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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Occupy Wall Street movement is making room for Palestinian issue
    • jimby, one of my best friends and his wife and daughter went to the Occupy Seattle. Nobody offered them any drugs, and there was no sex. Nobody tried to seduce his daughter (19 yrs. old) into a commune.
      The movement is hopeless. There wasn't even any alcohol!

  • Funded by Israel lobby, insider Werritty seems to have pushed Brits to allow Israeli arms sales
    • “I’m actually quite liberal when it comes to sexual matters. I just don’t want the gays flaunting it in front of me, which is what they would do.”

      Yes, it's hard to resist that kind of temptation.

  • 'J Street' urges Israel lobby group to sever ties with Elliott Abrams's wife Rachel for 'unhinged hate speech' against Palestinians
    • "talk all the trash you want, I am done responding to your attacks on me."

      Haven't we heard that from you before? How many times? But, damnit, you don't go!

      Sure seems to me like you would be happier at another website. And yet, you never seem to find one you like better than Mondoweiss. I wonder why that is?

  • The Global War on Halloween (fake head not included)
    • "I had to stop going on once my GF moved in with me."

      No Jewish marriage for you? Sorry to hear it. Well, I understand, I really do. And I admire the way you take a Zionist approach to relationships. Anything you can take is your's, with no responsibilities.

      Yes, I know DGY, you raised her from the mud, gave her proper clothes to wear, taught her English, instructed her in table manners and Torah. Very white of you, I must say.

  • For neoconservatives, Israel is a foreign and domestic issue
  • My wife forswears the groovy iPad forever
    • "She rolled her eyes."

      And came up with a seven, every time? (C'mon, baby, Mama needs a new i-phone) Don't worry, my wife has a glass eye, too. She didn't want to tell me, but it came out in the conversation.

    • "mooser, im picturing it,"

      Sure, sure, maybe from the street Moosehall looks like a couple of refrigerator boxes put together with duct tape, but if you look closer, you'll see they were all side-by-sides, with icemakers. Not those cheap freezer-over models like you find in low-class neighborhoods.

    • And just to let you know, when I say "irrevocable", I mean that, well, I mean... you know,...irrevocable. And about that I am adamant!

    • I guess you can call us late adopters here at Moosehall. We refused to get a computer until somebody left one squalling in a basket at our front door. What could we do? Leave poor little Dell out there to be eaten by wolves?

    • Yes, I know, it's gorgeous, and the pictures don't do it justice. It's way more organ than I deserve.... no, now that I think about it, maybe it's just reparations for ending up with less organ than I deserve after my bris.
      Maybe Matthew Taylor should get one.

    • "and i buy maxwell house,"

      You know, I live in one of the centers of coffee culture (Starbucks, Tullys, and I can't think of how many other smaller roasters and packagers) and I have come to the irrevocable conclusion that even the canned coffee from the grocery store is more than acceptable if made properly and drunk fresh, and the most expensive coffee around is drek if not handled right.

    • "but i reserve the rest of the good pot for the wife,"

      You are a good husband! I made it clear in the pre-nup my stash is not community property!

    • "could you get the monkey to write blogposts?"

      Thank God you are aiming higher than ungulates these days. Mondoweiss deserves the best.

    • I pad? Please! Who on earth would steal one of those, unless it was a friend who wanted to do good by stealth. You don't know what anxiety is, you don't know what it's like to own something that people would kill you to just touch, until you've got a Nord C-2.

  • Nationalism reduced religious tolerance in Middle East
    • At any rate, I'm going to brush up on my French and Spanish in preparation for the US breaking up into its basic nationalities. I want to be ready.

    • Gosh, Krauss, your agument might have some merit if you could tell me what the "nationalism" of the US is, and if you could point to an empire which has not fallen. You know, the one which hasn't been prey to multi-culturalism and therefore has lasted forever.
      And would you mind explaining what the essential differences are between people which make us different nationalities? And of course, what the basic, eternal immutable nationalities of the human race are. How many are there? And much more important, how can we tell them apart?

  • As settlers disrupt olive harvest, Israeli officer declares: 'I am the law, I am God.'
    • And after I take care of him, can I have some of this cake you ate?

