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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Wonder Woman is a hero only the military-industrial complex could create
    • "Maybe the “The Outlaw Jihad Wali”.

      Versus the "Hole-in-the-Wailing-Wall Gang"?

    • "Now, do I dare send it to my beloved, feminist, “politics sucks” sister?"

      Hmmm, that's a tough one. The last time I contested feminism with a woman, I lost the argument by a knock-out.

  • Anti-Islamist chic
    • " impact of the Rothschild family on world events over the last few centuries?"

      Well, that's nice, but I tend to think Alice Rothchild (no "s") will have an impact on the next few centuries.

    • "San bernardino, orlando, manchester."

      Don't forget Winona, Kingman, and Barstow.

    • "A discussion of zionism here on mw and in the comments section in particular is an absurd enterprise."

      In that case "Yonah", you should remain adamantly aloof from this "absurd enterprise", and refuse to lend your credibility and authority to it. And don't dignify my comment with a response.

      "This issue will not disappear."

      Whew, so you figure you'll be able to count on anti-Muslim bigotry for the foreseeable future?

      -" I think you know where I stand."

      Could you reiterate your position? Where you stand is of desperate importance to us.

    • "Poor PW. Still can’t figure out why his creatures, MxB & a. Rothschild don’t make it into the mainstream left media."

      Poor "DaBoer", he still can't figure out why he is posting at Mondoweiss, and can't make it into Zionist media.

  • US rabbis touring occupation are afraid to be identified lest their congregations find out
    • "Remember that pop song “Smooth Operator”?"

      It didn't go all that smoothly for him. There were some rough patches.
      He had bad dreams for years, dreams in which he was pursued by angels on horseback.

    • " I still don’t get your point. Does anybody?"

      Beats me. I have no idea what kind of, if any, employment contracts Rabbi's have. I'm not even sure religious institutions have to follow state or federal employment law.
      They may indeed worry about keeping their job from week-to-week.

    • A cousin of mine was a Rabbi, in fact, he presided at my Bar-Mitvah. When he got canned for it, he first went into hotel-kotel management, then attended Cordon Jeu and became a Chef Rabbi.
      So there's no lack of opportunities.

    • "After all, being a rabbi is a regular career job, yes?"

      I would think that when it all gets boiled down, being a Rabbi for a congregation is at-will employment. Never heard of one getting tenure.

  • Clinton lost because PA, WI, and MI have high casualty rates and saw her as pro-war, study says
    • "’s (7/12) Seattle Times.../...Previously, the Times refused to print my letter... Actually, there are critically important lessons for those trying to understand political economy. Yet one more reason to believe that we are doomed..."

      "Keith" they have some pretty good water-processed decaf these days. You might try some.

    • ," as Mooser recently indicated"

      Sorry "Sibiriak". I was simply trying to suggest to "Nathan" some possible reasons besides anti-Zionism that Jewish homes might be broken.

      Hey, "Sib", tell us about the time Ted Kennedy conspired with Andropov to overthrow President Reagan. Nobody got upset about that!

    • ” Trump is a jerk and a liar, like virtually all of our presidents,"

      Don't worry, Vladimir Putin will keep Trump on the straight and narrow.

    • " Trump is a jerk and a liar, like virtually all of our presidents, but without the personal attractiveness of the odious Obama."

      Ooh, that's too bad. Not even "personal attractiveness".

      What's Putin like?

    • ." I invite you to come see for yourself."

      That's very nice of you. Thank you.

    • I always thought it was right out in the open. Trump went broke, and broker, and then Russians bought him and his.

    • I don't know about you fellows, but where I am it's Tuesday, July 11th. Seen the news today?

    • "You forgot the Yeltsin years when the US effectively ran the Russian economy and destroyed it."

      Sorry. Go ahead and put that in, too. A very troubled place.

    • "Kay 24" can we be so judgmental? After all, are the Russians any tougher on people outside Russia then they are on each other? Or the land of Russia itself?

    • "RoHa", don't let these people talk bad about Russia. 70 years of Communist rule, WW2, the arms race, the planned economy, and then the collapse of Communism into anarchy has left Russia in fine shape, financially, politically environmentally, technically.

