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  • 'Stop$30Billion' coalition unveils new digital billboard in Albuquerque, NM
  • On the use of provocative analogies (Nazism, fascism)
    • Mooser,

      ut a faulty or incorrect or absurdly ethnocentric, mythical, legendary understanding (the self-serving understanding promulgated by Zionists) of the second part could keep somebody trapped in a very convoluted position. And not having been exposed, or rejecting any other viewpoint, they wouldn’t even know another point-of-view is possible.
      I’m hoping it’s not true.

      Then, let's help them out. Explaining the Long — and Largely Untold — History of Jewish Opposition to Zionism

    • Shmuel, I replied to your Pegorier post, but it's planted somewhere near the top of the comments, so you'll have to search my name. [This new design is getting unwieldy. sigh.]

    • Shmuel,

      I was unable to access parts of Pegorier’s words; namely, the salient parts on genocide.

      Pegorier’s (see googlebooks link in previous comment) reflections on the crime of ethnic cleansing in peacetime are particularly relevant to Israel.

      Reads like a cheater-sheet for Israel's legal arguments. ;-)

    • Shmuel,

      but no edit function to accommodate afterthoughts.

      No shit, sherlock. And the absence of sensible reply buttons. Do you have any influence?

    • Page: 93

      I second, third, and fourth that. ;-)

    • @DaBakr,

      The Jew-haters . . . .

      There's nothing wrong with hating Jews. Or Catholics, or Muslims for that matter, as many Zionists and Christian Zionists do in this country, and are extremely vocal stating it and use the public airwaves to express it.

      Everybody has a right to hate whomever they want. It's acting on that hatred that is prohibited. By law, here at least.

      So don't think that Jew-hater is a term of opprobrium, or that it makes a Jew-hater any more neurotic than the nutcakes that hate Muslims because they exist.

    • Good video. And so is Dickerson's longer interview with professor Leibowitz.

      MODS: your selection color--the light ochre-- is a tad too light. Please check--yes, test--reading this site on an iPad in a lit room or outside.

    • I wish Slater would reconsider his belief that 75% of the Palestinian population in the UN-designated Israeli state should have been transferred

      Which has nothing to do with Israel's genocidal activity.

    • Shmuel September 13, 2014, 2:27 pm
      The “two concepts” Schabas refers to are “genocide” and “crimes against humanity”.

      But he makes the distinction that genocide can occur during times of peace and war; crimes against humanity occur during war.

    • People should read the original UN document.

      JohannBorck is correct. Article II of the General Assembly resolution 260 (III) of 9 December 1948 (Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide) reads:

      In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

      1. Killing members of the group;
      2. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
      3. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
      4. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
      5. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

      #4 is actually what Harvard Professor Martin Kramer suggested at the Herzliya Conference in 2010.
      link to

      Article III says

      The following acts shall be punishable:

      (a) Genocide;
      (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
      (c) Direct and public incitements to commit genocide;
      (d) Attempt to commit genocide;
      (e) Complicity in genocide.

      It says nothing about numbers. Or about being as big as the Holocaust or Rwanda (presumably wiping out Amazon tribes to make way for US transnational corporate activity in the Amazon would be considered an act of genocide even if the tribal numbers were less than 500...or 15, and all of Latin America agrees with that definition).

      Article IV says

      Persons committing genocide or any of the acts enumerated in article III shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private indivduals.

      The sophistry displayed here surrounding the meaning of genocide--is it big or just little big, or maybe baby big?--is repellent, intellectual gutlessness and flaccidity on steroids.

  • Ted Cruz praises Israel and gets booed off stage at D.C. Christian conference
    • Cruz is playing to his donors, and reporters are playing to their editors. The grass roots are waaay beyond them. One woman on the Bernie Sanders video yelled "Fuck Israel" twice. I've heard it more than twice in the last eight weeks from ordinary people who don't usually say "fuck" under any polite circumstances.

  • Ohio student leader's dramatic act for Gaza
  • The real issues in the Salaita case: Palestine, neoliberalism, and the corporate university
  • Three-sentence letter to the 'NYT' results in Yale chaplain's resignation
    • Corey Robin's words come to mind:

      But today we see three developments: first, Israel and many of its defenders claim that Israel is coterminous with Jewishness — indeed, sometimes, that Israel exhausts the definition of Jewishness; second, Israel has come to be associated, in the eyes of many, with colonization, racism, occupation, population transfer/ethnic cleansing; and, third, movements against colonization, racism, occupation, and the like are considered to be honorable because those things are thought to be, like anti-Semitism itself, among the great sins of the 20th century.

