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  • sympathy issue
    • Of course the Jews wanted to leave, who in their right mind wouldn’t?

      So you think YOUR parent's experience is representative of EVERY other Mizrahi Jew's experience?

      Did your parents immigrate to Israel or did they go to France? Do you think Israel treated Mizrahi Jews well or even better than neighboring Arab states treated them? The answer is no. Plus, the entire "backlash" didn't start until after 1948.

      Yemenite, Egyptian and Iraqi Jews were not interested in leaving for Israel. In fact, the historian Avi Shlaim describe how Jews in those countries were actually better off, financially and socially than they were in Israel.

      My own grandparents who immigrated from Iraq were literally lured by Zionist agencies working in Iraq at the time to emigrate to Israel. And when they finally arrived in Israel, they were thrown in tent camps and shacks, while the European immigrants were put in actual houses.

      The vast majority of that generation never felt at home in Israel and continued to speak Arabic, never assimilating. What did Israel give them? Nothing. They were better off in their native countries where they had their established communities, homes, businesses and wealth. The Iraqi government at the time didn't want Iraqi Jews to leave. There are still 30,000 Jews in Iran today and they don't want to leave either.

      The Palestinian Arabs have become both held up and hated by the Arab states, never fully being accepted by their “host” countries till this day 3 generations later.

      Nice propaganda. Israel has managed to sell you that shtick, after all, what could be better for Israel than to have the refugee problem disappear and the burden carried by other (Arab) countries?

  • Israelis said to violate another U.N. resolution
    • I think Richard Perle and Douglas Feith may have an answer to your question.

    • Nothing new. It's been going on for more than 40 years now. UN resolutions mean nothing to Israel.

      Ever heard the Hebrew expression, "Umm Shmoom"? It means, "UN Shmuen".

      How does Israel send the UN a message? It bombs a clearly marked UN base - a base whose GPS coordinates are shared with the Israeli air force so as to avoid any mix ups - and then claims it was a mistake, "sorry". Then it bombs a UN compound where hundreds of Lebanese refugees sought shelter. Qana was bombed twice, once in 1996 and once in 2006. Both times Israel claimed it was a mistake, both times hundreds of civilians were killed.

      The Israeli Navy rams Lebanese boats and ships which are operating within Lebanese waters. There were several incidents this year alone.

      Truce and ceasefire mean absolutely nothing, neither does the concept of national sovereignty. Had Syria bombed Israel's Dimona facility, it would have set off WWIII, but when the opposite happens, it's perfectly fine.

  • Why does Hassan hate us?
    • Sometimes my first impression is that trolls are shrewd and savvy, but after a while I realize that I'm giving them too much credit. It turns out the vast majority of lack basic reading comprehension skills. Perhaps its part of the willful ignorance that often plagues them.

    • * blond and blue eyed.

    • Tonight on Hardball, for instance, Chris Matthews chalked Major Nidal Hassan’s actions up to radical Islam. He pointed to Hassan’s connections to extremists and said that so long as we were conducting wars in Islamic countries, these sorts of domestic attacks would continue.

      Have you watched the movie Gran Torino?

      Knowing that the police is likely to investigate and prosecute minorities who killed a Caucasian man than ignore the killing of a minority by another minority, Clint Eastwood's character "sacrificed" himself to protect an Asian American boy and his family from an Asian American gang.

      There were PTSD cases and countless suicides among American soldiers for years now.

      On May 11, 2009 a US soldier shot and killed five fellow soldiers at Camp Liberty in Iraq.

      The outrage over that incident paled in comparison to the outrage displayed over the incident at Ft. Hood.

      So, it took a concept so basic and primitive - that is to say racism - to shed some light, albeit very little, on the consequences of war and PTSD. It seems in a twisted and ironic roundabout way, if there's one thing on which Americans can agree, it's that brown people are bad (even though Muslims can be Caucasian and blond eyed).

    • Cliff,

      I would say that the demonization of Arabs in American discourse differed in the years prior to 1967 and after.

      Before 1967, correct me if I'm wrong, it seems to me they were viewed as primitive tribal people, the whole Lawrence of Arabia caricature, whereas after 1967, they were viewed as anti-Semitic, violent terrorists. The former stemmed from racism, while the latter was based on an additional political dimension to the vilification.

