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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • Live Blog: Protests continue as Palestinians begin holding funerals for 61 killed in Gaza
    • "Yes. The plan is ignore ‘useful idiots’ like you."

      You seem incapable of doing that. Besides, if you didn't come here, you might have to talk to Israelis.

    • "Israel kills dozens of Hamas terrorists and the world is aghast."

      Yup, it is. You got a plan to deal with that?

  • Live Blog: Massacre in Gaza as US and Israel celebrate embassy move to Jerusalem
    • "I’m sure jon s will explain that he was “baited” and “trapped” into blaming and lampooning those Palestinians."

      It'll be difficult. 'Blame Hamas' has been his theme for years.

      ," with the deliberate intention of increasing civilian casualties among their own people." "Jon s" 2016

      Same verbiage, for years.

      I wonder which "Israeli Left" organisations take the same stance?

      "You may have read Hamas propaganda in disguise, maybe even here on MW." "Jon s" 2014

    • "To the intellectually honest people on this site, please tell me, do you actually believe Israeli soldiers just randomly started shooting people harmlessly protesting (i.e. holding signs, chanting slogans)?"

      Of course not! Israeli soldiers wouldn't do that! The Officers act as 'spotters' and tell the snipers which person to shoot. Or the Officer can say "Fire at will".

      "engaged in starting fires, throwing firebombs and slinging rocks?"

      Oh, my goodness. How many Israelis injured and killed?

    • " I don’t go to Ben and Jerry or Starbucks. That’s how we won in South Africa. BDS is the answer"

      Don't sell yourself short, "catalan". By not contributing a single penny to Zionism or Israel, you are helping the Palestinians lots more.

  • 'Superpowers will not give us freedom so we will take it with our own hands': scenes from Gaza's final Friday protest at the border
    • ," you might at least have brought back some new material"

      "amigo", not a one of them is capable of putting the needs of Israel above their own ego.

    • "A social sciences teacher could spend an entire lesson..."

      Just think what anybody who taught communications or advocacy could do with his archive. "Jon s" is an all-purpose what-not-to-do guide.

    • "The place where I live is my home." "Jon s"

      As the Psalm (23.4) says: "Anyplace I hang my head is home."

    • "Jews had been persecuted for centuries in majority-gentile countries"

      And that's No. 13 for "Jews had been persecuted...". Do you have it memorized, or do you cut/paste?

    • "If Israel relinquishes control of all Palestinian land, sea and air routes, Palestinians will bring in more & better weapons so that they can exterminate the Jews."

      Gee, you better make some kind of arrangements with the Palestinians, so Jews can live in Israel with close to the same security they experience elsewhere.

  • Israel distorts timeline of events to play victim in the dangerous escalation with Iran and Syria
    • "I shouldn’t have to point out how many anti-zionist extremists there are." "DaBakr"

      Yes, but isn't it comforting to think that for every Jewish person who becomes an anti-Zionist activist, there are likely ten who simply stop (or never start) making monetary contributions and remove themselves from Zionist culture, and won't have their children instructed in it? After all, you can count on that, not everybody is cut out to be an activist.

  • Ending seventy years of exile for Palestinian refugees
    • "Did Israel promise to fulfill the return of the refugees in these statements?"

      Did Hitler promise he wouldn't go after the Jews? So how can anybody condemn Hitler for it?

    • Everybody fasten your seat belt, we're going to flying down to San Remo where there's rhythm and rights. C'mon fella, twirl that ol' propeller!

    • "Then by all means, tell the world from where this “right” springs."

      Simple! They, the Palestinians, were living there, and got chased off by the Zionists, and their property stolen and many killed. They have a right to get it back, and to go back.

  • Jews Say No! publishes 'Moving Forward’ to highlight Jewish National Fund role in the Nakba
    • People have the impression (incorrectly) that Israel uses illegal ammunition..."

      And you are just the guy to help them make up their minds.

    • "Your armchair flippancy is not appreciated."

