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Sorta tired of chaos...doing my little bit to restore order to my little nook of the world.

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  • Dagan says, grab the Saudi initiative (of how many years ago?)
    • link to

      "Israel rejected the Fez Initiative because it made all the usual demands of Israel but did not have anything new to provide for Israel’s security. Still, it did represent a shift in Arab policy by a) its implicit recognition of Israel, and b) the possibility of negotiating a peace agreement of some sort, this a considerable change from the “three no’s” of the Khartoum Resolution of 1967. Fez thereby opened the door, a little, to future negotiations and peace initiatives."

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      link to

  • When tribal identity and an exaggerated sense of insecurity trump reason and compassion
    • Thank you for this post, Anonymous.

      I've even heard some Saudis say they would rather 'ally with Israelis than with Shiites'....tiring.

      Saudi needs a herculean effort to fix....brains are mush from all the indoctrination and supremacist ideas.

  • ‘These are Qadhafi’s final moments’
    • محشش (Druggie)

      RW, I think you've found competition - a megalomaniac in denial.

      Ben Ali, Mubarak, and soon Qaddafi.

      Who's next? (please please please be a GCC country).

  • '92d St Y' cancels appearance by Palestinian doctor whose 3 daughters were killed after Jewish co-panelist drops out
    • HRK, one reason I am taking a break from posting here is RW. Each post is an unflinching apologia for all things Israeli. Not prepared to inflame my colon for some random loon on the interweb. Follow him for a while and even concern for survival of 'the tribe' doesn't excuse it. His views can be summed up as ethnic supremacy & victimhood narrative, with a humanitarian veneer. Reminds me of some people in some kooky countries in the ME who supported the Egyptian revolution but cannot muster the compassion to stand with Bahrainis because the majority are Shia. Hypocrites, every one of them, and RW with them.

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  • Beinart gave me a headache
    • My head started throbbing by the time I reached the end. how long 'till most people in an audience like the one you were a part of become informed enough to summarily question people like Beinart when they wax poetic over blood-thirsty & thieving Israeli political figures?

      Check this vid out:

      Lysander Spooner: US media still portraying Palestinians as the bad guys? WTF is wrong with these morons. link to #addtoany

  • The Palestinian parallels
    • The feature that is laudable about the Egyptian revolution was that it was genuinely non-violent. Egypt demonstrated that it is post-Islamicist, post anti-Zionist.

      Fundamentally oppression or fundamentally conflict?'re still here?

      Still think 300 million Arabs don't deserve a voice or freedom and democracy because Israelis get the shivers at the mere mention of the idea?

      And anti-Zionists all the way. Don't kid yourself.

  • On the eve of the 'march of a million people'
    • So many good things are going to flow from these uprisings – I predict it will be the death of hasbara. It’s like throwing water on the wicked witch.

      Exactly. Finally Arabs are regaining their SPINE, their SELF-RESPECT. And hasbara will not have a void to fill.

  • Yousry is now Omar: 'Tell Mubarak we don’t need his damn Internet for the Peoples Revolution'
    • The army will not turn against the people: their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters!

      عندهم شوية دم واحساس
      (they have a bit of a conscience) - that COW and his SHEEPLE DON'T.

      Let's hope they might even march alongside the protesters!

  • 'Huffpo' gives Dershowitz a platform to say tyranny is just fine for 'the average Egyptian'
    • I KNOW!! :D

    • Oh Please!

      Hyde Park has its share of ultra-Zionists, for God's sake.

      That's besides the point. This Glick woman is MAD. I met and worked with an Israeli colleague there and far from feeling 'oppressed' she felt more than welcome! I, on the other hand, had to fumble, squirm or look away so as not to make a f***ing scene (which I REGRET never doing) every time they spoke of how 'beautiful' Israel was and how 'smart' Israelis were. At least this was true of the university/campus setting.

      Crazy woman.


  • A democratic Egypt may save Palestinian and Lebanese lives
    • Forgot to add this:

      link to

    • I don't wish that on Baradei. Let him be a vehicle for change then step aside or focus on improving education and sciences with Ahmed Zweil - it's better for them and for the people.

    • Hell yeah! it is a cause for celebration! I need to learn never to say never!** I HOPE THAT EGYPT GETS IT'S FREEDOM, THEN ANNEXES HEJAZ. WE WOULD BE HAPPY TO SECEDE, SCREW THE OIL. WE ALREADY SPEAK SOMETHING CLOSE TO THE DIALECT, maybe closer to Jordanian BUT STILL!!! That's a move I would welcome 'with flowers and candy', especially if I get to vote! Plus we might actually retain what's left of the Ottoman and other structures Al Saud is all-too-happy to demolish!!

      OK, I'm being sarcastic. But still...the idea has merit. The only think KSA won't give up is the title of 'Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques'. Too deflating for their mishlah-clad egos.

      There were protests in KSA on Friday and Saturday. Some say Friday's protest was inspired by Saad Al Faqih but I think these claims are false. He might have sparked the idea but in the end I think that Egypt had more of a hand in that and the protesters were outraged over the recent floods in Jeddah that might have taken upwards of 300 lives. Some say there were 150 protesters, and that 30 of (to this day) have been detained. Gov is afraid that a spark could become a contagion.