    • "The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!"

      But this time, they are coming led by Trump, as our friends. Why, just imagine what the US and Russia can accomplish together.

      And just imagine the relief of Europe as the risk of a Russian vs. America nuclear war recedes, and the two giants of world-wide benevolence stride into the future arm-in-arm.

    • "As you say, only some small part of the destitute and desperate enlist –sadists and natural-born killers are a small minority, even in God’s own country."

      Holy Mackerel, if that's what the enlisted men are, I don't even want to think about what officers and contractors might be!

    • "among those communities, only certain groups generally enlist, and they are tired of their disproportionate efforts."

      Mooser: (who is hitting himself with a hammer) "Doctor, it hurts when I do this."
      Doctor: "Well, then don't do that. See the front desk about your co-pay on the way out."

    • ." Where will our troops come from in the future?"

      And what kind of shape, physically and mentally, will they be in when the military gets them.

  • The Battle for Palestine on US Campuses: a review of 'We Will Not Be Silenced: The Academic Repression of Israel’s Critics'
    • "How much sex,drugs, rock and roll, fame and fortune can atone for being called a Jew?"

      I wouldn't know. How much celibacy, sobriety, obscurity and poverty can atone for being called a Jew? I hope it's not a lot, or I'll have to declare bankruptcy.

    • ," on Mondoweiss, even suggesting that the world isn’t one big hotbed of anti-Semitism is frowned upon by the moderators"

      My comment proving antisemitism is inherent in the US made it through.

    • "well-focused effort"

      Oh, I bet it is. After all, when the "most controversial viewpoints" correspond to popular superstitions and bigotries, or coincide with 'boughten speech' you got a better chance of getting them into "critical thinking".

    • "“FIRE” – Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a well-focused effort to allow even the most controversial viewpoints to contribute to critical thinking"

      Yes, it is getting a lot of media coverage, too. Saw an article about it yesterday. I don 't have a link, but the headline was "The Shape of the Earth? Expert opinions differ!"

    • "The post doesn’t say antisemitism was particularly horrific in America as compared to other places or compared to other forms of hatred in the good old USA."

      The long disgraceful record of Constitutional Anti-Semitism in the United States is as long as it is disgraceful! to wit (well, I can only get about half of it in, so it'll be to half-wit):

      1) absolute refusal to recognize Jews as a people. First President Washington wrote a nasty letter to a Rhode Island synagogue telling the Jews they would never, ever be anything but American citizens!
      The US recognized African-Americans as a separate people, the Native Americans as a separate peoples, but the Jews? No way!

      2) The US legal system refuses to recognize or incorporate Jewish law.

      3) The US government refuses, obstinately refuses, in fact, does whatever it can to destroy the Jewish people through marriage. It refuses to do anything to prevent the Silent Holocaust! They absolutely refused to extend miscegenation laws to protect Jews.

      4) The US government can fund an EPA, and an FDA, but will not spend a penny to ensure that Jews eat a proper diet. Couldn't care less if we eat tref.

      I could go on, but I am already crying into my keyboard.

    • "That should be “breach”, as in “once more unto the”.

      Every morning. Out of the PJs and once more into the breeches, dear friends.

  • Theater artists ask Lincoln Center to cancel Israeli government-sponsored performances
  • What does it take to support excellent journalism in Israel/Palestine?
    • "I of course won’t donate, but I’ll keep on chuckling whilst reading Weiss’s lamentations about Zionist Jews."

      A money donation is nice, I'm sure, but "hits" and "UPVs" (a comment) and "sessions" are essential, too. All the money in the world can't make those. Your contributions are appreciated.

      And "lamentations"! That was a real scorcher, "Grober"! What have Jews to do with "lamentations"?

  • Anti-Semitism accusations against 'Dyke March' prove pro-Israel lobby will torch LGBT rights for marginalized people
    • " If there were no antisemitism, I don’t think Zionism would have existed. Furthermore, it is strengthen by antisemitism. …"

      "Boris" is right.
      But somebody, not saying who, (cough-cough, Gentiles-cough) didn't keep up their end of the bargain very well.

    • ." But it’s ok to slam Jews (all in the name of defending Palestinians, of course)."

