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  • Hectored by Zionist wannabe archaeologists, 'NYT' recasts article on Jewish temples
    • "the fact that a Herod’s Temple existed is not denied by any historian, is it? The location of Herod’s temple not being..../.... jerusalem was ethnically cleansed by the Romans."

      Okay! Anything you say, "Yonah" So what? Something happened a long time ago,in a place you couldn't even stay in.
      Look, if you want to stay up late and cry over the "ethnic cleansing" of Jerusalem by the Romans. nobody will stop you. Go right ahead.

    • The pagan ancestors of modern Jewish communities? Where do you get this crap?"

      I know, Hophmi, that stuff is ridiculous! Why if there were "pagan ancestors of modern Jewish communities" that would mean that Adam and Eve weren't Jewish! The very idea!

    • "The Oral Torah like most of the concepts of Rabbinic Judaism almost certainly comes from Mesopotamia."

      Darn it, am I to be stripped of all my Jewish exceptionalism? I always thought the Oral Torah was sort of a Jewish Kama Sutra.

    • " When they say temple they mean temple! As in High Priest and animal sacrifices!"

      Oh no! I do not, do not want to see little girls running screaming through suburban streets screaming "Mommy, call the police, the frummers got Fluffy!"

    • And what's the going rate for a 2000 year old exile? How much do the Gentiles owe us? What's my cut? Really, I don't mind if it's less than your's.

    • "I have a pretty good knowledge of ancient jewish sources...."

      Now he goes into the Mel Brooks "2000 year old man" schtik.

  • Mourners of Gaza mother and child killed in airstrike urge resistance-- '3rd, 4th, 5th intifada, whatever it takes'
    • If the Palestinians attacked a legitimate military target and collaterally killed some Jewish women and children, no it would not be a big deal to me. "Jackdaw"

      There is the true spirit of Zionist self-sacrifice which has helped Zionists prevail for so many years! A true Zionist heeds not the cost, he is always willing to see some other Jews get killed. Now that's what I call Tribal Unity! (And if they are Reform, or secular, than so much the better!)

    • "I doubt that the Hassan’s house wasn’t directly hit by an Israeli missile."

      You don't even read what you write, do you? You "doubt the house wasn't directly hit"
      Gee, so do I.
      I've seen that before from Xiobots, your fingers have more sense than your head. Or at least some sense of decency.

  • In Bethlehem, community rallies to support protests, each helping however they can
    • " what’s the point of me provided a link to back up my claim if it is censored by moderators unwilling to publish the damning truth?"

      Oh, don't worry, "Mayhem"! All your comments "publish the damning truth" very well. One or two less won't make any difference. You just keep sending them in, and let the Moderators pick the best to publish. You're doin' great, pal!

  • Palestinians will never have a state and will be ruled by Israel -- says Israeli minister
  • 'Replace' the mosques? Once again, 'NYT' soft-pedals Israeli extremism
    • "Because I refuse to be mentally colonized by the Zionists, I categorically reject identification as a Jew."

      I know what you mean, Yoni, and appreciate that.

      Because I refuse to be mentally colonized by Zionists, I want to be identified as a Jew. Insist on it. I'll be damned if I leave the territory open for them. I will not let them tell me what a Jew is, so I can conclude I am not one

    • "Not the first time an earthquake has destroyed buildings on the temple mount."

      Okay, "mcohen", here's the plan. We use the Internet, see? We all hook up on Facebook, and every Jew (or as many as we can get, but I'm sure it'll be close to 100%) will jump up and down while facing Jerusalem (all the info will be on the web page) at the proper angle, and ka-boom the Mosque falls over!

    • " how perfectly stultifying."

      Well, you know me, "Dabakr" I'm "incredulous"!

      And I stick by what I say. If Hasbara Central employed people to troll this blog, they would be ashamed of a performance like yours. They would have some professional standards, and at the least, would try to leave a decent taste in people's mouths. Damn it, "Dabakr" we have stereotypes to uphold!

