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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • To my fellow Israelis: We can stop this
    • You know, it's sorta funny, but when a person says: "My fellow Israelis" I gotta wonder 'who on earth is he talking to'?

  • BDS movement faces attack in six state legislatures
    • " I would rather bash my head into a wall than have to deal with laws of this type."

      I'd rather bash my head into a wall than try to nullify the Constitution from a State Legislature, but they like that kind of thing down there.

      (OH WAIK. I read the first two sentences with trepidation, praying "Don't let WA. be one of the six, please.)

  • Maya Angelou stood with Palestinians, but Israeli military uses her for Black History Month hasbara
    • "Clearly, in order to use Maya Angelou quotes, you must first ask yourself whether you agree with her politics"

      You got it in one, "Hophmi"!

      Unless, of course, hypocrisy is what you prefer. I can certainly see many reasons why you would.

  • Israel's left pushes back against rightwing 'delegitimization'
    • "We wanted the world to help us during the Holocaust, why wouldn’t Jews with a conscience want whatever international body that could to intervene to stop the abuse of the Palestinian people."

      I don't know that I've seen it put quite like that before. Thank you "niass2"!

      Of course, we know about how Zionists treat the "international body".

    • Ah, the good old "Israeli left"!
      They also serve who stand and equivocate.

  • Oscar swag bag includes ten-day VIP trip to Israel worth $55,000
    • " and sort out their problems, and we sort out ours."

      And "rugal b" knows how. He recommends violence:

      "Physical violence is a legitimate means to secure justice and fight oppression../...and I believe those who are against violence are dishonest and irrational and cannot be considered as helpful members of the cause." - "rugal b" See more at: link to

      He's just spinning.

    • "and both needs to be deconstructed, with equal haste"

      That will never happen to you "Rugak b"! You'll never need deconstruction.
      Your comments simply implode into their own footprint. Hopefully, somebody will haul the debris away.

    • "Let the Israeli (and Diaspora) Jews sort out their problems..."

      Okay, we got Israel (uh, whatever that might be. Opinions differ.) and we got "(and Diaspora) Jews" (" (and Diaspora) Jews"? there's still a "(and Diaspora)"? Ho-kay!) and that's all very nice. I guess we are in loco parentheses for Israel?

      But somehow, I get the funny feeling we are forgetting a few people in "Rugal b's" neat formulation. I could be wrong, but somehow (so call me a nut) I suspect there's a few more people involved.

    • "Sure, those who can sniff Jews like a pig on rare truffles know this to be true"

      "Your implication is backward but I am sure its not the first time."

      "Tokyobk" let's face it, nobody knows the trouble we've seen.

    • "Perhaps Mooser’s well chosen quote...."

      Thank you, "MHughes976". As Hemmingway always said, it's important to be earnest.

    • "More importantly, RoHa gained two post-graduate degrees from the University of Reading."

      I never got a degree in Reading. Not in Writing, either, although I hear it's a wonderful town. West Writing is supposed to be very nice.

    • "the talented county town of Berkshire, of which he normally speaks, not sparing my feelings, with a certain air of disrespect."

      I know. I do it because I am so envious. If you lived here you'd know why. It doesn't speak well of me, but there it is. I apologize. I will take Robert Southey's thoughts ("For a Column at Newbury") as my guide from now on:

      If with thy neighbour thou shouldst not accord,
      Remember these, our famous countrymen,
      And quell all angry and injurious thoughts."

  • Tel Aviv housecleaning service advertises higher rates for European help than Africans
    • Whoa, this transcendental moderation method works good!

    • "So, this is really just an academic discussion,"

      Herchel, if you were a pharmicist, you would specialize in "irrational compounds". You combine the soporific with the emetic.

      And most people are anti-emetic. Can you blame them?

  • In Photos: Israeli forces close down village of 25,000 following deadly attack by three teen boys
    • "Why not correct the headline?"

