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  • New billboard campaign raises awareness about child prisoners held by Israel
    • I bet they answer their email, howevah. That is evil and is true, sad, yet true. I have the email receipts to prove Mondoweiss is gonzo.

    • they don't care and no they won't notice. I wish it weren't the case. Does this advocacy project answer emails and phone calls? Doubt it. Would they accept support from ordinary citizens? No way to know no one will tell anyone. Its Annie's secret. No wonder the Palestinians are screwed their supporters wont even read their emails from potential supporters funders and allies. Is this a joke or am I dreaming. Are you noticing it or your just here for the ride????? Annie as Garcia says and I asked you before CAN YOU ANSWER YES I CAN BUT WHAT WOULD BE THE ANSWER TO THE ANSWER MAN. The answer is you might start by responding to your emails and phone calls, a movement of Mimes is cool but in the long run its not going to accomplish anything.

  • My father came home from prison when I was 7
    • 100's of sorties bombing Gaza in the last 48 hours. But I didn't learn that here. Guess that's not important. Like with SERVPRO- Its like it didn't even happen. I Have a massive event with Matisyahu. So I come on here to see if that is an issue.Neither Mondoweiss or BDS national bothered to respond. So, conclusion is that Matisyahu playing in front of 100,000 people this August is just peachy. keep writing-The Israelis are just reloading. Words are cheap. Debate is cheap. Action- no we don't do that. Bernie supporters taking our cause on- that's hard if we don't even ask. Time to work on hunger as all the people on here do is write and speak to others who already agree. That ain't going to get anyone their freedom. But it does pollute the environment with ink. Best way to ensure progress never happens is to only speak with those who already know. This is NOT How we worked to stop the Vietnam war. And it isn't working. If BDS can't rewspnd to email, why tell them anything that is possibly important. Anyays tickets to that Matisyahu show are now on sale.If you need some let me know. Its also on Ticketmaster so u can send your cash to Matisyahu. He will get a lot of positive publicity when he plays with the grateful dead in August. YOU KNOW BETTER but I know him. The grateful dead used to do benefits for The Hell Angels, and for Cambodia. And they have performed at Giza. No other band ever did that, cause they would not have been able to.. You'd NEVER understand why. The shows will occur, all 27 of them. Some with between 40 and 100,00 people in attendance and a day long party prior to the show in the lots where all kinds of info can be exchanged. But Homies at Mondoweiss don't play that. They write and write and write.We could leaflet there. But why bother. You have to be a member of the Club here or you just are ignored and ridiculed. Annie and Phil are, but from here it just looks like a lot of whining and no actions at all. When u did write about rock and roll stars it was some lame thing about a rock star going to Hebrew school and finally in adult hood realizing IP is wrong. It took them their whole lives to figure it out. DUH. Us Deadheads know this is wrong from the day we learn to think. Sad. So let Matisyahu play and promote his bs. who cares, right? I already know the heads care cause when I Posted about this on their facebook page I got many supporting emails. No one said "Go to hell" except of course BDS and Mondoweiss. They couldn't be bothered to even let me know if Matisyahu the fascist is an issue anymore. The Deadheads immediately seemed to understand. Of course they do. I assume he is not and The Music Never Stopped. And Fish are leaping up like Birds. And Fascists and Hippies are the same. So no one should be upset when he uses proceeds from that show to buy Israel weapons. Over and out. Desperation breeds contempt.

  • A plea for Ahed Tamimi’s protection
    • I asked about that plan and no one responded.

    • I have seen nothing in the news at all in the past several days concerning this. She/It has dissapeared. It appears its not a big issue to latch onto. You all do write a lot about it but that is just writing. Didn't even see anything about it on here for at least four days now. Whatever. Your allies know not much about this, nor will they. Your not trying to tell anyone so no one is listening. Why would they. Your Mute.

  • Message from Massachusetts: When we fight we win!
    • See, Jerry Garcia is wrong. He said you can't win for trying,but that's not true! Congrats from Medford, and why did I hear NADA about this when it was hapening. I have representatives here too.

  • High-profile actors, artists, athletes, and activists join Dream Defenders in supporting Ahed Tamimi
    • Ok if no one really cares that Matisyahu will play to thousands of hippies and no one will know the truth, whatever. I figured it was an opportunity. Yes I probably have a lot in common with Peter Shapiro in that we have similar DNA and both love the grateful dead. Not sure what that is supposed to mean actually. If its an insult that's fine. THESE are the people who will listen but again, as Jerry said "I GUESS IT (The Palestinian's) Doesn't matter anyways. If you aren't going to engage them, NO ONE WILL. I can't do it myself I am just one Deadhead in a sea of millions, all liberal good stoned, yes stoned people who DEFINITELY would listen. What a colossal untold story that could be told at each of their scheduled 29 shows.
      That's only a few million people who could be leafletted etc. Who cares, right?
      Not addressing this is a huge opportunity down the drain, unless I am wrong that having Matisyahu play in front of that crowd is sacriligious. Back to some other cause if this is hopeless. Bummer. "As Jerry said, you can't win for trying." Sorry I bothered to get my password back and let you all know. Stupid me. BDS also didn't write back. as us stoners say "Whatever". again, as Jerry says "He's Gone" and the HE is Palestine. and that is unacceptable.

      I'll find some other cause to jump into. Goodbye and fare Thee Well. My wife and Mom won't listen to me about this either. I figured you all would. stupid me. There is no hope if this is the case. Goodbye. How depressing is this? As if they even have a chance to get what they deserve. This is so fucked up and I give up. John Jerome Garcia is laughing at me and you saying "I told them there was no time for hate." But they were too young too listen.

      Why did I come back on here to tell you all this. Because I care deeply and always will.

    • FYI the primary supporter of that event is named Peter shapiro. I do not know if he is a "liberal zionist" or not. But now I am more than worried. I love the fact these people's paths are crossing (Deadheads Versus Matisyahoo) so we can edumacate heads about this. Deadheads are not special but they might try to understand. Its a group ripe with allies and stoners. Good people. I know I/P is wrong because of the ethics this band and Mr. Garcia instilled, which I kind of used as a substitute for Judaism when I was growing up. I don't know a lot about Judaism because when my parents brought me to Hebrew school at Brandeis, I used to hide the entire three hours in the bathroom and then head home and say all was well. I have Deadhead values, not Jewish ones. Rastafari stands alone I and I penitentiary.

    • Hi! You can never tell! Guess what fellow travelers, The Lockn festival in arrington, VA, I think in august, is a three day hippy festival with the band that was The Grateful Dead headlining and many other acts also performing. BIG NAMES. Toots and the Maytals etc. . If ANYONE should be helpful/understanding/very aware of I/P I would think, it would, in the old days, be them, or Jerry himself. Matisyahu is scheduled to play the third day. I freaked out and went insane and told the contacts I have in Deadland that this must not be. So, let's get the Deads official position on this. This is a YUGE festival with lots of LSD. I am not exaggerating. I have seen over 250 Grateful Dead shows, and I know Deadheads stand for peace and justice, at least they were supposed to. There comes a time when the blind man takes your and and says, don't you see?
      Anyone have an idea? I contacted BDS or what I found on line. I also told Bob weir (OUR DEAR LEADER) on his facebook page (which I doubt he reads) directly that if he needs to have a confrontation that I, as a lifelong deadhead, am happy to challenge their lame scheduling of Matisyahu. They can weasel out and say they have no control, but that is far from true. WE should at least make them and their promoters respond. as Jerry said: ONE WAY OR ANOTHER THIS DARKNESS GOT TO GIVE. - I am happy to start something here I know Jerry would be totally pissed. He was into "Just [performing" but there comes a time when you are directly fucking with your own values. Recall, this band PLAYED IN GIZA AT THE PYRAMIDS in 1978. Not one but THREE NIGHTS. Then they brought HamZa El Din and had him play at many of their shows. They even knew the Saudis when they were in Berkeley and I think that is how they were able to play at the pyramids. THE PYRAMIDS. Could u imagine that happening today? No u can't.. This is important. W could haves a high time, living the good life., High. And that song is not about dope.It isn't. Its about the depression. It was a yuge diplomatic event. This is a big yuge thing and an opportunity to make some stoned friends. Now light one up and tell me how to proceed #420 #bds #deadandcompany I told Bob we will not be silenced or stand for this. Hemay completely agree. Run and see.

  • Israeli publisher slams US ambassador for 'perpetuating apartheid' in West Bank
    • I can't even talk to relatives. Ohyour attackingme when utalk about I/P justice. I'm like yes you are so important that your "Feelings" are more important than justice for a nation-STATE of humans who have no State but are a Nation.

      The wheels turned round children
      the letters said
      You'd better head back to Tennessee Jed

      Tennesee Tennesee
      There ain't no place I'd rather be
      Baby won't you carry me
      Back to Tennesee

  • Democrats head to a crossroads over Palestinian rights as primary season comes to an end
    • The whole comment chain is irrelevant. Hophmi is a great guy. Language will change, as loving Israel in these parts where the working class live is now the same as cleaning it up so it may exist. AA comes to mind. Loving Israel and envisioning the end of this Apartheid is normal and occurring. The lame old argument is not of any use and no one cares. Israel will exist and will be kind of Jewish and Arab and whatever, without the Palestinians what fun would it be. Hophmi's reasoning isn't valid anymore. Its simple circular crypytical envelopement. Soon these things will happen. I saw it on the upcoming tour.

  • Democratic Party is now split over Israel, and Clinton and Sanders represent opposing camps, says Pew
    • well, how crazy, that many people support both states. Duh. None of the Jews I know could care less about Israel. Were under 50. Were not "liberal" were Jewish, that is why my family always supported a Palestinian state, cause its the right thing to do. Whatever, your a bit lost.

  • Keeping hope alive in the Gaza Strip
    • Yes, we are moving onward and will go furthur and accomplish the Goal of an Nation state of Palestine. Preferably soon. I was wondering if I could have attended such a Conference as a US Citizen, , and then read the next sentence about how the Germans assisted diplomatically, otherwise Israel probably wouldn't have let and foreign mental health professionals into the area.

  • Sy Hersh's 'forbidden statement': Sanders's liberation from NY Jewish money could change US foreign policy
    • Were all dust in the wind. But the parents, as do Hophmi's I assume, still think they educated moral children, and with my rents, maybe they did, but they're not nationalists. I'd rather be on the correct side of this one when it all goes down. Whatever that means. My dad probably liked Israel but to say he loved it is silly. It wasn't that important to him, basic social work was. But, as the last statement says, he wouldn't be focused on their crimes if you brought up the subject, but he was aware of the crimes. When I think Israel I think Apartheid and so much more. Its worse than just apartheid. I guess My Jewishness is like Bernie's. Were Polish.....and Russian, it changes minute to minute. We weren't raised to like injustice and apartheid, so we don't. My parents knew a ton about all our wars from Nicaragua to Haiti etc, but were from Boston. Most people know nothing and don't want to know anything. So Hophmi is like people we know, but we are also Jews, always will be and we have zero in common, ideologically, with people like that, who are essentially trying to tell us what is wrong is right, up is down, whatever, he can try I suppose.. Its like shoveling water.

