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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Israeli consul warns American Jews: 'Our marriage is Catholic -- no divorce'
    • " We cease to be brothers? We cease to belong to the same people? That is unacceptable. "

      Of the brotherhood of man, we have no need. After all, we outnumber them.

    • " We may be Jewish but our marriage is Catholic, there is no divorce in our marriage."

      Hey you know how it goes; "a khasuren die kalleh is tsu shayn".

      What are you going to do, "Dayan", instruct the Bishop not to forward our request for an annulment to the Vatican?

      I'm getting quite a laugh out of the relationship or "marriage" metaphor. I think we should charge Zionism with secular harassment.

  • In age of forest fires, Israel's law against Palestinian goats proves self-inflicted wound for Zionism
    • "I’m looking down on people who snidely lash out at others while failing to adequately address their own considerable faults and personality disorders."

      So let's see, 55 yrs in the US, henpecked into Ally-oops and there you are in the Zion, desperately seeking to get back in touch with liberal, non-Zionist Jews, and tell them about their "considerable faults" and "personality disorders". Ho-kay!

    • "Without your dollars, there is no Moldovan wife!" "Jackdaw"

      I guess that's how it is. Your true Ashkenazism always look down on the Ostjuden.

    • "BTW. My wife strong armed me into moving here."

      Where your family had been waiting patiently, for 200 years, for you to join them. You bet.

    • "Tonight I’m going to celebrate another wedding in Yavne"

      Another mail-order middle-aged groom from the US, arriving one step ahead of an audit or alimony? L'Chaim!

    • "Indigenous people, are those people connected to a certain region"

      Yeah, yeah, the Ten Tribes, wandering the plains of Palestine, and bravely hunting irrelevants with an izmel.

    • You're welcome, "John O".

      And the only thing anybody needs to know about the ecology of Palestine is this: "Without Torah, there is no life!"

    • "So the hated British were better at stewarding the land than the current Israeli government. Nice to know."

      Thanks for that, "John O" (and a lot more) Saved me the trouble. As I am sure you are aware, there is a standard for measuring Zionism's rhetorical alternations. That back-and-forth is measured in Herzls-per-sec.

    • “I lived in the US for 55 years. I made Aliyah five years ago." "Jackdaw"

      One step ahead of a long arm, or in response to an advertisement?

    • "where our rabbis kept court during the Roman occupation, and where Rabbinical Judaism was formed."

      And I was going to accuse you of being backward-looking! Then it occurred to me- court Jews to a failing Empire. Maybe you are celebrating the present.

      "and where Rabbinical Judaism was formed."

      Uh-oh! "Jackdaw" is at the very center of Jewish religious power.

    • "They were violent immigrants with a special mission from God for the eventual good of all humanity."

      Luke 2:10.

    • "First off, my family has been here for two hundred years."

      "I lived in the US for 55 years. I made Aliyah five years ago.
      I’m a Jew. I’m an American, and I’m proud."

      I'm gonna go with the DNA. That's what makes "Jackdaw" so smart.

      "Secondly, Jews are the indigenous owners"

      And they wrote their title in the sand, 2500 years ago. ROTFL: "Indigenous owners".

    • "So the Zionists are guilty of planting native species."

      Native species don't need planting, they propagate naturally, and the ecology determines their range.

    • "Where’s “Grover?” I miss him."

      "James North", I'm a suggestible guy, please don't encourage my worst instincts.

    • "I know a good deal more about Israel than Jonathan Cook, who’s lived here longer than I have."

      Of course you do, "Jackdaw" Of course you do. The knowledge is intrinsic in your DNA.

    • "No. It was the Ottoman’s who destroyed the Holy Land’s"

      Well, they had a lot of help from the Hassocks, (who were tired of being sat upon) and another fierce tribe called the Macassars. As a matter of fact there is an Anti-Macassar movement to this very day, centered on Davenport Iowa!
      But you know what they say "Jackdaw"- Sofa, so good.

