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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there.

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  • What Max Blumenthal saw in Gaza
    • "Maybe you guys can help explain what “real” Judaism/Jewish culture is. I’m sure you secular types are experts on Judaism and Jewish culture."

      LISTEN FOOL: Max and Phil aren't the ones giving out identity cards with "Jewish" on them. That's Israel. They think they know in Israel what a Jew is, go ask them.

      Eli, you are another one who paints himself into a corner by filling his brush from the Porta-Potty.

  • Jewish students, faculty and staff at the University of Illinois continue to stand in solidarity with Steven Salaita
    • "If you are Jewish and you with to add to the voices of the Jewish students"

      What if you are one of those (as the great Graham Kerr once noted, in relation to crab gender preference) "who just don't know?"
      Wouldn't be a lot easier, and wouldn't the integrity of the letter be better assured, if somebody could examine me, tell me if I am Jewish or not, and I'll know whether I can, in good conscience, sign the letter?
      I mean, I want to sign, but I'm not sure it would be right. But if somebody who knows can assure me I'm Jewish (a certificate to that effect, signed and notarized, would be nice, too) I'll put my ol' John Hancockowitz on the letter right away.

  • Goldberg tries to police view that Israel's actions fuel anti-Semitism
    • "This is not a poke or an argument, just a sad observation."

      That's quite a little Catch 18 the Zionists set up for the rest of the Jewish world, and naturally we fell for it.

  • Homegrown jihadis and the limits of the Israel lobby
    • I never know any more what "koolaid" people are talking about. Is it the Ken Kesey electric-acid-koolaid-test koolaid, or the Jim Jones cyanide-laced koolaid? I mean, not that I want to take acid any more, taken plenty, but it's a big difference.

  • Naive? At a Jewish spiritual retreat center, I insist on talking about Gaza
    • "All in the name of defending injustice and immorality simply because it happens to be Jewish injustice and immorality."

      It's "Jewish injustice and immorality"? Gosh, I didn't know we had our own special type of "injustice and immorality". Just so I know, what's "Jewish" about it. I've heard of "homemade sin"
      but 'this is new'!

    • W Jones, you are a man who has an almost prehensile grasp of language. Almost.

    • " I was manifesting “blood madness”?? "

      Any commentor's archive can be accessed simply by clicking the name above a comment.

    • "German is a great language if you need to construct a word"

      It's even got a word for the Rabbi's husband. Go ahead, just look at the "shitshow" picture of the pair and tell me it doesn't.

    • "Aristocracy that lacks grace, elegance, courtesy, and that has no sense of the duties and obligations of nobility."

      RoHa, are you sitting down? Good, wouldn't want to cause a major cergral plotz.
      Okay, here goes: Aristocracies don't actually have those qualities, they can just afford to have those things written or said about them. I know, shocked the hell out of me when I found out, too.

    • You know what might, just might throw a monkey-wrench into Zionism? Well, a vociferous denial of Jewish polity, of a Jewish political peoplehood might help, if it came from enough Jews.

      We should all get together, as a people, and do that!

    • "In Buddhism it is taught that the core or essence of any emotion (like anger) is the desire to be happy and free from suffering , which is loving kindness and compassion."

      As the great Bhudda hisself expressed it: "Leave no turn unstoned!"

    • "Whether you agree with Christian theology or not, in its philosophical system it was able to bring out some of those peaceful, merciful ideas that are latent in Judaism. This is why Marc Ellis’ Liberation Theology originates in Christian Liberation Theology. "

      Oh, don't wait, you must e-mail Mr. Ellis, and make sure he knows his ideas are "derived" from Christian liberation theology. That's news he can't do without!-

    • But don't you dare say it ain't got no culture!

    • "If I were Jewish, ( since I’m not cant say for certain)"

      Okay American, what do you mean "I am not Jewish"? I realize you may not follow the Jewish religion (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) but aqpart from that, why aren't you Jewish? What is the difference between you and a Jew?

      Well, American, until you can tell me what that difference is, I will consider you to be Jewish. If you don't want to face up to it, that's your problem.

    • " It seems to me that there is no direct belief or tradition that Palestine’s land in particular must be Christian."

      That's nice. The Palestinians deserve a break. Who needs two religions on their back?

    • "By the way, i am not trying to make Christian society sound wonderful "

      You are not, don't worry. Not by a long shot.

