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Age 59 for a little while. Canadian. Left wing socially, conservative economically. Not right wing tho ;)

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  • Palestinian officials say, Trump 'destroyed' the two-state solution
  • Israeli consul warns American Jews: 'Our marriage is Catholic -- no divorce'
    • @Mooser

      Nah... it is antisemitism. It's a hatred of Jews solely because they are Jews who don't adhere to his personal beliefs. That same antisemitism we see from the mayhems, dabakrs, etc around here.

      There is a litmus test you must pass to determine if you are the right kind of Jew. We see the same from neonazis who would consider someone like me a race traitor for not putting white people first above other considerations.

      Nothing new. They're just dyed in the wool racists.

  • Liberal Zionists confront, or deny, the 'Doomsday settlement'
    • @nathan

      Over 70% of states have recognized the state of Palestine. They represent a lot more than 70% percent of the population of the planet. One day there will be a price to pay by criminal zionists like you and they will cry victimhood. You won't garner any sympathy for being the racist abusers that you demonstrably are. No sympathy. None is due.

      Your ignorance, racism and casual indifference marks you as the low life you sonehow, and quite ironically, perceive as a perverted virtue.

      The reality is that the two most significant states that have not recognized Palestine are the inbred led states of Israel and Palestine. Yet you risibly demand Palestinian recognition of a racist state of Israel. Spare me... it isn't worth the sweat off my ...

  • Forget pinkwashing, it's brownwashing time: self-Orientalizing on the US campus
  • Fifty-five Israeli lawmakers throw their bodies down for 'everyone's child,' killer Elor Azarya
    • Pardoning a cold blooded murderer isn't remotely an accurate reflection of what Israeli society has become or where it is.

      That it was forced to prosecute a clear cut case of murder solely through it's exposure tothe wider world.

      In Israel cold blooded murder is feted, honoured, cheered and cherished. At worst it's just another day on the job and who cares.

      That is the more accurate measure of Israeli society. In the ranks of the lowest of the low on this planet.

  • 'Where did we go wrong in our homes and schools?' David Harris laments young Jews' hostility to Israel
    • @hophmi

      First off zyklon b wasn't invented for any people no matter how you want to mangle history.

      And no hitler didn't have a singular target. You are full of it. He had a primary goal, that being a pure aryan race, but Jews were only one of the targets in pursuit of that goal. Your lack of empathy for other victims is loud and clear. Forgive me the next time you cry victimhood and ignore others.

  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
    • @RoHa

      I love how zionists always market this falsehood
      "“There would have been no Holocaust if majority-gentile countries HAD allowed in Jewish refugees …”"

      At the same time that they pretend that Holocaust remembrance honours all groups that were targeted for elimination.

      Just as they went crazy over the pre approved Trudeau statement that didn't explicitlymention Jews.

      Nope no Roma. No one else. If the Jews had been saved then there was no holocaust.

      No one else matters. It's as simple as that. And that belief allows them to abuse, murder and ethnically cleanse millions of human beings without a second thought or moment of hesitation.

    • @annie

      Why should he refer to himself otherwise. Israel is his perk and privilege. Aplace where he can trod upon the necks of POC and not just be equal to others. The US is his actual country and his bolt hole should things go south.

    • I've always hoped that we would have decent leaders who care about the collective they represented as well as others in the world so we can do some good. I never literally thought a man but that's because we grew up when it was only men so the thought was superfluous.

      I've reached the same conclusions as you. Greed for money and power corrupts. And regardless of the gender of the person who is the lead candidate in any election they sold their soul and our future to make it to that spot.

      Truly sad. We need to reform our democratic structures so individual people have a much larger say and the role of representatives is drasctically reduced. I guess we could still be bought off but at least then the majority of us would be being bought.

  • A music lesson from Palestine, for Nick Cave
    • Israel is does not face any existential danger. It has never faced existential danger as it's armed forces are more powerful than others in the region. Get some medical help.

      The biggest threat to the continued existance of Israel is the extremely criminal racist zionists running it.

  • No way to treat a child
    • @Mayhem

      Impact se would appear to largely be another zionist propaganda operation. A 2013 US funded study conducted by Yale found incitement in the educational materials of both sides and totally undercuts the claims made by that group. I'm not claiming it is a propaganda front but it certainly appears to be one given it's unhealthy focus on groups that are deemed by the current Israeli gov to be enemies (which is pretty much anyone who isn't a supportive fascist).

      Similar reports done by other groups on the education materials used by UNRWA have been shown to be similarly inaccurate and overblown.

