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  • Literary hero Yossi Klein Halevi says anti-Zionist Jews aren't Jewish
    • “Welcome to the tribe!”

      Naftush, you mean, tribeS'. In the plural. Ten at least, to begin with.

      "subordinating the national cause to narrower interests"

      You mean somebody who isn't willing to rip off and manipulate the international cause of world Jewry to the 'narrower interests" of Zionism?

    • Gee, "Atlantaiconoclast" shouldn't "White nationalists" support Zionism in every way?

      I mean, when anybody says "ethno-nationalism doesn't work" you could point at Israel and say that it does. And say "White nationalism will work at least as well as Zionism!"

      And besides, what can I do, I can't be a "White nationalist", I'm Jewish. So what other nationalism can I embrace?

    • "All of Jerusalem is outside those borders, as are Acre, Ashkelon, Jaffa, Nazareth, Ramle, Beersheba, and Lydda."

      "Beersheba"? Who knew?

    • "If they let you back in this time, promise me you’ll stay out of trouble."

      I won't be abusing and over-stressing cats, throwing them into water, I can guarantee you that.

    • "The best way to deal with supremacists like this guy is to ask why Jewish nationalism is ok, but White nationalism is not."

      And where does Halevi say he objects to "White nationalism"? And why wouldn't "White nationalism" include Jewish nationalism? I mean, anti-Semitism isn't part of "White nationalism" is it? Cause that's unconstitutional! And un-American!

      BTW, will you please specify the PMS numbers included in the nationalism of "White"? Use the Pantone Matching System app. to determine the numbers of acceptable "White" shades.
      Just want to know where I stand, you see.

    • "I think Halevi is labeling these Jews as traitors."

      We're gonna need a lot of blindfolds, cigarettes, and bullets. And a nice thick wall to stand the traitors against.

      That'll "pour encourager the hell out of les autres"

    • "Your obsessive jealousy of Phil Weiss is repulsive and nauseating."

      But we wouldn't know a thing about "Yonah's" obsessive jealousy if Phil Weiss didn't have a blog with a comment section. Is there no limit to Phil's evil machinations?

    • “Modern movements that created forms of Judaism severed from the love of the land and dream of return all ended in failure.”

      Yeah, such ignominious failure that nobody remembers the actual names of those "created forms of Judaism severed from the love of the land and dream of return" or what happened to them.

    • "What would have been the right amount of harm?"

      Gosh-durn it all, "RoHa", doesn't it occur to you that after "eons" of Jewish suffering we Jews know good and goddam well how much the Palestinians need to suffer?

      Why, I can't think of a people better prepared to make that judgement.

    • "Yes, we know that Judaism is a religion. But what about the Jews? Do they define themselves as a national community? Well, that’s the debate."

      And if Jews define themselves as a "national community" do other "national communities" get to decide how they wish to deal with this alien and adversarial "national community" in their midst?
      Or do they just have to accept this parasitical relationship, until all their wealth and power has been transferred to the Jewish "national community"?

    • "– being descended from someone who underwent a religious conversion to Judaism."

      Which brings us back to the first item on the list. There's no getting around it.

    • " So for him it’s Zionists who are not Jewish."

      That's absurd. All he has to do is ask them. Why would they lie?

    • "The chasm between a Yossi Klein Halevy and a Phil Weiss is self apparent." "Yonah Fredman"

      Yes, "Yonah", I've noticed that.
      Phil never goes around grandly declaring who is and isn't Jewish.
      Phil never declares excommunications of other Jews. He may not agree with them, but Phil never tries to take their Judaism away from them.

      "Yonah" you are right, I'm starting to get very suspicious of Phil. Do you think he's really a Jew? Sure doesn't act like one. Who ever heard of a Jew who didn't think he was the arbiter of every other Jew's Jewishness?

    • "and no comment on my herding jews cats video"

      Sorry, "Annie"I can't see it. Since I've been excommunicated the checks have stopped. Had to go back to dial-up.

