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  • Inside a CUFI Summit: Christian Zionists dance the hora and prepare for end times in Washington DC
    • God, it's painful to read their virtual reality. I'm visiting relatives right now who hold the same views.

      But the article is a keeper, Ben, for when I see the crack in their darkness.

  • It's time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped
    • Avigail, do more of these.

    • Real Jews obey the Ten Commandments. All of them.

      Just soared from there, RHE.

    • the positive social experiences they had in the proximity to a flag of Israel

      Sounds kinky.

    • @Bornajoo,

      OT. Re: Bob Dylan, you might enjoy the documentary "Searching for Sugar Man." It's on Netflix, and it's wonderful. I watched it twice. The Chairman of Motown Records called Sugar Man (Rodriguez) one of the five greatest artists he ever worked with, and put him above Dylan. The story is really crazy, with unbelievable twists, but heartening in the end. No one in the US knows who he is, but he sold more records in South Africa for 25 years than Elvis Presley and The Beatles combined. And Rodriguez never knew it until just before the turn of the 21st C.

    • @Avigail,

      This fellow Jew agrees with you. It should interest you. His bonafides are at the top of the hour. it is more than the title. Feb., 2015.
      "Jeff Gates - How the Israel Lobby Took Control of U.S. Foreign Policy and Public Opinion"
      link to

  • Curtis Sliwa says opposition to Iran deal needs more 'righteous gentiles'
    • THANK YOU, BOO. He was past his due date over 25 years ago. Is he still riding around pretending to know what's going on in his red Che Guevera hat? Jesus, he's a 70-year-old in a girdle still thinking he can hook.

  • 'If we don't take out Iran,' it will reenact the Holocaust in US and Israel -- Steven Emerson to Times Square rally
    • Keith, Escobar is correct.

      “The EU, under Washington’s thumb, ignored him.”

      As for this,

      Even though you have expressed the opinion that global warming is a hoax

      Please use my archives to show where I've stated that it's a hoax. I, like any sentient being, would want to know if we're going to freeze or fry. I am, by nature, however, circumspect. I want scientific proof of it, not news releases mangled according to the perceptions of a PR office. Let me assure you, I probably read more source scientific papers on any given day than you do.

      The satellite records since 1979, what is normally called the historical record these days, do not show a "serious threat to life." If I am mistaken, please enlighten me. As a matter of fact, I am willing to go out on a limb and state that by 2018 we will see the PDO and AMO both negative. We will be in the beginning of a global cooling cycle that will have grave economic consequences for the world. Just last week, the Royal Astronomical Society printed this in Science Daily. “Solar activity predicted to fall 60% in 2030s, to 'mini ice age' levels: Sun driven by double dynamo.” So you are behind the eight-ball.

      As for this, as well

      No, MRW, the planet has not been cooling since 1998.

      That's where you are mistaken (and please don't bring up the recent controversial Karl, et al report on how NOAA adjusted the weather temps for the first half of the 20th C to make the last half seem warmer. Unacceptable).

      Since I know you are not going to bother reading the link anyway, I will simply link to Dr. Judith Curry's report on the IPCC's establishment of "the hiatus" since 1998 for anyone else who is interested here. Curry referenced the most recent IPCC AR5 WGI report. Curry is the former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology--one of the most highly respected climate science departments in the world-- and a climatologist. You don't have her credentials, knowledge, or gravitas.
      link to

    • Wow, Keith, Escobar's reporting went right over your head. You sound like the arrogant British pundits in the 1930s who sneered at a possible US power emerging.

      Years ago, Vladimir Putin suggested that there could be a “Greater Europe” stretching from Lisbon, Portugal, on the Atlantic to the Russian city of Vladivostok on the Pacific. The EU, under Washington’s thumb, ignored him.

      One of the great strategic mistakes the Bush admin, and subsequent Obama admin, ever made.

      True that at present the daily trading in USD treasury securities constitute 60% of the world's activity. But the US as host violated the spirt of the reserve currency and used the fact that no USDs can legally leave the US banking system—all foreign banks with USD accounts are at the NY Federal Reserve—to violate the condition that the reserve currency government would not interfere in a sovereign nation's funds denominated in the reserve currency.

      Why would the “New Silk Road” be an environmental disaster? Do you think the Chinese incapable of huge public works?

    • That's a keeper of a quote.

    • ‘Oldest’ Koran fragments found in Birmingham University

      That doesn't surprise me. Monks and scribes made pilgrimages to Cordoba, Spain, the hub of Islamic science and culture, starting from the 9th up to 15th C's, bringing back translations of Islamic science, mathematics, astronomy, jurisprudence, and medicine to the Dark Ages of Europe.

      Robert Briffault catalogued all this in his 1919 book, The Making of Humanity. So did Joseph McCabe in 1936. Forget the name of his book, and not going to look it up.

      Modern operating rooms —today—still use Islamic medical tools. Some of their late-800-900 AD eye surgery techniques and tools are still in use today. Ditto algebra, calculus, and trig. They created the "scientific method," and double-entry accounting. The first certified economist was Ibn Khaldun, who was also the father of historiography, according to Alfred Toynbee who sung his praises, and also the father of the study of Social Sciences.

      Everyone flocked to the golden city of Cordoba (aka Cordova) to partake of its intellectual riches. Luca Pacioli, a great friend of Leonardo Da Vinci and often called the father of double-entry accounting—he wasn't—brought back troves of translated documents on flight, mathematics, and astronomy which he gave to Da Vinci and Copernicus, who came to Rome in the late 1400s. Copernicus used those docs to advance a heliocentric view of the world, but it was long known in Cordoba that Islamic scientists scoffed for centuries at the Catholic Ptolemaic view of the heavens.

      Briffault said that these translated documents are buried in churches, synagogues, and universities all over Europe, along with their personal records of their journeys to Cordoba, which is how we know of them.

    • Not to mention that he is a crook. Read the Religion Editor for The Tennessean Bob Smietana's investigative series uncovering Steve Emerson's Islamaphobia org, among others:
      Anti-Muslim crusaders make millions spreading fear

    • @Maximus Decimus Meridius,

      It’s just been unanimously approved by the EU AND by the UN. It is happening. . . . It says a lot about the mentality of certain USAmericans that they think that some red-necked senator can veto a deal reached together with the likes of China, Germany and the UK. . . . it is in no way binding on the other countries who have signed up to it.

      Not to mention that foreign policy is, per the Constitution, the exclusive purview of the HEAD OF STATE, and has nothing to do with Congress--the domestic government--unless the agreement is a treaty, in which case 2/3 of the Senate has to approve, not the House of Representatives. Ah, the great uneducated in this country, starting with the over-priced help on national broadcasting stations who lack the brains or knowledge to point this out.

      As I understand it, under the US Constitution, Congress cannot dictate to the Head of State (the President's exclusive 'hat') without a change to the Constitution disrupting the Separation of Powers.

      In fact, they would be thrilled – if Americans want to opt out

      America would be reduced to a toothless non-entity in the eyes of the world. Its presidency—because we are one of the few countries in which the head of government is also head of state—diminished to a laughing stock.

    • Iran has attacked no-one for more than a century

      More than that. Not since 1798.

  • Netanyahu bluffed an attack on Iran, and Jeffrey Goldberg helped out
  • If Americans support Iran deal, 56-37, what gives Israel the power to 'croak' it?
    • And all he got was that lousy cardboard bomb

      And that red-tipped cock-cover bomb, if I remember Katie's cartoon correctly.

    • Worth watching. Starts around 8 minutes in. Homepage. So if you're going to watch it, do so before the weekend. Date is 7/17/15.

