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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Many Clinton Foundation donors oppose BDS-- and so does Clinton
    • "They have been reported as donating to the foundation and also have organized meetings with Hillary on undisclosed issues."

      Now, there's a recommendation, if I ever heard one.

  • Months after saying he won't appear at Israeli foreign ministry events, Amos Oz will do just that in Paris
    • "Yoni is quite upfront about his hatred of Judaism."

      Well, "Hophmi" I was pretty shocked, too, when I got all the soteriological details, and discovered how goddam syncretic the entire mish-mosh is.
      It's hard not to resent it. Is it worth mutilating people over?

      But gee, "Hophmi" maybe if you had to do the same things "Yoni" did, you might feel differently, but you made sure your precious ass got nowhere near the IDF, didn't you? At any time, peace or war, huh?

    • . "Second of all, you should listen to IDF combat veterans."

      Sure, "Hophmi" you are all about "breaking the silence"! I know how enthusiastic you are when IDF veterans speak out.

    • "She doesn’t see to hate Judaism like you do, YoniFalic."

      Way to respect an IDF combat veteran, "Hophmi"! Not enough he risked his life, did what he was told actually living as an Israeli.
      Is the price of being an Israeli IDF veteran having to suck off phony American Zionists the rest of your life?

      Gee, "Hophmi" maybe you should be listening to him, as he actually lived the experience you aren't capable of doing yourself.

    • "Raphael" "I think…. "

      Thanks for the warning, "Raphe", no need to read any further.

      "and I am a liberal Israeli American" Ho-kay!

  • ADL took US cops to Israeli prison, occupied Hebron and settler winery during counter-terror seminar
    • "No need for your dishonest cherry picking."

      Usually, to pick cherries you reach up.
      Maybe we should call it 'cherry-tomato picking'.

  • 'Democracy' and 'terrorism' and the parameters of thinkable thought
    • "So you expect me to take the view of an ivory tower linguist in Hartford more seriously than"

      Hmmm, not going for the "ivory tower linguist" views, huh?
      Okay, would you believe a 19th Century German-Jewish journalist with megalomaniacal pretensions and lot's of good old European racism ?

    • Ah "Rafael" what a wonderful picture of a Zionist (or something, who the hell knows) you render us.
      It's the exquisite social and human awareness which impresses so immediately and forcefully when reading your comments; "Rafael" I tell myself' "is a man who has seen through things to the center, and isn't shy about it."

      "the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews"

      Yeah, all of 'em. All "the Arabs", and "the Jews".

  • France's burkini ban is a dangerous, Islamophobic assault on feminist values
  • Israeli military clears Israeli military of war crimes in Gaza
    • "translated viagra sales site!"

      Oh, that stuff. It's bogus. Not worth a penny.
      Didn't even help my split ends, let alone grow anything.

    • "That link is a trap (goes to a hair growth drug sale site)"

      Don't delete that link! I'll try anything at this point.

  • Israel bans entry for two more US activists
    • "As far as national affiliation, it was just a phrase."

      Yup, like most everything you write, just more bullshit, and spin, and bullshit.

    • "We are stuck with Israel. It is not going away."

      I protest this statement! No impediment should be placed, no arbitrary standard set, on Israel shrinking to its natural, destined size.

    • "I was doing some interviews recently at my government office and I was thinking how far from our minds was the national or religious affiliation of the potential employees."

      The "national affiliation"? That would be "American" wouldn't it? But not for you:

      "It makes me feel good that as an American Jew (who works for the government no less and influences it in all sorts of pernicious and anti American ways) I am stronger than Putin." "catalan" - See more at: link to

  • I continued to act as if I was above feeling afraid. Till the last war
  • Clinton Foundation's 'good friend' Bahrain quashed Arab spring without protest from Sec'y Clinton
    • " fail to convince me that there is an apartheid going on against the Shia citizens."

      Yours is the only mention of the word "apartheid" on this page.
      So what would you call what is "going on against the Shia citizens"?
      Is it genocide? Is it discrimination? Is it segregation? Just the healthy give-and-take of multi-cultural democratic societies?
      Nobody said anything about "apartheid" except you, as usual.

