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  • 'Does he believe in a God'? -- DNC leaders wanted to undermine Sanders
    • "Can she hold out that long?"

      I hope not. She might cry over it, and I bet a friend of mine that when she does, her forehead gets wet.

    • We need to sort out the difference (and the different consequences, such as they are at different times) of three different things:

      1)Perceiving, and/or identifying yourself as Jewish.

      2) Being perceived or identified as Jewish by others, in a social or ethnic sense.

      3) Having a Jewish identity imposed on you by a state. (Current example: Israel)

    • "On religion and battles of will, Mooser, you never spoke a truer word"

      Inheritance is the way most wealth is transferred. And an inheritance is a gift, not an obligation.

    • "those who do not believe in a deity but regard, with or without good reason, the X religious tradition as being of great and unique moral value."

      A religious tradition can be a powerful argument in a battle of wills.

    • "At the end of the day, either you are religious or you aren’t."

      I've never been much of a lad for vespers, myself. I tend to fall asleep.
      Give me a good matins any day.

    • "that business with the teenage girls and the whipped cream."

      RoHa, if a man wishes to reproduce an iconic Tijauna Brass album-cover as a tableau vivant, that is entirely his business.

    • "or spell checker strikes again?"

      Gotta watch out for those 'homonym howlers'.

      In this case "the lessor" instead of "the morer".

  • Israeli flag is wielded as weapon against Berlin protesters of apartheid
    • "off topic. here’s a piece from haaretz regarding the overlap of antisemitism and antizionism."

      Very interesting article.
      In short, the article says that the Zionists intended to use the Jewish religion as a shield for Zionism's intransigence and amorality. (As if the Jewish religion is a guarantor of exemplary behavior in this regard? But let it pass)
      Instead, all they did was open the Jewish religion up, and deservedly so, to all the persiflage, propaganda, emotional persuasion, and hatred of political speech.

      "Yonah" don't you think we should really start to try incorporating some concept of "sacredness" in our religion? It might help with stuff like that.

    • "i recall stand w/us using this tactic before in LA, someone captured it on video."

      When the flagstaffs wielded by 200 million Jews strike the enemies of Zionism, it'll be lights out, baby!

  • In yet another sign of fascism, Lieberman likens Mahmoud Darwish to . . . Hitler
    • "lol — me neither mooser!"

      And it sure is nice. I thought Mondo would be plagued with them.

      Probably the more reasonable Zionists keep those hysterical types (I mean, hey, there's gonna be a few, people are people) under wraps, so as not to impede progress towards a solution. That's the power of tribal unity.

    • "zionist and/or israeli jews are paranoid, , melodramatic victim vampires and suspect everybody of being anti-semetic"

      Gee, I can't think of anybody posting here who answers that description.

  • My family's Nakba story
    • Well, well, look who is back, after promising to "delete Mondo completely".
      Did you get the spilled ink off the back of your hand, "Jackdaw"?

  • Freewheeling Trump has backed down on only one issue. Guess which one
    • "And I still cannot comprehend why Zio-supremacists hate Jews so much."

      Well, look at all the work and worry they have to do to provide a "homeland" for us. And it's almost impossible to get Jews to go there if they aren't in trouble and suffering.

      The worse things are for Jews, the better they are for Zionists and Zionism. That's why.

    • "one billionaire to another, trump and putin are going to be big pals, but on mw, he is treated with respect."

      Well, "Yonah" why are you signalling your approval and support of Mondoweiss articles with your "hits" and your comments?

      Do you think the web works one way for everybody in the world, and another way for "Yonah Fredman"?
      "Yonah" comes, "Yonah" comments. That means "Yonah " approves and supports. That's the way it works.

    • "I say that, but then i back away, knowing how many innocents will be wasted."


      I don't know, call me full of internalized persecution, but I am not sure presenting the world with that dichotomy (and being proud of it doesn't help, either) will redound to the glory of the Jews in the coming decades. Might just reveal a chink in our ethical armor or something.

  • 'Power is what matters': Alt Right leader Richard Spencer explains his admiration for Trump and Israel
    • "Keith", whenever I think about stuff like the Jewish identity, I try to distinguish (although they can be related for elites) between identities people adopt or modify for themselves, and identities imposed on people by a more powerful force.

    • "Are French or Germans or Poles who want their historic homelands to remain predominantly French or German or Polish racist bigots?"

