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  • On the sidewalk in Hamburg-- 'Hier wohnte'
    • Anyway, this is all too serious, and we've gone (mea-culpa as usual, of course) way off the subject, so let's have a joke and get back on thread! Ho-Kay:

      Q) What do you get when you marry some kind of perverted social Darwinism to anti-Semitism?
      A) The idea that the Holocaust should have left the Jewish survivors with an enhanced sense of justice, and a universal humanitarian outlook!

      Or do we now open the discussion on exactly how (besides fortuitous timing) someone gets to survive the camps? I know, maybe the gaurds recognised their burgeoning moral improvement and spared them from execution. I mean, why deny the Holocaust when you can just trivialise it down to a useful size?

    • "Is it? Isn’t it more a follow up to “remember the Amalek”?

      You are so right, Klaus. Only a morally degraded mongrel race would survive Hitler's death camps and not use it as a chance for self-improvement, the way Germany used their defeat in WW1.

    • "If I were the victim of injustice, then I wouldn’t want this kind of injustice to happen to someone else."

      Yes, but not everybody has your superior soul. At any rate, those who died in the process can comfort themselves with the thought that they were contributing to their fellow-man's moral enlightenment. That's a wonderful thing to go through eternity with.
      I mean, considering what happened with Zionism and all, maybe Jews just don't have that capacity to survive a death-camp and improve their ethics and morals at the same time. Not like you, who is so sure being the victim of injustice will improve you. Say, you ready to test it out? Cause I could really use somebody to take my rap, and serve 3-7 in the state pen (I never laid a finger on that boy, and he told me he was a 37 year old woman who consented) Just think what a strong sense of justice for others you will have when you get out. Why, everybody should do an indeterminate sentence, it's better than a month of Sunday School.

    • "But Germany has not brutalized anyone in the past 65+ years.”

      And people say that dividing Germany accomplished nothing!

    • "I can’t win with you, can I?

      Why on earth do you want to? At any rate, you could win in one stroke by telling us what positive things you expect to come out of the Holocaust, and providing even a minimal proof that they did in any significant amounts.
      You will win bonus points by giving us the minimum number of people who have to die in order to have the rest learn the lessons and acquire the qualities they should from the experience. Perhaps if just a few more people had died, everybody would finally have drawn the proper conclusions, and the survivors would emerge from the liberated camps to lead us to a golden age.

    • "Well Mooser, unfortunately my ‘Club of Aryan Supremacists’ was abolished by you Americans. Too bad. I’m among the last card/gene carrying members of that defunct club."

      We all have our crass to bear.

    • "I am not proud of what my culture and country have become."

      I'm so glad I don't have that problem. I'm such a miserable, second rate human being that I do just fine here. I don't want to live in a country that makes me ashamed of my own shortcomings. Besides, pride is a sin. The less you got, the better. An overwhelming sense of shame and disgust with yourself is the only way to go. See, that way, any place I hang my head is home.

    • "go mooser! i like you just the way you are."

      Maybe you do, but so does Billy Joel, and he's rich and famous! Sorry, Annie, but I've got to think of my old age and making myself secure. Oh well, as one hole in the wall said to the other: "We'll always have plaster of Paris."

    • "a somewhat conservative perspective on sexual matters.”

      Well, if that's what you want to call an inherited shortage of sex drive, I suppose it's kinder. But from what I've heard.....

    • German Lefty, when Americans need information to draw conclusions about serious subjects like war, they always return to the bedrock scriptures, the divine truths, of our culture: TV and movies. Once you understand that, the rest becomes very explicable. It makes it possible to ascertain the truth without too much drama, just a whole lot of melodrama.

    • "Of course I know the difference: I belong to the ‘natural’ aristocrats and you to the ‘God made ‘ones. How about your ‘God made aristocratic club’?"

      Well it's nice to know you can be truthful about yourself, and I always make it a rule to recognise natural superiority. I can't understand why, when the Aryan racial theory was promolgated, the world would not accept such an obvious fact.

    • "2. But on the other hand, I challenge your experience. Germans were thrice brutalized — in WW I they were starved; in the run-up to the second war they were threatened with starvation; during the war German cities were firebombed and hundreds of thousands of Germans incinerated and millions made homeless; 2 million German women were raped. But Germany has not brutalized anyone in the past 65+ years."

