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  • Michael Walzer wonders if Israel 'will let me in'
    • Despite the unprecedented control of governments and the media that Zionists enjoy, they are doomed to failure. Their entire belief system is collapsing from within; they are under siege from all sides. We must press our advantage as they falter. Their destruction cannot happen soon enough for the civilized world!

  • Wave of bomb threats renews charge that anti-Semitism is fueled by BDS
    • BDS causing bomb threats? Just more Hasbara lies for Trump to cite when he implements laws preventing criticism of Israel, Zionism, etc. Wolves don't need to actually exist for these war mongers to continue screaming that they threaten our existence! Looks like we have graduated from lying about Russian stealth subs to seeing ISIS everywhere and smearing BDS and anyone criticizing Israel.

      When BDS' momentum reaches a tipping point (assuming illegal, unconstitutional legislation can't slow it down) watch out for a "false flag operation". Those ZioNuts will go WAY beyond false claims that BDS is responsible for bomb threats, etc. Once we have another 9/11, the gloves will really come off - mass deportations, security checkpoints, more foreign countries bombed to rubble, further unchecked NSA surveillance, revoking constitutional rights such as freedom of speech, etc.

      Could this post and others like it lead to charges of treason under this administration? Will Dershowitz be named to chair a renewed Council to investigate "Un-American Activities"? The Dersh was a rabid dog at Harvard, ferreting out anything even remotely resembling his interpretation of anti-Semitism - he's the perfect choice!

      Trump, Bannon, Kirshner and the rest of the ZioCabinet are all poster boys for "1984". Orwell is spinning in his grave. Meanwhile, Trump's promise to curtail military spending just resulted in more $BILLIONS and $BILLIONS being ADDED to the military budget of our militaristic, fascist state. We must protect the Homeland at all cost - and Israel must be our FIRST priority!

  • 'NYT' runs Israeli's op-ed recommending that Palestinians 'emigrate voluntarily'
    • Perhaps the Zionists and their illegal squatters will offer casinos to Palestinians as part of the Hasbara propaganda campaign? But that would require having "reservations" to build them on. Unlike the US genocide of Native Americans and the subsequent "Trail of Tears" march, the Israelis have NO intention of leaving one scrap of land for the Palestinians to exist on. They will bomb, terrorize and starve them out of existence if they refuse to leave Palestine. And ZioRags like the NYT will continue to print blatant lies to cover Israeli war crimes and ethnic cleansing!

      The silver lining to the NYT reporting is that it is so blatantly biased that even the least educated/informed reader (which, sadly describes so many Americans) can see through the lies. The NYT's refusal to print letters from opposing views is one of the lowest forms of journalism; that strategy, along with other pressures in the industry, will eventually cause them to close their doors. "All the news that's fit to print - pending Zionist approval"!

  • Obama 'betrayed' American Jews and Trump is a 'swineherd' -- Bernard-Henri Levy
    • If a survey were done as to our preference: "Button his shirt" vs. "Button his lips" we could be looking at a tie. Shouldn't Levy at least have some discernible chest hair to support his fashion statement? Next to Illegal Squatters, perhaps the most repulsive, arrogant creatures on the planet are intellectual French Zionists!

      The latest page from the ZioPlaybook attempts to blurr any difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. I'm hoping this desperate tactic accelerates the exposure and downfall of racist Zionism. A wounded animal can be VERY dangerous. But we have an obligation to put it out of its misery! As it thrashes around, biting and clawing at anything that moves, I'm hoping it exhausts itself and expires soon! Perhaps organizations like BDS will give it a decent burial?

  • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else
    • An American president is being banned from an American country club by Zionists because he put American interests first and joined the rest of the civilized world in condemning Israel's Illegal Squatter settlements. The more Zionism is exposed as a racist, terrorist organization, the better!

      Personally, I'd substitute "desperate" or "arrogant" for the word "stupid". When smart people who are evil are exposed/cornered, they become desperate; they say and do things that make them appear to be stupid. Their past successes and arrogance prevent them from seeing that their insane actions and Hasbara lies are causing their own inevitable demise.

