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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Sarah Silverman stands by Ahed Tamimi: 'Do you wonder where her rage comes from?'
    • " Her politics and the politics of the Tamimi clan is not pure."

      Tell us about "pure" Zionism, "yonah". Oh, and tell us about "the purity of arms". Not the kind of impure arms that slap.

  • 'I faced my Jewish racism' -- an alumnus's call to Jewish students for Israeli Apartheid Week
    • "Yes,"

      Ugh! I was afraid of that. Well, 1/5 is only 20%, and you just started keeping track.
      Hopefully it'll be 95/100 when you get there. "Eva" is well into the 90's now.

    • "I agree. 1/5"

      Uh-oh. Is that '1 comment printed out of 5 submitted', "Keith"?

    • . "It just goes to show that the definition of refugee is a political construct with an agenda, a definition that varies by who is granting it."

      Of course, none of this applies to the refugee Jews seeking to return to their "ancestral homelands" in Palestine. No "agenda" there.

    • “not have been able to eat even a small Irishman” "RoHa"

      You must have skipped Chapter 6 ("Who Were the Convicts"), Section 5, which begins:

      "Australia was the official Siberia for Irish dissidents at the turn of the century."

      The Australian cat ate plenty of Irishmen.

    • "Jon66" you are arguing against yourself, again.

    • That's exactly where the title came from.

    • "I might, in all cases, be a rotten historian, but that is all."

      You're an expert dialectician and grammarian.

      But is Robert Hughes a good historian? I'm reading "The Fatal Shore".

    • "Jon66" you sort of lost me. I never minimize the Holocaust, neither in numbers or intent.

      But could you explain what the Holocaust has to do with Zionism?

    • "that’s anti-semtism....anti-semtism...anti-semtism."

      Yeah, yeah, we get it "Jon 66", anything that keeps Zionists from doing whatever they want in Palestine is "anti-semtism".

      And when Israel fails, I guarantee, it'll be because of "anti-semtism". What other reason could there possibly be?

  • 'Preparing the hearts' - how the Temple Mount movement works towards their goal of building the Third Temple over the ruins of Al Aqsa
    • "Emet" will there be a petting-zoo for the kids at the Third-Strike Temple?

    • "A third Temple would be a very attractive destination resort."

      With a pet-shop on the way in.

    • " and admit that your comments have an evil purpose to them"

      "Emet" don't you think killing a pigeon or sheep would be just as fulfilling if you do it in your own backyard, instead of the Third-mortgage Temple? Or you could get a job at a local slaughterhouse. I don't think "RoHa" is trying to take anything away from you.

    • "John O", tourism is a very important industry for Israel. A third Temple would be a very attractive destination resort.

  • Zionism's tailspin: Stark minority of young California Jews are 'comfortable with idea of Jewish state'
    • "Since then we’ve been going quickly and enthusiastically from bad to worse. I put most of the blame on the West"

      That seems like a good description.

    • "Very funny.."

      It actually happened to me once, a long time ago, but with a ham.

    • "and still miss the full impact of the supreme joke"

      That Zionism is the "simple little system", and a regular 'Beethoven's 10th Symphony' of ideologies?

    • ” imagine, sitting and eating white bread and mayonnaise with your neighbors, but then going home..." "yonah"

      And then going home, never suspecting that your goyische neighbor removed the bacon, and the lettuce and tomato it touched, to avoid offending your Kosher sensibilities.

    • "Tuyzentfloot", could you fill me in on something? What form of government did Russia adopt after the fall of Communism? I'm a little bit fuzzy on that.
      Did they just sort of back down to a democratic socialism, or something else?

    • " with the mere accidental reference or would other inferences be more appropriate"

      Ask Chesterton, the guy who wrote it.

    • ," that is some primo shit, right there, respect yet again extra Jewish IQ points"

      Thanks "gamal". My wide reading and retentive memory make me a real bal toyreh when it comes to identifying references.

    • “Americans must live with the uncertainty of not knowing whether Trump has the best interests of the United States or those of Russia at heart.” (James Risen)

      Wow, they are really reaching and getting irrational about Trump.
      Donald Trump ran on a "Make America Great Again" platform. Only desperation or irrationality can connect Trump to Russia.

    • "Isn’t MW against the messianic stuff about rebuilding the Temple on the Temple Mount?"

