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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Natalie Portman says, Enough!
    • "someone with more of a following than me like"

      That's some trio of 'influencers' she appealed to for help! And here they come, shovels in hand.

  • Israel and its Democratic Party friends complain -- Trump gave Syria to Russia 'on a silver platter'
  • Their Independence is our Nakba
    • "Jews need to get woke"

      From what we might as well call sleep.

    • "Stop stalking me."

      Not until you show us your "23 andme" report. Wanna make sure I'm stalking the right species.

    • And what's worse, "Jackdaw", those refugee grandchildren's claim to return is entirely unpredicated on the Bible!

      Now, who is anybody going to believe, Palestinian grandchildren with keys, or real "ethnic Jews" with a Bible?

  • The 'Jewish nation' is the central myth of Zionism. It needs to be dismantled.
    • "Boris" whatever you do, please don't e-mail the Mods and explain the sock-puppet situation to them. They will ban me in a heartbeat. Can I count on a little tribal unity? Give me your shalom vow you won't snitch.

    • "Is this a joke?"

      No joke. If you want to convince Jews they have some obligation to your hierarchy of "ethnic Jews" and "religious converts" you've got some explaining to do.

    • "You have been caught with your pants down."

      Ha-ha-ha jokes on you. I don't wear 'em.

      Oh crap, joke is on me! "Boris" has just outed me for sock-puppeting!

      (BTW, "Boris" are you using "hasbara" to indicate all lies and propaganda, no matter what the source? Not clear on your use of "hasbara")

    • "I know, looser, you remember…" "Jackdaw"

      "Do you want to know what Ashkenazi Jews look like? Go to New York's Metropolitan Museum. In their Egyptian section there is a picture of a Hittite prince. He "looks Jewish". That's what Ashkenazi Jews look like." "Boris" March 2017

    • Darn it "Keith", you're gonna get me in trouble. I'm worried "North" will say I came up with "Boris's" comments (downpage, 11:43 on) for the express purpose of validating your comment.

    • "I deliberately did not list my ethnicity at 23andme and they had identified me as an Ashkenazi Jew."

      And your IQ went up 15 pts., and your visage, as you considered the news, came to look like that of a Hittite Prince!

    • "North" , please, a little discretion here? Okay? Look, you can see clearly that "Boris" and "Grover" are, of course, parodies, (many times verging on outright anti-semitism, too) but nobody else has caught on. And if moderation catches on, I'll get banned. Just do me a favor and pretend they're real.
      They think they are, and that's what is important.

    • "Mooser: Please. Your “Boris” sock puppet is going too far this time."

      Sorry, sorry, I gotta stick in a joke from time-to-time, or I'll go nuts.

    • "see if you belong."

      Gosh, there must be an awful lot of phony Jews.

    • "Jews are often called “children of Israel”, as, according to the Bible, we are the descendants for Jacob "

      Oh, Jews are often called the descendants of all kinds of things. Try not to let it bother you, "Boris".
      Rise above it, I say.

    • "4. They have a common economy."

      Not true. Some of us are quite generous. Like you, "Boris".
      Just when non-Jews might be losing the idea of a "ethnic Jew", you want to make sure they keep it.

    • " Your problem – and I guess it is a big one for you – is that you are part of our nation, whether you like it or not." "Boris"

      You've got him now, "Boris"! There's literally nothing you can't make him do, now he's been nationalized.

      This is a refreshing change on the old "I'm-gonna-excommunicate-you" wheeze. Much more inclusive.

      Oh, BTW, "Boris", what about all those Jews who are the descendants of Khazars, and other non-Hebrew people?
      Got anything for them?

    • And "Boris", bubelle, have you ever noticed a funny thing about "converts"? Oddly enough, while they may not be "ethnic Jews", their children often are. In fact almost always are.

    • "Jews (and I am talking about ethnic Jews, not the religious converts) do have common history."

      What, exactly, is an "ethnic Jew"? Which ethnicity is the normative Jewish ethnicity? Tell us that, and we can begin to worry about "common history"

      Wait, let me guess! Real authentic ethnic Jews come from the exact same place in Russia or thereabouts that you do!