      Because of these three developments, Israel has perversely made anti-Semitism into something honorable: i.e., a discourse that is not about animus toward Jews but rather about opposition to colonization, population transfer, occupation, and the like.

      Phil noted on September 3, 2014, "(No wonder The New York Times lately published a piece calling Robin one of the two best on-line journalists.)"

      Too bad that put-up punk who called for Shipman's resignation hadn't read Robin's piece. The comments weren't incendiary. What Israel did to Gaza was.

  • Salaita firing turns into a 'catastrophe' for University of Illinois
    • A new verb for our lexicon: to salait someone, to salate.

    • @Abierno,

      Smart comment, and I especially agree with your opening two sentences.

      Generous donations? The university of Illinois at Urbana has a total annual budget of 1.9 billions dollars – that someone who donates half a million can secure a named chair as well as call the shots on who is or is not allowed to teach there is unbelievable

      What Wise, Miller, and their 'ilk' don't understand is that it works both ways, as you aptly describe here:

      As we speak talented and prestigious faculty are scenting the air for other offers. No one wants to put their energies into getting a doctorate and building a solid teaching and research reputation – only to find they really work for Steve Miller and his ilk.

    • @Neil Schipper,

      These "pseudo-tweets" are witty.

    • Salon published an article yesterday called “They are intellectually underpowered and full of themselves, because they’ve been told their whole life how wonderful they are”. Subtitled: "William Deresiewicz on millennials, the meritocracy, student loans and what's wrong with the Ivy League"

      In the spring of 2008, William Deresiewicz taught his last class at Yale. In the summer of 2008, he published an essay explaining how an Ivy League education had messed up his life, and the lives of his students.

      Elite schools, Deresiewicz argued, give their students an inflated sense of self-worth. They reward perfectionism and punish rebelliousness. They funnel timid students into a handful of jobs, mostly in consulting and investment banking (and now Teach for America). For a real education, he went on to suggest, you might want to head to one of the wonkier liberal arts colleges, or to a state school.

      For those sensitive to the advantages of Deresiewicz’s pedigree (a B.A. and Ph.D. from Columbia, followed by 10 years on Yale’s English faculty), this might sound like a rarefied form of whining. But Deresiewicz’s essay took off. Then an undergraduate at Yale, I remember reading it with a quiet mix of amazement and horror. A former professor could say this stuff? About us?

      Deresiewicz has just published a book called Excellent Sheep, an enlargement of his 2008 article.

      But let me just add one more characteristic that may be the most controversial. I would also say that there’s intellectual shallowness. Which doesn’t mean these kids aren’t smart. They’re smart, and they’re very academically accomplished. But there’s a big disconnect now between being academically accomplished and being intellectual. Being intellectual means really getting into something and studying for its own sake, not “I need to get an A in this class, because it’s one of 20 things I need to do right now.”

      He eviscerates the 'meritocracy', and says that it is producing leaders who are also "excellent sheep: They’re timid; they’re risk-averse. They’re self-serving."

      Judging from Wise's fear and reaction, it would also seem to be a top-down problem.

  • British pol is beaten by man in Israeli army t-shirt, and the chattering classes are silent
  • 40 Holocaust survivors condemn 'massacre' of Palestinians, call for BDS against Israel
    • From the letter on their site:

      "We call for the full economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel. “Never again” must mean NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE!"

      That's it. This is the game-changer.

      Put this together with the New Yorker article on AIPAC released yesterday, and something has been broken.

      This is what you send to your congressmen. They're all on recess now for another few days. Send it to the local office; I doubt there are AIPAC gatekeepers in the local offices to prevent them seeing it.

      Here are the links and labels so you don't have to look them up:

      Letter printed in NYT , Sat, Aug. 23, 2014 - More than 350 Survivors and Descendants of Survivors and Victims of the Nazi Genocide Condemn Israel’s Assault on Gaza
      link to

      The New Yorker, Sept 1, 2014 - Are American Jews Turning Against AIPAC?
      link to

  • Our new look
    • You make a good point, Danaa. I've been on this site for years. Waaay before Walt and Mearsheimer published their first article in the LRB (pre-book). I was on Phil's NY Observer blog before he was fired by that shitty little putz.

