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Age 59 for a little while. Canadian. Left wing socially, conservative economically. Not right wing tho ;)

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  • Israel’s Justice Minister endorses apartheid -- the Jewish state 'at the expense of equality'
    • @gamal & eljay

      (Tongue in cheek)

      Please back off .... yonah is demanding that his privilege be recognized.

    • @catalan

      Punishment? Stop playing a jerk. Maybe I'm wrong and you really are stupid and not just pretending.

      You support the state and system that gives the orders and therefore implicitly support the illegal orders to kill children. Yes you are much much worse.

      I would like to see the leaders of the murderous racist cult in the docks of the ICC and would live by their verdict after a fair trial.

      Small fry like you are only mindless cult members/lemmings and not worth the cost. Not worth ignoring the immorality by which you live by either.

    • @catalan

      As usual you are either incredibly dimwitted or pretending to be.

      Yoni has rejected the actions of the state under whose orders these crimes and atrocities are carried out as well as the formative racist ideology.

      You and your kind support said state and ideology (while also blaming it's victims).

    • @jon s

      Spare me the bs jon. You drip insincerity. I feel sorry that the surviving friends and family have to feel the pain of loss of a loved one.

      As to the generalized they are hardly innocent. They are all supporters, and cogs in the wheel, of an outlaw state that carries out war crimes and crimes against humanity against millions of people on a daily basis. That uses it's high tech military machine to slaughter innocent and, more importantly, defenseless civilians.

      The blood is on the hands of Israelis and zionists. The axis powers labelled those who fought for freedom as terrorists too. History did not treat them well and it won't treat the criminal eretz israel project any better.

      Now go practice soccer or lynching at your local bus station.

    • @yonah

      Just as the fact that Palestinians are defenseless against such a mighty military machine is lamentable reality. And that out of oppression, hoplessness, being powerless and without hope for the future drives some Palestinians to undertake suicide attacks is a lamentable reality.

      No huge sympathy for their victims on my part, beyond knowing it is painful to lose a family member. The Israelis have the power and control yet they continue to abuse their victims. They are victims of their own violence. The blood of both sides, including that of their parents and children are on their hands solely. It's a lamentable reality don't you know.

    • @eljay

      Those moral principles scare the pants off of every zionist in the world. They know that have no moral basis for their actions which is why their proposed solutions never address those issues. I haven't done an actual study but the majority of zionist solutions to the current situationseem to involve commiting more war crimes and crimes against humanity.

      Collectively they may or may not be the most immoral people on the planet but they are certainly the most openly immoral. They wave their racism and crimes as if they were a badge of courage and not a stain on their humanity.

  • Message from Massachusetts: When we fight we win!
    • Oh Israelis love boycotts. They call for them all the time against their enemies. The only time boycotts are immoral when they are the targets.

      The real eternal victim whinerslike hophmi insist boycotts are a form of violence. Such a drama queen all the time.

      But what if he is right?

      How does he support a state in which a gov official calls for a boycott of some of the people he represents. In order to make them feel not welcome here (ie in Israel).

      Boycotts are a time honoured tradition in western society. Zionist attempts to outlaw them merely weaken hard fought for liberties. Zionists are literally a threat to democratic countries.

  • Israeli diplomat calls on American students 'to restore the honor' of vilified word-- Zionism
    • @eljay

      Exactly. Extra-judicial executions are just a way of putting lipstick on a pig for pure murder. And there has certainly been more than once that Israel has murdered the wrong person in the process let alone innocent bystanders.

      There is nothing disgusting about suicide bombs that is not equally disgusting about dropping 1 tonne bombs into civilian neighbourhoods and other acts both less and more severe. For states to pretend that they don't target civilians completely overlooks the facts that they don't give a moments hesitation to murdering those civilians. Same difference. States hate suicide bombs as they're hard to stop and not due to the damage they may or may not do.

      By the same token any aerial attack on a place like the west bank or Gaza is equally reprehensible to said suicide bombs as there is no possibility for defense.

      It's all just a public relations game. There are other states as vile as Israel. Many more not. But regardless Israel is a vile murderous state.

  • 'Killing civilians is unheard of' -- Israeli propaganda gets red carpet reception in US press
    • @druid

      It seems like you're the one suffering delusions and memory loss.

