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  • Walt and Mearsheimer explained this 3 years ago
    • That Brownback is a real piece of work.

    • But there is no doubt that the American Jews’ strength has caused even those presidents who have not especially loved Jews to support Israel, or will win their support for Israel in the future.

      (In jest) "Ya think?!"

      Just look at how one Senator who has nothing to do with Judaism or Israel is carrying Israel's water:

      link to

      Then of course, you've got the Schumers and the Wexlers out there:

      link to

      That is the very reason, if either Israel or the US go down, they will be dragging the other down with them.

      The problem is that it seems Israel is the one doing the dragging, especially concerning Iraq, Iran and the Palestinian issue.

      Israel, in its current configuration, is costing the US financially, economically, and strategically. But, very few care because AIPAC helps them get re-elected if they pledge allegiance to the flag. No not that flag, the other one with the two blue stripes.

  • Patsy Obama
    • One of my co-workers thinks that the main problem lies somewhere in the Middle East. Sometimes he asks me "when are they going to solve all those problems they've got over there?"

      When I answer "As soon as the US president has the courage to solve that problem", he starts being defensive and claims the two are not related.

      Kennedy was on the right track. He wanted a nuclear free Middle East and a balance of power.

    • I'm a Kucinich supporter, but the MSM excluded him early on.

    • I'm not surprised.

      Either the charades of last April and May were just propaganda or this is related to the Iran nuclear issue. Israel pressured the US and the US caved in .......again.

  • Nozette alleged to have given secrets before
    • if the FBI thought there were undercover Mossad people at the embassy....Whoever in Israel was running the operation would almost certainly say: what need is there for extra people at the embassy to know about this? The more people there are who know about it, the more chances that some indiscreet remark will be dropped and the thing will be blown. wouldn’t you act the same way, following that line of reasoning?

      Mark, it is standard practice to never comment on such cases. Even if the embassy spokesperson or public and media relations desk knew about this case and all the details involved, they wouldn't tell the media.

      If you're looking for a good book on matters of this type, you might want to try Victor Ostrovsky's By Way of Deception and The Other Side of Deception. They're both good reads.

  • J Street throws Gaza under the bus
    • with the aim of revisiting the issue when political and social conditions are more favorable.

      If that's J-Street's strategy, then the Israeli/Palestinian conflict will not end any time soon. They will simply act as preservers of the status quo and very little will change. If their goal is to implement gradual change among their future base as they steer it further and further to the left, then that change will take decades.

    • Ben-Ami is revealing himself to be more and more like Obama. There was the pre-election Obama and then there was the post-election Obama.

      As for his historical revisionism, he sounds like yet another We-made-the-desert-bloom Zionist. Either that or he's desperately trying to portray himself as having deep roots in the Middle East.

      By the way, if you check his bio on J-Street's website, it states that Ben-Ami's father was born in Israel. Yet, in his speech he said that his grandparents built Tel-Aviv.

      Tel-Aviv was supposedly founded in 1909. If it is true that his grandparents were in the holy land in the early 1900s, note how in all this he's avoided stating that his grandparents were born in "Palestine", or at least, lived in "Palestine.

  • Wrong on Chait
    • link to

      Frankly, it seems to me that Chait's use of what he called "creepy" to be a cheap shot at discrediting Philip's positions.

      And in the end, if J Street is just like the Ma'arach government or Kadima as Chait seems to believe. Then the Goldstone Report, the colonial expansion and the apartheid wall will continue to enjoy the silent endorsement of J Street, as well.

      Chait wrote that Philip will always be far far to the left of his own political views while endorsing J street.

      So, I don't see how you could have been "wrong", Philip.

  • We make The New Republic again
    • link to

      Frankly, it seems to me that Chait's use of what he called "creepy" to be a cheap shot at discrediting Philip's positions.

      And in the end, if J Street is just like the Ma'arach government or Kadima as Chait seems to believe. Then the Goldstone Report, the colonial expansion and the apartheid wall will continue to enjoy the silent endorsement of J Street, as well.

    • Chait probably comes from chayat, the Hebrew word for tailor.
      And the making fun of names on this site, whether they have been Hebraicized or not strikes me as reminiscent of Father Coughlin and it is distinctly unfunny.

      So if I called Iran's president "Amadinnerjacket" you'd still be as riled up as you are now?

    • If we’re going to play the name game, is ‘Chait’ pronounced like ‘Chair’ or more or less like a guttural form of ‘hate’?

      It probably comes from the Hebrew word meaning sin. lol

  • J Street: Do we really need another Jewish-only road?
  • Oren: 'Settlement issue between US and Israel is largely behind us'
    • Well I don’t see anybody parched for water there

      Even children know that when they cover their eyes they can't see anyone.

      I can only reassert that Israel leads not only the region but the world in water reclamation

      Israel leads not only the region but the world in having the most moral army too.