    • "It is undeniable that Zionism exists, that Israel exists."

      Yes, but is that good for the Jews, or bad for the Jews?

      Richard, have I mentioned before that your stupidity (to mention only one of your more salient qualities) is breathtaking?

    • "I heard that same complaint about Phil recently..."

      What kind of ill-tempered, misinformed and malevolent idiot would say that about Phil? Just point me at him, that's all I ask, just point me in his direction!

    • "I have a close friend, a chabad rabbi..."

      Just a hint, Richard, old son: If you want to prove a point, don't start out by invalidating your informant's intelligence and objectivity from two perspectives.

  • Americans who support Palestinian cause must be willing to lose friends
    • "Is unfriending someone for their political views, petty?"

      Sure beats a punch in the nose. I suspect you should consider yourself lucky.

    • "I’m interested in what his views are is the point."

      Your personal obsession with Phil Weiss is well known.
      What the hell is your problem?

    • "In his posts primarily."

      "Primarily" That's very nice Richard. There's no need to brag about your long-standing and intimate friendship with Phil Weiss and his family, it'll just make the rest of us feel bad. After all, not everybody gets to see Phil as much as four times in forty years.

    • "Can anyone give any reasons as to why this is?"

      Oh that one is too easy! Obviously, because the State of Washington is where I live. I just hope Palestine is free before I get eaten by mold.

    • "Jews saw much more clearly what Jim Crow was like because we were not the enforcers of that system,"

      Oh no, we Jews just financed the ships and the journeys which brought the slaves here. And we are ostensibly "white" and the beneficiaries of Jim Crow.

  • Struggling for water in Gaza
    • "the moderators were extraordinarily tolerant of Guilty Feat, right up until he was banned."

      Guilty Feat was banned? I thought he (or she, I was never quite sure) had developed a ban-proof schtick.

      BTW, are there really "moderators"? Does Phil keep them in the basement with the coerced trolls? This is gonna blow up in his face, you watch.

  • Dying of schmaltz
    • " I always hope that what I write will lead to serious responses"

      Yes, there's no doubt, Prof. Slater, that Witty finds your contributions inspiring. I wonder why?

      "soldiers in a just cause, national liberation and the creation of an independent state in a small part of Palestine."

      Oh sorry, Prof Slater, I never before realised just how breathtakingly generous your attitude towards Palestinians is!
      You and Witty are, frankly, two of a kind.

    • And what makes it all so horrible, of course is this: Phil seems to like those grubby Arabs better than he likes Witty. If you were him, wouldn't that drive you nuts?
      That's probably why Witty leaves so much white-space between sentences. 'If I can't beat his arguments, I can sure as hell eat up his bandwidth'

    • "It’s hard not to perceive favoritism for Witty by Weiss here"

      What can Phil do? There's only so much a guy's conscience can stand.
      He may not like him very much , but who needs to feel guilty about a suicide?
      Ask yourself this: what keeps Witty from arguing his "case for Israel" on his own blog?
      Witty has no case for Israel, all he's got is a case against Phil for spurning him.

    • "All Phil would have to do to turn Witty into a fervent anti-Zionist is give him a spot on the Mondoweiss staff."

      I'm not joking. Witty seems to think that Phil owes him something, and Witty is going to get it, or poop all over the place.
      Isn't it obvious that Witty is, more than anything else concerned with the Mondoweiss blogg itself, not the information offered here? He never seems to absorb or credit any of it, but is on a fruitless, bootless quest to invalidate Phil's efforts.
      Ask yourself this: Why does Witty write many, many more times more words at Mondoweiss instead of his own blog?
      I tell you again, Witty would be wrapping himself in the Palestinian flag if Phil would just return a fraction of the love Witty bears him.

    • "He has to work this out in private."

      Maybe, but no matter when he makes himself available, no matter what kind of expensive wine and champagne he buys, or what kind of DVDs he gets in a plain brown wrapper, Phil refuses to come over to his place and give him a chance to prove his love.
      All Phil would have to do to turn Witty into a fervent anti-Zionist is give him a spot on the Mondoweiss staff. Well, a pat on the head, or maybe brushing up against him in the halls of the Mondoweiss offices would quicken the process.
      Of course, when Mondoweiss is the only website on the entire Internet, it is hard for Witty to tear himself away from it.

