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  • State Dep't slams Netanyahu's Hitler story as 'inflammatory' and against 'scholarly evidence'
    • As Finkelstein (I think) pointed out, the ONLY biography at the Yad Vashem holocaust museum in Israel that is LONGER than the Muffi's is the one for Hitler. In Yad Vashem, the Mufti's role in the holocaust dwarfs that of Himmler, Eichmann, Goebbels, etc.

      It's pretty plain what the garbage rodents of Israel are up to. Netanyahu's statement is just the latest chapter in a very old playbook.

    • Obviously, the Mufti's fears that a Jewish colonization of Palestine would mean the destruction of the Palestinian people were rather well founded. Further, it is not the Arabs who have inherited the Nazi exterminationist mindset, but the Jewish population of Israel.

  • Facing down hecklers in NY, Gideon Levy calls for equal rights for all in one state
    • I agree, Annie. It's a wonder to me how decent Israelis manage to persist there given the utterly toxic environment. Is there simply a tacit agreement to stay off the subject of the Palestinians when talking to others? Ilan Pappe had to flee the country after death threats against his sons and I'm told Levy must travel with a body-guard in this "open society and light unto nations."

      I wish someone would sponsor a discussion between Gideon Levy and Noam Chomsky. I have enormous admiration for both, though Noam seems all but the last holdout among informed progressives for a two-state solution to this catastrophe and Noam is MILITANT on the topic.

    • America should airlift Gideon Levi and Amira Hass to safety then use our air force to reduce all of Israel to Gaza-like conditions.

    • Unless Palestinians stab Gideon Levi or Amira Hass, what are the chances they will stab an innocent Israeli?

      Basically, zero.

  • Long Island synagogue marks High Holidays with thanks to Israeli soldiers in Gaza war
    • I'm not clear as to why anyone should be defensive about being an Israel hater. We're talking about a vile country, established through massacre and ethnic cleansing and maintained through expulsion and force; a terror state marinating in the most extreme racism, where mobs flood into the street to sing:

      No school in Gaza today
      All the children are DEAD!

      How in the heck can one NOT hate such a disgusting society?

  • 'So wait, the Nakba is…?': Listening to Israelis discuss the Nakba
    • Just imagine if 99% of the American people belonged to the Ku Klux Klan.

      You don't have to imagine it. That place exists. It's called Israel.

  • Dershowitz story is also an Israel story
    • "When presented with a written waiver of the statute of limitations yesterday however, he refused to execute it. "

      Getting back to the Breitbart chess analogy, I'd give that move by Filthowitz' cagey adversaries 19 exclamation points.


      "Vanunu states in his letters that he intended to share the money received from the newspaper (for the information) with the Anglican Church of Australia. Apparently, frustrated by the delay while Hounam was completing his research, Vanunu approached a rival newspaper, the tabloid Sunday Mirror, whose owner was Robert Maxwell. In 1991, a self-described former Mossad officer or government translator named Ari Ben-Menashe alleged that Maxwell, allegedly an agent for Israeli intelligence services, had tipped off the Israeli Embassy about Vanunu in 1986.[33]

      The Israeli government decided to capture Vanunu, but determined to avoid harming its good relationship with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and not wanting to risk confrontation with British intelligence, determined Vanunu should be persuaded to leave British territory under his own volition. Israel's efforts to capture Vanunu were headed by Giora Tzahor.[34]

      Through constant surveillance and analysis by Mossad psychologists, the Mossad found that Vanunu had become lonely and eager for female companionship. Masquerading as an American tourist called "Cindy", Israeli Mossad agent Cheryl Bentov befriended Vanunu, and on 30 September persuaded him to fly to Rome with her on a holiday.[35] This relation has been perceived as a classic honey trap operation whereby an intelligence agent employs seduction to gain the target's trust—a practice which has been officially sanctioned in Israel.[36][37][38] On the day Bentov met Vanunu, the Israeli Navy electronic surveillance ship INS Noga was ordered to the Italian coast.

      The Noga, disguised as a merchant ship, was fitted with electronic surveillance equipment and satellite communications gear in its superstructure, and was primarily used to intercept communications traffic in Arab ports. As the ship was heading from Antalya in Turkey back to Haifa, the captain was instructed in an encrypted message to change course for Italy and anchor off the coast. The Noga arrived off the Italian port city of La Spezia and anchored in international waters, just outside Italian territorial waters.

      Once in Rome, Vanunu and Bentov took a taxi to an apartment in the old quarter of the city, where three waiting Mossad operatives overpowered Vanunu and injected him with a paralyzing drug. Later that night, a white van hired by the Israeli embassy arrived, and Vanunu was carried to it on a stretcher. The ambulance drove out of Rome, down the coast to a pre-arranged point.

      Vanunu was transferred to a waiting speedboat, which then rendezvoused with the waiting Noga anchored off the coast. He was brought aboard the Noga in total secrecy. The crew were told to assemble in the ship's common room and lock the door as Vanunu and the Mossad agents were taken aboard. The ship then departed for Israel. During the journey, Vanunu was kept in a cabin, with Mossad agents taking turns guarding him. None of the Noga's crew was allowed to look at the prisoner."


      OK look...I'm not trying to set up a Glen Beck chalkboard of crazy conspiracies here. But Robert Maxwell, father Epstein's girlfriend and the alleged madam for his underaged sex ring just HAPPENS to work for Israeli intelligence and just HAPPENED to help them capture Mordechai Vanunu in a honey trap? If true, that strikes me as the mother of all coincidences!

    • So Vickie Ward has done some excellent investigative reporting on this, (Vanity Fair, Daily Beast). She's convinced that Epstein did not acquire his vast fortune through his business acumen. She's talked to a ton of people and no one believes that. Ward says Epstein was always very concerned whenever the topic of "the girls" arose. is this guy the greatest blackmailer in history? He captures wealthy influential people on hidden camera then extorts gigantic sums of money from them? That just sounds too clumsy, ham-fisted and iffy to me. Word would spread rapidly. The guy couldn't possibly maintain all these high class pals in business, government and academia. Unless...

      Unless what?

