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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • 'BDS is a terrorist movement' - exposing David Collier
  • Open Letter: Against the blacklisting of activists and writers
    • “There might be undeclared Zionists anywhere. They are crafty and blend in with the general population.

      I guess nobody warned Folke Bernadotte about that.

    • "There might be undeclared Zionists anywhere. They are crafty and blend in with the general population. Better sit with your back to the wall when you go out for dinner, last row in the movie theater, etc." "Jon 66"

      "Jon 66" couldn't we get rid of almost all the danger from Zionists by restricting the rights and movements of Jews? If they are going to start shooting people we need to do something.

      So you just keep threatening us with Jewish violence. That's a smart way to go.

    • "like in the old college days when the trotskyists and maoists broke out in fights with each other, instead of their opponents."

      When California tumbles into the sea; that'll be the day you go back to Annandale

  • Banksy's 'Walled Off Hotel' is a form of gentrification
    • "● Fine Dining (“Bon appétit”, as Julia Childs used to say! – J.L.D.)"

      And in this case, could there be anybody more apropos than Ms. Childs?

  • Character assassination as a tool to silence a Palestinian activist
    • ." The ownership and enforcement powers should be vested in me."

      Being the chief orthographic arbiter isn't all it's cracked up to be. The job entails constant verb-watching.

    • "I’m with those who are trying to rescue the good name of Judaism, of the Jewish people, who want to see Israel become what it was always supposed to have been, ‘A Light unto the Nations’."

      (Wow, that's some harsh criticism)

      And I would say that a "good name" can always be made (besides, who cares what anybody else thinks of us Jews?) but Holy Land, where we can be the Light Among the Nations they ain't making any more of that!
      Let's get the land, and think about the "good name" after that job is done.

  • Video: 'Apartheid has been here for ages. It doesn't really bother us' -- Israeli comedian says in closing act
    • "that Israel could have ended the occupation a long time ago; and that the energies and resources invested in the West Bank’s colonization could have been invested in Israel’s flourishing instead. This idea is too difficult to bear, and the regret would be unendurable."

      Doesn't Israel have entire generations to throw into the maw of bad decisions and policy, only to reverse itself, write them off and go on? It's sort of a basic requirement for that kind of colonial-occupation thing.

    • "...or Rafael weapon..."

      So he wasn't a Mutant Ninja Turtle?

  • Israel's neverending occupation is bringing 'infamy' to Jews worldwide, making Jewish life 'precarious' -- Tony Klug
    • "Acts of terrorism are bringing “infamy” to Muslims worldwide and making Muslim life “precarious” said no one in recent memory without being accused of Islamophobia here."

      Oh. And why is it so important to you that Islamophobic tropes be repeated here? Aren't there plenty of other places to say Islamophobic stuff and be praised for it?

  • Rabbi Sacks endorses religious crimes in video against BDS
    • "It’s hard to believe that Rabbi Sacks —"

      Believe it, bro. He's got himself a bad case of the Syndrome.

  • Wave of bomb threats renews charge that anti-Semitism is fueled by BDS
    • "of the five sins you list for Trump"

      Did you include 'selling the US out to Russia'? Cause, that's what the big one is looking like.

  • Power of donors over Israel discussion in Jewish community is 'the $60 million question'
    • "And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, Leave not a rack behind”

      Exactly. Not even a six-pack.

  • Finders Keepers in the Holy Land: So who was there first?
    • "I have a college yiddish textbook in my apartment and it devotes a chapter to the myth of the Jewish nose."

      "The myth of the Jewish nose". So there you go, it's a myth, so don't worry about it.

      "Oh, yeah. Eat mierde."

      Gee, "Yonah" old pal, maybe it's not the nose, that's the problem. Maybe it's the mouth.

    • "See my March 6, 2017, 9:41 pm comment."

      You're very proud of that "Cherokee vs. Georgia Peanut farmer" thing, "Boris".
      So proud you thought of it twice!

    • "Given that the primary Jewish event of the 20th century focused on ashkenazi jews who were persecuted for racial..."

      "Yonah" how can you say that?
      I thought the "primary Jewish event of the 20th Century" was the establishment of Israel.
      Don't you agree? And you can hardly call the Holocaust a "Jewish event". It is not something we wanted to do, it was forced on us.

    • "Given that the primary Jewish event of the 20th century focused on ashkenazi jews who were persecuted for racial..."

      Yes, "Yonah" you want to give the victory to the Nazis, and use their standards to define ourselves as a race.
      I'm not sure that's a good way to go.