    • "the underlying purpose was to get Gilad back."

      Oh look, DBG is on a first-name basis with the famous Israeli prisoner. Well, I guess that's only natural for the re-incarnation of Israel's first Prime Minister.

    • "At some point there will have to be an awful lot of forgiveness forthcoming from both sides for things to move forward."

      Kindly tell me what the Palestinians need to be forgiven for? Existing? Living where they do? Not organising themselves into a religio-facist state? Wearing those funny clothes?
      You can take that equivalency hasbara and shove it where the sun don't shine. I would suggest the inside of Witty's skull, where no light has ever penetrated.

    • Wondering Jew, the settler viewpoint is well-represented here, and we get it straight, without a gloppy coating, from many others. So your efforts are sort of redundant. Save your energy, is my advice, you're gonna need it.

    • Jeeves to Bertie: "She intends to start you on Nietzsche, sir. You will not like Nietzsche, sir. He is fundamentally unsound."
      I ask you, is it meet, is it wise, to ignore Jeeves' lightest word? And so on to the Palace of Beauty!

    • "In even “just causes” it is always innocents that get the brunt. There is no retributive form of resistance that does not exact collective punishment on civilians, whichever way the resistance or defense occurs."

      Oh, I see. That makes it alright, then. But do understand, I am struck with admiration at the depth, complexity, and sophistication of your conclusions. What a wise man you must be!

  • 'Neocon' is suddenly a bad career move (and Rachel Abrams ain't helping the Elliott Abrams brand)
    • "Who cares about quotes."

      Or question marks, for that matter. "Veracity? We don't need no stinkin' veracity!"

    • Oh yes, J Otto Pohl does condemn the Zionists, because he thinks their ethnic cleasing of Palestine arose from their "left-wing" ideology.

    • And in today's episode of "Thine Alabaster Titiies Gleam" we have J Otto Pohl's deep musings on Multiculturalism and other cultures:

    • Here you go: Take a look at J.Otto Pohl's comments on this blog. Scroll down a bit to find them. The guy came straight out of the John Birch Society.
      And with any luck, he will enlighten us with his views on the extent and results of "affirmative action".
      And all without a single supporting fact, just the assumption you share his prejudices and misinformation.

    • Don't worry, Donald. I Googled him, read a bunch of his stuff, and I have no doubt he will reveal himself for exactly what he is. Won't be long until he is telling us how "affirmative action" is ruining African-Americans. And if you hadn't noticed, assumes all the left in the US hailed Stalin, Mao and Castro.

    • You are so right, J Otto Pohl. The only reason the Palestinians dislike the Israelis is racism. That's exactly where you're going.

      "Except I still read a lot of blog posts from leftist academics in the US..."
      Well, if you have been reading them, and are "still" reading them, why don't you link a few? I mean, just to add what little verisimilitude is needed when you support your contention with a "short fictional story".

  • Props for the amazing political space OWS created (but who is talking about Palestine?)
    • Lot of memories for me at that place. I won't go into details, but let's just say I found my virginity there.

    • I'm not sure a return engagement for our dialect cross-talk is a possibility. Last time we played there we emptied the house!

    • "Our nation is going bankrupt..."

      Israel is going bankrupt? I didn't know that!

    • "nice Nazi reference, you guys are about as classy as they come."

      Move you cursor or pointer to the top of the page, and find the "help" option on the pull-down menu. Look under "browsing" or "search" and you can learn how to navigate to a website you like. You also could ask a grown-up where the "off" button is.

    • "we all have neocons in our families"

      Glad to see the tradition continues. There's quite a few old cons in my family.

    • "mooser have you ever been behind bars?"

      I've spent many years behind bars. You think those highball glasses polish themselves?

    • “We all have rich relatives”.

      If, as they say, "time is money" I have some very rich relatives. They've gotten more time than anybody I know, and a few got life.

