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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • On eve of University of California honor, Bill Maher defends anti-Muslim hate speech in Vanity Fair interview
    • " If i had a specific statement’s of maher’s which was cited as the cause of hatred of American Muslims"

      Didn't Maher say something about how he wished American Muslims would 'fucking go missing' or something?

    • "battles in which the nonJews had all the weapons and all the power of state and the Jews had suitcases and words to memorize so that they could be uttered without much trouble when they were being burnt at the stake."

      Uhoh, Yonah's in full-on mutter mode!

    • " But just reading karen armstrong’s statement without seeing which statement of Maher is being condemned as leading to genocide, it seems to be that her statement was over the top and would only serve to muzzle."

      Okay, thanks Yonah, now I think I get it! You saw the picture of Netanyahoo with the dogs, and that's exciting, so the word "muzzle" has been on your mind! Is there any mentioning of 'muzzling' in the article? Weren't you the first one to bring the word "muzzled" into the conversation? And now you are arguing with yourself over it!
      You might want to find some rear-echelon duty in the battle of ideas, so you don't get hit by friendly fire.

    • Yonah, if you feel there's some meshugganna reason to insist genocide never happens to anybody except Jews, I can't stop you, but frankly, pal, I don't see the point of it.
      I'd like everybody to be as afraid of it and revolted by it as I am. To know it can happen to anyone, depending on circumstances and must be guarded against for their own sake, not mine. Somehow, I just don't think there's a whole lot of comfort in the idea that genocide can't happen to anybody except Jews. If that's the case, why should anybody else really worry about it?

      But, ah, I probably shouldn't have been so frank, carry on, fight it out along your own lines.

    • "thus Karen Armstrong’s statement is stupid,"

      Do you mind if I ask which "statement" by Karen Armstrong you are referring to, Yonah? Mind quoting it?

    • "Well, that`s very subjective."

      Sure, "ivri", I know Like the headline from the balanced news source: "On Shape of Earth, Opinions Differ"

    • "thus Karen Armstrong’s statement is stupid, if one believes that the battle of ideas should be fought rather than muzzled."

      And so much for civility! Yes sir, we want a battle ideas, and we have no need of civility getting in the way!

      But Yonah, you stay safe. You shouldn't go anywhere near a battle for which you are unarmed.

      But if you should, Yonah, be careful. Battle one idea, and then rest. Battle another idea, and then eat something...

  • Ads Against Apartheid hits LA with Mandela campaign
    • " it inspires irrational fears of Goliath threatening David."

      I heard something about that. How did that confrontation end up?

  • The Milsteinian candidate
    • The series of articles on issues concerning Hillel, and the amount of push-back is a little shocking. There ain't none.

  • Ari Roth is fired by DC Jewish center -- after staging Nakba play
    • "You really do come out with some very strange theories a lot of bullsh*t!"

      It's all the trauma, discrimination and oppression.

      When you've really suffered, you learn that equality and egalitarianism and rule of law just won't do! And as a tiny minority, you realize that impunity and immunity and superiority are your due!

    • "Anybody else notice the Washington Pot used..."

      Is that a typo? Or a bud libel?

    • "Roth can turn this battle into a play,"

      Yes, but not every play is perfect at first draft. It may need some polishing, which would be, of course...'waxing Roth'.

      Hey, my right-to-humor-life principles are strong. It's not a choice, it's a joke.

    • "Either way-there is certainly little tolerance for other people using boycott techniques."

      So, summary firing (Roth) and withdrawal of tenure and employment, (Saliata) are the "boycott techniques" endorsed and used by BDS? Would you like to show us where BDS endorses summary firings and administrative unilateralism?

      "Boycott techniques", forsooth! I would go so far as to say "Bah, what nonsense" and in a very contemptuous tone, too!

    • ." and they will get a new manager who will follow the directions or else he/she will get the hatchet!"

      What a vibrant, challenging theater culture will ensue!
      I can see the programs now:

      'We welcome our patrons of the JCC Theatre to this year's staging of "Fiddler on the Roof". It's our best "Fiddler" ever!'

    • "but there are very few people at the top making those decisions. all they need is bulldogs at the head of these orgs to act as the enforcers. and Zawatsky is the enforcer at jcc-dc. and they will get a new manager who will follow the directions or else he/she will get the hatchet!"