      Unless there is someone above Epstein who is the real puppetmaster in a much larger operation. in a GOVERNMENT.

      Perhaps this is all nonsense. But you have to put the available puzzle pieces together. I'm not typically a conspiracy theorist but I'm starting to really think this story is MUCH bigger than anyone is letting on. And once you start to suppose, then the really wild theories can be entertained. "Listen Tony, we really need you onboard with this Iraq thing. Pity if anything were to emerge that might sully your impeccable reputation..."

      The guy has the largest residence in all of NYC. oh..and his own private island populated with underage concubines. Where did this all come from? That's the first thing we need some sort of plausible answer for.

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  • Dershowitz named in lawsuit alleging abuse of underage sex slave
    • So um...sounds like they've actually GOT him on the pilot's flight logs on a plane he claims never to have been on and the housekeeper puts him at the house (sans family) while the abuse was taking place.

      He's cooked. He'll be lucky to get a bus boy job at the TGI Fridays in downtown Sderot.

      My question for the Mondoweiss legal dream team is the following: our loudmouthed friend has publicly declared to the press that he will wave the statute of limitations on rape charges just to clear his name. If it turns out they have an ironclad case against him, can they use that statement to put him away? Would it hold up in court?

    • In new developments, Carolyn Dershowitz offered a spirited defense, sharply denying scandalous allegations: "The idea that Jeffrey Epstein could pay a woman, a man, a Welch Corgi or a sea cucumber to have sex with my husband is ludicrous," she declared. "He's a billionaire, not a trillionaire."

    • Breaking:

      3. The allegations against Dershowitz are direct and specific.

      The CVRA suit claims that Epstein “trafficked Jane Doe #3 for sexual purposes to many other powerful men, including numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known Prime Minister, and other world leaders,” but few are identified in last week’s motion. Dershowitz is. Only Prince Andrew, heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, and modeling agent Jean Luc Bunel are also called out by name. Roberts claims that Epstein used Maxwell and Bunel to recruit his young victims. If counsel for the CVRA plaintiffs chose to single out only those individuals against whom they had the strongest evidence, Dershowitz may be in trouble.

    • I CAN'T be the only one here waiting for the 'Monica's Sex Dress' moment, can I?

    • "While no one knows whether these allegations are true or not — and I suspect they are not — he is a man of sterling reputation ...."

      In other words, not even fellow Judeo-schistosome Shmucky Botox is prepared to buy Filthowitz' fervent denials, taking a wait and see approach. I find that pretty devastating that one of his closest allies refuses to go out on a limb for him.

    • “It’s the legal equivalent of scribbling something on a toilet stall and then running away.”

      Firsthand experience?

      Hahahahahaha! Oh man.


      2: 17

      "I am signing a sworn affidavit categorically denying the truth."

      Yuh. We believe you, Dersh, you ghoulish, yellow-fanged intestinal parasite.

    • Doesn't this crap ALWAYS happen when you're trying to enjoy a ski vacation?

    • People can claim my contempt for Filthowitz clouds my judgement. Doubtless, there's some truth in that.

      But let's look at this thing logically. What do we know?

      a) A claim is that Epstein had a harem of underage girls that he loaned out to wealthy, influential men. Jane Doe 3's account is backed up by FORTY other young girls, all telling essentially the same stories of sexual abuse and prostitution for Epstein. A number of them already received cash settlements, essentially to shut them up and limit the scope of the scandal. I'm going to go ahead and consider these accounts a FACT.

      b) Prince Andrew was known across England as a lecherous bum. His extraordinarily close relationship with Epstein has been exhaustively documented, (Vanity Fair, etc etc ). He's already suffered major political fallout for his improprieties. Did he participate in any of the underage sex provided by his best friend Epstein? I'm calling that a fact as well, as it strains credibility beyond its graded tensile strength to suggest he didn't.

      Which brings us to Big D, indomitable defender of small time murderers like OJ and big time murderers like Israel.

      Assuming a & b above, those claiming Dershowitz' innocence must make the case that Epstein and Andrew are guilty as charged and Jane Doe 3's account is perfectly consistent with what actually happened, but she is lying in the case of Dershowitz.

      Is that possible? Sure. Anything is possible. Does it make ANY sense or strike any note of credibility to the skeptical ear? No it doesn't.

      He's so guilty it's ridiculous. That's my two cents.

    • I sure remember that, Annie, particularly Israel's characteristically measured response to the revelations:


    • "Alan Dershowitz says ‘anti-Israeli zealots are loving’ accusations against him"

      To my knowledge, that's the first true statement Dershowitz has ever made.

    • ..know what impresses me about this? The relative puniness of the accused alongside others involved in the scandal.

      Sure--those of us here know Dersh as the shameless apologist for Israeli atrocities, but believe me, many if not most in the public are like..Alan WHO?

      He's not a prince, a billionaire, Bill Clinton or a former Prime Minister. Why pick on poor little Dersh, if your aim is to make a truly big splash with a salacious sex scandal? Why pick a litigious snake all but certain to respond with a massive counter-strike?

      My guess—admittedly a guess at this point—is that they can not only prove Dershowitz had sex with the underaged girl but that he is guilty of major legal misconduct in the Epstein case, rigging it in blatant violation of the law to obtain a sweetheart deal for Epstein as well as insulate himself from statutory rape charges. If that is the case, it's Dershowitz, not Prince Andrew, who is really the big fish to be reeled in. If they can nail him they can nail everybody involved---maybe even Tony Blair. How awesome would THAT be? It would make the Profumo scandal look like a jay walking charge.

      I know, I know. But I can dream, can't I?

      The tricky part I think is Epstein. I was never in the least impressed with Dershowitz' intellect. If you ask me, the guy is just plain dumb. Epstein is a whole different deal. He's a slimeball, but this guy is smart. VERY smart, not to mention crazily rich.

      Stay tuned.


      Cassell had no comment other than to say they stand behind their actions. But Cassell did send the following statement from Jane Doe 3: "I am not surprised that Mr. Dershowitz would deny facts he and I both know to be true. This is a common tactic, but one which the law is starting to find unacceptable in cases of this kind, as it should.”

