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  • Trump appoints ex-Israeli settler to oversee peace process
    • "I wonder whether just being a student for a year or two makes you a settler"

      Well, if you've got what it takes, "Yonah". If I remember correctly, you couldn't make the cut.
      But don't worry "Yonah", as the Good Book says: "They also serve who stand and kvetch.

    • "We need to find a new name for..."

      Well, "F_Aipac", I might suggest that you need a new name.
      An underscore ("_") in a user name prevents the archive system from working on this site.
      May I suggest you take it out? Or you might be accused of being "anti-archive"!

    • "A lot of them are ordinary US military grunts..."

      Ah, of course, veterans! That must be the explanation for this: The neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer is organizing an armed march against Jews in Whitefish, Montana.

      Hmmm, "Whitefish, Montana?. Isn't that where Richard Spenser's parents live?

    • "Where is the source for the claim Trump supporters despise Israel?"

      They like Israel, but feel rather ambivalent towards actual American Jews. That's what I gathered during the campaign.

    • Maybe Trump could get Putin's Russia to kick in half the 38 billion, and save Medicare, the ACA, and Social Security in the US!

  • Netanyahu accuses Obama of betraying 'commitment' to Israel and initiating U.N. resolution
    • I think it is simpler than that "Kay24". Trump is getting the only people who will (at least temporarily) consent to work for him. And there will be hearings.

    • "It doesn’t matter how many settlers there are."

      Well, it sorta does, "Mag". When tens or hundreds of millions of people with a single end in mind start a mass migration, there's hardly any stopping it.

    • ." I think this is domestic Israeli politics."

      In that case, do we even have the right to look at it or think about it? It's "singling Israel out", isn't it?

    • "It’s spelled davening,"

      Co-rrect! I habitually mispell it with an "a". The point is, sneaking up on a man while he's brocha-ing is abominable!

      Some Rabbis say the prayers are valid if the weapon is not cocked while praying. Others disagree. What say you, "Yonah"? But keep a sharp lookout behind you.

    • Wait a minute. Does an IDF soldier get court-martialed for davaning on guard duty, and letting Obama sneak up on him?

  • Netanyahu ignored US warnings and brought Israel's 'international isolation' on itself -- Ben Rhodes
    • "What would that mean for the world’s climate; how will these people be provided proper education and sanitation. Bleak times ahead."

      I know what you mean "catalan". Everything sucks. You've already covered 1, 2 and 3.

    • "In 20-25 years there will be about three billion Muslims worldwide; 600 million Arabs, including ten to twelve million Palestinians between the River and the Sea; 150 million Turks and 150 million Iranians."

      I know, I know, maybe I'm ethnocentric, but I think 2 billion Jews could give all those people a real run for their money. We are as good as they are, as smart as they are, and gosh darn it, people like us.

    • ."They only grow where the sun never shines"

      My good man, I think I can, without fear of contradiction or demurrer, say that there is very little I don't know about being stuck where the sun don't shine.

    • "The delegitimizing I can live with but I have to have those cherry toms"

      Cherry toms. are the easiest tomatoes to grow. You can grow 'em in a pot on a windowsill, if you have to. Growing good big tomatoes is much harder.

    • "– SD cannot be admissible for an alien, invader population on territory they are alien to, no matter how fervently held their superstitions; –
      SD cannot admit asking –as if they were equals– an invader population that came with the public, declared intent of taking over sovereignty and extromitting (or worse) the local population. -"

      Nicely said, "echin"!

    • "Niddah can work miracles."

      No, thank you, want no part of "niddah". Never liked it.

    • “Strict justice” isn’t the only human value either, btw."

      Than we agree, nothing should be allowed to stand in the way of Israel shrinking to it's natural and appropriate size.

    • "In 1861 11 American states “self determined” to become their own country. This was rejected by the Union government. California would be treated similarly."

      Hey, "Jon66" what's grey and always carries a trunk?

    • "Netanyahu’s on the edge of the cliff and losing his footing:"

      " The Spirits have done it all in one night."

    • "Where we disagree is on whether “strict justice” is actually achievable. I don’t think it is."

      And what, may I ask, is your plan to produce enough Zionist Jews, willing to do what needs to be done to immortalize this injustice? Compulsory Zionism? Compulsory Judaism? Compulsory fertility drugs? A US Constitutional Amendment backing Israel forever?