      Look we get it, we get it; Germans are better than Jews. I can live with that. I have never ever claimed that being Jewish made me better than a German.

    • "What I tried to express was that people learn from experiences, whether they were good or bad"

      Ah, so I can only assume that those who died, got the full experience, learned most of all! That should be a lesson for all of us.

    • "That’s also Mooser’s fate, he complains about the club but can’t resign."

      Why would I want to? Can you give me a reason why I would not want to be Jewish, Klaus? Please tell me about it, and while you're shooting your useless mouth off, please give one example, just one, of any time I said I did not want to be Jewish.
      Maybe I don't "resign" being Jewish, because that's what I want to be, as incredible as that may seem to your well-ordered Teutonic mind.
      Besides, they marked me for their own before I had a chance to protest.

    • Well Klaus, if you've got a cross to bear, why not put it around your neck and let it swing back and forth, that's what I say.

    • "I think of their German heritage as a cultural legacy — a sense of intellectual rigor and discipline that forms the basis of moral character; honor, integrity, industriousness, heightened aesthetic sensibility, commitment to creativity and productivity as an essential human way of being; a somewhat conservative perspective on sexual matters."

      Thanks for that. I never really understood how the Nazis could have gained such complete power so fast in Germany, but now I do. After all with the excellent German qualities you describe , who could stand in their way?

    • "there are Halachic ways for a Jew to opt out of the Jewish community."

      That's right! I'm sick of those people who claim they are not of the Jewish community anymore, but won't stop the monthly checks all Jews get, and still avail themselves of Jewish community land, jobs, and investment opportunities!

    • "Are you passing that cross on to your children?"

      I made it perfectly clear to my son that if he was not a fully-functioning member of the Jewish community, he would not receive a farthing in my will. And just to make sure he is sincere, and not just faking, I didn't circumcise him. I just gave him an Ex-acto knife, an alcohol pad, and left instructions for the trustees to administer a medical examination. We'll have no Jewish posers in this house! Gettin brissed when you're an infant and can't do anything about it, well, let's just say that not my idea of fulfilling a covenant. That doesn't rate as "informed consent" in my book. And I spoke quite firmly to him, half-man to man (he hasn't done it yet) when I found a ampule of Lidocaine in his desk drawer. No cheating!

    • "It looks like victims of injustice can react in two different ways: Either they join the club “Never again for me” or the club “Never again for anyone”.

      Or they can just get good old PTSD, or have their personality fractured, and weakened, and become morally and socially confused. Not to mention of course, the wonderful physical effects concentration camps have.
      From what I've heard, the experience was not conducive to moral strengthening, except in the minds of those who haven't been through it.

    • "If I were the victim of injustice, then I wouldn’t want this kind of injustice to happen to someone else."

      Why, you sound exactly like a Zionist! In fact, that's what they will all tell you, that Zionism is their way of making sure it never happens again. So go figure.

      Now, there are people, few and far between, who have the moral strength to draw universal moral conclusions from personally suffered in justice. But saints are few and far between. And I ask you, can Jews even become saints? I made some enquiries, once about having myself beautified, and a all I got was a firm nolle prosequi and the old miss-in-baulk. They wouldn't even consider it. Of course, I realise that putting "I'm still married" and " nobody has killed me yet" in the "miracles" column is weak, but it's all I had.

    • "You define Gentiles as something homogeneous which they are not
      and setting Jews apart, i do not do that.
      Jews are just another nation/ethnicity among many
      German , French , Russian , Dutch , Italian , Swiss etc…
      An individual Jew can do whatever he likes"

      And you thought OlegR would never comer around to the 1S view! It's a natural consequence of what he purports to believe.

    • "make poor, dear, Oscar grind his teeth in envy,"

      That's pretty wild, but I know you're not in earnest. Muppets don't have teeth.

    • "but a white man cannot convert to being black."

      Sure, but that doesn't relieve you of the responsibility of doing the best you possibly can!

    • "I am not sure what to think of this."

      That's what keeps 'em coming back to Mondoweiss!

    • "One would think that Jewish people have a really strong sense of justice after what happened to their ancestors"

      Cause anti-Semitism was good for us? Cause the Holocaust made us better people, if we lived? Gosh, from my experience, people who are brutalised become brutal when they possibly can, and it is not unknown, all over the world, for people (like Zionists, in case I am becoming abstruse) to take political or cultural advantage of brutal events to achieve their own ends.

