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  • 'Great American villain' Henry Kissinger faces citizen's arrest inside a Senate hearing room
    • "why is it no surprise that giles and eva find their way to bash those who prosecute Nazi guards?"

      Gee, Yonah, I've thought about it for a while, but I don't see what you are getting at. Could you explain it more clearly? What is it you are trying to say?

    • " It’s another for you and Mondoweiss to applaud it."

      And when this acclaim is contrasted with both Kissinger's and Israel's scrupulous care to see no action they propose or carry out will ever hurt anybody over 65.

  • Netanyahu speech could allow Obama to 'take on the Jewish lobby' as he took on Cuba lobby -- Indyk
    • "the only state in the region that shares any of our values"

      Gee, and we used to be soooo close. What happened?

      "drawing on Israeli intelligence and security cooperation to fight terrorism"

      So don't expect anything more than false or self-serving information. And don't expect anything more than that!

      Gee, and I remember when Hophmi used to give out all that "staunchest ally" and all the "common values". But now simply not being Arabs, and maybe some Hasbara should be enough? Price of Israel just keeps on going up.

    • "I say, On Super Bowl Sunday, when everyone is distracted by The Beast and Gronk, Katy Perry and Tom Brady."

      There is actually another team in that game besides the "Patriots". And a team, I might add, whose escutcheon remains unsoiled (or unsullied, if you wish) by even the merest hint of bad sportsmanship, only a little excessive taciturnity. I mean c'mon, fining a sports figure who will shut up? Anyway, they'll be repeating, as they won it last year, too. Not that anybody remembers.

  • Is inter-faith work between Jews and Muslims possible?
    • "If that is an example of your level of understanding of the “hostility” then I can see why some Muslims wouldn’t want to talk to you"

      Oh, but Hophmi is always willing to talk to them, and tell them all about themselves.

    • "Let me respond as an American who is also a Zionist."

      So, what's your 'split', JeffyB? 50/50%? 30/70%? How do you divide your loyalty to America and your loyalty to Zionism? Could you recommend a suitable admixture? No pinchbeck antimonies, please!

    • "One other thing: my experience suggests.../ such societal societal taboo, and are firmly in the mainstream of their communities. "

      Shorter Hophmi: 'Of course, I can't leave without taking a few cheap shots at Muslims, and praising Jews, can I?'

      Can't imagine why on earth Hophmi needs any "dialog" (pace, Witty), since he seems to know all about Muslims already. I mean, what could they possibly tell him? He's got it taped, man.

    • "As a board member of two organizations that focus, one in total and one in part, on Jewish-Muslim interfaith dialogue,"

      But as a board member, you are unable to name the organizations? Or simply unwilling to name them? Seems to me you would be right proud of your service on these boards, and want all the other board members to be aware of your comments and comment archive.
      I can't imagine why you wouldn't.

  • Charlie Hebdo: The sacred of the 'wretched of the Earth' and its desecration
    • :" to me as an atheist, the appeal to “the sacred” is a complete turn-off."

      Would you be as willing to put up with the Muslim ideas about "the sacred" as we are to put up with Christian, and to some degree, maybe even Jewsh, ideas of "the sacred" every day?
      That's really all she is asking, I think.

  • 'NYT' perpetuates myth Israel was 'fighting for its very survival' during 1967 war
    • Them's some high aspirations you got for Judaism and Zionism, mister. Good stuff! You just keep on insisting on Judaism's and Zionism's right to kill people. That's always worked out well for a people who form a large fractional part of the earth's population, with an absolutely explosive birthrate, who can sustain any war-loss or genocide and keep on ticking.

    • "Great heaps of thanks to talknic and tree."

      You can say that again!

    • Yonah, for G-d's sake, don't mention "spitting"! I do not want to see that You-Tube video again! Ixnay on the expitting-say, Yonah! Nuf' said?

      Just read the replies to Yonah. Wow! That is clear, factual and concisely written responses like Mother used to make!

    • I think "Jon s" says the name "Menachem Begin" over and over, in orotund tones, shortly before going to sleep each night.

    • "And therein lies the gulf~ fact vs fiction."

      You guys are harsh! Try and remember, "Jon s" always adds a layer of evasive piety to the mix.

    • "This was a war of self-defence in the noblest sense of the term."