      Zuckerman does not come off well. He sounds like what happens when you 'wake the up the grandparents from their afternoon nap and scare the shit out of them'.

    • Furthermore, I am not at all sure that most Americans are so opposed to the army getting involved in foreign wars as you make it sound.

      Ah so, Don Quixote.

    • @catalan,

      You're wrong when it involves more US human treasure killed or maimed on the battlefield for a threat that isn't our own.

      If the pro-Israeli crowd squirrel this deal and invoke another war in ME, the gloves will come off the non-Jewish Americans not allowed to enter this debate, not even allowed to be heard. Military personnel, for example, are now more than aware that the Iraq War was for Israel. The 'fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you' rule applies.

      There's a reason why Jews were kicked out of many countries over the centuries, and it wasn't because of their religion. It was because, as a concentrated group (a highly educated and wealthy group, unlike those still living in shtetls), they pulled shit like this threatening the national interest of the ruler and its people. That's why England did it back in the 13th C. Spain in 1492 was a noticeable exception, but Queen Isabella only did it after kicking out the Muslims the decade before and because she wanted the Pope to move to Spain...and from her 'magnanimous' perspective, she gave them a choice of becoming Christian and sticking around.

      You write, "Jews barely register at the big level." They will if this gets shut down by these rabid Jewish groups and Israel. How long do you think these aforementioned groups that don't mention Israel will be able to keep it hidden in the media wake that follows?

      Furthermore, the outrage of losing this deal will be global. You think European newspapers won't be writing about this? Chinese and Russian papers? Spain and England? The US will become an international pariah, seen as absolutely untrustworthy in every foreign policy venture going forward. Disgraced. And the European companies chomping at the bit to do business with Iran right now are going to ignore the sanctions and say fuck you to the US.

      There are extreme consequences to this that you obviously cannot see. This is 2015. The consequences of Israel's actions are something it cannot control; consequences are always a temper of the times. This isn't 1945, or 1985. This world is changing drastically: gay marriage, Latinos the largest ethnic group in the US, Asians the fastest growing immigrant group. Those are votes, and the latter two groups do not want to send their kids to war; they are family-oriented cultures, killing their kids for nothing will be proudly dealt with at the voting booth no matter how much money Adelson throws at his paid minions. Romney learned that lesson in 2012.

      So think again. You haven't heard from the 97.8%. Yet.

  • Israel's real fear about the Iran deal: It puts pressure on the occupation
    • I mixed up the last two links in my reply to Hophmi about Iran (some cut-and-paste thing, and because both stories appear to be the same. I dunno'.)

      Here they are, for the record:

      "AP report: Iran's Jewish population finds new acceptance by officials"
      link to

      "In Iran, Mideast's largest Jewish population outside Israel finds new acceptance by officials"
      link to

    • @hophmi, July 20, 2015, 12:53 pm

      I don't know what hole you pull things out of, but you need to be corrected for the record.

      Jews in Iran are subject to sharia law, and unable to hold senior leadership positions.

      No. You're wrong. Iran’s sole Jewish lawmaker heads to UN with president.

      This is just conjecture on your part.

      The 20,000 figure may not be accurate either. According to 2012 census, there are around 8700 Jews left in Iran.

      Wrong again. An estimated 20,000 Jews in Iran. From November, 2014: AP report: Iran's Jewish population finds new acceptance by officials. "Those taking part in the recent Yazd pilgrimage to the tomb of a famed Jewish scholar, however, praised the Iranian government's new outreach. "We've gathered here to pray and celebrate our Jewishness," Kohan said. "We are proud that we freely practice our religion.”

      Making this up as you go along, automatic victimhood:

      It is beyond dispute that Jews in Iran are at best second-class citizens, though they fare much better than the Ba’hai, who are not recognized as a minority faith.

      From the same World Jewish Congress article (AP) I just linked to: "We were fearful in the 1980s. We were feeling the pressure. Now, we are not concerned anymore. We feel secure and enjoy freedoms," said Mahvash Kohan, a female Jewish pilgrim who came to Yazd from Shiraz. "In the past, Israel and others were providing incentives such as housing that lured some Jews. Now, it's not like that. And Iranian Jews have better living and working conditions in Iran. So, no one is willing to leave now."

    • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad held an entire conference dedicated to Holocaust denial. The regime hasn’t disavowed those views; they’ve affirmed them. So I think I’m on solid ground here when I say that the regime is antisemitic.

      No, you're not. You're out to lunch. Ahmadinejad DID NOT have a conference dedicated to Holocaust denial. He had a Holocaust conference, and guess who showed up? Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis from the US, Brooklyn specifically.

      So park it, bub. You think we're idiots or misinformed. STFU.

  • The people love the Iran deal -- to judge from 'NYT' letters
    • Since we are 18 trillion dollars in debt, I support suspending all 80 billion of foreign aid and applying the money towards the debt. Let’s leave humantarian assistance to individuals, since as a government we are, well, basically broke.

      What a crock. The US federal government is not $18 trillion in debt. The "National Debt" is also known as "Debt Held by the Public." When you're talking about US dollars, the creation of USD by the federal government is recorded (after the fact) on the double-entry ledger sheet on the right-hand-side in the Liabilities column because what they were created for is recorded on the left-hand-side in Assets. It is accounting shorthand to call liabilities "debt." But the federal government "debt" is not the same as non-federal government "debt," because the latter have to earn USD; they can't create them.

      That $18 trillion is in everyone's USD bank accounts.

      How can a government that issues its own currency go broke if individuals have dollars in their pocket? Where did those USD come from? Mars? Some factory in downtown China? You're not making any sense.

  • CT bus ads feature longstanding plan to 'abolish partition'
  • 'If you challenge Israel’s security, you challenge America’s security. Plain and simple' -- Clinton
    • Her husband caused the Great Recession of 2008 with his economic policies. In a bind, as President of the USA. she would call upon her husband for economic advice. That is reason enough, IMHO, not to elect her. She does not know the basics.

      She is not an independent thinker and she has zero understanding of how federal accounting works.

  • Oren's memoir reveals Israel's elite is hyper-sensitive to U.S. criticism
    • The connections to Eretz Yisrael were always there, part of the Jewish DNA, so to speak.. The modern political movement arose when conditions were ripe, and built on those historic and religious ties.

      Then why did Herzl first suggest taking over Uganda as the Jewish State in the late 1800s?

    • Simon said during the 60 Minutes show that Israel tried to prevent its airing.

    • hophmi,

      Simon reported on Christians in Gaza. I saw that 60 Minutes show.

    • I agree with Scott, James. I know I won't have time to read the book, and your account of it is fascinating. Thx.

  • Oren's criticism of US Jews earns his book five thumbs down: 'slinky,' 'self-aggrandizing,' 'twists reality'
    • Traditionally world Jewry outside of Israel was referred to as the Golus, or the Galut, meaning the exile.

      Since 1948, you mean. Because Israel didn't exist before then.

  • 'Jewish cow' is udderly superior to all other cows in the world, Netanyahu says
  • When will justice's 'thunderbolt' come for Palestine?
    • Primarily, following MLK, black people`s struggle for rights in the US was nonviolent.

      Wrong. MLK had nothing to do with it. It was Ella Baker, who was born 23 years before MLK and had already established non-violence. As Baker said, "The movement made Martin. Martin didn't make the movement."

      Coretta King, MLK's wife, created the MLK myth after he died. He was a great orator. He was neither the powerhouse nor the engine behind the civil rights movement, and neither were Jews, btw. It was Ella Baker, Septima Clark, and one other woman. Unbekownst to everyone, Rosa Parks' boss at the NAACP was Ella Baker. It was Baker who taught Parks to use nonviolent protest, and that led to the famous bus event. No one gives Baker any credit because she was a woman and women didn't get a smidgen of respect in the 50s.

