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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Washing ashore in Hawaii
    • "...Islam, the faith that started it all."

      Must we declare which was the "faith that started it all"?
      Maybe they did, but it was a long time ago, and grudges should be dismissed.

  • Video: Brisbane musicians rework Nick Cave classic to demand he cancel Israel show
    • But there's no hypocrisy in the Jewish State! They made their intentions to get rid of the Palestinians quite plain from the start.

      And who worries about morality or even legality when your power is doubling every decade!

    • "This coming from a country that eradicated it’s indigenous population, while commiting cultural genocide...,

      Quite true, and very sad, and and the consequences have dogged us. But the conditions of life in Europe were enough to create streams of tens of millions of immigrants and the resources of America there for the taking. So the sheer historical and economic pressure enabled North America to escape responsibility (if not the consequences) for those terrible acts, that way of doing things, that settler-colonialism.

      Now, what has Israel got, or what conditions will make it possible for Israel to commit atrocities and follow genocidal policies and get away with it? The Torah? Jewish DNA?

  • 'The left has forgotten what it means to be Jewish'-- says leader of Israeli 'opposition'
  • The goy and the golem: James Angleton and the rise of Israel
    • "Lord God."

      "Jackdaw" it's always oder a klop, oder a fortz with you. You press "Post Comment" after you write the comment. You just had a premature expostulation.

  • Prince Charles decried White House's failure to take on 'Jewish lobby' over Israel
  • How Avi Shlaim moved from two-state solution to one-state solution
    • Well, as far as the "Israeli-Jewish people" goes, perhaps this Jonathan Ofir article will help Dr. Fincham sort out who is Jewish and who is Israeli.

      I thought they were all just a bunch of Zionists, but who knows, there may be more to it.

    • "Bosnorth, what village are you talking about?" "Jon s"

      It must be Beersheba.

    • "The Jews of Iraq were basically expelled by the Iraq government."

      Gee, I hadn't made up my mind about that, but when such a disinterested, impartial, and well-informed commentator with a reputation for unhedging veracity says so...

      And "Jon s" leads with a distraction and a lie, as usual.

    • And what on earth is "Palestinian-Arab people" supposed to mean?

    • "Identity algebra is fun..."

      My Mom always maintained they switched babies on her at the hospital, which turned my identity algebra into a kind of trigonometry I couldn't do.

    • "Today, the one-state solution is not being suggested in order to end the conflict; rather, it’s being suggested in order to end the existence of the Jewish state. "

      Oh, quit kvetching already. So the "Jewish State" will become The "Half-Jewish State" or some other fraction. That seems to work for an awful lot of people, why not Israel?
      Israel should be the same amount Jewish as the Jewish people are.

    • "Mooser, it might well have Kazachstan written all over it."

      You know, it very well might. Okay, then, off to Astana! There's a square foot with my name on it, written all over it (in Kazakh, which'll make it tough to find) there somewhere.

      And what does "Israeli-Jewish people" have written all over it?

    • "The root of the conflict is the fact that both the Israeli-Jewish people and the Palestinian-Arab people claim all of the land of former Palestine."

      Those Palestinians just don't appreciate the claims our DNA gives Jews on the land.
      Just check my DNA, go ahead, I dare ya! It's got "Palestine" written all over it.

  • Dear Simon Schama, you need a history lesson on Zionism
    • "Good point. White is a meaningless classification." "Dabakr"

      Okay then, how much meaning does the classification "Jewish" have?

    • "I assume you mean that as a comment to Robert Cohen"

      Yes. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

    • "amongst some classes of human the arrow of evolution has reversed"

      "Q:Are we not men? A: We are Devo!

    • "Israel has not perpetrated full-scale genocide of the Palestinians and I doubt that anyone claims that it has."

      We would be in a uch better position to determine this if you would supply us with the bright line between "full-scale genocide" and 'small-scale genocides'.
      The UN and international law gives us no help in this area, so it's up to you, "Stephen".

    • “I agree that making parallels between the treatment of Palestinians by Israel and the Nazi genocide of the Jews of Europe is bad history and bad judgement.”

      So go argue with Albert Einstein.

  • Israeli musicians to Nick Cave: Send a strong message -- refuse to play in Israel
    • "Did you mean theory of relative continuity?"

