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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • I believe I can make a difference in my lifetime
    • "6) What hopes and dreams do you have for Israel?"

      I always say the same prayer for Israel I say for the Czar, you know; "May God bless and keep the Czar...."

    • The entitlement is simply astounding. A huge gaping maw of entitlement, whining "feed me" constantly.
      You would sorta think they would make some attempt to hide it? Oh well.

  • US only country to oppose UN holding Israel accountable for war crimes, yet again
  • Joining up (Tzedek Chicago, and a Judaism beyond nationalism)
    • "For your benefit.."

      You, "Steve Grober" and "my benefit"? Sorry pal, got plenty of oxy-morons around, don't need more, thanks anyway.

    • "Since Roman days, some Jews have been ashamed of their background."

      C'mon "catalan", cut it out! What on earth is wrong with you? Why the hell do you guys keep admitting stuff like that, that Jews are full of shame about themselves and their religion, to the Gentiles? They will take advantage of us unless they think out Tribal Unity is strong!

      But just between you and me, "catty", why do you think we are cursed with this self-revulsion and as "Grober" and "Hophmi" note, our religion is chock full o nuts full of desire to hurt our fellow Jews? Why do you think that is, "catalan"?

      Must be a hell of a thing for the Zionists, now that I think about it, never knowing when a self-hater or traitor would turn up, doubting Tribal Unity all the time, and ever on the look-out for kapos and mosers. Gosh, do other religions have that problem? Just asking!

    • "Since Roman days, some Jews have been ashamed of their background."

      Okay "catalan" you got me there. I had to wear a toga once for a school play and hated it! I always felt like my background was showing.

    • "He is not a sociopath but just wants to be accepted by his wife and her family/friends."

      Well, for the sake of tribal unity, will you put in a good word for me "catalan"? It's a hell of a thing, after a third of a Century, not to be accepted by my wife and her family/friends. (Look, let's not go overboard here, while I do contend they accepted me, I would be the last to deny that they may be good and goddamed tired of me by now. That's different)

      But it's true, my Gentile Mother-in-Law was very hard about her daughter's marriage to a Jewish man, when my wife-to-be told her she said:
      "So, you're marrying a Jewish man! Why don't you come live in my house?"
      "But Mom" she said "Your house isn't that big, there won't be room for all of us"
      "There will be" she said grimly. "We'll build on an addition!"

      They did, too, later we got our own place.

    • "Your propensity to turn hummus and fine wine into anger, foul language and violence makes you sound like a sociopath."

      Right, I'm the one who is already planning to walk in there with re-called Hummus (and lousy wine) hoping to give everybody a stomach-ache.

      But then, I guess you've got cases of the re-called Strauss Hummus in your garage, and need to get rid of it.

    • Never underestimate the ability of Americans to get out from under something which has become oppressive, when an alternative is provided! Especially if it is a matter of voluntary religious-style association, a right in the US which is pretty inviolable. What will Zionist institutions do, file a suit to make people come back? Ask for an injunction? Oh, I think I know what the grobers the machers will do, but I'll let them say it. They will.

    • "Got everything in it but the proverbial kitchen sink"

      Well, so does my house. Anyway, here, I think, is the money shot:

      "we do not celebrate the fusing of Judaism with political nationalism. We are non-Zionist..."

      A promise not to be dunned constantly for Zionism! The relief will be palpable.

    • "Steve Grover cleverly demonstrates how to be a completely arrogant jerk"

      He does seem a tad deficient in Tribal Unity. I got a Merit Badge in Tribal Unity when I was in the Boychik Scouts.

    • "You mean like this one?"

      Is that supposed to be the set for a human-sacrifice scene in a cheesy sandal-opera? Maybe the Pharaoh's burial chamber?

    • Oh, you know how I am about this. I think it should be drawn from a wide variety of sources, and a lot of effort should go into it.

    • "Not seeking kudos."

      We get it "Grober", you are just determined to live up to your name.

      "Just tryin’ to figure out what is treyf in that shul."

      What the f--k is it to you, "Grober"? Does your denomination have some inherent ecclesiastical authority over any other Jewish place of worship, or is vandalism or battery what you have in mind?

    • "Don’t worry Mooser, I’ll drop in with some Strauss Hummus at one of their Shabbat pot lucks."

      In an effort to cause food poisoning in the attendees?

    • I don't know, but I have a funny feeling they will need a lot more chairs soon. A lot.

    • Perhaps Phillip Munger will turn out to be the Harry T. Burleigh of Tzedek Chicago! They will need music.

    • Whatever it is, it sure doesn't look like the bimah at Adas Israel Congregation.
      And that's a start in the right direction. And there's no telling where you will end up!

    • "Yes, I hesitate. Yes, I join."

      Hesitate? Yeah, long enough to take a breath, and yell, "Heck yes!"