  • The banality of evil as captured in a selfie
  • Beinart's Jewish double-bind: Support oppression or you're out of the family
    • Yes. And before I even raise the issue you have to know they're not going to listen. And its always worse when your in laws are insane and your own parents are not so crazy. In the end we wait for them to die, sorry to be so blunt. Religion is fading away. If one like me wanted to be religious, its hard to know why. And if you have an adopted child from a non Jewish background, and that background is one that involves a lot of war, wouldn't one be crazy to ask that adopted child to become religious only to find he/she was adhering to a vegetable law involving promotion of more war? If one is an alcoholic, its better to dump family relations that trigger one to drink. This is similar, why have "Family" that are just hate filled fools. Dump them for some real people, and enjoy life instead. Many people have "Family" in many ways, not biological. Look up "The Family Dog in relation to the Grateful Dead. That is a "Family."

  • Norman Finkelstein on Sanders, the first intifada, BDS, and ten years of unemployment
    • I approve of this message. I can relate to this better than the story, however wonderful, about the guy that figured out he was anti apartheid and wasn't into Israeli foreign policy at a Camp in 1971. Its good to be getting old. I agree this is a new wave. I am not worried about November, because this isn't about November. I already informed Ed Markey's (Senator from Mass) that we are taking the party back from whoever. We must, or else we stand for nothing. and in our time we will see the birth of a new nation state, the overdue one, Palestine. And then we can go and visit, and tell everyone that we are from somewhere where someone did care. We will see how it feels in the end.

      It is still hard to explain to my SNCC involved (was) mom that Reform Judaism is bunk and isn't about actual Judaism, but she gets it. She and my dad reflexively picked Bernie and Peace, it wasn't a choice, but a foregone conclusion. And this is why the hope remains that the fake peace process will end and the nation state will arise. I can see it from my backyard, actually, it has trees there. And free Olive Oil for all.

  • Sanders' unprecedented call for 'justice and peace' marks decline of lobby's power
    • How should they handle it. Seems the Jewish community is intent on doing the same activity. talk to my relatives and they have a innocent "Who Us" reaction to the fact their community is now seen as hateful racist savages. The think they can "Do Something" about everyone seeing their corrupt criminal enterprise for what it is. Jews here at my house call it Apartheid. Maybe they could try giving peace a chance? Not likely. Bu they need to "do something" about it. We'll be watching for that. Are all the pro peace anti Israeli Jews in Boston I know a fact or just my imagination? If so they need top do something about that, as peace is not an option for the pro Israel crowd.

  • The Jewish community must choose, between Sanders and AIPAC
    • That is a brilliant analysis, not shared by anyone I know. Get a grip, on reality. Yes the geeks still attend AIPAC. Not the kool kids, the geeks. Did you miss that the last time you were there? It's fairly obvious, Like the Brandeis football team that Pat Buchanan refers to.

  • The Jewish-Israeli navel-gazers
  • Washington Post propagandist for Israel warns Sanders to stay away from the subject, forever
    • I'm for Bernie. I'm not sure how many were killed, its too many. I am not sure he is in this to know, that's what staff are for. He's from Vermont, not Jerusalem. But data is data. He's late for supper. No matter what he said those parties would be yapping, what else do they exist for?

  • Liberal Zionists are losing control of US discourse, and they know it
    • If these are pro Israel Jews, what do they think Israel will be someday. An apartheid fun house? I am a liberal Jew, not a Zionist. The realization comes to a moral being that Apartheid is bad, Jews lost any moral compass they ever had as an organized group. Is it crazy that I may be pro Israel in my thinking peace is better than this situation. They are pro Israel in their minds. But what they want for Israel may not be very good for Israel. If constant conflict is so great,. they must be anti Israel.

  • Birthright ends trips to Israel -- 'American Jews are better off imagining Israel than seeing it'
    • I wanted to go on one and just eat their food and see if could stand it without throttling one of them. Doubt it.

    • great. By the way, I saw jerry Garcia at a Holiday Inn that I stayed in last night after the Trump rally. He told me two things: 1) He would never play in Israel, until they change their ways and 2) he ain't really dead, its just easier being a janitor these days than enduring all those long road trips.

  • Eric Alterman contradicts himself about anti-Semitism on campus
    • cause people like Eric need to be liked by every single human, or else they are rabid anti whatever they are talking about. You are required to like them, not just a little, but a lot. Kind of like in elementary school, where steve grover graduated and then ceased learning. A grown adult calling people names. How interesting.

    • Um no were not lefto fascists, were Jews.

  • Israeli soldier filmed executing wounded Palestinian man
    • really, I'm there, can I get conjugal visits after I get jailed, should someone catch it video phone?

    • as long as his thoughts weren't kosher, like say he was pro peace or a hippy or dpe fiend or hs hair wasn't perfect some abstraction, then of course, kill him. In those situations Israelis must make instant decisions, kill everyone, 80%, 25%,or everyone all day long. Each moment is different. They do seem to like to kill, however. They finished telling God they are better than those people, the Palestinians, God was unconvinced so they told him to just shut up. God is preparing their confinement loaf as we speak. Its made of bean by products pressed into a loaf. Its used in our Federal prisons today.

    • this is bad, unless your Jewish. I was talking to my mom about the fact we and our ancestors were and are Jewish. She said when it comes to crap like Religion, you better shop around. But being wise she said people that do this arent religious, they're quasi religious militarized weaponzed nationalist fanatics , looking to start a fight. Similar to KKK. If this is Judaism, I'll pick another religion. Somehow it would appear tjese are people are of no sane background, if they're Jewish, I wouldn't wanna be part of that club. I have better things to do with my time than run around hating others, killing them on TV, and then wondering what is wrong. its stressful and useless, to do that all day. Why bother, religions are worse than drugs, I tried both, liked neither.

  • Illinois lists 11 companies banned from doing business with state due to BDS
    • Ok, I saw the list or a part of and am like, so? Its ridiculous, Illinois will now tell Sweden and its people what to do and this will save Israel from? Reality? Cant save them from reality. Back to the drawing board for AIPAC. we right here aren't buying the Israeli products we see every day at Star Market. that we would consider if reality didn't exist. that s the BDS, not some guy driving a SAAB somewhere. get real.

    • It's a rahm Emanuel Fare thee well kind of idea. did u know that without love day to day insanity is king. Which companies, what do they sell, I cant imagine who they might be off the top of my head. I'm Jewish, or I was told I am, didnt do a DNA analysis. no were not all Nazis, actually more like some guy somewhere spacing out during the darkstar, or I guess I don't know what you mean that not all Jews are Nazis, and I don't care. Anyways I want to buy things from companies banned in Illinois ,where is the list. and the guy below knew some anti fascists. That's good cause you cant even watch "the news" without seeing that guy. good luck to all, were ants, more than nazis. The tour cant start soon enough, I'm going on tour with the grateful dead, a community of people devoid of trump like events, as we roam. stay sane, were almost there. It'd be better to bring the Vietnamese army in as peacekeepers. They're rather devoid of Trumpism , so far. And the UN doesn't seem to exist anymore. Now off to that list.

  • Why is AIPAC legitimating Donald Trump's bigotry?
    • aipac hates Jews also. They'd hate me, instantly, and as such, they hate Jews they disagree with, all day long. Did it matter, does it now, and what would be the answer to the answer man?

    • Jill Stein, you might as well vote for my cat. She is a fraud, ifyu work inbosston, provide ACTUAL HEALTHCARE TO THE POOR DAILY, you wonder what the obsessionwith Jill Stein, who know one who actually works with the poor inBostonknows. She livesinLexington, a rich town,and is afraud and a perpetualhas been. For those who

    • what is it about rastafarians that bothers u so much. Just kidding, actually, only people like us know this is even happening. Its actually isn't very important in the real world, where real people live. maybe it matters, to Palestine, on the barest of margins, but not really. We have our local JCRC being idiotic. I wrote some very blunt stuff to their local leader to inform him that as a Jew I think he is a moral coward, a fool, a liar, etc etc. etc. This is almost over, look at everyone at this event. They all think they matter, but in the long run they just destroyed and chance I had of even having a religion, they're all insane, and they are not Jews, they're political wacks. Whatever, smoke a fatty and ignore it. Israel and Trump are the same, both will be gone soon, due to their idiocy and racism. So says this Cohen. I know where to Go, California. he cant have California, and he can't have NY. The other thief has those. I realize were all going to die quite soon. Israel is just a piece of earth, with a bunch of idiots, ruining their stolen country. These people pray to god, but god has something waiting for them. Its called confinement loaf, and is made out of bean by products. You feed some confinement loaf to a law breaking Zionist and it seems to mellow them out right away. Ask Frank for the recipe. With Jews like me around, the JCRC is not happy. I challenged them to burn my house down since they like that kind of thing. I hope they do. I have the FBI, my neighbors are all cops, and we have...Insurance.

  • Portland’s socially responsible investments committee recommends putting Caterpillar on city’s 'do-not-buy' list
    • Oregon is a hot bed of trees. The have kind rednecks there , its not like massachusetts. or Kentucky.

    • whatever, they lost their colonies, and now this junk. its still a boring depressing place, no matter how we cut it. Watch the wall again.

    • There are many Portlands...for example, a band is playing in the wrong one in July, but may be at the needed one in the fall. not sure. Portland should do that, both of them. That's an objective to have, and both are nice places.

  • Palestinians grapple with knife attacks as violence enters fifth month
    • The subject was touchy. The warsaw and other camps uprising were a desperate and vain but worthy attempt to deal the Nazis a blow. Just like in chicken run, you do what u need to do, when your a chicken in a chicken farm. I'd suggest we give them their freedom instead.

  • Trump's Jewish mirror
    • BS, and FYI, we have no synagogue. These Jews here decided we can't raise our adopted child Jewish. He is Vietnamese. He has had enough militarism, he doesn't need Judaism, which isnt even Judaism any more, its just a bunch of overfed idiots promoting hatred. If you think Jews under 50 go to Synagogue. wake up, they do not.

    • were not, Hophmi has no real colors. If he does what are they?

    • as I said, Israelis hate Jews.