      And yes Israel does have an incitement problem as any objective study has shown.

      Spare me the quip about the PA being in violation of international law. They can't hold a candle to the lengthy list of violations perpetrated by the outlaw regime in Israel.

    • @mayjem

      The only objective study i have see found both groups liable for incitement in edicational materials.

      The state sponsored incitement is from Israel. You can't equate that with the reactive behaviour of the millions of people they oppress daily. Israel is not a victim. It is the power in the conflict. It oppresses. It kills eith impunity and immunity. It is a criminal outlaw state. It's leaders should be in the Hague and it's supporters should be stripped of all position and power.

    • @jack

      As usual you were dead wrong. Do you enjoy himiliating yourself? You do it very well if that's any consolation.

    • Whereas in Isrsel the punishment is seen as insufficient. It is more appropriate to kill on the spot or let them bleed out. There is no equivalency between Israel and any western society. It is a crime gang and shod be treated as such.

    • @Keith

      I often disagree. I often ignore your posts due to that disagreement. In the case of jerry you are spot on. It's mind blowing. And sadly he is typical of Israelis if their elected officials are a valid method of assessment.
      Scary... people like that need to be put away.

  • Top Israeli official admits that boycotting just the settlements is meaningless
    • @yonah

      They are totally comparable yonah. It is a government funded, directed and organized effort. Neither deal with actual facts. If you haven't seen the govt organized trainining sessions, the offers to pay cash for promotion, the fictitious ngo and risibly named fair reporting and watch sites then you have been going through life with your eyes closed.

      Maybe Russia needed to be more hidden due to it's confrontational position but the Israeli propaganda machine is in your face and far more vile due to that.

      There is no moral highground between the meanings of pravda and hasbara. That is the most asinine suggestion i've seen from you in the past year.

  • 'Facebook' ads are way more important than the children we slaughter in some poor country
    • 600,000? Albright and the us gov would likely say it is worth it .

      Despicable criminal mass murdering scum.

      They hate us for our freedoms!

  • Liberal Israeli leaders were contemplating genocide in Gaza already in 1967
    • @Elizabeth

      Ethnic cleansing is a form of genocide under the law. Body counts are not relevant regardless of ziothug propaganda.

  • Video: Brisbane musicians rework Nick Cave classic to demand he cancel Israel show
    • On an interesting connection. The co-owner of Cave's management company is also (one of?) owner of Radiohead's management company.

  • Dear Simon Schama, you need a history lesson on Zionism
    • @Darcha

      On a purely rational and logical level you are correct. There is no reason that any two things shouldn't be compared whether they are similar or dissimilar. And no doubt some of the reason for the GoI and hardcore zionists to fight against such comparisons are to protect the image they wish to create in peoples minds about the actions of the state.

      That said you overlook the emotional aspect of comparing the victims of the holocaust with those of the perpetrators. Again nothing wrong it rationally as we know the abused often become abusers but it has it's emotional aspect regardless.

      Not just with zionist or Jewish communities either. An extremely large number of people are horrified by the acts perpetrated during WW II.

      I think such comparisons are more than counter productive. They turn people off/away. And there is no gain or need to do so. The crimes against humanity can be pointed out factually for their own evil without reference to the evil that the nazis perpetrated on various groups.

      Do Israelis use collective punishment against civilians? Heck yes. Did the nazis? Oh yeah. Is there a need to point that out? No. We all know that collective punishment is wrong except for the lunatic fringes on the right and left and there is nothing to be gained except having people stop listening to your message.

      At some point in the future such comparisons won't be as sensitive and the current actions can be studied in the cold light of history with nonsubjective criteria.

  • UK minister forced to resign over secret Israel meetings as questions continue to swirl
    • @emory

      Yeah funny that the only pwoe reporting that were thejc and likely suspects referring to thejc report.q

      You just can't top anonymoud reporting from a party with a stake in the game.

    • No not all wounded Syrians.

      The UN observers have reported regular meetings between the idf and Al Nusra (Al Queda). The idf has acted as both AQ's airforce and artillery. It''s politicians have stated a preference for ISIS in Syria. Israel's work with Syria is not humanitarian.

      Israeli arms and ammo have been found with the Kurds despite the fact that tbe kurds have engaged in ethnic cleansing in operational conjuction with ISIS.

      Combined with the other major ISIS back the house of Saud we have combined two of the major evils in the world .

