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Age 59 for a little while. Canadian. Left wing socially, conservative economically. Not right wing tho ;)

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  • Israeli ambassador lodges anti-Semitism complaint against Dutch song mocking Israel's human right record
    • @annie

      Calling something out as a trope is sometimes used as an excuse or cover.

      When labelling something as a trope denies actual facts then it's being misused. Of course it's all in the wording for sure.

  • Gaza killings are rending the Jewish community
    • @eljay

      Agreed. And it's amazing how often those comparisons must be made fictional. Imagine if, or we all know what would happen if. Or false choices.

      If zionism was such disreputable, vile belief and movement they could probably at least make real world comparisons.

      Fact is they can't. They're in the bottom of the gutter.

  • Debunking 18 claims justifying this week's Gaza massacre
    • @jon @annie @etc

      Perhaps jon raises an interesting question. Perhaps not.

      I'm equally interested in the opposite side.

      How do Israeli parents feel knowing their children are going off to kill innocent women & children & babies medics, journalists? Children playing in their own front yard or on their way to or from school. Both of which have happened many times.

      Do those parents feel pride at the absence of humanity in the children they raised? Do they send them off full of hope they'll extinquish the life force of some less than 12 months old?. If not do they object when they do in fact do that? Not to my knowledge.

      You can't say it doesn't happen or even that it is all that rare. I guess they may bury their heads in the sand.

      Or perhaps they pervert reality and morality as we saw in the azaria case where a murdering medic becomes a national hero. A cause celebre.

      Jon has lots of time to comment on a society and people he is not a part of. Of which he knows little if anything. Perhaps he could share his wisdom on that society which he is a member of which displays a moral inversion and deep deep rot of sickness

  • Live Blog: Protests continue as Palestinians begin holding funerals for 61 killed in Gaza
    • lol I won't be sodding off any time soon jockstrap,

      No impotent rage here just utter contemp for the likes of you. For Israel and it's supporters who are far worse than Hamas or Hezbollah ever have been.

      One a funnier note it's laughable how for years people have asked zionists where are Israel's borders without a response. Israel never decalred any border we're told. Funny how all of a sudden they insist there is one.

      No it's not a border fence. It's a prison or concetration camp. Run by depraved racist Israel.

    • @jackdaw

      nothing to do with whether the murders were war crimes or not. Additionally the info was podt event and therefore nothing to do with the decision to commit murder.
      doesn't remotely address the thousands injured and hit by sniper fire.

      Israel and it's supporters are depraved child murderers. Your apologetics are obscene.

  • 'Superpowers will not give us freedom so we will take it with our own hands': scenes from Gaza's final Friday protest at the border
    • It should be remembered that jon, who is so steeped and mired in supremacist/racist beliefs that he exposes them on a routine basis, claims to be on the left.

      You go jon. Enjoy your stolen land.

  • Philadelphia Jewish groups try to stop publication of article critical of Israel, insist on BDS training for Inquirer editors
  • Netanyahu's cheap theatrics fall flat, but alas, he has an audience of one -- Trump
    • @jackdaw

      You must still be reading that same article over and over.

      Not that hard to explain. This is all info that the IAEA had in Vienna. They would have had pictures of all facilities as well.

    • @dabakr

      Lol you must be reading a single news article over and over. Most of the press is covering the fact that there is nothing new disclosed and speculating that trump will be fooled anyway.

      Really do baker? You believe that they actually managed to steal decade old material from Iran?? Gullible must be your middle name.

    • A lot of the comments are a/s. As vile as nutty himself.

  • The struggle of Palestinians is the struggle of Native Americans
    • @jackdaw

      The Caananites called and want you to gtfo their country.

      " many scholars believe that the Israelites, who appear around the beginning of the Iron Age, may have originally been Canaanites."

    • @annie

      Considering the time, expense and effort put into discrediting Corbyn and Labour this is def a huge loss for the conservatives an, also, the right wing zionist smear machine.

    • @MHughes

      Just came across this and thought it amusing and relevant.

      BBC billed as impartial and unbiased. Even respected around the world at one point.

      Newsreader is presenting elections in which labour made the biggest gains and the cons lost seats as a con victory.