      Menachem Begin said that? You mean that Menachem Begin, the Israeli guy? Him?
      Wow, will wonders never cease, or what? Of all people, Menachem Begin! Gosh, "Jon s" if I handna read it, I never woulda believed it! Well, I guess the truth had to come out sooner or later. But who would have ever thought....

      And any man who says Menachem Begin ever uttered a self-serving untruth will have to fight me!

    • "Amigo, sure, why bother getting your facts straight? Why not just hate ‘em all?"

      Because, let's see, Rehavam Ze’evi was the one was constantly trying to hold them back, and in fact, refused to participate in the war?

      Besides, "Jon s", we read all kinds of stuff from militant Zionists here every day, in real time, reacting to current events. Do you think they can be defined as 'likeable'? Go talk to them.

      People are, as you may know, entitled to form opinions and draw conclusions.

  • Video: Racist Israel supporter films himself attacking Toronto students, urinating on BDS poster
    • "But now I’m curious what HE was feeling, other than being hopped up on about a gram of crystal meth."

      Nothing, nothing known to science or the arts of medicine, unfortunately, can prevent some people from combining Ziocaine Syndrome episodes with the consumption of alchohol or drugs.

      Please, don't drink and 'drome!

    • "Well poor ole Jeff is worried his daughter may have to face such signs."

      "oldgeezer" I saw JeffyB's mention of that, and all I could think is: "Wow, that girl will have to be a regular freakin' James Meredith to get through a single semester"

  • Shit dead rabbis say about gentiles
    • "Schneerson’s very long career and corpus of works and emphasized a few quotes like this, almost certainly taken out of context..."

      C'mon, Hophmi, hit all those far-leftists and neo-Nazis back right square in the kisser by posting all the hail-fellow-well-met and all-men-are-brothers quotes from Schneerson!
      And don't forget the context!

    • "hopknee is probably upset that Phil spoke outside the tribe as that’s treason or something"

      Well, considering how many times Hophmi (and others) has cast Phil Weiss adrift on an ice floe, or sent him out into a Plains snowstorm to die of exposure, or just plain excommunicated him, I hardly see why Mr. Weiss should be expected to keep tribal confidences.

    • "People will inevitably hate Jews in general because of Jews like you, hoppy."

      And Hophmi sneers: 'Let them hate, as long as they fear!'

    • "Note to Hopfmi. 10+ for your marvelous mental gymnastics in absolving the rabbi."

      And heeeeere's Hophmi: "The ad is for a pamphlet of supposed writing by the Rebbe from 1991 and 1992, when he was about 90 years old. You can be fairly sure he didn’t write them on his own."

      By implying the Rabbi's closest followers and confidants committed a literary and religious fraud, twisting the senescent, but egalitarian Rabbi's words to their own political or religious agenda?

      Maybe Hophmi wanted to get in a little smear at the Lubavitchers. Who knows why.

    • Or the mother, as I discovered on further reading. No wonder the Friedman test has been superseded. Besides, the rabbits probably hated it.

    • . "I hope, for your sake, that no one uses this particular post as justification for violent attacks on Jews."

      Oh yes, with links and everything! Each blow struck in the name of Mondoweiss! (with links to this post)
      Hophmi, if you can't accomplish that, now that you told us how much you want it, and how destructive it would be to Mondo, ('for your sake") you're not half the Zionist I think you are!

    • Page: 209
    • "Shit dead rabbits say about gentiles"

      If Steven Tyler can be believed, "they can't catch me, cause the rabbit done died". But it's been a long time, hasn't it, since a dead rabbit was required for a pregnancy test?

      Of course, I have no idea about his religious persuasion. Anyway, further research indicates the sacrifice of the rabbit can only reveal if the Gentile is pregnant of not, not the ethnicity or religion or even identity of the father.

    • "How do we get these messages from dead rabbis? Channelling? Ouija boards?"

      Exactly! He wrote all that stuff when he was, well, extant. Since he demised, he may have changed his opinion.

    • I think we need to hear from Yonah, who may know more about Rebbe Schneerson than Hophmi. Or maybe not.

  • Independent investigation details Israel's deliberate targeting of civilians in Gaza
    • "Tell me again about the great Jewish ethical tradition people keep mentioning."

      RoHa, as a steady reader ( if a somewhat sporadic commenter) I've been noticing that over the past year, mentions of the Jewish ethical tradition are growing fewer and fewer.

    • "amigo" I sense there is 'competition trolling' going on. The macher minyan is assembled.