    • "Jackdaw" you should really be offered an "Ask a Zionist" column at Mondo.

      Is there anything you don't know about Israel?

      You "lived in the US for 55 years". You made Aliyoops five years ago.

      You can barely find your way back to your own illegal outpost, but you know the ecology. So go tell the Israelis to ban goats again.

    • "In Gods kingdom..."

      My goodness, mcohen, those words should impale every Palestinian like a flaming lance!

    • "that goats eat the roots of small trees and bushes.they dig them up and eat them"

      No, dummy, you've got it all wrong.
      Look, lambs eat oats, and does eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy. A kid'll eat ivy, too.

    • "I remember clearly in africa goats turning land into deserts."

      As usual, you failed to understand the article you didn't read.

  • Why a children's book has Zionists losing their minds
    • " they are old enough to understand the political realities and judge for themselves"

      And apply for conversion to Judaism, get the conversion, and move to Tel Aviv, and marry the boss's daughter!
      But they just won't adjust to the realities.

    • "F is for Falestin. Y is for Yahud. I is for Intifada. W is for War. P is for Pretend."

      "yonah"- viewed from the outside, your comment makes sense. But from the inside it is blind to human nature. In fact most American Jews are getting a divorce from the Jews, so the divorce from Israel is no big thang.
      Yes, in its early days Israel encouraged discrimination. But it's not 1956 anymore and historic grievances are not the main story (except for obfuscaters and propagandists.)

    • " “Mayhem”s, hellbent on the single purpose."

      He sure is! "Mayhem" is dedicated to showing us that Zionists have class! That they are history's natural 'Aristocrats'

  • Israel will get 'more understanding' from Trump's negotiators because they're all observant Jews, Sharansky says
    • " which was not exactly clear."


    • " not by belief or ethics but by distaff-side racial descent"

      Now I see where the "racial" difference is. We Jews descend from the female species.

    • Are you trying to say that some Jews (you can decide how many or say all) are in a process (a long continued process, you might say, maybe it's more recent) to racialise themselves*, (in that even by usual standards Jews are lots of ethnicities, with a religion, not a "race") because they think 'racialising themselves' (*I can't think of a better term for the process right now) will be of advantage to them?
      Am I sort of close to grasping it?

      (Very risky, too. They are racialising themselves with a view towards proving superiority or entitlement. Not a good idea if you haven't got Darwin on your side. numbers, demographics)

    • "Besides, it was never religion, classical or not. It always was based on race, as the religion has always been (then even more than now) racially based "

      Now I'm flummoxed. Can't quite grip.
      I know Jewish people come from a wide variety (or maybe not that wide when you consider the bulk of us, but wide enough) of ethnic or national backgrounds, but which "race" (as in "based on race" and "the religion has always been based on race") are we?

      And what are the defining or identifiable characteristics of this "race"?

    • "Tribal unity is no longer based upon religion, rather, it is based upon support for Zionism and Israel. Part of the Zionist ideology is a feeling of victimhood based upon the notion of eternal and irrational anti-Semitism. Kinship is alive and well."

      . As I indicated, I liked and appreciated your comment overall, however, I seem to have a lingering bias concerning Gentiles and anti-Semitism which biases my interpretation of what you (and Tree) actually said. Sorry.

    • The relationship between the three main denominations of organized Judaism ("Orthodox", "Conservative" and "Reform") are quite funny. Makes tribal unity look like no more than a nod on the street. Here's Haim Saban speaking to Jared Kushner about Kushner's role in ME peace negotiations:

      “I mean, how do you operate with people who basically — you know, with all due respect are a bunch of Orthodox Jews who have no idea about anything?” he wondered. “What are you guys doing? Seriously, I don’t understand this.”

    • "This is but one step on.../...reserved for the 3 companions of the abrahamic relegion." (sic)

      If only the UN had taken steps toward that kind of status for Jerusalem in 1948 or so, think how far along that road we would be now!