      Yup, "Elliot", that's about the way it is. Do you have a way of stopping this reaction? I'm glad you are starting to face the consequences of Zionism.

    • "And, yes, American Jews have it nice – that’s why we have so many MOOOSERs. But this is a fairly recent phenomenon – less that 60 year old. Give it a century or two."

      Yes, the way things are going, there will be very few pure-bred Zionist Jews in the world, outside of Israel. We will be assimilated, and practise Judaism when and how we want.

      Just think how powerful Israel will be then! There aren't many peoples who can grow more powerful the fewer and more diffuse they are, but everybody knows "Jews sui generis"

    • "Well here it is, the Echino Plan:"

      I wonder how he sees his role in the plan. I warned him weeks ago he was due for a white feather.

    • "And when it comes to that you as a Zionist has to take the view of those who want to see Jews being a seperate people and an alien body within their nation."

      Well, of course he does! I mean, in all of history, when has being seen as a separate nation done anything but bring advantage to Jews? And glory, I might add. No trauma 'long us!

      And look what has happened to the Jews in the US, were Jews are merely citizens and not even counted by the government!

    • " More specifically, when did the overwhelming majority of all people calling themselves “Christian” actively support the skinheads? "

      A little empathy, please. The scars of persecution last for several generations, and overstated fears are part of it.
      Also the demand that everybody respect and delineate your symbols just the way you want.

    • " My Soviet issued birth certificate stated that my father and mother are Jews,"

      You bet! If you can't go by Hitler, the Bolsheviks are the next best thing. Just the folks to define you as a Jew.

      And I thought us Jews had our own way of defining who is a Jew. But I guess that would be a minority definition, so you use more authoritative sources.

    • "But if the cross makes anybody feel unsafe it should be banned, just like the Jewish star."

      Okay, I realize you are being flippant Eliot. And that's alright, because the idea of anybody except us Jews defining us, or symbolizing us, is indeed a hoot, and not to be given serious consideration. It's never happened before, and is unlikely to happen in the future. Besides it can always be handled with cries of "anti-semitism".

    • "There is obviously room for considerable dispute in applying a definition in these terms but that difficulty is likely to persist if other defs are used."

      But it is important that a definition which presents no difficulties must be settled on! We must know who is a Jew and who is not!

    • "echin", any time you want to know how much Israel's original partition or even pre-67 borders mean to Zionism, ask a Zionist about going back to them.

    • "Eliot" if it is of any comfort (and I certainly hope it is) you are not the first or only person to tell us about the chilling and frightening effect of the Christian cross. "Yonah" has mentioned it, and so has "Jon s", so don't feel isolated in your fear.

    • "As a Jew, the Christian cross makes me feel unsafe."

      Well, considering what Christians have done to you, I shouldn't wonder.
      Christmas season must be hell for you.

    • "And please don’t tell me that being Jewish means a religious affiliation. Nazis were exterminating all Jews, religious and atheist alike."

      And gosh darn it, if you can't trust Hitler and the Nazis to define the Jews accurately, who can you trust?

    • "By your logic the cross is no longer Christian but a racist symbol."

      Hey, under that sign they conquered, "Eliot". How do you think a cross appears to a 'pagan', or a Muslim, or perhaps a Jew?

    • "Why can’t Jews have it?"

      Uh, "Nathan", can we get one little thing straight? Are you begging the world to give it to you, or telling the world it is within the power and numbers of the Zionist Jews to take it, no matter what the world thinks of the claim?

      Which is it? Remember, Israel has atomic weapons, so there's no need for false humility. And 180 million Jews is a huge number.

    • "It is a hanging offense."

      Or in this case, a hanging-out offense.

    • "If you want to use any “Jewish” symbol, you have to first claim it back."

      Oh, no "echin". It is the Gentiles job to keep those symbols well-delineated, and hand them back in good order, any time we want them. Even if it is for one demo.

    • ." That is the fault of Israeli governments, Left and Right, so it’s their responsibility to clean up the mess they made."

      Yeah, I bet they are working on making clear distinctions between Judaism and Zionism right now! After all "Jewish history is replete with anti-Semitic actions disguised in code words!"