      Don't get me wrong, as I have said, I think a tenth of us, 180 million strong, can do it even if the rest refuse!

    • Marshall is back on track, it's all Obama's fault, for not making fixing Israel the first consideration of his American Presidency. And nobody's fault but theirs.

    • "Israel is fucked. YESHA is suicidal"

      Not if most of 2 billion Jewish people want it to succeed. Call me ethnocentric if you want, but I think a mere 180 million could do it.

    • "Josh Marshall echoes that point."

      And that echo is a far cry from the sounds made just a little while ago.

  • Obama stands up to Trump (and Israel)
    • "In a huge coincidence, next year Obama will receive a few hundred million for his leadership center"

      And in another "huge coincidence", commenter "catalan" who should know better, forgets how a "foundation" works, or even that there is such a thing.

      And of course, the Obama's have a long and disgraceful record of mixing private and public business, don't they?

  • 'NY Times' trivializes UN abstention, reducing it to 'tense and tetchy' relationship between Obama and Netanyahu
    • "It is not surprising, that hophmi, who has ‘adopted the worst of Jewish tendencies"

      Nah, there's worse tendencies, like getting all caught up in prayer during IDF Guard duty.

    • "Hophmi", our 2 billion is every bit as good as their 2 billion!

    • "Remind me. Have we (me and you, eva) ever had an exchange of thoughts or ideas that one could call civil?"

      Right you are, "Yonah"! So have you ever thought about not be such a jerk, and maybe learning a few manners?

      (Hey folks, it's Christmas, and Christmas is traditionally a day for miracles. It could happen.)

  • Breaking: UN Security Council passes historic resolution against settlements as two-state solution 'slips away'
    • "these are the main points: the settlements are illegal and are obstacles towards reaching a two state solution"

      But Israel can't possible move 60 million people out of the occupied territories, can they?

      ." And two states is really the only possible solution, the only game in town."

      No, no, cheer up, "Jon s". The way support for Zionism is collapsing, and considering the dwindling number of Jews willing to do what it takes, it's more likely Zionism won't be able to maintain any kind of a state at all. What numbers can you guarantee? How many people for how long, how much money, willing to work under the two-state conditions?
      I mean, if you want to have two-states, the Zionists must guarantee they will be able to maintain their state under those conditions, or else why support them?

    • "I thought there was around 600,000 illegal Jewish settlers in Occupied Palestine"

      My dear "rosross", I think you are laboring under a misconception. 600,000 people is not even enough for a fair-sized city.

      Okay 6 million will fill one good-size city. But what about all the other cities in "Israel"?

    • In two articles i read today, one by Josh Marshall, the other by Uri Avnery, attested to Obama saying that he was not going to expend all his political capital trying to get the Israelis to do what was good for them.

    • "just" you know my memory is not too good. Are there 10 million settlers or 100 million?

    • "watching their orange jackass President make America “great” again in his crude fashion."

      In six months, the entire country will be in a rage with Obama for leaving the Presidency to Trump.

    • "No sign in the offing of even the preliminaries to Enlightenment"

      Me neither. I took a few pre-med courses a long time ago, but that was it.

    • "Though dying is an even more common practice than dyimg. I’ve no enthusiasm for that, either."

      If I am not mistaken enlightened beings are exempt from reincarnation, too, after the sad event. So is it worth it?

    • "Hops is sounding more and more like Groucho Marx!"

      "Hophmi"? He's always fighting for Israel's honor, (which is more than Israel has ever done).

    • "Do people with Jewish heritage nowhere have the freedom to reject both? "

      Okay, then take the "or" as an "and/or". The point is; there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that Zionism and/or Judaism can do to compel American Jews to do the things Zionism needs done.

    • "and those who need cures for deadly diseases." "catalan"

      "I am ashamed (although I don't like that word) of a lot of things I have done personally. As the years go by and the end approaches, things have caught up with me." "catalan"

      "Money is not everything mooser. Take it from someone that knows. You can't buy life, health, meaning or happiness with money" "catalan"

      Oh jeez, "catalan", I'm sorry. I hope things don't go too badly for you. All the money in the world can't cure some things.

