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  • Trump 'promise' to move US embassy to Jerusalem stirs international furor
    • "it means america is first in line to kiss israel’s a**."

      No one can deny that the meaning of political slogans change over decades, or can be misleading. Maybe "America First" ain't what it used to be.


      Just terrible, what the Presidency does to people. Guy has been straight-arrow his whole life, but as soon as he gets an entry-level political job, he forgets the lessons learned at Mother's knee, and prevaricates. It's enough to sour my view of human nature.

    • "Whatever happened to “America First?”

      This is what happened to "America First"

    • "I think it’s a very dangerous move."

      Yes, but like Einstein said, we'll be like a snail...

    • "thought Trump might stand up to Israel"

      Strange, isn't it, that after a lifetime spent devoted to justice and human rights , Trump fell down on Israel?

  • It's happening
    • "Maybe he’ll put America first the same way he’ll remain neutral on I-P. ;-)"

      Maybe he's never given it a single goddam thought, or an hour of study or consideration. Maybe he just parrots the last person he talked to who impressed him. Or espouses whatever gets the crowd going.
      Maybe he has never had any political, let alone foreign policy or diplomatic experience, and doesn't have a freakin' clue!

    • "Putting America FIRST!!??"

      That's the kind of slogan which could fly the Atlantic single-handed!

  • William Blum: the dissident and the style
    • "The leader of the free world said that the biggest threat to this planet is climate change."

      Those, my friend, were the good old days.

  • Letter to Fordham: 'Have you ever seen an instance where a university gains in the long run from speech suppression?'
  • Obama's failure, and achievement, in Palestine
    • "And that 10 Trillion in new debt is quite an accomplishment eh?"

      Considering the Bush tax cuts, Obama probably did the best he could.

    • "(had worked with Republicans who were out pounding pavement for Obama)"

      "Kathleen", this is the only mention of the word "Republicans" on this page, so far.

    • "You’ve made the lives of people on the ground worse,"

      Ah, it's the ""movement"" which is making everything worse. Just so we know how serious this is, can you tell us how many deaths and home demolitions the ""movement"" is responsible for?

    • "The end of the Obama administration is a landmark occasion, worthy of comment."

      It must be, if the event caused you to break your vow of silence.

  • The Perfect Storm: Civil rights in the era of Trump, Netanyahu, and Abbas
  • Israel's violence at Umm Al-Hiran and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine
    • "How do you ‘ethnically cleanse’ Arabs, by moving them from a village, and into a town, only five miles away?"

      Well, aren't you the clever one! Would you mind moving a few miles? That's right, behind that barbed wire over there.

  • For Chelsea Manning -- Freedom!
    • "If you are a vet, you should know this."

      Weeeel, if nobody is paying attention , it's been my experience that the attitudes of US vets toward their recruiting, training ,branch of service and specialty and finally, terms of separation, are all over the map, and sometimes very contradictory in certain areas.

    • "little respect for concepts such as honor, duty, esprit de corps, and loyalty."

      That's right!
      Didn't we fight the Nazis and struggle with the Commies for the right to keep our own American war crimes and atrocities secret?
      If we can't even do that, we might even ask if it was all worth it.

      Because nothing says "honor, duty, esprit de corps, and loyalty" like saying "I follow orders and keep my mouth shut!"
      Our forefathers fought for the right to say that!

  • Before there was 'fake news' there was Judith Miller
    • "no Thomas Carlyle and John Ruskin reveal the moral disaster of capitalism"

      Yes, Carlyle was pretty sure who was at the bottom of the financialization of capitalism!

    • That Miller woman, I am sad to say, is missing something between the neck bone and the follicles.

  • Fear that Israel is becoming 'South Africa on the Mediterranean' is expressed in Park Avenue synagogue
    • "… in the name of"

      Kyrie Eleison !

    • "This changes things a bit, IMO:"

      Thanks, "eljay". The EU, and China, and Russia? So Trump can claim to trump (so to speak) the EU, China and Russia by moving the Embassy.

    • "the Palestinians’ latest move."

      I am going to need some more confirmation that this is indeed "the Palestinian's latest move".

    • "eljay" thanks for noticing. Does it make any sense to you? Makes none to me. Although TPM is usually reliable, maybe they bit on something.

      So if Trump doesn't move the Embassy, he is being influenced by Putin? (Russia runs Trump!)

      And if he does move it, he is defying Putin? (Trump is tough and not influenced by Putin!)

