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  • One rocket from Gaza outweighs 6 Israeli incursions and 67 attacks
    • "For me that is stunning."

      And still, cast about as we might in any direction, we can find no explanation for it? It defies logic, but there it is. For no possible reason anybody can even glimpse, Zionism seems to be a subject which cannot be talked about truthfully, or like any other issue.
      Well, I'll never know why. Mr. Krauss, you got any ideas?
      Probably just one of those lucky breaks you get every once in a while. After all, who could say we weren't due for one?

  • Forgiving the anti-Semites
    • "Bill Gates (all WASP)"

      For those not aquainted with the acronym, Hophmi is referring to Gates' Northwest origin. "WASP" stands for WAshington State Product. Like we're all lumberjacks or something up here. It's insulting.

    • " I am not one to accuse anti-Zionist Jews of being self-hating very often but PW is certainly pushing the envelope if it hasn’t already burst."

      Go ahead "dabakr" call as many people as you want, "self-hating". Make up a list, if it hasn't already been done. What are you gonna do, pal, send the sicarii after them?

      After all, "dabakr" the more self-haters and mosers you get rid of, the more Israel for you!

    • "No comment."

      Gee, you've made my Pesach, Yonah. Now I know how the ancient Israelites felt, when (In the immortal words of the song "Mary Don't You Weep") "Pharoah's Army, got drowned, in the Red Sea"! Like I've been saved, delivered, from a bad fate.

    • This is the second year I did not have any urge to go to a seder of any kind.

      That's all right, Danaa, I never drank slivovich again since that long-ago Pesach.

    • "It’s neither. I’m here for the comedy."

      Oh I see, all that "self-hatred" stuff and "internalized persecution" stuff is just a joke! Hah, hah, very funny. You're (ha-ha) quite a piece of work.

    • "suddenly you’re getting off."

      Well, probation, anyway.

    • " It’s not necessarily a geopolitical strategy."

      Which is one of the things Judaism has proven best at! All those Nobels and hi-tech, financial acumen, religious development, well that ain't nothin, that was just a sideshow! It's our "geopolitical strategy" which will show the world what we are made of!

      And don't forget, world, there's enough of us to fill three, maybe four fair sized cities! All, each and every one, united by unshakable bonds of, uh mishegos, the strongest unifying political force in the world! Watch out, cause Jews is bustin' out all over!

    • "do you really think your superficial use of the most bastardized of yiddish words lends your comments credibility? "

      I don't know how I can be any clearer. Hophmi and Phil seem to exist in a higher, more rarefied state I am not privy to.

    • "They just have to be kosher for Pesach.”

      Hophmi, you just cleared up a little mystery in my life. Like any normal kid a year or two past Bar Mitvah in '66 or '67, I was alchohol-curious. And the Passover ritual, as I'm sure you know involves obligatory glasses of wine. So I understood why the adults at the Seder were loosened up enough to say: "Oh, if he's so curious, let him drink as much as he wants!" That I understood. But I never before understood why they gave me an ornate decanter of old, (possibly home-brewed) slivovich to do it with. You may have supplied the answer.
      Anyway, it answered my questions about alcohol, I can still see the lobby of that apartment bldg spinning around me. We will draw a discreet curtain over the ride home. But I I felt like I was headed for a syosset until we got there.

    • "Maybe Phil needs to tell it to his therapist, instead of putting it out there for the bigots of the world to pick over."

      You are so right, Hophmi. A therapist is sworn to confidentiality. It would be just between Phil and the therapist, and nobody else will ever know.
      It's that inscrutability we've got, that ability to cloak our actions in a veil of obscurity,and silence, not pierced by ordinary eyes. (Wait, is that us or is that somebody else? ) If Phil didn't rat us out, nobody would ever know. Except Phil's therapist. And he knows better than to reveal Phil's complaint.

    • "about Jews being unforgiving, unlike their Christian brethren and their turn-the-other-cheek Jesus [see “The Merchant of Venice”]),"

      Gosh, the way I read the play, "Shylock" is the only person who acts with the least amount of humanity or nobility in the play.
      But of course, everybody knows Shakespeare plays only operate on one, very obvious level, and of course, that there's only one authorized version of any Shakespeare play.

      But that's all right, Hophmi, squelch away if you want to.

    • "Be realistic your garage is not half the house."

      What can I say, "gamal". It was like dividing up a gold mine.

    • " I am a newborn kitten compared to 99% of the people here."

      You tell 'em, Hophmi! You know what's wrong with the all the poughkeepsies, around here? Those, those, syossets (not sure the moderator will pass an insult like that!) are ignorant. They obviously don't know the difference betwixt and between an ad hominy and a good sound psychiatric diagnosis, one backed up with "easily accessible sociological data".

