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  • Democratic Party leader echoes Netanyahu's new theme: Hamas equals ISIS
    • "My distinct pleasure– it is so powerful and RIGHT.

      Yes, but will it stand up to Woody Allen or "The Lion King"?

    • "And I’d imagine there were other offers I’m forgetting towards parts of the West Bank."

      Well, we've already had woody, and Disney, maybe you should try Harry Potter, or Star Wars?

    • Jeff, yesterday you gave us Woody Allen, and today, Disney! In support of your contentions, to prove your points.
      Woody Allen, and cartoons. Yeah Jeffy, I can see, you're serious!
      I'll be Roebuck, and we will start a store.

    • Gosh, JeffyB, you must be such a tough, brave realist guy to believe all that might-is-right stuff.

  • 'Common Dreams' website traps Hasbara troll spewing anti-Semitism
    • You don't understand! When you've been persecuted and kicked around as long as we Jews have, you don't just deserve equal rights. Equal rights is for other minorities, like Afro-Americans, Hispanics, or groups like gays and stuff.
      We Jews deserve extra rights, not equal rights!

    • Wes, we are already full up on mutterers, but if you can find a corner to skulk in, go ahead. But please, keep your hands out of your pockets.

    • "Trolls have always conspicuously lacked evidence to back up the pretense of “widespread anti-Semitism” that is supposed to be the ‘real’ reason behind any criticism of Israel"

      Well, if you haven't seen Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" or Disney's "The Lion King" you have only yourself to blame. But you are hiding your head in the sand, my friend.

    • "Where did Beck get that from?"

      Oh, I was at the Evergreen State Fair, and there was one of those "Your portrait for $20.00 in 20 minutes" sketch artists...

    • " i have not been moderating that much lately. it seems someone else is on the ball"

      Well, I'm glad they took the load off Annie. A load you took for free. They took the load off Annie, and I'm glad they didn't put the load right on me.
      I couldn't do it.

    • "Assuming, of course, that they can get by Ms. Annie!"

      Gee whillikers, I hadn't thought of that at all, til just now! I'm often so gobsmacked by the stuff I do see in comments, I never even gave a thought to what I might not be seeing, the stuff that didn't even make it through moderation. Maybe some day they will show us some of their all time favorites from the deleted file. There must be some doozies!

    • For this he went to college?

    • Oh, I might detect something about his tone or something that didn't ring true, but there are many others here who would have zeroed right in on his errors of fact.

    • "Just curious, did the troll make it here?"

      And risk a run-in with Mondowiess commenters? Not a chance. He would have been caught out very soon.

  • 'The land of goodness turned upside down to the wasteland in 5 minutes' -- Eyewitness to massacre
  • Entitled ideology supporting 'incineration' of Gaza resonates with Nazi ideology -- Siegman
    • ” but Jew vs gentile everywhere. ”

      Yup, those are just the cudgels I want to take up! I mean, look at the odds! How can we lose?

    • "There is nothing left to discuss."

      Nope, after "Annie Hall" and "The Lion King", what's left to say?

  • My personal BDS
    • "There was no doubt a lot of forced eviction, aggressive and brutal expulsion, which I agree is unforgivable"

      'And so we can dispense with any further mention of that! I said it was "unforgivable" what more do you want? Accountability? Don't be silly'

    • Ah, the omnipotence and omniscience Zionism brings with it. Gosh, it must be great to know everything, and have the right to judge everything. And the sheer joy of seeing the world forced to contort itself to fit your own contexts, rationalizations and pretexts.
      That must be immensely satisfying.

  • Israeli ship heads out of Oakland - again - after five days of extraordinary protest
    • "Some of them sound more like ex-pat Israelis to me."

      Well, gosh, wouldn't you emulate the people you admire? They could pick that up in a much shorter time than it would take to master the modern Hebrew idiot. (darn you, auto-correct)

    • "Enjoy your apartheid while it lasts."

      Is it even "his" apartheid? Most of the militant supporters of Israeli intransigence here seem to be Americans, who can only benefit vicariously (in what possible ways, I shudder to think) from Israel's slaughter in Gaza.