    • "Israel will get ‘more understanding’ from Trump’s negotiators because they’re all observant Jews"

      ROTFLMSJAO! Haim Saban doesn't think so! And he should know.

    • "The Economist for November 23 has a different view, saying that the Trump plan, due in January, will be highly unspecific, a ‘road map without a road’ and that no one will particularly like it."

      Aren't you looking just a little too far ahead?

    • " I also have other metaphysical interests not shared by many. The regular pursuits of people – political, moral, etc, bore me. Your cruise idea is also fantastic,"

      "Catalan" did you click my link? The "Free Winds" cruises would be perfect for you. And they have a wonderful organization called the "Sea Org" which will take care of your kids.

      " maybe I am sadistic. Maybe I am both. As to loneliness, you are spot on. I often think about death, about what it would be to not exist.... I have a young kid.. "

      Some auditing sessions on the cruise should clear all that up.

    • "We are in a process of decomposition of a government..."

      That's what I would have said, but the NYT's says it's "decompensation"

    • Judaism, to the safe Hrbor" You do know that one can find really cheap rates on cruises these days, right?"

      "Catalan" has sailed from the choppy waters of Bulgarian Judaism, to the safe harbor of Unitarian-Universalism. His next cruise will be on the good ship "Free Winds"

    • " If he were to listen to someone, it would be someone who likes him."

      "Catalan" you need to study your Unitarian-Universalist ethics. You sound like you're backsliding into the "cult".

    • Phil, you figure Jared Kushner is going to be around to do any negotiating?

  • Fellow professor rallies for support around Hatem Bazian
  • Letter to a drone
    • Jeez, I just don't see how Mondo can last, when Zionists (Israeli? who knows) use its comment section for heartfelt appeals, the kind of appeal which renders the heart, and goes down to your kishkas.
      What moral person can resist the reasoning: 'You would do it to us if you could, but you can't, so we'd better do it first!'

      And what Palestinian can resist the appeal to declare they are just as vicious as Zionists? Isn't it obvious that's the first step towards peace?

      I guess Zionism has taken all those "Pink. Green. Brown. Black." people to heart. Your "brothers".

      I wonder if world-wide Zionism knew what a powerful advocate they have in "Dabakr"?

  • Liberal Zionists confront, or deny, the 'Doomsday settlement'
    • ." But perpetual conflict is to some extent perpetual wrong,"

      Who is "Nathan" trying to kid? Israel does not have the resources, human or material, for "perpetual conflict".

      And gee, could anything be better for a world-dispersed religious minority than to be known as "The People of Perpetual Conflict"?

    • " The only default is the continuity of conflict."

      Why, I can't see any more fruitful or productive project for world Jewry in the 21st Century. I mean, what else have we got to do?

  • American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel
    • "Being “Jewish” is no free ticket to cause trouble."

      That's right Mayhem. You make sure to let Jews know it's a privilege to come to Israel.

    • "American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel"

      Good. We need lots more of this. In fact, all visitors to Israel should be required to sign off on a checklist as supporting specific Israeli actions and policies before being allowed inside the gates.

    • "In other news, every action has a reaction"

      You got turfed out of the Unitarian-Universalists this quickly?

  • Forget pinkwashing, it's brownwashing time: self-Orientalizing on the US campus
    • "What is the link to black people in the US or other western states.?"

      What's the link? Obviously, the Zionists are entitled to International Affirmative Action!

    • "Annie" could it be possible that "glitches" (a failure to carry a comment through the thousands of miles and systems between my computer and Mondo) are being perceived as 'rejections' ?

    • "All SSI is doing is educating people. Good job!"

      You bety, "Boris". I bet that stuff about “Hebrew Liberation Week: A Celebration of Semitism.” went over great at Columbia University!

      (Luckily, Columbia University has no History dept. Not a single person who will contradict the SS, uh, oh, SSI.)

    • “I think there is a definite link between the Jews and all other displaced and persecuted nations.”

