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  • Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won
    • . "But it does not stand up to analysis."

      Your comment stands up to 8 clicks of the wheel. But that's about it.

      (And BTW, sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming "Na-na, I can't hear you!" is not exactly "analysis", "Yonah")

    • "So please do respond with a solution that could work… below instead of ranting."

      Sure, but we'll need to know how many Jewish Israelis can be guaranteed to stay in Palestine under new, non-Zionist conditions. If a solution makes living in Israel less attractive, or leaves Israel with reparatory burdens, can Israel guarantee enough Jews will stay to make it viable?

    • That's it "Kochbar" go for the long nutter-mutter.

      "Bar Kochbar was a Jewish Leader in 132CE – he revolted against the Romans trying to liberate Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple…. Not sure which Bar Kochbar your history book refers to, certainly not an expansionist"

      Very true, Bar Kochba didn't do much expanding. Instead, he blew the entire thing.
      May you be blessed with as much success as he had.

    • "Forgive my challenging the grain (I guess this will get deleted)." "Bar Kochbars"

      What a surprising and original opening gambit. Never seen a Zionist open a comment that way before.

    • "… After all it is better to stand by principles than resolve anything ever…"

      And after all, a principled delay can only bring a redoubling of Jewish numbers, an ever more implacable Zionist unity among Jews, and increasing Jewish alienation from Gentiles.
      You bet "Bar", old boy, time-ime-i- ime is on our side, yes it is!

    • Bar Kochbar? Good user-name! Reminds us of the fearsome reach and success of Jewish militarism.

      Shorter "Bar Kochbar": 'If 2 billion Jews want a Jewish State, nobody can stop them!'

    • "RoHa" the article put me in mind of this long-ago post from "Lawrence of Cyberia" .

  • Scenes from Gaza on the last day of 2016
    • "If you could give one piece of advice to these people to improve their situation, what would you tell them?"

      Well, "leopold" here's your advice:

      "When these people give up their dream of pushing the Jews into the sea, they might have a chance of gaining self-determination. After almost 70 years, clinging to the rhetoric of Israel's complete destruction and the death of every Jew in the world should be seen as counter-productive." - See more at:

  • Resolution for 2017: Stop substituting 'the occupation' for 'Zionism'
    • Thanks, very much, "irishmoses".

    • ".the problem is that the Jews have been to few in number but the population is building and the defences are improvin"

      "the problem is that the Jews have been too few in number". Now, why might that be?
      Anyway, what's the minimum number of Zionist Jews needed to keep Israel viable? If new rights for Palestinians, or even a state, make conditions in Israel less attractive to Jews, how many can Israel guarantee will stay under the new conditions?

    • It's awful, the anti-semites have already broken "Naftush's" syntax!

      "on the thing the writer wishes to obliterate: Zionism as Jew vs. gentile everywhere"

      Because "Zionism as Jew vs. gentile everywhere" is the best way to sell Zionism to day's Jews.
      You stick with that, "Naftush", and don't let anybody take it away from you. Why, just think of how badly we have the "gentiles" outnumbered!

    • "Mooser, I could care less if YOU think I am anti Semitic. I was being sarcastic."

      Oh, I see. Very clever. You sure showed me.

      "In my personal life, I am in an interracial relationship and do not set a color requirement for friendship"

      That's nice.. Some of my best friends are Jews.

    • "I consider his ideas valid for his people and your ideas valid for your people."

      And "Yonah" non-sequiturs that one right out of the park!

    • "Maybe if all of us started using “Jews ONLY colonies,” we might get people to see how today’s Israel has very much in common with the old Jim Crow South and its Whites ONLY accommodations"

      Oh, come on. Don't you know the entire basis of today's conservative movement is that America went down the tubes when we passed the Civil Rights Laws, and lost our freedom to discriminateand lost our freedom to make choices? You are, I assume, in favor of people being "free" and making "choices"

      So you want the US to interfere in the administration of Israel the way the Northern Federal government dictated to the Southern segregation States? You want people to support Israel losing the same 'freedumbs' we have lost in the US?

      So there you go, I've lined up a bunch of icons, and given you a baseball bat. Start smashing.

    • "Or am I being “anti Semitic”?"