  • Despite ravages of war, Gaza supports armed resistance to lift the siege
  • Anti-occupation activists in New York blast United Jewish Appeal for supporting attacks on Gaza
    • “Your ongoing support for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel render any kind of direct communication, beyond this email, impossible,” said Federations’ Managing Director of Communications Rebecca Dinar in an e-mail to JVP. “If you alter those tactics, accept Israel as a Jewish State and explicitly condemned BDS we would be open to arranging a meeting.”

      They don't see too much difference between JVP and Hamas, do they? Here it comes!

    • Yonah, c'mon, I told you about standing there in a corner muttering with your hands working in your pockets and your eyes darting about wildly. Dude, it makes people really nervous, just sayin...

    • Page: 167
    • "Do they expect the United Jewish Appeal do anything else?"

      Because it says "Jewish" on it? This is the issue they are forcing. They are not going to accuse the UJA of a bunch of stuff, they are forcing the issue to the point where the UJA must say 'Yes, this is what we support, and we have no intention of changing it. Or even talking about it'

    • "Our Jewish media mavens choose not to notice this divide."

      In a little while non-Zionist Judaism will have a presence in America, at least. At that point the 'he-said, she-said' loving media in America will at least have (if I may be so bold) a 'she-said' to go along with the Zionist 'he-said'.

  • 'Absolutely not!' -- Young Colorado Jews meet hostility when they try to talk to organizational leaders
    • It works both ways, I think. It also goes, to some extent, for the American Jews on the other sides of the issue, too. I think it colors their perception of how urgent the situation is, and what the consequences are.

    • Proud Zionist, you are completely wrong! The Jewish Federation of Colorado represents all Colorado Jews who agree with Israel! If Israel decided on "transfer" I'm sure the Zionists of Colorado would agree, and so would the JF.

    • "Perhaps they are interested in taking part in one of the many charitable programs Federation has, programs which benefit Jews and non-Jews alike."

      So what's the ratio, Hophmi? How many meals served or blankets distributed per murdered Palestinian child? What do you think would be fair?
      Or maybe a split, say X% monies for charitable causes and X% for occupation and settlements?

      I await your proposal, Hophmi. I'm sure you can calculate it down to the penny.

    • "Self appointed Jewish leaders appear to have a history of failure but it’s all different now, right ?"

      Things change so much as conditions change in just one or two generations. One of the disturbing perceptions (admittedly highly subjective) I have when I read stuff about the I-P issues (it extends, in some measure, to both sides of the issue) is that American Jews don't do failure anymore. We just don't, not catastrophic failure. It's once again very subjective on my part, but behind the pretexts embroidered with a victimography, there seems to me to be an absolute refusal to consider a possibility of catastrophic Jewish failure. That just doesn't happen anymore.
      I'm not sure how meaningful that observation is.

    • Why, thanks for the compliment Pixel.

    • "Israel is a Jewish catastrophe."

      Certainly not the first, by a long shot, to face the Jewish people, I would think. Perhaps we should look to the past, to other events which led to crisis in the religion, and see how our Jewish leaders, (that is, the panoply of people and organizations which claim that title, or may actually be such) handled them, and what they did for us.

    • "written with a deceptive purpose by a Jewish Harvard graduate in his thirties who was irritated by the website’s discussion of issues involving Israel."

      Or maybe a Jewish Harvard graduate in his late fifties who is just so all-fired handsome and fit people often think he's in his thirties?

    • "You are just there to give an impression of communal support for extremism."

      JVP's actions will go a long way towards making that apparent, even to people who may not want to see it.

  • Salaita’s stellar teaching record exposes political motivation behind his firing
    • "academic freedom of conservative professors who have been disciplined for speech made outside of the classroom"

      I'm sorry, Hophmi, I don't see the links substantiating the abridgement of "academic freedom of conservative professors who have been disciplined for speech made outside of the classroom". Who are these terribly wronged academicians? Please tell us, so we can be outraged along with you at the oppression of "conservative professors"!!

