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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Bill Kristol: 'We need to hear' that Obama has gone to war on Iran
  • Don't just stand there, let's get to it, strike a pose, there's nothing to it
    • "as far as I remember"

      Apparently you haven't read my latest paper on "Ziocaine Amnesia Syndrome in the Ziotroll".

    • "Can I have an answer, or only evasive nonsense?"

      Must be terrible to be stuck with a computer which only gets one website, and that one website is full of evasive nonsense. Off switch must be broken, too. Such a tragedy.

  • A Palestinian mayor explains how Israeli army starves his village of water
    • "Whenever I go to Palestine, I come away shocked at what Israel is doing there..."

      Didn't you go to college? Learn some history? How the hell do you think such a project (Zionism, Israel) is accomplished?
      BTW, if you're shocked at what goes on in Palestine, wait till I tell you about America, slavery, and its legacy. You'll be gobsmacked!

  • Fat lady sings -- Israel announces new E J'lem neighborhod called Givat Hamatos
    • Sure, Richard, as I remember "intergration" took place in America without the Jim Crow laws changing.

    • And BTW, Richard, thanks for proving my point. Phil does owe it to himself.

    • "The one-state approach is much more dangerous for Palestinian aspirations to retain a cultural Palestinian presence than the two-state."

      Look Richard, why not just come out and say that the Israelis will kill them all if the Palestinians do anything they don't like?

    • "you think that would foster that program moose?"

      I think you owe it to yourself.

    • "i wonder what i can do to foster this conversation, give it greater prominence, have intelligent people listening to you/us?
      this conversation can get many people past their fears, or simply wake people up…."

      Ban Richard Witty.

  • Boycott update: Champion fencer Sara Besbes stands down rather than plays Israeli
    • "what was the Israeli athlete supposed to exactly?"

      Yes, over Yom Kippur I asked God to forgive me for all the helpless victims I didn't attack.

    • "Care to clarify or will you run away to another thread?"

      Aww, how touching! You can take the boy out of the settlement, but you can't take the settlement out of the boy! Good old "eee" wherever he hangs his hasbara is home.
      And to think he once threatened to leave Mondoweiss.

    • "Shmuel: I think 3e is using that new Torah, the one with contributions from the Prophet Nietzsche."

      Ah yes, good old Rebbe Nietzsche!

    • Two women trying to put each other's eyes out is a worthy endeavor?

    • "Energy Committee for Israel wants you"

      They'll just have to wait until I have the energy. I'm vacationing in Basal, Metabolism.

    • I used to fence. It's easy! You just wait til their back is turned, give a quick thrust with a shiv.

    • "Mills’ actions were a fine metaphor for what Israel does – taking from the defenceless"

      Exactly. If I was faced by an Israeli woman with a piece of sharp metal, I'd run like hell.
      But, why isn't that Israeli girl home addressing the Palestinian demographic time bomb? Instead she's brandishing rapiers? That's a man's job.

    • "You gotta love how eee demonstrates how little he cares by posting half a dozen comments trying to convince us how little he cares."

      What would you do if you were tied up in a Manhattan basement with Phil and Adam standing over brandishing knouts?

  • Occupy Wall Street not Palestine!
    • "I think “FULLY occupying one’s home-region” is what makes social change,"

      Awww! What a cute way of saying 'I fully support Jewish settlers in the Occupied Territory'!! Sort of makes 'em seem like gentle hippies camping on an unused field.

    • "You have created this caricature of “dissent” – all dissent – that bears no resemblance whatsoever to reality."

      Shmuel, excuse me, but that is nonsense. Witty creates his caricature of dissent from a source which he is in direct contact with. That is, it is a picture of himself, and his own attempts at dissent.
      And if you want to know more, it's all there in his comments archive, he's told us all about it. Witty is incapable of dissent (which requires at least some kind of core values you can articulate to others.) so he concludes everyone else must be, too. Can you blame him?

  • Barney Frank needs to answer the aid-to-Israel question
  • Do we really need another 'Gandhi'?
    • “If you need to buy something, go the Jews. They are the only ones you can trust.”

      Absolutely true! I have never, ever been burned by a Jewish dealer, and the "count" is always spot-on.

    • "It gives a record of what the Jews have done to enrich the world? literature, art, music, drama, science, medicine, agriculture, etc."

      Typical. Sure, mention all the petty stuff, but don't breath a word about the bagel.
      Even my local Sufi supermarket sells bagels.

    • An America author named Terry Southern wrote a wonderful book about the great Mahatma, entitled simply "Gandhi". I read it when I was in early adolescence and it greatly influenced my life.

