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Age 59 for a little while. Canadian. Left wing socially, conservative economically. Not right wing tho ;)

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  • Palestinian who filmed shooting says Azaria sentence ‘is a joke, not justice’
    • @Talkback

      Not to mention confiscating and smashing equipment. Let alone shooting journalists.

      Being a racist oppressive expansionist state is a hard gig don't ya know.

    • @mooser

      I doubt he gets that either when hiding behind the skirts of the idf.

    • @dohbaker

      In 77.62 of Palestinians were cell phone subscribers. Materially less than your w.a.g.

      As usual you didn't actually provide a single verifiable fact.

      btw... If I was at a security checkpoint I would be very complimentary to the officials. It would be crazy not to be.

      As to it being Palestinian hasbara, to quote you

      "Not really. But even if it was so what"

  • Trump is putting the crunch on liberal Zionism
    • @catalan

      Municipal government in the state of NM and not US. Do keep your storyline straight.

    • @jon s

      Jon we have had decade upon decade of 2SS without Israel defining it's borders. The con is long worn out on most people. It is a pretext for stealing more territory.

      And within the 24 hours we have nutty publicly proclaiming Israel must have security control over any future Palestine. In short there is no 2SS on the table. I don't care what you call it whether that is permanent normalized occupation or bantustans. It is not a state for them.

      I prefer 2SS but the whacko criminal zios did win the battle but will lose the war as a 1SS is the only reasonable outcome at this point.

      Short of grievous war crimes by Israel to cleanse the territory. And we all know they are more than experienced and capable of behaving that immorally. They violate human rigjts every single day. They abuse millions of innocents. They imprison and torture kids. The lucky ones not butchered that is.

  • Engineers in Gaza convert the rubble of war into concrete for rebuilding
    • Ah yes those Palestinians and Arabs what have they ever done for humanity that can compare to the cherry tomato!

      This is not only brilliant but I would hope that it does end up have a huge positive environmental side.

      Considering the conditions they have to study and work under this is truly amazing.

  • Jews in Iran: a travelogue
    • @echinococcus

      No, she was always ahead of her time and in the family a flickering beacon of light to us all.

      Geeze... I thought I had it defeated. I recorrected it three times and it looked good when I clicked on post.

    • @theo

      My family included Florescent Nightingale. That doesn't make me someone of note, a nurse, qualified to practice medicine, or anything else.

      Get over yourself you moronic narcissist.

    • @theo

      Like ccatalan you are a legend in your own mind. You come across as a semi-literate ignoramus with an overblown ego. I can seriously state that I don't mean that in an offensive way. Just about everyone does at some point in time. It can also be at multiple points in time. I don't exclude myself from that group.

      The only outstanding question is how firmly you wish to cement that impression. So far your efforts are truly remarkable. Congratulations!

    • It would only be karma if they cried about the victims forcing them to do it. While stealing their lunch money behind the fake tears

    • @amigo

      Expansion..... Zionists pervert language with the same ease that they pervert morality.

    • An extremely fascinating article for me. Full of interesting nuggets apart from the overall picture of Jewish Iranian life.

      Beautiful architecture too.

  • 'NYT' runs Israeli's op-ed recommending that Palestinians 'emigrate voluntarily'
    • Such a revealing article. It's astounding that it was printed by any newspaper let alone the NYT. I'm not defending the times as it has a pretty bad history of publishing zionist propaganda. This article though is so over the top. I look forward to the times publishing similar articles from the kkk and aryan brotherhood.

      That said it's good that published. It generally is really just a summation of ideas being proposed by Israeli political leadership and not the authors own ideas. As such it shows the evil that is zionism. The racism at it's core and the lack of sincerity in their stated wishes for peace.

      The readers comments are quite good too. They show no one is buying this crap. If only we had political leadership which lived up to our supposed western values.

  • The emergence of the Just Jew
    • @hophmi

      Getting rid of tyranny is a great goal hophead. For millions of Palestinians, who are deprived of basic rights, that tyranny is zionist Israel.

      Unless it reforms it too needs to go.

    • Yonah whining as usual.

      I don't read keith's comments as i think they go too far too often and not just in terms of antisemitism. And i don't accuse him of that bht merely say he is on grou d i would not ttread. That said what is your specific complaint about roha? I see a bit of hyperbole and sarcasm.

      Seriously yonah, Pony up the specifics if you want to make such serious accusations or be taken for the whiner you usually are.

  • Banned from Jerusalem (for trying to pay respects to my grandmother)
    • Minor correction with substantive outcome. My money is not on don quixote to win.

    • @ech

      Well you didn't actually quote me. You only took part of a sentence. And you omitted the context of my overall comment.

      But yeah very fundamental difference in our views. That's life.

    • @jd65

      Lol no.... not Butler. As it happens there is a butler branch of the family tree.