    • " i can’t take you seriously, this is ridiculous."

      "justicewillprevail", I know what you mean.
      Here's my personal favorite from his oeuvre.
      "Silamcuz" is activating hard here, for the women of Pakistan:

      "Last time I checked, women in Pakistan or Bangladesh are not being economically forced to engage in degrading and dehumanising sex work in the same scale American women are. There are also sophisticated societal mechanisms that empowers women politically, financially and politically in Pakistan that is completely foreign to American women." "Silamcuz" link to

      A real activator, that one.

    • "The donations are made free of any strings attached and out of good-will."

      Sure, it just drops in through the slot, and nobody knows how it got there. Or who brought it.

    • "women are strong happy, safe and free, men are handsome, full of pride and self-assured, no toxic masculinity, no misogyny or racism, and all the children are above average."

      Sounds like that fabled oasis, long celebrated by the Persian poets, of "Lake Woebegone."

      (And now that I know for sure it's not a sign of "toxic masculanity" I have got to get me one of those ceremonial daggers to wear on the front of my belt!)

    • "One who can’t figure out what racism is, and why Trump is a racist?"

      It's called the Socratic method, if I am not mistaken. At Plato's Cavern Club, where "RoHa" is Philosopher-King, (and Chief Mixologist) we use nothing but.

    • "I’m sorry but I never meant to say I hated engaging in the conversations in Mondoweiss."

      Then you really should give it a try.

      BTW, have you managed to get over your nausea yet?

    • "However, as a person dedicated to justice..."

      No, as you have made perfectly clear, and doubled down on, more than once ("I stand by my comments") you are dedicated to violence, and will correct Phil with a "good old fashioned slap"!

      So slap away, "Simmy"! As you say, you "know of no better way..."

      But please, don't let me stop you from explaining why Ms. Clinton's vote for the War on Iraq was of the greatest benefit to POC all over the world. I'm sure you can. After all, wasn't that some of that good old violence which stops "injustice"?

    • "Mooser, I’m already a philosopher."

      Well, in that case, run for King, too! You will be the Philosopher-King at the bar, I will be Chef Rabbi Bar Sh'eesh Kabob, slicing the Novy and schmearing on weekdays and playing with a Hydraulis trio on weekends, and Plato's Cavern will be the hottest club in the civis.

    • "I along with millions around the world will always remember her for as a person of the highest calibre, a leader far too competent, a womyn of great strength and even greater compassion and love for justice."

      Gee, since we're getting sentimental, I will always remember her as a woman who always, in the end deferred to what she thought were powerful men, (Bush and Cheney)and voted for the War on Iraq.

      " You on the other hand, man I can’t even describe the nausea within me thinking I once admired you."

      In that case, you will have to keep on supplying Mondo (that is Phil Weiss) with a steady stream of "hits", "UPVs" and "sessions" in between trips to 'worship the Porcelain God', or just keep a bucket handy.

    • "Americans come to their senses and take me as their King."

      King only? What we need around this cave is a good Philosopher-King.

    • "I’m not convinced that Trump is the racist monster that some people suggest"

      Well, yesterday Trump abandoned the centerpiece of his campaign, the Mexican Wall and Muslim Deportation(!!!) and praised Obama's immigration policy, and said Obama was a deporter par excellence. And that he, Trump, would continue Obama's policy.

      (Of course, this happened on the very day Ann Coulter released her book, saying Trump could do anything in the world except that and she would love him. Made for an interesting book-signing, and release party. She was on a Twitter rant before the day was through.)

    • "as if the people running the foundation has any means to investigate the donors for their complicity in whatever type of repression"

      Yes, the Clinton Foundation has a unique fund-raising method which precludes any investigation of donors!
      The funds manager sit in a darkened, sealed room, with a dollar-bill size slit in the door. All day money comes through it, and drops softly into the Axminster. Heck, they can't even count it till the day is over, and somebody brings a flashlight.

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • "I’d be surprised if they agree with you."