      Saturday's protests in front of the Jeddah municipality were peaceful and were limited to demands to fix infrastructure, replace all municipality officials, and investigate those who gave people permits to build in areas that were exposed and the crappy dams. They were cleared up in under 30 minutes.

      Looking at the volunteers going around helping people affected in areas that are surrounded by water or who lost their homes, people in this entity called Saudi have so much potential...if only we didn't have oil.

      BUT WAIT: link to


      **The word acrobats that pro-Israelis/Israelis keep making do give one a headache sometimes.

      follow me at occupiedbrain if you twitter.

    • @lysias

      Israel seems to think that the right to self-determination for people in their own country is an attack on Israel.

    • Israel has been watching the unrest in Egypt closely and has begun to publicly air their support for the Mubarak dictatorship.

      Arab dictatorship bad - no partners for peace/Arab society not capable of democracy.

      Arab dictatorship good - partner for peace/Arab society not ready for democracy.

      This gives me a headache.

  • Netanyahu seizes on Tunisian turmoil as yet another pretext for iron wall
    • seafoid,

      best, lucid, bullet-point summary of situation.





      or do you only value lives that belong to certain ethnic groups and think they are worth more than that it then?

      Thank you, RW. You've finally, unabashedly, shown your true colors.

  • Who cares whether Jawaher Abu Rahmah had a previous condition?
  • Stunner: Protesters in Tel Aviv call Barak 'child murderer' of Gaza!
    • eee,

      last I checked, Saudi Arabia did not ethnically cleanse and occupy someone else's land (unless you count Najd culturally and socially occupying the rest of Saudi - but that's a different story).

      Dude, if Israel is to have a lasting peace with its neighbors, it cannot continue to isolate itself any longer. You will end up destroying yourselves with your own hands, and even destroying much of the region with you. Either you make peace with Palestinians through a 1ss or a 2ss, or you continue sowing the fruits of this blind hate and bitterness, with all the sickness that will permeate your society. Israel will eventually have to make peace with its Arab neighbors to survive. If it doesn't, it destroys itself.

      Don't view this transient phase in history as a prime reason against the very notion of integrating in the region - you only spell your own destruction, really, not ours. We're here to stay. Deal with it.

  • 'Why are you on the Palestinian side, working against your homeland?'
  • Entry 19: Israel, an Elegy
    • "All I know is that in the meantime, the reaching out between Jew and Muslim, Israeli and Arab, is a necessary ingredient to bring about, some day, a rapproachment of sorts between deeply conflicting narratives."

      That, and Justice.

      That was very deep. Thank you.

  • Entry 17: Peggy Gish and her late husband Art Gish-- they walk the talk
    • ....amazing.

      Thank you Kathleen...I kept thinking about the consistency with which you attempted to keep Art Gish's memory alive in the comments section. Sparked my curiosity....thank you for bringing him to life...

  • Entry 12: For Norman Finkelstein-- A conversion story
    • "Correct me if I’m wrong, but has there ever been another conflict which got true blue Westerners – of all religions and persuasions – to come out in support of and in genuine solidarity with arabic people"

      I think you're right.

      All societies needed their national myths, some are just more appealing than others. Israeli society need it to sustain themselves, the Saudi government needs it to keep the sheeple in line, keep the oil flowing and stay in power, the US needs it to keep its image of a benevolent global policeman intact while continuing to gobble up resources unhindered....

      The cynicism and disgust that many on all sides feel for their governments is today more understandable than ever. IMHO, that and the Palestinian continued struggle, never giving up to hopelessness, have helped unite people from so many different origins. The fact that Palestinians were not radicalized (or indoctrinated as much as certain other populations which are DRUNK on their national myths) only highlights the uniqueness of Palestinian culture and history, even wrt the general Arab culture.

      The only way for the Arab populace to be brought 'back into the fold' is if we emulate the Palestinian people. As one colleague put it to me: YOU think you are free, and they are imprisoned: ON THE CONTRARY, Palestinians are FREE, and you are the one shackled.

      We, 'the Arabs', have chosen submission and defeat as 'a people', so Islamophobia is what we will get until we choose to wake up. Until we choose to make those holding our purse strings accountable, the world will continue to take US for granted....until we respect ourselves, we cannot expect the world to respect us and look at us as equals.

      Starting at home, that is....

    • Thanks Saleema.

    • Annie,

      thank you for those words. You don’t understand the magnitude of informing and change that people like Philip and Adam are catalyzing, on BOTH sides, in the way they view the conflict. The radicals on both sides will eventually become a shunned lot.

      Let's hope/pray for a free Palestine in 2011.

  • Am I allowed to be a Palestinian Jew?
  • U.S. has lost the football
    • my mistake, no veto power here.

    • "...the essentially homogenous thinking of most of its political elites."

      Eh, I have to wonder when the international crescendo of criticism will break the sound barrier on the right in the US of Israel. How will they try and explain away the reasons behind this 'aberrant' homogenous political opinion when almost every country on the face of the planet decides to recognize Palestine?

      link to

      192 member states, so far 105...UN still doesn't look promising, especially with veto power. If USA stands in the way of this one, ...

