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  • Rabbi in Ohio U. controversy leads group that denies there's an occupation
    • " In the case of Israel, this serves to reinforce the widespread confusion between Judaism and Zionism that contributes directly to the sense of “unsafeness” you say some Jewish students experience when Israel is criticised "

      Shmuel, where's your compassion? When a person lives with a corrosive and unfaceable fear, and it's more than they can stand, how unusual is it for them to go a little nuts (just speaking vernacular here) and act out inappropriately? To pretend they have power in a hopeless situation? We see that quite a lot among the oppressed, don't we?

    • "Are they just saying this to impress me ? Is it due to a solid determination not to criticize other Jews ?"


    • "Shouldn’t they rename it Kahane and leave the memory of Hillel in peace ?"

      Don't you read Mondoweiss? If you did, you would know that "Open Hillel" is going to open Hillel to Zionist and anti-Zionist alike! They can all get along. I mean we're all, well, who?

    • Thanks, talkback and eljay.

    • You know, in my life, only two kinds of people talk about "the Jews" as if they were an undifferentiated mass, with known attributes, anti-Semites, and Zionists. I wonder if that means anything.

    • "never accepted the existence of the Israeli Nation."

      I'm sorry DaBakr, not clear on this. Is it the "Israeli Nation" or the "Jewish State"? I've never heard it called the "Israeli Nation" before.

  • ASA statement on Salaita: An 'assault against the Program in American Indian Studies at UIUC '
    • "What has Zionism to do with the US, Canada, or any other government? "

      Well, if you tended toward the right end of the political spectrum, you would see Israel as a model, and the do, and Zionism as a successful venture in creating a State.

      And they do.

  • US Congressman Danny Davis calls for lifting the blockade of Gaza
    • "It is fitting that the first and only Congress reps to stand up and be counted are African Americans."

      Counting down the minutes til somebody (among the usual suspects) writes an "all-we-did-for-them-and-this-is-the-way-they-pay-us-back" article. Shouldn't be long.

  • 'Stop$30Billion' coalition unveils new digital billboard in Albuquerque, NM
  • Five lessons from the struggle to reinstate Steven Salaita at the University of Illinois
    • And this is a State university, too. And so dependent on donors. What must the situation be like a private colleges?

    • All that flailing for naught.

    • Thanks again, Shmuel andf W. Jones. So it was either an ethical and moral collapse, or a failure to abide by Biblical EPA regulations (and in those days, they knew how to handle a corporation!) May have been both? I'm sure a syncretic explanation can be derived.

    • "justice to the diversity of a society composed of Palestinians, non-Zionists, post-Zionists, anti-Zionists and universalist Jews."

      Wow, I didn't know Israelhad that elaborate an identity system. I thought the identity cards pretty much said "Jew", or "Arab". And the laws pretty much lined up with that.

      So all the rest of that oojah-cum-spif about "diversity of a society", you know where you can put that? Yeah, down there with the taint.

    • "For some reason, I thought Mondoweis was a serious site for serious people. I was wrong."

      Wait, don't go, "Ethan", excuse me, I mean "ProfEthan". If you will be serious, I'll be Roebuck! We can start a store!

      Gosh, they took you seriously enough to do the bit of research necessary to demolish you. What more do you want?

    • "advocated by pioneers like Herzl"

      Such a pioneer Herzl was! A man who could live off the land, and make the desert bloom with his own two hands! Like Daniel Boonies!,

    • Due to comment nesting, I answered RoHa before I read the interesting and informative replies from W Jones and Shmuel. Thanks very much.

    • "(And, re the article, it’s depressing to see a professor put a comma after a subject clause.)"

      Everybody has to empty their commastomy bag sometime.

    • "I thought you told us earlier that God made a deal with the Jews, but the Jews didn’t keep their end of the bargain, and so God gave them up."

      Yes, RoHa, that's what I've heard, but I was wondering if W Jones had some info on the subject.
      You know, it's the kind of thing people mutter about, you hear bits and pieces (who wants to kvell on something like that?) you see things in books sometimes.... I was hoping he had more info.

    • Gosh, I wish I had some unthreshed grain for the "Prof" to work on. Why waste all this effort?

    • "and you cite none, and you want to be taken seriously?"

      Gosh, I would think a man who styles himself "Prof" is very serious about being taken seriously.

      Dad, he's serious!