      Yes, that Micah-shtik is strictly fool's gold.

    • "i am not implying i’ve noticed mooser harassing anyone around here."

      Thank you, "Annie". I've been trying extra-hard not to, and thanx for noticing. And I won't descend into "I-told-you-so" later on, either. I've already decided that. But if I do, let me know.

    • "Might as well let people in on the joke"

      "Goodman" you are the only one not in on the joke. Here's the joke: In the age of Google it's no big deal to have all kinds of references and quotes at hand.

    • "This website would not exist if the Palestinians had been successful in restricting the European immigrants. Maoris, Aborigines, and American Indians would probably have some sympathy with this position as well."

      I guess the Palestinians, Maoris, Aborigines and American Indians are sorry they voted for those liberal Democrats and their open-immigration policies. Maybe they learned a lesson.

    • "gamal" are you trying to snow us?

    • "plus, i really question how many people are solidly behind this belief in russia stealing the election just because the press keeps pushing the idea."

      Media pressure resulting in today's indictments and guilty plea?

    • "on the opposite side of you on the israel palestine issue"

      How are we on "opposite sides", "yonah"? We are both Jewish, and both of us concerned about Jewish survival.

      And if 'communication' is your ideal, "yonah", why are your posts so hard to understand? Why not make them direct, and easy to understand, so you can 'communicate'?

    • " in case some are not picking up the reference."

      There's no "reference". And believe me, this readership does not need any little explanations of "references", like they've never, ever thought of it before.

    • "oh yeah, i noticed mooser."

      Indeed, a dreadful business. I hope "yonah" doesn't end up like that poor Abernetty family.

    • “what didn’t happen, an open war: attack by israel on iran’s nuclear program by bombs released by Israeli jets. the avoidance of that was an accomplishment …”. "yonah fredman"

      It's a simple little system, which any child can understand: You owe Israel if it gets in a war, and you owe Israel for not getting in a war.

    • "what?...what?"

      Notice the depth to which the parsing has sunk into the blubbering on a hot subject.

    • " gadfly, most likely. model, since when?"

      "yonah" any time you want to show us a survey which shows anything substantially different than ever-receding support for Zionism among Jews in America, feel free.

  • Story of Israel's influence shadows the Russian influence story
  • Video: 'You are godless atheists' --Jewish settlers harass Palestinian kindergarten
    • "throwing Muslim insults back into Muslim faces, which seems to be the idea."

      I guess those Palestinian children spend a lot of time insulting the Israelis, and the Israelis want a little get-back.

    • "And is “atheists,” with or without the redundancy, a good translation of “Kaffari”?"

      Wait, let me guess, "Kaffari" is a term of approbation and respect, sort of like calling men "brothers"?

  • Israel’s Justice Minister endorses apartheid -- the Jewish state 'at the expense of equality'
    • "But anyone who forces me to sing solo will only have themselves to blame for what they hear."

      Oh faugh! Fiddlesticks, even. You have a pleasing light baritone, and with your superb diction and enunciation your speaking voice must be near musical. Singing is just speaking to music.

    • " but really I advocate integration rather than differentiation. I am opposed to division of society into "ethnic communities".""RoHa"

      But no Irish need apply for this undivided society. The Scotch and the Irish bring "RoHa" close to tears!

    • Been meaning to say; thank you, "Dan Walsh".

    • " (given that I am worse than a person who obeyed illegal orders to kill children)."

      How do you know they were "illegal orders"? Are you that convinced the IDF gives war-crimes orders all the time?

      "What do you think is appropriate punishment for me then..."

      "catalan", don't worry, it's easy to see you get exactly what you deserve. Nobody thinks you are getting away with anything, except you.

    • Why do you hate me, someone who has always treated all Arabs/Muslims with respect, yet you defend a murderer too afraid to face to his punishment?

      I'm pretty sure "Yoni" got a discharge, he didn't end up in the stockade, and as far as I know his unit was never implicated in any war crimes. Why do you keep calling him a "murderer"?

      And how was he supposed to (ROTFLMSJAO) "face his punishment"- confess on video to B'Tselem?

    • "Yoni has admitted to..."

      ...being inducted into the IDF, being trained, deployed, and following the orders given by his IDF superior officers.

    • "What right do you have to demand my comment?

      That's it "yonah". Turn up the identity vibrance to 11!