    • "Colleges won’t tolerate Israel hating bullshit on Campuses nearly as much and people will simply be more repulsed by Israel hating BS than before."

      That's right "Steve", the non-Jews will save Israel from the Jews! It's a philo-semitic world, after all.

    • I think any Jew who does not support Zionism should no longer receive the monthly checks and yearly bonus. Nope, not a penny.

    • "Phil, maybe you and JVP should take his advice."

      Yeah, after all, it doesn't matter how little Jewish people support Zionism.

    • "It’s an old trick of the anti-Zionists to pretend that the word “Judaism” means “Jews”. "Nathan"

      So you are calling Yossi Klein an "anti-Zionist?

    • "Expelling dissenters won’t stop..."

      That's right, when there are about 2 million Jews left, 100% of them will be Zionist.

      Of course, each one will have to give two or three times as much, to make up for the others. But that doesn't matter.

      Why, if there were only a million or two Jews left, Israel would be just as. Hell, it'd be more than!

  • 'New York Times' teams up with Israel to smear slain medic Razzan al-Najjar as 'complex,' not innocent
    • "What I wrote was that there’s a difference between innocent civilians and armed terrorists or criminals. It’s the kind of distiction that should be clear to any reasonable, decent, moral, person."

      Certainly a distinction which could be easily made by the "bravest, warmest, most wonderful human beings" which make up the IDF forces at the fence.

    • "I do, but my responses naming the problem are not usually posted." "Atlantaiconoclast"

      Yes, that's what's called 'a whiter shade of fail'.

    • "But folks here just want to dance around it. Name the problem, for once!" "Atlanta iconoclast"

      We are all too scared to name it. It's up to you to smash that idol and show us it has no power!
      So don't beat around that burning bush, Name That Problem!

    • "Can I post this kind of satirical/sardonic comment on MW?"

      Classical allusions are always welcome, as far as I know.

    • "Retep", you forgot the underscore in your user-name.

    • "Eljay seems to be implying that I would condone a massacre of the inhabitants of Gaza."

      And if you didn't condone the massacre, would it make a goddam bit of difference?

      "Jon s" your faith in the abiding stupidity of non-Zionists is very obvious. I can't understand why you can't perceive how insulting it is.

  • 'I'm targeted by the Israeli army,' Razan al-Najjar said before she was killed
    • "Delusional accusations that the Palestine Investment Fund and Bank of Palestine are “Hasbarah shills” does not help your cause." "American Perspective"

      That's where you have the advantage of us, "AP". Everything and anything you say helps your cause. Just ask you. In fact, I can't think of anything you might possibly say which would damage your cause. Can you?

      So try to go a bit easier on us. We don't all have your advantage.

    • You are right, "American Perspective", all the information at Mondo tastes like poison, and all the articles are so short!

    • . "A more favorable location for a march might have been along the Lebanese border."

      Yes, several people have said that.

    • "Whether I am pleased doesn’t matter, but I am sure it is necessary to think through the likely consequences, positive and negative, of alternative strategies"

      Just so we know, "Stephen", could you list the "alternative strategies" that have had 'positive consequences'?

      Have the Israelis (and this would be very helpful) made known which "alternative strategies" are likely to have 'positive consequences'?

    • "Her best bet..."

      Ah, no wonder you asked for the "Rules of Engagement" for the Israeli gunmen, earlier.

    • ." I am not against sacrificing one’s life when it achieves something worthwhile,"

      A large contingent of non-Israeli marchers would pose a big problem for the IDF.

    • " but if Razan had taken greater care and lived longer"

      If she hadn't been so lazy and uncaring, a quick little step to one side would have taken her out of the path of that IDF sniper's bullet.

  • Netanyahu used 'leadership of American Jewish community' to block Obama policy -- Ben Rhodes
    • "If Israel wasn’t there there would be no need for an Iran deal in the first place."