      A defeated enemy with a high IQ is as ineffective as a stupid enemy. Maybe we could create a "Mensa Members Only" prison wing for Zionists after they're locked up for hate crimes and espionage? I understand Pollard's cell is available! That would be a great, symbolic home for these other traitors!

  • Booker slams UN resolution as 'anti-Israel,' while Saban says it's anti-American
    • Tom "Lets Bomb Iran" Cotton is still licking his wounds after his ZioCoach Bill Kristol had him take responsibility for AIPAC's hate letter to Iran. Booker will hopefully prove to be just more cannon fodder and an ineffective whore for the Zionist's War on Truth! Saban hasn't wiped all the "Hillary Fail" egg off his repulsive face yet and he's already trying to Zionize the next batch of PolPuppets. It's not a question of if Zionism will fail, but when. In the meantime, Zios are a very dangerous wounded animal with a loose cannon about to enter the Oval Office. We will see a vicious "no holds barred" desperate Zionist affront to our goals during the coming years. Unconstitutional laws against BDS and blatant attacks by the WH and ZioMSM on any criticism of ZioLand will be unrelenting. However, ZioDesperation and arrogance will result in critical mistakes and unwanted exposure. Cockroaches do not survive in the light. Neither does Zionism!

  • Alan Dershowitz has threatened to leave the Democratic Party if Keith Ellison becomes chair
    • If Dorkawitz really wants to ensure Ellison's promotion, he should threaten to commit suicide! Threatening to leave the party that couldn't even beat Trump just isn't very effective!

  • Here's the gossip: Beinart is about to replace Goldberg as most important Jewish journalist
    • Yakov - betting on Beinart to take the crown from Goldberg? It's definitely a Shoah thing! Writing about any volatile subject while wearing colored glasses permanently affixed is bound to expose the writer's blatant prejudices sooner or later.
      Maybe being Beinart's boss will backfire. Being the head honcho often comes with some shackles in the form of forced diplomacy and extra duties that Beinart won't be impaired by? And attempting to erase service in the IDF from one's resume is a big liability unless, apparently one is running for mayor of Chicago.

  • Some big Jewish donors to Clinton don't seem to care about Israel. Hallelujah
    • Meh - so a pack of vicious wolves is chasing you but you're supposed to feel optimistic because 20% of them aren't really that hungry?
      When someone like Hirshberg donates $$$ to JVP, Mondoweiss or (OMG) BDS, let me know. Otherwise, I'll continue to question the impact and "agenda" of any big Jewish donors.
      I think that Phil's sometimes overly optimistic view of things is necessary and I hope he continues to voice it. Trump sure confirmed how wrong assumptions about outcomes can be!

  • David Horowitz threatens to sue student for op-ed condemning 'hate' posters
    • Most radical Zionist Islamaphobes are in a constant state of rage. It's merely a symptom of the mental disorders that so frequently plague them.

      Further, I believe that the Illegal Israeli Squatters represent the highest concentration of serious mental disorders on the planet. Thinking that their behavior is necessary and normal, combined with governmental approval and support, contributes to the pathology and strength of these tendencies. This doubly powerful nature-nurture Zionist cesspool of hate and delusion makes for a toxic environment and explains how and why the genocide of the Palestinian people is accepted as acceptable and necessary, without remorse!

      My "diagnosis" is that Horowitz is a very disturbed, dangerous Zionist. However, his hate and arrogance makes him vulnerable, and will eventually lead to his collapse and contribute to the failure of Zionism! The type of rage ckg provoked by simply commenting in student newspapers will lead Horowitz to make costly errors. Mr. Gardner has succeeded in making the snake come out of his hole. I hope Mr. Gardner can hold on while organizations like SJP and BDS can cut the head off this repulsive serpent!

  • 'Ruling class' must regard Trump's rise as response to 'ill conceived wars' -- Matthews
    • Some claim that Elie Wiesel was the last "layperson" to speak with Bush Jr. before the idiot pulled the trigger on Iraq. Supposedly, Wiesel bent his ear for hours about how America had to save poor Iraqi children from monster Saddam, etc. Hasbara blah-blah-blah...