      Ethnic cleansing is a war crime and zionists only gained a majority by criminally creating an artificial majority by that cleansing,

    • Israel, at best, is a tyranny of the majority over an artifically, and illegally, created minority.

  • The Insult: Six points toward clarification
    • @dabakr

      I think many people would reject a dramatic depiction of world war ii which portrayed an innocent Germany suddenly being invaded by the allies.

      I haven't seen this film and only the article but if it presents this massacre in any type of isolation then it's perfectly reasonable to find it objectionable given that a massacre of three times the magnitude was perpetrated 2 days earlier by the maronite forces. And followed by others.

      It's not a matter of dismissing one's experience really. Amusingly you refer to a so called massacre of Palestinians even though the massacre preceding it had anywhere from 3 to 6 times the victim and it was not the only such massacre.

      Take note how easily a racist zionist dismisses the deaths of innocents not belonging to his chosen tribe.

  • 14-year-old girl forced alone into Gaza is another example of the Israeli occupation's cruelty
    • So says an apologist for a outlaw state was born out of massive terrorism, enlarged through mass murders and is sustained by perpetrating terrorism on millions of people.

      No jackie terrorism doesn't come close to the dehumanizing impact of state violence where it is practiced on a emotionless basis and industrial scale.

    • @jackdaw

      Prisoners... One off.... Hmmm no clearly not a one off.

      16 years ago is cool. Let's stop talking about 1929 Hebron, a mythical diaspora 2000 years ago, pogroms of the 19th century while we're at it.

  • 'Death to Ahed Tamimi': Israeli settlers vandalize Nabi Saleh
    • @mondonut

      "What I do know is that declaring this the work of settlers is incorrect."

      If there was the remotest chance of this being the work of a Palestinian or Israeli Arab the idf would be out in full force ransacking and looting houses in the search to murder him, or her, on the spot.

      The only time any time for an investigation is claimed to be needed is when it's an Israeli Jew.

      Show me the list of exceptions to that rule.

    • Most likely a Jewish Israeli.

      Their crimes get ignored unless international attention requires a whitewash investigation.

      Palestinians, and Arab Israelis, get a bullet and extrajudicial execution without the need for actual proof.

  • No, hurting Palestinian refugees doesn't help peace
    • @Talkback

      I don't think it will change the zionist position. Last week it was emet perpetuating that lie. This week it's dimadok. Next week someone else.

      The falsity of their claim is easily determined. Obviously through the actual rules but also simple web searches will show quite a few refugee situations which have expanded into multiple generations. I think it's 3rd generation for Nigeria (Kenya?) and the Somali refugees they host.

      zionism relies on both lies and crimes to exist.

  • Israeli lawfare organization sues BDS activists for advising Lorde to cancel Israel concert
    • I think Lorde should offer them tickets to her next performance, regardless of where it is, for the price of 13,000. That's what it's worth to them apparently. A reasonable settlement offer and restitution.

      Seriously.... whether it's Shurat Hadin, the lawfare project or Israel itself it would appear Finklestein seems to have hit the nail on the head when he called it the lunatic state.I guess the effect is trickle down.

      Seriously though they shouldn't counter sue but they should place their own suit against Israel and against Shurat Hadin for their emotional pain and trauma in their own country. I would certainly help crowd fund the cost.

      Israel and it's citizens are so absolute beyond the edge of the cliff that they don't realize that attack people in other countries and trying to destroy free speech rights is turning even supporters away let alone those that sat on the fence. Either they've been in the bubble too long or they are drunk on their perceived (non)power.

  • Israeli paper's publication of BDS ad marks beginning of society's return to sanity
    • @Kaisa

      catalan has a long history here. He arrived and denied he was a zionist but thought the best solution was for the Palestinians to move away and give the territory as he objectively thought the Israelis deserved it. When called out he continued to deny his zionism. Layer by layer that was stripped away over time until he finally came (somewhat less than clean).

      He's let it be known that he works for a municipality in NM in a finance position yet subsequently tried to claim he worked at a senior federal gov level.

      He's modest enough to have claimed he could easily have a fed gov cabinet position should he want one. He has also claimed he could be an ambassador although I don't remember if it's a US Ambassador to Bulgaria or vice versa.

      All in all there is only a few things you need to know about catalan. His ego is as large as the internet and he's a narcissist. He has no avbility to sympathize or empathize with anyone unless it benefits him as well. He lies faster than he types.

      A total and absolute fraud.