    • "Read aluf benn on the topic. He captures my reaction."

      Gee, you don't think there's any possibility that you captured Aluf Benn's "reaction"?

    • "the annexation of East Jerusalem will always be deemed illegal; any further annexations of the West Bank will always be be deemed illegal; the Apartheid Wall will always be deemed illegal. Israel will never escape from under a huge dark and ominous cloud of illegality and moral condemnation"

      And remember, "Yonah" outside of Israel, people have the freedom to decide whether they will identify with Judaism or Zionism, and what they will do for it.

    • "not a peep:"

      I think it is wonderful that Mondo allows "Yonah" to post his personal blog in the comment section of Mondo.

    • ." and nobody forgot obama was leaving office."

      It'll take about six months for Trump voters to figure out that Obama isn't there any more, and Trump wasn't elected for a reality show.

    • "The Israel lobby group AIPAC expressed anger at Obama and fear of what the historic resolution will unleash, and it pivoted to Trump:"

      That didn't take long.

  • 'Guardian' newspaper fails to support colleague facing deportation threat from Israeli government
    • "chet" , everything about Zionism makes more sense if you always adjust the figures up by two orders of magnitude. 300,000 should be 30 million.

  • 'Friedman is a warm Jew' -- Israelis approve of Trump's ambassador nominee
    • "Happiness is a wam jew?"

      '♫ Shoot, shoot, cry, cry ♪'

    • "—- and let’s not forget orange Jews!"

      Oh, those would be the ones who voted for trump.

    • "Last time I checked, I am a 37 C (98.6 F) Jew. Can you live with that, or are you one of those who only prefers Jews at room temperature?"

      Oh really, is this appropriate? Chill out, wouldja please?

  • With US reportedly poised to abstain on U.N. resolution slamming Israel, Egyptians withdraw it under pressure
    • "–a fake birth certificate that must be canceled pdq."

      Yes, as I see it, that is exactly the attitude that Zionists take. They want very badly to be rid of it, and get a new one.

    • "I wish people would stop repeating the idea that 1948 borders (UN Partition) is some sort of lasting solution."

      The Partition is not Israel's 'briar patch'. They are not going to return to the Partition and say 'this is where we wanted to be all along'.

    • ." trump applied the finale by his unfaltering strong masculinity" "captADKer"

      Wow, out of all the hopes we've seen poured into Trump's empty suit, that's gotta be the most desperate.

    • "More like, no issue should get attention except Israel."

      Oh no, "Hophmi" has forgotten how to work his browser again.

    • "Meanwhile, a genocide is occurring in Syria, but you know, passing another resolution condemning Israeli settlements is clearly more important . . ."

      International law says that only the worst crisis occurring should get any attention, and all other injustice or genocide gets a pass.

  • Wikileaks emails did a tremendous public service, revealing how government works
  • Israel lobby group threatens lawsuit if MLA endorses academic boycott
  • Making David Friedman ambassador to Israel is a boon for ISIS
  • Forced existence
    • "But of course, nothing happens in a vacuum and all religions arose from the belief systems of the various ages, blending together in myriad form, numerous deities and dogmas."

      I think that's a good way to look at it, too.

    • "I could go on and show more and more..."

      Oh, I'm sue you could. And give us lots of "de facto sequiters", too. A look at the reasoning of a Zionist, always dispassionate, free from any taint of self-interest, and without a hint of any social or moral entitlement, let alone false accusations, or (shudder) prejudice or bigotry must be very daunting for those who would oppose the will of almost all of 2 billion Jews!
      But don't worry "Abe" the message shines through: "Arabs" bad, Israel good" is pretty much the intended takeaway?
      And if the area isn't up to your standards, you could always move away.

  • Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist
    • "Maybe. I think you are more likely to be on your way to your next life"

      That fast? Brutal. I imagine computers have reduced that nice interregnum while the paperwork for your next incarnation got processed (the wheel of dharma turns slowly, but it does turn) to a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. Like the rabbit who came back as gangster. Hare today, goon tomorrow.

    • "This could be poor personal hygiene, or it could be a result of being dead. Neither situation necessarily implies that the self has ceased to exist."

      So I can attend my own funeral? Good. I want to make sure my wife quotes MLK JKr. like I asked her to.

