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  • The betting line on Netanyahu's speech to Congress
  • Netanyahu speech could allow Obama to 'take on the Jewish lobby' as he took on Cuba lobby -- Indyk
    • And Boehner concluded that this was bad form.

      You mean Wallace, right?

    • Phil, okay, found this:

      Chris Wallace says in this clip that he was at the White House on Wednesday morning when Boehner announced that Netanyahu had been invited and "had accepted this." Wallace said a top White House official told him they found out when Boehner announced it to the press. Starts at :35 sec.

      The invitation and the acceptance were announced at the same time.

    • I don't think so, Phil, otherwise Kerry would have known. Raimondo reports this exchange:

      The shock waves are extending in all directions in response to this act of political sabotage, reaching even the far-right shores of Fox News, where anchors Chris Wallace and Shepherd Smith engaged in a most unusual dialogue, pillorying the usually sacrosanct Israelis. In response to a reading of the above Indyk quote, Wallace averred:

      "And to make you get a sense of really how, forgive me, wicked, this whole thing is, the Secretary of State John Kerry met with the Israeli Ambassador to the United States for two hours on Tuesday, Ron Dermer, the [Israeli] ambassador, never mentioned the fact that Netanyahu was in negotiations and finally agreed to come to Washington, not to see the president, but to go to Capitol Hill, speak to a joint session of congress and criticize the president’s policy. I have to say I’m shocked."

      Digging the dagger in a little deeper, Smith commented that “it seems like [the Israelis] think we don’t pay attention and that we’re just a bunch of complete morons, the United States citizens, as if we wouldn’t pick up on what’s happening here."

      link to

      When it was publicly announced, it was a fait accompli as I recall. He had accepted.

    • Get a load of this: a correction at the bottom of the NYT's story on Netanyahu calling Harry Reid:

      Correction: January 30, 2015

      An earlier version of this article misstated when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel accepted Speaker John A. Boehner’s invitation to address Congress. He accepted after the administration had been informed of the invitation, not before.

      Julie Hirschfeld Davis contributed reporting from Washington, and Jodi Rudoren from Jerusalem.

      I say bullshit. What's this statement for? The record? So people in the future can rewrite what happened?

  • 'NYT' perpetuates myth Israel was 'fighting for its very survival' during 1967 war
    • So are Alan Hart's three-part series on Zionism. He was there covering the '67 war. His three-volume books are full of remarkable details. He was covering the event for a British network and is not relying on memory. He has the footage.

    • This and the Iraq coverage (especially NYT's) are why newspapers aren't trusted anymore, and why newspapers have declined. It's certainly NOT the internet, which is simply a delivery system.

      The laughable point is that owners/editors think people didn't or couldn't catch on. The idea that people--citizens--would avoid a genuine truth-telling organ on paper because they couldn't get it on their device is one of the great arrogances and self-deceptions of the 21st c. so far.

      News editors and owners have created their own demise.

  • Netanyahu speech scandal blows up, and 'soiled' Dermer looks like the fall guy
    • The timing of Adam Curtis' latest film BITTER LAKE couldn't be better with this tempest brewing. Too bad Americans can't see it without using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) product. There are free ones you can download to spoof that you live in England. If you get that far, google BBC iPlayer to access it.

    • It will almost certainly blow over with time.

      Everything blows over with time. What's your point?

    • They need to lay off the Viagra in Tel Aviv.

    • Dermer, from the NYT

      “My understanding was that it was the speaker’s prerogative to do, and that he would be the one to inform the administration,” Mr. Dermer said.

      A Legislative speaker's prerogative to run a separate foreign policy than the Executive? Did this jerk study Civics in Florida? Does he not know about the separation of powers and what they are for?

      I love the former Israeli Ambassador calling Dermer a political operative, not an ambassador. Dermer needs to be removed, recalled.

    • They're mutually exclusive, Pretext. Your rep needs to hear that all is not as Israel thinks exists here. That the US is not 100% behind Israel. I would love Netanyahu to come and talk to a 1/2 or 1/4 full Congress.

      WHAT a photo-op for Israel.

      To see Congress,and not the country, fractured is a picture worth a thousand words. Those reps and senators know they risk their own re-election if they stand for ovations.

  • Finkelstein on Joan Peters's legacy (and Dershowitz's legal troubles)
  • State Dep't says Netanyahu speech is not inappropriate, disrespectful, humiliating or embarrassing
    • I think we should call the Israeli Embassy in DC. They're so sure America is behind them.

      Here's their main number: (202) 364-5500
      Here are their departments. Pick your poison: link to

    • Yes, annie, I was mixing him up with someone else. But he did live in NYC for over a decade, so he's hip to American ways. Maybe too hip.

    • This is the kind of bullshit you get when you get rid of the professional Foreign Service Arabists in the State Dept., which the neocons engineered while Reagan was recuperating for two years. That's why we're so Israel/Jew-centric in our foreign policy. We have supposed separation of church and state domestically but not in our foreign policy, and it's getting worse. Our congressmen don't even have time to pay attention to, and deal with, the growing middle-class and student poverty in this country because of this insanity, and because the majority of Jews in Israel don't know how to make peace.

      Adam Curtis' latest film is up on BBC's iPlayer. It's called Bitter Lake. 2:16:00 It will be available until around Feb 25. He had 26 terabytes of BBC footage in Afghanistan to play with, as well as the rest of BBC's morgue. People should watch it.

      Where is Chas Freeman when you need him?

    • Bennett is from Brooklyn.

    • @JeffB,

      But if I’m wrong then so what. Israelis mostly want war with Iran. American Jews want peace with Iran even on less than ideal terms. Jews are allowed to disagree, that doesn’t mean they are getting a divorce.

      So what, you ask? The majority of Americans don't want war. Two percent of the population doesn't get to determine foreign policy.

