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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there.

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  • To my Jewish friend (you know who you are)
    • "Eventually, some rich american zillionaire will eventually have to open up a Betty Ford Center for Ziocane "

      Certainly spontaneous remission occurs, but medical researchers are unable to find a therapy which meets with consistent success. There have been cases of amazing over-night cures, usually accompanied of dreams of angels on horseback, or surf and turf. But no effective therapy has been devised.

    • And what do you have against chicken livers, Seafoid? Okay, I did not like chopped liver when I was younger. Not at all, I didn't like anything about it, but I know a Mitzvot when I see one, and I've learned to love it. No one can accuse me of shirking obligations!

    • "Mooser would say it never had one to start with, that it was actually mechanically recovered and reformed chicken liver. "

      Anytime you would like tell me when Zionism "lost its soul" I'm ready to listen. What year was it?

    • It's very unfortunate, but many people think there's no harm in a few PEP pills. But abuse of PEP pills can be the 'gateway drug' to a full-on Ziocaine Syndrome

  • Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says leader of NY board of rabbis
    • "613 is I am hophmi your lord and you do as I say on Shabbat you miserable self hater"

      Seafoid, be careful not to go too far. Remember what happened last time you put words in somebody else's mouth? Remember, it was Mehane? And look what happened there!
      Ah, what am I worried about? Hophmi is keeping his head low, he's out getting evidence of Mondoweiss "causing European Jews to live in fear" by "identifying Zionists as Nazis". That might take a while.

    • " revealed that sixty-percent of Israeli Jews believe that the Jewish people in Israel are a nation separate from the Jews abroad."

      Good for them! Music to my ears! They should be heartily encouraged in that direction. I hope the Israeli Jews declare us all trefe and have nothing to do with us. It'll be hard, but I'll try to stand it.

    • "The problem is that you want to have your cake and still eat it too."

      But Hostage, haven't you heard all the people, here, and Zionists all over, saying that Israel is fighting a "war"? I sorta think that maybe they shouldn't say that, but they seem to think saying they are in a "war" with the Gazans excuses everything they do.

    • "They lost their moral compass long time ago."

      Well, Marnie, it seems to be like this. If we Jews acknowledge that we have lost our moral bearings, it would be like admitting that the persecution we complain about so much (and say is such a big factor in our history) has actually hurt us in some way. And naturally, we can't do that!!

    • "Maybe we turn whole occupied territories into a rehab center. Just stating my optimism."

      I have already stated my willingness to work on this. If I could raise a million dollars for this purpose, I would fly to Israel and keep right on going.

    • "I don’t know how that gets ignored in the Jewish community"

      There is absolutely no mechanism, no process, within the Jewish religion, or the "Jewish community" (a very slippery and fungible thing) to handle anything like this. Especially against opposition.
      What are we going to do, sponsor a resolution at the next general convocation?

    • "Never was there a people like them,"

      Now you've done it! The "don't single us out" brigade is gonna come down on us like a ton of bricks. Remember that phrase, you'll be hearing a lot of it. I've noticed a fair number of new commentors on blogs I read, saying they are all for criticizing (or "have a debate over) Israel, "but don't feel they should be singled out".

    • "Question. Are the 613 Mitzvot, Commandments, still neccessary which began in 536 BC or 456 BC"

      There's 613 Mitvot? I thought it was 612!! So there's one I'm not even aware of? Oh, shit, I am so screwed. It's not fair, damn it. I work my self into a frazzle following 612 Mitvots, and there turns out to be another one, too?
      So what is No. 613? No, don't tell me, it's too late now, I might as well face what I got coming.

    • Thanks, Seafoid.

    • "It seems like they think they’re establishing some sort of guidelines to profess and claim a moral authority, but they’re actually only dictating the terms and acceptibility of their own persecution. "

      I wish I had a nice Cessna equipped for sky-writing, when I read that.

    • "They should have stuck with the 10
      Commandments, like Moses did."

      He did? What a man! I can't manage to obey more than oh, three at the most, on any given day. But they were made of sterner stuff back in the Bible days.

    • "PS Zios will tell you for sooth that all who confess to Judaism
      are also Zionists."

      Oddly enough, so will some anti-Zionists! Not me, God forbid, but some.

    • Look, I love "Jewish" food, and think it's generally healthy. But it seems to result in an irony-poor diet, when combined with the dyspeptic consequences of Zionism.

    • "The rabbi is wrong, very wrong. Casting a ballot does not make you a soldier."