  • This makes me feel less guilty about my intermarriage
    • Just a sign of the times, check out the Doha debates that took place mid-2009:

      link to

      and resistance:

      link to

    • Saleema/Walid,

      this is being debated now within some peripheral scholarly circles, the religious acceptance of a marriage between Muslims/non-Muslims. But the fear/apprehension is not framed as some sort of 'racial' issue, more a matter of protecting 'Muslim ethics and morality', if you will. And it's one-sided, portraying a woman as always following a man's lead, traditionally the breadwinner. Today's world is so different that argument, that a child's religion is most likely to follow that of his father, is extremely outdated.

      My personal opinion, it doesn't matter either way. If a man or a woman embodies what one calls 'Muslim values' (not cultural traditions), their children will most likely as well.

      But I think it's a moot point discussing such things when, to begin with, the beating heart of Islam, Saudi's religious scholarly establishment, is more like a collection of sick old hypocritical, misogynistic & racist farts (what Muslim values?) and need to be replaced PRONTO.

      link to

      IMO, Israel and Saudi are so alike, the similarities are scary. Difference is Israel is slowly heading the way of Saudi, while Saudi is in the very early stages of its own struggle of introspection and a battle of ideas, maybe a lasting legacy of 9/11 and King Abdullah. If he dies too soon, and Nayef (or even Sultan) takes over, Saudis will be thrown back into a very dark age.

    • S**t,

      if this doesn't mirror Wahhabist ideological indoctrinating crap, IDK what does.

      Seems more and more women around the world are submitting themselves to the extremes of their religion, encouraging others to give up on their freedoms (this is across the board, no one religion)....these people are brainwashed idiots.

  • Thank you
  • We have received complaints about the words on your T-shirt so we have called the police --Gagosian Gallery
  • We're number one! Bibi protest top global Jewish news story of 2010
    • huh!

      Seems that practicality trumps ideology.

    • Check this. IDK if it's a sense of exceptionalism or a just plain stupidity.

      Do you think the Mossad carried out the Mabhouh hit in Dubai?
      Total votes: 7757
      1. No, they would never get caught on camera as the assassins did 37.00%
      2. Yes, who else would do it? 33.85%
      3. We'll never know 29.15%

  • Seattle nixes bus ads decrying Israeli war crimes
    • You have a strange way with words sometimes, Gell.

      And no, at no time is there a shortage of critical thinking here, but there is a lot of outrage and righteous indignation.

    • Exactly Donald,

      in fact I would think that Gellian's comment (even if put in a way that shows he is expressing awe) only further highlights the power of the Israel lobby.

  • Assange is holding dirt on Israel because western newspapers didn't want to publish it
    • Les,

      I agree. One part of it is about remaining in bed with the US so that the US can also fight their wars for them. And it's also about not being overthrown. Irrespective of the Arab public opinion, in the end it's not up to the people to decide what they want their governments to do. The people are irrelevant.

      If the US tomorrow was able to stop relying on oil, the people would be better able to overthrow their dictatorships. Yes, China's consumption is growing at an increasing rate, but still the US has a good piece of the pie.

      If these dictators do not curry favors with the US, they run the risk of not being able to guarantee that the US won't help incite elements of rebellion within their societies.

      They also run the risk of the US sicking Israel on them, but that's a different story. I think in terms of 'deterrence', Israel has shown itself to be largely ineffective.

      But you're still not taking one element into account: The hate towards Iran in many parts of Saudi Arabia is ingrained and unshakeable. Whether it's because they're Shia, and the perception is they are not to be trusted, or because they are another competitor, perceived as an abomination of sorts, in the Islamic world, I see it ingrained in the older generation.

      Just the other day someone was talking about the Ashura celebrations in Qatif, and I was listening to their conversation quietly at first:

      Person A: "Those Shia are a major problem"
      Person B: "Yeah, they really deserve what they are getting"
      ...blah blah blah

      Of course, here I naively jump in and say no, that's not true, they don't deserve what they get.

      then Person A asks: Wait, why do you say that? (stunned and offended)

      I go: Well, I don't think this is a good topic to discuss.

      Person A: Yes, but why are you saying this, tell us so we know if your views have merit.

      I say: Why? So you can 'correct' my views?

      Being at a dinner table, though I kind of let it go. But it struck me how much, even those in elite circles, abhor the Shia-collective. They feel like it is an abomination on their own midst, using the name of their religion.

      I worry about this a lot, so when I saw those Arab leaders spout that s**t, I was extremely angry. Even if they are doing it to be on the 'States good side, those are extremely irresponsible and dangerous words. This could instigate so many problems between the Shia and Sunni sects in countries like Saudi, Bahrain, etc...

      It gives the Sunnis a sense of entitlement and vindication against their fellow Shias (i.e. even our leaders think you are a worse problem than Israel), and gives the Shia more reason to feel victimized and vulnerable.

      Of course, it leaves those of us who are tired of this whole sectarian sh*t with further reasons to be depressed.

  • The world will be a much safer place when American Jews stop believing these 4 bad ideas
    • Actually, PG, I would not be surprised.

      And I don't see it as offensive at all.

      Even in Islam, given the similarities, a woman has the right to abort if the child is expected to have a debilitating life-long disease or birth defect like down-syndrome...but it's up to the woman to decide that.

      But whether or not Muslims are more likely to abort than Christians (or Jews for that matter) I cannot comment on. Would be an interesting comparison, though.

  • Debating BDS at Princeton
    • You notice how circa minute 12 you have the Mays shaking their heads as if everything that Max were saying was ridiculous.

      In denial.