      If I'm not mistaken, Wiesel was a Zionist who only had Israel's interests in mind. One thing is for sure - the ZioNeoCon disastrous war in Iraq killed WAY more innocent Iraqi children than Saddam ever could have. And fanatical anti-American groups like ISIS were spawned. Thank you "Mr. Hasbara"; your nickname "The Weasel" sure was accurate!

  • H to Jake to Malcolm to Maggie to Haim to Huma -- resetting the discourse on Israel in 6 easy steps
    • When a U.S. Secty of State puts the needs of foreign country ahead of the security of the U.S. and undermines critical foreign policy positions of the President, doesn't that constitute treason?
      Can you imagine John Kerry being quoted in the NYT guaranteeing a better relationship with Russia if he's elected president just after Obama publicly criticizes it?

  • 'Atlantic' editor says that Israel's 1948 expulsion of Palestinians was not 'a tragedy'
    • I would think that Goldberg spends most of his time worrying about the spread of BDS, the decline in blind loyalty to Israel among Jews (especially young Jews), and the increasing global awareness of Israeli war crimes. I think that whatever time he spends worrying about FB is mostly concerning how it may contribute to the aforementioned issues.
      What is most annoying/concerning to me is that Zionists are routinely put in these powerful positions of influence in spite of the fact that they will almost certainly use the available resources to further their pro-Zionist agenda. To me, it just goes against the basic tenets of "journalism". Yes, I should know better than to think this is something knew or that it will change soon. Seeing so many NYT reporters with children in the IDF should have cured my optimism by now!

    • Goldberg refers to the internet as a "swamp"? OK - so now we know that "swamp" is ZioCode for "Media that can't be controlled by Zios like Saban and Adelson"!
      We are going to find out early on just how far from the truth the ATLANTIC will allow Goldberg to go to pursue his favorite agenda - the growth of Zionism and its control on the MSM.

  • The dark side of Jewish consciousness: manufactured anti-Semitism
    • As more Jews discover the vile agenda of the Zionists (and how they're being lied to and manipulated by them) whatever "deeply imbedded hysteria" may exist will be ignited all right - but the targets of this seething rage will be the Zionists themselves.
      How ironic that Zionists will be destroyed by, to a large extent, the very people they had conspired to use as their human shields; people like my friend Lillian, who so eloquently exposes their Hasbara lies!

  • Draft of Clinton letter called BDS 'odious,' 'unconscionable' attack on 'legitimacy of Zionism'
    • "You should double check with Malcolm to get any additional names or to suggest deleting any of the ones on my list."
      Looks like correspondence between McCarthy and Cohn!

      Although the slanderous attacks on SJP by Horowitz and his ZioThugs are disturbing, I'm counting on their desperation and spurious claims to do more harm than good to their cause. I would think that the majority of students can see through his thinly veiled lies or at least be intrigued enough to find out the truth.

      Remember, the greatest weapon against vile creatures like Horowitz is the TRUTH!!

  • What if the Syria no-fly zone won't fly?
    • We could end most of our problems by implementing a "No AIPAC" zone over Washington, D.C. The sooner, the better!

  • Israel supporter refuses to share Bard stage with Dima Khalidi and cites stereotypes about Jews smelling bad
    • Translation of Marcus' Hasbara rant: "BDS is effectively outing the terrorism of Israel. I can't debate facts, so I'm going to refuse to take the stage with anyone who can expose my lies!"

  • Emails show Clinton crafted BDS letter for pro-Israel donors, as counter to her support for Iran deal
    • No wonder the U.S. Is in such a deplorable economic state. Our leaders spend so much time placating Israel there is no time left on their schedules to deal with OUR problems.
      Don't you just love the thinly-veiled threats of these ZioThugs when they ask "Where are you on this issue?"

  • 'NYT' says Bush I's opposition to Israeli settlements cost him his job
  • Washington Post says Netanyahu and Clinton's 'common love of Hamilton' could bring peace to Mideast
    • On her twitter page ZioTurd Eilperin wrote that her column was "in jest". I responded, "The only joke is your integrity!" Then I sent a pic of Gaza in rubble and wrote, "Pals might enjoy "Hamilton too, but are busy fighting ethnic cleansing!"

  • Netanyahu and US neocons describe Israel as a miracle God helped to create
    • How could the tiny terrorist state of Israel have such immense power over the U.S.?
      "God only knows!"