      Just happened to lookup the population of France yesterday. Over 66 million people. You think 66 million Muslims are going to move there?
      I think it will be "predominantly" French for some time to come.

    • "You can’t support a Jewish ethnostate in Israel and at the same time condemn those who want the same for France or Germany or Poland etc as racist xenophobes"

      And nobody here supports a Jewish ethnostate in Palestine.

    • "There is obviously a significant difference in the genetic heritage of these groups."

      So one might think, but the Jewish gene is inherited independently of any particular physiognomy. Either you got it, or you ain't. There will be no more getting by on looks! Or just answering "Horowitz" to all questions.

  • Hillary Clinton gains backing of neocon megadonor who funds Islamophobic groups
    • "Taylor was White Culture personified."

      The kind of person who believes in a "good old fashioned slap" which is "efficient and effective"?
      The kind of person who knows where inherited genes place each person in mankind's hierarchy?

      The kind of person dumb enough to fall for "I've been Googling like mad and can't find a thing"?

    • "Who is Taylor Swift?"

      I've been Googling like mad ever since yesterday, and I can't find a thing.

    • "The Jewish billionaires that aren’t as tribal as the, “my one issue is Israel” plutocrats, would rather donate money to fight hunger or cancer or other universal challenges, then get caught up in the Orwellian world of Israel and its supporters."

      Or oppose them in some way. Not that they have any obligation to oppose Zionism with their money and influence, of course.

    • "Hillary could go through possibly tens to hundreds cycles of reincarnation, before finally releasing herself from worldly debts"

      And people wonder why a complete and accessible archive is not a priority?

    • " pilpul at it’s finest."

      Yes, but not the ordinary kind. "Simalcuz" is pilpul with soul!

    • "And as a fairly spiritual person, I believe that as long as you have failed to be accountable for all of your bad deeds," "Simalcuz"

      Oy gevalt this one is soooo spiritual:

      Violence is a perfectly natural, God-given right of reacting to injustice, in any form and in any scale. I have yet to know of a better way than to set a person straight through a old-fashioned slap, which is infinitely more efficient and effective compared to modern liberal techniques of preaching and explaining morality, right and wrong etc. - "Simalcuz" link to

      Yup, it's the real thing, the kind of spirituality which brings empathy:

      "You also had no choice in... the specific DNA set that formed the basis of your personality and behavioral traits you inherited from your parents when you were conceived in your mother's uterus.../...In a nutshell, you had no choice in existing and will have no choice while you exist." "Simalcuz" link to

      That goes on for six inches more in that vein. That's spirituality!


    • "You may find it laughable, but I don’t. Taylor is a lot like Hillary"

      This is so cool! But when one is intimate with today's celebrities and politicians, you can't help comparing them. Dish away, "Simalcuz"!

      And when you get done with Hilary and Taylor, you can tell us what Donald Trump is really like!

  • Coexistence in the land of 'Hatikvah'
    • "In about 1964 at a school assembly at my Jewish school in Canada "

      "Canada"? You're a hoser, already? No wonder.

    • "This story was about as enlightening.../... y’all call hasbara 101."

      Uh-oh, I better read fast. Mondo may pull the article before I get through it. It's getting 'negative UPVs' from "DaBakr"!

  • Why Trump's revolution succeeded, and Bernie's fizzled
    • If what the Zionists did to the Palestinian.../...what the English did to the Aborigines..."

      What really happened was this: The Zionists wanted the Palestinians to stay, begged them to stay, but as more Jews moved in, real-estate prices went up, (due to the improvements by the Zionists) and Palestinians could no longer afford to live there, so they left.
      The Zionists wept, begged them to stay and gave them generous parting gifts, but their pride did not permit them to remain.
      Since that time, a national day of regret in celebrated in Israel.

    • "Very funny, Senor Mooser."

      Thank you. Could you sum up the rest for me? TL/DR.

    • "Aborigines had all the reasons to resist the English settlers"

      Doesn't matter, the English could deliver more "good old-fashioned slaps", 'efficiently and effectively' to the Aborigines, to remedy the injustice of the resistance.

    • "whitest of white people do in fact have rhythm"

      Just as there are many degrees of harmonic sensitivity there are many degrees of rhythmic perception. Most people have enough of both to participate in music on some level. And both harmonic and rhythmic facilities benefit from training and practice.