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    • AIPACIs boring and lame and for people with very very thick glasses. At Woodstock they'd yellout at the crowd as a joke: sit down stand up fight fight fight and everyone just laughed like crazy cause they were tripping and having fun Real Jewish people nd real Deadheads wouldn't waste their time at AIPAC. AIPAC is for weapons manufacturers . and fools. Real Jews go to work, come home, sleep, get stoned, and don't get involved in that nonsense. And they certainly don't think they and Israel have anything to do with each other. Israel could disappear tomorrow. This Jewish household couldn't care less. Do you think my wife really cares about aipac or Israel? No,she's Jewish, but not some kind of twisted scheming political hack. We take our kid to soccer. And no, we don't think Israel's treatment of anyone, even Jews under the age of 95, , is ok in any way. Its not Jews they are defending, its their warped and outcast dysfunctional hate governed nation state, which, again, has nothing to do with me or any of my ancestors, who are all named Cohen. We are not and never will be from Israel, in anyway. I bet they have nice glasses at AIPAC. Overall it sounds like quite a drag. I'd rather be at a grateful dead concert. We have already concluded the USA is done and over. Trump is perfect as we watch the USA and its ending.. what are we defending ,the USA? Ask the Hondurans about that. There is nothing to defend or worry about. The USA was a good idea, that was a long time ago.

  • Rubio's defeat means the downfall of neoconservatives
    • I am not supporting Trump, and I do have a reservation for dinner, see ya later. I am supporting trump...............................................good luck, he will never be anyone. Welcome to NJ.

    • Of course I would, I love fascists. who cares about the election, idiots when do we get our freedom? I like white bread, no hard grains. ya mean the Hilary Israel train? well, I aint getting on. I also wonder why Jews care (I am a Jew) if people hate them. So what, ignore them. That's what makes me happy. And with Karate, they (whoever they are) doesn't want to fight me. I don't need weapons. Peace is great, hate exists, who cares, ignore it and give us our freedom already. Or is that too hard of a concept even at this point. The Palestinians are a diversion for Israel, but its taking a long time to solve it and move on. Cause Israel has lost its marbles, a long time ago, if it had any. This is the real outcome of the Holocaust all these years later. A clueless childish immature self destructing Israel.

      Did anyone read the Torah recently, or were they reading a manual on how to operate a tank? What happened to the religion. I thought Judaism was one, or so I was told when I was young. Where'd the real manual go? Did manuel steal it, like in Wall-E? It could be that Hophmi confuses rain and sun , like when reagan sent the homeless into the rain cause his alzheimers made him confuse a rainy day for a sunny day. Ask Jerry, only he can explain this situation. Whatever, I do love Fascists though. always did always will. I kind of am one.

  • Over 60 Massachusetts organizations protest ‘anti BDS’ legislation
    • On Monday at 9:01 I will be calling each and every one of them.

    • Bite me, from Boston.

    • I am Jewish and I will bluntly say here in Medford,near Boston, we have had enough of the anti BDS nonsense and these Zionist wackos who hate America, think they like Israel, but truly love apartheid and hatred We know exactly who these people are ,the kindthat never got laid in high school. I wanted to buy some kedem juice, marked down75%, cause no one is buying it. , cause I like Jewish food, just yesterday at star market, and decided again, as a Jewish person with a brain, consciously not to. Come ask the Medford police to arrest me, they will die laughing and never stop talking about it. I dare you idiots to even try. They will die laughing. I am Jewish, and wont let the local fools tell me how to think .My mom wont talk about it all day like me, but she told me she doesn't support Israel, at all but she doesn't like the subject. Whatever, their hatred is why this family wont raise our kids Jewish, right now, right here, in Boston. The JCRC are fools, always were, always will be. And they are very unpopular amongst all the Jews I know here in Boston, that's about 100 families. We are not Republicans, not fools, and not buying their horse manure. Mmmmkay? They don't like their own religion, but they do like apartheid. Weird. My dad would say no. His name was steve baran, if you all recall him. Whatever, Israel is a nightmare. Its supporters look like real fools. That is that. Ed Markey is an Israel stooge bigtime. These people lost big time in life, that is why they keep on with their hatred. They were the kapos at Auschwitz, I tell you its true. They are all old stuck up Newton based Volvo driving weirdos. they are indeed. I know who they are. They suck ,big time. The 60 year old virgin, that's a movie about them. I am 100% Jewish, so is my wife, my ancestors name was Cohen, and we disavow the JCRC and its hatred.

  • Psychological warfare: Society for Psychotherapy Research shills for Israeli occupation
    • Good article. Its idiotic beyong belief for multiple reasons to hold a conference there. I suggest Mogadishu instead. Its a nice city with great food.

  • PA continues crackdown on West Bank teachers strike as anger with anti-democratic Palestinian leadership spreads
    • Why don't they make Palestine great again? Seems to me , a Jew, that the PA sucks big time. As does my mayor, Congress people etc. And Obama, the Democrat, is washed out and looking for as many wars as we can involve ourselves in. Whatever, like my Congress people, Abbas is halfway dead. so what's next? In a way we are lucky Israel is acting as it is, the cat is so out of the bag, with Jews defending racism and war and hate and all that stuff, its sad but predictable. Liberal Jews supporting Obama and war. They should just make america great again. Like my Trump supporting friend says, he will arrest all of these people including Hillary, and start over. I'm not voting for him, but not everyone who is is a moran, they just want a complete lock down of these idiots from Clinton to Rumsfeld to Abbas. confinement soup is waiting. . Clean house, what is the alternative.

  • Israeli forces suppress non-violent march commemorating Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre
    • I was talking to my mom about that nonviolence thing, we agreed the Palestinians are not violent now, and Israel is too busy violating every right to basic life. They tell us American Jews we should join them in their insane Campaign to ensure the whole world hates Israel. Of course the Palestinians can't protest, its Israel and they don't like anyone but themselves. worse. It's sad we cannot raise our kids Jewish, but we can't if this kind of hatred and self centeredness is what they would experience in Sunday school/Hebrew School. In the mid 70's I hid in the bathroom to avoid those insane college freshman Hebrew school Zio-Dork teachers. The bathroom was far more interesting and relevant as a 5th grader. I found out my wife did the same thing at her Sunday school. See, were soulmates, soulmates in finding what they have turned Judaism to be not just backwards but also irrelevant to our spiritual lives.. If the two, Israel and Judaism are not the same thing, why are all or many American Jews oblivious to Israel and its crimes. I believe in human rights, Israelis do not. I believe in the wall, and that Outside The Wall we are here, waiting, quietly hoping, but know in the awful truth in this situation. Its like the warsaw Ghetto. I know who the violent ones are, and it is us Jews. The Palestinians are like the Americans in Lexington in1776 waiting to shoot when they see the whites of their eyes. Its called rebellion due to unjust situation and its called self defense. Very American things to do. Like my Jewish semi anti Zionist Mom and like Apple Pie.

  • Israel's left pushes back against rightwing 'delegitimization'
    • Israel is silly and angry and childishly lashing out against it's own people because Jewish people like me in America know they are a useless confused unlikeable unfriendly friendless nuclear armed Apartheid state and a drag on the American taxpayer. They are in a post religious phase where their only religion is militarism. No Grateful Dead concerts happening there in Tel Aviv, they are not Kosher, and they invented the Kosher laws.

      They have delegitimized themselves. Like cancer, their moral sickness is eating them from within. They attack themselves like an auto-immune disorder, first slowly going after specific cells, then dying a slow quiet death. I though it was the Palestinians that were the problem? Now its the leftists. It's kind of like Pink Floyds record album The Wall, leftists , Jews, Homos, people who smoke, druggies, anyone differing in any way from the required norm, get up against the wall.................... To an American Jew it looks like the insanity has reached a new crescendo, a civil war maybe is coming with the pro apartheid crew versus everyone else on earth, jew or non jew. Only pro apartheid Jews are good enough, so everyone else must leave Israel along with the Palestinians and Africans and Christians . Is that their idea of family fun? Sounds lke their plan.

      So if I moved to Israel to study Judaism or Medicine Which I never ever would for any reason at all, would they tell me how to think? Sounds pretty strange to me. Like an Israeli re- education camp for foreign jews that believe in strange things like human rights which Israel gave up on a long time ago. Good luck with that. Israel sounds like the way Cambodia was during their civil war, with the right wing Israelis acting like the Khmer Rouge, demanding allegiance to a vegetable law.

      What would the victms of the Holocaust say, sounds like the kind of oppression they faced, from the Nazis, prior to the ovens. . Israelis act like Nazis cause they were killed and tortured and think they have some kind of god given right to be totally obnoxious,but it is eroding. To those who think about your holocaust all day long I say go on home your mama's calling you. We wanted the world to help us during the Holocaust, why wouldn't Jews with a conscience want whatever international body that could to intervene to stop the abuse of the Palestinian people. Its like 1234, not very complicated until you make it. Contributions? Keep mumbling, you sound like and are close to being a fascist if you have not crossed the lie, go regulate someone elses brain, mine can't be occupied with Zionist garbage. My Mother would not approve of me doing that. You are like the teacher in The Wall, and when he gets home at night his fat psychopathic wife beats him to the very heart of his soul. Check it all out, its in the movie. Mind control is fine but never works for long, too much LSD floating around.

  • Pro-Israel group wants to send army colonel to your campus to explain battle for west's 'way of life'
    • That would be hilarious, do they want to get laughed out of town? Do they not think the fact they have to explain how great Israel is identifies that they have a huge issue?

      As an American Jew I say good luck, I'll be there to shout them down and I will drive them back to the airport. How stupid do Israelis think we are? They truly are stupid and look like idiots pushing a boulder up a hill. Good luck to them, maybe someone will believe them. It is pretty damn funny that the old men there come up with these ideas as if they w ill work. So damn funny.

  • Generational sea change within the Democratic party will also include policy towards Israel
  • Parody New York Times 'supplement' criticizing paper's coverage of Israel/Palestine distributed on streets of NYC
  • 'I cannot support Israel as long as Netanyahu is in office'-- many American Jews are saying
    • why do we call them Liberal Zionists most of them are not kind or generous at all, its a false term.

    • Ok, so Netanyahu goes and then what. Or he gives the Palestinians some half baked thing. No. I think its Justice Jews like me want for Palestinians. Its going to be quite a while after that that anyone around this household supports this far off foreign nation state. I am jewish, my kid is adopted Vietnamese, its unlikely he's going to celebrate more than Chanukah, and that's cause he wants presents. Were not showing him the religion, and even if we did it would have nothing to do with Israel or supporting it. As far as I know we are Europeans so support for an apartheid nation in the middle east is something we do not and will not support. I don't care if it exists, if it restores Justice and land, but Netanyahu s just a man, and a man is just a man. Its a good rhetorical question, but Netanyahu is just one of many scumbags, and no I don't support it and probably never will. Why would I, they're a bunch of self righteous jerks as far as I can tell. They want to impose this question on me as if I care about them, since we share some weird ethno-religious bond. If I was Danish or swedish would I support beating up refugees? Probably not. The elderly don't exist for very long. I'm 47, I assume vast numbers of people 50 and younger feel this way or are too wound up in this strange fantasy to get it, yet. They will, soon. After Clinton's indictment next week things will change.