      No Israel is not Jews. Jews are not Israel. Two different things. Not remotely related except in the mind of the truly and totally perverse (both pro and con) but Israel is a major problem in the middle east. Their hands aren't just covered in blood wrt to Syria. They aren't merely complicit.

      They are active participants in the murder and slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocents. Not alone in this
      But actively involved and a total disgrace to humanity.

    • I think the guardian was largely correct. She was totally incompetent.

      A competent politician would not have been caugjt so easily sellingr soul to a foreign state. And don't forget that the guardian has been pro zionist for at least 20 urs. Hence their judgement fits their world views.

    • @John O & Mayhem

      zionists don't have anything but their greedy self interest at heart when they moan about other countries not granting Palestinians citizenship.

      In the first instance those countries are under no obligation to do so and in the second instance they know it would extinquish the Palestinians right of return under international law.

      Just as we saw zionist concern about Syrians where they limit their activities to arming and aiding ISIS and AQ. Palestinians attempting to escape that slaughter were told they could go to Palestine only if they signed away their right of return by the criminal GoI.

      And in terms of refugee treatment in general we don't see Israel offering citizenship to refugees (unless the right kind of Jews) but deporting them in violation of international law.

      Israel is an outlaw state. One of the worst which is why they are forced to compare themselves with the other bottom feeders.

  • Five Palestinians bodies recovered from tunnel bombing after Israeli court ignores emergency rescue petition
    • @jack

      Are you blindly copying and pasting links without reading them or checking the credibility of the site?

      If not blindly copying how often do you do your research at neo nazi, white supremacist sites such as national vanguard?

    • @jack

      Don't pretend to be stupid (you do a great job though). The tunnels can be seen from satellite by the US and Israel. I am sure by others. IsraelI officials have stated this. This capability has been around for a number of years.

      This was simply an attempt to fabricate another lawn mowing exercise of unarmed civilians.

    • No rescue attempt. Let them suffocate.

      Just as no first aid or medical attention to the wounded. Let them bleed out.

      Remember this the next time that Israel attempts to whitewash the pure evil they perpetrate.

    • None of that addresses your contention that Jewish dna is closer to the middle east than the Irish. Many peoples can trace their roots to both the Middle East and earlier to Africa.

      Ok try two....

      Back up the claim you made. Put up or shut up.

      This isn't baseball. No three strike rule. Lie once it could be a mistake. Lie more than once and you're a fraud.

    • Sure it is jack. What's your source. Put up or shut up.

      Also as I said the Lebanese are closely linked to Caananites so they have a prior claim over Israel both by DNA and the bible as you ziofreaks like to say.

    • @jack

      No the dna does not prove any such thing. Humams have always been migratory and it's only recently that we have established borders to control such migrations. No doubt many, if not essentially all Europeans, can trace dna roots to the middle east thousands of years ago. Just we can all likely trace roots to Africa many millenia ago.

      Even the Irish and Celts can trace their dna to the Middle East 3,000 years ago.

      No one in their right mind would seriously state that edtablishes an Irish claim to be indigenous to the M.E. and endow them with any form of nationalistic rights in the region.

      While there is no doubt in my mind that some M.E. people migrated to Europe. And that some of those migrants were more than likely Jewish it does not establish a rational cause for Jewish claims to M.E. territory.

      (And as the Israelites moved into the region they were never indigenous to begin with. The Lebanese people do share a major percent of their dna wuth Caananites though)

  • Thousands march to UK parliament calling for justice on Balfour centenary
    • @jackdoh

      "“chase the Jew”."

      Ahava is Chinese owned now. It is still targeted due to it's activities. It never had anything to do with the owners religion and still doesn't. Criminal zionists sure like to hide your crimes behind innocent people. Throw a few more under the bus while you're at it.

      "No matter that Dead Sea products are harvested in Jordan "

      False. Some of their resources come from Jordan. The rest they mine(their terminology)/harvest on West Bank territory and were the only company licensed to do so.

      " and that the Ahava plant which produces the final product is located in Israel, proper, not the West Bank."

      While a new plant was opened in Israel there is no confirmation they have closed down the illegal plant in the west bank.

      Ahava will be a target of BDS until it ceases all illegal activity. And rightly so.

  • Jewish leaders seek to shut down anti-occupation movie in MA because it 'sniffs of Nazism'
    • @rhkroell
      "These “Jewish leaders” must take all American Goys/Gentiles to be clueless ignoramuses. This claim defies logic. Why do these anti-BDS “Jewish leaders” insult Gentiles in this manner? Do they actually imagine all Goys are this dimwitted and/or foolish?"

      Not at all.