      I can't stand that point of view! The Holocaust, like the rest of them (genocides and holocausts in general) is a bad thing, which has bad effects. Not good.
      No, the Holocaust was not a challenge out of which the Jewish people could grow and achieve ethical self-actualisation and heightened compassion. If it was, why not have another, and this time we'll become perfect!

    • "Practically impossible, but not actually impossible."

      I don't know, dogs might have some objection to being bred to their ancestors. Most male dogs I know are not necrophiliacs, but you never know about some of these new breeds. Some of those "hairless" breeds are pretty creepy.

    • "I asked him a question about aristocracy and Jews."

      Klaus, as I'm sure you know, there's a big difference between those who are made aristocrats, have titles and honors conferred on them, and the world's natural aristocrats. If nature makes you uber then that's just uber all over, as the saying goes.

    • Just want to point out that no matter what the Rabbis say, I will never be, I am completly incapable of being, anything but a Jew. What can I say? I guess it's just the cross I have to bear.

    • "“rabbinical authority” – which has no authority over him as a human being – says he’s still something he has decided he is not!"

      Is there anything as fungible as Jewish religious process? So we can take the Occupation as a holy Jewish project? Lot's of "rabbinacal authourity" says it is!

      Is there no limit to the amount of self-servingly pious bullshit Zionist Jews are willing to serve up to Gentiles?

    • "and are willing to sacrifice their humanity to the interests of a gangster colony."

      Of course, given the situation at the time, it's not surprising. Extreme stress will bring forth extreme solutions. But the tenacity in clinging to it, and the studied inability to alter it's doomsday course, is, frankly, surprising.
      Well, I'm not gonna worry, Schmuel keeps on telling me an individual conscience is not a desirable lifestyle accessory for a Jew, Judaism being a "oui thing. Gosh, could that be another example of Jews taking anti-Semitic concepts for their own? Now, that's assimilation!

    • "Klaus, don’t you know about the Jew Gene?"

      You get those from Claude Levi-Strauss & Co. right? In straight-leg or relaxed fit.

    • "But still, this concept of Jewishness as an essential property is strange."

      Strange? Isn't the same concept of making an "other" out of people we wish to control or exploit, thus relieving ourselves of any human commonality which might lead to resistance to the exploitation?
      It's exactly the same thing as assigning a host of characteristics according to skin color (A practice I'm sure you abjure, Klaus, you see the aboriginal in Australia or New Guinea as your equal or even in some ways, your superior, and I laud you for it.)

      What is so telling, tho, (excuse my elision of the "ugh", trying to save space) is that Zionists adopt one of the dehumanising concepts of anti-Semitism for themselves, and are willing to sacrifice their humanity to the interests of a gangster colony. For a religion and people like us Jews, that is an ignominious and degrading end, and a repudiation of our history.

    • "Another thing is that you can’t unbecome a Jew even if you change religion"

      To be deadly serious for a minute, I wouldn't want Oleg's ignorant comment to dissaude any who are thinking of making the big jump. Foreskin-replacement surgery has made fantastic strides in the past decade, and almost an out-patient procedure by this time.

    • "- If an aristocrat can unbecome an aristocrat – why can’t a Jews unbecome a Jew?"

      Yes, but don't those aristocrats tend to lose their heads in the process?

    • "Another thing is that you can’t unbecome a Jew even if you change religion"?

      You mean you can go and get those apostates, and force them to return to "the Jewish community"

      And BTW, Oleg, congratulations with that "you can't unbecome a Jew" for internalising and making a self-serving tenet out of one of the cornerstones of anti-Semitism, good job, fella.

      So Oleg, if you can't "unbecome" a Jew, than there's no virtue in being one, is there, anymore than there is in having a certain color hair or eyes, right?
      Now, there's an attractive doctrine which will, without a doubt, increase adherence among young Jews. After all, why wouldn't someone delight in the knowledge that he was condemned to be a Jew, and couldn't change it. Yes sir, that'll make him wanna stay forever, and raise his children up that way.
      But most of all, that 'once-Jewish-always-Jewish' idea is the mainspring of anti-Semitism, and I congratulate you for internalising it, and even trying to turn it to your advantage. I mean what else could you do?

    • "Yet only the Jewish idea of exceptionality gets
      so much attention and publicity."

