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I'm a retired farmer and have written a play The Prison Called Gaza. Google it for a quick read (it's one act, short, fast, disturbing and cuts no slack for anyone, Hammas or Israel. I'll send anyone a hard copy if they'll give me their snail mail address.

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  • Blaming the Victims: A night with AIPAC in St. Louis and protesters in Ferguson
    • Mr Berg... Keep up the good work. My one complaint... not a complaint actually, but regret, that I haven't the courage and stamina to stand with you in your pursuit. There are legions like me, so continue to fulfill our vicarious dreams. And forward the reports to us, the fainthearted .

  • Despite potential groundswell, Congress reluctant to recognize Palestinian rights
    • PeaceThroughJustice...... the same worry has occurred to me, that my complaints to a Congressman's aides about War War War would not make it to the Congressman because AIPAC moles surely censor her calls.

    • Last Monday after reading about the 8 Congresspeople that voted against sending the $225 million to Israel I called each of their DC offices. I told the staffer that answered, something to the effect "I was so proud of their Congressperson I wanted them to move to Oklahoma where no Congressperson is brave enough to even think about going against Israel....and promised I'd do everything I could to help them move".

      Six of the eight staffers laughed and thanked me and assured me they would, for sure, report it to their boss. Two was non committal so I hung up and immediately called that Congressperson's home state office with the same story. The two local workers on the phone with me, laughed and were happy that I called.

      That got me thinking about the two staffers that did not laugh and were cool to my idea. Do you suppose they were "Israeli firsters" on the Congressperson's staff. Moles for AIPAC maybe?

      Anyway, someone pin a rose on me for doing something, even tho minor, for Gazans and Palestinians everywhere. I think I deserve it.

  • A brief respite in Gaza
    • The House overwhlemingly passed a bill to give Israel ANOTHER 225million on top of the billions already approved for just THIS year.

      8 US Representatives actually voted against it. 4 Demos and 4 Repubs.

      I looked up their phone numbers and called each of their offices.

      I told them something to the effect I was from Oklahoma but felt obligated to call them and tell them how proud I was of them and their bravery for going against Israel.

      Of the 8...6 of the assistants were pleased as heck that someone had called from out of their state to praise their Rep.

      Of the 8....2 of the answerers were not excited at all. they didn't argue with me but I realized I'd gotten a mole in that US Represenatative's office. A mole that very likely loves Israel.

      SOOOOO. Of those 2, I searched and found and called their home
      state phone number and called it. The 2 that answered those 2 phone calls were pleased as heck.

      SOOOOO. I could tell very much about what was going on in the Congresspeoples offices. BUT....I did try to probe a little to ask how their incoming phone calls were running on this issue. NONE was helpful. They all are evidently told not to venture a percentage of those pro and those anti on that particular vote.

      I did my tiny bit today for Palestinians everywhere.

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