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Just concerned citizen who badly wants a new shuffle of the foreign policy deck.

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  • If Israel continues to quash nonviolent protest without sanction, Palestinians will 'conclude that nonviolence is an ineffective path to freedom'
  • Israelis target Macy Gray with racist diatribes after she agrees to play Tel Aviv (and who are the “assholes?”)
    • I refer you to : Amir'e Stoudamire of the NY Knicks. I doubt he'll makethe connection.

    • Also, before I forget - can someone bring this - the racist sentiments of some Israelis - to the attention of Amir'e Stoudmire of the NY Knicks, who seems to [a] think he's Jewish, [b] thinks his mom is Jewish or part Jewish, [c] fallen in love with Israel over the past summer, [d] feels some strong Israelophile attachment to Judaism and the Jewish state, and [e] made himself a dupe, unwittingly or otherwise, of an Israeli propaganda-fest, allowing his vacation in Israel to be hijacked for the nefarious purposes of Zionist P.R. As if Israel needs any help in getting it's sides of the story told in the US media.

      Amir'e - as a political analyst he's a pretty good power forward. When "bullshit" was quickly called over Amir'e' various claims, he backtracked pretty quickly and changed his stories with a speed which can only be described as Nixonian. What a chump. Get a good look at what some Israelis really think of you, if their comments about M.G. are any guide.

      My apoligies to amir'e if he's sincere in what he's professed - but I really, totally doubt it.

    • Another poster observed a few days ago, it's more offensive than it is charming.

    • I want to say no good deed goes unpunished, bit it's too obvious.

      So, riddle me this, anti-Zionists: what's the shortest unit of time known to man?

      The average duration of Israeli gratitude.

  • Crisis in Alabama averted, thanks to the ADL
    • Philip Weiss might wish to consider a Jonathan Swift Award, bestowed irrgularly for superior satirical contributions. I nominate you as the first recipient:

      " The ADL forced Gov. Bentley to issue an apology. Had it not promptly acted, who knows how far this could have gone. He could have changed the state flag to a cross, invited only Christians the world over to become Alabamans, and implemented state-sanctioned discrimination in housing, education, and employment. He even might have prohibited Alabama from issuing marriage certificates between Christians and non-Christians. I know this sounds absurdly far-fetched for 2011, but you can’t be too careful with any manifestation of bigotry. "

      Can this point have been made in any better a fashion? I doubt it. Keep up the exellent work.

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