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  • Why I'm for boycott
    • "but I’ve had plenty of time in this/i> life to make up my mind about Zionism."

      But not enough to learn to close my italics tags. Really shows you something, donnit? Yup, it was that easy.

    • "But I would be willing to consider B.D.S. efforts that are targeted against those who are complicit in specific Israeli policies."

      See how nicely this all works! Since I, as many will when they find out more, consider Zionism the "specific Israeli policies" Israelis are "complicit" in, I won't buy anything even remotely connected with the place. In fact, I've got a great idea. I think everybody should do that, and then we'll leave the Israelis to sort it out amongst themselves. Call me when you think you have a product I'll like, and I'll be glad to consider it, if for no other reason than tribal unity.

    • "So great that Phil has had this epiphany the last 10 years and has done so much.../...Christians"

      I agree with you Kathleen, I'll take it, and like it, whenever, wherever and just about however it occurs. And you know what just hit me? I thought my anti-Zionism was pretty solid, and complete. But I've just spent the last , oh, about two years, maybe three, being informed by people about the I-P issues and situation, people whose epiphanies may have come about much, much later than mine. (Although I usually have cacophonies) But their resources and commitment were greater, and they've been informing me. Some of them, possibly weren't even born when I had my views formed. I don't think seniority is all that relevant.

    • "Is it about punishment? Or is it about peace and justice?"

      Gee Hophmi, I thought you were a lawyer or something? Justice means that sometimes the guilty are punished. Peace comes from applying that justice, possibly even punishment, to the right people, for the right reasons.

      "It's counter productive"

      You mean, if we buy less from Israel/Zionism, we'll actually be buying more? Interesting point of view. Does it involve theosophy, or the fourth dimension?

    • "and redeeming that note"

      Could you think of a more insulting way of putting it? Why don't we just throw a fistful of dollars out the window for the Palestinians to scramble after?

    • "this phase can last up to 5 years and should bankrupt israel and force it to accept one man one vote which will bring about the “mandela”moment"

      Good! I'd like that, but satisfying my personal desire for poetic justice isn't the job of world politics. If you want to go an easier route, let us know. It's up to you. It's been, oh, roughly sixty years, and nobody lives forever, I may be reincarnated as a worm, but I've had plenty of time in this/i> life to make up my mind about Zionism.

    • "return of refugees with a recognized voice of their own.”

      Just a quibble, Citizen. But hows about "with the same rights as anybody else in the region" (or whatever organising principle, state, country)?
      "With a recognised voice of their own" sounds an awful lot (to me, but Jews have been tricked by this before, so we're sensitive) to "separate but equal".

    • Excatly, Citizen! Don't think of it as "extortion" Stogumber, just think of it as the most gentle persuasion which could possibly work. We don't live forever. And gee, doesn't "extortion" imply that the demand is criminal? Does BDS demand that Israel break laws, or follow them? And "extortion", if I'm not mistaken (always a possibility worth investigating) also implies that the demand is excessive. I don't see how any of that could apply to the boycott of the Zionist regime in Palestine.

    • “Whatever you want, from a single egg produced in a settlement all the way to everything"

      What is he supposed to do, say he'll come beat them up if their boycott is insufficient? I think quite a bit of Phil too, but he's probably better off not ordering people around.

    • "It is the mindset of an entire people."

      I think in any regime like Israel's, an awful lot of the people in Israel, even ostensible Zionists, are better classed as victims, rather than worrying about the "mindset of an entire people" if you talk about "the mindset of an entire people" than Zionists can talk about the "Palestinian culture of hate", can't they.

    • Seafoid, when I was a child, I of course, had a kid's understanding of Zionism, which was trivial. But when I reached (as such I did) man's estate (or at least man's "shoddy suburb") I found nothing except political absurdity, religious perversion, cultural tragedy and crime, crime, crime in it. YMMV of course, but it never had any attraction for me.
      And I think the price to get out of it may be much more than Newclench anticipates shelling out. Of course, I think he expects to borrow on speculative equity. He may be in for a rude surprise.

    • "There are choices we must make if we believe in dialogue."

      And which choices, Yonah, are you prepared to make? As far as I can see, you haven't (I don't know if you can, and don't want to be unfair) even made the choice to speak like an adult, or be honest.