      ...there are several issues there that again go outside the mainstream.…

      Who defines mainstream, and since when does mainstream necessarily translate to moral, human and fair values?

      They’re not settlements these are units, those apartment units.

      A unit here, a unit there....who's counting.

      Is that an ideological position? Does she have like a little card that says “Canadian Jew”? To the best of my knowledge Naomi Klein is a very radical Marxist, anti-American, anti-Western individual who in no way represents any mainstream.

      Again with the mainstream nonsense? What makes Naomi Klein "anti-Western"?
      Do you, Mr. Hack, have a little card that [reads] (cards can't speak) "World Jewry Representative"?

      Would you like to have that be the defining issue of your politics?

      So Israel and Zionism are not related to Judaism and the religious-ideological aspects should not be misconstrued as being related? If that's the case, then why is it that Mr. Hack often accuses those who disagree with his government's policies as being an "anti-Semites"?

    • Israel leads the world in terms of its sewage treatment

      So, that's why whenever I go swimming at the beach in Tel-Aviv I see underwater currents of brown muck and broken-down turds, while the waters of Greece, Cyprus and Turkey are crystal clear and one I could see a few feet underwater?

      Perhaps if he and the government invested all those billions on social and environmental issues the Mediterranean off the coast of Tel-Aviv wouldn't be like a slightly cleaner version of the Hudson River.

  • Goldstone attacks House resolution on his report as 'sweeping and unfair... devoid of truth'
    • Hey guys, check out this guy's argument.

      He goes from asking about the exact wording of the resolution - therefore implying that he hasn't read it - to using the resolution in criticizing the Goldstone report, which he hasn't read either.

      How does someone like that interact with the reality around him?

    • J Street is starting to remind me more and more of Hillary prior to the 2008 elections and Joe Lieberman.

      Hillary was supposedly Democratic, but her platform was mostly Republican light. Joe Lieberman went from being a Democrat, to being an Independent and now he's threatening to side with the Republicans over some Health reform issue.

  • Now you know (Israel lobby and ABM decision)
    • It’s really hard to comprehend for the average American what this means.

      The average American is busy working second third jobs trying to put food on the table while the fat cats in DC and on Wall Street are enjoying their bribes and bailout money.

    • Citizen,

      Those who cared find that information knew. Within two days of the Georgia/Russia battles, I was able to find enough reliable sources to indicate that Georgia was the culprit. The US simply wanted to antagonize the Russians, but instead of doing it directly Bush (most like Cheney) used the old Cold War tactic - by proxy.

      The Israelis were there in hopes of building a new base from which Israel could launch attacks on Iran.

  • Israel lobby at play in the fields of the media
  • the Pied Piper of Hasbara
    • One is an ideology the other is a form of resistance (which I condemn) to the oppressor's actions.

      They are two different things. That's the point about ideology; it is what it is. It's like a party platform. So, it's illogical to content that they are both "generalizations".

  • Palestinian equal rights joins the progressive agenda on 'The Daily Show'
    • Do you remember who was interviewed by Amy Goodman back then or when the show aired? I'd appreciate it.

    • Indeed, Chaos that was me. Thank you.

    • Wait, they taunted and cut fences? Oh, the humanity.

      Meanwhile, colonizers (aka settlers) are burning vines and olive trees belonging to Palestinians in retaliation for every Zionist outpost the Israeli army takes down.

      Palestinian teenagers were kidnapped from Bil'in recently by the army and various newspapers are reporting that the Israeli army is using Mista'revim - (Hebrew for pretending to be Arabs) or in Western parlance "agent provocateurs" - more often to justify quashing non-violent demonstrations.

      There are videos on YouTube showing what starts as a peaceful march. It soon escalates when a few individuals within the demonstrators start throwing rocks. The Israeli army responds with tear gas and live ammunition and then the marchers start dispersing and more and more start throwing rocks. Then, out of nowhere a group of men emerges among the marchers, they pull out hats from their back pockets and put them on. The hats read "police" and they start grabbing Palestinians, hauling them off into jeeps for "throwing rocks".

      RW seems to have some psychological syndrome where every time the truth is told in the media, he reverts to his honest yet bigoted and hypocritical inner self. A few days pass and he cools off and starts rationalizing the occupation. Then another report shows up in the media (First Bill Moyers and now Jon Stewart) and he snaps again, panics and the true ideologue in him emerges again, more blatant and propagandizing.

    • I've just finished watching both parts. There were so many good points that were edited out in the version that aired on TV that I'm inclined to say the entire interview was butchered in the editing room. Whoever had the final say on the editing didn't miss any chance to include all the talking points often brought up in the mainstream media. Anna's points were very poignant, alas most were not included in the final cut.

      That's unfortunate, especially the exclusion of the water issue and the wall. Nonetheless, this is better than nothing at all I guess.

      On a side note, twice Jon described himself as an "outside observer".

    • Jon's body language at 3:56 (+/- 5 seconds) of the first part is interesting.