    • @boris

      Remind me why I give a remote f%€'@ why a racist supremacist like you thinks.

    • @ech

      At your first paragraph i could have had then we need to agree to disagree

      At your second paragraph i cued the music for the twolight zone.

      Good luck. My money is on don quixote to win.

    • @aloeste

      Great argument for making Jerusalem an international city as was originally intended. No way should a rogue state be in control of it.

    • How to win friends and influence people. I used to see you as a don quixote character but quite frankly I think you are merely the opposite side of a zionist coin.

      You will take that whatever way you wish but I could never support you ech. Never will.

      Not sure why i am posting this other than i finally feel the need to totally disassociate myself from your views.

    • What level of sadistic pleasure did these minor functionaries gain for themselves. You were punished for a thought crime. For your beliefs.

      The security of the state and citizens were not at stake.

      So very sad. So very sick.

  • Fordham retaliates against student for protesting SJP ban
  • Trump's dim view of Palestine-Israel
    • @amigo

      I do watch bbc a fair bit. I know what you are referring to now in Westminster. Should be a lively debate!

    • @amigo

      I'm not aware of what is going on in Westminster?? Geeze... I need to stop posting late at night with my phone. Even I had trouble reading what I had typed in that reply lol

    • @amigo

      Funny in a way. If you had to name three comedic characterdls from the bush admin it would be bush, runsfeld and bolton. That this moron isn't serving fries at mickey d's is astounding. Maybe he was riding the tails of some smart friends but he is not only back of the pack but a straggler.

      That said the twit is dangerous. I actually wouldn't want fries produced under his watch. No class. No substance. No sense of awareness. And most importantly no a tive brain cells. He has bee trained to act at the level of a puppy. I do love puppies but not him. No redeeming character to be seen.

    • @atlantaiconoclast

      How you settle for once and all what is in fact a movi g target. And over what period. Is anything other than the last 9 months relevamt and if so what is the period. Can trend lines change. Of course otherwise they wpuldn't be followed and update.

      One person one vote. Equal rights for all. Anything else is to some degree irrelevant. If Israel wishes to keep it's gerrymandered faux democracy it needs to curtail it's lust for more territory that belongs to others.

      Every human being has the same rights as all human beings. Anything that denies that is evil and should be called out as such. No exceptions because a group feels exceptional or entitled. No group rights override another group rights. Zionism is evil as it stands against all of that. Zionism is about privilege and exception (exceptionalism left out intentionally) when none os warranted. Zionism is all about denying amd suppressing the rights of others.

      I wish the state of Israel well but it is up to it's citizens. As long as it continues on it's current path it is an abomination and represents all that is bad in mankind. And there is a lot.

  • 'Settlers are free to take what they want': Palestinian landowners fear for the worst as land-grab law is passed
    • Geeze is there no humiliation to, or theft from, Palestinians that is off limits to the thugs and bandits in Israel?

      Israel, a blight unto nations.

  • A defense of UCLA student paper's decision to publish Netanyahu cartoon
  • Poll: Canada's politicians drastically out of touch with public on Israel
    • @captadker

      Actually he was turfed from the shadow cabinet for using cabinet titles publicly criticising a provincial green party leader.

      He was not turfed from the party and he certainly was not turfed for anytisemitic actions. In fact nothing you have shown could be remotely construed as antisemitic.

      The link you provided clearly states that was the reason.

      And here is the green party link.

      You either don't read your links or if you do then you have a very serious comprehension problem.

      As noted in the article the Green Party supports sanctions against Israel.

    • @captadker

      Right... so you have nothing to back up your comments. Your link does not discredit his work in any way. Nutty is a facist and I would loved to see him barred as well. Israel has committed a number of extrajudicial killings and some religious and GoI leaders have publicly called for same.

      Nice try though. No not really. It was a poor one actually.

    • @bikerdoc

      Israel is the biggest gerrymandered electoral grouping in the world. That and being both a paruah and rogue state are it's only claim to fame.

      Not a democratic bone in it's structure.

    • @captadker

      I see no basis for your claim. The survey was in English and French. The percent that identified as French was roughly in proportion to their share of the population. As was the percentage of respondents from PQ.

      Those who identified as being a the BLOC party, a French dominated separitist party, had an overwhelming negative view of the GoI at 78%. Only one in ten have a favourable view. while Quebec had the most negative view of the GoI when looked at province by province 57%. Only 16% have a favourable view.

      It's nice to make the claims you do with no reference or back up. I'm willing to read it if you have it.

  • Liberal supporters of Israel slam Trump's 'terrifying' comments-- some saying Jews need to keep a majority
    • Liberal zionists are merely sheep in wolves clothing. Dangerous in the extreme and not in the slightest liberal in any way. If anything they are more racist than the right wing zionist thugs but hiding in the closet.

      There is no 2SS on the table. Never has been and never will be. One state, one person, one vote. Anything else is an abomination and is of the zionists own choosing.

