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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Five Palestinians bodies recovered from tunnel bombing after Israeli court ignores emergency rescue petition
    • "No one has given Jews even 1 square foot of land."

      A lung un leber oyf der noz! This must be that "ethical tradition" I'm always hearing about. Other historic short-end-of-the-stickers just gripe about "Justice" and "Peace". How many have the "ethical tradition" which enables them to turn their grievances into an detailed invoice?

      Hey, "JackGreen", if it is any comfort to you, I don't think they gave the freed African-American slaves any free land either.

    • "The State of Israel exists, period."

      So did Grossingers. And we thought it would always be there.

    • "I hope you never need it, but I’m glad Israel is there in case you do."

      Oh, please. You'd be the first one there with an ax-handle to keep me out. It's not like Israel has room or resources for every ostensible Jew in the world.

      Why should I go to Israel and get pushed around by Jews when I can stay in the US and get pushed around and bossed by everybody? That's diversity, baby!

    • " I wonder how they managed that."

      With a sharp fid.

    • "A “genetic connection” to the Middle (or Near) East does not obligate you to support Zionism."

      Nor does it obligate anybody to give us Jews one square foot of the "Middle (or Near or Far) East".

      "Some Jews believe..."

      "Now some they do and some they don't
      And some you just can't tell
      And some they will and some they won't
      With some it's just as well"

    • "But I like your answer better:"

      Only because you are too stupid to understand it.

    • "After that I had already lost my appetite..."

      So have an awful lot of Jewish people. Their appetite for organised Judaism.

    • "I wonder if Jack reads the stuff he posts. From the preamble to the article:"

      People asked him to supply links, so he Googles and links to the first thing which seems supportive. Isn't artificial intelligence wonderful?

    • "The genetic studies reinforce the historical, archaeological & religious claims."

      ROTFLMSJAO!! Maybe in your mind, chump.

    • "So what does “race is a social construct ” mean?"

      It means that certain values (laziness, intelligence, aggressiveness, passivity, whatever and a host of others) are assigned to these different characteristics (skin tone, facial look, etc).

      But you know that "RoHa".

    • "You are assuming that the Israelis knew where all the exits were for the tunnels & had the IDF at those exits to welcome the terrorists."

      Sorry, I had forgotten how backwards Israel is, and how void-detecting technology in use all over the world for decades is not available to Israel.

      Maybe you could put your ear to the ground and listen for the tanks, trucks, armored personnel carriers and fighter planes coming through the tunnels to attack Israel. Also, you might send an IDF guy to look at any unusual holes in the ground which turn up suddenly.

    • "Even members of the same family don’t always get along."

      Uh-oh! The "genetic thread" is starting to fray!

      BTW, "Jack Green" you don't think the huge rush of out-marriage (well over 50% by all accounts) in the last 100 years has changed the Jewish genetic make-up? Well, it has, and as the Jewish genes are diluted, well, there goes Zionism.

    • ." Lie more than once and you’re a fraud."

      You must admit, "Green" does give us a nice look at the things Zionists use to convince themselves and other Zionists. And he's not even smart enough to try and hide it.

    • "Some Jews were sold as slaves or transported as captives after the fall of Judea…Jewish communities were thereby largely expelled from Judea and sent to various Roman provinces in the Middle East, Europe and North Africa."

      No doubt. And that entitles us to something? Look, chump, even if my DNA is exactly like yours, that doesn't mean you can tell me what to do.
      Hey, but if you want to sell the idea that all Jews owe fealty to Israel's intransigence and Zionism's crimes because of their Jewish genes, you go right ahead.

    • "How close is Palestinian DNA to the DNA of Middle Eastern Jews?"

      That depends on where the sample-tubes end up in the genetic-testing lab. Sometimes they are in different places, sometimes right next to each other!

    • "Jewish communities across the globe share a common “genetic thread”,

      Okay, "Jack Green" you go ahead and use that "genetic thread" to round us all up and tie us to today's Israel and Zionism. You will find out how strong it is.

    • "...try Mooser’s remedy."

      Oh, that'll work for some stuff, but "Maggy's Homemade Remedy" is a panacea, effective from arm-pit to pancreas.

    • "Ossinev", don't knock that "genetic connection"! When the "genetic connection" takes over, Jews are helpless in its grip, and must support Zionism.

    • "Blood Brothers: Palestinians and Jews Share Genetic Roots"

      So what?

    • So I guess the fact that I have a "genetic connection" to the Middle (or Near) East obligates me to support Zionism?

    • "Contemporary Jews retain a genetic imprint from their Near Eastern ancestry"

      So what? Big deal. And stop skipping around the place! Either it's the Near East, the Middle East, or the Far East. Make up your mind.