  • Creeping halacha?
    • "If all the women in the Hasidic neighborhoods who will agree not to walk on certain streets were laid end to end..."

      The row might reach all the way to Tel Aviv. After all, some of them are pretty tall.

    • These guys throwing the feces have really got to stop and think a bit. C'mon, is it really their Mother's fault their genitals were mutilated? Doesn't the blame for what ails them really lie with men, much more than women?

    • "Men and ladies don't go together. It's just our religion."

      And I was ready to lay the blame (from end to end, if you must know) for not defusing the Palestinian demographic time bomb at the feet of the closed thighs of Jewish women! Silly me!
      Frankly, if we are gonna beat them Ay-rabs, we better throw all this gender seperation stuff to the winds, and turn Israel into one big orgy, with all children, no matter what their origin, supported by the Jewish State. You know, like a kibbutz.

    • I used to be very indignant about all this gender segregation until I started studying the primitive cultures of New Guinea. Excessive contact with womens is considered by them to be enervating, and besides, it saps your "essence", your precious bodily fluids.
      I am glad Israel is taking a stand in favor of the conservation of precious male bodily fluids.

  • In Cairo, we consecrate the freedom of religion
    • "Why do you bother to post here, eee,"

      Because Phil's got him tied up in a basement, and beats him if he doesn't! Poor "eee"

    • "It began as a journalistic stunt story."

      Wow, and I thought "having your cake and eating it, too" was such severe criticism, I was almost afraid to write it.
      No matter how cynical I try to be, I can never keep up.

  • In memoriam: Hanan Porat, an extremist by any other name
    • There, maybe that's moderate enough to get through.

    • Mikhael, just a little tip: Wailing for sympathy because your country Israel may not end up 100% Jew-owned is probably not a good way to curry sympathy from Jews who have been sucessful in a country where they are about 2% of the population.
      In fact, quite the opposite, I would think. You look like a punk and a chicken.

    • Mooser the obscure. I mean, they hate Mondoweiss, everything on Mondo is a lie, all the commenters are stupid, and Mondo is anti-Semitism Central.
      But if one of their comments doesn't get through, they kvetch like a stuck pig.

      Funny, my computer gets thousands of websites, in every range of opinion, and it also has an amazing device called an "off switch". Guess I just got a good deal.

    • "LSD is a lot like hitting yourself with a hammer. In the head."

      That is, it feels so good when it finally stops, and the spaghetti stops writhing like a pole-axed blanc-mange.
      You know what I mean.

    • "It’s better to have a smaller country and fewer Arabs even it means giving up historically Jewish territory, and that is what will inevitably happen."

      Hey, if you're such a brave new Jew, why not just kill them all and eliminate the problem? Where's your guts, and can-do spirit, Zionist boy? Why lose when you can win?
      I thought Jews are better than Arabs (or do you deny that?) so why are you so afraid of them?

    • My good freakin' God on a pogo stick in a quicksand bog! This (Mikhael, et al) is the "new Jew" that Zionism made?
      Oh yeah, we are in great shape.

    • "It’s better to have a smaller country and fewer Arabs even it means giving up historically Jewish territory"

      Oh, that's very generous! So you plan to absorb all the settlers in pre '67 Israel? Gonna give them all homes and incomes to make up for what they lost? Don't forget to kick them up a few rungs in status (since there's no equality in Israel) and make sure they get the pick of the jobs and government positions.
      Yes, I know, anything is better than those Arabs, they'll steal your women!

    • "unacceptable price of too many Arabs in our tiny Jewish country."

      I feel for you Mikhael, I really do. I know how it is, I sympathise. Once the Jewish girls get a look at a real man, an Arab man, it's all over for you little faigelehs. Yup, you have every right to be worried. And what happens when they find out how smart they are? There goes the pure-Jewish birthrate, right down the toilet.
      Yup, Mikhael, I understand; you just can't compete.
      Well, you have my sympathy, and let me say, it couldn't happen to a nicer people than the Israelis. No, I don't think it could.

    • "The site has allowed an unprecedented and low attack on Porat..."

      Once again, I woke up with occluded bronchial passages, but they are clear now! ROTFLMSJAO!! A "low attack on Porat"! Stop, stop, you're killing me! My God, what will Mondoweiss do next, talk bad about Jesus!
      Cause if there's any guy who is universally regarded as one of the saints, it's Porat.

    • "As the picture shows, Porat was charismatic. Dangerously so."

