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  • More than half of US aid 'to entire world' goes to Israel and it ignores our warnings on settlements -- Kerry
    • "That Goldberg’s dead."

      I wonder how the Atlantic's readers will react to a magazine edited by a cadaver. They're probably expecting a live person.
      I've heard of employment "accommodations" for disabilities, but that might be going a little too far.

    • "He’s in it for himself now. That means cutting Zionism loose."

      And I am sure Goldberg will make a clear and unequivocal statement to that effect.

      But remember, Goldberg and the Atlantic magazine can always say that Goldberg's Zionism is congruent with the ideals expressed by the Atlantic, and is appropriate for the Editor. They can maintain his experience as an IDF prison guard will give him an advantage in relations with the staff, too. So it could go either way, unless they can make it go away.

    • "After eight years of that under Obama, I’ve had about all I can stomach."

      Well, at least Trump will take away that phony Medicare, ACA, and Social Security.

      And no doubt tens of millions of people with pre-existing conditions will be glad to be denied insurance again. What on earth made Obama think he could get away with that, and screw all the little hard-working Americans who run health-insurance companies?

      "I’m betting that a lot of stuff that was just fine when Obama and the corporate Dems did it probably won’t sit so well with the faux-progressives when Trump does it"

      Sure, all the Dems, especially Obama, used the Presidency to leverage their personal-name-brand companies. That's why all foreign dignitaries make sure to stay at the Obama Plaza in Washington, DC.

    • Those numbers are ridiculous. Those figures put Israel between Austria and Togo in population. And there aren't even a million settlers?

    • "Trump has broadcast this loud and clear regarding how he was, is treated by the press;"

      That's because "facts don't matter anymore"

      And Trump plans to make sure they don't.

      "Until Pizzagate is proven false, it'll remain a story"

    • "Also, your linked article provides no evidence but personal opinion (prediction.)"

      And Goldberg could prove Phil Weiss wrong any time he wants to, by explaining how the liberal ideas of the Atlantic mesh perfectly with his Zionism. Or he could say "Phil's right, I gave up on Zionism."
      But Goldberg won't do either of those things if he can get away with it.

    • "This is further evidence for my prediction that Goldberg in his new incarnation as liberal American editor in the footsteps of the abolitionists will become an anti-Zionist.)"

      One might think that every Zionist organization, and every Zionist would be watching Goldberg's every word, alert for any slippage from Zionist, to non-Zionist, to God-knows-what.
      Or, they could give Goldberg the benefit of the doubt, and his record, and trust him to work it right.
      After all, why must there be a conflict between the two?

  • Obama would have overwhelming support from US public to allow UN establishment of Palestinian state
    • As Josh Marshall says:

      "I think this is profoundly unfortunate because truly the last thing the Democratic Party needs right now is a toxic internecine fight over Israel. And equally important, we are in an era when real anti-Semitism has been rearing its head in the United States in a way it has not done in 80s."

      Odd, the way that works.

  • A missing piece of the puzzle of Trump's victory: the 2003 invasion of Iraq
    • It has been my observation that veterans usually judge the actions they fought in on the basis of whether they survived them or not.

    • "Jackdaw" have you and the ilk adopted a tactic of spitting non sequiturs loaded with trigger words and phrases?
      You all seem to be doing it.

    • "What is striking is that Trump’s popularity among vets was not shaken at all by his belief that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake,"

      Well, who would know better?

  • US Senate quickly passed the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act
    • "In fact, Weimar Germany also had such laws, which ended up radicalizing the top Nazi propagandists."

      Ah, how the present changes the past.

    • "Israel exists"

      And what are Israel's borders? At what point does Israel's flagrant violation of the duties of a state start to interfere with its "right to exist"? Usually, that "right to exist" gets a little questionable when a state spills over its own borders and decides it has a "right to exist" in another state. Or even sets itself up as an apartheid state.

      It is not a one way street. But it sure beats discussing how the colonial project of a dwindling religion is going to get the resources to keep on going. Or how it is going to coerce Jews into getting on or not leaving a sinking ship.

      Israel's "right to exist" always translates into an obligation of unconditional support. That's not what it is.