      It is also within character for them to use Israel as a wedge issue to fundraise, which they did in 2012.

      Then the pro-Israelis should desist, shouldn't they, if they are so superior and ethical. But they don't, do they? So don't put this on the Boehners of the world.

    • And you ignore this in Goldberg’s piece:

      “There is hypocrisy . . . . against the arguments of the Republicans.”

      That's the preamble for this:

      But the manner and execution and overall tone-deafness of Netanyahu’s recent ploy suggest that he—and his current ambassador—don’t understand how to manage Israel’s relationships in Washington. Netanyahu wants a role in shaping the Iranian nuclear agreement, should one materialize. His recent actions suggest that he doesn’t quite know what he’s doing.

    • fyi, tho everyone says it was the “brainchild of Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer”

      Yeah, as if it's a 'Let Mikie do it" commercial. Netanyahu, led around by the nose by Dermer? "Ronnie made me do it."

  • Menendez bags on Iran sanctions, and congressman says AIPAC demands deference to Israel over US
    • Jonathan Tobin, if you're reading this:

      Neither Yarmuth’s faith nor his relationship with J Street can justify these remarks. They are an echo of the worst sort of anti-Semitic stereotypes put about by Israel haters.

      We're Americans here. We are absolutely entitled to hate what Israel is doing, just as we will criticize other nations. Take your tripe and shove it,

    • Call his DC office and say thanks: 202-225-5401

  • 'NYT' and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war
    • If there’s going to be bombs and timing involved . . . .

      they should do it while Netanyahu is addressing Congress. Just like Israel hit Gaza, breaking the four-month cease-fire, the night Obama was elected.

      (And hit the airport first, so Netanyahu can't get home.)

    • Taxi, looks like you were right.

  • Jim Crow's polite sons
    • Read this from Mondoweiss in 2010:
      The Lost Lesson of the Civil Rights Movement

      Why has everyone forgotten the prodigious contribution of Ella Baker? Because she was a woman. She is the civil rights titan.

      Charles Payne wrote, I've Got the Light of Freedom in 1997 (?). His book contains transcriptions of taped recordings from the Civil Rights Era participants. It's the testament for me.

  • Netanyahu speech could turn Israel lobby into a political football
    • @ivri

      Netanyahu is not Head of State. The US President is.

      This is not "internal political fights." It is not "usual political theater in the US." It is interference in our foreign affairs that affects the national security of the USA; namely, me.

      The Executive, per the Supreme Court (1937), has the 'sole organ' doctrine in foreign policy. It is not for the Legislative branch of the US government to run a competing foreign policy up the flag pole and get a second-in-command from a foreign country--an extremist who thought nothing of massacring 2,000 civilians last summer because he could--to tell the American President or its people why it should inch toward WWIII.

      Maybe you Spartans in Israel get your jollies from war and carrying big-ass guns, but if you want to take on Iran, do it on your dime and with your own people. Not ours.

  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • The Supreme Court signed into law "the 'sole organ' doctrine" in 1937. The President (the Executive/State Dept) is the sole organ for foreign policy. You cannot have competing foreign policies coming out of the Legislative and Executive branches.

      Furthermore, the President of the US is Head of State. Canada's Head of State is the Queen. Israel's Head of State is Rivlin, not Netanyahu. Obama and Kerry are absolutely correct in their stance not to meet with a Prime Minister if they don't want to.

      The dual-loyalty Emergency Committee for Israel needs to study American civics before they pontificate, and defecate all over the US Constitution.

    • At the very least, sedition.

    • And Gawker found the flight plans. Turns out the Dersh has been flying on Epstein's plane since 1997, and he was not accompanied by this wife and daughter as he opined. It was a bevy of girls with no last names.

    • If Netanyahu torpedoes the negotiations, American Jews and Israel will be blamed. Period. No contest. The spectacle of appearing before Congress will stand as evidence. And judging from the reaction last night at the bar, even the wonkiest pro-Repub/Israel supporters don't like the disrespectful slap at the Office of the President.

      Read Colonel Pat Lang's take: Boehner should read the constitution and the law.

      I think Boehner is a traitor.

  • Diaspora Jews are not in 'exile,' they are at home
  • The ‘hasbara’ tweeps who brought down Jim Clancy, and their ties to Israel and the Israel lobby
    • This article needs to go viral. Good job, Allison.

    • So what? it's a 140-character world.

    • Cripple is NOT a derogatory term. Look it up. And who are these cruise directors determining which speech is "appropriate." I have the Merriam Dictionary to keep me warm. Bitch there.

      Just because some guy who works with disabled people claims so, doesn't make it so. People can be crippled by any number of events; so can animals, the economy, and a business.

  • Netanyahu and Europe’s far right find common ground after the Paris attacks
    • I know no one has the time to watch it, but Gordon Duff at Veteran's Today highlighted a 1992 BBC three-part series on GLADIO and what they call the stay-behinds. It's here on link to Absolutely fascinating. But the screen quality is poor, and its 2 1/2 hours long. The value of watching it is the thoroughness, quite remarkable.

      The stay-behinds are neo-nazis and extreme right-wing soldiers initially left over from WWII and now left over from the Cold War run by the secret services of the US and the European countries as agents-in-place. The deal is to control--now, after the demise of the USSR--local politics and spread fear in the population via terrorism in order to introduce the political direction they want. Whereas before they used the stay-behinds to fight the USSR (the fear of communism taking over). Now they are killing fellow civilians.

      Indybay has a 2009 documentary called "NATO's Secret Armies (2009)"— 47 minutes.
      In 1990, alarming evidence of NATO-sponsored terrorist attacks came to light. This is the shocking story of Operation Gladio; a tale of espionage, conspiracy and political violence. This film shows how the Right subverts democracy by using fear to push a population in a certain direction.
      link to
      A US Ambassador and another official, both retired, say at the end says that Gladio is entrenched and operates today. Worth the 47 minutes.

