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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there.

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  • On ‘Death to Arabs’ in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv
    • "But liberal Judaism will save the day..."

      Seafoid, are you confusing "Liberal Jews" with "Liberal Zionists"?

  • 9 Reasons why Israel is under rocket attack 
  • It's time for liberal Jewish bodies to take a stand
    • "There can be no compromise with or meeting of the minds with jihadists. The only thing that can be done is to destroy them."

      Oy look who's a big shot, a macher! It's Norman, all dressed in his battle gear, and ready to fight terrorism, if his Mom lets him cross the street.

      Norman, Norman, A lung un leber oyf der noz!

    • "Give us a break talking about liberal Judaism- come back when you have neutralized people like the Dersh and Adelson. Something like the von Stauffenberg attempt of July 1944 is required. The extremists are walking all over you."

      Dersh and Adelson are Reform Jews? Who knew?

  • Palestinians build tunnel to attack Israeli kindergarten, Netanyahu says
  • 'Slate' blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel
    • "There is a long history of Americans volunteering for allied armies or sympathetic causes."

      Problem is, when it comes to Israel, what seems sympathetic one day turns out to be merely pathetic and simpering the next.

    • "Someone else’s land becomes yours simply because you’re Jewish, you want it and, so, it rightly belongs to you. The sense of entitlement is breath-taking, disturbing and sickening."

      That's the Ziocaine Syndrome. It's a behavioral affliction.

    • "There is a special holiday in America to honor fallen soldiers. It’s called Memorial Day."

      And therefore everything Israel does is just A-okay, hunky-dory! I mean, you have Memorial day, too don't you?

    • "Thank you very much for uploading those two videos in MondoWeiss."

      Oh yes, they are so convincing. Why, I'm nearly persauded to enlist.
      Seriously dude, you are one crazy hombre if you think there is anything positive in those videos. Of course, they do show the triumph of will-power.

    • "This high number of dead and injured soldiers shows that we are ready to die to defend our homeland and families, no matter your sophisticated analyses. The Palestinians know it, also MW readers should know."

      You poor son-of-a-beeswax, Mehane. Mehane, having soldiers ready to die to "defend our homeland" is no big deal. The Nazis had that, too. What is so depressing is that Israelis don't want to live to defend their 'homeland'.

    • Well, well, of all people, OlegR Well, if this isn't 'old home week'!

      Yup, a mistake.

    • "I thought Jews were born to show the world how to live ."

      Not just how to live, Seafoid, but how to live it up!

    • "Defending the Jewish people against terrorism is a noble aim, and military service a selfless action in support of that aim."

      Oh please. "Defending the Jewish people against terrorism is a noble aim"
      Is that what you think is going on in Gaza now?

    • That poor schlimazel.

  • Oh what a lovely war!
  • US plays decisive role in Israel's attack on Gaza
  • The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
    • Oh this is hysterical. A Jew is going to argue for might-makes-right? We better get busy having babies, and even getting whole nations converted before we play that game again. Why do the Zionists want to play the game every other religion has lost? And which we can't win either? Because it's the religion, the people who will lose that game, not the Zionists.
      And if you say God will play on our side in that game, I want to see an iron-clad contract. He's tended to quit mid-season in the past.

    • Shingo, "dimadok" and the others are trying to force Mondoweiss to give them the whine concession. They want a monopoly on selling whines.

  • Watch: 9 Jewish activists arrested after occupying Friends of the Israel Defense Forces office
    • "the whites accused of being ‘race traitors’ during the struggle for civil rights in the US."

      Actually, I remember the sobriquet "ni--er-lover" being regularly applied.

    • "What’s a legal observer? Is it someone who was there legally? Is it a lawyer? Is it someone who is placed there for lawyerly purposes?"

      That frightens the hell out of you, doesn't it Yonah? They'll be coming soon to a settlement near you!

    • "Why does the IRS allow such groups to operate with tax-exempt status?"

      Oddly enough, Israel and dodgy tax-exempt schemes are in other places on the web today too

    • "FIDF is a multi-millionaire dollar non-profit organization that collects funds to send to the Israeli military."

      That's one way to put it, but no matter who is in it, I doubt they wanted any attention drawn to their headquarters, I mean, offices.

    • Can't wait for Hophmi and the gang to recommend recommend felony charges for this. They coulda been terrists, you know.

  • Arab reporters come under attack from Israelis
    • "You mean that most of the people supporting Netanyahu appear Jewish"

      Oh, c'mon, you can buy all that stuff, the hats, the shirts, the coats, over the Internet. Or is there another way you can tell?

    • "So only white people are Jewish?"

      Some Jews are more equal than others in a Jewish democracy.

    • But some people do like it enough to dress the part. Do I get the feeling that the least satisfied people are, well, ordinary Israeli citizens? They should try getting the right clothes.

    • Gosh, easy to see who, that is, which people Zionism works for. You can see who's with the program, and fully on board, and who is not.