      Ever impartial she mentions Barnet "We took Barnet". Roughly 13 second mark.

      Note... in fairness some say she says retook. I listened again amd think they may be right.

      Anyway... these elections are the best results for labour since 1971 despite all the attacks and Israeli money poured into stopping Corbyn. They may well be on track to the best results ever in the next general election.

    • @MHughes976

      Yet despite all the anti labour, anti Corbyn campaigning the labour share of the Barnet vote actually increased by 3%.

  • Flaming kites mark fifth Friday of Gaza protests
    • @mondonut

      It's extracted out of the context of the article.

      And yes the tires are peaceful and nonviolent. They are a defensive action against violent terrorist murderers.

      I left the burning kites alone, until now, but they aren't molotov cocktails regardless.

    • @mondonut

      By selectively extracting portions of text you (dishonestly) change the context from what is being said (and seen on video). From one where the tires were rolled in the direction of the soldiers to one where the soldiers were the target.

      If you were to stand on the bottom of the mounds behind which the cowardly iof hide to murder children and youth, you could not roll a tire, burning or otherwise, up and over it.

      There was no violence directed at Israeli thugs as a consequence of those burning tires.

    • @mondonut

      You forgot that there's a steel fence between those burning tires and soldiers. So you are being quite dishonest in suggesting that they were being rolled towards soldiers. They're used for a smoke screen in order to hamper the murderous terrorists in the iof from slaughtering unarmed civilians.

      The GoI, iof and it's supporters are despicable.

  • Las Vegas print shop refuses to print JVP banner over Israel politics
    • @ech

      No it's quite clear. It's also clearly stupid.

    • @Keith

      You missed my point. You said
      "If the message was objectionable, perhaps not. "

      It's obvious that you don't find this message objectionable but I am asking you who gets to make the determination if it actually is and what is the basis for their determination.

      I think objectionable is far too weak a standard for anything.

    • @ech

      ", I start thinking that this kind of legislation has finished being useful and that it might be much better if any discrimination was allowed to private actors."

      Worst idea I've heard in ages. How racists and bigots would take advantage of this is quite clear.

      You'd set everything back at least a half century and balkanize US society to an extent greater than it is now.

    • @ech

      "As long as you don’t do it explicitly and demonstrably on the basis of skin color, religion, national origin or disability status."


    • @Keith

      Message was objectionable? Objectional by whose opinion?

    • Nice sign ech. Doesn't mean it is legal should you do so.

    • @eljay & yonah

      While I agree that the printer likely will not be required to provide service I think you're wrong on both the cake and the reasons why.

      The cake is not mere food. We've all seen wedding cakes. Highly decorated, often containing words, images, etc. It is indeed a message as an image is worth a thousand words and the baker is helping the couple to make that message.

      The constitution provides a number of protected classes(?)/attributes which may not be discriminated against. Race, gender, yada, yada.

      The refusal of service does not, imo, target any of those protections. They aren't being refused service due to the race, religion, gender, etc.
      They are being refused service due to what I would consider to be a form of political position or opinion. That to my knowledge is not a protected characteristic under the constitution.

      My only hedge is that I vaguely remember a discussion wrt to software years ago about a case of refusing to provide a service. The case was being made that if you run a business offering public service then you must indeed provide that service to the public without any discrimination. I don't remember the outcome but that would sure change things.

  • The Gaza border is a theater of cultural resistance
  • Nine-month sentence is not justice, says father of 17-year-old Palestinian killed by Israeli soldier
    • @Annie

      Truly sickening. This was a pure sport/thrill kill and not an accident of any kind. Even if the shooter did not know there was a live round chambered. I remember the video well. He drove up in a vehicle. Got out, borrowed a weapon and took a gratuitous shot at a kid. Then passed the gun back and left.

      Even more sickening is the excuses and hasbara being spun by Oren, guided by wolfe.

      Israeli justice is rooted in apartheid. In other words it's injustice.

  • Dear Natalie Portman: I too was once a liberal Zionist
    • @sharonsj

      More zionist fake history.

      I swear you copied that garbage from somewhere. It doesn't even sound original.

      Israel started the 67 war. And the rest of your post is equally wrong.

