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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Changing the narrative, from BDS to antifa
    • "After Charlottsville, the website was shut down… at the domain name level. Network Solution killed their account, and wouldn’t release it to be used someplace else. Clearly a violation of free speech in my book"

      You bet! We should nationalize the Internet, so our free-speech-loving Government can ensure Stormfront .org will be heard, instead of being felled by a blow from the invisible sledge-hammer of the free market. Bad, bad capitalism and free market and free association censoring our free speech. Bad, bad property rights.

      And considering what Trump is doing to the EPA, it's doubtful they can get protection on the "endangered species" list.

    • Shorter "yonah":

      'Compared with what was supposed to happen to us Jews, history has been an unending persecution!'

    • “from the abyss of auschwitz to the apex of jewish sovereignty in jerusalem. a history of such an extreme type requires an answer"

      Ummm, "yonah" aren't you being a bit premature? Has "the apex of Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem" already been achieved?
      Israel has a tenuous hold on part of it, in defiance of international law and the UN. Hardly an "apex of Jewish sovereignty".

    • "as “negro incapacity” served the Dunning School... "

      ...and everybody but, well, the Negro. That's the difference. Our's wasn't imposed on us. We made it up for ourselves. (But I take your point, and good to see you again, "Yoni"!)

    • . "a history of such an extreme type requires an answer and in fact there is no answer: neither the “melting pot” of america, "

      You said it, "yonah": Freedom's just another word for nothin' left for Jews!

      Jews, free to be Jewish in any way they like, or not at all if it suits them? That is "no answer"!

    • "a future for the Jewish people based on the cherished memories of the perceived Jewish past"

      Now, what could go wrong with a well-grounded plan like that?

    • "Continue and you may get a medal from the very hands of some CIA gook."

      I think you mean "goon"

      "You’re being ironical right?"

      You bet, if I want "equal rights and non-discrimination, and inclusion" I'll just look for the guys with the tiki-torches.

    • "Shutting down the free speech of a few hundred poor white guys"

      "Continue wasting liberaloid fake antifascism on a ragtag band of destitute clowns,"

      One man's "poor white guys" is another man's "ragtag band of destitute clowns", I guess.

    • ",In theory Zionism is about the Jewish need for self defense through the building of an army centered in Zion"

      We will have all the Jewish Army brigades up to full strength real soon!

    • " Over the the past fifteen years the “T word”, i.e., terror, has been applied to those the establishment wants to vilify en route to taking away their rights and using violence against them. Now the H word, hate is filling the same role."

      And if the Establishment is for equal rights and non-discrimination, and inclusion, those must be bad things.

  • Teenage girls in Gaza lament a 'double siege'
    • "We are all descended from the Gods, so we are all sacred."

      Well, maybe you descended. I'm pretty sure I was pushed.

    • " discover how its the women who are running things and the mother being the highest authority"

      Who must know the way to make a proper home,
      A quiet home, a halal home?
      Who must raise the family and run the home,
      While Papa's imprisoned by the Israelis?
      The Mama, the Mama!

    • " Jews are not descendants of apes"

      "Jack" please do contend that we are better than other people. That's always worked out well for us.

  • Shooting and crying, in 'The New Yorker'
    • "* SEE: “Huge Spike in Number of Israelis ‘un-Jewed’ by Chief Rabbinate in Past Two Years” | by Judy Maltz | | Sep 17, 2017"

      Huh? But what about this: "Israel seeks ‘Jewish’ non-Jews in numbers battle with Palestinians"

      Gee, one could get the impression that "Jewish" is just an administrative identity meaning "Fust-cless resident of Zionist colonial enterprise" or ultimately: "not Palestinian." That's what our vaunted Jewish identity has come to, value to the Zionist state.

    • It occurs to me that if Israel adopts some of the solutions offered by liberal Zionists, and good things result, it will leave anti-Zionists pretty much in the outer darkness, wailing and gnashing their teeth, without a leg to stand on.

    • "got a bomb planted inside of him and got blown up?"

      Oh, you mean Napoleon.

  • American Legion calls on Congress to finally investigate 'USS Liberty' attack, 50 years after
    • "Jon s" is always ready to roll those dice, to gamble with the facts. He doesn't care how many times he loses, because it never affects his credibility. Just ask him.

    • "The IDF is not immune."