      Okay, but take warning from our own history, don't go to any inter-denominational banquets! You never know what they'll try to feed you.

    • For G-d's sake Mr. Ellis, far enough is far enough! Those people are sitting in what look like folding chairs! It looks like they are in a gym or rented room. What's next, I ask you? Storefronts? Cheap upright pianos, and (ugh) Hammond organs? This is "religion"?

  • Michael Oren cannot hide his disrespect for Jewish Americans
    • "You’re a better man than cousin Josh is, Gunga Din!"

      I knew there had to be a "better man" line in there, but would Shmuel show a little deference to an ancient, decrepit and slow brain? Nope, he rushes right on past.

    • "Speaking to Army Radio, the minister said, “Let’s just say there’s a problem as soon as a Reform Jew stops following the religion of Israel. I can’t allow myself to say that such a person is a Jew.”

      Oh crap, now I have an ugly bruise on my cheek, where I hit the floor when I syncoped after that. Oh, my poor, tattered, Tribal Unity.
      Well, I guess there's only one thing to do. Tribal Unity must be preserved, so I guess all Reform and secular and Conservative Jews (wait, they've got a deal with the Orthodox, don't they, stemming from the Trefa Banquet? Not their fault. You think I'm kidding?) will become Orthodox by next Shabbos.
      Jeez, I never thought that would happen, but what choice do we have?

      I implore all of my fellow and fellowette Jewish people to remember: "If we don't hang out together, we will hang out separately, and who wants to stay home on a Saturday night?"

    • "Sorry; should have said “Mr Trump”.

      That's what I keep on telling them; "catalan" wants everybody to know he is a regular American all-rightnik!

    • "A more accurate name for JVP is “Jews Who Think Israel Should Surrender to Terrorism and Die”."

      Psst, Stevie! Listen just between you and me, don't say stuff like that, please? Please don't let the Gentiles know that the Jewish people is full of renegades and traitors! Jews who want other Jews to die, so Arabs can take over! Stevie, other religions don't have problems like this, cases of mass self-hatred and a desire to kill their own tribe! It's not something we want to advertise, m'okay?

    • "Well unless you think that Mexico and the Unites States have identical interests."

      Oh look, a regular Arizona all-rightnik he's become already.

      Don't worry, "catalan" we know all about Mexico's subversive plan to flood the country with people who will foist a different heat scale on us, and make a real mild salsa a thing of the past. Even "extra mild" will burn, if they get their way!

    • "since you know my kids’ views without anyone telling you."

      Well, it was inevitable. And not a thing you can do about it.

    • "I have 2 children in college and a third child who will be a senior in high school."

      And no doubt, vociferous anti-BDSers, and pro-Israel fighters, every one! And your house will always be open to them, cause there's nothing we can do about it, I mean, if kids do become anti-Zionist, there's nothing you can do, except accept it. It's unfair in a way, not having any real power over what might happen, but that's the way it is. Just gotta lay back and take it..

    • "So they must have had a map somewhere that showed their armed militias the location of these “defensible borders” they keep shreying about, but they’ve never been willing to share it with anyone."

      Don't you see Hostage, the way it works? It's so clever! If Israel is ever taxed with, asked for an accounting for the actions of settlers, they can say: "Hey, it wasn't us Israelis did that, it was a bunch of Jews!"

    • “Grober:” Don’t you realize that Oren is attacking you— for not moving to Israel and serving in its army?"

      But what happens if "Grober" runs off and joins the IDF and his parents buy another car? Everybody should have someplace to come home to!

    • "Are you saying the words Jewish and peace are an oxymoron."

      Who needs "peace"? When I listen to Grober and Hophmi and Yonah and "Jon s" expound, I begin to wonder if "Jewish" is an oxymoron!

    • "Oren was pointing out how stupid a person sounds when the nitrates are talking."

      Maybe, "Grober", but speaking of kosher bacon, I know one thing. Ain't nobody gonna cure you.

    • But I thought "Israeli's do< have a compound identity!! See, they think of themselves as "Israelis" but the Government of Israel registers them as "Jews". Isn't that a compound identity?

    • "He paused to take a bite of his bacon"

      Yup, as an American Jew, that tells me everything I need to know about the guy. Discussing Pollard over breakfast, and I bet it wasn't kosher bacon.

  • A racist country with too much influence over US -- Israel's new image among Democrats
    • "In my research I track..."

      Thanks, Dan Walsh! Very interesting! Thanks.

    • "I – a “lover of Israel”"

      Yes, Dabakr, you really are. You are doing your best to f--k the place.

    • "I thought it was obvious who Lumpy, my bad!"

      Well, when a guy's got hair like the raven's wing, a Body by Adonis, patrician arches, and toes like ten perfect shrimp of graduated sizes (from the 16-20's who 'go to market', down to those little 51-60's that 'cry wee-wee-wee all the way home') he tends to proud of his looks.

