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I pity fools.

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  • Tim Canova calls Debbie Wasserman Shultz 'corporate stooge' after primary loss. But they still agree on Israel.
    • Will wonders never cease? I mean, the reelection rate for incumbents in this country hovers as low as 90%! Against such odds, that "prediction" of yours is a feat worthy of Nostradamus...

  • Syrian death tolls and the kinder gentler jihadists
    • "Notice how it’s always the fault of the US for Keith."

      Notice how the level of sophistication in hophmi's analysis never rises above rooting for the white hats as they battle the moustache-twirling black hats.

  • Gaza 2 years on: These children are now gone forever and an empty space remains
    • "Hamas, ... and their primary responsibility in this whole affair."

      Well, this conflict began when a bunch of European Jews back in the turn of the 20th Century conspired together to invade and steal the land that belonged to another people and to inflict upon them an Apartheid regime, a horror that continues to this day. So if you want to talk "primary responsibility", there it is.

    • "maybe the vastly-by 1000s- greater numbers of children being killed daily in the greater middle east has made it more difficult to feel specifically concerned excpt for only those who are singularly devoted to the palestinian cause rather then the absence left by all children killed by conflict."

      And the lack of concern (manufactured by the Israelis and their goons and agents in the West) - for the Palestinian children victimized by the Israelis played its part in making killing of those other children more likely.

      "but we’ve heard it before: end the i/p conflict, destroy the zionist entity and the greater middle east will become a paradise for children, women and minorities as well."

      A relative paradise for the Palestinian children you would rather trample underfoot in the drive to create the Jewish State.

  • Critiques not fit to print: Students and allies respond to 'NYT' coverage of Palestine activism on campus
    • "As I have said before. The antidote to toxic speech is more speech, not disruption or bans. "

      And when the state of Israel stops using walls, checkpoints, tear gas, rubber bullets or worse against Palestinians in Palestine, then those who are advocating on its behalf might be worthy of the kind of respect you talk about. Since it hasn't, they aren't.

  • Months after saying he won't appear at Israeli foreign ministry events, Amos Oz will do just that in Paris
    • "Director Portman offered this political lesson "

      What a bunch of crap. I guess blaming Europe for the Israelis being barbarians is less bruising to the ego than the correct assessment that the Israelis are seen as "the new abusive father, the new colonialists or the new Nazis" because of how they act.

    • I guess there is a pot of gold large enough to make any saint dance to the devil's tune.

  • ADL took US cops to Israeli prison, occupied Hebron and settler winery during counter-terror seminar
    • "Counter-terrorism techniques, eh?"

      Takes a crook to beat a crook, I guess. Israel is, after all, one of the largest if not the largest purveyor of state terrorism around these days.

    • "Optional Walk on the Mediterranean Sea"

      Is this a typo or is the ADL mocking Christians?

    • "They also met with the head of the Palestinian civil police in Bethlehem and toured Christian holy sites."

      LOL!!! Yeah, and corporations used to have one or two token black faces that they'd trot out to show that their 99% white companies weren't "really racist..."

    • Yup. They claim to be for religious freedom, but the "ground zero mosque" case, and their opposition to that proved that the ADL's commitment to religious freedom extends to themselves and not much further.

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • "It’s not unheard of. It’s just the difference between democracy and dictatorship in these countries."

      LMAO!!! If you honestly think that democratic countries don't do the exact same things to other countries, you're a bigger sucker than I though.

      "I’m not at all surprised that you prefer Russian-tinged dictatorship to Western-tinged democracy."

      It's not a question of "ought", it's a question of "is"

      "You guys were never democrats."

      LOL. Well, I, for one, think that the only moral outcome in Palestine/Israel is a single state from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, where every gets the vote and everyone's vote is equal. So, Mr. Democrat, do you join me in that call? Or is "Western-tinged democracy" only a goal when it wouldn't mean an end to "Jewish-tinged Apartheid"??

      "If it’s Russia’s historically, international law doesn’t matter."

      No one said it doesn't matter. We're talking about why Russia would take that step, in response to your nutty neo-Red Scare horse crap.

      "This is another reason why I people like you have no credibility when you talk about international law. You couldn’t care less about it."

      Well, International law requires Israel to withdraw completely from the territories it seized in 1967. If you're not willing to call for it to immediately do so without conditions or limitations, then your commitment to international law is suspect.

      "No, I just understand history."

      Well, you've yet to demonstrate it.

      "We have to invade other states to protect our kind, whether they’re Catholics, Protestants, Germans, Russians, Sunnis, Shiites ."

      So you're calling Zionism inherently wrong from the start??? I mean, the excuse that the Zionists came up with when they proposed their idea to invade Palestine, take it over and then start an oppressive Apartheid regime was to supposedly protect their own kind. Or is this only an invalid option when the people you hope to protect are mere "Catholics, Protestants, Germans, Russians, Sunnis, Shiites"??

      "The common thread here is that you just hate the West and wish the USSR had never fallen."

      LMAO!!! Well, there were better Red-baiters than you back then, that's for sure.

