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I'm a retired farmer and have written a play The Prison Called Gaza. Google it for a quick read (it's one act, short, fast, disturbing and cuts no slack for anyone, Hammas or Israel. I'll send anyone a hard copy if they'll give me their snail mail address.

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  • Blaming the Victims: A night with AIPAC in St. Louis and protesters in Ferguson
    • Mr Berg... Keep up the good work. My one complaint... not a complaint actually, but regret, that I haven't the courage and stamina to stand with you in your pursuit. There are legions like me, so continue to fulfill our vicarious dreams. And forward the reports to us, the fainthearted .

  • Despite potential groundswell, Congress reluctant to recognize Palestinian rights
    • PeaceThroughJustice...... the same worry has occurred to me, that my complaints to a Congressman's aides about War War War would not make it to the Congressman because AIPAC moles surely censor her calls.

    • Last Monday after reading about the 8 Congresspeople that voted against sending the $225 million to Israel I called each of their DC offices. I told the staffer that answered, something to the effect "I was so proud of their Congressperson I wanted them to move to Oklahoma where no Congressperson is brave enough to even think about going against Israel....and promised I'd do everything I could to help them move".

      Six of the eight staffers laughed and thanked me and assured me they would, for sure, report it to their boss. Two was non committal so I hung up and immediately called that Congressperson's home state office with the same story. The two local workers on the phone with me, laughed and were happy that I called.

      That got me thinking about the two staffers that did not laugh and were cool to my idea. Do you suppose they were "Israeli firsters" on the Congressperson's staff. Moles for AIPAC maybe?

      Anyway, someone pin a rose on me for doing something, even tho minor, for Gazans and Palestinians everywhere. I think I deserve it.

  • A brief respite in Gaza
    • The House overwhlemingly passed a bill to give Israel ANOTHER 225million on top of the billions already approved for just THIS year.

      8 US Representatives actually voted against it. 4 Demos and 4 Repubs.

      I looked up their phone numbers and called each of their offices.

      I told them something to the effect I was from Oklahoma but felt obligated to call them and tell them how proud I was of them and their bravery for going against Israel.

      Of the 8...6 of the assistants were pleased as heck that someone had called from out of their state to praise their Rep.

      Of the 8....2 of the answerers were not excited at all. they didn't argue with me but I realized I'd gotten a mole in that US Represenatative's office. A mole that very likely loves Israel.

      SOOOOO. Of those 2, I searched and found and called their home
      state phone number and called it. The 2 that answered those 2 phone calls were pleased as heck.

      SOOOOO. I could tell very much about what was going on in the Congresspeoples offices. BUT....I did try to probe a little to ask how their incoming phone calls were running on this issue. NONE was helpful. They all are evidently told not to venture a percentage of those pro and those anti on that particular vote.

      I did my tiny bit today for Palestinians everywhere.

  • The lobby grants Obama a grace period on Iran
    • These are the mewlings of a failing Jewish leadership realizing they're losing grip on American foreign policy. Foreign policy poorly led by a softly pliable, inadequate President.....Obama.

      Sooner..rather than later, Israel knows, they frightenly know, that finally, an American President will rise to the magnificance of his office calling so eloquently.....Put America First.

      We've had enough of weaklings beholden to the God of MONEY FOR REELECTION.

      When that man comes, it will be the end of Zionist control of the US.

      It's is coming....that time is coming.

  • Palestine to Sheffield: One month away from home
    • Wonderful. This writing gives great hope in that this is the first I've read where a Gazan student in a foreign school wasn't beset with vulgar harassment. Things are a-changing... slowly but certainly.

  • 2 Republican presidential hopefuls bump into each other in... Israel
    • Gov. Perry is working with Israel and Texas A. and M. to establish a branch of his alma mater in an Israeli university.

      That will surely get him Zionist big bucks for his Presidential run.

  • Former Senator Weicker says he was 'lobbied' to be silent about Palestinian suffering
    • You're right.... Lieberman is worse....he will never admit Israel's barbarism.... Weicker does....but too late.

    • Remember he was about the most prissy Sentator ever, acting like his BO smelled of roses..... Now all at once he wants forgiveness? He's more of a clod than ever.

