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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • 'Rocks Falling from the Sky': Settlers attack Palestinians and internationals in Dura al-Kara
    • "the Jewish people in its entirety was present at Sinai when God Himself gave the Torah to His chosen people."

      I guess "eee" told himself it was just "a blot of mustard, or an undigested bit of beef". "eee" knows there is no God.

    • "Why do you bother spending time trying to convince us that you view the world through a moral lens and then go drop a clunker like the above quote? "

      You don't know the answer to that? It's a shocking story of cruelty and coercion! "eee" "longliveIsrael" "GBD" and the rest tell us everyday that Moindoweiss is worthless, the information is lies, and none of us are worth arguing with, and they will leave and never come back. But Phil and Adam have kidnapped them all, and have them tied up in a basement somewhere, with toothpicks forcing their eyes open, and a big guy with a cudgel who hits them, and takes their challah and water away (not even bagels with a small schmear he gives them!) if they stop commenting! Shocking, I know, and you wouldn't think it to look at them (Phil and Adam) such nice boys. But there it is. After all, given their opinion of Mondoweiss and its readers, what other explanation could there be?

  • Israel doubles rate of Palestinian home demolitions and plans to uproot 30,000 Bedouin. Clinton says Palestinians need to be more flexible.
    • "an alcoholic who is now on 2 bottles of Jack a day , all pretence gone, seen hanging out at the bus stop by everyone, refusing all offers of help by those who care and want to stop the disease before it kills the patient."

      Please leave my personal affairs out of this!

  • Israeli settlers attack Israeli activists & journalists; 19 injured, 3 hospitalized
    • "I’ve never seen you mock a fellow zionist?"

      You ain't seen nothin' yet!

    • "Surely, Jews of good conscience and sound character will increasingly seek to distance themselves from such loathsome bearers..."

      Hey, when you've got the US government and millions of "Christian Zionists" (which frankly, I can only understand if it means "my boss is Jewish and Zionist, but let it go...) on your side, who needs the Jews?

    • Ah, so trying to get back what was stolen, or just keep what you have, is a "political end"? Gosh, I must haved missed that in the Talmud

    • "In one post, Ofer managed to pull LLI’s mask off."

      The wonderful Ofer Neiman not withstanding, LLI's "mask" has come off many times. But you see, ziocaine, the active chemical messenger of Zionism, also induces ziocaine amnesia. So every time LLI (or any of his ilk) are exposed, in a way which would make any normal person very reluctant to show their face again, they just forget about by the next day, and start telling bare-faced lies again. Maybe they figure that because they forget, and haven't the shame to forgo the didactic, pedantic, presumptuous and mendacious performance, everybody else must forget, too.
      And there's of course the old 1,2,3,4 to get going again.
      Although it looks like they are pretty much down to "you suck".
      Israel's national motto must be "Quick, Judge them before they Judge You"

    • BINGO!!!! Now, isn't there a name for that kind set up? Begins with "C"? And another word which begins with "R"?

    • BTW, all you have to do to access any commenter archive is to click their name. Except mine, of course.

    • "but I am done with you."

      Nah, Phil's got you ties up in a room with too0thpicks between your eyelids, and if you don't comment, he pokes you with a stick. I'm not saying I approve, but you can't leave if you want to.

    • "Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jews."

      "National Liberation Movement"? National Liberation Movement?
      Oh boy I smell a commie! Nobody except left wingers talk about "national liberation movements" I bet that Zionism stuff is just a way to slip Communism into Judaism.

    • "I never said you can’t be Jewish without being a Zionist."

      No, it's only about as important as believing in God to being Jewish!

      Oh you are in rare form today "eee"

    • "you lose any respect I have for you. "

      ROTFL!!! Yes sir, if there's something I value it's the respect of a.... oh never mind.

    • "Kapo – this extremely offensive epithet needs no translation"

      No it doesn't! I took mine off my guitar immediately! No more Hellenistic keys for me! Only good old fashioned traditional Jewish tunings!

    • "I am not going to respond to you anymore."

      Okay, this is getting too hilarious!! Every last freakin' one of them says this, and every last motherless son of them is completely incapable of doing it.
      And what a threat! You're "not going to respond to him anymore"?
      My god, what could be more crushing?
      Chaos, remember, the suicide hotline is only a call away! But if you feel like you will hurt yourself for being rejected by "DBG", call 911 and medics will be sent.

