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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • UN last hurdle before Israel can rid itself of the Palestinians
    • "Yesterday I made a favorable comment"

      "Steve" there is a button at the button at the bottom below the comment box which says "Post Comment".
      You must push that button every time.
      Try again, and click "Post Comment".

  • The deep bonds of Palestinian-Puerto Rican solidarity were on display at this year's NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade
    • "Second, mentioning it here is a reminder for behavior appropriate to that fact."

      "So, if you don’t mind me asking,..."

    • "This is a war of aggression by the Zionists and various colonialist powers they control, a boom-boom war, not “of ideas”,

      So, if you don't mind me asking, why the fuck are running your mouth here instead of blogging from the battlefield?

      And if you are trying to recruit soldiers and make plans for your "war", this is hardly the place. Some people might even say that pushing that "war" line here shows just how serious you are about it.

    • Marnie! Please remember:

      "Racists everywhere are subhuman. Tolerating their existance is the price we pay to live in civil society."

    • "Racists everywhere are subhuman. Tolerating their existance is the price we pay to live in civil society."

      That is very, very nice of you. When you could wipe them out with the blink of an eye, too. You are a heck of a guy. Tolerating the intolerant in spite of your ability to eliminate their existence is the ultimate in tolerance.

  • 'I am not your goy' -- chaos at a liberal Zionist conference
    • "Where do I get my official ” I’m not your GER” mondoweiss t-shirt because I seriously want one now!"

      Wow, that's more demand than I ever got for my "Jews Sui generis" lapel-buttons.

    • "I’m a fervently Orthodox Jew. We usually don’t consider ourselves to be Zionists. Maybe that has nothing to do with whether one is a “Zio” or not."

      I'm so happy someone is here who can clear up those troubling and persistent rumors of Jewish involvement in Zionism.
      Or "fervently Orthodox" involvement, at any rate.

    • ." I assumed he used the right word and Phil heard “goy.”

      And you managed to know all this without being there? Amazing.

    • "YITZCHAK GOODMAN- “The teaching about loving a stranger is absolutely ubiquitous in sermons by liberal Rabbis that touch on the IP conflict.”

      And "liberal Rabbis" run Israel? Who knew?

    • "Remind me again why Mondoweiss has moderation?"

      To make sure nobody says anything worse about Jews than what we say about anybody else.
      They are very strict about that.

    • "Yitzchak" are you from the Society? Should we be calling you Father Goodman?

      "I support Israel against its enemies. I don't label myself a "Zionist," but it won't matter in these parts."

      Nice to see you again Padre.

    • "Both Phil’s parents are jewish, so he is just as Jewish as me, but at this point Harvard is where he was born again"

      You got Phil dead to rights here "yonah"! Everybody knows that Harvard started out as a Christian divinity school!

      "Annie- I am reacting to my digital environment:"

      Yup, I am right. When Haaretz blogs, JPost, Israel Times and even the Forward blogs and even the Zionist Facebook pages are done with them, they come here, the easiest place in the world to be a Zionist! Where everybody is "yonah's" Goy.

    • "A far better headline for this piece..."

      You Mr. "Michie", deserve a ticket for jay-walking. There's no shortcut. Use the intersection, and wait until the light turn green.

    • 'Notice, Watson, how deep the parsing has sunk into the blubber!'

  • Nationwide 'rally against Sharia law' reflects violent surge of Islamophobia since Trump election
    • "For example, the quodlibet of the Polish Catholic Seminary is exactly the pilpul of the Polish Jewish yeshiva or kolel."

      Exactly. If the Jewsuit fits, wear it.

    • "Yoni" you know who thinks all those rules up? I bet it's the Jewsuits.

    • "The definition of casuistry is the use of morals or beliefs in decisions of right and wrong in order to reach or rationalize a solution."

      Doesn't make it any easier to pronounce.

      "I use this example to argue that Judaism is an utterly stupid religion, to which no rational human being should cling"

      QED, no casuistry (also hard to spell!) involved, read 'em and weep!

    • "Both sharia and halakhah involve casuistry"

      "Casuistry: the use of clever but unsound reasoning, especially in relation to moral questions; sophistry."
      I'd use the word 'sophistry', I can pronounce that one.

  • Packed room on Capitol Hill hears Palestinian student say he thought three IDs and a separation wall was normal for children everywhere
    • Shorter "Nathan": 'Where is our Jewish genocide? You owe us a genocide or two!"