      "We all trace our ancestry..."

      Trace all you want. What does it get you? Can you bring your tracings to a non-Zionist Jew and say 'Your ancestry demands' you do this, or that?

    • Yeah,mishpocha is great. But Israel can't tax it, can't draft from it, and can't compel this "nation" of Jews to do anything they don't want to.

    • Mr. Ofir it may be possible to seek treatment for "obsessive combative disorder" closer to home. Or at least mulct it for heavy damages, anyway.
      Jonathan Goldberg QC, noted the same disorder in Tony Greenstein, (an anti-Zionist and anti-racist person whose Father was a Rabbi) and offers this diagnosis:

      "And it has indeed been my sad observation after very many years of professional experience that where sons strive so desperately to dishonour their parents and negate everything they stood for publicly, as you have done so prominently, it often stems from a history of abuse, whether verbal, physical or worst of all sexual."

      Which really reduces the therapy to finding out what you did to your parents that made them do that to you, I guess.

    • "Attacking a middle finger because you don’t find it “appropriate” encroaches on the free speech right of everyone..."

      Next you'l be defending the right to light fart-fires in a crowded theatre.

    • "He has obsessive combative disorder"


    • "Israel has nothing to do with me, as a Jew!"

      Keep dreaming, Rabbi.

    • "yonah", the "Jewish nation" exists in exact proportion to the extent that non-Jews insist that the Jews are a separate nation, and wish to enforce it.

      They seem to be falling down on the job lately. Go talk to them about making the Jews a nation.

  • Jewish leader refuses to debate BDS with young Jew, at J Street conference
    • "As a selfish and greedy individual myself, I applaud you."

      What a schlemiel.

    • "Plus I love junk food"

      "Catalan", you have a very special way of always showing the dignity and nobility, the higher ethics, of the anti-BDS struggle.

    • "your one of those old Jews"

      Yeah, it's the young Jews which have all the enthusiasm for Zionism now. The older Zionists can't retire quickly enough to give those young, brash, forward-thinking and modren Zionists a clear field of action.

    • It makes me wonder. Is it a step they won't take, or does the threat not pack the punch it used to?

    • "...speaks for all Jews. We all think BDSHOLES are idiots and they aren’t welcome anywhere."

      Love to hear your plan for preventing the passing of the older generation and the ascension of the new. What do you have in mind, "Steve"?

    • I've not heard Zionists suggesting that non-Zionist offspring should be cut off without a farthing. You know, no issue for the issue with which you've got issues, if you get my drift. That was a not-uncommon threat when out-marriage was still a big issue. Seems to have fallen into disuse.

    • ," i wonder how that’s working out for them."

      I must admit, they are fighting the war to keep the younger generation Zionist honorably. I haven't heard anybody suggesting the older generation should turn this into a battle of wills for a decade or so.

    • "(peace of mind would be nice too)."

      File early, and honestly.

  • As Israel becomes a political liability it is time to challenge its enablers
    • You can always depend on "Jon s" to love the stronger.

    • "How many violent rioters were mixed into the 30,000 non-violent demonstrators?"

      Well, we would probably have to look very hard at those with automatic weapons and artillery. Were there many of those? Lotta shoulder-fired missiles and RPGs? That's a no-no And anybody with a tank goes right on the list!

  • Some Israeli soldiers on Gaza border have reached out to 'Breaking the Silence'
    • "(or is it only the people that ‘chose’ judaism? lol.)" "Dabakr"

      "that 'chose' judaism lol"
      "Dabakr" knows Judaism is a fate, not a choice! There are no choices for Jews.

    • " Especially those of us who have seen war up close and personal."

      Like Yoni Falic.

    • "Today we remember our fallen soldiers and civilian casualties."

      It's auction time again!

    • Gosh, "Jon s", that sounds just great! Now that you've rehearsed it on Mondo, go out and tell some Israelis about it.

      But always remember, "Jon s", there are a lot of people out there who are "not innocent".

    • "May their memories continue to be a blessing."