      In fact, I don't believe you are employed by Hasbara Central at all, Dabakr! I think you are just an individual motivated by an abiding sense of entitlement and an inability to keep your mouth shut, and full of a lot of ugly ideas you take a very unpleasant pride in displaying, because you're on the end of a wire.
      Now go ahead, "Dabakr", prove me wrong!

    • "This attempted guilt tripping over the what some Jews consider the Holiest of Holys is a slug below the belt… "

      Probably gave the Moderators the best laugh they've had in weeks, and Phil, too, if they even bothered to tell him about it. Shoot, Hophmi used to go on for paragraphs! Ah! At "this season of yellow leaf and sere" (I got that from the back of a Brahms album) I still keep "the Phils will fall away" stashed in case I run out of ipecac.

      Oddly enough (I mean, could I be any odder?) I was watching the scene from "To Kill a Mockingbird" yesterday, the scene where Bob Ewell confronts Atticus Finch in the courthouse about defending Tom Robinson after the arraignment.

    • "So when a self-proclaimed Christian goes and state the non-divinity of Jesus, that person is acting against the billions of other Christians who believe in otherwise through misinformation of their theological stance. When a self-proclaimed Muslim goes and state the Holy Scriptures are entirely man–made, that person is acting against the billions of other Muslims who believe otherwise."

      Exactly! Right you are! That's so true! And when a person states that extreme Jewish beliefs are not true, he is "acting against", oh, maybe, at most, a million people in the whole world!!! And the beliefs are harmful and offensive to others, too.

      Ever think about it that way? Deal with it.

    • "Hasbara Central ought to review your contract. With every one of your comments, you lose support for your messianic views."

      Mr. North, I am sorry, but you have gone too far! I will not stand for this. Perhaps it is ethnic chauvinism, or Jewish exceptionalism, but goddam it, I think that if a bunch of Jews (I mean, who else would be there?) at Hasbara Central hired people to troll blogs they would get something for their money!

    • "The Torah in its original form was sent down to the prophet Moses a.s. as a direct word of God in which references were made to earlier civilisations, including Mesopotamians and Egyptians."

      Yeah, sure "The Torah in its original form was sent down to the prophet Moses a.s. as a direct word of God". So what? That and about $3.50 will buy you a bad latte at any one the of hundreds of Starbuck's coffee shops.

      Take that "Torah Rules" BS elsewhere. Frankly, you don't even believe what you wrote, so don't expect us to.

    • "mcohen, please, stop that! Those ellipses are SCARY! What is implied (or inferred, ask "RoHa") by those three dots?

      You are afraid to complete a sentence. That is cowardice of a high order.

    • "You are right Mooser, his eating habits are less treyf than his Israel hatred."

      And as usual, search his complete archive as you might, you can't come up with a single quote substantiating your ridiculous contention (and made through inference, too, which is the lowest form of contention!) that Phil Weiss has "Israel hatred".
      To begin with, I really doubt Phil would give them the satisfaction. And he has always been careful to listen to Zionists, and take their narrative into account, and give it it's proper worth. Everything it deserves, in fact.

      Phil has also been seen patting small children on the head, sharing shrimp burritos, and being very nice to dogs and cats. Gonna be hard to stick that "Israel hatred" tag on him. He's happiest among his books, or walking by the sea.

    • "I am not in favor of destroying the Mosque." "Jon66

      "Jon66" and "Jon s" ...what a wild duet! You could lose your mind!

    • "What’s in it for you to demean yourself so pathetically as to urge others to exclude you from your own religious heritage?"

      Whoopee! I can't wait until we can add the honorifics "Destroyers of the Palestinian Scourge", and "Protectors of the (#?) Temple", not to mention "Conquerors! of Palestine" to our battle-flags!
      What a religious heritage! How it will enhance our own self-worth, and oh! how it will make the rest of the world gasp with admiration, and make way for us in the streets.