      Yakov, Phil and James comment at the on-line sites of Goldberg, Lake, and the NYTs? Did not know that. Are they making an impact?

      But Dan, if "Hophmi" is having a significant effect on your thinking, and is convincing you he is right, and has the right perspective on Mondo, and its readers, and is correct in his objections to Mondo, I'll have to admit I am wrong.
      Is he doing that?

    • "These folks will never believe anything but the worst about Israelis no matter what you show them, because their main motivation isn’t facts; it’s hatred of Israelis and Jews."

      Bu, but, but "Hophmi", the Sacred Zionist What-aboutereuch teaches us that all countries and nations do horrible things while they establish themselves and grow, and so can Israel. So perhaps it might have been wise to keep our religion insulated from this, since it realistically can't provide any protection against the consequences? Just asking.
      If you think crying "antisemitism" will insulate Israel from the consequences of its policies as and actions, please say so.

      Oh, and don't worry about us non-Israeli "the Jews". When the time comes, it'll be a simple as drowning out Nettie's "Hatikvah" with a lusty "Marseillaise."

    • "And a hold full of cherry tomatoes!"

      And ballast tanks pumped full of cottage cheese!
      Yo-ho-ho and a two cents, plain.

    • "Yonah", it’s not worth arguing with these people..."

      Right you are, "Hophmi". The fact is, on the Internet "hits mean consent".
      Unless you are a Zionist, of course, in which case the moral and social ascendancy of Zionism supersedes the structure of the Internet. I've been marveling at this for quite some time.

      Just think about it,"Hophmi"; you can wound me even worse by shooting yourself in the foot. And with a target that close, how can you miss? Fire at will!

    • "There have been dozens of investigations of it, and none have found Israel culpable."

      In fact, an Israeli military investigation determined that after the unplanned maintenance incident, the USS Liberty steamed back to its homeport with a custom paint-job and rebuilt engines, not to mention an entire new wardrobe air-dropped to the crew and officers.

    • “ it seems like a low level error.”

      Sure, attacking a US ship, kill over a hundred Americans, who would wake Moshe Dayan up over a petty matter like that?

      Isn't it fun to rub our noses in Israel's impunity, "Yonah"?

    • "Does Israel really outrank them?"

      Sure, assuming Israel takes no, or very few casualties in the war. And the war doesn't last very long, more than a week or two.

    • "The event itself of the attack on the USS liberty, has never made sense to me as a decision of someone high ranking, it seems like a low level error."

      Oh, you bet,"Yonah". In the IDF any private or sergeant who knows Kaballa can call in an airstrike on a ship with no questions asked.

    • "consistent with his manichean worldview "

      Eliade says there's plenty of that in the brew. He goes so far as to say that there's bunches of syncretism, too!!
      I still can't decide whether I should put those volumes through the fire for Moloch.

    • "Josh Marshall will tell you all about Russia influencing Trump, and meantime he..."

      Marshall has been very disappointing. Very disingenuous.

    • "What has Russia done to make it your enemy, hophmi?"

      They sent a coffee urn into space. I heard Judy Garland singing about it.

  • A French, a Palestinian, and a black woman all wade into a pool
    • "Stephen", remember this one?

      "Mother may I go out to swim?
      Yes, my darling daughter.
      Hang your clothes on a hickory limb,
      And don't go near the water!"

    • Really, "RoHa"?

      Sometimes I get the impression you subsist entirely on the flesh of animals slain in anger, and pie.

    • "Upon Julia's Clothes
      By Robert Herrick 1650

      When as in silks my Julia goes,
      Then, then (methinks) how sweetly flows
      That liquefaction of her clothes.

      Next, when I cast mine eyes, and see
      That brave vibration each way free,
      O how that glittering taketh me! "

      And Julia, I think we can presume, would have been swathed in the stuff, ankle to neck-bone.

    • "It’s about creating taboos around women’s bodies..."

      You know, I've often had the same thought about women's clothing where I live, in the US. An awful lot of it seems to be devoted to a taboo which forbids the image or sight of a women from belonging entirely to herself.