    • "Alcoholic beverages aren’t forbidden on Pesach. They just have to be kosher for Pesach."

      Hey, does it really matter if there's no booze at Passover? After all the holiday is more about the bit of herb, or so I've heard.

    • "Come on Mooser, that was overnight mail, probably 10 bucks. And Id already proposed!"

      We had to go the more unconventional route. First dating, then marriage. I must say holy-head, darn, I mean wed-lock really reduces postage, I just pin the letter to the door to her half of the house.

    • "Mooser, I don’t know what makes people crazy,"

      In that case, what the hell would be so wrong with some common bi-hazard protections like safety glasses or air-fed hood? What about brain parasites? They might enter through any orifice of a gentleman!

    • "I reflected that after I started dating my wife 25 years ago I was in Minnesota and I’d fedex my letters to her."

      That's the way to do it, too, Phil. No use rushing things.

    • "Insight? What insight do I need? He’s laying it out there."

      Exactly! I know what you mean, Hophmi. It's exactly like the time that sex-obsessed psychiatrist showed me all those pornographic ink-blots! Every one he made was dirtier than the last! The things the people (and, well, animals, too!) were doing in those inkblots! I kept on asking him to stop making them so awful, but he wouldn't! He was one twisted shrink, I tell you!

    • "Damn, that was funny! :-D

      But Dad, I'm serious!

      I've internalized a lot of prosecution myself, you know. Even got off once or twice!

    • "This is vile, vile stuff. Maybe Phil needs to tell it to his therapist, instead of putting it out there for the bigots of the world to pick over."

      But Hophmi (gosh, I have to say that a lot) what happened to the you-and-Phil "gentleman axis? I'd be very disappointed if that was just a piece of fucking presumption you used to try and beat Annie, the Moderator with. Something like that could cause me to draw disparaging conclusions about your character. I wouldn't want that to happen.

    • "Mooser, I don’t know what makes people crazy, but I know that when they post these pieces ruminating about how some small Jewish businessowner cheated the record company by breaking records,"

      Oh Hophmi, that record-breaking anecdote is nothing. Have you heard any of the music Phillip Glass has composed?

    • "Yes, it’s an open bar where, instead of drinks, they give you matzah and herring. Superlative."

      Hophmi, your sarcasm is perfectly appropriate! Everybody knows consumption of alchholic beverages, unleavened or not, is strictly forbidden over Pesach.

    • I knew I should have included the full Yiddish text of "Don't Go Near The Water"! Now Hophmi's got one up on me. It's on this "Mudcat" thread:

      link to

      Much interesting history about the song, too.

    • "I just don’t even know what to say when people are this obtuse."

      Really? Cat got your tongue sandwich? Seems to me you are saying plenty!

    • "Uh-huh. I’m not doing PR here"

      Huh? Who said that Hophmi? Who? Show me the man, let him show his face! And I will tell him, right to his schnozz: "You listen to me buster, Hophmi doesn't do "PR"! It's OUTREACH!!!"

    • "Yes, Marc, people, particularly in the orthodox community, who have means often go away for Passover, particularly if they have a lot of children, because changing over the house and cooking is a lot of work. "

      And, as Hophmi knows, that description ("the orthodox community, who have means often go away for Passover, particularly if they have a lot of children,") covers, oh, say 90 to 98.4% of the Jewish community.

      Or maybe they are the only ones who count?

    • "I don’t know what Phil was subjected to;"

      Many apologies, Hophmi. I thought you two knew each other. I mean, considering the insight you have into his fucking soul.

    • "I think he’s read a lot about Jewish persecution"

      Holey Mole' (yummmmm) you can catch the self-hatred from reading? Maybe if he wore some kind of safety glasses, or an air-fed hood while he read, it would help. That is one hell of a contagion, this Jewish self-hatred, you can catch it from a book!

    • "Anyone want to try a fact-based argument?"

      Like the "easily accessible sociological data" documenting Jewish self-hatred?

      Oh, by the way Hophmi, I'm a little confused about the persecution Phil has internalized. I can't figure out if you think Phil has been subjected to too much persecution (not sure I see that,) or maybe too little? Could you clarify?

    • " Passover is the equivalent of an open bar, all you can eat weeklong buffet. if you say so."

      You don't know the half of it. Here at Moosehall, we refer to it as "Pass-outer"!
      We don't just recline, baby, we decline over the holiday.

    • "Phil agrees with me, by the way, that I put up with a lot of nonsense here; I've written him a number of times, and he's always been a gentleman. I think he's repulsed by a good deal of the commentary here."

      "Feeling perpetually disenfranchised and feeling like no one in society ever listens to you can make you really upset, just as it does most two-year-olds. Phil, by the way, is not in that group." - See more at: link to

      See what I mean? I thought everything was all hunky-dory between you two. But then again, a balegoola should know better than to interfere when the quality go at it.