      Neocons and Zionists wouldn't know God if they tripped over him. But "he" certainly comes in handy when they want to mesmerize the hoards of pro-Israel zombies. Evangelical nut jobs under the command of crazed carnival barkers like Benny "Hill" Hinn spew Hasbara and pour $MILLIONS into Ziocoffers to enable illegal squatters to flourish on stolen land.

      Makes one wonder if God exists? Well, if he does, I doubt he/she even remotely resembles anything like what these moronic psychopaths envision.

  • The two-stroke solution
    • Congressional ZioPuppets. US military as mercenary army of Israel, destabilizing targeted countries in the Mideast. MSM controlled by ZioTurds like Adelson, Saban, Murdoch and others - spewing Hasbara hate propaganda to a dumbed-down population of zombies. . We are quickly becoming a fascist state through militarism, foreign invasions and spying on fellow Americans.

      We are about to experience some kind of event(s) that will change the very course of our world in a very dangerous and destructive manner. Some would say this is already happening and/or we are past the point of no return. And to think, the tiny Apartheid state of Israel, with complicit puppets in congress, etc. will probably be responsible for the annihilation of mankind as we know it!

      If there are any survivors after these events, can you imagine how they will judge us? Allowing a tiny terrorist state to implement a de-facto coup on the most powerful nation in history. Then using it to wreak terror and destruction on any people it decides to destroy on a whim!?? Invading sovereign countries, assassinating their leaders, murdering hundreds of thousands of innocents, creating a breeding ground for groups like ISIS, millions of refugees in the biggest hate campaign in history - all to help destroy Israel's competitors under the guise of proclaiming them to be legitimate threats?

      And we wonder why we are the most hated people on the planet? WE are the terrorists and WE will be judged for OUR acts of terrorism. Ignorance will not be an acceptable excuse!

  • Israeli government projects 'ethnic cleansing' on Palestinians
  • 'The defiant femininity of Israel's female soldiers' -- you're kidding, right?
    • The amount of makeup that would be necessary to make these vile creatures appear to be feminine does NOT exist!

  • Israel's plan to retool occupation includes color-coding 'good' and 'bad' Palestinians
    • Kapos was the first thing I thought of! Unfortunately for the ZioNazis, Palestinians have endured DECADES of suffering in concentration camps, not a few years. Therefore, they're less apt to buy into their captors' sinister lies!

      I hope to witness the day when American leaders draw a red circle around Tel-Aviv and stop sending our tax dollars to support the Apartheid, Terrorist government of Israel!

  • Sanders-backed candidate in FL says Wasserman Schultz won't 'protect' Israel
    • Most of the time
      I find it easier
      To think in rhyme
      When writing
      About slime

      Supporting AIPAC is a crime!

  • Dream Defenders statement on the condemnation of Movement for Black Lives platform by some pro-Israel groups
    • Wow! Really sucks to be a Zionist these days! What a strong partnership against hate, racism and Apartheid! BLM, BDS, JVP +++ Add to all this the fact that many of the younger generation of Jews would slap Netanyahu's ugly puss, and my-my-my! Man, I've never been more optimistic!

      How long did the Berlin Wall last? ;<)

  • Sam Harris and the politics of 'good intentions'
    • If my intention is to save lives by installing a new type of airbag, body count DOES matter if my invention actually causes three times as many deaths. My INTENTION is pretty irrelevant to the victims and their families. Maybe it would matter to my attorney during the trial? The jury would tend to focus on the body count more than my good intentions - especially if I fought against and delayed a recall, resulting in more deaths.

      But, as Chomsky points out, the US can't even argue that they had good intentions because the slaughter and so-called collateral damage of their campaigns WAS the intention!

      The fact that the US military is merely a mercenary army for Israel does not relieve it of the responsibility for the deaths of millions of innocents (including our own troops). Our action and inaction has allowed for a de-facto Israeli coup; our continued blind support for the terrorist government of Israel is inexcusable. Our government has been infiltrated by Zionist puppets like Hillary Clinton. By voting these ZioPuppets into office, we are all responsible for the consequences!