  • French terror attacks contribute to Israeli's isolation
    • They'll be getting those things from Russia, who make a better product. Russia's arms and weapons sales are at an all-time high, per some article I read yesterday.
      link to

    • What are they going to sell them? Soda Stream?

    • Accept it or not, Andrew Levine is capturing the whiff from the Gentile world not reported in the MSM because its fly-by-country, and no one wants to be salaited. I hope Netanyahu wins the election; I want to watch what happens. Did you see his stance in the Charlie Hebdo photo? He walked like an ape, arms and hands hung straight down. No effort to join arms with those beside him. One of his church supporters at the bar said, "Hey for a guy that wasn't invited or wanted, he could have made some effort to show a little solidarity."

      That from someone who likes him.

  • #JeSuisUnJuifBritannique
    • So I can only describe their attitude as xenophobic. And let’s be honest, it’s quite hard to like xenophobic people.

      Which is so different from the experience of the American Colonial Jew, who was two things: a practitioner of the Sephardic (Spanish-Portuguese) Jewish tradition until the mid-1800s, and a shopkeeper or merchant, which meant a cut above those who worked the land. Acculturation was common here in the US.

    • British Prime Minister David Cameron called Steve Emerson "a complete idiot" for saying what he did about Birmingham. Embarrassed Murdoch's Fox, and I'll bet there was ridicule throughout the aristo crowd in Britain that reflected poorly on Murdoch, who is still smarting from the News of the World debacle. No doubt the edict to apologize came from the top.

    • That was fast: WWW.

    • Page: 95
    • Good one, Mooser.

    • Free speech anyone? What was wrong with those tweets?

    • Do Phil or Adam ever consider how much succor they give to anti-semites by running Mondoweiss?

      How would you know? You've only been on this board for 3 1/2 years. I've been round for over decade (mondowiess (The Observer) --> -->> The archives only started at the end of July, 2009. I've been here before Adam or Scott. And what the hell is succor anyway.

    • Hooray RoHa and RobertB.

  • US calls ICC decision to investigate Gaza 'tragic irony'
  • On CNN, Boteach lectures two prominent Muslims about freedom they 'enjoy' in US and Israel
  • Why Charlie Hebdo offends me
  • Why do Muslims object to depictions of their prophet?
    • Just so that we’re clear, in 2014, Charlie Hebdo had 10 covers on Front Nationale but only 1 on Mohammed.

      So what? This came out in 2013, and Charlie Hebdo was taken to court for inciting racial hatred. link to

      Why? If it’s all just satire, why did they publish this? "The Koran is shit, it does not stop bullets.”

      Patrick Smith wrote an excellent article in Salon, "Here’s how we defeat the vulgarians: Bill Maher, wrong-headed neocons, and the real answer to 'radical Islam’” that addresses how I feel about it. I just don’t have time to get into it now. link to

    • There are 35,000 Taliban. There are 1.6 billion Muslims.

      No question these two ‘arch’ rivals both present an image problem for moderate Islam

      Not unless you're stupid enough to equate the fundamentalist extremists with moderate Islam. That's like saying all Christians are snake-wavers.

    • To neglect the educational and technological backwardness of the primary voices of the muslim world

      The Western world wouldn't have any science and education prowess without Islamic science and their invention of universities. They created this in 884 AD while Europeans were sleeping with their animals in barns: link to
      Their invention of engineered water irrigation from the surrounding mountains that fed their gardens and fountains was not repeated until the 20th C.
      link to

      They invented the scientific method in the 12th C, flight, TNT (it wasn't Nobel who first did it), and the engine. They introduced medicine, higher mathematics, architecture, science, culture, public baths, and astronomy to Europe. Christians and Jews made pilgrimages to Cordoba starting in 900 AD (even more wondrous than the Alhambra, and a city of a million people) to get translations of these scientific discoveries, and later claim them as their own.

      The breadth of your ignorance is breathtaking, yonah. Educate yourself. You sound like a fool.

      And women were equals in Islam 1200 years before the idea dawned on Christians and Jews. It's in the Koran, which you've never read.

    • Oh yeah, bring it on with that stupidity.

      Charlie Hebdo printed the Prophet with the line: "Le Coran, c’est de la merde.” Translated as The Koran is shit. link to This had nothing to do with free speech.

      It's as if Charlie Hebdo never lived through 9/11.

      Blasphemy laws exist in backwards places.

      Where the hell do you live? I live in the US. I listen to Christian fundies screaming about how God is not allowed in school prayer. Blasphemy laws. They are over the US.

    • Good piece, Phil.

    • I think James North's term is apt: "unconscious imperialism" as a matter of course, even when it's conscious. Charlie Hebdo are being assholes. They did not apply the same rules to Jews, so they have no leg to stand on consciously or unconsciously. It's about time people told the damn truth, and stop waving 'free speech' around as if that absolves everyone. Charlie Hebdo knows when to cave.

  • It's not the cartoons-- a contrarian perspective from a Muslim cartoonist
  • 'With God’s help, the journalists at Haaretz will be murdered just like in France': Death threats follow publication of cartoon in Israeli newspaper
    • @Mooser,

      These designs were originally mathematics. Because our education is so profoundly poor in this country, we don't know that it was the Moors that introduced mathematics to Europe. Seriously. The dumb Europeans were struggling to figure out Euclidian principles while the Muslims were doing advanced calculus and trigonometry. This is also displayed in their architecture. No Christian or Jew figured out arches; they didn't have the brain power.

      Moorish science was light years ahead of anything the Europeans were doing. LIGHT YEARS. Where do you think the Europeans got it? Islamic science. They invented the damn scientific method in the 12th C (ibn Al-Haytham, I think). It took Christians and Jews another 700 years to catch on.