    • Hysteria and the product of a out of control imagination. I no longer wish you were king as you're clearly a drama queen.

    • You are the best and brightest of the zionists catalan. I wish you were the lemming king leading them over the cliff but they seem determined to do that without you.

      Actually...while I use edit to correct the worst typos I see this time I need to add you are one sick, deviant, disgusting pos

    • Too bad we can't like a post! I would. Whether Haaretz screwed up or it is intentionally waving a red flag in front of a bull and desiring a head on challenge over freedom of speech we won't know for a while.

      It took either massive stupidity or courage. It will be interesting to see it play out.

  • Thomas Friedman justifies slaughter of Arab civilians by 'crazy' Israel
    • depressing really. He is far from alone in this view. You see it online, in the GoI & Knesset, other commentators. Even Dersh.

      What has caused such people to become so despicably evil at the core.

  • 'We are proud of her': Palestinian teenagers on the importance of Ahed Tamimi
    • @eljay

      And the articles point out the attacker had known psychiatric problems.

      Of course in the typical criminal zionist mentality Uri Ariel, the agriculture minister, has called for annexation of the entire west bank in retalliation for this Israeli upon Israeli crime.

  • Zionists should be excluded from left-oriented protests
    • @emet

      Who wants to put a wall smack bang in the middle of Jersalem? I've never seen anyone suggest a wall in the city other than the racist zionists.

      There are lots of divided cities which fall into multiple jurisdictions which do not have walls in them. Some span nations, others span states or provinces. Jerusalem is even on this list. I don't know the individual circumstances but I would question putting Niagara Falls on the list personally. The river is eqivalent to a wall and the two cities may share the same name but are not a single city.

    • @hophmi

      "like every other minority, retain the right to define what constitutes hatred against them, and not their loud critics, who seek to use anti-Zionism as a mask for their own bigotry."

      It depends on how you mean that. Of course every minority gets the right to say what they about someone or a position. Even the majorities have that right. It's called free speech.

      There is no corresponding right to be taken seriously and no minority to make such a definition with any legal weight or consequence.

      Freedland of the guardian was pushing this crap too. Many zionist sites push it as if it was fact and they typically misinterpret a court ruling.

      Of course no group gets to define such a thing. And when zionists go over the bounds of reason they damage their own credibility and cause.

  • In 'NYT,' Israeli minister calls BDS activists 'enemy soldiers' and compares them to Nazis
    • I guess as far as GoI leaders he's no more genocidal than the rest and I shouldn't pick on lookism but he is the face of pure evil to me. Not only is he callous when it comes to killing and a huge dose of psycopath but he is cadaverous. He is like a human incantation of a dead skull.

      That all said at least i did state things which put him in a good light versus his actual record on this planet.

  • 'NYT' praises Israelis for restraint in attacks aimed at Arafat that killed 100s of innocents
    • @Samel

      Well... I confess I had the benefit of everyone's response and also took the time to look through your posts.

      My opinion plus 2 bucks will get you a crappy cuppa coffee. Except at Tim Hortons where it will get you a really good medium coffee!

      I do believe you were being sarcastic. Probably not the best sarcasm in the world, considering the topic, so keep your day job!

  • Naked justice
    • @jackdaw

      Yeah, yawn, too bad the criminal zionists in general and the rogue state of Israel acted in contravention of what was intended.

    • @jackdaw

      The second answer is definitely yes. I don't know the answer to the first question as I'm not aware of Palestinian laws prior to Israeli invasion and occupation but if one doesn't exist then Israel is negligent in not passing Israeli laws making it illegal.


      GC IV

      The occupying power is responisble for the health, welfare, education and economic opportunity of the occupied people.
      Israel has been grossly criminal and negligent in all these areas requiring the world to step in and attempt to provide those things. Additionally criminal as it frequently tries to stop/block/reduce the aid flowing in. No surprise in that.

      It doesn't stop there. It also has the responsibility to protect the territory itself for the benefit of the protected persons in the territory. Allowing foreign nationals (their own) to steal water and prime land resources is a clear violation of that responsibility.

      I disagree with those who say no Israelis are there legally. As a craven zionist you should be agreeing with them.