      Let me give you a tip, "Atlantaiconoclast": If you have to ask other people "Or am I being anti-semitic?" and don't know yourself whether you are, you shouldn't fool around with this stuff. You will only get yourself in trouble.

  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
    • "I love the way you refer to the dearly to be wished rational actions by reasonable actors."

      Actually, I do think that. Any possibility of accounting and responsibility, or loss of advantage and privilege will make 'rational actors' leave Israel.
      I can't see very many hanging around to be prosecuted.

    • ," very well know that they all are wanted for hanging for crimes against peace and genocide."

      From what I can gather an awful lot of it can be taken care of by removal of the settlements, and fines or jail time, or ejection from Palestine. I am sure very, very few people will be in line for capital punishment, if such a thing is even considered.

    • "Nor on a new years day afternoon for that matter."

      I like Pres. Carter's cure for a hangover: Set a dog on the hare that bit you!

      ( And I love Pres. Carter, but let's face it, I'm a jokie. My family may intervene and send me to Humornon.)

    • "The Ashkenaze are not the only population that proved that the dangers of inbreeding, while not absent, had been greatly exaggerated."

      Uh, wait a minute. I'm confused. Just how much "in" are we talking about "breeding" here?

    • "There’s an episode in the New Testament where a Gentile women begs him to help her too, after he had said he was only addressing fellow Hebrews."

      You mean the episode of the Samaritan woman who left her pot at the well?

    • Not, I hasten to add, that there is anything untoward in being hung over on New Year's day morning. I hasten to add that.

    • "Surely the massive numbers of Jews opting to marry outside of the family"

      Well, there can be serious medical consequences for marrying inside the family, is what I've heard.

    • "Your recipe falls short..."

      I imagine it does. All the ingredients for a Jeeves special have never been revealed, that I know of.

    • "Judaism will split between Orthodox and others"

      "Mag" uh, hasn't that sort of already happened? Started happening about late 1800s, and we've been split for a long time. You know, "Conservative" and "Reform" and more, too.

    • "echin" I don't know why it took me so long to catch on. You are hung over. Try a raw egg beaten up in a cup of sherry with some Worcestershire sauce and pepper, with a dash of laudanum and a shot of Mariani's.

    • "I dunno if there is going to be a schism among Jews, or not."

      I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure the history shows that, if they have the freedom to do so Jew respond to dissatisfaction with Judaism by moving further away from the organized religion as it exists, and possibly making new forms of the religion.
      If no denomination has any coercive power over Jews, what, exactly, is there to schism over?

    • "is it relies on the rest of the people (non jews) buying into this insanity"

      I agree with you, but I think there's an extra "s" in the sentence.

      ," if one doesn’t accept the underlying premise of a constant threat of jewish annihilation"

      It's true, too. We don't have anywhere near the numbers and birth-rate needed for world-changing colonial projects, we won't give up on. We have a hard time retaining people, and don't make conversion easy, and we are split into contentious factions. Our theology is a mess. When I find out who did that to us I will... well, let's just say 'the time for chatter will be over!'

    • " mr. highfalutin know it all."

      Sounds like "echin" is talking himself into total radicalization The time for mere chatter is over, and "echin" is ready to meet the challenge!
      Whadja have in mind, "echin"?

  • UN resolution on settlements is a step back for Palestinians
    • I don't get this. Can Israel guarantee there will always be sufficient Jews to man the settlements? That there will always be Jews willing to live under those illegal and dangerous circumstances?
      I don't think Israel can.

    • "a person regarded as effeminate or cowardly."

      Whew! That's not me. I am appropriately gentle in a manly way, and prudent. Not 'cowardly'.

      Distraction is the better part of velour, I always say.

    • "The longer some of us take this kind of nonsense seriously, the more of a fig leaf we provide for the ongoing genocide and annexation –that’s the only purpose of the tongue-wagging."

      Well, "Echin" when the tongue-wagging stops, a man still wants to look his best. What size to you take in a vest? S. M, or L or XL? You want the impermissibles on the outside or in the lining?

  • Hate speech and hypocrisy: Some Jews will swallow anything, if it comes from Donald Trump
    • "Heaven help us all if religious leadership chooses that route."