    • "If he is right"

      If JeffB is right? Like that's going to happen! It's a standard Right Wing talking point, and no, it's not true, at all. It's standard everything-is-the-fault-of-civil-rights stuff.
      Gosh, what an odious lot these 'have a glass tea' party Zionists are.

    • Your comment, Gene Shae, is stunning in its level of double-talk and meaninglessness.

    • You're a joke, JeffyB.

  • What's 7 letters and begins with Z and runs in the 'NYT'?
  • Dead American soldier in IDF signed up to fight global jihadists plotting 'Holocaust 2.0'
    • And because of this he decided to join, the freakin IDF?
      Now, that makes perfect sense, get molested as a Jewish child by other Jews who were in a position of trust, and when you grow up, join the IDF.
      What could make more sense?

    • "Have you ever visited any Holocaust sites? Auschwitz-Birkenau?"

      Because if he did, he would experience and overwhelming spiritual crises, and in a blinding flash of reason and inspiration, realize that killing Palestinians is the only thing we can, and the thing we should do for all those who perished at the hands of the Nazis? I mean, how could anybody seeing those places come to any other conclusion?

      But if you want to tell us about the inner wisdom you acquired at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Jackdaw, please feel free. Everybody knows what a sensitive soul you are, and you'll get rapt attention through the entire mishegos.

  • 'Lesson: The Jews will defend themselves even if it means killing children'
    • "doing stand up acts at bachelor parties too."

      Hmmm, I get the feeling from some of the stuff JeffB has said, he's suffering from a case of Oldtimers disease.

    • "Mooser, isn’t it spooky how Zionists just “know” these things?"

      Sometimes I do wonder if they really do know everything, but to question them would probably be antisemitic.

    • “…and most American Jews will agree that they are not fully at home as Jews in America.”

      Yes, and it's a shame. Why if only they had thrown themselves into American life, instead of remaining isolated in religious communities, there's no telling what they might have done. Careers in music, the arts, business administration, finance, medicine, law or politics were all possibilities, but alas, they never felt "at home" enough to do those things.
      In fact, I do believe several groups of Jews sued States for the right to form their own ghettos, and be ruled by Rabbis and intermediaries to the Gentile community. And they lost! Why if that doesn't show you the anti-Semitism in America, I don't know what does.

    • "begins to espy a pattern of miscognition"

      Sean, it doesn't seem likely. I mean how could a JeffB be wrong about anything, when he know so much about everything?

    • Gee, and I thought that was a fictional movie, played for laughs. I had no idea what serious issues it dove down deep to the heart of.

    • Just can't understand how I found a home which isn't a "Jewish State". I mean, that's non-negotiable!

    • “I’m assuming you are Christian”

      Gosh, Zionists know everything, don't they? And wow, the skill he showed by deconstructing Danaa's text, it's word usage, syntax, etc, and quickly determining she is Christian. I mean really, it was so obvious, but we couldn't see it.

    • Shingo, isn't just amazing how American Jews "found a homeland" here? I mean, kicked all over the world, persecuted all over and then, suddenly, there it was, a "new homeland" Just like that! No reason for it, nothing we could learn from it, just sorta happened. so there's absolutely no way we could compare the Jewish American experience with the Zionist Jewish Israeli experience and draw any conclusions, can't be done.

      And everybody knows, as a mere 1 to 2% of the population, with no special protection as people or as a religion, no representatives in the corridors of power, all the Jews that came to America were quickly exterminated and never heard from again.

    • "At what percent of a group’s support or performance of something does it become correct or permissible to say that the group supports or performs it?"

      Guess that sorta depends on whose word you take on the extent and nature of that support. And if you want to believe Lozowick, I can't stop you. You can decide if he is trustworthy.

    • " lost in the verbiage of Lozowick is a barely concealed contempt for the Jews of the world."

      What is so hysterical is how plainly JeffB's response to your comment shows contempt for American Jews . And he freakin' lives here.

    • JeffyB, that was a marvel of stupidity, including the information that you like being snubbed by Israelis.

    • "2) Indecipherable. Something about “the wicked people.”