      That's the position the PA wants to put Trump in?
      Doesn't make sense.
      So Trump can earn cheap anti-Putin points by moving the Embassy, and the move becomes a blow against Russia, not Palestine or the status of Jerusalem?

    • "American taxpayers buy.../...or the net financial bubble."

      Gee, and I thought the Republicans had something to do with it. They don't even rate a mention.

    • Don't know what to think of this:

      "Palestinians Ask Putin to Use Influence Over Trump"

      More links to source at link.

  • Fordham bans Students for Justice in Palestine
    • "They’re the kind of people who would ban me for disagreeing with them"

      Hit it, Professor Hicks! One time for "Hophmi"!

    • "They’re the kind of people who would ban me for disagreeing with them"

      So you would go start your own blog and blow Mondo off the internet? Who in their right mind would risk that?

      "mounds of personal abuse"

      How is it personal, you overstuffed pouter pigeon? What is "personal" about it?

    • "Thanks, Annie, for making so clear your yen to censor those who disagree with you."

      "Hophmi", there's really only reason Mondo doesn't ban you. Phil is terrified you will start your own blog, and wipe Mondo right off the web.
      Phil does not intend to make the same mistake Jared Kushner made.

    • "lighten up and enjoy his comedy."

      "Annie" this may not occur to you, not that it should, I guess, but can you imagine how many times his own weight in "there but for the grace of Gods*"... "Hophmi" is worth to a certain portion of the readership?

      * Your choice of gracious Deity, or redeeming factor of course.

    • Page: 245
    • ."he’s some sort of fixture here"

      Well, as "Hophmi " says: "Phil knows who I am."

    • The link is to:

      "Professor Doron Ben-Atar – “Kosherizing the New Antisemitism: Jewish Anti-Zionism”
      Title: “Kosherizing the New Antisemitism: Jewish Anti-Zionism”

      Speaker: Professor Doron Ben-Atar, Professor of History, Fordham University"

    • "Bad, bad people here at Mondoweiss."

      'Bad, bad, Mondoweiss.
      Where the folks are cold as ice!
      Badder than old King Herod,
      Meaner than a junkyard dog!'


    • "But perhaps Fordham does not allow Jewish students to form campus groups and has no Hillel."

      Do they really need one?

  • 'Constructed crisis for political ends': anti-Semitism claims are prime weapon for UK Israel lobby, Al Jazeera shows
  • Antisemitism and its useful idiots
    • "Judaism took much from the Greeks, just as it did from the Ancient Egyptians"

      Yes, and earlier from the Canaanites. Yup, while they were conquering and settling, they were syncreting a mile a minute. And before that, many of the religious ideas of the Israelite's may be traced back to Iran.

    • "Trump supporters (I voted for him, but I can’t say I am a supporter on many issues) are largely philo-Semitic."

      Isn't that nice! Please, don't do me any favors.

    • "A non-religious group like Zionism cannot represent a religious movement like Judaism"

      It sure can, if Judaism lets it. In truth, Judaism has no way to prevent it.

    • "This is to say: zionism in Europe was a reaction to antisemitism."

      So were a lot of things! The fact that " zionism in Europe was a reaction to antisemitism" doesn't make it a good or realistic reaction, nor a reaction which anybody is required to support.
      Nor does it make the Jews who took advantage of that anti-semitism to enable an absurd quasi-religious genocidal colonial scheme in Palestine any better than they were, or are.

      And no, "Yonah", because "zionism in Europe was a reaction to antisemitism" doesn't make Zionism 'Jewish'. It just makes it a reaction.

    • Gee, you know, we've been discussing, interminably, the meaning of anti-semitism.
      And it just hit me, every definition of anti-semitism presumes, is predicated on the innocence of the Jew it is directed toward.

    • "Because of the existence of zionism and the facts of certain Israeli excesses, it is really impossible to gauge antisemitism."

      Like the fact that we have killed lots of people in the name of Judaism and Jewish desires? Well, yeah, after that "anti-semitism" does sort of lose its meaning, donnit, "Yonah"?
      And now, since Israel is reputed to have atomic arms, every Jew in the world is hostage to Israel, too. And "certain Israeli excesses."

      "America has undergone a revolution of openness in many ways and openness to jews is one category."