    • "This work demonstrates that a necessary condition of personal identity is the continuous existence of the self."

      I've noticed that, too! When the self ceases to exist, you sort of lose your identity. After that , well, you start to smell bad, and it's time for the good old obsequies.

    • "thanks for the trefa banquet"

      Oh, don't go right after dinner. We haven't had our just deserts yet.

    • "“You can denote something correctly and have antisemitic intent.”

      Best not to say anything at all. You will only get in trouble.

    • "i broke my heart trying to organize a rational approach to our evolving communities issues, only to be asked if all the lunch was halal"

      "gamal", my friend, cheer up. That kind of thing can happen to anybody.

    • ," I am not concerned with what Yoni actually said. I am interested in what any of us is allowed to say."

      What is that, a koan?

    • "As for discussing peace, I’ve recently received a communication from Gershon Baskin,"

      Ooo! That's cool!
      I am so going to call all my e-mails "a communication" from now on! "I have recently received 'a communication' from Amazon informing me of a discount!"

    • HOPHMI- “Every minority group contain folks like this; they’re people who internalize the bigotry directed toward them and regurgitate it toward their own.”

      Gee, "Hophmi" just so we are all on the same page, could you give us some names, or even groups within "minority group" "people who internalize the bigotry directed toward them and regurgitate it toward their own"

      Please, just three or four examples, from three or four different "minority groups" would explain it clearly.

      OH, BTW, "Hophmi" you know I was brought up Reform, so I maybe didn't get all the fine points. Is this kind of socio-religious backbiting and judgmentalism required of us as religious Jews, or is it just something we do for fun?

      And BTW, "Hophmi" Jews are not a "minority group" in the US.

    • "The term ” the settlements” has an accepted, conventional, meaning in the context of the conflict."

      Exactly! They are all illegal. What 'legalized' your settlement of Beersheba "Jon s"?
      Must be that assured 'legality' which makes them murder people.

      Aren't the Israeli authorities still seeking the perps?

      I wonder who will be "turning themselves in".

    • "Actually, according to the stated rules at Mondoweiss, antisemitism isn’t permitted."

      "Hophmi" old buddy, would you answer a question for me? Do you consider the things you say about Phil Weiss (282 results) "anti-Semitic"?

    • "I’m also interested in the question of what we are allowed to say. Does “free speech ” include hate speech? racism? calls for violence and murder?"

      Like declaring, with absolutely no evidence, that a person is a "murderer" and "war criminal" and "anti-semite" and should be prosecuted?
      That kind of irresponsible and hateful speech?

    • "Mooser, the issue I am interested in is what we are allowed to say."

      So why don't we look at what "Yoni" said, instead of what "Hophmi" and "Jon s" says he said? That might be a better place to start.

    • "Phil is a lot more interesting to me than Yoni is,"

      See a shrink. They are paid to deal with people's unhealthy obsessions.

    • "So the sum total is that antisemitism is permitted here."

      Uh-oh! This looks bad. "Hophmi",( Zionism's own Andrey Vyshinsky) is building his case!

      "Well, there are certainly many books by, you know, geneticists and scholars of religion, on these topics"

      Yeah, that must be where this came from, a real expert:

      "Self-hatred is a disease. It is a sad disease borne of many generations of persecution, but it is a disease. And Phil is afflicted with it, (and Yoni is afflicted with it, and Annie is afflicted with it, and well, everybody except me and Yonah is afflicted, and I'm not so sure about him!) as many Jews have been in the past. And it is usually the self-haters who cause the worst damage to the Jewish community, precisely because of how small it is." - See more at:

    • "Surely the interesting question is whether or not Judaism is silly and repugnant." -

      That's not the issue, "RoHa". Good ol "Jon s" is using the same diversions he uses on his students.

      Problem is, "RoHa", that "Jon s" is lying again. "Yoni Falic" did not say Judaism is silly and repugnant. He said it seemed silly and repugnant to him..
      Not only is that not anti-semitic (we all have a right to an opinion of our own religion, don't we?) it's not even "Jon s" business.

      "Yoni Falic" I am happy to say, obviously scares the crap out of "Hophmi" and "Jon s".