    • Two possibilities here:

      A) The lawyers bringing the suit are both suicidal maniacs.
      B) They have Filthowitz dead to rights.

    • Epstein mounted an aggressive counterinvestigation. Epstein’s friend Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard law professor, provided the police and the state attorney’s office with a dossier on a couple of the victims gleaned from their MySpace sites—showing alcohol and drug use and lewd comments. The police complained that private investigators were harassing the family of the 14-year-old girl before she was to appear before the grand jury in spring 2006. The police said that one girl had called another to say, “Those who help [Epstein] will be compensated and those who hurt him will be dealt with.”

      ..from NY Magazine:

      Oh and by the's not a joke. They actually ARE going to play the anti-Semitism card!!!

    • Wow.

      If you can listen to this interview and still entertain doubts that Filthowitz is lying, I scarcely know what to say.

      I'm feeling better and better about this, actually. The rapist absolutely CAN NOT manage to keep his mouth shut. He's not capable of that, and that's what's going to do him in.  And he's already getting caught up in one logical inconsistency after another after another. "I categorically state that I have never met her. I don't know who she is. Oh wait... I meet millions of people so I could have met her. But I couldn't pick her out of a lineup. I don't know who she is. Do I know her identity? Yes. But I have no idea who she is. Was I ever with Epstein and Prince Andrew? Yes. I mean no. I mean ..I'm Alan Fucking Dershowitz! Why am I being treated like a child-raping sleazeball? What are you, some kinda anti-Semite?"

    • Is Epstein a known, indeed convicted pimp for underage girls? He is. Is there the slightest doubt whatsoever that Epstein's MO was supplying underage girls to influential, wealthy, powerful men? There isn't. One of the girls involved has already been named and pictures of her have appeared with Prince Andrew. The girl filing in the lawsuit identifies Andrew (all but indisputably guilty at this point) and also names not one but numerous forced sexual encounters with Dershowitz, (though admittedly, "forced sexual encounter with Dershowitz" is rather redundant. Could there be any other kind?)

      Dershowitz has now publicly stated he never met the girl and was not at ANY of the locations where the alleged abuses took place. The lawyers filing the case are not dummies. They are playing their cards very close to the vest and are certainly aware of who Dershowitz is and his power to destroy them (as he has threatened to do, claiming he will have them disbarred for the accusations).

      He's guilty. He knows he's guilty and he knows that they know he's guilty. All they need is ONE other eyewitness that places him with the girl and he's toast.

    • Can Mondoweiss launch a kickstarter campaign to pay other victims to come forward in this suit and exclusively publish their rape accounts at the filthy hands of Dersh?

      I'd call that a win-win situation, all the way around!

    • The chances that Dershowitz is telling the truth that he is innocent of child rape, are essentially zero. No sane person can have much doubt as to his guilt. The question is whether a vigorous prosecution will pursue the case, drag in the other victims this psychopath almost certainly abused and put him away for life.

  • Next U.S. elections threaten Israel's 'total isolation' -- and the Israeli public is worried
    • This is why Israel was so fired up to ban the textbook psychotics of the Kach Party, while putting all the devoted Kahanist filth like Moshe Feiglin in power, following a sleazy re-branding effort. Even though Feiglin forms the Manhigut Yehudit ("Jewish Leadership") party with Shmuel Sacket, a longtime follower of Kahane and leader of Kahane Chai, it's not called "Kach" any more, so everything's fine.

  • Israel will lose all American Jews but the crazies
    • "Israel will lose all American Jews but the crazies."

      I thought that happened awhile ago.

      Like in '48.

  • We're all anti-American now
    • Ironically, many if not most are lined up to come here because United States sponsored terrorism and oppression made their home states unlivable.

    • I feel no shame at the actions of Dick Cheney---merely revulsion, as I expect any sane human being would. But I do feel shame after seeing Citizenfour. I know I haven't got the courage of an Edward Snowden. The recognition that not many do is no comfort whatsoever. I am not willing to suffer that way for my convictions. I'm no Danial Berrigan either. That is a source of shame. I remember Chomsky's debate with Buckley and Chomsky saying he felt shame at not having the courage to do more during Vietnam.

  • 'Racist, fascist bullshit'-- Marcel Ophuls exposes Islamophobia in Israel
  • The Minds of Others: An interview with Max Blumenthal
  • Naive? At a Jewish spiritual retreat center, I insist on talking about Gaza
    • In the medical world, there are people called HEPS patients. It stands for Heavily Exposed Persistently Seronegative.

      These are people who have been repeatedly exposed to HIV but never get sick. They are of great interest to AIDS researchers, who want to understand what makes them immune to the pathogen.

      I propose the term HEPS Jews, to describe Jews like myself, like those on Mondoweiss, but particularly, Israeli jews like Gideon Levy and Amira Hass.

      How is it that decades of exposure to the Israeli virus has not caused them to become sick, when virtually their entire society has long since succumed? What allows this? What is the secret?

  • On the use of provocative analogies (Nazism, fascism)
    • Fantastic clip. Someone we Jews can be proud of, for sure.

      Liebowitz calls the Israelis Nazis.

      Einstein calls the Israelis, Nazis.

      Primo Levi calls the Israelis Nazis.

      Guess what? They're Nazis. And they deserve no better fate than the original Nazis who inspired them.

    • Very unpersuasive.

      The United States, while enabling all manner of Israeli barbarity, will not permit the wholesale genocide of the Palestinians. The split second the US gives Israel the green light, Israel will enthusiastically carry out the stated wishes of the Israeli leadership and virtually the entirety of Israeli society, namely the extermination of 100% of the Palestinian people, every man, woman and child, within Israel and in the Occupied Territories.

  • 'Is the Zionist dream based on the repeated slaughter of civilians?'
    • Quite so, kay

      I've made the point that most suicide bombings against Israel probably do not meet the definition of terrorism if we go by Israeli standards. If a blown up bus, discoteque or pizza parlor contains even one IDF member, then it's a legitimate military target and Israel is guilty of using the civilians as "human shields."