    • "To begin to feel ashamed at being Israeli, and to know with not a small amount of confidence that such a feeling will grow, it depresses you utterly.”

      "Mag", I was discussing the I-P issues with a non-Jewish friend, and he said something which chilled my heart and sent a shiver down my spine. He said "Gee, maybe you people aren't that smart, after all, or all that good, either." And he was looking at me with a completely different attitude, too. Like I was nobody special.
      I went home and cried my eyes out, and then I filed a suit.

    • "The idea that it has a right to exist is laughable."

      Discussing Israel's "right to exist" is simply a way of avoiding the much more relevant and much more answerable question "Does Israel have the resources (human and otherwise) to exist and keep existing.

      And even if Israel has an inalienable "right to exist" that doesn't make Israel's existence anybody's problem but their own.

      Can Israel exist without non-Jewish superpowers supporting it?

  • Saban calls Ellison 'clearly an anti-Semite' (and not on Wikileaks)
    • "and it’s such an absurd statement"

      And made much too soon.

    • "Thank you for making it clear once again that in your world, a Jew isn’t permitted to speak his mind."

      "Hophmi" what on earth are you talking about? "Keith" just thanked Saban for saying what's on his mind.

    • "This is Civil War within the Jewish community, and I will not be SILENT about this horrendous self-inflicted drive back towards Fascism."

      We have got to make sure we end up on the right side of the Fascists this time!

  • Trump is forcing us to redefine the idea of 'Home'
    • "I have long, long learned just to smile and accept the gesture with its (almost always) positive intention, but how tired I am of people speaking to me in English after I have spoken to them in Japanese."

      Just let them know that you have rejected your US citizenship and are now a citizen of Japan, and speak Japanese. That you are "home" now.

    • "Unfortunately for many in the United States, the country has had a policy of convenience in terms of tolerating temporary residents and illegals, at times a modern version of slave labour, but unless you are eligible to become a citizen, common sense dictates it will never be your home."

      Yeah, those African slaves should never have come to the US. Or, for that matter, the Native Americans, the Hispanic people absorbed with territory in the West, and Asian laborers. Why don't they leave? And why were they so eager to get here?

  • Despite Israeli restrictions, surfers in Gaza hope to join global competition
  • ADL is leading 'witch hunt' against Keith Ellison over Israel comments, J Street exec says
    • "Yonah" isn't it about time you forgave Malcom X for talking about coffee?

    • "Have recently heard the new I believe director of ADL on Chris Hayes or Maddow’s and he seemed quite level headed and fact based"

      I think that's Jonathan Greenblatt, and many people have expressed a lot of optimism about him heading the ADL.

    • - “Keith you seem to imply that parasitical Zionist money is the only possible funding model for the Dems.”

      Now wait a minute! It's not the only way to fund it, and the Dems don't even really depend on it. They just want to make sure it doesn't go to anybody else.

    • Sorry, my 'mouse' chose that moment to malfunction.
      Sentence above is quote from Marshall article on Keith Ellison. There's not one link in the sentence.
      I guess I'm supposed to know what he is talking about.
      Oh, I checked the quote, that's verbatim "in a way it has not done in 80s." .

    • And equally important, we are in an era when real anti-Semitism has been rearing its head in the United States in a way it has not done in 80s.

    • "Keith Ellison is a hard sell to jews who support israel unquestioningly and hate farrakhan unconditionally"

      Don't worry "Yonah", all those Jews ("who support israel unquestioningly and hate farrakhan unconditionally") have already switched to Trump. He wasn't a hard sell at all.
      Won't be very long before "jews who support israel unquestioningly and hate farrakhan unconditionally" won't make much difference to the Democrats, they will all be Trump Republicans.

    • "i’ll supply the punch line and you provide the joke."

      That's all right, "Yonah" I read your comments, and I think you have covered both.

    • "yes i noticed that myself mooser:"

      Ah! Two minds with but a single thought! Anyway, when you are done with it, I'll need it back. It's the only one I've got!

      Of course, a real "identity politics" seems to be evident in the Dems discussion of Israel. You better have the right identity, or you can't discuss the politics.

    • Marshall is hilarious today.