    • "The frequency with which Shlomo Sand is cited here is an example of confirmation bias. "

      Same comment, over and over, only the names change.

      "The key point here is that he quotes Gilad Atzmon's views, shared by some commentators"

    • "But, you know, there’s no evidence that he actually hated Jews."

      And what is more, no evidence that Pablo Christiani died in 1274, and isn't out there ordering Star-O-David badges from right this minute!

    • "You are really so full of it."

      You might notice that "Jon s" had no trouble at all, in fact eagerly embraced the idea that an IDF soldier would commit war crimes under orders.
      "Jon s" never doubted that, or tried to claim "Yoni" might be mistaken.

      And now "Jon s" wants the Gentiles to prosecute "Yoni" for the crime of not being an enthisiastic 'Jewish Army' soldier. Weird.

    • ," ad hominem attacks against his interlocutors, as he did with Jon S "

      "Yoni Falic" accused "Jon s" of being, in just these words, a "murderer" and "Anti-Semite" (with two capital letters!)? Is that what "Yoni Falic " did?

    • "Hophmi" do you think "Yoni" will "fall away" like Phil Weiss?

      "Hophmi" wouldn't it be less effort, and achieve the same result, if you simply used the "fall away" comment, (which you have never bettered, it was a masterpiece!) and plugged in new names, as required? Instead of writing essentially the same comment over and over.

      "He’s, of course, neither a scholar of religion or a scholar of genetics"

      You are right , and he's never claimed to be those things. He is, however, a well educated person who grew up in Israel, participated in Zionist life, and knows the score.

    • "If you think yonifalic is not an Anti-semite, and is trying to “save ” Israel, you probably haven’t been reading his comments"

      Oh, I get it, your IDF duty is seeking out and denouncing "Anti-semites" (now with only one capital letter!)

      Oh, BTW, "Jon s" have you ever heard about that silly "false witness" thing we Jews are down on?

    • "When I was of the right age, I did my service in the IDF."

      ROTFLMSJAO! And what, exactly, did that consist of? A commission as a lieutenant- teacher?
      A weekend of reserve duty? Please, "Jon s".

    • "you still fall back on this nation/homeland tripe"

      Funny, isn't it? Israel is supposed to have a right to exist because of how small it is?
      So the fewer Jews, the more right?

    • "As the years go by and the end approaches, things have caught up with me." "catalan"

      Oh my gosh, I had forgotten about your terminal condition. I'm sorry. I sincerely hope you live to enjoy your personal Trump financial windfall.

    • "The next several years will concentrate wealth further."

      And all that wealth is just sure to concentrate on you. You are the very guy Trump is intent on making rich, or rather richer.

    • Oh boy, Talkback is going to “expose” my game, using the archive…wow.

      Oct 18, 2015
      "Terrorist attack in Beersheva this evening.." - See more at:

    • ," there’s room, and justification , for one (1!) small Jewish state"

      If there was so much room, why was there a nakba? If there was so much "justification" why is Israel in violation of its own founding documents and all kinds UN resolutions?

      "Jon s". all any state needs in terms of room is the power to take it, and to justify itself. 180 million Jews should be able to accomplish that with no problem.

    • "Why is it ok for all those nations, but not for the Jews to have a nation-state?"

      "Jon s" if 2 billion Jews want to have a "nation-state", who can stop them? You don't need anybody's permission! Frankly, at the risk of being ethnocentric, I would say 180 million Jews, a tenth of that, could do it.

      "Does that mean that you’re free from lighting Hanukkah candles and eating potato latkes this week?"

      Imagine that, "Jon s"! Jews lighting candles and eating potato latkes (they're good!) without being Zionists! Better get used to it. Your stupid "Jewish State" gives you no religious or social ascendancy over the other Jews in the world.

      And if we turn against you, what have you got?

    • "And the fact that Trump will be great for people like me at least financially"

      By "great for people like me" you mean people who steal from the Government, and break conflict-of-interest laws? And don't pay taxes?

      But please, tell me, in his life, who has Trump been good for "at least financially"? Or do you have a personal deal with him?

    • "All the Westerners love to side with the Palestinians so that they don’t have to look inward, at their own flawed countries, and their own wicked and materialistic self."

      Ah, yes, that must be what the 38 billion dollars to Israel is all about.

