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  • Political Zionism is destroying a culture and a people, and intentionally so
    • @Hostage

      "Hostage. Didn’t you help support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when you worked with the US military?


      You weren't stationed in the KSA?

    • "Yerachmiel Kahanovich Palmach soldier"

      Sorry. No massacre at Lydda. See, Myths and Historiography of the 1948 Palestine War Revisited: The Case of Lydda Author(s): Alon Kadish and Avraham SelaSource: Middle East Journal, Vol. 59, No. 4 (Autumn, 2005), pp. 617-634.

    • @Hostage

      "When Attorney General and current Supreme Court Justice, Elyakim Rubinstein, warned that Israeli Settlers could be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court".

      Yeah. The AG said that 12 years ago and nobody listened and nobody's been prosecuted. You've made my point.

      National leaders, including former President Bush, will defend their countries by all means necessary, regardless of international law.

      Hostage. Didn't you help support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when you worked with the US military? How do you justify having rendered aid to that serial human rights violator?

    • @[email protected]

      Hostage's posts are confetti, worthless cites to 'international fairy law'.
      International laws are unenforceable, inconsistently interpreted infringements on State's sovereignty.

      Nations obey International Law only when it's in their own interests to do so.

    • 'Imagine the people who died in transit';

      The gradual exodus wasn't the Bataan Death March. The refugees had to trek, at most, 30 to 40 kilometers to get out of the war zone.

      BTW. Many of the local Arab clans had summer and winter villages and it wouldn't be uncommon for entire Palestinian villages to empty as a result of the (sh0rt distanced) migration from their plain villages to their mountain villages.

    • Uri Milstein, former IDF archivist, put the Arab dead at between 9000 and 12,000. Jewish dead were 6,600.

  • 'When I go into the class, I am preparing tomorrow's citizens for the next war'
    • I wasn't aware that the I.D.F beats Palestinian citizens of Israel.
      Please enlighten me.

    • @Walid

      " Arab kids in photo on top appear terrorized by the uniformed instructor"

      Do you mean those blurry faced kids in the backround?

      I took an idiot pill today by mistake so I don't know what picture(s) you are referring to.

    • What prevented Arabs in Israel from fleeing the war zone. Nothing and nobody. The IDF did not use Arab villages as shields. They simply moved troops north near the border where most of Israel's Arabs live. Bad luck, that.

    • Most Arabs in Israel live in private homes that are designed and built by fellow Arabs. The law in Israel mandates construction of 'war rooms' in all private dwellings. Is it the Israeli government's fault if an Arab homeowner doesn't have a 'war room' or if the Arab-run municipality doesn't maintain air raid sirens or if ANY Israeli citizen chooses not to get his free gas mask from the Post Office?

  • Do Americans want to know that Israel is waging war on Africans?
  • Scholar explodes 'canonic' American Jewish belief: Russian Czar was behind 1903 massacre
    • @Phil

      " Your focus — singleminded, it seems to me — on the perfidy of Zionism obscured for you the broader ramifications of what I sought to argue in my talk."

      Zipperstein has your number.

  • A Jew's dead dog has more rights than a Bedouin in the Negev
    • The Negev Bedouin have had their day and court and they lost their case.

    • Not squatter is 'entitled' to water, electricity and sewage.

      Even titled landowners must pay for them.

      Don't pay your utility bills and watch what happens to you and your 'rights'.

    • Allison. A dead Jewish dog has no rights because it's dead.

      An Arab family that squats illegally on Israeli State land has many rights. They have the right to vote. They have the right to peacefully protest. They have the right to assemble. The right to freely worship. They have the right to petition the State to adjudicate their land claim.

      So you see, these Arabs have lots more rights then the Jewish dog.

  • Bill targeting academic groups that boycott Israel halted in New York Assembly
  • I stayed away from Israel just as I stayed away from Nazi Germany -- Hugh Trevor-Roper
    • @seafoid

      A humiliating experience, I'm sure.

      Not to put too fine a point on it, I thought airlines lavatories dispense sanitary napkins?

    • 'Pigs, 'gutter filth', 'nazi barbarians'.

      Woody. What's really missing from your life?
      What void, needs to be filled?

    • @puppies

      I view adulterers as normal and men who seduce their adopted children as deviant. Rape is criminalized, even in Israel.

      Sooooo, I don't follow you.

    • Actually Woody.

      Trevor-Roper worked as a correspondent in Israel in the early 1950's but failed to note young Israel's Nazi barbarism.

    • No Woody.
      The irony is that a obviously flawed human being becomes a 'moral giant' only after he criticizes Israel.

    • A man who is intolerant of Scots probably doesn't care much for Jews either.

    • @seafoid

      Here is the essential difference between you and me.
      I used to be big Woody Allen fan until he seduced his adopted daughter.
      Since that perverse revelation, I've never watched another Wood Allen movie, not even on television, that's how much I loath him.

      You and Phil loathe Israel, but a State isn't a human being. International politics is a little more nuanced than the black and white world you live in.

    • Phil. Your new hero seems to have been a 'Class A' prick.

      "Sisman portrays Trevor-Roper as more Whig than Tory; an anticommunist but no cold warrior, he deplored McCarthyite witch hunts and maintained friendly relations with Marxist historians. He dragged his feet on admitting women to Peterhouse College and harbored several petty bigotries, including against Scots and Catholics. Needlessly spiking his writing with anti-Catholic jabs, he antagonized the Church and its defenders like the novelist Evelyn Waugh, who sniped with Trevor-Roper in the Letters pages of newspapers for decades. "

      "If Trevor-Roper remains known in the United States for anything beyond The Last Days of Hitler, it is for his merciless hatchet jobs on other historians. “I have decided to liquidate [Lawrence] Stone,” he wrote of a former pupil who scooped him on the Elizabethan aristocracy, before writing an article that nearly destroyed that man’s career. Unsportingly, Trevor-Roper himself had thin skin and was quick to call upon the libel courts. His faculty at Cambridge loathed him so much that they would not break bread with him."

      link to

  • Kerry's framework according to Friedman and Indyk (Updated: Abbas Weighs In)

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