      I do think that any individual that was driven out of their community at the time of the conflict does have a right of return. Obviously where there are heirs they too should be able to return to that property. The fact that Jews used to live in any particular place is irrelevant. That doesn't entitle other Jews to it merely because of shared identity. Only the residents or heirs driven out.
      That of course would require the application of the right of return which Israel and criminal zionists deny exists. A non criminal zionist would recognize such. In any event Israel can't argue right of return as they officially deny it. And since they don't have that out to justify it they are required to remove individuals who are their to the detriment of the protected peoples.

      Israels army can requisition territory but only for military necessity. You can't justify settlements on that basis unless you also want to willingly argue the settlement inhabitants are militarily necessary combatants and therefore valid targets. Go for it.

      Oh off topic but you can't deport a protect person from the territory either. Another in a long list of Israeli crimes that started before I was born.

      It's been too long. Way too long. Israel must pay it's price for it's massive and ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    • @jackdaw

      Joan was an individual. Perhaps she was a liar. Perhaps a loonie tune. But still just an individual and long gone.

      You always brag about how you have your finger on the pulse of Israel.
      What percent do you consider to be liars and what percent are loonie tunes amongst those who claim god gave them the land?

  • The not-so-secret life of Mathilde Krim
  • 'Without UNRWA we have nothing': Palestinian refugees speak out against US aid cuts
    • @Emet

      No they aren't wonderful. No people are. They're normal and human.

      They have every right to break the blockade and to attack their oppressors who are violating international and international humanitarian law and the GC.

      The real scum bags are the GoI and their terrorist armed forces.

    • @Emet
      "what did Hamas do? They destroyed it"

      A lie.

      " there is no other case when the second generation of refugees are also regarded as refugees. "

      A lie.

      " Instead of investing in the people, they purchase arms and build underground tunnels to attack Israel. "

      They have a right to fight those who oppress them. To date the tunnels have only been used to smuggle goods and attack army outposts.

  • There are two narratives, but one reality: Palestinian dispossession
    • @Boris
      "all these are fighting words.
      Do you still want to fight?
      Ok. Be my guest. Then don’t come back crying when you lose."

      ". Finkelstein is very easily identifiable as a Jew, as his face has very obvious Semitic features."


      zionists are racists and thugs. Boris a prime example.

    • To the mods ... I fail to see how this post does not amount to nakba denial. Were i to post saying about xxx now that is a real narrative of a holocaust.

      Lyn Julius clearly has some self interest at stake here. The odd part of her bio is that her parents fled from zionist led terrorism into zionist arms.

      Where Jewish ppl were forced from their actual homeland, as opposed to the zionist hysterical homeland, they are entitled to compensation and remedial actions. I support them in that. The Palestinians have no responsibility for what happened in Iraq.

      The negotiation of that also has no bearing on the Palestinians rights be suppressed and the solutions to that.

      Where individuals were forced to flee due to Israeli terrorism from other middle eastern countries the Israeli state has the burden
      Good luck with that lol you signed onto a criminal racist state born and supported through the blood of innocents. Buy a mirror.

    • @eljay

      I would say oldest religion based identity is false too. Of course boris is delusional in the extreme.

    • @Boris

      From your own link 68% of Ashkenazi are not of haplogroup K. Additionally your subgroup is found in 10% of all Europeans.

      There is no evidence of any sort that supports a claim that Jews as a group are indigenous to any part of the Middle East.

  • Israel as a perversion of Judaism and the modern nation-state
    • @Boris

      Mooser lives in a ghetto? Pray tell the name of that ghetto so we can be enlightened.

      You really can lay claim to a hysterical homeland somewhere. Personally I'd put your parents and community up for child abuse if you're the result.

    • @Boris

      90% at least of what you posted was pure myth and propaganda. Then you weasel out by saying you won't answer. Cowardice. Or an intelligent response knowing that there are no facts to support your asinine statements.

      I often cut off conversations. It's fair but if you truly feel that you have the right on your side do so without taking a massive dump before quitting. Just have the guts to respond and say I'm done instead of adding a pile of manure to your position.

  • What's wrong with colonialism?
    • @Mooser

      No jon s is a propagandist, thief and war criminal squatting on the land and blood of others. He lives contentedly with those who murder innocents based upon their appearance with a corrupt judicial system that praises those murderers for being heroes. He denies his victims their basic human rights based on the presumption some of them are bad and I'm entitled to privilege because of the circumstances of my birth. Jon s is grovelling in the bottom of the gutter with the lowest of the low and it's time to stop pussyfooting around about exactly what he, and those like him, are.