    • "I consider you a collection of ludicrous idiots, who ought to stop telling jews how to talk about themselves."

      No, that's not true. Anything we can do to break the hold of these anti-semitic tropes and memes within the Jewish community, we must try.
      There is every reason to try and encourage a more positive, less prejudiced outlook.

      But hey, "Yonah" if you want to spend your days and nights worrying about who "looks Jewish" we can't stop you. But don't expect anybody to congratulate you for it. You really should try to stop, it's not healthy

    • "Yonah" if you want to think of yourself using anti-semitic concepts, we can't stop you. But you can't force other people to do it, too.

    • "more circumcised men in the world than there are Jewish men and if there is actually such a thing as a Jewish look;"

      The look is "high and tight". brit periah. "Circumcision" covers a lot of, uh, options.

    • "Jewish identity or lack of, Jewish DNA or lack of, Jewish culture or lack of, Jewish nose, colour, foreskin or lack of..."

      It's just amazing what DNA, or lack of, can do, isn't it?

    • Uh, "Yonah", you use the same comment, with a different second paragraph, downthread.

      Recycling your own comments, in the same thread?

    • "the ethnic discrimination that existed for quite some time in the part of the world that boris comes from."

      Yes, a very unfortunate, strife-torn, part of the world, very true.

      But retreating to a fantasy world in which Jews become "as numerous as Chinese" is no solution.

    • "History teaches us that it doesn’t work. At least in our case."

      So true. Look what happened to those poor Jews who blundered into the murderous maw of American egalitarianism!

      And the "liberty's and immunities" of American citizenship prevented all support of Zionism by American Jews, too!

    • ." Not that I made any new friends, but was able to get my point across."

      You sure did.I believe this was it:

      "If not for forced assimilation and genocide we would have been as numerous as Chinese"

    • "Boris" tried the "Cherokees and Georgia Peanut Farmers" wheeze back in August of 2016:

      Oh, here it is again:

      "Palestinians are as indigenous to Palestine as Americans are indigenous to America.
      Jews are the Cherokees of the Middle East. The only difference is that we were able to come back to our native lands."

    • "Boris" is using a British "Monty Python" clip due to the fact that Jewish culture contains no sarcasm, insults, or epithets. Gotta go to England for that.

    • "Show me what a Jew looks like.I would really like to know."

      That should be easy, these thoroughly modern days. So I put "Jew" into Google, and click "images"

    • "That’s b/s. You don’t read originals"

      Look, I had to link to the movie on You-Tube. But we had the "Original Broadway Cast" album when I was a kid, and I listened to it over and over. Don't talk to me about original sources. And, talk about apocrypha, we had "Milk and Honey", too.

    • "I answered your question about Jewish birth rate, but they would not publish it."

      Nah, I doubt it "Boris". More likely you got so famischt typing the comment, you went to the kitchen for a snack and forgot to push "Post Comment".

      But don't worry about it "Boris". I am old enough (geez, a couple times over) to know about the birds and the bees and the Jewish birth-rate. No further explanations needed.

    • Just imagine for a moment...

      Imagination is silly. You go around willy-nilly.

    • ." What are the reasons for claiming the right?"

      "The reasons for claiming the right"? I think it's pretty simple, "RoHa". Zionists claim this "right" for two reasons:

      1) "Claiming the right" obfuscates the fact that Zionism has neither the power or resources to deliver on it's promises.
      2) Making a failed Zionist conquest somehow a matter of "right" is supposed to make Zionist "rights" your obligation.

      That whole "rights" discussion is grey and carries a trunk. It's irrelevant, and trying to cast the discussion in that light is, in reality, an admission of Zionist failure. An attempt to make it the world's responsibility to reduce the Palestinians and provide an ethnic, religious (whatever) paradise for the right Jews.

    • "It did work with other peoples, but we, the Jews, are too stubborn… "

      Nonsense. We are a famously easy-going, hale-fellow-well-met, I'm-allright-you're-allright, L'Chaim! kind of people.
      Real Jews seek compromise and consensus.
      And, my Bible tells me, are always ready to play Baal.

      That's how we got "as numerous as the Chinese".

    • "My experience is that Ukrainian and Russian anti-Semites could easily identify me as a Jew, although I don’t wear any special clothes"

      ROTFLMSJAO!!! "Boris", if you wore "special clothes" that 'identify you as a Jew' you would be arrested for indecent exposure!

    • "I have a Jewish face – or, as the saying goes – I “look Jewish”."

      And there's an even more reliable indicator just a bit south of the ol' physiognomy.
      Or maybe that changed when you became an "atheist"?