      Some unscrupulous electronics dealer is ripping off Jews! Imagine how debased you have to be to sell Jews like Oleg a computer with a browser that only gets one website and that website one they don't like.
      I wonder how much trouble and misunderstanding this here goniff is engendering while he rakes in the sheckels? Outrageous!

    • "There is also a problem with the Muslíms."

      I'll say! When 1.5 billion people, spread all over the world, adherents to a pretty much decentralised religion, living under wildly differing cultural, economic, religious and political conditions all have the same problem, all I can say is, wow, you got a problem.

    • "What were your Grandfathers doing during the war Oleg? Fighting for Russia?"

      Well, sort of. As political commissars they had the job of standing behind the Russian troops with pistols, ready to put a bullet into the back of any who faltered.

    • "We the Jews need to be able to protect our selves, nobody else will…"

      You got a sister, Oleg? I mean, we better get busy schtupping like crazy if we are going to beat the diminution in Jewish numbers. And, oh, BTW, Oleg, you got any solution to the marry-outs and the walk-aways?
      You want to blame the rest of the world for the failure of Judaism, go ahead, it's no skin off my rather capacious proboscis.

      So go ahead and tell me, Oleg, how you plan to stop the walk-aways and the marry-outs? Many religions, denominations and sects have risen and disappeared in our hour upon the stage.
      But yeah, you just go on telling yourself that the redemption of Judaism will come through the gun. Say, I know! Maybe if enough Jews aren't being born and too many are walking away, we could use our military might to buy or kidnap children from other religions and make Jews out of them, and our political might to make the world stand for the process.

    • "A grim reminder…"

      I'm with you, Oleg! Every time I think of how millions of Jews were kidnapped from their villages in sunny Africa and sent to the New World as chattel slaves, every time I think of the destruction of culture and genocide of indigenous Jewish civilisation in South America (the Aztecowitz Empire, I think it was called), or think about the 100 million Jews destroyed between Russia Communism and in the aftermath of the Chinese Revolution, it just wrings hell out of my withers, and flabbers my ghast.

  • Liberal Zionists are afraid their parents will reject them if they come out
    • "We made alia just after the First Golf War."

      One is tempted to say (inter-alia, of course) that in the Mid-East, such things are par for the course.

    • And this all happened in spite of the fact that my father, a promininent cobbler and leather-scultpure artist, promised me: "Son, when I die, this awl will be yours!"

    • It is only fair that all who are considering abandoning Zionism should be made cognizant of certain incontestable facts I was made painfully aware of after my poor Mom's passing. An inheritance is a gift, and the giving of that gift is entirely in the power of the testator. No first child has a right to an inheritance, nor are equal shares mandated, or, as I understand, any particular distribution required by law. If the senile old biddy wants to leave her entire fortune to the Audubon society or the ASPCA and cut you off without a farthing, without enough money to tune your Porsche, that's entirely (as I understand it) within their rights.
      If a person finds another person's, no matter how affinitive their consanguinuity, if you get my drift, political or religious ideas abhorrent or even unattractive, they have not the slightest obligation to leave them a groat.
      Just want to mention that, don't want anybody proceeding under groat expectations, if you know what I mean.

  • US military officers taught to target civilians and wage 'total war' on Islam
    • "Over 1.5 billion people in the world practice Islam."

      Well, I bet a certain number of tham are just pretending, or maybe hoping to get a job through somebody at the mosque (c'mon, a guy has to eat, and feed his family) or buttering up a prospective father-in-law, or keeping Dad well-oiled so things hash out the way you think they will at probate, you know, the usual reasons.
      I wonder what percentage are bored out of their minds at the services?

    • "Who are the machers in Hollywood?"

      Aha! The sinister nexxus between the movie moguls and the rhinoplasty-industrial complex is exposed! This leads to a very interesting question: What, in the manner of O'Henry's "Gift of the Magi", would a man sell to buy his wife a nose-job, the selling of which would eliminate the need for the nose-job? His glasses? That's pretty weak. And doesn't she have to sell her nose, too, to satisfy the iconic plot?

    • "I think it’s because the US is building an empire in the Middle East, and racism and colonialism often go hand in hand."

      Are you accusing the democratic republic of 'colonialism'? Americans can't be colonialist, but we can defend our democratic ally in the region, Israel.

    • "it could so easily be a warm-up for the revival another game."

