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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • The struggle of Palestinians is the struggle of Native Americans
    • "The prosecution of Jews over the centuries is well documented."

      You bet! There are Jews being prosecuted (sic) today in the United States!
      And some of them get convicted, too.

  • Young Jews won't cry over the end of the Zionist dream, Beinart says
    • "Also, every kind of refuse in human form, including Zionists, has danced the dabke. Kindly provide one reasonable explanation for your claim."

      Whatever you might say, "Mag", say nothing which could possibly, even by the most uncompromising standards, be interpreted as touching on "echin's" honor!

    • I was there.

  • The end of exclusivity
    • "I wonder how many dwarfs ever made it to CEO of Soldman Gachs, for example"

      I have heard they often came up short, but that's it.

    • "The religion-based identity of Jewish doesn’t transform the human being who holds it into something greater than..."

      Of course not. It's the relative rarity of Jews which gives us our special value.
      We Jews are at least 500 times more special than other people! Even more if we only count the indigenous Jews.

    • "How close do you think that the parallel is?"

      I would say it dwarfs the problems of "the Jews".

    • "I find it hard to think of another group of people who are either the descendants, in continuing exile, of a mass of people who were excluded from their homes or are subject to sovereign power, ruthlessly exercised, without franchise, or are both these things"


    • " This is fundamentally a child’s view of the world."

      ROTFLMSJAO! And a pretentious ethnic superiority for an ethnic you can't even define as it exists today is a mature way of looking at the world.

    • "We don’t need an ethereal entity to hold us as special; we have proven we are on our own accord and continue to do so."

      Yeah, that's why there are so few of us Jews. Not everybody can be that special.
      And nobody else knows exactly who they are the way we do, that's special too.

  • Flaming kites mark fifth Friday of Gaza protests
    • "Indeed I would."

      Thank you.

    • "Claims of non-violence certainly are misleading, they are in fact a complete lie. All of the repeated, multiple and non-stop claims that the Great March protests are peaceful and non-violent are indeed complete lies"

      Who are you going to believe? "mondonut", or your lying eyes?

      ." And it is not irrelevant to point out the truth."

      We must do more than "point out the truth"! It is incumbent upon Mondo to print, to list by name (they should never be forgotten) every single one of the Israeli casualties!!
      With pictures! Some of the Israeli soldiers experienced keratoconjunctivitis.

    • " I am not Zionist, nor Israeli." "mondonut"

      Of course not.
      You are simply a decent person who feels called upon to defend Israel when it's under attack.
      We've had several not-a-Zionists and not-an-Israeli commenters here before. They're noted for their from-the-get-go honesty.

    • I never have understood this, maybe "mondonut" can explain it to me.

      For people who posit an ineradicable anti-Semitism as one of the fundamental reasons for Zionism, they sure seem flustered and outraged when they meet up with anything but a completely philo-Semitic response. And make accusations of anti-Semitism like an entire world of philo-Semites are poised to avenge any aspersions on the Jews.
      It don't make sense. And I will go so far as to say that "RoHa" would say it doesn't make sense.

    • "Hey, Mu-mu, make sure that you get your ausweis."

      Hey, you got something much better, a ticket out of Russia.

    • "Because who else to blame for anti-semitism but the Jews themselves."

      You said it, "mondonut". The present can sure change the past.
      Do you have a plan to deal with this?

    • “Have you no intellectual or moral integrity whatsoever? “

      "Jackdaw" has something much more consequential than that at stake here. He's got an investment in Israel!

    • "Drawing an analogy between Nazism and the entity known as “Israel” is entirely appropriate."

      Gee, I don't know about this. Nazi Germany had about 90 million people firmly under its control, and this was before the Blitzkreig. They could at least convince themselves they had a shot.
      And I don't think Nazi Germany left a population almost twice the size of Germany's as hostages all over the world, either.

  • Israel needs Palestinian violence to shift world opinion -- and 'The New York Times' helps out!
    • "simply knows which side his matzo is schmaltzed on."

      If the matzoh contains no animal products or meat, it is perfectly acceptable to put butter or margarine on it, and it tastes better.

  • Las Vegas print shop refuses to print JVP banner over Israel politics
    • "I am questioning the right of the law to force me into helping my political enemy."

      It's an outrageous demand. After you've done your political enemy the undeserved favor of not destroying him utterly with a snap of your fingers, they want more from you?

    • "so I can assure you that, if privatised, speech might not be free, but competition will make it a lot cheaper and more efficient."

      Beat me, socialist daddy, eight to the bar!

    • "What doesn’t seem clear to many here is that there is a wall between public and private."

      That's funny, before the civil rights legislation and decisions segregation was the law in many states.
      Segregation was legal and integration was illegal.
      Nobody could 'opt-out' of it.