      "Well, the international community recognizes Israel within the 1967 borders."

      Great. When are you going to call for Israel to be sanctioned until it returns to those borders?

      "So when does the boycott of Russia begin?"

      There's already an international sanctions regime in place. When you're willing to support the same for Israel, then we'll talk.

      "If Russian had CIS approval to invade Crimea and Georgia before it, I probably wouldn’t oppose it because it would reflect the will of the entire region."

      So then if all the states in the Middle East region approved an invasion of Israel to liberate Palestine from the Zionists, you wouldn't oppose that?? How about if they just approved Hamas and Hezbollah attacking it?? Or is there another of your famed "Jewish" exceptions to this position, too??

      "I’m not a sucker. I just give more weight to the United States than I do to Russia."

      Yeah, because we all know how scrupulous the US is in not interfering or invading other countries. LOL!!!

    • "I’m also aware that since that time, Russia has sought to create a sphere of influence in these states,"

      OMG!!! Powerful states trying to project power onto their neighbors. Unheard of!!!

      "Sure, because invasion and annexation is totally ok as long as ethnic Russians live there.

      That and the fact that it was part of Russia historically and the fact that it is the site of a key Russian strategic asset which it has a national interest in controlling it against a hostile Ukrainian government.

      "This is exactly the philosophy Nazi Germany used to annex the Sudetenland. "

      {point and laugh} Everything's the 1930's with you, isn't it.

      "It’s not like we live in a world of nation-states."

      Coming from a supporter of JSIL, that's hysterical. Comedy gold.

      "Russia doesn’t get to just take land that it thinks belongs to Russia just because. "

      But the Zionists get to just take the land of Palestine that they think belong to the world's Jews just because. Prince of hypocrites strikes again.

      "We invaded a country with a NATO coalition..."

      So, if Putin had gotten a couple lackey countries to go along, like the US did, then all would be fine??

      "It’s always the fault of the West. Russia’s always blameless."

      LOL. If you don't think that Russia and the West aren't both equally to blame (to the extent that "blame" is even a viable concept to countries acting geopolitically according to their national interests) then you're a sucker.

    • "The event itself of the attack on the USS liberty, has never made sense to me as a decision of someone high ranking "

      And why would it make sense to you? You look at the state of Israeli without blinders on.

  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • "Yeah, except that the message the rest of the world got is that athletes from Arab dictatorships are petty losers who care more about slighting Jews than fixing their own backward societies. "

      Wow, you packed in at least 3 bigoted statements in this sentence. That must be a record for you, eh?

    • "For example, a dozen countries still won’t permit an Israeli passport holder entry into the country."

      Shame more countries don't have such high standards as that dozen.

    • "If you’re opposed to violence, then you can condemn Hamas and the Egyptian junta which Islam El-Shehaby represented at the Olympics."

      Prince of lies, I will happily condemn the Egyptian junta, which took power no doubt at the behest of the American/Israelis, as the former government was more favorable to the opinions of the people of Egypt, who are clearly against the racist occupiers of Palestine.

      As for Hamas, I will happily condemn much of their actions, especially intra-Palestinian actions, but not their use of force against the Israeli enemy. One can be opposed to violence, but still accept that the Palestinians have a right to self-defense, especially against a people as mindlessly and inhumanely violent as those who run JSIL. When the Israelis stop acting as aggressive barbarians, and put down their weapons, I would condemn any Palestinian who doesn't reciprocate.

      But all this is nonsense, as you're a fan of violence; in fact, you'd happily swim in it, so long as the state you favor is the one being violent. So, you're both the prince of lies and the prince of hypocrisy.

    • "We Jews have been dealing with your ilk for many thousands of years."

      {point and laugh.} You bought into that "everyone is out to get us" victim narrative that the right wingers are pushing ??? Ha ha!!! You sucker...

      "The Jewish State will bury BDS, along with your perverted dream of annihilating Israel."

      Get over yourself, drama queen. I have no dream of annihilating anything other than your state's bigoted, racist policies. Absent that, your people, state, culture and history aren't important enough to waste two seconds' thought on.

    • "These folks are violent,"

      More lies from the prince of lies.

      "Most of them are privileged Westerners who think that nonviolence means advocating violence for people elsewhere in the world. "

      The only one advocating violence is you and your fellows, who advocate for and defend the violence of the Apartheid state.

    • "Only than did El Shehaby exhibit poor sportsmanship by refusing to shake his victor’s hand. "

      Better to be a poor sport than to be a sucker that stupidly pretends that any of you Israelis are worth treating like decent people when you're not.

    • "Treat people well because they rarely have any meaningful impact on the actions of government officials. "

      Bull. The Israeli government policies are what they are because Israeli people vote for them. THEY are the ones responsible and every Israeli who votes for the Zionist parties and all of their supporters should be shunned, boycotted and treated like dirt until Palestinians have justice.

    • "I can be there in about 24 hours."

      {point and laugh}

    • "where human beings cannot be gracious and civil to one another. "

      I'd rather that the Israeli Jews be gracious and civil (and just) to all of the Palestinians in Palestine. When that occurs, then hands of friendship should be extended, and not one second sooner.