      They valued territory over peace. They valued self interest over justice. They valued tribe over humanity.

      The best the Palestinians were ever going to be offered was a fragmented series of bantustans with limited self rule.

      Damn them and screw their racist immorality which they hide behind a religion and millions of holocaust victims.

      At least South Africa weren't as deceitful as to their motives. Israel and it's supporters have a long way to go in order to be as decent a country as apartheid south africa was.

      BDS is the only solution to such thuggery and criminality. Hopefully the few good Israelies will abandon the criminal enterprise and leave the rest in the stench of their fetid culture.

  • Israel interferes in our politics all the time, and it's never a scandal
    • @sibiriak

      Poorly phrased on my part I guess. My post wasn't questioning your position as much as merely offering support against violence regardless of the scope or extent of damage. I would prefer a peaceful solution.

      Not a true pacifist... I do recognize violence is sometimes necessary. And in the case of I/P the result of many decades of abuse piled upon the Palestinians.

    • You distance yourself from national identity yet favour Israel and zionists as your archive shows.

      Zionism is the same as any other abhorrent -ism born in the latter 19tb century. Same racist underpinnings. Same supremacist underpinnings. It is vile and foul.

      If you mean what you say then call it what it is. I will accept you as my neighbour as readily ad you accept me as yours. I reject you when you add an except for clause to your supposed beliefs. Zionism is all about exclusivity and rejecting others. Nothing less.

    • @sibiriak

      Not questioning your sources or position but i would hope anyone wanting peace and justice would not want such a scenario.

      I disavow myself from anyone wanting death or destruction.

  • Israeli govt and its supporters admit the fight to defeat BDS has failed
  • DC hip-hop group releases 'Search My Bag' music video inspired by interrogation at Ben Gurion airport
    • Not my kind of music but it was worth listening to. I have been through various poibts of immigration but I have never witnessed or experienced the types of reports of Israeli immigration controls.

      Turning away people due to their political beliefs are not a security issue. In fact if they are as open a society as they claim to be they should permit those who oppose them. Israel doesn't have an open society anymore.

      That isn't totally relevant though. I have no desire to ever visit such a vile and racist country. It has nothing to offer to the world. They have no business controlling who visits the west bank or Gaza though. Their desire to rule over the dispossessed and disenfranchised is as low as himanity can go.

      There are others as bad as Israel in differing ways but none lower. A rogue and pariah state.

  • 'We go to heaven, you go to hell': Israeli settlers caught on video threatening to kill Palestinians in Hebron
    • If this wasn't Hebron I would be tempted to say just another typical racist coward. Every state has them. In this case once they reached the bottom of the barrel they threw what was left into Hebron.

      A very tight knit community. The woman and children are identical. I don't blame the kids although for their own sake Israel's child protective services equivalent should remove them from the parents.

  • Trump pick for ambassador to Israel continues to fund settlement construction in the West Bank
  • New Israel Fund response to Ben Gurion harassment reinforces very system it claims to oppose
    • @jon66

      I don't wish to enter the debate as currently framed but the CDC has advised that the test results should not be applied outside of Africa. The page is on my tablet and I'm on my phone so sorry for not providing it.

    • @jon s

      Congrats on the grandchild. I have two... One is old enough to put me into great grandparent category and I live in fear of that haha. Kidding.

      Grandchildren are fantastic. Enjoy.

    • @jon s

      To the extent you took my comment as indicating that you personally were part of that mob I will unreservedly apologize. I meant you in the collective sense and perhaps should have used the phrase "that one could be". I was referring to the incident which I know you are aware of and the general state of racism in tbe justice system. The foul decision that it was ok to beat an incapacitated man. If I were to see you and merely perceive you as a threat the proceed to beat you I can guarantee that I would be facing hard jail time and not getting praise from a judge. And I can also guarantee that I wouldn't be doing that but that is beside the point.

    • I've been following the Sibiriak and eljay thread closely....

      I think the article is spot on but I'm still somewhat on the fence when it comes to the NIF.

      I recognized some of the groups they fund and I checked out another half dozen or so. I don't have the time to check them all.

      I congratulate and thank them for a lot of their work. It may not be enough but it's a step. It's a far cry from groups such as the jnf.

      I'm not sure that's enough though in a situation where there has been going on70 years worth of oppression and dispossession. Particularly since not only is there no end in sight but their are signs that it is about to speed up.

    • @jon s

      I would use twice as many words but not say it half as well as Mooser.

      Lovely place. I think it's wonderful that you can be part of a mob beating a clearly incapacitated nonJewish man, using a bench no less, and the judge will say... yeah that was a reasonable response. You're a credit to your uniform.

      No one can buy that just as no one could buy that would be the decision had the victim beena Jewish Israeli.

    • @eljay and Mooser

      Choosing or converting to Judaism grants you indigenous rights! No other religion can compete with that!