      Very funny. Like you corrected your breathless report on the "terrorist attack at Beersheva".

      Got your Nikes clean yet?

  • The irreconcilable differences of liberal Zionism
    • "out there, only i dont know what to do with it, its already perfect, very Dzogchen."

      Perfect? Oh, yes, perfectly perfect, like a circle.

    • "that’s Rich white man, you misogynist!"

      You are correct. I bar chucking peripherals at the fairer species, that's just not done. Hard-boiled eggs at the electric fan, yes, under circumstances of bohemian bonhomie, but hurling the Dell at my vis-a-vis (or anybody elses), no way.

      I beg, on bended knee-replacements, a thousand pardons. I'm gonna need 'em, sooner or later.

    • "the chair of a program in the School of Psychology is the faculty member who led the attack against our SJP chapter’s events."

      Apart from anything else, the social cost of actions like those of the "chair" will be devastating. And there will be a social bill for this kind of thing.

    • "what do the two have to do with eachother?"

      Mr. Sit-n-Spin can pull more G's than anybody, Annie!
      But when the centrifuge is spinning that fast, it get really hard to tell left from right, up from down, right from wrong.

    • "Physical violence is a legitimate means to secure justice and fight oppression."

      Possibly. I can tell you that what you are doing with your keyboard isn't.
      Try throwing it out the window at a passing rich, white person.

    • "native is a beautiful word. like breathe and alive and spring and first born."

      "And first born"? Speak for yourself, Annie. My Mom always liked my younger sisters better than me. Left them whole, too.

    • "I do not understand how disinvesting from Caterpillar for example would make you feel threatened."

      Takes a little bit of the luster off one's ethno-religious "status symbol" if organizations disinvest in Israel and occupation related stuff. It's like they won't be insulting the bosses kid anymore, just a regular person. That could make somebody feel threatened, like any perceived loss of status.

    • "College students are obsessed with micro aggressions and safe spaces instead of free speech and stretching their minds. They want to shut down or protest against those with differing opinions instead of interacting or debating."

      Yes, Zionists are quite well-known for that. But I'm glad you approve of giving the Zionists exactly what they deserve.

    • "And they’re more likely to “hold their noses”...

      He may have held his nose, but the cat never got his tongue sandwich.

    • "I also think that we have had at least two generations in the US in which some students think that the purpose of college is to protest, not to be educated by those who have more knowledge and experience."

      You have always struck me as a pretty simple-minded kind of goop, "Jon66". Not half as clever as "Jon s". Is bad college your problem, or is it something else?

  • 'New York Times' picks up Bernie Sanders's 'socialist' kibbutz but leaves out the ethnic cleansing
    • Wow, never seen anything like "Jackdaw". If there isn't a steaming pile for him to step in, he brings his own.

    • "Any woman who..."

      If Hilary had walked out of the White house, in an old housecoat, with a single battered suitcase, slamming the door behind her and announcing "Not another night under his roof, I'm a grown woman, I will not be treated like this, I can manage, thank you!" to the reporters, she might have been elected "Queen-for-a-lifetime" by acclamation!
      But she didn't. She just acclimated.

    • "Your survival does not give you the right to deny others their survival"

      "Yonah" goes from pleading for Jewish "survival", to lauding a project which is an assertion of power and aggression (colonizing, ethnic-cleansing, declaring state) and can only ever be such.

      And expects nobody will notice the contradiction. Are we pleading for survival, or are we assertively demanding and going after our rights as a nation? Which is it?

    • "The axioms are as follows"

      First of all, you need to look up "axioms". It doesn't mean 'retrospective Zionist myth-history'. Our self-serving mythology is not the world's "axioms" "Yonah".

      Unless, of course, you think we have the power to make it stick?

      "The limited moral failing of evicting longtime tenants after a purchase from absentee owners is acceptable for the goal of survival."