  • 'Obama coffee' is black and weak -- racist tweet from wife of Israel's vice premier
  • 'Fresh Air' turns a critique of the occupation into an Oedipal issue
    • The problem, as I see it, is that Terry Gross has become tedious, and it is very difficult for longtime NPR listeners like me who remember the flap from Jewish donors in 2002/2003 over the Israeli/Palestine coverage to forget how NPR was cowed into shutting up.

      Sure there are some excellent interviews. Every once in a while; as much a symptom of the quality of the guest than anything else . But Gross does NOT have the snap and vigor of the two who interview on CBC's As It Happens, where they ask probing questions and let the interviewee answer fully, sometimes with stupendously controversial statements. The woman is better than the man. (This was the show that Barbara Frum starred in. What's her son's name? David?) Granted, the As It Happens team does news stories two or three days, sometimes a week, after the fact and probe the details. But sometimes they do living legends. Their skill is exemplary. And they're on air every day for three hours. Frank Mankiewicz copied CBC when he created NPR. He told me that directly in 1980, and his VP told me that in 1979.

      I used to like Gross. But now she talks down to her listeners. She thinks we don't read, or have as much info as she has. So when we get annoyed and write the NPR ombudsman and complain that they are committing wild sins of omission particularly in their IP coverage and we get ignored because they are afraid of their donors, then, yes, people biotch.

      I found the interview of Gross with some guy recently, whose name I don't remember, to be entirely engaging. But she has editorial shackles on her now than make her mundane. And yes, tedious.

  • Obscure Netanyahu minister emerges as unsung international hero in latest 'NYT' report
    • What a crock. I remember those days well. So Steinitz thinks he came up with the idea after the August 21 attacks? Like Lavrov and Putin hadn't mentioned that the UN could take possession of the CWs before then, and the G-20 wasn't in the works? As Reuters wrote at the time "The deaths occurred three days after the arrival of a 20-member United Nations chemical weapons inspection team that the Syrian government had blocked for months. And it unfolded a mere fifteen minute drive from where the U.N. team was staying."

      Remember that? But Steinetz knew that it was Assad who did it, and he and his team had proof.


      EDIT: Don't forget that the American people revolted starting Tuesday, August 27-31, and Obama had to announce on September 1 that he was throwing it to Congress. Israel/AIPAC did not want that because a full congressional vote would be precedent for an Iran attack.

    • Not to mention Lebensraum, Israel's modus operandi.

  • 'Washington Post' runs letters explaining why BDS is not anti-Semitic
  • It's the borders, stupid (forget the BDS hysteria)
  • Munayyer-Beinart debate revealed toothless sentimentalism of liberal Zionism
    • He [Beinart] denounced the occupation while rejecting full right-of-return on the grounds that “refugees around the world do not have the right to return simply at will…my grandmother who was born in Alexandria, Egypt does not have the right to return to Egypt.”

      Ah, the irony. The entire argument for Israel is the right-of-return after 2,000 years.

  • 'You have dual citizenship with Israel' -- NPR host hits Sanders with internet canard
    • annie

      i don’t know much about bernie sanders but nothing about him strikes me as presidential

      Sanders put the brilliant Stephanie Kelton in as Senate Chief Economist last January when Sanders took over as the Democratic head of the Senate Budget Committee. I will overlook his reported verkaktah generational Izzy-love for that smart move. If he were elected and she became Treasury Secretary, life for average Americans in this country would change overnight. OK. Three to six months.

      There's one thing you can say about him: he's battle-worn. He understands how Congress works (16 years in the house as an outlier, eight years in the Senate). He's scrappy. And he's married to a nice Irish girl. ;-)

      You're right though. He doesn't appear presidential. When he first ran for office back in 1972, he lost everything. Then he ran for mayor in the early 1980s, using a credit card to fund his campaign. Beat the incumbent. He's the little engine that could. Lincoln lost every election except the presidency, IIRC.

      EDIT: as Colonel Pat Lang wrote recently when he endorsed Bernie Sanders, and I paraphrase, So he's a socialist? So what? What does that even mean in 2015?

      And, IMO, Feingold doesn't have Sanders' energy.

    • Page: 98
    • but i’ll tell you, if 100’s congressmen were required chose to jaunt off to china as well as anyone on the list for presidential candidates and vp’s to get vetted by bejing, sometimes several times, there’d be some raised eyebrows.

      There would be real anger.

    • your a fool if you think a Jew can get elected as a US president

      What an idiotic statement.

    • If dual citizenship and dual loyalty are a canard in respect to American or British Jews, then the fault lies with the Israeli State and Zionism.


    • They even have their own party affiliation: Log Cabin Republicans.

    • 'Bro with no ho' is funny. BFD.

    • So CAMERA and The Jewish Press were right out-front to slime Rehm? And they got it wrong.

    • take their lumps just like everyone else

      Hear. Hear.

    • Someone on her staff’s head should roll.

      More career and reputation assassination? For what?

    • If the issue’s broached, it should be with sensitivity and real research behind the question. Rehm or her producers did none of that. And her cavalier way of incorrectly asserting Sanders’ dual-citizenship as a known fact was odd.

      One rule for Rehm and another for Hannity/O'Reilly/ABCNBCCBSMSNBCFOX?

    • Good one, italian ex-pat. ;-)

      Right now they want to put a 17-year-old American kid in TX (?) in jail for 15 years who used Twitter to round up bitcoin funds for the Islamic State, ISIS in Syria. Calling him a terrorist.

      How is that any different than supplying guns for the Jewish State, or the "Jewish State" providing medical help to wounded ISIS soldiers, our enemy?

    • I'm glad Diane Rehm brought it up. Why not?

    • reinforces tropes that Jews are first and foremost loyal to Israel.

      Sorry, B’nai Brith: Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson proudly declaring that Israel is their number one issue, Adelson stating that he regrets serving in the US Army and wished he could have been in the IDF (so he sends his son instead). Rahm Emanuel serving in Israel and not the US military during the first Gulf War. The countless paeans to Israel on NPR. The endless conflation of anti-semitism with insufficient American patriotism for Israel, and using that to destroy careers and reputations of non-Jews and lately, Jews.

      So give it a break, B’nai Brith. Nobody is buying that complaint.

  • Israel can handle any threat in the Middle East, but it will go down without young American Jews -- Shavit
    • He doesn't want to lose Daddy's annual allowance. Israel, the original trust-fund baby country.

    • her assessment that a Palestinian state would become a magnet for ISIS-like forces

      Oh yeah. Because Palestinians are sooooo dumb that they would accept nationhood by welcoming Muslim-claiming warlords into their new nation to destroy what they've fought 70 years to gain. Right. That's the ticket.

      Glick isn't the smartest knife in the drawer, as her past actions and pronouncements on behalf of Israel have shown.

    • My sentiment exactly.

      Shavit said Ben-Gurion was tough in battle, but he also understood that Israel “always always captured the moral high ground.” He maintained that credit by always appearing to be looking for peace.

      (1) That was 70 years ago.

      (2) Israel has failed to make peace for 70 years. Millennials and Gen-Xers know it.

      (3) Millennials, in particular, have been studied for their purchasing power by advertisers and marketing firms. The shock to advertisers and marketing firms was that their finding was global; race, religious, gender, immaterial to the findings. Selling to them, selling anything to them, comes down to one over-arching position or stance: tell the truth or you lose them. Truth surpassed every other thing, from community to technology to brand loyalty or product benefits, to such an extraordinary degree that the global advertising company McCann (in 120 countries) changed its logo to 'Telling the Truth since 1920'. (or something like that.)