    • "Our future is mortgaged to the Palestinians at this point...."

      You know what, Newclench? I've been in that position before. I bet if we do a walk-away, leave the keys in the door, and leave, the Palestinians won't come after us for the mortgage payments. They will probably just re-posses the place, call in one of those disaster-cleaning firms, and call it a wash.
      Cayuse I'm not sure we can afford the payments. (or can we, uh.... get them down?

    • "A program for ensuring a desirable Jewish future begins with ending the oppression of Palestinians and transforming the relationship. Our future is mortgaged to the Palestinians at this point, and redeeming that note is the Jewish task of the 21st Century.":

      You are right, Newclench! I am going to call a bankruptcy lawyer (and start salting away assets) today. Do you have any idea what we owe? Do you figure we can pay it, or do you have a plan to get the US to do it?

      Or you figure it's just matter of chump change, and a slightly more generous attitude?

    • When I'm feeling bad (given my eensy-beensy purchasing power) that I can't boycott Zionism any more than I have for the last 40 years, I cheer myself up by reminding myself "I'm a Jewish American, not an Americanish Jew"
      It helps, some.
      I swore before I was twenty I would never ever set foot in the place, like I could afford to go there.

    • "It is really safe here for Jews."

      As far as I know Pabelmont, the US government has no idea what religion I am, and better still, doesn't care. I'm no safer than anybody else, as far as religion goes. I am safe here because religion is not a part of my political identity, my relation with the state.
      That is the principle which keeps us safe.

  • Official who threatened Brooklyn College funding calls BDS speakers 'anti-Semitic fools'
    • "Thank you for your posts here Hostage. I thought of saying something similar but I don’t have the references at my fingertips, nor am I as eloquent as organised as you."

      And he makes it look easy. And the writing goes down like butter. I try not to miss a one.

    • RoHa, plenty of errata and mistypes in that article, just gotta read past 'em. I think that was a mistype, and "fail" was left out.

    • "Justice and equal law should always be the goal. That said, Israel (and every other country) is primarily invested in, and has obligations towards, its own citizenry. So for example, extending the right to non-citizen Palestinians makes no sense at all."

      Right outa the 19th Century. And don't thank me Mondonut. I put a big bucket of s--t in your path and invited everybody to watch and laugh when you stepped right in it and spread it all over yourself. And you never disappoint in that regard. I shoulda collected admission.

    • "Ashkenazi Jews Are Probably Not Descended From The Khazars."

      Yeah, Obsila, I never liked that Khazar idea, thought it was dumb. So with no Khazars, we're back to being basically the descendants of Palestinians!! Works for me, and it should make the issues easier to solve. You know, tribal unity.

    • "surely someone must have come up with a good strategy to deal with the “anti-semitism” gibe."

      I think a great number of suggestions for a good strategy can be acquired: 17-Point Guide To Anti-Semitism And Its Abuse using the latest Scarfe cartoons as a jumping-off place.

      And a pretty good guide for recognising anti-Semitism (and dealing with it) when it comes from ostensibly 'anti-Zionist' sources.

      Hope it helps.

    • "1. Old
      2. White
      3. Male
      It doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish or not. If you have those three criteria fulfilled, chances are pretty high you’re a piggish bigot."

      Oh crap, and I'm bald, too, and missing many teeth. Well, no avoiding responsibility. I'm going down and make a EEO complaint against myself today! I'll probably be indicted for self-hate speech!

      "It doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish or not."

      Hooray! Only in America!

    • "You just can’t get from a relatively homogenous population of 50,000 in the 15th century to around eight million at the start of the 20th century through inbreeding alone and end-up with short IBD distributions of shared DNA segments."

      I never laid a finger on that girl! Besides, you know how they are.

    • "The 1st and 14th amendments to our own constitution prohibit the government from establishing a Jewish state anywhere in our own country."

      But what about that long, long time before America was 'stated' from coast to coast? We could have all moved to a territory, and every Jew arriving in the New World would be shipped there, and I bet the US would be forced, by facts on the ground, to recognise a Jewish state in this continent. Funny, we never even tried. I wonder why that was, given what drives us....

    • "There is more than one way to have a democracy, and in the vast majority of places, democracy works best when you do NOT throw warring peoples and/or ethnicities together in the same state."