      They know enough are truly ignorant of the facts that when added to the numbers who are racist plus those afraid to tell the truth due to the antisemitic canard that their propaganda will carry the day. And it is a canard. A huge canard at that!

      Wile the adl was hyping an surge in antisemitism in 2016 this equated to 1,266 incidents which meant that a Jewish individual had a .03% percent chance of being involved in such an incident. No not 3%. 0.03% Not necessarily comparable but there was a 1% chance of dying from a drug overdose or a .1% chance of dying in a car accident. In otherwords a non issue (although major to any actually involved).

      The adl uses phrases such as - doubling, massive increase, surge, sustained increase, cancer of hate and on and on.

      It's time to stop this fraud upon reality and the public. To end the abuse and murder of minorities by zionists. It's time to put paid to the inane concept of Jewish sensibilities when they show none to anyone else. As they shrug off the murder of children by the immoral idf while crying crocodile tears and whining antisemitism to avoid responsibility for their actions.

      zionists refuse to accept any agency for the mayhem and murder they perpetrate and always claim they are forced to by others despite the fact they are threatened by no one with one of the worlds most powerful armies and a significan nuclear arsenal.

    • Maybe this is merely a blow for secularism and Lappin is offering atheists, such as myself, the right to dictate what goes on in a synagogue?

      What tunnels were the Israeli security apparatus alarmed about? I must have missed that. It was noted in the press that the tunnels they blew up were known about for 7 years. Some alarm!

  • Cartoon of Dershowitz mingled appropriate satire and anti-Semitic imagery
    • @Matthew

      And anyone who sees a spider in the colour version has arachnophobia or has never seen spider.

      The cartoon is umsy and in bad taste. Spider? Pffft buy new glasses.

    • Je suis Charlie anyone? Of course not.

    • Oh please... it looks nothing like a spider.

      While we should care about antisemitism and some zionists do care many of them do not. It's merely a weapon to constrain debate.

      Remember the international furor over the use of actual antisemitic imagery by the Ukraine and nutty yahoo's son? Remember Douche rushing to the defense of Jewish people against such blatant antisemitism?

  • The Balfour centenary is also the centenary of the Zionist lobby
    • @emet

      What's the difference?

      Not a heck of a lot of difference since you are still off base and it is at best a huge exaggeration and at worst a lie.

      Commercial production of acetone existed for a number of years before he came along with his contribution. Science tends to be evolutionary and building upon prior works incrementally. Sometimes revolutionary but his was not one of them.

    • @jackdaw

      " if only Jews came and settled there in sufficient numbers."

      Means, opportunity and history.

      Together with the obvious motive.

      Thence began the ethnic cleansing.

    • @Mooser

      Yeah... I wasn't going to correct him but didn't bother.

      Of course Weizmann did not invent or discover acetone. It had been known for quite a few decades. He did help figure out a way to make it on an industrial scale though in all fairness.

      I guess the short answer to emet as to why it wasn't mentioned in the article is that it's not true and it's just another myth.

  • PM May: Take back the Balfour Declaration – Israel reneged on the bargain
    • It is disgusting how these criminal zionists push the agenda that blaming Jews for the actions of the GoI is antisemetism while Regurgitive's own letter blames the Palestinians for the actions of a UK appointed Mufti.

      I agree with the former but his use of the latter (and the use of the same talking point by other zionists) shows the rank racism in their political ideology.

  • Machsom: mornings at Checkpoint 300
  • Nick Cave urged to cancel Tel Aviv shows by Roger Waters, Angela Davis, Thurston Moore
    • @jon

      The oppressors sealed off an escape tunnel from the world largest open air prison camp and was nowhere Israeli territory. The tunnel had approached a community of armed thieves and illegal squatters.

    • As John notes this is the typical m.o. Murder some people then cry right to defend if there us any blowback. They use this quite regularly and not just 2014. A very murderous bunch of criminal thugs.

  • Leon Wieseltier on the Jewish people sounds a lot like Richard Spencer on white people
    • Why bother. It is false on the face of it. Jews in Africa, Asia amd Europe do not share or have a unique history.

      That extreme lack of common history is what disqualifies them from being an ethnicity

      It is a common religion and no more.

    • He doesn't sound a lot like spencer. It is identical. The only diff is the ethnic/racial group favoured. Both movements grew out of the same dark racist period when such vile beliefs were considered (by the immoral and emotionally sick) to be some sort of enlightenment. Zionism needs to be buried in the dung heap with the rest of those strains of thought.