      Umm, excuse me, "Yonah" you lost me. It is acceptable for who's survival? Those with 'stars on thars'?

      Anyway, I'm glad you realize what's in store for Jerusalem and the occupation, as you say: "The limited moral failing of evicting longtime tenants after a purchase from absentee owners is acceptable for the goal of survival.

    • "What makes Jews so important that others must suffer to enable Jews to survive?"

      "RoHa"! I'm shocked! If reading "Yonah's" comments doesn't answer that question for you, it must be because you are anti-emetic.

    • "Phil, whether it’s necessary to include in all profiles about you, that you live on Native American land in Westchester."

      "Hophmi" is claiming that Phil's property now belongs to Israel.

    • "but in the 1930’s the urge to survive suffices for me to justify"

      Yes, you are in good company "Yonah". That's exactly what Hitler always stressed, Germany's "urge to survive suffices to justify".

      Why shouldn't we use similar rhetoric? Can you think of any reason?
      But you keep on pushing the line that the "the urge to survive suffices for me to justify" eliminating others, when it comes to the Jews. After all, we, like 1930's Germany, have the power to make our survival a world priority.

    • "As with all your postings, it is understood."

      He's the outreachmeister!

    • "Didn’t you get the memo? Only Jews in Israel are allowed to be racist nativists."

      Don't despair! You can always convert and make hialeah!

  • Double standard seen as Israel sentences minors involved in Abu Khdeir murder to prison but no punitive measures
    • Thanks, "Zofia". Thanks.

      And some great SQUELCHING by "Jon66" and "Mayhem". Body-stealing, and child abuse, and, just for good measure, a concise accounting of Israel's intransigence.
      Anything else you two need explicated, confirmed and linked?

    • "I’ve provided a number of links below for you..."

      Thank you, "Kris".

      I gotta admit, "Jon66" is a prize SQUELCHER.

    • "@zaid, no normal country has to endure the constant vilification from Palestinians unwilling to accept Israel’s right to exist."

      Okay, "Mayhemilla" if you tell us exactly where Israel has a "right to exist" maybe we can get someplace. And Israel's borders are:.......? I'll wait.

    • "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck"

      You try to cross that river on a chicken, and you'll know viaduct!

    • "If that’s proven true then is despicable. That should never occur."

      "If?" It is confirmed. Or did they just forget to send the missing parts? Oh, of course, the Palestinians cut them off to try to make Israel look bad?

      And "That should never occur" is just the Zionist way of saying: 'If it's true, I don't care,I abdicate responsibility.'
      That's what it adds up to.

    • What is so ghoulishly fascinating is Herchel's blithe assumption that Israelis, settlers who murder like this (beat and burn to death) are only a danger to Palestinians. And that's the only reason they might be imprisoned.

  • Pro-Israel group wants to send army colonel to your campus to explain battle for west's 'way of life'
    • "It is pretty damn funny that the old men there come up with these ideas as if they will work."

      You know how it is, "niass2". Nobody wants to get in a battle of wills with the old men.

    • "I just got off the phone with Col. Goldfus."

      Of course you did. You had calls waiting from Rabbi Kedar, Eric Fingerhut, and your state Reps and Senator, all eager to tell you they have done what you asked.

  • 60 Palestinians homeless after Israel razes West Bank village for army training zone
    • "It has to do with law and double standards."

      "MaxNarr" I am glad, very glad, to see the Moderators help you out. You are beginning to grasp it.

    • "Zionist controlled media? Please tell us more, expand on your views. This is going to be very interesting to hear."

      And there goes "MaxNarr", bounding into the 'no leash area'. And after that, 'yo, for the cow-pasture! SQUELCH.

  • Bernie Sanders' spirituality is resonating with young religious 'None's
    • therefore delegitimizing the state definition of the respective identities

      I'm sorry, I seem to have missed those, "rugal b". Just in the US, for instance what are the "state definition of the respective identities?