    • There was a brief period after the first lancet report where it was discussed but it was only ever in a dailykos/huffpo sense – something to hit ‘bu$hhhhhhh’ or ‘TEH REPUKES’ over the head with, it’s a complete non issue in democratic circles (apart from Kucinich).

      I can agree with that characterization. It seems fitting.

    • They did for a brief period of a few months or a year at most. I think both civilian casualties and American casualties in Iraq were later set aside in favor of the 2008 elections and the growing discontent at home over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • A friend of mine, who is of Asian ancestry, often describes how in the days and weeks following the Virginia Tech massacre, his son was constantly bullied and called names.

      Despite the fact that the US is supposed to be a melting pot, various groups have always faced racism at one point or another, whether it was the Irish, Polish or Italian immigrants in the early part of the 20th century or the Japanese during WWII, or Muslims and Arabs since 1967, but more so after 2001.

      Incidentally, Jews who were the champions of the civil rights movement in the 1960s, turned against their fellow American Muslims in the wake of the attacks of September 2001. It's as if there was a mainstream drive to blur the distinctions between the Taliban and the Palestinians so as to position Israel as an ally in the so-called war on terror.

    • If memory serves me well, and I think it does, Iraqi civilian casualties did not enter the mainstream national discourse until after the Virginia Tech massacre.

      I think many Americans, struck with the grief and sadness of that incident, despite not having immediate loved ones involved, were reminded how tragic the loss of human life can be.

  • Abunimah on 'Israeli Jews and the one-state solution'
    • If ***** were a US Senator, would he be more like: A) Joe Lieberman, or B) Joe McCarthy.

      The answer to that question is, "yes".

    • It's coercive in the newspeak sense of the word because the Palestinians are viewed as inferior barbaric subhumans in the eyes of the benevolent European colonialists.

      Perhaps WJ needs to do some more wondering.

    • The Israeli position is not based on racial ideology

      No, just a religious ideology. Where's the roll eyes emoticon when you need it?

  • Farah abu Halima, victim of white phosphorus attack, is on her way to California
    • Regardless of the human shields bullcrap often peddled by Israeli Hasbara, international law stipulates that using White Phosphorus against a civilian population, in a dense urban area to boot, is a clear violation of the laws of war and is a war crime.

      Case closed.

      Let's focus on more important issues than these trolls and their distractions.

    • The premise of your argument relies on the assumption that the Palestinians were beamed down to Palestine out of nowhere after Israel was established.

      As if Israel's actions and the murderous ethnic cleansing that has been going on for decades is irrelevant.

      The other false premise of your argument is the assumption that Israel actually had legitimacy in the first place. It didn't. The Zionist lobby pressured Britain to allow them to establish a homeland in Palestine and both the British and the Zionist movement reneged on their promises.

    • I wonder why the owners of this blog haven't banned you and your cut-and-paste nonsense, much of which you most likely do not understand.

      What's the matter? Are your writing skills severely lacking?

    • Something is wrong with my browser..sheesh.

      One child out of hundreds more.

      Is the US going to rescue them too the way it rescued Jews from Yemen just a few weeks ago?

    • One child out of hundreds more.

      Is the US going to rescue them too the way it rescued Jews from Yemen just a few weeks ago?

    • One child out of hundreds more........Is the US going to rescue them too the way it rescued Jews from Yemen just a few weeks ago?

  • More on Kucinich
  • Israel Lobby kiboshes Kucinich podium in FL as offending 'conscience of community'
  • Dream of two states morphs into-- horrors-- one man, one vote
    • Did Nomi have her world of warcraft account canceled?

      link to

      Talk about spazzing out.

    • you can’t compare the two, I know, I know, you believe the Holocaust and slaughter of 12 million is a myth and I can’t argue w/ someones beliefs.

      Do you know what they say when one makes assumptions?

      When you make an assumption, you make an ass out of yourself.

    • Chaos, I know its easy for you to sit in your dorm room

      Where do YOU live, Yonira? In Israel? Have you ever spent more than a month there?