    • Hey jon s? Is danny going to demand that the UN condemn this terrorist attack on Israeli Arabs? Amazing how they managed to arrest the Israeli Jew who stabbed them. Good thing they didn't call a medic!

    • @jon s

      Off topic for this article but you must be elated that you finally had a stabbing terrorist attack in your stolen town!!

  • Israel's efforts to erase Palestinian history reflect 'incremental genocide,' Ehrenreich says
    • @jd65

      It sure looks like him so good catch but I can't say yes or no for sure. If it isn't him then it has to be Ken Barlow.

    • @Chuckman

      That is fine for the peoperty offenses. It is indeed organized theft. Backed up by illegal laws and criminal minds.

      Reducing the past, present and future of millions of Palestinians to such a phrase reduces them to be mere articles of property.

      They aren't. That should be self evident to any human.

      They are forxex oit. Their past is erased. They are prevented from creating a present through an intricate web of property and military laws. They are forced out yet agaain. Further and further away. Smaller and smaller ghettos. Their future is stunted by control and strangulation of their economy while the oppressors crow what a miracle they have conceived. All tbe while grinding their heels into the necks of their victims.

      Their victims don't exist. They never have. If they majority has their way they never will. They have no rights and if they are to ever gain rights the oppressor will be the arbiter of which ones. Bht whatever rights they are permitted they will not be entitled to control their future or even provide for their own protection. Not just the rights but the wants of the suppressor reign supreme. They will have to move again. Homes destroyed as building permits are refused. People living in rubble in many cases.

      No the Palestinians are not property. They are people. Equal to all other people. Their oppressors have no right to control, and deny, their lives and livelihood.

      Look up the definitions of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

      There is organized theft and has been for half a century but this is text book genocide. The population count is not relevant when their history, culture, etc are not merely being denied but destroyed. A smart genocide. Slow enough to slip under the radar but genocide nevertheless. Performed by some of the most cold hearted calculating racists that the world has seen. This is the face of evil.

  • Rand Paul warns neocons will 'scurry in' with Abrams, and Kristol says that's anti-Semitic
    • @traintosiberia

      One could say the US have been useful idiots. Not reaaly true though. Their system has just been corrupted enough that venal politicians are bought off at the price of other peoples children.

  • SJP demands that NYU president speak out against email threatening Muslims, Arabs and anti-Zionists
    • @kay

      I doubt it is a full refresher. To borrow a term from the brits(but not it's meaning) he only completed his A levels.

      Antisemitism, antisemite, anti-Israel.

      Oh i guess he started on b. Bad bad people.

    • Ah zionist support for free speech in action. The dersh to the rescue no doubt.

  • British uproar at Trump policies doesn’t extend to Netanyahu, yet
    • @inbound39

      The guardian stands out. It was never an anti Israel paper as claimed but it did fairly decent reporting. Sometimes slanted one way and sometimes the other.

      I bought paper copies of the guardian here in Canada for about 25 years. I was glad when the internet came along and would have willingly paid for access to it.

      In the last couple of years under new management it has gone way down hill in terms of quality and worth. I know the sames same as anyone who frequented that site. I laugh at their pleas for contribution. They must be kidding. If they want to spew propaganda lines they can pay me.

    • It is amazing how little UK msm media coverage there was of the debate in the parliament. If you relied on the media then you wouldn't have known it even occurred let alone the outcome of it. Similarly on the recent UNSC resolution you could find plenty of coverage related to foreign reaction (primarily but not exclusivelyIsraeli) but very little about the UK position.

  • Rights group: Israeli online incitement towards Arabs doubled in 2016
    • I am surprised it is only doubled. The volume of calls for physical violence against others, including putative left wing Israeli Jews, on media sites or blogs, particularly camera associates, is staggering.

      The level of incitement from Israelis has always vastly exceeded any incitement from Palestinians. Granted a Palestinian being alive and breathing counts as incitement to a lot of ziofacists.

  • Land Grab: Israeli Knesset passes law legalizing expropriation of privately-owned Palestinian land
    • @catalan

      Yes you should be pleased you are a citizen where have freedom of thought, freedom of speech and the freedom to live your life as you please. Israel, just like other oppresive states such as Saudi Arabia, do not offer such opportunities.

      That is the type of state you choose to support.

      A state without freedom of speech. Where Jewish lawmakers make comfort murderers but Araba lawmakers are treasonous for doing so. Where speaking your mind results in your right to speech being revoked. Where you can be stripped of your citizenship for an opinion. Banished for life.

      Catalan you fool no one. You haven't since you came here. A racist supremacist except you are one who doesn't have the courage to admit it. You just get caugjt out.

      In all seriousness though you spend more time stroking your own ego than anything else.

    • @eljay

      Catalan is a zionist and was outed as such within 7 days of posting. Unless you accept that supporting Israel and zionism over any other option makes you a non zionist.