      There has been no change in the status of Jews in America since America was made. Jews are US citizens (if meeting all other requirements, of course). Yes, we are more accepted, even sought after, socially. Because we have had all our rights from the start and went through the same cultural assimilation as other ethnic or religious groups who were included in the rights.
      Oh, never mind, there's no point in trying to explain it to you, "Yonah"

    • "The Trump administration is guilty of “true” anti-Semitism? Where’s the evidence?"

      Don't worry, "Sib". When America sees how much the Trump administration does for Israel, any accusations of "anti-semitism" will simply fade away.

    • "You need to pick up a book."

      I picked up a book once, and laughed and cried until I put it down. Some day, I might read one.

    • Well said, "Citizen". Thanks.

    • ." I lit candles on Hanukkah commemorating the Jewish rebellion against Hellenistic imperialism almost 2200 years ago."

      "With [Greek historian Alfred] Zimmern’s guidance, Brandeis came to view Palestine as a society that could achieve the kind of small-scale Jeffersonian agrarian democracy that had reached its fullest expression in fifth-century Athens…." (Rosen's book on Brandeis)

  • The immaculate conception of Louis Brandeis
    • "He was the father of PEPism (Progresssive except for Palestine)."

      Now, sir, you go too far!

    • "We can’t expect idealistic people to be completely detached from self-interest."

      Yes, but it would have been better if Brandeis based his conclusions on Zionism and American Jews on the reality of Zionism, not his own misconceptions about it

    • Thanks, "Sib".

    • "The “Arab immigration” argument is thus false"

      But reading as you schooled our "Israeli history teacher" out of his own book was both improving and fun. Thanks.

    • "His contributions to the growth of American Zionism were monumental. He also saved the Zionist enterprise in Palestine at least three times by his personal interventions with President Wilson and others, from Balfour through the early 1930s"

      Oh, he did? Whoopee. Good for him.

    • This discussion is I think, predicated on a false equivalence. The Zionists weren't "immigrants", they came as colonists and conquerors and political usurpers.

    • "what anti-Jewish sentiment there was, and is, is in no way different than the Anti-Asian sentiment we see often enough"

      Danaa, I take your point, but we shouldn't forget that Asians were discriminated against by law, they were legislated against for a long time in the US. The Chinese Exclusion Act, (not repealed until 1943)restrictions on citizenship, and local or state segregation laws are a few examples.
      Jews were citizens of the US from the day it was made, and were specifically assured of this soon after by Washington.

    • "the Arab population of Palestine increased from 300,000 in 1880 to 1,300,000 in 1947"

      And then, what happened in 1948? Too many "Arabs" came for "the development and modernization of the country opened up employment opportunities, thereby attracting immigrants from the neighboring countries" and the Zionists had to get rid of them.?

    • "Hophmi" all Phil is saying is that Zionists respond to ordinary political pressures and advantages.
      Does Phil, even once accuse Brandeis of asking whether Zionism is "good for the Jews, or bad for the Jews" instead of "is Zionism good for Brandeis?"

    • "I’m not playing your game. Good night."

      And the little bird flies away.

    • "well he does have three parentheses to feed"

      As for me, I just feel better knowing James North stands in loco parentheses.

    • In case anybody else is as lazy as I am, too lazy too look it up, "Yasher Koach" is not what a tipsy linebacker tells the defensive co-ordinater.

      It roughly means "More power to ya'"

      or, "May what you just did be a source of strength". Which, I take it, is a nice thing to say.

    • Wow, looks like Phil got cured!

      For the first time, "Hophmi" doesn't make a finding that the "sad disease" of Jewish "self-hate" played a major part in the writing Phil's article!

      Mazel Tov on your improved health, Phil.

    • "gamal" this time Phil Weiss has gone too far! Just like all the other times.

    • Yeah Brandeis was one of them colossi. He had plenty contributions for America, and plenty left over for Zionism too.

    • "Brandeis came to view Palestine as a society that could achieve the kind of small-scale Jeffersonian agrarian democracy that had reached its fullest expression in fifth-century Athens….

      Neither will I. I didn't know Brandeis was a Hellenizer.

  • Mock campaign supporting two-state solution reveals liberal Israeli racism
    • "The recent Paris meeting did not accomplish much. It seems there are 70 countries aligned against Israel."

      Don't worry "jonjames". If 180 million Jews united support Israel, Israel can defy the entire world with ease.

      Then, says "Pastor Paul "cometh sudden destruction" and folks, you got trouble. You'll need your Bible to understand it.

