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  • Steven Salaita-- unremitting in criticism of Zionism and Gaza slaughter-- loses a job at University of Illinois
    • @Dan Crowther:
      I have been disappointed ever since I heard about the ban on Palestinian commentators whose narrative goes beyond what the gatekeepers (the good Jews) would like along with others like Gilad Atzmon and Jeffrey Blankfort. Or maybe only "the Jews" have the right to comment on the Jewish hold on the media, finance etc? Zionist apologists can talk endlessly on this forum about how "Liberal Zionists" (sic, a contradiction in terms) need to do damage control because killing too many goyim is bad for Jews but the goyim here can't be let lose.

      I am assuming that Nahida - Exiled Palestinian is also on the ban list?
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    • (Edited to un-linkify the email addresses)
      I sent this email to chancellor AT illinois edu and pmischoAT illinois edu:

      I have read a report that that Steven Salaita's appointment at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has been cancelled because of his criticism of Israel's murderous campaign against the stateless Palestinians living in Gaza. Can you confirm or deny this report? If this is true I am surprised that the Israeli lobby still exercises such power in the academia. In this era news cannot be suppressed and the facts are available to anyone with access to internet; several Israeli lawmakers are now openly calling for genocide against Palestinians (Israeli Rabbi genocide, Calls for genocide enter Israeli mainstream, Yochanan Gordon: when is genocide permitted) and saying that the current campaign of murder of civilians is not enough. Genocide is not a word to be thrown around lightly so I will add a link pointing to the analysis done by the international law expert Prof. Francis Boyle of UIUC: Francis Boyle Israel genocide.

      The latest Israeli campaign of terror has killed more than 1,900 people, a vast majority of them civilians. Israel has killed more civilians than Hamas militants in this round of atrocities. More than 10,000 Palestinians have been injured, thousands of civilian homes bombed and at least 250,000 Palestinians have been asked to flee their homes because Israel has declared the location of their home as a war zone.

      The state of Israel was born out of terrorism (King David Hotel bombing, Irgun Lehi Stern terrorists), ethnic cleansing of 750,000 native Palestinians by Jewish settlers and it is propped up by military occupation which is still supported by $3 billion dollars of American taxpayer money per year. Israel does not allow the native Palestinians to return to their homes but any person of Jewish faith (or any revert to Judaism) is rewarded by Israeli citizenship if they choose to immigrate to Israel. Non-Jewish native people living within the state of Israel (occupied in 1948) as well as the territories occupied in 1967 are second class citizens and have fewer rights than any Jewish settler who decides to immigrate there. Palestinian homes in the Occupied West Bank are routinely demolished to make room for Jewish settlers. This apartheid has been in place since 1948 and the condition of the Palestinians in the recent decades has been described by the anti-apartheid activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu as "worse than apartheid". If apartheid was wrong in South Africa, it is wrong in Palestine-Israel.

      The apartheid regime of South Africa was brought down in part by the social, economic and diplomatic boycott of South Africa. UIUC should be on the right side of history by boycotting apartheid instead of silencing the criticism of apartheid and terror.

      Steven Salaita– unremitting in criticism of Zionism and Gaza slaughter– loses a job at University of Illinois
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