      (4) Israel still thinks you can use 60s Mad Men techniques. I find it stunning that a country that claims no sunlight between itself and the US can be so out of touch with the age it's living in. That it thinks PR can change the perception and reality of what it's actually doing. The list of truly idiotic (and tacky) PR campaigns over the last 15 years is risible. Is this because the people within the Jewish community who hand out the dough here are older and their brains are fossilized in 20th C techniques? Gonna' be interesting to see what the octagenarian Adelson and septuagenarian Saban approved this last weekend to fight BDS.

  • Supreme Court slam dunks the Israel lobby on Jerusalem, 6-3 (and Rubio, Oren, and Engel are angry)
    • @hophmi,

      Discrimination on the basis of national origin is illegal.

      Discrimination against what or whom?

      What laws are you talking about?

      You mean there's a law somewhere that makes it illegal to discriminate against Americans?

      This I gotta' hear.

    • @hophmi,

      LOL. Anyone acting with a smidgen of integrity would acknowledge that the letter was written IN SUPPORT of a Jewish homeland

      No, they didn't.

      You cite this:

      “At the outset, we wish to indicate our entire sympathy with the efforts of Zionists which aim to secure for Jews at present living in lands of oppression a REFUGE in Palestine or elsewhere, where they may freely develop their capabilities and carry on their activities as free citizens.” [emphasis mine]

      Refuge means "a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble." Not a homeland...nor a state. It means some place where they would be safe from harm. That ain't a "homeland."

      Because the very next line is a section subhead:

      Reject "National Home" Idea

      I.e.: Homeland.

      And they explain it in the first line as "But we raise our voices in warning and protest against the demand of the Zionists for the reorganisation of the Jews as a national unit to whom, now or in the future, territorial sovereignty IN Palestine shall be committed."

      EDIT: to read what hophmi is BSing you about, read this: link to

    • @hophmi

      Anti-Zionist Jews who prevented the words “Jewish state” from being utilized in the Balfour Declaration were by and large either frightened and persecuted people who felt that any acknowledgement of a collective Jewish identity would disturb their place in Western society, or simply, clueless people whose views would be repudiated by the Holocaust.


      The anti-Zionist position was always that of those who were afraid to stand up for themselves and their people, and it remains so today; overwhelmingly, anti-Zionist Jews are those who see Judaism as the problem.

      I’ve quoted the following several times, but you don’t read. Leading US Jews petitioned President Wilson in March 1919 against a Zionist state. Thirty-one signed the NYT copy. More than 300 signed the copy to Wilson.

      The Petition
      Transcript of archival scan of a 1919 petition to Protest to ‘Wilson against Zionist State
      link to

      Link to NYT original here: link to

      The full text of the document was published 5 March 1919 in The NY Times under the headline, “Protest to ‘Wilson against Zionist State: Representative Jews Ask Him to Present it to the Peace Conferences.” It was divided into three sections:

      1. Reject “National Home” Idea

      2. Against “Political Segregation”

      3. Contrary to Democratic Ideals.

      These are 31 of the clueless, scared people that you denigrate:

      1. Congressman Julius Kahn, R-Ca.
      2. U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, Henry Morgenthau
      3. Simon Rosendale, Attny. General , State of NY, founder of the Jewish Publication Society.
      4. Simon Wolf, U.S. Consul in Egypt
      5. Max Senior, 1st Pres. National Conference of Jewish Charities
      6. Lee M. Friedman, attny, Boston Ma.
      7. Judge Seligman J. Strauss, Wilkes-Barre Pa.
      8. Dr. Morris Jastrow Jr., Professor of Semitic Languages, U.of Penn. & Librarian of the University.
      9. Rabbi Henry Berkowitz, 1st Sec. of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR – Reform Mvmt.)
      10. Rabbi David Philipson, founder and past pres. CCAR
      11. Edward Max Baker, Pres. Cleveland Stock Exchange
      12. Mayor L.H. Kempner, Galveston, Tx
      13. Jesse Isidor Strauss, Pres. Macy’s, Ambassador to France
      14. E. Robert A. Seligman, Prof. Political Economy and Finance, Columbia U.
      15. Jacob H. Hollander, Prof. Economics Johns Hopkins U., Special Commissioner to com.Rep.(TR Roos.)
      16. Adolph Simon Ochs, publisher The New York Times
      17. Lessing Rosenthal, esq. trustee – Brookings Inst., Johns Hopkins U.
      18. Abraham Kochland, Boston Ma.
      19. Jacob R. Morse, esq. Boston Ma.
      20. Daniel Peixotto Hays esq., head of the NYC Municipal Civil Service Commission, member exec. committee UAHC, President of YMHA
      21. Louis Stern, Pres. Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, Pres. National Jewish Welfare Board
      22. Rabbi William Rosenau, Pres. CCAR, member board of governors HUC
      23. Rabbi Willaim Landsberg, Rochester, NY
      24. Judge M.C. Shloss, SF, Ca.
      25. Dr. Julius Rosenstein, Mt.Zion Hspt. SF. Ca
      26. Isiah Wolf Hellman, founder Union Trust Co., LA, Ca.
      27. Judge Josiah Cohen, Pittsburgh Pa.
      28. Judge Horace Stern, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Pennsylvania.
      29. Julius Walter Freiberg, Past President UAHC
      30. Rabbi Abraham Simon, organizer of Nat.Conf. of Christians and Jews, past pres CCAR, founder Synagogue Council of America.
      31. Isaac Wolfe Bernheim, Distillery Owner, Louisville Kentucky and noted philanthropist

      The rest of the 300+ signers were mainly rabbis.

    • What's wrong with "Jerusalem" all by its lonesome?

      Whoever says Vatican, Italy? Singapore is Singapore, city state.

  • New low: Israeli conference boos and heckles Obama's treasury sec'y when he says US looks out for Israel
  • A banner day for BDS -- though you'd have to read the Jewish press to know it
    • As a matter of historical record for this comment in the post,

      But he leaves out the most disturbing claim in that book, that radical Islam became the needed “glue” for the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel in the 1990s, after the Cold War ended, and Israel was no longer our aircraft carrier in the Middle East. So the clash of civilizations and all that came with it was orchestrated to some degree by Zionists fearful that Israel’s security and the U.S’s could no longer be conflated.

      I offer this long--and worthwhile saving--piece from August 1992 by Leon T. Hadar, former bureau chief for the Jerusalem Post, and an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute at the time.

      Cato Policy Analysis No. 177
      The "Green Peril":
      Creating the Islamic Fundamentalist Threat

      A story of how the neocons did it.

  • Goldberg predicts 'civil war' between American and Israeli Jews as Israel is 'defined as an apartheid state'
    • @pabelmont June 2, 2015, 6:45 pm

      And look at him pushing for the corporate state, that is, in this case, Shell exploration for oil in the Arctic

      That's not what he's doing. Take a look at a map of Alaska and look where the Chukchi Sea is. That's where Shell is drilling.

      Shell isn’t exploring. Everyone knows that oil is there, but the fields were capped back in 1976—there are HUGE fields in the Arctic Ocean--because the US national security team decided to reserve US supply and exhaust the rest of the world’s oil first. You can’t drill a well in this country without CIA approval.

      TO NOTE:
      As a result of going off the gold standard internationally on August 15, 1971, and the fact that we became the reserve currency, they discovered the cost of a barrel of foreign oil for the US military was a keystroke, or if we were paying in actual physical dollars, the price of printing them, which then was around $0.06 per physical bill regardless of denomination. It was why Henry Kissinger promised the Saudis in 1975 that the US would keep the price of oil high if they denominated their oil in USD. So for decades the Saudis parked their USD in treasury securities in their savings account at the Fed, which cemented our reserve currency status and caused other countries to want to sell us things so they could get the USD to buy fuel.