    • "Mooser, this guy is too incoherent even to be a troll."

      "Piotr" out of all the incoherence, one thing is loud and clear: It looks like the Zionists are setting up the Orthodox to take the hit. Everybody is singling out the Orthodox.

      Oh well, they, the Orthodox, took their shot, and will just have to bear the consequences if the rest of us turn on them. They are, after all, playing for large stakes. You can win big, or lose pretty decisively in the game they're playing.

    • "Orthodox jews, [even most anti-zionist ones] will not vote to hurt israel, but you already new that Orthodox jews are your enemy –because you hate both Israel and G-d. nothing new ."

      Yup, all the Zionists are singling out the Orthodox to take the hit. What ever happened to tribal unity?

    • But ol' "Lumpy" wasn't so bad, as I recall. When they start calling you "Eddie", is when you should worry. (a brilliant characterization by actor Ken Osmond)

    • "Endless war is what the clear majority of Americans are fed up with, endless warmongering. Rail against that."

      Talk bad about the brave boys and girls who volunteer to protect and defend America? Never! Say America's soldiers are criminals? No, Sir!
      I ask you, if it was just "endless war" and "warmongering", why would so many good American kids volunteer for service. Why would so many Officers on the General Staff devote their careers to it?

  • Oren's demands make Israel's liberal apologists squirm
    • "You’re right, those dirty, lowdown rats in the US have treated immigrant Jews just like any other citizen and allowed them free association and movement, not to mention equal rights."

      The poor American friers! Little did they know, as "Jon s" says: "they really meant what they said in their prayers"!!

    • "What I don’t understand is why it is so important to you and Yonah."

      Isn't it obvious? Because they think they will be in charge! Does either of them ever speak as if they wouldn't be? Because Zionism has, as it was inevitably fated to be, becoming an intra Jewish struggle. An attempt by one cohort to regain the power and control they lost when countries assimilated Jews.

      Of course, when there are visible, well established denominations, the cohort being blamed may not be exactly congruous with the people doing the machinations, which probably extends through all the denominations as there are also economic incentives, and incalculable personal motivations, but hey, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

    • " I am far closer to faulkner than to henry ford."

      You bet you are, Yonah! There's a whole lot of sound and fury, but everything coming off the mental assembly line is junk.

    • "You put me in mind of scientologists. Excommunicate the waverers, doubters and freethinkers! And harass them mercilessly."

      Yes, the parallels between Zionism and Scientology are eery! To watch the dissolution of Scientology, the best place to start is Tony Ortega's "The Underground Bunker" website.

    • "i’m trying to imagine what it would be like to get bashed over the head an guilt tripped for an american not supporting bush/cheney. bwahh, you’re not being nice to the president!"

      If you have any problem remembering that Annie, just Google some stuff from just before Bush Jr.'s War On Iraq. Yes, a lot of it was about not making Bush feel bad by preventing him from becoming a "War President"

    • "You’re right, those dirty, lowdown rats in the US have treated immigrant Jews just like any other citizen and allowed them free association and movement"

      It's worse than that! Ever since early about the mid-20th Century, Jews have been forced to leave their enclaves and communities in the cities, and move to suburbs, atomizing the community!

    • "They are afraid to evidence a schism. They are afraid that schism is a weakness."

      Huh? Aren't we already pretty highly sectarian? We've had lot's of schism's.

    • The point is, it is completely stupid, and really phony, for Yonah and Hophmi to do this big dance around "assimilation". Like it was their choice to "assimilate"

      No, "Hophmi" and "Yonah" the US assimilated us, not the other way around, but if it suits you to pretend you are doing the country a big favor by being an American, go ahead.

    • Oh yes, I would love to hear these guy on how bad "assimilation" is if the US refused rights to its Jewish citizens! What a freakin' bunch of hypocrites.

      Perhaps Yonah and Hophmi will now quote all the Jewish writers who said, when Jews lived in ghettos with reduced rights "Oh, isn't this great. We do just fine with reduced rights and segregation, we love it. Let's have a pogrom, we love the fact that our lives don't matter!"

      The US takes the big step, actually considers Jews people and persons with all the rights, (and we have seen what the US can do with people not considered persons) and these guys think it's all about how you cut your hair, or what kind of hat you wear.

    • "America is built on assimilation, its culture enriched immeasurably by it."

      "justicewillprevail" it is apparent that you are not aware of the massive historical atrocity perpetuated upon the Jews by America! No wonder Hophmi is upset!
      Now, think about it it: Did America, ever, once, ask Jewish leaders how much Jews should be assimilated in Ametrica? Did they ever once try to find out what degree of separation, what restrictions on rights, or privileges if warranted, would be "good for the Jews"? Did they once inquire what the Jewish religion required?