    • J. Otto Pohl, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to swallow the John Birch Society's view of "the left" in America so gluttonously.
      Would you like to link us to the statements by "traditionally leftist" organisations embracing "Stalin, Mao, Ho, and Castro"?
      Or are you saying that OWS is sponsored by the American Communist party?

    • "Its a distraction from the Occupy Wall Street work at hand."

      Ah, so that's why you haven't been posting as often. You've been busy directing OWS!

  • Gary Ackerman blasts NYU divestment campaign, NYU students and faculty blast back
    • "Clear and effective, or vague and punitive?"

      Don't worry, Richard, BDS won't start until you make your final determinations on it's efficiency and worthiness. I'm sure they know a disinterested, impartial and informed judge when they see one.
      The entire movement is even now poised on the ball of it's foot, awaiting your lightest word.

  • 'Atlantic' expose on Rick Perry's affinity for Israel ignores the H2Occupation of Palestine
    • Oh, I see, you were just presenting those links to show us how deficient the Israeli response is? In that case, let nme tell you, I've never liked the name "James". If that is your real name.

    • Is there anybody who doesn't go into raptures over good BBQ?
      But make sure you get there early! Admission is limited to the first 144,000!

    • "what does that say to me about you 2?"

      I hope it tells you something bad. I don't know much, but I know damn well that if a guy like you doesn't think much of me, I'm doing all right.
      So go boil your head. If there's a lack of water for that purpose, go pound sand.

    • If they do breed that perfect red heifer, I would be willing to share with them the secret of my sauce and spice-rub. And it better be melt-in-the-mouth tender, or there will be no second coming to the platter for me!

    • Thanks, James, for presenting evidence from such disinterested and objective sources, an Israel publicist and the Israeli regime.
      As for the context of your comment, that denying people water is a legitimate political tool, I have no comment which would pass the moderator.

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel are second class citizens, even in the Prague airport
    • " So take your naive views and shove it. "

      "eee" yopu have my sympathy! If only you were free to go to another website, I'm sure you would. But here you are, trapped at Mondoweiss, a website you have no respect for. How did this happen? Did Palestinians cut your arms off, and make it impossible for you to use the GUI? Try pusshing the mouse-buttons with your nose. Mine is more than long enough to reach, so your's must be, too.

  • Pro-Israel donors are at the heart of Defence Ministry scandal in Britain
    • "I am kind of offended by that yes, but the constant jew baiting and bigotry on MW offends me more."

      And someday he's going to break open his piggy bank and buy a computer which gets more the one website! And then he will never look at this "jew baiting" (sic) website no more!
      But til then, I guess he's stuck here. It hasn't got an "off" button neither.

    • "The usual Jew baiting we have grown accustomed to here."

      If only there was another website on the Internet, you could go there and get away from all these anti-Semites. But no, you're stuck here. Sorta strange isn't it? That whole Internet, and only one website.

    • "maybe you and I can bond at your local Native American Sweat Lodge."

      DBG, you really ought to keep away from stuff which easily identifies you as the former "yonira". BTW, you get married yet? Or are you still breaking every Jewish moral law by fornicating before marriage?
      I may not be a Zionist, but I have never stooped to that depth.

    • "The usual Jew baiting we have grown accustomed to here."

      I'm a little confused about that term, "eee". When you bait a Jew, what, exactly, is it you are going to catch? Is the "Jew baiting" phrase an attempt at a humorous play on 'hooked' noses?
      You used the phrase, damnit, you ought to explain what it means!

    • "if true Cliff, it is horrible. I really can’t believe how you can mock mutual understanding, have you talked to a Jew?"

      DBG, you've really hit on something there. Why don't we start an international Take-a-Zionist-to-Lunch-Day so that people can understand this little known and obscure people? Think of the alternative, DBG: if we don't get people when their stuffed and tipsy, and give 'em a good schmooze they might start judging us by our actions, instead of our explanations. That will never do!

    • "hopefully some day Cliff, you’ll understand how bigoted you sound right now."

      OMFG! ROTFLMSJAO! Zionist moral condescending! That's a hot one!