      Then why did the Zionists come there and start a war?

    • Thanka-you Hophmi! I read this article, this morning, and I've been looking to place the link. You know, Hophmi, if you read it, you could actually acheive a bit of sophistry in your rants. Remember, Hophmi, people here expect you to excel at it.
      I mean, using racism and atrocity to justify racism and atrocity, is so, well unsophisticated. Say, Hophila, old horse, why not use the we-aren't-worse(than non-Jews)-just-well-different-and-we-need-our-own-place-and-it'll-be-better-for-everyone. It'll really give you a chance to get sophisticated, and you'll find lot's of allies.

    • Hostage, there's way, way to much common sense, decency, justice and good will in your comment.
      You're like a bad polo player.

    • ckg, thanks for your comment. A gloss on your excellent comment (with pictures) is found here:

      link to

    • "The 1st and 14th amendments to our own constitution prohibit the government from establishing a Jewish state anywhere in our own country."

      Well, there is my house and yard, but we disguise it as a wild-animal preserve. Don't tell.

    • "defense? you’ve got to be kidding? i don’t need to defend myself."

      Annie, please! Mondonut does have the right to be a little miffed. Why, from reading your comments, a person could think that you think that guys like Mondonut won't be glad of a chance to live in a democratic, one-state Israel, with justice and reparations for the Palestinians. After all, when has Mondonut ever categorically said he won't do that?
      In fact, I'd like to give Monbdonut the chance right now, to tell us how eager he is to see the Zionist regime, (by negotiations in good faith, of course, under the administration of the UN, which made it) become a democratic state for all it's residents, a state which will give justice and eqaual rule of law to all. So here you go, Mondonut, you have the floor. Sell 'em a load of clams, brudda

  • ADL's pro-Israel mindset leads it to perpetuate anti-Muslim worldview
    • Oh. come on. The ADL can't be like that. Don't you know the NRA lists the ADL as an "anti-gun" organisation in the US? The ADL wants only Muslims to have guns?

  • Chomsky: Obama strongly supported Israel's 2006 Lebanon invasion
    • "happy their senator boy voted "

      Ah! Here we go with the "boy" thing again. One could, based on an ordinary American experience, become concerned about the self-perceived interior dimensions of someone who needs to call people "boy".

    • Phil, have a care! Did you know that if you Google [Chomsky gatekkeeper] you'll get bunches and bunches of "hits"? Now, what does that tell you, as if you didn't know!

  • Hillary Clinton showed more spine with Netanyahu than Obama has
    • "I’ll go first. Reality has to begin to unfold somewhere."

      If only Obama would nominate Hagel as Sec. Def.! He'll show 'em!

    • "chris, something tells me if you sent in a donation of a couple grand a month the site might be able to afford round-the-clock moderation"

      Thanks, Annie. I am sick and tired of those complaints about unfair moderation. And I can't believe they're honest complaints.

  • 'Odious and wrong' -- politicians threaten to shut down Brooklyn College boycott debate
    • "Failed Messiah covers the culture behind these attitudes in depth"

      Doesn't Failed Messiah (and BTW, never mind what personal axes he has to grind) mostly cover the Orthodox, Hasidic and Ultra-Orthodox? Are you sure that "culture" extends to Conservative, Reform, and Secular Jews, and the many, many Jews who know longer identify as Jewish? (Sure, they may no longer identify as Jewish, but those "core drivers" are persistent!)

      Cause if you're telling us that religious sects based on like 17th Centiry models have some real problems, Quel surprise, Sean.

      Oh, BTW, how many people are we talking about here, in the "culture"?

  • The liberal publicity line on 'Zero Dark Thirty'
    • "And when the women are seduced by the dark side of the force, what hope will there be?"

      Keith, excuse me but "seduced"? Isn't that just a bit chauvanist? Women don't make decisions, they get "seduced"? (Okay, here's the kicker) I see no reason why an American girl couldn't decide to join the military service for all the same well-informed, aware of the consequences, politically astute, not connected with her domestic circumstances, and economic reasons as any young man would!

    • "you’re old enough to remember ‘creature double feature’, ‘godzilla’ and ‘dracula meets the wolfman’ on the same afternoon."

      Yes, but as I got older, I had more excuses to avoid visiting relatives.