      You don't remember this one from Hebrew School? Here's a translation:

      "My buddies and me are getting real well known
      Yeah, the bad guys know us and they leave us alone

      I get around
      Get around round round I get around, and etc, etc."

    • "I’d hesitate to make that statement, Mooser"

      I did, since yesterday. I might be wrong, okay, I'm probably wrong, as usual, but I think I remember a quote very similar to the paraphrase.

    • "Oh, I forgot, you were a hostage!"

      Somebody is destined to have another short career here. That was inexcusable.

    • “You can’t have Jews pining for Israel over millennia and then going there, and not have it be the most important development in all those millennia.”

      "Jews pining for Israel over millennia"? Gosh, we live a long time! I thought Methuselah was an exception.

    • Actually, that quote you paraphrased does sound to me like an actual Hitler quote from Mein Kampf, I'm sure somebody will come up with it.

    • Keith, although I may not have expressed it well, I meant to try and express the fact that there are many, many Jews in America over whom Zionism has no hold, and might be eager to have some way to express Judaism in a non-Zionist context.
      I meant that they won't even have to dis-entangle themselves from it.

    • "And, in fact, I am predicting that this crisis in Jewish civilization is going to become much worse before these issues are resolved"

      Look, Sean, if you are going to be so down-in-the-mouth all the time, become a dentist.

    • "That’s why I want to see Mooser start his own branch."

      You're barking up the wrong tree. I'd have to turn over a new leaf.

    • "would a Moog be an acceptable replacement for the Hammond Organ ?"

      Well, not for me, but I'll go with the majority on this. If the highlight of the service is the "Mambo" from Dirty Dancing, I'm cool with it. We'll show them we won't be put in a corner.

    • Thanks, LeaNder.

    • Oh wait, I know what Sean's problem is with the "Jewish religious establishment". Sean, are you seated? Okay, gripping the arms of the chair? Here goes, Sean: Those "eternal lights" in the Temples are really (oh god, I hate to do this) just electric light bulbs, or gas flames. They can be purchased or commissioned from an artist. No transmogrification, or whatever it's called involved.

    • "The worldwide Jewish religious establishment"

      Sean, I've had a bone to pick with those people for quite a while. Could you give me the address of the headquarters so I can write them? How about an e-mail, that'd be a start?

      And don't worry, I'll be sure and mention they have no stauncher supporter than Sean McBride, who has not the slightest doubt of both their existence and their potency.

    • "Is that Hebrew, Mooser"

      It's pure Sammy Cahn.

    • Then again, those NK fellows might be "Jan and Dean" fans. You remember, "She's my little...."? Nah, probably not. Or maybe something from "Flower Drum Song"? "I enjoy being a...." No, don't see it.

    • "disassociate themselves from Zionism, something which is doable."

      I, and thousands, hundreds of thousands of Jews in America, don't need to "disassociate" ourselves with Zionism, we were never associated with it, except by a proxy for which no permission was sought or given, and if we were associated with it, tough noogies, people change.

      As far as I know, the American Jewish community enjoys the full panoply of associational rights inalienable (if not granted, unfortunately) to all Americans, and don't have to answer to Judaism except in their own consciences, for anything they do. If you know different, I'd like to hear about it.
      As far as I know, if a group of Jews (or even not all Jews, who knows?) decide to rent a building, get a Hammond organ, and hold services, nobody will consult with the Jewish Federation before renting or selling them a building. What is the Jewish Federation (or any other of a laundry list of organizations) going to do, sure them for the un-authourised use of the word Jewish and the Star-o-David symbol?
      What can they do, threaten to write us out of the will?

    • How the hell can you wage a "war" on territory you have already conquered and control? There's names for an attack like that, but I'm pretty sure "war" isn't one of them.

    • Elliot, it looks to me, from the article posted this morning on the Denver JF, JVP is forcing the issue!
      And they are getting their answer: "Absolutely not".
      And the "Jewish Federation" owns everything in that building. Except the word "Jewish". That, if nothing else can be taken from them, if anybody wants it.

    • I was being sarcastic. I'm no expert, but I don't think the Jewish religion is a complete stranger to upheavals, major changes in belief and mores.