    • Sorry, bad nesting.

    • "Maybe I am missing something, but why are Poles expected to apologize for something they did not do?"

      Maybe because a couple of Holocaust movies seemed to shift an awful lot of the responsibility to the Poles? Was that "Night and Fog" or "Shoah"? Or both?

    • Oy Gevalt the balibatim! They are a closed book to me.

      Anyway, Hophmi, I word-searched Krauss's archive, and there is no reference to you at all. Why are you so down on Krauss all of a sudden? What'd he say?

    • "And you wonder why I say that you’ve simply internalized anti-Jewish hatred."

      Reach out and touch,
      Somebody's hand!

      Make this world a better place,
      If you can!

    • "More surprised that Gross didn’t know this."

      She knows something much more important, that is, don't step on an anecdote!

    • "At my Passover seder, I talked with an old friend about when our grandfathers came over to this country, at the turn of the last century."

      Man, that's cool. We just sort of washed up here, like something deposited by a wave. Not knowing where it came from. I might as well have been born here.

  • Finkelstein goes to Syracuse and the opposition stays home
    • "Mooser: It was in here, in the essay:"

      Thank, you, very much. I thought, "okay, pabelmont just failed to include quote marks for the blocked text beginning: "It is an invariable rule among..." But I couldn't find it. And I thought I looked.
      Okay, my eyes aren't what they used to be, I'll use the 'find on page' function, which will highlight what I'm looking for, from now on. Thanks for responding.

    • "It was always a shorthand for this:"

      Excuse me, is the text in the block which follows a quote? I was unable to find it the article, nor do I see a link. If I need new glasses I might as well know about it.

  • Reconstructionist Jewish site censors rabbi's essay because he supports BDS and one state
    • Don't forget, the British (and if I am not mistaken, the French) made promises to the "Arabs" and Palestinians, too. So they had certain expectations.

      Saw an interview last night made recently with the woman (young, then) who "cased" the King David Hotel for placing the bombs. She's still jubilant about killing British people.

    • RoHa, JL Dickerson has a commenting style all his own. I just figure if JL feels a word should be defined, he must have felt a definition was needed. And, with the exception of my close-ups, more definition is usually a good thing. All right, Mr De Mille, I'm ready now....

    • "A little ironic for a historically Zionist movement (unlike the much larger Reform movement),"

      As the example of Reform show, that can change. It may, I should be shot for saying this, come down to a struggle between certain sects of the Orthodox and a wide swath of other Jewish denominations.

    • " but I do see importance in gaining legitimacy for views like ours — even as they are condemned — within the Jewish community. "

      Oh yes, very much so. Whether they effect Israel is almost beside the point, in some ways.

    • Page: 230
    • Sorry, the nesting habits of the comments confuses me sometimes.

    • "if we construct a narrative where we have to wait for the communal organizations to turn we’re going to wait forever."

      I have always been mystified by what possible power, what possible influence American Jewish religious groups (there's quite a few) could have over Israel? Never have understood what it would do even if some sort of consensus could be arrived at.

    • "I used to be pretty certain 5 years ago that the major denominations would change but they haven’t."

      Which denomination would you say is the most materially involved with Zionism? The one that actually involves itself with the Israeli state, and seems to play a major part in the American right-wing Zionism machinations here. Which denomination would that be?

      Reconstructionist is at the far-left of the Jewish religious spectrum and even there people are getting censored?"

      Didn't we have an example of how far to the left Reconstructionist is last year, with a Rabbi leaving? Covered here at Mondo.

      Anyway, I find out that "Reconstructionist" wasn't quite as far out in left field as I had thought, at first.

    • Don't they know the deep connection to Israel is a one-way street?

  • Non-Jewish Israelis remain faceless, nameless, voiceless in 'New York Times' coverage
    • "Giles,
      This is the relevant info on the IDF aid mission to Haiti:"

      But that not a single house has been rebuilt in Gaza? Is that relevant?

    • "In Israel there's a rising tide of racism , xenophobia and anti-democratic tendencies, especially (though not exclusively) among the Orthodox Jews." - See more at: link to

      Giles, I wish Jon s would make his mind up. Seems to have an entirely different opinion every day.

    • Double Standard, what's a "chief Rabbi"? How does he (or she, I should know?) differ from an ordinary Rabbi? "Jon s", would you, as a history teacher, like to tell us how one becomes a "chief Rabbi"?

    • Gee, under those conditions, one could suspect that "chief Rabbi" as an expression, has a whiff of anti-semitism about it.
      Are there regular Rabbis and "chief Rabbis" or not? There must be somebody here familiar with the Jewish clerical hierarchy.