    • Now there's a guy, that "Double Standard" who keeps parodists and satirists in the unemployment line, by doing the job himself. And hardly leaving any room for elaboration.
      I've never seen anything quite like this, and right underneath that picture, too. What a guy.

  • Netanyahu speech scandal blows up, and 'soiled' Dermer looks like the fall guy
    • Yes, and the Pentagon and CIA are on the spot, and can precipitate action.

    • "It is suited to a street corner and not to intelligent conversation"

      And here you are, every day except Saturday, to add to the fun!
      Wanna play jacks? Stickball? Hopscotch?

    • "But I know that aspiring to intelligence is shunned upon on MW."

      Is that some way of excusing your own abysmal ignorance, and tendency to go off half-cockeyed?
      You figure if you sweep in like some dybbuk en mackinaw and start handing out judgements right and left, you'll be taken seriously? As the song says, Yonah, that day is done.

  • Finkelstein on Joan Peters's legacy (and Dershowitz's legal troubles)
    • "Bugger!

      Hang on, digger, and we'll find you someplace to doss. Sorry about pulling the map out from under you.

    • "Look at original photos, and look at what travelers reported seeing then. Not as presented by biased historians, but in the original."

      And always, "Robert in Israel", take on a hectoring, arrogant tone, make all kinds of unsupported assertions, and generally act like you don't abide any questioning.

      Yup, I said before, I'll say it again, "Robert in Israel" is a priceless ass.

    • "thanks jay. i’ve heard that before (about becoming a lawyer), especially in my youth."

      Nelle Harper Lee started out to be a lawyer, like her sister, Alice, but ended up writing "To Kill a Mockingbird". So there's that.

    • Well, hopefully the Hawks will go down south and give them their comeuppance.

      That was a great interview.

  • State Dep't says Netanyahu speech is not inappropriate, disrespectful, humiliating or embarrassing
    • "Israelis mostly want war with Iran."

      I hope the Mondo comment servers are big enough to contain the flood of comments from ordinary Israelis saying "Yup, war with Iran is just what I want", to back up JeffyB.

      Shorter JeffyB: "Everybody is obligated to fight for Israel, because, uh, something, wait, Arabs!"

  • French Jews, surrender to terror in the baguette capital and move to the land of legal terror!
    • "You’re awfully callous and oblivious to your own privilege."

      Wow, Hophmi, if my Barco R9014000 ever gives out, I'm calling you!

    • “Statistics show that 9 out of 10 nonJews who use the phrase “chosen people”

      The statistics, of course, were compiled by four out of five dentists who chew gum.

    • "is that yonah doesn’t want anyone using the term “chosen”."

      Not even the Koreans! Anyway, okay so "Zionist" is an anti-semitic slur, and now "chosen people". Wasn't there another one, oh yes, for a long time, use of the word "occupation" was considered a sure sign of incipient anti-semitism.

      It's clear, you are going to have to put Yonah on the Editorial board, if you are to avoid charges of hate speech and bias.

  • Hillel campaign to ‘thwart’ divestment exposed at University of South Florida
    • Ben suggests that it’s unethical for Hillel to advocate against a BDS campaign.

      My, what a wide and generous definition of "advocate" you have Hophmi.

  • Phila Inquirer publishes a lie: 'Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are one and the same'
    • " There isn’t a division today in the Jewish community regarding Israel."

      ." Israel is a complex society."

      Ah, the topsy-turvy world of "JeffyB".

    • "But just pick the next generation. My daughter is most likely going to be going to a college with an active BDS movement and her Jewish identity is going to be attacked regularly, repeatedly."

      Oh, that's nothing, "JeffyB" I get the Jehovah's Witnesses (usually some very nice people) come by three times a year, and I'm still holding fast to the faith! And take comfort, "JeffyB" remember, according to Jewish law the sex of the mother determines the religion of the child! So you got nothing to worry about.

    • Shorter "JeffyB": 'If you people would just stop talking about it, we could defraud the Jewish people and victimize the Palestinians in peace, oh, and we need more money.'

    • "First, hatred of Israel can no longer be separated from loathing of Jews"

      And I can see from that just how much they fear, dread, that "loathing of Jews". Funny how that's always where they want to bring it, it must where they feel they can control the discourse and prevail. What disgusting hypocrisy, and what a stupid game to play.

    • " Objectivity does not exist."