    • " except that I’ve read how thoroughly some Jewish kids get brainwashed."

      Whether the way Double Standard is brainwashed is "Jewish" or not, I don't know. But I do know it bears an unsurprising resemblance to the rhetoric, in all respects, of American right wing-nuts.
      Plus, he's on the end of a wire, which always makes them braver.

    • "I don’t get you Phil — regardless of what you would like, you are a Jew. Why do you defend people’s right to discriminate against you? What’s in it for you to demean yourself so pathetically as to urge others to exclude you from your own religious heritage?"

      Doubld Standard, it's too late for Phil at this point. He was observed on a South-of-the-Border jaunt eating a shrimp burrito. There's no getting past that.

  • Ayotte, Rubio and de Blasio are bought and paid for by the 'magnificent' Israel lobby
    • "Yet, Zionism is the one dogma left for American Jews. Israel is the glue that holds all the together – and Israel is simultaneously the most explosive, divisive issue there is.
      How’s that for abnormal? "

      I thought that was very, very well put, Elliot. Thanks. It isn't Judaism which runs or or holds Zionism together, but Zionism has become glue which just barely (think of the opinion the Orthodox hold of their secular or Reform brethren) holds Judaism together. And runs it, too.

    • "but as a group the general trend of America is to dissolve all but the most superficial forms of Jewish identity and this is normalcy at a high price as well."

      "Yonah" your beautiful comment brought me to tears, along with its thoughtful conclusion. Yes, only the most superficial forms of Jewish identity remain. Hopefully, things will change.
      Superficial things like (of all things!) certain weird ways of growing your hair or beard, the just-right wardrobe, guttural buzz-words or the repetition of ritual without substance, and exclusivist and intolerant attitudes, used mostly to manipulate each other. And an excuse for everything and anything.
      And as I have said before, religion which always ends up concluding: "The world owes me!" always ends up superficial. You can't hide naked self-interest with obscurantism. Or with an addiction to a false history.
      But please, don't worry, it's nothing we haven't seen in a lot of other American religion. We're just trying to be allright. To get a share in the rapture.

    • Thanks for responding Elliot, I just threw it out there, but I've been thinking about it for a long time.

      “If Israel fails, the Jewish people are finished. We won’t survive yet another major blow after the Holocaust.”
      But, my impression from speaking to many young Jews today is that he was wrong. They don’t feel that way. Israel is becoming increasingly irrelevant to them. They are able to imagine a full Jewish life without a Jewish state."

      Elliot, that's exactly what I am talking about. The idea that it'll all just go away, like a bad vacation, without serious consequences Thanks for illustrating it. There might be a difference between neurotic fears of a Holocaust, and simply being incapable of an accounting or taking responsibility.
      Or maybe they are related, come to think of it.

    • "The Jewish state was supposed to normalize the Jewish condition. In reality, the only thing that is abnormal about the Jewish condition today is the Jewish state. That alone, from an internal Jewish perspective, should put an end to the Jewish state. It has failed on its own terms."

      Elliot, this is an entirely subjective conclusion of mine, so it may not be worth much, but I get the awful feeling that we don't think we do failure any more. Not on that scale. It just doesn't happen, and is not worth considering. That comes through to me, but of course, I have no way of knowing, it looks like massive failure to me, but that's just me.

    • "And what do you see now?"

      I see the cool, clear eyes of a seeker of wisdom and truth; Yet, with the slam-bang tang reminiscent of gin and vermouth. And there's that upturned chin and the grin of impetuous youth. Oh, I believe in you. I should mention the bold, brave spring of the tiger that quickens your walk, too.

    • "In reality, Zionism gave the world an updated version of medieval Judaism."

      Yup, the present sure changes the past.
      Conversing with the Zionists here has convinced me nobody could ever have persecuted us. We're too tough and too smart. So there's nothing to worry about.
      So us Jews were really kicking ass in the medieval days, huh? Hey, I wasn't there, I can only go by what I see now.