      Seriously. You can't go any lower than those belief systems. You are a mental midget if you can't believe every human is an equal and all life is precious. Zionism is abhorent in this modern age.

  • Newspaper ads offer employment help for new immigrants to Israel -- but only if you're Jewish
    • @jeffb

      "they were aggressively recruiting non-white Jews to make Aliyah in huge numbers. They cleared most of the world of its non-white Jewish population and made them Israelis. "

      Well noted and quite true given the invented myth that those Jews were refugees forced from their countries of origin.

      All countries have their myths. Israel doesn't seem to have anything but.

  • In order to receive hurricane relief, Texas town requires residents to reject Israel boycott
    • Zionism is not merely a movement for a jewish homeland. It is a threat to our freedoms and democracies.

  • Who can save Israel now? Labor leader emulates Netanyahu
    • @yonah

      Good question. Why not ask some of the zionist leaders. They are quite buddy buddy with the neofacists and neonazis.

    • @Mooser

      Ah yes but they do so only because they are victims. Amnd when it blows up in their face they will wail they are the victims again.

    • @Mooser

      It's impossible to argue with him. Now if only other zionists could be as honest.

  • Occupation, in the details (Part II)
    • @Philip

      At the risk of wasting my time only to have my post not make it through moderation due to being off topic.

      The tarantino posture might be a good as label as any to use for this situation but there is something that has been rather stark throughout this whole series of disclosures. Not for what has been present but what has been missing.

      Unless I'm just looking in the wrong place I haven't seen a single (significant) individual protesting that weinstein is merely accused and entitled to a fair trial. Or attacked the women casting doubts on their integrity and dreaming up fanciful excuses as to why they are lying. Not a single one.

      To me this is both amazing and truly shocking on an awful level. His company has fired him, awards withdrawn or in the process of being withdrawn.

      Clearly it's not merely tarantino. The industry knows/knew he was guilty. The industry was part of the effort to keep it quiet and under the rug. No one is wating for any truth as they know the truth. Look at this history of other abuses and consider the coverage, particularly in political cases. The only scenario which I consider worse is that they're trying to bury him because they're all at it too and want it out of the news cycle. Time will tell.

      Anyway it's sad to see that the casting couch was still in full operation and not a myth. Hopefully it brings some changes for the better.

  • 'The other side of the Siege' -- the IDF takes on the Jenin Freedom Theatre
    • Balance is important in this very complex issue..... well not all the time. Only when the situation of the abused is being told. Oppressors have free reign to spew their bile uncontested.

      Israelis are so disconnected from humanity and reality. Brainwashed from birth.

  • The pedagogy of apartheid
  • In Ireland, a Palestinian is understood
  • On my sixth visit, I've never seen Gaza so devastated
    • @Mooser

      There is an Israeli left but they have no power or say. And they are under attack from the GoI and their fellow zionist citizens.

      Jon belongs to the left wing of the right wing facists who hold fake collections and glad handing for the victims of Israeli racist terrorism while doing absolutely nothing to correct or change the system. Claiming to be absent of sin while living on the rubble of the indiginous people.

    • @jon s

      You're a total fake. Assuming you are not deaf dumb and blind you are well aware that Israel keeps flattening civilian infrastructure. A war crime.

      Indeed it is not only Gaza but it has done the same to Lebanon and is now publicly threatening to do it again. Israel has beco.e a criminal state. By it's own choice. Despicable brigands.

    • @jeffb

      I can't easily blockquote as i am on my phone but...

      Bs.. Israel does respect it's treaties with Egypt and Jordan due to US pressure. It certainly does not respect maritime law particularly in terms of enforcement of it's blockade. And also in terms of ceasefire agreements with Hamas. It's criminal infractions are numerous and well documented. In terms of Syria there is a ceasefire and Israeli incursions into Syrian airspace are a violation of that agreement. Goes to show that Israel is a rogue state whose word cannot be trusted on the wormd stage. It must be said again and again israel never misses an opportunity to delegitimize itself

      Israel has been bee offered many chances for a peace treaty but refuses to aacept or negotiate one. With anyone for that matter as the Jordan and Egypt treaties only exist due to external pressure.

      Israel has no rigbt of anything as long as it insists on being an outlaw regime.

      I call bs on your last point as well. Certainly the US would be responsible but provided it acted against the michigan militia. Just as Hamas has acted against militants. If I use your logic then Israel is responsible for carrying out attacks against 20 Christian churches including total destruction proving that there is no freedom of religion in the 2bit state and that they are waging war against Christianity. No I dont claim that. That is your claim and logic.