  • Roger Cohen scares his readers: 'the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state'
    • @ech

      Well said.

      zionists always try to avoid the issues by engaging in minutia

    • @yonah

      Given there were a number of militant groups which were operating at the time, and which were absorbed into the IDF, in part or whole, referring to them collectively as JDF would seem appropriate.

      On June 1, 1948, the soldiers - members of the Haganah, Etzel and Lehi - were sworn in, and formed the Israel Defense Forces. The Haganah provided the new army with the bulk of its army, weapons, armament, and martial values, thus completing the transition from the Haganah to the IDF.

  • Natalie Portman's criticism of 'atrocities' leaves Israel's advocates silent
    • Gosh Hitler refers to a collective instinct for survival.

      Now who is it that makes similar statements and worries so much about assimilation.

      The shared roots of certain political movements are so apparent.

  • Israeli gunshots are causing 'unusually severe damage' to legs, exit wounds as big as a fist -- human rights group
    • I must have skipped right over this subthread or my page needed to be refreshed ... anyway these bullets look like the G2 I found. I still think the review on this type of ammo is applicable particularly given it was not written with this illegal massacre in mind.

    • @James

      I'm not sure they are using exploding bullets. I have seen a couple of pictures of supposed rounds recovered from the wounded. Assuming they are correct it would appear that they may be using radically invasive projectiles. (RIP). I don't know if there are other brands out there but at the link below if you click on the .300 blk subsonic tab you get a decent image of the sideview of an expended round.

      Given Israeli penchant for inflicting violence and suffering on others it would tie in with this review of the cartridge

      This summation line near the end of the article is quite appropos

      "And that, friends, is what the G2 Research’s R.I.P. round truly represents: 96 grains of pure, unadulterated hate. A desire to inflict suffering. Period."

  • 'NY Times' coverage of Gaza turns biased again, partly in response to pressure from Hasbara Central
    • "Misterioso

      Gosh the article fails to note that the statements rec`d praise from Jewish groups as well. And here I thought ensuring balance was something ziofreaks sought.

      The statements were the minimal required in cases where a rogue state is murdering civilians in cold blood. While I think they could and should have been more strongly worded they still manage to shame both trudeau and scheer for their silence in the face of such horrendous calculated crimes against humanity.

      Oh and screw the Jewish groups that are upset. Immoral apologists for murder the lot of them.

  • Israel's genocidal explanations for killing unarmed protesters are only isolating it further
    • @Maghlawatan

      Whether during world war II or now. And throughout the years. zionists do tend to align themselves with the most vile of racists and despots. One can only wonder why that is. Sarcasm aside, it's obvious why that is. Birds of a feather.

  • Sen. Warren and 5 congresspeople finally criticize Israel's killings; pressure mounts on Feinstein
    • @hmp49

      Not sure if you are a ninny or just the usual hasbrarat.

      You've try to make it sound like Israel is killing people so as to not kill people. Completely silly. Israel is killing because it can and as we know it's troops quite enjoy the entertainment of doing so.

      You conveniently omitted the context of the quote you provided. Hamas doesn't have the power to breach the fence even if an opportunity presents. Israel has never had any issue with Palestinians or Arabs in general. They've even perpetrated egregious war crimes and crimes against humanity in order to do so. Israel has no fear that it can't easily bring enough firepower to eliminate defenseless civilians. The only thing holding the genocidal zionist back is the potential political fallout.

      This was a cheerleeding speech to the community and a statement that the demonstrations will continue until their RoR is recognized and implemented by Israel.

      I thought you nutters were big on balance and particularly nuance. Apparently not so much.

  • Contextualizing the Great March of Return
    • @Mayhem

      Every word you spout applies to Israel. Not the Palestinians.

    • @eljay

      Sadly I must say I agree. The dinosaurs at least had an external cause for their demise while we seem to either be quite intent on our own or at best no better than lemmings running over the cliff. I think we have too high an opinion of ourselves and some of us considers themselves even higher.

  • 50 NYU student groups endorse BDS, call on university to divest from companies complicit in Israeli occupation
    • @james north

      omg could we get this as a pinned comment or something. Really? RoHa wrong? Tell me it ain't so lol

  • 1948 and the Anglo–Saxim: on Western involvement in expulsion of the Palestinians
    • @jockstrap

      The croc called and wants it's tears back.