  • Israel launches media blitz against Rouhani
  • Obama's greatest achievement-- blinking on Syria
    • #1 Do you really believe Obama plotted this? It's an interesting idea but I don't believe it for one moment.

      #2 So what is your game Weiss? You trying to play the White House to use your fantasy as the truth, to further the split between the W.H. and Israel? If's a long shot but, what the's worth a try.

  • 'Slippery slope to an unnecessary war' -- liberal groups muster popular opposition on Syria
    • I read where Hollywood was laying low on the "Bomb Syria" question. Ed Asner said it was because they didn't want to be seen as hurting Obama because he's black.

      Wouldn't be because Hollywood is owned by Isaeli firsters would it?

  • Rep. Alan Grayson: '[AIPAC] falls to the wayside when the public weighs in'
    • Please.... Let's call it like it is.... It's the Military-Industrial-Israeli Complex that is pushing war-war-war.

  • Israel's dancing soldiers
    • Am I to understand Israeli soldiers were dancing with Palestinians?

      And for doing that they were punished by their superiors?

      Something about that makes me want to cry. A tiny chance for putative enemies learning to understand each other..........lost.

      This is sad....but somehow it is sadder than sad.

  • UN nominee Power spoke of Israeli human rights abuses and US 'domestic constituency' with 'tremendous' financial clout
    • Hey folks....let's get real here.... She doesn't make any sense. What she says is gobbledygook. You can make anything you want of what she says, except sense.

  • Rick Steves travels to Palestine and comments on nearly everything but the occupation
  • Anonymous sources in the Israeli US Embassy don't like what they see on television
    • Oklahoma farmer May 1, 2013 at 6:26 pm

      5 broken cameras had no chance of being shown in S.E. OK, so I bought it. It's spot on.... but too long.

      Brevity....always strive for brevity.

  • In Iraq, and now Syria, US seeks secular outcome by... promoting sectarian division
    • Your last sentence explains it all. "Neocon intervention facilitates sectarian division as a means to an end."

      The more the US stirs trouble in the Middle East, three things happen.... Sectarian viloence increase, the state is weakened and Israel is happy.

  • Obama's speech was racist -- a Palestinian student explains to 'USA Today'
    • It seems we, those cringing for Palestinians, must always grasp, and settle for, the least and last straws. Sharkiya was no exception.... she was the only Palestinian student quoted and only at the very (bitter) end of the article..

  • Obama scared AIPAC into silence, then defeated it
    • I don't consider it much of a loss for AIPAC when they are going to be rewarded with Mr Isrfaeli-firster himself, Chuck Schumer, as leader of Senate Democrats.

      Rosenberg needs to rethink his thinking again.

  • 'Jewish Press' piece sees 'Gatekeepers' as evidence of rising Jewish anti-Zionism
  • Hagel hearing set for next Thursday as Jewish Dems line up in support
  • A movement grows at American University
    • Annie....I see you're reviewing comments. This isn't for posting on Mondo.... surely remember the play The Prison ....

      What the hell better way to get the Gaza thingy in front of the public than a play? It's been tried with Rachel with little result. Please help me help Gazans. Be thinking of a way to get it on stage in the US. You know damned well a firestorm of mega proportions would erupt, and it would help Gazans for sure...

      Get back to me with my address [email protected] I swear not to divulge your address to anyone.

      Promise... double dog promise. Hoyt

    • I'm looking for a college proactive student group to put on stage a short one act play titled The Prison Called Gaza....

      You can Google it on Mondoweiss.

      It does require very brave students..... Anyone interested contact me. Am not in it for money, but for justice, so no playwright fee

  • 'NYT' predictably comes under attack for reporting Israel targeted journalists in Gaza
    • For a couple days on the net, at several sites, I've seen something about how Israeli drone pilots pick out their targets.... Today I traced it to I mean wired dot come of all things? Related to Wired? My favorite magazine for gosh sakes? I could not believe it....

      But yep, there it is... a 2009 story dusted off just for this, yet another, occasion. How Israeli Drone Pilots Made Their Life-and-Death Choices Over Gaza
      By Noah Shachtman

      A nice chatty hasbara lesson on how drone pilots try to be ever so careful when going about their killings.

      Reporters in Gaza don't stand a chance. Well, they might stand a little better chance if they are careful to not wear anything visible that identifys them as members of the press.