      Anyway, I keep telling myself that.

    • "Simalcuz" says "natural law" is the way to go!
      Of course, people have a hard time determining just what "natural law" is in relation to this.

    • "White America need to get a grip for real, it is not special nor it is entitled to any privileges..."

      Ah, but what about the "efficiency" and "effectiveness" (your words) of giving them a "good old-fashioned slap" if they get out of line? "Violence is a God-given right" as you say, "Simalcuz".

      Plus, well, genes and "your mother's uterus". That's why things are the way they are, and will never change. Right, "Simalcuz"?

    • "It’s clear that one major goal for Trump in the Republican National Convention is to create unity in the party..."

      I made it to the third sentence.

    • I think I'm a Chihuahua! I'm having a senor moment.

    • "the white vote... the black vote... Blacks were...the black vote...the white vote...of the black community...the black"

      You need good Poddy training to understand politics. It's seminal.

    • Page: 154
    • " You will find that one of them is wrong.” – Ayn Rand."

      What do you know, it's that 'Aynailty of evil' that Hannah Arendt talked about.

      But that's how you do it, "Naftush". You will always make friends and influence people by quoting Ayn Rand at them.

  • BDS and Normalization: A Palestinian perspective
    • "So what have we here?"

      A bunch of nuts and mosers who think (it is to laugh!) they can thwart the will of God, and 200 million people intent on returning to their histrionic homeland.

    • "Yoanh" the way you snuck that link to "jpost" was so good, I went and read it, after all "The author is founder and co-chairman of IPCRI, the Israel Palestine Creative Regional Initiatives."

      The Jpost article basically says what got that weatherman fired in New York a long time ago : 'If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.'

  • Money talks as Trump does u-turn on Israel
    • "We always knew it was the Elders of Zion, but now we know how many they are!"

      Gee, "Naftush", I wish you wouldn't dare anti-Semitism like that. It frightens me. What if you got more than you bargained for?

  • 'Monuments to Racism': Anti-Trump activists and RNC attendees debate separation walls in the US and Israel
    • "an exercise in absurdity for even ‘every day’ americans, black, or otherwise"

      You know what it's like for " 'everyday' " Americans.
      Just another manic Monday, and Tuesday's child has learned to tie his boot lace. Wednesday Morning, 3 AM. there goes Thursday's child, saving it up for Friday night.
      Naturally, everyday Americans love Saturday night, which is all right for fighting, but deep down, they want a Sunday kind of love.

  • Israel’s opposition parties plan to filibuster bill to expel Hanin Zoabi
    • You know, that reminds me, Trump has promised to ban shredded cheese.

    • "speak for yourself mooser! i would like nothing more than banning the whole slew of them at a moments notice — yesterday!including our new so called ‘direct descendent of king david’. "

      And his commastomy bag. Yes, "Annie" I'm a Pre-Raphaelite , too.

      Anyway, I simply can not understand why they hang around and get treated bad at Mondo, when they could start their own blog, ban us! (Ha!) solve the comment archives problem, and crush Mondo in every category.
      It baffles the heck out of me.
      Maybe one of them "Jewish self-hatred" symptoms"Hophmi" talks about? Feh, who can tell. Like I always say, "the balebatim are a closed book to me."

    • "of course to the true believers here at MW [most of whom wish zionist posters would be banned or just “go away”,"

      No "DaBakr" nobody wants you to be banned or just go away! Haven't I been encouraging you, and the rest of the herd of ilk, to start your own blog?
      You could express yourself freely, without all the moderation and censoration you get around here. And best of all you can do the banning.

  • Explaining Israel's separate and unequal education system
  • With no evidence except ethnicity, media declared Nice attack terrorism
  • Video: Palestinian swimmer overcomes Israeli restrictions to prepare for Rio Olympics
  • How your contributions power Mondoweiss journalism
  • Report from Cleveland: Republicans prepare for Trump
    • "This man is all pretense and window dressing."

      The poor misguided man who wrote "The Art of The Deal" Tony Schwartz, is now very sorry he did.
      Oddly enough, that's why Scwhartz wrote it. He didn't feel he was tony enough. But half the advance and royalties made him feel better.

      Now he says: "I put lipstick on a pig". And, what do you know, the pig started flying after that. And saying it wrote a book! Trump never wrote a word of the book.