      I know all the old-timers here. Sometimes, I want a couple of days to think about things WHILE I AM LIVING THE REST OF MY LIFE. I come back and replies are closed. Hunh? I don't see the reason to shut off comments when a generating post is four home screens back and no one is noticing, I remember one Christmas when Citizen and I went back and forth about the Tyendinaga Mohawk contribution to the US Constitution for days, and in the middle of the night. (This is something that JeffB is wrong about when he says that America is Protestant. The preamble to the Constitution is Indian.) Citizen thought I was nutz, so he did the google search thing for 36 hours, and we had a great conversation. This was before Google changed their algorithm drastically in Feb 2011, and you could actually find shit.

    • Restore the EDIT.function...especially for those with fat fingers who use an iPad, iPhone, or have Autocorrect on steroids that you don't see until you 'post comment''.

  • Hillary Clinton just lost the White House in Gaza -- same way she lost it in Iraq the last time
    • Hillary will fall back on her husband's lousy economic ideas the instant she's in trouble. He (Clinton) couldn't tell the difference between state and federal accounting so he allowed Lew (current Sec Treas) to pass a Balanced Budget Bill in 1997. [The state USES the currency; the federal government ISSUES the currency.] The start of the decline. The Clinton admin caused the 9/2008 crisis, delayed by the dotcom and the housing booms.

      EDIT: As Bloomberg pointed out at the time of the Clinton surplus, the last time the US federal government ran a surplus was 1921-1929. In 225 years, each federal government balanced budget or surplus has been followed by a depression. Seven times.]

    • Next prez is going to be Republican unless another up-from-nowhere Dem candidate appears. Obama has been a gigantic disappointment to the under 35-crowd, and the risk of being duped again is high. Rand Paul is a possible choice because the Ron Paulers will think (hope) they are getting his Dad, Libertarians can be persuaded that he will be the lesser of two evils, Paul Jr has been vocal in the Senate trashing Hillary for being a war hawk.

      It’s open season. I doubt Hillary is going to win. But my prediction will be online for everyone to judge.

  • Jodi Rudoren loves a winner
    • just says:
      August 22, 2014 at 11:03 pm

      Yeah. Justice Judy. Judge Jodi.

      The Catholic Church could have used her when they sought to convince the world that bitching about child abuse was anti-catholicism, attempting to delegitimize the Catholic Church.

    • It ought to be blindingly obvious that anyone calling attention to some parallels are hardly suggesting that Israel is equivalent to Nazi Germany–only idiots would think that.

      So, to make the obvious explicit, Israel is not Nazi Germany, and murder is not genocide. What a relief!

      You forgot the /sarc notice.

  • 'I mourn my Jewish community, which seeks to justify these inexcusable acts'
    • @Mooser,

      Or the Southwestern US equivalent: 'Mourn all you want; no one gives a shit about your conjured phony angst anymore'.

  • Gruesome tales surface of Israeli massacres against families in Gaza's Shujaiya neighborhood
    • I feel the same way, just. Great report, Max.

      @Phil/Scott, a suggestion:
      Get an articulate Christian Zionist to comment on their love and acceptance for Israel's wars. Have one post an article here explaining why he supports what Israel just did in Gaza. [The MW audience/readership can be convinced to be respectful.]

      You know, how about asking others the same? Especially before the Nov election. Has Eliot Engel ever written down how his great love for Israel supersedes his constituents?

  • Video: Gaza forces young Jew to overcome 'giant hostile ferocious backlash' of her community
    • @Giles

      The underlying premise we are all supposed to accept is that Jewish opinions on matter relating to Israel should carry more weight. This type of thinking needs to end.

      It will. Because that shit does need to end. Everyone's tired of it and the anti-semitism baseball bat ruining people's lives, reputations, and careers. Chosenness needs to be chastened.

    • Good piece by Margolis.

    • Made my day. Smart, clever use of the flags.

      Carey, if you're reading this, great job. Now look up Hostage's archive here and use some of his historical links and make more of these videos interspersed with bits and pieces like this info (the way you did with Ben Gurion's text and quote). Scroll down to "Section I. 'The Constitution'."

  • The Walzer Problem
    • Annie Robbins says:
      August 13, 2014 at 4:24 pm
      [. . .] back then, before the goi came out w/little graphs explaining how tunnels were allegedly built under houses, nobody mentioned, and one hardly hears it today, that hamas’ weapons and rockets were/are almost certainly underground, and israel didn’t know where they were which was why they needed the ground invasion. because bombing civilian infrastructure doesn’t damage underground storage areas. storing rockets under ground, which hamas almost certainly does, can’t be solved by a bombing campaign and israel knows that.

      Bracing. And bears repeating again and again. One of those obvious facts that we hear, get affected by, have a moment of clarity about, then forget.