    • I suspect Comedy Central's website might be configured so that it can detect where you're located (i.e. through your IP address). That's why it keeps directing you to the Canada-specific content.

      You will need to use an IP proxy.

      I've set it up for you. All you have to do is click on the link below.

      link to

  • House weighs bill to condemn Goldstone for giving ammo to 'enemies of the democratic Jewish state'
    • I've got another example for you:

      Where the Partisans "terrorists"?

      How about the French Résistance, was it a group of "terrorists" from whom Germany needed to defend itself?



      Because Germany was occupying France.

      Was Germany on the right side of justice when it summarily executed those resistance members?


      Let me know if any of those points need clarification.

    • Typical drive-by trolling; the troll swings by, drops her shtick and takes off.

    • Plus you seem to have no concept of cause and effect.


      Is that too complex?

    • So now you're a concern troll for the Kurds. I don't think they would want the help of someone like you.

      Does stupid Taxi not see how these same people treat the Kurds?

      Nomi, do you know what red herring and straw man both mean? Look them up.

    • The link you provided below, coupled with your baseless accusation of Erdogan as being an "Islamist" only goes to show who you really are, how much you know and whether or not your arguments carry any weight (they don't).

      Where are you from by the way?

    • More relativist nonsense.

    • American Jews' views on Israel should carry as much weight as their views on any other state in the world. In addition, Israel's law of return is discriminatory and anathema to modern democracy.

      Many American Jews speak of Israel and treat Israel as if they are Israeli expatriates who have a deep-rooted connection to the "old country" like Irish Americans or Italian Americans do.

      As such, this bizarre relationship between the two entities needs to be examined and addressed.

    • Here's article entitled "
      Nuke Gaza".

      It's an interesting read.

    • Good point. Let's see how serious these guys are, shall we?

      Judge them by their fruit.

    • I think Europeans are tired of the lobby's and Israel's lies.

      Europe is not the US. Those people have satellite dishes, they are historically more curious creatures than the average American who prefers to watch Dancing with the Stars or follow the back and forth bickering between Republicans and Democrats concerning the health issue.

      What we're going to see, I believe, is the lobby building on already existing xenophobic elements, albeit marginal, within Europe. The lobby will seek to demonize and vilify everything that is remotely related to Arabs, especially given emerging Islamophobia. By lumping all these groups together, the lobby will try to press European nations on the Palestinian issue. But, I don't think it'll work.

      Belgium, Sweden and Norway are already joining the BDS movement. They are also tired of the anti-Semitic accusations for extortion purposes. Germany will most likely be the last bastion of reparation-giving in Europe seeing as Israel still holds Germans accountable for the Holocaust.

      They're all Nazis, don't you know? {sarcasm}

    • I don't know whether to laugh at the ridiculousness of this move by Congress or to cry at the shameless behavior of these so-called representatives.

      This isn't treason, but CAIR sending internships to Capitol Hill is "terrorist infiltration"?


  • Who booed Yoffie?
    • Yoffie you say?

      More like Mechu'ar

      In the article below, note his arguments concerning all kinds of racist proposals and policies regarding Transfer and the like. "You can convince......[blah blah blah]".

      He's already got the whole thing worked out for every group between the Jordan river and the sea and he announces it with such authority and arrogance as if he has the right to even interfere in such matters. Who is this schmuck, and why can't he stay in the US and mind his own business?

      Can you imagine a Christian from Australia telling Christian Americans in the south (Dixie) that they need and should secede from the north?

      link to

      As for the colonies, yes, they do need to be stopped and eventually they should either be given to the Palestinian refugees of 1948 as reparations, just as Israel has demanded from many European countries after the Holocaust, or they should be razed.

    • RW is good at blowing smoke. In fact, I might start calling him "Chimney", not to be confused with "Cheney", although the rhetoric is often one and the same.

  • Thirsting for justice
    • The same Israeli policies shown in this video are practiced inside Israel against Bedouin and Palestinian villages and towns.

      Bedouins have had their lands confiscated. When they attempt to farm their lands, the Israeli Ministry of Interior sprays the crops with herbicides.

      As for the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza, it is common practice for colonies to direct their sewage pipes downhill toward Palestinian farms and/or villages.

      In Gaza, Israel often bombs the sewage processing facility, resulting in sewage water flooding the streets of Gaza. Some neighborhoods were knee deep in the sewage. As a result the sewage contaminated the clean water supply, spreading disease and leaving thousands without clean drinking water.

  • J Street and the battle for the Jewish soul, or wallet, or status
  • Goldstone effect: Israelis start to turn on Gaza's planners
  • Watch 'The Daily Show' tonight!
    • I recently wnet to a Greek festival in my town andit brought back memories of Anthony Quinn. He was a great actor. This scene iis one of my favorites:

    • Oh and there was an idiot in the audience who shouted "Liar" at Dr. Barghouthi.