      Yup, that's it. The amount of Jewish continuity is relative to only one thing, unquestioning support of Zionism.

    • "In 1929, Professor Albert Einstein repled.../... even without a Jewish state.”

      What a bunch of malarky. Albert Einstein was a physicist and mathematician. What did he know about the "genetic connection"? Zilch, zero, nada, nothing, bupkis!
      Just because he made up the theory of relativity doesn't mean Einstein knew anything about relatives.

    • Gotta wonder if that was the first, or perhaps the first specific Zionist-Nazi comparison? (One made to Zionism's disadvantage) If so, gives theorizing about the relative ideologies quite a provenance.

    • "the “Freedom Party” (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi..."

      I wonder if he was the first to note that relativity.

  • UK minister forced to resign over secret Israel meetings as questions continue to swirl
    • "Ignorance is thick today" "Jackdaw"

      A brocheh on Mondoweiss, for allowing Zionists the free-speech to tell us how Zionists think. That will make all the difference to many.

  • The Russiagate farce, or how the Russians corrupted our pristine democracy
    • " Whom was he supposed to send dirty text messages to?"

      My, you have led a sheltered life, haven't you?

    • " our Foreign minister had to go after he got caught sending dirty textmessages to a young erotic dancer. "

      There was a suspicion of international espionage, too. Many sources claimed she was a Pole dancer.

    • "Are you saying that a decaf version of the Harpy Empress would avoid being Nuremberg gallows bait?"

      If you have any evidence which may help convict Ms. Clinton, make sure Jeff Sessions gets it for his new investigation.

    • Such a balmocha, that "mcohen"!

      Thank you for explaining all about Putin, Trump and "jewish power" and "american interests"

    • "It has become rather obvious that Heinrich Himmler in a pantsuit has stolen your heart! "

      You never did try switching to de-caf, did you?

    • " Your comments speak for themselves."

      You tell 'em "Keith"! "Haters and fools" the bunch of them.

    • "Thanks. I don’t know how much of russiagate is true or false. "

      And knowing Donald Trump, his history, the people surrounding him, the campaign, isn't it much more than likely that the accusations have no basis whatsoever?
      Well, thank God, Trump's statements, and the statements of all of his people, have been consistent and factual. That will help clear up the confusion.

    • "The US needs a new system....As David Brooks said in the NYT recently"

      Yup, when I think of "New systems" (and "breaking Zionist power", too) David Brooks is the first place I go for suggestions.

      BTW- What Brooks is saying is that if America was segregated again, we wouldn't have to shoot each other.

    • Donald, please don't worry about a "harsh response" damaging Russia.
      It's much more likely we will take it all out on Trump, his 'administration' and the Republicans.

    • "Kay24", just ask yourself: "Whom shall I trust? Putin (as Trump just declared he does) or those "political hacks" in US intelligence?"

      I had a feeling Trump's meeting with Putin would go well, with Putin telling Trump: "It's all taken care of, go on the attack!" Looks like he did.

      And we get a ballroom blitz here, too.

    • "Keith" turns out you are right, and it's worse than I thought! “This artificial Democratic hit job gets in the way and that’s a shame. Because people will die because of it. And it’s a pure hit job"

      And what about the spelling in her e-mails?

    • "Greatest utility comes from there not being a lick of truth. Any identified truth would be a point of inflexibility."

      I knew all that stuff about Trump going bankrupt multiple times, bilking creditors, being refused credit by reputable American banks and then ending up pretty much owned by Russian financing was all fake news.
      Clever of them to go back that far in planting it.

    • Well, perhaps Trump's changeability and volatility will prove an asset. Everybody knows exactly what Ms. Clinton will do in her Presidency, and that can be a disadvantage for a Chief Executive. Gotta be able to throw 'em a curve every once in a while, can't 'tip your pitches.

    • "I think your State Department spokespeople are wonderful."

      And now, few and far between.

    • I think this clearly shows that since money is speech, all money-laundering laws and financial regulations must be repudiated.

  • The Weinstein effect drags in Israel
  • AIPAC and Federation officials criticize Israeli leaders for being clueless about U.S.
    • ".If Nathan is bored –let him skedaddle off to a zionist site–if they will tolerate him for more than a week or two."