      "I'm not going to respond to you anymore" ROTFLMSJAO!!!!

    • Wait a minute, doesn'y "eee" live in Israel? And he's asking us for information on this? Good Lord, "eee" go to your vaunted Israeli media, and get the real story. You can't expect commie left-winkers like us to know the true story.

    • "sakin begav ha’umah, rodef and moser."

      Holey Crap! You mean I've been spelling it wrong all these years!
      C'mon, aren't English spellings of Yiddish or even Hebrew words sort of variable?

    • "calling the activists “Mityavnim”, a very strong word which translates into something like “Hellenistic Jews”, the enemies of the “real Jews”, the enemies whom the fanatic Judas Maccabeus and his buddies were eager to kill."

      ROTFLMSJAO!!!! Those goddam "Hellenistic Jews"!
      Ah yes, this is a country with a great future.
      You know, I've got to admit, there have been times when I wondered if Israel would meet my expectations, carefully nurtured for so many years. And I see I'm wrong, they indeed to exceed them.

  • Why isn't Kusra killing on the front page of our newspapers?
    • I am writing to the Israeli consulate, today. This is the quality of internet troll a high-tech, up-to-date country like Israel supplies? Then again, maybe the intent is to make us feel sorry for a country which seems to be entirely inhabited by sub-normal intelligences and psychopathic beserkers, lead by the morally retarded.

    • And one of these days, I'm going to learn to play the organ. Really!

    • "I asked a Christian American colleague..."

      Another "zionist" who won't live in Israel?

    • "I forget the name of the last one that got you excited."

      So do I! But I didn't plunk down $3000 for that one, and this time, I took the plunge.
      And today, I just sold my Ducati (1993 900ss) which neatly covered the cost of the organ, and saved my marriage! So it worked out nicely.

    • "I am all for a Palestinian state and would/will completely reject a veto @ the UN. "

      Congratulations on your election to the UN! Are you in the General Assembly, or did they give you a Security Council seat! At last the Palestinians will be treated fairly!

      We see this here all the time. Witty is a past master of the technique: when cornered, the Zionist says, 'well, a nice Jewish boy like me would never do that (sewage spray, white phosphorus, settler attacks, you name it) and I don't approve, so now it's all right'.

      But it's not BDG (or whatever he's calling hisself this week) with a seat at the UN, it's Israel.

    • "Isn’t this the time were Jews repent for past sins?"

      Edithann, "eee" is an "atheist Jew". He don't need no stinkin' repentance, and he don't need no non-existent God telling him what's a sin and what ain't a sin! "eee" relies on the ultimate moral authourity, himself.

    • Gosh, that sort of begs for the question, 'why are any illegal settlers in the IDF, let alone officers?'

    • "Hatred is not a healthy thing… but I am beginning to detect smidgens of hatred in myself for Israelis."

      To avoid that, I just find them completely hysterical. Say, I wonder how many times our trolls have threatened to leave us? Okay, which one of you keeps begging them to come back and post more?

    • How are times in Washington state?

      Honestly, the only thing I can think of right now is "Nord C2, Nord C2" over and over, ad infinitum forever and amen. I get it Tuesday!

      Nord C2! Google it and see why I'm so excited. It solves the portability-versus-adequate gear issue which has plagued me my whole life. Mostly because I am small, weak and effeminate, but there it is.

    • Oh well, if it helps young Jews in the US to throw their chests out and pretend they aren't mutilated, could it be so bad?

      I didn't write that. I would never, ever be so crude.

    • Oh, it's easy to identify the leader. All the Israelis have to do is look for that "Palestinian Gandhi" they are always kvetching about and but a few bullets in him.

    • "it is a case of the IDF trying to break up a confrontation"

      Yes sir, they sure as hell raise some ethically centered Jewish atheists is Israel, don't they. What a healthy attitude. I'll make sure to use it to describe anti-Jewish pogroms. They were just "trying to break up a confrontation" between Jews and villagers.

  • The Department of Corrections: Ben-Hur, the LA Times & a place called Palestine
    • Sorry , this was a response to "Samuel" below.

    • "We Jews-Israeli-Zionists have nothing to be ashamed of in the name “Palestine”.