      Very good, "DaBakr"!! You do perceive Israel's destructive role in the ME.
      Yup, without Israel, the US might get along fine with Iran.

    • "I am unable to comprehend why Zionists – especially Jewish Zionists – hate Jews so much."

      "Eljay", if somebody failed you as badly as the Jews failed Zionism, you might be tempted to hate them. You damnsure wouldn't trust them, and would want complete and absolute control before dealing with them again.

  • Israeli lawmakers kill 'equality for all citizens' bill before it is even introduced
    • Gee, I wonder if America is still America after passing the Civil Rights Acts. Some people would say it was more so.

  • Democratic leaders grow fearful that Israel will divide the party
    • "As the examples show, it is by no means just a characteristic of the British Upper Classes."

      Those well-trained in the Upper Received Pronunciation would never indulge in it.

    • "If that is a human rights crime, expelling..."

      Sorry "Hophmi", according to ("Zionist, observant Jew, Israeli since 1977, married + 4, author/translator/editor", a much better authority than "Hophmi") "Naftush", well attacks like that are just one of those things.

      "States do not and need not wait for existential peril before using armed force. See under “Pearl Harbor,” for an example." "Naftush" June 6, 1:36pm

    • "[Women’s March leader dropped from Australia event over remarks on Israel]"

      The new Women's March leader announced that the old leader will be replaced by "a lovely empty patch of asphalt"

    • "Twits like Bertie Wooster use “strident” voices."

      I take your point, but leave Bertram Wilberforce Wooster out of it. He was never, ever "strident". In fact, his distinct lack of stridency often landed him neck-deep in the
      mulligatawny. He was not capable of serving up a firm nolle prosequi , especially when faced by a strong women's whim. The man was hopelessly preux, and much too easily non-pluused in spite of his ancestors having done their bit at the Battle of Hastings.

    • "Thank you for that lovely sentiment. It brought a tear to my Canadian eye"

      Oy, Canada!

    • I thought "Strident" is a chewing-gum which claims to make your voice louder. But maybe it's not.

  • The unwarranted presumption of Israeli soldier innocence in the killing of Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar
    • "Perhaps a mass cull of Palestinian medics is a Plan B ?"

      "Jon s" claims to be an IDF medic (didn't you notice him applying the meshumad therapy to "Yoni"?) so he knows how deadly medics can be.

    • "jon s", I spent some time looking at Haaretz, and I must admit it's a stereotype-breaking experience. All the information tastes so good, like candy, and the articles are so long!

      Oh, speaking of "rocket's red glare and bombs bursting in air", can I express my unmitigated delight in being a hostage to Israel's illegal nuclear weapons, and how much I appreciate Zionism putting us in this position?

    • "As a dedicated reader of this website, I’d like to use it in order to give my modest criticism to the Palestinians (because I care about them)" "Nathan"

      Gee "Nathan", the amount you care is so obvious, I wonder why you even feel the need to say anything like that.

    • "Or perhaps there are rules but the snipers do not follow them and that is tolerated?"

      Well, in a situation like this, do the rules apply? Israel just has to play it "by ear".

      What "rules" would you propose for using snipers to shoot unarmed demonstrators?

  • How to tell when defending Israel is actually racist
    • ” Mr. X, a Palestinian born in Saudi Arabia, ….”."

      Mr. Xstein, an Israeli born in the US, Britian, Canada, the EU, and who still holds citizenship in his home country...

    • "Mossad."

      A rolling spel-chek gathers no Mossad.

    • "Zionism has everything to do with Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist “Jewish State” in as much as possible of Palestine."

      And that don't come cheap. And I can't help but notice a new awareness of the situation and the Palestinian's plight in the American Jewish community since the 2009 financial collapse.

    • "Zionism has nothing to do with economics."