      So the Haganah equals the IDF? Of course, an army founded on terrorism.

    • “Unfortunately , war is like that. Combat is the realm of errors, miscalculations, malfunctions and screw-ups, caused by stress, fatigue, lack of accurate intelligence and general confusion.”Jon S

      And that's your excuse for war crimes?

    • "Whether Dayan knew that the ship he attacked was American I don’t know."

      And considering the number dhows which look just like US Navy Electronic Reconnaissance Cruisers, who could tell?

    • "Anyone who has seen wars up-close -as I have- will tell you so."

      Which combat actions were you involved in "Jon s"?

    • " Lyndon Johnson wanted a pretext for a US attack on Egypt. Israel agreed to provide that pretext, by attacking (and sinking) the USS Liberty"

      "James Canning", that is one of those times the intra-service rivalry between United States Naval Reserve and the regular Navy just got out of hand.

    • ." So if you want to go with the deliberate theory then what were up to which led to Israelis to take such strong action?"

      Trying to prevent the reception of broadcasts and information related to the Israeli execution of Egyptian prisoners-of-war. For one thing.

    • "That’s a line they knew not to cross, qualtrough"

      Well, if they were heaving bombs or firing missiles at the ship, and set it on fire, there's no way they can guarantee it won't go down. They were prepared to see it sink.

    • "the uss liberty had been commanded to leave the area. it disobeyed its command. there was a part of the us armed forces that went rogue with that disobedience."

      Oh my gosh! Israel saved the USA from a military coup detats when it attacked the Liberty!!! Rogue disobedient forces!
      If not for those brave Israeli pilots, it would have been Sailor's Soviets for all of us, and then up against the wall...just like in Russia.
      That was the day the IDF saved US democracy.

    • " there was a part of the us armed forces that went rogue with that disobedience..."

      "yonah" knows all about it.

  • Netanyahu declares West Bank is Israel 'forever,' as liberal Zionists cry out for 'make-believe peace process'
    • "the support that olmert needed from the israeli public was missing, not enough supported his efforts, and thus the offer was made on a napkin and tossed out quickly."

      Can you blame him? He must have known what happened to Rabin. The Israeli public will defend itself when threatened with peace!

  • Prominent Israeli rabbi preaches rape in war time
    • "Is this applicable to observant Jewish soldiers joining American Army, I wonder?"

      Not unless he is engaged in a battle of wills.

    • "Nonsense! It just means that Israel has freedom of speech."

      "Just a reminder, Israeli municipal rabbis are appointed by the State. Their salaries are paid by the State of Israel out of the citizens’ taxes."

    • "Just a reminder, Israeli municipal rabbis are appointed by the State. Their salaries are paid by the State of Israel out of the citizens’ taxes."

      "Jon 66" did you know about that? What's your "disclaimer"?

    • "The guy is despicable. I don’t know how anyone could agree with him."

      He's the Rabbi of the town of Safed, and obviously an influential religious figure.
      If you "don't know how anyone could agree with him" you must not know much about Zionism, outside of your pleasant fantasies about it.

    • "Oh dear, Mooser! LOLling but feeling a tad sad about it!."

      Imagine how "yonah" feels. It blows his entire 'Billy Joel avenges Al Jolson' story to smithereens.

    • "so what about the comely man and the enflamed female soldier?"

      You are right, "Annie", that makes a lot more sense. After all, Judaism is inherited through the matriarchal line.

    • I'd take Rabbi Shmuel and throw him up against the Wailing Wahl!

  • 'Auto-anti-Semitism!' Naftali Bennett declares war on Jewish self-hatred in Israel
    • "For your information, the Hagannah had been blowing things up for 20 years before this incident – even had their own hand-grenade factories."

      "Jon s" should know this. After all, experience with Western arms and military techniques were the God-given advantages which allowed the Zionists to conquer Palestine.

    • Truly "priceless". Me ken brechen! Is there a better emetic than "Jon s" taking on the mantle of objectivity?

      BTW, "Jon s" is an "Israeli history teacher" at a settlement.

    • "The experience of the ancient Canaanites rarely gets a mention however."

      Well, if it's any consolation, the Canaanite religion was very completely absorbed into what became Judaism. Mircea Eliade says so.

    • “The problem remains. If Zionism is not the answer, what is?”