      No you have an extraordinary amount to be ashamed of, and your smarmy and hypocritical adoption of the name Palestine could be added to them, if it wasn't of such insignificant magnitude compared to the others.
      That Zionists have none of the shame of normal people we already know, but hey, thanks for reminding us, Sam.

  • Vice PM Moshe Ya’alon: Regime change in Ramallah will ultimately be necessary for peace talks to progress
    • "Does Zionism have any other side effects on rationality?"

      "I care about Jews and the Jewish community not about Judaism..." "eee"

      There you go, Talkback! BTW, on of the biggest effects of ziocaine on rationality is the 'ziocaine amnesia' syndrome, which allows Zionists to forget all the stupid shameful things they said today and say them over again tomorrow.

    • "Just in case nobody understands longliveisrael’s distinction between the old and the new Jew"

      Oh, that one's easy as pi! The old Jew went quietly to the gas chambers, and the "New Jew" quietly does and believes whatever the Zionists tell him.
      Hard for me to see any difference.

    • "It was her intention to start you on Nietzsche next, sir. You would not like Nietzsche, sir, he is fundamentally unsound"

      Jeeves, to Bertie, explaining why he broke up Bertie's engagement to Florence Cray. (She was awfully good-looking, seen sideways)

    • Thanks for the thoughtful response, Ah Vee. Hadn't read it til this morning.
      But me, I'm planning for the Masadadammerung

    • "The old Jews got politely onto the cattle cars, walked quietly into the gas chambers or into the mass graves."

      How dare you say that! I've read there was a lot of pushing and shoving, it was like a bus in Tel Aviv!

      Of course the "new Jew" who simply quietly does whatever Zionists tell him, is much more to your taste, huh?
      And of course, given the sterling record of Jewish political leadership throughout history, what else should they do. Cause if there's one thing you can count on Jewish "leaders" for, it's smart politics. I mean, that's how we got where we are today.

    • "He was a puny, effeminate intellectual, not to be trusted by the real nation-builders..."

      Did somebody call me? I mean, puny effeminate intellectual is my middle.... Okay, puny, effeminate, psuedo intellectual if you want to get sticky about it. Also short, pale and ugly, too. Oh well, what can you do?

      But I don't know, this "new Jew" sounds a lot like the guys hanging out at the gay biker bars around here, and as far as I know, very few of them are Jewish

    • "I care about Jews and the Jewish community not about Judaism and Zionism"

      That's great! In that case, we can all convert to Islam or Christianity or Buddhism or whatever the local favorite, and still be Jews! Wonderful! And we can keep our "Jewish Community" identity under wraps to avoid persecution, and make it easier to rip off our neighbors!
      Crap, I wish I had though of that "atheist Jew" wheeze years ago. It's the key to success!
      But of course, we mustn't stop mutilating out male son's genital (I'll make an exception for female sons) or else they won't be Jews anymore! Cause, you know that God commanded circumcision. Oh, wait...

    • Well, Ah Vee, it's pretty much a certainty that nuclear capabilities must balance out from the one-sided current arrangement.... Maybe Israel will be more amenable then. Maybe not. My point is not to wish for Israel's nuclear destruction, it is simply that in every case in which power seemed to be irrevocably one-sided, things changed, and this is a time of quick technological change, not to mention other areas.

    • "who do you think will organize to protect them?"

      ROTFL!!! You? Oh give me a break. Frankly, jerk, I'll die a Jew's death before I let a goddam Zionist raise a hand for me. Not that you would.

  • 'Are there any Palestinians unaffected by the occupation?' I ask him
    • "But still…. my family was the kind that considered most other Israelis to be pushy and rude. And there were lots like us."

      My God, you must be one unbearable son-of-a-whatnot. I mean, I've only seen you in print and I've learned to despise you. Thank God I don't have to put up with you or your crass, pushy, grasping family in real life!

    • "It generally dissipates after you AND your surroundings become more firmly middle class"

      So why don't you ask the people in the tents (the protestors) if that is what is happening in Israel. According to them, things are getting worse, aren't they?

    • "Anyone know the history of this rudeness, this happy savagery? Any Israelis care to comment?"

      There's nothing special about it, I would bet it's common to every colonial society. Try looking at the Anglo-Indians, French colonists, the Spanish Empire, you name it.

    • Yes, yes, I know, we all hated you before you got here.

    • "simply because they don’t seem to realise how unpleasant and ungracious they are."