      Oh don't be ridiculous, Mike. Who on earth would ever confuse Muslims and Jews? That's like not seeing the difference between an Armani suit and a dish-dash.

    • Citizen, if this country had adequate welfare and unemployment benefits, along with adequate Social Security, joining the military would not be seen as an economic lifesaver for those less advantaged.
      But I'm sure you agree, I know there's nothing you embrace more fervently than adequate support for those who have been disadvantaged by the system.
      And as you well know, supplying adequate monies for this purpose will hardly make a dent in our nation's wealth. We can aford it easily, and in fact, it's a good investment.

    • "Army and Marine combat veterans have learned their lesson the hard way, yet again."

      That's been a slight problem for the armed forces. However, they have a solution, one that has been tried and has worked well in the past. Recruiting burgeoning psychopaths and promoting clever sociopaths, along with exemplary punishment for any who during service seem to evince any kind of morality, and the benefits of those who have left.
      Another angle of attack for this problem is to recruit criminals into the service.
      Although circumstances can cause temporary disruption in the smooth progress of matching men (and women) to the military's changing missions, this is something that the military is expert in, and I have no doubt they will mold or get the men they need for the mission.

    • "Though i doubt you will find that pedophilia should be somehow tolerated by Jews."

      link to

  • A portrait of a former Zionist (Part 1)
    • And you all know what kids are like! Well, what about young Jewish kids reading this stuff and saying "See, Mom and Dad, I don't need to go to school past the sixth grade" Kids need to know that education is important!

    • That's it. I am writing the Israeli embassy! Look, I am as anti-Zionist as the next fellow, but I'm still a Jew. And damn it, you know I don't accept any nonsense about Jewish superior intelligence (after all, I'm living proof of that, if you call this living) but I can't just sit here while these amateur hasbaracthniks make us look stupider than anybody else. That's just not fair.
      Why can't they send somebody with a minimal intelligence, a knowledge of the area, it's history and smart enough to at least make a decent attempt to hide their bigotry and sociopathic outlook. Also the ability use a dictionary and spel-chek should be a prerequisite for attempting "dialog" (sic)
      I mean, c'mon this is getting humiliating. What happens when Gentiles read this and think, 'so this is what Jews are like'? I wish they would give just a little thought to that before writing.

    • Ridiculouse, of course.

    • playforpalestine, you would do well to remember that "Robert Werdine"s comments are still in the archives, and any interested person could do word-string and phrase comparisons. You're being way to prolix for your own good. No arguement you can make will counter-act the basic dishonesty of being banned from a website under one name, and coming back under another.

    • "“Jewishness disrupts the very categories of identity, because it is not national, not genealogical, not religious, but all of these, in dialectical tension with one another. ”"

      Sounds like Jewish problem, and I don't see why anybody should stand for it being made their problem. The funniest thing is, of course, that the only place they can't figure out "What is a Jew" is in Israel!

    • I might add that not raising one's eyes to strange women (and that's how I like 'em, the stranger the better!) allows you to walk right into them and cop a quick feel in the ensuing confusion. Works every time.
      Except once in a while you get a bust in the mouth, but it's a risk you gotta take.

    • To all Jewish Community Leaders, Zionist organisations, and the IDF and Mossad:
      Please, please, before you send habaratchniks to plague Mondoweiss, and give their ignorant opinions on Jewish affairs, can you at least make sure they have read the basic texts?

    • ANd I will never, ever forget or forgive what the Palestinians did to us in WW2, or even how they kicked us out of Spain. I had to cancel my flamenco guitar and castenet lessons!

    • So you haven't read the book either? Part of it takes place in Israel.

      And no, I am not going to link you to it, or read it out loud to you at bedtime with your borscht and cookies. It's available in hardback or paperback.

      But since you are, apparently, completely incapable of even the most simple deconstruction, the chapter which tells us ("now you know the worst thing I ever did") about his family's liver dinner is a metaphoric parable. So read it, and keep similing

    • Annie, if you are trying to say that my mind resembles fly-paper, and works the same way, you wouldn't be far off!

      And speaking of insect pests, he puts the "louse" in there, too.

    • Oh, Phil's critique of Israel is pretty well-thought-out, and his devotion to it (the critique) complete, he just goes a little soft around the edges when he's surrounded by tanning oil, steroids, thongs, and newsprint.
      Hard to blame him, since he usually comes around, and his reassuring the Methodists that Jewish girls, and men would still be able to contact each other and show off their muscles, even with BDS, was very noble.
      But maybe it backfired?