      Tell you what, "Nathan", make you a deal: Israel, Zionism, can do anything it wants, settler colonialism, apartheid, even genocide, as long as it can stand the consequences.

      After all, Zionism is such an urgent historical force that all moral and ethical considerations will be swept aside by Zionism's power, and the sheer number of Jews engaged in it.

    • "I am the least qualified to define it"

      No wonder you suggested it. Why don't you Google "plebiscite"...?

      " but the eligible population sure as hall shouldn’t include"

      ...and see the way "all" has been defined for the purposes of plebiscites.

      And for gawds sake, "echin" listen to "Arafatbastard":

      "The Green Line is only the 1949 Cease-Fire line, and was never intended to be a permanent border,"

      Isn't that pretty much the same position you hold, "echin"?

    • "Didn’t you get the news that this is a war?"

      Yeah, and l can't wait til somebody hands you a white feather.

    • . "If a proper, valid plebiscite can be conducted, so much the better.

      pleb·i·scite /ˈplebəˌsīt/


      "the direct vote of all the members of an electorate on an important public question such as a change in the constitution."

      So how can we define "all" in this case?

    • I would have thought that "eachin" every one of us would be able to understand by now (thanks to your very patient explanations, "talknic") that taking away the 'legitimacy' of the Partition lines justifies Israel's expansionism it doesn't invalidate it!

      And what makes it so funny and sort of pathetic, is that nobody will fight harder or argue more vociferously that those partition lines are invalid (pace "Emet": "The Green Line is only the 1949 Cease-Fire line, and was never intended to be a permanent border") than today's Zionists! They believe it will be the end of Israel to return to those lines, (right, "Emet"?)

      Believe "Emet"- the original partition is Zionism's 'tar baby' not Zionism's 'briar patch'.

    • "Oh cut the bullsh*t. The majority here are on the side of the Palestinians. We each have differing view points, none of which are trying to legitimize the Zionists’ crime of invasion, ethnic cleansing, theft or apartheid"


  • The Israelis
    • "The Slavo-Turk lineage is well-respected."

      And Slavo-Turk airlineage, even more so! A well-respected lineage about town, doing all the best things so conservatively. I'm probably one myself, if I'm not descended from King David. One or the other, for sure.

    • "Many Israelis prefer to fly on Turkish and other airlines."

      Turkish or Slav airlines, according to the statistics. Makes sense, donnit?

    • "and he was greasy and dirty"

      He was an engineer.

    • "How come they actually let you in?"

      Oh, you know, Jewish mother, and father. I bet all Phil had to say was "Weiss" and he was in like Horowitz.

    • "A POTENTIAL ANSWER: An updated version of “The Ugly American”?"

      Et tu "Dickerson"? The "Ugly American" was the hero of the book that bears that name. The "pretty Americans" were the villains.
      It's a very short book, you can read it in a couple of hours.

    • "We still won’t fall for it"

      And it's a banning offense, too.
      I'll sorta hate to see "Steve Grover" go, but rules are rules.

    • "Phil’s moral narcissism is boundless."

      Wow, that one has got to sting.

    • "it’s not your insignificant “American Jews” but only the general population, the masses of Americans, the people who just voted Trump because they’ve had it, who can do that."

      Try jay-walking instead. You'll never get a green at that intersection.

    • "cites the joy in his hometown of beersheva at some soccer victory, i cringe, because i know that’s not what the comments section on mondoweiss considers a value."

      The Mondo comment section is making it harder to get a kick out of Beersheba?

    • When even the Zionist sites are embarrassed by their drivel, they come here, where there are only two qualifications for Zionism, exhibiting rhetorical sociopathy, and omphaloskepsis.

    • "Yeah, you’re right. I already tossed out Yoni Falic."

      And that still leaves 179,999,999 on the list. Heck, you've got room to get rid of plenty more.

    • "not tough, hardened, resentful, lashing out, accusatory."

      "Vos bei a nichteren oyfen lung, is bei a shikkeren oyfen tsung."

    • "I’ve made the list and I’m checking it twice."

      Yeah, there's too many Jews. Gotta kick out some of the dead wood, ringers, and those just in it for the money and benefits.

    • "write with greengrocer’s apostrophes,"

      Well, truth be told, I used to, until "RoHa" took me to task for it.

    • "Yeah Israeli’s have arms. Yet virtually no gun violence. Go figure."

      This is all "YoniFalic's" fault. He's called me a "Slavo-Turk" so many times I got out my hookah, filled it with borscht and started toking and sock-puppeting. And fantasizing.