  • In a big antiwar piece, Mearsheimer dares to say 'why they hate us'
    • RoHa,

      I don't think he meant that the bases' existence exclusively after the Gulf war became an issue.

      I think he meant that perceptions changed of Saudi/US after the occurrence of the Gulf war because of what happened during the war (overrunning of Riyadh and use of Saudi as springboard to attack neighboring Muslim countries).

  • Ten days to raise $3,000 - Please help us reach our matching goal!
    • @Mooser,

      Yep, clear as day....damn shame, though.

      Although you still would have been at home talking about a one-state solution. I don't see a disqualification there.

      @LeaNder, yeah, i second that request, just like alec mentioned on the editable comments post.

    • ...well, if that's sarcasm, I believe it would appeal to those who appreciate cynical humor. Also, might reel more people in, and make for a good relief piece for those who are comment-weary (like me). IDK, that's just my opinion.

    • Alright,

      how about this suggestion:

      Can somebody get the great Mooser to create a weekly biting, sarcastic and dark humor piece?

      Whaddya say Mooser? Makes for a good antidote.

    • ...or maybe Phil's screwing with your head....

  • Rogue nation
    • Didn't really think you were searching for 'my' approval.

      But at least now I know where you're coming from.

      Must be the brain-damage resulting from Ziocaine.

    • What the ****?

      Jeez, now I'm part of a collective of invalids who can't think for themselves!

      Hophmi, thank you! You're really not helping burnish your anti-racist credentials.

    • *captive.

      Can't blame this on the no-editing func.

    • Don't think, Avi,

      You might get Roger Cohen upset and be accused of belonging to a 'captivated' collective.

    • I did.


    • How typically insipid, Richard.

      It is the 'Captive Arab Mind' that is the reason why Hariri's assassins cannot be brought to justice. Poor us, Arabs, seems we can't keep a damn thought in our heads without it turning into some sort of conspiracy theory.

      So, who assassinated JFK?

    • Is that ditty there, WJ?

      What next, Yiddish rap?


      I stand corrected: link to

    • ...Israel that is just about the only party that stood to gain by the death of Hariri should have been the prime suspect from the start of this ridiculous UN court.

      always fascinated me how no tribunal/investigation was ever said to be directed against/focused on Israel or Saudi (and its gulf lackeys).

    • VR,

      I always get depressed reading your posts.

      Strips away any hope I have.

      But I have to admit there is a grain of truth in them.

  • What does Israel’s non-defense of poor Sderot say about security and policy?
    • No I meant literally.

      There are two Najds in the middle east.

    • Chaos,

      there's something I gotta tell you. Don't take this the wrong way.

      You risk getting a deliberately stupid answer from some idiot to the question you keep asking (where's najd).

    • Sure.

      Israel plans to eventually force Gaza onto Egypt, but is attempting to keep the territorial waters surrounding it.

      Doesn't want the Gaza 'headache' anymore, just the resources.

      link to

      There, doesn't fly in the face of anything now. Just falls flat. Smack!

    • Avi,

      takes a while for sympathy to dwindle somewhat for the other side and for people to start asking the right questions.

      The perspective that I’m getting from these responses is a total lack of concern for the Israelis of Sderot.


      if you don't see many people sympathetic to those in Sderot it's because there are those who have been watching these atrocities for so long that their sympathies are now dry.

      I don't know how Kate and Seham have been doing their headlines for the past few years, but you get the point.

      Whenever that sympathy does get into the picture, it has always been from Hasbaranics or brainwashed people, hence the reaction you're getting.

      Their sympathy is reserved for those who resist and survive oppression, not those sitting comfortably while their fellow man across some swath of land is suffering because of their 'democratic' country's policies. And then when their comfort and peace is disturbed, when they suffer a tiny fraction of the trauma that the others have, they ask the same questions over and over again.

      "Why do they hate us?"

      link to

      In any case, that was an informative post. Please post again.

  • Secular Herzl sought to use 'mystic elements' to bind Jews to a place they had no living connection to
  • Brooklyn-Jenin: Why didn’t the judges prevent the demolition in Lod?
    • 'take a deep breath'


      'two steps back' I can barely reach the keyboard.

      "In Sweden for example about 1000 children are evicted from their homes each year:...."

      So, it's OK for Israel to do so against one ethnic group so it can continue annexing/changing demographics/etc. Swell.

      I don't get how bijou's taking two steps back helped, unless you're trying to help him overcome his unfortunate ability to read.

      Wow. Great argument: but mama they do it so why can't I?

    • Chaos,

      the whole POINT of this site is that they do not speak for 'the Jews'.

      I may have stopped replying to RW because he waffles and doesn't get to the point fast enough, and I really don't have the patience to read his tired comments and get all riled up.

      The others, on the other hand, don't do the same, and at the same time I see the benefit in the replies that they generate.

      I see a chance, as I see it Phil and Adam are trying to breach the major resistance coming from the within the Jewish community on this issue.

  • Drumroll please
    • Citizen,

      my first thought on that debate was: epic. Just like the Finkelstein/Dershy debate.

      Just epic.

  • Mondo Awards: Call for entries
  • State Department says it has 'raised' Abu Rahmah case with Israelis...
  • S. African politicians 'beaten up by IDF' & Please sign the petition to free Palestinian children detained by Israel
    • S. African politicians 'beaten up by IDF'
      Parliament members say 'shoved' by soldiers during anti-Israel protest in village near Bethlehem last week. 'They fired tear gas and stun grenades at us,' one of them claims. Army: Forces used means required to end violent riot.
      link to

      Look at those hateful comments....I pity those who live in such an ignorant, paranoid state.