      At least he won't do any more composing.

    • "War of ideas? All my contributions to this thread have been censored. You are scared to have a real discussion."

      Do they still throw the stale knishes at you if your posts are rejected? I'm not sure that's fair.

    • LSD is a lot like hitting yourself with a hammer. In the head.

    • "It would be like me trying to tie you into the Manson Murders because you did LSD when you were younger."

      Oh, c'mon, aren't you going to leave me anything to be proud of? Are you telling me I went through all that for nothing?

    • "do you really think you can put quote marks around your own text, pretend they are ours and then use it to “summarize” our ptv?"

      By the way, have you met Richard Witty? I believe he invented that technique. There's a bill before the Knesset to make a national holiday for him.

    • "So again, why do you post here?"

      You don't know? Phil and Adam have them tied up with toothpicks between their eyelids in front of computers, and if they don't read and comment, they get pelted with stale knishes. And believe me, that hurts.
      I'm sure they would get away if they could.

    • "Any useful comments here?"

      Gosh, if only you could somehow avoid this useless site! I can't tell you how I feel for you, deep down in my kishkas! Forced to read and comment at a worthless, mendacious and anti-Semetic site.
      Phil will have to answer for this someday! If not to me, than to God.

    • Well, going from from correspondent to churning out obituaries might be considered a demotion, but in this case, I think it's all in a day's work.

  • Operation Enduring Failure: Ten years of war on Afghanistan
    • You people make me sick! Sick, do you hear me? Why if we weren't fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, all those young people (women, too, for God's frickin sake!) who volunteered for the service would be here in the USA, and we would be that much closer to complete military facism, if not all the way there.
      Ever wonder what happened to all the tattle-tales, bullies and toadies you knew in school? Well you can thank dead Iraqis and Afghanis they aren't bossing you around right now.

      What a world, what a world. Only decent country on the planet is Sweden. They know what's important.

    • "I didn’t used to be this intense."

      I always was, after all, I was 1-A during the War on Vietnam. I felt very strongly about being ordered in battle by insane Southern (USA)officers, to fight people who I was much more likely to go and live with as soon as I tasted their food, or met their daughters.
      And I didn't want to die a virgin. Of course, by now I've accepted the situation.

    • "I actually supported the Afgan war at first. The reasoning was simple: the American people were so traumatized by 911 they would not be satisfied without war."

      Why didn't I think of that. Why, I never heard a better reason in my life.

    • "I still want to know the primary reason for the US even being at war in Afghanistan."

      You do? I'm sure Phil Weiss can answer your question. As I recall, he nearly volunteered his very own self to go and fight the Afghan threat.
      And if you saw the stuff my MIL knits, you'd be frightened, too!

  • Kol Nidre in Cairo. Not
    • Seems to me that for Phil, Judaism is a religion of having your challah and eating it, too.

    • In the immortal words of Marty Peretz, "murky and inchoherent".

    • Phil should be ashamed to walk into a shul, ashamed. How can he even begin to consider himself a Jew when he married "outside" and moreover, has no children?
      Oh well, some people have no shame. I oughta know, huh?

    • "You can’t put the Star of David in a synagogue and not realize that it’s also on the Israeli flag, and emblazoned on the shoulders of Israeli soldiers and etched into Israeli tanks and armored bulldozers."

      Bingo! You have rung the bell.

    • Well, Phil, if it starts to get to you, just remember, the guys at the Thoreau Club no longer dare make fun of us!
      Well, you, anyway. They still want nothing to do with me.

  • The Jewish-Palestinian book of life
    • "By the way, when I was in the IDF I was on duty during Yom Kipur plenty of times."

      Gosh, than all we have to do is look for atrocities or war crimes committed on the high Holy Days, and there you are! Yes, "eee" I know, it's all right, because you are an atheist.

      And of course, I, who believe in God, can't be a Jew because I don't believe in Zionism.
      Sure, makes perfect sense!

    • Oh, I'm such a grouch, I don't know why. I'm sure if Prof. Ellis had put "Empire Jews" and "Jews of Conscience" in quotes, Witty would have been smitten with understanding.

    • Oh, for God's sake, Witty, just put a sock in it, will ya?

  • What do a Jewish state and a Catholic table have in common?
    • Gee, I wonder which classification "eee" is in : "Jewish" or a "person without religion"?

    • Okay, "eee" maybe there are a few (ha, ha, ha) "atheist Jews". But let's get one thing straight, damnit! There are no anti-Zionist Jews!!
      Oh, maybe a few kapos and mosers, but certainly no good anti-Zionist Jews, huh?

