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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Jews have religious commandment to support Israel and fight BDS -- American Jewish Committee
    • “occupation” is a loaded word."

      That's why it keeps on going off in your face, "Boris".

    • You tell 'em "Boris". A "nation" which can only impose its will on its subject nationality by persuasion?
      Not much of a nation.

    • " Jews, as a nation,"

      The Jewish nation" can't draft me, can't tax me' can't compel me to follow its 'laws', or, in fact, make any demands on me. Some nation.

    • "3. To what lengths does Mr. Harris expect Jews to go in order to “reaffirm” their commitment to a “Jewish State”?"

      To what lengths can Mr. Harris go to compel us to do these things?

  • Elisha Wiesel's Rosh Hashanah remembrance
  • How Netanyahu's son became the poster boy for white supremacists
    • Shorter "Jeff b": 'Since anti-semites have at one time accused Jews of almost everything, any charge which resembles an anti-semitic charge must be spurious. Case dismissed!'

      Doesn't work that way, "Jeff".

    • "I will happily put you down but not as a..."

      "Marnie", although I fear it's not very nice of me, all I can think of when I read "Jeffy B" is "Oy gevalt another cracker who thinks it's a matzoh"

    • "Put me down as a Jew who is comfortable with this dialogue going on."

      Of course you are "Jeffy". After all, the man from a demonstrably superior race need not ever fear racism.

  • Jewish state of Israel has become Jewish 'city-state' of Tel Aviv -- Rahm Emanuel
    • I don't think Jerusalem will be the last redoubt.

    • "Jewish state of Israel has become Jewish ‘city-state’ of Tel Aviv"

      There is an important principle of self-determination involved here. Nothing must be permitted to prevent Zionist Israel from shrinking to its proper, natural size.

  • Israeli government to celebrate 50 years of 'return to Judea and Samaria for eternity' at a settlement
    • ," “The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies”.

      But, but, ummmm, wait...Got it! Those settlers weren't victims of "transfer" or 'deportation'. They wanted to go live in the occupied territory. How could Israel stop them? Israel must protect 'em, can't let 'em get hurt.

  • New York TV stations smear Roger Waters-- who praises BDS as 'one of most admirable pieces of resistance world has seen'
    • "Your tone and behavior towards Ms. Reality is offensive and inappropriate." "Jeff b"

      The mashgiach is here!

    • " Don’t deliberately misquote me."

      It isn't possible. You have said everything and its opposite. At interminable length, too.

    • " “Why can’t you be like Mrs. Moosers kid?”

      Um-be-rufen! Bite your tongue! I was a terrible trial to my mom. A mossik, a shaigetz ainer!

    • "The conflict came about because of primitive tribal racists and antisemites winning the argument in Palestinian society about how to respond to Zionism."

      Be careful, "Jeff B". You might want to remember that Tex Antoine lost his job for talking like that.

    • " “Israel: nearly 70 years of trying to pound a square peg into a round hole.”

      Zionism: The Jewish people's search for the small pond to be the biggest fish in.

    • "Breaking out of the mould is a good idea."

      I think that before they made me, they broke the mold.

  • Israeli rightist Smotrich lays out the vision for apartheid
    • "Talkback" (and of course, many others), I don't know where you find the patience. But thanks.

    • "Am I repeating myself?"

      Never! Fresh, original content, every time.

    • "Should I have written forced convertions??"

      No. "Conversions" (with an "s") is correct.

    • " I’d be very happy to hear your ideas concerning “restitution”. What, indeed, should be done in order to rectify all the grievances that are on the agenda?" "nathan"

      "Nathan", you don't want to ask that question. Do you think Israel can declare national bankruptcy and get away with it?

    • “And if want to call that Nazi policy I’ll happily stand with the Nazis on that issue.” "Jeff B"

      Of course you will, "Jeff"! After all, what did the Nazis have that Israel doesn't have?
      Anything Nazi Germany can accomplish (and gee, it didn't accomplish) with about 90 million people and a lot of other resources, Israel can do with a couple million people from a country not much bigger than an aircraft-carrier.