    • "Let the Palestinian leaders and Israeli leaders work on it. -Some leaders that could help could be General Gates, General Petraus, Sen. Joe Lieberman, Vice President Joe Biden, a representative from the Vatican, former vp Al Gore, Dr. Albert Moller, former sec. Rice."

      Should they "help" one at a time, or all at once, or in teams of three ?

    • "homeland set up for the Jewish people – especially refugees from the Holocaust"

      Ah yes, there were as many as 300,000 Jews in Displaced Person's camps after WW2.

    • "Google Jeff Sessions for info about his role in desegregation"

      Okay, I did The man is a regular civil rights hero, according to Brietbart!

    • "And I find it so ironic that Jewish senators like Al Franken have been grilling Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions about his role in the desegregation of Alabama"

      Jeff Sessions had a "role in the desegregation of Alabama"? Do tell.

      "This hypocrisy on the part of the Jewish establishment must be exposed."

      That's right, "Atlanta"! If the Israelis can have Jim Crow, why can't the US?

    • Funny tho, the Zionists here try to scare us with how powerful Israel is, but in Israel Zionists try to scare each other with how fragile and demographically helpless Israel is.

  • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else
    • "What is a snail? A snail is an animal inhabiting a snail shell."

      Oh fer gawd's sake, "Yonah" did Einstein ever go to the beach? A hermit crab lives in the shell of a snail*, and finds a new shell as it grows.
      If you dig a snail out of its shell, all you've got is escargo. Want some?

      (*. "Most of the approximately 1100 species possess an asymmetrical abdomen that is concealed in a scavenged gastropod shell carried around by the hermit crab". Wikipedia)

      "It is known that a snail can shed its shell without thereby ceasing to be a snail." Einstein?

      "Q: Can snails outgrow or leave their shells?
      A: No. The shell is present from the snail's early development, is attached to the snail, and grows along with the snail in a spiral shape. A snail can't crawl out of its shell any easier than you can walk away from your fingernails!"

    • " I can tell you, that being a fool with money is not the worst thing."

      Money is not everything "catalan". Take it from someone that knows. You can't buy life, health, meaning or happiness with money.

    • "The possibility of a genetic component to Jewish accomplishments cannot be dismissed"

      Gee, the most obvious "genetic component" considered relevant to "Jewish accomplishments" might be consanguinity. No, that won't necessarily explain why there are so few of us.

    • "I hope you won’t forget to grace posterity with the collected edition of your thoughts."

      You mean "Yonah's" archive?

      Hey "Yonah", don't get so upset! If 2 billion Jews tell the world not to talk or have an opinion about us, the world will shut up in a hurry!

    • "Rosross- maybe under different noninternet circumstances you’d have enough courtesy not to tell me what I need to study"

      Sure Yonah. I hear your expectorations are deadly at close range.

    • If I remember right, Einstein was more than willing to admit he was a political naif.
      His fame for physics brought a popular conception that he was an expert in everything, which he freely admitted he wasn't, especially concerning politics.

      And he never got that damned Quantum to run right, but neither could anybody else.
      They don't make Quantums any more, but almost everybody has relatives.

    • . No one who has studied the issue with any degree of scholarship and seriousness would treat..."

      Shut up, "Yonah".

    • "Mooser, don’t be silly. Israel has no atom bombs to chuck around."

      I wouldn't know. "catalan" seems sure Israel has them.

    • "Was he as clever as claimed or was he deemed to be clever?"

      Einstein was outstanding in his field equations!

      "He couldn’t take to Quantum Mechanics."

      So? A lot of people didn't.

    • “and the culture of books and queries involved in talmud study, we of the books attribute the culture of ours for producing einstein."

      But as you point out, "Yonah", Einstein didn't study Torah or Talmud. So how did he get culture, by osmosis?

    • "Yeah, but his has more racial memory than yours."

      I think "MegaHerzl" knows the score.

    • "The fact about this country club tsimmis is that it’s a tempest in a teapot. Obama hasn’t requested membership; I’d be astonished if the thought had even crossed his mind."

      If that is the case, it becomes a tempest in a teaspoon.

    • "The problem is not the acknowledgement of a higher average Ashkenazi Jew IQ "

      Excuse me? "higher average"? No, a 15 point higher IQ difference is not a "higher average". It's in a class by itself, outstanding in its field!

    • "What would replace it, if anything, is entirely up to you my friend :)"

      Thanks! If I think about it that way, it doesn't seem so scary. And so many options to decide among!

    • Shorter "catalan" : 'Do what Israel says, or they will start chucking atom bombs around!'