      Annie, that's what I keep on saying!
      Judaism these days is a job for leaders, professionals, specialists! Ordinary congregants, followers (boo!) are in the way, tend to be undisciplined, make too many compromises because they have to live in the world, and out marry at 70%(!!!). And then they simply can't keep a stiff upper nose held over Gaza and the Palestinians. They are more trouble, at this point, then they are worth.
      It is a more efficient system, if you have just your leaders, and your donors, and Israel, who needs anything more? A congregation is just a burden, and draws resources away from the core mission.

    • Ms. Zawatsky has figured in the pages of Mondo previously.
      She seems to like throwing her administrative weight around. And she seems to be on a mission.

      She has a Twitter account, but hasn't tweeted yet.

    • I love The Band.

  • JVP offers bold universalist Hanukkah message in the wake of Gaza slaughter
    • I might mention that dreidels are pretty cool, too! Anybody gonna talk bad about dreidels better watch out. And Hanuka gelt which is chocolate discs with gold foil wrappers embossed to look like coins. Love that stuff.

      I'm pretty sure a childhood Hanuka was when my parents allowed me to light my first match, too.
      I'll never forget to remember it: My Yiddishe Pater, instructing me in traditional accelerants, and beaming with paternal pride as my childish fingers got the shamash lit, along with most of the living-room furniture.
      My Dad, always quick to sense the potentialities in his offspring, praised my skill, and generously predicted I would be be burning warehouses for insurance money before I reached my Bar Mitzvah!
      Dad always had high hopes for me, and I disappointed him so sorely. I can't blame him, he always wanted me to get an early start to my career, so that by the time I turned 18 and could be prosecuted as an adult the statute of limitations would be up and I couldn't be charged. But I turned out to be a late boomer. Of course, I guess I started out that way, considering the year I was born.
      Ah, those bittersweet Hanuka memories.

    • "Israel’s current dilemma stems mostly from the collective inability of Jews to hold themselves to the same standards they hold up for gentiles."

      We hold up the standard for Gentiles? Who knew! Such a responsibility!

    • Also, on Hanuka, we honor the great Rabbi Ben Der, by staying completely schnozzled through the entire holiday.

      It is completely beyond me, it is beyond my comprehension of the history, religion, economics, morality and ethics of Judaism, why anybody would want to inject theology into a holiday based on getting presents, and lighting candles? Who doesn't like those? Why mess it up?

    • "Good point, Mooser. there must be a lot of Jews who have jumped ship in the last 20 years"

      Excuse me, my dear "seafoid", I don't think I ever said all those people have to be Jews. I'm no exclusivist. Besides, who's gonna check?

    • "I’ve read Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Marcuse, Fidel and Che. Also Socialist-Zionists such as Borochov and Syrkin."

      Bah! Are you up on your Terry Southern?

    • ." it’s the herding of the cats"

      Well, it's about time somebody set out a bowl of milk and some Friskies. And once there is a functioning alternative to the "Jewish establishment" all bets are off.

      Don't forget the big 1888 Orthodox-Reform Unity banquet! The Jewish religion has split before, but of course, that was over something important.

    • It seems to me that if the intermarriage rate can be estimated, the walk-away rate could be at least intelligently estimated. Sort of a 'how many would there be with few walk-aways given natural increase', etc. against well, how many there are.

      But then again, you never know! I mean, Yonah told me yesterday that the 6 million-ish people in Israel are all the descendants of the 400,000 Jews in Palestine in 1939!

    • "Is it possible to “drift away from Israel” without “losing Jewish identity”?"

      As long as I have the strength to garble a quote, mal a prop, break a syntax, and bake fresh puns once in a while, I will never lose my Jewish identity!

    • "Chosenness does not equal superiority; that is a myth."

      Go tell Bennet and your other buddies that. We already know it, Hophmi.

      And that the concept of "chosen" is being pushed and promulgated as superiority among right-wing Jews? Is that a myth? That Jewish superiority undergirds everything about Israel? Is that a myth?

    • "Most Jews are ok with intermarriage"

      In Israel, does it matter what "most Jews are ok with"? I don't think it does, does it? Doesn't matter how "liberal" the Jew is, what matters is if the State tries to control marriage along ethno-religious lines, as they do in Israel, with the co-operation of religion. A shameful and anti-Semitic situation.

    • Oh gee, sorry, "OyVey00", it didn't occur to me that you might live in Israel, where Jews are oppressed by anti-Semitic laws and religious repression. I didn't mean to make fun of an awful situation like that.
      Now allowing Jews to marry whom they please? Somebody oughta do something about it!