  • Roger Waters tells France: 'Supporters of BDS, attacked by your judiciary, have my unequivocal respect and love'
  • Israeli group Ad Kan continues attacks on anti-occupation activists with 'expose' of Anarchists Against the Wall
    • They sound like Donald Trumps production rew.

    • Israel is delegitimized or however u spell it. We're Jewish and we reject everything Israel has to offer and stands for. They revolt us as americans Jews.They can mumble all day long, we know what Israel is, an apartheid state filled with haters. case closed. We ain't buying their Horse Manure, sorry for them and they can put my face on their wall of traitors immediately.

  • Park Slope Food Coop holds vote aimed at staunching boycott of Sodastream
    • are they a bunch of Birkenstock wearing Klinton supporters? Good grief, out here in Lexington we'd be speaking English if they had been in charge. New York City progressives, who cares actually, they don't live in the real world anyways. They should eat pesticide. their food coop isn't doing them much good anyways. That's for people who like overpriced organic food...They are called Yuppies. maybe they will live fifteen minutes longer by not buying food at Stop and Shop. Who drinks Soda anyways, what is this, 8th grade? The food they buy in NYC can be had in Maine for 50% the price. Escape from NY time for them. They are not progressive. In what way are they, do they eat tofu and do Yoga. Do they snort wheat grass? Seriously, a modern normal group of people wouldn't be censoring themselves. These people take the cake for self importance. Food coop, that's something only in NY would people be pro Israel and pro obfuscation and act like were all in this together so we should just be quiet. They are stooges of a foreign land, not progressives. Its a meaningless word. They progressively steal land. . Get your own food, you "Progressives" ! and legalize it already. Progresso soup is too salty. When the electric grid goes down, we'll see who is progressive and who is a violent psychopath.

  • Jewish organizations look to co-opt 'intersectionality' in the fight against BDS
    • They can mumble all day long. This Jew supports BDS and is against apartheid and is not interested in their self pity contest. Any questions? Now back to planning for summer Grateful Dead tour, me hear we're going to Santa Fe.

  • 'Little Jewboy' moment highlights coming divorce between US Jews and Israel
    • how, by not buying kedem juice. I did yell at my Congress persons staff and the senators staff (Warren and the calcified and increasingly clueless Markey) numerous times about the Iran deal and how they should vote. I assure you, they are not very smaht when u call its fascinating how clueless and unable to even discuss any issue their staff is......... As far as their staff is concerned, they probably think Iran is near Mexico and is part of an Ethanol problem. Think of Ed Markey as progressive being from Mass? Think again he voted for every war he could since I was in high school in1986 Israel is run by fanatics and so is the USA, if you think we the USA can help good luck I am all in but really who runs your country" Its Raytheon, if you weren't aware. Israel is flattening itself like a pancake, so all u little jew boys don't worry its almost all over now. netenyahu will be living with Chris and Sadaam Hussein in hell just like in South Park by February 23rd, 2017.

    • Your all running around in circles,...Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, I'm a little Jew boy too. Chicago New York Detroit and its all on the same street. A typical city involved in a typical daydream. hangit up and see what tomorrow brings. Dallas.... about whether Jews here will break from Israel. I am not attached to Israel. I follow Bob. Israel is more or less a despiccable me 2 fascist area, where they rule like the supreme Zionist racist morans that they are, andthey read backwards.. There are no connections between this household and Israel, just a realization that we are the same ethnic group as the criminals that control and govern Israel, and that people down the street like paying for it, by themselves and through taxes. And that our parents Love It, and can't be told its wrong without them thinking we are attacking them. yet try talking to your Congress peoples staff about ANYTHING. How should Jews act? Like anyone else who realizes some far off place is run by fascists....condemn it,, boycott it,, flush it down the toilet like Rush limbaugh. You can put a picture of netanyahu in your toilet and poop on it, or use his face as a doormat and videotape yourself doing it and put it on YouTube and send it to both your Senators. Whatever works. Bernie is too busy mumbling and Hillary is an idiot, so were done. do whatever and send israel an anvil, kind of like we are doing to Hillary. Their language is great, we can just watch as they act like little jew boys, one and all. It sounds just like it is, completely unbelievably gross and yucky and perfect for people like them. "It" is a book. Obama will do nothing at all, he's gone, and nothings gonna bring him back. He's Gone. Any day now the whole thing will blow sky high, yet not in the winter. . wont be much longer.....soon.

  • Suddenly, comparing Jewish state to ISIS is OK
    • Umm, I dunno, I figured it out early, at 12, right after I had sunday school taught by Hillel feaks at Brandeis. Its obvious if u read the news.

    • ISIL may be like Israel, but aren't they like themselves, the former Baath Sunni Military of Iraq I thought. Am I wrong, I should ask Juan Cole at Informed Comment to clarify. Some of them are Euro Trash Wannabees, and others just like a good Violent place where people like ISIS rule. But, Israel canbe compared nicely to any insane violent group of elitist apartheid like Humans. It isn't hard to do, as of now, so what's the big deal, or I guess some people are late to integrating Israel's brutality into their thinking. Anyways, the Grateful Dead played They Love Each Other last night right after Feel Like a Stranger. Don't give up, they may do Dancin in the Streets next Year, and we may all be, you can never tell.

  • Video: O little invasion of Bethlehem
    • Let the Zionists delude themselves, who cares, the general public gets it about Israel. Hillary is lying when she appears to say she is going to be nice to Netanyahu. Behind closed doors she will be threatening him.

  • Liberal Zionist group says Israeli army compares favorably to 'oppressive police forces in the US'
  • Adam Sandler says he's devoted to Israel because of his parents
    • The Rolling Stones,like The Grateful Dead, are not up for debate. They are both of the greatest bands ever. One thingI would note is the Rolling Stones do the same show every day, whereas the Dead do not. The Grateful Dead would not play in Israel. They don't speak politically, you justhave to know the difference between right and wrong. This is why The Grateful Dead or its related current groupings will indeed never ever and have never played in Israel. The Reason Why is, as the song goes, they aint got no time to hate. So, Israel will wait. The did play at the Giza Pyramids for three shows in August of 1978, however, something no other band has done I think. They will not be playing in Egypt again, I assume. There are many Jewish Deadheads, but that isn't helping Yes, we all think Adam Sandler is an idiot, he has been funny,but this just makes him look like the creators of South Park-Stupid and stuck in the mid 1980's. . The shows never change, like the rolling stones geriatric concert in Israel. I like Howard Stern, but I don't see myself using his political judgements as my own.............would you vote for Frank Zappa for President? I would.

  • Anti-BDS funding stipulation sparks legal fight at UCLA
    • BDS is like AA, it doesn't need promotion, it spreads due to its intrinsic attraction, as a basic stance by any Jewish person who likes the idea of human rights. The Jews I know are all avoiding Israeli products, its just what we do now, as do all the whole foods hypocrites we know. Its easy to do, there were only several products we would buy anyways. Now we skip them and stare as they stay on sale, even the non Israeli Jewish items just seem to sit. Sweet Potato Pancakes, frozen, 75% off.

    • I am sitting here alone in a room. Whatever. I am Jewish. I dont know u. All I know is Israel lost me when I was, seven. That's all. My ancestors are from Europe, as far a I know. Israel has nothing to do with my Judaism. There is only pavement there. I wanna go see the grateful dead in Lithuania.............. That's where us Jews are from. Not Madagascar, although they have good soil there.

    • Diane Feinstein is very unpopular in many circles for numerous reasons, that have nothing to do with this article. The NPR crowd is the only group left that like her, and who are they?? If she condemned the University of California it would be good for the schools reputation. Isn't she married to or something? This means anyone with a Portfolio would think her words are unclear and likely untrue. She is almost gone. I don' think the school has much to worry about. This is in LA. Have they left the building to ask people on the street what they think of the senator? Probably not, they'll get an earful, right there in LA. She is one of the reasons why people like Trump are popular, with her strange condemning weird stance on various thing we might agree with, but somehow with her its like Kelly Ayotte type situation or something. Something just isn't right with Diane Feinstein. In terms of boycotting Jews, I boycotted my wife by not going to her PTO fundraising event, so I am boycotting Jews, its true.

  • Palestinian man 'killed in cold blood' on day that claims 4 Palestinian lives
    • herchel, interesting I just had lunch for hanukah with my father in law, a staunchly pro isreali American, who will kill for Isreal. he said many things that would upset you, and that as far as he can tell israel is committing suicide. he uses the Apartheid term daily without hesitating. So, you are in the minority, sorry about that, but even many highly educated American lovers of israel and Judaism with some sense can clearly see how this ends, i.e. by kicking the Zio Crazies to the Curb with our extensive cash donations and by showing them to be just like the south africans. Thus, yes, this will soon be over. Jews like me will win, and the Zio Crazies will be sent away to where the belong, in a museum somewhere. Yes he has a LOT of money. . That's what he said today. And I am sure he is more Pro Israel than you, forcing his daughter in law into their army etc. People like u just don't know anyone, except some haters and rabbis who should be wearing white sheets.. We are Doctors, not white supremacists, not schoolyard bullies from south boston, not reflexive savages. People like you destroy my beloved religion daily. Go beat up some other ethnic group, and leave us normal Jews and the Palestinians alone for once. He said he sees people like you at temple. he says they are always the same ones with the family issues, that we wont get into, like divorces, alcoholism, hanging out with fundamentalist christians and other stuff. The anti zio Jews he knows are all fun happy people, and he talked about the difference all day today., and how uncomfortable he feels around some of his colleagues who are now clinically gonzo. So... see ya. so glad not to be like you, defender of the undefensable, did something happen to you, or you just have no compassion, no understanding of anything except your abyynnormal savage perception of what to say about Isreals crazy and atrocious behavior. Netanyahu's behavior this past year has been so normal, wouldnt u agree>? Since you are so sure you are right and everyone else is wrong, you should have no issues anymore. See ya on tour someday. When your standing in the pouring rain. In the meantime go sell your wares. Maybe someone will buy some.

  • Open letter to Rabbi Susan Talve from St. Louis Jews
    • I am not sure about that, but I don't really care. Religions are SO boring. I read the Koran once and found it to be just as boring as the Jewish thing. This is why both my wife and I hid in the bathroom during most of our respective Hebrew School experiences, one at Brandeis, other in Somerset. I agree with karl Marx.