    • "What a comedown it is to read this, Weiss."

      Phil said that "American Jews are all that can save Israel". That's probably true, if American Jews decided to devote a lot of time and resources to doing it.
      He never said they should do it, or will do it.

    • "Mooser: Pretending to argue with your sock-puppet?"

      "North)))",. would you please stop saying that? Sock-puppeting is a banning offense, and I am the only commenter who is allowed to have his very own sock-puppet.

      So let's keep it between us, m'okay? The Mods find out, there will be hell to pay. They will probably ban Grover, and really, does he deserve that for being my sock-puppet?

    • "those that are hell bent on destroying their country."

      "Grover", stop worrying! As long as our Jewish birth-rates keep up with our Zionist ambitions, that'll never happen!

    • "But first of all, we are all sinners (lol sorry) and secondly, forgiveness is available to all"

      Sure, who needs an accounting, consequences and reparations (that stuff is harsh) when there is forgiveness. Palestinians forgive the Zionists, Zionists forgive the Palestinians, everybody is happy. Problem solved.

    • Yup, when not even the Zionist sites will have them, they come here.

    • "And for the most part Israelis don’t live in fear."

      Sure, "Jonny" kicking a wrong-colored stranger to death is actually a form of Jewish hospitality, revived once again in Beersheba. No fear involved, they do it because they like to, right?

    • "They like non-Jews, but they hate Jews like you. Ya know the kind that do nothin’ else but spew hatred toward Israel and tell people they are Jewish only when it adds a bit of emphasis to the hatred they spread."

      The only way to avoid that problem is to make a list of Jews, and not put Phil on the list!

    • "I have met many Israelis"

      'And you, Phil Weiss, are no Israeli!'

      "and to write gloomy pieces meant not to inform, but to feed the confirmation bias of your readers."

      Don't let him get away with it, "Hophmi"! Link us to lot's of up-to-the-minute stories about how happy Israelis are, and how well Zionism is working out for them.

  • Israel and P.A. go forward with plan to cut electricity to Gaza by 40 percent
  • Israeli ambassador says he admires and envies Palestinians for keeping refugee issue alive
  • Dispatch from 'the most ****ed up place on Earth,' Hebron's H2 quarter
    • . "A few months after San Remo, Churchill chose to ignore the decision made at San Remo and effectively stole 80% of the land away from the Jewish people."

      That Churchill tried to effect a Balfour Deceleration! He was putting the brakes on Zionism.

    • In the Ottoman Empire, every man could sit under his own fig tree, comfortably.

      "Jews have always been discriminated against, yet somehow managed to acquire wealth and power,"

      "Keith", whatever "pelf and power" we got doesn't hold a candle to the things we suddenly acquired with Zionism: An international political competence and sophistication, (which, dang it, had eluded us for 2000 years) along with a complete unification of Judaism, and (since there was, unfortunately, some rough work ahead) a disciplinary system along with clear lines of authority so every Jew knows his obligations to Zionism and Judaism. Not to mention the complete subordination of Jewish demographics to the needs of Zionism. Not to mention all that trauma stuff which disappeared, became completely irrelevant, as soon as there was Zionism. Got it all, just like that!

    • "Now go read up about the Balfour Deceleration"

      Yeah, that'll put the brakes on your anti-Zionism!

      " and even more importantly go and read up about the San Remo Conference."

      Maybe we can go 'flying down to Remo, where there's rhythm and rhyme!'

      Can I start calling "Emet" 'Rip van Yukel' now?

    • _what?"

      A quote: ” In the first half of the 20th century, Jews were discriminated against in some employment, not allowed into some social clubs and resort areas, given a quota on enrollment at colleges, and not allowed to buy certain properties” - See more at:

      Nobody knows the trouble we've seen.

    • I've had it. I don't want to be a Jew anymore. I want to be one of the people who we compare ourselves to, the people to which nothing bad ever happens.

    • ." And with 70% assimilation rate of secular American Jews, you are a dinosaur in its last breaths causing only damage to Israel’s future."

      Wow, if you got rid of 70% of Jews, imagine how numerous and powerful Jews would be! That's how it works, you bet.

      "You have little to offer the single Jewish State"

      Nothing except a third-rate romance in a low-rent rendezvous. I'm already married.

      "In fact you would love to see it disbanded and replaced by a state for all its citizens."

      ROTFLMSJAO! If you are going to make a horrible accusation like that, you better have some proof.

    • "Thinking about, I recall my grandmother always hiding the fact that our family was Jewish, even as late as the 1970s."