    • "It’s only a Zionist nitwit like you (I won’t call you a Jew, because your primary identifier is ‘fascist’) who USES JEWISHNESS as a human shield.
      You are a coward, hiding behind identity-politics and emotional-blackmail to warp the reality on the ground."

      Now look what you've done, Cliff! "eee" will show that around, and he'll probably get a promotion or a raise. You know, it reads almost like a job description for a Hasbaratchnik.

  • Blindered Blitzer likens Hamas to Al Qaeda... typical
    • You're right. I should have realised I need an older more experienced man to guide me through this strange new world. And why not? Saving it for the man I marry hasn't gotten me anywhere.

    • "Maybe that’s because they couldn’t find a Palestinian who was dumb enough to go on and talk about how thrilled the Palestinians were that people who helped kill small children in the Sbarro pizzeria were coming home."

      There, there, hophmi, don't get upset. I'm sure it wasn't for lack of trying.

      Anybody else think Phil is coming down with reverse-Stockholm-syndrome as a result of keeping all the trolls locked up in his basement?

  • Finkelstein thinks shift in young Jewish opinion means there will be 2 (viable) states. Mearsheimer doesn't
    • "American South: Blacks were enslaved, and later denied civil rights. They constituted around 12% of the population, and were not asking to take American over from white people."

      Wow, Hophmi, you put the "emetic" in "pathetic". You will go through the rest of your miserable life thinking an appeal to shared prejudice is the surest way to a person's heart. And when you find your bigotry unshared, you turn nasty. What a piece of work.

      But, at any rate, thanks for once again confirming that you consider Jewish supremacy the only acceptable condition under which Israel can survive. Not to mention another fine example of your overweening Zionist cowardice, if overweening is the word I want.

    • "One advantage of being an evangelical is I swim in a sea of the lack of critical thinking"

      Thank God your evangelism is based on the solid bedrock of facts and rational thinking, not like those others.

    • "Masada redux is the end point."

      Sure, but was it a good idea for them to abandon the Wankel engine?

    • "I think what bugs me is your (the anti-Israel movement’s) lack of creativeness and originality."

      Yeah, I know what you mean, Yoni. Most of us struggle along year after year under the same internet name. Not all "creativeness and originality" like you.

    • "you’re just ducking and plastering your opinion sans facts. typical."

      You know, "eee" seems to have found a home here. He's all settled in.

    • "I never accused Shmuel of being a Hellenized Jew."

      You can't read, can you? When did I say you did?

    • Would "eee" the "atheist Jew" in Israel be caught dead in a synagogue?

    • "i urge american jews to examine their political values and say what kind of polity they think is best."

      Wow, you really do want the greater Israel project to succeed, don't you?

    • Gosh, I wonder where that whole "Hellenized Jew" thing came from?
      I guess somebody on Mondoweiss made it up.

      And I don't remember "eee" accusing Shmuel of being Hellenized.

    • He makes up "jurisdictions" as easily as he makes up quotes, don't he?

    • "Mearsheimer: It’s propaganda. It’s very hard to propagandize Jews. They’re very knowledgeable, and they’re critical thinkers."

      My mother will be very gratified to hear that. She is always so scared I will ruin our reputation.

  • The US media reports: Gilad Shalit swapped for 1000 non-people (per Blumenthal)
    • es1982, go to the "help" menu, and you can learn how to navigate to another website. You'll be lots happier.

    • "Those who advocate a binational state aren’t tricking anyone, we know what the end game is, it has been eluded to and advocated on Mondoweiss."

      Yes, the barely covered intention of the early Zionists and Zionist leaders to expel or make helots of the Arab indigenes has been well covered on Mondoweiss. But why do you bring it up?

    • " think they will be mixed crowds. if regime change comes to pass, it will only be thru a mixed movement"

      Yup, Phil, from what I understand, the sun doesn't even rise without permission from Jews.
      But if those crowds aren't mixed enough for you, you can always go back to being a Zionist. Why throw away fifty years?

    • "None! in the event that Israel is overrun, we will all be slaughtered."

      Yes, maybe, who knows, but I'm sure you will be able to get off quite a few of your nuclear weapons before every last one of you is gone.
      So you can go out in a blaze of glory! Masadadammerung!