      Now, let me think, where have I seen something similar? It was in the comment section of a blog I read a lot, but I just can't remember the name of it...

  • 'Time' features generational divide over Israel-- when will 92d St Y stage this family affair?
    • "DNA tests reveal that Jews are mostly descended from gentile women"

      Hmmm, I'll have to get me one of those DNA tests. I couldn't tell you how many times I heard my mother say " My son? You're not my son!" Funny, my Dad used to say the same thing, too, although it may have been just the normal male instinct to deny paternity.

    • Say, Richard, I didn't go to college. Could you tell me what "thesis projection" is?

      Oh, and if it's "some sympathy" you want, believe me, I can give it to you. I feel, as I am sure many here do, very sorry for Israelis and American Zionists. I have quite a lot of sympathy for them and the absolute mess they have made for themselves.
      Okay, now that the "sympathy" is out of the way, (and you can have as much as you want, anytime,) how about justice?

    • "hint of delight in simply tearing down the existing (WASP) power order."

      Oh, is that what happened? Sorry, I got stoned and I missed it.

    • Bernadette Dorhn was in the Manson Gang, too? I didn't even think she was Jewish.

      "That those cops and that woman (and her additionally butchered husband) weren’t jewish like you?"

      Sinbad, baby, nobody is Jewish like me! Not even close.

      "Where’s the last time you made a sneering, oh-so-jolly defense of someone who got a thrill out of butchered jews?"

      Want to know? Just Google "sneering, oh-so-jolly defense of someone who got a thrill out of butchered jews" and the top item will be "Mooser".

      You might Google "drama queen" while you're at it.
      Ach, who can blame you? You thought you left it to Beaver, and Jewish hippies stole your America. That's tough to take.

    • Any given ethnic group (if you wish to divide people along those lines for whatever sociological purpose, even tho the division has no ultimate meaning) will produce a certain number of sociopaths and psychopaths, and there are lots of people with an unfortunate quantity of credulity combined with a desperate need for acceptance. So the Zionists are assured of at least a minimal supply of new adherents.

    • "It makes me feel absolutely terrible when you stridently voice criticisms of Israel."

      Well even Jewish mothers (God forbid) expire eventually, or so I've heard. I have no proof it's true, but that's what I've heard.

    • Oh, and Sin, you have my personal apology for the Civil Rights Acts. I mean, c'mon, let's be frank, that was the beginning of America's downhill slide, wasn't it? And that abortion thing. And to some extent, disco.
      So I don't wonder you're pissed off at us.

    • "generation that saw it birthed in hope and idealism."

      "Birthed in hope and idealism?" Oh, give me a break! They saw nothing but a rose-colored cloud of bullshit obscuring the simple facts and methods of racist colonialism and ethnic cleasing. The facts were there to see for anybody who looked

    • "Witty actually raises an important question."

      "Is your name Phil"? Well, I guess it's important to him, anyway.

    • "Bernadine Dohrn"

      Yeah, I remember her Bat Mitzvah. It was wild!

      Look Sin, I'm really sorry the liberal Jews fucked up America for you. But look, fella, a better day's a coming, and life will be one grand sweet tea-party.
      And they'll know what to do about the goddam liberal Jews, you betcha.

      BTW, if you want to buy a "The Liberal Jews took my guns away and made my son have an abortion" bumper sticker, I got 'em.

    • "Should they see Israel seriously threatened, that will change."

      ROTFLMSJAO! Yeah, they'll be over there, begging for Uzi's (or whatever the hell it is your goons use) and refusing to eat anything but kosher-combat rations.
      Make sure you include them in your defense planss, LLI, cause you can count on them all enlisting.


  • Sullivan on Obama's 'capitulation' at the UN
    • Oh this is ridiculous! The drones are amazingly accurate, and almost always put the rocket exactly where intelligence has directed it should go. Those drones are accurate! The intelligence, on the other hand, well....

  • Mourning the Jewish New Year
    • "You make it sound like Teh Jews is a separate species."

      We are! We are the only humans born without foreskins!

    • "The Talmud was written between 200 BCE and 200 CE. Have you read it?"

      I'm waiting for the movie.

    • "He (Obama) must think the whole world is stupid."

      Of course, the other possibility, which I think much more likely, is that Obama is neither as smart or as good as he is portrayed to be. But don't say I said that.