      This plan was created after the 1973 oil embargo when the US military worldwide was left with only a maximum of two days of fuel for operating ships and planes, running supply lines, feeding the troops, gassing the trucks, and heating and cooling housing. The US military freaked.

      In other words, Oil became National Security Item #1 for the US federal government, and has been ever since. I got this directly from James Schlesinger, Secretary of Defense at the time the decision was made.

      The 1972/73 Prudhoe Bay exploration off the NE side of the top of Alaska was approved to prevent the USSR using their gains in slant-drilling.

      Obama’s recent approval has to do with preventing Putin from draining the oil in the Chukchi Sea, 45 miles or less from Russia. Russia is building pipelines and refineries to its far eastern border to supply China, Japan, and the Koreas. Maybe that’s what got Obama spooked.

      This is a 100% military/national security operation.

  • ‘They said we drink the blood of children’—Netanyahu goes off the deep end after FIFA campaign
  • The totalitarian reign of Sheldon Adelson
    • "I’m saying, Dammit if that’s the price we have to pay, then I’m willing to pay it.”

      Yeah. But he's one out of 319 million, so why should his POV reign?

    • The imprinting in limbic brain has a social dimension – “it is a truth universally acknowledged” in your community.

      The amygdala rules. The limbic brain is also called The Lizard Brain, because it functions at the same level.

  • 'Heart-wrenching, harrowing, transfixing' -- NYT needs to end blackout on Blumenthal
    • I like RoHa's wag-wag-wags.

    • Good point, pb.

    • Then let your 20-year-old reformed friend speak for himself. You're using him as a shield to advance your own opinions.

    • The issue for Americans is what we're being deprived of in terms of public interest. Ben Bagdikian, the former dean of Berkeley's school of journalism, wrote:

      These Big Five (with General Electric’s NBC a close sixth) do not manufacture automobiles, or clothing, or nuts and bolts. They manufacture politics and social values. The media conglomerates have been a major force in creating conservative and far right politics in the country. They have almost single-handedly as a group, in their radio and television dominance, produced a coarse and vulgar culture that celebrates the most demeaning characteristics in the human psyche — greed, deceit, and cheating as a legitimate way to win (as in the various “reality” shows). [...]

      A country without all the significant news, points of view, and information its citizens need to be informed voters is risking the loss of democratic rights. Voters without genuine choices and without the information they need to choose what meets their own needs and wishes has produced something alarming: on Election Day our voters are forced to vote for what is the narrowest political choices among all industrial democracies of the world.

      But I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

      The issue is who is doing the silencing, and in service of whom.

      Israel has clearly infected our campuses and public discourse; it is dictating what we can know and hear, controlling it with the lack-of-access crybaby label they misname 'anti-semitism'. I could give a shit what Israel thinks or mewls on about. But I give a damn that a bunch of criminal monkeys across the pond think they can cover my eyes, ears, and mouth, and, barring that, think they can bitch-slap and intimidate anyone who can tell me what they’re up to using US resources and treasure.

      The shame is on the NYT’s head. “Buncha’ pussies.” And tearing this country down because they’ve forgotten they're American citizens first. And so am I.

  • Netanyahu's new Foreign Ministry aide gets $226,000 from Sheldon Adelson shop in U.S.
    • I don't have a link, David Doppler, it was something I read in passing and didn't maintain a copy. There was apparently some issue with a talk or event being held at a synagogue in Vegas and the Rabbi stood up for something concerning it.

      Wait . . . I found a reference to it in The Forward (2012):

      The casino’s ballrooms [Adelson's The Venetian] host local dinners for AIPAC, as well as federation fundraisers. The annual Israel Independence Day celebration draws thousands here every year. In 1999, Beth Sholom [oldest Vegas synagogue] canceled a dinner planned for here after the honoree, Mayor Oscar Goodman, refused to cross a picket line to attend. Beth Sholom’s Rabbi Goodman moved the event, sparking a legendary fight with Adelson that is still gossiped about today.

      Rabbi Felipe Goodman was quoted at the time, with ellipses in the halting quote to indicate the brutality of Adelson's remarks, that no one had ever spoken to him like that, not ever, not in his entire life had another human being addressed him that way.

      I've heard Adelson's daughter address people she doesn't like ( I think she's more rabidly pro-Israel than her father). If it is any indication of what her father will say to people--meaning, where she learned it--I can't find the words to describe the depth of crassness, the complete lack of anything redeeming that you are left with, how a human being could even be constructed that way. Pam Geller at her worst sounds like Princess Diana compared to her.

  • Kim Philby's last straw
  • The grotesque injustice of Obama's speech at the Washington synagogue
  • Pro-Israel wealthy Jews feature in 'Forward,' Christie roast, and U of Michigan censorship
    • So what is the definition?

      Anti-semitism has evolved into anything that prevents the hurlers from doing what they want.

    • Just as making East Germany disappear required the disappearance of more than sixteen million East Germans.

      Good one.

  • Letter from Baltimore
  • The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity
    • Don't forget General Clark's admission: Wes Clark - America's Foreign Policy "Coup".

    • That work was done by a PR firm, Rendon Group, working under an exclusive contract with our government worth millions of dollars.

      Beautifully described by John MacArthur (foreword by Ben Bagdikian) in "Second Front: Censorship and Propaganda in the Gulf War." (1993)

    • @Phil,

      Ideas have consequences. It takes a vision to make policy. Neoconservatives had a vision.

      They also had a plan: deregulate the media (abolish state rules) and consolidate it. 1985. Reagan never met a deregulation he didn't like. The independent voices were bought out. This was engineered to remove contention and prevent information getting to the people. Lobbies (of all stripes) would never have gained the foothold they did without making damn sure that all lobbies had to do was move to DC and concentrate on the 535 congressmen (House and Senate). No one else had a voice.

  • Shit Israeli soldiers did in Gaza
    • He does? He says that?

      So is your sexual behavior different, Moose? I mean, you've got a dog, but …

    • All the stories are about bodily functions? Why?

      Because there was no fighting going on. These aren't soldiers; the Palestinians don't have guns. These are people with American weapons, elaborate communications gadgets, and uniform doo-dads that drive the equivalent of the next county to point a gun at a civilian, and play war.

  • Rudoren covers up Shaked's genocidal statements in 'NYT'
    • In early July, New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren found herself under withering scrutiny for uncritically quoting slanderous and later discredited comments by Israeli police spokesperson Mickey Rosenfeld

      This is why the NYT Israel correspondent should never be a Jew. A Jew can be made to succumb in a "Jewish State."

      Traditionally, you never appoint a local as a foreign correspondent. A big lanky guy from North Dakota would have been better, someone with detachment.

  • Netanyahu appoints Ayelet Shaked—who called for genocide of Palestinians—as Justice Minister in new government
    • @DaBakr May 7, 2015, 4:17 pm,

      Sorry, forgot to answer your question. Shaked is an elected member of the Knesset. Netanyahu chose her as the Justice Minister yesterday. That does not change her Knesset membership.

      In the US, Eric Holder could not be the US Attorney General if he was an elected member of Congress without resigning his congressional office.

      The Executive branch of the US federal government is separate from the legislative branch. The job of US Attorney General is an Executive-branch job. You cannot hold a job in the Legislative branch at the same time.

    • @DaBakr May 7, 2015, 4:17 pm

      Yes, the US president. We have a republican government with a Presidential system. Our President is both head of government and Head of State. Parliamentary systems do not. In Israel, Netanyahu is PM, and Rivlin is President/Head of State. Diplomatically, Rivlin is higher than Netanyahu.