    • "Ashkenazi DNA is much closer than Irish DNA to the DNA of Middle Eastern Jews."

      Watch out, Ireland!

    • “Evidence please. DNA reports –Property deeds –wills or notarized testimonials —or any supporting evidence.”

      Gee, "RoHa" you don't think the DNA alone, registered at the Office of Genetic Land Allotments, will be enough to secure Jewish rights in Palestine?

    • “All of Hamas would go through the tunnels we’ve built over twelve years and capture Israel.”

      As the first Hamas men came through the tunnel, one at a time, the Israelis cried, "We can't stop them, these are the first of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, we are outnumbered!" and panicked.

    • "Must have been confusing for those Jews , not knowing if they are Black or white or somewhere in between."

      Oh, it's terrible. There's nothing to do except hope for the best, and in the meantime, sing a chorus of "I've got the Whole World in My Glands"

    • "@Jack, when the precepts of Mondoweiss are to operate under the cloak of anti-semitism (hatred of Israel) it is virtually impossible to contest any argument. And when they use ad-hominems, ignore the malfeasances of the so-called Palestinians and other perverse tactics to deal with any topic you don’t have much hope if you are endeavouring to have any kind of rational debate."

      You must have great perseverance and an implacable belief in your cause, to go on arguing it under those disabilities. And with that spelling, too. Oh, the practice of linking articles which say just about the opposite of what you are contending won't help, either, but you keep banging away at it.

    • "All of Hamas would go through the tunnels we’ve built over twelve years and capture Israel."

      Whew! And that was just about to happen. I would call that a close shave, but I know how you guys feel about that.

    • "When are you going to answer all my questions, ???."

      "Jack Green" has never considered the fact that he might want to account for Zionism to anybody except another Zionist. Or someone who at least shares Zionist bigotries and misinformation. Beyond that, he is lost, and goes on repeating the same things more vociferously.

    • ." i don’t know why there isn’t a 100 meter moat around the border…."

      And walls, with gates!

    • "Those “white skinned , blue eyed Europeans” were returning to the land stolen from their ancestor as proved by both history & DNA. They were not pure. They had mixed with Europeans, but the Palestinians were not pure either. 2,000 years ago, the people of the Middle East were much whiter. They’re darker now because of the 13 million black African slaves brought to the Middle East." "Jack Green"

      You are a "true pen wielder" "JackGreen". You will aid many, many people in making up their minds about Zionism.

    • “Not only did the British not give any land to the Jews, but the British refused to sell land to Jews. Only gentiles could buy land from the British."

      "JackGreen" is going to perform his wonderful little act called: "Painting myself into a corner by refilling the brush from the Porta-Potti."

    • " (More cruel and inhuman..) "

      And in this situation, commenting, the choice of which face to show is entirely up to them.

    • " I don’t know why you even bother to write all this tiring b*** ***t here."

      Because Zionists only know the arguments they use to convince each other, and cannot conceive of the fact that other people might not share their self-interest or their bigotries.
      And they are too naive to understand what they are revealing about themselves and Zionism in their comments.

    • "Jack" all the rights in the world won't give us Jews the numbers, resources, discipline and power it'll take to hold on to Palestine under Zionism.

    • "You have already displayed the ability to post fake links and unsupported claims.ergo , nothing you post can be trusted."

      "Amigo", they bring the same arguments and same level of argument they use to convince themselves and each other to Mondo.

    • ." Haj Amin el-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem "

      Didn't this "Grand Mufti" also suggest the Holocaust to Hitler? Don't want to leave that off the indictment.–

    • "Note that UN’s special rapporteur..."

      The UN? Who're they? I thought Israel played in the League of Nations, and had a Mandate with the British Umpire, who called it "Ball Four".

    • "Why do you keep posting the same bs on a weekly basis .Is that all hasbara central has to offer."

      Because all that Zionists can do is repeat the arguments Zionists use to convince each other.
      The fact that these arguments won't convince, or will repel not-Zionists never occurs to them.
      That is one heaping helping of solipsism.

  • Thousands march to UK parliament calling for justice on Balfour centenary
    • "The Arabs are indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula. If they care so much about regaining their indigenous rights they should return there."

      Now, there we go. Why, I can't think of a better thing for world Jewry to concern itself with in the 21st Century. There's a challenge worthy of our mettle! A tiki onan which will repair the world.
      And oh, how the world will honor us if we can accomplish it!

