of the reasons for the failure of the Palestine solidarity movement. "

      Gee, 'jaynOt' I read Mondowiess pretty closely, usually in the morning, but I missed the article on the "failure of the Palestine solidarity movement."
      Maybe I'm just obtuse, but in what way has the Palestine solidarity movement failed?

    • Love to see the syllabus for Prof. Pletakh's course. I bet it's a doozy.

    • My sympathies to Mrs. Petlakh.

    • While the details of this incident are unclear, we reiterate our commitment to non-violence and express our horror at the injuries that Mr. Petlakh suffered. We hope to know soon the full details of what happened.

      I see.

  • The hidden documents that reveal the true borders of Israel and Palestine
    • Gee, talknic, I hate to say this, but when I read all this stuff, I wonder if the Zionist leaders, whom we have always assumed were intent on doing something for the Jewish people, weren't actually simply, like a lot of other people, more intent on doing something to them. Nah, I shouldn't think like that.

    • I think I will call it "tribal utility". It's the idea that what would normally be considered the worst kind of inter-actions (coercion, deceit, manipulation) can be countenanced or even freaking made noble (making the desert bloom, redeeming the land) if it's done to people in the "tribe".

    • "When kids fight over the last brownie, many moms will make one of them cut it in two, and the other one then gets first choice."

      What about when a larger kid smashes the face of a smaller child, and then steals his lunch, complete with brownie?

      Denis, you know what you can do with that lame equivalency hasbara? Every solution you ever thought of skips any kind of Zionist accountability. Why is that?

    • "Only Israel has been lying about its borders, deceiving Israelis for generations, illegally selling them non-Israeli territory"

      Well, there's "tribal unity", and then there's 'tribal utility'.

    • "I can only assume that the agenda and ultimate objectives were more important than the daily lives of these mere mortals"

      Well, it doesn't seem like tribal unity to me. Maybe it's something we should call "tribal utilitarianism"?

    • "How did the Zionists manage to persuade “everyone” that “Israel has never defined its borders”?"

      And persuade Zionism's supporters that this was an acceptable situation. Let me take a wild guess, it was everybody else who was keeping Israel from declaring its borders?

    • Gee, I know I should have more faith in people, but for some reason I am compelled to ask, why, when the top Zionists had a chance to make a secure state for the poor, beleaguered and persecuted Jews from Europe who had emigrated to Palestine, they choose instead to put them in a precarious, tenuous position which would require continued intransigence and violence, and had at bottom (expansion of territory by war) an illegal aim.
      Why, it's almost like they didn't care about them!

  • Israeli president's diagnosis -- 'Israel is a sick society' -- doesn't go viral in the U.S.
    • "why not celebrate the fact that Israel is a diverse society, with a small number of internationalists who can appreciate the stupid hole that the rest of their society are digging for themselves?"

      Look, I don't want to deny the Israelis their diverse society, but couldn't they celebrate their diversity in a way that doesn't, you know, kill people, and steal land?

    • "cromodile to add to our Jewish Southern Food stew…"

      I'm not clicking that link until somebody else clicks on it and tells me it's okay.

    • ." I’ve been here longer than you, and the fact that every comment I make is the basis of countless ad hominem attacks leads me to believe that it’s not me who lacks self awareness."

      Hophmi, if you don't know how to 'change the channel' on your internet browser, I'm sure somebody here would help you. There's no reason for you to be stuck at a site where the dialogue tastes like poison., and the articles are all too short!

    • “And yet again, I feel compelled to remind you Phil, that the vast majority of Israelis are not in the street chanting “Death to the Arabs. ”

      Just a tiny, tiny minority, but they happen to be seated in the pilots and bombardier seats in the plane, or driving a tank, or targeting artillery. Just a tiny, tiny minority, but they seem to get the job done.

    • "And yet again, I feel compelled to remind you...."