      1. Haters go home

      2. Israelis will only have the German as friends in the world
      Jack (12.17.10)

      3. Ban foreign propagandists
      Israel should ban foreign propagandists from entering the Land of Israel and supporting Israel's enemies-the Islamist-Jihadists and spewing their anti-Israel crap. The elements who have entered should be deported to where they come from. Israel should not tolerate anti-Israel elements from putting more gasoline into the Middle East cauldron.
      Brod , USA (12.17.10)

      4. Why can't the Headline reflect the truth?
      The Headline should read: "SA MPs participate in provacative and violent protest against Israel" The MPs from SA participate in a protest with an unruly mob and then protest being treated accordingly. It is nothing more than a provacation by a country the seems to think that it is on some moral high ground.
      David , BS Israel (12.17.10)

      5. MP's what MP's?
      Your report is incorrect - we do not have MP's in south Africa, thiefs, fraudsters, murderers, rapists etc, but MP's like every other country, no we do not have those! You should have shot the bastards - for old times sake! Shalom.
      JJ , Bloemfo,South Africa (12.17.10)

      6. What could we expect...................
      This is so typical of the new SA .....falling into their own hole...............
      Jan Strydom , Tel Aviv Israel (12.17.10)
      Recommend this talkback click here
      7. #2, Wikileaks proves Germany is fedup with settlements too

      Hostage , USA (12.17.10)
      8. Durban gave me an ear-ache
      Jon , USA (12.17.10)

      9. #2 and #7 rofl, heres a list of countries supporting Israel:
      1.USA 2.India 3. Georgia 4. Germany 5. Holland (This is were you should start feeling stupid) 6. Sari lanka 7. Nigeria 8. Serbia 9. Greece 10. Cyprus 11. Denmark 12. Italy 13. Mexico 14. Canada Many many more but this list should be enough.
      Omri , Israel (12.17.10)

      10. Ynet misleading caption, as usual the mouthpiece of Arabs
      m (12.17.10)

      11. Perhaps they came to take some of the Sudanese infiltrators
      to SA with them ? No ?
      ab (12.17.10)

      12. Just like on Marmara
      Just like on the Marmara, the IDF made a grave mistake by physically contacting these people and endangering the soldiers. They specifically came from a foreign country to participate in Jew baiting. They should have been shot in the legs and then deported to Jordan for medical treatment.
      Israel Israeli , Tel Aviv (12.17.10)

      13. no-one believes that there is an army for bashing activists
      that's why they said: "attacked with tear gas and stun grenades and shoved by the Israeli police in Ramallah," Look!, if the were indifferent whether it was army or police, they would have told their story before leaving Israel.
      observer (12.17.10)

      14. SA MP incident
      When in another country obey the law even if you have no respect for your own laws back home. Try to act "civilised" when away from home....your mother should have taught you that! And the Youth Conference back home in SA - what happened to it? What happened to the multi-millions (approx $10m) donated to the organisers? Where is the money? Where is the conference? Maybe the SA MP's can answer that when they return to SA. What nonsense politicians around the world can generate without accountability!
      jo moor (12.17.10)

      15. In SA it is obvious under white rule was much better
      What you have today is corruption lies and incompetence. They have nothing in leadership to show in their own country so they join up with other losers the palestenians trying top provoke Israel.
      Norman (12.17.10)

      16. Incitement from Diplomats Forfeits Immunity
      the S. African parliament members masquerade as a diplomats when its convenient
      David P. , Capitola, CA (12.17.10)

      17. diplomats join rioters?
      diplomatic immunity does not negate common sense. When you join a violent demonstration you might get hurt. I would not mind you getting shot in true IDF fashion, in the leg so two of your co-conspirators can take you off the field.
      Golan , Modiin (12.17.10)

      18. Israeli assistance
      Israel's FO knows whom her friendly and unfriendly countries are. Or ought to know. There is no ned to be helpful to countries like S.A., Sweden, or Norway and their diplomates and privately visiting politicians. The soon new head of the important Green Party in SWEDEN is likely to be GUSTAV FRIDOLIN. He is an active member of ISM, the Union of the Anarcko-Syndicalist's. He was i 2004 deported from Israel for participating against the IDF in closed military area, and a spearhead in the Arab-lobby here in Sweden. To "convert" him in the future, when/if he knocks at the gate of Israel is NOT the task of the Foreign Office in Jerusalem.
      B.Adania , Sweden (12.17.10)

      19. S.A. MP'S
      When the apartheid government was in power in South Africa, South Africa and Israel were good allies. Don't forget a schwartzer blywen a schwartzer .......Shabbat Shalom.
      Boer Jood , SA (12.17.10)

      20. MR. JACOB ZUMA calls it the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict ”
      Was that his belief in the 1970’s and 80’s; that there were “two-sides” to the South African “conflict”? Were there two equal parties, namely White and Black, with equal claim to the land and equal historical responsibility for the-then status quo? No doubt, this sounds like a bizarre interpretation of South African history. Mr. President, these words of yours are even more disturbing, given your own involvement in the commendable struggle against the brutal, anti-human apartheid system and the notion of “independent homelands” which were based on the separation of human beings.
      observer (12.17.10)