    • Of course, what it all adds up to is that nobody will ever ride one of those gorgeous, stunning Phillip George surfboards. And that is too bad.

      Sure they can. They put designs like this on their walls. Check out the Alhambra, built in 884 AD.

    • Printing cartoons of Allah seems to me to be the quintessential example of free speech.

      It is a religious edict in Islam not to portray the Prophet (not Allah, the Prophet). It has deep religious significance to Muslims. Islam doesn't have a priestcraft, no hierarchy of poobahs telling them what to do. No popes and cardinals, pastors, priests, bishopricks, or rabbis. The entire basis of religious and spiritual life in Islam is the Koran, God (Allah), and you. Idolatry is out. No worshipping some guy who lived 1500 years ago. That's why it is blasphemous and considered sinful to ink any likeness of the Prophet. Islam is your inner relationship with God as outlined in the Koran. (The different strands of Islam are because certain groups have similar interpretations of the words of the Koran, which is why those nomads in Saudi Arabia came up with Wahabbism 210 years ago and made it fundie-supreme.)

      So to take one of the most basic tenets of their faith—and you really have to talk to a range of Muslims to understand the depth of this—and then make a cartoon of it, a piss-in-your-face insult of not only their religious edict but a complete mockery of what they believe, and justify the action by waving off their distress with the western legalese described as "free speech," which is presumed to have more value than what they value, and then are surprised at the consequences, means someone's not listening. It may be free speech to you, but it's a taunt to them, and it's a cruel one. The only thing Islam has ever asked of the world is not to portray the Prophet. Even I knew that 20 years ago. It's the biggest no-no. And these dumb Europeans are reacting like their parents told them they can't wear jeans to school.

    • Portrayal of an innane rabbi, a stupid mullah or a backward fundamentalilst preacher has nothing to do with racism and is indeed about free speech. Criticism of a particular religion as backward and the imputation of backwardness to the followers of that religion is racist.

      Hunh? This doesn't make any sense to me. So the "imputation of backwardness" when it's plural is racist, but knocking them individually is not?

  • Why I am not Charlie
    • Don't forget Danaa and Mooser, you are only referring to Ashkenazis. The Muslim world during their Golden Age was populated with Sephardic Jews, and they did not congregate in shtetls. The oldest mise-en-place group of Jews are the Iranian/Persian Jews, 3,000 years old according to their cemeteries. And they don't live segregated from society today, nor did they then.

      Although some of the Jews of Queen Isabella's time did live in Andalucia, the majority lived in NW Spain around Leon, where Queen Isabella was from. She grew up with them and liked them, according to historical records. Oy Vey was referring to the Ashkenazis, the European Jews who were as backward and uneducated and fearful as the Christians were. It wasn't called The Dark Ages for nothing.

    • Mooser, you and I can assume and presume all we want, but the fact remain that both of us are ignorant of the history of that time. So are Oy Vey and Danaa (who admits it),

      From the site:

      Here is Prof Runciman's description of the Frankish Crusaders sack of Alexandria in 1365.

      "The victory was celebrated with unparalleled savagery. Two and a half centuries of Holy Warfare had taught the Crusaders nothing of humanity. The massacres were only equaled by those of Jerusalem in 1099, and Constantinople in 1204. The Moslems had not been so ferocious at Antioch or at Acre. Alexandria's wealth had been phenomenal; and the victors were maddened at the sight of so much booty. They spared no one. The native Christians and the Jews suffered as much as the Moslems, and even the European merchants settled in the city saw their factories and storehouses ruthlessly looted. Mosques and tombs were raided and their ornaments stolen or destroyed; churches too were sacked. Houses were entered, and householders who did not immediately hand over all their possessions were slaughtered with their families. Some five thousand prisoners, Christians, Jew as well as Moslems were taken to be sold as slaves. A long line of horses, asses, and camels carried the loot to the ships in the harbor and there having performed their task were killed. The whole city stank with the odour of human and animal corpses."

    • @Danaa, Mooser,

      None of that obviates my point: how would they have known? Oy Vey assumes that people were sitting around thinking of persecuting the Jews. No they weren't. Nobody saw them. They were locked away in a shtetl living apart from the rest of society. It was the monarch or ruler of the country that the rebbe had the tax deal with. And he wonders what will happen when we in the 21st C realize that 80% of all famous Europeans from the High Middle Ages to the 19th C did not think kindly of Jews. Take a number. Nobody thought kindly of any group they weren't married into, which was the reason why they were constantly at war with their neighbors or duchys. The nation state concept aimed to put an end to that. Being "persecuted" and living apart probably saved more Jewish lives than not during that time.

      Shahak makes the point in the MIT discussion I linked to above (at 35 min, Pt 2) that Voltaire said one thing but did another. He spoke ill of Catholics, Protestants, and Jews, but he actively defended them against persecution and discrimination. Shahak is a real pisser. He goes on to read a Jerusalem Post article from 1994 about some Israeli guy's manifesto in which he proclaims that Jewish law permits Jews to kill Gentiles with impunity. Napoleon had already made the Jews killing Jews behavior illegal.

    • I especially love the first tweet.

    • Noam Chomsky and Israel Shahak on Jewish Fundamentalism at MIT in Nov. 1994. (Shahak starting around 1:00:00 on Napoleon in Part 1of 2) -- (around 35 minutes, Shahak on Voltaire in Part 2 of 2. It actually starts much earlier with a question from the cantankerous student audience.)
      link to

    • How would they have known them? Jews lived in sealed enclaves within other people's countries. Only the rebbe talked to the host country's monarch, or officials. It took Jew-friendly Napoleon to coax the Polish Jews from their shtetls out into the open, and into Warsaw.