    • I listened to this thinking--holy cow! A prominent Jew who is NOT stark raving mad.

      You don't see that much these days.

  • 'Children killed in their sleep': Israeli artillery fire hits UN school, killing at least 20
    • Why doesn't Kerry call a press conference, explain what is going on and
      denounce this massacre??

      He'd be fired by Obama the next day and so what? Between him and his wife
      they must have what--hundreds of millions of dollars? He doesn't need
      another job and doesn't have to answer to anyone. He could make history
      and possibly change the course of events. And he still can't do what any
      decent human being knows is the right thing?

      I don't get it.

  • Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says president of NY Board of Rabbis
    • 10,000 "people" show up to applaud the massacre of children. A handful will protest.

      This is our world, or at least, the United States—a septic tank disguised as a country.

  • Amira Hass and the end of Jewish ethical history
    • During Cast Lead, there were a significant number of IDF refuseniks. Now, there are zero. The opposition in israel to massacring children and driving hundreds of thousands of terrified inhabitants from their homes is basically zero.

    • I'm the hugest fan of Amira Hass and devour her articles with great interest. There are few involved in this issue I hold in higher esteem. That said, I think the horrifying conclusions reached in the above essay are correct. Looking at Israel today and finding hope is like looking at a permanently brain damaged invalid, expecting that, given enough time, he or she will wake up and resume normal life. Not only the leadership but all of Israeli society is criminally insane, and it's never coming back. Most distressing---it seems to have dragged the vast majority of diaspora Jews along for the ride.

  • Hamas mimics Hezbollah tactics, and no one will have stability till blockade is lifted
    • "And the only way the Palestinians can win is in the court of public opinion."

      Events over the past decades ought to encourage us to seriously question this elemental assumption of the Palestinian movement.

      I don't see much room any longer for education and consciousness raising at this point. It's pretty much reached saturation. Those who are not Klan members or career racists understand that Palestinian children are being massacred and entire neighborhoods wiped out. Even the NY Times is now FILLED with images of the carnage and monumental suffering of Palestinians.

      Yes--the tide of public opinion has significantly turned, with many people—even a few former zionists—filled with contempt and revulsion for Israel. But this hasn't budged the status quo. Further, Israel's actions strongly suggest an utter indifference to world opinion. If anything, they WANT to inflame the opinion of the entire world against them, as it feeds their paranoia, hyper-nationalism and siege mentality. "The whole world is against us (because we're Jews, naturally)"

    • I see an all-too predictable path for this.

      Israel will unilaterally announce a ceasefire for a brief period. The Palestinians, having all of their demands left unmet, will continue the resistance. Israel will respond "well--we gave them every opportunity." Then the massacre begins again with heightened cruelty and potency.

      Israel certainly has the means to put down the resistance by basically levelling Gaza. Will anyone stop them from doing so? Frankly, I don't see it. The recent UN charges of Israeli war crimes were answered by Tzipi Livni on her Facebook page: "Get Lost." The recent bombing of the UN school was most likely a revenge attack on the UN for its charges of war crimes. These psychopaths are totally out of control. The fact that they are sitting on an arsenal of nuclear weapons ought to send shivers through every person on earth. They're going to kill us all before they're through.

  • Avishai says we misrepresented his views
    • Read a couple lines and stopped. Avishai is just another sick idiot shilling for Israel and whitewashing atrocities that seem to grow more depraved by the hour. The latest bombing of a UN school was plainly to punish the UN for accusing Israel of war crimes.

      They all belong in a mental hospital.

  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
    • They are trying to inject doubt and the media plays along.

      I read on the Times site in comment after comment "The killing of huge numbers of civilians in Israeli bombing raids is tragic BUT........"

      Who—other than a textbook psychotic who belongs in a nut house—puts a "BUT" into such a sentence?

    • Are the Israelis trying to compete with Boka Haram?

      Is that it?

  • I have never been more conscious of my womanhood than right now in Jerusalem
    • What a god-awful country.

      Of course, back home the lovely Americans are shouting obscenities at Mexican children, who barely survived a trip across the desert.

      Israel and America are made for each other.

  • How many people have died from Gaza rockets into Israel?
    • I hope no Israelis are killed or even injured.

      I also hope no Israeli sleeps for a single hour until they get off Palestinian land, pay reparations and submit to disarmament.

    • We need an accounting of how many killed in all "terror" attacks on Israel were members of the IDF. Every person killed in Israel is invariably referred to as "a civilian." This is plainly not the case. Indeed, I would like to know if the Israelis not only kill a greater number of Palestinian civilians (which is obvious) but also a greater percentage of civilians (which I suspect).

  • Gaza under attack again
    • I can't imagine how the Palestinians feel. Even as a JEW I would never consider sharing the land with Israelis at this point. Never. It turns out that Hamas has been right all along. Israel needs to go.

  • Soul-crushing video shows Gaza father unable to accept his little boy's killing
  • Israel's message to the Palestinians: Submit, leave or die
  • Protest the Israeli onslaught: Demonstrations planned worldwide against Israeli attack on Gaza
    • I don't know, Samud..

      In some respects, I feel as though the work of educating the public has pretty much reached saturation level. At this point, only mental cases support Israel. Unfortunately, mental cases have all the money and power and these mental cases run the world. Have we saved ONE Palestinian child in 60 years?

      I definitely agree that no one has a crystal ball and in this most volatile region all kinds of things may possibly shift the balance of power in any number of unforeseen ways. If I could fall asleep and wake up in 30 years, perhaps Israel would be gone altogether--demolished in some catastrophe. Perhaps some sort of peace will have arrived for Jews and Arabs through mechanisms we can't imagine at present. On the other hand, there may be no waking up at all because the earth has been destroyed in an Israeli nuclear conflagration, an eventuality I see as terrifyingly plausible.

    • It's a cult, annie. It's an entire nation that is essentially a cult. We see normal, bright, thoughtful, caring people drawn into stuff like Scientology. They rapidly lose their ability to reason and turn into zombies. A lucky few escape over time, often at enormous financial and emotional expense. In saying this, I don't pretend for a moment to understand it. No one understands it. But cults are real and their effects are certainly documented.