      Why it's the perfect route for them! They are in with the powerful, and look at the choice they leave any Jews questioning Zionism: re-join your Zionist and normative Judaism brothers, or get it from both sides, since the Zionist Jewish leaders can not promise anti-zionists protection from the anti-semites. Just Zionists.
      That ought to get those synagogues full on Saturday mornings.

  • The NY Times attempts to isolate Kerry from Obama
    • "will BLM/CODEPINK/OCCUPYWS/JVP be there too?"

      What's your problem, "CaptADKer"? Zionist Jews will get protection from the anti-semites, and anti-Zionist (or even Israel-critical) will be on their own. That will force us to become Zionist, won't it.

      And why are you always so shortspoken "Capt"? You know what we call short-spoken people, don't you? "Curt".

    • "from whom will obama distance himself next?"

      Oh no! What if Obama alienates Trump?

      BTW, "captADKer" will you be going to Whitefish for the march? Don't want to distance yourself from the Trump folks. Boteach is going.

  • A bi-national, democratic state is the only option Israel and Kerry has left us with
    • "Many? I hope that is true, but do you have figures to document this?"

      You can find those with the figures concerning the Palestinian viewpoint on Fox news, "even at the height of the suicide bombings in Israel"

  • Why Obama waited 8 years to take on Netanyahu
    • "hey brewer consider this."

      Check your shoes, "mcohen". I hope you aren't wearing Vibram soles.

    • "Well, Mooser, I’m a little older (and way more decrepit) than you suppose me to be"

      I always try to be complimentary. There is about you "echin", a bloom of imperishable youth.
      Try never to lose it.

    • "Is it the old “British Mandate preamble – UN article 80” sketch"

      "UN article 80"? And it counts! Be a till, my heart!
      No, that isn't it.
      "Be a still, my heart!"
      No that was last night.

      Anyway, it seems as if the little bird has flown.

    • "Care to explain how they’re not illegal"

      "Talknic" haven't we been through this settlements-are-really-legal thing before? If I remember aright (and I don't care to Google) some settlement leader's lawyer or something thought he had a case. All he had was a bottle of pilpuls.

    • Okay, I get it, everything Trump and the Republicans want to do is Hilary and Obama's fault.

    • "Here’s something else 90% of Americans don’t know, the ‘settlements’ are NOT illegal." -

      "Not illegal"? Let me guess, there's a UN resolution or treaty or convention which says the occupation is hunky-dory, right? And the settlements are 'legal'.

      I guess everybody has the wrong idea about the legal illegal settlements. You should really explain to them why they are wrong, "falcon".

    • "Anyway, when you come across anything that the Dims are not already doing that the Pukes announced they would do, gimme a ring."

      Wow, this election has turned you inside-out.

    • "Trump, in his last few days, is trying to shore up the ACA,"

      Oh no! I meant "Obama", of course. "Obama , in his last few days, is trying to shore up the ACA..." is what I meant to type.

    • I am very concerned about any international agreement which denies Israel the right to self-reduction. That's a burden which should not be imposed on Israel, the burden of a legislated state larger than can be maintained with and by its own resources.
      If Israelis do not like changed conditions in Palestine, they should be free to leave. And Israel should not be obligated to an area larger than it can manage by and with its own resources, as support for Zionism lessens. Wouldn't be fair.

    • "Perhaps John Kerry, and Obama, see that a deal resolving Israel/Palestine will have to be imposed on the two countries, by the “international community”.

      What about Israel's part in the bargain. Can Israel guarantee that there will; be enough Jews willing to stay under the new conditions and within the borders to make it viable? Or will we have to supply "ringers" for Israelis?

    • "Being continually opposed by an Abominobama would confer sainthood even on a buffoon like Trump."

      Trump, in his last few days, is trying to shore up the ACA, and Social Security. Trump is ready to eliminate them both. And a host of other programs. (While promising Israel more support than the Dems, too!) And you think it's Trump who will be beautified by Americans? Ho-Kay!

      (Of course, for the completely independent (no family) and independently international wealthy, these might be good things, as it lowers the tax rate of the 1%. That must be you guys.)

    • "When you have a clear and relevant difference, please ring."

      Okay, I'll keep looking, and as soon as I find something, I'll let you know.