  • 'There is no co-existence with cancer': Right-wing Israelis demand gov't give military 'free hand' to fight Palestinians
    • "And I’ll continue to be ashamed of my Jewish background."

      Not me, Vera. I'll be damned if I give them that satisfaction! That is what they want. If making Judaism a religion and culture of unashamed brutality is their goal, I have no intention of helping them.

    • "Hi Phil any chance your articles could be published in Russian… could reach a wider audience"

      You don't think all the fellow-travelers and red-diaper babies are getting the news?

      "....chant unbelievably vulgar insults and threats against her and her family, and flick garbage and cigarette butts at the left-wing activists."

      "mcohen" could you please say something to stop Tribal Unity from crying? She's been hysterical all day. C'mon, why not say something like, oh :"Jews will never let mere political differences cause us to attack each other" or something like that. Is that so hard?

  • Just what Palestine needs: more religion-addled American Jews with big guns and selfie sticks
  • There were over 130 Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians during the first week of October
    • "so the last piece of the plan to get rid of the Palestinians from Palestine is being done in plain sight"

      Israel seems capable of anything at this point. And given the situation Israel is in, chaos (even if it leads to destruction), seems the best way to avoid an accounting they cannot afford.

    • "-or- the Israelis are the absolute worst practitioners of ‘genocide’ in all history."

      You may be right, Dabakr. The Israelis kill, and kill, and drive away, and still they can't get what they want.

  • 'It's like military reserve duty': Jerusalem mayor calls on Israelis to carry guns as tension soars
    • "You're lying"

      But not "deliberately". He made a promise to himself.

    • He promised not to lie "deliberately".
      "Not that anybody would ever know, of course"

    • "The Virgin of Ludmir was the name given to Chana Rachel Webermacher (1805-1888), born in the town of Ludmir, Volhynia (now the Ukraine).
      Webermacher was an unusual person. At one point in her life she decided to take on many of the ritual practices usually reserved for men, such as wearing Talit and T'fillin (possibly even wearing 2 pairs of T'fillin).
      Due to community pressure in Ludmir, she got married, but quickly got divorced. She may have even gotten married and quickly divorced a second time.

      Webermacher gained the reputation (Ed: I bet she did!) as a holy woman and in 1860, she made Aliyah and moved to Jerusalem. "Possibly the first Hassidic feminist?

    • Thanks, Yoni!

    • "You don’t, really."

      Maybe you are right. I've taken so many testosterone pills, I'm seeing double.

    • "Jon s (me) and Jon66 are two different commenters."

      True, but not by much. I don't think anything will be lost by considering you both as one person, each one having an equal half of the wits, of course.

    • "All comparisons between the numbers of Christian and Jewish pilgrims reflect that Jewish trips to the Holy Land were a drop in the ocean."

      That darned acculturation gets us every time! Everybody wants to do what the Gentiles are doing.

    • "The zionist state already employs a lovely practice to separate the wheat from the chaff and that’s on the teudat zehut (identity card)."

      Thank you very much, Marnie. Especially for the last line:

      "Do you begin to understand if they will do that to their own (so-called) people, how easy it is to go real down and dirty with Palestinians?"

      Please remember, "Jon s" is an American living in a settlement. He's the king of the hill in the Holy Land. You can't expect him to understand what happens to other Jews in Israel.

    • Okay, this is going to an entirely new level!
      Maybe some people didn't think of this, but Fed-ex delivers overnight. And I ordered every damn testosterone-booster advertised all last night, (I couldn't sleep, worrying about my T-count) on TV, and they doubled my order, since I ordered in the next ten minutes right now!
      Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to slash away at some brush, charge a tree or two, trumpet a bit, and try to get back in the old rut!

      Thanks for the tip, "Jon66". Not often I get free medical advice of that quality.