      I know all about the forbidden comparisons between Israel and another violent cult—one that in earlier times oppressed and murdered Jews on a mass scale. But I think these things have to be studied if there is even a faint hope of understanding how such systems operate, how they sort of cauterize an entire population, sealing in the disease and sealing out any therapeutic aimed at restoring health. I fear the land dispute in the Mid East has been allowed to fester to the point where it is now governed by a mass psychosis far more intractable than once assumed.

      ...listening to a sad song on an album of charlie hayden/keith jarret. I read the story of the bombing of the Gaza hospital and about charlie hayden, who just died at 76 from post-polio syndrome. sorry to blather on. It's not a good day.

    • We have to be realistic. The pro-Israel.. have virtually unlimited amounts of money. They are represented by many of the 100 richest billionaires on earth and the most powerful corporations on earth. The resistance to them, economically and militarily is essentially zero. The US government shows no inclination whatsoever to challenge the status quo of ethnic cleansing and race hatred. On one side of the movement are those who believe a complete paradigm shift is just around the corner, while many others (like the well- informed Jeff Halper) insist that the Israeli Final Solution is a hair's breath from completion and nothing in the offing can stop it. I hate to say the case of the most extreme pessimists seems the likely scenario. This seems especially true since the Arab Spring has descended into either sectarian self-destruction or a sorry recapitulation of the US-sponsored thug regimes of yesterday, with violent psychotics like Sisi replacing old standbys like Mubarek. A Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Cairo would at least have afforded the Palestinians a plausible hope of advancing their cause. This, the US and Israel could not permit.

      Non-violence doesn't work. Qassams don't work. Appeals to the world community don't work because the US will consistently block them.

    • Thousands of protests around the world. But not in Israel, where they sit on lawn chairs and applaud the carnage and their Knesset leaders recommend shutting off power for dialysis patients in Gaza.

      I've been reading a bit about so-called HEPS patients, and I'm now convinced they have a correlate among Israelis.

      HEPS stands for Highly Exposed Persistently Seronegative. It refers to people who have been repeatedly exposed to the HIV virus yet never develop AIDS. They are a medical mystery, of obvious clinical importance. If we can figure out the basis of their immunity, we may be able to help patients with the disease or perhaps develop effective vaccines against it.

      I think of someone like Gideon Levy as a sort of Israeli HEPS patient--a person who has been exposed for a lifetime to the Israeli virus yet never contracted the disease of race hatred that goes along with being Israeli in the overwhelming majority of individuals. What is the basis for immunity, in these astonishingly rare cases? It's a fascinating puzzle.

  • Palestinian rockets: The conversation no one is having
    • I'd raise a different issue--the fact that innocent Israelis are thousands of times more likely to die at the hands of their psychotic countrymen, who make up over 97% of the Israeli population, than they are to die in a Hamas missile attack. Gideon Levy is threatened every day and Ilan Pappe had to flee the country following Israeli threats to murder his children.

  • Palestinians are 'trapped' in Gaza in 'lopsided conflict', Brian Williams says
    • The Germans had a 12 year history of racist genocide and also produced the most incredible advances in physics, logic, mathematics, MUSIC, philosophy, poetry and literature.

      The Israelis have a 66 year history of racist genocide and have given the world nothing but suffering and destruction.

      As it happens, there IS a lawn in need of mowing.

      It's called israel.

  • Dreaming in Gaza
    • I have to admit, I felt a rush of euphoria on learning that a Hamas rocket had taken out a gas station at Ashdod. I've developed a complete revulsion toward Israelis and I want to see them suffer. I'm not proud of this fact but I'd be lying if I said is wasn't true.

      I no longer believe in one state or two states. Israel is going to have to be dismantled and managed by an outside presence. The notion that they can ever self-govern as a non-terrorist entity seems absurd on the face of it. Their society is essentially one giant criminal gang at this point.

  • Relentless bombing on Gaza continues: Israel kills media worker, 9 people watching World Cup on beach
    • Hezbollah with assistance from Syria and possibly Iran could do serious damage to Israel. The important thing is not necessarily to demolish Israel, but to create enough panic that there will be a major outmigration of Jews from the region, foreign investment will be too afraid to set up shop there and Jews of the diaspora will find the place too hazardous to visit. Then the toxic peat bog known as Israel starts to dry up.

    • Netanyahu tells Obama what to do. Never the other way around.

    • I'm afraid I'll have to disagree. Maybe this would have been a valuable piece 20 years ago. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of people looking at the camera with their earnest faces and repeating Israel's vomit that they don't deliberately target civilians, when thousands of cases are on record of them doing precisely that. The United Nations provides the IDF with the exact coordinates of UN food warehouses and Israel repeatedly bombs them. and so on and so forth. The Palestinian civilian population IS the resistance, so it's really quite disgusting to suggest Israel does not target them.

      A few truths embedded in a web of lies is no good any more.

      ok ok ok ...I managed to watch the piece to the end and I have to admit that compared to the rest of the dreck on television, it's pretty good. I would have gone a LOT further in my condemnation of israel, but of course, I'd never be allowed into the lobby of the MSNBC building!

    • MahaneYehude1

      I may be wrong, but I'm guessing I've read a lot more criticism of Israel from Israelis than you have, including the voluminous testimony of the IDF troops concerning their daily abominations against innocent people, published in Breaking the Silence.

      I would note however that every Israeli dissident I'm aware of—Ilan Pappe is fairly characteristic—insists that Israeli society is totally rancid and must have a resolution to the conflict imposed on them by force from a body outside Israel.

      I would also note that the population of this free and principled utopia you describe has done everything to terrorize and persecute those courageously speaking out, whether they be institutions like Bt'Selem or individuals like Levy, the subject of daily death threats. (Ilan Pappe now teaches at University of Exeter. He was forced out of Israel by his broad-minded compatriots who said they would murder his two sons if he remained.)