      And what is the evidence that Judaism provides any kind of foundation for a state? Hey, it can provide a lot of things, but I don't think that's one of them.

      They always pose that "If not Zionism..." question like establishing a successful Jewish State was a done deal, something Jews know how to do. And had no possible downside.

    • “Shinto…..”. Have no problem with this (benign) association"

      Torah! Torah! Torah!

    • "dabakr", I knew you would like "Shinto Judaism".

    • "Bring shellfish in from the cold."

      And when it reaches 145 degrees F. internally, it's Kosher.

    • “Auto anti-semitism”

      I wouldn't even accuse an Opel of that.

    • "The far left makes up terms just as absurd as anything on the right"

      Yup. Here's one for you: 'Shinto Judaism'.

  • The US Jewish debate over white Jewish privilege in Israel
    • " But there’s NO evidence that Jewish critics of Israel are anti-Semitic or self-hating."

      So, if you just disposed of the entire topic (and very well, too!) in one comment, why should we pay a bunch of scientists to fool around with mice and mazes?

      I mean, that whole "self-hatred" concept is something which wouldn't scare or influence anybody but children!

    • "the auto-anti-Semitism theory is as goofy as its name sounds."

      Would that it were so! But the condition has been well-explicated. Here is an expert writing in this very blog:

      "Self-hatred is a disease. It is a sad disease borne of many generations of persecution, but it is a disease. And ...... (insert name here) is afflicted with it, as many Jews have been in the past. And it is usually the self-haters who cause the worst damage to the Jewish community, precisely because of how small it is."

    • "And it is this aspect of Eisner’s Zionist ideal that Dann, the rest of us, might well be justified in calling inherently exclusionary and racist."


      " We Jews need to eliminate Zionism’s racist and exclusionary elements."

      From 'inherent' to "elements" in the space of a few lines. That's progress.

    • "This is a question of science, and can be settled by science."

      But not just any science. It'll take quantum psychics to figure it out.

  • The United State of Israel and Palestine
    • You thought I was kidding?

      "- white Canadian. This is a delicious drink made of vodka and goat's milk."

    • "who spend all his time here pontificating on whiteness"

      And fishing, fishing, fishing for the person he can't find here. In every iteration, he keeps fishing for someone to answer him one his own racist terms. And not finding them here, which always makes me feel good.

    • "How would one argue against the system of white supremacy, without using the white nomenclature?"

      Oh, you can, you can. As soon as you define "white".

    • "White Canadian is not a culture though."

      Of course not. It's the name of a drink.

    • “Similarly to be Jewish is to claim your ancestors lived in Judaea (potentially symbolically via having a taken a tribal oath).”

      Of course. Nothing like those "potentially symbolically" ancestors via having taken a "tribal oath".

      Or you could just advertise for mercenaries.

    • Judaism is Zionism's human shield.

    • "You are simply wrong. Sephardim and Mizrahim are as fully Jewish as I am"

      Whoopee! The mashgiach is here. Isn't he generous in his judgement!

    • "So I won’t take anything what he writes for a fact."

      I take everything he writes for a fart.

    • Not much different than what the United States had to do when it forcibly integrated neighborhoods that were violent to outsiders especially with Catholics minorities in the 19th century and with blacks in the 20th."

      "Kaisa", that never happened. Have no idea where he cooked up that toxic historical stew. "forcibly integrated"? He is full of it.

    • "And here I figured you were just a gentile kook with your evacuate Israel theme. So you are really a self hater running or someone with bizarre intra-Jewish racism."

      "Jeff b", be careful. Do you mean to say "self-hater", or would "auto-anti-semite" be the mot jewste.

    • " I had to stay in the United States for years illegally, breaking all sorts of immigration laws. Now I have a quite high-level position in a local government and own businesses. People just don’t like immigrants, we are territorial creatures"

      It's the American dream come true! The allrightnik becomes an alt-rightnik!

    • "But there are many, many intelligent, rational, and humane Israelis."

      Their freedom to leave Israel must not be infringed, in any way.

    • ".Gobbledygook is not one of my languages ."

      It's all Tweak to me.

    • "I honestly got shocked by his racial theories from somewhere from the 19th century."

      Yup, "Jeff b" throws everything into his comments, including both kitchen sinks.