      In fact, many white people like bus drivers and hotel clerks (besides police and sheriffs) were legally empowered to enforce it in the South.

    • "Worst idea I’ve heard in ages. How racists and bigots would take advantage of this is quite clear."

      No, no, it's really quite clever. Once the racists and bigots have all the power, and everything running their way, the country will be ripe for revolution. Or maybe not.

    • " After almost 60 years, though, I start thinking that this kind of legislation has finished being useful"

      ROTFL! And "this kind of legislation" has never been useful to you, has it?

    • " They should be picketing Valley Press with signs which say"

      If you Google the street location, it doesn't look like a propitious place to picket. A light-industrial strip off a lonely road.

    • "With regards to BDS, it depends upon whether or not you view it as a political free speech act or discrimination based upon national origin." "Jon66"

      It's the Dr. Ronny Jackson of Zionism, "husband, father and surgeon" handing out the pilpuls for whatever ails ya.

    • "MLK didn’t get sidetracked with lawsuits."

      I think that was more Thurgood Marshall's province (before his elevation to the SC, spent a long time at civil-rights litigation) and the NAACP, ACLU and SPLC, etc.

    • “classical anti-Semitism has always been the “power of the Jews””

      you better go have a talk with "yonah fredman".
      He just told us everything got better for the Jews when we 'decided' to have power.

      "To seek power thus is natural.
      In a world of nations, nationalism is the most obvious means to eliminate powerlessness. And this is the basis of zionism."

  • Adi Shosberger called Israeli soldiers ‘terrorists’ -- and Israel has turned on her
    • "Jackdaw, the “go to Gaza” quip is apparently one of the worst curses one can perceive in Israel."

      You will just have to forgive him his solecisms, Mr. Ofir. You see, "Jackdaw" doesn't spend a lot of time with Israelis. The results are less dire if he socializes on Mondo.

    • " Nor am I surprised that you hate Jews. It’s deep in your blood."

      "Jackdaw", be reasonable. Maybe "Sibiriak" just doesn't love "Jews" as much as you desperately want him to.
      Not everybody has to, you know.

    • "All Biblical scholars worthy of the name are agreed on..."

      Wow! That's incredible! I didn't know "all Biblical scholars worthy of the name" agreed on anything!

    • " If I wanted to use an epithet, I would have used one. I know many epithets, some quite colourful." "Jackdaw"

      Any of which you can use, after submitting them to the Moderators for approval.

    • In that case, let us live like the repentant attack-duck trainer, with mallards toward none.

  • Welcome the doubting liberals
    • "I’m so sorry, Mooser, I didn’t pay attention to your need for plain, obvious facts to be pointed out to you"

      Yes, you "summarized the news and gave a link and issued two reminders. If that is not enough...".
      Well, all I can say is 'a nod is as good as a wink to a blind moose.'

    • "Did you get the memo that says that we are in war, that it’s being going full blast for 70+ years and that a lot of people are dying of it?" "echin"

      Maybe I just missed the memo announcing your promotion to Major-General.

    • "People who keep “loved ones” among the enemy in wartime are very much the problem."

      "Echin, have you ever thought of applying for a job as political commissar? You'd be a wiz at it.

  • Portman's move puts pressure on liberal Zionists to take a stand
    • "The bulb went on, the bomb went off"

      By Jove, I think he's got it!

    • " but i think israel should accept hamas and negotiate with hamas regarding gaza." "yonah fredman"

      Gee, "yonah", you found the limits of that Jewish power (4:01 pm, above) pretty quickly, huh?

    • "are there no limits to your imaginary excesses yonah?"

      Somebody grab the Zioxone and give him a shot, "yonah's" ODing on pilpuls again.

    • "If “a light went off” is equivalent to “a light went on” in American speech, all hope is lost."

      There even are some places where English completely disappears!

    • "To seek power thus is natural."

      Uh, "yonah", dear, you better go have a talk with Rabbi Michael Davis.

      "yonah" a lot of things may be "natural", but that doesn't make them Jewish, by a long shot.

    • "You otherwise sound very familiar with the different dialects of English."

      Dialects? "RoHa" would rather hear a choir singing flat! No one taught them "take" instead of "tyke"!

    • Shorter "yonah": 'Zionism is a triumph of the Jewish will to power!'

    • "Yonah Fredman: The mere fact of a military occupation is not immoral"

      Sure, "eljay", haven't you noticed that everybody compares the Israeli occupation to the post WW2 occupation of West Germany and Japan?

    • "Powerlessness- the inability to protect your children from rioters, marauders, oppressors and murderers, is a fault"

      "Yonah", I know how it is, you try and protect the kids, you do the entire "A Boy Like That" scene from WSS, but they marry the Gentile anyway.