      But "Keith", you must give him points for self-awareness! Here's "catalan's" self-assesment:

      " It is the truth. I am sad and I am little - but isn’t it the kind of enemy one prefers. That’s why Zionism is losing; because we are sad little people.""catalan"

      Pretty on-target, wouldn't you say?

    • You go ahead on, "mondonut"! Both your style and your content are exactly suited to the subject matter. You will help many people form their perceptions of Israel and Zionism.
      Just think of all the people who get the impression that Israel uses some kind of illegal, or unwarranted type of ammunition. You will help them make up their mind.

  • Mahmoud Abbas seals his intellectually impoverished legacy
    • "No full translation in English yet."

      Try this one.
      I read it, and it seems to be all there.

    • "They would be few but they would be mighty"

      Everybody knows that in politics and religion, rarity determines value.

    • "fairly certain, it’s not far off — probably a decade at the most."

      I can't wait! Then we will be able to separate genetically authentic Jews from the "descendants of converts".
      What other religion is clever enough to use science to prove how few they are!

    • "200 Years Together also brings this out..."

      Interesting book.

    • "the genome of European Jews is a tapestry of ancient populations..." "Jon66"

      Notice that "Jon 66" has a completely different slant on this Jewish-genes stuff from "Boris". Very hard not to conclude that "Jon 66" lacks certain essential genes, and is therefore down-playing their importance.
      I wonder how "Jon 66" would stand up to ""?
      Real Jewish genes, or the "descendants of converts"?

    • " and in France prominent people have called for the re-writing of the Quran"

      Yeah, heard that today on the radio. Do they have a word for chutzpah in French?

    • "they’d exploit their subjects by getting Jews to do the dirty work,""

      While a team of shabbes goys manned the teller-windows and the drive-through?

    • "gamal", thank you. I was finding it very difficult to forgive the Christians for forcing us into the banking and financing business, especially as it was becoming the basis for economies all around the world.
      Now I have a broader outlook.

  • By wrecking Iran deal, Trump politicized Israel
    • " The US liberal scene has turned into the most uptight, prim, sexually repressed scolds since the Victorian era."

      Yeah, next those liberals will be promulgating Laws of Family Purity, and recommending a more invasive way of controlling a man's morality.

    • " the utterances of extremist settlers hold no political weight" "Mayhem"

      Yeah, you bet. Israel wouldn't do a thing for settlers. And nobody likes them, and everybody wonders how they got there.

    • "The alleged threat of Iranian nukes on Israel (which would kill thousands, and perhaps millions) and the alleged threat of assimilation (which kills no-one) are lumped together!"

      I think they most certainly are linked together, "RoHa". Let me put it this way; if Israel starts nuking people, I don't think I will be unbuttoning my shirt to expose my Star-of-David medallion when I saunter down the boulevard.

    • "Shorter Phil Weiss: Blame the Jews!"

      You are just impossible to please, "Hophmi".
      Here is Phil Weiss writing about us as a 'people' a 'nation' a self determining group, with agency, power and resources which can pursue its agenda all over the globe at the highest levels and in the media. And all you do is complain. Isn't this the kind of engagement Zionism requires the Jewish people to have with the world?

      And what is this "blame" all about? Aren't we getting everything we want, and more from Trump and Nettenyahoo? And if the US gets involved in a war on Iran, why shouldn't we get the credit?

    • "Took you how many days to come up w that lame answer?"

      The "cleverest hasbarist of all" had to ask his Chef Rabbi about it.

    • "You people who voted for Trump..."

      You figure you can reach a lot of Trump voters in the Mondo comment section, "yonah"? Or did you have someone in particular in mind?

    • "Maybe your view is that the imams will bury America like khruschev promised. I don’t think so."

      No jerk in your genu, "Yonah". BTW When did Khrushchev get promoted to imam in Iran?

    • "Hostages? It seems to me that most of them are damned enthusiastic supporters."

      They may be enthusiastic supporters, but they are still hostage to Israel's actions.

    • "Everybody goes."

      They don't call it the "Selective Service " system for no reason.

    • " Finally there is not a snowball in hell’s chance that North Korea will give up it’s nukes."