    • Jon Stewart seemed unfocused, made it seem as if the entire issue is hopeless because it's SO complicated. He threw in some anti-Semitic references to the Mickey Mouse kids show which appeared a few years ago on Hamas' TV station, then mentioned Iran's desire to "wipe Israel off the map".

      On the positive side he did try to drive home the point that the two people have so much in common. When Anna Baltzer said that, historically Jews in the Middle East lived better than they did in Europe, Stewart interrupted and brought up 1948 and the tensions that erupted as a result of the war. Meh..

      All in all, I thought Mustafa and Anna did better than Jon. I had high expectations of him, but he let me down somewhat.

  • Squaring the circle and erasing the margins
  • Israel, we have a democracy problem
    • RW is the epitome of radical Zionism. He is capable of comprehending the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinians. He is against such crimes being committed because it goes against what is politically correct and acceptable in a civilized world, but he wants everyone to just give Israel a pass, just this once, and move on to normalizing relations with the state.

      As far as he's concerned the Palestinians can move to Jordan. He has even rationalized it in his head that the Holocaust changed everything, it changed the rules of the game. Neocons often say, "9/11 changed everything. The world is not the same anymore, so we have to torture, rendition people and lock them up indefinitely. We don't like it, but it's necessary".

      Press him on the issue and he'll try to wriggle out, desperately trying to maintain his legitimacy and credibility, even though he has none left.

    • Shmuel,

      I don't know if you meant it this way, but your post had me laughing hysterically.

      Well played.

  • Impressions from the 1st full day at J Street conference
    • This is one of the many advantages of the internet; people can share ideas openly and freely.

      You bring up several important points which I will take to heart upon revising this letter. I am actually conflicted as to whether Moyers' interview style served the truth. While I understand that he was playing the part of the Israeli government in his framing of the questions to Goldstone, I can't help but wonder if that were fair. If we accept Moyers' interview as playing the devil's advocate, then he fails at being an objective journalist since he only presents the Israeli perspective. The Palestinian perspective is absent.

      I suppose one could argue that since the Goldstone report puts most of the blame on Israel, then Moyers' questions seem somewhat justified. But, when I take into account his introduction, I get the sense that he is not as objective as he should be.

      The interview could have been phenomenal had he simply bothered to explicitly mention the siege, the continued occupation and assassinations. That will be the thrust of my revision as I feel he's dropped the ball on those specific points.

      Again, thanks for the input. I'll see what I can do to de-skewer ;) him.

    • This won't be complete without the information you posted. I will work that into the letter.

    • Why is it that most American Jews support the separation of church and state in the US, but when it comes to Israel, they see no problem with the state's political, judicial and legislative bodies being entrenched in religion?

      Surely, the hypocrisy that arises as a result of sentimental bias should be addressed by said community.

      Furthermore, if many believe that Hamas' ultimate goal is to establish an Islamic state, ruled by Islamic law, then why is it legitimate to criticize Hamas while giving Israel a free pass? The fact that Shass is in the coalition government coupled with recent tendency within the Israeli government to favor ultra orthodox policies over secular ones - even within the Jewish sector in Israel - makes matter worse.

      On a personal note, I don't understand why people still cling to religion in this day and age to shape their social identity.

    • That sounds like a more reasonable explanation.

      I've never been to Lebanon, so I'm kind of curious. Did you get a sense from the people with whom you spoke where they see themselves in the coming years? What expectations do they have? What in their view would an ideal Middle East look like?

    • What I found interesting too was a generational gap: older lebanese people thought they could live side by side with a peaceful Israeli state, while the younger generation refuses even to recognize the ‘48 partition.

      I appreciate your insight.

      Forgive my pointing the obvious here, but the proverbial writing is on the wall; the emotional scars of the wars and destruction of yesteryear were healing in the minds of the older generation. The psychological scars of the wars of this decade (2006 Lebanon, 2009 Gaza) are still fresh.

      As you have pointed out, I'm afraid that either the Iran issue or the Jerusalem issue will be the last and final straw.

    • Sources (in no particular order):

    • link to

      I'm going to be sending the following letter to Bill Moyers in response to his interview with Judge Richard Goldstone.

      How Bill Moyers Became a Propagandist

      He opens with this:

      ...It came after years of Hamas militants firing their missiles from the Gaza strip into southern Israel. Israel retaliated last December with Operation Cast Lead: 22 days of military action targeting Gaza, those 139 square miles between Israel and Egypt that are recognized as Palestinian territory. More than twelve hundred Palestinians died.

      Followed by:

      BILL MOYERS: Let me put down a few basics first. Personally, do you have any doubt about Israel’s right to self-defense?


      BILL MOYERS: Were those rocket attacks on Israel a threat to the civilians of Israel, to the population of Israel?


      BILL MOYERS: And Israel, in your judgment, was justified in trying to put an end to those rocket attacks...