      Facts hurt.

      p.s. I may be misreading the tone of your post, but it seems to imply that a "Palestinian Gideon Levy" is some kind of 5 headed zebra that could never exist in nature. Is that because Palestinians are hate-filled savages incapable of self-reflection? I hope you're aware there are many Palestinian Gideon Levys and many Palestinian Gandhis as well. A boatload of them are currently rotting in Israel's dungeons and torture chambers as a matter of fact.

    • There was an awesome interview with Ilan Pappe and some British imbecile who kept interrupting him and insulting him every 5 minutes. Pappe kept his cool and his incredible intelligence and humanity shined through. Such a warm, thoughtful (and courageous) guy. I'll never have his remarkable patience, that's for sure.

    • How does someone like Gideon Levy arise in a society as thoroughly polluted as Israel's? Where does such courage come from? I would love to meet him one day.

      Thanks for posting, seafoid.

    • When the NY Times reported on the first wave of IDF bombing strikes in Gaza, the accompanying photo they chose was an Israeli woman covering her ears from an apparent air raid siren. The indignity of an air raid siren is a greater injustice than Palestinian children torn into a million pieces. Supporters of Israel, including the Times, don't even bother TRYING to disguise their Nazism any more.

    • A Palestinian girl stands in a destroyed building following an Israeli military strike in Gaza City on July 08, 2014. (Photo: AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD HAMSMAHMUD HAMS/AFP/Getty Images)

      How many words have we expended on this tragedy? Millions? Billions?

      Is anything more than the photo at the top of this story really necessary?

      Who can support this?

    • I'll admit I'm a bit uncomfortable with all the condemnation of Netanyahu and his "far right party", as though he's some evil aberration, out of step with Israel's otherwise moderate policies. Ben Gurion was a racist hoodlum. Golda Meir was a racist psychopath and a hoodlum. Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon we needn't bother with and the so-called Israeli "dove" Rabin---endlessly praised by liberals—presided over the largest ethnic cleansing of Arabs in Israel's history, the expulsions from Lyddah and Remleh. Tzipi Livni was the co-architect of the Cast Lead massacre, one of the most nauseatingly depraved criminal acts in Israel's lengthy history. Frankly, Netanyahu seems somewhat less brutal than Livni, (whose voice never fails to send shivers down my spine).

    • jon s

      What does it say when the "most extensive missile attack on Beersheva, ever" would drop off the daily news without a mention in Gaza, where a "minor" Israeli strike often kills several people and the deafening blast blows an entire home to pieces, with a gigantic plume of smoke and fire reaching into the clouds?

      Does the slight disparity prey on your conscience at any point?

    • I support BDS.

      That said, would it have worked for the Vietnamese? Perhaps because of the time at which I grew up and the impact the Vietnam war had on my early development, I see much of the Israel-Palestine catastrophe through that lens. For the Vietnamese, there was only one game in town: kill as many Americans as possible. The next day, do the same, and hope they go away.

      Certainly, the Israelis can not deal with any significant degree of discomfort, fear or deprivation. Their decadent society will collapse because they don't have the resiliency of the Palestinians. The question is, can ENOUGH violence be inflicted on Israel for this to happen? If not, then violence is completely counter-productive and should be totally abandoned by the Palestinians. I no longer believe in violent resistance for the sake of making an obscure point about strength in the midst of calamity. If the Palestinians are going to resort to violence, they should play to win.

      (I think it's notable that the Arab author Sayed Kashua says he is is leaving Jerusalem and never coming back, claiming that his lifelong dream of Arab-Jewish coexistence in Israel is no longer viable. )

    • For the life of me I don't understand why the Palestinians have not adopted the techniques of the Iraqi resistance, which drove the hateful superpower from their land with the use of powerful, inexpensive IEDs. If these things can rip American military vehicles to shreds, they will certainly work against the Israeli cowards.

    • Today, Germany is a thriving, economically healthy, culturally diverse nation, where people, for the most part, get along. But Germany had to go through a process in which its vile leadership was torn out by the roots and executed and its weapons were taken away. Until Israel undergoes a similar process, I see no prospects for an end to their reign of terror, which will most likely culminate in a nuclear war.

    • Should the world be allowed to exist or should Israel be allowed to exist?

      That is what it comes down to because these psychopaths have nuclear weapons and they are GOING to use them sooner or later.

  • Terrifying tweets of pre-Army Israeli teens
    • Israelis are running to bomb shelters because they ethnically cleansed 750,000 people from their homes and are currently murdering Palestinians, blowing up their houses and attacking their hospitals. They do this, because they consider Arabs subhuman. Their leaders from the very beginning, referred to Arabs as subhuman. So Israelis are not today voicing anti-Arab racism because of terrorism or rocket attacks. They are voicing these attitudes because their ideology causes them to hold murderous hatred for anyone who is a non-Jew. It has absolutely nothing to do with rocket attacks from Gaza. Zero.

  • Ben Gurion detention guard tells humanitarian worker she is being deported for 'trying to change Israel and make it free of racism'
    • Why shouldn't Citizen call himself a goy? That is, after all, how Israelis view him--as an untermenschen. Non-Jewish women are Shiksas, a worse word. I think we should call all non-Jewish women "whores" when we are around Israelis, to make them feel comfortable and let them know we understand their mentality.

  • 'Operation Protective Edge' begins: Gaza rocked by Israeli airstrikes as Palestinian militants shoot at Jerusalem
    • The teens were military aged males attached to a hostile, occupying force.

      Had they been Palestinians killed by Israel, the headline would be "Israel kills three militants" and that would be the end of it.

    • Just because we burn children alive with white phosphorus, just because we round up Palestinian kids and beat them half to death, just because we burn olive groves to the ground, just because we scrawl "Arabs to the gas chambers" on the walls of Hebron, just because we blow up people's homes and steal their land, doesn't mean we don't have a right to exist!

      You know what? Yes it DOES mean that you have no right to exist. That is PRECISELY what it means.

  • Update: Israeli soldiers manhandle European diplomats seeking to aid demolished Palestinian village
    • In the post-Vietnam era, it's impossible for me to have any sympathy whatsoever for US GIs. They willingly signed on with a terror organization that massacred 3-5 million people in Indochina with napalm, torture, cancer-causing chemicals and high explosives. There can never be any excuse for participation in the US military and I'm tired of the same "shoot and cry" nonsense we hear from the IDF filth. They belong in prison. Period.