      Oh, it must. We didn't have a lot of money growing up, and we couldn't afford Zionism.

  • 'How do you expect the young to forget?': a visit to Shatila refugee camp
    • "Only ones from 2014?"

      Which may have been under another user-name, without an underscore.

      You are right, "Keith". I didn't look closely enough. An underscore in the user-name still keeps the archive from functioning. And posters may put an underscore in their username and be completely oblivious to this.

    • Mondo seems to have fixed the username-underscore-archive problem.

  • Open Letter to Wajahat Ali: Don't undermine the Palestinian struggle
    • "Boris", that's the spirit. Don't ever let the good of Zionism or Israel stop you from making an ass of yourself.
      Why, if you have to think about Zionism and Israel before you comment, the anti-semites have won!

    • "Thanks, Baker-man, for that excellent demonstration of what a Zionist driven into hysterical whining, self-righteous justification, a whole bunch of excuses and denial sounds like."

      When "DaBakr" takes on a job, he always gives full value for money. And a little over, just to help destroy stereotypes.

    • "There’s nothing dishonest about condemning supremacism in all its forms."

      Yes, but there is something very dishonest about using a phrase like "Christian (or whatever)dominant" without providing examples of nations which are "Christian etc. dominant" in the same ways that Israel is "Jewish dominant".

    • "and they have the gaul,"

      And a croissant is just a Gallic bagel.

    • "note…mssr: hush."

      Why, there were about 250,000 Jewish Displaced Persons after WW2 in Europe! Some say as high as 350,000!

      A quarter of a million Jewish people or more!

    • " and there is one very small Jewish dominant nation”

      And worse, there's more than ten million Jews throughout the world which are hostage to Israel's actions.
      Israel does take that into consideration when formulating policy, I hope.

  • Heralded by Palestinians as 'angel' and 'merciful martyr,' Razan Al-Najjar is an afterthought in western press
    • "but Zionists don’t have to bother with that."

      He may not engage his brain, but "DaBakr" sure as hell turns on his projector.

    • "are u now saying that the accused has to prove his innocence?"

      Oh gosh no. Almost the entire Israel state has to prove its innocence. It may go further than that before it's over.

    • "War is by default, tragic." "Noam DaBakr"

      Gosharoony, Zionists are lucky! Every darn activist in the world must decide what to say, and when to say it. But Zionists never have that problem!
      Must be a tremendous boon, when everything and anything you say acts to your advantage.

    • "hamas murdered this girl in all credible reliable certitude.
      any proof to the contrary supporting predictable strategic and desperate hami accusations?"

      Gosh, it must be wonderful to be a Zionist! The problem so many of us have, knowing what is the right thing to say, and knowing when to keep our mouth shut, never afflicts them.

  • 'Disappearing Palestine' maps must spotlight Jaffa
    • "Since most of the readers of this website can’t even imagine living with Israel in peace,"

      Ever think about doing something to change that, "Nathan"?

    • "I have never seen a Zionist spell it out..."

      On the other hand, ever seen a Zionist who would say, "Okay, you tell me who is or isn't Jewish, and I'll accept it"? Nope.
      So Jews are anybody Zionists say they are, in the aggregate or individually, and this indefinite group of people is entitled to Palestine and to drive the existing peoples out. For those privileges I'd expect a list of names, not vague generalizations.

    • Huh? "Jerry" why are you so shocked at the consequences of Zionism? Is this such a surprise to you?

      But please explain why "Kay24" should have her mind changed by that video?

    • "the Jews base their ethnicity on descent from their Patriarch Jacob"

      And why does that entitle us to anything? You have some very strange ideas "Jerry". Where did you get this idea that any and all things can be accomplished by Jewish kvetching and mishegos?

    • "after numerous atrocities over many centuries in dozens of countries and principalities the Ashkenazi Jews numbered just 330 people"

      So why do 330 people need all of Palestine? One nice gated community ought to do.