    • Exactly, that's why i did it and do it. I love hating myself, and everything my Jewish parents taught me about right versus wrong has no effect on any of this. I also killed myself the day jerry garcia died. Listen, Grover, go be in a cartoon if you keep that name. Otherwise I challenge you to a cream puff war. That way no one gets hurt.

    • The rabbi saysjk: “What do we have to learn from the Palestinians — to strap bombs to ourselves?” I say to her" What do I have as a person born as an American Jew have tolearn from the organized r Jewish Community? I say as the band the Who Said: Were not gonna take it, never did and never will. I am talking about MY Generation. And if they don't get it they can all just fff fade away........ Why is MY generation rejecting Judaism. Zionism nd even basic Judaism is definitely seen as fanatical in my household of Conservative Jews. We are not insane. We know what hate looks like, and some of our relatives are good at it. Hating people they have never met and never will. I say as a Jew I am not raising my child to be Jewish precisely because of people like this Rabbi. She makes me queasy, pretending to be a good person, some of the time. That is not what I have in mind for my child's mind, to be colonized by people who don't know anything, have rarely left their states, and think God is on their side. Religion is worse that alcohol. I should know. people like her can't be appealed to, she is full of stuff, and it is not anything to appeal to. A Semi Moral Weakling with a weird robe. That is what a rabbi is, after all. Judaism didn't even use to have Rabbis. She ain't god. There is nothing there. I assure u of that. Don't bother. She is a rabbi, and not one like my cousin, who actually is COMPETENT morally to be one. God knows all this, but it is waiting to tell us until later, maybe umm, in 2069, at Woodstock 2. Until then You'd better get back Truckin On. See you on the 27th in SF. God may be there.

    • and many do that while not fully grasping that they are doing it. Thus the immediate dismissal of the concerns. It is not like someone can read the newspaper to find out what is going on, as the papers are full of nonsense since Tom Brady won another game. Supporting Israel is very boring though, and seen as geeky in many quarters.. Its not the cool kids doing it. ISIS and Israel needs to reform, not Islam or Muslims. Last time I lived with Muslims the worst thing they did to me was offer me food and water when I was hungry and thirsty.

  • 'New York Times' uncorks laughable Israeli propaganda
    • Yes, and it sucks for me that other so called jews like this person can run around yapping nonsense when any normal educated Jewish american can tell that the reporters are doing their job. It puts me, as a Jewish american, in a box and it pisses me off. But what do they care, they like being fascists. They think their warped perception that their European heritage accords them the right to intervene in the middle east cannot be challenged. Except it can, by real existing people who know that our ancestors were not from Isreal, sorry, that's ther way it is. The truth about Hillel is, Oh I wont go into it again, lets just say no one hanging out there is winning any beauty contests. Like at any College frat or whatever, those still hanging out there several years later are usually wacked out on something. If they had an.............

    • The comments here are whatever, This household doesn't read the Times anymore for information. That's a sad commentary, but there aren't any US Newspapers that aren't devolving into this kind of gibberish. Sure its a boring pro isreal puff piece, and anyone would know that maybe they should cover what is going on in anywhere else, like what kind of food shortages exist in sudan,. Pick up a copy of the Boston Globe, which the NYT owns or used to. Its a cut and paste job with a few AP stories, with the rest of it targeted to some fictitous Birkentstock wearing sniveling suburban half wit, who does not exist. This is why the Boston Globe and NYT are filled with nonsense, their staff has no clue what the readers might want. For them its all like being at a friends "Coffee" while their spouse buys overpriced food at Whole Foods Market. Rudoren thinks our review of her drivel is nonsense? It is, garbage. No one is going to be splurging on any Isreali wines unless they are already drunk on Zionism. If they sold marijuana this generation of americans might pay attention. She should write about Isreali weed. Even my mom said its a garbage uninteresting pieve about a place no one cares about anymore. And she did a semester there. , she loves wine and she likes things like "The bachelor." She didnt buy the NYT for $7 last Sunday to read that crap. Trust me, she didn't. My Mom is buying a case of Beaujolais or however u spell it. Support France, I heard they make Wine there. Hophmi can drink the Isreali wine, its probably too sweet anyways, meaning it gives you a stomach ache if you use it for what its get drunk.

  • Video: 'I killed for you, with these hands!' cries Israeli veteran with PTSD
    • I like this video,and feel for the human whose life has been destroyed by Isreali idiocy. And in the middle I think, what about the Palestinians? I think a few of them might have been injured during whatever they were talking about. I think I read about that in my almanac.

      Anyhow, As a jewish angry neo-Normal person I wanted to act the same way at Thanksgiving and tell the Zio Supremacists at my table to ^%^^ themselves. . But this year I didn't. I had the weird sense that they knew and I knew that I had been right all along. The argument wasn't worth having, and I no longer drink!! They know they are the strange dual loyalty weird ones in the room when it comes to this far off land called Palestine that they call madagascar, I meant Isreal. This video shows what war does. Down the street people are doing the same thing, some are proud of it, some are in pain, some have recovered, because today is a day like every other day that's ever been. I am not exactly a fan of Hezbollah, I prefer the Grateful Dead. But I do like reminding my loved ones of who won the 2006 event. Anyways hopefully that boy will get some Zoloft soon. And keep him away from alcohol. Some weed might do him some good. I am sure he doesn't exist for good reason, given the fact that was a war rife with war crimes and the hotels in Brussels need additional guests. calling it a war is weird actually, it was more like when my son decides he wants to attack an ant pile. Attacking innocent people is a crime not a war. And as far as having no pity, whatever, its up to each of us to know that, the worst are the veterans around here who act like their service in Vietnam was fun, such as Jon (Put me back in the hotel now" McCain.

  • 'Foreign Policy' says 'Israel lobby' donors are making 'pro-Israel the new circumcision'
    • there is definitely a lot of silence and adherence, what Jim Morrison called adherence to a vegetable law in "American Dream" (The Doors). I am asked to be silent so I do not ruin family events. But I assure you everyone thinks it is f%^ strange that so and so (My 22 year old relative from guess where New York.... is joining the IDF. My mom is like, is she a psycho or something? My mom says "Why would anyone join any army anywhere." I said, good point, Mom. I hope it doesn't turn as it should, with this fool joining the IDF learning the hard way what any Vietnam vet can tell u, about war, and Duplicity, and nationalism. But will her parents toss her out of the family and the Will and tell her never to return home again and to not speak to the children???? I would, but they won't. Maybe her mom will be the first one on her block to have her kid come home from Isreal in a box* (IT happened last week in Sharon , MA) I don't really care either way, box or no box, she should do something that a normal well off 22 year old should do, like get a masters degree in some uesless profession. Go to mars and grow vegetables or something, as Woodly allen said.

    • My family is very Jewish. We have no and never did have any loyalty whatsoever to Isreal. We are European. Understand????? What are u even talking about? What kind of loyalty? Are you from the former Soviet Union, you speak in a weird way. Like someone from eastern Europe? I don't know, as a Jew I was encouraged to go to Senegal to do the Peace Corps with....gasp....Muslims...If u can believe it. And every day was like any other day that's ever been. I asked them for water, They gave me some wine. First we drank down their bottle, and then we broke into mine.

    • Its much worse than even that. Trust me. The young-uns wont take this from these old geezers. day by day, they are evaporating. Adelson is still funding Cruz? This alone shows that these Zio wackjobs are not very smart, at all!!! Don't worry, they are NOT! For what and why? Cruz? Jeb?! Hillary also is a waste, but...... Adelson could just as simply burn the $, but maybe it will give someone at some TV station a job airing his moronic useless commercials. lets see if Massachusetts/NY/CA/MI/OR/WA/PA votes for ted Cruz....Not....Did the letters FBI scare off the anonymous isreali cyber troll? DDOS attacks, not much good that will do these isreali trolls, the worst part is the most anti person on here at three AM is me, and i a m Jewish. What a nightmare for them I aim to become. I assure you, me and my dead father will put and end to this insanity, forced upon us upstanding american Hippies, Phisheads and assorted aliens by these isrealis and their american traitors (my neighbors and relatives).. See u there soon.

  • Protesters stage citizen's arrest of Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely at West Coast Ha'aretz conference
    • They could easily be on is-reals' side by doing what is right, giving them their land back and shutting the hell up. How many of them have any Middle Eastern blood in them? I am Polish and Russian, why do they care, since they are probably the same, what is going on in their fictitous homeland? I know the Grateful Dead originated in Palo Alto. maybe these Zio Supremacist Bay Area Jewish Deadheads and other pseudo Liberal potheads are deluded from drinking LSD laced Kool Aid provided by their Isreali guests. What would Pig Pen say? We'll never know, he is close-by. He'd maybe say they don't know what love is, and that is their initial problem.

    • She's quite unattractive, and really, who needs such a roach like creature around them. Its like dealing with the fat spoiled girl in Willy Wonka who blew up like a Blueberry. She will get hers when she faces god. God really hates people like her, especially ones who put words in her mouth. Leave it tog od. She will regret what she is doing. Its good thing she didn't go to Wonka's factory, she'd be being distributed in chocolate Bars via email to be downloaded on my new 3D printer as we speak.

  • Seachange in public opinion: 'I am tired of Israel using US-made rockets to bomb Palestinians so that ultra-conservatives can steal their land'
    • What/ Anyways I as an american Jew, I, Love Zionists. The people on here don't seem to, whatever, but I love Zionistas especially, The kind with long dreadlocks and several pounds of Marijuana in their backpack. Often they live in jamaica, and they do not drink alcohol. If you see one send them my way.

  • An Open Letter to Dan Rabinowitz: Let’s get our facts straight about BDS
    • Dear dan, I am Shaun. I am unimportant. I went to College and Grad school 2X. Pitzer, Emory and Brandeis. I support BDS. Isreal breaks all human norms, especially those established by the United States and Isreal after the Holocaust in Nuremberg. BDS helps to isolate what has become a racist state for palestinians, Africans, Aliens, Dead Heads, Phish heads, Jews, Arabs, Christians and anyone else who isnt crazy. Isreal will only emerge once it offers equal rights and justice and land. Go get a real job and stop writing in Newspapers. We don't care about your Anthropology background. I speak Wolof. Who cares? Nobody I know. See ya someday maybe. No we will not buy Isreali or even products made by Jewish companies in the USA, like manischevitz. And, yes, we are indeed Jewish. My mom's maiden name is Cohen. Try hanging out with some real Menches, they BDS all day long. No effect on the bottom line? Ho man chi? that is not what I read, I heard all the economic ministers and business people want Netanyahus head on a platter.

  • Anniversary of Rabin assassination is marked by incitement
    • "Those incitement people are losers. They are ugly, have extended long funny faces, etcetera, IE they suck. Losers they are, and that's just they way its going to be. Incitement yapping losers really are total losers, like the poor, they have always been with us.