    • " just like the old days. you’re old enough to remember"

      I'm sure it was great, but not me, marcb, I went, or rather, my parents took me to a few movies when I was a kid, but I didn't like them. (Live theater, yes. but sit there and watch shadows on a wall? No.) I didn't continue to go, it never became a habit. I gave up watching TV (true story) after I tried to punch a kid in 6th grade, like they do on TV. Instead of a satisfying crack, and he drops like he's pole-axed, I rip out the sleeve of my button-down shirt, missed him entirely, and then got a bloody nose from the excitement. Oh yes, and suspended! TV lies, and that was my last "Man from U.N.C.L.E schtick".
      Besides, you are shortening your life virtually by watching all the TV and movies. It makes the time pass quickly. It's not like we have all that much. By being so all-fired bored I get full value out of every minute. Nobody charges admission for that!
      We do have a small TV, my wife likes the occasional game (if available broadcast) or "Jeannie" or "Bewitched" re-run. But as soon as those big flat screens came out, I made a hard and fast rule: in my house, I have the biggest head and the loudest voice, except, of course, for my wife, who has a whim of iron.

    • I am so glad I will never see this film. Frankly, I have not concluded whether extensive viewing of TV and films is safe, or is a hazard to health. So in the meantime, I'm playing it safe. Of course, watching the earth die isn't fun, but nobody charges admission.

  • 'Most moral' army in the world is looking more and more like Bull Connor enforcing Jim Crow
    • "What ‘land that belongs to Jews’ are you talking about?"

      What's the matter with you, justice? Don't you read the Bible?

    • "Yeah! Who needs soldiers, or cops even? Let them go find a decent job."

      Bro'!! Citizen, I wouldn't put it quite that extreme, but I'm glad to see we basically agree on this. Peace out, bro' see you in the people's park.

      Oh, BTW, got a cite for that spitting incident?

    • "Doesn’t seem an unlikely intersection of organizations to me, but hey, a Jew needs a gun in what that ptb & have been"

      As I understand it, the NRA is calling the Jewish organisations on the list "anti-gun". You, of all people, should know how guns have their feelings hurt by anti-gun people. Why do you think so many of them are going off?

    • "I am proud of my family members in Israel who have dodged military service."

      Elliot, I like the cut of your tie! That's the way to talk! As a draft-dodger and military deserter myself, I welcome them to the fraternity.

    • "As for the Anti-Israel lobby? That’s a new one. What is their name? Where is their office?"

      I am pretty sure that "anti-Israel lobby" was simply a mis-type by Phil. He meant to say something else, but didn't. So I'm letting it go.

    • Thanks for your attention. I don't know that it's all that significant, but it just seems to be such an unlikely intersection of organisations. And it sure shows (unless every one of those orgs are all strictly Jewish public health advocates) the many facets those organisations show or the varying ways they are perceived. And there's also lists, another list of individuals (which I wouldn't even have a clue about, but you might) and corporations.
      Or maybe I just interest easy.

    • "Also I take your point re Bull Connor, but I think it helps Americans understand apartheid over there, in American terms"

      Absolutely, but you know me, I had to elaborate a bit on it. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. I always want to gild the lolly.

      "the significance of the list of anti-gun organizations."

      First off, are you accepting the NRA's locution "anti-gun organisations" as a valid descriptor? But let it pass, like the pachyderm wearing my pajamas, it's irrelevant.

      I found it very interesting that (whoops, hold on, I better check the link, who knows what I did) the American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, Anti-Defamation League, B`nai B`rith,
      Central Conference of American Rabbis, Jewish Labor Committee, National Council of Jewish Women, and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, are all listed as "anti-gun" by the NRA. Now I realise I mashed up a lot of organisations there, some of which may be purely devoted to American civics issues and public health, but I just find it interesting (okay, it's really, really, dull up here!) that Zionist organisations can be perceived as "anti-gun". (And I don't know where every one of those "anti-gun" stands on Zionism)
      Mostly, I was surprised that the "Jewish" organisations listed had any point of interection with the NRA. But I'll give those NRA guys this: The Jewish dominance of the media and influential position in American society doesn't scare them!

      "Are you saying that the anti-Israel lobby isn’t nearly as widespread in the U.S.?"