      Yeah, yeah, the Cities of the Plain pulled the same schtick, Hophmi. Did 'em no good, as I recall.

    • "Because Palestinian society is a society that elected to lead it a terrorist organization that preaches the Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

      Too bad harvest season is over, and all the grain has been shipped to market. Hophmi could have been a record-setting flailer. He makes the chaff fly until you can't see across the barn.

    • Really something, isn't it "talknic"? He's really a prize, that "ivri" (if that's even his real name!)

    • "Hi, Mooser. Why do you leave off your list the possibility that Israel will soften?"

      Oh, I don't know. Probably because I read a blog called Mondoweiss, I guess. Ever hear of it?

    • MH, go talk to Dr. Pangloss.

    • "Second, that nobody can predict when, where, or from whom will come the gesture that eventually results in negotiation between enemies and agreement on terms of peace."

      Sure, you never know when the Palestinians will soften, and make the "gesture" which will allow "negotiations between enemies"
      Gosh, MH, what, out of their store of treasure and land, do you think the Palestinians ought to offer to Israel to get the process started?

  • The rabbi's fridge
  • The ice floe
    • "Well, excuse me while I go & stick my head in the oven."

      Really, these days there are much easier and more humane ways of finding housing for Jewish-Gentile married couples.

    • Dickerson, I might as well admit it. Sure, I know it's a failing, but maybe it'll help somebody else come clean too! I gotta say it, if I was instantly transported to Israel by Divine Power and then was given the choice of accepting the new-risen Christ or being pitched into the Lake of Fire, I'd probably be so famischt I'd just go along and convert, and try to figure a way out of it later.

    • "You’re a classic extremist, Phil. You seem absolutely incapable...and etc."

      Yes, yes Hophmi, you've made all that quite clear, many times. Now, did you happen to have anything to say about the article?

  • An exciting night at the opera: 'Klinghoffer' opening dominated by protest and heavy police presence
    • "Captain Israel would be proud."

      In the final triumphant finale of "The not-anti-Semitic Death of Klinghoffer" the liner comes into port, with all the passengers and supernumeraries singing a medley of songs from "Fiddler" and Captain Israel doing victory rolls overhead. Sure, it'll send the staging costs through the roof, but I know a state which isn't averse to backing a theatrical venture, especially one of great historical significance.!

    • Phillip, you may be the Isaac Watts of the new movement in Judaism.

    • In the non-anti-semitic version of the opera, Klinghoffer defeats the terrorists, throws them in the steerage, and single-hands the liner back to port.

  • 'Another Jew!' Speakers at 'Klinghoffer' rally blame Jews for promoting anti-Semitism
    • So let me get this right, Jackdaw. In the non-anti-Semitic version of the opera, Klinghoffer defeats the terrorists, throws them in the brig, and single-hands the ship back to port?

  • B'Tselem video: Israeli soldiers blindfold and detain 11 year old disabled child
    • " i was raised on robert kennedy "

      Wasn't that a Joni Mitchell song?

    • "It’s hate , not trauma that makes them what they are."

      It's worse than trauma, actually. It's vicarious trauma, PTSD-by-proxy. That way, it can be anything you need it to be, whereas real trauma has real consequences.

    • "Another successful thread hijacking by yonah."

      It'll stop soon. Most of the time he's fairly well ignored, but sometimes, well...

    • "And killing Gazan kids will never compensate for what the Nazis did in Vilna."

      Oh, I don't think any Zionist would contend that it does, just that they have the right (just as another nation the Germans had) to find out if it does.

    • "your speculations regarding the reasons for Amos Oz’s mother’s suicide are either cruel or childish/moronic. chose one."

      Gee, I could almost say they are a lot like Yonah's "speculations regarding the reasons" the Palestinians cause themselves all the suffering they endure.