    • "And Ivanov was identified early on as Jewish by his attorney, although Prof Eitan fails to mention that fact, and implies that Salaita simply “fabricated” Ivanov’s Jewishness."

      I'm sorry, this is tangential, but it just occurred to me, and I'm simply howling over it!
      Think about it:

      Can anybody truly be an authentic, 'unfabricated' Jew, if they don't have a valid Israeli identity card?.

    • "Amcha says that the list is made up of “218 professors identifying themselves as Middle East scholars, who recently called for the academic boycott of Israel in a petition."

      Well, it's only natural, don't you think? After all, with Protective Edge, and all the stuff happening in Israeli politics, a windfall, a bumper crop, a veritable pornocopia of benefits is sure to devolve on to Israel, and Zionists want to make sure those unworthy get none of them, or even any of the credit and glory which is sure to accrue to Israel and Zionism.

      In other words, they've gone insane.

    • "the ancient, Biblical, Israel having a full, direct relationship with God’s presence in the Temple"

      Those were the days, weren't they? Talk about a meeting, talk about a good time! "A full direct relationship with God's presence"? Okay, that's nicely said, probably metaphysically accurate, and theologically correct to boot, but does it really do it justice? It was prob ably all that and an Ice Cream Sundae, with a cherry on top, too.

      But gee, W Jones, I gotta ask, why didn't it last? I mean Yaweh His-Own-Self (not a picture or hologram or graven image!) was in da' house, takin' idolators names and kickin' Amelikite butt. So what happened?
      How come He ain't takin' our calls or returning our e-mails?
      O God, why hast Thou De-friended us?

  • 'NYT' finds a model relationship for Palestinians and Israelis: collaborator and his handler
    • "If they had thought about the potential to cleave a wedge between US Jews under 40 and sabras they wouldn’t have done it."

      They did not think about that, and they won't. They expect US Jews to shape up and follow orders.

  • On the use of provocative analogies (Nazism, fascism)
    • "Much easier to accept the narrative and filter one’s present day observations so that they are consistent with that narrative"

      I don't want to talk about it. It makes me feel sick. Can we just drop it now? I'm sorry I brought it up, if that helps.

    • "present state of convoluted denial."

      Abuadam, I am getting the very sickening feelings that there are two main components (speaking roughly) to a person's understanding of and attitude toward Zionism. One of course, is their reactions to current events in Palestine, the actions of the Zionist state. The other is part is their understanding of being Jewish (or if they are not Jewish, of Jews), and their understanding of the history which brought us to Zionism and motivates it.
      Well, it might be that one can have a decent or normal reaction to what Israel is doing now, it's right in front of one's nose (Occupation, expansion, terror, the internal politics). But a faulty or incorrect or absurdly ethnocentric, mythical, legendary understanding (the self-serving understanding promulgated by Zionists) of the second part could keep somebody trapped in a very convoluted position. And not having been exposed, or rejecting any other viewpoint, they wouldn't even know another point-of-view is possible.
      I'm hoping it's not true.

    • Holocaust denial in the service of the two-state solution is ok!

    • The funny part is, (and it just hit me) Mr. Slater is saying Israeli Jews (and those in a position to make accurate comparisons, too) talking to other Israeli Jews and invoking similarities to the Nazis are "going too far".


    • "Albert Einstein was pro-Zionist, was even offered the Presidency of Israel."

      Yes, considering Prof. Einstein's own admissions concerning his political ability and acumen, I shouldn't wonder they offered it to him.
      Einstein, by his own admission, was a political niaf in many ways, but he was smart enough to refuse that poison pill.

    • Can the title of the article be changed to "Just don't call it genocide"?

    • And DaBakr goes for the muttering-in-the-corner-with-his-hands-working-in-his-pockets stance, and does it well.

    • Okay, I'm gonna spit this out.
      Why would a Jew be provoked into calling Zionists "Nazis"?
      Gee, could it be maybe because he notices the essential correspondence which, no matter what the intent which drives it, always produces the same results? That is the idea of the Jews as a special people, "race" or "nation". With a "destiny". And offers "solutions" to our "Jewish problems".
      Yes, frankly, right about there I'd be very tempted to bark out a "Sieg Heil" or two. Or maybe even a "One people, one nation, one leader".

      And we haven't even gotten to the Palestinians yet.

    • Hey DaBakr, when were Jews, any Jews, asked whether they wanted to support Zionism or not? When were they polled?