      "What the Clinton campaign simply wasn't, in any way that I at least can see having any meaning, was an 'identity politics' campaign."

      Ho-Kay, Josh.

    • "I think ADL’s language of “disqualified” ,rather than “we oppose him for this post” was excessive rhetoric as well."

      Yeah, they should have said "Dimaggio".

    • Well, I guess Josh Marshall can heave a sigh of relief. It looks like Israel won't have to lose the US as an ally to find "great power allies and get on with kicking ass unfettered". The Trump regime should do very nicely.

    • the last thing the Democratic Party needs right now is a toxic internecine fight over Israel”

      Josh Marshall is too much. The "aggressive independent journalist" about everything except Israel.
      He changes completely, 180 degrees, as soon as it comes to Israel. It's like a syndrome.

      "I told you earlier that there's a core on the far-right in Israeli politics that genuinely thinks that Israel has put up with quite enough grief and hectoring from the United States. And it needs to tell the US to bugger off, find some new great power allies and get on with kicking ass unfettered. This is truly insane. As a Jew and a Zionist I would find this hilarious if it were not so insane and potentially tragic."

  • Jimmy Carter's proposal to recognize Palestine is dissed by all the usual suspects
    • "Since Trump is a well-known quantity, what will be his approach"

      Exactly! Start by using "Trump's Razor" on the major propositions, and then apply it to making finer discriminations. And before you know it, you go from there to heuristics.

    • "Like most leaders, Trump"

      When did Trump get to be a "leader"? This is his first, his entry level political job.
      Oh wait, I'm wrong. He's led a lot of people by the nose, to the poor-house.
      The hopes people pour into Trumps already-full empty suit are extraordinary.
      And the man is a well-known quantity, too. Get real.

    • "No, they will get all the land, water, and other resources (including olive trees) as much as their greedy hearts desire."

      And this 19th Century accomplishment will be our Jewish 21st Century pride. Look what we did, we beat an unarmed indigenous people! This shows we are ready to occupy an elite position in all advanced Western democracies.

    • That should double the land area and water resources of Palestine, too. Wish I had thought of a solution so workable

      We simply replace 700,000 or so Palestinians that Zionism kicked out with about 8.2 million Zionists, and parity is achieved.

    • "It is a sad situation."

      I cannot believe that Judaism is willing to face the 21st century with the destruction of the Palestinians and Palestine on it's record. And no dissent.
      Do they think we will get a medal for it? A Nobel Prize?

  • New anti-Semitism legislation may stifle campus activism for Palestinian rights
    • "|Some people who hate Israel also hate Jews."

      Oy only too true. And so obvious, I would nave thought Zionism might take it into account.

      Hey, but when there's 2 billion of you, who gives a rip who hates you!

    • Page: 238
    • Well, things, conditions, were just a tad different in Post WW1 and Pre WW2 Germany than they are in the US of 2016. But not so much that it's worth arguing about.

    • "You may, however, give your sockpuppet a minimum of logical thought to make him understandable."

      I'd be happy just to make him sound sober! Or at least, undamaged. But as soon as I sign in as "Steve Grover" a terrible change comes over me

    • "North", not a word from you, please!
      I told you, I drink heavily from Thanksgiving until the New Year. A man is not responsible for the things he mutters in his cups.

    • "maz" you are with the program!
      Define anti-Semitism up, and define racism down.

  • From affordable housing in Los Angeles to illegal settlements in Palestine, Airbnb needs to put people over profits
    • ?"Doesn’t work with me, makes me more sanguine about what I know to be an injustice."

      And what, may I ask, ever made you think anybody expected anything more of you? To be "more sanguine about what I know to be an injustice" seems to be your ambition.

  • 'Make this my dream as well' -- in historic appearance, Palestinian offers one-state vision to a NY temple
    • "israel just bought more f35 jets.jews need to watch out for there brothers in israel"

      And when Israel uses those "f35" jets on Gazans, you will walk down the street with your chest puffed out, saying "Yeah, that's us! Anybody got any objections? Huh?"