      I casually wondered if maybe Palestinian children are too small to be seen on drone pilot screens....and maybe that would expalin why Israeli drones kill so many Gazan babies?

      It's just a thought.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Chomsky’s presidential debate appearance
    • I'm sorry.... Chomsky isn't the evenhanded authority he pretends to be when it comes to Palestine-Israel. Careful reading of his missives at first. leads one to believe he's the man we've been looking for, the man who has the experience, the years, the gravitas to tell us what is wrong in Palestine, what needs to be done about it, and how to do it.

      Only after carefully re-reading his writing and working slowly through his words do you begin to realize he's an Israeli through and through, with little sympathy for Palestinians.

      Oh, and by the way, when you call his hand at it, his thin-skin leaks venom.

  • Garrison Keillor comes out, slightly
    • Garrison "comes out slightly"????

      Well, BS. Your feign faulting fools no one..... Grow some cojones Garrison.....Stand for something instead of your interminable weekly blah.

  • In 'NYT', Mishra says US should get out of the Middle East, and Israel is 'turning into a loose cannon'
    • America's certain withdrawl from the Middle East has roused a horror. A horror peaking 'round the corner and only whispered very infrequently... A whisper called "Expulsion".

      Get used to that word..."Expulsion". You'll hear it more and more often, propelled by the urgency of Zionists to get it done before America is completely out of the Middle East.

      Am talking about the "final solution" Zionists have been preparing for Palestinians. The expulsion of all Palestinians from Palestine.

      It's coming. Neither you nor I can do one whit about it, but it'll be soon upon us. Even though we aren't Palestinians, get ready to cry.

  • Pssst, Maureen Dowd-- Colin Powell said neoconservative 'ideologues' pushed Iraq war out of concern for Israel
    • Gazacalling? You out of your frigging mind?????

      Do you not recall Powell getting up there giving his speech at the UN about trucks loaded with WMDs and germs and poisons, scrambling all over Iraq?

      And you want that nitwit for President? Sing up would be about right for his Veep.

  • 'NYT' op-ed says denial of statehood makes militant Palestinian confrontation inevitable
    • I've written this before but got little response.... Netanyhu is soon, going to forceably move all Palestinians out of Palestine. He will move them to Jordan, Syria, Lebanon or the Siani. There will be many Palestinian deaths with world wide condemnation...

      The US will, as usual, pusillanimously back the move with "great reluctance". Netanyahu will point out "facts on the ground" prevent repopulation of the Palestinians and that will be that.....

      Neyanyahu must do this while the US is at or near its apogee of power. US power is starting to decline so time is of the essence for Israel...

      It will happen soon.

  • Ismail Khalidi likens '5 Broken Cameras' to 'Battle of Algiers'
    • The long marathon to TOTALLY, ethnically, cleanse Palestine of Palestinians will very soon become an all-out sprint...Zionists hope it will be as close to an overnight sprint as possible. A long sprint of a week or more could doom it to failure.

      Netanyahu knows this sudden expulsion of ALL Palestinians from Palestine to ?Jordan? Siani? Lebanon? Syria? all of them? can only happen under Israel's protective umbrella of US world hegemony.

      Now...who knows how long the US's power will be able to smooth along this barbaric ethnic cleansing by Israel? A year? Two? It appears the US is at its apogee of power and may be starting its inevitable downhill slide.

      So time is of the essence... Netanyahu knows this better than anyone. Look for him to go for his "final solution" very very soon.

      Suffer the Palestinians.... Shield your vision, your mind, your heart... it will be an epic tragedy.... brought to you by American apathy.

  • The 'honest broker' comes clean: Obama admits the US is 'more attentive' to Israel than Palestinians
    • Well.... my prediction that Netanyahu's ultimate and very secret goal of suddenly and forceably expelling all Palestinians from Palestine got mucho responses.

      This horrible act can only be committed with the US being able to quash any blowback from other countrys. Right now, we can stop all repercussions that might seriously harm Israel.'s what I did not say in my first missive.... Netanyahu knows US world wide hegemony won't last forever and may start failing soon. Therefore, his cover for the predicted monstrous act has a short lifespan. A very short lifespan????

      Ergo.... This mass expulsion of Palestinians may happen very soon.