      Than what are you complaining about, "Boris"? Why do we Jews deserve something those other persecuted nations don't?

      (Now "Boris" will tell me that the Palestinians are an invading and conquering nation. )

    • "We are supposed to assume that no Jews from ancient times converted to Christianity or Islam?"

      It is usually done on a one-for-one basis, for every Jew which converts to Islam, or Christianity, a Christian or Muslim will convert to Judaism. This evens everything out, what we lose on the swing, we gain on the round-a-bout.

    • "Pink. Green. Brown. Black. Keep it up. Whatever colour the enemies of Israel..."

      Uh, "Dabakr", if you read the article, you'd know those "Pink. Green. Brown. Black." people are Zionism's friends.

      Why would you assume any picture of ethnic peoples represent people united against Israel? Or are you just insulted by their presumption?

    • ," no black stockings with seams down the back"

      When I had my tonsils out, about 1960 or so, they wore white stockings, no seams.

      Best wishes for the outcome, "RoHa". Get back to us soon.

      Digital surface thermometers, and electric clippers. They've taken all the romance out of being in the hospital.

    • "if so, hang in there, please."

      I add my good health wishes to yours. Hopefully, "RoHa" was at the hospital for nothing more than a thorough check-out. Sorry, I mean "check-up"

    • "(Perhaps because I’m surrounded by young nurses at the moment.)"

      Say no more, all is understood. Those ladies light my lamp, too. (But not dental assistants. They're always looking down in the mouth.) The nurse-patient relationship was sacred in the halcyon days before this stupid gadget degraded it to a mere formality.

      Do they still wear nurse's caps over there? The cap's original purpose was to keep the nurse's hair neatly in place and present a modest appearance. So what's the excuse for those sexy shoes?

    • "I think there is a definite link between the Jews and all other displaced and persecuted nations."

      Maybe it's the DNA?

    • "And this is a good example to the indigenous people everywhere" "Boris"

      You know, "Boris", I was going to suggest that SSI sponsor seminars called "Flipping Your Homeland For Big Profits, Let Zionism Show You How" for oppressed peoples. But I thought it too absurd. I guess I was wrong.

    • "(And a lot of EA women have very attractive figures, which is, no doubt, a contributory factor to the intermarriage. Nod-nod, wink-wink)"

      Gosh, the things a real man-of-the-world can tell us. Or for some reason, just has to tell us.

    • " I was dismayed, since April, I think, by moderating decisions: both by what was not allowed, and by what was allowed."

      April comes right after March.

    • "A banner for the Columbia University Students Supporting Israel 2017 “Hebrew Liberation Week: A Celebration of Semitism.”

      The banner depicts the singing-group featured at the event, "The Settlement People".

    • "that hasbaristas like Yonah"

      Hey, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have "yonah" to explain Jews to me. It's awful for the 80% of us who don't know who we are or how we got here, and we need information.
      "yonah" they will be printing your archive out and rolling it up on atzei chayim !

    • ", and by what was allowed."

      It is indeed shocking. Look at this exchange

    • Perhaps figures separated by a slash indicate the number submitted versus number published? '51 comments published out of 58 submitted'= 51/58?

  • Trump administration using unjust US law to pressure Palestinians
    • "talk to us Donald, we can help, we solved being inferior long ago,"

      Donald really should take your suggestion, "gamal". It might help him deal with stuff like this, from "Boris":

      "It is not the family history or land deeds. The point is that the Jewish nation state had existed in that area, while Donald’s ancestors lived with their Johnsons in the forest." "Boris"

      Donald's gonna need a lot of empathy and advice to get over that.

    • "I wonder if any other countries do similar things with Americans?"

      Of course they do, and I think Americans are required to report them.

    • "This problem will move toward resolution when Palestinians find their George Washington"

      Well, in a manner of speaking, one might say the Palestinians have already met George Washington, and his name was Ben Gurion.