    • "As to Mooser being an “angry anti-Zionist old man” there are many causes for this, but one cause is low testerosterone due to aging. and etc and blah,blah,blah"

      Now, that was an effective, no, a devastating reply. And so subtle, not a bit of ad hominen in it. It should enhance your credibility by several orders of magnitude, and make a male-menopausal laughing-stock out of me.
      Had I known you were capable of such brilliant strokes, I would never have engaged you. I have only myself to blame!

    • Ah, so it is blue! The license plate, I mean. I didn't think yellow was right, but I went along with the crowd. I'm like that, always have been.

    • Hey, Jackdaw, do you know what the second Joel Chandler Harris story in the Uncle Remus series was?

    • "Please give me an example where I have lied. "

      Wait a minute, let me guess! Here we go: You never lie deliberately on this blog, not that anybody would know, right? It's a little promise you made to yourself, right? I knew it!

    • "We will need the famous Shylock Holmes"

      Sorry, apparently I combined Mr. Holmes with his brother Mycroft. Won't happen again

    • "For the most part, they were treated like ‘dhimmis’."

      I'm sorry, Jackdaw, I'm not up on my Arabic. "Dhimmis" means "a bad tipper" doesn't it? Or a guy who doesn't pay the mortgage, I think.

    • "For the most part, they were treated like ‘dhimmis’."

      Exactly! Don't you see, "Jackdaw"? Look, what's the one constant of life on earth? The one thing you can depend on in this crazy mixed-up world? You know what it is, it's that nobody likes us, and everybody wants to do us down and dirty. Gee, that doesn't suggest a solution? Easy! You "briar patch" Palestine. That means you tell the Gentiles, when they expel us "Just don't send us to Palestine, anyplace rather than that!" or if there's a pogrom, we just say "This is awful, but at least we're not in Palestine."
      You make out like there's a big prohibition in the religion, (we'll call it the "three strong oaths" or some flim-flam) against going back to Palestine or God Forbid, being responsible for the place.
      And before you know it, in their desire to do us down, they start sending us there, and insist we run the place, just to punish us! You know that, that's how they are!
      Any Zionist movement which couldn't figure out that simple technique isn't worth considering, really

    • "Please do not misquote me."

      I wasn't quoting you. Did I attribute the quote to you? No. But rest assured, if I do feel like misquoting you, I will do so, and enjoy it immensely.

    • “Please correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t the yellow plates for ‘Israeli’ cars, not just Jewish cars?”

      "Jon66" (like "Jons", oddly enough) will come and go without ever acknowledging the settlements or Jerusalem are not part of Israel under any conceivable partition. I doubt he understands it himself 'They won it fair and square, didn't they'?

    • "That’s 600 years of repeated attempts by religious Zionists to return to Eretz Yisroel."

      So what? Good for them, I hope those "religious Zionists" found salvation in Palestine. What on earth does that have to do with it? Did they build up some kind of political or legal "cred" by doing this?

      BTW, if anybody needs some good laughs, it's fun to read about those 600 years of schmendriks and schlemiels

      BTW, "Jackdaw", it's the "longing" for Jerusalem that is the Jewish religious part. Actually attain it, and well, you turn into something like you.

    • "I don’t like dragging the Holocaust into this issue."

      Then don't. The function of the yellow (simply to match the license plate) Star-o-David in Israel or Jerusalem is completely different. It will be a mark of privilege, and guarantor of rights, and even immunity, and mark one out for correct treatment from Israeli authorities. People will be proud to wear it. It may well be life-saving, in certain situations. Naturally the decal will contain today's highest tech, a reflective pattern which will be received and integrated into the targeting system of all Israeli weapons and security computer systems.
      And good lard, Elliot, since when have Jews been unwilling to distinguish ourselves by dress or hair or even bodily modification?

    • "I think you misunderstand what the yellow star represents to Jews."

      We will need the famous Shylock Holmes to figure this one out! The watchdog didn't bark! I wonder how far the parsley had sunk into the butter?

    • "Back in June of this year, and Arab tried to stab a Haredi Jew in Jerusalem."