    • "and allow Jews to marry gentiles."

      It's horrible, isn't it? All those Jewish-Gentile couples, seeking desperately for somebody to marry them, and meeting everywhere the same response: 'uh,uh, not happening, and remember, no huggee, no kissee, til you get a wedding ring! Don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself!'

    • "Mooser. there must be a lot of Jews who have jumped ship"

      Of course, 'jumping ship' is much easier for those who are half-Jewish, they only sink up to their knees.

    • "Where have I ever condoned mass murder? Your comment is a blood libel."

      A "blood libel"? Oy Gevalt!! Well, "Jons", since you can't get bud out of a turnip, I'll top it: You smoke lousy weed!

    • "Hannukah is the last candidate for an “affirmation of universalism”."

      Hanuka is what you make it. There's no Hanuka-miester who compels anybody to celebrate it or interpret it in any particular way. If people want to change the meaning of Hanuka, and give it a universal aspect, nothing will stop them.
      Hey, aren't Christian holidays often new Christian interpretations or celebrations of what were pagan holidays? Well, if they can do that, so can we. Change the meaning of the holiday. Heck, we could even change the scriptures associated with the holiday, and nobody would notice.
      "Hey man, has Hannukah seemed more, well, 'universalist' to you lately?"
      "Chill, dude, as long as the 8-days-8-presents mitzvah is observed, I should argue about theology?"
      "By jove, you're right, old horse-radish, why make tsuris?"

    • I don't know that JVP needs to worry too much about that "self-hating" slur. There's a big prize out there. There may be more people out there who could potentially identify as Jewish, and enjoy some Jewish fellowship or worship, but prefer not to, than there are practicing, affiliated Jews, at the present. It may be that a great deal of JVPs support will come from that cohort, than it will from persuading Zionist Jews to a new outlook.

    • Plus, on Hanuka, one gets presents. When it comes to Hanuka, I'm pretty frum, no deviations, no slacking off. There's eight days, I get eight presents.

  • SodaStream rejected, at Harvard (and in Brooklyn)
    • "The machine makes a famous burp as it completes the carbonation process; and Buchanan found that the burp tore at his soul."

      The tell-tale two cents plain! Burp-burp, burp-burp, burp-burp....

  • Israeli police attempt to arrest Palestinian preschoolers for throwing rocks
    • There have been, and may be still, Israel government soldiers for whom the experience of occupation service is the point of departure from Zionism. A small number.

  • Israel will lose all American Jews but the crazies
    • In pretost of how long it take to get the eidt botton, I refsue to user it!

    • "I know I’m protected while I sleep"

      I know that God protects drunkards, idiots, and the mad. So I feel like I'm sleeping in triple-steel-walls vault every night!

    • "Marnie, those men and dogs keep Israeli’s alive."

      Man, I don't even want to think about the implcations of that sentence.
      What is it the "men and dogs" do to keep Israel "alive"?
      Hmmm, maybe I'd rather not know.

    • " Some of you are, but a large number of Jews in America and Israel see the American Progressive Left as an enemy of Israel, as they should."

      Jeez, that sentence doesn't make sense as many ways as it's offensive!

    • "This is beyond belief, or satire, come to that."

      Yup, absolutely amazing. The headline says: "Israel will lose all American Jews but the crazies", and right on schedule the crazies show up and go into their act.

    • "– you simply get good at what you doing."

      Ahha! Now I know what explains the birth-rate!

    • "The situation in this regard has in fact been normalized"

      "Ivri" is very, very worried about not being "normalized". He seems to go around with his fists clenched, muttering 'I am normalized, I really am! Normalized!'
      I'm always very leery of guys who keep insisting how 'normal' they are.

    • "Thank God for those men of War and those dogs. My Dobermans feel their kinship, as I do with my Strong brothers in Israel"

      A groyser tzuleyger! Patsh zich in tuchis und schrei "hooray" "My Doberman's"? Oh Lord quel macher!! Mason, I'm sure you'll never leave your dog's behind.

    • "Ooops, do I need to define “shonky” ? "

      Oh no, the song "Shonky-Tonk Woman" explicates the meaning fully.

    • Or who knows, maybe that dog is as friendly as all get-out, a real family pet, not an attack dog, so they put the muzzle on him for effect. Who knows with them?

    • "Why are the dogs muzzled."

      Dogs have extraordinarily sensitive noses. Some people claim they can actually smell DNA! Why take chances?

    • "Why are the dogs muzzled."