      Nor will Trump, even at South Korea's urging, remove US troops and US nuclear missiles from Korea.

    • "The only real issue will be will the military draft be resurrected"

      Well, if recruiting stations are overwhelmed by American citizens and citizenettes 18-26 yrs old eager to fight for Trump, it won't be necessary.

    • "Israel is 7 million indoctrínated Jews with nukes."

      Hey, don't leave out us approximately 8-10 million Jews throughout the world who serve as hostages for Israel.

  • Maybe Israel is interfering in our politics over the Iran Deal? Naaah!
    • "That’s why Zionism is losing; because we are sad little people"

      Don't worry, "catalan", you have convinced me, and I would venture to say, many others, that you haven't got,( aside from spinning sadistic fantasies about the suffering Israel can inflict on the Palestinians) a goddamn thing to do with Zionism. Claimed so yourself, many times.

    • "If you want to hurt Boeing, which is what BDs wants, then you should be happy they lost the business. Otherwise, what is the point of BDS?" "catalan"

      You are indeed a sad little man.

  • Israeli cemeteries in the West Bank send a message-- Settlers are never leaving
    • "Whatever is the country coming to?"

      Well, as things began sliding sideways faster and faster in the Soviet Union....Oh, wait did you mean Russia or Israel?

  • Every day Jewish settlers attack us
    • "As I see it, these settlers serve a purpose quite similar"

      IIANM, Nazi Germany sent settler-colonists into the Occupied areas, too.

  • The 'fake news' story is fake news
    • "Naturally PW cites Ezra Pound."

      Citing Ezra Pound? How many demerits does he get for that?

    • "Aren’t most western states based upon some significant Judeo-Christian precepts?"

      You can't even bring yourself to name the people who live in Palestine and how the "Jewish State" will deal with that.

      But please, tell us which "Judeo-Christian precepts" are at work in the establishment of "Israel"?

    • "People disliked Clinton for good reasons."

      Very hard to get enthusiastic about a Sen. who voted for Bush's War on Iraq.

    • "Can’t a Zionist believe in..." "Jon66"

      You can tell us you believe any goddam thing you want. Nobody can stop you. As to why you think revealing yourself as a hypocrite and insulting our intelligence is good for Zionism, let alone anybody else, I'm probably better off not knowing.

      BTW, "Jon66", it's a lot easier to "believe" when you don't actually live in "Israel", isn't it?

    • "Can’t a Zionist believe in “THE STATE OF ISRAEL will be open..."

      I'm sorry "Jon66", but you didn't mention where the "State of Israel" is to be located. On which heretofore uninhibited plot of land will you site it?

    • "Not all Zionists share the beliefs that you outline."

      "Beliefs"? What on earth to their stated "beliefs" have to do with it? What about Zionism's actions?

      Why "Jon66", are you so convinced you can control how people react to the actions of Zionism and Israel, and the conclusions they come to, with argle-bargle about "beliefs"?

    • "with some sort of open mind if it was presented with about a hundred times less melodrama and some sense of perspective"

      It's the typical US media refusal to acknowledge that Russia has completed the transition from Bolshevism to an egalitarian social democracy. The US media is still fighting the Cold War.

    • " Russian sponsored psywar agents."

      A troubled place, Russia.

    • I don't know precisely what is meant by commissariat, but I'm even more confused by your use of the word "guilds" in this article.

  • Kovel's 'Overcoming Zionism' was ahead of its time
    • "I actually learned something new from MW."

      Well, that's only fair, "Jon s". Before reading your comments I never know how close a cracker is to a matzoh. You can bake 'em from the same D'oh.

    • "Anni Robbins says..."

      "Annie Robbins" was quoting "Jon s". "Jon s" is an IDF Major-General, and a Chief Rabbi.
      And an "Israeli history teacher" and a Leftist into the bargain. That's some left they got there in Israel.

    • "From Jon s’s point of view, Kovel has abandoned the basis of ethics."

