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With regard to Netanyahoo's 44 seconds of silence, it should be noted, that this sort of precedent as to long pauses prior to speech making, may have originated with Adolph Hitler, who certainly engaged in this antic to demonstrate his (highly pompous) seriousness.

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  • 'Killing civilians is unheard of' -- Israeli propaganda gets red carpet reception in US press
    • That's a great question, Kid. I too, would really like to see an honest answer explaining the 'existence' of this oxymoron. Personally, I'm inclined to think there's a bit of a coverup here...with regard to the actual motivations of these so called 'liberal Zionists', and the explanation is that they are evil to their core....which is actually extremely racist while pretending to be otherwise as they go protest on 'behalf' of the BLM movement in Ferguson, Mo., and cheer shelling of Palestinian apartment buildings full of children in Gaza.

      I also guess that they arrogantly suppose we're too stupid to notice, and that large, substantial majorities of the so called mainstream press in the USA happily, and knowingly provide cover for these hypocrites, who just coincidentally happen to be members of the same tribe.

  • Fearing breakup of Israel lobby, liberal Zionists stress the power of Jewish unity
    • So how much longer will we be reading about this oxymoron, "liberal Zionists"? A person can be a liberal, and favor human rights, including self determination, freedom of speech, equality before the law, and those other thingys found in the Bill of Rights. Or a person can favor and promote Zionism, which apparently opposes all these rights being granted to Palestinians for sure, and in some instances all other Gentiles as well. But no one can favor and promote both Liberalism, and Zionism.

      Instead of ever identifying those who favor Zionism as "Liberal Zionists", it's time to end this pretense by IDing them as "Zionist hypocrites pretending to be Liberal", or perhaps as "insincere Liberals more interested in promoting Zionism", or anything that accurately describes the actual political views of these phonies. Because there absolutely is not such thing as a "Liberal Zionist". And it's dishonest to pretend otherwise.

      Maybe it's a little bit like the Supreme Court Justice describing pornography as (paraphrasing), "I can't define it, but I sure know it when I see it." So called "liberal Zionists", ie those Rabbis in Ferguson supporting BLM but then going back to their congregations and espousing support for Israel, are the most contemptible dishonest phonies out there. And they need to be explicitly called out at every opportunity.

  • Trump and Clinton blast UNESCO statement on Jerusalem
    • Let me guess, Mayhem, by your rules, anything less than 100% pandering to Jews is 'antisemitic? If a Palestinian dare breathes in 'Judea and Samaria', that constitutes "hate breathing." And if they have a couple kids...I suppose that's "hate breeding"?

  • Palestine stands for the larger divide in the Democratic party
    • "Hillary can potentially be shamed"?

      LMAO. When, ever, over the last 25 years has Hillary demonstrated one little bit of ever having been shamed? Not that she shouldn't have been ashamed, but for God's sake, if there is anything that she has demonstrated throughout her husband's perjury trial(aka impeachment), the Travelgate firings, the extensive financial misconduct of influence peddling, more recently WikiLeaks, and blatantly lying to both the public and the FBI about her email is that she is completely pathologically not shamed.

      There is a word for people such as Hillary, SOCIOPATHIC. She desperately needs handcuffs and a jail cell to overcome this affliction.

  • 'NY Jewish Week' speaks bluntly of 'Israel firsters' in US politics
    • "Orlando, Paris, Brussels and Ankara"? Why do you omit the 9/11 attacks upon the WTC? Have you not read Bin Laden's "Letter to the America" ?

    • I too, read Vidal's essay linked by yonah, and designated by him as "ugly jew hatred." To put it simply, there is no "there", there, and it's not even close. Now I'm left yonah a complete imbecile, or just ridiculously stupidly dishonest for making his "ugly jew hatred" allegation when there is none evident.

      Perhaps the other commentators should be polled to help me make up my mind on the imbecile vs dishonest quandary? I'm leaning toward dishonesty as few who would ever take the time to read Vidal could possibly be that big of an imbecile.

  • As San Francisco mourns Orlando, Trump pulls Clinton his way
    • "Listening to enemies" is a great idea, one that should be practiced often. For instance, Bin Laden wrote a "Letter to the Americas" back in November of 2001. That letter should be required reading, and subjected to a little bit of objective analysis in all American schools.