      Once a dog is trained to do the most self-destructive thing any dog can do, attack people, it can't be left unmuzzled aroound people. When its 'working' life is over (and it's not too long,) the dog, in almost every case, must be destroyed. It can't be trusted around people.
      But then again, given how the Zionists are given to using people, I suppose I shouldn't be shocked. And dogs are, of course trefe so who cares?

  • 'NYT' writer takes Salaita's side, saying U of Illinois violated 'intellectual and academic freedom'
    • "quote: you may be too refined to say it, but i’m not: i wish all the fucking west bank settlers would go missing. unquote. 6:59 p.m. june 19, 2014"

      Yonah! Why didn't you warn us you were going to do that, so I could have pulled the couch over. Now I've got a bump on the head, and I'm going to have to burn some feathers under my nose.
      And there's little dents in my hand from the pearls!

    • "tweet and whine both have one syllable."

      quod erat demonstrandum!

    • "I am not part of the academy and I do not know what standards of free speech entail or not,"

      And what the f---k, is that high-flown bit of middle-brow bullshit above supposed to mean, Yonah?
      You don't even know yourself, do you, and you wrote it.

      You don't know how to misdirect an issue, so why are you making these incredibly clumsy efforts to do so?

    • "as long as the name Salaita comes up and his tweets are put to the test, that tweet will be the one that i quote."

      But you haven't quoted it, Yonah. So instead of making all kinds of bullshit insinuations about the tweet, why don't you quote it and let us see how awful, (how "lascivious", and not "merely bloodthirsty") it is?

    • "but it does not quote the tweet that I find truly offensive"

      "Truly offensive", Yonah? Was it "lascivious" or "merely bloodthirsty"?

      And of course, there won't be any "cover-up" if you, Yonah, peal the tocsin with your own hand, and quote the "truly offensive" quote.

      Of course, you could just make up what you wish Salaita had said and put quotes around it. Why change a good tactic now?

    • "The settlers are trash, Yonah."

      The settlers are people. Zionism and Israel are what treats them as trash. Well, they're probably not very nice people.

  • Memo to Sen. Warren: More young Dems want US to side with Palestine than Israel
    • Shorter JeffB: 'Palestinian lives and land is the price for Jewish votes and money in US elections'

      You just keep pushing that line, JeffyB. I don't see how it can lose.

    • "Listen Jerk, that isn’t what I said and I resent you implying that it was. Perhaps you have more in common with Hophmi than either of you would care to admit."

      Look Keith, I can't help my DNA! I was born with it, and so far, although it is possible (or so I have read) to get your foreskin replaced, I'm stuck with the Jewish DNA, not that I mind.

      And if Hophmi was ever short, and needed a DNA transfusion I would volunteer. We don't agree on stuff, but I won't see him wither and die for lack of Jewish DNA.

    • Gee, the comment I was responding too is gone! I look pretty stupid, don't I?

      Don't worry, JeffB, I made several copies and backed them up.
      As a testimony to Jewish suffering at the hands of minorities in America, it stands alone.
      Well, almost alone, you can still find Podhoretz'z "My Negro Problem- And Yours" on the web.

      Gosh what a classic JeffB's comment was!
      Edit: I apologize, I keep on referring to "Norman Podhoretz" as "Jeff Podhoretz" my mistake. "Norman" is his first name

    • "Normally I don’t respond to you because I don’t like obnoxious."

      Good, keep it that way. I have no desire to "dialog" with a self-caricature, and an extremely embarrassing one.

    • "They are selling drugs we did alcohol, prostitution and gambling."

      And anybody, of course, can see which of those are glat and which , trefe.

      Yeah, yeah, JeffyB you got a Negro problem. You and Jeff Podhertz.

    • A guy's gotta do something to get out of the same old rut.

    • "Come on, Moose, surely you are aware that once affirmative action had broken down the doors to Jewish advancement, the big Jewish civil rights groups did an about face and decided that affirmative action was now reverse discrimination. They are the ones that pushed these law suites against college affirmative action programs using white Gentiles the way they once used Black litigants"

      "once affirmative action had broken down the doors to Jewish advancement,"? Can you find me an an example of affirmative action programs being used on behalf of Jews? I think the doors for Jews were broken down a bit earlier.

      "Affirmative action had broken down the doors to Jewish advancement"? Yup, "affirmative action" was all about the Jews. Wow!
      So which employment and professions were the Jews systematically excluded from which needed to be fixed and were fixed by "affirmative action" programs? Love to know.
      But anyway, that's an example of the civil rights movement attacking Jewish interests? Uh, okay.