      Perhaps "Jon s", in his own inimitable way, is trying to assuage Phil's sadness at Mr. Kovel's passing. After all, "he abandoned his Jewish identity and converted".

    • "And yes, mainstream Zionist leaders and thinkers did indeed express"

      Oh, I see, they "did indeed express"!
      But once again, the Jewish people failed Zionism.

    • "The late Joel Kovel not only broke with Zionism- which I can understand -he abandoned his Jewish identity and converted, which I find a lot harder to deal with."

      And why, if I may ask, is that something that you have to "deal with"?

  • Roseanne Barr says she will fight Jews supporting BDS by educating them about Torah
    • " She’ll be joining Neturei Karta then?"

      Yup. I suspect she may find that in spite of all the Zionist boilerplate added to their "about" page, the usual American Jewish denominations exist in a religious contradiction.

  • Another distorted 'NY Times' report on Gaza focuses on 'blazing kites' instead of Israeli snipers
    • "The kites are not innocent toys , they carry fire-bombs and explosive devices and have caused extensive fires."

      So that's what happened in Hawaii! You can supply the missing details to the NYT's, with pictures!

      "Jon s", it's time somebody thanked you. You have done so much to help people make up their minds about Israel and Zionism at Mondo.

  • On sixth Friday of Gaza protests, Israeli snipers shoot 70, but kill none
  • Philadelphia Jewish groups try to stop publication of article critical of Israel, insist on BDS training for Inquirer editors
    • "...have not proven the existence of a spirit dimension"

      Well, there was some confusion about the spirit dimension for a while, but now everything comes in a liter or half-liter.

    • "Culinary habits and facial types are really separate issues..."

      You think so? So go suck a lemon.

    • "So far no-one has come to me seeking enlightenment"

      Well, then, let the miller tell his tale.

    • " I feel like I have earned what I have."

      I don't think there's anybody who would say you don't deserve every bit of it.

    • "any anonymous person on the internet can claim anything about themselves, so what difference does it make?"

      Yes, but it sure highlights "catalan" as a person who, for some reason, does not know that.

      But it won't make any difference at all if he doesn't send any money to Israel. And he doesn't.

    • "No need. Now I am a 1 percenter"

      Yeah, you're a professional glysterer, and in demand everywhere.

    • Oh, skip the "Adonis" part, I just Googled the statue. Big difference in "physical types".

    • some statistics confirming most jewish-american kids don’t go to public schools..."

      And they should be post-2008 statistics, too. Things may have changed.

    • "And I am rather creakily available..."

      "RoHa" you might want to become more lissome before attempting the light fundango and turning cartwheels cross the floor.

    • "This is not the place for a deep conversation regarding Jewish physical types"

      Why shouldn't I be proud I have the visage of a Hittite Prince and a Body by Adonis?

      And uh, gee, I hate to mention it, but isn't the "Jewish physical type" a change we make to ourselves?

    • "And you can get that effect on a lcd depending on the angle of the screen to your eyes!"

      So does the type of lighting. "Boris" is attempting to 'gaslight' us.

    • "There certainly is."

      There is. I looked it up, and it's called "color-bleeding".

    • " Well, now I know – life is not fair." "catalan"

      Wow, that's tough. I'll say a brocha for you.

    • "I dunno."

      Well, I've got to get some information. I can't sit here all day dithering between the rice powder and burnt cork. At least give me a Pantone number.

    • "What is the OK skin colour for racist zionists?"

      And why did "Boris" think either lightening or darkening (he hasn't said which) her skin-tone would influence Mondo readership against her?

      (Maybe I just have a cruddy screen, but when Ms. Adler's picture is close to the Mondoweiss- Howdy black band at the top of the page, she darkens. Move her to where she surrounded by the white background, she lightens. So does Ms.Abulhawa. There's probably a name for that color-bleeding in a screen.)

    • "Does the colour depend on whether one eats…"

      We can be saturnine, but not olive?

    • "Boris" what color skin are we Jews supposed to have?
      And why that particular shade?