    • "Enemies in the past/present...."

      For 2500 goddam years those Palestinians have tried to exterminate the Jewish people, in Europe, in America, all over the world!

    • "I was unfamiliar with this author.

      Oleg, you will want to make sure to read Philip Roth's deep explication of Jewish culture and ringing endorsement of Zionism, with footnotes. It is a veritable guide to the perplexed in fighting deligitimatisation of Israel. The book is called "Portnoy's Complaint"

    • Oh look, OlegR spells "dialogue" the liberal Zionist way!

      BTW, OlegR, if you know that there is, in fact, no "Bill M" the guy to call is Marty Peretz. I'm sure he'd be tickled to know about it.

    • "I am tempted to think that maybe Bill is just some aspect of Phil’s personality and that he holds these dialog’s with himself."

      Oh, I see. You happen to think the blog-owner is a compulsive and quite complete liar and fantasist, but that cheap Israeli laptop you bought just won't get any other website?
      Oleg, you put the 'dick' in "ridiculous".

    • “I kept looking at the sexy waitress with her black tights and short skirt and good jawline and tied-back hair.”

      As a married Jewish man, I do not even raise my eyes to strange womens. As far as I'm concerned, that's the only way to go into wedded abyss.

    • Man oh man, we read all about the NYPD giving training in Islamophobia, and now OlegR is running them down. Way to stab your friends in the back, OlegR. But then that's an Israeli specialty, if I'm not mistaken.

    • Seafoid, old Chinese proverb (forgive me, I've been reading an interesting book on "Charlie Chan" and his creator) say: 'Never try to argue with man who can pull out any Jewish death from any period of history to justify what he wants to do to the Palestinians"

    • "...think your collective is going to beat out any and all other collectives in the world."

      Actually, I think that's a pretty niave viewpoint. The Zionists have no illusions about beating "out any and all other collectives in the world" Oh no, they're not that crazy. All they hope for is that they can beat out the Jewish collective, and put it under their control. Oleg hopes he will be a leading Zionist political commissar in that situation. That would make him a very powerful person, and a guy can dream, can't he, although I have no idea why he chooses to share his dream of being a Zionist boss with us.

    • "I’m actually having too much fun pretending it was Jew (sorry, a neo-con), saying it about an Arab, and imagining the reaction of Phil, Annie, et al."

      Oh, I'm sure you are. I'm sure you're doing everything you can to avoid the point that it was in fact, a Jew who said, a Jew who has been repelled by your Zionism, to the point that he finds the tone of voice annoying.
      Tell me, Terryscott, do you have any way, without the friendly intercession of an anti-semitism which makes Zionism the only practical choice, to change his mind? Why no, you don't, do you. Just keep hoping for that overwhelming anti-Semitism, Terryscott, it's your only hope.

  • 'Death of a Salesman' came out of an intermarriage
    • “The Avengers”? “Iron Man”?

      Very similiar to dybukks and golems, Shmuel, if I have the correct understanding.

    • "It's fine and great when Jews marry other Jews."

      I see. So your painstking perusal of marriage records has shown the Jew-Jew marriages less often result in divorce than Jew-Gentile marriages? Well, it's good to have that established on a factual basis.
      And of those J-J marriages, we must ask, as a hopeful Navy man once asked my wife when she was working on his ships electricals "Sure, you're married, but are you happy?"

  • 'Liberal and enlightened'-- and all white
    • ONe of these days I am going to make my wife sit down and tell me what religion she is. Last time I asked she told me she believed in a "five-finger" religion, and offered to show me how it worked. When I regained consciousness, I had to admit it was one of the most powerful sermons I ever heard.

    • "Some of the most white companies are media companies, and this is a hypocrisy many of the left never want to talk about."

      I learn so much from your comments Krauss! I never know "the left" did all the personnel work for media companies, and was able to insinuate its own racial biases and insecurities into the media work-force. What incredible hypocrisy! I'll never trust socialism again!
      "They claim Asians tend to self-segregate most"
      Another point on which discussion will be closed, thanks to Krauss. Darn those wily Celestials! Why I bet they engineered the Alien Exclusion Act their very own selves!

    • "mooser has the most intelligent point to make on the subject."