      When the civilized world finally demands justice, our argument that we were forced to fight unjust wars on behalf of Israel will NOT work. It's ironic that the "Judgement at Nuremberg" helped set a precedent that will contribute to our inevitable demise!

  • Democratic platform is more militant against Iran than it was before Iran deal
    • Pinocchio (US) does have its fingerprints all over ME conflicts; but the Zionists certainly pull the strings! Doesn't mean we aren't responsible, but...

  • America's iron fist in the Middle East
    • Just a clarification: The US SELLS things to Saudi Arabia and others. The US does not SELL anything to Israel - it GIVES weapons, etc. to them!

  • Support for Rep. Hank Johnson following mischaracterization of his remarks on settlements
    • I could understand if lawyers representing termites sued Johnson for comparing them to ILLEGAL SQUATERS!

  • Clintonites on message: Vote for Trump, and you get Putin
    • Agreed - the NeoconZios are more than happy to trade the security of the US for the greater good of Israel! And that is called TREASON! Our "relationship" with Israel has cost us $TRILLIONS and countless lives fighting their unjust wars as mercenaries. Our reputation on the world stage has plummeted as a result of becoming the attack dog of Israel, protecting it with unlimited money, armies and veto votes in the UN. Because of our blind support of this rogue state, we have become the most despised country on Earth!

      Based on this Ziopractice of intentionally damaging our relationships with countries all over the world whenever it benefits Israel, it's apparent that the Apartheid Terrorist government of Israel and their Ziopuppets in congress and the ZioMSM represent the greatest threat to peace in the world today.

      When will we wake up and remove this parasite before it's too late? When are people going to realize that illegally removing heads of state and destabilizing ME countries only results in MORE terrorism and millions of innocents slaughtered? This certainly benefits Israel, as we remove their competitors in the region one after another. But what effect does this international TERRORISM perpetrated by America have on us!?

      Will we allow ZioPuppets like Saban's pet Clinton to fight more wars for Israel? Will AIPAC pen a declaration of war to Iran and have their ZioMinions in congress sign it? Will the ZioMSM continue to spew Hasbara and beat the drums of endless, unjust, mindless wars - fighting as Israeli mercenaries?

      The ZioNeocons are feeling the world closing in on them and they are desperate. Their arrogance, fear and aggression has exposed them. We must stop them before they can set us on a course of irreversible war and destruction. It's time for us to focus on what's best for the US, NOT Israel; it's never been clearer that the "relationship" is NOT mutually beneficial!

    • Rather than listening to lies about Trump being pro-Russian, we should be further exposing the Israeli puppet politicians and so-called journalists.

      Any American politician who sells his or her office (Clinton included) to the Apartheid Terrorist government of Israel is committing TREASON! And the ZioMSM spewing Hasbara lies represents the most repulsive form of journalism that has ever existed. Herr Goebbels would be proud of his "protégés" who have taken this disgusting, reprehensible practice to a new level!

      We are in a war to take back our country from the agents of Zionism. Although, thanks to the tireless efforts of organizations like BDS and Mondoweiss, it appears that we are gaining ground, let us not forget that a desperate, cornered animal is dangerous!

      As the truth about Israeli terrorism and an imbalance of Zionist influence in our government and media becomes more widespread, there will be an ANGRY outcry for justice. As we prepare to celebrate our victory, we must remain careful not to lower ourselves to the tactics of this vile enemy! It may take longer to throw AIPAC out of Washington by following higher principles, but it will make the taste of victory that much sweeter!

  • NLRB upholds union's right to support Israel boycott
    • Zionism = McCarthyism and RACISM!

      The NLRB's support of BDS is another nail in the coffin of terrorist Zionism! As organizations like BDS continue to grow and the truth about the terrorist government of Apartheid Israel is reported by Mondoweiss and others, the Israeli Hasbara shield will continue to crumble!

      With young Jews speaking out against Israeli genocide, it's only a matter of time before Palestinians win their rights. One can smell the fear of the vile ZioNazis as they scramble to keep the lid on the truth. Blackmailing and bribing their US ZioPuppets to contain the damage will eventually prove futile! Even the treasonous Saban pet Clinton will be brushed aside as more Americans demand that AIPAC be thrown out and we take back our government. Even with a Zionist stranglehold on MSM, enough truth is available to incite the people to action!