    • "lives of some protozoa as an excuse for the Zionist oppression"

      Kaisa, lettuce hope "Jeff b" closes his word-salad bar soon. With a crisp celerity.

    • "This guy has the audacity to invite Kaisa , (Note the correct spelling jeffy boy) to lend herself to “Peace and shared values”."

      That's funny, just a few comments ago "Jeff b" said to "Kaisa":

      "You, every human being alive, every mammal, every animal an even the plants who conducted the most ferocious genocidal campaign in earth’s history has no moral grounds to judge.
      Jews are done apologizing. They are done being held to some unearthly standard."
      "Jeff b"

      That don't sound like "shared values to me.

    • "The better analogy is there are Finns living in America with America citizenship. Their citizenship doesn’t change their nationality."

      Uh, yes it most certainly does. They may all kinds of attachments to Finland, but yes, their nationality changed when they got American citizenship.

      "Judea was an ancient country..."

      And it's just like something which is grey and carries a trunk.

    • "You are deranged. I was in nursery school during vietnam."

      So it was more of an ROTC kind of thing, then.

    • ." never have the sides been so far apart."

      Is there some intrinsic and impassable barrier separating the sides that perhaps Dr. Fincham does not see? Can you tell us what it is "DaBakr"? So we can understand it, or at least see it.

    • "the ultra orthodox can’t stand the rest of the jews that don’t practise in the orthodox(which of course, they say, is the only true way to be a jew) we love them and tolerate them because they will always be our people too."

      Stockholm Syndrome. You can pretend the Modern Orthodox don't run the place if it makes you feel better.

    • "Jews are done apologizing. They are done being held to some unearthly standard."

      Well, considering what it dredged up, I know I'll never be able to look at Fincham's plan objectively.

    • "In 1947, the Zionists negotiated under duress, being under occupation by a highly militarized power."

      You mean Britain?

    • ." In my plan the Israeli-Jewish nation obtains sovereignty over all of Mandatory Palestine, which will be shared with the Palestinian-Arab nation."
      And the Palestine-Arab nation obtains sovereignty over all of Mandatory Palestine, which will be shared with the Israeli-Jewish nation.
      What's not to like?

    • Hey "Jackdaw" , what's big, gray all over and always carries a trunk?

    • "Your vain, immoral attempt to analogize a relatively brief, properly conducted military occupation"

      Perhaps "Jon s" is not talking about the American occupation, but instead is taking the Soviet occupation, 'negotiations' and treaties in the Soviet-controlled spheres of Eastern European and Eastern Germany after WW2 as a model.

    • ." I don’t see a modern example of people’s with such differing cultures forming a common polity."

      Oh well, so much for the "special relationship".

    • "If Algeria has disappeared, you had better inform Google Maps"

      "Echin", I checked, and Algeria is still there. It looks like France may have shrunk a little, tho.

    • " The history of the 20th century is the breakup of empires and the development of smaller and more homogenous states"

      And this is a game the Jews always win. Always have, and always will. Let's play it some more!

      And Israel is ready to take on the world with no superpower backing, too.

    • Okay, now I am going to study Dr. Fincham's plan assiduously. It has the power to induce resurrections!

    • "Mooser said he would need to read the whole article twice to grasp it. I think he is too pessimistic."

      Dr. Fincham, your unfailing politeness, and kindness is a positive addition to the comment section. But you o'erpraise my abilities.
      I'm on my third go-round and I still can't make head or tail of the thing.

    • "Dear sir, while I cannot reply to your other message (the one with the apologies) given the way the website was designed, please allow me to emphasize that there is really nothing you need to apologize for :-) ! "

      Isn't that nice? "Curatica" said that "irishmoses" doesn't need to apologize.

      BTW, just so I can get my bearings, is the question of whether Dr. Fincham actually is or isn't Jewish have any relevance in this discussion? I certainly don't know.

    • . "The Allies imposed the governments, took land from Germany and transferred population. They also broke Germany into 2 countries" "Jon 66"

      Never thought I'd see it, but here it is, a Zionist feeling sorry for Nazi Germany and the terms of its surrender. But then, as conquerors denied their rightful spoils, I guess Zionists can empathize with Nazi Germany.

    • " that the conflict in Palestine should be resolved, as the “Dr.” author of the article suggests."