    • @jeffb

      Name one border Israel has ever agreed to respect. I will give you two. Egypt and Jordan. Not that I know it respects them of course. I'll just accept an argument they do. So technically I should say name one more.

      Witness the recent violation of Syrian airspace which Israel categorized as a routine (violation and act of war against Syria) operation.

      In the last lawn mowing exercise it was no the Gazans who did not respect the border that triggered the battles. It was Israel. They violated the border to carry out murders. The Gazans responded at which time the perps (Israel) whined they were being attacked.

      This was confirmed by Israel in interviews with the ToI in which they admitted that Hamas had been respecting it's agreement and enforcing the agreement against other militant groups that disobeyed.

      Israeli zionists, such as yourself, are basically lying scum. My apologies to biological flotsam. You certainly have been caught in many lies in the past couple of weeks as you've spewed your acid induced views of the ME conflict.

  • The low-rent bullying of the Zionist ideologue
    • @jeffb

      The worst analogy I've ever encountered.

      It bears no resemblance to what is occuring in Palestine whatsoever.

      The worst part is I believe you do think it is good.

      It merely shows how depraved the zionist mindset is.

      When durban said zionism is racism I was appalled. I hadn't become aware of the reality in the ME.

      The sad truth is that is indeed racism. Of the most foul kind. No worse than others we have seen in history but it is equally as bad as the worst we have seen in history. It is a lethal, murderous racism. And it's adherents have no path to redemption. They have no hold on reality or morality. Not even liberal zionists who want to moan and whine while abusing millions of humans.

  • Leading journalists call 2nd Amendment an anachronism -- but spare Zionism
    • @jeffb

      If someone supports Israel it is not pro Jewish but if someone is opposed to Israel it is anti Jewish and they are antisemitic.

      I agree with the first part jeff. And I'm not sure you have ever made a claim on the basis of the 2nd part but it is the typical argument. Clearly the two clash.

  • Israeli plan to 'transfer' 300,000 Palestinians to West Bank is new normal -- Zoabi
    • @jackie

      Oh... and the absence of a legal annexation process.

    • @jackie boy

      1. Israel declaration of independence
      2. Multiple rulings of the UNSC.
      3. Rulings of the Israeli high court of justice/supreme court
      4. pleadings of the criminal GoI before it's high court
      5. Hague conventions
      6. Geneva conventions

      There is more. Technically these rulings etc apply to all of Jerusalem. Nobody but the murderous thugs and criminals who call themselves zionists recognizes a single square inch/cm of Jerusalem as part of Israel. Most of the world has said it will when a 2ss is finalized with East Jerusalem as it's Capitol. Until then be prepared to be called and derided for the lawless brigands and thieves you are.

  • Media criticism of gun lobby after Vegas massacre would make the Israel lobby blush
  • Feel-good Gaza poster in NY window draws feel-bad response from neighbor
    • @jack

      All nations have a right to defend themselves. Yes including Isrsel.

      Palestinians have a right to resist colonizatiin and oppression specifically including the use of violence against the perps.

      Israel advancing and securing land theft and ensuring their victims remain deprived of their basic human rights is not even remotely practicing self defence. Morw zionist perversion of words and reality.

      With your complete lack of solid moral footing you would find the rapist to be the victim if the person being raped fights back.

    • @jack

      "If it were truly-religion based, it would not accept atheists."

      But it doesn't. You intentionally dropped the qualifier. It accepts atheists who have the right religious pedigree.

      "What is your objection to religion-based?"

      No objection to the observance of certain holidays etc and provided it's a state for all it's citizens and doesn't discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity. Of course Israel does discriminate in a number of those areas. In fact discrimination is a key value for zionism.

      "What vile, vulgar, vicious, violent and barbaric bigoted principles do you see in Zionism?"

      Read it's history. That's the reality of zionism.

    • @jackie

      Yes, Israel will take in atheists if they have the right religious pedigree. It is a religious supremacist state by it's own definition. Jews are not a race (unless you agree with nazis and antisemities). They ars also not an ethnicity as people of the Jewish faith are found within many ethnicities from Asia to Africa to Europe and now the Americas. Their commonality is sharing the same religious beliefs or being descended from those who share those beliefs on their mother's side. Of course that it is based on their mother's side is also a religious restriction.

      Zionism started as a secular movement for sure but it mirrored thaf antisemitic belief of racists who considered people of the Jewish faith as the other. It has used that antisemitic basis as a core foundation. It is as unacceptable and racist for zionists to hold thay belief as for non zionists or non Jews. It is founded and sustained on vile, vulgar and, in the case of Israel, viscious violent and barbaric bigoted principles.