      As more Americans learn that our treasonous politicians have turned our military into Israeli mercenaries, fighting unjust wars - squandering $TRILLIONS and sacrificing American lives, they will rise up in anger and shame! We aren't the most hated country/people on the planet because others are envious of our wealth - we are hated because of our slaughter of millions of innocents while fighting wars for and blind support of the terrorist government of Israel! We are hated for our hypocrisy of demanding justice from others while we enable the Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people!

  • Hillary Clinton gains backing of neocon megadonor who funds Islamophobic groups
    • Terrorist bombing IS a "middle-eastern trait"! The Israeli terrorist cell Irgun is credited with the first terrorist attack in the slaughter of innocents at the King David Hotel. Now the vile Apartheid Terrorist state of Israel uses FREE US weapons in its Nazi-like Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinian people.

      BDS, many other organizations and the awakening of younger Jews ensures the end of Terrorist Zionism! It's only a matter of time. One can smell the desperation of the lowly Hasbara trolls as they desperately (and unsuccessfully) attempt to hide the truth from the world.

      The Apartheid Land Grab Wall of Israeli Hate will fall harder than that other wall of oppression in Berlin did. As the Hasbara Wall of disinformation and lies continues to crumble, the ZioCockroaches will flee the light of truth and drown in their own cesspool of hate!

  • To those who were here before us
  • Democrats head to a crossroads over Palestinian rights as primary season comes to an end
    • I'm surprised that the supervisor at hophead's Hasbara troll cubicle hasn't reassigned him after being overwhelmingly defeated and embarrassed here on a daily basis! Luckily for that despicable ZioTroll, there are MANY places he can be sent to. The truth is spawning countless venues that millions are flocking to in order to defeat ZioTerror.

      BDS is only a fragment of the spear that has pierced the protective shell of ZioTerrorism. ZioBots are scattering like cockroaches as the light of truth exposes their repulsive, dishonest agenda. They are desperately attempting to put the Truth Genie back in the bottle. It's not a matter of if they will be defeated but when.

      As more Americans learn the truth of ZioTerror, organizations like BDS will see a flood of new members and contributors. The new form of McCarthyism displayed by Cuomo is already backfiring and shedding more light on the vile ZioAgenda!

  • Censorship in Brooklyn: Food Coop bars 'any events related to BDS or Israel' from meeting room
    • How can anyone shop for food there while ZioThugs make you want to throw up in your mouth? George Orwell is turning in his grave!

      One can smell the fear and desperation as these Hasbara trolls try to suppress the truth about the terrorist government of Israel! Sorry, but you'll never get that Genie back in the bottle.

  • Sanders's leftwing base made him take on Netanyahu
    • Just another crack in the Hasbara dam that will eventually cause a flood of truth to flush AIPAC, etc. into the cesspool they crawled out of!

      In the past any public criticism of Israel would have been unheard of, let alone coming from a presidential candidate on national TV. Many Americans are seeing the monster behind the curtain for the first time. Neocons, Hasbara Trolls, AIPAC and a host of other Israel Firster psychopaths are scattering like cockroaches. Organizations like BDS, JVP and SJP have been given a big boost from Sanders' public honesty.

      The McCarthyism-like label of anti-Semitism has lost its power to silence the truth about Apartheid Israel and Terrorist NuttyYahoo! It's not a question of IF Americans will retake their country from Zionists but WHEN! Put the champagne on ice but continue the war on REAL terrorism! The enemy is losing and that is making them desperate - which makes them dangerous!

  • Iraq war hangover is fueling anti-establishment candidates
    • Rubio "has taken time off the US presidential campaign" to fight BDS in France on behalf of his Zionist masters?

      Ummm, blindly supporting the Apartheid Terrorist state of Israel IS how you run for president in the US! It's disgraceful and frightening, it makes NO sense - but that's the way it is! However, with continued victories by organizations like BDS, we WILL eventually throw AIPAC out of DC and take our country back!

      Bill Kristol and his fellow terrorist neocons need to be arrested for treason and put in Israeli spy Pollard's former cell! And traitors like Kristol goon Sen. Cotton can join them!