      Put the fakery aside jock. Zionists have never shown any concern for anyone but themselves. Zionists and Israel are so concerned about those refugees they aid and abet Al Nusra/Qaeda and are buddies with the Sauds.

  • Jews and trauma
    • @Mooser

      Collectively that would be none then in my opinion. Individually, no more than anyone else.

    • @eljay

      Being labelled as such doesn't have much of a sting when one is doing what is morally right.

    • @eljay

      Ah ... ok. Yes of course but the way it was stated I thought you were saying that Jews were indeed a longstanding problem. It surprised me so I'm glad I asked!

    • @eljay

      "Jews were the longstanding problem and a (final) solution was finally devised to deal with them."

      What prompted you to say that...or why were Jews the longstanding problem?

      jon s
      "the Holocaust took place without any such conflict"
      To deny there was conflict is to bury your head in the sand. The final solution occured well after the nazis came to power and certainly after the Jewish boycott of Germany. That certainly doesn't justify a single death let alone genocide. Although as I typed that I should perhaps remember the GoI cabinet minister who threatened the lives of people who support BDS. He seemed to think boycotts merits death.

      And you accuse eljay earlier in the thread of being antiJewish because of support for laws against circumcision. Such a cop out on your part and your ingrained racist supremacism shows. People can avoid body modification on children for any number of principled reasons. But apparently you feel there should be a Jewish exception to even principled reasons.

      Stick with teaching fake history. It's all you can handle I suspect.

  • Thousands demand the right to return as smoke envelops Gaza on a new 'bloody Friday'
    • @rico

      Two thumbs up.

      I may steal/copy your message and use it myself if that's ok? I will paraphrase it at the very least. Your lawyer may contact my lawyer over any copyright infringement haha :)

  • Seven things you need to know about Israel's latest attack on Gaza
    • Very well said Michael.

      My only nitpick is describing Israeli actions as criminal. They are far beyond that now and the world needs to stop appeasing them and say all lives matter and enough is enough. The murder spree has gone on for far too long.

    • A few years ago Rivlin said that Israeli society was sick. It is way way beyond that now. What kind of a pervert would gather to watch people being killed. And the Israeli news station posted that as it is was a positive thing. Best seats in town!

      There are no words adequate to describe the level of perversity in this. Exceeded solely by the perversity of using armed snipers against unarmed civilians.

    • @mayhem

      don't be asinine. Israel wasn't put into any position. It kills because it wants to.

      There was so much threat to Israel and the fence that local residents of Israel near the fence gathered to enjoy the preferred spectator sport in Israel of watching defenseless Palestinians get slaughtered.

  • Israel just lost American Jews
    • @jockstrap

      30,000 people aren't trying to breech the border.

      Israel is slaughtering civilians. Mostly unarmed civilians.

      Cold blooded murder.

      Israel has become an abomination.

    • @jockstrap

      Cold blooded murder

      If Israel does not occupy Gaza it has no business or concern with what they do on their own land.

  • B'Tselem calls on Israeli soldiers to defy shooting orders, lest they commit war crimes
    • On cue.... reports of unknown gas which causes nausea and paralysis are surfacing. No independent confirmation yet but OPCW will hopefully be given samples.

    • Does anyone know what the border fence is made out of? From pictures it would appear to be steel.

      The zio nutters terrorist leaders have said the Palestinians are gathering tires to burn down the fence. Given the various temps involved that's ludicrous.

      They've alao expressed concern about the toxic smokes effect on Palestinians. Risible that they care a whit about their health when they pump raw sewage onto their lands. The lead is that they say the Palestinians will claim poisonous gas was used on them.

      Given the murderous history of Israel it looks exactly like that. Pre establish a need to use force (burn down the fence) and create an alibi for pretending gas is not used (smoke).

      They tested using drones for delivery of gas already.

  • Pelosi and 9 Dems had 'excellent meeting' with Netanyahu even as Israel sent 'dozens of snipers' to Gaza
    • As a side effect at least guidofawkes has been outed. Lo and behold a well known virulent right wing racist. Quelle surprise.