      Sure, objectivity don't exist, and Israel is really inside the territory it declared for itself, and the Palestinians appeared suddenly out of nowhere about 70 years ago, and there are no Zionist settlement in lands out side of Israel, and Israel didn't kill, oh 16,000 to 20,000 people in Lebanon, it's all just a subjective chimera.

    • " For example my girlfriend during college’s father was truly disappointed that his daughter would get engaged to a Jew (we never got married)"

      You just keep telling yourself that, "JeffyB" if it makes you feel better, and never lose an opportunity to slander her and her family. I'm sure you were the perfect suitor.

    • "i was struck by the pro Arab position taken by the post WWII Nazis "

      I get it, Yonah, because of that, anybody who even hints at justice for Palestinians, or (G-d forbid) an accounting from Israel must be a Nazi. Of course!
      And we all know how powerful the "post WW2 Nazis" are.

      "prepared to deal with the roots of zionism.", No you don't Yonah. To use an expression which may not apply to you, you don't want to know how the sausage is made.

    • "and to pretend that it is found around here is silliness."

      Okay, too bad, sorry you were disappointed. Maybe you can guide the management on to a better path.
      But please, Yonah, whatever you do, don't go away mad!

    • “Next year to Jerusalem” means?"

      Not a whole lot, really, it's just a saying. Why, are you going to say that little shibboleth places a command and obligation on every Jewish person? Don't be ridiculous.

    • Oh, my, oh my, that is some little essay from "JeffyB", above.

      And reading after reading the Finklestein interview gives it extra piquancy.

      Love "JeffyB's stuff on the many-layered "Israeli" culture or religion, or religious culture or something. Well, it's nice to see some Gentiles blamed for a change.

    • while I have deep hatred of the Indian Nations, I feel no loathing whatever of First Nations[people]” and one can start to see how little sense it makes. "

      You are right, it makes no sense at all. Why would anybody, (except maybe you, which is why I ask) at this point have a "deep hatred of the Indian Nations"?

    • "Say …. Did you have fun making up your sick little fantasies?"

      There's no better way to get a good Ziocaine Syndrome episode started. Through all the stages, until the blessed Ziocaine Amnesia erases the memory. Sufficient unto the day is the Syndrome episode thereof, if you get my drift.

    • " But it certainly beats the misery of what came for the 1900 years before. ”

      There's a lot of misery in the world. I'm sorry to shock you, but there it is.

      And oh, when I think of the fate of all those Jews, in their millions, who went to the US, where there was no real Jewish community, no official Jewish leadership, no Jewish protection, and each Jew had to face the Gentiles and the Government as an individual. No, I mustn't dwell on it, I'll plotz

    • "They are not fools. They are extremely intelligent liars who welcome danger to Jews because it vindicates their ideology."

      Although there are not a huge amount of Jews in the world, there's enough for the same divisions that run through the world to run through the Jews.

    • Shorter Dabakr: 'Don't blame the Zionists! Blame the Jews!'

    • " it vindicates their ideology"

      The ideology is secondary, and contingent upon self-interest. You know, the chance to get a guge amount of land, and 2 captive peoples at bargain rates. Anybody who wants to can find an ideology which embraces that.

    • I really feel the "Ballad of Sit Green baum" would be much more apropos in this situation:

      "Said he, "Forsooth
      'Tis a sorry plight
      That engendered my attitude bluish"
      Said he, "I don't wanna be a knight
      That's no job for a boy who is Jewish"

      All day with the mighty sword
      And the mighty steed and the mighty lance
      All day with that heavy shield
      And a pair of aluminum pants

      All day with the slaying and slewing
      And smiting and smoting like Robin Hood
      Oh, wouldst I could kick the habit
      And give up smoting for good"

      As for me, I will not don the aluminum pants! And like a pacific polo-player, vibraharpist or tympanist, go through life with mallets toward none. Nor will I throw ducks at people!

    • "Gee! 1900 years of a fate worse than death. (And there’s a phrase for Mooser to play with)"

      Well, with not even one cup coffee in me, my first reaction was "Well, here's a fart worse then death, JeffyB is back"

  • 'The New York Times' throws another sop to lovers of Israel
    • Gee, I was hoping Yonah would come by and get the opinion of a "real journalist" (not those artificial journalists, which are never any good) on the use of the word "atrocity"

      Very surprised he hasn't, I mean there he was, with Phil Weiss square in his hind-sights, and he's gong to let him go.