    • "I’m part of the Protestant Nation. We have all the qualifications"

      And, taken in its totality, the best music. That always helps.

    • "Keep your fingers crossed and hope it doesn’t soon become the site’s main mission."

      More than likely the articles will remain the site's main mission. I hope so.

    • "Marnie" if you had any kind of an English-language web-page, blog or site which was concerned about showing Zionism in any kind of a positive manner, how long would you let "Jeff B" "Nathan" and "Yonah" etc, post there? Now you know why they are here. At Mondo, there's no obligation to put a bottom on the Zionist rhetorical barrel.
      They seem to be the embodiment (or stand as an indictment of) of the five sentences after "Congratulations! Mazel Tov!" But not a word after that.

    • "I’ll repeat myself. (Fortunately, nearly everything I say bears repeating.)"

      And, fortunately, there is plenty of room for it.

    • "I see nobody told Mooser what the Z can do in the US."

      So you figure the Zionists will deal direct with the US government and demand that America deport all of its Jewish nationals back to Israel?

      Zionism has no coercive power over Jews outside of Israel. That's not a nation.

    • "The debate about whether some or all Jews constitute a “nation” or “people” is a major distraction, imo,"

      The "nation" shibboleth seems absolutely essential to Zionism. For some reason I don't understand, if Zionists tell some Jews they are a "nation", they immediately become the equal of the US, Russia, China, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, etc, etc.
      Anything they can do, we can do better, and anything they can get away with, so can we. Objective conditions need not apply, once you've got a "nation", apparently.

    • ” everything “Jeff b” says has one source..”

      Gets them all from his pilpul bottle.

    • "Third, there is no such thing as a Jewish “nation” in any case. "

      A "nation" I supposedly belong to, but it can't tax me, can't draft me, can't prosecute me for breaking its laws, and can't order me to move to Israel. Not much of a "nation".

    • " Ask Jeff to give his proven sources"

      "Kaisa", everything "Jeff b" says has one source. And he needs to keep it, to get his facts out of.

    • "Jeff b" @ "Nathan"
      "That’s why I so strongly favor a process of assimilation because the alternatives are ethically dreadful."

      Finally! "Jeff b" has found another Zionist to talk to. That's why he came here. Isn't it great that "Mondo" facilitates informative Zionist-Zionist communications?

      "a process of assimilation" Yeah, ROTFLMSJAO! And conversion, too!

    • "There must be a great marketing opportunity in this somewhere"

      We could sell a "Make Your Own Nation" kit which contains everything you need, from a persecuted history, to flag-making program for your computer.

      And any number can play! No minimum! Don't even need your own country, if you can get a mandate.

    • "Catholicism’s claim that all of Christendom is unified in a single nation under the leadership of Jesus Christ and his appointed vicar on Earth "

      Which gives Catholicism a much better shot at political power compared to a tiny religion composed of mutually antagonistic denominations, wouldn't you say?

    • "“JeffB” will argue any point, period. Just for the sake of arguing."

      The lines which limn "Jeff b" begin another article here:

      "First time away from home. First time away from your synagogue community. Or perhaps you’ve had a year out after school and have been in Israel soaking up your Jewish heritage. Maybe you’ve been on a Jewish leadership trip..."

      It is pretty clear "Jeff b" has never talked about Zionism with anybody but Zionists. And when they won't talk to him anymore, for obvious reasons, he comes here and thinks, for some reason (like not knowing much else) he's in a late night Yeshiva dorm-room bullshit session.

    • "The Jews don’t claim to be a new nation. They take pride in being an ancient nation, and everyone knows it."

      Yeah, an ancient nation! That makes us an aristocracy among mankind.
      Bow down to us, in our overwhelming numbers, and possession of a large fraction of the world's land area and resources!

    • "a nation in every sense of the definition"

      You bet, "Jeff B". There's no reason to pick us out except to pick us up.

    • “That the place where they eat, sleep, make love..."

      But let's be accurate. They don't spend more than nearly half the time making love.

    • Here you go "Jeffy b". It'll look just like this.