      Most of us know there is no diference between a zionist and liberal zionist yet we enable in inherently greater evil of liberal zionism by trying to pretend that they have a measure of humanity. They don't. They're smiling and mouthing platitudes while grinding the necks of Palestinians into the dust with their boots.

    • @Jerry

      You really believe the crap you're spouting?

      While some Jews may have a 3000 year old history in the area, Jews as in each individual member of the group do not. It's ludicruous to suggest they do.

      An emotional attachment does not make a history. Does not make one indiginous.

      The absolute absence of any rationality is yours and that of those who would agree with you. Yeah sure all Chinese Jews have been indiginous to the area. The fact that I need to type Chinese Jews shows the pure fabrication of Jews as an ethnicity.

    • "Nathan

      So help me out herein trying to understand what you are saying.

      Since the parties that comprise the GoI have offical positions based on the nonexistance of a Palestinian state (and actual state and not a bantustan) then it's fair and reasonable to suggest that the GoI has no interest or vision in peace with the Palestinians. Right?

  • PLO endorses BDS, makes unprecedented call for sanctions
    • @Kaisa

      Ah ok... understood!

      We have a religious channel here that has had some shows dealing with Israel. I must check them out. I never have before as I just don't watch the channel.

    • @Kaisa

      So this tv7 is a channel only in Finland or is it available across Europe? You say it is a private(?) zionist channel?

      I see there are a number of shows there and so far I've only watched the initial episode you've linked but this is an incredible load of garbage and falsehoods. One can only imagine the amount of money being put into running this propaganda effort.

  • Facing serious damage to its image, Israel must smear its critics as anti-Semites
    • @nathan

      No you misrepresent the definition of the word criticism. No surprise there at all.

      In terms of tony i can find many web pages that say je called zionists scum. You are. Get used to be properly labelled that or change yourself for the better and abandon your vile racism and racist supremacy. I don't deny zionists or Jews/Christians any of their rights. Not even zionist scum. You support the deprivation of rights, and collective punishment of millions.

  • What Canadians can do for Palestine this February
    • @LHunter

      I was hoping she would too.

      I disagree about Justin's hair. I think he favours his socks more. Great great disappointment but frankly I'd prefer Casey and Finnegan over Harper or Scheer. I could have voted for Mulcair but for his pro Israeli views and attempts to silence other opinions. Partly due to the silencing and partly because how we relate to the world is very important to me. Despite our complaints we live in relative luxury and we need to bring more up to where we are (and not the neolib method of finding the lowest for all)

    • @Citizen

      Not sure it's insight but merely my take on things. I should have added the Green party officially adopted a pro Palestinian position yet their leader disagrees with that position (how can she lead?)

      @lonely rico

      I occassionally make comment to JT as well. In particular I like to remind him of his statement that our foreign policy positions will be based upon international law. An approach I have yet to see him take.

    • @JospehA

      I would like to think so and I would be extremely proud of it.

      That said so I don't think that is correct. The majority of Canadian citizens are on side the Palestinians and the majority of them think sanctions are an apprpropriate response to Israeli actions.

      The Conservative party is largely in hock to the right wing racists and freaks as well as Christian nutters looking forward to the rapture. There are overlaps in that group.

      The Liberals are in hock to zionist donors and the chief fundraiser for Trudeau is non other than one of the Bronfman clan.

      The NDP party is more split and time will tell what direction the party platform may take. You'd have better odds of finding life elsewhere in the universe during the next four years than you will of seeing an NDP federal gov't.

      The odds of the Green Party are even more remote and there is the added disadvantage that their leader is pro Israel.

      Canadian elections are like all elections world wide and issues regarding foreign policy are likely to take a bit of a back seat to national issues with the exception of going/not going to war.

      So while the Canadian people have great support for the Palestinians it doesn't translate into political support at the government level. That is not likely to change soon although I, for one of many, will continue to try to make that change happen.

  • Ahed Tamimi should stay in prison because she might slap again -- Israeli ethicist
    • @dabakr

      Israel operates without an actual free press. It operates under military censorship and always has. The photo credits have nothing to with clems point that the picture was likely approved..... etc etc.

      Why do you always need to hide from the truth duhbaker? Are you afraid of it? Does it cause you cognitive dissonence to acknowledge that Israel is a shit hole of a country pretending to be a western style democracy?