    • ...haven't read all the posts. I'm a little confused. Was Marion Castaing the woman mentioned who sat in the truck and tried to prevent Israelis from confiscating the humanitarian aid?

      The story is totally outrageous. I actually saw a brief Reuters story in the NY Times. When the page refreshed it was gone and it's not anywhere on the Times World page either. I wrote to the pubic editor about this.

      (The story about the dead IDF soldier—needless to say—is still up, though the story of an entire community wiped off the earth, the denial of tents for the expelled and the manhandling of European diplomats is evidently not that newsworthy. My blood is boiling right now!)

  • Helen Thomas dies
    • I've been rather heartened at the comments posted on the Times obit story for Helen, which are overwhelmingly supportive. Given the large and vocal Jewish readership for the Times I take this as an encouraging sign that few have been taken in by the asinine "anti-Semitism" charge.

      The Times, they are a changin' (pun intended)

    • Well said.

      Come to think of it, the sickening rhetorical tactics of the zio crowd bear close resemblance to the military tactics used to provoke and intimidate Arabs, plainly laid out by people like Moshe Dayan:

      "Along the Syria border there were no farms and no refugee camps — there was only the Syrian army. The kibbutzim saw the good agricultural land and they dreamed about it... They didn't even try to hide their greed for the land. We would send a tractor to plow some area where it wasn't possible to do anything, in the demilitarized area, and knew in advance that the Syrians would start to shoot. If they didn't shoot, we would tell the tractor to advance further, until in the end the Syrians would get annoyed and shoot. And then we would use artillery and later the air force also, and that's how it was. The Syrians, on the fourth day of the war, were not a threat to us."

    • While I may not be able to rattle off Helen Thomas' resume, chapter and verse, I certainly CAN remember one White House press briefing after another after another where the unfortunate viewer was falling asleep from the sheer ridiculousness of these proceedings until Helen Thomas was called on and everyone in the room took a deep breath knowing she would use the occasion to ask the most probing questions. Small wonder Stephen Colbert selected her for his companion when he stood next to George Bush and essentially called him a mass murderer to his face. THAT episode, (along with Helen's charming performance) I would have to rank as one of the most extraordinary moments on American television.

      Today, thank goodness, there are a few potential heirs to the Helen Thomas throne. Matt Lee is doing a good job and obviously Glen Greenwald is a national treasure---mercilessly attacked by the same vile schistosomes who went after Helen.

    • A decent and courageous woman can be hounded out of her job for daring to tell the people who massacred 20,000 of her countrymen that they ought to "go back where they came from."

      Talk about chutzpah on an industrial scale!!

    • "Interviewer: “So you are saying the Jews should go back to Poland and Germany?”

      There it is in a nutshell. The zionist creep asking the questions knows perfectly well that Thomas is referring to the Israelis. So why doesn't the interviewer say: “So you are saying the Israelis should go back to Poland and Germany?”

      That's easy. Israelis and Jews are deliberately conflated in the question in order to turn a POLITICAL statement regarding Israeli encroachment on other people's land into a statement of ethnic bias, which it plainly was not.

    • "Its about who applies the same standards to their own group they correctly demand of others .."

      It seems we're in perfect agreement then. Israel must permit right of return for those who were ethnically cleansed and barring them because they are not Jewish is thinly disguised Nazi bullshit that must not be tolerated.

      In short, Israel's existence as a Jewish state requires it to be in permanent violation of the law. The split second it obeys they law, which is hardly ambiguous and has been repeatedly upheld by every legal body, there's no more Jewish State.

      Israel is illegal.

    • I'm sure Helen Thomas would have no issue with Amira Hass, Gideon Levy and the 11 other Israelis who satisfy the minimum conditions required to be called human beings remaining in Israel. The rest need to find someplace else. The US, which bears much of the blame for this catastrophe, should find a place to resettle them. There's plenty of desert here in Arizona. They can come "make it bloom." Let them help the Rabbis of Yuma AZ grow wheat for matso. That should keep them out of trouble. They have zero right to remain in any part of Palestine and there can never be peace while they are there--that's obvious to a child.

    • “The Jews” should be anywhere they want to be as long as it is in equality and with respect to others living there."

      yeah--well after 60+ years of brutalizing the native inhabitants and stealing their land, they have forfeited that right. It's time for them to go.

      And please don't misquote Thomas for sleazy, holocaust-mongering effect. She was very clear in saying Jews should go back where they came from, including Poland and Germany.

      Perfectly acceptable statement. She should not have apologized.

  • Oh, the joys of high office: going drinking with Shmuley Boteach
    • Agree 100%. As one of endless examples, Obama most certainly COULD have called for a complete investigation of war crimes charges when the Goldstone Report was issued. Yes the dirtballs in the lobby would have become hysterical and he would have had a fight on his hands. The EU and UN would have backed him and he would have won, instead of his blocking of Goldstone and pressuring of other UN states to disregard it.

      A man with a sand grain of human decency would have RESIGNED as president before stooping to such abominations. (Ditto for is repulsive condemnation of Palestinian statehood efforts at the UN. )

      Thank heavens for people like Edward Snowden and Glen Greenwald. I thank them for reminding us through their courage that not everyone is a sellout.

  • Noted Arab expert Martin Peretz is back, spouting racist generalizations, at the 'Daily Beast'
    • I got a PERFECT analogy for you. The Israelis are like the Scientology cult. They regard the entire non-Israeli world as bitter enemies as well as fools, despite the fact that their leaders are international gangsters with lengthy criminal records and their people are hyper-nationalist robots. You can't reason with Israelis because, like Scientology ideologues, they're completely nuts and lie about everything as a matter of course. Whenever they are engaged in yet another hair-raising scandal of their own making, they play the victim card, even though almost no one is still around who is naive enough to buy into their sickening subterfuge.