    • "No. That’s not what I said at all. What I’ve always said here is that a one-state solution would be a violent disaster, and that I’d seen nothing to convince me otherwise"

      That's no threat, when you have the population and resources to defend yourself. "Hophmi" for every Zionist who leaves Israel as violence increases 100 more will arrive, under my "two magnitudes" plan for Zionist domination of Palestine!

    • "It probably won’t stop Raphael from sprinkling punctuation marks around at random,"

      The heartbreak of a leaky commastomy bag.

    • "I have no idea what idea it is you are trying to get across. But thanks for the shout out"

      You aren't worried that Jesse T Rosenfeld will get upset that you talk about him in the third person?

    • "The outcome of future war is far too unpredictable to jump top conclusions like you have"

      Exactly! Who ever would have predicted that the Jewish population of the world would grow from 180 million to 2 billion? That kind of growth makes so many things unpredictable!

    • "You want to know who helps Palestinians at the Coop? Jesse Rosenfeld does! He worked like hell to bring a new brand of Palestinian olive oil to our shelves." - See more at:

    • ." May it be the first of many dialogues."

      And may it prove that organized Judaism is finally catching up to American Jews.
      When dialogues like this start improving the numbers of Jews willing to be associated with organized Judaism (only 10-20% now) all bets are off.

    • "that the world will call halt to this horrible experiment in religious bigotry and tyranny."

      That's not much to hope for. I can think of some "horrible experiments in religious bigotry and tyranny" the world didn't call a halt to. Can you?

    • "Da Bakr- Your comment is disturbing as well as distorted and self serving."

      "Lillian", we gotta give "Dabakr" one thing - he's consistent.

    • ." Can you provide a map of Israel in 1925 ?"

      "Mag" you just have to understand that when you bvelong to a conquering religion of 2 billion united people, it only makes sense to believe in the 'right of conquest'.

      I mean, when has power politics and 'right of conquest' ever worked against the Jews? And now there's mopre of us then ever, and it looks Jewish numbers will be doubling again in the near future.

      Since not a single Zionist has ever bothered to correct the figures, I might as well go to 4 billion. Learn Hebrew everybody.

    • "Raphael", do you know any real people?

      Seduced and Betrayed by Donald Trump

    • "Kudos to Temple Israel and to the people gathered within it."

      Yes! I was looking at the pictures and thinking "that ain't no storefront. That's a big Temple!"

    • "The problem I have with the idea of a single binational democratic state is, Jews thorugh the 19th and 20th centuries have lived in European nations and in Russia and a lot of times things have gone well and then all of a sudden by the whim of whoever’s in charge, things have taken a turn for the worse, up to the Shoah in the mid-20th century."

      He said, sitting in a place were the rule of law and non-religion-based equal citizenship made anti-semitism pretty much impotent. (Through all of that Holocaust in autocratic, religiously established Europe and Russia.) And Jews did pretty well, and became whatever kind of Jew they wanted to be.
      But don't ever, ever let that enter a discussion about Zionism. For some reason, it's irrelevant.

  • Video: Israelis look forward to the Trump presidency
    • "You"

      They are all yours, "Dabakr". You can handle them.

    • "Or so Mooser told me."

      They haven't stopped studying, have they? And the world has kept on going. So why take chances?

    • "Also, most Israelis seem to be oblivious to the fact that the Orange Hitler the ignorant people of the USA just elected, is surrounding himself whit neo-nazis. They’re as stupid as American who still believe “alt-right” is just a different kind of right."

      Well, Trump, and his voters are smart enough to recognize Jerusalem as an eternal Jewish city, and the place where the American Embassy should be. That's what you call Nazi?

    • "Zion square in jerusalem represents the right wing/religious sector of the jewish population."

      "Yonah" maybe we should just think of them as "dogs barking". Would that help?

      Besides, "Yonah" aren't these the very people you tell us we must talk to, must engage if there is to be peace? Well, there they are, "Yonah", in their own words. And you can't even take them.

      ("Yonah" please don't talk disparagingly about religious Jews. You know what happens when non-Jews detect cracks in Jewish tribal unity!)

      "Polls before the vote indicated that Israeli jews supported clinton over trump 43-29."

      I bet "Yonah" sleeps with that sentence under his pillow, just in case!

    • "test"

      I think you passed. Hello again, "Yoni"!