    • " I was born to this discussion. " "yonahfredman"

      You were just waiting for Phil Weiss to start Mondo, so you could fulfill your destiny.

    • "Now go practice soccer or lynching at your local bus station."

      Or maybe "Jon s", the "IDF medic" could develop just a slight bit of compassion or even medical knowledge about the effects of war.

      Instead he condemns an IDF combat vet who was appalled at his orders as a religious apostate.

    • "There is place to maintain a Jewish majority even at the price of violation of rights.”

      And that's not just (even if primarily) the rights of Palestinians. The price will also be the rights of Jews to seek alternatives to Zionism.
      The Israeli Jews will be held, if possible, hostage to Zionism's failure.

  • Message from Massachusetts: When we fight we win!
    • "Jon 66", please re-read your comment. You said the exact opposite of what you meant to say, and your examples also support the other side.

    • Page: 294
  • In propaganda coup for Israel, NYT frontpager ascribes Gaza's misery to Palestinian infighting
    • "remember the good ol days when people got banned for nakba denial."

      Yeah, back when they thought banning the Zionist trolls would leave room for sensible, moderate Zionists to express themselves.

    • Ah, the old “they left voluntarily” shtik! Gosh, how that takes me all the way back.
      I’ll never forget it, the “they left voluntarily” was that little bit too much, the first thing about Zionism, even as a rather dull 11 and 12 year-old child, I knew had to be a lie.

    • Oh, well, you got your mutterers, and then there's the sputterers.

  • High-profile actors, artists, athletes, and activists join Dream Defenders in supporting Ahed Tamimi
  • Israeli publisher slams US ambassador for 'perpetuating apartheid' in West Bank
    • "In response to.../... the disappearing-ness of the nonorthodox Jewish groups."

      Wow, the literal physiology of an acute pilpul over-dose, displayed right there in one paragraph!
      And by the time "yonah" is done, he's conjured up hordes of Orthodox Jews which are leading all the percentages.

    • "and ignore the remnants of the indigenous population that your country wiped out. Much easier to be a hater of Israel."

      And you know what, "Hophmi"? If Palestine had a fraction of Australia's attractions and resources to offer, Zionism might could have gotten away with it, too. Be even easier if the "indigenous population" conveniently got sick and died off from communicable diseases in a premedical age, too. But those aren't the circumstances in Palestine.
      Also, Australia was able to withstand the consequences of the mistakes and atrocities of colonialism. Similarly, no one can deprive Israel of the consequences of its actions.

      Every Zionist wants a priori absolution for a genocide to occur at the time and place of their choosing. The fantasy of a Zionist genocide as a necessary and laudable step in the making of a great nation is one they bring up time and time again.

    • " because the Jewish birthrate was decreasing"

      "Hophmi", when you say "the Jewish birthrate", do you include babies born to couples where only one partner is Jewish?
      Or is the "Jewish birthrate" decreased only when both partners are Jewish, but don't have children, or enough of them?

      (Perhaps the number of Jews having children is about the same overall for individuals of a similar demographic group [yes "Jews sui generis", of course] they're just not having them exclusively with other Jews. And thus a 'declining Jewish birthrate'?)

    • "What does “vibrant Jewish identity” mean, exactly?"

      60 Herzls-per-second is the usual frequency.

    • "Falling birth rates are characteristic of increasing affluence everywhere."

      Let me be frank: If Jewish reproduction is not governed exclusively by the needs of Zionism, instead of affluent convenience, the Zionist project will not prevail.

    • "but there is little question that giving back the west bank would lead to extreme intra Jewish conflict."

      "Extreme intra Jewish conflict?"

      My oh my, Jewish tribal unity certainly has gone downhill!

      Zionists saying: "Give us what we want, or we will kill Jews"?

    • All the same "RoHa", I got to thinking maybe ol' "Hophmi" does have a point. I mean, well, I'm not sure I'd recommend Mondo as bedtime reading for Zionist couples hoping to conceive. Can't see it leading to a two-backed solution.

    • "Anyway, if anything were “endangering Israel” that thing would certainly be something to support by any means."

      Then go to the wedding, and dance your ass off.

    • I didn't before realize what a fragile thing the Jewish birth-rate is. A birth-rate you can lower by having children, if you don't do it with the right person. Or the usual way, by not having children.
      A birth-rate in double jeapordy.