      He is trying to rebrand himself.

    • @jackdoh

      "but the forbidden real estate sales law (w/death penalty), raises the question, what would Judea and Samaria look like if the free market was allowed to flourish. - See more at:"

      There is no Judea and Samaria. It's the West Bank.

      In so far as questions are raised it also raises a mutlitude of other questions.

      What would Palestine look like if it hadn't been under the boots of zionist thugs for the half century.

      What would Israel look like if it hadn't waged a war of terror on the population on the land.

      What would Israel look like if it hadn't prevented Palestinians from equal access to land by handling land issues through the oepnly racist JNF.

      What would the West Bank look like if Israel hadn't been strangling it's economy for a half century.

      What would Israel look like if it wasn't run as a racist state in terms of the operation of it's laws ensuring an under provision of finances and resources to it's minorities.

      I'm sure we could spend days listing the questions.

      The answer to all of them is, no one knows. zionists engage in ficitonal alternate realities and live in an alternate reality where wrong is right, objecting to racism is racism, advocating for equality is racism. Murdering medics are heroes!

    • @jackdoh

      It is very easy to understand why selling land to a state that is in the process of forcing your people off your land and stealing it would be considered an act of treason.

      The penalty is not death. The maximum penalty is death. The death penalty must be approved by the president of the PA.

      In Israel the maximum penalty is also death. In many countries the maximum penalty is death.

      You want all the rights and privileges extended to you at the same time you are murdering, oppressing, stealing and denying the rights of those people you complain about.

      A nasty racist supremacist is woven in your fabric so that you view everything through that moral perversion.

      You want the situation normalized and to be able to buy land? I am sure in the long run the Palestinians won't care who buys the house next door provided it remains part of Palestine.

      Stop your whining and griping. Get your boots off of their necks. Stop killing their kids. Let them exercise their rights to a full state and sign a peace agreement.

      The same goes for your churlish whining about being denied entry to Arab countries. You are at war with those countries. You (Israel) use it as an excuse every time you violate their sovereignty in violation of ceasefires and other agreements. Why the hell would they allow an Israeli be allowed to visit when a state of war exists.

      The Arab nations have made multiple offers for peace. In writing. Israel has not made a single written offer to date and has not responded to the Arab offers with a counter offer once.

      In other words it's your own damn fault for being a bunch of belligerent theives with every interest in stealing land and no interest in obtaining peace.

      And no, the 3 nos don't count. They only said no to those things until Israel withdraws from the occupation and allows Palestinians their rights. Again your fault.

      Nasty pariah state with even nastier racists defending it.

    • @amigo

      Or if you think all Jews are Israelis.

      Conflating the two is antisemitism except when a criminal zionist thinks he can sneak a lie passed people to justify his immoral crminal behaviour.

    • @jackdaw

      As usual you have to spin lies in order to even attempt to make a case. What a perverted sack of crap zionists are.

      Palestinian law forbids the sale of land to an enemy state or any of it's citizens. Perfectly reasonable.

      Regardless it doesn't justify the murder, rights abuses and theft of the criminal rogue state and outlaw supporters.

    • @mcohen

      Your village called.

    • @catalanwhocantgraspthe concept of reply

      Waging war on civilians and refugees is a war crime and crime against humanity. Israel is only at war with morality and truth.

    • @catalan

      Stalin... nutty yahoo. ..

      Soviet Union. .. Israel

      Booted out of the league of nations... reviled through history....

      You don't make the most pleasing or positive case for Israel. Must be hard to do when all there is to work with is a pile of steaming dung.

    • @jackdoh

      The answers by amigo and eljay are the correct answers.

      But leaving that aside for a second the only answer anyone could really give you at this stage is that what the law states in terms of compensation are totally irrelevant to the future operation of Israel and implementation of the law.

      Israel ignores...

      International Law
      International Humanitarian Law
      Geneva Conventions
      Decisions by the ICJ
      Decisions by it's own HCJ
      It's own laws by rewriting those laws to legalize events after they occur

      It is totally irrelevant what the law supposedly states in terms of compensation as Israel has proved repetitively that it will ignore the law whenever it wants to on whatever pretense it wants to us.

      There is not a chance in hell that Israel will compensate anyone fairly if by some fluke of happenstance it should ever compensate anyone.

      Israel is a state whose laws and words cannot be trusted in any way and it is Israel's repeated actions which have created that situation

      By the way said compensation needs to be way beyond the value of the land as people have been denied use of their land for many decades and, as well, are being denied the use of their property in the future.

      It is theft. Pure theft. Theft of private property and theft of territory belonging to another state.

  • Israeli supermarket chain glorifies army killer on grocery bag
    • Idf medics are clearly combatants. It would be difficult to charge someone with a war crime if they were to intentionally shoot one. Not only do they behave as combatants but in both the political and public realm they are lauded for that behaviour.