      -Donald Trump, 7/32/14, Punta, Cana-da, quoting Ghandi or someone somewhere at sometime in the past.

  • Park Slope Food Coop censors letters on BDS
    • PS, I am a Liberal, I suppose, and a Deadhead, and a Jew. . The Deadhead in me tells me that Isreal is immoral. What would jerry do?

    • Cant a fascist be liberal. Whatever. This is deep now, everyone knows it, my wife had to tell her mom to shut up about her insane ugly granddaughter joining the IDF. My wife prefers I dont scream at her mom, and it wouldnt do any good anyways, but we all do know that the whole family thinks its insane, and this person will freak if she sees any violence at all. Hopefully she will get eliminated. I'd be happy to attend her funeral. and I learned long ago when these liberal fools tell me how great right wing politicians are, its because they are idiots who think they are smart. My rents aint that dumb, but they think I am being me when I talk about palestine, so they ignore me. My parents know that Isreal is a joke, a human rights abuser, a false representation of whatever judaism really was,a genocidal bunch of idiots who use their ancestors deaths as a bank account. This is over folks, Isreal can run but it cant hide. Isreali and American Jewish products aint selling at Stop and Shop even when they are marked down 80%. I wonder why. A$7 box of matzoh for $2 and I still aint buying. And I like matzoh,and herring. I am Jew after all. The Italian bakery is near the darkstar anyways, in NYC, Near the Ramble on Rose. I'll stick to that while Isreal destroys itself. Its very yummy anyways, I promise u.

  • Shoving of SJP activist seen as part of campaign of ‘intimidation’ on campus
    • When Push Comes to Shove, Your Afraid of Love

      -Jerome John Garcia, 1987.

    • One of my close friends had to go underground due to his activities against Viet Quan between 1967 and 1969, he has framed letters from the FBI asking him questions etc.

    • I was at that middle ground place but it was a sinkhole.

    • I hope some Jew or Christian Zionist punk tries that on me. I am a Jewish man with multiple karate awards. I am a weapons expert. I eat concrete for breakfast. I sleep on razors. I can kill without blinking. Ironman is my Uncle. As a Jewish person and member of the Orion Clan I would be obliged to strangle such a person if they tried to attack me for stating something so true, and I can see for miles, but would in the end hold them for the proper authorities. Its not worth ending such a persons life for such a thing, they probably were taught the hate they are consumed with and can be redirected like an ill alcoholic. I could just say to them: The judge will see you now, good luck in life with a record for aggravated assault. Hope the Judge isn't an anti Zionist jew like me there are many jews like me who would love to be the judge who sentences that creep to ten years in Siberia. .....I say hire the big gun investigators to locate this person, how hard can that really be. And prosecute them to the full extent of the law, and try some good old Jewish Roy Cohn stuff on them, sue them for any reason we can come up with, such as the time of day. Take their bank account and hand it out in Bethlehem.

  • Israeli arms exports take dramatic hit amid growing boycott campaign
    • My Brother Esau
      Grateful Dead

      My brother Esau killed the hunter, back in 1969,
      Before the killing was done his inheritance was mine.
      When at first my brother walked away,
      Before a weary band,
      Esau gave his sleeplessness for a piece of moral land.
      Our father favored Esau, he was eager to obey,
      All the wild commandments, the old man shot his way.
      But all this ended when, my brother failed at war,
      He staggered home and found me in the door.
      Esau he's on rollerskates today,
      And he make a statement to someone in L.A.
      Sometimes at night I dream, he's still that hairy man,
      Shadow boxing the apocalypse, wandering the land.
      Esau holds the blessing, brother Esau holds the curse,
      I was thinking that the blame was mine,
      But suspected something worse.
      The more… Full lyrics on Google Play

  • Dear Chief Rabbi, your sermon on Palestinian violence failed tests of moral and communal leadership
    • teenagers everywhere slaughter rooms of people, especailly in America, and Sierra leone. Both are sick societies, but Sierra leone is on the mend. if its a basic impulse, which it is, it maybe time for the remaining sane Jews to get out of Isreal and move back to eastern europe. That's where I am from, not the middle east. Isreal should invade Poland and take back Warsaw, then we'll have a real good subject to discuss. When Poland objects tell them to call Germany to complain. That makes more sense than this whole fake isreal thing which is obviously not theirs. If any of it was theirs, they have forfeited their rights by being obnoxious.

    • Settler friendly with free laundry for anyone wearing a white sheet.

    • My Cousin Ariel is a rabbi, I highly doubt he is this stupid or simple,but you never know. I should ask him. I know his parents are nuts, but I love them even if they are 100% wrong. Its like they are the Europe of the 1700's. A rabbi is another word for....idiot in my book, Then again I am writing from Boston where priests like to......

      This kind of thinking is what I call third grade sandbox thinking, anything that ever happens is always someone else's fault.

      Judaism is fine, but a rabbi who doesnt understand reality cant be a rabbi and anyone who would follow him is following an idol. Nitanyahoo is an idol, that's all. God hates people like him, ask any local repo man. You cant go to heaven with your ammunition anyways.

      I highly doubt this so called Chief understands judaism, but does anyone on earth really get it? Is religion only about propagating Violence. Its all a bunch of junk written by other men anyways. These victims such as this rabbi live in fancy homes and wear clean clothes and drive mercedes, probably a white mercedes, generally. Palestinians Drive Prius's.

  • 'Most-read' article at Washington Post calls Israel 'savage, unrepairable society'
    • That's nice. Its like a human yelling in a room. I don't care and wouldn't attend, and those who would are like....lame and very boring and likely all caucasian big time. . Dead and Company a la the grateful dead are in Philly on the 5th. I'd suggest jews and palestinians attend that instead. valley girls don't date zionists anyways.

    • We need the Republicans to understand it, not the politicians but that one moderate conservative guy in Indiana, I think his name is Bill. Sorry he's the only moderate conservative I know of out of 120 million or so Republicans. I am a leftist, screw the left, there is no such thing. The left is people with intentions, not actions. Its like calling someone a hippy when in actuality there is no such thing and the word Hip is wolof (senegal). It means "up to date." so hippies were up to date and everyone else is slow. The left will not solve this problem, its not a left right issue ,cue cardin. what happened to his Bill anyways? If sanders doesn't get it how does the left help in any way, there are actually a big problem leftists who think they care but have expensive leather shoes. anyways why don't we get the Vietnamese army in there to seperate isreal from itself. They kick ass.

    • Walk me out in the Morning Dew today.

    • whose people? Not Mine. -Sincerely, Mr. Cohen

    • dont salvage it. why would we bother? Again what does it have to do with us Polish Jews anyways?

    • I love arabs how can I be anti semitic?

    • There is no we here. I amj ewish, and i am not part of any we. Isreal has nothing to do with me. I hate it. I am a european Jew who couldn't care less that I am Jewish, except I do like to be contrary. I just found out my wife's niece is joining the IDF. My wife doesn't like to talk about it. If it was my kid she'd be thrown out of the house and her name taken out of any will and she would be dispossessed of any relationship with me. My lawyer would be very busy, if I had one. There is no we, there is a bunch of maniac psychotic nationalistic people, calling them Nazis doesn't do their hatred justice, i will not be a member of a club that would have me as a member, especially a hateful one like isreal. Judaism I don't know about, but I do know a lot about Isreal and its hatred.

  • Two establishment Jews (Harvard and Microsoft) endorse boycott of Israel and 'single state' in Washington Post
    • I'm Jewish and my dad went to harvard, does that count? Anyways whetevr duhhh, umm I wont even buy american made jewish products anymore, like I am defintely clearly noticing that all the food in the Jewish section at the stop and shop in Medford is all marked way down,, be it from Isreal or from say Manischevitz in NY. No one is buying. But, actually this is deep, these guys look funny, its a no brainer anyways that young Jews would Boycott Isreal, we would boycott south africa if it was 1984, Harvard geeks are geeks though. A camera? Yes cameras are for covering. I know a joke see u on the new england acid rain 2015 fall tour. And like no these folks still are like "who me, well Im a liberal and so etc whatever apartheid is like just put a camera and leave me/us/it alone etc. Recall Sharpeville, or mau mau, Nyabinghi warriors, Soweto, Peter Tosh. Africa....Love Isreal, why? Really, why should I, what did it do for me except make my relatives confused and crazy.

  • Despite global disgust, Netanyahu doubles down on claim that Hitler got idea of Final Solution from a Palestinian
  • Facing down hecklers in NY, Gideon Levy calls for equal rights for all in one state
    • Kudos to Gideon Levy, wish he was my Uncle,but in some ways he is.My cousin the rabbi Ariel P was having his day before marriage event and got a text that the Klu Klux Klan was meeting nearby in maryland and was going to burn a cross. being the person he is he said no fing way, texted his friends, and led a anti Klan procession while his freinds and family were having the pre marriage event at his new wife's home. Now I don't talk to him a lot about isreal since i don't talk to him a lot, but I should as there are rabbis who still know right from wrong out there, its just he is a piece of sand in an Ocean of Morans like those people heckling Gideon Levy. Those are the kinds of people who never grew up beyond what they learned in a sandbox when they were three years old. Now they have sand where the sun don't shine and as such its hard to not be nasty all the time and talk weird with their contorted hate filled faces. My Cousin would be shocked that I think about Isreal all the time, every day, and I dont do that cause i have any fond feelings for isreal. Its weird being able to just say duhhh equal rights for all, duhh its pretty simple and then we can all go do something else, like basket Weaving for example, or one could go see twenty one grateful dead shows in 62 days. I opt for the latter. Hope Mr. Levy gets an audience with the Obama, so he can explain to him where yemen is.

  • Hypothesis: Cappuccino Israelis will be radicalized against apartheid
    • The best book would be Treblinka, where one supposes someone piled in dead bodies could sympathize with this, ya know, the ones pulling the gold cavities from the disintegrating rotting bodies, these are good things to think about, piles of rotting dead bodies, of any kind, that no one cares about. Its true american Jews are never going to resolve this. I am one, I know it from listening, its a nonissue, and most Jews here are more worried about what they look like in temple than anything else, or at least my female relatives. Judaism is relatively gone and finished as far as it seems from here, the violence is all that is left and broken dreams about piles of rotting corpses. One can make a Seinfeld about Schindlers list, a real movie about Treblinka would be nice too. Of course Zionism is a turn off to any sane normal person. If you are jewish, frustrated, and need to get violent one should go to a skeet shooting event, not do Aliyah and pretend its honorable to visit a country your ancestors are not from. And they'd say they own Isreal, yet most of them are from Russia, a country they hate cause wolf blitzer and Obama told them to on teevee.