    • The Palestinian "final solution" is as plain as day. Israel will continue to squeeze the Palestinians into smaller and smaller bits of land until they can suddenly, overnight, brutally push all Palestians into Lebanon and/or Jordan and/or the Siani.

      They will do this so quickly the UN won't have time to call a meeting.

      Israel will then announce facts on the ground mean there can be no return of any kind of Palestinian to Palestine.

      Congress will quickly pass a bill backing Israel...the President will "regretfully" sign it.... Israel will be a pariah state but couldn't care less.

      It's a neat "final solution". Look for it.

  • Israel destroys dairy farm in occupied Palestine
    • Annie... my perusal of the net is limited but I've never seen this very worrisome prediction. Netanyahu and his group do not intend to settle with a one state or two state solution. Their goal is a Jewish-only country from the Mediteranian to the Jordan river. This "ultimate solution" will evict all Palestinians from Palestine. It includes those who now live in "Israel".

      I believe Netanyahu's ultimate aim is a pure race in Palestine that won't be tainted with Palestinians.

      How he does this is his secret but it surely appears to be his goal.

      He knows there will be extreme anger in the US when he physically evicts Palestinians but he also knows there is nothing the US will do to prevent it. What really pushes him, right now, toward this goal, is the urgent need for him to do it while the US is still the ultimate single force in the world. He won't be able to when we share world power with one or two other nations.....and he surely won't be able when the US is in serious national decline.

      I therefore believe what Netanyahu has done to the Palestinians so far, is but faint prelude to the horror he intends to inflict on them in the very near future.

  • A letter to the Methodists in support of divestment
  • Wallace interview with Ahmadinejad was little more than deliberate demonization
    • In 1957 Mike W. went to LR to interview Faubus. I was in the LR medschool at the time, a hot bed of liberals of which I was one. I was so ashamed of Faubus and what he'd done to our state and was hoping for a slaughter by Wallace.

      Well.....the longer the "ambush" went, the more apparent it was Wallace was out of his water. Maybe it was because Wallace was just getting started as a newsman or maybe he'd had a bad day, but Faubus, my most hated gov., tore Wallace from stem to stern.

      You will notice, in the paens to Wallace there is nary a mention of his very first and one of his most important interviews, the one with Orville Faubus.

      Now you know why.

  • The Norwegians, the settlers, the zealot, the olive seedlings-- and the Palestinian's suit against 'Nobody'
  • Friedman warns war could hurt American Jews
  • The Rosh Hashanah sermon on Fire Island
    • Confession time. I'm gentile...or is it goyim? But whatever... I never had a single antisemetic thought in my body from birth until.... was well after the '67 war. That war stood in my mind as a magnificent moment for Israel and Jews. In a vicarious way I identified with Jews.... It was easy then as I lived in Hot Springs Ark. and we had a healthy number of Jews and some of my best friends were Jews (cool it, now, forget your "some of my best friends" shit...and "they came to our house" crap cause they were good friends and did come to our house).

      So. I identified with Jews and was pleased when some, because I made a few good financial moves, thought I was Jewish . Turned out it wasn't because I was was by accident.

      So...anyway... All smoothed along,,,,,years passed and then I got on the net and began to read it with regularity during retirement. Horrors. That's all I can write is horrors. Horrors..... What were my heros doing? Surely the stuff coming across the computer screen was lies.

      But it wasn't. I could not longer...can no longer...believe the US media. My precious Wall Street Journal has become a yellow rag. The Post? A fellow internest like me, K. without a search-for-the-truth bone in his body? The Times? What happened to Reston? Replaced by Freidman and Brooks?

      I'm lost....and yet there are the occasional strong voices for humanity that tug me back to hope... Mondoweiss...Annie...Vilkomerson and many many others.

      I can't beg you to forgive me for antisemeticism.... I am trying.... you must help me. You must help Israel. You must help Palestinians.

  • Right wing to Rudoren: Are you now, or have you ever been, a Zionist?
    • If things get too hot and you need a hideout.. come down to Oklahoma till things cool off. We've got a 24 hour WalMart and it's only 90 miles to Dallas... I mean, what more could you want?

  • Captain Israel is back, and better than ever!
  • Damn your fathers, you shot baba!
    • "Christian Arabs never had it so good living in Israel"???