  • Jordan slams door on Gazans
    • "Waiting, waiting, wai…"

      And while you wait, you can do activism in/re Jordan and Turkey.
      And don't worry about Palestine, BDS is directed at possibly spurring some changes there.

  • Iran deal is still imperilled by deep state-- hardliners, Israel lobby, Hillary Clinton
    • "Though, I do likely have a direct royal lineage to the line of King David and Leah; I renounce any current titles, or claims I may of had to Jerusalem..."

      You da' man, "Raphael"! Of course you have a direct royal lineage to the line of King David and Leah, (Has anyone here ever doubted it? Heck, no!) and that makes your renunciation one the finest, and noblest acts in the history of the conflict.
      I mean, I could renounce Jerusalem, but I'm just the descendant of some Mittel-European latecomers to the faith, so it don't mean a thing. In short, it ain't got that swing.

      "and accept my election by God to be a Israelite, to live in the actual land of Israel..."

      And one day, you might even travel to Palestine. It's not that far away from there.

    • Well, well, "Raphael" glad to see you are starting to drop those ridiculous pretenses of being anything but a Zionist.

      "People can be anti-Semitic consciously, and sub-consciously."

      But not Hilary Clinton! That's one thing we don't have to worry about.

    • "I have not formulated a position on these issues..."

      Oh, you can assume the usual position, "Yonah".

  • Democrats and GOP are in a race to the bottom on Israel
    • " are a raving anti-semitic group… under the mask of Christian Zionism."

      I got you Raphael! Good for you! You want the real Zionism, not that cut-rate imitation "Christian Zionism" (which is never any good). And if you want the real thing, Hilary is the place to get it.

      And the result is the same, hmmmm, maybe there's madness in her Methodism.

    • "When the gallows awaits, gallows humor is the best response."

      Well, I was sentenced to be shot at sunrise, which is why I never get up that early.
      But it's true, "Boomer"; torque is cheap.

    • " Now we are stuck with a rather ratchet set of candidates"

      A wrenching choice. Trump, of course, is always ready to crank it up another notch, and as for Hilary, she's no Ron Pawl .

  • Powerful new game 'Liyla and The Shadows of War' dramatizes 2014 Israeli attack on Gaza
    • " it is my impression that it is primarily domestic politics that stops netanyahu from pursuing and reaching an agreement between israel and gaza."

      Of course it is! Netanyahoo knows that any Israeli Prime Monister who threaten Israel with peace might get shot down like a dog.

      And what frickin "politics" "stops", Netanyahoo? He, and all of his cabinet, have made their feelings and policies quite clear.
      The "politics" are quite clear: The settlers, and the settlement project rules Israel.

      No matter what you fabricate or imagine, "Yonah" there is a real Israel over there, and everybody can see what it is doing.

    • "compared to the west bank in which security needs and settler presence are intricately intertwined,"

      Oh, absolutely, "Yonah". Let's see if we can untangle this intricate intertwining.

      The more settlers, the more trouble and the more security needed.

      Or maybe the settlers are the security? That means every settler of any age, is a soldier for the occupation.

      Which description of the "intricate" intertwining do you prefer, "Yonah"?

    • "And I’ll obey Annie and leave this thread."

      And it's so sad,too.

      Your impression is that some -not all – MW commenters are , indeed, motivated by hatred. You wish you were wrong. But you're not. So you will leave.
      But what's a thread, "Jon s"? A bit of this, a bit of that...

    • "My impression is that some -not all – MW commenters are , indeed, motivated by hatred. I wish I was wrong."

      Well, there you go!
      We're all motivated by hatred.
      What do you think you should do about it "Jon s"?
      Patsh zich in tuchis und schrei "hooray"?

      Or you can keep waving that 4 yr. old's corpse at us until it comes apart in your hands. "Kibbutz of Nahal Oz, belonging to Shaar Hanegev regional council, resides near ... Grants and benefits: Tax benefits for permanent residents as settlers in Gaza..." .

    • I've got to say, "Jon s" is doing his best to truly represent, and identify fully with the Israeli Left!
      Why, I would bet there hardly anybody in Israel or the occupied territories more Israeli Left than "Jon s".

