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  • My wife explains the conflict to a friend
    • AbuAdam,
      I think Phil's wife was referring to the UN Partition Plan of 1947 which proposed to give a generous 45% to the Native population (Muslims, Christians etc) and a measly 55% to the Jewish population (which was about 34% of the total population at that time).

  • Just wars-- and civilian casualties
    • Humanitarian intervention can only be extremely rare, for what should be obvious reasons. Millions of Russians and Chinese people were killed by Stalin and Mao–orders of magnitude greater than Libyans killed by Quaddafi, or Muslims killed by the Serbs–but it would not have even occurred to anyone that there was an inconsistency or “hypocrisy” because we didn’t go to war against Russia and China.

      So if the criteria is that if the perpetrators are weak enough they must be attacked. Why was there no call for intervention in, say, Rwanda then? Because they didn't have enough oil? Now the more African countries have found oil in their backyard, more "liberation" is needed and the white man must stand up to save them Africans, again!

      Does deliberate bombing of TV stations qualify for the "humanitarian" tag because the stations constitute "ministry of lies" according to those who want to bomb them? Would you apply the same rules to FoxCNNMSNBC tv stations?
      Nato defends TV bombing
      link to

    • American,
      You hit it right on the nail regarding the hypocrisy of liberal hawks when it comes to Israeli massacres (let's not call the bombing by a modern military of a civilian population with zero tanks, zero airplanes a "war") but I don't agree with you on Libya (that Obama handled it in the best way possible).

      Those same countries that support Bahraini apartheid, Saudi, Yemeni, Jordanian dictators and Egyptian military dictators, how can they be justified in their bombing of Libya? The lies against Gaddafi have been exposed (viagara, black mercenaries). Why not "liberate" Egypt, Saudia et al from their dictatorships? Ooops, we are the ones supporting those dictatorships. In fact, our liberal VP Joe Biden said he knows Hosni Mubarak very well and he isn't really a dictator and shouldn't step down. Those golden words were said while Mubarak's goons were continuing to torture civilians and sniping at the civilian protesters from rooftops.

    • Slater: "Bush started a war with Iraq for a number of bad reasons"

      Jerome is sad that the 1 million Iraqis were killed for bad reasons, he's glad that thousands of Libyans have been (are being) killed for good reasons. Those Iraqi, Libyan and Afghan towns had to be destroyed in order to save them. The only thing that concerns Jerome Slater is whether the reason for destruction was good or bad.

      Were the 3000 innocent Americans killed on a certain September day killed for a good reason or a bad reason? Who judges whether it was a good reason or a bad reason?

      Who gives Jerome the right to say that it's a good reason to murder a couple of thousand folks in a desert but not in a high-rise building?

    • But to exchange insults with the Moosers et al of this world is a total waste of time and energy
      At least he's not killing you, he is only insulting you for being a sympathizer of rape and murder. Shouldn't you be grateful that you are not a Libyan or Iraqi or Afghan whose family had just been killed by a foreign army and that you didn't have to read some liberal hypocrite justifying the murder and pillage?

      Do you have an ounce of honesty and integrity in you that you justify the bombing of Libya by the dictatorships of countries like Qatar and a host of countries that support the brutal murder of unarmed protesters in all the dictatorships from Egypt to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to Yemen? I'm sure there were Nazi Germans who justified what their leaders were doing. How do you think you are any different from them? Is napalm more humane than gas chambers or what?

  • Prayer
    • It is mind-boggling how ordinary human beings can be turned into sadistic, cruel animals!

      Where is Richard Witty? How would he justify the prohibition of prayer in his beloved country where he would rather not live?

  • Several thousand US troops headed to Israel for 'unprecedented' joint missile defense exercise
    • You're welcome! I was surprised to see "lack of perspective that is astounding" attributed to you, I had to re-check the name and re-read your post then I thought I should add an explanation, looks like you and I both posted the response at 8:33 pm EST :)

    • You comment “it sounds like Iran initiated the tension” shows a lack of perspective that is astounding.Iran has been responding in self defense.

      I think you misread Annie's comment, to me it looks like she's saying that the media intentionally avoided mentioning the news of US military exercise and tried to paint Iran as the party that increased the tensions first.

      Here's her comment (emphasis mine)
      you know what i notice, while the msm is no slack wrt reporting the 10-day Iranian naval exercise, by not mentioning the leak of the report on the 21st (4 days before those straight of hormuz exercises started) it sounds like iran initiated the tension.

  • Goldstone contra Goldstone
    • Richard Witty said:
      I was a racist Zionist apologist before, and I am a racist Zionist apologist today. I could not provide a moral justification for the war crimes, mass-murders and ethnic cleansing of settlers previously, but now I am trying to use a different set of words. I don't know what I mean to say but I am trying to jump through all kinds of hoops to avoid condemning the 63 years of injustice my people have inflicted upon an innocent people.

  • About Mondoweiss

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