    • "My wife is pointing out that the grass urgently needs cutting and that rain is imminent. "

      You are a lucky guy. Here, the rain is immanent.

    • "Theo", I read that. It was like a smack with a wet fish which doesn't have bones or scales!

    • "Because it is our ancestral land."

      You bet it is.
      Now, how and where do you plan to get enough Jews to take it, and deliver on Zionism's promises? Better act fast, "Boris" we're "ancient".

    • "However, among you there is one person who still has an open mind. This is the person I am talking to."

      I'm listening, "Boris"! You tell 'em, "Boris". Tell them what's grey and always carries a trunk.

    • " it’s all about power."

      And even those with some power must adapt themselves to circumstances they themselves cannot control. Zionism is too weak to do even that.

    • “Zionism is Judaism greatest achievement recently”

      "JeffyB" do you think the UN will declare a "World Zionism Day" in gratitude for and recognition of "Judaism (sic) greatest achievement"?

    • "though I do deny that they have rights derived from their ancestors’ wrongdoing"

      Or maybe, just maybe, "rights" is simply a fall-back position for what they could not achieve by power. (And what the Zionists want can only be achieved that way)
      So the Zionist recasts this as a "right" they are being denied, which you must defend (if you want to call yourself a good person.)!!
      It is a cheap sophistry which is supposed to make Zionist failure the world's responsibility.

    • “Jews are one of the most ancient people. “

      You know, speaking demographically, I would think "Boris" has a point. Wouldn't surprise me at all if the age distribution was heavily waited towards the ancient.

    • "The prussians are one of the germanic tribes,"

      And if I am not mistaken, the landowning class of Prussians were the first to corner the scrap-iron-and-recycled-steel business.
      Got themselves quite a name for it.

    • "No hurry – Israel still has ~930 years to meet its target."

      Oh, good. I did not want to be the one to get all, well, lascivious and explain to Boris that the usual order is population first, then power.

      And unlike the Prussians, there's nobody telling us we can't have children.

    • "I stand by the quote."

      And the quote, naturally, is outstanding in its field.

    • "Jews are one of the most ancient people. If not for forced assimilation and genocide we would have been as numerous as Chinese. However, now, with strong Israel this process will be reversed."

      See, "Boris"? What did I tell you? When you remember to push "Post Comment", your comment appears, no matter how absurd.

      Try and remember to push "Post Comment" . I want to know how Israel is going to expand from 2 to 7 billion.

    • "Well, the “moderation” for me results in my comments not being published"

      "Boris" bad enough, you blame the Moderators!

      How many times do I have to tell you, you must push "Post Comment" after each post.

    • "I suggest you go to YouTube and search for the 1961 speech of Mr. Freedman,"

      Can't go wrong with Benjamin H. Freedman, a most unequivocal fellow.

    • Well, "JeffyB", I must say, you have said all there is to be said, and with this last post, have put a definitive cast upon the subject.
      What more, after this, need be said?
      Thank you, and goodbye, until Ziocaine Syndrome amnesia brings you back again.

    • Every time "JeffB" argues for some ineffable ambiguous "right" or "claim" he is simply projecting Zionism's weaknesses, it's inability to deliver on its own promises, on to the rest of the world as an obligation.
      That ought to work, "JeffyB". .

    • You know, I can't help thinking that Ziocaine Syndrome Amnesia gives rise to a tremendously wasteful duplication of effort.
      "JeffB" has forgotten none of his BS sold last time, so he's come back to repeat all the same drek over and over again.

    • "We – the Jews – remain."

      And as intermarriage, backsliding and assimilation takes its toll, not to mention our refusal to have an adequate number of children, we need to think about what the minimum number which can operate Israel might be, and where they will come from.

      What do you think "Boris"?

    • ," a novel in a sentence,"

      A paperback novel, the kind the drugstore sells.

    • "However, I am not going to respond since my comments are “moderated”."

      All comments, every one, are moderated. And are you sure you pushed "Post Comment"?

      "There is no point of having a conversation with a wall."

      Little known fact: There was once a quay on Puget Sound from which cetaceans could be harpooned. They called it the Whaling Wall.

    • ." It is in my blood, in my genes, and in my culture and identity."

      I think I get it. Sussex England produced Piltdown Man, and Palestine gave rise to Jewdown Man?

    • "Like Native Tribes in America who retain their claim to their ancestral land – I have the same claim to my. It is in my blood, in my genes, and in my culture and identity."

      Oh fer god's fucking sake.

      "People who converted and severed their tie to Jewish people don’t have that right."