    • "How about saying 'I shake your hand and compete with you as a human being in these Olympic games, but I protest the actions of your government.'"

      Does this Israeli favor the acts of the Israeli government? Is he a Likud voter and therefore responsible for the horrors and terrorism inflicted on the Palestinians every second of every day?? Until we know that he is working for Palestinian freedom, he should not be treated other than as one who aids and abets Israeli war crimes.

      "What’s wrong with that?"

      It normalizes these people who should be shunned and branded otherwise. If he is not actively working to undermine Zionism and its evil fruit, his support and that of his fellow Israelis for that evil government is what makes the horrors inflicted on the Palestinians possible. He should not get a pass because we want to pretend in the myth that we are all one humanity, when the very people he represents are committing grievous and long-standing crimes against humanity itself.

    • "Clearly the only way to combine the attitude of the Olympics and bds, is to forfeit any match against an israeli. "

      No, we should kick Israel out of the IOC.

    • "How can they live with themselves?"

      It's simple if you don't have a scrap of human decency.

    • I disagree. Israelis -- save those working for justice for Palestine -- don't deserve courtesy.

    • "The Olympic Games is a wrong forum for this"

      Absolutely false. South Africa was kicked out of the IOC for its shameful behavior and JSIL's acts against Palestinian sportsmen and women in Palestine deserves equal condemnation. If the IOC is too cowardly or bought or blinkered to do it, the athletes themselves should stand up for what is right.

      "and truly, the face of the Israeli judoka after the refused handshake has become one of the most memorable images from the Olympics."

      What I see is a disgusting display by the Israeli. This representative from a wicked, fascist regime has the unmitigated gall to demand that the Egyptian athlete ignore the evil that Israel does and treat him as an equal??? He should have spit in his face. Few people are willing to stand up to evil, especially when it is right in front of them. Good for this Egyptian for doing so in a gracious was.
      The Israeli wants himself and his state to be treated as normal decent human beings? Let them act like it first and end their barbarism against the Palestinians. Until then they deserve scorn, contempt and isolation, not handshakes.

  • After Palestinian takes gold in Rio for Jordan, Israelis claim his roots are 'Israeli'
    • "Reading the Jewish Telegraphic Agency story mentioned one gets an impression of a real good news story:"

      Nonsense. There's no reason to mention JSIL or the fact that this athlete's grandparents are survivors of the acts of Jewish genocide of 1947-48, save for the disgusting habit of you people of stealing other people's culture as well as their property.

    • "Anyway, if the descriptor were to be accurate it would have to be 'Jordanian with roots in historic Palestine wind gold, for Jordan'. "

      It would still be inaccurate propaganda, because of the use of the word "historic," as that suggests that Palestine is no longer Palestine simply because some transient Zionist state currently exists there. Always was, is and always shall be Palestine.

    • He has no Israeli roots. By all accounts his grandparents were victims of the acts of genocide which accompanied the formation of the state. Hardly a point of pride for the heirs to the perpetrators of that crime, but they seem culturally incapable of shame.

    • Exactly right. Zionism is organized thievery of the land of the Palestinians and now, apparently, credit for their athletic prowess.

  • The Palestine-Israel language trap
    • "If judaism and Jewish identity is a cult, and you are opposed to cults, are you then anti-jewish?"

      I guess the switch from the noun to the adjective was intended to be a way to hide your bad faith?? Shame on you.

  • The breathtaking arrogance of Alan Dershowitz's 'advice' to Black Lives Matter
    • "You’re not interested in any perspective that differs from your own."

      Wow, you're almost as lacking in self-awareness as Dershowitz.

    • The reaction of all the usual suspects in attacking Black Lives Matter and the coverage it has garnered demonstrates the sheer narcissism and egocentrism of the "excuse JSIL of every crime" crowd. Someone needs to tell these ego maniacs* that not everything is about them and their petty little concerns.

      Page after page after page of analysis of the real problems facing African-Americans and all these fools can focus on two statements in support of the Palestinians?? If they don't like the mention of the Apartheid State in the manifesto, then they're part of the problem and need to go away.

      * And, wow, is Dershowitz's narcissism astounding. He -- who has advocated in the past for legalizing torture -- claimed that being a defendant in a defamation lawsuit was akin to being waterboarded for 15 months. How immoral and tone deaf can one person be?

  • Beinart calls anti-Zionists 'revolutionaries'
    • "the Israelis will have no one to target for collaboration."

      No, those evil suckers will simply find some other people to target.

      "Based on what? According to the UNDP, in 2012, the female/male labor participation rate in Israel is around 84%, 19th in the world. In Palestine it’s around 23%, good for 107th."

      Palestine is n the midst of one of the longest occupations of modern times (and an almost unimaginably brutal and inhumane occupation at that), I'm guessing that correcting this gender imbalance -- in that portion of the Palestinian economy which JSIL hasn't yet poisoned -- is not high on the priority list on the survivors of Israeli atrocities. Things like "making sure your kids don't get murdered in an Israeli war crime" is likely more important.

