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Contributor to Tom Dispatch, Truthout, Huffington Post, The Nation and other venues. I write about fracking and wrote for nearly 30 years about Palestine under Israeli occupation, as well as about Israeli politics. Interests: jazz, singing, good food, swimming, weight-lifting.

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  • Israeli government justifies killing child protesters in Gaza: They're not in school
    • The Palestinian people are occupied and have the right to self-defense. Rocks against the most powerful military in the world, second only to the US. Your response is hypothetical and ignorant.

    • Bennet and Livni are exactly what Professor Israel Shahak meant so many decades ago when he used the term "Judeonazis." That is precisely what these people are. That is precisely what the snipers who are killing demonstrators in Gaza are. The biggest criminal state is the US, which routinely backs Israel - no surprise, since the US has backed fascist governments (and installed fascist tyrants) world-wide to secure its global domination. Israel is its billy-club in the Middle East. All that oil. Israel is also a spear-head of the US military. Nasty business. Nasty little state.

    • This has absolutely nothing - zero, zilch, nada - to do with "self-defense." That's the time-worn Israeli self-touting defense. Israel has always - repeat: ALWAYS - had military far superior to any of its Arab adversaries. The Palestinians are a people occupied by Israel since 1967 and one whose land was stolen from 1948 forward. Israel kills as a matter of course - viz Sharon's special forces in the early 1950s and subsequent devastations all the way through today. It is far better to compare Israel in its ethnic cleansing to the Americas and their ethnic-cleansing and extermination of indigenous populations. Israel is a state that routinely commits war crimes and crimes against humanity. BTW I am Jewish and for the past forty years have been writing and speaking out against what Israel does in the names of Jews world-wide.

  • After disturbing tour of Hebron, Roger Cohen takes a step away from Zionism
    • I first visited Hebron in 1980 after its mayor was exiled to Jordan by Israel. At that time there were few settlers. Now, nearly 40 years later, it has come to the criminal pass where it now stands. In 2004 I visited Hebron and saw nets suspended over Palestinian stores with garbage thrown down by settlers. This is the most vile racism, reminiscent of Nazi Germany's against the Jews and Ku Klux Klan America's against African-Americans. I don't know if we have a chance to exterminate the fascist settlers - and many agree that Israel is now a fascist country. It is hopeful that young Jews are turning against Zionism, a relic of my generation's days.

  • Trump intends to move US embassy to Jerusalem, Palestinian president says
    • MSNBC is a tad late in catching up. Israeli Jews have not been "safe" since European Jews invaded Palestine and colonized it. Granted, today's Israeli fascism has been a lit match to anti-Semitism around the world (although no Jewish organization will face that fact), and now, Trump's latest masterpiece of arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, bluster, and greed is sure to create forest fires everywhere. But the existence of a settler-colonial state in the heart of the Middle East has made Jews like me renounce our Judaism (I did so during one or another murderous invasion of Gaza by Israel), and has, I repeat, increased anti-Semitism world-wide. What is surprising to me is that no columnist I've read has expressed this idea, which Israeli-Jewish dissidents articulated years ago. Trump is a master of divide-and-smash, divide-and-obliterate, divide-and-create-wars. This seems to be his magnum opus to date.

  • Blunt references to Israeli apartheid are published by 'Peace Now' and 'The New Yorker'
    • I began covering Israel's occupation of what American journalists called "the West Bank" in 1979. At that time, Gush Emunim, the spearhead of the settler movement, was twelve years old and early into its establishment of settlements. It was immediately clear to me that the settlers were getting away with, sometimes literally, murder, and that their Palestinian victims were getting harmed with nary a response by the world save for reports like Chomsky's, Alex Cockburn's, Christopher Hitchens, or mine. Nearly forty years later things are far, far worse, and Palestinian society being bludgeoned to death. The United States looms in its responsibility for decades of ethnic cleansing, with billions of dollars in aid to Israel every year.

  • Rachel Maddow ignores the story in Israel/Palestine
    • Excellent story by Michael Arria. I have long fumed at Maddow for her ignorant, US/Israel-compliant views about the Jewish state and its subject population. Maddow, of course, never uses the term "subject population;" that would suppose too much knowledge. I, too, am sick to death of the endless bridge saga, and completely agree with Arria: when what Ilan Pappe calls "slow genocide" is taking place in Gaza and the West Bank has been reduced to fragmentation and enclosure of Palestinian land to allow for the expansion of Jewish settlements, it is beyond obscene for a reputable "liberal" TV show to exclude any coverage that does not parrot Israel's "hasbara" (propaganda.) And this is NOT a "tribal conflict." This is a colonial war, waged by a colonial power backed by the greatest power in the world, the US, to expand Israel's borders and its settlements without restraint. See Zeev Maoz's DEFENDING THE HOLY LAND, which meticulously details Israel's wars all of which, says the author, a former Israeli defense specialist, have been wars of aggression. The current attack on a helpless, caged population blockaded for the past 8 years and kept "on a diet," as one Israeli official gleefully put it around 2008, is preemptive, prohibited under international law, hence a war crime. People like me, who have followed and written about Israel's depredations for 35 years and more, look on in anguish and despair. See also Norwegian surgeon Mads Gilbert's excellent book about his work at Al-Shifa hospital during "Operation Cast Lead," of which the current assault is a repeat. Gilbert is now in Gaza, helping the victims.

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