    • DaBakr, you just said the present sutiation is more to Israel's liking than peace would be! Thanks, and I'm glad you are not trying to cover it up, like some people, with their two-state solutions.

      So the present situation, a slow and murderous reduction of the Palestinians until they are gone (oh whichever they want to go, but gone) and Israel can steal the rest of the territory is what you think is Israel's best course, DaBakr? Rather than peace, which of course "obviously" can't be trusted.

      Yes sir, Hasbara central knew what they were doing when they sent you DaBakr.

    • Anybody who was interested in "sovereignty" would delineate their borders. Israel isn't interested in "sovereignty" it's interested in expansionism.

      Except delineating the borders would only make Israelis feel more secure, and Zionism can't have that!

    • "But while there is a majority who felt much better about their ‘self-image’"

      DaBakr, we get it already, why do you have to keep repeating it?
      Jewish self image is worth more than Palestinian lives.

      And of course, Jewish "self-image" was just one of the big problems Zionism could solve!

    • "Great idea; they just haven’t solved the “people” part yet."

      Well, I think that "Aryan" is just as good an identifier, maybe even better, than "Semite". Especially in practical, everyday, useful-to-the-average-guy terms.

      But no, they never solved the "people" part. Only half of it. They were never really sure who the Jews are, but they could be flexible with that, and the Zionists sure as hell knew who the the Jews aren't.

    • "Nazism was unique in its emphasis on Aryan racial purity and superiority and the inferiority of other “racial” groups like the Slavs, the Jews, and others."

      Unique? Sounds a lot like the Zionist (not the religious!) conception of what Jews are. (Cough, cough, chosen people, harrumph, cough) And that Aryan racial purity could be compared to Zionist conceptions of who the exiled and returned Jews are. And don't both have about the same respect for factual history? Just sayin.

    • Wow, I hope I'm not around the day Israel stops the occupation, and it becomes apparent that far from being the only thing holding Israel back, it's the only thing holding it up. Gonna be a lot of long faces.
      Or maybe I'm the only one who thinks the people in charge of Israel aren't stupid.

    • So let me get this straight, Yonah, if a man kills me because he wants my belongings or my property, that's alright, but if he kills me because he sees me, a Jew, as essentially sub-human, that's not alright?

      So what the Nazies should have done was was keep reminding the world that they were killing Jews because they wanted their stuff (assets, money, property) but really, really liked them as people.

      And gee Yonah, if all Zionism wants is the land (that's all) what's all this "Death to Arabs" about? Why not "We Need More Land"?

    • "but the existence of palestinians in other parts of the world as long as they abandon the land are in no way a threat to zionism."

      Aww, so you'll let them live. How nice. And again I don't think the Nazis had any objection to Jews living in Palestine, and Palestine was within reach of the Nazis.

    • "as such the existence of any jew anywhere in the world was antithetical to the nazi dream world."

      Gee, the Nazis didn't find the idea of Jews living in Palestine too objectionable. and proved amenable to some cooperation with Zionists.

      Yonah, don't go down the Holocaust exclusivity road. It's been blocked off for years bridge to an Zionist state washed out.

    • " not in the same league"

      What's a league in genocide? Okay, never mind, I get your point; Israel is still in the minors, not yet been called up to the big show.

    • “I vividly recall Yeshayahu Leibovitz in a talk I attended where he asserted how evil it was for Israel to be engaged in an occupation of another people"

      Some people might say the slow suicide started the minute people realized that a nationalist con could take in a lot of Jewish people.

    • "the question still remains: is it accurate? "

      Oh my God. You have no shame, do you, None. "Is it accurate?" Really, Jerry? "Is it accurate"?

    • "Do you really mean to compare what the Israelis do to the Holocaust?”

      Well, gosh, wouldn't that naturally lead to the question: "And where are you getting your picture of what the Nazis did (and who to) and how it was down?"

      And ROTFL, I gotta wonder what the answer to that would be?

    • "Slater said that Israel is sinking into fascism and has no right to self-defense against the Palestinians."

      Luckily, he found one by the end of the article. Of course, Israel will be in a state of constant conflict with the "Palestinians State". He anticipates that.

    • "It ought not to be necessary to spell out the obvious, but evidently it is: end the occupation, end the repression, let the Palestinians have their own state. But what if Palestinian attacks continue, which in those circumstances could no longer be considered as resistance? Then–and only then– Israel would have a true right of self-defense."