    • "Can you name another state in the region that is either liberal... today? What’s their excuse?"

      If we define "liberal" as "not adhering to an ideology that results in 8 year olds getting their bikes stolen by agents of the state because they're of the wrong ethnic background while riding on a race-restricted road" then I could name quite a few states in the region that are liberal and at least one that is not.

    • "BDS supporters are not revolutionaries in any sense."

      Good grief, they're almost the textbook definition of revolutionaries. They're seeking to overturn the status quo of the current racist order in occupied Palestine and replace it with a moral and non-racist alternative.

    • "Just as the solution of combining within the same country the slave-owning South and the free North was ultimately unworkable and led to a bloodbath, a one-state solution would combine Israel, a liberal democratic state [sic], and Palestine, [bigoted slander omitted], would be unworkable and lead to a bloodbath."

      This is gibberish. The American Civil War did not result from an attempt to combine a slave-owning South and a free North. Rather, it resulted from the insistence on a self-proclaimed Chosen People to limit and dictate the political and human rights of another. What led to the blood bath in America was the insistence on an evil system that pretends to be moral yet ascribes to a supremacist system.

      Further, it's a blood libel of the worst kind. What we have now is a one-state solution in which JSIL dictates to Palestine what freedoms it is permitted. Further, that bloodbath is occurring today, as we speak. Since the creation of the Israeli state, there has been a continuous bloodbath of Palestinian blood.

      So are you calling for an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all Israeli government officials and settlers behind the green line?? No, because you don't care when Palestinians are being killed and having their lives destroyed. No. You're calling for the Palestinians to "know their place" and not get "uppity," just like your ideological kin in the racist South did before you.

    • You're unthinking and facile conflation of "revolutionary" and "radical" demonstrates that it is a loaded charge. As does your dimwitted swipe at anti-Zionists.

  • Chosen indeed: all 7 letters run by 'NYT' on Mideast article are by Jews
    • "if you think that antisemitism is perceived as the only important form of bigotry. It is exactly the opposite"

      No, it's just that the kids today are too smart to buy into the lie that "antisemitism" is present if one objects to the crimes that the Israeli state commits against the Palestinians.

    • "It happens when there are few letters from non-Jews."

      And you've done a complete investigation into each and every letter received by the NYT, right? I mean, otherwise, you'd just be pushing pure speculation as fact, right? For no reason other than to defend what is, on its face, rank bigotry, right?

  • Boycott, from within and without
    • "I accept that the Palestinian problem cannot be solved without some risks – there are risks for us in the West too. Israel has caused a great deal of angry resentment, so is surely ‘holding a wolf by the ears’ as I think someone said of Anerican slavery."

      I reject this view. We know what can be done. We saw it in Northern Ireland, we saw it in South Africa, we saw it somewhat in the USA. We need a reconciliation process and justice. The JSIL and it's goons propose none of that.

      The joke that is the two-state final solution is merely switching one kind of oppression for another.

    • That's some evil, twisted, backwards nonsense you've spouted. It's shameful that you're permitted to claim to be an American.

    • "In the case of BDS the ultimate goal is to destroy the Jewish state."

      No, it's not. The goal is to end the oppression of JSIL that it inflicts on the Palestinians. There is nothing but the evil of the Israeli electorate which precludes the Apartheid state from reforming itself.

      "it will risk the lives of countless Israeli jews and dash the hope for jewish independence."

      Not at all. It is a blood libel against the Palestinians, worse than perhaps any in history, to suggest that the oppression of the Palestinians and their destruction by the Israelis, is necessary to preserve Jewish lives and Jewish independence.

  • Olympian at the checkpoint: why a Palestinian swimmer couldn't train in Jerusalem
    • "The Palestinians disgraced themselves with the Munich massacre back in 1972."

      And Israeli Jews did far, far worse to the Palestinians both before and after.

      "The Olympic movement has embarrassed itself ever since by never properly acknowledging this massacre at the Olympic Games."

      Oh, get over yourself. They broke their policy of not politicizing the games in 2012 to appease you whining babies by recognizing this attack without, of course, recognizing all of the worse attacks on Palestinians and Palestinian athletes which you evil people have inflicted over the years. If the Olympic movement has anything to be embarrassed about it's for not kicking the Israeli fascist Apartheid-loving barbarians out of the Olympics all together.

    • "But you here, try to bring logical arguments why I shud roll over and die, why I shud not care about surviving just because in your opinion I took over a piece of Dar el Islam? Your obsession blinds you to basic logic."

      Please stop being such a drama queen. No one wants you dead; you're not that important.

      What people want (aside from asking you to stop your gross religious bigotry) is for your state to stop making Palestinians dead and to stop enforcing an evil ideology on your behalf.

      Look at the swimmer in this article. She doesn't want you dead, she wants you and your government to get off her back and let her swim. It's a disgusting blood libel for you to claim otherwise as you do.