      And here are the pictures!

  • Rescuing atheism from Harris and Hitchens
    • "promote and violently defend their own Gods." "Cigar God"

      And I suppose you would be all right, just hunky-dory, with somebody 'diss'ing' George Burns? Or saying "God smokes ultra-light cigarettes!"

    • Well, as for me, I'm convinced. If humans didn't invent God, He would have to exist.

  • J Street names Jewish victims of latest violence, but leaves out Palestinians' names
    • "How can J Street be called liberal? How can the adjective liberal be applied to any kind of Zionism?"

      Hello, Emory! Welcome. I think the moron in the oxy of "liberal Zionism" has been much discussed at Mondoweiss. Use the "search" box (click on magnifying glass, top right) or click the "archives" tab at the top of the page to get started.

  • In Israel/Palestine we are witnessing the end of a colonial regime
    • " strenuous efforts efforts made to suppress intelligent and open debate of the respective issues."

      You said it, brother! I agree.

    • "bryan" when a person decides to forsake statistics, any kind of common sense and history, and decide to form their opinions based on a corpus, a Scripture, of media nonsense about guns and their use, there's nothing you can do. A person usually derives their information from the bulk of the input.

      link to

      link to

      Remember folks, keep your home self-defense weapons clean, loaded and available for use, and safely stored to prevent accidents!

    • "You’re referring to Zionist history, not to Jewish history?"

      "Yonah" we have a fine, a first-class ability, oft demonstrated, to produce Jewish historical whines. Surely there's enough there to whine over, wouldn't you say?

      I mean, c'mon, where do you think the Zionists learned their whine-making? Although they have developed into real ohmeohmyophiles in the last 50 years.

    • "Oh wait… they didn’t."

      Nor did they, and they had every right to, seeing as the man was just released from prison for the same type offense use preventative detention.

    • Those poor bubelles are going to weep and wail when they find out the world doesn't owe us anything for being Jewish. That's what all the arguments boil down to. The world owes us something (over and above the human rights each person is entitled to.) because Jewish. Anyway, when they find out, oh "ain't that a kick in the head" as Dean Martin sang.

    • "I support the 2nd Amendment. No compromise."

      Sure, post-natal birth control sure beats abortion, or contraception, don't it.

    • "(Israeli sovereignty over West Jerusalem is, of course, not in question internationally.)"

      And will exist when the "colonial regime" ends?

    • "The Kingdom of Jerusalem lasted about 200 years,"

      And Methuselah lived 900 years! But who calls that livin'...

  • Clashes break out across West Bank after Netanyahu declares ‘an all-out war’
    • "Every Diaspora Jew should be demanding America pulls the plug on Israel."

      I don't know, sounds risky. If America pulls the plug (let's hope) and Israel collapses, will I still be a "Diaspora Jew"? I mean, that's a pretty exotic identity to throw away.
      I'm just a poor, wayfarin' stranger, traveling through this land of mishegos....

  • Israel lights the spark at Al-Aqsa again
    • "Irvi", no doubt, distinguishes himself by pronouncing it "hyper-boles" instead of "hy-PUR-bə-lee".

    • "Well, that`s because the way they redefine “defeat” today in the political correct lingo. Similarly, the US was “defeated” in Afghanistan and perhaps even in Iraq. Once upon the time defeat meant that the other side vanquished your forces – perhaps took your land."

      Of course, back in those days, the Jewish people were the uncontested masters of the earth, and dumb "laws of war" and "politically correct" nonsense never concerned us! After all, we weren't the ones suffering. We just took what we wanted, all over Europe, right "irvi"?
      If only we could return to those glory days of 1750- 1950 or so, the days of unrestricted warfare and booty. We were champs at it, right "ivri"? We were always on the winning side, right, "Irvi" And today, with our vastly increased resources, and the hundreds of millions of young men ready to fight and die for our cause, how can we lose?

    • "Once upon the time defeat meant that the other side vanquished your forces – perhaps took your land."