      Look at the Ultra Orthodox in Israel and you'll have some idea of what it was like back then. And Israel's Ultra Orthodox are living in a Jew-centric country.

      So take the victimhood sword out of your heart, and start reading history.

    • @Taxi,

      It has roots going back centuries to the first wave of Western colonization of Africa and Asia Minor.

      Actually, no. You can almost date it to when Queen Isabella conquered Granada in the 1480s. She was able to conquer all of Andalucia by the start of the 1500s. She kicked the Muslims out, and in the interest of uniting all of Spain under one religion, gave the 80,000 Jews the choice of converting or leaving. Half left. Half converted. She wanted the Pope to come to Spain. He was the former Spanish Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, the guy who came up with the Papal Bull that allowed Isabella to marry her second cousin Ferdinand four years after *that* Pope had died. Isabella was deeply religious, and I think she thought she could correct Borgia's licentious ways if she had him under her thumb.

      When Isabella conquered all of Andalucia (one of my most favorite places to be in the world, the light, the food, flamenco, ah!), the Christians moved in and erased Muslim history. Her grandson Charles renamed the mosques as churches, deleted their origins, and the Inquisition did the rest in the common memory by rewriting Muslim achievements as their own, including the claim that the monk Copernicus came up with idea that the earth revolved around the sun. Fat chance. So you have the Wikipedia version of history and no one knows. Besides, who reads Arabic these days?

      Unless you read the late 19th C and early 20th C British historians who actually studied the stuff in the original source documents, our sloppy historians and academicians would tell you that ancient Greek culture died with the rise of Rome. Nothing could be further from the truth. Greek culture went east to Baghdad, Konya (Turkey), and Tehran. It also went south to Crete and Egypt and across the upper half of Africa producing the Moors who created the heavenly hub of Cordoba. It was the Arabs who inherited the glory of Greece, not us, and who kicked it up notches above what ancient Greece could ever attain. And this is documented.

      The interesting thing to me is that this will be known in about 10 years because of Google Translate. Kids will be able to read the original Arabic texts. And when you combine that with the Arabic-Chinese-African partnership that existed for centuries in trade, shipbuilding, philosophy, astronomy, science, universities, and mathematics, the history of the world will have to be rewritten for the progeny of everyone who reads this board.

    • This isn't anti-semitic, this is the truth. Disabuse me if I'm wrong by naming the experts I'm missing.

      The Jews never were natural philosophers, nor geometricians, nor astronomers,” Voltaire declared.

      They weren't. Neither were the Christians. Maimonides, Spinoza over 1,000 years? Big whoop. Between 700 AD and 1600 AD, the Muslims ruled in philosophy, geometry, and astronomy. They introduced the damn subjects to Europe.

      The Europeans sat in their dung heap homes struggling with Euclid's fourth principle while the Moors were using calculus and trig as a matter of course. What is this ridiculous inability to accept that others were superior to us at one time? We were the Luddites. So were the Jews. They were parked in shtetls, bobbing and weaving to whatever the rebbe was saying until 1800 AD. The Christians only emerged from the Dark Ages as a result of visits to Cordoba and Toledo. To learn shit.

      François-Marie Arouet, aka Voltaire, lived at a time when Jews were still stuck in shtetls. And he was correct about them. They were, largely, ignorant, uneducated, and unworldly. "Voltaire" lived and breathed during the time when we Americans were still attached at the hip to Britain before we became a new country. To judge him with 21st C eyes is an insanity. The French, of course, had just discovered the seeds of nationality and thought their shit didn't stink. It was a different time. But Voltaire's reading of the Jews of the time was accurate. Read Shahak.

    • @ Mooser January 9, 2015, 2:20 pm and 3:35 PM,

      I could not agree with you more. Who knew Snap-Crackle-n'-Pop kerosene/Jet Fuel A could vaporize two buildings in the time it takes to count your ten fingers, and from the top down, too. They taught us wrong, Mooser, I tell you they taught us wrong: heat descends.

  • Media obsesses over 'free speech' in Charlie Hebdo case while ignoring Israeli targeting of journalists
    • So what's going to happen the next time Israel firebombs innocent unarmed civilians in Gaza, the next time Israel wants to scratch its barbarism itch? Are the world leaders going to show up and lock arms in solidarity against it?

    • Hunh?

      So I’d say that absolutely Israel after the fall of the Shah and Saudi Arabia are part of the same anti-Iranian axis.

      Were you alive or awake during the 80s? The Iran Contra Affair. It was Israel and Iran.

    • "weird how even in 1984 Israelis use Abu Ghirab torture tactics, at least in Hollywood"

      Who do you think taught our military and law enforcement officers (and do to this day)? We have those Spartan specialists to thank for the degradation of our values.

      New class coming up in May 2015, one of many offering them: link to

  • Dershowitz story is also an Israel story
  • Against self-determination
    • Mooser January 5, 2015, 5:08 pm
      Walid, “oriental”? Really?

      Oriental is also a term applied historically within Russia to people who come from the eastern half of Russia. It has the connotation of direction, from the East.

    • And the Europeans got the idea for the Enlightenment from the Moors in Cordoba, because they actually practiced it.

  • Israeli settlers attack US consulate convoy in the West Bank (Updated)
  • Dershowitz named in lawsuit alleging abuse of underage sex slave
  • 'Spiral,' 'threat,' 'polarization,' or 'full-scale popular campaign for Palestinian freedom' -- reactions to the ICC move
    • But what makes it fun is to read the comments section and to see that the Hasbarra is NOT working.

      No kidding. Look at the numbers. One highly recommended comment accused the NYT editorial board of being bought and sold by AIPAC and Sheldon Adelson.