      So you can look past" his grasping and egotistic Jewish nature" and see the substance in his proposal? That's good.

    • Well, at least "Jon 66" is willing to admit that Israel conquered the rest of Palestine, and holds it under military occupation until the negotiations are done. Only been 70 years, and oh, how scrupulously Israel has adhered to the legal requirements for a military occupation.

      Including the first and most primary, that they be as short as possible.

    • "Is it necessary to point out that this is just plain wrong"

      "gamal" did you catch this neat little extra twist:

      " In medieval Europe, on the base of the Bible, it was illegal for Christians to lend money at interest. However, the Jewish theologians decided that although it was forbidden for Jews to lend to Jews, but they could lend to non-Jews. This is how Jews became the bankers,"

      I must admit that makes more sense than the usual Christians-punished-Jews-by-making-them-bankers story.

    • "Please read the article from beginning to end, and you will find out what the substance is..."

      Thank you, but I'm not so sure. I will probably need to read it over several times before I grasp it.

    • "Not that jon 66 ,s honest zionist negotiators give a fiddlers f–t about such mundane encumbrances"

      Hey, if Imperial Japan (about 60 million people, most advanced industrial nation in Asia at the time, and very disciplined and united) and Nazi German (about 90 million people, you know the rest) could do it, why can't Israel?

    • "Come to the table with these demands and Israel will respond in kind"

      That's a prerequisite for this process, I would think, if not the very substance of it.

    • "Interesting link."

      As you said, "scurrilous". I hesitated even linking to it.

    • "Do you have an example of where the victor kept on taking the land of those they were “negotiating with” to arrive at a just peace treaty."

      Of course! Why, just think of Imperial Japan in the 20's and 30's in Mainland China or other parts of Asia, or the German National Socialist regime's actions in Europe.
      I do believe that is exactly what they did at the time.

    • "Jewish money" is a reality. (As I understand it, from my schoolboy days), the Bible forbids usury, the lending of money at interest, I suppose because it leads to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. In medieval Europe, on the base of the Bible, it was illegal for Christians to lend money at interest. However, the Jewish theologians decided that although it was forbidden for Jews to lend to Jews, but they could lend to non-Jews. This is how Jews became the bankers, and some became very rich indeed. Christians who wanted to invest in business had no alternative but to go to the Jews for money. This tended to cause some resentment."
      "David Gerald Fincham"

      Now, there's substance!

    • ," but your remarks do not address the substance of my article"

      That's twice you have used that "substance of my article" wheeze.

      Okay, we're not getting it, so why don't you tell us what the "substance" is. The "substance" which makes the article other than mere vaporizing. What is it?

    • "displaced Arabs "

      ? Is that who they are?

    • "why don’t we hear suggestions to pay israeli jews lots of money to enable them to settle in any other country of their choice?"

      ROTFLMSJAO! Oh, that comes a little later.

    • "At least he is truthful to his grasping and egotistic Jewish nature."

      This Dr. David Gerald Fincham? Doesn't seem reasonable.

    • "Sorry Mooser I will not tell you where I live in Jerusalem."

      You don't need to, now. You just told everybody pretty much exactly where you are at.

  • As many as 1 million Israelis have left for the U.S.
    • "where’s your “ironclad data” to prove that?!"

      It's true, I don't have any. I guess we could ask them.

    • "As Mooser says, 2 billion Jews can’t be wrong."

      Not 2 billion! And even if they were, who would dare to tell them so?

      But if we are talking about actual the number of Jews that exist, I'm not sure there's enough to be right all the time.

    • "In 25 years there will be three billion Muslims worldwide; 600 million Arabs; 150 million Iranians and 150 million Turks."

      "Maybe it has to do with the fact that Jews couldn't have sex for nearly half the time..."
      "Jon s"

    • "No wonder OECD didn’t find it."

      Nope, all I could find under OECD is Olde Englishe Compulsive Disorder. And don't be too sure there isn't a "Ye" in front of it!

    • "And this is the empirical reality which has to be faced."

      You are right. If you live in Austrailia, and the climate breaks, how would you even know?

    • "It certainly won’t be the song of songs"

      Well, maybe not. But it's one hell of a song-and-dance routine.

    • "Scepticism about AGM is both scientifically respectable and socially responsible."

      And sometimes the devil's advocate is just another nasty minor demon.

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