    • "Just", it's all part of this "Tea Party Zionism".

    • "Today`s “progressive” person, woman or man, is often the most aggressive creature around – every second word of theirs is some kind of a wild accusation (fascists, racists and worse), accompanied by some dire threats (as boycotts)…"

      Worried about not being normal, and frightened by any little imaginary noise? "ivri" are you sure you're the kind of raw material the Zionist project can use? Frightened children with emotional problems are not what they need, but suit yourself. Hiding under the bed every time you see a pair of Birkenstoks won't get the job done.

    • Oldgeezer, cut "ivri" a little slack, okay? He's worried he's not normal, so he tries to compensate. He's seems to be very worried that (jeez, I hate to talk like this, but I like to say things plainly) something about being Jewish prevents him from being normal. That's a hell of a state to be stuck in, you gotta feel for the guy.

      And his definition of normal is quite distressing, too. Here it is, verbatim: "that is being able to do to your sworn enemies what beforehand only the Goyim seemed to know"

      Well, I must admit, old "ivri" has a point. He's not normal, is he?

    • I don't know eljay. When somebody worries about becoming "normalized" it's strictly a personal problem. Naturally, they try to project it, but if "ivri" is worried about being abnormal, he should see a therapist. Maybe he can learn to accept it.

    • "Don`t forget that the “Israel project” is also about “the normalization” of the Jewish people"

      "Ivri" if you are worried about not being normal, see a shrink. Maybe that traumatic incident of genital mutilation is still troubling you?

      "part of that is being able to do to your sworn enemies what beforehand only the Goyim seemed to know…."

      Israel is going to attack Germany?

      Notice how whenever a Zionist talks about the "sworn enemies" of Jews, all of a sudden America disappears? All of a sudden it's all Czars and Hitlers!

      Gee, "ivri" if you are so worried about your sworn enemies, (not to mention worrying about being abnormal, which must be distressing) why not examine the situation in which Jews have done best, and emulate that set-up?

  • The growing ties between #BlackLivesMatter and Palestine
    • "Now everybody make your mean face…"

      Gee, "OlegR" maybe they should pose with arms and fierce dogs, like Nettie!

    • They even have a name! They call themselves "Tea Party Zionists!" And they always remember the sugar cube goes in the cup, not between their teeth.

    • "The differences are so close that they become blurred."

      Good. A Jew should think that's what bad for the Palestinians is bad for the Jews.

      And BTW, Walid, I don't hate Zionism because it's bad for Jews (although it certainly is) I hate it because it's bad for people.

    • I was so disgusted by that, I couldn't even go to the thread.
      Gosh, I better stay inside, I've shoplifted when I was hungry (what do you want me to do, work?) I've intimidated lots of people and committed multiple felonies. I guess there should be a bullet waiting for me.
      I just don't fit in with Sid Viscous and the Model Boys.

    • "Of course I don’t Walid. And I was very sad, though I suppose not surprised,"

      "maggiesager" , I must say you have the advantage of me. I too, was extremely sad to see that, but I must admit, I was surprised by it, even shocked.

  • Former Obama aide's thinktank calls for 1/4 of French Jews to move to Israel
    • Gee whillikers, Mr. Wilson, it's funny how "real Jewish content" is always something which Zionists like?

    • " it’s inbreeding which destroys communities, not exogamy."

      Are you kidding? Why just a couple more generations, and we can identify each other by how we bruise. They'll be no faking your way into the tribe then!

    • "I can’t begin to imagine what would happen if I told my kids who they could and couldn’t marry."

      You have trouble with that? It's easy, just learn to end the sentence about who they should marry with "or you won't get a freaking farthing in my will!" It puts more "ooomph" behind your demands.

    • "The fundamental reason for segregation is to preserve the “purity” of a “superior” population."

      Bah! "Hybrid vigor" is the only way to go, in plants or animals.
      Yup, let's keep up the in-marriage, and in a few more generations, we'll all get jobs in the movies, bleeding on cue.

    • Thanks, "tree".

    • " I wonder if people like this ever wonder at all the dropping jaws when they say things like this?"

      They always sound to me like hereditary aristocrats, defending their rights and privileges under the ancien regime.

    • " which is community day schools with dual curriculums"

      Hophmi, are we talkiong about private schools, which may, of course, be organized by any religion, as long as they meet state requirements, or are we talking about publicly funded education, in which state money is used to the benefit of one small sect, one disappearing denomination? That's not very American, Hophmi, or have one particular sect of Jews been selected as a "protected species"?