  • After 10 years of ignoring an important story, 'NYT' finally gets to 'Breaking the Silence'
    • ZioTerrorists complaining that outsiders (Europe) are meddling with their government? OMG - have they ever heard of AIPAC??? What a JOKE those people are!

      "NYT" finally breaks THEIR silence! It's temporary, so don't get too excited. When your staff writers have children serving or having served in Terrorist IDF, objectivity is non-existent!

  • Why did Brookings Institution hold a secret panel countering BDS?
    • I thought it was anti-Semitic to claim that exclusive colleges were 25% Jewish! lol... Since anti-ZioTerror organizations on these 25% Jewish campuses are growing, I guess that a lot of our younger Jews are self-loathing? Or maybe blind fanatical support of Apartheid Israel isn't their cup of tea? Education often prevents hatred and ethnic cleansing from growing!

      BDS, JVP, SJP and other anti-Zionist organizations have the ZioThugs in a frenzied hysteria of fear - GOOD! Like cockroaches, they are holding their little meetings in the dark. Unfortunately for them, human rights/anti-ZioTerrorist organizations are shining a blinding light on their sinister, secret agenda! It's very gratifying and entertaining to watch these Saban puppet cockroaches scurry for cover! With the help of young, educated Jews, the TRUTH will crush them!

  • No, those Israel boycotts are not illegal
    • THIS is the reason ZioThug Murdoch bought WSJ! Control of MSM is central to the Hasbara Propaganda campaign to prevent honest criticisms and discourse concerning Apartheid Israel. Even an official representative of an organization being attacked and lied about cannot get their letter to the editor published. Just one more basic U.S. freedom stolen from us by Zionist terrorists!

      Whether it's FauxNews or WSJ, it doesn't really matter. Honest criticism of Israel is forbidden in the "Occupied MSM"! But we will not give up. Herr Goebbels had complete control of Nazi Germany's media and that didn't stop the truth or defeat of evil either!

  • Albuquerque coalition delivers letters of solidarity to New Mexico Muslims
    • You won't see acts of love/sanity directed towards the Islamic community on FauxNews, but they are powerful and effective despite the vile pro-Zionist MSM!

      The forces of truth and love will uncover and destroy Zionist terrorists!

  • 'New York Times' uncorks laughable Israeli propaganda
    • Rudoren's Hanukkah gift to her ZioBosses and readers sets the tone for her new Propaganda Position. We may have to endure years of this swill if we dare to read her distasteful columns. The NYT has become like a bottle of wine with a great label that has been allowed to go bad.

      The Hasbara Hangover resulting from over-imbibing on Rudoren's and other ZioLies will be head-splitting! But the Times' Ziomasters and vile readership trolls will drink until the bottle has been sucked dry! Unfortunately for them, organizations like BDS and Mondoweiss are uncovering their lies and increasing public awareness of them.

      When enough people become aware of the truth, there will be "grapes of wrath" the likes of which mankind has seldom experienced! The civilized world will soon lift a glass and toast the end of Hasbara and Zionism! I'll drink to that!

  • Seachange in public opinion: 'I am tired of Israel using US-made rockets to bomb Palestinians so that ultra-conservatives can steal their land'
    • If Israel wants to try and confuse consumers by lying about the place of manufacture, we will simply have to boycott ALL goods marked "Made in Israel!"

      Works for me! Just another Israeli deception that backfired! Their arrogance and deceit make it soooo easy to beat them!

  • Glen Weyl's agonizing journey to boycott the country he loves
    • Maybe these two Zionist scholars could join Park Slope Food Coop and help them decide what is and isn't appropriate to debate there? lol...