    • "and under any scrutiny, one sees that all religions are hogwash"

      Yes, but don't you wish you could wash a hog like that? I mean, that's the cleanest hog I ever seen!

    • "Such people are psychopaths, and there are plenty of those on MW, such as Wondering Jew..."

      Good to know I'm not the only one who sees through that phony.

    • "territories where bears mate with peasants,"

      Thanks! You've saved me the cost of a DNA test. Now I know where my family came from!

    • "That successfully running a Ponzi scheme counts as much as an Orthodox conversion is a bit puzzling"

      Well, they are welcome in my temple, and their word (and methods) will become Holy Writ.

    • "Today, Islam is racing to supersede Christianity in it’s bloody rampages."

      Oh, c'mon LLI, I never suspected you of defeatism! Hold your head up, stick out your chest, and remind yourself that Israel has atomic weapons, and can surpass any religion in destruction any time it so desires. This down-in-the-mouth attitude isn't like you, macher. Or are you a dentist?


  • Abbas at the United Nations a game changer? Maybe.
    • "it’s crazy sometimes. but we must remember there are newbies reading all the time so these responses (yours are an excellent example) are important"

      You are right, of course, but as usual, I'm astounded by the patience it takes to deal with what can only be willful misunderstanding and intentional ignorance, and that's before we get to any of the moral implications.
      However, the road to the identification and quantification of the exact composition and actions of ziocaine just got a whole lot shorter. Is it a Jews-only road?

  • Breaking: 'Irvine 11' found guilty on two charges for protesting Michael Oren
    • "A guilty verdict, the defense had said during the trial, could chill student activism and the free exchange of ideas at colleges nationwide."

      Shouldn't be too much of a problem getting the verdict reversed on appeal. Basis of inadequate representation. I wonder if the judge visibly salivated or cried "Hot puppies, well I guess you jury members know what you need to do now, huh?" when he heard that.
      "could chill student activism and the free exchange of ideas at colleges nationwide." Wow, their fondest dream, and they can help make it come true!

  • Abbas brings Tahrir to New York, and some of our media seem to be on board
  • Obama tells 900 rabbis that resolving I/P 'crisis' is key to peace in Middle East
    • "direct negotiations"

      There's someone else who comments here (mores the pity) who uses that phrase all the time. I just can't think of who it is.

  • Palestinian statehood and the struggle for self determination and national rights
    • Sorry, this is just an OT observation: My head is literally spinning, and oh yeah, there's that sick feeling in my gut. I read Simone Daud's post, I too was thinking 'what a good addition to Mondoweiss' and then it hit me: creating the situation reflected in his article is considered by many the proudest, if not the only real accomplishment of the Jews.
      We are so screwed.
      I gotta stop reading Mondoweiss, or I won't have any lining left on my stomach.

  • Obama speech was shattering to liberal Zionists
    • "You’re not a liberal Zionist. You’re as crazy as the settlers."

      Hophmi? Crazy as the settlers? Oh no, not ol' Hophi! He lives in New York.

    • "… I hate to break it to you, but there will be no “restoration to health” –"

      radii, read Witty again. He obviously says it is the Palestinians who need to be restored to health.

    • "I Presume you are a goy,"

      Your parents gave you an excellent set of manners, "biorabbi".
      Yes sir, with an approach like that, I don't see how liberal Zionism can fail. However, as your name indicates, it might be good for mulch, once it completely decomposes.

      Remind me to start any replies to you with, I presume you are a ki...., no that probably wouldn't make it past the moderators.

  • Well ain't that America: Obama ignores Palestine in UN speech on freedom, and the world watches the US execute an innocent man
    • I wonder, Samuel, who was more guilty, Troy Davis or the Rosenbergs?

    • Samuel, I saw that video, too. I bet you can see the guilt all over his face. Why I bet if he took his shirt off, you could see the guilt all over his body!
      Remember to have plenty of paper towels on hand for the execution Samuel. And clean up after yourself.

  • Douglas begat Trumbo, and Trumbo begat Exodus
    • "What little I did come upon was enough to color my personality to the degree that…"

      To the degree that you punched the "." key three times? What is it with you guys and ellipses, already?

      Oh, BTW, that says a whole lot more about your personality (and veracity) then it does about antisemitism.

      "It doesn’t take a village of prejudice to screw up a child’s mind."