    • "#antizionismisantisemitism"

      Under that hashtag, you will conquer.

    • "White shirt, black pants, and a bike"

      'They come runnin' just as fast as they can
      'Cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man'.

    • "Got your knickers all in a twist again sunshine."

      And that'll play heck with male fertility.

    • "It’s always funny how this site seems to advocate low Jewish birth rates." "Hophmi"

      "Hophmi", if you can't find the cure for low Jewish birth-rate at Mondo, try J-Date, or a personal add in the back pages of "The Forward".

      Good luck, "Hophmi".

  • Englander's new novel is high entertainment, with a grim view of Israel
    • " It ends with a localized apocalypse, lovers in a tunnel, a bomb shelter as final destination."

      "yonah", you just had to reveal the ending, didn't you? Where's your 'spoiler alert'?

  • Resisting 'the new normal'
    • . "All of these attempts to supress speech betray our core American values." "Jon s"

      "Our core American values? Well, look who's George Washington now!

      I notice you sure don't appeal to any 'core Israeli values'. Or even 'core Jewish values'.

  • NYT op-ed describing Israel as a place of refuge is missing the word, Palestinians
    • " another group of migrants that did the same thing in historic Palestine but were never deported?"

      Gee, "LHunter", I think you've stumped him.

    • "I conclude by noting my deep conviction that anti-Gentilism is intrinsic to Jewish Zionism"

      And yet Zionism absolutely depends on, and has an abiding faith in Gentile philo-semitism. Strange, ain't it?

  • Sentenced to 65 years for helping Palestinians: Read an excerpt from Miko Peled's 'Injustice: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five'
    • "Butter wouldn’t melt in Shukri Abu Bakr’s mouth."

      What about the fruit from a poisoned tree?

    • "pgtI10. You running the risk of getting sucked into the I/P vortex and becoming a Mondobot ‘useful idiot’.
      Get out while you still can."

      Oh yeah, a real "trial lawyer" this "Jackdaw". A regular convincer. A swayer of juries.

    • "As a practicing trial lawyer..." "Jackdaw"

      In the US, this kind of 'trial lawyer' is called "a yenta".

  • Roger Cohen misses the Palestinian reality
    • "The idea is surely not that the party line is strenuously ‘towed’"

      Of course it is. After all, it's kind of a tow, when your baby's been untrue.

    • "Where do people get this “tow” idea from?"

      Probably from the great Tommy James song, which was very popular.

      'Drag' or 'tow' pretty much the same difference.

    • "During the nearly ten hours I hosted him, we walked about Balata, where he met people who talked about the ongoing struggle of Palestinian..."

      And Cohen had no problem abusing their hospitality and restraint.

  • 14-year-old girl forced alone into Gaza is another example of the Israeli occupation's cruelty
    • "Not sure what you mean by the “fellow traveller”

      Oh gosh, "fellow traveler" goes back as a right-wing smear to the days before Joe McCarthy. It was a way of accusing people of sympathy for Communism.

    • "'fellow traveler'"

      Jackdaw", I am beginning to suspect you are not as young as you say you are.

    • I think we should get "Jackdaw" a t-shirt which says: "I made Aliyah and all I got was an obsession with Mondoweiss!"

      It's a good thing, "Jackdaw". The arguments here can't degenerate into fisticuffs, like conversations with Israelis often do.

    • " I recall a couple of articles on his website"

      Cook's website linked at my comment.

    • "How about some perspective for a change..."

      The kind supplied by plenty of unedited and unrestricted response in the comment thread under every article? Hey, that's more than you get at the NYT's.

    • "Jonathan Cook lives in Israel, reaps all the benefits, ."

      "Jonathan Cook is an award-winning British journalist based in Nazareth, Israel, since 2001." "Jonathan is the only foreign correspondent to be based in Nazareth, the capital of the Palestinian minority in Israel."

      I doubt Mr. Cook, or his family, get any benefits from "Israel".

      (I am intrigued by the fantasy life of Ziobots. They can peek in on Jonathan Cook and his 'family', or cause the shriveling and death of critics, all from the comment threads in Mondo. And all of this while they remain opaque, inscrutable, revealing nothing. Imagine what they might not could do if they had their own blog!)

    • "How about some perspective for a change instead of the constant mindless barrage of propaganda?"

      See the "About " page. That will explain why the articles taste like poison and are so short, too.