  • The lynching of Dwight Bullard
  • 'He won because of race' -- Netanyahu's upset anticipated Trump's
    • ." A halt to the demonization and denigration of American history and culture, maybe, which is different from asserting White Supremacy. "

      Oh please. Anyway, the Trump administration's first order of business is doing away with those too un-American institutions Medicare and Social Security. The first order of business.. Now, that's change.

      And then they will take away all the good stuff which was given to "anti-white people" and give it to you.

    • "Yonah", how was the election?

      'Rough, rough!'

      And Trump makes us feel like we are balancing on a...

      'Roof, roof!

    • Wait, wait! Let us not forget that Jews in the US voted for Hilary Clinton by, by... shoot, I forgot. "Yonah" what was it again?

  • Finally, a US tribunal on the Iraq War!
    • "Code pink will be seen for what it is: a far left agiprop group who is every bit as clueless and dangerous as their far right wing counterparts."

      Yeah, and when they carry all those weapons and wear all that body armor, you can't see the bikinis!

  • The link between Israel's forest fires and the 'muezzin bill'
    • Maybe the You-clipped-us should be the Trump Admin's. official tree.

    • "There is no money in the kitty because it was all paid to the settlers."

      7.5 million in the west bank! That'll eat up a lot of money.

    • " i didn’t think it made good lumber. no one builds with it around here"

      "Jackdaw" recommended it as a triumph of reforestation for the "The British Mandate’s Forestry Department"

      I've heard it'll spit nails right out of the board.

    • "Eucalyptus trees give out oil which forms a highly inflammable vapour."

      And Eucalyptus trees get pretty big! There's lots of good lumber in a Eucalyptus tree!

    • "Non-conifer Eucalyptus was frequently planted as well."

      And, how did that Eucalyptus planting work out?

    • "why lie about the fires.they were deliberately with fire"

      So the Israeli government should pay compensation?

    • "Yaacov has an active twitter account in which he trumpets Israel; and on August 4 he tweeted: Lesson of this war: The Jews will defend themselves even if it means killing children. Just like every warring nation in history."

      When you are talking about a tightly organized centralized nation of 2 billion people, all unified around the same national demands, such unfortunate sentiments become normalized.

    • Isn't your desperation to divert just a little too apparent, "Rafael"?

      And the book you are looking for is "Our Hitskop in Havana"..

    • "I would like to report this antisemitic comment."

      To who? The comment has been moderated, and there it is. Will you be reporting it to Trump's Department of Anti-Semitics?

      Where did you get this idea that crying "Antisemitism" will let slip the dogs of law, or something? Never could figure that out.

    • I'm hearing some very annoying noise. It's like a constant, resentful mutter.

    • Wait a minute, could that be where he got the idea...? Well, praise Allah if it was.

    • "i just heard the news from a friend: “Jewish resident of Beersheba don’t want to hear bus-stop announcements in Arabic (only in addition to Hebrew, of course) on the local Dan buses."

      Yes, "Jon s" told me it disturbs the Beersheba Head-Kickers soccer team practice.

  • FL State Sen. Dwight Bullard opposed an anti-BDS measure -- and lost his job
  • Deborah Lipstadt's double standard on white nationalism and Jewish nationalism
    • "What are your qualifications?"

      Uh, pretty much the same as your's "Hophmi". He registered to comment at Mondoweiss, just like you.
      And had the integrity to do it under his own name, too!

      (But "Yoni", be careful when dealing with "Hophmi"! This is the kind of mind you will be dealing with. A mind that can slice itself to pieces in just a few paragraphs.)

    • "If you’re going to criticize Jewish nationalism, then what about Islamic nationalism? There’s way more of it in the world than Jewish nationalism."

      No, a little less, since there are (according to Google) 1.6 billion Muslims and 2 billion Jews. They got about 4/5ths our nationalism.
      And that's why we must have Palestine. There is no resisting this kind of demographic pressure.

    • "Moose: Can’t you endow your sock puppet..."

      I think his endowment has been cut off.

    • "If you pulled out.../...quite accurate"

      And "North", stay off my back. I won't be held responsible for the stuff I say when I'm drinking.