      Oh shit, now I'm crying into my keyboard. Hope it doesn't short out.

    • “from food to language to the way they wear their hat or sip their tea”

      They can't take that away from me. No, they can't take that away from me.

    • "OK you both took a clear cut stand. I’ll leave aside my revulsion."

      You can put your "revulsion" where the sun don't shine.

      " What is the mechanism you propose for getting these people living in these settlements that they mistake for homes to abandon them"

      They will need lots of cardboard boxes, and I'm sure we can find people with pick-up trucks to help them move.

    • Shorter "Yonah": 'Zionism is the Jewish people's search for the small pond they could be the biggest fish in.'

    • "Jews- a nation, a people, a religion, a race"

      And, lest we forget, "a people, a religion, a race" comprising .25 of a percent of earth's human inhabitants.
      A quarter of one percent, and that's generous.

    • Page: 274
    • "Because nobody can become Jewish by acquiring the citizenship of a state."

      That is a problem but but Israel is working on it. All lost tribes welcome to apply.

    • "Are you stupid, dishonest or both?"

      "Talkback", indulge me for a moment and do a little thought experiment. Thanks.
      Imagine you had a pro-Zionist blog or website.
      Now, would you let "Jeff b" or "Dabakr" post as explainers and defenders of Zionism?
      Nope, neither will anybody else, so here they are.

    • "Dabakr", how do the traditional rules concerning Shabbos regard "tweeking"? Is it considered work?

    • Could somebody tell "Jeff B" and "yonah" that declaring a state is not like yelling "base!" or "Ollie-ollie-oxen-free" in a child's game?

    • "I’m not entirely sure Americans & Canadians are nations." "Jeff B"

      ROTFLMSJAO!! Well, I mean, compared to Israel, who is?

    • "Rabin might have set the country on a different path!"

      Shhhh, go back to sleep, "yonah". You've had a nightmare, and woke yourself shouting.
      Stop worrying, Rabin's long gone.

    • "no, your ‘urge to self protect’ does not justify another’s ethnic cleansing — ever. that’s brain washing."

      But the thought that Israel has the power to commit ethnic cleansing, war crimes or even genocide, and shrug off the consequences is priceless, so gratifying to "yonah". That's his 'precious', right there.
      And the more appalled we are at what "yonah" (or "JeffNathanGreen" etc) says is necessary for Zionism (destroying the Palestinian polity, at least) the more we concede (at least implicitly) Israel's ability to do these things and handle, internally and externally, the consequences, the more it gratifies them.
      Man, that's a sad way to be.

    • "and such a disappearance (spiritual rather than physical) was not acceptable to Ben Gurion, he chose rejuvenation instead."

      "Rejuvenation" (No pun intended, I assume)? No, "yonah" what you are seeing is spontaneous combustion.

    • Shorter "yonah": 'Jews are more important than other people. That's why we so vastly outnumber everybody else'

    • "It is only the Jewish urge of self-protection"

      Because anybody who says "I'm doing it for the Jews, to protect the Jews", must be both right, and honest.
      G-d would not permit anything else to happen to happen with something so important.

    • "Forcing people to abandon their homes is ethnic cleansing regardless of whether you like or dislike the group."

      Their "homes" "Jeffy B", their h-o-m-e-s. Not their illegal settlements and outposts. That's different. Sorry.

      And if the Zionists wanted to make Palestine "home" for Jews needing refuge they had plenty of chances to do it.

    • "— if you’re seeking special status as a jewish national you’ll have to go elsewhere."

      Your best bet, "Jeffy b" would be Israel, where you don't even have to be Jewish to be Jewish.

    • ““State” may not make Israel all-powerful, but “Jewish State” apparently does..”

      You bet! "Jewish State" just adds all the reverence and respect for Judaism to the protections of statehood.

    • " If living without national rights is a big deal then the Jews everywhere on the planet had good reason to flee to Palestine"

      Where nobody could find them.

    • I've always loved the way Zionists say "state" as if that makes Israel one of the superpowers. As if the word "state" frees Israel of all natural, political or demographic consequences.