      Yeah, you used skin-lighteners, and straightened your hair, so nobody would know.

      "In the first half of the 20th century, Jews were discriminated against in some employment, not allowed into some social clubs and resort areas, given a quota on enrollment at colleges, and not allowed to buy certain properties”

      Yes, racial and religious and ethnic discrimination was legal at that time in America. Although I don't know why all of it was directed at us.

    • "the 2nd time in this brief exchange emit has referenced my gender as a diversion tactic. interesting."

      I'm becoming more and more convinced: After not even the Zionist sites will put up with them, and nobody wants them on their Facebook page, they come here.

    • "Diamonds are a girl's best friend....Look beyond the gold, "Annie"

      Oh, "Emetic", you have no idea how your comments comfort me. I lose all doubts about Zionism when I read your comments.

    • "It could have happened anywhere in the world, but they chose Palestine, for the historic reasons you dispute."

      Whew, I guess New York, Florida, and maybe Southern California had a narrow escape! Cause we can take a chunk of land and drive off the other people "anywhere in the world". Now, that's power!

    • "In my opinion, zionists in the 19th and early 20th centuries had the right idea. Jews had suffered from years of persecution as a minority in basically every country they lived in."

      You bet. And the fate of Jews in America put the capper on it. 'This has got to stop!' said Zionists.

    • "Emet", I am an American Jew. It's "my Zionism" too.*

      (But I very much appreciate the "your Muslim and Arab brothers and sisters". Thanks)

      *"American Jews are all that can save Israel from the ideology that envelops it. That change won’t come from Israelis."

    • "the idea that God has given something to you has no claim on the minds of any who do not accept your religion"

      I hope he is not implying that it does have an automatic claim on the minds of any who do accept their religion.

      A person can accept a religion without using it as an excuse for theft, if they feel like it.

    • "Based on the foundation stones, which you can see today, you will get an idea of what was built above."

      Oh, definitely. I've seen the pictures!
      Two vast and trunkless legs of stone stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand, half sunk a shattered visage lies, (whose frown, and wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, tell that its sculptor well those passions read!)
      And on the pedestal, these words appear: "I am a boy named Sue! Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

    • Ah, "Emet", every time you post, my worries about the future of Zionism disappear.

    • "but why do Zionists think that everyone else should have a collective identity as well?"


    • "Emet" this isn't fair. Gosh darn it, there's a stereotype of Jewish intelligence you should try to live up to!

    • "Why is this “collective identity” thing so important to Zionists?"

      Because when collective identity isn't imposed on us by a society which chooses to make that distinction and assign the roles, the burden of creating that collective identity falls back on us. And that's not a job we are used to.
      Look it's pretty simple, "RoHa". It gets much harder to answer the question "Why and how should I be a Jew?" when the answer isn't "Because they will never let you be anything else."

    • "Emma’s comment is factual."

      First of all, his name isn't "Emma" He is called "Emetic". Try and get it right.

      "Jewish claim"? What nonsense. Go sell that load of clams to somebody else.

    • "Emet",when I read comments from Zionist supporters like you, all my doubts about the future of Zionism disappear!

  • Intersectional feminism: Wonder Woman, Palestinians, Wakanda and Zionism
    • "Such feminist women behave just like sexist men."

      You know what they say, emasculation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    • ." Maybe they aren’t trying?"

      Well, except that Zionist have made it clear, all too clear, by their own words and actions, that "eridicate or deport the local Arabs" is exactly what the Zionists want and intend to do.
      So if you try and argue otherwise you will run into an iron wall.

    • " I have no idea if this is meant seriously or as a joke,"

      By having photos, bios of a lot of other "actors, writers, musicians, painters etc", I can somewhat disguise, camouflage, my obsession with Janice Jansen.

    • "But I don’t think Keith was suggesting that coarse men were responsible for the “masculinization of feminism”.

      Well, he should be careful. The last time I argued the definition of feminism with a woman I lost by a knock-out.

    • "Rather, she represents the (dare I say it?) the masculinization of feminism"

      Men, using their position of gender privilege to co-opt and sabotage feminism? By telling women what is "masculine" and "feminine"?

      No gentleman would do that.

    • Just remembering to parenthetically add "not that there's anything wrong with that", after each "Eastern European Slavo-Turk” would help a lot.

    • "What feminist women and Zionist Jews have in common is their victim mentality and their desire for reverse discrimination."

      Well, I think we can agree that's really right, "German Lefty".