      21. SA MP's shady business
      Even if your the Queen of England and you come to a foreign country to specifically be anti that country, then you have no right to complain how they treat you. These people weren't just protesting because they don't like Israel's policies, they were specifically protesting as anti-Israel that's why they didn't want to meet with Israeli officials. These MP's were mere puppets for the PA and as such got the treatment they deserve. They should be banned from entering for a few years...
      Alexander , NJ USA/Israel (12.17.10)

      22. Some friends of Goldstone ?
      Michel , Jerusalem (12.17.10)

      23. SOUTH AFRICAN MP's
      Well done Israeli soldiers. The ANC govt in S Africa is extremely anti Israel and pro Moslem. Most of the Jews living in S Africa during the White regime were against discrimination against the Black people. In spite of this, when Mandela and his ANC came to power in 1994, he almost at once turned violently against Israel and in 1995 he invited terrorists from Hizbullah in Lebanon to S Africa. He then ordered officers in the elite SADF Recce unit to train and equip these terrorists in the use and remote control ignition of the deadly claymore anti-personnel mines, with which the SADF were expert. One of my personal friends in the SADF advised me of this. Subsequently many Israeli soldiers were killed and wounded by these mines while operating in the security belt in S Lebanon. This belt was necessary to prevent terrorist infiltration into Israel. South Africa, my former country ( but no longer ) is an enemy of Israel and we must treat it as an enemy Roy Chweidan, Israel
      Roy Chweidan , Netanya. Israel (12.17.10)

      24. well done idf
      good work idf. Israel, yoiu are one heck of a country. Now, Israelis listen up. military power by itself with arrogance is no good and usually leads to some setbacks, though they are temporary in nature. Eli zeira and dan halutz were the most guilty of such parties with one dimensional thinking like egypt and syria would not attack or halutz where he felt bombing alone could submit hezbollah and even when ground game was implemented, it was dribbled into hezbollah gunsights by the weakling olmert with approval of halutz. Nonetheless, holocaust taught self defense and don't take crap. Modern israel cannot insult the holocaust dead by yet having beilin,ben ami, ramon, olmert, verter,levy and barnea, oren and even livni whose weakness and fear is evidence to all and only encourages arab intransigence. Why is hamas more cautious and why do they launch less rockets? Because they got wacked by the idf and if it was up to me, for every rocket fired, I would knock out 10 gas stations and transformers. Who do 1 million israelis prefer in the south--bibi and lieberman or olmert? Of course bibi and lieberman. Israel load your guns, and don't take any crap from anyone including turkey.
      alexi (12.17.10)

      25. Respect both ways
      Why is it that everybody thinks that they can do as they please in our house? Why are officials elected by South African voters participating (interfering) actively in Israel's affairs? Shame on the SA embassy for not managing this unacceptable behaviour.
      Oren , Canada (12.17.10)

      26. s. african mp's
      idf defends israel from hostile foreigners as well as some hostile locals--i will drink israeli wine now as the africans do not need my help and besides it is better-worth cost
      moron , galut (12.17.10)

      27. Well done "IDF" !
      Let the world see how "IDF" handles with Palestine guests, let alone with the Palestinians themselves. Being polite is a good thing! If "IDF" can't handle it, it's on them, AND IT IS A GOOD THING TOO : )
      Salma , Palestine (12.17.10)

      28. To number 27.
      You have a brain of an ant.
      Moshe , ISRAEL. (12.17.10)

      Hasn't anyone protested the mass murder of foreign African infiltrators in South Africa? The former oppressed became not only the new oppressors but murderers as well. For those who have been to planet Mars in the last few years: South Africa has its own problem with African refugees (from Mozambique, Congo and other countries), and the way people deal with them is by slaughtering and burning them in outbursts of rage. Much effort was done to hide this reality during the Soccer World Cup. And should such behavior surprise us, when information regarding black-on-black and black-on-white violence during the fight against Apartheid has been mostly supressed? These S.A. MPs have much to answer for and lack the moral authority to censure Israel. All that aside from the fact that their status as foreigners and diplomats do not permit them to participate in violent demonstrations against the state hosting them.
      Schreiber , (12.17.10)

      30. Clean up your own crime cesspool first
      If these MPs cared to visit the streets of their own cities like Johannesburg or Pretoria, they'd not only be shoved, but probably mugged, killed or raped as well.
      Tahl , Ashdod (12.17.10)

  • Jeffrey Goldberg likens BDS movement to Nazi Germany policies
    • Chaos,


      Your posts are missed.

    • Mooser,

      damn! Apparently if you don't agree with the tribe, your ethnic/religious street-cred is immediately questioned.

      It's like me having my faith questioned by hardline wahhabists when I start talking about women's rights.

      Guess this cult mentality knows no bounds :).

  • At Brooklyn College, the dialogue problem
    • eee,

      Hamas should not be EXCLUDED from any talks. There's a difference, though you wouldn't notice it of course.

      If one is advocating for talks that are brokered honestly, and then realizing the futility of the broker ever being truly honest, advocating for pressure, it seems one has learned their lesson the first time around. To continue banging one's head against a wall and forcing talks when they seem to have no affect on the willingness of the occupier to finally conclude this conflict is sadistic, futile and frankly a sign of SICKNESS and inability to learn from experience.