      My 'problem' was with Jeff B conflating Israel with the US, justifying Israel's political actions because we apparently do it. When we don't, and our rules are different.

    • @JeffB May 6, 2015, 10:08 am,

      Also there is a second issue whether she sits on Ministerial Committee for Legislation (i.e. the group that gets to decide what bills go the Knesset for debate sort of like the office of the Speaker in the USA House of Representatives.

      Not even close. See my previous post.

      Any member of Congress can submit a bill. And a member of Congress can go to the Fourth Estate, the press, to muster up a debate.

      Stop conflating the Israeli system, with the US system. And you don't need to explain Israeli actions for Americans. We're smart enough here to perceive the difference, unless of course, you're a Christian Zionist.

    • @JeffB May 6, 2015, 10:08 am,

      But her whole point in justice is to rebuild the judiciary to reduce the scope of judicial authority… similar to the American right’s anger about judicial activism.

      These two things are the exact opposite, yet you conflate them and throw in a little presumed American justification to make it stick.

      Judicial activism is a judge who reinterprets the law for his own personal agenda. E.g. the law says "All men are created equal," but a judge will rule in favor of a racial (or community) majority based on race (or community) irrespective of the crime, and irrespective of the law. Shaked seeks to enshrine her brand of judicial activism in Israel--one law for the Jews, another for everyone else--not get rid of it.

      What is it with you rabid Israeli lovers that you feel the need to associate Israel's actions with something American and claim conflation as justification? As if your claim makes it so.

      Let me give you a 411 so you can stop this shit: Israel does not have our system of government, and any effort to claim similarity is bogus. Israel has a Parliamentary system of government. We deliberately weakened the power of our federal government through our structure of separation of powers, and a system of checks and balances. It was deliberate on our part. We have a republican form of government, which led to the claim of a "nation of laws" (currently in peril). Israel doesn't even have that on its horizon, and is currently veering towards a full theocracy.

      Israel's executive and legislative parts, like all parliamentary systems, are fused. The Israeli PM can choose, and usually does, members of the legislature to his executive cabinet. We don't do that here, bucko; The President can’t pull elected members of Congress out of the Congress to serve in the Executive without that person resigning from Congress. I don't know if you're Israeli or American, but if you're the latter, then you didn't get properly educated.

      Under no circumstances could the Attorney General of the US, as you claim Shaked is doing or wants to do, "rebuild the judiciary to reduce the scope of judicial authority." Just. Would. Not. Happen. In. The. US. Not even close. There would be an uproar.

      Under a parliamentary system of government the PM can shut down the government and call an election whenever he wants; similarly the members of government can call a 'no confidence vote' and force an election.

      You can't do that in the US. The US President can't call an election whenever he wants. The terms of office for the two parts of our legislative branch, Congress, are enshrined in law, and tough titties if our lawmakers are screwing up. We have to wait to get rid of the bastards unless he has committed a crime.

      At the end of our election cycle, we know what our government is going to look like. We know who we elected.

      Look at the mess in Israel: the PM, after getting "elected" has had seven weeks to create a government.

      So stop this shit of saying Israeli oranges are like US apples.

  • A response to the 'Washington Post' blogger who calls me an anti-Semite
    • You're on a roll. ;-)

    • Fucking amazing, marc b.


      But Bernstein, and the anonymous character assassin, have an interest in isolating the virus, plunging Weiss into a narrow vial for further investigation.

      the intrepid Bernstein lays out the intentionally opaque, two-headed coin of Jewish individualism versus the collective, the conflation of Europe under fascism with the 21st century, etc

      One foot always out the door. Even if it hasn’t happened yet, there will be a pogrom in Miami, or Montreal, or Havana.

      Loved these zingers.

    • I wrote the following piece on Colonel Pat Lang's Sic Sempter Tyrannis last week. I think it bears repeating here because it goes to Phil's idea of the need for self-reflection.

      One of my all-time favorite books (not for the faint-hearted) is Robert Bechtold Heilman's "Tragedy and Melodrama."

      In it Heilman describes the difference between the melodramatic and tragic casts-of mind, which he says defines a society or civilization. He says these perspectives define a man's thinking as well as the society at large.

      Twenty years before George W Bush, he described the melodramatic cast-of-mind as one in which the [main character] perceives himself as completely whole, wholly good, and that everything that happens to him (or it) comes from without, whether that is good or evil. The melodramatic cast-of-mind sees the world as us against them, good vs evil, either for us or against us. A melodramatic society--this is not a pejorative, but descriptive, which Heiman takes 150 pages to explore---is young, unsophisticated, incapable of greatness in its decisions or undertakings, and its literature reflects that. Comedy is a melodramatic form as well, one that makes us laugh. Present day Israel embraces the melodramatic cast-of-mind.

      The tragic cast-of-mind requires the attainment of self-knowledge, self-awareness, and eventual responsibility for one's actions. Always. Hellman laments in the early part of his book the common misuse of the word "tragedy" to describe catastrophic accidents or disastrous natural events: 'Tragedy on Highway 40', or 'Tragic Indian Earthquake Kills All Village Children'. He says it couldn't have been a tragedy because we have no way of knowing if the guy who died in the car accident was aware of what he did that led to his demise. Ditto the natural event no one saw coming. But the best part of this book is his description of how a society cannot accept tragic literature from its writers until it has matured and become advanced. It cannot become a great civilization without self-realization and responsibility. I don't do Heilman's arguments justice here. He makes a comment somewhere in the book that the day we can accept a Broadway play in which a Nazi guard becomes a sympathetic main character (a tragic character) will be the day we will have advanced as a society.

      Heilman also makes the point that the tragic cast-of-mind (which he also identifies as a 'version of experience') requires the greater intelligence.

  • MSM's platform for Pamela Geller is equivalent to normalizing David Duke and Nazis
    • @hjmetro,

      Did I write anywhere that the Pilgrims were tolerant? Oh, please! They were as intolerant as muslims are, when their faith is at stake.

      No they weren't. You didn't read the articles. The Pilgrims did not have one position for when their faith was 'at stake' and another for when it wasn't.

      They were strict fanatics who judged most of the Church of England and Roman Catholic Church rituals and sacraments to be heretical. They got kicked out of England because of social and civil disobedience; they wanted to mold society into their idea of godliness. Some moved to the Netherlands but they couldn't stand the permissiveness of Dutch society.

      So they came here. The myth was that they were persecuted and came here seeking freedom and liberty and all the simplistic jingoistic crap they are portrayed in Hollywood movies as having.

    • @Da Moose,

      I just know I’ve heard there’s another religion like that, but I just can’t think of it.

      Not among the Abrahamics. Only Islam. It's you and the Book.

    • The Garland TX Census numbers (link).

      Population 235,000? High-school educations? Why there and not Dallas?

    • The Garland TX Census numbers.

      Population 235,000? High-school educations? Why there and not Dallas?

    • Why did you leave out the equally ugly Christian Fundies? Americans all.

      Just read Justin Raimondo's excellent Merchants of Hate on These are The Ugly Americans at home, unlike the ones the term was invented for, and they are uglier. Raimondo says it better than I could.

    • @hjmetro,

      This is the kind of uninformed hate speech Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders are using when they talk about muslims.

      Oh, please.

      Boston Tour Guide: "Myth: Puritans Believed in Religious Tolerance"

      From the History News Network: Simon Worrall: The Fanatics Who Founded America.

      Google for the rest.

    • @hjmetro,

      @ MRW “Islam does not have a priestcraft or clergy” – Shi’a islam has.