    • "Are you intentionally trying to be that stupid?"

      "Talkback", it's very hard not to come to the conclusion that the poor mamzer simply has no choice.

    • "Respected? Yeah right, He is a fool and a cruel hoax."

      "Knock, knock!"
      "Who's there?"
      "Orange who?"
      "Orange you glad you got a real respected Statesman as President, and not that "fool and a cruel hoax", Obama?

    • "They used to have them on quite often, even during the height of the suicide bombings."

      Well, perhaps if you tell me what year was "the height of the suicide bombings" by Palestinians, I can look it up on the web.

      Does anybody know what "Atlanta" is referring to, when FOX featured Palestinian voices? I might very well have missed it.

    • ". Ideally he would take two years off and then find a Senate or congressional seat."

      Instead of hanging around and trying to obstruct your President? Why shouldn't Obama, a tremendously popular and respected man, keep up a constant presence in politics?
      He would be a great focal point for opposition to Trump.

    • Uh-oh, "dabakr" is doing the 'mutter-and-glare' thing again. Doesn't he know how off-putting that is?

    • "Once Fox starts bringing Palestinians back on..."

      When was the first time?

    • "The world was profoundly grateful to him for that, and continues to be."

      Give 'em a few months, "Steve". Lot of people really slow on the pick-up. There is no magic in the US Presidency which turns a Trump into an Obama.

  • Resistance through culture: How Mondoweiss alerts the world to defiant art and culture
  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • "so the idealized us military ( except for its regrettable volunteer basis which makes the country less democratic)"

      Listen, I hear the cry of the American chicken-soup hawk!
      They wouldn't let you join the volunteer US Army, "Yonah" so you are wishing you had been drafted, instead? If you think it is a democratic obligation to serve in the military, why didn't you join? You are such a phona, "Yonah" You won't come near military service, but it's "more democratic" to draft somebody else.

      "Yonah" when there is a draft, the decision on who gets drafted, who gets a deferment or exemption, is made by local "Selective Service Boards", with little oversight. It's not "democratic at all.

    • "It’s understandable that you favor the war crime of annexation and wouldn’t favor investigating any present citizen for war crime roots"

      "Yonah" should keep in mind that the vast majority of war crimes cases and civil complaints against Israelis could be settled with jail time or fines. Nobody will get hung.
      And even the possibility of a legal accounting will help solve the problem by removing a lot of the suspects.

    • "The army is an essential element of zionism and an essential rite of passage for the youth of israel "

      My God, think of it! 2 billion Jews, all 18-36 yrs old, all prime fighting material. We could take over the world.

    • "— whatever! he’s such a reasonable ethnic cleanser! genocide is such a messy word."

      "Annie" when a person lives in a self-contained and self-sufficient group of 2 billion people which has always ruled and won all its wars, and never been hurt, well, you get a little insular, and tend not to care about other people.
      I apologize for him, the consciousness of power will do that to people.

    • "There were paths towards peace in the time of sharrett that i wax nostalgic about. but time is one directional"

      So it's on the the Masadaddammerung? Naturally, time, like God, is on our side, huh "Yonah".

    • "Listen people, last I heard..."

      Poppa's gonna buy you a mockingbird? And if that mocking bird don't sing...

      "You imagine having a loaded gun pointing at zionism’s forehead and the demilitarization of israel and the coerced dissolution of zionism."

      Try not to look at it that way. Think of it as taking a loaded gun away from a person intent on murder-suicide.

    • "echin" , you are not supposed to take that thing about "if 2 billion Jews..." seriously. It's a joke about how Zionists fantasize Israel is solid and implacable and growing in power and resources.

    • I wonder if "Yonah" has any ideas about what to do with the literally thousands of Jews which have already proven themselves willing to repeatedly commit crimes against Palestinians?
      Anything need to be done with them in a "timely fashion"?

    • "This is war. It is Israel against the rest of the world…"

      Finally, an foeman worthy of our steel! If all of 2 billion Jews support Israel, they will give the world a hell of a fight!

    • "Yonah" is willing to conceive of, consider, or regard as possible any one-state or two-state solution which doesn't change anything, and doesn't involve inconvenience to a single illegal settlement. And leaves Zionist Israel in charge. Oh, and no accounting, only amnesty. Any solution which meets those conditions, "Yonah" will consider.