    • ." It isn’t about a double standard; it’s about no standard at all."

      And what "standards" does Israel adhere to in these matters? WTF is your problem, "Nathan"? You're playing the game you wanted to play, the game of states, now you're complaining about the rules?
      The very fact that you do that constantly is one of the best indicators that Zionism can not handle the consequences of its actions.

    • "If Jon s teaches history..."

      Please don't place an unfair burden on poor "Jon s" and his pedagogy. "Jon s" is an "Israeli history teacher". That is a different thing.

    • "I do my best to teach History as fairly as possible"

      Jonila, you have a word-searchable archive here. By now it goes back years, Who are you trying to kid?

      Two words: "homeland" and "hamas"

    • "Palestinian ruled."

      "Jewish owned," "Palestinian-owned"

      Maybe we could all go flying down to San Remo, where there's rhythm and rights.

    • "to do all this and to teach"

      And of course, there's his activism for the Israeli Left: "An Israeli history teacher,long-time activist on the Israeli Left."

      Why, he seems almost too true to be good.

  • Israel has shot 29 medics at Gaza border, killing two
    • "“Why should the Palestinians have to pay for what the Germans did to the Jews?”

      It may sound somewhat cynical, but I often think it would be just as true to say the Palestinians are paying for what America did to the Jews.

  • Palestinian medic, 21, is killed by Israeli sniper as she tends wounded in Gaza
    • ." Razan impresses me as having been dedicated and brave." "Jon s"

      Lucky girl, this Razan. Not every girl meets your standards. You being an IDF medic and all.

    • Notice: "Jon s" (IDF medic!) has absolutely no problem believing that an IDF unit committed war crimes during Cast Lead, he's just incensed an IDF soldier regrets it and says so. Why, I can remember when Zionists would argue about IDF war crimes, say it didn't happen. That's how old I am.

      Hey "Jon s", you big IDF medic , ever think about it this way:

      1) Those were not civilians, they were Hamas dressed up as civilians. "Yoni's" CO knew this when he ordered the assualt,( but the CO doesn't share that kind of intelligence with anybody but the IDF medics.)

      or maybe, you big compassionate IDF medic, you:

      2) The stress of combat isn't for everybody, we aren't all tough enough to be reserve IDF medics, and many men have confused memories and survivor's guilt. ( Which a big IDF medic like you, "Jon s", treats with understanding.)

      But you don't mind implicitly accepting that the IDF routinely commits war crimes, if you can have the pleasure and benefits gained by screaming "meshumad! meshumad!! It's the best medicament the IDF medic has in his pharmacopoeia.

    • " That’s why Yonifalic should hand himself in to Palestinian justice."

      Oh, please, "Jon s", stop digging. I'm getting embarrassed for you. You want "Yoni" tried for the "war crime" of not thinking positively about his IDF service?

      Oh, wait, let me guess, "Hand yourself in to Palestinian justice" must be the Israeli Left line on Btselem or any other regretful IDF vet?

    • "Her death should be investigated and whoever is responsible should be prosecuted ."

      ROTFLMSJAO!! However, if the IDF shooter feels guilty or disturbed about following the order to shoot a Palestinian nurse he should "hand himself in" immediately!!! And face justice.

    • "Yonifalic should hand himself in."

      "Jon s", why don't you go to the ICC, and explain that Cast Lead was a war crime, tell them who was involved and they will put out a warrant for him!

    • "Her death should be investigated and whoever is responsible should be prosecuted ."

      Sure "Jon", you know who is responsible

      So lets see, shall we start with the IDF officers and administrators who decided on this policy? Then the units which received the orders? And then the officer who was the "spotter"? And finally, the guy who pulled the trigger?

      I'm sure you cab derogate responsibility down to a Mizrahi. BTW, "Jon s" maybe you could explain to us one day how you got so freakin' craven?