  • Rania Masri gives Barack Obama a lesson on the meaning of 'barbaric'
    • @Daniel Rich

      Please do not vote for this individual [Hillary] come 2016. The outcome will be horrendous.

      Worse than that, when the pressure mounts at 3 AM, and she has to make an economic decision, she'll ask her hubby for advice, which will be deadly. Another government surplus like Bill Clinton's will cause another economic meltdown. We've had seven balanced budgets or government surpluses since the creation of the country (over 200 years) and each one was followed by a depression. The first was Andrew Jackson's balanced budget of 1836, and the surplus before Clinton was 1921-1929 (as Bloomberg noted in 1999).

      The financial crisis caused by Clinton's surplus was delayed by the dotcom and housing bubbles. Before I get raging responses, the US dollar is a closed system. If the federal government is in surplus, everyone else must be in deficit. It's simple accounting.

    • @Ageel,

      It is the work of people like you who have made us abandon the CNNs, CBSs, ABCs… in flocks.

      Ought to be carved on a rock and dropped on every broadcast news producer/editor's desk.

  • What I said to the couple holding a banner with a swastika on it
    • Me too, chocopie. This Israeli soldier said such agent provocateur behavior is commonplace even in Israel.

    • annie,

      Which Eisner followed with (meaning, followed the STOP FUNDING ISRAEL sign):

      For the first time since we moved to the neighborhood a couple of years ago, we felt uncomfortable, targeted, as people who care about Israel and as Jews.

      Though we share serious misgivings about the way the military conflict in Gaza began and is being prosecuted [Hasbara instruction to include], and we grieve for the horrendous loss of life [Hasbara instruction to include], we also believe that Israel does have a right to defend itself against a terrorizing organization that seeks its obliteration [Which it's not; witness the recent 10-point Hamas peace plan Israel blew off the table].

      She felt uncomfortable? Targeted? How does Ms. Eisner think the Palestinians feel, which the funding of Israel is causing?

      What profound gall. And even more galling is her attaching this to anything American in value. She's banking a foreign country as if it were part of the warp and woof of the United States, and expects us not only to go along with it, but to approve of their actions. Shame on her.

      EDIT: At least the German Jews had something inside their country to feel uncomfortable and targeted about. It was happening around them. This cheap shot of likening what happened inside Germany to Jews to the perfectly correct American reaction to Israeli behavior is despicable.

  • Israel, your brand is tanking
    • oldgeezer,

      The last time I looked Harper was still leading the polls. The only serious competition is Justin Trudeau (his father Pierre was PM in the early 70′s). He will win the youth vote for sure but likely won’t sweep the older groups as he’s flash without substance so far. That could change.

      Some of the older groups know what Trudeau did to get a Canadian Constitution (1983), and thereby a legacy. He destroyed the Canadian dollar when he declared the Ottawa-Cornwall Rule for energy. He allowed anyone east of Ottawa-Cornwall to buy oil on the spot market ($55+/barrel in those days) and everyone west of Ottawa-Cornwall had to buy at a "Made-In-Canada" price of $16/barrel from Alberta. Problem was that Alberta oil cost $24/barrel to produce--even though it is highly concentrated and makes more than 3X gas from one barrel at the refinery as a result--and the producers couldn't make any money, so they left. The producers were basically American. Further, the shortfall in Quebec for daily oil was around 225,000 barrels/day. At 225,000 X $55, that cost came out of General Revenue. It was around $12,375,000/day. It destroyed Canada's economy, and threw the dollar under the global bus. Trudeau did it to bring the provinces to heel, impoverish them, to accept his idea of a Constitution in 1983.

      I know all this because I got it from the insiders at the time; namely, Mitchell Sharp.

      Pierre Trudeau was cunning, cruel, and cultured. He was also cheap, and prided himself on that (with schticks like not wearing a coat when it was -20F). His son may be cultured, but he does not have his father's intelligence. The youth of Canada vote for him at their peril. Pierre Trudeau caused great recessions in the west and the far eastern provinces for his own glory. The eastern provinces have never recovered from it. The price of oil falling below $10/barrel in 1990 helped the west.

      Trudeau Père’s other fault was in not understanding how a sovereign non-convertible currency (meaning not convertible into metal) with a floating exchange rate worked. When you have a sovereign non-convertible currency, the only entity—and I mean the only entity—that can add new financial assets to the economy is the federal government. Therefore, the government must spend; it must run a deficit when the economy is bad. Why? Because countries with a sovereign non-convertible currency with a floating exchange rate create their own money. That allows them to buy goods and services in their own currency and give people jobs without borrowing from other countries. Even though they call it “debt” (as an accounting term), it is in fact not debt to its citizens. No different than the USA, although no one understands it down here either. Everyone I talk to still thinks taxes create revenue, which is like kids believing in Santa Claus: can’t convince them otherwise.