    • "God’s words in the Bible come through prophecy, so they require revelation of their meaning by the prophets and/or God’s spirit."

      And then, of course, it's turtles, all the way down.

    • "They (Israeli culture) have no special standing or authority or “authenticity”, "

      Oh, Israeli culture has a very special standing and authenticity with me. It just gets right in amongst me.

    • Make no mistake, if, and when, Zionism becomes convinced that violence will be an effective tool to use against activists in America, they will have no trouble producing appropriately skilled and experienced people, or, if needed, a multitude of 'lone nuts'.

    • Gene, when your book "How to make the case for Israel, and win friends and influence people" comes out, can I get a signed copy?

      I'll trade it for a copy of the latest Schlomo Sand.

    • "But given what the current understanding of the religion, nationality, and culture is, is this a conflict or longterm struggle that is impractical difficult to “solve”, even if the international community imposed an equal, shared solution?"

      Shorter W Jones, and yeah, it worries me to: If outside powers impose some kind of egalitarian or democratic solution on Palestine, will the Zionists resort to underground terror operations to insure their dominance? A virtual underground government run by violence and intimidation, manned by an trained IDF vets and united by bitterness and ideology? With a network of civilian resources (espionage, medical financial) .
      Would that be a fair way to put it? Well all I can say is, you usually go out how you come in.

    • "Is the Israeli religio-nationalist struggle for the “Holy Land” practically neverending? That’s part of the “conventional wisdom” about it."

      No, it's just a phase we are going through. Remember, Europe had the Crusades? They were fixated as hell on the Holy Land for years, and then they forgot all about it, for the most part.
      Same thing. It's just a fad, a passing fancy. It's a way to fleece the peasants, too.

      For God's freakin' sake, W Jones, this "neverending" struggle for the Holy Land was conjured up during the 19th Century, a terrible time for a lot of Jews in Europe, naturally, a new interpretation of Jewish history and religion which offered the hope of getting the hell out of there would be attractive. In the 20th, the Zionists basically hitched their wagon to the Empires, and made advantage from Jewish suffering.

    • "Personally, I liked the Edit buttons better"

      So did I, a lot. They give me a chance to clean up any premature,,,uh, expostulations.

    • "That’s OK, but you should do a better job explaining the lessons of universal morality"

      Well, see, that gets a little difficult when almost everything people see of know about the Holocaust emphasizes the exclusivity of Jewish suffering, with little context. Think about the major films (Night and Fog, Shoah, Schindlers List). Makes conclusions of universal morality a little difficult.

    • "Israeli culture has both shallow and profound aspects"

      And Israeli culture is Jewish culture? Is that what you are saying Schmuel? I sure as hell hope not. If Israel is Jewish culture, what have Jews all over the world been indulging in for a couple of thousand years, an inferior "diaspora" culture.

      Yes, you can contend that Israel has a culture, and so did South Africa, and so did Germany, in the thirties. And if you want to call what they do in Israel "Jewish culture" go ahead.

    • “reincarnating the Nazi spirit into the Arab body”

      As far as I know, only the Zionists, and a few unreconstructed anti-Semites still believe their is an essential Jewish quality of people hood, or an essential Jewish component to individuals. You know the old saying, Schmuel: If it walks and Goebbels like a turkey, it probably is.

    • I'm still waiting for somebody, Zionist, or anti-Zionist, go give me the reasons those calling themselves "Jews" form a polity? A religion, sure, there's a Jewish religion, in many forms, too. But a Jewish polity, a Jewish people-hood? Of what does it consist?

    • " Surely it will have good effects in the fullness of time."

      Is a "fullness of time" something like a "Friedman unit"? Or is it more like a "light-year"?

      How the hell can you talk about a "fullness of time" when, if I am not mistaken, the UN says that conditions in Gaza are verging on extinctual? Just asking, of course, don't want to disturb the sanctimony.

    • "If I was at this retreat, lynne would have been in tears."

      Oy Gevalt listen to the big yeshiva scholar! Such pilpull he would have pulled on her! He's a mayven!

      Why don't you tell us what you said to the liberals at that dinner party, Gene?

    • " I like Judaism a lot – in fact more than most other religions, and I know that its true, hidden meaning is universalism and equality."