      Proudzionist, you make all of us Palestinians.

  • NPR story on Dead Sea Scrolls makes listener feel like a goose being force-fed Israel propaganda
    • Um.......anyone know when the Cowboys play Washington today?

    • Shortly after the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, they came under Israeli control and dissapeared from public view for decades. I think Israel used that inexcuseably selfish secrecy to remove any and all references to Palestinians.. Why the heck else would Israel have kept them so secret for so long?

  • Letter to the FM of Sweden from Gaza youth
    • I was in Stockhom Saturday 4 weeks ago...first day...

      Very nice city...clean..walkable..people tall as hell..all slender...polite..purposeful walkers..non smokers (xsmokers notice this)..all-in-all a gracious nation with gracious people.

      I get home and Bingo! Sweden votes against admitting Plestine to UNESCO.

      What the s..t???? What was the humongous clue I missed? What hint of evil did I not see? Where was it?

      I want to go back and slap each and every one in the face and ask them what the hell were they thinking of?

  • Ross's departure will hurt Obama's reelection hopes, Abrams explains
    • NO NO NO... Not a single one of you has a hint as to what is really going on. Net and the Zionists have suddenly reaslized , all is about to go down the toilet for...and with....them..

      Zionists do not trust O for a second term. Get that in your heads. Zionists absolutely don't trust him. They have a very very good reason.

      Why? Why, when he's bent over backwards trying harder and harder trying to appease Netanyahu, but to no avail?

      Here's why and this is what has Netanyahu and the Zionists scared to death.

      Obama may turn 180 degrees against Neyanyahu and the Zionists the second he's reelected. He certainly should considering the way they have treated him (I'd give it a 70/30 chance)('s another 99% to 1% thingy).'

      Got that?....the total refutation of Netanyahu and the Zs has them scared to death so they are going to go fully hard out against Obama from now to election time. Ross' resignation (the axe?) is just the first salvo. All Zionist guns will be spewing unrelenting venom against Obama from now till Nov election night.

      Net and the Z's MUST defeat Obama. They have been treating him so savagely..... so now they will reap the harvest of their harassment if they don't defeat him.

      Jews everywhere will be under greater and greater pressure to abandon Obama. The tribe knits closer and closer the greater the threat. Therefore they will be told it's the next Holocaust for sure and I'm afraid they will follow the Zionists and completely abandon Obama.

      That, dear friends is what is really going on.... Prepare for pounding from now to election.

  • When is it okay to say that Jews own Wall Street?
    • Ummmm.... It's difficult not to come to some impressions when you're down on Wall Street at closing time. There are an awful lot of long black coats, black hats, frilled shirts and curled locks that come out. And that's presumably just the ones that are hard subscribers to their faith.

  • Nurit Peled-Elhanan: 'Apartheid in Israel and Palestine .... is enabled by the most profound racism'
    • I've read your book... Of course you're too modest to promote it but I will ...

      ATTENTION! you net addicts... take time to read a book for a change......

      Ms Olson may be from a rinky dink town in Eastern Oklahoma but she's made us Okies proud for her being a superb wordsmith. She wrote about her extended stays in Palestine.... Fast Times in Palestine. It's a book everyone should read, so contact her and she'll send you a signed book at modest cost...

    • That is excellent..... but it doesn't explain why most friends of mine here in Oklahoma would fit exactly in with the Israelis, if transported over there.

  • UNESCO votes to admit Palestine as a full member
  • Netanyahu needs a history tutor -- Can UNESCO experts help?
    • No gentile ever saw the scrolls until a couple years ago.

      They were discovered around 1949 and held by another country for a short time...I think it was Jordan. Israel quickly acquired them and hid them from the world until a couple years ago. I was in highschool when they were found and sort'a followed their story while all the time wondering why the heck Israel would not share them with anyone. Only after getting on the net, did I begin to suspect why Israel was so selfish.

      The obvious and only reason, to me, is Israel was taking it's time to erase any evidence Palestine was occupied by anything other than sand and the occasional wandering Jewish tribe. Perhaps proudzionist777 would like to offer another explanation (a logical explanation if you please).

      To my utter dismay, my old man's Presbyterian Sunday School Class is 100% behind the Zionists and I no longer ever EVER suggest otherwise. It's a fighting issue with them.