    • Shingo,

      What is your feeling about Harper’s chances of getting re-elected?

      No idea. Are they having an election? I'll keep my ear to the ground here, and let you know. ;-)

    • just says:
      Israel has delegitimized itself…I hope that DC gets the message before it’s too late.

      Oh no, darlin'. No. No. No. I hope DC stays dumb because they will hasten the delegitimization of Israel through their ignorance of what regular folk are thinking. By then it will be too late to convince the American people. And their standing in Congress will be cooked. How are they going to back-pedal? Israel has lost the ordinary people of this country (US).

      I'm in Calgary AB Canada right now. I've been listening to the hippest rock station for kids. The derision for Ezra Levant, a previous Calgary announcer (now in Toronto), who is a pro-Israel activist bordering on JDL, is palpable. It was barely concealed hatred for the man and his violent prognostications, which surprised me. This station's audience is the 18-24 crowd. Levant wants the Calgary police chief to post pictures from a pro-Palestine rally held at City Hall two weeks ago "posted on social media” so they [meaning Levant, et al] can "identify" the perps, as he said on replay. As the people who told me about this said, 'Yeah, so Levant and his buddies can kill them’. Most Calgarians don’t know his buddies are the JDL, based out of Toronto after the US kicked them out as terrorists over 20 years ago.

      Apparently, violence broke out at the Pro-Palestinian rally, and some wound up in hospital. Levant is denigrating the Calgary police force in the strongest language possible from his perch at SUN Media in Toronto; this does not sit well with Calgary, the richest city in Canada. The Calgarians I spoke to are saying that it was an extremist pro-Israel group that started the fights. The female anchor on the rock radio station interviewed the deputy police chief who said that the investigation is proceeding at the pace their investigations always do, and that Levant can just wait. She then said that pro-Palestinians have as much right to demonstrate for what they believe in as Ezra Levant does.

      In the replay I listened to, Levant was screaming that Jews aren’t safe in Calgary, and the police chief doesn’t care about them. “Canada is not Gaza” he yelled, “you have to protect the Jews." Calgary has a per capita income of $91,000—the largest in Canada--and a prominent Jewish community. They’re safer here than 59th and Sixth.

      Levant held a pro-Israel rally at Calgary City Hall last Thursday (July 31). He came out from Toronto for it. SUN Media, owned by a prominent Jewish family, gave him a rousing review. I was in the area. There was a biblical-strength thunder and lightning storm over City Hall as Levant was speaking. SUN reported 900 people there. I doubt it. None of the pictures show umbrellas. And it was raining like an upside-down bathtub.

  • What Jim Fallows and I saw
    • Danaa wrote:

      the wholesale slaughter of children is something jewish people could easily go along with, if they think it benefits them?

      Yes, it appears so. If it's 'good for the Jews', genocide is hunky-dorey. Enlarge it. Although published in The Times of Israel, it came out of an upstate New York Jewish paper. 'Natch it's been taken down to avoid controversy, but the message has been sent.

      American wrote:

      he [MJ Rosenberg] is also admitting that its not ‘just Jews” the world doesnt or didnt care saving, the world isnt saving the Palestines either even though they are seeing the horror as it takes place.

      Great observation. Let's see if the reality of that really sinks in.

    • This time is different. Israel has lost the people of the US and Canada this time. No, not the Christian Zios, not the Israel fundies that bark the loudest, nor the media bigwigs who cringe in fear for their jobs because a high monthly nut makes them spineless, but the regular schmoe. I'm traveling now and I'm hearing it.

      It's disgust.

  • Remnick gets the timeline wrong
    • Max Blumenthal covers how they knew here: "Netanyahu government knew teens were dead as it whipped up racist frenzy".

      Everyone is overlooking--including Max--this critical piece of the timeline: the senseless and needless killing of two Palestinian boys on May 15, 2014 caught on film by CNN, which puts a lie to Israel's claim that they were using rubber bullets or blanks. Military experts examining the outtakes saw the soldier load the red-painted magazine that indicates he was using live bullets, and wilfully used them. Watch

  • Video: Mark Regev, deciphered
  • Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says president of NY Board of Rabbis
    • I agree too, Dan Crowther. "Kiss my ass with the 'Putin as Stalin' BS." We should be so lucky to have a prez as smart as Putin. He's got a PhD, and he can run rings around the sorry group in DC for genuine strategy. He's 10 moves ahead of Obama, who has zero clue that he's making the same mistake that Britain made before it lost reserve currency status.