      Not because I believe Bin Laden to be a great and wonderful man, but because he did express thoughts reflecting a significant portion of the Muslim world thinking about the USA. Bin Laden was certainly a tactical genius when it came to achieving his strategic objective, which apparently, based upon assertions in his letter, was the economic collapse of the USA. That makes him way smarter than any of the idiots we've had running this country over the last 20 or more years.

      Perhaps through conducting a little bit of self analysis, we might shine a Light Unto that backwards country founded in the East Mediterranean back in 1948 and they might learn from our example. Hopefully some of our more erudite posters here can present Bin Laden's Letter and get us started with some facts that matter and we can ignore the campaign clucking at all the straw men conjured up for political purposes.

      Otherwise we can sit around and entertain ourselves with misty watercolor memories of Elvis, DisneyLand, McDonalds, LGBT Rights and how these freedom thingies cause Muslims to jump of the screen of Indiana Jones with scimitar swords.

  • Trump and the war for 'Western Values'
    • Is Dizard working with the Anti Defamation League? They've just issued their own denunciation of Trump as being headed down the path of "anti-Semitism" for having used the phrase "America First".

      Apparently, the ADL standards as to what constitutes a good American politician dictate that said politicians place American interests behind those of other countries around the globe, probably, and most specifically Israeli interests. With that in mind, Americans should be sure to vote for politicians that readily hand over all our blood and treasure to Israel so they might more conveniently continue upon their path of oppressing Palestinians. To do otherwise, is to be 'anti-semitic'.

      Put me down with those who would question the Americanism of anyone thinking that anything other than America-First is good for those who consider themselves Americans. Constitutional government in this country dictates that the American government put the interests of the American Public before those of outsiders. As Thomas Jefferson stated, "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none", is a policy that remains true to America-First, without short-changing any other country around the globe.

      There are plenty of problems that need fixing in this country before the American government keeps going 'ready, fire, aim' around the globe, wasting trillions of dollars in the process, while Americans wonder as to where all our prosperity disappeared.

  • Why Clinton's Iraq decision matters
    • While I am almost altogether on board with what Donald writes about this matter until he gets to the global warming issues, which I consider to be somewhat off topic here, Kay24's points about the outrageous financial costs of the Iraq/Afghanistan/...upcoming Iran(?) debacles are absolutely essential to understanding what these mendaciously contrived military adventures have cost the American public.

      Hopefully this perspective will not be seen as going "off topic", but I believe we should all remember back to Bill Clinton's oft noted reminder as to what seems to be the highest priority of the American Public.."It's the Economy Stupid." Nearly 15 years after 9/11, the exorbitant costs of digging out that mess, and the subsequent military adventures, phony Homeland Security and TSA buffoonery, if we were to add up all the money spent by the US government in trying to put Humpty Dumpty together again, one might guesstimate the costs would proximate 3 or 4 years of American GNP. The costs have been almost entirely funded ("off budget"LMAO...voodoo accounting for sure) by Federal Reserve policies of exponential monetary expansion. Among other things, these short sighted policies have destroyed the value of savings, by ruining the capacity of retirees to obtain a safe rate of return at their local bank, and pushed the small retirement investor into stretching for returns which can only be obtained through unacceptable levels of risk. The Fed and huge deficits rung up to pay for these wars have robbed the public to a much greater extent than 'Big Business', although 'Big Business' does benefit from their capacity to latch on to all the government contracts being let while small business suffers from substantial economic retraction in terms of inflation adjusted dollars Of course it will be a cold day in hell before the fraud economist Paul Krugman, or any other so called mainstream outlets ever connect the dots between the all handouts to Israel(including cleanup associated with the provocation to Bin Laden), along with costs of subsequent wars, and the money that has been sucked out of the pockets of middle America for the last 15 years.

      In other words, it IS the economy, but the public needs to understand it's the idiot foreign policy that got us here.

  • Austrian Parliament cancels International Women's Day event following attacks on Hedy Epstein
    • Let me get this straight. Boris claims "she is not a survivor in the true sense of this word", yet Ms Epstein IS a survivor by definition of the Holocaust Museum, the Claims Conference for Material Claims Against Germany, and Yad Vashem.

      I'm thinking Boris just qualified himself as a Holocaust Denier if we are to apply the standard measure of what defines "denier", which is anything less than 100% acceptance of the Holocaust narrative. LOL.

  • Dennis Ross says Clinton was the only president to stamp down anti-Israel forces inside the White House

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