      >BILL MOYERS: I didn’t know until I read your report that the Israelis had actually called, 100,000 calls to telephones in Gaza and said, in effect, “Get out,” right? They were intending to target, and they were giving the occupants a chance to move.


      BILL MOYERS: But since they knew you were coming to try to prove that Israel had committed war crimes, you would have expected some hospitality, right?


      BILL MOYERS: Many Israelis said that if they took your findings to heart, they would not be able to root out the terrorists that surround them, and Israel does live in a sea of animosity.


      BILL MOYERS: Let me show you a clip from the speech made at the United Nations by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


      BILL MOYERS: That’s been a pattern, hasn’t it? That the United Nations has focused far more on Israel as a target of challenges on human rights than anybody else.


      BILL MOYERS: But if you were an Israeli, would you not be fearful of a United Nations that historically has been biased against the country?

      Bill Moyers' leading and suggestive questions in this interview perpetuate Israel’s own propaganda.

      Do the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves from a three year siege that punishes 1.5 million people, numerous aerial attacks and a brutal military occupation that is 40 years old?

      Was it ethical to conveniently ignore those fact? Not once did you mention that the Palestinians are under a military occupation and under siege.

      Your suggestive questions reflected your overt bias. From the outset you framed the entire issue as a matter of self-defense vs. terrorism. Not to be outdone by Fox-like propaganda, you managed to establish - wrongfully - that the UN has historically been biased against Israel.

      First, some background. When Hamas won elections – supervised by former president Jimmy Carter’s delegate – in 2006, they renounced suicide bombings and sought to become a legitimate political entity that represents the Palestinians.

      A report published in April 2008 in Vanity Fair Magazine, entitled The Gaza Bombshell, described in detail how the Bush administration pushed for elections. When Hamas won, both Bush and Israel disagreed and sought to remove Hamas from power in an armed takeover by supporting the opposition, Fatah. Hamas preempted the takeover and staged a coup.

      In the weeks and months that followed, Israel kidnapped and assassinated Palestinian parliament members of the legislative branch. At the same time the Israeli government imposed a siege on Gaza, isolating it from the outside world, preventing food and medicine from reaching the civilian population, preventing sick children from seeking emergency medical treatment in Israel and ramming fishing boats and shooting Palestinians who dared venture into their own territorial waters in search of food.

      Palestinian women and children were also killed in the aforementioned extra-judicial assassinations, but the Israeli army and government rebuffed them as unfortunate collateral damage.

      Hamas responded by launching homemade rockets. Israel intensified its shelling of Gaza. In the summer of 2008, through Egyptian intermediaries, both Israel and Hamas negotiated a six-month ceasefire agreement. The agreement called on Hamas to cease rocket attacks, and called on Israel to cease military raids into Gaza, lift the siege and allow UN humanitarian aid into the Strip.

      Hamas complied with the agreement and ceased launching rockets. Israel refused to end the siege. On November 4th, 2008, Israel attacked Gaza and killed six Palestinians allegedly to destroy a tunnel. Incidentally, on that November day, the world’s attention was focused on the presidential elections in the United States and Obama’s subsequent victory speech in Chicago that evening. That is quite a coincidence, is it not?

      In effect, this was Israel’s second violation of the ceasefire agreement. When the ceasefire agreement was reaching its expiration in December, Hamas – again through Egyptian intermediaries – offered Israel an extension, for as long as ten years. The only condition Hamas put forth at the time was for Israel to actually end the siege and abide by the agreement signed in the preceding summer; Hamas would abide by it as it had before.

      Israel ignored that offer and on December 27th, 2008 attacked Gaza.

      The total death toll - which you, Bill, managed to get wrong somehow - was more than 1400 Palestinian deaths and about 13 Israeli deaths.

      In addition, Bill, are you aware of the fact that in the last nine years, Israel has killed more than 6,500 Palestinians, while the rockets which Hamas has launched killed less than 35 Israelis? A total of about 600 Israelis were killed in the last nine years by Palestinians. That is a ratio of about 10 to 1.

      Yet, you propagandize and make it seem as if Israel were defending itself, nary a mention of the various opportunities it had to avert last winter’s bloodshed.

      You continue to mischaracterize the entire onslaught as if it were a conflict between two equal sovereign states, one being a rational democratic state while the other is a seemingly fanatical entity with nuclear weapons seeking to destroy Israel.

      Alas, you put Fox News and their propaganda to shame with your rhetoric and intentional omissions. You, Bill, have become a propagandist. You may have had credibility up to this day regarding the involvement of the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan, but when it comes to Israel, the sacred cow of political discourse, your propaganda falls on its face.

      It seems to me Moyers is interested in the truth ONLY when it does not reflect negatively on Israel.

      See sources below...

  • Off to J Street
  • Is equality a 'nightmare' for liberal Zionists?
    • Don't worry. Lieberman will work out the kinks involved in Transferring Palestinians out of Israel soon.