      And you were doing so well, marcb, at maintaining your credibility! Well if you want to throw it away in one sentence, that's your business.
      I gave up TV (true story) after I tried to punch a guy (it was over nothing) in Junior-High (?) school like they do on TV. I was expecting a solid sound effect, and for him to be conveniently knocked out for long enough to satisfy the plot. Instead, I missed, split my shirt all under the arm, and he kicked me in the ass when my follow-through turned me around. I decided there and then TV lied, and if that's how much they lie about punching, how much do they lie about guns and women?

    • "TV as a medium just sucks, dan. the few well done productions..."

      ...wouldn't matter a bit. The act of watching TV, even if it was 24/7 "Death of a Salesman" is bad for you. To avoid its deleterious consequences I always watch TV with the screen turned to the wall, and the sound turned off.

    • "the remedy is to not watch shit like this"

      Easy there, Dan. Don't push it. Next thing you know Phil will be reporting on cutting-edge, hip-hop, gangsta-rap productions like "Death of a Salesman"!

    • "and i dont like throwing the charge around."

      What did you do, erase the archive of your articles?

  • It's Good to be the King: Netanyahu scraps elections, buys off opposition and cements power with new unity gov't
    • "Given the Israeli elections are such fractious, divisive affairs this maneuver should be viewed as a good one as it promises a diminution of the power of Shas..."

      Thanks, Mayhem, for letting us know exactly how much faith you have in the Israeli democratic process, and how high your estimate of the Israeli voting public is.
      Of course, the fact that you would disparage democratic elections as long as your favored politicians are in power is no surprise, nothing new there.
      And of course history shows so many examples of governments who cancel elections so they can take a more "centrist course". Yeah, I'm sure it happens all the time.

    • "Conscription is normally compulsory for each Israeli citizen from 18 years of age, except Israeli Arabs"

      This (whether in terms of conscription or recruitment) is exactly the nation-rupturing condition the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution was devised to remedy. It was not, as so many people contend, blanket permission to shoot our wives or other-hued citizens. Sorry for the digression, except as a way of pointing out the complete alienation from American political ideals our ally in the ME has.

    • "Cancer just gets stronger"

      What about those cases of miraculous remission?

  • After LGBT forum, Oren will headline for notorious homophobic pastor John Hagee
    • "It’s also a dangerous game which more Jews than should shrug off with a wink and a nod."

      Eliot, I've been railing about that, too; why are Zionist supporters always so eager to engage (especially if they, in their American fastness and safety, take none of the risks) Jews in games we have historically always lost?

    • Right you are, Hophmi. Nothing gives me such precise parameters for an argument's logical failures then the adverb "shitty"! Reminds me of a conversation purported to have taken place between St. Thomas Aquinas and Erasmus, when the met in a small village in Germany and reported in a letter to the National Lampoon.

    • "I think most of them just hope we come to Jesus."

      You know that's not true, and can be disproved by one very easily observable fact. If the Hagee-ites and their assorted ilk had even the faintest pretensions of converting Jews to Christianity, they would have switched to full-on COGIC or AME style Gospel music long ago.

    • "P.S. I thought ad hominem attacks were banned on this site. I guess censorship is just for the pro-Israel people."

      Yeah Fredblogs, maybe the moderator is "shitty", like Phan's "argument".

      The fact is, Fredblogs, I send the Moderator's Suite a basket from Fruit-of-the-Month without fail, and there's usually a $100 bill inside.
      There Fredblogs, you happy now?
      Now if you want to dispute whether somebody who constantly squeals or berates this "moderator", whose existence you seem to have established for yourself, is a putz or a "stupid git we can, but I'm pretty sure the facts are on my side. Google the expressions for yourself and see.

    • "I just think Phan’s argument is shitty."

      Yeah Hophmi, the recipe for this article is a little too gritty, so you decided to ad hominem?

    • "I see nothing anti-Semitic in belief that Jews will go to the Lake of Fire."

      We went, one summer! We couldn't afford it, of course (You try to cross that lake in a Ford, and you'll know viaduct!) but some nice relatives let us use their cabin.
      And besides, the locals got such a kick out of it when we asked directions. Except for one older woman who glared and declaimed "For you, every road except Salvation leads there, you can't miss it.

    • "Even if the end of the world means they hope you burn in hell?"

      People that give you money, and a feeling of intellectual superiority, and whose doctrines are reliable Ziocaine producers? What's not to like?