    • "This is not to negate the reality of a growing number of Palestinian supporters who are truly anti-Semites i.e. white supremacists."

      "Lillian", is that what you meant to say? Hard for me to think of any "white supremacists" who include Palestinians in their supremacy.

  • It is time to imagine how one state-- one person, one vote-- will work
    • "the lack of a proposal for a final settlement proposed and put on the table by Israel, as is the responsibility of those exercising sovereign power over the whole area."

      Well, if you are going to give them "sovereign power over the whole area" what need have they of a "final settlement"? In that case, the Palestinians are an internal Israeli security matter.

      Israel already has a "final settlement" in mind for the Palestinians. Is there any reason to pretend they don't?

    • "There are is nothing physically impossible about a two-state settlement"

      Especially if Israel is willing to bear the cost of all the holograms. Land, water, and resources for everybody!

    • " The total stupidity of this discussion is that there is no direct mention of what many believe is the main obstacle to peace and reconciliation, which is deep-rooted Islamic anti-semitism and the fundamental unwillingness of Islam to accept a sovereign Jewish presence in the Middle East "

      He's right, you know! Just look at the US! The US absolutely refused "to accept a sovereign Jewish presence" in the United States, and look what happened to us!! Subjected to a Silent Holocaust of freedom and intermarriage and affluence! Just imagine if that happened in Israel!

    • "I’m not sure that would be a lot more fun."

      Didn't think it would be. Not implying that!

    • "Note to any readers not from the choir

      "Yonah" everybodyshould find them a choir that'll let them sing...

    • ," instead of memorising every single document"

      If I am not mistaken, he has also lived a lot of it, too.

    • "Mooser, have you already allowed for the Jewish fingernails factor ?"

      I think two orders of magnitude, and rounding up to the next billion is all the demographic help the Jewish birth-rate can reasonably ask of one man, wouldn't you say?
      I'm no Shem, but I did what I could.

    • "It’s fine in the Borscht Belt, however…"

      Or even on Broadway!

    • "The use of “Shalom” should be banned."

      Shalom? Shalom, you'll find Shalom the nicest greeting you know. It means bonjour, salut, and skol, and twice as much as "Hello"! It means a million lovely things, like "Peace be yours" or "Welcome home". And even when you say good-bye, you say good-bye with Shalom!
      But I'm sure you knew that.

    • . "There are over 750,000 nominally Jewish settlers"

      Shouldn't that be 7.5 million nominally Jewish settlers?

    • "Maghlawatan, I love you, man."?

      I'm developing quite a crush on him, too. But you beat me to the bunch. I was too shy to say it.

    • My dear"Mag", maybe beyond all questions of right, rights, and wrongs, morality, politics there simply aren't enough Jews (and Jews who are willing) to do the job?

      Like I always say, there's no reason why 2 billion united, discuplined Jews shouldn't do whatever they want, and make the world dance to their tune.

    • "I continue to think it highly unlikely Israeli Jews will give up control of the state of Israel. ZERO chance, in fact."

      And what's the minimum number of Zionist Jews that can be accomplished by? Or does that not matter?

    • "Bullsh*te article based on the completely false notion that illegal Israelis cannot now be moved."

      Really? As I understand it, most Israelis are perfectly free to leave.

    • "It is just as weak, or as strong, as the US."

      Oh, the US can do a lot for Israel. But there are a lot of things that only Jews can do for Israel. If they are willing, that is.

    • I think the article is looking forward to a time after Zionist power has collapsed in Palestine. And proposing some ways forward, some principles.

  • 'Tis the season, to boycott!
    • "You want this?"

      No, thanks. I'm expecting a drone with a pitcher of martinis.

    • "I’m all in favour of justice, world peace, recognition of common humanity, and so forth, but not if singing is required"

      What? Do it without a song?


    • "So your secret hope is for revenge."

      "Jesse", stop worrying, already! Nobody takes "revenge" on 2 billion Jews. They wouldn't dare.
      And given the rate of increase (truly phenomenal!) there's every reason for Jews to adopt a forward, aggressive stance in world affairs.

      We've got to have "room to move" as the song says.

    • "gamal"! Hello again!