    • "Yonifalic is therefore a self-confessed war criminal and should be prosecuted."

      "Yoni Falic" was a conscripted, drafted, IDF soldier. How is he different from all the IDF soldiers around him.
      Oh, that's right, "Yoni" seems to have come to some unfavorable conclusions concerning what Israel asked him to do during his service. That makes him a "war criminal"?

      But of course, if "Yoni" had decided what he did was necessary in defense of Israel, he would be a proud IDF vet, and not a war criminal?

    • "Not a word of condemnation for Yonifalic,a despicable murderer of innocent Palestinians. Does he get a pass because he’s at present a despicable Anti-Semite?"

      Yeah, Okay Daffy.

      Would you be calling him these names ("murderer"," Anti-Semite", with two capitol letters!) if "Yoni" had said he was proud or even okay with what he was ordered to do by the IDF, the Jewish Army. Israel never found any fault with him.

      You are admitting the IDF is a war-crimes army, "Jon s"., and Israel is incapable of doing anything about it. So you are demanding IDF vets turn themselves in to other jurisdictions?

      (Again "Jon s" has never been subject to conscription or military service as an American resident of Israel. That's his 'two-state solution')

      And I might mention "Jon s" you are making a fairly complete ass of yourself going down this road. Why don't we find out what unit "Yoni" was in, and how Israel regarded the actions of that unit?

    • "Israel is a nuclear armed state and I suspect willing to use them." "catalan"

      And won't that be "good for the Jews"!! We'll be feted and saluted world-wide! Hooray for Zionism!

    • "Talkback", do you think "Jon s" would be crying for "Yoni's" trial if "Yoni" said he was proud, or even okay, with what he did in the IDF?

      I sorta doubt it. "Gamal" put it well: "go Hapless Be’er Sheva, only your malice exceeds your ineptness "

    • "Yonifalic is therefore a self-confessed war criminal and should be prosecuted. Any court of law can take into account his confession and expression of remorse, when it comes to sentencing, but that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be put on trial"

      Why doesn't the IDF, or Israel, prosecute "Yoni Falic"? The IDF and Israel, found absoilutely nothing wrong with the way "Yoni Falic, IDF soldier carried out the orders of the IDF

      "Jon s" are you a baby? Are you so naive that you don't know what a deep hole you just stepped in?
      Again I ask you : WHY DOESN'T ISRAEL OR THE IDF PROSECUTE HIM? Why are you begging for somebody outside Israel to prosecute him??

      "Jon s" the tricky sicarii, he'll get the Gentiles to prosecute "Yoni" for his unfaithfulness to the Jewish cause. Now, that's tribal unity!

    • "As you may know, I support the two states concept"

      ROTFLMSJAO!! You sure do! An Israeli and US state. "Jon s" supports "Jon s" having a Jewish colonial state and a good ol' USA to come back to when the joke is over.

    • "Mooser , I assume by neighbours you are referring to..."

      "Jon s" who was there, and got a couple of good penalty kicks in. And to top it off, he immediately wrote in to Mondo to tell us Beersheba had a "terrorist attack".

      It's all there in archives.

    • "As you may know, I support the two states concept:"

      "Jon s" is too modest to brag about it, but the fact is, Israel has discovered a way to double the land area and resources of Palestine! Plenty of states for everybody, Islamic or Jewish.

      So he won't have to give his settlement Beersheba back, he will just make another one for Palestinians to live on!

    • "Actually, it seems to me that the term , “peace”, is rarely discussed here."

      Have you discussed "peace" with your neighbors in Beersheba? Like maybe not kicking innocent Eritreans to death?

    • "When I respond to Yonifalic’s hatefilled and outrageous comments"

      That is a scurrilous lie, "Jon s". There is nothing "hatefilled and outrageous" about "Yoni's" comments. Under the circumstances, they are quite moderate.

      Nor does he exhibit your revolting sanctimony, or for that matter, your out-size sense of entitlement, and pretension of moral ascendancy.

    • "Can you please explain"

      Gee, up till now you were all, like, 'Me an' Trump, he's for rich guys like me' and now it's all 'poor me' ("As the years go by and the end approaches, things have caught up with me".)

      Why this precipitous descent from successful self-reliance to puerile self-pity?

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