    • "Which I don’t expect to happen any time soon."

      Whereas the other, more tangible rewards of the association, which are, of course money, and the ineffable but wonderful feeling that you, as a Jew, are smarter than the dumb Goyim, and are in fact 'getting over' on them, are worth it.
      Are they dumb, confused, lied to? Sure but that's not your problem, as long as they do something which you think you benefit from.
      As usual, thank you, Fredblogs, for giving us a succinct summation of the value Zionists put on truth and understanding in human relations.
      And of course, thank you for being able to speak for Jews. I forget who conferred that honor on you, but I'm sure it was somebody very important, who was fully qualified to delegate speaking for Jews to you.

      If only you weren't such an awful combination of putz and "stupid git", you might make a success of it.

  • Are Obama and Netanyahu now joined at the hip for election season?
  • Who's the anti-Semite?
    • "Everyone who isn’t a Jew is a anti semite"

      That can be a problem, especially when you see them putting Zyklon B in your drink. But I have just found a way around this inevitable and ubiquitous anti-Semitism! I got an accordion! Yup, a white mother-of-pearl Scandalli, with a 120 key Stradella bass-button layout. Now, I ask you, American, who doesn't love a Jew who plays the accordion? Only two people, as far as I know, nobody and his lonely friend, no-one.
      Can anti-Semitism compete with "The Beer-barrel Polka"? No way.

  • Watching propaganda in a Missouri synagogue
    • A "Jew-in-law"?

      A man, if he wishes to call him,self such, makes sure the religious tenets in his house match his own conceptions of decency and righteousness.

  • I always knew Nana was Jewish, but it only came up once
    • "As far as I can tell from Atzmon’s book, Charlie Parker turned the young Gilad Atzmon from an Israeli Jew into a human being – if I may say so."

      link to

      link to

      Read 'em and weep.

    • "Pearls to swine. Why do I waste my time? You are obviously not comfortable with the thought that American Jews should be proud of the contributions they have made. Shame on you; try to stop loathing yourselves."

      I would try to stop "loathing" myself, but it's pretty hard for a swine like me. But you really brought home the bacon with that one, Denis.
      And I am very proud of my ancestry, Denis. There's a very good probability that I am a direct descendant of Jacob Lis, a very famous Jew.

    • "those who actually know who they are"

      And who would that be? When did I ever posit that such people existed? And don't look at me, Citizen, I have never even claimed to know if I am a man or a moose.

    • "There is something to it, even before WWII. The Nazi propaganda depicted Jazz as a combination of Blacks and Jews"

      The Nazis said it in their propaganda, so it must be true? Sure, okay, Klaus, whatever you say, pal. So how much "something to it" does Hitler's description of the Jews in Vienna have?

    • "ones that always depict a nerdy Jewish guy and a placid blonde shiksa?"

      Me, I fell into a ring of burning fire. I went down, down, down, and the flame was getting higher, and the next thing I knew the preacher was asking me "Wilt thou, Mooser", and I could feel that 12-gauge infinity symbol on my neck. Of course I said "I wilt, I wilt" but they revived me with some moonshine and the ceremony went on.

    • "Naw, Mooser, she just plastered her coming out all over the news."

      You believe that stuff in the papers? The only point I can muster in your favor is that up until today, she has refused to sleep with me. But I have been married for many, many years, and hardly available.

      And Citizen, I really can't comment on TV or movies, not watching either. If you do, you have my sympathy. I'd rather watch paint dry. Which is very interesting if you think about it. I mean, why does it dry first here but remain sticky over there? Why does the color of the paint appear to change so much as it dries? Questions like this I'm pondering and I should worry about who gives Bernie-Baxter whoever the pubba-rubba? Not on your tin-type, Margery.

    • "you know, it’s all in her genes."

      For her age, heck, for any age, she fits into her genes quite well, thank you.

    • Citizen, her is an interesting parallel to your decision. My sister married, and it was she who, I am fairly sure, was the driving force behind making good and goddam sure her son didn't get circumcised. (As I understand, you can't turn your back on the hospital or they will almost as a standard procedure.)
      And from what I've heard, he had girls practically camped out outside their door during high-school. What happened when he went away to college I can't imagine. He was a very handsome kid. At least his Mom never went all Tullulah Bankhead when I was around, that was the last thing I wanted to see.

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