  • Major bike race will kick off in Jerusalem Friday even as snipers line up on Gaza border
    • "the Giro kicked off from here in Beersheva" "Jon s"

      What a felicitous turn of phrase!

  • The 'One Democratic State Campaign' program for a multicultural democratic state in Palestine/Israel
    • "I don’t believe complete justice is attainable – namely the return of all of historic Palestine to the Palestinians to do with as they please"

      Don't say that. The Israelis will hold you to it. At your own expense.

      Once the Zionism fad is over with, do you have any way to make them stay?

    • Israel will not permit any solution.

      " This is no more than a plan for Israel to surrender."

    • "This is no more than a plan for Israel to surrender."

      See you at the Masadadammerung!

  • Rightwing video says New Israel Fund supports 'foreign agents' who persecute Israeli soldiers
    • "For example?" "Yitzchak Goodman"

      Thank gawd, I am so relieved! At long last, the man who can change the perception of Israeli Hebrew is on the scene!

    • "There are lots of languages that nobody else speaks"

      There's an argument that Modern Hebrew was designed to fit Zionist needs. And the result of that can be seen in the Israelis who grow up in a Hebrew-only environment, in the limitation of their ideas among other things.

  • Netanyahu's cheap theatrics fall flat, but alas, he has an audience of one -- Trump
    • "gamal", some days I think it's all snakes and ladders til you get down to the turtles.

    • "You’re even too weak to even confront your obsessive/compulsive demons and ‘daddy issues’, much less vanquish them."

      "Jackdaw", you are the one who will have to convince yourself that making aliyah-oops was the right thing to do. Don't expect Mondo to do it for you.

    • " That’s over with."

      It lasted all of 48 hours? And the White House is backing down on the claims.

    • "Jackdaw", ask Trump how those steel tariffs are going for him. Iran will go about the same.

  • The struggle of Palestinians is the struggle of Native Americans
    • "But is there any claim for sovereignty in some areas of the United States..."

      "A federal Indian reservation is an area of land reserved for a tribe or tribes under treaty or other agreement with the United States, executive order, or federal statute or administrative action as permanent tribal homelands, and where the federal government holds title to the land in trust on behalf of the tribe."

    • "The Caananites called and want you to gtfo their country."

      They want parts of their religion back, too.

    • "“BTW, being Jewish isn’t strictly about genealogy, it’s more about customs, language, identity and ritual.”."

      Anotherwords, if it is useful to Zionism, whatever it is becomes Jewish. Excellent marksmanship makes you a Chief Rabbi.

    • "RoHa", it's complicated!

    • "BTW. My family migrated to Eretz Yisroel in 1811."

      "My family?" Okay, I also call my in-laws "my family."

    • "I’m not sure he uses a censer."

      "Jon66"? He's a "husband, father, surgeon" and glysterer.

    • "No hanky-panky.... A bit hard to believe, that."

      The Laws of Family Purity are very strict, and contain a eugenic component which anticipated medical genetics by a thousand years!

    • ." First there was a tribe called “the Jews”,"

      Just as a suggestion, wouldn't it more accurately be the plural 'tribes called "the Jews"'? There were a bunch of them.

    • "And I believe that Jon66 has appeared simply to blow smoke."

      Maybe if I give him a "Jews sui generis" lapel button he'll be happy and take his censer elsewhere.

    • "Jackdaw is referring to Jews in the same regard."

      Exactly. We were cheated by history. We could'a been a contender.

    • “Not a single person alive today who has chosen to be/come Jewish can claim to have “survived thousands of years of persecution and genocide”.

      Yes, but we can't help but be affected by the knowledge of how things went, compared to the way Jewish history was supposed to go.
      It's hell having a history which never goes like its supposed to.

    • "Argumentum ad populum?"

      I'll say. He ads almost 2 million to the populum.

    • "The prosecution of Jews over the centuries is well documented.
      The history of Roman expulsion of Jews is also well documented."

      So nue, so sue. So are we a "special" race, like "Mayhem" (someone get in our way someone don't feel so well) says or are we getting consolation prizes for being one of history's losers? Never have figured it out.

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