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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Israeli musicians to Thom Yorke: Canceling Radiohead show will disrupt Israel's 'business as usual' facade
    • I agree. When "fairness" and "justice" are the same thing, that is about as good as it gets.

    • Hey, "Dabakr" let me interrupt your muttering to ask you a question:

      If the BDS movement and Mondo is, in fact, just as you say, driven by corruption, hate and a desire to twist information, why do they let you post here?
      Why take the risk of exposure and loss of credibility to Mondo and BDS your comments are sure to bring about?

      I'll tell you why, "Dabakr"! It's because they are devoted to free speech and damn the consequences! You gotta give 'em that. I think it's big of them.

    • "Keith" you can talk about classical Judaism all you want, but it was earth-shattering improvisations of Jazz and pop Judaism which made the walls come a'tumbling down.

    • "So yes, I respect honesty."

      And fairness.

    • "I’m pretty sure Leonard said he wasn’t gonna play there again."

      More than likely he won't.

    • "Dabakr", do you have any idea how powerful, how effective, and how persuasive your longer comments are?

    • ." This is where I “prefair” our own “racist groups”

      Naturally. And the fairer, the better.

    • "What Israeli musicians have you heard of?"

      Wasn't there some very famous horn players? Now, of course, there isn't much to show for it.

  • Israel's efforts to hide Palestinians from view no longer fools young American Jews
    • Well, "Keith", there's your answer:

      No, we Jews didn't even get Black Privilege!

    • "all we need is some jew haters to help us gain clarity that jews are not hated,"

      "Yonah", get help. You've been up for so long it looks like down to you.

    • "Some of the people that support the Palestinian Arab cause believe we should have a world that is 100 % fair . They believe in utopia, a perfect world.. So instead of looking at the big picture , they focus on the small inconsistencies to their utopian world view."

      Yeah, like all those Utopian people who complain about the Holocaust of the Jews. They should let go of their Utopian world-view and look at the big picture. The world isn't 100% fair.

    • "After 2000 years of persecuting , demeaning , expelling, disenfranchising, libeling , and finally slaughtering Jews"

      We got it bad and that ain't good. Nobody knows the trouble we've seen. We oughta sue.

      Oh, BTW, how where things supposed to go for us Jews? What was supposed to happen to us?

    • "Interesting how Yoni says that which some of us dare not speak."

      Maybe his personal experience gives him a standing which few of us have.

  • Israeli victory in '67 was manufactured in western Europe, not by 'Jewish geniuses' -- Guy Laron at Wilson Center
    • "Nathan, I cannot understand why this discussion is going the way it is. You are using all the arguments and facts which always convince other Zionists, why won't it work here?

  • Yakov Rabkin's devastating critique of Zionism: it is opposed to Jewish tradition and liberalism
    • "Moreover, some Christian groups in Britain, Germany and the United States have believed that they replaced the Jews as God’s “Chosen People.”"


    • . "Or (Israel) it could just implode and start a chain reaction of institutional collapse of all Western-based nation states, or possibly all nation-states

      Wow, we better make sure no harm comes to Israel, because if Israel goes, the whole world goes?

    • "and no proof to anything they say."

      Or as Joni Falic sang:

      "It's Jewish illusions they recall, they really don't know Jews at all"

    • "You were living in Tokyo when you formed Eliezer? Jeez, the commute must have been a bummer."

      For Shinto-Judaism, anything is possible! It unites the world under the eight-branched candelabra of benevolence.

    • "If those countries can do it, I don’t see why Israel can’t."

      Oh, you bet, Israel should do it just like America, Canada, and New Zealand did it?

    • "By the way “objak”, have you met our new commenter, Joni Falic?"

      And when he arrives, in a big yellow taxi, we'll look at Jews from both sides now!

    • "Echin", you have won a gross of "Jews sui generis lapel-buttons.

    • "I am sure you know a lot about a lot of things. Judaism is not one of them."

      And Judaism is completely invulnerable, and completely impervious to what non-Jews think of it or about it. It has no effect on us at all! You tell 'em "objak"!

  • Thousands in Jerusalem protest abduction of Yemenite babies following disclosure some were experimented on
    • "He wasn’t told in his Zionist bubble that human experimentation without consent..."

      "Echin", everybody knows that medical consent is a very important concept to Judaism. Forced medical procedures are not encouraged. For instance, no one can force a man to have rhinoplasty or Botox if he doesn't want to.

    • "Mondoweiss is a trough of lies."