      As an adult you are responsible for your own mind. Seek help if your mind is too screwed up.

  • Desert Bloomism: The Israeli myth that won't spoil, wither, or die
    • "Try some meeting of minds, rather than only attacking Shingo, please?"

      To any new readers: Any commenter's complete comment archive (at least back to 2009) can be accessed by clicking their name above a comment.
      Since Witty has written over 11,000 comments, you'll get a good look at the mind he wants Shingo to meet.

    • "I guess there is no hope of communication then."

      What's going on? Are you feeling alright, Richard? This is not the Richard Witty we know and love! Don't let these machers grind you down, Witty! Now you listen to me: You go right to your own blog, where this kind of kapos you don't have, and write the cogent, well referenced, sublimely readable, and impeccably reasoned kind of response I know you are fully capable of. The kind of response that will go viral across the Web, and leave Mondoweiss, cold, naked and shivering in its shadow.
      I know why you haven't done so; you (and it speaks well of you, Richard, very well) wanted to give us a chance to correct our views, to be if you will, "reeducated", and perhaps you hoped, in your simple, kindly way, that an apology would be forthcoming, and reparations made. But even you, compared to whom Job was, like, totally ADHD, can see that is a forlorn hope.
      I've been waiting for this moment, Richard. Now that you have made your "generous offer" and we, out of our "culture of resentment" have turned it down, you are free to give us the rhetorical and intellectual hiding we so richly deserve.
      One thing tho, Richard: Don't go away mad...

    • "This fits in with Piterberg’s view that Zionism really arises from a secularised form of Christianity."

      Now hold on a minute there MHughes976! Jes' hol on a goldarned minute!
      If "Zionism really arises from a secularised form of Christianity" why, that makes the Zionists the most fervent assimilationists the Jews ever produced! That can't be! So let's look at the facts: Declaring that your ethnic-religious faction has a religious-ethnic commitment to obtain and hold a certain piece of ground once possibly, legendarily, taken from you, and treating the people currently on it as lesser beings, to be pushed out of the way or worse, is an original Jewish idea! No one else has ever done it! It's "inherent in Judaism", just ask Witty and the rest.
      What's so dangerous about your idea, Zionism coming from Christianity, is this: If we allow others to take the credit for original Jewish ideas, non-Jews will doubt our originality and intelligence, and start to dislike us! On the other hand, how could anybody do anything but love and admire the originators of the idea of Zionism and and the execution of program like Zionism!
      You gotta watch that kind of things, Hughes. Your idea could make people anti-Semitic. I know you wouldn't want that.

    • "You and Hostage both deserve a medal for your copntributions to this forum. Your blog in particular, is an invaluable resource."

      If they do strike that medal, I think they should do it in a series of, oh, maybe fifty, to start. Perhaps Hostage and talknic will get (and deserve) medals Nos. 1 and 2, but another large group would deserve them, too.

      Of course, I got two medals for commenting here, a big one and a small one. The small one was when I started commenting. The big one? That's for stopping.

    • If it wasn't linked in the article, which I haven't read closely yet (it takes me a while to focus beyond the end of my proboscis in the morning), I recognise those BW pictures from a great post at "Lawrence of Cyberia" which I frequently (okay, incessantly) link.
      Although it's not germane to this particular post, as good as it is, if you click the link (there are more great pictures of pre-Zionist Palestine) scroll beyond the pictures to the transcript of the British Colonial Office reports pictured on yellow paper. There is a good record of early Zionist activities. Not how they made it bloom, but how they made room.

  • No-brainer: Temple Mount is holier to us than them, so it's ours
  • Traitors to apartheid
    • "Jacobs, who is the “scholar in residence” at this year’s General Assembly in Baltimore, also believes that U.S. Jewry must insist on a new definition of religion and state in Israel."

      Wow, and I thought academia was pretty much through with LSD. Party on, Rebbe, and watch out for a bum voyage!

    • "I just can’t take it anymore. I just can’t. It just hurts. How did we get to this?"

      Hey baby, just call us Esau. We sold our birthright, and all the suffering it took to get it, for a mess of pottage. Oh well, sometimes that +15 makes us too smart for our own good.
      So, let's sum up! We took a minority and splintered religion, which had just been through one of the most horrifying and damaging experiences in history, and decided the answer was to make a state out of our cultural and religious PTSD. Yup, real smart.