  • Brian Baird compared his own children to three slaughtered in Gaza
    • This feels like the twilight zone. That a US representative would stand on the floor of the house and show pictures of killed Palestinian civilians is unprecedented, isn't?

  • 17 years before apartheid fell, Coetzee despaired inside a 'fortress Christian state'
    • Cliff,

      Perhaps you-know-who could get himself free airfare from some Zionist agency and spend a week in a Palestinian town in the occupied territories. There is no better way to change a person than to have him come to a realization on his own. Let him spend a week there and see if he comes back waxing lyrical about Zionism and the virtues of Israel.

  • Palestinian students describe anti-Arab discrimination
  • The right of return, universal justice, and U.S. foreign policy
    • From its inception Israel has always been a colonial enterprise.

      Instead of "three generations", perhaps the poster could conflate that to make it more grandiose and use phrases like "half a century".

  • Grim Netanyahu warns American Jews on assimilation
    • This is ironic, especially that it comes mere days after the media (e.g. Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer) and has gone into a frenzy questinoing whether American Muslims are either loyal or assimilated in the US.

      Had Netanyahu been the leader of a Muslim/Arab nation and had he called on Muslims not to assimilate into American society, could you imagine the backlash from the media and Joe Lieberman?

  • Anti-anti-semitism (Colonist rabbi issues book giving rules on when it's cool to kill gentiles)
  • Illegitimacy? FT says that Netanyahu is committed to 'national suicide'
    • I try to avoid acknowledging troglodytes.

    • The Oslo accord was supposed to be an interim agreement until final status was negotiated, but the joke was on the Palestinians when it turned out that Israel considered the Oslo accord to be the final status agreement (with minor adjustments). In the last the last 17 years, nothing has changed. The Oslo accord only made matters worse for the Palestinians and Israel continued demolishing more homes belonging to Palestinians and building more colonies for settlers.

    • We all know what the annual infusion of cash into Israel's coffers gets everyone in the region. Last I checked it was sniper rifles for target practice on Palestinians, White Phosphorus, 1000 pound bombs....

    • Since 1948 Israeli leadership had no clear vision for the future. The successive governments have always relied on the might-makes-right policy. First it was the "Arabs" that Ben Gurion sought to expell from Palestine, then as Israel pushed outward, it was the Golan Heights followed by the West Bank and the Sinai.

      Later, when Israel couldn't stand up to Iraq it had the US do its dirty work for it, and now its Iran's turn.

      And while to a great extent it was easy to deal with neighboring nations at the barrel of a gun, when that policy was applied to the Palestinians it failed. It failed because Israel was incapable of seeing the Palestinians as human beings who required basic rights, equality, and had basic needs. Israel thought that the 1948 strategy of ethnic cleansing could be repeated over decades and eventually Palestinians will either leave or submit.

      In the long run, for Israel to survive in the Middle East, it will have to undergo a paradigm shift in its regional and domestic policies. The first step would be to recognize the people of the region as equal human beings.

  • Meeting Omar Barghouti in New York
    • Saudi Arabian family kleptocracy.

      Saudi Arabia put the latest shipment of US fighter jets to some use this part week when they slaughtered 40 people in Yemen.

      A king and his toys.

  • Is Cantor saying there could be genocide in the U.S.?
  • roll over Ben Gurion and tell Jabotinsky the news
  • 18 rabbis for 58 hours fight the tide of illegitimacy
    • They went to Jerusalem for the obligatory pilgrimage, then drove up to the lake of Tiberia to dip their feet, dropped by Tzfat for the annual Klezmer festival which was followed by a short shopping trip in Tel-Aviv.

      That should cover 58 hours, I think.

  • Goldberg: Do as I say not as I do
    • Jeffrey Goldberg? Is that the same guy who served as a prison "guard" with the Israeli army at the Ansar 3 prison? How many Palestinians do you suppose he tortured?

    • The two paragraphs above are not related. Should have made that clear.

    • Most of the "journalists" to mention Joe Lieberman's hacktatic statement yesterday are Jewish. They sure think they're helping Israel when they demonize fellow (Muslim) Americans.