      But hey, you've got to forgive "Jon s" for being so determined to spam the thread. He's from Beersheba, where they always get their kicks in.
      Maybe kicks just keep getting harder to find in Beersheba, so he comes here. You just don't find that many wounded Eritreans lying on the ground, waiting to be gang-kicked into eternity these days.

      "you sound like pam geller or someone of her ilk."

      BTW, he drops the Stuart Smalley act when he's talking to "gamal", doesn't he? He don't need no validation from him

    • "I recall personally posting such evidence two years ago."

      Yes, "Jon s" when we want disinterested, objective history based on universally humane values, we know right where to go.

      And there's a not-very-nice name for people who say that Jews can be swayed, or even made to prevaricate, out of what they consider their vital self-interest. That's ordinary people, not us, 200 million strong, and growing.

      "I recall posting such evidence..."

      Oh yeah, almost forgot: ROTFLMSJAO You recalled something about the archives being truncated.

    • "So 4 year old Daniel Tragerman was not an innocent civilian?"

      You know what is so sad, "Jon s"? What is so f--king sad is that he was an "innocent civilian" until you dragged his little corpse out to use as a shield.

      And I'm sure Danial Tragerman was happy to sacrifice himself for that.

    • “I fully identify with the Left.”

      "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and, goddamit, people like me"

      "Jon s" is the Stuart Smalley of Zionist commenters. Always whining for or demanding validation.

    • "Being on the left means -among other values – seeking peace, seeking an end to violence and bloodshed, not justifying terrorism"

      That's why "Jon s" lives in an illegal settlement. He's going to prove to us that people with leftist values can be settlers, too!

      And as far as "the kids in your class" go, we've had plenty of time to look at your pedagogical methods conversing here. Or do you use an even lower standard with the kids. Want to point us to your syllabus, "Jonny"?

      Funny, this video game spurs him to multiple comments. Rabbi Qarim, well, not so much.

    • I don’t suppose.../...their own people. - See more at: Any standard Hasbara site.

      I see the "Israeli history teacher" is here.

      So now they are only "innoncent civilians" "Jon s"? They used to be Jews "returning to their historic homeland"?
      What happened? Now they just happen to be there?

  • Bible justifies rape in times of war, despite rabbis' efforts to spin or hide the teaching
    • "That would be a meaningless endorsement considering the exact thing has been the status quo in America and other Western countries for the past 500 years."

      Exactly, "Simalcuz", exactly. That's my point.

      But now that "Simalcuz", "an anonymous person online", is here, a new leader has arisen who will change all this!

      Helter Skelter is coming down fast!

    • "Anyone who judges POC as a group and the field of social activism based on the comments of an anonymous person on line is the worst and most ignorant person already. "

      Thank you for admitting you are full of shit. It's about time, already.

      The kind of 'fishing' you do is the lowest, most contemptible thing on the internet.

    • So, "Simalcuz" it is apparent you endorse the use of violence and racism to keep POC in their place. That is the logical conclusion from your drivel.

      Give 'em a "good old fashioned slap", and tell those folks who try to refuse servitude it's "natural law" .

    • "Sure I’m happy to explain my ideas on violence and determinism within the context of social activism."

      You only have one idea "Simalcuz":

      To give POC and "social activism" the worst and most ignorant image you can.

    • "So naturally, I assumed the POV of a non-white in Israel"

      Remember what the little dog did?

      And, if you don't mind me asking, when do you plan to explain your paeans to violence, and genetic determinism fits in with social activism?
      I'll take my answer on the air, if you don't mind.

      Why would an activist for POC enthusiastically espouse the very fundamental concepts of a white supremacist; That is, the efficacy of violence, and the genetic determinism which controls racial destinies?

    • "You are ignoring the racial hierarchy in place..."

      So the "racial hierarchy in place" during the writing of the Talmud or the Torah is the exact same racial dichotomy you always attempt to exploit? Gee, I never would have guessed.

    • "Which brings us back to the original problem. What does it mean when a government.../... on a large number of victims?"

      You want to know what it means?
      Don't expect us to live or make war by their rules. It means 200 million Jews are returning to their "historical homeland" and will not be bound by rules and moralities made by nuns from the Geneva Convents.

    • "has not a word to say about this passage."

      Not even a "theoretical discussion"? That's weird. I mean, what if the Lutherans had to fight a war again?

    • "sadists, torturers and other human rights violators will always seek legal means to carry out their plans"

      I was just thinking: "When you start a colonial project based on religious texts you gotta go with the Old Testament you have, not the Old Testament you wish you had."