      But of course, we all knew that these talks would fail simply because Israel does NOT want peace.

  • Editable comments | Site Improvements
    • the overwhelming majority.....

      err, not.

      I've actually learned a lot more about the complexity of the conflict, Jewish identity, the overwhelming odds in the face of a peaceful resolution, and the potential for people to unify against oppression from so many different backgrounds by reading the comments, especially those from commenters who have posted a voracious number of links and resources.

      What has RW contributed except the same old, tired sophistry masquerading as intellect that eljay aptly summarized as \'enough Zionism\'?

    • Yay!!

  • When in Rome, do as the Israelis do
    • Hey jonah,

      interesting that you mention that, because it's strange how so many of the major family-run distribution businesses here actually report to and meet with the head-company delegates, many of which are Jewish, Christian or belong to other religions. There is no ban, tacit or otherwise, but I guess if you've never been here you wouldn't know.

      But hey, it's not like Saudi Arabia is even attributed as giving their OWN supposedly MUSLIM citizens the human rights that they should be accorded. My philosophy? Everybody who visits should suffer what we suffer. That way, you can bitch and complain about it to the next person who talks about how liberal and beneficent the monarchy is and how hard (poor them) an undertaking it is to run a country (yes, I've actually encountered an American of German descent who is of that view.....took me a while to compose myself).

      I'll confuse you with a Anthony Bourdain's trip to Jeddah: link to

    • Incidentally:

      Gulf delegation led by Saudi prince arrives in Gaza
      December 15, 2010 — occupiedpalestine
      [ 15/12/2010 - 09:26 AM ]

      GAZA, (PIC)– A gulf delegation led by Saudi prince Turki Bin Talal Bin Abdul Aziz arrives in Gaza Strip on Wednesday accompanying two plane-loads of relief material to the Palestinian people in the Strip.

      The Egyptian official news agency MENA said that the planes would land in El-Arish airport in Egypt before carrying the aid on trucks to Gaza.

      The delegates are expected to discuss the Palestinian needs of projects carried out by the Arab Gulf Fund for Development (AGFUND) in various countries.

      AGFUND is headed by prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz and finances numerous development projects in the world.

      link to

    • Not as far as I can tell....they just reserve the whole place and damn the rest, just like the Israelis.

      THOUGH, I've never heard of 'em actually requesting that 'no Jews' be allowed near them.

    • Naturally.

  • Slater: What's really wrong with the Goldstone Report
    • I also of course believe what I write in my comments and enjoy the process.

      No shit! You actually believe what you write? And I thought it was all an act!! You also enjoy making sure everyone knows you're all hopped up on Ziocaine?

      Call the doctor, eljay! We've got a live one here!!

  • 'Hey AIPAC leave Iran alone!' --Flashmob strikes AIPAC event in Oakland-- 7 arrests
  • 86-year-old Holocaust survivor joins flashmob at Best Buy in St. Louis: 'We don't want your dirty [Motorola] phones'
  • Israel refuses entry to Palestinian firefighters being honored for Carmel fire assistance
  • Palestinians in Israel would prefer one secular democratic state (but who's asking them?)
    • 'trashing means lack of liberal democracy'

      Right. You didn't indicate that you just went off on a racist rant, so that's not what you really meant. You're backtracking now that you know very well you've been had.

      And no, the potential for democracy is there. Ask your handlers in the US why they love to prop up dictators in this region? Or why Israel likes to side with them against Iran?

      I forgot. Divide and conquer, and the winner takes it all.

      "Let’s talk about Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan. What have they done in 50 years relative to Israel for example?"

      The countries you picked are not part of the GCC, hence your argument is moot regarding oil's benefits.

      And yet, I wonder what the point of your post is: 'what have they done relative to Israel' I am not sure what you're aiming at here, but all these countries are nouveau riche, and the populations which has for a long time traditionally been isolated are now working to join the international stage. If what you are saying is that Arabs/Muslims are somehow inherently against democracy and tend towards authoritarianism, you are sorely mistaken and of course, are only lending credence to your racism and bigotry.

      As a person from said country, I think you have never met an Arab you weren't pointing a gun at.

      Enjoy the blinders.

      In other news,

      De Brún urges MEPs to stop EU funding to Israeli Military

      December 14, 2010

      Bairbre de Brún MEP has today urged her colleagues in the European Parliament to vote to end the European Union's funding towards Israeli companies which engage in military activities while Israel continues to break international human rights law.

      An amendment by Ms de Brún put forward to the EU's budget, which was co-signed by 40 Members of the European Parliament from different countries and political groups states, "No company which conducts research for the Israeli military will receive funding under this title while Israel fails to comply with international human rights standards."

      Speaking from Strasbourg Ms de Brún said "Part of this funding, which is administered under the heading of 'Directly financed research operations' continues to go towards companies such as Israel Aerospace Industries, a major supplier of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) and manufacturer of the ‘Heron’ unmanned aerial vehicle which was used extensively in the siege on Gaza. They receive EUR 4 million of EU funding"

      "We must make sure, that while Israel ignores international human rights law, the EU sets an example and gives no money to companies which engage in either military research or the production of weapons." CRÍOCH

      link to

    • It doesn’t seem like an educated population that’s highly connected to the outside world can be pushed down for much longer, though I may well be wrong..