  • Roseanne Barr talked trash about Palestinians and Muslims for years, without regrets
    • "Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore"

      All the way back to Fanny Brice, who famously sang:

      "I swear I'll do my wifely job,
      Stay at home, become a slob!"

      And when did Roseanne improve on that?

    • Ah, that's right, that's where Roseanne got all that stuff about "Soros is a Nazi".

    • Roseanne was in a spat with Chelsea Clinton;

      "This prompted Roseanne to reply to Chelsea Clinton in this manner:
      Sorry to have tweeted incorrect info about you!I Please forgive me!
      By the way, George Soros is a nazi who turned in his fellow Jews 2 be murdered in German concentration camps & stole their wealth-were you aware of that? But, we all make mistakes, right Chelsea?”

      And Donald Trump Jr. retweeted.

    • Did Roseanne also, in this imbroglio, tweet about Soros 'collabarating with the Nazis', a tweet which was re-tweeted by Trump Jr.?

  • How an anti-Semitic US law helped bring about Israel's creation
    • "You wish. To your dismay, never again a victim"

      Watch out for that kite!

    • "What the fuck do any of the regular commenters here think the current power structures in today’s world can do to make Israel and its ancient and modern capital Jerusalem go away???"

      Oh, that's easy! Just make religion an individual choice, and make Jews equal citizens.
      If the current power structures do that, Zionism is doomed!

    • "Anyone who studies history even at the BA level..." "Nathan"

      Yup, I got my history BA at my Bar Mitzvah. Came with.

  • Genesis Prize threw Natalie Portman under the bus to protect Netanyahu
    • Exactly "RoHa, that's what I was thinking of when I said : "A croissant is not a Gallic bagel."

    • "Why?"

      Two reasons. "gamal" mentioned Celts and Gauls, and a pun on 'salt of the earth'

    • "Everybody knows the jew joke..."

      Oh, the "jew joke".

    • : "a simple movie actress-or star in America-who is Israel-american has a lot of gaul"

      Maybe this can all be settled over at "" But as far as I'm concerned, she's the Celt of the earth.

  • The way to the 'occupied lands'
    • I think "Stephen " asks the question in an un-ironic mode.

      He wants to know to share and encourage whatever she wanted to do.

  • Conflicting dreams and realities: Amos Oz in Rochester
    • " What we have here is not an international boundary but a perimeter used to enforce a ferocious blockade"

      "Yonah" will never acknowledge that. It would be Zioloxone to his Ziocaine.

    • "It’s part of the game."

      "The game"? Gee, a few comments ago it was a war, now it's a game.

    • " It is a mirror image of white supremacy. "

      "Yonah" has got no worries about that. He knows what color he is ever since the Brownsville School strike.

    • "Israel is occupying Gaza. Gaza is part of Eretz Israel hashlemah so there is no border.
      And the siege is illegal. "

      He's been told that at least half-a-dozen times, but he just pops another pilpul and stumbles on.

      "As is mass slaughter of unarmed civilians."

      "Yonah" is gloating about that. He thinks he's being clever.

    • "that lines in the sand between warring groups generally achieve some level of objectivity, that crossing certain lines literally lines on a map written on the land"

      Oh, I see, the "lines in the sand" and the "lines on the land" is like the modus vivendi and the modus operandi!

    • "It never ceases to amaze me that Zionists either cannot see or refuse to acknowledge the glaring similarity between Zionism and Nazism."

      It's very hard for me, too. The Nazis had at least some objective reasons to make them think they could succeed.

    • "Hamas admits that most killed were its operatives armed with AK47s or explosives."

      "The Palestinian 'cause' is bougus, a creation of the KGB in 1964. Nobody with access to the truth can believe a word of what is written on this web site. Its all propaganda to support the Islamisation of the world." "fivishmail"

      Too late, you've already registered and commented. Soon you will be seized by an uncontrollable compulsion to face east. Are ya ready, boots? Start walkin'

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