    • Of course, it's much easier to imagine there is some awful bargain struck by Jews, in which they must trade their religion and traditions to receive American citizenship and the benefits, rather than admitting that gee, maybe Judaism isn't offering people something they like.

    • "Anyone who considers assimilation a problem is a raving racist."

      Don't you see, Giles, as soon as Jews become individual citizens of a country, especially one which has no established religion, or religious test for office, and one that even goes so far to outlaw discrimination,(and extends those laws to Jews, while they still don't to others) well, at that point each individual Jew, is free to define himself, and define himself in relation to his religion or his ethnic identification. Only family or social pressure can influence their decision, but ultimately, they can decide.

      But for some reason, that gets Hophmi all upset. I can't imagine why.

    • "It has been going on for thousands of years all over the globe!"

      My own American boyhood was a pinchbeck admixture of "Tom Sawyer" and "Call it Sleep" .

    • Just as a guess, Walid, I would venture that the US immigration policy during the WW2 years was probably made pretty restrictive by military interest. It may have been except for visas, pretty much shut down during that time.

    • Hophmi, has a Jewish person in the US ever been required to profess or disclaim any religion, in whole or in part, before he or she is given US citizenship, and afforded their legal rights?
      Has a Jewish person ever (ROTFLMSJHMAO) been required to marry a non-Jewish person, or pledge to bring up their kids as not Jewish, before being granted any of the rights afforded Americans? (and BTW, that these rights are being denied many other Americans only makes it more pointed.)

      "But most often, it’s the end result of an upbringing that is devoid of any real Jewish content."

      Ah yes, and if anybody has the right and the obligation to render an informed yet completely objective and disinterested judgement on what "real Jewish content" is, it's Hophmi.

      And Hophmi, we were talking about Scrooge the other day, but I think you're up there with Marley's ghost. You forged that chain of credibility you drag, link by link.

    • "lysias" you would know much more than me about this, certainly, but sometimes I get the feeling that the guy at the center of a world-wide military empire (I mean, we got all kinds of men ships and bases all over the place) is almost at the mercy of the officers commanding far-off forces, who can both precipitate actions and to some extent control the information about them. Especially when there are all kinds of local and other irregular forces both allied and opposing us. It's a recipe for chaos no President can control.

    • Shorter Hophmi:
      'This year's production of "Fiddler on the Roof" at IJC will be the best "Fiddler" ever!!!'

    • Okay, correct me if I am wrong, but every Jew from a foreign country who has been granted (by whatever process) American citizenship is assimilated Anybody who is born here is a citizen, no assimilation necessary (Under most circumstances). Doesn't matter how frum their parents are.

      How much, and under what circumstances, and for what reasons a person "acculturates" is up to them. Hophmi is full of crap.

  • Tell your congressperson: Don't attend Netanyahu's speech
    • "straightline- anyone who won’t even reveal his own ethnic group and goes and tells jews that they’re too ethnocentric and need to focus on the brotherhood of all mankind, well, maybe you don’t know that he’s an antisemite and in fact there is a .01% chance that he is not, but 99.99%, he’s a jew hater and an enemy."

      Yonah, this is very important! You just may have called someone "antisemite" a "Jew hater" and "an enemy"
      So tell me, Yonah, were you saying, or 'just saying'?

      I've been maintaining that Yonah is very intent on getting himself banned here. (People are beginning to talk, he's all the time at a tref website, but can't tear himself away) He is going to go further and further to try and attain that end.
      However, I think it might be fair to say that Yonah has not done much to endear himself to the moderators, so they may see no reason to do him any favors. All guess work on my part, that is. Should be interesting.

    • "Just across town from Mondoweiss Plaza…

      Or, as the locals impressed by the compassion of the Mondo staff call it: "The Fortress of Solicitude".

    • "Netanyahu is merely a pawn in the internal politics of today`"

      Just shrimp, who's merely a prawn in their game? Why, Netanyahoo is virtually a one-man Trefa Banquet!

    • Yonah, (knock, knock, knock)! Yonah (knock, knock, knock)! Yonah (knock, knock, knock)!

      Yonah, quick, there's a James North article just posted. Why don't you get a "real journalist" to put the old imprimatur on your word-price estimate? What price "atrocity"? Cheap, or easy?