      Depraved and despicable.

    • @jackie

      Thousands? So what? Most of those rockets are home made. It would take many hundreds to equal the power of a single bomb, shell or rocket from Israel. They aren't military grade. And the existance of homemade rockets does not obviate Israeli control and occupation of Gaza. And Israel uses it's powerful military weapons to wipe out entire innocent families.

      The occupation of Gaza exists regardless on the basis that it is part of the occuppied Palestinian territory. While Israelis like to think of them a different territories they aren't and as long as one part is considered occupied the entire territory is considered thus under international law.

      The true bottom line is that neither the distinction nor Hamas would exist were it not for the rogue state of Israel's crimes. It's supporters bear the shame and guilt.

  • New group challenges role of Israel lobby inside Labour Party as effort to undermine Corbyn continues
  • On empathy, Yom Kippur, and the NFL
    • @jon s

      Typical of you. Disgusting actually. You know that is not what he asked nor what he suggested. Typical dirtbag pretending to be somehow liberal while standing on the neck of Palestinians.

  • Ten days of awe: standing with whom?
  • Why the split inside the Democratic Party over BDS needs to happen
    • @jeffb

      There is a ton of evidence that israel has been supporting both isis and al qaeda in this fight. It can't be argued against. Witnessed and reported.

      israel is a terrorist staye. Born out of terrorism. Enlarged through terrorism and the major world supporter of terrorism.

    • @jeffb

      Even the UNSC is against.

      And you think Israel deserves a pat on the back for helping to destabilize the region. Zions is a scourge, destroying millions of lives. Vile for the same reasons as other 19th century racist belief systems.

    • @jeffb

      Backing the kurds is part of the yinon plan to break up and destabilize the middle eastern states that are near Israel. It's hardly out of the goodness of their hearts as the motive is malicious and mendacious interference in the soveriegn nations that have the right to live in peace.

      Enough of this Israel wants peace crap. It's a malign entity and influence in the region.

  • Jews have religious commandment to support Israel and fight BDS -- American Jewish Committee
    • @jeffb/eva

      Under both zionist and bush doctrine the world is now justified in using extreme and horrific levels of violence against Israrl. Jeffb will stand up and call it fair play. Of course he won't and of course it isn't but that is where his immoral train of thought and logic lead us.

      Luckily jeff is a total fraud (and i dare add traitor to his home country by his own words) amd does not represent anything but a lunatic fringe. Said lunatic fringe sadly governs the criminal zionists of Israel.

  • Read Netanyahu's UN speech, which praises Trump to the skies and matches his North Korea hyperbole on Iran
    • Iran is in Syria legally and doing a wonderful job of eliminating ISIS and saving lives of innocent civilians.

      Israel is in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine illegally and targetting innocent civilians in violation of International Law and International Humanitarian Law. Not to mention the Hague and Geneva conventions.

      Big difference. Israel is not the only problem in the region but it is a major problem and distabilizing factor.

  • Netanyahu slathers praise on Trump for making US-Israel relationship 'stronger and deeper'
    • I'm tempted to copy that pic and put it on ebay. For sale two narcissistic bookends. Both have some damage and are not suitable for use with educational or intellectual material.

  • 'Regime instability' in Iran is aim of leading Israel advocate's memo to White House
    • @RoHa

      Jeffb is lying through his teeth. The IAEA inspections are limited to a small preapproved/agreed sample of commercial nuclear operations. Any facility which has a national security impact are off limits. The sites to be monitored are changed every couple of years.

  • New York TV stations smear Roger Waters-- who praises BDS as 'one of most admirable pieces of resistance world has seen'
    • The signs read that waters denies Israelis human rights. So risible. The only people who are having their rights denied are the Palestinians and it is Israel doing that.

      And as we've seen they have reached the stage where they are publicly discussing genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

  • Israeli rightist Smotrich lays out the vision for apartheid
    • @Annie

      I agree with you. And, like you, I don't really care either. Self identify away and enjoy it. I do care when that identification is used as a basis for denying the rights of other people. If we are going back to days when any group of people who wish to self identify are entitled to do so and to claim a national homeland through violence then we are in for a very bloody future. I don't want that for anyone.

    • @Annie

      Just as Kaifeng Jews and Tunisian Jews are not a nation nor are they part of the same nation. It's like calling the removal of the illegal settlers "ethinic cleansing". Zionists bastardize the meaning of words to suit their criminal and racist agenda.