      Yes, 'spellcheck' a "chef rabbi" is an excellent idea! Oy the trouble that could have been avoided!

    • I'll take my chances with the Palestinian drivers. I've already had an Israeli threaten me with a bus.

    • You know, I notice sometimes on Shabbos that when I'm involved in all that Shabbos and Jewish family stuff, I hardly even notice what the rest of the world does.
      Perhaps G-d will forgive me for leaving the smoke alarms on.

    • "Shabbes goy” — the Gentile who does what Jews need doing on the Sabbath but are not allowed to do themselves"

      Nope, not touching it. I'd sooner put my hand on an overheating hot-plate than make a joke about that.

    • " one of Jerusalem’s chief rabbis."

      You bet. Jerusalem's Schumley Boteach, from all reports.

      "chief rabbis"? Gosh, I didn't know there was such a title. But then, I guess there's a lot I don't know about my own religion.

    • "Your comment belongs in the damned-if-we-do-damned -if -we-don’t department. "

      Can't see why it bothers you in the least, "Jon s". Aren't you the same guy who quoted the Torah on your obligation to do right in any case?
      And something about the way you should speak, if my memory serves.

  • Mark Shields blasts Adelson for 'making foreign policy for the United States'
    • That's right, Mr Law, I am most emphatically not an "international Jew".
      However, I do consider myself bad and nationwide.

    • ("I don’t advocate for either-nor approve of SA in particular. after all-he fits every cliche and stereotype of the ‘international Jew’ trumped up by the czarist police and pushed to its limits by Hitler"

      And everybody knows that should provide Sheldon Adelson with complete immunity! From criticism and prosecution, if need be.

      "after all-he fits every cliche and stereotype of the ‘international Jew’ trumped up by the czarist police and pushed to its limits by Hitler"

      If you say so, "Dabakr", if you say so. Nobody else is saying it, but if you say it, I guess I have to accept it. You ought to know, since you seem to accept those 'cliches and stereotypes' as valid.

    • "JL" to use the correct medical terminology: He done got himself a bad case of the Ziocaine Syndrome, and that ain't good!

      His analyst told him, he was right out of his head!

    • "P.S. why does anyone listen to Brooks? He’s an idiot."

      Wouldn't it be easy to find tens of Brooks' columns in which he says business is an ideology, and a damn good one too? Do olive trees and Lexus'es come to mind?

      And he would be good with, say, a Sharia law buy-in spot in American jurisprudence? Hey, it's just ideology, backed by money, what's the problem?

  • AIPAC-backed legislation targeting BDS movement advances in Congress
    • "we are quite at home here." "Jon s"

      So you do live in "Israel" (or one of the occupied territories) and not in the US, "Jon s". I'm sorry, I thought you lived in the States. My mistake.

    • "rude shocks? as if thats even an issue. I eat rude shocks for sustenance every time I glance at the NYT bylines."

      Yeah, that bad ol' "Anti-Israel" New York Times!! Oh, you poor thing! You should get Hophmi to do a Jewish self-hatred analysis of the NYTs.

    • "The dictionary does not help with these terms, and we really need to get them sorted out."

      RoHa, as you can see, since "Jon s" is a history teacher, he has thought long and deeply about Zionism, and his thoughts have always been held to a high intellectual and ethical standard. And he can explain his conclusions in easily understood, factually verifiable terms.

    • "Two nations sharing the same homeland – that’s the reality that both sides need to come to terms with."

      Yes, sir, those Zionists sure acted like they were coming home to a land and people they loved, didn't they?

      Knock it off, "Jon s", you're not dealing with children. Does it ever occur to you that it is also very insulting?

    • "I would hope you are not suggesting I am offering absolution."

      Oh no! Not at all. I'm just getting a sort of handle on the solution/absolution thing and trying to sort it out.
      Sorry, I bounced my sorting this out off your comment. I'm trying to figure out the relationship between those two things.

    • "Provided it stays within it’s original borders"

      I am admittedly fuzzy on this, but when we go back to the "original borders" wasn't it part of the plan that those borders also be ratified by the peoples the Zionist State was taken from? Did that ever happen?

      (Just like the rights of the existing communities were supposed to be part of the plan along with those "original borders"?)

    • "One can not possibly get anymore anti-Zionist than that"

      Well, then, you really are screwed, aren't you? But if you think "one can not possibly get anymore anti-Zionist" than J-Street you are in for some rude shocks, budye.

    • "I support the state of Israel living within it’s original borders - See more at:"

      It's that strange thing I've been noticing, but have only recently (when the peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches ran out) been able to articulate.
      For some reason (which I don't understand, any more than why I ate all those P&J sandwiches) everybody feels obligated to offer absolution along with a solution. I don't know why that is.