      The only thing worse than hearing from "Nathan" in opposition would be having "Nathan" in agreement.

    • "I thought that I’d be helpful by pointing out to you that there are people out there who see things differently."

      Why, I've heard there are people like to die!

  • Israeli forces target Palestinian schools, teachers in East Jerusalem and Hebron
    • " It also sucks because it is a debasement of a great religion"

      Well, you've got your "great religions" like Judaism (great because of numbers, universal application, ease of conversion, clarity, unity. And so many things.) and the other well, not-so-great religions. Which ones are they?

      You don't maybe all religions are just about as "great" as each other?

    • "Are you actually denying the observation that Mondoweiss has an obvious anti-Israel bias?"

      Yes. Mondo has a great compassion for, and seeks to promote a better understanding of the situation in Palestine. And has no animus towards Israel. Unless you want to say that observation of Israel is "an obvious anti-Israel bias".

    • "The Mondoweiss website is surely a very interesting newspaper, but it does have an obvious anti-Israel bias (as you might have noticed).""Nathan"

      "Nathan", that is not what it says on the "About" page.

      Are you saying Mondoweiss is operating in violation of its "About" page? That is a serious accusation. Can you supply any corroboration for this charge? Do you have so much as a scintilla of evidence?

  • Despite angry protest, Massachusetts screening of anti-occupation doc gets positive response
    • “A series of contrasts is set up in the mind of the shtetl child, who grows up to regard certain behavior as characteristic of Jews, and its opposite as characteristic of Gentiles."

      Ah, if we could only go back to the well-ordered moral world of our collective childhood shtetl. All gone, swept away with the Bolshevik revolution. Who knows what comes next?

    • " I think we need something effective."

      Here you go. Take your pick.

  • 'American Jews are losing it bigtime' -- Netanyahu gov't official slams '80 percent' assimilation rate
    • " you want the young people to remain Jews"

      Oh, come on, "RoHa". When pressed to explain, "yonah" always says the defining characteristic of Jewishness is Zionism.
      He doesn't give a hang about the rest of it, he's got family in Jerusalem, and they need their remittances.

    • "(Youngsters are less bitter than me and they can attribute my attitudes towards recent jewish history as part of my general bitterness and categorize it and ignore it.)"

      "yonah fredman" confronts a young Jewish person who wants the truth.

    • "Or you can ask Mooser, who I think will give you the most honest and accurate answer."

      I defer to "RoHa". (7:38pm, above) He 'asked a Rabbi' and got the inside dope.

    • ."i do not view the recent history of the jewish people as a happy story. taking events from 1881 til today, i think it’s a lachrymose story

      Yup, nothing but tragedy, and in America, a "silent Holocaust".

      " i try not to communicate that feeling to the youngsters, born jews younger than me onto this planet"

      Would you like some of these nice "No trauma 'long us, boss!" bumperstickers, and "Jews sui generis" lapel-buttons?

      Show 'em where you stand, "yonah". The lies will set us free!

    • "Consider that, especially since the 1965 Immigration Act, the value of US culture, assimilation, of “melting pot” has morphed to “pot of stew,” to “salad.” Diversity is now favored if you go by what US government officials and their legislation and rules say"

      From the Wiki sumary:

      "Specifically, the Hart–Celler Act allowed increased numbers of people to migrate to the United States from Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East."

    • " is the problem of losing american support due to american jews being indifferent to israels security threats."

      "mcohen", you are saying that Zionism has failed in its primary aim. Far from being a refuge for possibly persecuted Jews, it has become more insecure than most of the other places in the world Jews live. So why go on supporting it, a permanent money sicker, a drag on our credibility, an embarrassment, and unwilling to take any advice?

    • ", but what continuity do you bring to the table?"

      "yonah" life is not an ethnic costume-drama.
      BTW How's your continuity going, "yonah"? All your children are observant and aware of their obligations?

    • " Apparently poor Jewish boys cannot get past them."

      Zol ich azoy vissen fun tsores! I've never seen a line of buxom bathing beauties barring the synagogue doors, at any rate.

    • Not to mention ignoring simple arithmetic. What is the minimum number of Jews required to be "a people"?

    • "many rabbi’s complain that jews in the usa are assimilating and leaving judaism.they say it is a disaster.i disagree.thousands of jewish names and family lines will be erased."