      Apart from this intentional murder it is not just a one off as there is a lengthy list of incidents where aid was not given and people were allowed to bleed out.

      Israel is a rogue state that has lost any moral basis to rule over the people in the region.

    • @Kay

      No, Israel is more guilty than those they accuse. Whether it is corruption, nuclear weapons, murder, terrorism ir any other deranged set of crimes.

      As noted they are masters of prkjection but are not limited to that. Those they point their fingers at are quiten often innocent while they ignore the log in their own eye.

      Whatever Israel was intended it is now a nation of terrorists, thugs and criminals. One can only hope that the silent decent and moral Israelis leave and disassociate thrmselves. If the history of the last half century of governments there are any measure there won't be all that many leaving. Too busy enjoying the plunder and violence they inflict.

    • This is hardly surprising or new. Israel has always glorified it's terrorists and murderers. No less than the Palestinians.

      I guess elor should be awarded the Lehi ribbon as befitting for such murderous criminals.

  • Israeli Knesset set to vote on 'unconstitutional' Palestinian land appropriation bill
    • At least the cosa nostra are prosecute in accordamce with the law. Time to do the same with the GOI and every settler.

    • @mcohen

      The bedouins had what they needed before the israelis stole it. On multiple occassions.

      A rogue state with ill repute.

    • @mcohen

      Nothing whatsoever to do with the high price of property in Israel but everything to do with stealing other people's property and getting a government subsidy to do so.

      Israel, the largest organized criminal gang of thugs in the world

  • Jewless Holocaust. Israel first.
    • @Mooser

      I personay view the Jewish holocaust as a very stark and vivid incidence of mans inhumanity towards man. In that sense it is extremely unique to me. In that sense it must never be forgotten or understated.

      My views are due to my era of living.

      As I have grown and gained further knowledge I do realize the holocaust is not unique. There are peoples who are no longer with us. There were others who were equally targetted for annihilation. For the same reason of being who they were.

      I think the lessons and horror of the holocaust must never be forgotten. I hope there is never a more current occurrence of such depravity which can serve as a lesson for future generations.

      Yes there is another lesson in ignoring prior genocides and ignoring or downplaying other targets of the holocaust.

      I do think the current flack has shown the inner morality of those who only concern themselves with crimes against their tribe versus those who consider humans to be truly equal.

      Everything evolves. Learn from from it. It is all we can do and even the best people can get it wrong.

      No... a cdntury has shown thaf zionism is the wrong. The racism is as vile as any other. It is no longer a point of debate. Only racists defend it

    • @eljay

      Ah yes the core definition of a racial supremacist.

      They can cloak themselves with words and ideologies which they follow until it infringes on their core issues and territoey.

      They are dyed in the wool hard core racists. They are all for equality provided it does not infringe on their speciam preserved space.

      They are as vile and evil as those who are, at least, willing or eager to be more in your face racist such as dohbaker, mikhael, hophmi. A lot of them are like yonah who will mouth platitudes while grinding your face into the mud with their heel.

      They are racists pure and simple. Sophisticated? Sure
      But vile and venal racists in every way
      They are only willing to give up the rights of others for the sake of equality. Their privilege is off limits.

      Bah... dung. Bad dung. The lot of them. At least dohbaker mikhael hophmi are honest about being lowlives. Not reay sure about hophmi... i think he may be deluded enough to believe the crap he spews. Humour the mental midget.

  • Under Trump we cannot expect 'the system' to protect us, but we can protect ourselves
    • @mooser

      Actually i think he was saying that warren was guilty of hate speech.... for pointing out sessions factual racist past. And that the left would agree with shutti g her down because of that hate speech.

      Wri g on all counts of course.

      Who knows what he meant but whatever it was it became a massive fail.

      Hopefully hophmi is lurking and learns equating speech with violence is wrong as he loves to do that every chance he gets.

    • @jon66

      I'm glad to hear that you feel that way but that is certainly not how zionist organizations nor leading zionists behave in the real world. The dersh being a great example since you raised him. He has frequently tried to muzzle people not on the zionist bandwagon.

      Nazis are fine in his book though.

      Things that make you go hmmmmm

    • @jon66

      Her view of it conforms to zionist definition of free speech.

    • @Cazador

      I am not sure what you mean. Most tribes have treaties. The shame is that for the most part they have had to resort to the courts to reinforce those treaty rights. Perhaps you could clarify for me.

      Perhaps things will be better under Trudeau although I won't hold my breath. But at least he is likely not as stupified as Harper who said we have no history of colonization. Sheesh.

  • Israeli forces raid Palestinian publishing house, trashing equipment, confiscating printers
    • And in current news Amona residents desecrate a synagogue with swatiskas and death to zionists.

      Oh what lovely people they are.

      The world made a grave mistake when it decided to appease the criminals that call themselves Israelis. They hid behind a religion, a persecuted religion at that, to perform their crimes against humanity.

