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Advocate for justice in the Middle East

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  • Open Letter from NY Jews to Mayor de Blasio: 'AIPAC does not speak for us'
    • Bravo!! This letter helps restore my faith in all of those brave, just Jewish people that taught me so much about human rights and human dignity when I first moved to NYC 45 years ago. But then that was before the Age of AIPAC in America. I never thought I would live to hear the first progressive Democratic Mayor of NYC in years swear allegiance to the inequalities of Apartheid Israel. Shame.

  • The language of Power
    • Is this what the measure is now for US Senate confirmation as American Ambassador to the UN? A LOYALTY OATH TO ISRAEL??? Can it be? First the Secretary of Defense (Hagel) and now the UN Ambassador (Power). Does the US have no other national interests before the international body? Before the world. Are Israeli interests of more concern to the US Senate than the concerns of the American people? This will not end well for the American people. Of that we can be certain. Our elected officials have made a wrong turn somewhere, indeed.

  • Israel is Samantha Power's first priority in opening statement to Congress
    • Her statement is disgusting. Is an Israeli loyalty oath now required at the opening of a Senate Confirmation hearing. First Hagel. Now Powers. Soon the President will be required to take the oath before the State of the Union Address.

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