    • Shorter "ivri":

      "There's so much dust I can hardly breath! Don't you ever vacuum under the bed?"

    • "Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) has got to do something to keep Israel from being the partisan issue it has increasingly become."

      Why? Israel may very well become a partisan issue. Why shouldn't it? Aspects of foreign policy often do become partisan issues. Why not Israel?

    • Basically, ""ivri" is admitting that Israel has been a failure as a civilized state, but he is offering their services as mercenaries or hired killers. Almost be a good offer if they could be trusted. But there is way too much left-wing activism in Israel for Israel to be entirely trustworthy. What if democracy or even a one-state solution broke out? When "ivri" can guarantee that any danger of Israel returning from intransigence is nil, he can talk about "the very survival of “The West and what it stands for."

      Yeah, "ivri", Israel is just what we need. With fiends like them, who needs enemas.

  • 'Celebration of ethnic cleansing is intolerable': Baltimore JVP crashes 'Israeli Independence Day' party
    • Gee, Jackdaw, it's getting so a bunch of schlubs and grobers can't get together and celebrate vicarious brutality without interruption any more.

      I do want to remind you, Jackdaw, there is still a refuge in America where they can. A Temple, I am pretty sure, can be construed as a 'private' organization, and I'm pretty sure events may be held there by invitation only. They can probably serve alcohol if they like, too. So there's the solution, hold celebrations of ethnic cleansing at a religious institution, a Temple. Entrance by invitation only, dress code enforced, RSVP.
      Problem solved. Frankly, I'd still assign somebody to watch the punchbowl.

    • "Can you explain"

      They were on to the insurance fraud before I got the Samsonites unpacked and back in the closet.

    • "A welcome shift is taking place in the Jewish community and elsewhere."

      And I think I know what that "welcome shift" feels like. It feels just like coming home from a vacation, seeing that your house has been robbed while you were away, and then getting a call from the police saying you are the prime suspect.

      It's a "shift" all right.

  • EU must take stronger action to sanction Israel following high court decision banning boycott
  • Using the dead: the 'NYT' works with Israel to justify military service
    • "awesome!"

      "Mother, may I go out to swim?
      Out to swim?, out to swim?
      Mother, may I go out to swim?"
      "Yes, my darling daughter."

      "Fold your clothes up neat and trim,
      Neat and trim, neat and trim,
      Fold your clothes up neat and trim,
      But don't go near the water!"

      Translation of Yiddish song,"Yo, Mayn Tayere Tokhter."

    • 'How you gonna keep em',
      Back at the schul,
      After they've seen Mondoweiss?
      How're you gonna keep 'em,
      Away from JVP?
      Jazzin' around, and talkin' Israel down?'

    • "and no, not much chance of irony there."

      I have an irony-poor diet, so I take it wherever I can get it. Gotta reach my MDR somehow.
      Also, I've found it's essential for me to reserve judgement, since I have very little.

    • "At any rate, a fitting present for your rabbi would a belt buckle inscribed: “Gott mit uns!”

      I've got one almost just like that! It says: "A mentsh tracht und Gott lacht"

    • "I got a feeling you are the second most pro-Israel person who posts on this blog."

      To tell you the truth, if we are talking, in this instance, only of the Jews in Israel, I feel very sorry for an awful lot of them. Zionists victimize Jews, and had to manipulate and gain power of over Jews long before they could start preying on Palestinians.

    • I'm going with "I must have missed the irony". I think that is it.

    • "My Rabbi introduced our shul to Mondoweiss in her Shabbos sermon about preparing your college bound children"

      But what happens, Steve, if they get a glimpse of Mondo on a roommate's laptop and their eyes don't fall out and they don't burst into flame, then what?

      What if they see the deceptive blue-and-white color scheme, and are lulled into unsafe reading. I suggest making sure you monitor their browser history, and make clear exactly what legatory admonishments certain web addresses entail.

    • "But if you bring in a total hater like that woman in your article"

      I'm sorry "Krauss", I seem to be lost. The "woman in the article is Ms. Thier, is that correct? And ok, this is the part where I get lost- she is a "total hater" of what or who (or whom, if RoHa says so)?

      Who or what is her 'total hate' directed toward? I didn't see it.

    • "Mondoweiss has a very simple standard it follows and that is hatred of Israel and hatred of everything about Israel."

      "Grover", please go see the "about" page. There's a tab at the top of this page. I'm sorry, but you seem to have completely misapprehended what Mondo is all about. The "about" page will explain it to you.
      If that doesn't make it clear to you, try pounding sand. I know where you can find lots of it.

      And Steve, could I suggest something? Thanks. You really should show your Mondo archive to your Rabbi, and ask him if he thinks you are helping or hindering. Discuss it with him, he may have some suggestions.