      Jeez, talk about spelling out the obvious. Okay, give the Palestinians their Bantustans, their separated enclaves, and escape any accountability for what has already been done, into the bargain!
      Then when they find life hard in their impossible situation, and somebody sets off a rocket, whack 'em good!!!

    • "If people use the term “genocide” because it fits the legal definition, then every government with discriminatory policies against an ethnic or religious group is guilty of genocide. Jim Crow was genocide."

      And you want to contend that wiping out, at least as a polity, if not completely, groups of humans other groups of humans (or even individuals, tech is powerful) see as "other" or less than human is not a part of history, possibly an integral part of human nature, and even not worrying about that (man's corrupted whatever) certainly part of every nation-state type thingie? Sure, go ahead if you want.
      Yeah, genocide, there's a lot of it around. Believe me, I'm not saying that makes it any better. But are we going to set a level of polity-killing, and say everything below that level (of course, set by the Nazis in their single-minded, exclusive murder of the Jews) is just politics-as-usual?

    • "Legal definitions require interpretation and application to specific cases"

      Concerning "genocide", that's always a comforting thought, I'm sure. Especially for a man bound by an Officer's rigid military code of honor.

    • "But Slater quarrels with the term “genocide” and correctly points out that Israel’s crimes are not in the same league with the Holocaust"

      That's a good point. After all, the Nazis, in their work and death camps, killed everybody or anybody who got in their way or who they feared or racially despised, that was within their reach. Jews, and Polish Catholics, Roma, gays, Communists, and on and on. Plus they had a general military war on.

      The Israelis pretty much confine themselves to one class of person, in pursuit of one objective. So there is that big difference, right?

    • "I’m with you on this Donald. It’s a big distraction"

      As much of a distraction as constantly worrying about and trying to control the terms, the words used in the arguments?

      If you can control the words, you can control the situation.

    • "Try to avoid characterizing arguments that you disagree with as “gross,”
      particularly arguments and distinctions that, for good reason, are very common in serious discussions of these issues."

      Don't say "gross" It's just like calling somebody a Nazi!

      Would you like to give us a list of acceptable terms, Slater?

    • You know, I was reading the other day about how hard Zionism has worked to change Jews image of themselves and their history, and their present circumstances. Much, much harder than I could have ever imagined, and with much more success than I could have conceived of.

      Then I had a sickening thought. What if a person was to try and acknowledge the tremendous problems Zionism has created, but couldn't rid themselves, or were unaware of, the absurd and destructive Jewish-Israeli ethnocentrism and false history given by Zionism?
      Luckily, I found an answer, but I suggest you get something decent to drink instead of slugging the cooking-sherry.

    • Yeah, I know, once the Palestinians agree to a two-state solution it'll be like splitting up a gold mine.

  • Ohio University filibuster: harangue or free speech?
    • Can't stand eagles myself. Did me out of my rightful spot as National Animal. Of all things, an alopeciac, thieving raptor!
      However, proper funds should be allocated to help ill eagle immigrants. I'm not hard-hearted, enough to want to deny them proper care.

    • If you are in bare toes, one stomp from a from a heeled shoe and you are helpless. Any real bully-boy knows that.

      And stop worrying, DaBakr, I've never said the Ziocaine Syndrome leads to low testosterone.

    • I checked, and the story can still be reached from the homepage at Tony Greenstein's blog.
      Rght sidebar, it's denoted by name under "older posts" (the present homepage post is very long and takes up the complete blog 'front page') Sorry about the bad link

    • Yes I believe Seafoid linked it.

    • "i wonder if it includes violence like we saw at Temple University."

      Honesty compels me there is even worse violence visited upon hapless Zionists.
      It is, I am ashamed to admit even worse than Mr. Shae asseverates. Here's the full story, with photos.

    • "My cousin’s best friends are Arab Israelis.”

      When I think about this, the use of the "best friends" ploy, and how freakin' distant from any kind of real discourse on civil rights you would have to be to make it. I am reminded of a question Roy Edroso once asked about the right-wing bloggers he covers: "Do they even know any real people?"

    • "On cue, another Bobcat for Israel in a blue striped golf shirt hopped up to rant from Sebo’s script (above)."

      So afraid, so insecure, he's wearing flip-flops. He's not expecting anybody to step on his toes.

    • Do the rules of the Student Senate at OU allow for a filibuster? Especially one co-ordinated from outside non-student sources?

      Lookin good Rabbi LeShaw. Way to assert those religious principles.