    • Rare film of moose-mating ritual.

    • That's right JeffB, it's so meet, and so petite! As goes approval for torture, so goes approval for Zionism.

      "Jewish voters flipped like a dime once on their position regarding civil rights once the movement attacked Jewish interests and not just the WASP power structure."

      Good old JeffB, always sticking up for the integrity and intelligence of Jewish voters! "The (civil rights)movement attacked Jewish interests"? When did that happen, pray tell?

  • Yes, Virginia, there is a liberal Zionist
    • "Is there an Egyptian historian who wrote about the Exodus?"

      Yes, a very brave Egyptian historian who followed the story from initial enslavement to the very front lines of Egyptian soldiers in chariots as they chased the fleeing Israelites to the Red Sea. Saw the entire thing, open-mouthed with amazement. Gawking like an Egyptian, frankly.
      Well, you know the rest.
      Papyrus is pretty tough, but it's not waterproof.

    • “the establishment” because that’s the only actor he recognizes as being qualified to be of consideration"

      And then, to top it off, he always takes the "establishment's" word about itself No wonder it seems so powerful to him. He seems terrified of it, much, much more so than any of the Mondo writers who actually may go up against it.

    • "But was he born of a Jewish mother?"

      How would it be possible to know? I have heard that the pain of childbirth can cause women to renounce their faith. You never know. And there were no DNA tests back then, and you know what the song says....strumming on the old banjo, as it were.

    • "Spinoza is listed as a Jewish philosopher, as well as K. Popper in spite of the fact that he did not professed any religion, his parents were Lutheran and he was baptized."

      Such a fuss you're making, already! All right then, have it your way, and Spinoza will be listed as one of the great half-Jewish philosophers! Isn't that enough for him?

      If I was Spinoza, and I had a dog, (and I would, if it was at all possible,) I would so name it Sitand. Sitand Spinoza.

    • "What’s wrong with “Abrahamist strain”?"

      The "Abrahamist strain", for those who don't know, is a form of fatty tendonitis. Many people report relief from a series of Schmaltz baths, and I-growtherapy.

      And if that don't cure your Abrahamist strain, Jack, you're dead!

    • "Mooser, think of the times back then, and now apply your logic to the Founding Fathers of America. What do you get?"

      "A Funny Thing happened On The Way To The Forum" in Colonial garb?

    • "Even slaves had ways open to freedom and social, cultural and economic improvement. "

      Yup, must have been those outside agitators caused the Empire to fall. Came in and gave the slaves ideas above their station. Maybe the Roman Empire was based on 'democratic slavery'! That must be it.

    • "i am well aware of that mooser but i was responding to seans claim,"

      I know. I was trying to buttress your argument, not that you need any props.

    • "In fact, the great Enlightenment thinkers were in open revolt against the Abrahamist strain in Western culture"

      Sean, you are all talk. When it's all said and done, you are too frightened of Jews to suggest any remedy. Too bad. "Abrahamist strain" Oh my Gawed.

    • " their models were Greek and Roman — with an emphasis on reason and tolerance. Wonderful people."

      Sean, you are right out of the 19th Century. Greek and Roman societies were slave economies, based on human bondage.

      Look, if you want to make a fool of yourself praising slave economies, go ahead.

      Rome and Greek were both based on slavery. End of story. Unless you feel like you need to end up a slave, or did you have a different role in mind for yourself?

    • "i think anyone would be a fool to deny the Zionist wing of the Jewish establishment has prevailed in the struggle against the anti-Zionist wing. obviously."

      Not everything in Judaism and Jewishness is that top-down, that hierarchical. Ultimately, all those "establishment" organizations have little or no compulsory power.
      In fact, they have about the same amount of persuasive and social power that any large institution of religion has over its followers. Which is, as we've seen so many times, maybe quite a bit, but ultimately, not definitive. For instance, look at the number of issues once considered religion's right to regulate, to some extent, that have now become purely personal choices. And the localized and denominational nature of the organization of Judaism makes it susceptible to local influences. Where the Jewish people go, their institutions will follow, or die out. And with no "official" Judaism anywhere except Israel, the "establishment" cannot count on the State's help in suppressing alternate choices offered under the rubric of Jewish.
      Would it be the first time very different, even wildly opposed strains of Judaism co-existed, or succeeded each other?

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