      Why, "Grover", I think you may be slighting those macher souls.
      Why not give them their full due and say "continue to be an asset?"

  • Influential rabbi teaches would-be Israeli soldiers: Genocide is a mitzvah
    • "I thought you were an Israeli."

      Are you perhaps mixing up "66" and "s"?

      Anyway <a href=""Jon 66" describes himself thus:

      "I am husband, father, and surgeon. I was raised in a Zionist household and am interested in a peaceful solution."

      "Husband, father, and surgeon", in that order.

    • " That principle renders the “Mitzvah” Zionists talk about of conquest nonexistent nowadays. This is the majority view, including even that of Zionists such as Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef."

      Whew! As a Jew, I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear that!
      (And how it must render the tender souls of Israelis, knowing that all the things the Palestinians are forcing them to do aren't quite mitzvahs, just "security" and "defense".)

    • "I wonder if he had the same Thousand Years! expectation for his “Islamic State”

      Do you think the British had the same expectations for their future in the ME?

    • "Broke a British square."

      One walk down Carnaby St. will do it.

    • "Israel has had some vicious Rabbis, calling for the extermination of goyim"

      That's disgusting. Why don't those Rabbis pick on somebody their own size!

    • Al-Mahdī, (Arabic: “Right-Guided One”)original name Muḥammad Aḥmad ibn al-Sayyid ʿAbd Allāh, (born August 12, 1844—died June 22, 1885, Omdurman, Sudan), creator of a vast Islamic state extending from the Red Sea to Central Africa and founder of a movement that remained influential in Sudan a century later.

    • "And Bon Jovi is coming back in May."

      All the kids in Israel love Bon Jovi. His "Living On A Prayer" is the climax of every Israeli concert. All the kids dahven right along.

    • "Darwinian survival."

      I thought "Darwinian survival" consisted of having an abundance of off-spring, some of which may be better adapted for survival.

    • Unending wars...

      None of which Israel has anything to do with.

      "There really is no positive news and so now wallas has his 15 minutes of infamy."

      And now that he has gotten his "15 minutes of infamy" he'll go back to preaching love and peace.

    • "eljay", how could we have been so wrong about "Jon s"?
      We both thought (c'mon, I'll cop to it if you will) he was politically and morally screwed up, but it turns out he's just got religion.

  • 'NY Times' coverage of Gaza turns biased again, partly in response to pressure from Hasbara Central
    • "Misterioso" I've thought for a long time that what we hear from the bema is different from what we hear in the Pews.

  • Netanyahu hat-tips settler who called for extermination camps
    • "What am I missing?"

      To read Mondo comment threads often requires mega-doses, far above the FDA daily requirements, of irony in your diet.

    • "JLewis", have you taken a look at Goldberg's actions as Atlantic Editor in the Kevin Williamson imbroglio? Kept on waiting for somebody to link Goldberg's Zionism (and experience) with his embrace of hate speech, but I didn't see it.

  • Thousands demonstrate at Gaza border in 'Burn Israeli Flags' Friday
    • "Are you sure..."

      Absolutely sure. Check the Comment Policy. One parody-Zionist sock-puppet per customer, no exceptions.

    • "Why would that bother me – I am an American Bulgarian with most of my friends Hispanic and Native American." "catalan"

      Jeez, "catalan" why didn't you say that before? Now I understand; Mondo is the only place you can air your sadistic fantasies about Palestinians, safely.

    • Reveling in the ability to take a sandwich from a child. Is "Boris" bad enough, or what?

    • "It is parasitic but not in the way you figure – I don’t see it a refuge."

      Exactly! You suck off Zionism, like a parasite, without contributing a thing to it, only when it gives you an excuse for reveling in Israel's sadism.
      Other than a host for your sadistic fantasied, you have no use for Zionism. Other than the fantasy of a place to abscond to.

    • "i’m thinking about not feeding trolls this morning."

      That's a good idea. Why bother "catalan" while he's starving Israel?