  • 'Death to Ahed Tamimi': Israeli settlers vandalize Nabi Saleh
  • Pro-Israel Democrats concede 'human rights' issue is killing the brand
    • ." If you tell a lie often enough it will be believed."

      Goebbels had 90 million people in Germany to repeat his lies. There aren't enough Zionists to lie enough to change reality.
      And there will be fewer still in the future.

    • "Their (Jews) economic role in society did not translate into equal protection under the law." "yonah"

      As it did in the US?

    • "Status quo does not necessarily imply a stable nonviolent situation"

      Well, as long as you are happy with the status quo, "yonah", as turmoiled as it is, and feel the Jewish people can profitably keep it up indefinitely, and all the alternatives presented are unsuitable, I guess nothing will ever change. How could it?

    • "Prior to the modern era, Jews, on average, did better than the Gentile peasants"

      You need to break that down, and quantify, "Keith" to grasp the significance of the economic data. Survey says:

      Over 50% of medieval Jewish peasants described themselves as "comfortable" and 37% reported they "make a living". Almost 23% say "The food tastes like poison" while 17% claim the portions are too small.

    • "Consistency is not their strong point."

      And their alternation between poles so rapid it must be measured in kilo-, or even mega-Herzls-per-second.

    • "Regarding dynamics of change: Israel stands for the status quo..." "yonah fredman"

      So you think the occupation is a status quo?
      "America's motto "e pluribus unum". Israel's national anthem, nefesh yehudi homiya. These are 2 very different ideas.
      Can the Zionist acceptance of the nakba as necessity allow for a full acceptance of Palestinian equality on the land?

      My own view: the unceasing war between Israel and her neighbors is an indication of a failure on Israel's part ."
      So which is it, "war" or "status quo"?

    • "Why?"

      "Dan", I have come to the conclusion that a deep, child-like faith in the world's philo-Semitism actuates Zionists.

      They are convinced even a cursory recitation of Jewish grievances and historical injustices will be met with immediate offers of double-indemnity restitution. And moral, political and legal carte blanche.

    • I got "Jack Green" and "Jackdaw", our roseh avis, mixed up. Probably because "Jack Green" was parroting himself.
      It's a myna mistake.

    • "Jews have been persecuted in..." "Jackdaw"

      "Jackdaw" THIS IS THE 18th TIME YOU HAVE POSTED THIS SAME COMMENT!!! Do you copy/paste, or do you know it by rote?

      Why on earth do you think this comment is effective? Why do you think repeating it interminably will advance your argument?

      Has it ever actually worked on anybody except other Zionists?

      Why are Zionists so convinced they can count on philo-semitism? Never, ever say why Zionism is good for anything or anybody except 'it's good for the Jews'. (Who ever they are, since nobody is willing to say)

    • "How on God’s Green Earth can you not view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the lens of human rights?"

      Well, the Zionists keep on encouraging us to look at it solely in terms of how good it is for the Zionists, according to their own Zionist ambitions.
      I am completely mystified concerning why they expect us to do that.

  • No, hurting Palestinian refugees doesn't help peace
    • . "It is the Jews who have had to make the big sacrifice." "Mayhem"

      Told ya! "The big sacrifice". Maybe Zionism had reached the limits of its power, and had to retrench? No, they made a "big sacrifice"

    • " Why the need for a war?"

      No need for war. If Israel's leadership collapses, the IDF will be dis-armed, lest the weapons fall into the hands of neo-Zionist terror groups.

    • - "can you clarify to me and readers here one issue , why is being a descendant of a refugee makes you refugee as well?"

      We usually defer that question to the Zionists. They have a very liberal interpretation of refugee status.

  • Israeli lawmaker tells BBC he'd put Ahed Tamimi 'in the hospital' by kicking her face
    • " the symptoms are so much alike"

      The tertiary phase of the Ziocaine syndrome must be terrifying at first hand.

    • "The Israeli charm offensive goes from strength to strength."

      The charm offensive is always effective.

    • The Israelis don't want to go here. They will only end up exposing what they do to their own children, to properly orient them for the traumas of Zionism.

  • Pallywood
    • "Whether or not a “real word in hebrew for ‘propaganda’” exists, Zionists know full well what propaganda is and how to employ it"

      And as "Dabakr" shows us, they pay by the column-inch. He makes a living, if his fingers don't give out. If they do, he'll sue Mondo.