      Are they on the web anywhere, maybe at some ".gov" site? The State or Federal government usually posts that kind of stuff.

    • "As for the white supremacist state of America, unfortunately we are far behind the level of social and political consciousness that exists in Israel, and are just starting to collectively question who we are and where do we belong in our extremely globalized world."

      Yup, "rugal b" that's what the US needs, a political consciousness just like Israels!

      "We haven’t gone through the process of having our the core of our identities challenged, like the Jews have ever since the IP conflict..."

      Yeah, really opened us up, didn't it, got us to look outside themselves, didn't it. Now, how do you plan to make the Zionists listen to us?

      "What I find to be rather.../... and just nation for all."

      Can this guy spin uselessly, or what?

    • (as if jewish is not an ethnic marker in itself)

      "It certainly is not and that is the whole point!"

      So the only thing I can accomplish by being identified as "Jewish" is to provide implicit support for the Zionist project? What else is left?

      This is especially bad when I consider the fact that I (short of some ridiculous imposture, and adopting wholesale a pretentious Anglophile orthography, of course) have very little control over how people choose to identify me!

      (And gosh, what about those people who have no control over how they are identified? Why do I have a right to manipulate multiple identities, and demand others honor them, when other people aren't allowed out of their own skin?)

      What should I do? It's complicated.

    • "really so real unless you’ve like never experienced it!"

      I don't know. I must confess, love always seemed the most real to me when I didn't have it.
      When I'm drowning in the stuff, I tend to take it for granted.

    • "renounce your jewishness or else you’re a racist and an ethnic cleanser?"

      If being identified as Jewish means the assumption that I am some kind of Zionist, yes. (and that happens almost every time at my age) And the nicer and more liberal I am, the more points for Zionism!
      And under what circumstances would it be appropriate to disabuse the person of that notion, and let them know just how I feel about Zionism? Very few, under most ordinary circumstances it would be an inappropriate display.

      And there you go. Why help Zionism, even inadvertently?

    • "Does anyone need to “identify” themselves?"

      Truly, "RoHa" which is more of a problem: the way we identify ourselves, or the way other people identify you. One of those, at least, you may have some control over, the other, very little in many cases.

      The problem with identity is hardly ever self-identity. Just having the power to identify yourself puts you a leg up. How others identify you? That can be more problematic.

    • "that is a question you can only answer for yourself."

      If I had enough information, and could make a judgement. I haven't lived in Israel. Perhaps if I had, I might feel much more strongly about it.
      Because there, you see, being Jewish and what it means and how I effect it and relate to the world with it wouldn't really be under my control, would it?
      Like it is here. As soon as I said "Jewish" ("Horowitz") in Israel I would immediately enter a web of completely different circumstances from those given another answer.

    • "rather than make excuses for those religions which are an offence against rationality."

      Except "Yonah" most certainly, (as indicated and confirmed by his flat refusal to acknowledge the realities of the situation, for one thing) does not think he is "making excuses".
      Nope, the poor schlimazel thinks he's making 'an offer we can't refuse'.

    • There's a great big mystery
      and it sure is troubling me.
      This "spirituality". That "spirituality"!
      I wish somebody could tell me,
      "What does “spirituality” mean?"

    • "Can you just for one second acknowledge that assimilation..."

      As usual, you are deliberately conflating "assimilation" with "acculturation", "Hophmi".

      We are all "assimilated". All Jews born in America are American citizens. There is no "assimilation" process. which affects religious Jews differently than anybody else. There is no compromise they must make to be "assimilated" as Americans. That's a very dishonest thing to say, and insulting, too. For a long time "assimilation" with full legal rights and opportunities was very difficult if not impossible for Jews in Europe. And religious compromises were often demanded.

      And if you want to claim, at this point, that there is any "acculturation" Jews need to do, or haven't done, in the US, c'mon, don't make me laugh. Yes, some Jews like certain customs and ways of dress? There's all kinds of people like that in the US. It's their right.