  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • "Mooser! Take your medicine!"

      Why not straighten us all out on this, "Hophmi"? How many people are we talking about? How many in Israel (and age distribution might be nice) And how many are living over Israel's self-declared lines? Or in occupied Jerusalem?
      So how many people exactly is all this over?

    • "We Jews have been dealing with your ilk for many thousands of years."

      While reasons of taste and empathy prevent me from going into a blackly humorous detail about it, I've still gotta say: "We Jews" sure showed them how we deal with the ilk over the last couple thousand years, didn't we, "Jackdaw"! I often laugh triumphantly in the shower over it.

    • "thus deflecting blame under cover of some quasi unavoidable mental condition "

      I think it's called "the terror of history". I think we all have some.

    • "The Arabs economically.../... ‘anti-normalization’../...naught.../ warming.../...myopic.../... goes ‘tit’s up’?

      Sure, "Jackdaw" Peach out and tits up to you, too.
      (Er drayt sich arum vie a fortz in russell .)

    • " These folks are violent, and they believe in pursuing conflict everywhere. Most of them are privileged Westerners who think that nonviolence means advocating violence for people elsewhere in the world."

      Wow, "Hophmi", it's like you were right there with me when I formed my first opinions and drew my first conclusions about Zionism!

    • "Yes, what a hero! 80m Egyptians live"

      "Hophmi", you transposed a "0". You meant '8 million Egyptians live...'

      No need to scare everybody by exaggerating the challenges Israel faces. 80 million Israelis can deal with a mere 8 million Egyptians.

    • "We Jews have been dealing with your ilk for many thousands of years."

      "We Jews have been dealing with your ilk for many thousands of years..."! Very original and creative use of the blood libels, "Jackdaw"!!
      I never before thought they could be turned to our advantage but I think you are showing us the way.

    • "The Jewish State will bury BDS, along with "

      Nikita, please stop banging on the lectern, and for G-d's sake put your shoe back on .

    • "We Jews have been dealing with your ilk for many thousands of years."

      What you mean-um "we"? So how many of the world's 200 million Jews are ready to back you up? ("Hophmi" says there's only 140-150 million)

      "The Jewish State will bury BDS,"

      It hasn't even been there a hundred years yet, and still can't find its own borders.

      "Stalking me?"

      Like you're all that hard to catch? I mean, you just offered to fly anywhere in the world to get spit on.

    • "The world’s 200 million Jews? There are 14-15 million, not 200 million."

      You've got it mixed up "Hophmi" . There are 14-15 million superbly conditioned, trained and disciplined fighting age males in Israel. Out of an 80 million strong, young, prime reproductive age and burgeoning Jewish population. All of whom have nowhere else to go.
      And I think there are about 20 million settlers outside Israel's declared borders. A vast movement. Irresistible in its urgency and numbers.

    • "No Maria. El-Shehaby fought the Jew and the Jew beat him"

      "The Jew". Must be wonderful, to fight not just for Israel, but for all the world's 200 million Jews.

    • "...i make my own rules"

      That's fine with me, since I don't make them, just don't retire. Not yet, anyway. You can go a while yet.

    • "I’m an Israeli and you can try to spit in my face. Where do you want to meet up?
      I can be there in about 24 hours."

      "Jackdaw", you seem to be laboring under a slight misapprehension. This is Mondo, where you get BDS.
      As you are obviously looking for some form of BDSM you might want to advertise elsewhere. You might get a lot of takers.

    • "I shudder to think of the commotion that would result if..."

      ...there's trouble, truncation, and bad data in the comment archives? Yes, there was quite a bit.

    • Oh, this is great. Now we have a commenter with the user name "_"!!

      The user-name is a single underscore! Check its archive.

  • After Palestinian takes gold in Rio for Jordan, Israelis claim his roots are 'Israeli'
    • "I don’t know you, but I can say with absolute certainty that you were not born of an ancient Israelite."

      "Rafael" is the "Summertime" kid.
      His Daddy's rich, and his Ma is good-looking!

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