      One article I read mentioned that 3,500 Muslims serve in the US armed forces compared with 1,500 Jews.

  • At a Sabbath dinner in Jerusalem, a Jew is sickened by racism
  • Shared values?
    • Military service is used now days as an excuse to refuse hiring Palestinians and other groups like the Haredim, for example.

      It used to be that Yemenite and Moroccan Jews were looked down upon. These days, Ethiopian Jews are the scapegoat du jour.

      I try to visit friends and relatives in Israel every two years or so. Usually, I travel by public transportation when I'm there, either by bus or train. Anyway, I have noticed that when an Ethiopian is sitting in a window seat and the seat next to him or her remains empty, others prefer to stand than to sit next to that Ethiopian. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but after a few days and weeks I've noticed a trend.

      It was kind of awkward to see that knowing how Americans view such issues now days given the historical context of the civil rights movement, Rosa Parks and "sitting in the back of the bus".

  • Avnery: Barack W. Obama
  • Wolman: Wright mucks up Gaza
    • Yonira, you might want to invest in ear plugs and an eye mask, that way you will never have to confront reality.

      It's too bad reality isn't on your side, otherwise you'd have something more substantial to post than those schoolyard snarks.

    • Jeffrey, that was an oversight on my part. Thanks for pointing it out.

    • Well, the issue is that Fatah, the opposition party, was and most likely still is a favorite among Palestinians. The majority of Palestinians are secular. Sure, a great number of Palestinians are traditional in the social sense, but they are not dogmatic like Hamas or its ideology. If there were no occupation and the region's borders were open and people were free, Hamas wouldn't stand a chance in getting elected or reelected.

      Part of the problem Palestinians faced in 2006 wasn't either party's "standing up" to Israel or what have you. A significant part of that choice had to do with quality of life.

      When Arafat was negotiating with Israel, at first Palestinians had high hopes. Then Israel reneged on a few promises and Arafat lost some popularity. Then when Arafat became too "uppity" as they used to say in the Jim Crow era, Israel gave Hamas a boost, encouraging them in hopes they would contain Fatah.

      By the time the elections came about, Fatah were extremely unpopular; they lost the confidence of the electorate because they failed to deliver on the 1993 Oslo promises, and to a great extent, they were corrupt. Workers who were employed by the Palestinain Authority had to go on strike after strike before the Fatah leadership paid them their saleries on time. With Hamas in control, that corruption became a thing of the past. At the same time, Israel collected taxes from the Palestinians, but didn't pay those sums to the Palestinian Authority so that they could in turn pay their employees and invest in public infrastructure.

      In essence, Hamas' ascendancy to power isn't really an embrace of their ideology, but simply a lack of a better option at that place in time. And, to a great extent, Israel played a major part in that, in the delegitimization of Fatah in the eyes of the Palestinians.

      Sharret's quote in one of the posts below is quite relevant in this context. It seems that peace in the Middle East is viewed as a threat by the Israeli government because then there will be greater mobility and travel and that's not good when one seeks to maintain an exclusively Jewish state. Plus, reaching that permanent state of peace would entail making compromises, some territorial and some demographic. Israel wants neither.

    • I'm not posting this to put anyone down, but the tactics referenced regarding Sharret are nothing new.

      This kind of stuff has been the mobilizing force behind Israel's political history since 1948. In the late 50s, Ben Gurion, for example, made it perfectly clear that Israel must provoke a war to expand its territory and take over Jerusalem. In 1967 that was precisely what Israel did.

      Avraham Sela, for example, reported that "The Egyptian buildup in Sinai lacked a clear offensive plan" and that "Nasser's defensive instructions explicitly assumed an Israeli first strike."

      Also, After 1967 Weizman admitted that "there was no threat of destruction" and that the Egyptians would have "suffered a complete defeat" regardless of who attacked first.

      Then, regarding the attack on Syria, Moshe Dayan, the Israeli Defense Minister at the time, said, "I know how at least 80% of all of the incidents there (Golan) started. In my opinion, more than 80%, but let's speak about 80%. It would go like this: We would send a tractor to plow someplace where it wasn't possible to do anything, in the demilitarized area, and knew in advance that the Syrians would start to shoot. If they did not start shooting, we would inform the tractor to progress farther, until the Syrians, in the end, would get nervous and would shoot. And then we would use guns, and later, even the air force, and that is how it went."