    • "straightline- anyone who won’t even reveal his own ethnic group"

      Yonah, now you are just getting downright mean, and low! Why must you make fun of those less fortunate? Maybe "straightline" is one of those poor creatures who has no ethnic group, and is just a person, all out there in the world by himself without even a minyan to pray with. And you curse him for it? For shame Yonah!

      Oh, BTW, Yonah, I've been meaning to ask you, where's your "ethnic group"? Maybe if you spent more time with them instead of consorting with "an antisemite", and "a jew hater and an enemy" you would feel better.
      Oh, they won't talk to you either? Too bad.

    • "As far as the “mea culpa is the only Yiddish Phil Weiss knows”. I think it is my best ever argumentative sentence and you can quote it all the time if you wish."

      You bet, Yonah! It's the real Motts Juice!

      Yonah, you are what's called in English, a "priceless ass"

    • "sure mooser, by all means. whatcha got?"

      Pictures of Yonah playing pool for money in a pinchback suit, and talking with some out-of-town Jasper about horse-race gambling. Not a dignified trotting race, but the kind of horse-racing where they sit right down on the horse!
      Like to see Yonah try and sit on old Dan Patch! Well, I should say!

    • "who do you love more charlie lindberg or gore vidal?"

      Charles Lindberg the famous Jewish aviator? Big hero of mine, Yonah. There were a lot of airports where he couldn't land with a name like "Lindberg"! Risked his tuchas every time he flew over the covenanted suburbs by the airfield.

    • "yonah digs deeper, wider, longer, harder, occasionally flailing around at the emptiness with his little shovel trying to dig upwards,"

      Now, now, when I think of the number of people vying, nay, begging, for Yonah's company, advice, and the benefit of his dissertations, I wonder he has any time to be here at all!

      BTW, Yonah, just love that contempt you have for the right of non-self-incrimination. It's certainly not one you've ever needed.
      But of course, a man should be condemned on the worst possible interpretation of a false quote. Them's the kind ethics we give to the world.

    • "salaita wants to combine jackie mason and fritz fanon and also plausible deniability, like he’s taking a fifth amendment, the right not to self incriminate."

      And to think, it was only about a year ago Yonah used to accuse me of being a "Jackie Mason". But now he's met a man with a degree, and he's forgotten all about me.

    • "yonah: no she’s not, don’t be cheap! she’s a beauty, they are really quite different!"

      Say, Annie, do you need any comic drawings to go with that dialogue? Cause I've been exercising my freedom-of-speech on Yonah, and I've got some doozies.

    • Just across town from Mondoweiss Plaza at Talking Points Memo only the owner himself is prepared to comment on the Netanyahoo visit.

    • Hey, I like that "MESHUGA" thrash, what is it the kids...oh shredding, yes they shred. But I'll need to swallow a couple of Dilantin to watch the whole thing. Thirty seconds in, my synapses started firing like a Gatling-gun.

    • And the word "atrocity" is modified by the word "historic" in front of it. I think the "historic atrocity" being done is to the well-recognized and long standing ("historic") protocol regarding visits by foreign-heads-of-state during their elections.

    • "meshugene Jews"

      Man, Yonah, you can malaprop like nobody's business, once you're on a roll! "mushegene Jews!" Perfect! "Mushegene" Jews, of course, are Jews who's genes are all mixed up, or meshuga. And I thought I had a knack for the mot jewste!

    • "Ask a real journalist what they think of Phil’s use of that word."

      Any journalist in the entire world is free to comment here.
      Say Yonah, why don't you put it on Twitter: "Phil Weiss says "atrocity"!"
      It'll go viral, and Mondo's credibility will be destroyed! You're this closer to victory, Yonah!

  • On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz
    • "Or as Shabtai Teveth, the official biographer of Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister’s wrote:
      ‘If there was a line in Ben-Gurion’s mind between the beneficial disaster and an all-destroying catastrophe, it must have been a very fine one.’ [The Burning Ground 1886-1948, 1987: 851, Houghton Mifflin, Boston]"

      From Tony Greenstein's Blog.

    • "invoking the Nakba to distract from the horrors of the Holocaust is despicable behavior."

      And naturally, invoking the Holocaust to further Zionism isn't despicable, it's just the way you roll. At any rate, I'm glad all those deaths were useful to you, Dabakr. I've never found a use for them, but I must not be as practical as you.