  • Brooklyn protest to call for boycott of Israeli dance company
    • A dance company? I thought they specialized in kicking things and chairs.

      Perhaps some soulless zionist can tell us how the charges and trials of the murderers living in that town went.

      There has been a lot of silence in the media about the mob killing that took place.

      No normalization of racists and murderers. They are living on the homes and graves of those they dispossessed. The fact they can dance is not a redeeming attribute. Acknowledgement, compensation, remorse, etc can be when done right.

  • Jewish groups slamming Trump on refugees are hardhearted when it comes to Palestinian refugees
    • Liberal zionists are hard core racists who can't face themselves in the mirror. They require other people to make up for their absence of even a semblance of humanity.

      The zionist project must be protected at all costs no matter the innocent lives taken, morals tossed aside or anything else. We, the zionists, are victims (of our own putrid lack of any morality?) and someobe else must pay the price so we can stroke our own ego.

      Life is a bitch as a supremacist. You always need to find an excuse and place for the little people. Damn hard work I tell ya.

    • @RoHa

      I don't wish to enter into a debate about who's on first but trumpette was a slimeball long before being elected as prez. No one could argue otherwise with a straight face. If they can the humour part of me would love to hear it.

    • @catalan

      "Now we need practical proposals to integrate Israel and the future Palestinian state. "

      Don't make me laugh catalan. You're just another apologist for crimes against humanity that wants to see the current situation normalized and the political process to force Israel to agree to a Palestinian state frozen in place and time.

      The governing war criminals of the rogue state of Israel have made it quite plain there will be no Palestinian state and that Israel intends to claim all the land. It needs to bring about a normalization process in order to try to create some fictitious air of legitimacy for their crimes so far.

      The mouth the words that they support a 2SS while laughing up their sleeves at any form of morality or legality.

      The best that is on offer is

      The Palestinians must recognize that Israel is a Jewish state.

      The Palestinians must give up the land settled so far without any real compensation of any kind and, as well, large swathes of land surrounding the settlements in terms of infrastructure etc.

      At best the Palestinians will be allowed to keep some of their land in exchange for that which they have to give up. Israel calls this giving land for peace. One of the most popular variants of this is that they will give the Palestinians the land upon which Israeli Arabs live in order to remove their citizenship and make the ethnic mix in Israel more pure. No surprise there as zionism is a racist ideology grown from the same roots and nazism and aryanism.

      The Palestinians may not have an army.

      The Palestinians must accept the presence of Israeli troops on Palestinian territory.

      The Palestinians may not control their own borders or immigration.

      The Palestinians may not enter into treaties or alliances.

      These are not attributes of a state. These are closer to the attributes of a Bantustan. In fact the Bantustans of South Africe would have had more independence.

      I don't know if you think you are fooling someone or if you are just a deluded twat.

      Normalization is in the best interests of both parties but not until two states exist and then as two equal states. Until then Israel needs to be treated as the rogue state it is. And it's supporters should be reviled at every opportunity.

    • @Mooser

      I am not sure what keith is serving. Theo's ego js blocking my vision.


      I agree with you that those who say it could be done dofferently with better results are speculating. But no more so than you.

      No doubt empire built a great world trading system thar benefitted the empire but it did little for the peasants and indiginous peoples in the conquered foreign land. Trade has existed for thousands of years as has cultiral exchange and the spreading of technology and know how.

      I don't doubt the sincerity of your belief but I am just as sincerily that I don't believe you have made a justifiable case in any way at all. What you have done is offerred the standard apologia for the evil that was done and countless dead that were created building and defending that empire. Especially those sorry sobs who wanted their country for themselves. The nerve!

    • @mhughes

      You are really indulging in self congratulatory speculation. The potential alternate current realities which could exist had things been different 1/2/300 years ago is limitless. Things could be worse today. Things could be better. No one knows and we can't know. Perhaps WWII could have been avoided.

      The self congratulatory part amounts to finding redeeming aspects of other horrendous regimes of the past. You either accept is good or it is bad. If you chose the latter you can't sugar coat it.

  • To report honestly, US mainstream editors must stand up to Israeli propaganda machine
    • @Citizen

      Evil and zionists can't stand the light of day.

      In all fairness it isn't just cameras. Zionists constantly struggle to suppress facts and truth. Neither are in their favour.

      Instead they prefer to defend they Israeli narrative. They even call it that.

      Granted Alice through the looking glass is a narrative. And equally realistic and honest.

  • Danwatch: Major EU pension funds invest billions in businesses linked to Israeli settlements
    • @Harry

      That was wonderful and fine except that for at least three years after the invasion the meters used to measure extraction were magically unavailable to buy, or so it was claimed, and therefore there is no record of how much oil was taken.

      I don't know how many more years that situation went on. Ut is unlikely the US/UK or Iraqui population benefitted.