      The people in DC, the NYT, and the people/officials of Israel are clueless about the results of this past summer's war on the American populace. Maybe the 2.7 million viewers of Fox News bought into it. But not the hoi polloi. Those results have consequences and America has woken up; they're just not talking out loud yet. The disgust and ennui that run through the Reader's Picks—the ones the moderator approved—represent a sea-change from a year ago.

  • Dissecting 'The Jewish Voices on Campus': a predictable but necessary endeavor
    • it will backfire.

      Not only that, produce a spoken-out-loud criticism of these outsiders' attempt to put university curricula under a legal gun. The NYT wrote a scathing op-ed about the NYPD and their over-reaching. Substitute the NYPD in this graf for "Aaron Goldenberg and his enablers."

      But none of those grievances can justify the snarling sense of victimhood that seems to be motivating the anti-de Blasio campaign — the belief that the department is never wrong, that it never needs redirection or reform, only reverence. This is the view peddled by union officials like Patrick Lynch, the president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association — that cops are an ethically impeccable force with their own priorities and codes of behavior, accountable only to themselves, and whose reflexive defiance in the face of valid criticism is somehow normal.

      Would the NYT editorial board be this clear-headed about fanatical Israel supporters.

  • Sony email chain on behalf of Israel joined Russell Simmons and Michael Lynton with rightwing Zionists
    • @Roha,

      And a coverup over the disgruntled employee?

    • @CloakAndDagger,

      I am willing to bet my bottom dollar that North Korea had nothing to do with the hack, and popular belief is that this was done by a disgruntled former employee. Meanwhile, as before, our government rushes out to blame the enemy-du-jour without a shred of evidence (9/11 anyone?). Have we become this stupid as a nation?

      More than a popular belief. It was a cyber security firm (Norse) in SONY's backyard in LA that decided to look into it independently.

      As for stupidity? Yes.

    • CBS News reporting that the hacker was possibly internal, a woman named "Lena" who worked for SONY for 10 years in LA, quit last May, and whose original demand was for money. Had nothing to do with a film.
      link to

    • Does anyone understand the tedium these circumlocutions are having on non-Jews? They're not doing themselves any favors. Why should non-Jews stand up for this lack of self-reflection, this inability to be smart or intelligent?

  • Shmuley Boteach taunts Palestinian solidarity demonstrators in NY
  • Yes, Virginia, there is a liberal Zionist
    • NYT link doesn't work.

    • “The Enlightenment generally refers to the 18th century intellectual and philosophical developments in Europe. This movement advocated rationality as the sole criteria for establishing an authoritative system of ethics, aesthetics, and knowledge. The intellectual leaders of this movement regarded themselves as courageous and elite, and viewed their purpose as leading the world towards progress and out of a long period of doubtful tradition, full of irrationality, superstition, and tyranny (which they saw resulting from the “Dark Ages”).”

      The Enlightenment was the result of the knowledge gained over the centuries from Cordoba. From the Moors, the Black Muslims of North Africa. Cordoba was the hub of the Islamic world (arc: Cordoba -->Baghdad/Tehran) from 800 AD to the 1480s. The Europeans were Geico-style neanderthals when they encountered the culture, science, mathematics, architecture, engineering, and literature of the Moors. Unfortunately, the Al-Hambra [link] (a retreat built for government officials) is one of the few remaining (protected) Moorish compounds. Built in 884 AD when Christians and Jews (and the kings and queens of Europe) lived in one room barns with their animals and a single hole in their roofs to let the cooking smoke out.

      Cordoba was the jewel with a million people, paved streets, and raised sidewalks. They lit their trees along the boulevards with lamps at night. That was in the 900's. Just click on the link above to see what the Moors were capable of creating in 884 AD. Look at the fountains. They engineered getting that water through the mountains to their cities and parks, and this engineering feat was not duplicated until the 20th C. When the Christians took over Spain in the late 1400s, early 1500s, they destroyed as much evidence of Islamic brilliance as they could, including palaces that recorded writings describe as stunning and beyond belief (one worth $120 million in 1919 dollars). Europe had already received translations of Moorish science; Christian monks and Jewish scribes had carried it out. You don't think Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo spawned it on their own, did you? Or that Da Vinci's notebooks on flight were of his own making?

      The movement of knowledge flowed from Greece to Baghdad, not west. The Islamic world perfected it. Read Robert Briffault's the Making of Humanity (1919), free online. You can start with Chapter 5 if pressed for time. Or try Joseph McCabe. (1938).

  • Caroline Glick melts down with European diplomats
    • @jd65,

      She’s a consistently grotesque embarrassment: To people generally, and to Jews more specifically. Part of me feels sorry for her because she’s so obviously deluded and tormented (however self-inflicted her torment is…)

      What I find grotesque is the exaggerated and hyperbolic adoption of a persecution, a victimhood, she didn't grow up with, but had to subsume. She grew up with wealthy parents in Hyde Park, Chicago. She went to Columbia and Harvard. The she goes all overwrought Jewish Bernadette Devlin because her life doesn't have enough adrenaline in it. A drama junkie.

    • annie, CigarGod,

      ...who will understand the bad behavior of one jew…or one jewish government…to represent all jews. Unfortunately…the people she appeals to…are the same types dick cheney appeals too. The mob that only sees good attributes…in junk yard dogs.

      Alon Ben-Meir, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Affairs, NYU, has written a biting piece, "Shattering Israel's Image," on HuffPo.

      It begins, "No Israeli government has shattered Israel's international image more than the Netanyahu government has over the past six years."