    • "It didn’t occur to me that the words could be read as suggesting that the LAW compels him."

      Of course not. There are many other powerful motivators besides a mere compulsion of law. There's the satisfaction of restoring the ancient religious and military verities, of making what was, during our oppression a "theoretical discussion," real. And then there's some other stuff, too.

    • "Just as homosexual inclination compels someone to seek same-sex relationships, evil inclination compels people to satisfy their lusts?"

      Wow, how's that for inter-sectional what-aboutery?
      Sure, "Simalcuz" asking IDF soldiers not to rape is just like Homophobia! It's an assault against Gay people world-wide to say that rape is an "evil inclination"!

    • "And as usual, in a world where there are many, many scholars of Judaism, you continue to cite Israel Shahak,"

      "Hophmi" knows the Modern Orthodox have no connection to Classical or Talmudic Judaism. They actually just make it all up as they go along.

    • "We all know why. He says the nasty things for you."

      Don't blame me "Hophmi"!
      I've explained to "Keith" many, many times, that there isn't a single thing, not a single wicked act that anti-semites have not accused Jews of, either as individuals or as a group, over the last couple of centuries. You know that's true, don't you, "Hophmi"?

      Therefore any indictment, any charge made against a Jew, or group of Jews, will bear some resemblance to an anti-semitic accusation, and can be dismissed. That's natural international law, too!

      He's just jealous because other people don't have that get-out-of-jail-free, existential double jeopardy card we have to play. It's like having an ass up our sleeve.
      Nor does "Keith" realize that if 50,000 Frenchman can't be wrong, 200 million Jews can pretty much make their own rules.

  • Eric Alterman wastes ten days in Israel
    • "The only valid assumption is if there is no response, my response has been deleted."

      Well, I've been begging the Mods to help me with this. I told them I was outa control, and they would have to help me.

      They should have banned me the first time I tried using a sock-puppet.

    • "Like I said. No answer means “no”

      Exactly, "Talkback". Thanks.

    • "Do you agree that Jews and Nonjews are equal and should have the same rights in Israel/Palestine whether they live their or wish to return?"

      Don't answer that question "Grover"! It's a trick question! If you say "yes" you are admitting that the God-ordained 'return' of 200 million (well, maybe we all won't go) Jews to Israel is on the same level as the materialistic desire of the Palestinians to regain their homes and property and country.
      That's just people looking for an easy solution to material problems.
      But Zionism is a huge sacrifice the Jewish people are making, to validate God's Word. (Which, I might add, the Palestinians are defying!) Hardly the same, is it?
      Don't get drawn into that trap, "Grover", by answering 'yes, Jews and Palestinians have the same rights...'
      Besides, with as many as 200 million Jews returning, to Israel, where can the Palestinians fit.

      (There, I hope that works for me!)

    • "Mooser: Enough already. Tell your sock puppet “Grober”

      Why are you berating a sick old man, "James"? I tell you again, I can't help myself.
      Something very, very sick comes out of me when I do "Steve Grover". When I come out of it and see what I have written,I am morbidly ashamed.

      You will have to help me. I might mention sock-puppeting is definitely a banning offense, and a danger to a website. Please!

      " that an Israeli general said Israeli society was “Nazi like,” not Mondoweiss."

      Oh, get over it, "James North". Every society tends to flatter itself. A perfectly forgivable tendency. Besides, can 200 million Jews be wrong?

    • "Mooser: Teach your sock puppet to read."

      Look James, I don't blame you for being irritated, that is some vile "heils" from "Steve Grover".
      But I've told you already, I can't help myself! Something comes over me and all the "Jewish self-hatred" and "internalized anti-semitism" comes boiling up, over, and I log in under the "Steve Grover" sock-puppet account, and away I go.

      So I'm pleading with you, "North". Please help me. If Mondo doesn't cut me off, I won't be able to do it myself.

  • An Unlikely AMEXIT: Pivoting away from the Middle East
    • "just like eisenhower- truman would have smacked falk right upside his head too. maybe yours as well"

      Yeah, okay, you send Eisenhower over to slap me, chump. When he gets here, I'll let him.

      Yup, you n' Dwight. You were this close!

      DaBakr, what are your posts doing, besides increasing Mondo's contributions? And yielding "hits" and "UPVs"?