      "mcohen", we get it. Only Hitler could be happier about."thousands of jewish names and family lines will be erased."

      (Besides, you are only saying this because you understand the inexorable law of Darwinian survival: 'The fewer Jews there are, the more valuable, and therefore likely to reproduce, each one becomes!)

    • "only the faithful will remain.the true believers"

      Oh, you bet, "mcohen". It shouldn't take more then two or three million fervent Jewish people, and dwindling, to keep Israel going and the IDF strong..

      "and the letter shin will be seen in the flames."

      And the flaming shin moves past, revealing a perfect calf!

    • " Now its back to idol worship, reverence for the gang and its turf and nothing else.."

      Yes, that way we're never alone, we're never disconnected, we're home with our own, and when company's expected, we're well protected!

    • "you know phil we..."

      Have you noticed how every one of the Ziobots takes ownership of Mondoweiss? It'd be a whole lot different if this place was called Mondosmith. Oh well, that's peoplehood.

    • " judaism is fast reaching a point where every person is free to choose.there is no social forced dogma."

      And no Zionism!

    • "Yonah, I know you are terribly keen on the continuity of the Jewish people, though you have never been able to explain why."

      I see nobody standing in the way of Jewish continuity, except Jews.

    • “continuity of the Jewish people”.

      And what better way to insure "continuity" than staying stuck in the past, without even having an accurate picture of it?
      And what better way to insure the continuity of the Jewish people than to declare our values are in conflict with "American ideals, including fairness and democracy,". And make sure to emphasize we are not of the common run of humanity, but a "separate people".
      Because we can always overpower everybody else by sheer force of numbers if they don't buy it?

      "Yonah" you aren't talking about "continuity" as much as contemplating (for what crazy reason I don't know) what form our cultural and religious suicide should take.

    • "Assimilation, one of the credos of this blog..."

      You are right, "Yonah". I have had it with assimilation and wish to become once again a pure, natural 'un-assimilated' Jew. And I don't believe the "About" page, either!

      Can you tell me what an 'un-assimilated' (not a religious Jew- we know plenty of religious, assimilated Jews in the US, there's no conflict) Jew looks like, acts like? You must know.
      What is the 'un-assimilated' Jews relationship with his neighbors and US law?
      Or is 'un-assimilated' really come down to dressing out of the costume-and-wig trunk from "Fiddler"?

    • "What she is telling you is that I am less good of a Jew because I pray less in the Kotel than she does. I do not agree,” Michaeli said. “This is not only a religious issue, it is also a national issue, and that is why the kotel matters.”

      Look, if we are going to fight over which Jews and genders can pray there, we might as well give it back. Right Ms. Micheali?

  • Five Palestinians bodies recovered from tunnel bombing after Israeli court ignores emergency rescue petition
    • "You couldn't be more wrong"

      Sorry, I've got a bad habit of doing that.

      " They intend Zionism to be.../...the historical norm, not the exception."

      Ummmm, you think it's gone as far as all that? There's no telling what some people will say or do, of course.
      And no matter what the general demographic picture or degree of discipline among those who identify as Jewish, the mission, (as you outline it here: "utilizing kinship solidarity to advance their objective of becoming the predominant group influencing empire") could be accomplished by a few hundred families, given the proper resources! The mind reels.

    • Zionism is the struggle of some Jewish people to find the small pond in which they can be the biggest fish.

    • "Sorry to say, but you have got the same recording playing over and over again for sometime now."

      The Zionists are always aghast, shocked and dismayed when the same explanations and arguments which convince themselves and other Zionists don't seem to satisfy anybody else.

    • "If you are just taking back your own land, that’s not stealing."

      Gee, sometimes I spend as much as twenty seconds wondering if Zionism is the natural effervescence of a burgeoning people, fraught with the brutal insularity that a self-sufficient people may well possess,
      or the desperate and ultimately self-destructive fantasizing of a traumatized people.

    • "Probably. In the RoHa world, “race” meant biology. "

      Okay, then, "RoHa", break out your pith-helmet and butterfly net, grab a specimen-jar, and tell me where the dividing line, in terms of "biology" between "black" and "white" race is?