    • Oh, sorry, but I pictured them singing "Frum, frum frum, til Daddy takes the Torah away" or something. But they probably don't.

    • "As for Mooser’s dream of a non-Zionist Judaism emerging in any significant way — I’ll believe it when I see it. Matters are trending in the opposite direction — especially in Israel."

      Good, thanks for telling me. So if we do the opposite of what they do in Israel, we can't go far wrong.
      Or is their some Jewish authority which Jews must knuckle under to?

      Oh wait, I know why you're such a pessimist. Yes, Citizen, the music will include Chicago blues. Lot's of it.

    • "This isn’t about judaism, it’s about jewishness."

      Both, actually. Both. It's a lot (as the song says) like love and marriage; "♪ you can't have one, you can't have one, can't have one, without the other♫".

    • "I let my membership slip in the Jewish collective, till neocons declared it was militant Zionist, then I paid up and took them on, cuz I disagreed with them."

      That's right! We will never forget that fateful banquet of 1883, at which the food tasted like poison, and the portions were too small!

    • Yup, if there is anything ol JeffyB misses, it's mandate Palestine. Zionism's been his mandate for his whole life, probably. Not, of course, that there is anything wrong with that!

    • "I am dying to see that Powerpoint at Herzliya next year and at the Presbyterian conf thereafter."

      At least they have one, a conference, that is. All we have is Zionism

    • Jeez, I am getting tired of American Jews saying "But Dad, I'm serious!"
      Rent a friggin' building, start a Jewish non-Zionist denomination (but don't sit around singing Beach Boy's songs all day, like NK) and I guar-an-tee, the growth will be explosive!

      Yes, I know, it'll be the first ever division, schism, makeover or intra-tribal conflict in Judaism, ever! In 3000 years, nothing like it has ever happened. In fact Jewish life has been, take it all around, fairly dull and humdrum up til now, just a steady plod upwards into affluence and influence.

    • "Was the Ph.D. in Nazi studies a requirement for getting the job?"

      Maybe not, but the exemption from Godwin's law which came with the Ph.D? Priceless, just priceless.

    • "The collective is what it is; you can either deal with things how they are, or you can project your own values on them."

      Very true, and I'm glad we agree! A non-Zionist, or even anti-Zionist Judaism could emerge at any time now. And sooner rather than later.

      Or are Zionists the only ones who can 'project their own values' on Judaism?

    • "You start by taking off the rose glasses and looking at the world like it is not like you imagined it to be."

      Yeah Betsy, when you've been killed, and are dead, like OlegR is, you'll have the right to complain. What do you know of reality Betsy, you're still alive, and you probably have that rose-colored where-there-is-life-there-is-hope nonsense embroidered on a sampler.
      But OlegR has seen it all, and posthumously tells you to wise up.

  • 'I mourn my Jewish community, which seeks to justify these inexcusable acts'
    • I've been a Gospel fan since I was a kid, "The Mighty Clouds of Joy" are some of my favorites, and I love "The Sensational Nightingales" also Margaret Allison. here's a stunning performance by "The Canton Spirituals": the song "God Loves You"

    • "Mooser, is it really so complicated? They are “Jewish Voices”, they organize “as Jews”, they don’t appeal to gentiles to join them, because these are displays of “Jewish dissent”."

      Guess you will have to convert if you want to get in on all this fun.

    • "the phrasing is not optimum. meaning to combat the loss of those children from being designated jewish."

      Yes, but it means we've been mongrelized! And I thought the blood which flows in my drug-stream was the pure and unalloyed schmaltz, handed down from the Patriarchs with no dilution!

    • You know, that gives me an idea for a very effective ritual, fully in line with the oldest Jewish sacrificial traditions. And unlike so many things Zionists do, it doesn't involve a live goat. or even dead boys.

    • "It will indeed make a joyful noise!"

      There's gonna be a meeting!

    • "The protestors act “as Jews”, not as American citizens."