  • Israeli paper's publication of BDS ad marks beginning of society's return to sanity
    • " can’t we just provide Catalan with all the rope he needs? "

      I think Trump just did.

      No wonder "catalan" wants to hurt somebody.

    • "Haaretz, like most Old Media, is in bad shape financially, and will take paid ads from just about anywhere and anyone"

      BDS will be good for Israel.

    • "Mooser, Israel wasn’t “born”."

      "Talkback", I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies.

    • ". I doubt that you Zionists appreciate the fact that Mondoweiss greatly restricts its anti-Zionist commenters, or at least me"

      "Keith", I am sure the Zionists appreciate that fact. After all, the Mods never do them any favors.

    • "The best way to respond to BDS is to punish the Palestinians, and harshly so"

      "catalan" is simply supporting his President.

    • Wouldn't that be something, if Haareetz was using ad-targeting in this way.

    • ." In short, you die either from lack of food or by being shot and killed. It’s a tough pick."

      And just a few comments ago you were punishing the Palestinians.

      You know"catalan", I doubt anybody needed to "bully" you. You bully yourself. You can be counted on to provoke and then cringe at the well deserved response.

    • "You need some love Catalan."

      That should be no problem, he can afford all he needs.

    • I hope the add appears in every web copy of Haaretz.

    • "Nazi tactics. Why am I not supprised?"

      Me, I'm just very surprised that "catalan" thinks Israel can do this without his personal assistance.

    • , "Israel could increase...addeitional...arrest more...detain indefinitely" "catalan" the Unitarian-Universalist.

      "catalan", one question: What makes you think Israel is not doing as much as it can? Where do all the people and resources for additional repression come from?
      Do you think Israel's resources are unlimited when it comes to repression?

      I give the Israelis full credit in this area, I would never accuse them of giving less than a full measure when it comes to oppressing Palestinians. But it may not be enough.

  • Thomas Friedman justifies slaughter of Arab civilians by 'crazy' Israel
    • "but it cannot sell apartheid to the goys."

      Try and tell that to Zionists! As far as I can tell, Zionists are convinced that "it's good for the Jews" is all the reason any Gentile needs to give Zionism whatever it wants, whether it be apartheid, or immunity from international law.

    • “If you do something for long enough, the world will accept it."- Israel’s Int’l Law Div., Military Advocate General’s

      Sure, that's why nearly the whole world is Jewish.

    • I have just returned from Poulsbo, where I helped, in a very small way, the fight against keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS).

    • "I have no idea about that place"

      I'm going back to Poulsbo, take my razor and my gun. They got some mighty tasty lutefisk there, and I'm a'gonna get me some.

      "lol, good one mooser, i’ve been there. ;)"

      And lived to tell of it. I live about 15 miles from P-town. That's close enough.

    • "the USA but would welcome more Norwegians..”

      I suggest that anybody favoring increased Scandinavian immigration to the USA should pay a visit to Poulsbo, Washington State, first.

    • "thats all very questionable"

      Well, some musings on the failure of liberalism to produce a utopia, combined with six fingers of whiskey, can make it lots more believable.

    • "I suppose, but it depends.../...American liberals."

      Why, thank you, "Donald". I've been looking for an excuse to indulge my prejudices and there it is.

    • "MAD sort of worked in the Cold War, but partly by luck."

      Sure, it took luck, but I think it approached genius sometimes.

    • "Thomas Friedman might well reconsider his reference to “Scandinavia”, where Sweden, especially, is torn by immigrant riots over unemployment and anger at the NATO countries who aided the US in sacking their native lands."

      Have faith, the sign of a new age of peace friendship and Turbo Volvos is abroad in the land.

  • 'We are proud of her': Palestinian teenagers on the importance of Ahed Tamimi
    • "For all it’s many faults, Israel is the most progressive, free and democratic country in the Middle East."

      "Jackdaw" is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.

    • "And around..and around..and around.
      Anyone for a swirl around the vortex. Hop on in. The water’s fine."

      Making aliyah-oops is like jumping in to a flushing toilet?

    • "Jew Stabbed to Death by Arab."

      "Jackdaw" we can't possibly make a judgement about this without knowing if the "Jew" was Orthodox (and which variety), Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Reform, or secular.

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