      And describe the "biological" differences between the races. "Biological" differences, not the differences you perceive.

    • "You acknowledge that I have complained about not getting through moderation & yet you continue to make assumptions."

      All "Jack Green's" best comments are lying on the Moderation-room floor.

    • "I do think that certain countries & individuals do owe some Jews."

      Oh, I see. I'm not included on the invoice, huh? The account is credited only to you.

    • "If someone takes something that he believes is his, then it’s not theft."

      Uh, stupid, that only works if you have all the power. You figure Jews have enough power to overturn the morality and legality of the world in their favor?

      All couple-million of us, and dwindling?

      Hey, no trauma 'long us! Just a couple decades ago, the victims of a Holocaust, today, the aristocratic moral and legal arbiters of the world.

    • "Might be a good time to condemn Jewish terrorism and acknowledge the NAKBA .Do it quick though .Your moderator might be on a short coffee break."

      Yeah, it'll be 'the comment on the Moderation-room floor' which solves the case.

    • "Evidence that Israel does NOT have room or resources for every ostensible Jew in the world?" "Jack Green"

      Can you actually be this thick, "Jackila"? If you don't have "room or resources" for the three quarters of a million Palestinians you kicked out of "Israel", why would you have room and resources for another 9 million or so Jews? (Most of whom are secular, and very unwilling to take any shit from the Orthodox. Oh, BTW, don't forget their non-Jewish husbands, wives and children, in many cases. Got room?)

      Oh, and when you say "Israel" which land area are you talking about? The 48', the 68' or including 'the occupied territories'?

    • "it is weird to see people deploy “genetic” arguments,"

      "gamal", if that wasn't an argument Zionists find convincing, we wouldn't be hearing it (and seeing it doubled, tripled squared and cubed-down, too)

      We hold ourselves to be an aristocracy now. No cheap knock-offs, our Jewish designer genes.

    • “If I leave the scene, do people come back to life, are their injuries healed, are their cars uncrushed?”

      No. But they don't usually tell you what a good citizen you are for staying at the scene and then let you drive away. Especially if you have neither a license or liability insurance, and your car isn't registered.

    • " I know that values are attached to the characteristics, but I did not know that “race is a social construct” actually meant “the values attached to races are a social construct”.

      Led a sheltered life, huh?

    • " There were no doubts concerning the background of the Jews at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. Everyone in the world assumed that the Jews are the descendants of ancient Israel"

      And they treated us Jews like the royalty we are! Oh, if we could only go back to the way it was for Jews in the 19th and early to mid 20th Century

    • "What I don,t understand is why the moderator allows most/any of your drivel through"

      The Mondo Mods are well aware of the fact that Zionist comments may expose Mondo as a fraud, and prove Israel is the most righteous nation on earth.
      But the Mods are sworn to uphold freedom-of-speech principles, in spite of the risk, and publish comments from Zionists.

    • "Ostrer in the Haaretz article: he mentions Cain and Abel"

      Weren't Cain and Abel drowned in the Flood? After the flood everything started fresh with Shem and Ham and Japheth(?) right?

      If I'm wrong, please forgive me, my wife sent my Scripture-knowledge shirt-cuffs to the cleaners.

    • "Some of what I write does not make it through moderation."

      Nonsense, every single Ziobot uses that same excuse.
      The fact is, "Jack", you forget to push "Post Comment" when you are done, and blame the Mods.

    • "No one has given Jews even 1 square foot of land.”jacko

      I ask you, is there any group on earth, any race, religion or people, which is owed a fraction of what the world owes the Jews?

    • "Are you blindly copying and pasting links without reading them or checking the credibility of the site?"

      You bet.
      "Jack Green" makes great use of 'artificial intelligence'.

    • "Who, in their right mind, can assert that a tract of land belongs to them by virtue of their DNA?"

      Anybody who can find somebody else to agree with him. Then they can both say it!

      The Zionists only know the arguments they use to convince themselves and other Zionists.

    • "Israel has.../...of its own." "Jack Green"

      Hey, "Jack", what's big, very grey all over, and always carries a trunk?

    • Uh, "JackGreen", I just want to make sure of something. You do understand that all this "genetic threads" and "genetic connections" is not, in any way, like the "DNA evidence" used in criminal trials, don't you?

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