      But don't worry, Krauss, we'll get out without suffering anything more than a little embarrassment.

    • "One motive was to keep out gangsters"

      Yup, only one mob in Israel.

  • Comments Policy
    • "Only trying to make it easier to discuss and exchange ideas."

      Who needs ideas when you've got the power of the will, and the bonds of blood and soil! And tht's the kind of stuff you just can't put in a comment. People have to experience it for themselves!

    • "If they want to attack Iran, be my guess, do not ask for our tax dollars our technology and certainly NOT our troops."

      Wow, a lot you care about the six-million Jews who perished in Hitler's camps, buddy. I've never seen such crass selfishness. Have a nice day.

    • "I joined mondoweiss recently after looking around for an open forum to discuss Middle East issues"

      But you became disenchanted when there were no ads for mail-order brides?

    • poorwilly, you are pro-Zionist? Wow, I never ever thought I would finally meet a Zionist and hear their views. I mean, what with the pro-Zionist viewpoint completely banned from the MSM, and the complete dearth of the pro-Zionist viewpoint in newspapers and radio.
      Anyway, can you tell us a bit about this "Zionism" you're in favor of. We are all eager to hear exotic philisophical narratives, and isn't it time somebody got the facts concerning what the Palestinians are really like into public view?

    • I am always amazed at this discussion! Look, for some crazy reason many years ago, I though I wanted a blog. Once I got started, I liked doing it and by the end of the afternoon, I had three, all free, all on different subjects.
      I certainly can see no reason why a single commenter, or even a group of commenters couldn't start a blog called "Mondoweiss is for poopoo-heads", and it wouldn't cost them a cent. And they could ban anybody they didn't like

      Listen Schmendricks, the reason you are all so hot to get your dumb hasbara up on Mondoweiss is because Mondo has readership, and you want to parasitise that readership.
      Complaints about "censorship" are pretty goddam feeble in the age of the free blog. Go start one.

    • "5. No imposture. You can use any pseudonym you like, but if you represent yourself as someone you're not, you're outta here."

      Oh, that's very tricky! You say you want Zionist voices to be heard here, too, and then you make a rule that pretty much leaves them all out in the cold, y'know? I mean, they all can't sign themselves "Judah Maccabee", can they?

    • "There is no facility to communicate with the moderators or those managing the site over site issues."

      Not true, Mayhem, not true at all! As a matter of fact, Mondoweiss is one of the most open, inter-active sites on the web. Now, as to why the moderators are avoiding you, I don't know. But I have my suspicions. Maybe they've been kvetched at carped at, lied to or rhetorically bullied enough today, and they'll get to you tomorrow.

      BTW, Mayhem, if you want to "initiate or make discussions" there are many free blogging services on the web. Why do you think Mondoweiss owes you an audience?
      Why do you think Mondoweiss owes you the validation of posting privileges on the site? BTW, Mayhem, you want all the search and list and archive services to work as they should? That takes bandwidth, and that costs money. Send Mondoweiss some.

    • So Wondering Jews comments telling us which Iranians deserved to die (along with the "collateral damage") are just fine?

      It is so obvious what is going on at Mondoweiss. You can just about hear the thoughts in the part that comes after Mondo: 'But what if Israel and the Zionists prevail? Where will that leave me? Reliant on my murky and inchoherent writing and immature emotions, and bereft of philosemitism forever?'

  • 'Einstein on Israel' reveals essential history of debate over Zionism and a Jewish state
  • Israeli Historian: Palestinians Are Biological Descendants of Bible's Jews
    • "Biallelic Haplotypes"? Of course!

      And, I might add, Bagellic Haplotypes.
      Hard to decide which is better.

    • "So, they invited speakers from various religions and then announced that their state religion was Judaism and there as a mass conversion, apart from the ongoing intermarriages."

      Now hold on, Padre. I've heard the Mohel's Guild had a great deal to do with it. I mean cui bono (no pun intended, if possible) and all that.
      Anyway, how was that little problem handled, at the time?
      Many reports also indicate the involvement of the Khazaria Caterers Assoc. which could look forward to a huge backlog of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs to be celebrated as well.

  • On the road
    • And here it is 6/24/2015, and look where Mondo is now!
      Just happened to be poking around the archives, and wanted to see the first post.

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