    • "Are you implying Jews in the US, for example, or UK, or Canada, or EU, or Australia have no national rights now?"

      "Jeff B" will now explain that whatever national rights Jews have in those countries, they are only conceded to us because of the power of Israel.

    • "“We had no state and now we have a state.”

      Just what every religion needed, a few centuries ago.

    • I heard the "Democracy Now" segment on "The Occupation of the American Mind" this morning. It was very good.

  • U.S. will 'learn to co-exist' with a nuclear North Korea, says New Yorker reporter
    • "Hophmi", i would be pretty upset, too, if my chance for military glory was stolen from me by a war which didn't happen. We can still call you Lord Hophmi of Tehran, if you like.

  • Critics slam ADL for training U.S. police in Israel-- and when Reddit AMA goes off script
    • Thanks for the reply, "Yoni". That's interesting.

      "Until recently every comment that mentions shtadlanut has been rejected."

      They were shtadlanut-mention-averse but seemed to get over it. You know, it's a job I wouldn't envy anybody. Being a Mondo-Moderator, I mean.

    • "It is particularly unfortunate that Mondoweiss moderators invariably..."

      Since the only insight we are afforded into the moderation process is the reaction of those who (in error or in fact) claim they are moderated, (and, come to think of it, those who don't mention it.) the entire subject (what is moderated and how) has become very confusing, to say the least.

    • S.B.A.N. is a great book. The book is also available as a PDF on the web.

    • "...and to talk with their older relatives about doing the same."

      I'm not so sure that's a good idea. They might defund me! Nobody wants to lose a battle of wills.

  • Hundreds of US rabbis blast 'betrayal' by Israel over western wall, but not a word about West Bank wall
    • "The same old and typical self-absorbed and selfish attitude!…"

      Exactly. Typical, I blush to say, of Americans. They think everything, every benefit, every religious privilege, should be extended to them.
      Delayed gratitude is one of the core principles, and those Conservatives need to learn it. No, they can't just turn up in Israel, stinking of Johnsonville breakfast links and uh, foreign women, and expect to be given all the privileges reserved for the Orthodox.
      The hierarchy of Judaism; Orthodox> Conservative> Reform> etc. is ordained by the Torah, and must not be violated.

    • "We will speak about Israel as an ideal as portrayed in our liturgy and as reality. We will encourage our community to purchase Israel Bonds, to visit, to make Aliyah…"

      Because, I mean, if a Rabbi isn't a salesmen for Israel, what is he?

      "Mr. Prime Minister, you can influence the content of our Yamim Noraim [High Holidays] messages. Will we speak of Israel’s reality in a language of betrayal or hope?"

      I see, they give you what you want, or you will discourage Israel tourism and investment. Didn't know Rabbi's played so rough.

      Stand firm, Orthodox. The Conservatives seem to be getting a bit above themselves, and need to be put in their place. They want the privileges of the Orthodox, while they party like they're Reform. There's no place for hypocrisy like that in Israel. That's not how they roll

    • Don't give in on this, Israel! If you do, it'll screw up the halacha! It'll ruin everything.

      "Betrayal"? The only "betrayal" here is the betraying of the Jewish faith by Conservatives. They should not be allowed to get away with it. There are consequences for these things, and if Conservatives (and I will not insult Conservatives by even mentioning Reform or secular) do not like the consequences of their ritual and religious shortcomings, they know what to do about it They need to fucking roll Shomer Shabbatand glat.

  • Ayelet Shaked and the fascist ideology
    • "And in Australia we grow bacteria in it."

      The bacteria is the culture. The stuff you grow it in is called the "media". Agar-agar.

    • "As the polling and in depth analysis regularly done demonstrates. There is no illuminati."

      That's what you are supposed to think, "Jeff b"! The Illuminati are secret!

    • And having been silent since Oct. 2015, I'm happy to see a posting on August 1 2017 at "Lawrence of Cyberia"

    • "The public spectacle of Jewish exceptionalism straining to somehow differentiate Jewish Supremacism from all other White Supremacism is entertaining and futile"

      It's creating confusion around Hester Street. It's getting hard to tell the crackers from the matzohs.