    • The problem is that many of Israel's English-speaking supporters, you know, the ones many on here interact with don't even live in Israel. They live their lives secure in the notion that somewhere across the ocean, there exists a land of milk and honey that can do no wrong and must be defended by bastions and moats. Many have never spent more than a month there, let alone speak the local language. So what kind of mental psychosis is that?

    • If schmucks like you advocate for the prosecution of Palestinians as terrorists for resisting a violent occupation, then surely prosecuting Zionist war criminals should agree with your [morally bankrupt world view].

    • Yes yes. Cling to that Zionism is varied nonsense. Whatever helps you sleep at night. It's always nice to see an a child outgrow his blankie and move on to something else for reassurance.

    • רק אדם נחות ונאלך חושב במוסגים שטחיים ומטופשים כאלה

  • Israel—casting out its own children
    • If by liberal you mean racist then, yes. Israel qualifies.

      A Jewish -American friend of mine was entertaining the idea of making Aliya to Israel and becoming a citizen with all the benefits and incentives that new Olim get.

      Meanwhile, another friend of mine who is a Palestinian refugee, was kicked out of his home is prohibited from entering that unholy land despite him being a US citizen.

      THAT's your kind of "liberalism"? Shame on you.

    • These foreign workers were brought into Israel to replace workers - mostly day laborers - from the occupied territories. You reap what you sow.

      By shutting out the Palestinians and bringing in foreign workers Israel lost control of the situation and ended up with a bigger problem on its hands. It went from incompetent to dysfunctional. Bravo. The neo-nazis and other mafias from the former soviet bloc don't even figure into that.

  • Lesson for Democrats: substitute 'Israel' for 'insurance industry'
    • RW is afraid that sanctions will weaken Israel to the point where it ceases to exist. As if uncle sam will ever let that happen.

      For someone who has been to Israel only twice during his entire life, on short visits, he sure worries and cares a lot for it, doesn't he? I bet if he became homeless (not that I wish that on anyone, not even a schmuck like him) he'd be out panhandling for Israel.

      Now that's religious dedication. I'm sure he'll find friends among Hamas members. Heck, they might even reject HIM for being so religiously radical. There has got to be a point where ideology crosses the line into becoming a form of religious devotion.

  • What did we learn from the Holocaust, mommie?
    • Let's play your banal game, how about the Christian Palestinians that Israel slaughtered in self-defense? Where they secret Muslims?

      You never answered my question the other day. Where did you immigrate from?

      Citing the Likud's website as a source for your lies illustrates your sheer stupidity and lack of intellect. The irony, I'm sure, escapes you.

    • Self-righteous indignation by someone who whores around Israeli talking points and propaganda only serves to make you look like the clown that you are. Get yourself a brain.

    • By all accounts, you're a fucking liar. I don't like to use such language, but your chutzpah is simply infuriating. You lie and lie and lie.

      First off, various different sources have proven that the majority of those murdered were civilians, that includes Goldstone, the UN's aid employees in Gaza, and the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

      Second, schmucks like you don't get to define genocide.
      The UN defines genocides as: [quote]...acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

      * (a) Killing members of the group;
      * (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
      * (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
      * (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
      * (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.[end quote]

      That's exactly what has been happening since before 1948 until the present. Worse yet, in the last nine years, about 6500 Palestinians have been murdered and you can check the breakdown on B'tselem's website if you can muster the integrity to do so.

      have you actually read the Goldstone report? Your comments expose you for the liar that you are. Yes, you are a liar.

      By the way, do you post under the pseudonym "Letto" on Common Dreams? He too is a habitual liar.

  • What planet? department: AJC comes out for permanent war
    • Yet, you haven't addressed any of the points I brought up in response to your diatribe. All you did was come back at me with more self-righteous indignation and holier-than-thou nonsense. Try harder next time. You're not that good at deflecting the issue, by the way.

      If by "warring" you mean pointing out that which conflicts with your ideology then the answer is "yes". Your problem is that you are a flip-flopper and a hypocrite. Perhaps you can start by overcoming that denial. It will be a healthy transformation for you.

      Rather than seeking to describe and hopefully reconcile the conflict, you also adopted warring as your mode.

      Not everyone can perfect passive aggressiveness and conceitedness like you.

    • By the way, in 1947, only 7% of the privately owned land in Palestine belonged to Jewish Zionists.

    • Are you aware of the early conflict between Zionists buying land (assuming that that meant exclusive use) and the fellahin understanding that they had permanent permission to reside?

      Which do you think is legal in fact?

      The word is "Fallaheen". But, what relevenace does that have on the issue of "inflitration" and why did you even bring infiltration into this thread?

      You said, "I have just learned this today". Congratulations on opening a book and reading a bit. If you announce new information you learn in this fashion, are we to conclude that you haven't read a book since was founded?