      "Oh, won't you stay
      We'll put on the day
      And we'll talk in present tenses"

    • "a, but the reality is that many will always regard Jews differently, no matter what we do. I could win the Nobel Peace Prize, and to them I’d still be just a goddamn Jew"

      Well, that may be a perfectly "realistic" reason to take it out on the Palestinians, but if it is any comfort to you, "SandraLLAP", I've noticed that many people have lots of prejudice towards Africans, and certain Asians. Of course, the prejudice against them is a pale simulacrum of the bigotry we encounter.

    • "RoHa, I believe very much in being realistic."

      “the force” = Star Wars
      “long live and prosper” = Star Trek

      Okay "Sandra", I can now be realistic. Thanks. How do you feel about getting the last word? I think you are more than entitled to it. After all, how unrealistic is it for people to love the people who invaded them killed them and took their land?

      And 'realistically', "Sandra" how many Zionist Jews will it take to hold "Israel" (Palestine)? What's the minimum number? Where will they come from?

    • "RoHa" if you think commas, and dashes, and other punctuation is complicated when writing prose, you should try writing lyrics.

    • "Right. That’s just the kind of bullshit we needed right now"

      "Sandra" knows the farce is on her side. Use the farce, "Sandra"! The farce is with you.

    • "I wish I could grow as much hair as I desire. My pate is becoming more exposed to the elements every day."

      Get in touch with the Amish. And if you get any advice that works, tell me. I too, am suffering from age related desertification of the dome.

      Have you tried rubbing your scalp with a nitric-acid and lemon-juice solution? Well, don't!

    • ." I guess time will tell."

      And time is on Zionism's side, too! The recent increase in the worlds Jewish population from 180 million to 2 billion is the precursor to great earth-changing events!

    • "Do I have to be the first to admit to having a drinking problem? I’m sure you can guess what the problem is."

      I am trying to arrange for Amazon to drone a pitcher of Martinis to your GPS location. Hang on "RoHa"! The sun is nearly o'er the yardarm.

    • "(So, can we make nice now, Annie? Please??)"

      "SandraLiveLongandProsper" let us be frank. "Annie" has always had a problem showing the proper deference and respect to her betters.

      You might just have to get used to it.

    • "remember, we can throw it (snot?) right back at you when you initiate it."

      "Annie" if Sandra"LLAP" doesn't get the last word, you will find out exactly what "using the force" is all about!

    • "Once again, this is about legitimacy, period, of any Zionist presence in Palestine after the Z announced their hostile intent."

      And when 2 billion people announce a hostile intent, all questions of legitimacy go out the window. 2 billion united people is legitimacy enough!
      And the power of 2 billion united people is the only thing which Israel needs to make anything it does legitimate!

    • "that the initial settlement and the 1948 state / or then the 1967 green line are legitimate (while they object to enlargements over that.)"

      Once again, the 48 state is not Israel's "briar patch". It is Israel's "tar baby". And they know it. They won't touch it. Long before they reach the 'sanctuary' of the 48 state, Zionism will collapse and run.

    • "That is a charitable way of looking at it… and maybe it is better to give the benefit of the doubt."

      Don't be defeatist, "Sandra"! Don't give up anything we don't have to.
      2 billion Jews (and growing towards 4!) don't need to give anybody "the beneifit of the doubt"!
      We reserve all benefits to ourselves, until such time as we agree to give them up. We know what happened in Germany when we gave them "the benefit of the doubt!"

    • See "amigo"! "Sandra did read the article. And put it to good use in each paragraph.

      But that's all right. As long as we can discuss this and treat Zionist power and Jewish support of it as a constant, not a variable, she'll be happy.

    • "But there is one thing that I feel can be said with certainty (and it goes in your favor), which is, which side is currently in a stronger position: no extensive research is needed to determine this- it’s patently obvious that Israel now has the upper hand. And for this reason, I don’t feel we need to dwell so obsessively on who has been “more wrong”."

      Yeah, 'might and numbers make right' is a principle which has always served us Jews well in the past, and why not even more so in the future, given our burgeoning growth and unity.
      For a nation of 2 billion people, what you are saying makes perfect sense, "Sandra".

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