      But Yonah, what about the ROCKETS? The thousands of rockets, launched by Hamas hiding behind Gazan children, WHAT ABOUT THE ROCKETS?

      Why don't we go to your archive from just a few days ago and see what you said about the Gazans? Ah, but now you've changed your mind? Okay, now bring all the Gazans back to life.

    • "Ziocaine addiction"

      Research has pretty conclusively proved that the Ziocaine Syndrome is not of chemical or genetic origin. It seems to be a completely behavioral malady. Unfortunately, there is no sure technique or reliable medication available to ameliorate this debilitating condition.

    • " (Do people vote for rabbis?)."

      As a Zionist here once told us, when we were discussing what Rabbi's might be able to do to help moderate Israel's intransigence; 'A Rabbi is nothing but a hired hand, and if he doesn't say what the Temple board wants to hear, he gets fired.

      I really wish somebody would write an article showing how Judaism is organized as a religion. It would be very short.

  • Video: Celebrities, artists and activists call for Palestinian freedom in #GazaNames project
    • "Fortunately for.../...regard your own thesis."

      Gosh, now there's some cogently expressed ideas. I'll read it back to you in a half-hour, and I bet you won't be able to tell me what on earth you meant to say.

    • Shorter tokyobk:

      'Citizen isn't PC enough for me' Wah, wah.

      And your synopsis of his comments is, to begin with, perilously tendentious, presumptuously opprobrious, and just plain wrong.
      But as usual,your comment reveals much more, and very little of it salutary, about the writer than it does his subject. You really ought to watch that, you know.

  • Statement: Legal experts and human rights defenders demand international community end Israel's collective punishment of Gaza
    • "If this is how Israel uses conventional weapons, serious thought should be given to how they might use their nuclear weapons."

      Oh, I'm pretty sure I know how Israel will use its illegal nuclear weapons. I'd bet a grand that when they loose a nuke, it'll be 'for the protection and defense of Jews worldwide!' What else could provoke Israel to use a nuke?

    • Shingo, you should hear Ms. Jupiter on the non-inheritable nature of refugee status. She has an interesting viewpoint on it.

  • ‘Lone soldiers’ and young ideologues from around the world contribute to Israeli war crimes
    • "I personally know of at least two who served in the IDF and then came back and served in Iraq."

      Yeah, and you also knew all about the Paris synagogue attack, and how Mondo is causing European Jews to "live in fear". You know a lot of stuff Hophmi. Why, you seem to know everything!

    • "As most of us know, Israel has a national problem with its mental processes and conclusions."

      Researchers, and four out of five dentists who chew gum, have searched in vain for a genetic of chemical component which causes the Ziocaine Syndrome. At present, most clinicians view it as purely a behavioral malady, a social disease, if you will. It's etiology seems to be similar to certain addictions too. So there you go.

    • Is this the same Afghan War that Zionists always use as part of the "whole world sucks" hasbara. So now the Afghan War is a good thing? Okay.

      And we'll remember this whole "sniper as hero" thing when it starts happening in Jerusalem, or somebody gets a long-range rifle sighted in on a settlement. Then all of a sudden snipers will be the lowest for m of life.

  • Israeli embassy puts Mona Lisa in a hijab -- 'Israel now, Paris next'
    • "But I felt a need to say that you don’t speak to me at all and you are screeching."

      That's it, Yonah, go right for the woman, and say she is "screeching". Wow, what a sniveling piece of work you are.

      " that preaching to the choir in wartime "

      "Wartime" Yonah? You really want to say that Israel has declared war? On who, Yonah? There is a reprisal attack, an atrocity, being carried out by an occupying army, a war crime. Or would you like to contend that Israel has declared war on Gaza? Is that what you are saying Yonah? And without a declaration of war?
      Please, tell us about Israel going to war against Gaza, Yonah.

    • "Given the already tense relationships between locals and Arab immigrants in many countries this may serve as a trigger for an explosion on that global front"

      ivri, you haven't gotten the hasbara order of the day? Today's kvetch is how Jews are in danger all over from anti-Semitic attacks on account of Israel. But now you are saying that in support of Israel, everybody is going to beat up on "Arab immigrants" as you call them? So which is it, ivri?

      You need to get with the other guys and synchronize your kvetchs

    • "If he is correct then, yes there is some reason to talk to me..."

      Yonah, you don't get it at all. When the American attitude changes (whether or not pushed by Jews, but that would be nice) and American policy changes, nobody will be "talking" to you. They will be telling you. All the talking has already been tried, and hasn't done squat. You'll be told, chump.