    • "Your denial of facts without any evidence to support your claim is so typical of the commenters on this site." "Jerry Hirsch"

      What was that creaking sound I just heard? Must be the sound of Mondo readers and commenters hanging their heads in shame.

    • "Get him! Get that Jew!" "Jackdaw"

      Here we go, alternating from "nation" to persecuted individuals at 16megaHerzls per second.

  • Waking up to the horrors of Israeli militarization
  • Jewish leaders seek to shut down anti-occupation movie in MA because it 'sniffs of Nazism'
    • "The way Israel uses the good image of american Jews to cover up its ethnocratic nihilism is sick."

      I don't know, seems like a fair exchange to me. I give them my good American Jewish image, and from Israel I get all kinds Judeomacher cred, and the IDF has my back.

      The Christian Dominionists can only look on in envy. "Call me when your no-account, one-horse, two-timing, three-strikes-you're-out, four-flushing, fifth-wheel religion gets an atom bomb, sucker", I tell them, and they have to sit there and take it.

    • "Keith" this is from a movie review at "Hullabaloo"

      "This dilemma lies at the heart of a warm, witty and wise new Israeli dramedy called The Women’s Balcony, from director Emil Ben-Shimon and screenwriter Shlomit Nehama.

      The story is set in present-day Jerusalem, in the predominately orthodox Bukharan Quarter neighborhood."

  • Cartoon of Dershowitz mingled appropriate satire and anti-Semitic imagery
    • "yonah", once you have said that, there's very little "true believers" can say.
      They will be reduced to an embarrassed agnosticism.

    • ," but did he portray people of certain ethnic groups"

      And how does the portrayal of Dersh in this cartoon indicate he was a member of "certain ethnic groups"?

      I thought the cartoon was directed at his actions and speech as a Israeli apologist. You don't have to be Jewish to do that, nor does the cartoon indicate that he is.

    • " but did he portray people of certain ethnic groups as particularly repulsive nonhuman figures?"

      Yes, and the most persecuted and beleaguered group on earth, too, the rich and powerful.

    • "Critics of Israel shouldn’t go near the boundaries of anti-Semitism lest they gift the hasbara crowd with ammunition to shoot down their arguments and generally smear the Palestinian rights movement as bigoted."

      So all you Israel-critics better become hella expert on anti-semitism and anti-semitic images. Start studying, there will be a test.

    • "exactly and all Arachnids are notoriously anti-semitic,"

      Even the "African Sand Spider"?

    • " Mr. Dweik who saw a picture of his son led away by occupation troops on this site,"

      Yes. I saw that too, "gamal". Searing.

    • " I think cartoons which depict people, even immoral people, as physically repulsive and inhuman are a bad idea."

      It's too bad Thomas Nast didn't come under your moderating influence, "Donald".

    • "At some point you have to willing to say enough is enough."

      And we know exactly where that point is, fortunately. It's simple, nobody should say or depict Jews as anything worse than we say about them!

    • "Je suis Charlie anyone? Of course not."

      "Je suis Charlie" has become "Jews, sui generis".

    • "On the other hand, Jews are often shown as octopuses. Also as snakes."

      Also as large, clumsy, ugly and smelly ungulates with palmate antlers and a big nose. Who run away at the first sign of danger.

    • “ Why step into their trap?”

      I seethe with rage when I see Alan Dershowitz portrayed as a fat contortionist.

  • Gerard Butler, Gene Simmons, and Pee Wee Herman help raise $53.8 million for the IDF
    • " He was eight years old when he immigrated to the US."

      Oh, sometimes "first-hand experience" takes place way before a boy is eight years old.

    • ." He has firsthand experience, wow."

      Unlike the Kit-Kat girls.

    • "Committing slow genocide? Let’s see the numbers that can ‘truly” prove your claim."

      Okay, you've got us. Nobody can prove Israel is killing the Palestinians that slowly.

      Might be easier to prove why Israel is killing Palestinians. BTW, that's what the definition of "genocide" depends on.

    • "No. Simmons is a Sabra, a native born Israeli Jew."

      Ah- so that explains the tongue. Thanks, "Jerry", I always wondered about that. Is it typical?

      " He has firsthand experience there that most commenters here lack."

      Yeah, he knows what his nose tastes like.

  • The Balfour centenary is also the centenary of the Zionist lobby
    • Poor Napoleon. His last words will never be blown apart. "Able was I",he declared, "ere I saw Elba."

    • Oh, make sure to use a hard-rubber syringe for administration. Nuff sed?

    • "Commercial production of acetone existed for a number of years before he came along with his contribution"

      Yeah. Chiam Weitzman invented "huffing", a way of processing volatile solvents.