      Boy, if only that could be true, Sumud.

    • Sumud,

      I don't live there anymore, just to be clear.

      I now live in another GCC country that thinks it can create and be the central player of an EU-style monetary union just by the sheer amount of desert land it can boast of.

      Starts with a letter K for Kooky.

    • Gulf Cooperation Council.

      I see that, and I see the other side: youth who don't give a damn what's happening in the world.

    • Me too, Potsherd.

      I've lived in the UAE for quite some time.

      I can see what eee is talking about when he refers to ALL the Arab countries being trashy, I mean just look at Dubai. All that filth and trash must really be hampering those tourists from enjoying their time on the beach.

      Oh wait, I forgot, eee visited ALL Arab countries.


    • 'youths of the middle east'

      that's funny taxi.

      The youths of the GCC would disagree with you. Complete apathy and lack of compassion, but that's just my observation.

    • exactly annie.

      anyone who's at least read about the history of lebanon would know how the Zionist enterprise has led to Lebanon's sectarian problems.

  • Clinton: Occupation robs Palestinians of dignity and self-determination and is radicalizing the Middle East
    • "The issue is the second intifada and the zero trust between the communities."

      The issue is the ruthless terrorism of the Israeli state, but I guess you forgot to mention that one. Frankly, I admire the Palestinians for THEIR restraint.

      Compounded by the fact that you in Israel cannot seem to wrap your head around the massive injustices perpetrated against the Palestinians from 1948-onwards, and your dogmatic belief that you have sole rights to these lands.

      Enjoy keeping those blinders on.

  • More on the Washington Post's new blogger's 'barbarous dialect'

      Seeking to get out of a personal rut or a change in life-style? Perhaps a new career or profession? The Mossad may have a lot to offer.
      Israeli media are reporting that new Mossad director Tamir Pardo is seeking a new wave of agency recruits. They must be willing to make frequent, short trips abroad (to places like Dubai, Istanbul and Teheran?). Creativity and willingness to give one’s all as an emissary of the nation is a definite plus. Oh, and you have to be willing to learn everything there is about the black arts of assassination and kidnapping, as you’ll be serving in the secret ops unit known as Kidon (“Bayonet”). Apparently, Mossad is receiving tremendous kudos for its stellar service in murdering al-Mabouh, Iranian scientists and kidnapping Iranian generals, all on foreign soil. So it seeks to do more of the same.
      Here are some of the requirements for the job: you have to like major projects which demand “creativity” and readiness to think outside the box, master foreign languages, and have an ability to “create one’s own reality and play a central role in it.” Valerie Plame or Tzipi Livni, anyone? But at least they didn’t kill anyone (as far as we know).

  • Princeton is stage for Jews for boycott, Vilkomerson and Blumenthal
  • The bubble: NPR devotes 9 minutes to Israeli miracle company 'Better Place'
  • 'Washington Post''s new blogger promptly calls for supporting human rights in Iran-- and killing Iranian scientists
    • ditto.

    • "I don't think she even considers the inevitable result,...."

      I think she's considered it and doesn't care, 'cause a) her loyalties lie elsewhere or b) she's an idiot who still thinks that America is wholly moral, untouchable, and 'blowback', does not apply. If there is a violent reaction, it's because THEY are inherently violent.

      "Third, we need to make human rights a central theme"

      This is EXACTLY why many people in the ME consider Americans hypocrites. Make 'human rights' a central theme.....wait a minute, right next door there's this country called Saudi Arabia that you would not DARE touch, I WONDER WHY?

      Conveniently using that phrase has made it synonymous with 'bend to our will, you scum. If you don't, we'll turn your own people against you.'

      GOD this pisses me off.

  • My nightmare is shadowed by Assange
  • Friedman seeks to blame Palestinians for breakdown of talks
  • 671 'New York Times' readers recommend letter calling Israel a 'fascist state' that is dragging us down
    • Mike, New York December 10th, 2010 2:10 pm

      I'm Jewish and I'm voting with my wallet.

      Not one dime for Israel until they stop building settlements. Yes, I continue to give to worthy Jewish causes -- in America.

      link to

    • It raises the question: If these are the Times's readers, why aren't they better represented in the Times' coverage and opinion columns, and for that matter in the liberal press generally, and in Congress?

      if by now some readers of Mondoweiss can't answer this question outright, or still have doubts that the Israel lobby is stifling debate on this issue....I gotta ask that you hand me some of the stuff you're snorting, please. I wish I could be in that ignorant state....true bliss.

  • Gutenberg... Assange
  • Reverse peristalsis moment
    • homingpigeon:

      1) sell everything, and buy a piece of land in the middle of f***ing nowhere, under a different name.
      2) buy gold, and bury it 20 feet under.
      3) buy as many books, documentaries, etc as can be carried. Also, try and get your hands on ammo. Make sure you have what you need to sustain yourself.
      4) live completely off the grid, but check the net from time to time to see if all hell broke loose, if WWIII is over, if the Rapture backfired in Hagee's face, or if some disease took its toll on humanity....

      At least that's the plan in theory. Just waiting on Mondoweiss to give me 'the signal' that everything's about to get FUBAR. Mondo commenters are welcome....except RW, sorry, not taking any risks with my or other people's mental well-being and sanity.

      So.... anybody know how to hunt moose?

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