      No, they never did, not once. The bastards just went ahead and assimilated us by always including Jews as persons. (Sarcasm off: We know this because we see plenty of others who weren't so lucky.) So there you go, those Americans never waited around to see what amount of assimilation was right for us, they just went ahead and assimilated us! Certainly, this disregard for Jewish collective stands in a direct line with the Holocaust!

    • "I think that it’s perfectly legitimate to ask, generally, whether self-abnegation is a problem in a community with a 70% assimilation rate, and also reasonable to ask whether those who choose self-abnegation have the right to continue to speak as Jews."

      Do you have a way to stop them, Hophmi? Gonna set up a registry? Hand out credentials?

  • Cultivating megadonors, Clinton waffles on Iran and stands by Netanyahu
    • "Ziocaine sure does rot brains"

      It may be possible that "the Ziocaine syndrome" leads to permanent changes in the emotional and psychological make-up.

  • 'America I'm putting my queer shoulder to the wheel' -- Allen Ginsberg
    • "and my sensitivities particularly towards jewishness..."

      Oh yes, your "sensitivities toward Jewishness" are very finely honed, "Yonah".
      You know exactly what everybody owes you.

    • "but then according to the rosross metric I am both brainwashed and from a backwards culture, no more than a brainwashed retard,"

      "Gamal", my friend, join the club!
      His posts gave me the exact same feeling! And I'm Jewish.

    • "Perhaps someone who keeps up with this sort of thing can clarify it for me."

      Where is Maynard G. Krebs when we need him? He would know!

    • "This is all very interesting but I am left wondering how that fits in here?"

      And where, exactly, did Allen Ginsburg "fit in"?

    • "Having observed and experienced this first hand in the late 70’s Ginsberg was a deeply — and disturbingly so — misogynistic man."

      Are you sure about that? He was often seen eating at Japanese restaurants, and always had the soup.

    • "What’s the reference to Trotskyism here for, may I ask?"

      Remember, Stalin told Trotsky, before he left Russia, "This awl will be yours, someday."

  • 'Why this bullsh-t?' Video of Israeli navy flotilla takeover
    • Give Mikheal a break, guys. He's got heavy child-support and alimony obligations. Let the man earn a living.

  • Oren's memoir reveals Israel's elite is hyper-sensitive to U.S. criticism
    • As a matter of fact, here's a good example: For a couple of weeks two months ago, while I was learning the "Chanson de Maxence" I thought I was a young Jacques Perrin. I mean, c'mon, who the heck was I fooling?

    • " It makes me wonder whether any of us are whatever it is we think we are."

      My dear Ms. Froggy, my life may not be all oojah-cum-spiff,I may not reside entirely on velvet, and often end up to the neck-bone in the mulligatawny, but still, I think I can asseverate in all honesty that I have been spared that conundrum.
      If there's one thing I know, and never wonder about, it's that I'm not what I think I am!

    • Oh yes, I remember that well: "Who the hell do they think they are kidding? There is only one way to do this job (displace and dispossess the native people) and it's not a nice way"

    • "Jewish DNA"

      There you go Ms. Froggy! As far as old-time anti-semitic attitudes go, "jon s" will give you every one! From Jewish innate disloyalty to a DNA which is different from other humans.

    • Whenever I see these arguments from "Jon s" I always feel like asking him if he wants to put a figure on exactly how much the Jews are owed for doing the world the inestimably valuable favor of being Jewish. C'mon "Jon s", how much money, how much land, are we deserving of, just for being our indispensable selves?

    • "You are vulnerable on this point and its about time you gave some consideration to other vulnerable points in your acculturated philosophy. "

      "Brewer" everybody here has an archive, accessible, as you undoubtedly know, by clicking on their name, but for some reason I enjoy typing the word "accessible" (And one of these days I'll spell it right the first time!)
      Anyway, click on Hophmi's archive, start at either end or in the middle and you can see if a single fact presented here has made the slightest dent in his consciousness. It's a stupendous accumulation, an Aegean stable, of denial.

    • Whenever I hear the term "Jewish DNA" I reach for my Luger.

    • "Why don’t you consider the possibility that the Torah doesn’t claim that God will answer personal prayers for an individual’s return to Zion and that it doesn’t command anyone living today to go there?"

      Gee, this is so hard to decide. Is it some complicated (but oh-so-laudable) religious reason? Or is it because the way "Jon s" thinks concludes with him getting something? (Beersheba and a lot more of the stuff they aren't making any more of)
      Gosh, religion, or perceived self-interest? Gosh, it's so hard to know!

    • "You may not be aware of this, but “national socialism” is not the same as socialism."

      Having just finished re-reading Shirer's "Rise and Fall..." I can tell you that those who took the "socialism" in Germany's 1930's "National Socialism" too seriously sometimes lived to regret it. But most of the time, they didn't.

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