  • Dispatch from Gaza on reconciliation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority
    • "The call for the destruction of Israel is an improper ambition"

      Ummmm, sorry, no. A call for its destruction can come to any state. It's part of the game Zionists wanted to play.
      Get used to it.

    • Hello "RoHa"! Feeling allright, I hope? That was fast. Good work.

    • " I wonder about you too Nathan, like how you and so many other zionist propagandists can only see jewish lives as mattering."

      "Marnie" , if the Zionist's concerns were even that wide, we'd all be a lot better off.

    • "No, Mooser, no one is in need of “reassurance” or “immunity”."

      Than what the hell do you want? To make us aware of the dire consequences which will befall us (or, more likely, you'll threaten the Palestinians in our behalf) if we don't give Israel reassurance and immunity?
      In fact, almost all we hear from Zionists here is the demand that the world must facilitate Zionism in its crimes.

    • "However, the clear refusal to criticize what is obviously a very extreme and violent position leaves the impression that maybe you agree that Israel must be destroyed."

      Awww, poor little Zionist wants reassurance. He wants immunity.

      Too bad, "Nathan". The Zionists will just have to take their chances.

  • 'Where did we go wrong in our homes and schools?' David Harris laments young Jews' hostility to Israel
    • "James North" just wait until you see what I have planned for "Grover's" next posts!
      These posts will put the 'sock-puppet or parody' question to rest.

    • . "We're not fooled. No real person who was trying to defend Israel would sound as ridiculous as “Grover.”

      That's why I had to invent him. If we let Zionists speak for themselves, the entire site would be invalidated, and a tsunami of support for Zionism would be the result. So I had to make up "Steve Grover".
      Of course, no actual person is like him. I mean c'mon! He's supposed to appear as an obnoxious freak. Call him a sock-puppet if you will, “Mr. North”, call it slander, call it libel,(just don't call me late for supper) and ban me for it, but I say it’s parody and covered under the 1st Amendment! And everybody reading it knows that, nobody thinks “Steve Grover” is real.

    • "Also, your ongoing Judeocentric interpretation of World War II as little more than the Holocaust is myth-history.."

      "Hophmi" is always running for Kehillah . He wants to take care of 'his people'.

    • "Wishing poverty upon a Jew: Anti-Semitism or just “Jew hatred”?"

      "Eljay", we have to keep the standards high, and Judaism competitive.
      After all, there's only so much Holy Land to go around.

    • "Why the hell would you expect him to talk about the other victims of the Shoah in this context?"

      "Hophmi" have you ever heard the story about six blind men and the relevant?

    • ‘Where did we go wrong in our homes and schools?

      "Hophmi" knows! And offers a solution:

      "The main priority, however, should be day school education. If we got our act together and offered every American Jewish child an affordable, high-quality, Jewish day school education, there would be no great need for Birthright. This is a uniquely American problem. In most other countries, Jewish schools, like other parochial schools, are government subsidized and/or paid for through a communal tax, and thus, far less expensive than they are in the United States.

    • "Hopefully, the founding anti-Semite of Mondoweiss doesn’t have a pot to pee in for his efforts."

      He seems to have enough space in his comment section for you. That's a lot more than you'll get anywhere else.

    • "Every time I hear in a Jewish meeting concerns about our children and their lack of interest in Israel.../...Where did we go wrong?"

      Please, Mr. Harris, don't blame yourself for Jewish disunity. Remember, we used to have a very powerful partner, who has shirked his end of the bargain lately.

  • BDS movement holds its first regional anti-normalization conference in Kuwait
    • Shorter "Nathan": 'The world owes "the Jews" and must help Israel wipe out the Palestinians.'

      Don't see why "Nathan" hasn't got the courage to come right out and say it.

  • Israel has more legitimacy than US because the bible mentions Jerusalem, not New York -- says David Harris
    • " “Most translated” does not imply that it has been read by anyone other than the translators"

      I'm sure Rocky Raccoon read quite a few chapters while recuperating.

    • "Are you seriously considering to cut it off ???"

      ROTFLMSJAO!! You didn't click the link, did you?