  • 'Telegenically Dead': Israel’s crumbling media war
    • "Empathy – the propaganda equivalent of the faked orgasm."

      Oh, I've seen them here, and they try to make with the empathy, except when bigots try to fake empathy the best they can do is obvious condescension.
      It's a pretty sad spectacle, and they get called on it every time, but it never changes, since they have nowhere else to go.

  • US Jews occupy Israeli army support office in NY in civil disobedience action
    • "Your devotion to Zio-supremacism appears to have addled your brain."

      Okay, when I was young, my Dad told it to me like this: "Look, yitzchok for a thousand years or more there has been no advantage, and sometimes mortal danger in declaring you are Jewish. It could cost you your life. So if a person is willing to say 'I am a Jew' he is. And here, boychik, (whack) is a good klopf on the head so you'll remember. "

    • Citizen, you shock me sometimes! But you know me, I'm PC all the way. Anyway, girls from Russia aren't "shicksas" they're 'comrades'.

    • "It is people like these who keep this anti-Israeli guy (me) from being anti-Semitic."

      I suggest that if you know the history of Zionism, and how it interacts with Jews, as well as the other people Zionism victimizes, almost nothing Israel could do would make you anti-Semitic.

    • "To him/her, they all automatically belong to Israel above all others."

      But the poor bastard isn't home free when he get to Israel, is he? Once he gets there Israel is going to handle him based on what kind of Jew Israel thinks he is.

    • "They are a bunch of traitors!"

      Palikari knows (like all Zionists) that there are just too many Jews!! So we need to get rid of the traitors, the disloyal, the kapos the mosers!
      Yup, that's one thing you will always find in a Zionist, the fervent desire to get rid of Jews who don't meet their standards. And of course, with being a Zionist comes both the capability to and the necessity for judging every other Jew.
      Why, I shouldn't wonder if Zionists hate insufficiently Zionist Jews more than they hate Gentiles! Oh, except they don't hate Gentiles, that isn't part of Zionism, is it?

  • Naomi Wolf walked out of synagogue when they had nothing to say about Gaza massacre
    • "That there are non-Zionist congregations she might attend actually enhances the point"

      Can you suggest a couple Ms. Wolf might attend?

    • Cliff, what is so awful is that I can hear Yonah's comments, as well as read them.

    • "You might be right that with Zionism it was inevitable. That is the what if question I am asking because I am interested in history not hasbara."

      You are "interested in history"? History is the study of 'what is', not "what if" The "what if questions" are simply your method of revisionism and obfuscation. You want us to forget what actually happened, and make up a fantasy. And then we can plan for the future based on our fantasies about the past?

    • "In ancient times, the Temple was the center of ritual, while the synagogues also served as discussion forums, something like the Roman “forum”, or a “Socrates cafe.”

      W. Jones, I neither understand your admiration for societies based on slavery, nor do I share it.
      And do they serve hemlock at the "Socrates cafe"?

    • Yeah, Like Australia and the US? Nothing but unclaimed land and aborigine's? Hardly.
      The idea that Zionism could have been anything other than a brutal village-by-village dispossession is hasbara

      "I suppose your point is to get me to react so congrats,"

      No, please! I most certainly do not want you to react. I don't think you are in any way honest, and I'd like to hear as little as possible from you. So no, I do not want you to react.

    • "Israel does indeed have the right to live in security and peace"

      Okay, which borders do they get to live in security and peace behind? When you look into it, no, they do not have a right to live in security and peace. Hows about they decide where the borders are, if they want security and peace?

      The only deed they have to the place exists in a few people's Bibles.

    • Ah, that's Yonah! Yonah giveth the Jewishness, and Yonah taketh away the Jewishness.
      So Yonah is the guy who looks at your faith card. Awful skinny and weak to be a bouncer isn't he?

    • "My guess is that an Israel on pre 67 (defined) borders that was actively committed to removing any ethnic based legal or actual barriers of all its citizens, could have survived with a good measure of the world’s support, even retaining a Jewish element to its national life. The history of its founding would have been (for better or worse, fair or unfair) treated in the same way as that of the US or Australia."

      Wow, your brutality is breathtaking, tokyobk. Not to mention your very obvious faith in Jewish supremacy.

    • It's such a lose-lose situation for the ordinary Jewish person. Very frustrating. Bigotry and hatred and theft, or even the tacit approval of it, shouldn't be the the price tag for admission to one of the world's great religions.

      The US government, one of the most powerful agencies on the planet, seems to be almost helpless before the Zionist project, and now the Jews are supposed to take it on?

      What is so frustrating is that the sensible thing for any Jew to do, the thing with the fewest consequences, is, in fact, to walk out of Temple and not come back. There may be braver things to do, there may be more ethical things to do, but that might be the most sensible.