      Sorry, lost me there, did you mistype, Phil? But if there's an "anti-Israel lobby" in the US I'd like to hear more about it!

      I don't want to draw this OT, there was no comments yet, and I just thought it was interesting to think about those orgs. intersecting. And anbody critical of Israel has to look for allies wherever they can....although it's hard to imagine ads for Bushmasters on Mondo.

    • Phil (please excuse my unwarranted presumption) this must be a distressing and disheartening subject to write about. For a little light yet related comic relief, go here, a TPM article, and don't neglect to look at the lists attached. It may not get you ROTF, but it's good.

      And BTW, didn't Israel surpass Bull Connor a long time ago, as far as methods go? Not that it isn't a valid and good comparison, of course.
      But as I remember, Bull stuck mainly to his own jurisdiction

  • Full transcript of Chuck Hagel hearing before Senate Armed Services Committee
  • If you were a Palestinian Israeli, and your polling place looked like this--
    • "Palestine was never cordoned off from rest of the world, Arab North African, Persian, Ottoman and European, nor its developments including warfare. As you acknowledge, the Palestinians were not always Muslim, but even within a thousand years were also not only Muslim."

      tokyobk, if you believe "might makes right" just come out and say it. Do you think we can't read? I understand perfectly. for you, a real tough guy, familiar with the uses of violence, any kind of justice or morality based solution would be a farce.

    • - “They don’t believe in God but believe he gave them the land.”

      Couldn't you give us the slip?

    • Just remember, RoHa, I've got a copyright on my exclusive "Star 'O David" mag wheel design. You think I'm gonna let this bunch of gonifs scamper off with my gilt-edged ideas? Not on your tin-type, Margery! What am I, a greenhorn, a rube?
      (RoHa, I know your name isn't "Margery", it's just a common expression around here. Anyway, it was back in the 'teens)

    • "WE think of our misdeeds – YOU come up with something great German."

      Klaus, there is no denying the introspective, self critical morality of Germany. Remember how the awareness of their misdeeds kept them out of WW1? And in the late 1930's and 1940's Germany (no doubt with an acute awareness of their misdeeds!) steadfastly refused to get involved in any of the totalitarianism, genocide, or aggression which was going on all around them. They even pacifically resisted the French and Polish attacks.

      And you know what, Klaus? Japanese casting makes your's look like junk. Before they cast anything in Germany, they break the mold.

    • Wow, It's like a wish fulfillment dream or something. That Blue Box is so big! I mean, look, rifling the Blue Box was hardly worth it. Couple bucks, maybe. Only good part was tittering when my Mom noticed the box was now empty and said "Oh, I guess Elijah came and got it!" Anyway, chump-change, mostly, not even enough for a fix. Jeez, you ever been dope-sick on the High Holy Days? It's a drag.

      But that blue Box up there

    • "The Star of David is … "

      The perfect design for a set of "mag" (cast magnesium-alloy) wheels! Klaus, you've headed me towards fame and fortune. I'll have 'em cast
      by a contract manufacturer in the Far East, triple the price, and sell 'em in Tel Aviv. By that sign, I will conquer the after-markets!
      Very surpirsed, what with the great German history of magnesium-alloy casting (VW engine/trans cases, for instance) you haven't thought of this first.

    • Well said, Tommy.

  • Hagel obeyed Senate taboo against criticism of Israel-- 'our most important ally in the entire world'
    • "…and the hay was carried away by the wind before the big, bad wolf had managed to blow. The other little pigs, though, were celebrating because they thought the BBW couldn’t blow."

      Sardelapasti, I'm not talking about James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps, I was thinking more of Shirley Hanna-King.
      I was just trying to say that after a big electoral victory like Obama ("He's a poster boy for affirmative action writ large and in every nuance.") just had, the President can usually get his Cabinet nominees confirmed.

    • I see it like you do, sardelapasti. They huffed, and puffed, but they can't blow Obama's house down. It's a brick house, mighty, mighty. Hagel will be confirmed.

  • 'NYT' covers Beitar Jerusalem fans campaign against Muslim players and says racism may threaten Israeli-hosted tournament
    • I do not know if Hophmi has committed any actual infractions, I simply used his name as an example. Nasty, sure, but why not? And everybody already knows what I think of eagles (fish-stealing alopeciac! Stole my spot as national animal!) and ilk. Multi-tined slackers.