  • Park Slope Food Coop censors letters on BDS
    • Censorship - Just business as usual for Hasbara thugs. Everything is liberal and out in the open and "we'll allow open discourse" and yada-yada... Then someone tries to hold an honest discussion on Israeli Apartheid or Occupation and it's like turning the lights on in a kitchen full of cockroaches!
      These minor roadblocks are annoying, but there is no stopping the juggernaut of TRUTH that can't be put back in the bottle. We don't need ZioMedia like FauxNews to wake people up and we certainly don't need the cooperation of a ZioIntimidated food co-op to make our case.
      Zionists are losing ground and that is making them DESPERATE! Like a frightened, cornered predator, they are lashing out with all their might. Like Terrorist Netanyahu, they are arrogant and full of hateful rage. This has caused them to make critical errors and overestimate their power; which, in turn has exposed their Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinian people!
      BDS, Mondoweiss and many others have badly wounded them. It's only a matter of time before they succumb to their wounds. Now is the time to increase pressure, capitalize on their fear and confusion and not let them regroup!

  • The BDS Movement at 10: An interview with Omar Barghouti
    • Brilliant! A must read! Zionist Hasbara and AIPAC are falling apart. Success of BDS causing Zionists to act out of desperation, leading to mistakes. Israel, AIPAC lies exposed. Americans are waking up and fighting to take back their country!

      The anti-Semitism label is the new form of McCarthyism. As more Democrats (and others) refuse to be bullied and threatened by pro-Israel fanatics, our country will grow stronger and cast off the chains of AIPAC. We defeated McCarthyism and we will defeat AIPAC and all it stands for!

      A very ugly battle for freedom is coming as the Zionists become more desperate. Now is the time to take advantage of our success and put a stake through the heart of the vampire that is Zionism! BDS is not anti-Semitic, it is Pro-Humanity and Freedom!

  • My fellow Muslim-Americans, in the wake of Chapel Hill we can’t stop speaking out - even if our voices shake
    • Years ago the JDL detonated a bomb inside Boston Garden. They were protesting against the Bruins playing an exhibition game with a Soviet team. 1) Nobody was arrested and 2) The media quickly buried the story! The VAST majority of you should ask yourself a simple question. - "How does the media decide what to cover, and how much coverage is appropriate?" The answers you'll find will probably be deeply disturbing. But the Boston Garden Bombing is ancient history. And Twitter didn't exist back then. Please spend time analyzing the media "coverage" of the terrorist attack in Chapel Hill!

    • Great and timely article! As a non-Muslim American I'd like to offer my condolences to the families of the wonderful American citizens who were executed by terrorist Hicks. I am deeply ashamed of my country because of its biased media, spineless government and rampant Islamaphobia. MANY people and organizations are responsible for these senseless murders. They either ignore the growing cancer in this country or worse - promote it! Just as the media refused to cover this tragedy and our government ignored it, they also fail to acknowledge that MANY Americans are questioning anti-Muslim behaviors and policies. The Muslim community must realize that our government and media do NOT represent us! However, talk is cheap. I call on all Americans to actively work against Islamaphobia. Genuinely Smile when you meet Muslims and tell them how YOU feel and show solidarity with their community! Try to do what you can to ease their understandable fears and confusion. Show them what America SHOULD look like. Show them how an American is SUPPOSED to behave. Confront hatred and especially Islamaphobia whenever you can. Make me proud to be an American again , before I forget what that feels like!

    • Did Melendez know that Kayla Mueller was working in Palestine to keep ILLEGAL SETTLERS from hurting children trying to get to school?

  • Hillel campaign to ‘thwart’ divestment exposed at University of South Florida
    • BDS, JVP, SJP are chipping away at the AIPAC/Zionist Hasbara shield of deceit. The repulsive actions by some ruthless/dishonest Zionist trustees serve to drag them out from the shadows. Like cockroaches, they abhor the light! Don't be discouraged; the recent backlash against Terrorist Netanyahu's speech proves that this cancer is almost cured!

  • How a tweet about Gaza children went viral round the globe
    • Thanks so much! Innocent children AND the truth are the greatest threats to the Apartheid Terrorist government of Israel!

  • Hillary Clinton's decision to support Iraq war was driven by Israel concern, Chris Matthews says
    • Unfortunately, the Israeli Occupation includes virtual control of the US congress through cancerous growths like AIPAC. Our blind support of the Apartheid Terrorist government of Israel was a major cause of 9/11 (according to the FBI investigation) and has earned us the hatred of the civilized world!

  • ‪United we quack, divided we crack
    • Excellent! Humorous parody that can make a serious statement is so rare. Raising awareness about the situation in Palestine is so important! Congrats!

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