      It can't be. Mondo get hundreds of thousands, if not millions of "hits", and/or views on the Internet and every one is positive. There's not a single negative hit.

    • "The RAMBAM recommended that a man marry his niece (i.e., his brother’s daughter)."

      "Yoni" you know how that goes, when you're Jewish and single, everybody wants to play matchmaker.

    • Anybody who doesn't think diversity is strength is free to marry their sister or first cousin.

    • "I trust you are being ironic."

      "You don’t die from having a blood sample taken."

    • "You don’t die from having a blood sample taken"

      No doubt every sterility protocol; was rigidly followed. No doubt the tests were administered with the best of medical intentions.

    • "How does that work?"

      Sometimes the devil's advocate is simply a nasty minor demon.

  • Fear and loathing, in the land of milk and honey
    • “This is the way Israel acts. Like Germany in the Thirties.”

      If I remember right, Hitler's united Germany had about 90 million people. And a lot more.

  • A burning Zionist and non-Zionist debate the settlements
    • "David Lee Roth is the previous and current lead singer for the rockVan Halen who is also rich and privileged and has had a lot of sex with a lot of girls, I assume mostly Gentiles."

      Hey, give Diamond Dave a break. A high percentage of those" mostly Gentiles" girls experienced stunning post-coital conversions. He's got Chirazzma!

  • Start 'Birthright' earlier and hire conservative professors-- to stem 'national security issue' of Jewish kids abandoning Israel
    • "India is mirroring America in its rising support for Israel."

      Just shows, you never know where white supremacism will turn up.

    • "Anyway, besides trying to understand what you mean by “pariah”,

      "Pariah"? Pariah: they call the wind Pariah. Everybody knows that.

  • Israel's P.R. campaign is failing: the more Americans know, the less favorable they are
    • "Most Americans never heard of Rabbi Hillel and they don’t view the Ten Commandments as a foreign policy directive"

      Thanks, "Citizen".

    • “A Zionist is a person who believes in the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel.”

      Looks like they used the most anodyne definition for Zionism they could formulate, with no mention of anybody being adversely affected by Zionism.

      And still got a 70% "No".

  • Ehud Barak says a Palestinian state would be 'non-viable'
    • “It is agreed by all of us that we are present in Judea and Samaria because it is our privilege. Not because of power. We have a historical, moral, natural right, as it says in the declaration of independence,” Barak said."

      "Not because of power" you bet. We will hold Palestine by "historical, moral, natural right". That's the way the world works.

      Jews sui generis!

  • From lamentation to triumphalism: the story behind 'Jerusalem of Gold,' Israel's second national anthem
    • "Actual Israeli accomplishments, like other human accomplishments, should be celebrated."

      And what is the "Israeli accomplishment"? Why, colonizing and stealing Palestine. And of course, Israel's biggest "accomplishment" the Occupation. Do you know of another "Israeli accomplishment"?

    • -" Regarding Leibowitz’s attitude towards the Kotel, I am opposed to it."

      And "yonah" sings:

      "I don't know what they have to say,
      It makes no difference anyway,
      Whatever it is, I'm against it.
      No matter what it is or who commenced it,
      I'm against it.

      Your proposition may be good,
      But let's have one thing understood,
      Whatever it is, I'm against it.
      And even when you've changed it or condensed it,
      I'm against it."

    • "Celebration" has been replaced by "triumphalism", which makes the headline clearer.

    • "Shemer admitted.../...those accomplishments"

      Yup, like the title says: "From lamentation to celebration".

    • "His was an entirely understandable error"

      Yeah, I guess nobody ever showed "yonah" how to type "Access def." in the Google Search box. It's perfectly understandable that "yonah" thinks he's omniscient. It comes with the Zionism.

    • "2. “Access” is precisely the correct term. It means both an emotional outburst and an attack or fit (as of a disease)."

      Who are we going to believe, every dictionary on the web, or "yonah"? After all, "yonah" didn't even check, so he must know.

    • "Are you seriously suggesting that Delta Airlines’ inefficiency was purposely aimed at you?"

      "John O", it is very unpleasent to contemplate, but we must face facts and make the only deduction possible.

      1) It was Passover Eve!
      2) "yonah fredman" was the passenger.

      Isn't the conclusion obvious?

  • Attacks on Israeli police in East Jerusalem are not terrorism
    • Hey "Jon s" and "Yonah", get a clue, will ya?

    • "I wonder why all those Jews are praying there?"