    • " Thanks Mondoweiss for using this woman’s grief..."

      I'm sorry, Stevie, was Ms. Thier in some way deceived, or manipulated by Mondo? Was her confidence betrayed in some way? Standards of Journalism (or indeed, of human decency) betrayed in some way?
      Don't quite get where you are coming from.
      Gosh, Steve, I get the feeling sometimes that there is a higher moral and ethical principle, a standard Mondo is failing to uphold, but I don't quite see where the deficiency is. For the sake of clarity, could you tell us?

  • Accusations of anti-Semitism roil Stanford campus as student coalition denies discrimination charges
    • I hadn't really thought about the ethnic make-up of the committee, one way or another, although I think you are right, that may have had something to do with Ms. Horwitz' alacrity (hell outrightcelerity!) to condemn their honesty. I am fascinated by the “I think that there’s no motivation for them to tell the truth, like at all. “

      So she thinks dishonesty runs rampant through the SOCC? Yet, she was seeking their endorsement? Do I have that right?

    • "Krauss has always been one of the honest antisemites here”

      He's (Hophmi) is not even saying this directly to Mr. Krauss, just tossing it off as a by-blow? That's the kind of courage which makes the true outreach man.

      In any case Mr. Krauss, I apologize for Hophmi.

    • "My vote for funniest thread of the day! LOL!"

      Have you taken a trundle through the "Faithwashing" thread, with it's hilarious sub-plot? Give the comments a scan, they're full of the best medicine.

    • . "That woman has a future in politics (or at least the State Department)!"

      Maybe not. Once, I would have heartily agreed with you. But this is the age of the Internet. Oh, she has a future, all right, and a lot of it may be devoted to living this down or hiding from it.

    • "If this were a state school"

      The question of whether UC is a private or state school remains to be settled? Okay, Hophmi.

    • "Are we to believe 9 students of color, or the white person?"

      Sorry, I have absolutely no idea what particular hue any of the people involved are.

    • Mr. Krauss, I've been reading your comments here for some time, and I know you for a reasonable, level-headed person, not one to fly off the handle.
      So I know that Hophmi's description of you: "Krauss has always been one of the honest antisemites here" won't go to your head, or make you full of yourself. You will take it in stride, with your usual modesty.

    • HOPHMI- “Krauss has always been one of the honest antisemites here.” -

      If anybody doubts Hophmi's ability to analyse and diagnose Jewish character pathology, it's Hophmi.
      After all, look at his brilliant dissection of Phil's character and shortcomings in many comments. He's way too modest about them, but I'm willing to link them all.
      I'm always willing to praise famous men.

    • Sorry, bad nesting.

    • "Horwitz made her complaint hours after the incident. I believe her account, which has the ring of truth to it."

      "Jackdaw", I believe you. In fact, I'm sure she could have made her complaint hours before the incident.

    • "please. this is a bunch of BS."

      But, but, but Annie, that level of hypocrisy, it's just unthinkable. Why it's as absurd as a Jewish fraternity member drawing a swastika on the bulletin board and claiming 'anti-Semites did it'!

      And just think of the absolute disregard of the students in SOCC, the casual assumption "they have no motivation to tell the truth".... no, that level of heartless manipulation concerning anti-semitism....nah, it just can't happen.

    • "I stand with you Molly Horwitz! Becsuse everyone knows their ain’t no anti Semitism mixed in with the Israel hatred by the BDSers! - "

      Oh, get down of your offal-pile. Everybody knows you'll stand for anything, Grober.

    • "Yes there is, nine other students present at the interview, together with documentation"

      Who are you going to believe, Molly, or 18 lying yes? Apparently, the propensity for prevarication and mendacity among the SOCC people is, well, self-evident, at least to Ms. Horwitz:

      “I think that there’s no motivation for them to tell the truth, like at all. “

      I mean, some people may have their wits about them, but you can't make them think.

    • Mr. Eldar is talking about the law just passed in Israel, I think. Lemme check, I think I read something from Avnery on it...

      Ah, here it is:

      link to

      Along with a summary of the judicio-political power struggle in Israel and the Supreme Court and "Basic Law".

    • Wow, who was it who said something like "no matter how cynical I get, I can never keep up"?

      So Horwitz has no qualms about branding the SOCC folks liars: "I think that there’s no motivation for them to tell the truth, like at all. "- See more at: link to

      And then all this comes out, and where does that leave poor Molly, just starting out in life, as far as giving people an impression of her character, her ethics? Where does it leave her? Still among or leading the legatees, I would guess.

    • Why not have the questions presented on paper, and written answers submitted?

    • A record, via 'tape' or stenographer would be very helpful. A record of the session would settle a lot.