  • Killing Palestinian protesters turns into a PR debacle for Israel
  • A brief, unhappy history of Israeli massacres
    • @Mayhem

      Pure bs. There are more than one glaringly false or misleading statements on that page which call into question the legitimacy of the entire web site. I'll listen to the independent human rights orgs and not the official pronouncements of one of the worst human rights violators and murderous regimes on the planet.

      Give it a rest Israeli lies are long past their stale date.

    • zaod

      I still take the issue of human shields quite seriois. The penchant of Israel to use human shields is quite well documented. Frequently they use children for such activities.

      Their claims against Palestinians are their usual projection necessitated by the vileness of their crimes (once more - usually against children)

  • 'We will not wait 70 years more': scenes from Gaza's March of Return
    • @mondonut

      We aren't in a court of law mondo so I'm not sure if you are splitting hairs but th the UDHR went on to be referred to as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, a treaty which was signed and ratified by Israel. UDHR is a lot easier to type than ICCPR (and to remember). Any who knows anything about it knows it's progression,

      The issue of retroactivity is irrelevant and Israel continues to violate this treaty through it's expulsions andeven insisting those who leave not return for a specified period of time.

      But then when doesn't Israel violate law.

      I clearly never said that Israel agreed 194 but was binding. I said they agreed to adhere to it. And they did.

      More malicious lies from the GoI and the criminals that support it.

    • @mondonut

      Right of return as embodied in the UDHR and UN Resolution 194 which was agreed to by Israel. Whether the resolution was binding or not is irrelevant as Israel agreed to it and has since proved it's agreement is never to be trusted.

  • Israeli forces shoot unarmed protesters from across Gaza security fence, killing at least 15
    • BS. There was no exchange of fire. It's sovereignty wasn't threatened in any way shape or form. The cold blooded murders by the criminal terrorists in the risibly labelled idf weren't on Israeli territory.

      Israel. Not even better than the worst hellholes in the world.

  • Passover is a reminder the battle between Moses and the Pharaoh is still raging
    • @jockstrap

      I take disagreement part of what you wrote but your response isn't even relevant as none of it negates the similarities in intent and use of crimes against humanity to reach an inherently illegal objective.

      ISIS and JSIL are equivalents and have even acted as allies.

    • @jockdoh

      As eljay I condemn any supremacist state but it should be noted that ISIS has more in common with zionist Israel than with Hamas. Both use murder and terror, both commit acts of ethnic cleansing, both commit acts of genocide, both steal other peoples territory for the purpose of building a greater state. Both or lower than pond scum.

    • I totally condemn Israeli terrorism and Israeli state terrorism. No reservation whatsoever. Despicable criminals.

      Hamas ... Well the countries representing the majority of human life on this plan do not consider them a terrorist org. I do condemn the fact they are forced to resort to violent tactics by the oppresive crimes of Israel.

    • @echinococcus

      Sundry includes the Israeli gov in September 1948.

      But then they showed their true stripes by creating the Lehi Medal in honour of the despicable terrorists and murderers in 1980.

      And Israel complains about Palestinians honouring those they consider to be terrorists. Typical.

  • Despite Israel's threats of violence, Gaza protesters have peaceful dream
    • What borders are they? Israel claims all territory West of the Jordan. Don't you listen to the GoI. Are they liars? Are they untrustworthy?

      This is a march of the oppressed minority living on the land they (Israel) claim is theirs and who are denied any form of citizenship or basic human rights.

      Who even though they will be unarmed will be met by armed troops whose orders are to shoot to kill.

      Have not nutty, bennet, shaked, and other assorted scum stated there will be no other state west of the jordan? Have they not denied that the individuals who have lived their for hundreds or thousands of years. Even denied their existance? Have they not dehumanized them sufficiently for your liking?

      Sorry to be long winded. I could have just said that the iof are cold blooded killers of innocents. And that Israelis are dyed in the wool racists and saved a lot of typing.

      No, Israel is not better than the hellholes it likes to compare itself with. It is far far worse.

  • Jeremy Corbyn and ’anti-Semitism’ - making sense of the hysteria
    • @RoHa

      And I don't really care about speeling or grammer (sic) unless it makes the sentence incoherent. Each to their own!

      That said, I agree. This represents a serious threat to our democracy and we have already seen a serious assault on our free speech. It needs to be stopped and those who threaten thosr things need to be seen as outright enemies.