      Anyway, most "infiltrators" (How can someone be an infiltrator in their own land and country? If anyone was infiltrating, it was your buddies from Europe and the US) were actually trying to retrieve whatever belongings they had. Reclaiming land was futile given the tension along the border at the time.

      Most of those who snuck in and out were mainly interested in finding their relatives from whom they were separated during the war, or were in the business of smuggling food supplies. I know because I did my masters dissertation based on interviews I conducted with Palestinians from several villages in Israel who live along the green line, just a few miles from their homes.

      As for the Jordanian crown, it was a British client since the early days of its inception. There's nothing new there. Just like Abbas (Abu-Mazen) is an Israeli whore, so was the King. That's why Hussein, the grand father, was assassinated in Jerusalem.

      In fact, the Jordanian crown betrayed many Palestinians when it simply handed over swaths of land to Jewish militias as part of trilateral agreements with Britain in 1948. Palestinian villages and towns in what was known as the Tulkarem district (north east of Tel-Aviv) did not actually fall to Jewish militias but were betrayed by Jordan's king who called on the Jordanian-Iraqi forces to withdraw.

      Have you read Tom Segev's The Seventh Million and Illan Pappe's The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine?

    • And yet you haven't responded to any of the points he brought up. You, RW, simply danced around the subject.

    • Why don't you *give* Wikipedia....

    • Philip,

      Why would you go Wikipedia the legitimacy it doesn't deserve?

      As for the Dahyia Doctrine of disproportionality - which the Wikipedia article fails to mention - it is born out of the idea that once its 'enemies' perceive it as a raging lunatic, Israel will have the deterrence capability it needs. Anyone who dares challenge Israel, as it were, would have to think twice before doing so.

      In other words, after losing the ground battle to Hezbollah in 2006, Israel went on a rampage to prove that it can and will use disproportionate air power to subdue anyone daring to stand up to it, even if that power is used to target civilians, civilian infrastructure and non-military targets.

      It is in line with the Neoconservative doctrine of Shock & Awe that was used in Iraq in 2003. It is meant to deliver such devastation, over a short period of time, so as to psychologically and physically breakdown any resistance, to bring the invaded country down on its knees in desperation.

      As it happens, that is also the very definition of terrorism.

      I'm not surprised the AJC supports terrorism. Now, I'm just waiting for the US state department to list them as a terror organization and for the FBI to start rounding them up and for the various peace-loving, freedom-espousing lawyers across the US, like Dershowitz, to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

  • 'This is a balanced report on an imbalanced conflict'
    • Not completely irrelevant, potsherd. Historically, Israeli commissions of inquiry (eg. Kahan, Or, Agranat) tend to investigate seriously and make criticism of Israeli governments and leaders a matter of official record.

      I'm sorry. but, yes, completely irrelevant.

      Even the decisions of the high court of justice are conveniently ignored now days, e.g. the construction of the wall in Bil'in.

      I mean, you can investigate all you want, but the commissions' findings over the years have always been "recommendations" not rulings. The facade is nice, but the substance is severely lacking. Israel is like one major false advertisement.

    • Shmuel,

      From my experience, the only purpose so-called inquiries and commissions serve is to give Israel an image of a democratic and free state.

      But, the findings are rarely implemented. Case in point is the Or Commission. The findings of the Or Commission were not only ignored, but the opposite has happened where bigotry, discrimination and political marginalization have become acceptable, both by the majority public and the government.

    • The bean counter, the treasurer of his synagogue, still thinks that there's a difference between Olmert and Netanyahu, or between Barak, Livni and Lieberman.

      The only difference between them all is that some of them voice their racism publicly, others are hypocrites who keep stonewalling a final agreement, while some are openly defiant.

      In the early 1990s, Yitzhak Shamir said that talking with the Palestinians for the sake of talking was a good thing, meanwhile, he explained, Israel could continue to build colonies.

      RW seems incapable of comprehending that. Or, perhaps he knows exactly how that game of deceit is played and is attempting to play it here as well. Hence, his loathing of the BDS movement.

      I propose we ignore him. No good or productive outcome can come from speaking to him. It's like Barney Frank said recently, "Trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table".

  • AEI and John Yoo still raising Cain
    • Despite several stupid, inflammatory statements that have been made by Ahmadinejad,

      If those statements are reason enough to attack Iran, then you should hear Avigdor Lieberman speak.

    • Yoo was also behind the Patriot Act and other abominations.

  • J Street leader compares Walt and Mearsheimer to 'Protocols'
    • Richard Witty October 24, 2009 at 7:38 am

      Phil complains

      Its time to support something, clearly, articulately, with the goal of effectiveness and excellence.


      OK. So, what do you support that is different from what has been tried for the last 20 years and failed? Do you acknowledge that Israel is not interested in a two state solution with a sovereign Palestinian state within the 1967 borders? If you don't, and still believe liars like Olmert, then there's nothing to discuss here.

      BDS is the only way. Alas, you don't support it.

      Therefore you do not support the Palestinian right to self-determination.