      Yeah "Once upon a time". Another fairy tale. You're full of it, I mean, them.

    • I'll save everybody the trouble since I endured it.
      Shorter "ivri":

      'This is our big chance to seize Al Aqsa, now's our chance!!'

  • Salaita, Khalidi, Bayoumi appearances make this a landmark week in NY
    • "Bear in mind that JVP and CEIO do not ban Zionism as a form of racism because there are non-racist versions of Zionism, like that of JVP advisor Chomsky"

      I am transfixed by the grasp of the subject you can contain in one sentence!
      And, I must admit, dismayed at my own denseness! Of course, that's what we need, a "non-racist Zionism". A Zionism for everybody not just Jews. It'll sure open up the fundraising possibilities. Lotta people to fit in a small country, but we can deal with that later.

  • Families from threatened Palestinian villages Susiya and Um al-Kheir bring their stories to the US
  • 'We want him to speak up on Palestine': Boston SJP statement on being kicked out of Bernie Sanders rally
    • "Any solution which puts the Palestinians in a Greater Israel area as the majority is not going to be acceptable to the Israelis and is a recipe for civil war."

      "A civil war" meaning Israeli-against-Israeli? I should worry about that?
      Because Israeli might start shooting at each other, we should let them go on doing what they are doing?
      Let 'em.

  • Scenes from the Gaza fuel crisis
    • "In addition to providing Americans a brief and sorely needed lesson in resource limits"

      Do you really want to do that, Neil? It might make Americans think abut how much money and resources we waste on Israel, and what we get back for it.

      No, I think your interest is in having Americans think we have unlimited resources to waste on Israel.

  • Jerusalem at a breaking point
    • "That’s why I repeatedly asked him to clarify. It looks like , in any case, we’re talking about millions."

      And the Zionists wanted the entire Jewish population of the world handed to them to stuff into Palestine and kick the Palestinians out!!! But you didn't get it, and were reduced to begging individual Jews to come. Well, pal, you play on that level, you lose on that level. Too bad.
      Why don't you put your kids out in front of you as human shields, "Jons", that might work?

      But what's with you and "Yoni Falic"? You have a real hard time with commenters who have lived or live in Israel and are willing to tell the plain truth about it. What's your plan to shut them up "Jon s"? Gonna get them banned by 'proving' they support genocide?

    • "I never claimed that Yonifalic said “all”."

      Cut the crap, "Jons", what you are doing is looking for a reason to stop interacting with him by declaring him "genocidal" or whatever.
      You have a real had time dealing with Jews that have lived in Israel and see it for what it is.

      Do you think Yoni is lying about the Israel he saw, and lived in? Is Marnie lying?

    • "If you really want to work for peace in your teaching, stop teaching all that tosh about “peoples” and “homeland”. (Or is that required by Israeli law? )"

      RoHa, please remember "Jon s" is a very studious man! Yes, there were several threads on the Israeli education system, which he studiously avoided.

    • "Mooser in particular is hard for Israelis to decipher– his often contradictory demands being immersed in humorous language full of clever word play, ingenious parody, and complexifying irony, bursting out in insistent, dancing Yiddishish rhythms rather alien to Hebrew speakers.

      And that is when my testosterone is low! Just wait till all these T-boosters take effect. Plus, I'm eating 'ocean vegetables'. Especially the blue ones.

    • "Israel would not be smart to give up anything until the demands on it get cleared up."

      After all, it's no skin off your nose, "catalan" you are safe in the USA, why not encourage Israel to more intransigence?
      So you, from the USA, encourage an Israeli intransigence you are unwilling to assist? That's brave, not.

      How are you helping Israel to hold those Occupied Territories, the heritage of the Jewish People? You are not! What have you done to help Israel hold on to Jerusalem? Nothing, I bet. You sentimental Zionists will be the death of the Zionist movement! Shame on you, living as a legal resident, or even citizen, of the US! Why aren't you at a settlement?