      The assault against labour makes demands that Laboir must be subservient to zionism/zionists. It is in their core demands before they will even meet with JC.
      Israel is acting illegally. If the majority choose to ignore that then that is democracy but the attempt to subvert democracy must be met, challenged and outright defeated.

      Putin and Russia threaten no one. Dictatorships threaten only their own citizens in the long run. Israel is a threat to democracy, human rights and liberty on a world wide basis.

      To think less than 20 years ago I supported the criminal enterprise. Forever to my shame.

  • On the 'double standard' for Israel
    • @RoHa

      Maybe jon is trying to admit that the justice system in Israel is a farce and an injustice system.

      Israeli Jews and Israeli Palestinians are not treated equally and therefore the system is unjust.

      And that's without even getting into the injustice between criminal settlers and Palestinians in the occupied territories.

      I am all for eliminating the double standards against Israel.

      Full blown sanctions against the state and it's leaders as was done with Russia and Iraq when they attempted to steal other peoples land.

  • Older Jews are officially terrified of young Jews' views of Israel
    • A late leaver. I was expelled at that age of 14 lol from protestant church. Saying f.j.c. when hit over the head with a hymnal wasn't good form apparently. My parents said they wouldn't take me again. I replied, Cool. Verbatim history.

  • Israeli killer gets community service-- and Ahed Tamimi gets 8 months for slapping
  • War-loving, Muslim-hating John Bolton wants to give 'pieces' of Palestine to Jordan and Egypt
    • @just

      I agree with you that we arein dangerous times. The neocons are as dangerous and evil as the worst Islamist terrorist group and have the world's most powerful armies at their disposal. They have left behind numerous destroyed countries and they have killed millions and destroyed the futures of 10's of millions.

      And bolton is the lunatic fringe of the neocons.

  • Ron Lauder's two-state epiphany elicits rage and condescension in Israel
    • " saying that there is no “moral equivalence between settlement building, what I call ‘building in our communities in our homeland,’ and Palestinian incitement. It is not the same thing.”"

      First time I agreed with that little rat bennett. What he calls building is a flat out war crime punishable by death when other countries have done it. T

      he incitement is a call to arms by the victims trying to rebuff an evil oppressor and criminal state.

      No comparison at all.

      Lauder.... Hope the criminals in Israel keep kicking him. He's facilitated massive crimes against humanity and deserves to be in front of the ICC. A nasty racist pos through and through. He's being treated like any useful idiot is treated by a criminal gang. So very well desrved and assuming he isn't totally senile he may have some inkling of the evil he supported and nurtured.

      Friedman? No self respecting dog, male or female would have him. Another thug with the morals of a racist criminal.

      Meanwhile the sales of Depends has gone up as they iof wet their pants over the thought of being slapped by a Palestinian teenager.

  • Criticism of Women’s March leaders reminiscent of attacks on Jesse Jackson 30 years ago
    • @yonah

      Why the histrionics yonah?

      You know you don't need my permission to comment. We both know you wouldn't seek it if you did need my permission.

      The only person you are trying to fool is yourself.

      So drop the act and at the same time be honest with yourself. You are not ok with all people being equal. You are not ok with human rights for all. You are not ok with people being treated the same equally. You are neither liberal nor progressive.

      You're a squalid small minded tribalist that feels you're entitled to something others aren't. You minimize the suffering of the other and maximize that pain of the tribe. The pain of a nuclear state stomping on the heads and necks of the less fortunate. I do know you don't agree with all they do. I recognize and acknowledge that. But in the end you don't give a jot of concern for the outright evil that they perpetrate on defenseless civilians.

    • @yonah

      Absolute understatement. Which is why both the US and Israel are at the bottom of the gutter for threatening and targeting journalists when they feel like it.

    • And the chief rabbi, yonah?
      And nutty stating black migrants are worse that Sinai terrorists.

      Clean your own filthy house before you comment on others.

  • In the occupation, slapping a soldier is worse than killing a Palestinian
    • @amigo

      100% with your comments.


      I am sure you can hear the zionist whine when, and if, a criminal iof medic is targetted just as I can. In their inverse universe universe human rights exist to protect their racism.