    • "You reveal yourself too clearly by some of the stands you take. It ain’t pretty."

      It's like talking to somebody out of the 18th or 19th Century, isn't it.

      But Zionists are desperate to deny the changes in the relationship of people's (including "the Jews") and pretend we are still in the 18th Century. I'll have more to say about this, soon. But since very few people ever closely examine the circumstances under which they live, they just live their lives, and since Zionists, and the Jewish religious establishment they have suborned (I frickin hope so, but the truth is probably that they jumped right into their arms, and said "Kiss me, my demon lover") has a great deal invested in obscuring the truth about Jews from them.
      What is incredible, if we're are suppose to be so frickin smart, that we didn't see right through it.
      But the truth is, when they start arresting Zionists in the US who have broken laws, I very much doubt, no matter what the social consequences, that they will arrest me for Hophmi's infractions (just as an example) because I am also Jewish.
      So I'm not invested at all in the Zionist's crimes, not contracted with them, and neither is any other Jew who has not committed them. But wow, do they want to avoid that point! "If Zionism fails, we all go down to the boxcars together" says Hophmi, and his ilk (you know what I think of ilk!) 'so you better help us out, or it'll be bad for all of us."
      But what Hophmi (or his nasty pet ilk) wants to obscure is that unlike former times in other places, there is ,legally, no "the Jews" in the US. Oh, there are lots of Jews, but not any "the Jews". I would no more expect to suffer for the Zionist's crimes than I would expect to go to jail because a Jewish guy robbed a bank somewhere. Of course, if Hostage says different, I guess maybe I am too optimistic.
      But since such an effort has been made by interested people to confuse this issue, by mis-using the history of persecution the Jews have been subject to, and since people tend to accept what is implied if the don't look for themselves, I think we have a mess.
      Anyway, I'll have more to say (try and stop me!) when I think it out.
      My God on a Pogo stick, you would think that people who have been persecuted so much would make a fetish of knowing what their relationship with the State and with other citizens is, as far as their religion goes!
      But I'm just musing, really, I haven't found the way to properly explicate or name the phobia the Zionists take advantage of. Oh, I understand why it is there, but you would, that would require real tribal unity, so forget it.

    • "Now there is a real threat!"

      Mike_Konrad, if you are trying to tell us that racism is intrinsic to Israel, and politicians are unwilling to stand against it, we already know that. But I'm glad to see you do, to.

    • Woody, as far as I'm concerned, you are the "bee's roller skates". For you I would do my world-famed imitation of a hen laying an egg, with five encores!
      Oh wait, I forgot, I write a lot of comments. I guess you've already seen me lay a few eggs.

    • "One of the most famous American Jewish Olympic athletes of all time, Mark Spitz"

      Oy Mark Spitz! Be still, my heart. Wait a minute, not that still. Okay, just a slight arythmia. It'll pass. Anyway, what myriad host of deflowerings (on cruddy, cruddy, couches, perhaps?) may have been made more bearable by staring up at that shaved chest with those five Gold Medals? That poster was everywhere.

    • "I’m not aware of any Jewish American athlete, who is not also a citizen of Israel, who has been banned from playing in Muslim or Arab States because of his or her Jewishness"

      Hophmi, as Max Smart: "Never banned a Jew, huh? Well, would you believe...they called them names! No? How about, they went back in the locker and talked bad about his defense work? What about a dirty look? Well, it could have happened!"

      My goodness, Hophmi, whatever it is you're supposed to be doing, and whoever it is you do it for, I hope they pay you well, and you have good health insurance. I know your job would kill me.

    • "Soccer fans chanting racist slogans? I guess this has only ever happened in Israel."

      Why is it happening at all in Israel? Do you Zionist (and you don't know how I grudge you those first four letters, I've got much better quadraliterals for you) punks and hoodlums ever get tired of embarrassing the entire Jewish world? No, let me guess, anything you can do to make Jews look worse pays off for you.
      This how you repay the world which gave you a state, right where you wanted it, to the disadvantage of others? Oh yeah, see preceding sentence. I guess I forgot.

    • Woody, I forget, are you "mediocre" or "outrageous"? Did that ever get settled?

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