      Are you saying, W Jones, that Judaism is not honest, that it conceals its real meanings and motivations? But let it pass, let it pass.
      I can't tell you how relieved and happy I am that you like Judaism. I was afraid to ask, you see, afraid of what a man who has experienced true Grace might say. But you like us, you really, really, like us! Gosh, Thanks, and if you ever find a short pier leading to a beautiful,deep, cold lake, take a long walk!

    • The heck with all that, even tho it's all true, and well said. Why not just ask them to describe a Jew? You know what it will come down to, when you strip away all the bullshit and/or anti-Semitism? A Jew is a person who considers themselves a Jew. End of story. And for that you get a country, taken from others? Not good.
      But thanks to good old Israel, we have lost that privilege, haven't we? Cause now a "Jew" is a person that has an Israeli identity card which says "Jewish".

      They can kick the rest of us out any time they feel like it, and how do you plan to stop them? Isn't Israel the representative of the Jews, the Jewish State?

    • "Not only have they ruined and destroyed innocent people and their livelihood, they have apparently also destroyed their own consciences and rational capacities."

      I had a dog, once, and his was "Bingo" B-I-N-G-O!!

    • America, the Goldenah Medina! A country where any man, of any religion, can work hard, live right, and be successful enough to raise his kids intellectually in the 19th Century. Well, except they probably put a higher value on literacy. What a country!

    • "they are typical American Jews who..."

      Any of you folks run into the children of affluent, born-again style ( "Evangelical"?) American Christians who have been home-schooled, and/or finished at one of the "Christian" colleges?

      They're about the same. Believe me, Jews are very well-assimilated in America, and do everything their non-Jewish neighbors do. As long as they can afford it, and they can.

      Of course, the Christians only talk about having a "Christian nation" and it mostly produces real-estate scams and child abuse, so they admire the heck out of a group that can go out and get the job done! They looooove Zionism.

    • "What’s a Zio-Supremist?"

      Well, it is becoming what good old PG Wodehouse used to call "a hissing and a by-word".

    • For Gawd's friggin' sake, RoHa, don't you recognize the signs? They think they are an aristocracy.
      An aristocracy deposed from its rightful place, and owed by the world for its sins against them.

      I'm no mayven no Dr. Spock, but I can't help wondering if that is a healthy kind of perspective to instill in your kids. But whatever.

    • Oh, sorry Gene. Didn't give your vita a full herring, whoops, I mean hearing:

      He also runs a business and raises a family. Coming here to comment is the only time he leaves his little girls behind.

    • "I see. You are free to provide your credentials."

      Of course, Gene has the ultimate credential, which makes him judge, jury and executioner, and, come to think of it, excommunicater, too.

      He has a degree, in Zionism!

    • "However, this annoying, pushy woman overstepped her boundaries...."

      Why you could even call her "a typical Jew"! They have no manners, no class, those Jews, huh Gene?

      Scratch a Zionist, find an anti-Semite. It never fails. But ye Gods! "Pushy"? I can tell you have been exposed to a lot of anti-Semitism, Gene. (Hey, can we call you "Jewish Gene" from now on, or would that be "pushy" and (ROTFLMSJAO) "overstepping the boundaries"?

  • The rabbi at the shitshow
    • Annie, Yonah also may not understand that "Jewish suburbs" is a very, very informal term. They're not like settlements, Yonah, completely different thing.

    • "can you at least leave some reference what you’re talking about."

      Annie, can't a guy like Yonah stand in a corner and mutter without being subject to some kind of logical analysis? It's not a comment that submits to analysis. It's a sort of steam-of-consciousness, surrealist monologue. You just gotta go with it. It just creates a montage, you know.

    • "Seefoid, how does Jewish smugness differ from other forms?"

      Gene you should be able to tell us that, after all, you are the one who is so concerned with making sure Jewish smugness isn't contaminated with any other type.

    • Just charles keating, I have never, nor will I ever, take a "cheep shot". It's poor sportsmanship to shoot a bird sitting on a nest, directing fire towards the sounds the little birdies make.

      A disgusting allegation I will not deign to rebut with a retort.

    • "Compared to me, you are a nobody"

      Yeah, I ain't got none of that 2500 year-old Patriarch blood in my veins, like you Gene.
      I'm just human dust from Eastern Europe somewhere, who knows.
      Maybe my forebears were forcibly converted by your Ten-Tribes authentic warrior Jewish ancestors.
      You think maybe a DNA test might settle it?