    • " including volunteers who have been streaming to the area to distribute food and snacks to IDF soldiers."

      Camp followers.

    • They are little Nazi-like, sometimes, but fascists are pretty much fascists. But Zionism origins go back a bit further, and are in their own way, just as odious. You can look for them before ww1, not ww2.

    • Thanks MRW and 'french_jew'.

    • "But to accept and then cancel creates a much bigger splash than just saying no."

      Sorta shows you something, don't it? There's positive consequences for renouncing Israel. Everybody will want to be on record as renouncing Israel soon. I can't blame them.

    • That's top-drawer, first-class parody, just like Mother used to make! Seafoid really outdid himself!

    • "Similar to how the nazis were"

      For variety in in analogies, look into the hot-bed of nationalisms and Chuvanisms and cultural supremacy (and territorial wranglings) which embroiled Europe from, oh, 1850s up to WW2. That is where Zionism came from. Gets you out from under comparing them only to one group.

  • 9 things the American media isn't telling you about Israel/Palestine
    • "The next sentence should be what targets are logical and would be effective."

      Yonah, provide your own excuses for Israel's killing of civilians. You can't make other people do it.

    • Ron, Ms. Jupiter, does not investigate, she pronounces judgements. She is the arbiter of all she surveys.

    • Judaism doesn't cover the half of it. Okay, I guess it'll cover anything if you make it up as you go along.

  • 'Tomorrow there’s no school in Gaza, they don’t have any children left' -- Israeli chant
  • How many would be alive today if Obama had not quashed Goldstone Report?
    • Can Hostage cope with an onslaught of thunderbolts from Mount Olympus? He has "Janet Jupiter" to contend with now! She'll straighten him out.

    • "And until my family, and Israel as a whole, reconciles with that, I’ll never understand.”

      Refusing to understand? That'll show 'em! You go ahead and do that, it'll torture 'em night and day, your refusal to understand. Give me a break. Great way of declaring moral impotence in a self-serving way.

    • "It reminds me of the brilliant Rene Descartes who nonetheless stated that dogs had no soul and so it was okay to kick them."

      Fortunately, lacking a soul doesn't mean you don't have teeth. As far as I'm concerned, Descartes can let the door hit him where the dog bit him. Well, I hope it did, anyway.

    • "Yes. As does talknic."

      Yes, and others. But since Hostage hasn't been around of late, I just mention it.

    • "i was hoping Hostage turn up."

      It's always great when he does, but don't forget, he also has a comment archive here which is veritable library of information.

    • " He has not prepared the American people for anything that would end Israel’s impunity, or end our support for oppression of Palestinians."

      So true. Sadly, not a thing.

    • Jackdaw, do you have a point? Or are you just flinging a bunch of "what-aboutery" around?

  • Gaza-- and 'Guernica'
    • "He’s/she’s a legend in his/her own mind."

      Oh yes, and I would add, 'outstanding in his field, too', but more than likely he stole that from Palestinians.

    • Well, well, well, look who became a Koran literalist all of a sudden!
      That's right Yonah, their religion told them the Zionists were gonna move in and take over and they should learn to love it.

    • "yeah. so so above my head. i completely missed the whole ‘Picasso’ thing when I graduated mfa from one of the oldest art schools in America many years ago. i know nothing about symbolism in art."

      Oh, nobody could ever doubt that DaBakr. The refinement, sensibility, and sensitivity of the true artist just sticks out all over you. Yes, sir, the minute I laid eyes on one of your posts I said: "That man is, no doubt about it an MFA from one of the oldest Art Schools in America, and just the man to dismiss Picasso's "Guernica" for insufficient Zionism"
      Well, so much for ol' Picasso. He had a good run while it lasted, but then he went up against Dabakr.

    • "had not Grant had the fortitude to see through what had to be done to secure an true end-not and endless continuation."

      You are arguing that Israel should do a Sherman's-march-through-Georgia kind of thing to Gaza? That certainly appears to be what you are advocating.
      So you think the IDF should inflict more wholesale death and destruction on Gaza?

      So for espousing this attitude, you should be rewarded with a stolen country? Why, because you have become too nasty to live anywhere else?

    • "If you are a US citizen you may want to look into why the US Civil War dragged on so long"

      Gosh, that's a good idea. Maybe we will finally find a way to end that awful Civil War. Lotta horses and mules get killed in it, too.

    • Sorry, I meant we've had contentions of both sides using donkey bombs.

    • "your tax dollars are killing Afghans too. They are buying 11 BILLION dollars of arms for the owners of Qatar and Saudi Arabia."