    • "him talk about his secret reptilian invasion"

      If he ever gets shingles, he's gonna be in a scaly situation.

    • "of the framers better "

      "The Framers"? So the Balfour Letter has become Israel's Constitution?
      And yet the Zionists fought so hard to kick out the British. How do you square those two things?

    • "Amigo, very funny, “Shakespeare was quoting Shylock”.

      And who was Shylock quoting? Rebbe Shakespeare?

    • ", but if we start taking it seriously, we’ll have to forbid Jews"

      Hold it right there, "RoHa". Please remember, Jewish peoplehood is always cost-free, and in fact, entitles us to extra privileges and precedence.
      Why, just try to come up with, in all of history, a case when the notion of the Jews as a separate "people" "race" or "State" has ever done us any harm? Why shouldn't we espouse it?

    • "He was “Bard” from every inn , in Stratford -on -Avon and most of Warwickshire"

      And Shakespeare's dipsomaniacal notoriety is remembered in every manual-transmission car. They all have "throw-out bearings".

    • "And yes, Alfred Barnes also didn’t discover silver nitrate, he just discovered how to prevent all US infants from getting syphilis through the birth canal"

      If anybody suffering from the pox needs more information, see "Treatment of Venereal Disease during the Civil War - Medical Antiques"
      Give it silver nitrate a try. It couldn't hurt!

    • "Not fair, of course. It was the Australians who won WW1."

      God bless Australia! Thank you, Australians.

    • " so it would seem that there are those who perceive the Jews to be a people"

      And every one of those people honor us for being a separate people.

      See, it's when other people (Africans, Native Americans, just for two) are perceived as a "people" they can suffer for it.
      But Jews will be perceived as a separate people so the world can heap honors on us.
      That's how it's always been, right? No trauma 'long us, boss!

    • I worry a little tho. If Americans perceive Jews as a separate nation, a people, they might throw us into gated communities!

    • "Why would you publish Mooser’s stupid comment?"

      It's a little agreement we have. You'll find it here.

      "...the Jews again. This time for winning WWI. If not for Weizmann you all would be speaking German now."

      Thank you, Dr. Panglosstein.

    • " shouldn`t the vast majority of 6 million odd(sic) American Jews be registered as foreign nationals."

      I asked Dr. Panglosstein about that, and he said it was a great idea. Far from creating problems of dual-loyalty, it will result in Jews being given diplomatic immunity, in addition to all the rights of American citizens.

    • "Miserable people hate facts."

      Gotta lot of respect for Britain, don't you, "Jackdaw"?

      So whatever arrangement Britain had in mind for the Jewish homeland, Zionists found it impossible to live with, and killed many British soldiers and administrators and blew up the King David Hotel.

      Hows about we show the British government and its "declarations" the same amount of respect and recognition the Zionists did?

    • " The Jews perceive themselves as an exiled nation, and that’s that."

      And that's why hundreds, maybe thousands of irreplaceable 78 rpm records were smashed to powder and returned to the factory for credit.

    • Uhhh, put an "m" in "sentient", if you will.

    • "Britian would most likely not have won WW1 as quickly as it did, yes thats right, without Weizmann’s invention of acetone"

      Weizman "invented" acetone? And why did he give this "invention" to Britain, instead of saving it for the Jewish nation's military?

    • Some "nation". Oh, BTW, who is the King, Premier, President, or Central Committee of this Jewish "nation"? How does the "nation's" leadership disseminate its orders and see that they are obeyed?

      Oh, BTW, when you designate yourself a nation, and plan to take your nation's land from somebody else, it's best if you have some of the objective factors in your favor, too. Can't depend on God for everything!

      Some "nation"! Can't tax us, can't draft us, can't order us to do a single freakin thing (like, you know, not diluting and eradicating the "nation" by out-marriage, such a little thing to ask, but the "nation" can't do it) can only appeal to us with sentient. Sounds like a religion, to me.

    • "Even Shakespeare referred to the Jews as a nation:"

      "Jon s" if the Jews are a nation, have Israel give me an order, and make me cvarry it out.

      How the hell can you have a "nation" which has absolutely no power over its 'citizens'?
      How the hell can you have a "nation" which can't collect taxes from its citizens?

      So what we have is a "nation" based on a sentimental religious volunteerism. (Combined with cultivated sociopathy, but let it pass for now) Some nation.
      Seems a hell of a lot more like a religion, to me.

    • "Anyway, it would seem that both the French and the British wished to present their ambitions in the Middle East as an act of altruism " "Nathan"

      And you only make the case for Zionism stronger, nay, impregnable by pointing out how well Zionism fit into the plans of French, English, and German colonialism.