      In 1997, Dayan gave an interview to the the New York Times. In the interview, he explained that, "greed for land" and "good land for agriculture", led Israel to take the Golan by force.

    • The paths for Hamas are very limited now in that respect, not primarily because of Israel’s initiated hostility, but because of Hamas’ historical pattern of timing really intentionally intimately gruesome terror and only hopefully gruesome rocket-firing intentionally to disrupt reconciliation efforts between Fatah and Israel.

      They may be “true” to the spirit of non-compromise with Israel, and popular for that, but relative to the prospect of peace in any terms over the next two decades at least, they are a liability to the Palestinian cause whether described as either liberation or as well-being.

      That's pure and utter bullshit. It doesn't even dignify a response.

  • Bernard Avishai has publicly rejected 'the demographic threat' argument
    • I’m telling you this long-winded story to underscore that no one loses their culture unless they want to. It can exist anywhere. And compromise does not mean you give it up; it means you include and add to what you’ve got.

      That reflects my opinion on the subject, too.

      Additionally, I feel that since globalization has been thrust upon nation after nation around the globe, now is a good a time as any to become citizens of the world, to shed the shackles of race, ethnicity, religion and language that bound us.

      Surely, isn't that what Avishai likes and enjoys as he lives in one region or another, whether it's the US, Canada or Israel?

  • Read the 'New Yorker' for the pictures
  • FYI-- Jerusalem
    • This site has enough hatred to go around……

      Yup, definitely a Zionist conspiracy by kapok, you freaks don’t miss a beat on here…

      I heard Israel was responsible for the death of Michael Jackson to and the creation of Barney.

      Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper were all over this story yesterday like flies on poop. During Israel's attack on Gaza we heard not a peep from either one of them. It's the same method of operation for propagandists like those two, over emphasize Arab or Muslim crimes and downplay and conceal Israeli and Zionist crimes.

      A Palestinian from East Jerusalem flipping a car with a backhoe tractor gets 24/7 live coverage on CNN North America, while settlers burning Palestinian groves and shooting civilians get zero coverage.

      Do you have ANY idea how racist Zionists capitalize on incidents like the one at Fort Hood?

      Before the dust even settled at WTC, Netanyahu said that 9/11 was good for Israel. Why? Because then Israel can point to such actions and say "Islam is the enemy of Judaism and Christianity. We share a common goal".

    • This site has enough hatred to go around……

      Yup, definitely a Zionist conspiracy by kapok, you freaks don’t miss a beat on here…

      I heard Israel was responsible for the death of Michael Jackson to and the creation of Barney.

      Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper were all over this story yesterday like flies on poop. During Israel's attack on Gaza we heard not a peep from either one of them. It's the same method of operation for propagandists like those two, over emphasize Arab or Muslim crimes and downplay and conceal Israeli and Zionist crimes.

      A Palestinian from East Jerusalem flipping a car with a backhoe tractor gets 24/7 live coverage on CNN North America, while settlers burning Palestinian groves and shooting civilians get zero coverage.

      Do you have ANY idea how racist Zionists capitalize on incidents like the one at Fort Hood?

      Before the dust even settled at WTC, Netanyahu said that 9/11 was good for Israel. Why? Because then Israel can point to such actions and say "Islam is the enemy of Judaism and Christianity. We share a common goal".

    • kapok November 5, 2009 at 10:54 pm

      Fine shooting Major.

      You're an agent provocateur. You've been on here once before already when you pretended to be a pro-propaganda Zionist (you weren't even pro-Israel as your post contained no truth or facts). You were critical of those who criticized Israel's policies and yet here you are trying to capitalize on a tragedy and on bigotry.

      One day, when you're the victim of hatred, you'll understand. Until that day comes, try to find yourself something more positive in which to engage. A hobby perhaps?

  • No true partner for peace
    • At least the Irish have a modicum of respect and civility. I'm not so sure the same can be said about Avigdor.