      So we might as well pay for Israel, too? So you can all blow each other up?
      Now there's a line you should hew too, Dabakr. It's sure to be a winner.

      But at long last, Dabakr, have we gotten to "the whole world sucks" now? No probably not, because by tomorrow, Ziocaine Syndrome amnesia will kick in, and you'll have forgotten all the stuff you said yesterday, and say it again. That can't be good for your digestion.

    • It's always tough on the donkeys.

    • "Im sure you’ll have a wise-cracking answer to this as well."

      There's a reason to take you seriously? You are a bad joke, certainly not someone to be argued with, or capable of discussing anything.
      We get your point, Dabakr, Zionists are people who are incapable of thinking in terms of anything but Zionism, and somehow this adds up to you should be given a place to full reign to your brutal-ass bad Maccabee selves, cause it firms up your nationhood, and besides what about the Indians, and the Germans were so awful to us. We get it. You got it coming, history owes you this. Yeah, you just fight it out on those lines, DaBakr.

    • DaBakr, stop muttering, okay. If you have some kind of a point to make, do it. Put this standing in corners and muttering, and wringing your hands has got to stop.

    • "Yes, I know, Israelis do not have gruesome death pictures for the media, so you don’t care as much."

      Oh, I see, Hophmi, the level of death and destruction is the same, but the Israelis are too good to allow pictures of it? Okay, sure Hoppy.

    • "Most of them, of course, live in comfortable societies where they benefit from the freedom they enjoy, but do little to bring it about for others, and do little to celebrate it elsewhere."

      Oh, cat's out of the bag, so I guess we can talk about it. Hophmi is too modest to mention it. Hophmi is very involved with a movement, a petition and PR blitz, to make "Israel Day" a national American holiday, on account of Israel saving the US from terrorists, and Satanists, all the time.

    • "Your version of it. Mine begins with the rejection of the idea of Jewish sovereignty by the Arab world,"

      And the Arabs didn't have a perfect right to forbid that, or if it was attempted by force, resist it? Why on earth are the Arabs supposed to give the Zionists a State? Cause Britain, on whose back they slid into the area, says so?
      Why on earth do you think the "Arabs" as you call them, were under the slightest obligation to let anybody in and give them a state. Because Bible?

    • " but it hasn’t suggested that Hamas bombed itself"

      Think about that bowling-alley career, Hophmi. You set 'em up, they get knocked down, you set 'em up again, they get knocked down again. It's just like what you do here, only with pay.

    • While I hate to make a horrible prediction like this, the numbers of deaths among the refugees, people fleeing Israel's attack, will also be staggering, although this will take a bit longer to develop. And since so many of those deaths will be lives shortened or tremendous infant mortality, they may go uncounted.

    • . "If -on the other hand-the goal is to show IDF as particularly cruel ‘animal killers’ its just another brick in the wall."

      Psst, dude, you really want to make Roger Water's references? Ixnay on the Inkpay Oydflay, okay?

      " it is a new cynical low in the propaganda war being fought by MW against Israel."

      Oh, is that what you think this website is here for? Why don't you read the "about" page. It says nothing about a "propaganda war being fought by MW against Israel". Nice substantive topic for discussion, of course.

    • "One for the Seder in Netanya, one for the Dolphinarium bombing, one for the school children in Ma’alot, one for the kids in the Sbarro bombing, one for the three murdered teenagers."

      "And one for the Hebrew children..." Are you writing Gospel songs now, Hophmi?

    • "I’m just waiting for Annie to post one of those who-benefits screeds where she insinuates that the Jews are attacking themselves in Europe."

      Hophila, Hophila, try and calm down! Remember, when it comes to Annie, "you'll always have Paris"!

      But I'm sure Annie will see your comment indicting Mondo with fomenting anti-Semitic attacks in Europe, and be properly chastened.

    • "Maybe one day, Mooser, you’ll have something substantive to say, rather than being the joke that you are."

      Oh yes, something substantive like:

      “It is nothing more than an attempt to legitimize killing Israeli civilians, and by extension, Jews around the world who are supportive of a Jewish state.”

      or, (one of my all time favorites, Hophmi!)

      "Jews in Europe are living in fear right now, and it’s in part because sites like this identify people who support Israel as Nazis and fascists"

      I just loooove that "in part" part, Hophmi. It's like the guy in the movie who dives under the closing door just before the bomb goes off! BTW, Hophmi, how big a "part"? 90%? 85%? You want to discuss a "substantive" issue? Okay, how many European Jewish deaths is Mondo responsible for?