    • Depraved is the only word which applies. How sick does a society have to be that one can openly promulgate genocide with a nod and wink from the PM no less. Visit the family of a slain terrorist and there is an uproar in the press and attempts to remove Knesset rights. Genocide and no one blinks.

      Utterly depraved. As zionists would say, a cancer which needs to be removed.

  • Critics slam ADL for training U.S. police in Israel-- and when Reddit AMA goes off script
    • The adl should officially rename itself to the Apartheid Defense League. They have no connection to human rights.

  • Arab League and Palestinian Authority to block Israeli bid for UN Security Council seat
    • It is beyond ludicrous to think that a nation in violation of 70+ UNSC resolutions could be given a seat on the UNSC. Let alone the constant violent defamation of the UN by the criminals that constitute the GoI

      Is there any other nation in such bad standing? Has there ever been one?

  • 'Voice of boycott' was heard in Montgomery and South Africa, why not Israel? Roger Waters writes in 'NYT'
    • @Mooser

      And I struggle to come to a conclusion. Are zionists so totally ignorant of what it takes to constitute the crimes of apartheid and genocide? Are they ignorant of what international law states in terms of the settlements? Are they mendacious enough that they know full well but attempt to obfuscate with meaningless references to South Africa or the current population count of Palestinians? Are they vile enough that they do so with glee? Are they actually victims who have been indoctrinated to totally ignore these things as well as ignore basic humanity?

      I have difficulty figuring out which it is and fluctuate in my opinion. Regardless of which it is, zionism is not a force for good in any measure of the word and it is certainly not a light unto nations. It needs to be stopped before it drags us back 2,000 years in human development

    • @annie

      Emet would no doubt take great affront at being referred to as a racist supremacist. Yet displays that exact attribute multiple times in one small post.

    • There is something so knee slapping funny about a zionist complaining about the Arab world being violent. Such a statement requires a complete absence of self awareness. Bizarre.

  • Gideon Levy calls out Israel's fundamental, racist religion: Zionism
  • American Legion calls on Congress to finally investigate 'USS Liberty' attack, 50 years after
    • @jeffb

      You're merely avoiding the issue. The Moorer report documents that three life rafts were machine gunned by Israeli torpedo boats.

      I stand by my original comments despite you're attempt to avoid the issue. You can dehumanize the individuals as much as you want but the fact remains attempts were made to murder them. Murders such as these are war crimes and should be prosecuted as such.

    • @jeffb

      First time i have heard of sailors in life boats classified as equipment. But then zionists do love to dehumanize people.

  • Prominent Israeli rabbi preaches rape in war time
    • @jack

      Freedom house receives 80% of it's funding from the us gov. Openly a d not including any money funneled to them.

      As already pointed out to you the countries you chose to compare Israel is very telling. I guess when you'rw trying to defend a hell hole for those not of the right ethnic group you have little choice.

  • As many as 1 million Israelis have left for the U.S.
    • @Annie

      Yes I saw that late last night. Unbelievable! Talk about spitting in the face of every victim of the nazis.

      And today I read they are secretly stripping thousands of non Jewish citizens of their citizenship. No notice. No judicial process. Just leave them stateless.

      Israel has completely gone off the rails. Lunacy.

    • @yonah

      No matter how many words you toss out you will not be able to normalize the core, and rank, racism that is at the heart of the zionist project.

      The core beliefs of zionism are every bit as repugnant and vile as those beliefs which have given rise to nazism, white supremacism and every other supremacist belief system. No moral person who views humanity as equals would do anything but spit upon the belief system. No amount of pontification can't whitewash the abhorent nature and base that gives rise to such feelings.

      Indeed zionism has not walked down the road to a final solution as they nazis did. That said the discussion of final solutions have found a way into the norm of Israeli discourse and those views are expressed openly without any form of opprobrium whatsoever.

      You know it's wrong but you can't find the moral backbone to denounce such an outright evil. In your failure to do so you in effect give credence to those evil enough to suggest hitler was right.

      What goes around comes around. There is only one clear moral path here that treats all of us as humans with the same worth.

      As Mooser says, 2 billion Jews can't be wrong. You can make the choice to side with 7 billion humans or the small percentage that might view Jewish people as lesser forms.

      I would hope you join with the majority of us who value all of humanity.

    • I would be fine with that even though i dispute the existance of any god.

      The problem is the racist zionists in terms of israel (and racists belief in whatever elsewhere).

      They are truly scum of the earth.

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