    • And what was offered at Taba? Tell us. What percentage of the West Bank and East Jerusalem was offered to the Palestinians? I'd like to see the numbers you have on this.

  • 100s of Jews calling Goldstone a truthteller make
    • I'll admit, I'm not surprised. Political discourse in Israel, albeit limited to a handful of venues and outlets is far more honest regarding the Israeli-Palestinian issue than it is in the US. I don't have to tell you that until recently, discussing Israel in the mainstream media was taboo in the US.

      In 2003 the US was admonishing France for not participating in the invasion of Iraq. Congress went as far as renaming French Fries at the cafeteria "Freedom Fries".

      So what's the point of having this so-called freedom to discuss the occupation in Israeli media, while the real power is vested in Israel's supporters within the US where none of that debate is allowed or heard?

  • A J Street 'ambassador' says group must leave lobby and ally with 'foreign policy establishment'
    • J street, much like other US organizations promoting the two state solution is irrelevant at this point. I say this because the two state solution or the end of the occupation which they promote is a non-starter at this point.

      If Israeli forces suddenly evacuated the West Bank and withdrew to the Green Line this week, the two state solution might have a chance.

      In 10 years time (perhaps sooner) Israel will be teetering between committing mass genocide against the Palestinians and the end of an exclusively Jewish state.

      Barring a game-changer, a regional war involving several actors, the one state solution is inevitable at this point.

  • Let Goldstone testify in Congress before you rush to judgment
    • Schumer should put a banner on his website that reads "Subverting for Israel since 1974".

    • Here's MY "I have a dream":

      Washington DC should secede. Then, we contract Haliburton to build a 28 foot wall around it, just like the apartheid wall, and set up checkpoints where Congress members can apply for permits to enter the United States of America, land of the free and the home of the brave. The money for the wall will come from Blackwater mercenaries manning the checkpoints. Each permit will cost $5000 and the system will practically run itself and pay for itself.

      I propose we market the campaign as "self defense" and name it "Operation Shed Weight".

  • Double standard in fighting 'terror'
    • Only once, Yonira? If you were Palestinian it would be every time.


      As for the "70 other Jews" claim I find it dubious at best, unless of course, they were members of Gush Shalom or 70 clones of Jeff Halper or Norman Finkelstein - who was deported and banned from Israel on his last visit. Then that claim would make sense.

    • I travel quite a bit internationally, and from my experience serial official incompetence in the midst of a decades-long crime spree, including weapons smuggling, seems unlikely.

      I was a bit slow on the uptake.

      Now I see what you're saying.

    • Teitel managed to do this without the assistance of US and Israel customs.

      To be perfectly honest with you, neither the US nor Israel are as capable, security wise, as they claim to be. You've got TSA agents in the US with a history of missing prohibited items - in news reports as far back as 2002 - and upon arrival in Israel, Jews are rarely given a second look, just a nod, a smile and with an Israeli accent "Welcome to Israel". Meanwhile, the security personnel are busy harassing an old Arab woman dressed in traditional clothing.

    • What I want to know is when are they going to demolish his home… his mama’s home… and his cousins’ home too?

      First off, you should know better. The man is a full fledged Zionist and a Jew. That means, not only is he above the law in Israel, but also in the US. That's point one.

      Second, he is not an enemy combatant, nor is he a goy.

      Third, even if he did have his home demolished, he could fly to Florida and back again to Tel-Aviv and make Aliya, then he'll move to a colony and get all kinds of tax breaks and incentives and a swimming pool to boot.

      {Sarcasm off}

  • My 'I-have-a-dream' post
  • Holocaust revisionism/denial
    • Its ridiculous…… I understand, I agree with what you are saying, but why EVERY time

      Perhaps one day, when you have enough of life's experiences you'll understand.

    • How about the Israeli government's denial of the Palestinian Naqba?

      In the US they teach school children about Wounded Knee, but in Israel school textbooks don't even mention the Palestinians as existing at all in the 19th and 20th centuries. The land was empty, according to those books.

  • Goldstone member: Israel's toxic munitions could leave Gaza uninhabitable
    • Correction:

      Tungsten shrapnel causes long term damage as it is very difficult to remove from the body and the remaining microscopic fragments lead to flechettes cancer tumors throughout the body.