    • "The point I can’t see is the point of trying to maintain a faith community if a large portion of that community is content for it to fade away."

      Yes, and in spite of the fact that denominations like Reform have removed a lot of the dietary restrictions, myriad other religious and ritual obligations, and rendered almost all (except a pleasurable amount, everybody likes some chargle-bagle) the service into English. And no gender-segregation. (Nod-nod, wink-wink)
      So it's not the difficulty and obscurantism which is driving people away.

    • Being Jewish seems to weigh very heavily on Israelis. I'm glad it is not that much of a burden for me.
      But I see their point, there can be a silent implicit consent to a lot of things in the word.
      Could it be, has it come to this, that by simply identifying with the word "Jewish" I am hurting the Palestinians or signalling consent to the Zionist process? And in terms of the real world, not much else.

      Is it worth that?

    • "I don’t understand why yoni cares if someone identifies as Jewish."

      I figure Yoni knows a lot more about it than I do, and has strong reasons for thinking it necessary. I've never been involved with Zionism, nor grown up in Israel. I think my, or our Jewish identity is whatever we make it, but that may be no more than a pleasant delusion.

    • "Do you mean “fluctuation”, Annie?"

      Merely a simple word transposition. Feh, it happens once in a while.
      "Fluxuation", of course, is what happens when you use the wrong kind of solder.

    • " I am still compliant when addressed sharply."

      Naturally, "Gamal". I, for one, can't picture you as other than unfailingly gracious and cutting-edge sartorially.

    • "I don’t understand why anyone secular clings to bogus “Jewish” identity."

      Maybe it doesn't seem so bad outside of Israel and Zionists?

      Besides, my secular bogus "Jewish" identity is like a suit of the finest new clothes. Fit for an Emperor! You wouldn't want me to appear in public naked, would you?

    • "Of course, this is my favourite page on that site."

      Maybe I should turn Bhuddish. The only ones who get their wishes fulfilled by trees around here are the tent caterpillars and illegal loggers.
      I, of course, talk to the trees, but they don't listen to me. I talk to the breeze, but the breeze never hears me. (Wow, that's a stupid song)

    • "From what I see the progress of mankind is a haphazard zig zag unpredictable process of starts and stops"

      With only one shining constant, the culture religion and general all around oomph and boomps-a-daisy of the you-know-whos!
      They got stars on thars!

    • "I detect a false dichotomy there"

      Uh-oh! That's usually the first sign of a pilpul overdose. He downs a handful and starts typing.

      "It’s not as if Voltaire (rationalism, “erase the infamy” and Nietzsche “God is dead”) are recent. They are in fact hundreds of years old and the results are mixed."

      Yup, that seems to be the problem. I hope somebody is standing by with restoratives. I'm gonna need 'em. Did Voltaire and Nietzche even live in the same century?

    • "On what basis is this assumption: that better norms will emerge. None. wisp of the wind optimism."

      "Phil, I crawled a hundred miles on my knees and climbed two mountains to reach your blog. And now, all you tell me is "this assumption: that better norms will emerge" You're no guru You're a fake!"
      Phil looked at Yonah, his eyes reflecting weird shapes in the flickering firelight of the mountain-top cave and replied:

      "Feh! Okay then, maybe it won't improve".

      But thanks for speaking up for traditional Protestantism, Yonah, You're the best will-of-the-wisp and ill wind I know.

  • Define 'establishment candidate': Rubio and Clinton both love Netanyahu
    • "It is what they do or try to do every single day. So sorry if it offends your delicate sensibilities but that, by definition, makes them savages."

      Shhhh! I'm doing transcendental moderating! Okay, sitting in lotus position, now for the mantra: 'Lethimmakeanassofhimself,lethimmakeanassofhimself...'

    • "not sure how that completely racist comment made it thru moderation."

      Is maybe somebody practicing transcendental moderation?

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