      End of story. Quit pretending.

  • Rally for Gaza march will be staged in NY next week
  • Obama administration undecided on how little it has accomplished
    • Mooser,

      Indeed Zionism and Israel weren't very popular in the US just a few decades ago.

      Professor Finkelstein has researched Jewish American publications that were written before 1967 and after. He noted that prior to 1967, Israel was of little concern for American Jews. Then after 1967, a shift took place.

    • The colonies aren't going to stop. Did you seriously entertain that possibility?

      It is, however, a sign of defiance by the colonists. They even named one outpost after him, "Obama", just to spite him. Katya Adler reported for the BBC.

    • I'm going to have to disagree. Obama has accomplished so much.

      1. He has escalated the war in Afghanistan
      2. He has rebranded the war on terror
      3. He has renditioned suspects to Bagram AFB
      4. He has capitulated to Netanyahu on the colony freeze issue
      5. He has won the Noble peace price
      6. He has gotten his daughters a dog named Bo

  • Now 'J Street' is incorrect on... intermarriage!
    • I met my wife at the home of a guru in Calcutta.

      For a second there I thought you ended up marrying a Bengali Hindu. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just curious, why did you open with that line?

    • I believe Kmart purchased Sears and Roebuck in 2004.

  • Olmert speaking tour continues to be disrupted by the reality of Gaza
    • elderly Holocaust survivors


      Do you mean like the same Holocaust survivors the Israeli government doesn't care one bit about, so they live well below the poverty line? THOSE Holocaust survivors?

      You sound just like John McCain who speaks so fondly of veterans during his campaign speeches, but then goes and votes against veteran benefits.


    • I have just about had it with this nonsense. Which country did you emigrate from into Israel?

    • For every rocket, Israel has killed a Palestinian.

      I think you're even with them. OK, miss I'm-always-the-victim?

    • It is a significant change on his part to reject likud and their thesis that the land from river to sea is Israel.

      I hear Osama Bin Laden has decided to join Lashkar e Taiba who are waaaaay more moderate than al-Qaeda.

      There is NO difference between Kadima, Likud, or the former Ma'arach. Is that too hard to digest?

    • Hey noomi noomi, go to sleep you need some rest from all the nonsense you're regurgitating.

      Palestinians were brought to the country from Syria and Egypt in the early 1900s because of all the economic opportunities the Jews created. Mark Twain who visited the land in 1867 called the land a dump and wondered where all the people were.

      Yeah they were brought. They were brought by the Jewish Agency just like you were brought from France or whatever European state you came from. Do you think we were born yesterday? So according to your Mark Twain reference, you and the rest of the Ashkenazis viewed Palestine as a fixer upper. The old "made the desert bloom", some even use the "dried the swamps" slogan. Confused idiots.

    • exagerated [sic] “actions”
      Only in the mind of a sick person is disruption of a war criminal's propaganda considered "exaggerated". I'll have you know that in the last nine years Israel has massacred and killed more than 6,000 Palestinians.

      Had more than 6000 Israelis been the victims, you wouldn't object to nuking the victimizer.

      You're sick and you need help with your mental psychosis. You're no different than those who who giggled, cursed and mocked the protesters.

      link to

  • UC students justify their rage at Olmert for killing civilians
    • Any stifling of debate,” they wrote, “runs counter to the primary values of the University of Chicago

      That wasn't a debate, that was an indoctrination session.

  • Whatever happened to the war for oil?
    • One more piece of information.

      I seem to recall a US journalist mention that among the goals for invading Iraq was controlling oil output. Shutting the proverbial tap was seen as essential to cause a drop in global oil supplies, thus driving prices up and cashing in on the profits.

      It may have been Seymour Hersh, but I'm not sure at the moment.

    • Personally, I don't view all the so-called motives as being mutually exclusive. I think it was a convergence of interests with the ultimate goal being the removal of Saddam and regime change.

      To this day, we don't know what was discussed in early 2001 in those secret meetings between Cheney and major energy CEOs.

      Cheney was also on the board of Haliburton. They, along with KBR and Blackwater received no-bid contracts in Iraq.

      Oil companies enjoyed $149/ oil barrel at one point resulting in billions and billions of unprecedented profits.

      The US government got a permanent base in Iraq in the form of an embassy the size of Vatican city. It can be used to run major operations in the region, spy on neighboring Iran and Syria and tap into communications hubs throughout the Middle East, something the intelligence community and the Pentagon most likely appreciate.

      It was a win-win project for the elite in the US, and Israel.

      At the same time, it was a lose-lose situation for US soldiers, the vast majority of US citizens and Iraqis in general. Israel lost nothing in the process.

  • In boycotting J Street, Oren's role model is Soviet Union
    • Let me ask you this–what do YOU think the world should do about Israeli war crimes?


      (Channeling Golda Meir), Nomi would say "I hate the Palestinians for they force us to kill their children.

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