      [I am now deeply embarrassed that I campaigned for Obama 22 hours a day for 1.5 years. His judgment is absolutely sub-standard.]

  • Amira Hass and the end of Jewish ethical history
    • When the end of the Israeli-Palestinians disputations finally arrives all will be forgiven on the international front.

      What international front? You talking about the people of the world? The 7 billion Gentiles who have already begun to place worldwide Jews (the worldwide citizens of Israel) in harem in the back of their minds, which the majority from developed countries don't do lightly. [You need to be a Gentile to know the code.]

      You think this vaunted pump-ass country can survive apartheid and killer colonization because of its 'power'? Interesting.

  • Israeli embassy puts Mona Lisa in a hijab -- 'Israel now, Paris next'
    • From with their emphasis maintained:

      About an hour ago I copied a piece from NBCNEWS to later use it as part of a (different) blogpost. It was headlined: Strikes Near Gaza's Shifa Hospital, Refugee Camp Kill or Hurt 30 (emphasis added)

      Israeli strikes hit within yards of Gaza's main hospital as well as at a refugee camp on Monday, leaving at least 30 dead and wounded.
      The explosion near Shifa Hospital around 5 p.m. local time (10 a.m. ET) caused some damage to the outpatient clinic, according to witnesses including an NBC News crew on the ground in the area. There was no immediate confirmation of deaths or injuries.

      Another strike occurred at the Al-Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza. At least 30 dead and wounded were brought to Shifa Hospital in ambulances, civilian cars and on motorcycles. A NBC News team in the area said the strikes were in "close succession."

      The Israel Defense Forces told Haaretz that a “preliminary investigation has found the Israeli army did not fire at the Shifa Hospital, and the fire is believed to have been Hamas.” The IDF could not immediately be reached to clarify that account on Monday. However, a NBC News journalist witnessed the attack on the hospital and said it had been fired by an Israeli drone.

      Then Israel and NBC changed it to read

      The Israeli military denied reports its forces were responsible for the strikes, saying they were the result of rockets misfired by Palestinian militants.

    • Israel is claiming it was a Hamas rocket that fell short on it,s way to Israel.

      Then, how come the Hamas rockets don't do that kind of damage in Israel?

    • Colonel Lang described their 'advanced military' recently as no more advanced than a SWAT team, and undisciplined (as their behavior in Gaza shows, he says) because of the lack of an adequate officer corps of experienced full-time soldiers and leaders in their late 30s+and older, and who aren't simply call-up reservists. He oughta' know. He had to interact with their advanced military for 10 years.

    • Or read this:
      "Israel: Mythologizing a 20th Century Accident"
      by Gabriel Kolko
      link to

  • Hasbarah Bingo
  • (Updated) In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza
    • Amazing series of photos.

    • annie, also watch this:

    • Well, I'm late to the party. It was two days ago. link to

    • @Ramzi Jaber,

      but first a moment of silence to all the brave Palestinians who lost their lives


      All I see is Israel saying they are going for broke to get the Palestinians to leave the land and then they can take it all. I see nothing else. Only this time they don't care what the world thinks. They think they can rationalize afterwards, and we will eventually forgive them. I think the consequences over time are going to be different this time.

    • Phil, just heard your comments on NPR. Nice measured job. Loved the tag line about how the narrative has changed from 1967, how now the narrative is occupation, and the tease of You know what journalists do when they encounter a new narrative. Good tone.

  • Dr. Kristol's curriculum: US 'special responsibilities' include 'ancient longings' of Jewish nationalists
    • James Canning (and annie and Phil)

      Watch this: "An Israeli Soldier's Story - Eran Efrati"
      link to

      Phil, you wrote about Eran Efrati on July 12, 2014. The video above is Eran Efrati in Denver and he knocks it out of the park. You need to headline it. Nothing could be more timely.

    • Kristol can wax as lyrical as he wants about about nation states and Israel's romantic claim to one, but he gets America wrong. We're not a democracy. We're a republic. And the operative definition of a republic is a nation of laws. That provides the ostensible justice. That provides the ostensible human rights. That provides the ostensible ideals of liberty and rights. Not his verkakte nanny-gun concept of a bully on the block that Israel can say it's emulating.