  • Israeli society is crumbling under the weight of occupation
    • As a young Jew/Human I thought it might be nice to be part of some group or quasi religion that extolled kind virtues, like the way all 3 of my family members but me are social workers. What happened was I realized Isreal does not have anything like that, nor does Judaism. I went to college and noticed the other Jewish kids who hung out at Hillel were primarily losers, sorry to be so blunt, but it was primarily guys who couldn't get laid and ugly girls. The cool Jews didnt care about isreal and were out hiking in the Rockies dropping acid.As such I never thought Hillllel had anything to do with Judaism. It just seemed like a place for college kids to go who had no friends to do lame things like basket weaving. In the end I opted to go see hundreds of Grateful Dead concerts. I found a band and a group of followers who were kind, mature, and generally spent time taking care of each other and having fun. Too bad Judaism isn't about taking care of people and having fun. It looks like anyone who isn't in the national Rifle Association wouldn't be allowed in Isreal even if they were born a Jew. I don't like insane violent places people or things, thus I do not like Isreal. Good luck to them, alcoholics attack themselves daily, too bad that's what isreal is doing to itself. Try one day without hate or a drink, its better sobah.

  • Hamas calls for intifada, takes aim at Palestinian Authority
    • True, Isreal is making isrealis unsafe to travel out of isreal. Umm, so what? isrealis are running a fascist apartheid germanic regime and should not really feel safe, although inr eality they are very safe, who is going to attack isrealis around here/ No one. So, what are we talking about here. If it was my cat against the Isrealis, the cat would win, because this here cat is tired of me giving it insufficient food and making it lie in filth in the basement. Her name is Winter, and she will get you soon, slowly, culminating in late February. Yes, jerks feel unsafe when the lights come on, and those who are bullies hate it when they are shown up by a bigger bully, or by the truth. They get reincarnated as insects, not as Cows. As a Jew an Intafada or whatever sounds like what the jews in auschwitz tried to do when outnumbered and facing destruction, they were real heroes and died for glory, not for nothing, each intifada or rebellion is its own thing, but if i was in Auschwitz or in a Concentated camp like Gaza I would also rebel. not to would be acting like my relatives did during the holocaust, as such I never met them. get it? Its that or hartford 4/4/86 all over again. hamas is not a faction they appear to have the support of everyone, despite what some say, I am sure there is a debate about when to resist, I am sure my relatives who were killed by the nazi debated leaving also, and never did. but one can't eat or farm on or live on a debate, can they? The debate is over it appears. Jstreet wants to debate I guess, with who I don't know. What would Jerry Do?

  • Report from Palestine: The path of the revolt will be their own
    • should those in Auschwitz not have fought back? As a Jew I ask myself this, while Palestine is not Auschwitz, is it not like Lexington or worse. In Lexington I was taught the Muricans beat back the British, shouldnt palestine do the same. Onward with this, the time has come.

  • J Street has nothing to say on 'the current situation'
    • The US Government should work on human security concerns, such as making sure no one is starving in south Phily. The USA doesn't do that, doesn't care about anything such as Human Security. J Street is, as a Jew who cares, a waste of my time. I need a serious pro peace organization, not someone/entity who is more interested in mumbling all day long. Human security blah blah its nice to be in a room with glass glasses. But, forget about j Street based on this they are totally unimportant and kind of like last years joke....not useful for what comes next, but a good way for their staff to get a job, go see the grateful dead, and pretend they share the bands values. NOT. JStreet asks how many times have you beat your wife today? My answer is that I have been to all of my Jewish Cousins weddings, and I only have one Cousin. is Jewish Voice for Peace also committed to arming Isreal with a 30000 ton bomb and a B52 to deliver it? Do they also call that peace as J Street does. Thr answrer is, insanely, YES!!! J Street must think I am very very stupid. I am a Jew, I may or may not be stupid ,but J street seems simply stoopid to me. Whatever, they also use the Holocaust like a bank account. How lame. My ancestors that were slaughtered by the Einstatzgrupen in Baranowicze regret it every day. They didn't know Mr. Ami and his ilk would be so dismissive of others in a similar situation as they were in. It seems that for J Street the occupation is academic, but as the ancestors who died in the Holocaust are still Dead, the Palestinians still don't have their country. So, show us your bone, were on the road again.

  • In Israel/Palestine we are witnessing the end of a colonial regime
    • You ask how the Isreali's could tweak the occupation so it is more palatable to the Palestinians. They could give each Palestinian family that has a right to return a box of Twinkies with a promise to give them their state back before the Twinkies become inedible. Given how long this is taking and is going to take the Isrealis can tell the press "At least we weren't/arent lying about the Twinky thing." Over in my room here it is getting colder and am not witnessing anything but the fact I am getting info here that is unavailable in the news for consumption by Americans. Bombing hospitals is a much better story anyways. I don't see the end of the occupation from here, but I am listening to a Darkstar from Miami 1973. Hopefully smarter people than me, like Sarah Palin,can see the end of the occupation from their porch. I can't. I'll keep looking. Maybe I'll see it by the time the leaves IV fall. Shall we go while we can?

  • Clashes break out across West Bank after Netanyahu declares ‘an all-out war’
  • Jerusalem at a breaking point
  • Hey Jews, listen up, Netanyahu is your leader!
    • Not a leader, not my leader, a leader of a nation-state, not a people or religion. Its actually a psychopathic kind of thing, but it all collapses when any of us get sick or need real help. Netanyahu is nothing but a deluded fool, and is doing great harm to a lot of people. I'll follow Bob Weir, he is my leader for the next several weeks, with a few weeks off in between ho-downs. Netanyahu needs a spanking, he's the one of his ten siblings that never got any beatings, as such he is the spoiled one. Could he be retroactively aborted. I am pro-choice and always thought that was a good option for Newt Gingrich. Netanyahoo is also an excellent candidate for such a procedure, assuming Isreal's universal health care system (Universal for Jews I bet) will pay for it. PS most kids I know whose parents made them go to hebrew school hid in the bathroom the whole time. My wife did, we have that in common. It was that or be taught about some loser college students perception of isreal, a la Brandeis Hillell in about 1977. That place needs new curtains. Please don't say he's my leader, jerry garcia will throw u down the stairs if you say it again!! And he's Dead.

  • Netanyahu's 44 seconds of silence at UN are being widely mocked -- 'pathetic,' 'creepy'
  • Why is the U.S. mainstream press hiding Israeli Colonel Ofer Winter?
    • I assume the new York Times is hiding this lunatic, as he doesn't represent their version of what Isreal should look like. After reading the comments, especially the one that says "I can't believe thsiand that it goes against everything I was taught blah blah. Well, a lot of Americans are under the perverse assumption that we or our relatives as americans were ever sane, moral, or dignified, we paid for the Vietnam war, where hundtreds and hundreds of Villlages were cleared and all inhabitants executed on the spot, ears removed, children shot for sport, daily, for years. Zillions of gallons of pesticide were dumped on Villages, thousands of thousands of 1000 and 2000 pound bombs fell daily for years, 4 of 17 million were killed, 25% more were severely disabled. This is what the USA does and has done, we should not act surprised when Americans don't care. That is what they do, so we must get used to it, and never think the good old USA has anything to offer anyone, or that we will solve it from this end. Its bad but it will only get worse for now. If the Saudis, as warped as they are, don't want any change, there wont be one. The Vietnamese fought, seems the Palestinians need to, or else they will get absolutely nothing, as Ho Chi Minh would say, its five to one, one in five, no one here gets out alive. They got the guns but we got the numbers.

  • Videos: Brave Tamimi women of Nabi Saleh take down Israeli soldier assaulting injured child
    • Peace of any kind? Not exactly, how about total submission and extinction.

    • The soldier is a norpnipnink....While this video is instructional as to Isreali's and their insane policies, the truth is that the soldier is a total dweeby looking dork. he looks like someone who doesn't have a clue why he is there. he seems to almost not be in his right mind. But if that is a common Isreali soldier, no one in the world would be afraid. He's a dweeby dork, pure and simple, and a confused childlike idiotic mean one at that. His mother should suspend his Game Boy Privileges and tell him to pick on someone his own size. He belongs in a sandbox, in diapers, not in an Army. Dork!!!! Show this to anyone in the US military so they can understand how stupid the Isrealis look in real life. Its worse than a Rambo remake.

  • Nadler says his vote against Iraq war caused some to question his 'commitment to Israel'
    • This is good yet is not much of an accomplishment for our side. So he votes yes and it occurs and he goes back to participation in the starvation of the Palestinians. Meanwhile I can just imagine his policy on Putin. This still all is lame, our foreign policy is a disaster, and we are doing a military buildup on the Russian border that I am sure Nadler thinks is the best idea since McDonalds was created in 1902.

      I told my wife that we are about to have a land war in Russia and she said "Are we still in high school?"..The answer is that our military still thinks its 1985.

      They also have concerns about the fact that Guyana in Africa is facing an Ebola epidemic. The problem for Darrell Issa is that Guyana is near Brazil.

      Yes its good that my fellow Jews are showing us who and what they are and think. It is true that many appear as if they just woke up from a long nap in...the twilight zone . As they just don't get it, whatever it is.

      Suddenly not everyone thinks they are so great. Something is changing, but many of them are so completely isolated it will have a hard time sinking in.

      Most Jewish people I know (100 at least) are not paying any attention, although we on this site act like they are and would not vote for the Demi-Crats en masse in the future due to this. That's a wild idea and not going to happen, ever.

      Its the loud ones who you are hearing, and they are all Republicans, a minority amongst any group of Jews I have ever experienced. Then again my mom and dad were from NYC, not Florida.............

      AIPAC's staff still thinks they are winning. I called Aipac today and pretended I was against the deal and asked how they feel that they/we are losing. They said they were winning. I said that is not the case, asked if they have read the national papers, but they can't perceive that they already lost not just the argument but also the vote.

      Whatever. I was lucky that my Jewish dad had a socialist Russian brain, otherwise I might have a real hard time wondering why Apartheid is wrong, why Iraq war one, two or three was idiotic, Why attacking the Afghans after being attacked by 19 Saudis makes no sense, or maybe I would think the USA could have won in Vietnam if we....nuked them......

      No, we don't want Nadler in the Senate if we want to visit the new Aquarium in gaza but who from NY do we want at all. How about No one, that's a better idea.