    • Well, we are always going to be stuck right here, if anti-Zionists get their conception of Judaism and Jewishness by swallowing what Zionists and Zionist Jews say about themselves.
      I give up.

    • "No, but she knows how to call-out violence."

      Does anybody have any unthreshed grain? Gene will take care of it for you, and you'll be grinding flour before you know it. The man can flail!

    • Or as the great Leadbelly said: "You ain't got no mammy now"

    • "Ok. Then Israel has not lost it."

      Hey, Gene, I got a good joke for you.
      What do you call a Jew who rejects the idea of a Jewish political or ideological peoplehood?

    • "Well, there’s no Jewish pope..."

      You know, now that I think about it, I sorta wish there was, in a way, I could use some indulgences.

    • "All my life I was taught that the beauty of Judaism is that it’s vibrant, open to debating many different opinions."

      Oh, that very well may be true about Judaism, but an theological knowledge of a religion is not the same thing as knowing people. Do you know any Jews? You really should get to know some, they are just like other people.

      Oh, you live in Israel? Then why are you bullshitting me?

    • "Their feared full assimilation even in the political national sense would threaten their rule or break up the tribe."

      That's a big problem for Judaism now. The Zionists are right about this. There are too many Jews, way too many ordinary Jews, living in the world, and unable to commit themselves fully.
      The answer of course, as is obvious from the course they are taking, is to eliminate all those unpredictable, unreliable Jewish followers, and have a religion entirely composed of leaders.

    • "Too bad this Rabbi can not deal with facts on the ground"

      Oh, you can hear it in between the grinding of her teeth: 'Until that goddam Phil Weiss poked his nose (I'm sure she would forgo characterizing his respiratory appurtenance ) into things, I could play both sides of the fence, every side of the fence. Then he started quoting my public utterances, that no-good-nik! Where's the tribal unity?'

    • Holy Crap, this is insane. Will anybody, anybody, find me one, just one example of Jews (outside of the ultimate ghetto, Israel) where Jews have, once emancipated elected to stay in an insular, self-administered closed-off society?

    • "The mask will be removed and everyone will see what has become of organised Judaism."

      Remember Brant Rosen? Remember how nobody would tell us (until some commentors here went looking) whether "Reconstructive Judaism" generally or JRC in particular, was Zionist?

      Why we have to go through this charade, all this palaver before they finally say "We're Zionist, and if you don't like it, leave and don't come back, especially if you expect us to do anything", but I guess it must be necessary.

    • My own choice was, of course, "Sue".

    • My first name is "Derbig". Is it any wonder I don't use it? "Derbig Mooser"?
      There is, as PG Wodehouse once noted, "some nasty work done at the font" isn't there? What were they thinking?

    • Wait a minute, it just hit me! There's no way to measure, to quantify, the severity of a Ziocaine Syndrome episode. But thanks to Louise Mensch a unit of measurement has come forward to do the job! From now on, Ziocaine Syndrome attacks will be measured in Herzls-per-second.

    • " Israel needs a mom who can take over and bring the kid to a medical facility where it may have to spend the next decade "

      'Mommy will drive you to the clinic as soon as she fixes, dear. You know I can't drive until I've had my wake-up. (and put on my make-up) Put some vodka in the baby's bottle, will ya'? '

    • “To the wicked, everything serves as pretext.”

      You know, I used to use that line on my wife, accentuating it with several effective eye-rolls toward the bedroom. She, of course replied, "In that case, 'there's no piece for the wicked'!"

      I should never have taught that woman to talk.

    • When is somebody going to unpack the "Jewish community" portmanteau. A "Jewish community" in a society which has legal anti-Semitic discrimination is a completely different thing than a "Jewish community" is an a democratic society.
      For people to somehow equate the voluntary association of like-minded people with the forced segregation of the ghetto is unconscionable.
      Zionists do it constantly.

    • Well, if Ms. LeShaw gets fired, I know where there's an opening for a civil person in an respected Native-American Studies program.

    • Eli is full of it. Jews lived in ghettoes because they were forced to. As soon as Jews were emancipated, they got out. The only voluntarily formed ghetto in Jewish history is Israel.

    • "I wish Rabbi Leshaw could get over the “assholes and douchebags” stage and have a real conversation about all of this."