    • DIME bombs are designed to sever parts of the lower body as they impact the ground. Many Palestinian children had their legs destroyed by these and had to have them amputated. Bear in mind there were more than 5,000 wounded Palestinians during last winter's massacre, that's in addition to the 1400 dead.

      The flechettes are small in size, they are packed by the thousands into exploding bombs, when the bombs go off, the dart-like flechettes scatter in all directions producing sever internal damage, that is worse than the shrapnel of a regular bomb.

      Tungsten shrapnel causes long term damage as it is very difficult to remove from the body and the remaining microscopic fragments lead to flechettes cancer tumors throughout the body.

  • Exclusive report from Jerusalem
    • &@^#* just doing what *@#&# does best: ignoring the actual content and facts of the topic and exploiting an opportunity to stab other Jews in the back for not being Zionists like himself.

      No self respecting human being would continue to behave and shill like that creature does if it weren't for money. Methinks, it either gets paid by the post, or it is disturbed.

    • There are some claims that AIPAC has been using the health reform issue for leverage against Obama's stance regarding Israel. I haven't looked at the supporting evidence yet. But, it might be worth following that lead.

  • There's nothing you can do about it. Well actually, you can support the Goldstone report
    • I'm organizing a sit-in at my representative's office building. Letters are dandy, but they're easy to ignore and shred.

  • Gasp-- Clinton praises Netanyahu as he destroys more Palestinian homes
    • MRW,

      Here's a list of Israeli companies or companies that are part of Israeli conglomerates:

      * United Technologies Corporation (heating and cooling systems)
      * Comfortmaker (heating and cooling systems)
      * Bryant (heating and cooling systems)
      * Carrier (heating and cooling systems)
      * Otis elevators
      * BASF
      * Equity One (real estate)
      * M-Systems Flash Disk

      Other companies like HP, Dell and Motorola make major contributions and investments.

      Motorola, by the way, sells Israel the bomb fuses.

      Other such companies include: Newscorp and all its subsidiaries like Harper Collins, New York Post, DirectTV, National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Photobucket and MySpace.

      Then there's Time Warner and all its subsidiaries, from CNN to Disney, Time Magazine, AOL and Time Warner broadband.

    • There's also TEVA which markets non-generic brand pharmaceuticals. That's another one I avoid.

      When it comes to electronics, I avoid Sandisk. They are an Israeli company that - as you may know - makes flash memory, USB memory sticks and music players.

    • A synagogue on a main road just outside Washington, DC, has a large sign on its front lawn that says, “We support Israel.” Fair enough, free speech and all that…

      The one off Connecticut Avenue across the street from the Uptown Theater? Yes. I've seen that shameless sign. It was put up while the massacre in Gaza was taking place, as if to tacitly approve of such barbaric slaughter.

    • Chaos, have you noticed the similarities between the aforementioned hack and J Street? I'm sure you have.

    • That's exactly it. J Street is being used to divert attention from the global Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement.

      Any person of conscience and self respect should ignore J Street and get behind the BDS movement.

    • The report [concerning the AIPAC staffers espionage case] came after revelations about a wiretapped conversation during which California congresswoman Jane Harman had promised the powerful lobby to help nullify the accusations in exchange for aide for assuming the headship of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

      Herman has denied having held any such conversation and denounced the eavesdropping as "abuse of power".

      link to

    • and attach them to everything as you go about your day.

      I like that idea.

    • In a way, that's an insult to Newman (the postal worker).

  • 'the Gaza docket'
    • If previous cases are any indication, he'll most likely get a few months in jail, then he'll be released on a one year probation, but will most likely skip town and fly back to Florida.

      There was a case a few months back in Jerusalem where a Haredi man shot a Palestinian in a parking lot.

      In court, the shooter claimed that he felt his life was in danger and so he opened fire. The judge dropped charges against him.