    • It's only reasonable that a people involved in illegal and immoral activities would pick someone like him to be a guide on ethics. His take on free consent tells anyone all they need to know about him.

  • Vic Mensa's searing piece in 'Time' on Israeli oppression is prefaced by clunky disclaimer re anti-Semitism
    • @eljay

      Holding military training exercises in a civilian area and killing a 3 yr old by doing so beats either scenario hands down.

      And of course the soldier was not killed merely because he was a Jew. The 3 year old was effectively killed for merely being a Palestinian however as the idf wouldn't use a Jewish neighbourhood for such activity.

  • Israel issues BDS blacklist against 20 organizations-- 'badge of honor,' Munayyer says
    • Well right or wrong this is within Israel's power to enforce.

      While it won't happen as our political systems have been compromised by zionists it would only be reasonable to insist our politicians reply in kind to this insult to our citizens based upon their political beliefs.

      Our governments fully espouse and support a 2SS.

      In light of this we should be demanding our governments introduce an entry ban on all individuals which are members of a political party which have as a policy an objection to a 2SS.

      This is a proportional response to the harm done to our citizens.

      And it will result in a ban on all Likud, Jewish Home, etc parties which are officially against a Palestinian state. That it would also eliminate any member of the outlaw regime is merely an added bonus.

    • @aloeste

      "Sworn enemies."

      Catchy phrase. When did they swear to be enemies and what the heck does that status mean beyond trying to be overly dramatic that they disagree with Israel policies?

      ps... Where does one get sworn in as an enemy? A lot of people would like to join with the decent moral people who oppose the racist outlaw state.

    • @catalan

      Once again you perfectly demonstrate why some people need a Hysterical Homeland.

  • Haaretz smears the Tamimi family to counter worldwide solidarity with 16-year-old Ahed
    • PMB has always been a vitriolic propagandist for zionism. I remember her well from years ago. Twisting and distorting facts when not conveniently ignoring them. Unable to hide the dark depths of her racism against Palestinians and Arabs. Nothing she says can be a surprise to anyone. While red wine is beneficial in small doses pmb's putrid hate is best ignored.

  • Israeli prosecutors try to make Ahed Tamimi a terrorist
    • @annie

      Apologies for being out of thread. Couldnt find the darn reply link on my phone and for butting in


      Let's not overlook that Israel/idf have hosted two conferences seeking to change the laws of war as they think too much protection is afforded to civilians.

      There really isn't a bottom to the cesspit Israel has become.

  • Why Ahed Tamimi's slap is so thrilling to Palestinians
    • @Kaisa

      There are many English accents in Canada alone. And I've encountered many in the US as well. I don't thinks it's so much as a difference between the US and Canada as a difference between different regions. I'm not good at this but many people in my circle of people can tell which part of the province a person comes from just by their accent.

  • Jewish activist who counseled Lorde on BDS gets the full 'kapo' treatment in the Israeli press
    • @Mooser

      Well I guess it would be just as simple but to my mind both are wrong. And, at the same time, no it's not an entitled right. I see no problem with any state taking steps to limit, even criminalize, support for either ISIS or JSIL.

    • I really object to the concept that it makes all Jews complicit. It doesn't. No more than it makes Muslims complicit because ISIS claims to speak for all Muslims.

      Both Israel and ISIS are criminal groups with strikingly similar goals, objectives and methods.

      I am glad when Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, eyc speak out against those who defile the religions to behave inbarbaric and savage manners but it's not a requirement.

      Hopefully someday the world will be free from these despicable belief systems. And no zionims is not the desire or belief in a Jewish homeland. It has shown it's it's true face as a savage murderous ideology which will butcher women and children with ease to gain supremacy.

  • Israeli court sentences 68-year-old Bedouin citizen to 10 months in prison – for trespassing his own land
    • Never to shy to self aggrandize eh catty. Probably to cover an inferiority complex or to hide that you are inferior.

      Pain the butt. That's all you have. Being a royal pain in the butt.

  • Israeli journalist who called for unspeakable acts against Ahed Tamimi tries, and fails, to backpedal
    • @Mayhem

      Your crap article lost me fairly early. Israelis are not innocent victims. They have been, are still in the process, stealing the land that was inhabited by other people for centuries. Even if I grant you (and I don't) that you have some historical right to that land from a couple of thousands of years ago you still don't have the right to merely dispossess the current inhabitants. They do have the right to fight you and since you've forced them to rely on older means and not modern weapons with a functioning military the blood is solely on your hands.