    • "And from other entities that the IOC has chosen to allow to attend (e.g., Palestine). "

      Palestine is a nation, not just an "entity". Most of the world's population and countries recognize it, even if your shitty little Apartheid state doesn't.

    • "Only 2 of the 6 are actually from Palestine."

      And half the Israeli team were born in Russia, Ethiopia or other places, and not JSIL.

    • "Telling choice of words, though, “Jews” instead of “Israelis”. "

      When the Jews who run the Israeli state assert that it is a state for al Israelis, and not a state for all the world's Jews then you might have a point. Otherwise, you're simply a hypocrite.

    • "That’s what I fear. "

      Well, since all those fears stem from the atrocities that the Zionists have inflicted on the region, then I'd say the only rational response would be for you to rightfully blame the Zionists who started and who continue this conflict, apologize to the Palestinians for your part in the crimes against them and make amends to your victims by finding a country outside of the middle east who might take you in as an immigrant.

  • In overwhelming vote, leading Lutheran branch calls on US to cut off aid to Israel
    • "The fact that Israel doesn’t object doesn’t mean that it dictates."

      By itself, perhaps no, perhaps yes. But when you put in all the rest, including the fact that these ingrate parasites have the gall to "negotiate" how much American tax dollars they will suck out of the American polity -- resources which otherwise might have gone to build schools and feed poor people and provide health care to sick senior citizens -- all so that JSIL can run their racist Apartheid regime... well, the picture changes, doesn't it?

    • "According to Blaine Coleman – thanks for the honesty- the goal of BDS is to abolish the state of Israel."

      Good. As with other similar Apartheid and racist states before it, if it cannot reform itself to stop its crimes against humanity, it should be abolished. It should be utterly destroyed and replaced with something which will respect everyone's rights and provides justice to those who've been harmed and restitution for all that has been stolen from Zionism's victims.

  • Israeli settler leader, rejected by Brazil, gets warm welcome in New York
    • Who in America makes the rules? Politicians.
      What do politician need? Campaign cash.
      What's the issue of importance to a disproportionately large percentage of those who "give" that campaign cash? JSIL.

    • When has talking with one of these fanatical criminals ever accomplished anything? The Palestinians have been talking to them on and off for 50 years and the settler criminals still spread like a cancer across Palestine. What is lacking isn't talking with members of JSIL, but it's non-evil acts by JSIL to respect Palestine and the rights of the people of Palestine.

  • 'LA Jews for Peace' proudly endorses platform of 'Movement for Black Lives'
    • "noted that the use of this term serves the purpose of putting Israel beyond the pale"

      Actually Israel's Apartheid does this by itself.

      "...and such a perspective is unhelpful."

      Unhelpful to do what? Unhelpful to cover up Israel's crimes against humanity in Palestine? Unhelpful to make it so you can pretend that the state you like isn't a vile, racist shitpile? You people repeat that phrase as if a just and peaceful solution is just around the corner so long as we ignore the fact of the Israelis crimes. You know what we get when we do ignore their crimes?? Worse crimes. Is that what you want?

  • Sanders-backed candidate in FL says Wasserman Schultz won't 'protect' Israel
  • Google blames bug for removing 'West Bank' and 'Gaza' from Israel/Palestine map
    • "but I’m sure that that a grand population ‘transfer’ is being planned, with the balance between the apparently consensual ‘with comoensation’ and the nakedly coercive under discussion."

      No doubt you are right. Nothing about the entire Zionist series of crimes -- starting in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries with the conspiracy in Europe and elsewhere in planning and carrying out the invasion and destruction of Palestine; through the acts of genocide which the Zionists committed in the 1940s in connection with the establishment of the wicked JSIL; to the nurturing of its Apartheid nature to this day -- has occurred in a way in which the rights or desires, let alone consent, of the Zionists' victims was a consideration.

      Indeed, I'd say that history has shown the Zionists are either bereft of the smallest speck of human decency or follow and ideology which leads them to act in a way that makes it appears to be the case.

      I've little doubt that when this final solution to the Palestinian question is inflicted upon its victims, three things are certain: Palestinians will be murdered en masse, the Zionists of the world will be complicit by lying about the Israeli's villainy, and the US will do nothing.

    • "“Encourage and provide aid for Arab emigration."

      Genocide by Shekel. How disgusting.

  • Lawsuit aims to block U.S. foreign aid to Israel as clandestine nuclear power
    • I don't hold out hope, as the US judiciary is at least as tainted by the evil of Zionism as the political branches, if not more so. But perhaps a miracle will occur!

  • When the language of genocide offends us more than ghettoizing another people
    • Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, who responded to the Black Lives Matter platform by saying, "Anti-Israel rhetoric like that found in the Movement for Black Lives policy platform is especially troubling because it falsely suggests American Jews – both of color and white – must choose between their commitment to combatting racism in the United States and their Zionism."

      It doesn't say you must choose, Mr. Pesner. What it says is that if you profess to be against racism in the US, but favor the racist ideology of Zionism in Palestine, don't expect people to be "polite" and ignore the clear and utter hypocrisy in your position. Simply put, Mr. Pesner, if you favor Zionism, you favor racism (or an ethno-religious bigotry that is racism's absolute equivalent). Pure and simple. Zionism = Racism.