  • Boycott network is like Al Qaeda, and Israel is gonna fight it like Stanley McChrystal. Got that?
    • McCrystal, along with fellow blood-spattered psychotic David Petreus, helped oversee death squad activity in Iraq which, at its height, left around 3000 tortured bodies in the streets of Baghdad PER MONTH, (many, bearing drill holes through their skulls). Col James Steel and Col James Coffman, who earlier ran death squads in El Salvador, directly participated in these abominations.

      Small wonder McCrystal now serves as an inspiration to the sewer filth of Israel.

  • Palestinian football player defeats the 'lies and smears'
    • The problem is, the entire state of Israel is an anti-Arab hate organization, overseen until recently by a sexual predator, now serving prison time for multiple rape. Until Israel is understood as a mental disorder and listed in the DSM IV, we will make little headway. First things first, they should be completely disconnected from the internet, as this is how the Israeli contagion spreads.

    • The fact of the matter is, people like Aboushi are a far greater threat to Israel than any terrorist could ever hope to be. Once Americans recognize Palestinians as people—much like themselves, they begin to care about them and empathize with their plight. They begin to question what is being done to these people in our name. That's the beginning of the end for Israel and they know it. Their very existence is predicated on a denial of the fundamental humanity of Arabs. Once they lose that, they've lost everything.

      The facade Israel has worked so hard to maintain is beginning to crack. And they are understandably panic-stricken about it. Hence the desperate attacks we see, the attempts to place Aboushi in the familiar "terrorist" pigeon hole they have constructed.

  • Clinton and Israel-- the Marc Rich story
    • I will write in Dzokhar Tsarnaev for President before I vote for Hillary Clinton. She'll be utterly God awful. I predict a war with Iran within 6 months if that loon takes office. Somehow, I find the prospect of her in the White House even more bone chilling than W.

  • Glenn Greenwald on the Woolwich attack and blowback from the 'war on terror'
    • Galloway is again superb--thanks for posting. I can't think of the matter being laid out any more plainly.

    • "Blow Back" is a term coined by United States intelligence services to refer to the anticipated result of murderous US foreign policy that has destroyed millions of lives.

      I agree that killing random Americans or Brits in response to Western crimes against Moslems is completely unacceptable, though I would add that comparing it to Baruch Goldstein and his gang is grotesque. The bottom line is that the Israelis are using despicable means to pursue despicable goals. Many Jihadists, (including Bin Laden), are using despicable means to pursue absolutely legitimate goals. It's pointless and misguided to criticize them without providing them an alternative to simply allowing themselves to be run over with US tanks. They will resist in whatever way they can. America was arrogant and stupid in rejecting Bin Laden's peace overtures. Now it is probably too late.

  • Guatemalan genocide got assist from US, Christian Right, and Israel
  • 'NY Times' relays Israeli threat to attack Syria
    • Now they are attacking Syria.

      Sooner or later we will have to face the facts. The idea of Israelis ever living in peace alongside their neighbors is simply not credible. It's never going to happen. Either their terror state is forcibly defanged and dismantled or they will continue their massacre jamboree, quite possibly leading to a nuclear conflagration—something they have threatened and drawn up detailed plans for. In short, Israel is now an intolerable threat to humankind.

  • Exile and the prophetic: Peter Beinart's 'I love Israel'
    • Why should any Jew of character shy away from saying "I HATE Israel"? It doesn't "put thought on hold"--quite the contrary. As Jews, we may have many reasons for our contempt for Israel. Thanks to Israel's ceaseless propaganda, we as Jews are invariably implicated in her vast crimes, though they are against our will. Every vile stereotype of Jews as arrogant, selfish, vicious, pathological liars and con artists is daily reinforced by Israel's behavior. Our ancestors who struggled with such courage and who were so wretchedly abused and murdered in Europe are being invoked as a plot line to defend Israel's monstrous assaults on innocent people. Should this not fill decent Jews with revulsion for Israel? Is there more than a grain of truth in the old saying that Israel was the second worst thing to ever happen to the Jewish people? Should conscientious Jews sit passively in synagogue while the rabbi drones on about supporting Israel and the walls and tables are littered with Israeli flags? To me, these are TRUE acts of self-abasement. These are genuine manifestations of "self-hatred."

  • 'Newseum' folds under pressure, will not include Gaza cameramen in program honoring fallen journalists
    • Just sent the following:

      I will not be visiting your museum, given your recent capitulation to the Israeli apartheid scum and their efforts to obscure the horrors they are imposing on the Palestinian people. Your utter lack of courage and contempt for journalism is appalling.

  • Another landmark: 'Boston Globe' honors Hawking's boycott as nonviolent effort to pressure Israel
    • This is a baby step forward. We need much more effort directed at confining Israeli leaders and IDF members to their home base out of fear of international arrest. Stop their movement and cut off their oxygen supply. Turn them into North Korea.

  • San Francisco bus ads condemn Israeli apartheid: backlash begins
    • ..further, Pam Geller and those like her are really a red herring. She differs from absolutely mainstream Israeli discourse only in the sheer vulgarity of her delivery, the generally low mental level of her audience. It's like comparing Glen Beck to George Will. In terms of their politics and world view, they are essentially interchangeable. So we should discontinue phrases like "Israeli far right," which are redundant and imply the existence of an Israeli non-far-right (which is non-existent).

    • We should be clear: Equal rights for all MEANS Israel is destroyed. The "destruction of Israel" as defined by Israelis and zionist dead-enders is now a moral imperative. It's certainly not something that we should shrink from--just the opposite. When people ask me if I want to see Israel destroyed, I answer "Naturally. What sane person wouldn't?"

  • The power of Stephen Hawking
    • A sleazy defense attorney for OJ Simpson calls the world's greatest living astrophysicist "an ignoramus." I think that's hilarious.

      Hawking also supports one state. Inspiring.

  • Dershowitz calls Hawking an 'ignoramus,' a 'lemming,' and likely an anti-Semite
    • OJ Simpson's attorney calls the greatest living astrophysicist "an ignoramus" and other heart-warming tales from the pro-Israel sewage hole!

      Of course, Hawking is only following in the footsteps of that other notable "anti-Semite," Albert Einstein, who famously described the Israelis as Nazis and fascists and urged the US to bar them from entering our country.

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