      Yup, we need to make Judaism, and its attendant "right" as exclusive as possible! No phonies, ringers, backsliders and reduced rights for Reformers. (But what about Refrummers?)
      Careful, "Boris". You don't want to make Jewish rights so exclusive there aren't enough Jews to operate the country.

      Yeah, yeah, it's in your blut and the boden on your genes.

  • Name the six countries the U.S. is bombing in the Middle East
  • How to love Israel: 'Sometimes it'll hurt-- bad, but I will not walk away! I will not let you go!'
    • "This “breathless” speech was the “highlight” of the J Street conference?"

      She brought the audience to it's feet with her finale, a rousing rendition of an old Goffin-King tune.

    • "RoHa", that's lascivious!

    • "Sometimes you have to walk away."

      Yes, and sometimes it's a good idea to put one of those "I-will-not-be-responsible-for-debts-incurred-by" notices in the legal column of the classifieds.

    • "Israel is the democratic national home of the Jewish people in the land of Israel but only as long as Jews are a majority in it. It’s as simple as that."

      And if any of you young people at this conference don't know how to stay a majority, your parents can explain it when you get home.

    • Look, I am willing to go down to +5, but that is my final offer!

  • The trial continues: Dareen Tatour and the crime of posting while Arab
    • "So you’re not coming to the brit?"

      Only if I get a personal invitation from the male infant.

  • The 50th anniversary of the occupation will rock the Jewish establishment
    • "Mooser making jokes and winking at denialism."

      "Yonah" how many times do I have to tell you: If you don't include the date and time-stamp of the antisemitic or "denialist" comment it will not be admissible evidence at the trial!
      Always note the D&TS of indictable comments when you pass judgement on them, so the court will know how to rule.

      Anyway, my defense will be that I was just jerking your chain. And that will force an McNaughty Rule hearing.

    • - "after your ball point pen comment"

      "Yonah" the 'Papermate-or-Parker' question is one scholars are still studying.

    • . "As for tonality, what I may be doing is “ranting”

      Speak up, "Dabakr". All I hear is a low, resentful mutter. Like an unpleasant background noise, but quickly scrolled past.
      I imagine I'm pretty typical in that regard. But hey, "Dabakr" if you want to think those blocks of undecipherable, Trumpian text are making a big noise, you go right ahead on!

    • "Dabakr", your nose is running. Go catch it.

    • "Most of them lived or died in countries occupied or allied with the nazis."

      But luckily, there were a few hundred, maybe a couple thousand Jews in the US and England.

    • "Webmasters: To say that.../...should be banned from MW."

      What hubris! What self-entitled arrogance! Do you actually think you can summon the "Webmasters" from their Olympian heights and Olympic hot-tubs like you call a pooch home for supper?

    • There goes that low, resentful muttering. And before long, "dabakr" will work himself up to a [...].

  • Commemorating 75 years of advancing prophetic Judaism, free of nationalism and politicization
    • "As for the denominalization of Judaism in the service of Zionism"

      The denominations won't talk to each other, or the seculars, but the Zionists can talk to everybody, each in their turn.

    • Just hit me (like being slapped with a wet fish) how well the denominationalizing of Judaism has served Zionism.

    • "what, we don’t have enough capable tribal chefs"

      For a synod, you'll need highly trained (Cordon Jeu?) Chef Rabbis Only they know if 'ocean vegetables' are kosher.

    • "and have a new synod that will do a new interpretation and commentary on the Old testament."

      I don't think we do synods. I mean, it might be a good idea, but I'm not sure there's a process for that. And as we have already seen, the catering would be a nightmare.

    • "The idea that starting from scratch one would present torah and talmud as the purest thought, the thought which will bring peace to mankind, is preposterous"

      Gee, why not, "Yonah"? It seems to work as a land-deed, a history, and to establish "choseness".

      But hey, if you want to set Judaism at war with the rest of the world, by saying peace is not an aim for Judaism, go right ahead. The world will just have to accept it, we got 'em outnumbered.

    • I think Judaism needs more trained and qualified Chef Rabbis. There is a great spiritual hunger they can satisfy.

    • "The Torah and the Talmud have their good parts, but include a theme of chauvinism and xenophobia"

      And its consequences.
      Unless, of course, you wish to read each word, each event, as something inerrant.

  • Elor Azarya's 'normative' support for genocide
  • Palestinians in Hebron plead for international intervention to stop settler violence
    • Well then "catalan", if living in the Jewish homeland doesn't mean that much to you, why should it mean all that much to any Jew?
      You easily recognized that there are better options, and Judaism had no way to coerce you into going to Israel.( And Israel hasn't got much of a way to keep people there, either, if they want to go).