  • Aftermath of Iran Deal: a divided lobby, but Biden's camp says he has 'Jews'
    • I'll say it again all the Jews I know are not sitting around discussing whether this deal has any implications on what party they vote for. maybe some big money people are, but this all sounds very silly. It's great Biden has Jews, like my Mom and Wife like him a lot more than Hilary, and Sanders won't be allowed to get the nomination even if he wins it. Whatever this conversation is going nowhere. Biden is a warmonger who appears to love war. When he means he has Jews does he mean he still has some maniacs who want to anhhhilate the human race and have Isreal nuke their neighbors.../...yes he sure he does, but so what, most Jews are not debating who they will vote for at the next election, it is not occurring, at all, in any way, in my house or any of the people I know, at my temple, or anywhere. Most people don't actually pay attention to this stuff, so go back to sleep. The fact Isreal is primarily full of fascist creeps is sinking in, that I can tell you. That part is obvious to everyone, even those who refuse to admit that it has sunk in...deep. Maybe that's why no Lebanon war this summer. Whatever, where's my tour book?????????? Biden seems again to think he can say how tough he is and that ill make Jews think he is good for Isreal...he won't be, but he would support almost any war they launch while he pretends that the Gaza war last summer upset him................not. Some insane Grateful Jews like me are still hoping Bob will run for President, until then....stay tuned.

  • Saban says Iran Deal is a done deal, as Netanyahu and Bush play for 2016
    • I definitely want some of the kind that Netanyahoo is smoking. I know many Jewish Democrats, like every single one of m,y relatives and 100 of my Jewish and half Jewish friends, reform and conservative, who are all Democrats and will never ever ever vote a Republican in in 2016, 2028, or 3024 for that matter. That is a silly idea. There may be a few people like that here and there., but they are probably young and haven't formed a true picture of this situation yet. It must have been a long time ago that yahoo lived here in the USA, or maybe when he did he didn't meet anyone who isn't spending every Friday night in Temple or who isn't wearing a yarmulke in Brooklyn.

      I assure you we aren't susceptible to his BS, and no, I will not vote Republican.

      Never ever, its just not even in the most abstract realm of an iota of a possibility.

      NetanYahoo is as usual totally wrong and delusional. So are most people these days.

      Thanks for asking, but the long game is over, yahoo will likely be overturned next year, in all aspects of matter.

      Maybe he can work to increase Isreal's minimum wage since next year he'll be picking up garbage in east Jerusalem, once Hilary fires him from his job

  • President Obama wants us to argue about the special relationship
    • I have realized they could and maybe should emulate the Vietcong, and hopefully a similar result will be achieved, as Abbas will be gone soon...Demicrats will have to learn the hard way, almost none of them can talk about it. I have tried and I am Jewish, and they are afraid to talk about it, especially to a Jew who is not on board with the whole Zionist nightmare pogrom I mean program. Its been like this since 911 with even the so called left wing democrats like Edward Markey, and before also but I wasn't old enough to know and didn't try to interact with actual congressional staff. They are interested in anything but this issue. markey is good on domestic things but has been voting for almost every war including the two Iraq wars and the Afghani one also. he is now undecided whatever that means, not a good thing

  • Reps Deutch, Lowey, and Israel choose Netanyahu over Obama-- and who will bring down the hammer for the Iran Deal?
    • They are traitors. Call them, and tell them to leave the party,. And actually, when u look at this whole debate, it actually doesn't even matter what congress does, the world has decided, so let's stop overhyping the fact that we as Americans still think we matter. We don't!

      All these people are very very old, Deutch, Lowey, Israel, they are all old useless people who will be dead and gone soon

      Jews are Jews. I am one and I assure u I don't know a soul who thinks Lowey is even someone who matters in any way about real life.

      Every Jew I know supports the deal and Obama. Its a non-issue. My Zionist relatives all support it, I have asked. The polls are meaningless. The crazies who are professional Zionists are in a froth, but they'll be frozen soon, just ask God.

      The problem stems from a Its a bunch od old men with too much money, again they will all be dead and gone soon. They think they matter, god disagrees, and will show them when the Renault factory opens in 2017.

      Steve Deutch of Israel is actually no one. Like that guy "Noone" pronounced noon who is running for dog catcher here.

      Let's all get a life and forget it. Even if they get their war it'll just be another mess they feel sorry for. people are going to get killed all over the world anyways , but really, the USA really doesn't matter, Now back to that new Dead show at MSG......

      Your average Iranian is probably sipping their tea laughing about how dumb this all is. The Vietnamese did well with many wars, The Iranians will be fine, they aren't morons, Or I doubt they are, and they know how to fight since that Iran Iraq circus we sponsored.

      If its anything like Morocco they also have Chicken Donuts with powdered sugar. Yummm.....Tell me when I can go visit as a Tourist.

      These Coggress people are useless and look at their Twitter feeds, they support every "cause" on earth if it sounds like it would sound good to someone who eats Tofu. As they envision us as Tofu eating Potheads.

      Not..Good Enuf.

      They can now exit the party. Google them and call them and tell them what you think of their uselessness and sloth. It is Hiroshima day, time for them to listen to Obama

      what did he just say? Did u hear what I just heard?

      We are on the make that call. see you there on the 31st

  • 'If we don't take out Iran,' it will reenact the Holocaust in US and Israel -- Steven Emerson to Times Square rally
    • Are you sure That's What That is? It actually looks like a picture of the Grateful Dead's 50th anniversary celebration, in Lot B, prior to the 1st Night in Santa Clara, 6/27/15, close to where the magical liquid existed and was consumed.

      Is that what that is?

      What the hell is that?.

      It's a huge Psilocybin Mushroom. Picked in Oregon, 8 hours prior.

      That's for those who prefer shrooms for the peak events to come.

      They ate it I suppose before the show.

      I guess it doesn't matter anyways.

  • 'I trust Obama more than the Prime Minister of Israel to run our policy' -- George W. Bush's former pollster
    • I don't trust Obama. I support the "deal, because, when you pored the wine for me, and tightened up my shoes, I hate to leave you sitting there, wondering what to choose. As such from a basic business standpoint this deal has already gone down.

      Ask Renault what they think ') Are they concerned what people in Mississippi are thinking?

      Over in Yemen the bombs continue to fall but we are still talking about yesterday's news....Next.................Obama is so great and this is all so progressive, except that_________________________________________.

      And Hilary is generally confused, but wait now she is saying something, or is it Bill saying that Paul Ryan's budget is wonderful.

      oh well never mind.

  • The challenge for Tzedek Chicago
    • This is worth a shot, and hopefully they will succeed, but what is success. Does it take 100 years?

      As someone who might consider looking into that, it feels just as yucky and uncomfortable as becoming a Unitarian.

      Do they have air conditioning? If so I'm in.

      For me Judaism is toast. I will turn up the volume on my Grateful Dead tapes, cause Jerry knows better abut things like love, war, peace and desperation than any Religion will ever know.

      I am not clear that religion and morality mix, and I would never be a member of a club that would have me for a member, so for now I'll steer clear of my birth religion and stick with Bob and Jerry.

      Thanks and let me know if it works and I'll come visit, with my father, in heaven.


  • Following boycott campaign, 1st Israeli Feis attempts to smear activists as it cancels performance
    • Although it would enhance their preconceived notion of BDS folks as not vey nice, I do believe they should be prosecuted for defamation and damages should be paid and provided to a fund to fight Israeli apartheid. The facts should be assembled. If they are just dumb, that' ok we don't need to ruin their organization.

      If they are all real pro Israeli types make an example of them. What would Israel do? We should do that.

      I guess they have never danced at an acid test to New Potato Caboose.

      That's their loss. I bet Pig would agree with BDS.



  • In letter to John Kerry, 19 reps stand up for Palestinian children behind bars
    • Umm, this is nice but its like watering a dead plant. Congress is useless, and while every movement helps, this seems like a definite signal that Congress couldn't care less. Really, does Congress really care about American children? Do we? Probably not except in some kind of a Birkenstock like fantasy. I'll be going to Santa Clara to think about this some more with Bob. maybe I will call Ms. Katherine Clark my congressperson to ask if she will sign it,

      That way my negative attitude might be equalized.

      Its a stretch to think that Americans like children of any kind. Look how we treat our own. many American kids would be better off growing up in..say...Senegal.

  • Congress and state legislatures are on the warpath against BDS
    • That's very nice. But, is it legal? Are we sure a State can do this once challenged by the Aclu? And, which companies are totally uninvested in Israel? It seems to me many companies are quietly just not stocking their stuff, including their mandarins. Whether they pass laws or not this is happening. Laws can't stop us, because laws are made by people and are meant to be discarded/revised etc.

      Let's start by suing those entities...............would that help? Aren't these laws unconstitutional? Probably...

  • Why readers interested in balanced coverage of BDS should avoid the New York Times
    • Great article. The information is useful. By the way, I am also named Cohen and other parent's last name is also the name of a town wiped out by the Einsatzgrupen during our beloved cherished Holocaust. So, I, as a Cohen whole heartedly supports BDS and it's objectives. BDS has nothing to do with anything but getting these Palestinian people their State, which is a no-brainer after all these years. Most Cohen's and Schwartz and Lipschitz...that I know agree this is the objective of BDS, but they are generally rational and don't want their name associated with what Israel does, as most of it is immoral in every way.

      Regardless of the politics, last month a friend had some Jaffa Mandarins. I tried one and they were sour and very dry anyways so that makes BDS simpler...the products are yucky. USA # 1 anyways so buy USA only. ,..moc

  • Ilan Pappe on the western awakening and what it means for Israel/Palestine
    • That is a bunch of nonsense? What does it mean. I like the actual article, and yes, elite opinion is changing. My so called marxist multi millionaire parents have been impressed by Israel's savage behavior. They are Marxist Zionists who actually have values, and my dad told me last week that he is proud to be a Socialist and is glad we are European Jews, i.e,. have nothing to do with Israel. he has never been there, doesn't want to go there, doesn't like apartheid, and yes we are Democratic Marxists, kind of like Bernie Sanders. Whatever, Palestine will be, and Israel looks very small indeed. Even my buddies in the carpenters Union know that Israel is wrong and is a very nasty place. And they are catholic Republicans, not Marxists. They say it must be like Ireland, and they know what that means.

  • Human rights activists thank Lauryn Hill for canceling upcoming concert in Israel
    • That's great, I always liked her music, and she doesn't seem fit for Israel, at least until they make everyone equal and stop their crazy behavior. BTW, what is BDS? Is that an Israeli music industry magazine?

  • In defense of Cornel West's prophetic voice
    • West's voice is clear. Got book from progressive parents when 16. Read with slight difficulty due to density of thought process. Dyson is a talking head on Tee Vee, who I like to see talk but not much as he is contriorlating or triangulating or disconfusionating. Cornel West can come over to debate me on Palestine But, can't have a debate with someone you agree with.

  • Schumer is obnoxious
    • All New Yorkers are obnoxious. I have learned this repeatedly. Agreed. Schumer is obnoxious. It was really lame to support nitanyahoo, but he hates the USA, land of the free, home of the Atlanta Braves.

      However there is a problem with this assessment because: A simple majority of New Yorkers are obnoxious, so how does this really distinguish him from the rest?

      They elected him? Why?

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