      Because they get paid to do it. They get time-and-a-half on Saturdays, too.
      Everybody knows Jews will not pray for anything they consider a selfish interest, unless they get over scale!

    • "but there are a few indications that you may be a Prophet"

      Nah. A Prophet wouldn't have re-written his Bar Mitzvah speech after being reminded that the checks came at the reception after the service.

    • "You are quite pathetic. Jewish, but anti-Jewish."

      Yeah, there's a lot of that going around. "Jewish, but anti-Jewish". Terrible ain't it?
      Out-marriage rate well above 50%, "Assimilation" is even higher. Great majority of Jews neglect all observance. Anti-Zionism is gaining a strong foothold in the (read it and weep) "diaspora"

      Jeez, with a good three-quarters of Jews "Jewish, but anti-Jewish", what chance do we have? Every trend shows us disappearing, or even worse Judaism will become merely a religion!

    • "You probably think a Jew shot JR, and Mossad did Pearl Harbor, and 9/11, of course."

      If Mondo ever gets short of pelf, try approaching the English-language Zionist sites with the threat: 'Pay up, pal, or we will send "Arafatbastard" and "Emet" and "Yonah" and the rest back to your blogs and comment threads!'

    • Oh, the hell with it.
      I WAS RIGHT! I WAS F--KING PROVED RIGHT! I was appalled and repelled from the very first.
      (Sorry, sorry, but I've been waiting a half-century. I won't do it again)

    • ." if i had my druthers mondoweiss would not allow trolls/spammers"

      They can have a deleterious effect on me. They make me want to quote Judith Miller instead of the properly humble "there but for the grace of God..." attitude I should take.

    • "i can’t stand this denigrating filth in our comment sections."

      I think it's nice that Mondo gives more free speech to Zionists than English-language Zionist sites do. Mondo is saving those Zionist sites a lot of embarrassment.

  • Mondoweiss is necessary—so Israel can’t silence me and other Palestinian journalists
    • “Mondoweiss is still creating a site with NFG “.

      Oh lord, I hope "Keith" doesn't see that, we'll never hear the end of it.

    • "Real Jews like me, who actually believe in and practice the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Rabbi Hillel."

      Is modesty and humility part of that?

  • Iftar on the rubble
    • "But if you assure me that you are, indeed, a direct descendant of Abraham,"

      A descendant of many Abrahams! There were Abrahams all over the place in my family!

    • "Why is Emet allowed to use the phrase Abu Adolf Mazen and thus to equate the victims of white racist genocidal European settler colonist invaders with German Nazis?"

      You don't know? It's a pretty simple technique: Say bigoted things about others, and if anybody tries to give it back to you, start screaming "anti-Semitism".

    • "This woman/man is a spammer and a troll."

      Exactly. That's why they are here instead of at a Zionist site!

    • "I thought every Jew had a complete, certified, family record showing every generation in direct descent from Abraham, and with no hanky-panky in the woodshed."

      Well, my family used to have one, but between the expulsions, the genocides, immigration, and wars, it got lost somewhere.

    • ." Zionist positions are based on a mixture, to me confusing, of claims based on biological and cultural continuity"

      Don't waste your time pondering that BS.

    • "that a large majority of Palestinians now in Israel came from neighboring areas. DNA matching will confirm this. We all call for these Arabs to go home"

      Of course, "DNA tests" on Jews in Israel will show Zionists are all descended directly from King David, like me!

      (Gosh darn it, every goddam English-language Zionist site on the web should send Mondo a check, or at least a thank-you note. They ought to show some gratitude for all the moderation, mortification and banning Mondo saves them. )

    • "there’s a character in this latuff cartoon that reminds me of emet."

      Only one? I see two "Emetics".

  • Support Mondoweiss to keep brave journalists reporting news
    • "If even half are approved...”

      I'll know it's time to go on the stage! The next one out of town, that is.

    • "Keith" I just took a good look at my comment archive, and I intend to start keeping track like you do.
      I am absolutely positive I did not write some of those comments. They're ridiculous, and the jokes are, well, awful.

    • "Oh…my…God! Are you implying that you have never had a comment NOT pass moderation?"
      ." I delete the ones approved while transferring those which don’t pass moderation to a “Mondoweiss Rejected” file which I started a couple of years ago"

      I'm sure it has happened, many times, but I make it a practice not to check. Been a long time, many comments. Moderation may take five minutes, it may take five days, depending on circumstances. A comment may get lost. Maybe I'm late on my cable bill, and Xfinity is pissed.