    • "Never waste time replying to her again."

      If only your computer could get another website besides Mondoweiss, you wouldn't be burdened with her at all! Maybe it's time you upgraded to a computer which gets more than one website?
      Let me know when you are ready to buy, and I'll get it for you wholesale.
      I can modify your present computer with an on/off switch for very little money, just a few dollars.

    • Now, now, Woody, you can't blame them for thinking the same tactics which gave Israel the settlements might work at Mondoweiss.
      And besides, they don't know any others.

  • 'Washington Post' headline: US must reevaluate aid to Israel
    • "Pincus, ends the article with one great fizzle."

      Yup, he asks the question, but he sure as hell won't answer it. Seems like he's basically rolling out the red carpet for hasbara.

    • Nope, just a spur of the moment sort of insult.
      But then again, it just shows how sadistic I am. Here you are, trapped at a website you hate and think is full of falsities, and you can't get away. I should have more compassion.

      And I still wonder how Phil and Adam get away with it. Isn't it obvious to the entire world that you wouldn't be here unless you are coerced?

    • "There are cracks in the ediface."

      That's why Dylan wrote "Like a Rolling Stone".

    • "that is all I am saying, nothing"

      That's right, and glad to hear you finally admit it.

  • Release
    • "What’s the psychological term where you have to insert yourself into every situation on a personal basis?"

      Oh, that's easy, Biorabbi. Just describe your participation at Mondoweiss to any board-certified psychologist, and I'm sure he'll come up with the term in half a second.

  • Touring Palestine, you see... Jewish symbols everywhere
    • "I’ve been following Phil’s reports, haven’t seen a single report yet from Tel Aviv, or any where else in Israel except Jerusalem."

      And you don't know how lucky you are? Do you really think that the Israelis will endear themselves to Phil, or are you just hoping he'll be rercognised and beaten up in your vaunted "Jewish democracy"?

  • Feel the earth move-- 'The Forward' proffers This-is-one-country idea to its readers
    • "and lo and behold the dogs didnt eat the dogfood! "

      It's not us they are trying to convince, Phil. Oh, sure, it would be nice for them if it was as easy as that. It's the non-Jews they hope to convince, so they will turn us over to Israel for our own good, so we won't be subject to all that diaspora anti-semitism and the rest.

      And you know what? If we don't use spel-chek, we deserve whatever we get! At any rate, thank God there are posters here who use spiel-chek.

    • You are probably right, Hophmi. So the wisest course is to dismantle the Jewish colony and leave.
      Let me know if you need help packing. I'm really tired of being embarrassed for you.

  • Rep. Steve Israel's anti-Israel, anti-Semitic record on Occupy Wall Street (which must be news to him)
    • "an image of redneck rubes who can’t wait for an excuse to shoot someone with more melanin than them"

      No, they most often shoot someone with more estrogen than them. And the idea that a teenager or young adult who experiences a moment of depression won't have instant access to a loaded gun makes me shudder for the future of this country.

    • American, "Jew" only has one syllable. And it's sort of a hard word, a word you can hiss, even if it hasn't got an "s" in it.
      "Jewish" is so much softer and nicer.

      To avoid any kind of hurt feelings, I usually describe myself as "a goddam Jew, and what are you gonna do about it, chump?" It puts new acquaintances at ease, and reassures old ones I'm my usual gentle self.

  • Now Israel is stealing Palestinian.... waste
  • Zuckerman turned on Obama over Israel. 'WSJ' refuses to say so
  • Is Occupy Wall Street anti-Semitic?
    • Anyway, I'll be waiting for the Haaretz expose' on how the richest 1% of Israelis engineered the Occupation.

    • "Most Israelis agree that the wealthiest 1% are responsible for their economic woes"

      Yes, but all Israelis agree that the continued existence of the Palestinians, in defiance of Geneva Conventions and all human decency, is at the root of all their problems, really.

      ROTFL! I'll bet they do, because it's a hell of a lot easier than maybe considering that Zionism is responsible for their position.
      But then it hits me: My oh my, according to our atheist-Jew troll, all those 88% of Israelis are "left-wing extremists".

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