    • "Oath of loyalty to a Jewish minority? Why?"

      Oh look, we know "Yonah" simply will not conceive of an end to Zionism, (except in the form of a holocaust, of course.) He cannot conceive of anything other than Zionist control of Palestine.
      His conception of the two-state and one-state solution is the same, everything stays like it is and the US keeps supporting Israel.

      Hey "Yonah", if returning Palestinians must be investigated for "terrorist roots" will Israeli citizens be investigated (by an impartial agency) for crimes they may have committed toward Palestinians? Almost all of which could be easily handled with fines and/or incarceration.

    • "I wouldn’t be surprised if the Golani Brigade is on way to NZ."

      Hey, what's another war crime? And if any of the brigade regret their action, you can prosecute them!

  • Hear O Israel these parting truths -- John Kerry
    • Maybe Obama didn't want the tings he thought he could do for the American people blasted to bits by the Zionist Lobby.

      BTW, Obama has stated as much: He wasn't going to waste his Presidency fighting Israel to make it do the things which are good for it.

      And now we have a President Trump, who will give Israel everything, and take everything away (ACA, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare) from Americans. That'll be good for the Jews.

    • "The general idea among us on Mondoweiss has always been, I think, that those forms of Judaism that support Zionism are inauthentic."

      Oh , a religious idea can be as authentic as hell, that doesn't mean religion requires you to act on it. You can even look on it as a cautionary tale. Nobody says you have to do the same thing over again. Gee, the most "authentic" thing would be for us to get our asses kicked out of there after a suicidal fratricidal struggle.

  • John Kerry gives the 'separate but not equal' speech to Israel
    • Did Ariel Sharon say that Israel controlled the US Congress? That was the claim, if I recall.

    • "Right, so according to you, about half the Jews in the world are assholes. But it’s anti-Zionism, not antisemitism."

      "Hophmi" it's worse than that. After all, we all know of at least one Jewish asshole, don't we?

  • Kerry hasn't cleared his throat, and Trump and Hoyer are jumping down it
    • "I can remember a time when, even when suicide bombers were blowing up Israelis, even Fox would often have a Palestinian perspective on."

      Gosh, I'd love to see some of those broadcasts. What year "when suicide bombers were blowing up Israelis" should I search to find them? The broadcasts that "would often have a Palestinian perspective on", on Fox.

  • 'Focus is on Palestinians,' says New York Times, but it quotes only one
    • "I predict that Russia will switch to Israel’s side."

      Earlier on in its life, if I remember aright, Israel looked to the Soviet Union for support and alliance, and Zionism had some pretensions of socialism.

  • Israeli hysteria over UN vote is solidifying country's new status, as a rogue state
    • " but hophmi, as I read him, was talking about Yoni F, rather than Phil"

      Same difference. "MHughes976", can you imagine growing up in this atmosphere of religious backbiting? Think it's healthy?

    • "Echin, on Phil Weiss:

      "Even with the huge progress he’s made these last years, Phil Weiss is still a tribal who views the enemy in a shooting war as family. He sees them as honest humans and continues to accept the enemy’s “sincerity”."

      "Hophmi" on Phil Weiss:

      "Fall away? (from Judaism) He renounced his Judaism. He hates the religion. He's been quite clear about that. There's nothing for him to fall away from"

      Poor Phil. Just a soul whose intentions are good, dear Lord, don't let him be misunderstood.

    • "I used to watch Fox quite a lot, and what is so ironic is that at the height of the suicide bombings within Israel, even Fox would regularly have on Palestinian voices or those sympathetic to the Palestinian cause."

      Do tell.

    • "and he does not want the borders delineated unless a complete end of conflict is signed."

      Another words, all the things Israel signed and stated before were just lies, simply meant to buy time and lives?

    • "Israel is on the road to hell, there’s no turning back."

      That may be, but it won't be Mondo which shuts the gates behind them. Nor should it be. They will have to do that for themselves.

    • Or as some prefer to call it, with Wagnerian overtones the "Masadadammerung'.