    • Medics are supposedly not legitimate targets. I suspect in most wars they actually become such but that's a different issue.

      The behaviour of Azaria is dangerously close to making all his fellow medics legitimate targets. The fact that he was given a conviction probably saves that from being so technically but it's also probably one of the reasons that the iof felt a prosecution was necessary.

      The rot and sickness at the core of Israeli society is extremely evident in their support for a cold blooded murderer.

      The murder by Azaria was the work of an evil individual. The support for Azaria is equally repugnant and the work of society at large.

  • Dear Amir, you don't need to describe what death means to me
    • I read and participated* in that article. I remember being totally gobsmacked the first time I read his comment. Truly monumental arrogance.

      A large part of his claims are contradicted by himself at a later point showing how disingenuous he is being.

      *I usually post as anonymous but I'm only one of many doing so.

  • We must end the manipulation of history
  • Abbas calls US Ambassador to Israel a 'son of a bitch,' ambassador accuses Abbas of antisemitism
    • Seems a pretty inaccurate description of a man operating in a position of conflicting interests and leaning towards self enrichment.

      Heck I'd call him worse.

  • 'Someone is paying Trump to do it' -- Pompeo elevation shows neoconservative lock on foreign policy
    • @echinococcus

      Ah got ya... Yes I agree. Two parties is merely window dressing these days.

      Props to Led Zep for The Song Remains the Same.

    • Can't begin to interpret that ech.

    • I can remember a very brief period of relief that the neocons were out but only brief. Measured in hours or days. It quickly disappeared as I saw the advisors he appointed. There is no lack of smartness on the part of the neocons. They infiltrated both parties.

  • Rabbi Cardozo: outlawing circumcision would 'end the state of Israel'
    • @Mooser
      "If sterility is not a side-effect of female circumcision, their sex-lives aren’t effected. They can still get pregnant and bear babies."

      ummm.... Are you serious? There are differen types of fgm. One is similar to circumcision but the rest would seriously impact on someone's enjoyment of sex if not their ability to procreate.

      I'll end there as I find it hard to think you meant that other than sarcasticaly or provocatively.

    • "signified figuratively the excision of all superfluous and excessive pleasure,"

      Do tell.

    • @jon s

      You are delusional and enamored wirh your own self aggrandizement.

      But then you teach fake history so what else is new.

      Get your kids a good drug plan. Apart from potential trauma, damage, etc they will have 6 times the risk of erectile dysfunction. But what the heck, you had a great party. And the medical copycat drug company teva will ensure cheap generics.

    • @yonah

      Justice and ethics is number one?

      I could agree based upon the role Jewish people have played in human rights over the years.

      But only if you agree that it shows that zionism has sfa to do with Judaism and is one of the most vile political movements on the planet.

      I doubt you will do that, which shows your lack of sincerity, even though I hold Judaism and it's role in high regard.

      There is nothing, not one tiny molecule or atom, in zionism, that has anything to do with justice or ethics. The exacr opppsite and much worse.

    • @jon s

      Oh grow a pair jon. It's a big world and ritual circumcision is not exclusively Jewish. People are alllowed to have an opinion about the propriety of nin essential surgery being performed on non adults. You couldn't be more ethnocentric if you tried and that's where the seed of the vileness of zionism germinates.

      Your attempt to use that as a shield for abuse of human rights of millions, murder, dispossession, crimes against humanity is disgusting in the extreme. It shows the empty shell of zionist morality.

      Pathetic whining jon. Truly pathetic.

    • @echinococcus

      Absolutely agree!

    • @jon s
      "Now do you really think that I would even contemplate , for one second, "

      Clearly the answer is, Yes.

      Children die every year from ritual circumcision. That risk didn't outweigh your desire to lop off a body part.

      You can try to sugar coat it, appeal to God's direction, but the procedure can kill.

    • @wdr

      I'm all for ending religious schools. Never should have been allowed. Run religious teaching outside of regular school hours. I have no trouble with people teaching their views and values but religious schools cut them off from the wider world and other ideas. Some of which may be better and some of which may not be as good.

      Interestingly there was a news article today reporting that religious fundamentalism is tied, in part, to brain damage in the cortex. Not the only cause but accounts for roughly 20%

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