    • ," every Jewish symbol can be seen as a Zionist symbol"

      And which Jewish symbol is not a Zionist symbol?
      Which symbol, which aspect of Jewishness, has Zionism explicitly rejected, to the point that it is plainly unfair to associate it with Zionism?

      Did it ever occur to you that we will have to take responsibility for Zionism? That we will have to give an accounting for it?

    • “Seriously? In the previous years of the March, they were not ‘aware’ of this?”

      Oh, sorry, "Nathan". I forgot that our history teaches us to be complacent about our entitlements and privileges.

    • "Seriously? In the previous years of the March, they were not ‘aware’ of this?"

      Hey, live and learn. Better late than never.

  • When Kafka met Orwell: Arrest by algorithm
    • "Woe be unto anyone who dares to question a divinely inspired algorithm."

      I'm an errand girl for algorithm, send me.

  • US Jews must oppose Palestinian boycott, but boycott Israel and bring it to its knees over prayer at western wall
    • "But the fact is everything today is thoroughly modern."

      Not me, Millie. I'm old-fashioned, I love the moonlight. I love the old-fashioned things. Like an old-fashioned love song, coming down in three-part harmony. One I'm sure they wrote cause I'm nobody's baby now. They don't care for me somehow.

    • "The world has gone mad today, and good’s bad today, and black’s white today, and it’s a hard day’s night today."

      And most guys today, that women prize today, are just a gigolo, everywhere they go, people know the part they're playing.

    • "no one remembers Rugal b"

      Ahh, what a distinguished lineage our "Bont Eastlake" has!

    • "You seem to be personally fixated in making me someone you want me to be."

      Oh fer gawd's sake "Simalcuz", "a4tech" (or whatever you will call yourself next time) everybody knows who you are.

    • Is that an Arthur Goldberg poem, or a Joni Falic lyric?

    • "his father is Arthur goldberg. is this yoni falic’s way of signalling that everything he writes should be taken poetically?"

      Arthur Goldberg was an American statesman and jurist who served as the U.S. Secretary of Labor, Supreme Court Justice and Ambassador to the United Nations. He wrote almost no poetry. The dirty limericks often attributed to him have proven to be spurious.

    • "in case there are some honest people reading this comments section, who might get the wrong impression based upon the comments of dishonest commentators:"

      Just keep your barrel over the naughty bits, Diogenes, and hope your lamp don't go out.

    • "Secondly, I think MW is not a place for anything goes type of discussion..."

      "Bont", what can you do? Good authors, too, who once knew better words, now only use four-letter-words, writing prose.

    • "Are we not allowed to..."

      I think the system hiccupped last night (7/3), and dropped some comments.

    • "the very definition of bad faith."

      But it seems to be a popular faith, unfortunately. "a4tech" espoused it, and so did "Silamcuz".

    • . "Jewish establishment seems so wrong, and on so many levels."

      It sure does, and it makes me wince. Maybe we shouldn't have decided to turn our religion into a political ideology, into a state.

      If we have the right to kill people because of Zionism, I would think that anybody can say anything they want about us.

    • "I was quite offended by Gordis’s piece, but to beat up on gordis in front of the crowd gathered in mw comments is not that attractive."

      Wow, what a beating Mr. Gordis escaped. He's a lucky man.

      "netanyahu’s policy on the occupied territories is the result of 50 years of evolution,"

      Ahh, the occupation is an "evolution". Of course. How clever and foresighted of the Israelis.

  • In war against 'cell phones,' Israeli launches social media app

      "Citizen", I am going to have to differ with you on that. The "Zionists" (for lack of a better term) we get here are the ones who can't make it that far up the Hasbara ladder.
      They have no, zero, message discipline, and never know when to keep their mouth shut. But their overwhelming sense of entitlement, and need to display it overrides any considerations for Zionist messaging.
      I would bet that most of them, are banned, heavily moderated or assiduously ignored at Zionist sites. But it's not Mondo's job to put a bottom on the Zionist rhetorical barrel, so they come here.