    • "If Eisenhower were alive today he would have smacked..."

      Wow, it must have been such a thrill, really inspiring, to know the great General personally, and have him divulge his deepest thoughts to you.

  • Your support today determines: How much truth?
    • "I can’t help it if your mind is designed like a steel trap, letting in all the ‘truth’ you can swallow but giving up nothing as you become clogged from your bile and lose the ability to engage and substitute ‘proof,’ as a determinant of something not provable. I am truly sorry for your limitation."

      "DaBakr" this is the kind of eloquence and truth-telling which makes Mondo Moderators reach for their "delete" buttons! You MUST, for the world's sake, if not our's, start your own blog!

      (Shorter "Dabakr": 'What's wrong with this guy? He can't even lie to himself! What a "limitation" ')

    • "As per the truth having versions I could point to one of the seminal films of the 20th century, Rashoman"

      Oh, you bet, DaBakr seminal.
      Why a Kurosawa film is a Zionist's wet-dream, I don't know, maybe the plot tracks with "Exodus", who knows.

    • " The moment those comments are restored we will go through them very carefully"

      Why wait, "MaxNarr", start now! You'll find every word of those comments right here!

    • "Mooser comes to mind"

      Thanks, but dial it back. This is not a good time to bring me up.
      I'm right on the edge of being banned for using a sock-puppet account as "Steve Grover". "James North" (the writer sometimes known as "(((James North)))" ) saw right through me.

    • "The moment those comments are restored we will go through them very carefully "

      Yes, if you and the other Elders work on it, it should take about a week.

      " and report all antisemitic comments and calls for murder of Jews."

      Who will you "report" them to? Mondoweiss? I would also like to get a first-use date and provenance for "ziocaine" and/or "Ziocaine Syndrome" if it's not too much trouble. Thanks.

      ("MaxNarr", you are the best parody-Zionist ever! My "Steve Grover" is a joke compared to you. Love your work. Pitch-perfect!)

    • "This is one element in the pending decision about whether to move"

      It just occurred to me, the first use of "Ziocaine" is somewhere in that archive.

      Even if I have to wait years to catch up with the moser who coined that expression, I will. And when I do...

    • If your provider has to take a substantial amount of the material you pay them to manage off-line, (causing confusion, distress, and heartburn) they surely should let you know, shouldn't they?

    • "ETA: Just saw Mooser’s comment ..."

      Sorry. I couldn't help imagining every kind of nefarious plot, or DDOS attack, (which does happen, and has to be guarded against) or machinations by the site owners. As usual the explanation turned out to be a lot simpler and more prosaic (and what could be more prosaic than missing text? ) than my fevered imagination would admit.

    • "What are you guys thinking?"

      As I understand it from a discussion yesterday, the removal of the comments archives originated at the provider's server, and took the Mondo staff by surprise, too. Mondo, as I get, made no decision to do this, and the data is still available and can be restored, when it's safe to do so.

      I think that's a fair summation?

    • "Unless they were embarrassed by something much worse: the large number of comments with misused commas."

      And an idiot who misspells "forgoes" with an extra "e". Which is due, without a scintilla of doubt, to the deleterious influence of a "pretentious Anglophile orthography".

    • " I would like to respond but the regime on this hate-site has more censorship than the dictator Assad,"

      Another words, you got nothing, and you didn't even try.

      There's been no "censorship", you haven't posted anything.

    • Pssst, "DaBakr", come over here. You're doing it again. Standing in a corner, looking daggers at everyone, and muttering away 13-to-the-dozen, with your hands working in your pants-pockets.

      Not an attractive look, know what I mean?

    • "You are talking about the United Nations Charter, Article 80 correct? This is a valid instrument under international law."

      It sure is!
      It's known as "The World's Tiniest Violin".
      (But it's screechy, and out of tune. Nobody has gotten a melody from it. But for "MaxNarr" it plays Hatikvah" and a medley from "Milk and Honey".)

    • "A cunning move. Direct “Grober,” your sock-puppet, to attack you"

      The downright lameness of the 'attack' is what gave me away, isn't it?
      I tell you "North", I'm outa control with this "Grover" sock-puppet. If Mondo doesn't take a firm hand in the matter, there's no telling what I might say! And there's a waxing moon! That's when "Grover" goes trampling through the warehouse where the drapes of Roth are stored!