  • Marking Memorial Day in Tel Aviv with Kahanists and Combatants for Peace
    • " He’s mocking the author – that’s my take anyhow."

      Hophmi? "Mocking the author"? I ask you, Dan, would that be the act of a "gentleman"?

    • I am always a little but awe-struck when how see just how deeply, within what strictly ethical guidelines, and with what unsparing disinterestedness Zionists have examined their Zionism.
      Wow, I wish I could get away with stuff like that.

    • “The claim is well-supported by easily-accessible sociological data.” – See more at: link to - See more at: link to

      My goodness, Hophmi is right! I did some checking of the "easily-accessible sociological data" and Hophmi is right! Self-hatred is crippling us. Unable to integrate into American society, inability to succeed in business or school or professions, a complete abscence of Jews in political roles, a complete refusal to out-marry, or indeed, marry at all, high, high rates of incarceration, suicide, drug abuse, unwilling to seek health care... well, you know the drill.

      Hophmi is right, "easily-accessible sociological data" shows that we got Jewish self-hatred bad, and that ain't good!

    • I am breaking a longstanding vow not to weigh in on my old friend Phil Weiss’ web site because I am completely mystified that so many of his fans do not seem to believe, or care about, what I just wrote. - See more at: link to

      "My old friend Phil Weiss". Got hard news for you, Mr. Flesher. Your "old friend" needs your help, badly. Read this, and see if you don't agree:

      link to

    • " is not sufficiently"

      Yonah, we gtet it, we get it. If somebody is not willing to become part of: "a rising tide of racism , xenophobia and anti-democratic tendencies, especially (though not exclusively) among the Orthodox Jews." -( See more at: link to ) they are not sufficiently pro-Israel.

      Another words, if they are not willing to give absolution, rather than a solution, you don't think they're fair.
      Of course, you ske-daddled from "Israel", but you have no problem urging Israelis up the the mark. Hey, it's not your butt which has to bear the consequences.

    • "still hoping it’s a joke and i should probably leave it at that."

      You are referring to the "Faithwashing" thread, and Hophmi's report on his back-channel communications with Phil Weiss, appealing to their bonds as "gentleman" and, I seem to sense, balebatim, as opposed to the awful stuff those other commenters send in?

      Yes, I sense somebody got a joke played on them there, but I'm not sure who it was. Probably me. I'm one hell of a piece of work.

    • Dan Fleshler, I have often been very dissatisfied with the comparisons of the Palestinians to a woman fighting back in a sexual assault, and being condemned for it. Never liked it.
      You know what, pal, you just converted me. They are right.

    • "you don’t believe that, this is a joke right?"

      Sycamores, I think maybe you are a little like me. You have a hard time believing the worst of people. Yes, I comfort myself with the thought that "Hophmi" may be some kind of performance some kind of schtick. But wow, the kid is strictly Method, all Stanislavski! A regular Zionist Brando, I tell you.
      I asked Hophmi if he stood by his self-hatred analysis of Phil Weiss, and Hophmi replied:

      "The claim is well-supported by easily-accessible sociological data." - See more at: link to

    • "and these guys killed innocent Jews for heaven’s sake"

      "Innocent"? What if they were "self-hating Jews"? Doesn't every people have the right, nay, the obligation to cleanse those with a serious mental disarrangement from their midst?

    • "How are the claims of “too many” Jewish doctors and lawyers different from some parade." -

      'catalan", you are going to have to try harder. Much, much harder. Get some training from Yonah on how to do the passive-aggressive thing, too.

      Face it "catalan", nobody is going to reassure you we are not anti-semitic (and thus divert the thread) or play into your gambit.(and thus divert the thread)

    • "zionist fighters killed since 1860 ????"

      Ah yes, since 1860. Makes it very stark, doesn't it? While the world was passing through an unprecedented century-plus of peace and prosperity, "Zionist fighters" were being killed left and right!

      Oy Gevalt nobody knows the trouble we've seen!

    • Have I said "Thank you, JLewisDickerson" any time lately? No? In that case, here goes: "Thanks JLewis Dickerson!"

    • "Only when everyone agrees with me, Dan Cohen, will their views on peace and Israel be relevant to me." "Hophmi" his own self. - See more at: link to

      Shockingly frank self-summation for Hophmi! A brief flash of insight, written and posted. Thanks, Hophmi!

  • Adelson primary kicks off tonight with brags about 'mega-Jewish donors' role in 2016
    • "Numerous studies have noted that Jewish-Americans donate more to charity than people of other faiths, that is part of the reason Israel attracts over-sized importance in politics."

      And I thought there was some kind of difference between charitable contributions and money going to a politician's campaign. How selfish I have been, not to see the politician's need for "charity".