  • Libertarian candidates say US policy has only made Middle East more dangerous
    • "But I don’t particularly have a horse either way. "

      That's a philosophy that will light a fire under people: "I don't have any particular principles!!!"

  • Israeli soldier shoots Palestinian taxi driver in head by mistake, then Israel seizes his car and entry permit
    • "ust imagine if it had been the other way around, imagine the comments here if the headline had been “Israeli athletes refuse to share a bus with Arab athletes”. "

      In this hypothetical, are we reversing everything so that it is Arabs who have a 100 years history of brutalizing Jews, with the support of the world superpower, just as in our reality the reverse is true??

    • Indeed, I did. I meant to type Jon66, not Jon S.

    • Jon S:
      "Yes, unequivocally. Unless the civilian or reservist engaged in hostilities they are civilians."

      So then, since the settlers are engaged in hostilities, being the occupying force on stolen land, then they are all legitimate targets, right? Not just the IOF people at the Apartheid checkpoints, but the people who live in the settlements, (or, I guess, at least the ones who are armed, since at one point you talk about "unarmed civilians.") Would you agree with that?

      Further, do you believe that Olmert, Barak and everyone else involved in the attack on the Gaza Police headquarters on December 27, 2008, that killed dozens of unarmed police officers in a graduation parade, should be arrested and sent to the Hague or otherwise prosecuted for these murders? After all, these officers were unarmed and not engaged in hostilities at the time, yet they were deliberately targeted. So you support the arrest and prosecution of everyone involved in that attack??

      "Do you condone targeting unarmed civilians?"

      How are you defining "unarmed" and "civilians"?

    • "We are not automatons. Each adult is responsible for her own actions."

      So then if one chooses to live in a state that is guilty of theft of someone else's land and actively prevents the victims from receiving their land back, and, in fact, votes for politicians that subscribe to the ideology that caused the oppression and continues to support that state with his or her taxes, then that person is responsible for their part of that oppression, right?? And, as such, must be punished in accordance with that responsibility, right??

    • "The motivations for the attackers is irrelevant."

      Then you condemn Zionism itself and its fruit, yes?

      "Yes, I condemn the killing of any unarmed civilians by Israel as well. I don’t think anyone should be targeting unarmed civilians."

      Oh, how cute, all those conditions. No doubt it's purely by accident that using those conditions you could easily excuse almost every depravity that the Israeli government inflicts upon the Palestinians while condemning any act of resistance through that formulation.

      Tell me, if someone votes for a government that promises to commit atrocities, is that person "innocent"? If a person is a reservist for an evil army, is that person a "civilian"? If a military blows away children playing soccer on a beach or a house full of families, but that military claims "mistake" or invokes the blood libels of "human shield" or "collateral damage", were the deceased "targeted"??

    • "Yes. I remember the 1972 games."

      Yes, and no doubt you condemn equally all the civilians who the Israelis massacred in the orgy of murder that followed, not to mention condemning the kidnapping and torture of the hundreds of Palestinians whose release was the goal of the Munich attack, right??

    • "tell that to the Palestinian footballers who were not allowed to compete."

      Exactly right. The entire JSIL team should have been barred from the games immediately when that occurred. If the Apartheid state is going to do that, then they, themselves, should all be banned.

  • A losing battle in Israel's High Court of Justice
    • "look to the israeli supreme court for examples"

      Yeah, keep lying to yourself...

      "if they had any credibility at all they would rule themselves out of existence and replace themselves with a mixture of hamas , pa, plo and other assorted individuals."

      They need simply reject the evil and racist ideology of Zionism.

    • Anyone who thinks that this kangaroo court is any less evil than the rest of this wicked government and state are kidding themselves. The only different that this band of terrorists and the KKK is the color of the robes they wear.

  • Black Lives Matter will defeat the Israel lobby (because the lobby can't debate reality)
    • A little slander and a lot of "why don't you people do your thing in a way that doesn't challenge MY beliefs!!!"

    • "but it is nonsense that Blacks are being targeted and it is nonsense that cop killings are in any way as big of a problem as Black on Black murders."

      You should go ahead and tell them that you know better than they do what they should be concerned about. People LOVE it when outsiders tell them how to think.

  • Jewish organizations' response to Black Lives Matter platform demonstrates inability to engage with reality in Israel
    • "As for Herzl, he didn’t seek the removal of the Arab population."

      No? He was a delusional bigot who thought they would thank him for inflicting the Zionists on the Palestinians. But he also talked about "spirit[ing] the penniless population across the border" in part by "while denying it any employment in our [sic] country." Sounds like he favored removal to me.

      "Regarding Jabotinsky and BenGurion , you’ll have to do better than “their views are well known”. Neither of therm proposed removing the Arab population."