    • Well, James Canning, we've long known around here that we went to war to protect Israel because Zelikow said it. This is from a Cedar City, Utah newspaper article that has been wiped from the web (of course). The reporter was interviewing Senator Orrin Hatch who intimated that the war was for Israel. Here's the dead link: link to

      When Sen. Orrin Hatch stopped by The Spectrum offices last week,
      there was something he said that I've been wanting to hear for the last year.

      "The war? Let's be honest about it. ... I was asked how long I thought we'd be in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I said at least 10 years," Hatch said, [...] we can't walk out now because we have commitments to Israel." [...]

      According to a report by the Inter Press Service, a member of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, Philip D. Zelikow, said the Iraq war had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction, the main reason cited to go to war. IPS said Zelikow told a crowd at the University of Virginia on Sept. 10, 2002:

      "Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us? I'll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been since 1990 - it's the threat against Israel.

      "And this is the threat that dare not speak its name, because the Europeans don't care deeply about that threat, I will tell you frankly. And the American government doesn't want to lean too hard on it rhetorically, because it is not a popular sell," said Zelikow.

      Yeah, who's doing the 'selling'? From the same article:

      But if you want to know the real reason behind the Iraqi war, it
      was the pro-Israel, neo-conservative influence of the Bush administration that lobbied for invasion of its [Israel's] primary regional enemy.

      Former Sen. Ernest Hollings, D-S.C., acknowledged that sentiment in May 2004 when he said the U.S. invaded Iraq "to secure Israel" in several published accounts.

      As for NCINA's ridick response, Israel benefits by selling us needless hyped security and defense systems, using the cover of war to build more settlements, and training our Canadian and Mexican border patrol and supposed local peace officers to act like the IDF are acting in Gaza right now. You've peddled and sprayed your Sparta shit all over this country, and that was planned from at least the day Philip Zelikow's article appeared in Foreign Affairs, Nov-Dec 1998, Catastrophic Terrorism: Imagining the Transformative Event. (Which of course he subsequently chaired as top commissioner six years later.) You may think you're getting away with it now, but history is not going to be kind to your ilk.

  • 'Israel is wrong by any moral standard' -- Robinson says, as US media pile up
    • (The threat with congressmen is to tell them they will be 'primaried'.)

      Write Glenn Beck. Write Rush Limbaugh. Write every right-wing radio personality you know. (I only know these two.) I've done it. Numbers matter. Frankly, Glenn Beck counts outside NYC and DC, whether you like it or not.

      EDIT: here is John Hagee's phone number in the US: 1-800-854-9899

      Canada and the UK are here: link to

    • Israel is getting away with this because the American people and media are afraid to speak up. An all-out angry roar from this country could stop this in one day.

      We--me and everyone reading this--are to blame for this. [Call your elected officials and fill out the feedback forms of your local papers, the new nationals (NYT & WashPo), and NPR. 15 minutes out of your unbombed life.]

  • Avishai says we misrepresented his views
  • On ‘Death to Arabs’ in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv
    • I chose to give a message of hope, trusting that the idea of something beautiful is sometimes more important than the horrific truth.

      Choose truth next time, although this was a good start.

  • It's time for liberal Jewish bodies to take a stand
    • Substitute what Netanyahu wants in this phrase, and the logic becomes laughable.

      If Israel is to survive as a liberal, democratic nation


      If the Jewish State is to survive as a liberal, democratic nation

    • It’s time for liberal Jewish bodies to take a stand

      Fat chance.

  • 'Heartbreaking' is U.S. government's talking point for Gaza massacre
  • Dear American media, I’m asking you to simply tell what’s happening in Gaza
  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
    • There's one other thing to add to the concern of internet youth (Millennials). Mega-advertising co. McCann-Erickson did a two-year global study of their clients' future customers. It was in their direct financial interest to do so. Surveyed 400,000 kids in 110 countries where McCann has offices. Held hundreds of focus groups in the more populous countries.

      What they found out genuinely shocked the older guys; they didn't see it coming. More than talking to their friends, more than community, more than digital inventions, more than all the youthful ideals of fighting poverty and war or making money, more than anything, and by a large margin, significant enough for McCann-Erickson to change their entire global strategy internally--check it out--was the Truth.

      You lie, you lose. The new young editors coming up resonate with that. They know no one cares about you protecting your ideological, religious, or financial ass, when what you are doing is harming people, or making excuses for people who do.

      EDIT: IMO, that's why newspapers have lost their appeal. These kids still read special interest magazines; it isn't the paper they reject. It's the lies.