  • Pro-Israel 'gatekeepers' at California university shut down search for Edward Said scholar, a candidate says
    • "Dark allusions to Canary Mission, “the Israeli lobby’s effective but untraceable blacklist,” and anonymous insinuations about an unnamed Jewish community in lieu of evidence"

      Don't sweat it, "Naftush". Man, you shoulda heard the things people said about Russia and Russians during the Cold War. And some of the stuff people said about Germans and Japanese people during WW2 were very unfair and cruel.
      So chin up, "Naftush". If we Jews weren't ready for all of this, and more, we wouldn't have started a country!

  • Speaking up in times of apartheid, in Berlin
    • "Yes, the concept of “virtue signalling” is also included."

      Sure, like saying "I've never really done this kind of thing before, have you"?

    • " that Jews – and therefore Israel – are something apart, not to be measured by the standards applied to everybody else. . ."

      You have won a free "Jews sui generis" button. Oh, here, have a case of them. Wasn't a big seller, I've got lots.

  • Amazon pulls blank 'History of Palestinian People' -- which aims to dehumanize in order to subjugate
    • ...bettter to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt”. Is this wisdom true also when one puts one’s words in writing?"

      You bet, "Nathan"! That's why you, too will have an word-searchable archive of comments available to anyone who clicks your name.

    • "There are almost no Zionists left intelligent enough to be believable anywhere."

      But they are incapable of keeping their mouths shut, and staying on message.

    • "The Palestinians reject also the concept of a bi-national state...

      We Jews rejected Christ. So we must endure the consequences of our obstinacy.

    • "Agreed , but you are not of the zionist ilk who have no time for prophets of doom"

      Look, Jeremiah was a Prophet, was a good friend of mine. I never understood a single word he said, but I helped him a-drink his wine.
      And he always had some mighty fine wine.

    • ." How did Churchill put it? “Never, in all of history, have so many supported a cause so not deserving..."

      You bet, "Emet", that's just how Churchill would put it.
      Right, "RoHa"?

      "So not deserving...." Churchill as a "valley girl'

    • "Question for those who dismiss sources supporting Jewish claims: “Is all of the Bible a fable or is some of it true?”

      "Emet", I am shocked! Please see the "About" page, and the "Comments Policy". I will quote the relevant section:

      'Mondoweiss accepts as inerrant and true in all respects, every single word of the Bible,( except for the part written by goyim) All comments must be in accord with Scripture'

    • "And the antisemitic hate fest continues."

      Okay, maybe it does, "Emet". That being the case, why on earth would you try to convince people to accept Zionism using Judeo-centric sources? If they don't like us, why on earth would they accept our word for it?
      You are using evidence for Zionism that only people who love Jews would accept, to convince "antisemitics" they should support Zionism? Makes no sense.

      "Emet" given that the "antisemitic hate fest continues", why not take a sensible, effective approach to getting support for Zionism? Simply say "Look, you can get rid of all the Jews in your country by sending them to Israel! Then they will leave you alone, and you will be rid of them!"

    • "Whaddya want to bet that the place drowns in responses to the new pimple by the usual suspects “debating” the new name’s nonsense?"

      We've got to try and stop them, "echin"! 24/7 activity and long comment threads have destroyed many websites, we can't let it happen here!

    • "Why was it removed?"

      I've noticed a few things, too. I think the system is 'glitching'.

    • "I tend to steer away from fiction , unless I know something about the author/s ."

      I find Jeremiah to be very instructive.

    • "The Zionist entity is a member of the UN..."

      "The Zionist entity"? Yup, Israel most definitely does not pay these people. I'm pretty sure Israel wouldn't give you a sheckel to call it "the Zionist entity".

    • "I do so for the casual MW reader who might, in a moment of inattention, think that Emet could almost have a worthwhile point."

      Well, you have a lower opinion of Mondo readers than I do. As far as I can see, "Emet's" way of commenting invalidates any point he might have.

      After all, it gets hard to posit the Jews as a persecuted people begging for a refuge when "Emet" insists we should give them that refuge based on the most self-serving, Judeo-centric bunch of BS.

    • "Please recall that waves of messianic religious Zionists repeatedly tried to return and settle in Zion from the 1200’s to the 1900’s. Their efforts were continually met with hostility."

      You sure know how to step in it "Jackdaw". You really don't want to talk about a lot of that stuff.