      Old Gentiles, as a rule, are like old Jews, they can never change their colors and those colors run blue and white with a Star of David thrown in.

    • THIS IS NOT FOR comment... but a suggestion.

      No one adequately answered my query about the Dead Sea Scrolls.

      One foolish person said they were held by gentiles until rescued and released by Jewish scholars...ha. Another thought they were spoils of the 6 day war...not so.

      Could you find someone knowledgeable about this, and put her (his) report on Mondoweiss?

      Gracias Oklahoma farmer

    • I think my comment may be called "out of context" but it's been bothering me.

      The Dead Sea Scrolls were held in secret for decades by Israeli scholars.... rediculous of itself..with no explanation offered. Was it because the scholars wanted to censor the scrolls by erasing references to Palestinians...or is there another explanation?

  • Americans who support Palestinian cause must be willing to lose friends
  • Rachel Abrams says Palestinian children are 'devils' spawn'-- while Israeli children play with Transformers and draw your heart strings
  • Operation Enduring Failure: Ten years of war on Afghanistan
    • I hope no one thinks I don't care about the Afghanis. I do.... Here is an email I sent 3 days ago to a friend that was so depressed about the Palestinian problem he had stopped following it on the net.

      FROM:jerry hoyt to Hy... Message flagged Friday, October 7, 2011 6:16 AMMessage body
      Your saying you've about given up on the Palestinians is just about the way I feel. I feel helpless, just totally helpless. It's as if nothing can ever be done for those poor people. No one listens over here...even trying to tell a neighbor can get you in trouble, if not in a fight. Ignorance over here in the US is just about complete. We're a bunch of cattle that have been told Israel over there is wonderful and the Palestinians are nothing but bloodthirsty beasts. And danged near most of us believe it as if it were written in the Bible....

      In fact, it is written in the Bible isn't it?

      We, you and I, are helpless. There isn't a damned thing we can do. Nothing.

      So, why read about the Middle East? Why bother with it? All it does is just get us upset and make us feel even more helpless.

      Crap Ben... JFK said "Life's not fair", but surely he didn't mean it was THAT unfair?

      You know, you and I worry about our kids and grandkids and just hope and pray nothing serious happens to them. We hope they can get good jobs and raise their kids right, and not get divorces and are able to pay their bills and drive carefully. Such stuff bothers you and me and we worry ourselves some part of each day over just such worrisome things.

      And yet, your worries and my worries are as nothing. I mean NOTHING when compared to what Palestinians face every single day and every single night. There is never a sure night they are going to be able to sleep all night and not worry about soldiers coming up to their door, knocking it down with battering rams, or even worse, blowing it to kingdom come with something far more powerful than dynamite. And coming in and ripping the place apart and injuring someone if not killing them. Or maybe worse than killing one of their family, hauling one, or several off to never ever see them again or even know what ever happens to them.

      Consider your life, your wonderful life. Count your kids as the luckiest in the world. Every single day, thank the God you worship, that you and your loved ones live in the USA. Also pray to your God, that the good old USA somehow finds its way back to the wonderful country it used to be. Pray that our country doesn't continue down this path of godlessness of torture and wars for no reason and drones that rain unannounced death from so high in the sky you can't even see them.

      I'm sorry Ben. I get discouraged too.... but we can't give up. We must work to find a way to turn this enormous ship, this enormously misguided ship, this ship, this USA, we must get it turned around and headed back home where the USA used to be admired and stood tall, and stoodd for something, for something sterling, something wonderful........ ...Where people used to look to our country for guidance and hope.

      Our country back then stood for one thing above all...... kindness....

      Don't give up on our country... We can't.... for our kids....for our grandkids...for their grandkids...and for the Palestinians of the world.

      Ben....send this to your brother, the minister....and ask him if he has the courage to put it in his church bulletin. It would take courage.....but wouldn't his God be pleased with him if he did?

    • "And the number of Afghans dead? No one knows. No one knows."

      Who the hell cares? Certainly not Washington.

  • NYT reviewer: Small group of Bush advisers will take real reason for Iraq war to their (restless) graves
    • I'd call it the Military-Industrial-Israeli Complex that got us into, and keeps us in Iraq, and now Afnam.

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