      Do they treat both types of expenditure the same way on their taxes?

  • In defense of Cornel West's prophetic voice
  • Will Graham's gaffe about 'all-Jewish cabinet' get the MSM to talk about pro-Israel money?
    • "Can’t we once and for all cut this stupid angels-on-a-needletip ballet and call it Zionist money, Zionist bribes, Zionist undue influence etc.? "

      I'm with you "echin" Let them (Zionists) bring it up. Because they will, every time. After all who else can the Zionists blame? Or use as an excuse.
      But make them do it, don't do it for them.

    • "Should be investigated by those who can investigate."

      Can't agree with you, "echinococcus". I think MJ Rosenberg should be left alone and his privacy respected. If he needs help I'm sure he will ask for it. And if he wants to speak, he can count on being able to reach the public, even if it's only, say, on his own blog. I think we are just going to have to wait and see.

    • Gee, isn't "pre-emption" illegal? As illegal, if I am not mistaken, as taking territory by war?

    • "His Jews"? The obvious reference to "court Jews" never occurs to them? That's nice. I love to see people recovering from trauma, unafraid to enter the lists.

    • "I understand he’s retired from the Israel issue– I hope he thinks that over and gets back in. He knows more about the lobby than anyone."

      Gosh, is he doing a good imitation of a man who has had a bad scare?

    • "Most liberal Jews are not pro-Israel."

      Gee, "stevenl" if you want to admit that Zionism is mostly supported in the material sense by a small coterie of Jews, please, go right ahead.

      Maybe you can figure out a way to logically demonstrate that the fewer Jews support Israel, the more support it deserves?

    • "The old Jewish geezers shouldn’t be singled out:"

      I don't know how to break this to you, but nobody appointed us gatekeepers on how these things should be talked about.
      Look, I would think that IP issues, no matter which way opinion or policy swings, or doesn't, will probably be talked about in the media on the same level as other issues.

  • Organizations across Canada oppose government effort to criminalize criticism of Israel
    • "I briefly scanned the list of signatories to the self-hating Jews’ letter."

      Oh look! Aren't we lucky! Still another expert on "self-hating Jews".

    • "I wish the author, Sid Shniad, had listed or at least provided …”

      Me too. I wisht he would'a done it.

  • Jews of France: should they stay or should they go?
    • "Perhaps I could wish that there were a valid argument for Jewish people in the West to call for an end to Gaza calamities in their own self-interest:"

      Sure, sure, every Jewish congregation, every Jew, signs a petition which is presented to Israel, which responds "I'm sorry, but this is a democracy and we don't take orders from religions."

      The connection between Zionism and the rest of the Jews in the world is a one-way street. That should be obvious. They, the Zionists, boss us, and we keep our mouths shut and do what we're told. Find me an instance, one, where it works any other way.

    • "written by my French Jewish friend"

      Oh, he's a friend of yours, Mayhem? Thanks for telling us there's no reason to waste eye-power on it.

    • "On the plus side, it isn’t sushi."

      Of course, that's true, it isn't. But I might just as well ask: "Well, what is?" Except sushi, of course.

      Anyway, I'd put up with the food if I could get to Rochefort. There's two demoiselles there, and I'm sure they're still waiting for me.

    • "You might say so, but I would be trying to tactfully suggest psychotherapy."

      You know, it's that kind of small thinking, a one-horse, two-timing, three-strikes-you're-out, four-flushing, kind of thinking which never takes the broad, flexible outlook, and some genocide and persecution which got us where we are today. I'm all in favor of loosening the entrance or retention standards. As they used to tell us in the Reform Jewish Hebrew School (wait, it might have been a Jewish Hebrew Reform School, it was a while back....) "Face it kids, frum is not fun."
      And even extending the franchise to right-on Gentiles.

    • "I really find it difficult to see why these secular French Jews are classed as Jews, or regarded as a minority."

      Well, as a practical matter aren't they Jewish if they regard themselves as Jewish? Are you going to start telling them how frum they have to be to be Jewish? They say they are Jewish, that's good enough for me.

  • 'NYT' runs piece of unadulterated propaganda for Israeli army
    • So, basically, you think the Clancy firing was just, or necessary? Doesn't surprise me.

    • "It all flows from how you identify your community, to which you owe sacrifice."

      "Sacrifice"? Are you saying Rudoren writes this stuff without getting paid?

    • I think maybe Rudoren should have done a little bit more reading. (It's pretty obvious they no longer use editors or fact-checkers). Oh, the invidious comparisons to colonial and fascist exhortations which will be made!
      This one won't need any deconstruction, it'll just implode into its own footprint.

  • Leading American rabbi issues first public criticism of apartheid conditions in Jerusalem

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