      No, not exactly. It's pretty much their rights as American citizens, even if they are arrested, which keep some Federation goons from pulling them into a room and beating the tar out of them. Or simply disappearing the leader. And saying "It's a Jewish community matter" But Jews wouldn't? So there's pretty much an interesting mix of as Americans and as Jews.

    • RoHa, The only thing I've ever led is loss.

    • "might want to throw in some Arab hip-hop if you’re drawing from Detroit….."

      Absolutely. But believe me, I'm not going to worry about it too much. If there is one thing the new denomination will have in abundance it will be musical talent and competence. I have no doubt of that.

    • "Strawman alert!"

      Don't worry, there plenty of matches.

    • "It often seems to me that those who profess to be ‘cultural Jews’ are very often the ones who are rational on some many core values and issues but when it comes to discourse on this conflict, they become wrapped up in their Jewish identity and cling to their sense of both ‘jewishness’ and victimhood and sadly lose sight of both rationality and a common humanity…."

      As I know it, for what my opinion is worth, it's mostly pretext and pretension. When those self-serving attitudes are no longer fashionable, accepted or uh, useful they will drop 'em like a stone.

    • Detroit, I would think, might be a perfect place to draw musical talent and inspiration from for the new denomination. I see it as a melding of Gospel music and traditional Jewish liturgical music.

    • "@ Mooser You sound as if Judaism without zionism would have to be established and built or made up from the ground up again. Judaism is thousands of years old."

      I sounded that way because I was hoping somebody braver than I would point out that there has been a non-Zionist Judaism, there all the time, and Zionist Judaism is the aberration. And I thank you for doing it, AbigailOK ,very much.

    • "In his book “Genesis,” John Judis writes about Asher Ginsberg’s cultural Zionism"

      He was looking for investors in a chain of bagel-bakeries.

    • "@Mooser — from your mouth to God’s ear!"

      Wait a minute, it's God? And not Goddess? So all the nibbling and little endearments probably aren't helping, huh?

      Fifth paragraph from top

    • Only a matter of time, and not a whole lot of time, before somebody, maybe one of the people in the pictures with this thread, maybe not, decides that non-Zionist Judaism needs a tangible presence in the American religious landscape, and that it is possible to provide it.
      Has anybody completely figured out exactly what this non-Zionist Judaism will consist of? Probably not. But then I don't remember a lot of discussion about how Zionist Judaism was going to work and what its consequences would be, and to what lengths the religion should be involved with the project.

    • I accept! The first thing I will do, after getting 5 million dollars for research and development, is fly to Israel, and keep right on going. So long suckers!

  • Revenge devoid of purpose: Punitive demolitions of Palestinian homes
    • "The older ringleader, who is presenting an insanity defense..."

      'Your Honor, people of the jury, the defense intends to show the accused was in the throes of an acute Ziocaine Syndrome event which diminished his capacity...'

  • More Orientalist insinuations in the New York Times
    • I got no problem separating the boys from the gulls.

    • "You’re telling me Rabbinic Judaism existed at that time?"

      Judaism has had several make-overs. What's wrong with that? Changing time and conditions, changing religion. Happens to all of 'em.

    • "Now who is here for the stoning?"

      You know me, I always think we should leave no turn unstoned.

    • lysias, one step at a time, one step at a time. First the breakaway sect (which later becomes a majority) of non-Zionist Jews, and then later, the union with Islam and a religion which is a synthesis of the two. But you just can't expect everybody to go all that way in one jump. Might take a couple of years.

    • "Most Jews never use the term Yahweh in public or private to refer to God, they use the word, “Hashem” which means “the name”, because the unpronounceable name of God is never used."

      Oh, tell it to the Gentiles, Yonah. I've heard some oaths so bloodcurdling you could say they were taking the Lord's name in vein. And on Shabbos too! We swear just like anybody else.

  • Lobbyist tells Eliot Engel he has 'the blood of hundreds of Palestinian children on his hands'
  • Rob Reiner wants to pick Palestinians' leaders for them
    • "You want to flood Israel with an alien and hostile people."

      Yeah, they came flooding in from a place called Palestine. It was a short trip.`

    • "But according to JeffB, Israel gives “Jews” “dignity.” Tell me how, JeffB."