    • "I turn in my card of faith as of now because of our overwhelming silence as Jews…"

      This is exactly what the Zionists want. They are so happy to have a defensive layer, the Jewish religion, in between them and accountability. Get mad at the Zionists, take it out on Judaism. That's exactly what they want.

      Maybe I'm just klemperer because I never got a "card of faith" after my Bar Matzoh. But I never did know how to conduct myself.

  • ‘We have nothing left to lose. I would rather die with my family under the rubble of our house than have a humiliating truce’: Palestinian youth demand justice
    • "Yeah, yeah. But were they producing cherry tomatoes?"

      RoHa, the myth that Palestine was open arable land just waiting for Jewish colonists, and that these colonists could have, had they so desired, just moved right on in peaceful like and everybody could have been happy (til the Occupation, or til this, or that) still persists.
      I don't know if they grew tomatoes, but in Jaffa they grew oranges.

    • "The sad thing is, they were a very dignified and proud people, flourishing, farming, fishing, and progressing quite well, until the demons from hell were dumped in their territories. Life has never been the same since."

      They deserved nothing of what has happened to them. Nothing. The desperate attempts by Zionists to hang some sin around the necks of the Palestinians (the Mufti) or simply deny their existence has been another disgusting spectacle.

  • Renouncing my Israeli citizenship
    • "(and I believe a more effective way) is to shed the Jewish identity as I and others have done; in other words—QUIT. As someone once said, “You have nothing to loose but your chains."

      Whoo-boy! Those aren't chains brother! Have you ever considered getting rid of those heavy, out-dated phylacteries, and trying something in a light-weight synthetic?

    • " Your solution would have worked if America’s doors had always been open."

      And I can hardly see how America's immigration policy prevented the Zionists from adhering to the principles which make for the best conditions for Judaism and Jews. Of course, if they did the goddam thing would never have gotten started.

    • "The doors to America were slammed shut"

      Yonah, that didn't matter to my family, they came here illegally. Slipped past 'immigration' in a leaky old boat, is what they tell me. But that was two generations before me, maybe more.

    • "It is a matter of what it means to be a humanist without hiding behind an ethnic cloak."

      Does the ACA mean the surgery is now covered? Oh, it wouldn't matter, would it? A psychic once told me I have a 'Jewish aura', there's no getting around that!

    • " and a photo of Jews dancing after making aliya seemed like a great post to Phil Weiss"

      And they were all sitting around the Mondowiess offices,( high atop Mondoweiss Tower No. 1) bemoaning the fact that there's been absolutely no news out of Palestine this week, which seems to have settled in to a long summer vacation. "There's nothing going on!" said Phil, tearing his Bryl-Creamed locks and renting his clothing. "We'll have to make something up, quick, where's the dancing Israelis photo?"

    • "but another way of resisting (and I believe a more effective way) is to shed the Jewish identity as I and others have done; in other words—QUIT."

      I thought of trying that for a second once, but I realized it would be of no use. You can pick me out a mile away. I could deny it all day long and people would still know. Besides, what identity would I have left? I'd be a zelig! There, you see what I mean? I can't go two paragraphs without betraying my origins.

      And why, what on earth for, would I give the Zionists that kind of satisfaction? They don't want anti-Zionist Jews around, then come and throw us out.

    • "thus my ability to make aliya and then leave it behind with a flurry of Nazi, Nazi, Nazi is limited by the circumstances of my life."

      I understand your concern for your relatives, but how does lying to yourself help them? Wouldn't knowing the facts about Israel make you all better at assessing the risks, and understand why your claims to Palestine are so tenuous and contested?

    • Thanks, John. Somebody, above in the thread mentioned "the negation of Zionism".

      I've always thought "the negation of Zionism" has been staring Zionism in face since practically since Zionism was invented! If the question for Zionism was "Under what system do Jews live best, are subject to the least oppression, and no official repression, where can Jews live as they please, worship as they please work as they please without having to answer to anybody because they are Jewish?" If that was the question, the negation of Zionism was staring them right in the face. The American Constitution, and the lives of Jews in America.
      But I'm not sure that question even entered their minds.

    • Marnie, don't you know Zionists have both the right, and the responsibility, to judge every other Jew? Your ancestry, your religious education, your commitment, your politics, your religiosity, all must abide their questioning.
      It is up to them to weed out the phony, the inadequately committed, the casual, in short, all those who don't make the grade. This is the heavy responsibility which has devolved upon them.

    • "I challenge the veracity of this post."

      You don't challenge squat. What do you have to challenge it with? Squat! What are you going to say, Yonah, 'This story is as phony as the Paris-Synagogue-Attack story?'
      Yes sir, Yonah Freedman as a judge of veracity. Who Yonah could be so humorous in these terrible times?

    • "A million or two more like this guy and we might even have a trend on our hands."

      Have you seen the figures for the number of Israelis living abroad? The number trying to leave? But, I'm with you, Exchequer, may their tribe increase.

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