    • "eljay, so what did King David rule over?"

      Well, "Emet" if you read the Bible, you'll know King David wasn't exactly master of his domain if you get my drift.

      " typical of those on the Left"

      "Typical"? Now, where have I heard "typical" used as a pejorative before? 'He's a typical...'??? Nah, it escapes me at the moment.

    • "The point is that Jews organized and the religion took shape. The language and literature advanced. And the history books and the literature show this. The First and Second Jewish Temples stood as the dominate structures in Jerusalem for nearly 1000 years."

      If G-d had wanted us Jews to keep it, we would have. The story is plainly told by our Prophets.
      Did I miss a revelation from God which changed any of that?

    • "Go read Josephus Flavious."

      "Emet" is referring to Joseph Flavious XXXVI. Known as "36 Flavious", his ideas about franchise ice-cream stores were later stolen by Baskin and Robbins.

    • "Emet"! How authoritative you are! I am sure that you are helping lots of people make up their mind about Zionism. Beyond the mere facts, the way you present yourself should go a long way towards helping them.
      I can see why Zionist leaders appointed you as their spokesperson.

    • "That’s why we say that the Palestinian Arab people are a modern invention, and so should you." "Emet"

      Of course they should, "Emet". When hasn't the entire world agreed with the Jews, and accepted our explanations for everything and anything? You know how much they love us and want to agree with everything we say, right?

    • "emulate his/her method and CITE SOME BLOODY SOURCES for your statements."

      That will never work. In order for the discussion to proceed on an ethical basis the Zionist should be granted omniscience, and complete objectivity.
      After all, they are proceeding on that basis, why won't we?

    • "and you are left with no choice but to go back 3,000 years."

      Okay, "Emet" but before you start the Delorean don't you feel that you should praise Mondo for their strong freedom-of-speech principles?

      Just think: Mondo publishes your comments even tho your comments can (nay! they will!) bring this entire tower of anti-Zionist babble down around their ears.

    • "Nothing Emet says should be taken at face value."

      "Keith", if you can't grant, as the only reasonable grounds for a discussion, omniscience and perfect objectivity to every Zionist here, well, I just don't see how this debate can continue.

    • "It turns out that I may not be descended from people who lived in ancient Palestine, but from people who lived in Central Asia in the 700s."

      Big deal. I'm descended from people who lived in Central Park.

  • Trump aides end all doubt about whose side they'll be on in the next great peace process
  • Al-Quds Day protest and iftar in New York shows vigorous opposition to Zionism
  • Israeli musicians to Thom Yorke: Canceling Radiohead show will disrupt Israel's 'business as usual' facade
    • "Or that’s how he felt it..."

      He thought he'd found the girl of his dreams, (or so it seemed) But this is how the story ends:
      She's gonna turn him down and say: "Can't we be friends?"

    • "And here is another guy singing about how it feels when his girl friend left him.."

      Whoa, she didn't just hand him the mitten, she pistol-whipped him with it!

    • "The quickest way I could think of for MW to shrink readership would be to ban comments contrary to the group thinking of the core of regular"

      ROTFLMSJAO!!! "Dabakr", your comments are the only thing keeping this place going. If the Zionists stop commenting, Mondo goes down the tubes.
      Thank you, "Dabakr", a brocha on you for keeping Mondo going, when you Zionist commenters have the power to shut it down, by not commenting.
      Can Mondo can count on your continuing generosity? I think it can.

    • "But some, some could only imagine the motivation to play in Israel is strictly money."

      "Dabakr", that's the point. If Israel was paying you, I would expect some value for their money.
      If Israel was paying you, there might be some message coordination, instead of this absurd mixture of begging and threatening and muttering.
      Do you ever ask yourself (or anybody else, like a Rabbi or Zionist official) "am I helping Zionism, or hindering"?
      No, you do not. They don't want your muttering at any Zionist site, so you bring it here, where the standards for Zionism are the lowest.

    • "Just today I attempted to post the following comment which was deleted:"

      "Steve" you get free editing services, and you're complaining? Maybe it wasn't up to your usual standards. Mondo wants you to be seen at your most informative and persuasive.

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