      Yesterday, settlers in one of the colonies in East Jerusalem shot at Palestinians.
      Note the spin and lies the police and the settlers perpetrate:

      The settlers, 12 according to Palestinian sources, six according to Israeli media, and three according to the Jerusalem police chief, pulled up in a car with an eviction order for the family home of Ali Ibrahim Salah and his children.

      link to

    • The irony is that most of the active and vocal bigots IN Israel (government officials, media reps, military personnel and settlers) are foreign nationals.

      You stand a better chance finding an English speaking settler in the occupied territories of the West Bank than a Hebrew speaking one.

    • If South African law allows, they should have their S. African citizenship revoked. They should also be prosecuted for war crimes, crimes against humanity and swearing allegiance to a foreign nation and treason.

      Throw the book at them and set an example.

  • Why the U.S. kneels
  • A Jewish focus won't end a more-than-Jewish problem
    • Here's your gem of a state. Stick it!

      link to

    • I urged Ahmed TO write about his experience, in his independant assertive terms, not in relationship to Israel.

      What ARE you? What do you desire? What do you strive for?

      Yeah Ahmed, keep a journal and write about your feelings and your hopes and dreams. That will help you better cope with the occupation and the oppression. Don't focus on the negative and ugly reality that dictates every waking hour of your daily existence, but focus on unicorns and rainbows instead.

      Then at the end of the school year, you can read it aloud in front of the class, but I'll have to approve of your journal entries first.....mmmmmkay? Good boy.

      Dick Witty is a bigoted, pathetic, delusional piece of excrement.

    • That is a pathetic attack on the author.

      The argument put forth by the poster above is practiced very often by Zionists in Israel. I hear it at least four times a week, and that's on a good week.

      The thrust of that weak argument is "Don't draw our attention or anyone else's to our mistreatment of you, focus instead on what you can do to improve your situation."

      And the response should be, "I am focusing on improving my situation, because your treatment of me is the f*(@^ng problem".

    • It is only an "oppression" to those who have been brainwashed into ethnocentricism and seek to live in a homogeneous state based a sense of supremacy.

      Furthermore, I don't see how that poster can live in the US as a Jew, enjoy all the privileges and rights afforded to him by the US constitution and all the various post-civil rights era supreme court decisions and still claim that an ethno-centric homogeneous state is the only path to democracy.

      Is that not the very definition of cognitive dissonance?

    • Many Palestinians in Israel currently vote for Zionist parties in the Knesset. Should there be a single state, many within the Jewish community might very well vote for "Arab" parties. The reason Jews in Israel currently don't, is because the government's propaganda through the media and the education system has brainwashed them into fearing Arabs and treating them as an existential threat. In a melting-pot type one state solution, these fears and the propaganda will most likely disappear. The oft cited failure of the melting-pot in the US does not apply in this case because the peoples of the region share so much in common, the only differences are the names of the religions.

      In other words, to claim that the demographic split will translate to an equivalent political split (hence the "non-Democratic" accusation) is baseless for it does not take into account political diversity. That is the very essence of democracy, is it not?

      So to suggest that a demographic split will translate into a non-democratic political split is narrow-minded and betrays the poster's ideological and ethnic prejudices and tendency to oversimplify and generalize.

  • Rabbi Yoffie returns all J Street's favors by... praising AIPAC!
    • Posherd,

      I would ignore the schizophrenic troll.

    • I might want to get in on that racket. It sounds like a lucrative field.

      No, not really.

      Back when Cheney and his puppet Bush were in power and gas prices were hovering around $3.60/ gal it dawned on me how much profit all those oil moguls, Cheney himself and all his clients made from the destruction of so many lives in Iraq and by extension in the US.

      Talk about selling one's soul to the devil.

    • Jewish identity constructed around Zionism.

      Perhaps it's time many American Zionist Jews looked in the mirror and asked, "What aspects of my upbringing have contributed to my being vulnerable and susceptible to Zionist rhetoric and instruction?"

      Having been brought up in a very secular home, I honestly cannot wrap my head around the idea of people feeling such a strong connection based on religious heritage or perhaps ideology. I mean, don't people have free and open minds with which they can judge for themselves what's good and what's bad, what's humane and what's just?

      If a person is basing his or her personal identity on religious heritage or religious teachings, then there might be something missing in that person's life, a kind of an unfulfilled need.

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