      He writes,

      To promote his political scheme, Netanyahu has skillfully linked every conflicting issue with the Palestinians to Israel's national security. He masterfully manipulated public opinion over the years to justify his misadventures and continued occupation in the name of national security, while bringing the peace process to a grinding halt. He has engaged in double talk . . . Netanyahu masterfully uses Hamas' acrimonious narratives and violence against Israel to paint all Palestinians in the same light. . . . Netanyahu manipulated the peace negotiations to create deadlocks. . . . I do not suggest here that the Palestinians have had the best of intentions to coexist with Israel in peace. . . . That said, the Israelis must recognize that times have changed . . . The old and tired narratives Netanyahu and his emissaries keep promulgating about how untrustworthy the Palestinians longer resonate. . . .Israel is threatened from within. . . . once and for all defeat the chauvinistic and blind ideologues who are leading the country toward the abyss.

      This was on HuffPo's homepage.

    • Glick quotes Chapter 7 of UN international law of 2001 but overlooks that Israel ignores the UN Chapter 7 legal sanctions from the 1970s, sanctions it has refused to honor?

      Oh well, let her spout.

    • She owes the guy no particular courtesy. Israelis are not into formality or Western conceits of political correctness. . . . but the notion that the guy is owed some special courtesy because he’s a diplomat is anachronistic. This is 21st century, not the court of Henry VIII

      Diplomacy is a tradecraft, with centuries of precedent. It has nothing to do with operations at a court of kings. If it were anachronistic, governments would have been dispensed with it as an essential department, and removed foreign service officers from foreign embassies.

      Your remarks are naive. People still talk about Nikita Khrushchev, for example, banging his shoe on the lectern at the UN over 60 years ago as the sign of a rube...and therefore a rube country.

      But I'm loving Glick doing this. Insulting those diplomats will have consequences, and Israel and the Jerusalem Post will have no one to blame but themselves. Not that Israelis are capable of understanding the effect of their actions; they will simply become more strident because they are as ignorant as Khrushchev.

      Their claim to a nation state and international standing is belied by their inability to grasp the rules of the game they think they are a part of: the international community.

      Glick must think that the Danish Ambassador is a powerless man. We'll see.

      For my part, she gives Jews a bad name.

  • Saban confronts Bennett: 'Are you willing to cut commercial ties with Europe?'
    • Don't tell me the crowd wasn't with him. They clapped about letting that m'fn traitor Pollard go.

    • The two largest memory chipmakers in the world are Samsung and SK Hynix (formerly Hyundai). Israel does not come within a mile of their capacity and reach. Samsung has over 221,000 employees in 61 countries. (And Korea was in worse shape than Israel in the early 50s.)

      The UAE and Abu Dhabi were sandboxes in 1972. Non-existent, basically. What they have produced in the time since exceeds what Israel has. International business. Architecture. Technological financing. Global trade zones. Amazing infrastructure, and cultural innovation. Doesn't Israel understand what their Spartan stance has prevented them from accomplishing? While they are strutting around the stage claiming they have these superior IQs, and bragging about 10 Nobel prizes? Do they understand what a joke they are in the eyes of many of us? Especially when they are American parasites.

    • Phil, were you there physically?

      This guy isn't an economic minister, he's a foreign affairs guy. Not one single idea about the economy, because he doesn't understand it.

      I really want him to win the election. Really, really, really.

    • Doesn't Adelson own Arutz Sheva?

    • All of the chip manufacturers--ALL OF THEM--are dependent on rare earth companies in Mongolia, and if you think China and Taiwan are going to sit by idly while Israel threatens their cash cow, you've got another thing coming. There is no way that Israel could start a rare earth company that could supply them. It would take 10-15 years to learn how. We were the leaders in rare earths in 1984. Clinton killed the industry off in 1994. Rare earth manufacture is a four-company process (usually, only a few cos are vertical globally) from extracting the raw ore, to the company that then extracts the first pass, to the company that separates rare earth elements, which leads to the final stage where the final production is as much an art as a science.

      Rare earths produce incredible amounts of radioactive waste. A single wind turbine uses about 2.5 Kg of rare earth product that produces enough radioactive waste to give an entire family cancer. This, of course, is what is happening in Mongolia. The ruination of entire communities.

    • you wouldn’t wake up in the morning because the chip in your cell phone doesn’t work because it’s made in Israel

      Hahaha. Unless you're one of the 70 million that has an iPhone. The A6 chip, the audio and controller chips are made here in the US: in TX and CA.

  • Chris Hughes brings down the curtain on neoconservative New Republic
    • Good one, munro.

    • During the run-up to the war, he promoted a neocon book called “The Threatening Storm” on the front page of his blog for perhaps a year or more. Josh Marshall is a neocon-friendly zionist asshole.

      Actually, you saw that ad because some bot decided--based on an algorithm of your writings and your link clicks--that you were the "neocon-friendly zionist asshole." ;-))

  • The Minds of Others: An interview with Max Blumenthal
    • WASP elites being the super-rich and old money. That is what they are told. Nouveau riche doesn't count.

    • Mooser November 28, 2014, 12:33 pm
      “Elites do not expect things of others, neither do they constantly define themselves to others as elites.”
      Oh, boy.

      “Elites are in service to others.”
      How much do they pay you to say that?
      Horizontal December 1, 2014, 10:14 am
      I wonder if MRW knows how much his 1950’s comic book is worth?

      WASP elites lived in the 1950s. Wake the eff up. This was how it was.

      And Mooser? No one paid me to say it. This IS what elite WASP kids are told. From birth. Guess you had to be there. ;-*)

    • ". . . and you can see exactly what an elite expects of itself, and others."

      Which, of course, means they are not elites. Elites do not expect things of others, neither do they constantly define themselves to others as elites.

      Elites are in service to others.

      For example, the children of rich WASPs are taught from birth that they are not to take jobs, which their superior education might entitle them to, from the middle-class. They can only enter public service or volunteer. They are told from birth that is the price they pay for their privilege and their money, even as they are also expected to receive and excel in a superior education.

      So what do Jewish elites perceive as their duty to others, to the greater society, apart from attaining power? What are they told from birth that they owe to others? What are their responsibilities?