    • The facts about the Holocaust are in very little doubt, about. How rights were taken, how groups were identified, how rounded up what happened so many killed, in these various ways.
      There may be some arguments about some of the details, but there's very little doubt about the over-all picture of slave labor and extermination. Okay, and those figures and facts are graven on history forever, like many other things.

      But what the Holocaust did, to Jews, what it means to history, and to mankind, each and every person gets to make up their mind about that, based on what they see around them.
      What else can they do? They have to make a judgement based on what they see and experience.
      And the present will change the past.

    • "Jews, who punch well above their weight, are despised ipso facto by dedicated judeophobes the world over (MondoWeiss constituents strongly represented)."

      That's right folks, it takes more than a mere Holocaust to get "Mayhem" down. He pops right up, ready for the next round, punching above his weight, in his Star-O-David boxing trunks.

    • " an event on a scale which has never been matched in history for the shocking dimension of human suffering"

      Oh, let's skip all the fol-de-rol and obsequies and hoo-haw, Mayhem, and get down to realistic solutions, okay?
      Now, how much do you think we owe you? C'mon, it's pretty obvious where you are going with this, so how much will it take to shut you up? C'mon, Mayhem, name a figure, and we can negotiate.
      And you better hurry and arrive at that figure, cause the way you talk about the holocaust, it's going to get harder and harder for people to believe, no matter what really happened that it seriously hurt us in any way. Sure it was a blow, but we got right past it, and went on to the even greater glory of our very own Kosher Kountry!

      So either name a figure or shut up, Mayhem. From listening to you I get the idea it really wasn't so bad. Hardly seemed to dampen your spirits. Didn't seem to teach you anything. Maybe it never really happened?

      Gee, I don't know, if I was really concerned about the Holocaust, maybe I would look at the places it didn't happen, and try to apply those conditions everywhere we can?

      I apologize for the intemperate speech.

    • Ah, Sonny Bono, the reason I gave up skiing.

    • "only Jews like Ellis"

      Aieee! All rise! The Blunder-working Rabbi is here to render judgement on the condition and quality of anyone's and everyone's Jewishness.

      Israel, five or six million people all telling each other they are not Jewish enough, too Jewish, or the wrong style Jewish, or maybe they're nothing but a kapo and moser (one "o", not two) and their sister eats Arab dates. Sounds like fun.

    • I'm not sure if it's a good idea for people to think that genocide can only happen to Jews. After all, if it only happens to Jews, why be all that concerned about it?

  • Like the Wind, We Will Be Free: How being detained at Ben Gurion airport during a family trip to Palestine reaffirmed my identity
    • "Do you really need me to detail all the foreign nations that invaded the Holy Land during the last 3,000 years?"

      And now it's the Zionist's turn to sack the place? Robert, you should really go read the interview with Norm Finklestein. It'll help you a lot.

    • "Is there some kind of unspoken rule amongst anti-Zionists that you’re not supposed to read any history books or original documents that contradict your beliefs?"

      You mean original documents like Israel's own proclamation of its territory when it declared statehood? The territory outside of which it was already operating in, taking and colonizing?

      Yes, you can find a lot of quotes from people who liked the idea of Zionism. But you don't want to go near the operative documents, the ones in force now, the ones under which Israel was granted statehood.

    • "It’s good to see a young woman, a Muslim American, visiting the country and refusing to see it in black-and-white terms."

      And would you like to point us to all those "black-and-white terms" essays this is better than?

      You just can't ever resist casting one of your mealworm-mouthed aspersions, can you? But than, no doubt the fact that the author of the essay was a young woman endowed you with Zionist courage.

    • "we finally liberated our land"

      And who, Robert, is "we"? The various Zionist agencies and organizations formed for the purpose represented nobody but them selves and their own interests.

      Unless God made an announcement I didn't hear, or was there a vote among Jews and I lost my ballot. And "liberated"? ROTFLMSJAO.

    • Gosh "Robert in Israel", looking at those poems by a guy born in Spain, I could get mixed up about who the "oppressor" is.

      "How shall I render my vows and my bonds, while yet
      Zion lies beneath the fetter of Edom, and I am in the chains of Arabia?"

      Those fetters of Edom and chains of Arabia binding pretty hard on you?

      Yes, this Zionism on the Web site is very interesting.

    • "I hate .../ the head."

      Oy, the big macher speaks. Shlog zich kop in vant.

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