    • "yonah" usually when a people or nation is oriented toward surviving by power, the first prerequisite is power and control over your own people. Which Judaism does not have.
      Any talk of Jews choosing "power" is ridiculous, if they don't start by having power over Jews. And where, at this time, are they going to get that?

    • "Once you have chosen power over powerlessness, you have chosen practicality."

      And given Jewish numbers, and the Jewish situation, choosing "power" only makes sense.

    • “some of my favorite moments have been in jerusalem and if someone told me i would never see jerusalem again it would be a real blow" 'yonah"

      Gee, "yonah", if Jerusalem was an international open city, like it was supposed to be, what would prevent you from visiting? It would be a tremendous tourist and pilgrimage attraction.

    • " but what is the Zionism of Jew who doesn’t live in Israel?"

      To Israel, it's everything. The political and financial support of Zionists in the diaspora is critical to Israel.

    • "yonah", just think, if Phil Weiss hadn't started Mondoweiss, nobody would know that Zionism is all about you.Has he ever once thanked you?

    • "I would add that when i talk openly to the right wing (and “centrists”) of my family they regard me with suspicion and decide not to discuss politics with me because...."

      "Yonah" is fighting a battle of wills, and doesn't want to lose a battle, let alone the war.

    • "Steve" here we go! Survey says...

  • Israeli government justifies killing child protesters in Gaza: They're not in school
    • "Troll"

      Or purse-seine, cast flies, surf-cast or bottom-fish. Don't matter. They snap at any bait.

    • " Why do you bother? "

      Why does he bother?

      Because it is impossible for any of them to believe that their Judeo-centrism will ever be received with anything but adoring philo-semitism. They refuse to believe the Zionist world-view won't be given precedence, and every Zionist bigotry indulged.

      It is the result of trauma. You know, persecution and stuff.

    • "Jews don’t .../..."

      Of course not. We're much too aidel gepochket!

    • "singularly perverse obsession with everything that Israel does, digging for dirt at every opportunity, oblivious to whatever else that is going on around us."

      Yes, Zionism will need to take all that into account. Got a way to stop it?

    • Saying that Jews kill children is the blood libel, isn't it?

  • Reclaiming Judaism from mystical nationalism
    • "The rabbinic tradition made it clear that the Biblical zealots are not role models."

      That was the old Rabbinic tradition. Then we won the 67 war, stole the nuclear bomb, and a new Rabbinic tradition, reflecting our new status and power came about.

    • ." Destroying an entire people hasn’t been part of Judaism since before there was such a thing as rabbinic Judaism."

      True, true, the chance of "destroying an entire people" doesn't come along very often for us Jews, and the theological contingencies of the situation have been ignored for some time.
      But hey, when the situation changed, the Rabbis were right on it and came up with what was needed.

    • "what about tachlis? unrelated?"

      Phil, just swallow a couple of these pilpuls, and you won't even feel the tachlis you just sat down on.

    • Well, unless it's absolutely necessary, why be tachless?

      On the other hand, who cares what we do, actually, as long as we pronounce it properly?

    • "tachlis"? As in, "let's get down to brass tachlis"?

    • "Could have, Mooser!"

      With John Greenleaf Whittier I say: "For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, 'It could of been'."

      I had already rejected "could have" and "could'a" as insufficiently sad.

      Remember "RoHa": "Use proper English and you're regarded as a freak!"

    • I'm just hoping for a dues ex mechina to slide in on a wire and start the cirrhosis.

    • We just didn't do all that we could of. Not even close.

    • " I still can’t figure out why they hate Jews so much."

      Because we are failing Zionism. If we embraced and supported Zionism the way we're supposed to, Israel would be the size of France by now.

  • Natalie Portman opens a BDS Pandora's Box for liberal Zionists
    • "The Jews will defend themselves even if it means killing children."

      Now, there's a great line for a Zionist to take. Have any of them ever learned to count past 23?

  • In Photos: While the world watches Gaza, Israeli forces invade Nabi Saleh
  • Natalie Portman’s cancellation: Inching towards the tipping point
    • "That’s about as mixed a marriage as you can get."

      They're a whole 'nother feminine species. But why can't a woman be more like a man? Men are so honest, so thoroughly square; eternally noble, historically fair; Who, when you win, will always give your back a pat. Why can't a woman be like that?

    • "This kind of unwillingness to accept that Zionism is a legitimate expression of the Jewish people is tantamount to anti-semitism." "Mayhem"

      So the fact that "the Jewish people" did not respond in sufficient numbers, either in making Aliyah or supporting Zionism from the diaspora to make it work is tantamont to anti-Semitism? Must be that ol' self-hatred..
      Even the most cursory studies plainly show that Zionism is short 3-5 million people in Palestine, and 10 million supporters in the diaspora necessary see a project of this size to completion. Zionism is about 13 million Zionist Jews short of what it needs, but Jews refuse to subordinate their reproduction to Zionist ends.