    • "Jewish proportion of the US film industry should be reduced to the same proportion that “Jews” represent in the world population."

      Wait a minute, "Yoni". Do we count a half-Jewish producer as one whole person?

    • "You seem to be conflating ethnicity and identity (constructed/essentialized) and slipping into racism."

      Go easy on him, "Sibiriak". Keep in mind, he grew up in Israel.

    • " Eastern European Slavo-Turk."

      "Yoni" that's way too many syllables for an epithet. Isn't there some way we can get it down to one word?

    • "gamal", it was a stupid pun on "heroine" and "gyro" (the Greek sandwich).

    • "AFAIK, Wonder Woman is supposed to be a strong, attractive woman."

      There was no shortage among the Isles.

    • "The hero doesn’t need to have the same genitals as me."

      Maybe, but he can't be a man, cause he doesn't smoke the same cigarettes as me!

    • "I guess that’s why it’s called acting."

      Wow, "Jon s"! Is there anything you don't know?

    • "Her reasonable attitude that men were cool as long as they admitted she was their superior.”

      "That’s not a reasonable attitude. That’s a sexist attitude"

      Yeah, women have to do their part in maintaining the proper power-relations between the sexes. Gosh darn it, us guys can't to do it by ourselves!

    • "Wonder Woman is supposed to be Greek"

      That would make her a classical feminist gyroine.

    • Wonder Woman! She's the Super-hero lady with the incredible shrinking costume!

  • Westchester legislature prepares bill saying BDS 'maligns the Jewish people,' and opponents organize
    • "You’re backing an evil, completely corrupt project that specifically targets Jews at great cost to EVERYONE in the region"

      That's why "Jon s" has American citizenship and a passport in his pocket.
      Why not double down, why not push it til it explodes, if you've got an escape ticket in your pocket?

    • "Supporters of BDS are rational actors who recognize that the destruction of Israel would hardly serve their own long-run interests."

      Except that a lot of BDS supporters might see a distinction between "the destruction of Israel" and, say 'dis-empowering, to the greatest extent possible, the Zionist project in Palestine'.

    • Shorter "Jon s": 'Buy settlement products or we will kill the Palestinians.'

      Why not go the more positive route, "Jon s"? Just tell us how many cases of hummus we have to buy to save a Palestinians life?

    • "option for returning Israel to a virtuous path"

      "Returning Israel to a virtuous path" bespeaks the stifling uniformity of Hasbara-inspired propaganda, about which Jews should be embarrassed rather than exultant.

    • "We want the end of the occupation, the right of return, and we want equal rights for Arabs in Israel. And they think they are very clever because they know the result of implementing all three is what, what is the result?

      You know and I know what the result is. There’s no Israel!"

      Thanks for being so honest about it. You are right, Israel won't survive without expulsion, discrimination, and occupation. And the power of 180 million Zionist Jews will validate our rights to expel, oppress, and occupy!

  • No anti-Zionists allowed on Hadassah panel exploring 'tension' between feminism and Zionism
    • "The instructor, who called himself rabbi, didn’t bother answering my question..."

      The question gave him the heebie-jeebies!

    • "it is true that when i say, “ani yehudi”, my shoulders get straighter and broader. but when i say “ich bin a yid”, i slouch and i feel meeker"

      Well, in that case, "Yonah" you've come to the right place to work on your problems! Mondo comment threads specialize in curing nasty Jewish self-image problems. Music therapy helps.

      Yehudim, I've just met some folks
      Named Yehudim!
      And now I'm so famischt
      Over my i-den-ti-ty!
      Yehudim, say it loud, and there's seltzer spraying.
      Say it soft, and it's almost like braying.
      Yehudim, I'll never stop saying Yehudim
      The most beautiful mishegos,
      I have ever heard...

    • "English speakers can distinguish Judahite, Yehudite, Judean, Jewish, and Judaic."

      Not to mention Merowitz, Berowitz, Handelman, Schandelman, Sperber and Gerber and Steiner and Stone. And Boskowitz, Lubowitz, Aaronson, Baronson, Kleinman and Feinman and Freidman and Cohen. Also Smallowitz, Wallowitz, Tidelbaum, Mandelbaum Levin, Levinsky, Levine and Levi,
      Brumburger, Schlumburger, Minkus and Pinkus,
      And Stein with an "E-I" and Styne with a "Y"!


    • It's not the word, it's how you say it which makes all the difference.

    • ." If people offend you by calling you a “Jew”, take them to court"

      So Jew, so sue!

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