    • "You can even ask Shmuel."

      "eee" if Shmuel lies or is wrong about everything else, why on earth should I believe him about that?

    • "What other kind of Jew is there?"

      Oh, that's easy: the "atheist Jew", of course! Just ask "eee"!

    • "it almost seems as if the confusion is deliberate."

      How dare you! What kind of people would debase their religion and their identity (or that part of it) like that?

  • Brutal eviction of Palestinian family in Jaffa caught on tape
    • I wonder when some smart anti-Zionist group will hire "eee" and pay him a large salary just to be himself? Be the best move they ever made!

    • "The Arab Revolt led to the Brituishsmachine the Palestinian leadership, exiling them and disarming the Palestinians."

      Gee, wasn't there an excellent article on this very subject at (of all places) Mondoweiss? And pretty recently.
      Of course, the article was written by somebody who's name ahd an "al" in it, so we can't expect "eee" to read it, or believe it if he did.

  • Romney and Perry get chummy with the anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian crowd
  • A society coming apart at the seams: Settlers attack IDF in the West Bank
    • “Get a job!”

      "Death to the Jews" I can take, in the spirit of friendly give-and-take, but that goes way beyond the pale. I get terrified just reading the words!

    • "I would love to hear eee’s prattle about this incident."

      We've already heard that. "eee" dismissed the activists as "leftists" and said they were just getting theirs, since the "leftists" have been "attacking Israelis for years".
      Frankly, those "leftists" are just getting what they deserved for establishing the kibbutz system. Wait a minute, now I'm confused.

  • 'Ready for a Tahrir moment?' - Occupy Wall Street, the 'Arab Spring' and Israel/Palestine
    • “NYPD cops, YOU ARE UNION and have been screwed by the banks too – Why aren’t you marching WITH us?”

      Gee, a couple more dollars in your pay-check (financial and job security) vs the feeling you are on the side of the elite and can bust heads with impounity? And can carry a gun? We don't need no stinkin' union!

    • Hophmi may not be sure of much in this world, but he is smugly sure that America will never, ever like Arabs as much as they like his brand of Zionist Jew! I mean, it just can't happen!
      And my Mama told me that rock n' roll would fade away, too!

  • US aid to PA withheld over statehood bid, Hamas, and 'failure to recognize Israel's right to exist as Jewish State'
    • "unworthy of the finger muscles it"

      Okay, I completely disagree. Laughter is, as shown by clinical studies on 4 out of five dentists, one of the best medicines, and those "zios" have reduced me to helpless hilarity time and time again. I'm surprised they aren't available only by prescription! I would recommend one or two threads, every six hours, as the medium adult dose. (Caution: taking a larger-than-recommended-dose may require extensive keyboard and screen cleaning.)

    • "I hope you aren’t a paid talkback poster in real life, because you’re doing a pathetic job here at MW."

      Really, hostage, can't you be just a little more easy-going? The guy is doing the best he can! Why I even think he punches, well, slaps, above his weight sometimes.

  • The new 'internalized conflict': Israeli settlers targeting Israeli activists w/ impunity
    • I do not think this is a good development. It's not good to feel smug, but if the Israelis insist on meeting my expectations of so many years, what can I do? Still, it's not a nice feeling.

      Yes, I know Richard, if I didn't feel that way about Zionism, none of this would be happening. Yes, "eee" and the rest, none of this is really happening.

  • An American Jew who emigrated to Israel is asked if the end of the Jewish state would be a tragedy for her
    • "But 50 years on, blacks are still mired in poverty in the south, Ned."

      At least the law changed, and laws decreeing and supporting segregation are illegal. Without that, the social and economic situation will never change. That's a hell of a lot better than Israel ever.... wait a minute, does Israel even have a constitution?

    • "Thanks for additional proof that you are a bigot."

      Oy Vey!! "eee", when I think of you, chained up in Phils summer-house, sleeping on a "cruddy, cruddy couch" and being forced to participate in a website full of bigots, I could just plotz!
      Good Heavens, he does give you Kosher Challah-and-water, I hope.
      I may agree with Phil about a lot of stuff, but forcing you to participate in Mondoweiss when you don't want to is unforgivable.

    • "As I said, semantic trickery…

      mikeo, nobody has ever accused Richard Witty of being anti-Semantic!

    • "Israel has a high tech economy....."


    • "Come on home, Marcey."

      Why, so she can vote for the Tea Party?

    • "The problem is not democracy in Israel. The problem is that not enough Israelis support her position."