      As for Jabotinsky, well, Benny Morris disagrees with you. But even if we credit the people who excuse this criminal, he still wanted to make a Greater Israel on both sides of the Jordan where Jews were a majority. Either he was so dumb he couldn't count to twenty without taking off his socks, or he envisioned a massive ethnic cleansing or genocide of Arabs, because that's the only way his sick fantasy would numerically work.

      As for Gurion, "We must expel the Arabs and take their places and if we have to use force, to guarantee our own right to settle in those places ­ then we have force at our disposal."
      and “During the assault we must be ready to strike the decisive blow; that is, either to destroy the towns or expel its inhabitants so our people can replace them” and the genocidal Plan Dalet are all well known and say all that needs to be said.

    • "The perpetrators of the Holocaust were for the most part, directly under Hitler’s command,"

      Then surely you make it a point to point out that for those who participated and who weren't directly under Hitler's command that he was only indirectly responsible, right?

      "...while the perpetrators of the Sabra and Shatila massacres, the Lebanese Phalangists, were indirectly under Sharon’s authority.."

      Except that the Israelis were perpetrators of the massacre, as they provided perimeter security to prevent the Palestinian victims from reaching safety, as well as equipping the killers and giving material support by supplying nighttime illumination. If we're in the era of prosecuting nonagenarians as accessories to a couple hundred thousand murders because they worked in the accounting office of a concentration camp, then surely the Israelis' role in the massacre is more than enough makes them simply perpetrators without consideration for this "indirect/direct" nonsense.

      And, besides, Hobeika was Israel's man (until he was going to blow the lid off the whole "Sharon wasn't responsible for the Sabra and Shatila genocide" lie the you're peddling here, leading the light unto the nations to murder him in cold blood.)

    • "Sharon was , indeed, guilty for being indirectly responsible for the massacre in Sabra and Shatila."

      Quick question, jon. When you speak of Hitler, do you make it a point to say that he was only "indirectly" responsible for the Holocaust?

      "Herzl did not call for the removal of Palestinians by any means. On the contrary, he dreamed of peaceful coexistence."

      He was a delusional Orientalist trading in the most bigoted of views about the Palestinians. At the end of the day, though, he conspired with all the rest to inflict upon the people of Palestine an alien government, run by an alien people, based on his alien supremacist ideology. What would the reaction of such a raging bigot be to the Palestinians told him to shove his plans to steal their land where the sun doesn't shine?? Likely removal by any means. After all, they're unimportant being non-Jews and all.

      As for the terrorists Jabotinsky and Gurion, their vile views are well known on this subject that your denials are laughable.

    • "...and I actually am able to respect people who do not condemn it..."

      And I'm sure there are people who are able to respect other people who do not condemn the Holocaust. BFD.

      "If you feel that adding the word 'genocide' contributes to a discussion about Gaza, let me hear your argument."

      Sure. It helps to properly label the actual thing which those who are doing the condemning and the respecting are condemning and respecting. Faced with the abject, unmitigated evil that JSIL perpetrates, you lie to yourself because you don't want to face the fact that you're able to "respect" people who approve of acts of genocide. You want to believe that you're a good person when, under that metric, you're not, so it's easier to lie to yourself. Using the word "genocide" condemns your attempt to do so and also rhetorically flips you the bird for trying to do so.

  • Dream Defenders statement on the condemnation of Movement for Black Lives platform by some pro-Israel groups
    • "The Israeli 1967 census reported the population of the West Bank at 661,700 inhabitants. It is now at 1.715 million – i.e. almost tripled."

      What would the population have been without the evil foreign occupation?

      Genocide includes imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group if done with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.

      Given the statements of Zionists and Israelis in the past -- up to and including the denial that the Palestinians exist as a people at all -- there can be no question that it has been, within the policy of the Zionists and Israeli state, an intent to destroy, in whole or part, the Palestinian people. Those villains are on record desiring the land but not the Palestinian people whose land it is (or, at least to reduce the Palestinians numbers so as not to be a threat to the ethno-religious rule of the Zionists.)

      Further, many of the policies which JSIL has inflicted upon its victims has had the result of interrupting family life and, predictably, births, within the community which the Apartheid state is victimizing.

      Now, the question remains whether the latter policies were inflicted on the Palestinians specifically in order to accomplish the reduction in births and therefore Palestinian populations in the West Bank and Gaza. But if yes, then they would be acts of genocide.

    • "Those who oppose Zionism, in effect wish that three of the branches had been sawed off instead of only two."

      Yonah, go jump in a lake (as what I want to write won't make it past the mods.)

      The alternative to "the Jews in Palestine oppress the Palestinians and create an Apartheid system" is not and has never been limited to "all the Jews get killed," and it's a horrible slander to suggest otherwise. You're a moral and intellectual coward because you use that lie as a way of excusing yourself from considering all of the other alternatives because, at the end of the day, you and your black soul just don't give a damn about all the Palestinians branches that have been sawed off in making your Apartheid state.

    • "King David’s Descendents Making Case to Reclaim Ownership of Temple Mount"

      Stealing someone else's land by claiming ownership by descent from a fictional character out of religious myth... it's a creative bit of theft justification, I'll give them that.