    • " Jews aren’t stupid or poorly educated. Many of the great political scientists, sociologists and anthropologists are Jewish. They understand how states and societies are created. Look at how effectively and how quickly they create the Israeli society." "Jeff B"

      ROTFLMSJAO! "You’re off to university. First time away from home. First time away from your synagogue community. Or perhaps you’ve had a year out after school and have been in Israel soaking up your Jewish heritage. Maybe you’ve been on a Jewish leadership trip organised by your youth movement or a Birthright tour

    • "Napoleon was thrashed..."

      The poor schlomph. Oh well, able he was, ere he saw Elba.

    • " What there is written in your link, does not match with what you were writing here earlier."

      Well, it's nice that "Jeff B" is consistent. He reads the same way he writes.

    • " there’s no sky between Israel’s Minister Shaked and Hitler (admirer of Mussolini)"

      No sky, just about 120 million people (both Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany) and a bunch of other stuff.

    • "There is an enormous price to pay for playing with Thugs, Criminals Sycophants."

      Naaaa. Nothing to worry about. Jew sui generis! No trauma 'long us.

    • " Nazi Germany came into being democratically in a Western style, ethnic democracy."

      I take your point, but you might want to brush up on what happened in Germany after WW1 .

    • "oh wait, that’s like — too offensive — but nakba denial isn’t."

      As I remember, we were advised to e-mail the Mondo Editors directly to complain about a specific commenter.

      I also give you the line which preceded "Jeff B's" absence for a year:

      "I'm not planning on returning to posting here because of the censorship".
      If he is moderated, he will go.
      If not, it'll be Zionist lorem ipsum, ad nauseam He will simply fill the pages.

    • "The Mussolini picture is a bit off up there."

      You bet, there were about 40 million people in 1940 Italy.

    • " the motivation for his and others squatting here and nothing else."

      They are here because no Zionist site will have them, even as commenters. They are an embarrassment.
      So they come here, where there is no obligation to put a bottom on the Zionist barrel.

    • "Should Israel be allowed to play out Judeonazism?"

      Sure, why not? What 90 million German's couldn't accomplish, 180 million Zionists probably can!

    • "Jeff , your comments about fascism are deeply offensive as is your pseudo historical superiority and distorted world view devoid of truth and compassion."

      How about we have a little compassion for a man who has nobody else to talk to? I mean, without them backing hurriedly away, or calling 911.
      Can't you see "Jeff B" is lonely and he is trying to make contact?

    • "I wasn’t expecting to read that sentence on MW."

      Sent me right to Google, that one.

    • "Fascists were and remain strong opponents of utilitarian metrics of policy. For a Fascist violence is an end,"

      The more Masadadammerungs, the better! We always win those.

    • "For a political movement Fascists are simply exceptionally deep regarding the role of art in the development of humanity. I can’t think of any western political movement since the High Renaissance that had a political philosophy of art as deeply considered as the Fascists." "Jeff B"

      I know, it's great stuff! Have you seen all the hilarious caricatures of Jews in Der Sturmer? And the brilliant filmaking of "Jud Süß"? And "Triumph of the Will" was, well, a triumph!

    • "Grow a f’cking spine would ya?"

      "Marnie", could I be forgiven if I felt that "Jeff B's" Zionism (I go no further) is nothing more than an over-compensation for his terrible sense of personal inadequacy?

    • "When the Nazis destroyed Jewish society in German society it was in the context of the last World War war where the Jews had brought in multiple foreign armies to invade Germany so as to advantage their side in the World War 1. It was also decades of failed attempts at reasonable compromise. Yes it is a grave act. And that was the sort of circumstance that calls for such a grave act."

      "Jeff", please check to make sure I haven't misquoted you.

    • “Civilians die in large numbers in many wars"

      ROTLMSJAO! Yes they do "Jeff B", yes they do. In numbers which would wipe out Israel several times over.

    • "Are you friends with the minister?"