      Wow, you just can't make Israel look bad enough, can you?

    • Or maybe the economic doldrums engendered by the War on Vietnam?

    • "Marcey Gayer, who emigrated to Israel from New York in 1971."

      Just one of the many seeking refuge from disco?

    • "Liberation is not racism."

      Well, I hate to point this out, Richard, but yes, "liberation" is indeed racism when you liberate racists. Yes, yes, I know, Jewish peiople can't possibly be racist.

      But then, don't let me distract you from hoping for the "liberation" of America's Christian Identity movement.

    • Gosh, Eliot, frankly I never knew liberals were ready to "dismantle the existing order", I just thought they wanted to adjust it somewhat.
      But thanks for making me prouder to be a liberal!

    • "She doesn’t have what it takes to face rubber bullets and teargas."

      Now, that's what I call a "Jewish Democracy

    • "This idea that you can profess one thing and have the reality of your life be the total inverse is absurd. "

      Thank you, Dan, thank you very much. About time somebody put that in plain language.

    • "Is she a Zionist?"

      No, she's only a little bit pregnant.

    • Whizdom, we've had a whole shitload or people here trying to convince us that Zionists are nice, so nice that we should forget about the Palestinians. What makes you think you can succeed where so many have failed? But go ahead and try, it's always interesting to see how big a gap there is between Zionist and human conceptions of decency.

    • Ah, the "newclench", same as the old clench.

      And your crap about Israel's economy is nonsense: Israel has a colonial economy, those who were closest to the initial dispossession, and those who take advantage of later dispossessions, do the best.

      There's simply no way around that, clenchner.

    • “don’t interbreed, it will be the end of us”

      I agree. Interbreeding can cause hemophilia, idiocy and congenital defects.

  • The death throes of Greater Israel
    • "Jews were not allowed to practice violence for so many years that some"

      There are no women or children in Judaism?

    • "If being against violence on the defenseless and the female makes me a bigot, fine. I’ll wear that badge proudly. And if making generalizations about all these settlers makes me a bigot, im ok with that too. I find these people repugnant."

      Oh my God, an American who will not accept the moral judgements of an Israeli. I bet Dan wouldn't even be disturbed if "eee" called him an "anti-Semite" Looks like hell is going to be a lot cooler than I thought.

    • You see, the problem is, a taste for violence isn't much use over the long term without an incredibly high birth-rate. But I have no doubt the Israelis will dispose with all that clumsy Jewish morality if it interferes with the progress of the Israeli State.
      But I have faith in Israel! I haven't the slightest doubt they can bring their sexual morality into line with their political morality. It's inevitable, so you Zionist women will just have to relax and learn to enjoy it. Does anybody know how you say "Strength through Joy" in Hebrew?

    • "The question is if American really share this value system."

      As far as I know, they do. Ever seen what Americans do with credit?
      Anyway, if the economic situation in the US gets worse, and Islamophobia is effective, well, lets just say my "Christian" neighbor has a sign on his window "Stand with Israel" He's never known a Jew, and he hates me (sent letters to my wife's employer filled with completely imaginary charges against me) but he's ready to "stand with Israel" And his son is in the Army.

    • "That’s why nobody in the world wants them back i think"

      You said a mouthful, kursato. I shudder at the thought of having those oinks back here in the states.

    • "Adam, settlers have been assaulting leftists for decades."

      Oh "leftists"! ROTFL!

    • "Am I saying that Israeli’s are prone to hitting women? "

      Read the police blotter in Haaretz. They most certainly prone to hitting women, and anybody else they can get their hands on.

    • "Young, Jewish and Proud ?"

      Well, you might want to back off on the "proud" thing, what with circumcision and all.

  • 'Rocks Falling from the Sky': Settlers attack Palestinians and internationals in Dura al-Kara
    • "you and people like you have to end them, and you have to end the settlements now."

      What? Say what? You want Israelis to engage in ethnic cleansing?

    • "And most of the settlers are religious so they follow all the mitzvot, the hypocrites."

      Makes my blood boil, it does! Can you imagine, there are people who come to Mondoweiss and tell us those settlers "aren't real Jews" or don't follow the Jewish religion! Do they follow even half the mitzvot the settlers do? Hypocrites! Saying the religious settlers aren't good Jews!
      Sometimes I can't believe the persistence of anti-Semitism, that people should tell lies like that. Why, I bet those settlers are better Jews than 90% of the Jews in the US, you-shrimp eaters you. You know who you are, and I can smell crustacean on your breath!

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