      And even the risk of illegal residence in the US is better than the automatic citizenship of Israel.

      You just keep making my point for me. Thanks

      "That said, our American peace and prosperity is purchased with the largest armed forces in the world "

      Yeah, let me know when Israel can afford it's own military.

    • "catalan" can we get this straight? If I read you right, you were willing to risk illegal entry, and undocumented status (until you could find a sponsor?) in the US.
      If you had gone to Israel, you would be given automatic citizenship, no questions asked. But you risked illegal entry to the US instead.

      Why is that, "catalan"? Why not Israel? Why you feel the need to cloak your rejection of Israel in a bunch of Zionist double-talk is your own business, of course.

  • Palestinian children get longer sentences for throwing stones than Israeli soldier got for killing a Palestinian
    • "It’s hard to keep lying to yourself in front of someone who knows you’re lying to yourself"

      But it's easy to change your last will and testimony.

    • ," ‘You know this means I probably can’t talk to you ever again."

      Uh-oh, sounds like somebody just lost a battle of wills.

  • Campus wars
    • “Hate” speechnis in the eye of the beholder."

      You bet, cupcake: Zionist actions inform people’s understanding of Zionist speech.

    • ." You do not have the right to control thought by shutting down speech you deem wrong."

      Whatsamatter, buddy, don't believe in the free market? Every decision taken with respect to Milo was a commercial decision. He got spanked by the free hand of the market. Sorry, would you prefer the government ordered us to listen to him?

      "I can’t believe we have to review this basic law of civilization."

      The ones about underage boys and older men?

    • "…says the ardent Zionist. That is seriously funny. :-)"

      "eljay" I have my doubts about that guy.
      I still leave room for the possibility that "Mayhem" is an embittered, cynical and vengeful ex-Zionist with a pitch-perfect sense of what presents Zionists ( and oh, bye-the-bye, "Mayhem", Jews too) in as bad a light as possible.

      "America’s universities have become a new fount of Jew hatred which then leeches into our broader culture"

      I think he means "leaches".

    • "America’s universities have become a new fount of Jew hatred which then leeches into our broader culture"

      Oh wait, I know what's got you so het up, "Mayhem"

    • "is drawing attention to the swastikas appearing on Jewish fraternity houses"

      And where did those awful swastikas come from on the fraternity house?

      And there's been hundreds of bomb threats reported.( But nobody has lit so much as a trash-fire against a Jewish Center wall. Without making a phone call.) And they can't trace a one!

    • You are completely (and purposefully) mixing up free speech with the consequences of speech.

    • "Protocols of the Elders of Fordham perchance ?"

      Wow, this may be the first time anybody has disparaged Jesuits that way!

    • "Are you stupid? You’re sure acting as though you have extremely poor comprehension skills"

      We are supposed to reduce our own comprehension to the basal "Jon 66" level.

      I'm not sure why we are supposed to do reduce our comprehension to suit the Zionists. It's either because Zionism is so big and powerful we have no choice, or because Jews are so persecuted and put-upon, everybody has to feel sorry for us.

      It might even be both! Hard to tell.

    • "Are you saying that support of Zionism is hate speech that should be censored?"

      Is anybody censoring you, snowflake? You are trying to avoid the consequences of Zionist speech. You can't do that.

      When people hear Zionists speak, they realize Zionism is full of hatred, and requires hatred to carry out. There's no way you can disguise that. Even if Zionist speech was completely pacific, Zionist actions inform people's understanding of Zionist speech.
      What do you propose to do about that, "Jon 66"? Or people not accepting the Zionist 'alternate facts'? Got a plan for that?

    • And what does any of that have to do with SJP, "Jon 66"?

      You just undermined your own argument. The Communists can call for an overthrow, and Milo can be disgusting, but SJP is "hate speech"?

      Is SJP calling for "the incitement... to direct imminent violence"?

  • Israel bars Human Rights Watch director from entering country, calls org 'Palestinian propaganda'
    • "Whatever Bernstein is he is not a defender of human rights."

      Gee, he sounds like he is defending somebody's rights:

      “But how does White Rose and Red Cross know that these laws have been violated? In Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia and other Nazi-occupied areas where there is no access to the battlefield or to the military and political leaders who make strategic decisions, it is extremely difficult to make definitive judgments about war crimes. ”

    • “But how does Human Rights Watch know.../...about war crimes. ”

      Would you believe +12 IQ? How about we round it down to + 10 , so there's no quibbling?

  • The curious red line for Milo Yiannapoulos

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