      Don't be silly, "catalan". Jews wouldn't do that.

    • Doesn't matter if we are disappearing by assimilation and intermarriage. See, there is one skill we seem to have trouble grasping.
      And we are doing nothing about it.

    • "MagaHerzl"? Big deal. My new computer runs at 16 GigaHerzls.

    • "I would attribute his brilliance not to the Jewish or any other specific component but to the syncretism itself."

      I always thought Einstein's work was the real thing, not a syncretic imitation.

    • "The solution to the Israeli Palestinian mess is in talking, engaging and working together."

      Oh yeah, wouldn't you be a big hit at the diplomatic receptions. "The Israeli Palestine mess"? Sounds like a natural disaster.

    • "Jewish excellence in America in science and mathematics has decreased markedly..."

      ...since the "Jewish Day Schools" were opened. And "Yonah", why would any Jew study math or science when there is so much Torah to learn? And so much Talmud to learn?

      And gee, haven't our Jewish math and science scores gone down about as much as anybody else's in the US?

    • "I may have something in common with them yet: Being a Jew minus the Jewishness."

      Wow, that must be something. I've never been able to get rid of mine. And if I did, what would replace it?

    • ." Perhaps in Bulgaria, I could have been an embassador or something of that nature"

      You would have made a superb embarassodor.

    • So those are the two jokes which apply to Obama joining the golf club? Ho-Kay!

    • "Regarding the humanities and a pseudo science like Freud, I believe there was a significant Jewish element in the contributions, the Jewish story telling, literacy, yearning for meritocracy, pushing with two elbows, were a serious contribution to the cultures of Europe in the late 19th and early 20th century and in Hollywood and radio/tv in america since the 1920’s."

      "Yonah" go post that anti-Semitic nonsense somewhere else.

    • "Israelis do some remarkable work."

      But what if there are not enough of them?

    • "Israel diplomacy as exemplified by the handshake between rabin and arafat has collapsed"

      "Collapsed", "Yonah"? It was murdered, along with Rabin, by your Israelis.

    • "As far as the golf club, all I can say is that groucho crystallized all there is to be said in two jokes."

      Which two jokes, "Yonah"? You don't specify.

    • "They had adopted the culture of the country they lived in"

      As opposed, of course, to the Jews who decided to remain exclusively within the Jewish culture.

    • "The list of brilliant Israeli mathematicians and physicists is breathtaking. "

      And you are gasping so hard, you couldn't link it.

  • Video: Support for one democratic state grows as Palestinians lose hope in two-state solution
    • "suspend it from the UN and make its citizens persona non grata globally."

      Israel should not be prevented from reaching its natural size. In general, Israelis should be free to leave.

    • And if "jon s" wonders why I can't let go of that murder at Beersheba, it's this:

      "Terrorist attack in Beersheva this evening. My family and I are ok, thank God. I also asked all the kids in my class to check in and they all reported that they're ok, although some sound shaken" - "Jon s"

      November 18, 2014 at 4:34 am

    • "Hmmm , would , “I am an “Erintrean” .work?."

      I wouldn't risk it. I hear they are pretty quick with the death penalty kick in Beersheba.

    • "You’re invited to visit Beersheva and see my “squat”."

      Make sure to wear a sign saying "I am not an Eritrean!"

      I'd be horribly afraid to go to a place where they kill strangers. "Jon s", why wouldn't they kill me? Can you give me any reassurance? Thanks, but I think it's much safer to stay away.

    • "Perhaps most important , it could inspire Israelis, to whom a Jewish State is important to rein in the taking of territory by force and articulate ways a two state accommodation could be designed."

      A "two state accommodation"! How generous of the Israelis.

  • On eve of Paris talks PA support for two-state solution not shared among Palestinians
    • "Settlers out plus the northern half of greater Israel would be fair"

      Can Israel guarantee enough Jews will stay in Israel under these vastly different conditions? Enough to make Israel viable? The Zionists have never held Palestine except on their terms, they may find any others too insecure..

  • Origins of a golden shower
    • “Trump is just not presidential material.”

      Absolutely not. The man has no philosophy worthy of the name. "RoHa", on the other hand, is full of it.

    • "Blackmail” was just the cover motivation for giving this crap (sorry, Miranda, I meant urine) an incredible new buzz."

      How would you compare it to the "buzz" created by the Obama-birth-certificate-scandal and the Hillary-e-mail-server-foundation-scandal?

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