  • Scenes from a neoconservative meltdown
    • "mr Netanyahu time to come up with the better alternative too the miserable bunch of useless leaders who oppose Israel."

      You mean the "useless leaders" who just passed the UN resolution?

    • ." I also guess Hoppy is 70+"

      No, he's one of the post-68er's. Educated in post-six-day-war parochialism and triumphalism.
      In his 50s more likely.

    • "My guess is American Orthodox"

      "Hophmi"? You think so? You might be right. Can't go by looks.

    • "Obviously commenting here does not cause any harm to anyone."

      Yes, but when "Jon s" makes the statement that another commenter is "a murderer and Anti-Semite (with two capital letters!)" and calls for his prosecution, you know he's sure trying.

    • "I don’t agree with hophmi that anyone here is “complicit” with what happened in Syria."

      Would they be "complicit" if they sent money to support illegal activities and settlements, like Zionists do? Would that be "complicity" or "hyperbole"?

    • "I have to wonder if class action suits..."

      Wouldn't be class action suits, it would be "The US versus .........", since they are US laws.

    • "But of course, which part of Israel is illegal is the subject of much of the discussion here. 1947, 1967, all of it, something in between"

      Many of the settlements, if not all, are actually illegal under Israeli law. Not to mention international law and the UN. Is that good enough for you?

    • Hey "catalan" where do you think most of the money to establish and maintain the illegal settlements comes from?
      Comes from Zionist individuals and organizations. You do know about "complicity" as it applies to funding and materially supporting illegal actions?

    • "More hot air from Mondowhackjobs complicit in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Syrians."

      "Quoting neo-Nazis, are we?"

      "Hophmi", have you thought about lying down in a darkened room, and bathing your temples with eau-de cologne?
      I looked it up on the Web and many reccommend it as a holistic home-remedy for Ziocaine Syndrome hysteria.

    • "If you think I am hard on folks here, you should see me there."

      ROTFLMSJLAO! Oh yeah, you smash those idols by the score!

    • "The rest is OK, but not dancing with their hips. That’s just dirty! "

      Oh, come on. Nobody dances "with their hips" to "Deep River".

    • "overwrought tearful rendition of “amazing grace”

      If "Amazing Grace" gets a little 'what-hath-God-overwrought', and it can, try "Deep River" on a 1925 Bilhorn Preacher's folding organ. Never fails to move.

    • "If we are to ever make any progress on this issue, we must systematically dismantle this myth and show that Israel is indeed NOT an ally."

      "Atlantaiconoclast" if you can post comments here, you can post comments at any on-line forum. Why don't you go to those of the "conservative columns" which allow commenting, and try to disabuse them of their notions about Israel. You are a well-spoken person, and should have no trouble making them understand.
      Tell them how unfair it is that Israel can set up an apartheid regime, and we can't.

    • It is very, very easy to mistake the effects of various drugs for phases of a Ziocaine Syndrome episode.
      But accusing pot? That's a bud libel.

  • Rallies in 25 cities say 'No to Islamophobia; No to Racism: Yes to Justice'
    • "amigo", when Israel has the support of almost all of two billion Jews, it's not surprising it throws its weight around and intimidates smaller countries. It's the way of the world.

    • "Jon s" hasn't got time for an intafada he's having a wet dream aboput Israel Israel invading New Zealand!

    • "Happy Hanukkah to all!!"

      What's so "happy" about it, "Jon s"? Those insane "Maccabees" fought with everybody in the Jewish community, nearly got us all killed or expelled, and to top it off, we didn't learn a whole lot from the experience. Where's the "happy"?

  • Israel's political left also condemns the UN's anti-settlement resolution
    • "The bottom is about to fall out from the ultra-orthodox cults. I can feel it."

      Well, to pass the time until it does, you can read the old "Failed Messiah" blog and get all the details.

    • "Nobody in Israeli politics can face telling Yossi Israeli that YESHA cost $120bn and that it is all going to be lost."

      That will also be hard to tell Zionist Jews all over the world, and oh yes, those who (ROTFL) have "invested" in those 'properties'.

    • "or shall we say, the Western wall."

      "Yonah" the "Western wall" is going to be reinforced, repaired, and incorporated into the design for the Trump Temple and Casino.

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