    • The Palestinians need to sue a few of these theives. I guess the reward would vary greatly depending upon tbe jurisdiction but the fact they know the law and are wilfully breaking has the potential for substantial rewards. One or two successes will bring corporations in line with the law quickly.

  • The Quebec mosque shooting and the Zionist connection
    • Oh and Jon when the daily murders, home invasions, property invasions of the criminal rogue state of Israel are included would you kindly get back to us?

      A tiny fraction of the inhumane violence perpetrated by all of us in this world is perpetrated by Arabs.... ut is so wonderful we exclude organized violence against them in the counts.

      I can't believe you are that stupid and hate to believe you are that mendacious but you are aren't you?

      I mean... military grade explosives deployed at long range is so much more civilized isn't it? You seem to believe so.

    • @jon66

      That is really cool jon. All your interpretation of the furst se lt of numbers tell us is that Muslims are more effective or have greater luck.

      Statistically they are less likely to perpetrate.

      I didn't bother to read your second link as I feel the poi t is irrelevant. Until such time as we include state sponsored terrorism such as that perpetrated by the US, UK and Israel (a state created and sustained through terrorism) it is a meaningless number. The thought that those states (and their poodles) get to slaughter people without blowback isn't silly, isn't crazy, isn't laughable. But it is the absolute height of stupidity.

      Welcome to your place on the left hand of the bell curve. Wear it with pride. You earned it fully and proved it.

      Oh.. canada has been a poodle. I wear it without pride.

    • One last point is that the larger press is reporting some, or all, of the fact that he was a fan of trump, le pen, le p.q., and a member/founder of a far right wing campus group at Laval U.

      For the most part being a fan of the idf is suppressed

    • I don't want to write an article so..

      I was glad that the news was not presented in a sensational way. No hype, commentary from experts, rampant speculation.

      I was even more glad at the way the community and country leadership responded. Yes it is only words but...

      It was unfortunate that they released the name(s) of the suspects from unofficial sources only to have it tur out one wasn't a suspect.

      Once it was apparent that it wasn't Islamic terrorism I was happy to see it labelled terrorism since it was exactly that.

      I was appalled to hear the newsdesk anchor say that there is now some question as to whether it was mass murder or terrorism. I don't really care what it is called as long as a extremely lengthy sentence is given but we all know the question wouldn't be raised if it had been a Muslim perp.

      I was even more appalled to read comments at the cbc site which said this proved that we need to restrict Muslim immigration. Some of the idiots probably didn't read passed the terrorism headline but some stated that proves they can't fit in. Blaming the victim in the extreme.

      Even if it had been Islamic, the bulk of incidents we have had like this over many years have been perpetrated by angry white men.

      It was great to see the support and inclusivity nation wide.

      My nation is mukticultural. I love it.

    • Yes. I did mean not. Sorry. As i said out and about. In a parking lot at the moment haha

    • It was, and still is, a sad day. I was wondering if the site would cover it. I was also wondering if it was even covered on US news networks given that it was Muslim terrorism and therefore probably not of interest. I could have checked but decided to watch our less sensational news networks.

      I am out and about today and I have a lot more to say on this including criticism of Canadian news networks.

      This was terrorism. This was a right wing adherent exercising his personal freedom.

      A sad sad day.

  • Netanyahu's tweet for Trump suggests two leaders have cut a deal on Jerusalem or Iran, says former ambassador
    • @pixel

      Trudeau did it in 2016 but quickly caved under pressure and added a statement in relation to intolerance and antisemitism after the initial release.

  • Rallies at White House and airports across the US as outrage builds over Muslim ban
    • @amigo

      To round out that list I would like to see an additional column or two added to it.

      The first would be the tonnage of western supplied bombs dropped on those countries. The second would be the casualty count inflicted on them by western forces or weapons. The third would be the count of those we callously refer to as collateral damage.

  • Trump's anti-interventionism helped him win, says Obama's former Middle East adviser
    • @RoHa

      As another individual living outside the US it certainly doesn't appear to me that the right is interested in either personal liberty or human rights at all.

      Leaving aside the issue of weapons/guns as that is a specific stated right in the constitution. Granted the meaning and interpretation is still hotly debated.

      The right certainly frames things in the language of rights, however, from my viewpoint the rights they seek are frequently the right to deny the rights of others.

      Certainly they are extremely active in fighting against any actions which might enable the equality of all people before the law. They have struggled long and hard to ensure members of the LGBT community do not have the rights accorded to nonmembers.

      A woman's right to control her own body and access to proper reproductibe health care is another major issue.

      As zionists have used Luntz to come up with key buzzwords, often distorting their meaning, so has the right attempted to sell their agenda by misgraming the issues at hand. Of course there is no other way to sell the right to deny rights to any average person.

    • @James

      Shouldn't that be the US/UK invasion of Iraq?

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