    • “In my own country, we Jewish-Americans have generally superseded the WASP’s as the new elite, as the new “whites.”

      What is the job, the duty, of the elites in a society apart from attaining power?

  • Muslims' beliefs are 'untrue' and 'ridiculous,' 'Salon' author says, offering support for Maher's intolerance
    • @gamal,

      Footnotes 8 & 9 on the second link (Hadith Commentary) were just fascinating.

    • You can also read Joseph McCabe.

    • The problem is that Maher is fucking uneducated; he's a low-rent thinker. I admit that I went to a then $22Gs, now $55Gs/ year private highschool, and the education was superior even if I didn't pay much attention--it got banged into me--but this guy is a public figure. You'd think he'd hire sufficient producers to cover his lack. You want to read the history of Islam? You want to understand how Europe wouldn't have had any science if it hadn't have been for the Moors (Black Muslims of North Africa) in Cordova who brought literature, culture, science, and math to Europe? Take 20 minutes and start reading Robert Briffault here; start at page 188.

      The profundity of our ignorance here in the US is just gob-smacking. We're getting dumber with each passing day.

  • Support for Israel in the U.S. Jewish community continues to erode
    • The Huffington Post headline for the people shot in the synagogue in Jerusalem screams, "MASSACRE IN JERUSALEM." All caps. It was red. They've dialed it back to black. Six killed?

      Never a headline like that for the deaths of civilians in Palestine last summer. Not once.

  • 'Zionism' is now a dirty word for American opinion elite, Frank Luntz concedes
    • Citizen, that was an incredible interview with Luntz.

    • I was up there visiting this summer when it happened, and there were accusations coming from Toronto that the hip, young radio station anchors on their #1 Millennial rock station were anti-semites for siding with the Palestinians in the then ongoing war. These kids reacted with a quiet fury and called their accusers while on the radio and the talk was frank and something you would never hear on a radio down here. I was driving. I was so stunned I pulled over and listened with my mouth hanging open.

      Alberta is a very conservative province. These kids were having none of Israel's hasbara mouthed through the JDLniks in Toronto. They were so polite, but their arguments were devastating. Their main argument was the injustice, and they hounded it, taking umbrage and scorning anti-semitism slurs. They scoffed when the accuser tried to slip it by, and reverted to their recitation of facts, which they were reading from print and internet accounts. Their most powerful effect was the palpable sense of indignation that they would be brought to account for their sense of fair play.

    • They're all "afraid for their lives" by being hit with a barrage of words? Imagine how Palestinian kids feel with real bombs and bullets?


    • The video shows a guy named Shane talking about a demonstration in downtown Calgary involving students from the University of Calgary, among others. What a crock of shit. I was there. None of what he said happened. The Jewish groups were organized by the JDL, which is rife in Canada (namely, Toronto) after they got kicked out of the US over 20 years ago. The JDL were flown and bussed in for this demo, and led by Ezra Levant in absentia. Calgary wasn't biting.

      And this kid says he is afraid for his life? Jeezuss. What a bunch of BS. Waiting for the check from Adelson?

  • Caltech prof says Israeli scientist passed NASA rocket secrets to his government
    • Yeah, wasn't this complaint used against Edward Snowden? That he could use the provided channels without retaliation? Look what happens. She should go toGlenn Greenwald. Hope she's reading this column, and takes the hint.

    • Why, Mooser? Isn't it true?

    • ivri,

      And what info has Israel shared with the US? Hmmn? What so-called brilliance does Israel have? Not much. The difference between Dubai, which was an actual sandbox in 1972, and what Israel has created since 1948 is glaring. Those little Muslims leave you in their wake.

    • Is there any way to trigger this feature for particular articles without posting a comment?

      Of course, arrange through your RSS feed.

  • Israel bans renowned doctor and human rights activist Mads Gilbert from entering Gaza for life
  • In mind-boggling contradiction, UNICEF Ambassador Robbie Williams books gig in Tel Aviv
  • 'We will make soap out of you!': Violent right-wing protest against Jerusalem art exhibit reflects rising anti-democratic tide in Israel
  • Sea change down under: Ex-Australian Foreign Minister announces himself a 'Friend of Palestine'
  • Dempsey bucks Obama line by praising Israelis for Gaza tactics
  • Evangelical Christians come under attack as more move to oppose Israeli occupation
  • In and out of love with Israel: Tzvia Thier's story
    • Bornajoo November 8, 2014, 2:24 pm

      According to ancient Chinese philosophy, the 10,000 year-old Navajo prophecies, and a few others with no substantial pedigree, this period will bring about a tremendous change in world religions or usher in their demise. It is to be a period of cataclysmic spiritual revolution that extends from now until 2044, but does not become discernible until 2024.

      I was thinking about that today when I heard that Il Papi ditched the Numero Uno Bishop in the US because the bishop worked against the Pope's efforts to revamp the Church, recognize gays, etc. My cousin worked in the Vatican Library. She said they consulted the prophecies, and ancient astronomical texts all the time. ;-) So who knows what we're in for. The Chinese were very exact about it over 200 years ago.

    • I agree, W jones. I gave the wrong impression above that my friend, Elie Wiesel's nephew (the one who died recently), was born in 1944. He was born in 1949. Wiesel's family stayed on in Sighet, after Elie, Bea, and Hilda left for Paris in 1944 or 45 (would need to check my diary). So people did stay. And as Wiesel described in his book (I explain above), when General Zhukov took Bucharest, he placed "returning Jews" in charge of police functions. Wiesel describes how the Sighet jail was used by Jewish police to punish the Russians who sided with the Nazis. Sighet is on the northernmost border, so one might logically assume that the replacement of local police with Jewish counterparts might have taken place across the country.

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