    • And don't forget to take the editors of internet news orgs and blogs to task for yellow journalism. Scream at them calmly and briefly for fomenting what isn't there (Russia) and is despicably slanted (I/P).

  • Video: Outraged constituents confront CT Senator Chris Murphy over support for Gaza attack
  • On the defensive, Barney Frank accuses Clemons and Kornacki of ganging up on him, and Israel
  • Mr. Obama, spend one night with us in Shifa hospital, it would change history
  • Sullivan and Leveretts throw in the towel on two-state solution
    • @RoHa,

      Does that mean you're available as an editor?

    • Its been a terrible week. As I walked by the office tv today I heard the 200th Palestinian has been killed. . . . I do support a state where Jews are safe and equal but not at the expense of anyone else least of all people whose families have been living there from time immemorial.

      I haven't seen you support anything of the kind on this board.

    • The only possible solution is two states.

      Oh yeah? You're not helping that.

    • When they become convinced that Jews are safe in the world and in Israel (or whatever it eventually becomes) regardless of the demography.

      That may be an impossible task (because the fear is both rational and irrational and the fear is also a pretext for those whose ideology depends on it).

      Since when does the life of a Jew become more valuable than anyone else's?

      Why should 2014-World buy that shit?

    • STFU yonah. The Leveretts are American heroes.

    • In other words, ritzl, anti-semitism is on the horizon because of Israel's actions, although not the classical variety which is that you're hated just because you exist as a Jew. That died. That's dead. But Jews in Israel are going to be reviled for their actions and choices; however, Diaspora Jews don't necessarily need to be caught up in that dragnet if they don't support the rabid flock in Israel.

      Is that what you're saying?

  • Soul-crushing video shows Gaza father unable to accept his little boy's killing
  • Terrifying tweets of pre-Army Israeli teens
    • "That is the Jew haters who you can detect by their use of the word goyim."

      Give your hyperventilating a break. And who made you the global cruise editor? The word goyim courses through Manhattan speech from Jews and non-Jews like the traffic.

      And now you've added A Light Among Nations? Apart from the obvious sarcasm James North was employing in his use of Israel's pat metaphor for decades, are you frickin' kidding me? What do you want? Verisimilitude? "A Bomb Among Nations." Or better yet, "A Boo-Boo Among Nations." Or, Biach.

    • All Kardashian wannabees.

    • "Outside the US, Israel is now held in contempt by most nations and people in the world, and their image in the US is on the slide too."

      Americans globally are being held in contempt for backing Israel as well. I'm hearing that our neighbors to the north are experiencing disgust with both countries, and wondering why Harper is going along with it.

  • White House says US can't stop 'tsunami' of boycott and isolation if Israel won't end 'occupations'
    • Hardtalk on BBC radio punched it to Dore Gold last night, who gave it his harbara best.

      Everyone I talk to is fed up with and tired of Israel. It's Dennis The Menace of nations with guns and bombs.

    • Paving way for US not to veto settlements resolution in UNSC

      Then cutting the dough next January.

    • The essence of dramatic tragedy is self-realization and awareness of the role and decision you played in what happened to you.

      (The essence of dramatic melodrama is always blaming the Other, while you remain whole and blameless. Also how comedy works, chiefly.)

  • Contradicting Israeli officials, family of Tarek Abu Khdeir says he was attacked while in uncle's Jerusalem backyard
  • Beating of Florida teen in Jerusalem is getting attention in U.S.
    • I'm in shock, annie. Really. This is so barbaric. We have to preserve this evidence, even if you give a warning about how bad it is.

    • @Abierno,

      Let me get this straight: they forced this kid to drink gasoline, doused him on the outside of this body, then set him on fire?

      Is that right?

      You have a link to the autopsy photos?

    • @LuLu,

      (I NEVER voted in my life nor will I, they all lie)

      Then write in someone's name. But vote. At least your vote contributes to a smaller percentage of the gross for the winner. Stop thinking that you're so small that you don't matter. You do.

  • Chomsky supports portions of BDS agenda, but faults others, citing realism and int'l consensus
  • 'I was a Zionist till I was 64. I want to hit myself'
  • Young Jew seeks to prepares his community for heretical & inevitable-- end of Jewish state
  • Jeffrey Goldberg leads the charge on latest BDS smear: Presbyterian Church divestment is anti-Semitic because David Duke supports it
    • @Ron Edwards

      the oh-how-hostile hurty-feels game

      Nailed that.

    • Richard Wagner expressed antisemitism in his writings declaring certain composers Germans and others as foreigners. Included in the foreigners were Jews.

      No different than what Israelis do to Palestinians.

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