      If a comment doesn't go to the page right away, or I don't see it next time I look, I shrug, and say (to my cat or dog, I do not talk to myself out loud on a regular basis, no matter what my wife says) "They must be busy bringing us news and information" and forget about it.

      And "Keith" what if I only dreamed or hallucinated that I wrote a comment, and then launched all kinds of angry missives the next day over a comment which was never there in the first place? That would not improve my credibility.

      But I do recognize the basic unfairness in the commenting system: Mondo can delete my comments anytime, before or after publication, whereas we get about 15 minutes, and we're stuck with it.

    • When a comment does not "pass moderation", is there a "does not pass moderation " notice, or does the comment simply not get published and eventually disappears from the page?

      How, exactly does it happen?

      “Keith” in quotes..."

      When I put "Keith" in quotes, I am quoting your user name. Since a user-name can be almost anything, from a name to a common word, ("just") they need to be delineated as a name.

    • "Lately, Mondoweiss seems to be moderated by “kinship” anti-Zionists. Some things just can’t be discussed by certain folks"

      Well, that will certainly help them look favorably on your comments. You told them off, right down to the obfuscatory quotes on "kinship".

    • "Jonatan Sousa!" My Dad used to sing a song by him. Started like this:

      ♫"Be kind to your web-footed friend, for the duck may be somebody's Mother..."♫♪

      But he never would sing the rest, I think it got pretty NSFW after that.

    • "I visit the site mainly for the articles"

      Of course you do, "Bont"

      So that's why you change your user-name after getting banned, so you can read the articles. Makes perfect sense.

    • Mondoweiss is a pretty nice site, but it changes from day to day.

  • Canada Park, a popular picnicking spot for Israelis, created upon the rubble of Palestinian homes
    • "stated to have been published in Chicago by Regnery in 1957."

      Read 'em and weep, MHughes. "Regnery Publishing."

    • "American Jewish or non-Jewish efforts to distinguish them as separate ideological or conceptual constructs just look like pilpul or quodlibet to me."

      But those distinctions are so useful.

    • "I feel there are other movements against Israeli apartheid that possess more radical ideals worth supporting and giving platform to."

      Aww, isn't that nice, "Bont" wants to fit Mondo with a custom-made vest.

      (Bont spins at the same RPM as "SIlamcuz")

    • "Mooser: Zionism meant different things as it progressed through history."

      Save your breath, pal. I'm Jewish, I was born in 1953 and raised with Zionism. I'm pretty goddam sure I know what it means.

    • "Is it not outside factors, like the British, the Americans, the Canadians etc that were ultimately responsible for Israel"

      And Zionism had nothing to do with it!

    • "How about holding Canada accountable instead?"
      "Bont Eastlake"

      "Yet you live on land stolen from the native Canadian Aborigines,"

      Teamwork always pays.

    • "Or are you laser focused on Jews, which then makes you what exactly?"

      That's it "Emet", you pimp those Jews, Judaism and Jewishness just as hard as you can. That always works for us.

    • "Accept that this is the post Nazi era. International law has changed, human rights were introduced and settler colonialism is a no go. "

      It is unfortunate, but a group with overwhelming power, numbers and resources, which by all demographic measures will be doubling and tripling every generation, can simply ignore those rules. And, I might mention, with a record of victory through the centuries.

    • "Many battles were fought for control of this valley. One of the most famous was the war between Joshua and the Canaanite king"

      Why live in the past? Why not concentrate on the increased numbers, increased unity, and increased resources which will make Jews the masters of Palestine far into the future?

    • "Stop living in the past"

      Okay, so much for Judaism.
      Consigned to the past.

    • "Yet you live on land stolen from the native Canadian Aborigines"...

      ...and the historical currents and pressures and ideas which made Canada and the US, are simply dwarfed, completely put in the shade by Zionism! There's no judging or putting any limitations on great human movements like that.

    • "Yet you live on land stolen from the native Canadian..."

      "Bastard", we Jews don't have to offer any apologies or excuses to those Canadians! No, all we need is the power of 180 million Jews, united in pursuance of Zionism's aims!

    • "That’s about as likely as Jew-hate comments masquerading as anti-Zionism, being moderated here."

      Gee, it was only maybe yesterday that some Zionist said the Palestinians weren't even a people and Palestine didn't exist.

      If you can't take it, don't dish it out.

  • I was born ideologically, politically, and spiritually in June 1967 -- settler/ambassador Dani Dayan
    • "This constant state of warfare of sorts fulfill the highest needs of every member of society, their self actualisation as human beings."