  • Dear Natalie Portman: I too was once a liberal Zionist
    • "Some passers-by approach to intervene but you wave them back.../ study the very fact and mentality of who he is! Ouch!"

      Why, of course! That's why we assimilated so well in the US. Only way to play it.

    • "Zionism bears the same relationship to Jewishness, as ISIS does to Islam"

      Hey, when you're looking for of an exemplar for the worst, always turn toward Mecca.

    • "The thing I can’t get past is that Zionism’s clam of historical yearning for return to Eretz Yisroel among the Diaspora, was absolutely rejected by the most respected rabbis in England, France, Germany"

      In America, they tried calling them "ocean vegetables", but European Chef Rabbis know trefe from glat.

    • "Statements are true or false based on two criteria: how righteous they make the teller feel..."

      In the future, every Jewish person will be Chief Rabbi for fifteen minutes.

  • Roger Cohen scares his readers: 'the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state'
    • "Who are “those” who propose “unlimited return” of Palestinian refugees to Israel?

      Well, if Israel has enough room for all the Jews on earth, and nobody has ever suggested limiting that number, and since those Jews aren't coming, there's probably room for returning Palestinian refugees.

    • "yonah" just stick your fingers in your ears and yell "Nyah,nyah,nyah, I can't hear you!" That works every time.

    • Perhaps "Citizen" is only illustrating how a situation in which colonizers once thought to be impregnable can end up on the losing end.

  • Come in, Natalie, the water's fine
  • Natalie Portman's criticism of 'atrocities' leaves Israel's advocates silent
    • The imaginary imposition, to an absurd degree, of modern business conventions and regulatory bureaucracy on the enterprises, commercial or religious, of antiquity is a common comic conceit.

    • Fer God's sakes "echin" don't you see the tragedy? Due to a papyrus-work mix-up, the building was uninsured at the time!

    • I'm sorry "irwinpenny18", I don't quite follow. Can you explain how or why Israel shooting unarmed Palestinian demonstrators on the other side of a barrier in some way lessens or cures the obsession with the Holocaust?

  • Natalie Portman says, Enough!
    • "ask why Portman’s decision is ridiculous, a shanda, and sad."

      Because when Daniella Greenbaum wrote that stuff, she felt like a Chief Rabbiette!
      Zionists descend to a mortifying level of religious backbiting. Does anybody ever tell them it is not an edifying spectacle?

    • "someone with more of a following than me like"

      That's some trio of 'influencers' she appealed to for help! And here they come, shovels in hand.

  • Israel and its Democratic Party friends complain -- Trump gave Syria to Russia 'on a silver platter'
  • Their Independence is our Nakba
  • The 'Jewish nation' is the central myth of Zionism. It needs to be dismantled.
    • "but of the non-Jews in the math department, all except him and another department member had Jewish ancestry.”

      Which became very important to them when Jews were allowed to leave the Soviet Union.

    • Okay, you want historical sweep? You want unity? Well, there's an English translation of Solzhenitsyn's "200 Years Together" on the web.

      The last chapters are very interesting. Man, can we play the in-and-out game, or what?

    • " I don’t know if you hyper far left progressives believe there is an identity as Jewish outside of religious choice"

      That's your problem, "Dabakr". Everything about being Jewish is a matter of choice now, and you can't deal with it.

    • "Pastrami sandwich definitely."

      So there you go. Now, wasn't that a lot easier than spitting in some stupid tube, or a bris?

    • " Jews can be a bit sarcastic about our choosiness"

      You are right, just look at the old joke about the hotel food; "it tastes like poison, and the portions are so small!"

    • " Boy, you dream about it, but it is an impossible dream."

      Yes, sometimes I dream about living some place where Jews aren't all registered, and their Jewish identity is none of the state's business.

      Is there such a place, "Boris"?

    • ." But for now, until a bold leader magically or otherwise appears the protraction will continue"

      Enhancing our reputation all the while.

    • "Dabakr", there is no doubt that Zionism garnered a tremendous amount of support among Jews. Tremendous energy and support.

      But it simply wasn't enough.

    • "He asserted that there were officially only two Jews in the math department, but of the non-Jews in the math department, all except him and another department member had Jewish ancestry."

      And frankly, he wasn't that sure about the other department member having no Jewish ancestry, either. He was simply too good of a mathematician.

    • "Also, as far as some Jews being antisemitic, who do you think runs this website?"

      Oh "Hophmi" told us all about Phil Weiss, and his family.

      You remember "Hophmi", don't you? He used to comment here a lot, but seems to have 'fallen away'.

    • "The percentage of ethnic Jews among revolutionaries is well documented. And they all had abandoned their Jewishness or any connection to the Jewish nation."

      Really, "Boris", any man, even a Communist, should be allowed to change into a clean pair of genes.

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