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Election boycott advocate. If you delegated your power to this government by voting in its elections, knowing you couldn't hold them accountable, you consented to whatever they do.


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  • Poet Joy Harjo responds to boycott demands over Israeli performance by adding a West Bank visit
    • How can she visit the West Bank? Will Israel allow it? They will have to provide a driver, as she would never be allowed to board a Tel Aviv bus. They will have to provide an escort, or she wouldn't be allowed back across the checkpoints. Israel will say where she can go and who she can talk with. Why doesn't she try to visit Gaza? Or given the season, maybe she could try to bring some frankincense, myrrh, and sage to Bethlehem without getting shot by the IDF. I don't think she'll really be visiting the West Bank, any more than going to a casino is visiting an Indian reservation in the U.S.--Foxwoods isn't Pine Ridge.

  • 'Savage' NY subway ads get a make-over-- revealing their true character
    • Unlike many modern people, I still retain a bit of a survival instinct.

      So, if by "civilized man" Geller means, "the one with nuclear weapons," and by "savage," Geller means "the one without nuclear weapons," in any war I'll support the savage, as there's bound to be less fallout and less collateral damage.

  • Ali Abunimah KO's Jonathan Tobin in 'Democracy Now' debate
    • Yes, Phil, at about 7:50 in the video when Tobin interrupts Abunimah to say that Israelis are indigenous to the area, which is absurd. Ali Abunimah would never interrupt anyone unless they persist in trying to talk over him.

      Ali is a sweetheart--one of the most polite, patient, respectful, nonaggressive, and easygoing people you'll ever meet, unless you try to step on him.

      I saw an article a few days ago about a jar of 180 gold coins unearthed by Israeli archaeologists. The coins are not in Hebrew, the area was being fought over at the time by Christians and Moslems, and it was called the Mamluk era, which doesn't sound like a Jewish name to me. Of course the Old Testament says that there had been Jews there earlier, but on the basis of previous habitation we'd certainly have to give the US back to the Native Americans. Bulldozing houses to which Palestinians have held the deed and title for centuries, and moving in Jews from Brooklyn and Russia, is most definitely a foreign invasion and the newcomers can only truthfully be described as foreigners.

    • Saying that the Palestinians are unwilling to share, shows that even Tobin admits that the land belongs to the Palestinians. You can't share something that isn't yours.

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