    • "Some of the Jewish supporters of BLM are vociferous opponents of the settlement enterprise and although those who condemn Israel root and branch will not accept them"

      Then those Jewish supporters should have no problem with this statement, if they are opponents of the settlement enterprise. Unless you mean that there are Jewish people who claim to be opponents of the settlement enterprise but who are unwilling to do anything at all to oppose Israel on account of it, but simply want credit for their feelings, while the Palestinian people's lives are destroyed. Those people are craven and cowardly. Why should we give a damn what they think?

      "i feel that whatever complaints those individuals have against this manifesto should be respected."

      Why, other than the fact that they're Jews and you seem to think that should be enough for "respect" to be given them? If someone isn't willing to damn Israel for what it does to the Palestinians on both sides of the green line, then they should be damned as immoral abettors of evil.

      "I feel that the Trump candidacy is the primary issue at this moment"

      Yeah, "who gives a crap about all the Palestinians whose lives are being destroyed every day, FFS, we have to worry about a guy who has next to no chance to win the Presidency!!!" Because clearly your overblown fears are more important than the actual destruction of the lives of the Palestinians.

      "I would wonder how Peter Beinart would react to this."

      Who gives a damn what that racist reactionary bigot thinks. He's stated he'd favor Jewish-supremacist Apartheid over democracy if the latter meant that Palestinians might have power in Palestine/Israel, which disqualifies him from mattering in the least.

  • Out of 1.8 million Gazans, 250 over age 50 are allowed to travel to Jerusalem to pray
    • "I oppose Jewish prayers on the Temple Mount at this time. The Temple Mount was captured by Israel and as such its disposition is in the hands of the UN Security Council who declared it to be occupied territory. (a lawyer could phrase that better). So essentially I agree that prayer on the Mount should be limited by the circumstances.."

      What an indefensibly immoral statement. How about "it's not the property of the Jews, even if it is formerly the Temple Mount, it hasn't been for two millenia. It now unequivocally is the property of the Muslim waqf and, as such, since they don't want Jewish prayer on their property, no such prayer should ever take place."

    • "Temple Mount was relinquished after the 1967 war by Dayan"

      What a bunch of rubbish. The former Temple Mount site wasn't that war criminal's to relinquish. The fact that he didn't steal it? Great. He's less of a criminal than the average Israeli. What do you want, a cookie??

    • "How many Jews are permitted to pray on the Temple Mount?"

      There's no such thing and hasn't been for 2,000 years. Perhaps the Jews could be permitted to pray at the former Temple Mount if the Zionists had not demonstrated over the past 100 years that they cannot be trusted; that if you let them into what is yours that they will steal it for their own. It happened in Palestine as a whole and the Moroccan quarter. Clearly the Muslims who wholly and solely own the property which was formerly the Temple Mount don't want a repeat. Blame the Zionists if you don't like it.

  • Israel lobby panics about 'spoiled' next generation of American leaders turning against it
    • "When I was in East Jerusalem before I became a Israeli citizen, as a half Jew. I spoke to many Arabs, I don’t recall them ever saying that all they want is a secular democratic state, on equal terms, with the Jews in West Jerusalem. "

      They probably thought you were an agent of the Israeli Gestapo and said what they thought might keep them from getting tortured and keep their kids from being orphaned at the hands of some murderous Zionist terrorist.

    • "you should have gone public in Israel as a conscientious objector too wars."

      Look what the criminal Israeli state has done to a genuine hero like Mordechai Vanunu (one of the very few heroes that Israel has generated). When faced with an inhuman enemy like that, how dare you criticize any decisions someone takes to protect themselves?

    • "There is literally nothing that JVP won’t validate."

      Not "validate", but express a principle. If you're some random person heading down, say, Jay Street in Brooklyn, or Ocean Boulevard in Boca Raton, Florida, or Beacon Street in Newtown, Mass, you're not going to be personally affected by the evil policies of the Israeli government, yet a lot of people nevertheless still support that evil government. JVP recognize that their principles require them to not support policies that will cause evil to befall the Palestinians. Good for them.

  • Former AIPAC official says Israel should get no US aid without ending 'oppressive' settlements
  • Anti-occupation activists stand with Black Lives Matter as Jewish orgs attack movement over Israel criticisms
    • "Jews were given the right to closely settle in all of Mandatory Palestine."

      False. There was no such supposed "right" because the only people who could exercise the right to live in Palestine were the Palestinians. The Zionists who claim this right are akin to a fence attempting to claim legal title from a thief.

    • "Illegal? Really. Didn’t the League of Nations invite world Jewry to return to Eretz Yisroel and ‘close settle’ the land and establish their own government?"

      No, because there is no such place by that name.

      Further, the League of Nations did no such thing with regard to the land of Palestine, nor did they have any legal basis for doing so, as the land was the property of the Palestinian people, not "world Jewry"

      "Didn’t some members of HMG actually promise the Jews a State of their own?"

      BFD. They had no rights over that land, any more than a bank robbers has the right to promise someone else ownership of the stolen loot.

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