    • "the rest of us will make sure the site is always here for you to make a fool of yourself."

      I'm convinced "MaxNarr" is a brilliant performance, a parody-Zionist (like "Steve Grover", my sock-puppet, but "Max" is ten times better, almost perfect. He follows every protocol) conceived and executed by a person with a concentrated fury against Zionism and Judaism.

    • "Count me out. Antisemitism doesn’t pay."

      Well, "Jackdaw deletedMondo, and now "MaxNarr" is pulling the funding.
      Maybe Mondo can go another week.

    • "Claiming anything else is like any other religious movement."

      Mondo has never claimed its readers are entitled to take women prisoner, or get free land.

  • The iron law of institutions versus Bernie Sanders
  • 'NYT' editors twist themselves into knots not to say the word 'Jewish'
    • Print it, Mooser. I’m proud of it, and it’s true.”

      Gee, another day has gone by and still no monograph from"Hophmi" on "Jewish self-hatred" and internalized persecution by the Weiss family over many generations, and the eruption of the disease in Phil Weiss.

      "Self-hatred is a disease. It is a sad disease borne of many generations of persecution, but it is a disease. And Phil is afflicted with it, as many Jews have been in the past." "Hophmi"

      And you won't help him? Please, "Hophmi"?

      "And it is usually the self-haters who cause the worst damage to the Jewish community, precisely because of how small it is." "Hophmi"

      Awww, c'mon, "Hophmi" do it for the rest of 'your people', before Phil causes too much damage in "the Jewish community" Phil needs the facts to make an informed decision on his condition and possible treatment. Or can we get an involuntary commitment?

    • "Print it, Mooser. I’m proud of it, and it’s true." "Hophmi"

      And I "obsessively link to it" because as soon as I bring it up, you flee.

      Or is invoking Jewish self-hatred just your standard salutation and closing to correspondence?

    • "And it is usually the self-haters who cause the worst damage to the Jewish community, precisely because of how small it is." "Hophmi"

      ,Print it, Mooser. I’m proud of it, and it’s true” "Hophmi"

      And I was sure I would find a long list of "the self-haters" "who cause the worst damage to the Jewish community" this morning.
      Sure would like to know which Jews are "the self-haters who cause the worst damage to the Jewish community..." By name, along with the damage they're responsible for. But I guess Phil tops the list, so why bother?

    • I'm proud of it, and it's true! "Hophmi"

      Huh? Wha happened, "Hophmi"? I thought by now there would be a big 10-incher comment describing the etiology, epidemiology, suggested treatment, inoculation, and detailed and case histories with prognosis and outcomes for the "disease" of "Jewish self-hatred" . Speaking of epidemics, "Hophmi", what percentage of Jews would you say have the self-hatred disease?

      Of course, if you want to give people the impression that the Jewish identity consists of the lowest, most base kind of religious-social back-biting, couched in a vicious psycho-babble, it might help prevent mixing.

    • Heck, I don't know, maybe that passage from "Hophmi" speaks for the 'fundamental honesty' of the Modern Orthodox sect.

    • "Print it Mooser, I'm proud of it, and it's true"

      Okay, If you're "proud of it" and "it's true":

      "This analysis is nothing new. It is typical of Phil's writing, which suggests, as it always does, the Phil has internalized anti-Jewish hatred, and like those secularist Jews in Europe who looked down upon their brethren or converted to Christianity to escape their Judaism, Phil adopts the classic tropes of the self-hater....Self-hatred is a disease. It is a sad disease borne of many generations of persecution, but it is a disease. And Phil is afflicted with it, as many Jews have been in the past. And it is usually the self-haters who cause the worst damage to the Jewish community, precisely because of how small it is.

      American Jewry, and the American-Israel relationship will survive the Phils of this world. American Jews, long a positive force in American society, will continue to be, far into the future, and Israel will endure, far into the future. The Phils will fall away, as they always do."

      Yuppers' "Hophmi" is proud of that. Not proud enough to print it under his own name, but as he explained in the MLI thread, anonymity is the heart of outreach.

      Nor has he ever linked to a goddam thing to show that "the "disease" of "Jewish self-hatred" exists, or is anything but a charged used by the lowest and most scurrilous of Jews to try and manipulate their fellow Jews. Just another wonderful expression of tribal unity.

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