    • "Jews in Europe are living in fear right now, and it’s in part because sites like this identify people who support Israel as Nazis and fascists"

      Gee, Hophmi, besides being the reason "Jews in Europe are living in fear" maybe you ought to look into whether old Beezlbub is really in the editor's office at Mondo. One guy even said the site was "satanic" but I haven't seen him around much lately.
      So, the way I get this, if a Jewish fingernail is harmed in Europe, it's on Mondo's head? Well, I can only thank you for introducing a subject amenable to rational debate.

      "Apparently, even animals in Gaza are more important than Jews in Europe, or, for that matter, dead children in Syria."

      Jacob Adler lives again! Except, for maximum tragic effect, you should'a stopped after "Europe", you know? That "or, for that matter" (or up above "in part") those little equivocations and misdirections, is where your tragedy turns to, well, farts.

      Oh, BTW, Hophmi, any time you want to offer a blizzard of examples of how "sites like this identify people who support Israel as Nazis and fascists" and that is endangering Jews in Europe, feel free. They haven't banned you yet.

    • There's no bottom on this barrell they won't scrape. On another thread, a habarachik named "Janet Jupiter" haughtily told us the "refugee status in not inheritable", in defense of one Zionist atrocity or another. Of course, she's right, I'm pretty sure that if your parents are refugees you become a citizen, or at least a resident of the country in which you are born.
      Or maybe she was saying that the children of Palestinians forced out of the country lose their claim on it?
      Oh well, from Olympus, you can get the big perspective.

    • 1) Guernica was purposely bombed from the air
      2) on the day where the Nazis knew people would be outdoors
      3) solely to test out new Nazi hardware.
      4)Around 1600 people were killed in one day
      5) The entire point of Guernica was to kill as many civilians and sow as much destruction as possible.

      Hopmi, if you ever get out of the hasbara business (I know, it's pleasure, not business) you have a great future as a pin-boy. You know, the guy who sets up the pins in a bowling alley, to see them all (or most) knocked down, and sets 'em up again, to get 'em knocked down again. You'd be good at it.

    • "do you people know how many horses were brutally killed in ww1 and ww2?"

      Lotta Jews, too, wasn't there? Well, I don't know, but maybe if we didn't pass quite so easily over the slaughter of our animal friends and servants, we wouldn't be so quick to murder people, no matter what species of people they are.

      But thanks, DaBakr, for weighing in in favor of the slaughter of animals. Do you think poison gas is the most humane way to dispatch them, when they are no longer of use?

    • "It is nothing more than an attempt to legitimize killing Israeli civilians, and by extension, Jews around the world who are supportive of a Jewish state."

      Yeah, Hophmi, I bet you scurry around Manhattan looking over your shoulder, and packin' heat. Thank God nobody could ever, ever identify you from your extensive Mondo archive! (Each post with a time and date stamp, too)
      Ah, but what a sense of mission, of purpose, you must get from courting danger in defense of the Jewish people. I'd sleep better knowing rough men like you ( and a quick hand with the QWERTY, too) are protecting my Jewish identity, if I could sleep at all these days.

  • Attacks on demonstrators in Rome
    • And yet we still have Zionists on other threads blaming the Palestinians for stopping the "peace process".

    • "Perhaps all of your thoughts are colored through the Zionist lense."

      Oh, no, I was just applauding your ability to know what is acceptable, and what is provocative.

    • The infamous "formaldehyde" quote. There it all is. Thanks Seafoid.

    • "Totally unacceptable. "

      Yes sir, if there's one thing a Zionist is fit to judge, it is what is "unacceptable"!
      And in case anybody thinks your little judgement was pretty goddam presumptuous, under the circumstances, I am here to tell them that Zionists are required to make such judgements!

  • Hasbarah Bingo
    • link to

      "Jaffa, Palestine: Boxed Jaffa oranges being loaded for export, early 1920's. Jaffa oranges were Palestine's leading export. After 1948, Jaffa's nationalized orange groves and the established markets for their products provided the major source of income for the new state of Israel."

    • "I consider myself a critical, or progressive Zionist. I am in favor of Jewish self-determination in the land of Israel. I am also in favor of Arab self-determination in the land of Israel. I’m in favor of a single state that treats Jews & Arabs with equal rights."

      That was Silverstein in 2009. Basically a mine-and-shaft guy, back then, anyway.

    • " that they offer cities of refuge to "

      I nominate Tel Aviv, and of course Jerusalem.

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