    • "I totally agree that they are doomed. That’s why I have chosen to live comfortably in the US" "catalan"

      And that's exactly why Israel is doomed. You have explained it very well. In the end, no matter what the rights and wrongs Israel will fail because there aren't enough Jews willing to make the effort and sacrifice needed.
      And you still maintain a completely parasitic fantasy that Israel will be there to take you in, at its own expense, when you get in trouble.
      That's why Israel is failing.

    • "Incredibly Cloying."

      Like some of the Vishniac photos?

    • "as Israel girls are prepared for the the inevitable and harsh reality"

      Oh, I bet they are. They just don't have the same options as Jewish girls in other places do.

  • Israel's genocidal explanations for killing unarmed protesters are only isolating it further
    • Poor "Jon s" is looking for philo-semitism in all the wrong places.

    • "He has stated that he makes “a distinction between innocent civilians and armed terrorists and criminals”."

      And as a Zionist and Israeli historian and real Jewish person, these are distinctions which "Jon s" is eminently qualified to make on an objective and humanitarian basis.
      Especially if the 'distinctions' serve his cause.

      I don't know, maybe "Jon s" is leaning just a little too heavily on an assumption of philo-Semitism.

  • Sen. Warren and 5 congresspeople finally criticize Israel's killings; pressure mounts on Feinstein
    • "Your arguing with a hardcore group of true believers. Their mindset is fixated on a problem their mediocre mindset and perfectly honed logic tells them is how they believe it is from what they have chosen to learn and by extension have become experts in." "Dabakr", 32 fps.

      Yes, yes, but you know how we are, "Dabakr". The benefit of the doubt will always be extended to "hmp49", and there will be people willing to patiently correct him.

    • "There are perhaps 15,000 Palestinians alive who are actually refugees."

      And everybody knows the plight of 'exiles' takes precedence over the rights of "refugees."

    • For some reason, the thought of Facebook trying to make Mondo dance to its algorithms gives me a lots ofnachos.

  • Global outrage mounts over Israeli killing of Yaser Murtaja, from 'NYT' to Federation of Arab Journalists
    • " Bit of a risk, don’t you think?"

      Not really. If our souls were vowels, they could only be sold once. More than that is double jeopardy.

    • "Of course not. Israel is a rich country..."

      I guess everybody is entitled to their own type of BDS. And I must admit, your method, refusing to give yourself, and declaring that Israel is too rich to need any donations, is especially effective.

      " it’s a rich country with free healthcare and all sorts of social services."

      So all those ads are just a fraud on gullible Jews? Glad you warned us.

    • ." Therefore, my views are shaped simply by desire for self preservation."

      Let's see, you haven't invested a penny in Israel, don't know a things about Israel (Except, ROTLMSJAO, what you read in Mondo.)
      But you are convinced Israel will take you in when you abscond? (Of course the wave of anti-Semitism in the US will allow you to leave with all your assets)

      That sure doesn't sound like self-preservation to me.

    • "which, according to jon s at least, would make him a legitimate target for massacre"

      And everybody knows you can't have a one-man massacre, so his family, house and village, none of which can prove they are innocent, must go, too.

      In fact, I'm sure "Jon s" would say making laws against Jews carrying out massacres as detailed in the Bible is an anti-Semitic action, and the massacre is a mitzvah If we just "take an extreme example..."

    • "I am not on any email list involving Israel."

      You don't send a penny to Israel, do you? If you want to abscond to the Holy Land with the assets and avoid extradition, you might want to change that.

      But it leads to an interesting question: Where, if anywhere, do you get your information about Israel today, besides Mondoweiss?

  • Netanyahu says Israeli snipers are doing ‘holy work’
    • Our regular Zionists have exhausted themselves, the 'reserves' have been called up, some after an absence of a year.

      Yeah, you gots hand it to 'em. Quiescent for months, more, but a chance to defend Israel's shooting of unarmed protesters brings them right to the fore. They know that one or two extra comments will turn the tide, and let the world see the "holiness" of this work.

  • Contextualizing the Great March of Return
    • "barely, but it’s a start"

      So you are in favor of continuing, until you find a final solution to the Palestinian problem, "Dabakr"?

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