    • "No Zionism was first and foremost a racial movement that sought to transform what it meant to be Jewish from a religion to a nation/race."

      Yes, it was a fraud.

    • : "Zionism is the root cause of Palestinian suffering, and it has to be broken down." "Nathan"

      Exactly, "Nathan", you put it very well. Get rid of, 'break down' Zionism, and things will go much better.


      Now if a customary, traditional expression isn't a stable and powerful basis on which to found a state, well, I don't know what is!

      "The Zionists, and the Arabs, represented by Faisal, made their respective claims for self determination at the Treaty of Versailles. The Zionists prevailed, the Arabs, represented by Faisal, did not.Many groups made claims for self determination. Germany made claims regarding territory and reparations. (After losing the WW1?)" "Jackdaw"

      "Next year in Jersalem"? You haven't even made it to the 21st Century yet

  • Balfour Declaration: Britain broke its feeble promise to the Palestinians
    • "League of Nations mandate—at which point it acquired full legal standing in international law."

      The Mandate given to Britain. But the Zionist declaration of Israel's "independence" pretty much got rid of that. Oh, not to mention the collapse and extinction of the "League of Nations"

      "Jackdaw", isn't it about time you figured out that the explanations and justifications and rationalizations, not to mention the outright prevarications that Zionists use to convince each other, are not going to be appealing to anybody else? Try something new.

  • Israel denies entry to Amnesty International staffer due to alleged 'BDS activities'
    • "All the eggs are in the Israel basket."

      Well, then, Jewish leaders, Zionists, have made their final mistake in a long-running series of political mistakes. Even when a country, the US was willing to take us out of that game, we jumped right back in.

  • Balfour Declaration's 100th birthday prompts calls on Britain to apologize and recognize Palestinian rights
    • Thank you, "Boomer".

    • Well, I takes that Gospel, whenever it's possible.

    • "preferred Scotland as an alternative, or Ireland for that matter."

      Not acceptable, on a Biblical basis. We are told by Scripture: "He makes his home in that fish's abdomen"

    • "And does the historically conscious Jew have to ignore the rules of English grammar?"

      That we may question. Grammar is, or should be, an aid to understanding speech and text.

      But what we must never question is if being a "historically conscious Jew" is better than having a good grip on and dealing with the old here-and-now.

  • 'Daily Californian' cartoon of Dershowitz dripping blood unleashes another furor over anti-Semitic canards
    • "I think this cartoon is like a Rorschach ink block test. "

      "Doctor, how can you say I am obsessed with anti-semitism? You are the one showing me all these anti-semitic pictures!"

    • "so it stimulates the same part of the brain in those familiar with such cartoons."

      Holey Moley, "Yonah", are you an expert on anti-Semitism, or what?

  • Machsom: mornings at Checkpoint 300
    • " Are there 300 and more of these horrible places?"

      And all conveniently located at popular crossing-points.

  • UN rapporteur urges sanctions on Israel for driving Palestinians 'back to the dark ages'
    • " Explain away zioturd!"

      Good old "Jeff b", Zionism's Dr, Panglosstein! 'It's always the best of all possible worlds for Israel and Zionism.'

      He does give us a good example of what Zionists say to each other. And the notion that maybe those things won't be convincing to non-Zionists never seems to occur to him.

    • "Is your referring to the world as a whole (minus the Muslim/arab block and far left European fringe, good luck and fat chance"

      I know what you mean, "Dabakr". If we exclude the "the Muslim/arab block and far left European fringe" everybody loves the Jews, and always have.
      That's why there is an Israel, right?

    • "Mostly yeah the Palestinians have been a troublesome minority for the state of Israel. They have refused to live under Israeli law, sided with Israel’s enemies and been treated badly as they have violently rebelled. The Israelis have tried negotiation and compromise which mostly failed and they tried violence which is mostly successful, hence violence becomes the preferred method."
      "Jeff b"

      A very convincing statement of the position of affairs, if made to another Zionist.

  • My journey away from Zionism
    • "To grow up in Israel..."

      A brocheh tzu Columbus!

    • "and I am still completely baffled"

      "John O" it is very easy to understand all "Jeff b" says. He says to you what Zionists say to each other. He doesn't know what else to say, never having considered the idea that Zionism might have to account for itself to anybody but other Zionists.

    • "So your analogy is as usual full of zionist gobshite "

      "Jeff b" keeps on offering the arguments (and the level of argument) that Zionists use to convince themselves and each other.

  • Reflections on White Zionism
  • Nick Cave urged to cancel Tel Aviv shows by Roger Waters, Angela Davis, Thurston Moore

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