      No, it doesn't. Colonel Pat Lang, former director of the DIA among other significant posts, taught soldiers about Islam at the War College before they are deployed. You can download his presentation here.

      He notes

      Please take note that in Islam there is no institutional test of authenticity in
      religion. Islam has no central authority. Authenticity exists in the minds of a
      group of Muslims who follow a particular teaching.

      The Shi'a have Ayatollahs and others. They are scholars not clergy, more like teachers in a divinity school.

    • When is an educated reporter--we can dream, can't we?--working for the bigs going to make the connection between Muslims and Blacks? The original African slaves were Muslims, which was one reason why the Catholic Church (and Protestants) had no problem using them as slaves--they were exotic and looked crisp in white tunics--and the Amsterdam Jews had no problem running the Dutch slave trade to the New World starting around 1541.

      Today's ugly Jews and Christian fundies are milking this subconscious memory, and they should be stopped. At least, exposed; it's an extension of the Obama as Muslim meme. Israel is running its Ethiopian Jews out of Dodge as I write, but then they're blunt, to use hjmetro's term, about not liking the schwartzes even though they have true Jewish blood.

    • America’s founding fathers fled religious persecution in Europe.

      That's a crock of shit. The Pilgrims were religious nut jobs who were thrown out of England for their whackjob behavior and and for disturbing society.

      The founding fathers, such as they were, showed up 150 years later. They were deists who had no use for organized religion and wanted to guard the new country against priestcraft control (BTW, Islam does not have a priestcraft or clergy).

      In fact, it was Thomas Jefferson who purchased a Qur'an 11 years before he wrote the Declaration of Independence.

      [He] sais “neither Pagan nor Mahamedan [Muslim] nor Jew ought to be excluded from the civil rights of the Commonwealth because of his religion.” —Thomas Jefferson, quoting John Locke, 1776

      Spellberg, Denise A. (2013-10-01). Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an: Islam and the Founders (p. 3). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

      Oh, and this comment of yours?

      You don’t have to be a Tea Party afficionado, but can just be a European anti-zionist leftie and an active Dutch Geert Wilders opponent to see that it is simply a fact of life: Islam is the most intolerant among the monotheistic religions – which are intolerant by definition.

      You are uneducated. I suggest you read historian Denise A. Spellberg's 2013 book: Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an: Islam and the Founders (link). Because you're just blowing smoke out your ass and all that hot air reeks.

  • Spanish Jews resisted oppression in tunnels and, exiled, clutched their keys
  • Sanders is leftwing on economic issues, but sees Israel as up against ISIS
    • Re: "7th century religious fundamentalism, and "You know what women’s rights are in that area?"

      As if the Catholic Church and Orthodox Jewish life in the 7th C were beacons of religious and secular freedom when the entirety of Europe, except for Spain, was plunged into The Dark Ages. Statements like this, which I'm reading all over the web, are designed to cast Islam as some backward religion devoid of humanity from the beginning, when nothing could be further from the truth. Reading some real history can help (link).

      Women's rights? Historically, Islam is the only religion that has them--written right into the text of the Koran, not the Bible or Torah however--and that started 1200 years before it dawned on the western world to conceive and grant them.

  • Forgiving the anti-Semites
    • I take it that your ongoing defense of Bosnian President Izetbegovich and Croatian President Tudjman and of the resurgent Ustahi represents the official Zionist position

      Called supporting 'murder most foul'.

  • Reconstructionist Jewish site censors rabbi's essay because he supports BDS and one state
    • Rabbi Jack Cohen once told me that when he was living in Palestine in 1947, he was opposed to partition, hoping for a bi-national state in which Arabs and Jews could live as equals. He also told me that (Reconstructionist founder) Mordecai Kaplan agreed with him. That is an important legacy.

      My mentor, the one I met when he was 83 and still teaching (me), was also the one who made a reverse aliyah. I've written about him here before.

      He told me the history of Israel, and how it was created. He said everyone he knew was against partition and he was a bigwig in Manhattan then. He had exactly the same opinion as Cohen and Kaplan. One of the reasons he had at that time was that having an equal population there would protect Jews, not harm them if there ever were a repeat of WWII. Their fellow citizens could hide them. He called the Irgun "terrorists" who destroyed the start of Israel.

    • Krauss is right.

      It’s nice to see Jews there but in the end, if we construct a narrative where we have to wait for the communal organizations to turn we’re going to wait forever. And these fake-hype stories aren’t helping the movement in the right direction.

  • Adelson primary kicks off tonight with brags about 'mega-Jewish donors' role in 2016
  • The grave danger of derailing the Iran deal -- an interview with Chas Freeman
  • Israeli racism takes center stage at Manhattan JCC
  • Kristol frets that he walked into Obama's 'trap,' and Rubio says he'll demand Iran recognize 'Israel's right to exist'
    • The Pentagon’s $400 billion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will eventually be able to operate inside those zones, too. But according to multiple sources within the Pentagon and defense industry, no warplane now operating can remain inside those well-defended areas for long.

      And that's just the S-300, the unit they sell to others. The Russians themselves are up to S-500.

      Our military knows we have nothing to match it. That kind of smarts (Russian) only comes from insisting that your scientists must study all the hard sciences to get a PhD in one of them.

  • 'Everything Hillary Clinton will do will always be for Israel' -- Saban warns the Republicans
    • ‘Everything Hillary Clinton will do will always be for Israel’

      I heard a Jewish guy who was legal counsel for the US Senate Finance Committee under Reagan describe Zionism as organized crime. I'm beginning to believe it.

  • Just like the Nazis, Iran 'plans to exterminate six million Jews' -- Netanyahu
    • Has Iran not threatened to annihilate the Jewish state repeatedly?

      Never. Not once.

      This BS started on October 25th, 2005.

      Ahmadinejad's exact words in Farsi were: "Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad."

      Anyone with an IQ over 100 and fairly well-read can recognize, without speaking Farsi, that he was quoting an Imam, that he was referring to a regime (rezhim-e), and that he was speaking about Jerusalem (qods), not Israel. He was talking about a government, not a people nor a nation state. In fact, he was quoting Khomeini talking about the regime occupying Jerusalem.

      Iran has not attacked another country for 300 years. Why would it start now? Why should anyone even entertain the verkahtah craziness you pro-Israeli loons keep insisting is the truth, when an average Joe can see through the delusions easily?

      Yet here you are using Phil as your dart-board once again for all the nutso stuff you can't seem to figure out on your own. After all these years, why?

  • No Palestinians need apply to program on 'Palestinian issue' at Center for American 'Progress'
  • Does Schumer have any idea how angry his constituents will be if he torpedoes his president on Iran?
    • Gareth Porter gives an explosive talk cataloging Israel's involvement since 2003 in falsifying documents implicating Iran in a nuclear weapon at last Friday's National Summit at the National Press Club, "The Israel Lobby: Is It Good for the US? Is It Good for Israel?" He says that El Baradei states it in his memoir, and Porter found a book written in Hebrew that says the Mossad made them and gave them to MEK, who passed them on.

      Starts at 2:38:00 minutes. Don't miss it.

    • I'm going to contact my senator on Monday and ask what's the formal way to object to Schumer becoming minority leader when I am not in Schumer's district.

  • Israel could reduce anti-Semitic violence by not calling itself the Jewish state, Finkelstein says
    • So what is the code? Why not share it with a dummy brother?

      Go to Shul.

    • My point about anti–Semitism (slightly different from Finkelstein’s) is that the key to fighting it is building bridges — the opposite of which necessarily increases alienation, prejudice and animosity. . . . What I am talking about is patiently and constantly fighting a central element of animosity against Jews, and trying to foster a climate of tolerance and understanding.


    • Good for you, Shmuel.