      Oh, maybe in his most humid and precipitous dreams.

    • "Don’t misquote me. You put in in quote marks and italics you make it look like I said that."

      You ain't seen nothin' yet. Oh, and pay very careful attention to your comment archive. You may find changes.

    • . "The fascist government was a rather good one that worked for the benefit of the German people and the world"

    • "Destroying a society is a grave act. One shouldn’t do it over a political disagreement at this level."

      Ah, so that's why the Zionists were so tenderly respectful of Palestinian society, its culture customs and religion. Don't want no "grave acts" on your conscience.

  • In my last year of university, the First Intifada undermined my Jewish identity
    • "You’re off to university. First time away from home. First time away from your synagogue community."

      Awwww, so aidel gepotchket.

  • Soros and the Illuminati! Netanyahu Jr. spreads anti-Semitic cartoon
  • 'Voice of boycott' was heard in Montgomery and South Africa, why not Israel? Roger Waters writes in 'NYT'
    • "And I struggle to come to a conclusion"

      I never had that problem. I was raised Jewish, but we didn't have a lot of money, so we couldn't afford Zionism.

    • ." can’t hasbrat central send us better trolls?"

      I am sticking with my theory- when they get dumped from all the English-language Zionist sites and blogs, they come to Mondo, where there's no bottom on the Zionist barrel.
      Hasbara would make better use of its money by establishing a "hush fund" for them.

    • "Wants some truth. Here’s a truth sandwich for you to digest and choke on."

      You have well and truly earned an "i" and "c" added to your name.

    • "Commonality, both are written in the writers favour."

      Yes. And the writers of Hasbara history posited an 'Arab incapacity', one might say. So there are a lot of parallels.

    • "Such a statement requires a complete absence of self awareness."

      I have come to the conclusion that our Zionists have never, ever before coming here, talked to anybody except other Zionists about Zionism.
      They are accustomed to arguing vociferously about whether it was God's favor, or Jewish genius, which made Israel so successful.

    • This one never gets old. The Zionists won't let it.

      1) We rock
      2) They suck
      3)You suck
      4)Everything sucks

    • "P.P.P.S. Pamela Geller is from Nassau County, NY) ! ! !"

      So am I "JLewis", so am I. Now that the statutes of limitations are long up I have no problem admitting it.

    • "Amazing that you continue to allow YoniFalic to post here. "

      Amazing that you continue to add "hits" and UPVs" to a site "Yoni Falic" posts at.

    • "Overall I find Jewish historiography of the history of European Jews almost exactly comparable the Dunning School of Reconstruction and Redemption history, which was effectively part of a program to romanticize slavery and to deny black Americans civil rights."

      Wait a minute "Yoni"! Bear in mind that the Dunning School was white people writing about the emancipated slaves, and their supposed 'incapacity'.
      Jewish historiography is the one we write for ourselves. Big, big difference.

  • Senator Cantwell, are you listening?
    • You know how it is "JWalters". When you belong to the most powerful, numerous and resource-rich people on earth, you tend to get inconsiderate of the smaller peoples and indifferent to their fate.

    • "And, yes, Talkback, it often happens that states are founded by force. That’s also the way of the world."

      "♪And now it's...♪♫
      Springtime for Israel and Zionists
      Israel is happy and gay!
      We're marching to a faster pace
      Look out, here comes the macher race!♪♫"

    • "Another reason for treating Merriam Webster with contempt."

      Ye OECD strikes again!

    • "from Merriam-Webster: 2”."

      That will give "RoHa" a bad case of OECD.

  • Nathan Englander, author of new Israel thriller, wants 'as many passports as I can get'
    • ." Refusing to do research on a subject before writing a novel about it seems a bit strange to me."

      Well, a writer research his subject, but it's much more efficient to research the audience. You only have to do that once.

    • That's telling 'em, "RoHa"! To err is human, to forgive supine!

    • "Oh that is a super complex and smart question.../... it’s a put-your-money-where-your-mouth is question."

      Shorter Nathan Englander: "Dude, give me a break, I'm just a hack"

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