    • Watch out, Annie, Jackdaw knows how to fix your wagon! Next time, he'll just put "handbook" in quotes! That'll take care of that kind of thing.

    • "He seems from the photos to be older than college age."

      You don't know who he is? Gosh, he's like an old acquaintance to me or anybody who grew up with the American Civil Rights struggle. He's the good old "outside agitator", right?

    • "Gay marriage advocates never gave up- why can’t Zionists argue their corner any longer?"

      My head was spinning! Until I realized "Oh, No edit function! He probably meant to type "Anti gay-marriage advocates..."

      Or I'm not understanding what he meant, which is, frankly, always the first possibility to consider when I try to explain anything.

    • Ahh, but what I was about to say is this is a very clear demonstration of how unsafe Jewish students or Zionists, feel on campus (and take one letter out of that, and it spells.... "Camus", actually). When people are insecure and in fear, they are very reticent, unable almost, to express themselves and demand their "rights". And of course, would never dare risk arrest, into an unfair and brutal justice system. Sad thing, the way they are beaten down and become voiceless.

      Maybe an IDF campus guard detachment could be spared, now that Protective Edge is over, I mean didn't some President send National Guardsmen for some little schoolgirls once?

    • " I am ashamed to be associated with this piece for those reasons.”

      Don't get this. Would you be less ashamed if Susi Kneedler reported things she didn't see, didn't know for sure, and can't feel "I witnessed this" about?

      And if you saw some things she didn't, please add them, as you do. Thanks.

  • Yale Jewish center to hold 'intellectual' panel on storm over ousted priest's comments-- without inviting the priest
    • "If you say that all negative feelings directed against Jews or Germans or Australians or Flat-earthers are a form of prejudice then you are saying that there is no reasonable objection to members of these sets: ie that Germans, Australians or whatever are impeccable, which (being human) they aren’t"

      And being human, every group (these days, mostly nation-states as you mention) claims the privilege you just mentioned, and won't give it up without a fight. When Zionism invented the "Jewish nation" they, and everybody knew it by that time, bequeathed us this problem.

    • "I mean…does defining antisemitism have any meaning at all if non Jews are completely excluded from the discussion?"

      Does "Semite" have any meaning at all? Not really, except in tracing the history of spurious language groupings, later corrected.
      But of course, I use antisemitism as a term of convenience. So, taken all around, it's a word which has no real meaning, but can't be replaced at present?

    • Do the "buttons" directly over the listing of the sections work for you? They don't for me. Only at the top of the main page, can I get action.

    • DaBakr, as long as Israel calls everything it does, "Jewish" and refers to the ZIonist as the "new Jew" that problem will arise. As long as they refer to Israeli culture and mores as "Jewish"you got a problem.

      So we get to be big tough Sabras until somebody says something we don't like, and then we're all runty cheder boys being beaten up by the Poles? Which is it?

      Maybe you enjoy being a human shield for Zionism, but it's not a role I feel called to.

  • Photo-cartoon making Tutu into Hitler is published then taken down by South African Jewish paper
    • I can't understand the confusion, Didn't South Africa have sort of human PMS (Pantone Matching System, used in printing to formulate color inks) book, to determine where a person fit in?

    • -"if only due to the constant barrage of Israeli/Nazi comparisons here in particular"

      Hmmm, so all the right-wing South African Jews pore over the Mondoweiss comment section. If you hadn'a said it, I wouldn't have believed it.

  • Israel surveils and blackmails gay Palestinians to make them informants
    • "cringe-worthy"

      Apparently suffering from Ziocaine Syndrome interferes with a proper cringe-response capacity, so it's hard for them to see it.

    • "It’s called blackmail Oleg and it’s a violation of human rights."

      Shingo, when someone gets used to Zionism blackmailing them because they are Jewish, it's very hard for them to recognize blackmail when it is done to anybody else. They think it is just normal life.

    • This is awful! Don't you guys recognize the symptoms of Jewish PTSD?

    • "Not at all, Mooser."

      Oh, ye of little faith.
      I think my scenario is much more likely. I expect Palitemkin villages to be erected, with cultural exhibitions. All parts played by Israelis, of course. They will become part of the Birthright tours.

    • Seafoid, be patient. If the Palestinians are, God forbid, destroyed as any kind of a polity, there will be an national Israeli orgy of guilt, self-recrimination, finger-pointing, and Palestinian chic.

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