    • "I’ve been trying to imagine how I would feel in your place, and the closest I can get is if I had studied religion at a seminary affiliated with the Christian Identity movement, and my siblings, etc., had moved to an Aryan Nation compound in northern Idaho involved in stealing land/resources from the Nimi’ipuu (Nez Perce) or Kalispel, Kootenai and Schitsu’umsh (Coeur d’ Alene) tribes."

      And people say inter-ethnic understanding is hard work! Kris, you got it in one shot. an almost perfect correspondence.

    • "It really shows up the optimism that Jewish texts can influence how people behave in the real world where Jews have power."

      Seafoid, I sometimes wonder, concerning Jewish texts, if the Chicago Statement of Biblical inerrancy hasn't been adopted into the Jewish religion. Couldn't somebody find everything they needed to support Zionism and Jewish supremacy in "Jewish texts" if they were willing to ignore the context? And make careful selections? Sorta like a segregationist who will only watch the ante-bellum scenes in Gone With the Wind"

    • "intolerable situation of claiming territory without offering the residents citizenship"

      Maybe the residents should be asked if they wish to grant the Zionists citizenship in their country? That ever occur to you.

      Also, Yonah, Israel has never annexed or claimed any territory since 48. They "occupy" it . You might want to look up that word "occupy" as in "military occupation">

    • "I was sent to study in rabbinical school on the west bank from the age of 17 to 19,"

      "Rabbinical school"? The school doesn't have a name? What was the name of this "rabbinical school" Yonah? Have you forgotten already?

      There are many people here (thank G-d, I am not among them) very familiar with Palestine. The name of your "Rabiinical school" to which your were "sent" would tell them a lot. It would help them understand you.

    • " But they are putting themselves in danger, and their parents have a responsibility to protect them."

      Many people don't know this, but one of the surprising effect of Zionism on Palestine, and especially Gaza, is the amazing proliferation of perfect nuclear families, and obedient, well balanced children, very concerned about their "permanent record" and getting into a good college.

    • "A mitzvah in Hebron is less valuable than a fart in Brooklyn."

      That's it! You've just given me the name for the rich Corinthian leather-bound collection of Yonah's comments I am preparing! I'll title it "A Fart Blows in Brooklyn."

    • "Maybe you will tell us this is the kind of world you live in so it,s not your fault."

      Hey, Brooklyn is tough. If Yonah can make it there, he can make it anywhere.

  • 'I know how the brainwashing works'
    • "I also feel irrelevant to the discussion here at MW, where the editors and most commenters have an ambivalent or a negative attitude towards religion and nationalism including almost all manifestations of Jewishness that are not universal in their essence"

      Did you just say you would feel relevant to the discussion at a site where an unambivalent positive attitude towards religious nationalism includes almost all manifestations of Judaism that are supremacist in their essence? Okay, sure.

    • " Yes, there is a widespread tendency to dehumanize the Palestinians."

      Thank God they don't take it as far as, you know, actually killing them! Just call them names a lot.

    • ." If we can find out what drives the programming "

      Okay, I hope this isn't anti-Semitic to say, but I've heard it's driven by the needs of a colonial project which is becoming more and more desperate and untenable.

    • "consider this P to King 4, a first move in our conversation"

      Yonah, your comments are ipecac to my ears.

    • "Firstly we come from different sides of the tracks. I am Ashkenazi and your roots are not in Eastern Europe"

      Bornajoo, when you come from the wrong "side of the tracks" (I am still stunned Yonah used that locution) there's not much you can do. Believe me, people from the right side of the tracks always know.
      Good work, Yonah!

    • "You seem to be in an “in your face” personality and that is not me now, maybe 20 years ago, but now. but even 20 years ago it was support of rabin rather than acquiescence to hamas that was my rebellion."

      An "acquiescence to hamas "? Aw doesn't Yonah have a nice way of saying you are next door to a terrorist!

    • ."I am Ashkenazi and your roots are not in Eastern Europe."

      You mean his parents came from Muslim lands where Jews were treated better than Eastern Europe?

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