      Well, I know you are all ready for that "constant state of warfare", but do yourself a favor, don't enter any spelling bee's.
      Say, can you spell "glibertarian"?

    • "(How can I tell Israelis that they should be ashamed of the Netanyahu premiership,when the US is led by Donald Trump?"

      “yonah” even if our standing as Americans is tarnished, we still have moral and ethical obligations as Jews.

  • 'Please remember the Montgomery bus boycott'-- letter to Westchester County board before BDS vote tonight
    • "to market Zionism to Americans by analogizing Zionist pioneers (white racist genocidal European settler colonist invaders) to cowboys"


    • "Muslims believe they are superior and act this way.”

      "Emet" please remember the comment rules at Mondo. Nobody can say anything worse about Jews than what we say about them.

    • Next "Emet" will tell us that Zionist Jews have more in common with the Native Americans than Palestinians do.

    • "But you got to give him credit for his tenacity if not for the reliability of his claims."

      "Emet" likes it here because instead of telling him what Zionism can not do we tell him what Zionism should not do.
      And then "Emet" (or any of that herd of ilk) glories in Zionism's intransigence,
      And that makes him feel powerful.

      Again, at most Zionist sites, they likely would try and moderate or exclude views like his, if only out of concern for Zionism's image. So he comes here, and thinks he is powerful because Mondo allows him to publish things which make Zionism look really bad and stupid.

    • "Jews were prevented from living and working in places. Same with Blacks."

      Yup, when even English-language Zionist sites (G-d alone knows what kind of crap they tell each other in Hebrew) want nothing to do with them, they come here.

      Imagine trying to sell that line about Jews and "Blacks" at The Forward or Haaretz. They wouldn't put up with it. So they come here.

    • "owns a greater percentage of private land? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not the Jews."

      Gee, and I thought the % private Jewish ownership of land was what gave Zionists the right to Palestine.

    • "Do Jews have right to live as independent people in their history homeland? If your answer is yes, then we can continue the discussion. If you answer is no..."

      "Emet will ban you from Mondo!

      "If you answer is no then we understand that there is no other option than living by the sword"

      Yeah, yeah, the same sword you will use to cut "Talkback" off from the discussion?

      "Live by the sword" WAFJ! See you at the Masadadammerung!

    • “The Jews in Israel have more in common with the Black struggle in the USA than do the Palestinian Arabs”

      Ah, now I understand why "yonah" is always referring to Malcom X.

    • " Mooser, you are.../ should..."

      Listen to you? Why?

    • "The Jews in Israel have more in common with the Black struggle in the USA than do the Palestinian Arabs"

      Oh, shoot, the neighbors are going to call 911 and swear they hear hyenas at Moosehall again.

      "Emet" get a clue.

      OH, BTW, "Emet", could you clear something up for us? Thanks! This is where I get confused: What reaction are you hoping for when you comment here? Are you trying to convince us and make us understand Zionism, or scare us with Zionism's power and implacability? Both, maybe?

    • "That’s wonderful. Blame and boycotts. Keep up your losing strategy. You have nothing to lose except Palestine."

      Your concern for Palestinians is touching, very impressive.
      But not so much when I remember that Zionists are congenitally incapable of being influenced by self-interest, real or perceived.

    • "Normalization and the 2SS is the way to go."

      Tell it to the Israelis. You are telling us that because the Zionists don't want to hear it.

  • The indictment of journalist Aaron Cantú portends grim future for First Amendment
    • "More lies and deceptions! This “hacking the election” meme is a pretext"

      No pretext about those sanctions, tho. Putin would like them reduced or gone, and Trump can't deliver, which much reduces Trump's utility to Putin.

    • "Speaking of blaming Putin..."

      I noticed the Senate just re-affirmed the sanctions on Russia, and proposed making them stiffer. They gave as the reason, explicitly, Russian meddling in US elections.
      Putin would like those sanctions to go away.

    • "And it has gotten worse since then"

      Kitsap County is the place you oughta be. So load up the truck, and put it on the ferry. To Bremerton, that is. Methed-up fools, crazy bars.

      Sit a spell, take your shoes off. Y'all come back now, y'hear?

  • UN last hurdle before Israel can rid itself of the Palestinians
    • "Yesterday I made a favorable comment"

      "Steve" there is a button at the button at the bottom below the comment box which says "Post Comment".
      You must push that button every time.
      Try again, and click "Post Comment".

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