    • Here is a question asked of Max Blumenthal at his 12/2/13 National Press Club talk on his book, Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel. It was specifically about the constitution and borders. Max responds with a description of a book he read in Israel wherein the author asked Ben Gurion about why no borders. Starts at 52 minutes. There is no constitution and no borders. Why is it a state under international law and not a "territory" or partition within another country? (As original intended, btw.)

      link to

    • annie,

      OT. Watch this: link to Happened Friday.

    • Thanks, talknic,

      Then Finkelstein's claim that Israel is a state under international law is wrong. Because Israel does not have defined borders. Or is he talking about ththe borders? I doubt it, because he says IIRC that Israel should stick to the 1967 borders.

    • Great talk. just finished listening to it all.

    • (listening to the video now)
      Does a state under international law have to have definable borders? Or is a declaration of statehood sufficient?

    • @Phil,

      I don’t think that anyone has expressed that idea more clearly.

      Uhh. You haven't been reading the comments here over the years? ;-) This should read

      I don’t think that anyone Jewish has expressed that idea more clearly.

      @annie, great observation

      so the claim of an (from my notes) “explosion of anti semitic incidents” on american campuses, is (in my opinion) a campaign that was designed by think tanks. imho, there were clearly decisions made to promote this idea and to tackle the bds movement by attacking the movement itself (as racist) and turning jewish students into victims. i think that’s what’s happening here.

      we can see the beginnings (seeds) of this tactic back at UC berkeley divestment years ago (and continuing thru many divestment initiatives on campuses throught the US system ) by instructions to students to be emotional and talk about their ‘hurt feelings’.

      good one. EDIT: and, btw, this is getting to be soooo tedious. I care about their feelings almost as much as I care about mine.

  • White House 'trolls' Netanyahu by co-opting infamous UN cartoon to sell Iran deal
  • Rand Paul greeted by neocon opposition, in $1 million ad calling him 'dangerous'
    • You quoted the wrong section, Keith.

      In America, however, the colonists defied the Bank of England and issued their own paper scrip; and they thrived. When King George forbade that practice, the colonists rebelled.

      They won the Revolution but lost the power to create their own money supply, when they opted for gold rather than paper money as their official means of exchange. Gold was in limited supply and was controlled by the bankers, who surreptitiously expanded the money supply by issuing multiple banknotes against a limited supply of gold.

      This was the system euphemistically called “fractional reserve” banking, meaning only a fraction of the gold necessary to back the banks’ privately-issued notes was actually held in their vaults. These notes were lent at interest, putting citizens and the government in debt to bankers who created the notes with a printing press. It was something the government could have done itself debt-free, and the American colonies had done with great success until England went to war to stop them.

      President Abraham Lincoln revived the colonists’ paper money system when he issued the Treasury notes called “Greenbacks” that helped the Union win the Civil War. But Lincoln was assassinated, and the Greenback issues were discontinued.

      Fiat (paper) money was not restored until 1934. But we became 100% sovereign monetarily on August 15, 1971, courtesy of Nixon, greatest thing he ever did.

      But no one understands why.

    • I can do is look for that toupee line and can’t concentrate on what he’s saying

      Then discipline yourself.

  • Finkelstein on God and Dershowitz
    • finkelstein is a noted anti-semite and nazi lover

      Unlike soooo many who claim to be holocaust survivors or children of holocaust survivors, Finkelstein actually is.

      [Finkelstein's] mother, Maryla Husyt Finkelstein, grew up in Warsaw, Poland, survived the Warsaw Ghetto, the Majdanek concentration camp, and two slave labor camps. Her first husband died in the war.

      She considered the day of her liberation as the most horrible day of her life, as she realized that she was alone, her parents and siblings gone.

      Norman's father, Zacharias Finkelstein, was a survivor of both the Warsaw Ghetto and the Auschwitz concentration camp.

      The Simon Wiesenthal Center?

      Spare me. That looking-for-donation dollars Center from the dangerous-to-Jews-location Los Angeles fights such dangers as this: "Simon Wiesenthal Center Slams State-Funded Russia Today Television for Anti-Semitic Program; Demands Apology (VIDEO)"
      Finkelstein at 3:44 min
      link to

      The stand alone youtube:

      You gotta' watch it.

  • Hurt by the Israel lobby, Obama kisses it goodbye
    • Does anyone know the process to elect the Minority Speaker? How do we stop Shumer?

    • Just read the Shumer piece on HuffPo.

      Shumer is a traitor to the United States of America. Period. Basta. Finito.

      I don't care about Shumer's Jewishness. He's a fucking traitor. Period.

      EDIT: Sorry, it was Politico:
      link to

      His DC office: Phone: (202) 224-6542
      NYC office: Phone: (212) 486-4430

      Add your voice.

    • don’t hold your breath to get the truth to Dick and Jane.

      The common folk, the ones who don't know who Edward Snowden is, or who the VP is, or where Ohio is, will know one thing eventually. It will trickle down. This deal means: We won't go to war with Iran.

    • @Citizen,

      Carter was punished for forcing Begin to make that deal at Camp David. It started with the campaign to make him a one-term president.

    • Correct, John O,

      And don't forget the Russian anti-missile and anti-aircraft missiles that Putin is supposed to be giving Iran the penultimate version of after, and because of, the US imposed sanctions. (I used to remember their names and their capabilities; had them at my fingertips.) We, the US, have nothing to compare with the latest Russian version, which it is not exporting at the moment to any country. These missiles will vaporize a US aircraft carrier three seconds after the Admiral sees it coming. Our military admits it has nothing like it.

  • Yarmouk camp reaches out to the international community for help against IS invasion
    • Thanks for that, Boomer. Thank god I ordered two. ;-) Lot of nerve to accuse the church of anti-semitism and anti-jewishness for selling the doc and dvd. What do they sell their fundraising plates for? 50Gs a pop?

    • annie, completely OT.

      Do you still have the link for the Presbyterian Church published presentation about the I/P conflict. It was a couple of years ago. Cost about $20 or $25. A really professional package.


    • Walid,

      From the NYT link to;

      Leader of Al Qaeda group in Iraq was fictional, U.S. military says
      By Michael R. Gordon
      Published: Wednesday, July 18, 2007

      BAGHDAD — For more than a year, the leader of one the most notorious insurgent groups in Iraq was said to be a mysterious Iraqi named Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi.

      As the titular head of the Islamic State in Iraq, an organization publicly backed by Al Qaeda, Baghdadi issued a steady stream of incendiary pronouncements. Despite claims by Iraqi officials that he had been killed in May, Baghdadi appeared to have persevered unscathed.

      On Wednesday, a senior American military spokesman provided a new explanation for Baghdadi's ability to escape attack: He never existed.

      Brigadier General Kevin Bergner, the chief American military spokesman, said the elusive Baghdadi was actually a fictional character whose audio-taped declarations were provided by an elderly actor named Abu Adullah al-Naima.

      And from Land Destroyer in January of this year:
      link to

      US "Fighting"Terror Group with Fictional Leaders
      US claims to be waging war against "Islamic State" whose various "al-Baghdadi" leaders do not exist.

      January 29, 2015 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - In 2007, the New York Times revealed that long-vilified "Islamic State" leader Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi did not exist, and that the creation of this fictional character was a ruse to obfuscate the role of foreigners in the creation and perpetuation of "Al Qaeda in Iraq."
      The admission by US military leaders, reported in the NYT, reveals that the so-called "Islamic State" was nothing more than an appendage of Al Qaeda - with Al Qaeda itself directly armed, funded, and backed by stalwart US allies, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Despite the NYT and the Pentagon's admissions, the entire ruse has continued, on an exponential scale.

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