      I don't know Marnie. It sure seems to me like JeffB thinks Israel means he swings a big dignity.

  • Witnessing Gaza
    • "The right of people living in a territory to form a government for that territory which sets and enforces the laws for that territory."

      Shorter JeffyB: "If I have anything to do with it, from behind my keyboard in America, Israelis will fight to the last man to keep what they have stolen. And I will hold their coats!"

    • "Nonetheless, it’s important to recognize that for most of its history, the ancient Jewish community operated rather similar to modern Zionism, in that it was dedicated to a state for one religion and nationality."

      Ah, so that's what the ghettos and the segregation, and the sumptuary laws, and the restricted professions were all about? Not to mention the pogroms and genocide? It was just the "Jewish community operated rather similar to modern Zionism in that it was dedicated to a state for one religion and nationality"?
      Are you daft? And no, I don't give a husky f--k what the Bible says about the "ancient" Jews.

    • "Right – Jews have no ethical traditions now. And you wonder, Marc, why people consider anti-Zionism an antisemitic movement."

      Hophmi, you're never satisfied, are you? Now here's Mr. Ellis taking Israel as the exemplar and standard for Jewish ethics and you're not pleased? What more do you want?

    • Zionism fails, and everybody wants to take it out on poor old Judaism.
      That would suit Zionists nicely.

    • I know what an anti-Semite is! An anti-Semite believes Jews are fundamentally different, intrinsically, essentially different from other human beings, and cannot live on terms of equality and tolerance with other humans.
      I know who the biggest proponent of that view has been in my lifetime.

  • UPDATED: Bay Area demonstrators succeed for **fourth** day in 'Blocking the Boat for Gaza'
    • " clandestine immigration"

      That little euphemism covers a multitude of sins.

    • "You’re advocating terrorism with a statement like this."

      Do you need the number for Homeland Security, Hophmi? Or do you have them on speed-dial? And did anybody ever tell you the story of the little boy who cried Wolfowitz?
      Another scratch-and-snitch Zionist, this Hophmi.

  • Hillary Clinton's 11th-hour diplomacy
    • "She is only 67 but appears already to have what Australians call “a roo loose in the top paddock”

      Welcome to what modren medicine has given the US, a senile dementocracy. Unfortunately, the only efficacious preventative known is to keep the brain well emolliented, with THC since adolescence, so it may be too late for a reversal in most cases.

    • Okay, maybe it isn't Bill's philandering, and the public humiliation she suffered. But whatever it is, I have the distinct feeling that Hilary has it in for us.

    • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Hilary has it in for the entire US.

  • 'Bombing the Dead' -- Max Blumenthal in Gaza
    • "What is the Yiddish for WTF ?"

      O gosh, so many things are Yiddish for "WTF" There's a bunch.

    • "If the Star of David were a commercial symbol there’d be lawyers suing the asses off those soldiers. But it isn’t so the brand value goes down the toilet."

      I've been looking at this comment for a while, and it is making my head spin, and I find myself making inarticulate gasping noises, and starting and erasing multiple replies. Some of them were in all caps, too.

    • "These acts of vandalism speak for themselves.
      Slanted, pro-Hamas agitprop should not be condoned."

      So what you are saying, carrion bird who isn't kosher (I looked it up!) is that the Gazans did it to themselves, but you aren't brave enough to say so directly? So you're using doubletalk?

      Gosh, you must bring in new Zionists by the dozens. I can't imagine any young Jewish person reading your comments and not saying "I want to be just like him, Mamila. He's such a macher!"

  • Video: Gaza forces young Jew to overcome 'giant hostile ferocious backlash' of her community
    • "Ok — now I think I fully get your attitude towards Judaism — and it’s laudable."

      Sean, have I ever claimed my attitudes toward Judaism are anything but laughable? But I'm glad you find them laughable, too.

    • eGaurd, see the "about" page.

    • "Israel doesn’t need you. Not your body, not your soul, not your mind."

      "But for God's sake" says Jackdaw "Tell your Gentile neighbors we are counting on them, and Praise the Lord and send us ammunition!"

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