      After all, it might be just an adolescent stage LeShaw is going through? Of course, I guess it's not possible for a Rabbi to be a hypocrite and a very shallow person?

    • And I thought I could crack an absurd joke once in a while. But compared to Gene Shae, I'm Jacob Adler.

    • "Well, there’s no Jewish pope, and isn’t every rabbi merely credentialed as a “teacher”?"

      Thank you , Citizen.

    • But Rabbi, I only have one question....


  • Gaza and the American awakening
    • " For most American Jews, their identity has become so intertwined with Israel that it’s going to take a major shock to change things"

      It seems like it will have to be some kind of personal shock, if not even Protective Edge can disturb their equanimity.

    • "American awakening, or a liberal Jewish awakening?"

      Shhh. Go back to sleep.

  • Hamas is just as bad as ISIS and worse than Boko Haram -- Israeli government propaganda
    • RoHa, look, there's nothing funny about Israel, but there is still a lot of humor to be squeezed out of the way Zionism has turned us into an embittered, entitled aristocracy. From "human dust" to "Ahkenazi +15IQ" in one-and-a-half generations.

      And the saddest part is that it is looking like even Israel-critical or anti-Zionist folks use the Zionist conception of "the Jews" as a starting-point for thinking about it.
      I suppose I could drive if I had a fun-house mirror for a rear-view. But replacing the windshield with carnival surplus is not a good idea. I'm gonna go put on my Jewish jeans.

    • Israeli propaganda? Just a whiter shade of fail.

  • Israeli Supreme Court upholds law allowing housing discrimination against Palestinians
    • "They always end up legitimizing Antisemitism and even Nazism in the long run."

      Yeah, see, that's because we have a deep-seated and almost unshakeable fear of persecution.
      That's why it's very, very important to Zionist Jews that inequalities or bigotries worth killing over are preserved and even enhanced.

      Oh, wait, did I get that right?

    • And anyplace I hang my head is home.

    • Why don't we cut all the crap about "ethnic/genetic" identity? A "Jew" (in Israel) is somebody who has a "Jewish" identity card. They are given by Israel.

      Can anybody find me any other consistent characteristic? All Jewish religion? Nope. All same language, customs? Nope. As far as "genetics" don't make me laugh. Must have Jewish Mother? Nope, not really.
      So what is it? A freakin' fraud is what it is.

    • "willing to agree that israel shall have secure borders"

      "Secure borders"? Where? What "borders" (I do, of course see some "boarders") So Gene, are Israeli 'borders' like that oven I see advertized on TV? Did they "set 'em and forget 'em"?

    • Oh my Gawwd, now Gene Shaes is starting the "muttering in the corner" schtick!!!

      I gotta say, to be fair, that as far as the craziness-and-fail-per-word count, that one from Gene is a topper!

      Spanish olives! Greek chick-peas! Mmmmmm....

    • "But the Jew has rights the non-Jew lacks"


      Please tell me how you would tell them apart without the card?

    • "Yes, that is the common Zionist contention, but in any case, the “Jewish People” is defined primarily in ethnic/genetic terms,"


      Should be fairly simple, since these ethnic/genetic" characteristics can identify a Jew anywhere, so what are they? Please, I'm all ears.

      No, not what other people think the Jews "ethnic/genetic" are (that's called "anti-Semitism, you see) but what they actually are. You are the one who says we've got 'em, so please, tell me what they are?

    • Gee, I must be a very lucky Mooser. Wherever there are people, I am among "my own kin"

    • RoHa, when you have the 2500 year-old blood of the Patriarchs in your vains, and a crazy old lady who 'embroidners' all your genes, you can't help being a bit imperious. j

    • Dickerson, it might not do any good with Gene, but I thank you, and heartily, for the exact right answer.

    • "I don’t class settlers as jews, they are deluded members of a mob that has no respect for property rights."

      Wow, dig deep enough in anybody who calls them selves "Jewish" and it's amazing what you find.

  • Senator Warren's progressive supporters demand accountability for her rightwing pro-Israel positioning
    • And I keep on telling you the Zionists are blasting Warren for being insufficiently zealous on Israel. Link above.

    • Thanks, Dickerson! You have discovered my doggie's Native American name! Henceforth, and from now on, she shall be known as "This-dog-eats".
      Makes me want to listen to some Lolly and Cholly Vegas.

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