      Israel is an outlaw state. It's genocide and ethnic cleansing is a stain upon human history. I feel sorry for the parents. I can only imagine. No one should ever have to deal with the loss of a child. I feel no sympathy for the state and it's supporters who wish to use that to support further evil acts. No sympathy for those who pretend that they are hurt by the death when they ignore others. Pure evil. The likes we haven't seen in quite a few decades.But every bit as evil.

  • Pop star 'Lorde' honors BDS call, cancels Tel Aviv concert
    • When russia gets as bad as israel for as long and it''s victims request a boycott then i agree with you and she should. No, Russia is not as bad as Israel and no, Israel is not better than the myriad of ME and Africa hellholes.

  • The never-ending crisis of Zionism
    • @jackdaw

      "Palestinians refuse to compromise "

      Such a blatant lie.

      The Palestinians have compromised on territory, return of refugees, limitations of their, Israeli security interests.

      Israel has compromised on nothing which would entail them giving up something they have an actual right to. Nothing.

  • Palestinians celebrate resounding Trump and Israel failure at the UN
    • I''m betting she plays. Her label is sony isn't it? Enough said if so as the leaked sony emails indicated where they were in terms of whitewashing Israeli crimes.

    • lol you keep telling yourself that catty. I only looked at two. Czech and Argentina. Neither have sigfnificant trade or investment with Arab states. The US is the number one trading partner of Argentina though. Mexico and Canada are in nafta trade talks.

      In these cases an abstention was as good as a yes with the vote so lopsided (and expected to be so) but they couldn't afford the economic repercussions of angering the US.

  • Trump threatens to cut aid to countries voting against Jerusalem decision at UN
  • Michael Oren says Palestinian activists stage 'kids in American clothes' to provoke Israeli army
    • jon

      bs. Cowards and criminals through and through. 20 men to arrest a 16 yr old?

      Shooting her cousin (another kid) in the head was the provocation.

      Your moral compass is inverted

    • lol jon... yeah they refrained from responding until they enough backup to abduct them in the middle of the night. They were probably wetting their khakis without a tank to protect them

      Such brave men. Cowards and criminals the lot of them

  • The Chanukah of fire and occupation (is not about ancient times)
    • @Marnie

      That's a rather kind and bland interpretation. They selectively fired. That is to say they picked out certain targets. The double amputee, holding a flag, was chosen to be killed. He was selected.

      And on a more general note why were they selecting civilians to be killed when they have so many nonlethal options available to them.


  • Ibrahim 'the half bodied,' an icon of Gaza skirmishes, loses his other half for Jerusalem
    • @mcohen

      From der douches of history wrt the 67 war started by Israel, thru Israel not illegally occupying and ending with everyone knew that..... he has inverted reality on it's head. Works for the faithful, criminal and stupid but no one else.

  • Israel passes 'anti-infiltration law' to speed up the deportation of African refugees
    • @dimadok

      No, I'll leave them with you. That is unless you're a braindead copy/paste monkey who wasn't putting that post forward as an argument.

      cnn, US news in general, is not a credible source for much of anything.

    • @dimadok

      No the statute is not maintained at all. Article 32 and 33 prohibit expulsion period except in specific circumstances and after both an appeal and opportunity to find a new host country.

      You also misstated refoulement. You can't send them back to their home country or anywhere their life may be in danger.

      Israel can't be trusted. And it places no value on non-Jewish life.

      And your claim that Israel is protecting the culture blah blah blah of all it's citizens is too silly to respond to.

  • 'Leftist' Israeli general threatens to 'tear the Palestinians apart' and 'toss them across the Jordan'
    • @Talkback

      An understatement if there was ever one.

      This guy isn't a nazi. He is equally evil nevertheless.

  • Times super-Zionist Bret Stephens commits fallacy and falsehood, on Jerusalem
    • @Talkback

      Well except foe the fact that learning Hebrew doesn't make you Israeli he/she may have meant it that way. I don't really think so though. Won't be the first time I was wrong today in any event!

    • @echi

      That's cool. I never knew I could learn to speak aramaic or arabic and become a semite. I guess I'll do that and claim to be indigenous.

      You're the flip side of zionists but the same coin. A part of the problem and neither of you will be a part of the solution.

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