    • "I’m not a politician, thank God, and I don’t claim to be a leader."

      Yes, he's just your average ordinary freebooter, filibusterer, and settler.

    • "I think that you should direct your question to Yonifalic, so he could clarify who are the “invaders” who should be removed? All Israeli Jews? Almost all? Some?"

      Well, gee, "Jon s" how's about we start with foreign citizens living illegally in Israeli-occupied territory??? Everybody, that is everybody on the Classic Israeli Left, agrees that they will have to go, right?

      Certainly, as a "left" Israeli you agree with that, the illegal settlers have to go, right? Wouldn't that be a darn good start towards, uh "dialogue"?

      BTW, "Jon s", you are doing a very good imitation of a guy who is frightened out of his wits by Mr. Falic.

    • I think Annie may be, don't be shocked, Godzilla! Look what happened in this thread; she asked one question, and crushed Tokyo. Wasn't heard from again.

    • Shorter "Jon s": 'I personally claim to be a nice guy. Isn't that enough?'

    • "For example: what about a person who can prove that two of his grandparents lived in Palestine before Zionism?"

      But won't renounce his US citizen, and throw away his US visa home? Not much, just another pretender. Besides, who says they are telling the truth? Nod-nod, wink-wink.
      And you were born in Hartford, Conn. to an American Mother. It's in your archive.

    • "This is how it can be done: the Jews (aka “invaders”) can be assembled on the platforms near the railroad tracks."

      Yup, that's what happens when you make lists of Jews, like Israel does. You Zionists are the ones who are so interested in who is a Jew and who isn't entitled to that honorific!

    • "It’s part of what those of us working for Israeli-Palestinian peace are up against."Jon s

      Those of us working for Israel-Palestinian peace" You work for "peace" by living in an illegal settlement?.
      And you haven't even got the simple patriotism it takes to renounce your US citizenship and become a real Israeli.

    • "Don’t misunderstand me: I’m not urging the moderators and editors to censor or ban anyone."

      Brrrrr! I feel a chill, and all the trees are waving around....Oh, of course, it's the sigh of relief from Mondo Tower's Penthouse Moderation Suite!

    • Annie, just so we are all clear, and nobody can escape responsibility, I want to make it clear what "Yoni Falic's" 'extremism' consists of:

      He grew up in Israel, and when he saw what the situation was, left, for many reasons including the well-being of his family.

      And is willing to talk about it. And tell the truth about it, as best he can.

      I'll leave it to Yoni to say whether that's a fair description.

    • "The Candy Man" Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley, 1971. I like that tune.

    • "The right-wing provocateurs should be prevented from setting foot there,"

      And, who is going to do that, the same "Israeli soldiers" who are now protecting them? I looked at your archive on "Jerusalem" and you are convinced we own it lock, stock and barrel and always have. You would just rather somebody else did the dirty-work involved.

    • "It looks like you’re the one with the genocidal agenda."

      Uh, "Jon s" when you talk to Yoni Falic, do you know who you are talking to? Well, maybe you'd better find out.

      You are getting Tribal Unity all upset. Hasn't she been through enough already?

      "There are over 8 million Israelis, many of them 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation born in Israel."

      There are, I would assume, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations born of the people ethnically cleansed from the Palestine by the Zionists. Why you keeping them out?
      Look what do you intend to do, just keep flinging this stuff until we hopefully forget what actually happened?

    • "Jerusalem is not in Israel."

      If Mondoweiss had an article consisting of just that headline, I wager it would engender the biggest epidemic of Zionist logorrhea ever. Just those five words.

    • "I don’t really think that it is... But in my dark moments I fear that it is."

      Yes, I know what you mean. And now events are developing so fast all over the region.

    • "Places are made holy by the sentiments that arise in our minds concerning them."

      Oh yes, that's true! Why when Zionists look at Palestine the thoughts that "arise in our minds" is "This place is wholly! "Wholly, Wholly, Wholly mine!"

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