    • "Why don’t you go to a..."

      "Boris", I'm warning you, any more of this secular harassment, and I will demand an annulment.

    • "Do we have to do the mirror trick again?"

      No, that's all right, we've seen enough whataboutery

    • " The point is that the Jewish nation state had existed in that area, while Donald’s ancestors lived with their Johnsons in the forest."

      Ha,ha,ha, they ran around with their "Johnsons" in the forest! We Jews knew what to do about that. As soon as we saw it, we knew it needed customizing.

    • ">>> if I can find out where my ancestors were living 2000 years ago"

      "That’s a big “IF”, and I bet that if you could you would." "Boris"

      "Boris" don't worry! "Donald Johnson" would likely have to do all kinds of research to find out where his family lived 2000 years ago. Very expensive, accuracy doubtful.

      But all you have to do is open the Bible, and look, there you are!

    • " ‘LOL, arabs engage in religious whataboutery too!’

      "Hophmi" is always quick to point out that Arabs are just as good as us Jews. He's very liberal that way.

    • " He knows that as long as Jews have their tribe, culture, ethnicity, people, nation, civilization and “Jewish State”, they don’t need religion"

      If they've got all that, they don't even need any Jews.
      Anybody could fill the role, since its attributes are so well-delineated.

    • "Jackdaw" had a Ziocaine Syndrome event ("Joooosss") which apparently necessitated self-abasement. I sympathize, that's a sad way to be.
      But I'll be damned if I catch Ziocaine-Syndrome-by-proxy over it.

    • "That’s a big “IF”, and I bet that if you could you would."

      Boris, you are so right, and very right to talk down to him, too.
      You put "Donald Johnson" in his place! The lesser peoples of the world, who have been the subject of persecution, expulsion, segregation and genocide don't have the time or intelligence (or the morals!) to keep strict records of marriages and land possession. (Nor do they, like us, keep themselves racially pure!)

      But when you've been an aristocracy on earth for over 2000 years, you have time to keep exact records, and enforce purity.

    • "A religion-supremacist “Jewish State” was not and is not required for “Jews to still persist in existing”.

      A religion-supremacist Jewish State is the greatest single danger to the continued existence of Judaism as a religion.

    • Man does not live by bread alone, but by any word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

    • "even by your high standards..."

      Thanks, "MHughes"! Truth is, my keyboard is so clogged, an aphorism at a time is all I can manage. I might as well be using a hammer and chisel.

    • " If they keep heading in the direction they are headed then an Algerian style conflict becomes increasingly likely and all bets are off, but there is no telling who comes out on top."

      Gee, a state armed with all the latest weapons and complete air superiority vs. a populace with small arms and some explosives.

      Doesn't seem to difficult to estimate the odds.

    • There was a business down the street fro me. It was legitimate. It was legal. It had a right to exist.
      It went broke, tho.
      And it was still legitimate, legal, and had a right to exist. The fact that it went under affected none of that.

    • " … Who are these Jews to still persist in existing and not fading away? … "

      "yonah" tells us how it's gonna be.

    • “But the solution to past injustice..."

      Starts with putting the injustice in the past, or at least trying to.

    • "Some actually question Israel’s legitimacy independent of their empathy for the Palestinians. Who are these Jews to still persist in existing and not fading away?"

      "yonah" I really doubt you can get the UN to proclaim Israel has the right to destroy the Palestinians so Jews can exist as Jews.

  • The left must give thanks to... Donald Trump
    • "He stood up and bravely said, no deportations for drunk driving"

      The immigrants don't get charged for DUI, and the state buys them a new truck!

    • "And then there’s drivers licenses for the undocumented. Most Americans really don’t want that, because we all drive and understand the downside."

      It's true! Them ferriners won't stop driving on the wrong side of the road. And the ones from below the equator drive backwards, too!! And progressives wonder who's bringing the heat which is changing our climate, well it's people from places where it's Chile today and hot tamale!

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