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UK National. In the past have spent time in Gaza,East Jerusalem and the West Bank in a working capacity and my experience there has led me to develop deep concerns over the the treatment of Palestinians and their future in their homeland.

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  • Natalie Portman's criticism of 'atrocities' leaves Israel's advocates silent
  • The 'Jewish nation' is the central myth of Zionism. It needs to be dismantled.
    • @Boris
      Still no effort to make a response then. So here we go again. You used the term "ethnic Jews". What is an "ethnic Jew"?
      BTW(By the way) FGS = For God`s Sake. But hey if you have found a Federation of Genealogical Studies they might be able to help you with the response which you appear to be avoiding.
      BTW(see above) as a terminally lapsed Catholic I would be interested to know if the FGS can confirm if there is some kind of default Catholic ethnicity which I retain despite my heresy.

    • @Boris
      "Is this a joke?"

      Is that your response !? At least try FGS !

    • @Boris
      "Jews (and I am talking about ethnic Jews, not the religious converts) do have common history. We all trace our ancestry to the indigenous people of the Land of Israel"

      So only what you describe as "ethnic Jews" do have a common history. It would help if you defined just what exactly an "ethnic" Jew is. Is it for example a person who currently practices the religious cult of Judaism whose great great x multiples grandmother is said to have lived in the ancient Kingdom of Judea and is said to have practiced one of the local Middle Eastern religions = the same Judaism.As for the"religious converts" it would help if you offered specifics like proportions dates/periods/locations/races being converted.

  • Influential rabbi teaches would-be Israeli soldiers: Genocide is a mitzvah
    • @gamal
      "That is just one glorious whitesplanation"

      That is one glorious racist comment.

      "it is always possible that I missed the “nuance” due to the “chip on my shoulder”

      I made no reference to you "having a chip on your shoulder".

      "people like you are far more damaging to liberation struggles than their open opponents"

      Whereas people like myself(ie you) are the real deal.

      Sounds like Zionist "chosen" type thinking to me ie this is my chosen liberation struggle. I make the rules on what can and cannot be said on this website when it comes to people other than people like me.

      "but thanks for the talking down to I"

      “you come across as either blind or some shit” = IMHO serious talking down.

      Very finally and just for the record my reference to having a History Degree was not a self glorifying "whitesplanation" as you put it. It was merely to indicate that I have done a little bit of reading on Colonial/Imperialist history in the Middle East and have no illusions about the chaos and havoc (to put it mildly) visited on the region by the British including the betrayal of the native Palestinians. Have just started reading some more "shit" in my latest book on the subject: "Lawrence IN Arabia" subtitled "War ,Deceit,Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East" by Scott Anderson.

      Just adding to all the other "shit" on the subject you know. Already a good read. Can also recommend as an example of other "shit" which I have recently read. "Ploughing Sand" subtitled "British Rule in Palestine 1917-1948" by Naomi Shepherd. I could go on and on about the "shit" which I have read on the subject but to what point ?

      Goodnight and goodbye.

    • @Gamal
      "you come across as either blind or some shit"
      I think you are to put it mildly doing me a disservice on this one. I am neither blind nor malevolent and have zero sympathy or illusions for what you describe as "Imperialist racist propaganda".
      As for reading I am a reasonably well educated (Hons Degree History) fluent English speaker.
      I will refer you to the English word "nuance" and suggest you regroup recalibrate and reflect on the thrust of what I said and what I consider to be an insulting ad hominem response. To help you a bit: a constant in Zionist propaganda is that Islam and Islamic nations especially Iran are motivated and driven by what have been perceived as "Mahdi" type religious zealots who simply want to slaughter all non believers whereas the only democracy in the Middle East is not remotely theocratic and not driven in any way by religious zealots and wouldn`t dream of slaughtering non believers.. The article of course is proof to the contrary and my comment was an attempt to illustrate that.
      If you feel the need to stick some ad hominem knives in I recommend you save them for the more deserving Hophmi and JonS Hasbarists who frequent MW.

      Perhaps a point taken would be in order ?

    • Basically all these Israeli Zios are mad Mahdis with some of them just being overtly madder. Genocidal IDF freaks chanting and dancing in ecstasy = Genocidal ISIS freaks chanting and dancing in ecstasy
      To their credit though the Genocidal ISIS freaks never claim to live in the only democracy in the Middle East.

  • 'NY Times' coverage of Gaza turns biased again, partly in response to pressure from Hasbara Central
    • @Dimadok
      " Please include their opinions on the closing of Hungarian border upon the surge of infiltrators and refugees from the Middle East and Asia"
      Hey your whataboutery hasberadashery has now moved into the EU. Is that because Hasbara Central has sent out a new instruction for operatives to avoid references to human rights abuses in Asian and African States? The Yahoo after all is desperately trying to cosy up to them.And of course a what about Syria reference would now be considered passe and Zios are desperate not to be seen as passe.

      Having said all that and in the spirit of trying to keep you reasonably sane I recommend that you confer with your HB controller regarding ongoing references to Hungary which is led by a Crypto - Nazi Orban who surprise surprise the Yahoo is also cosying up to.

      As for those 9,000 rockets ( souped up fireworks) fired from a Ghetto not dissimilar to the Warsaw version , well since 2001 the toll for poor eternally threatened eternally victimised Zioland has been truly horrendous( not).And it has been particularly horrendous (not) during the Land Day demonstrations when not a single "rocket " has been fired and the heroic and increasingly "moral" IDF have shot and killed 34 unarmed demonstrators and shot and wounded hundreds of other unarmed demonstrators. Well after all heavily armed eternally threatened goons deserve some live fire fun days out if only to relieve the tedium of snatching 10-12 year olds from their beds at 3.00 a.m.

      As for the horrifying impact of all those 9,000 fireworks:

      Apparently 0.04 percent of Israelis die from peanut allergies.

      Israel's population is around 8 million. Around 6 million of which are Jewish.

      0.04% percent of 6,000,000(jewish population only) is 2,400.

      The percentage of Israel's that die from Hamas Rockets is less than 0.00052%, using only the Jewish population.

      As you yourself has said for Zios the strategy for their version of the Warsaw ghetto
      " is focused on containment and threat elimination"

      I.E. Extermination unfortunately is off the menu so we will have to make do with starving them,depriving them of water, electricity and medications and regularly bombing and killing them to vent our frustration at not being able to finally solve the problem they represent.

      Tick tick

  • Netanyahu hat-tips settler who called for extermination camps
    • So as suspected a "nation" peppered with genocidal maniacs and their supporters. Has a familiar ring to it ?

  • Israel's genocidal explanations for killing unarmed protesters are only isolating it further
    • @Maghlawatan
      Great observation by one of the commentators on your ElecIntifada link:
      "Sick people, Gaza is an open air prison but Israel is becoming an open air psychiatric clinic"

  • Dershowitz's game
    • Whenever there is a high profile situation involving his beloved country = Israel not America scumbag Dershowitz will rapidly sniff it out and get in on the act.It also gives him that reassuring feeling that far from being a sad old git long past his sell by date (if he ever had any marketability to serious observers )he is in his own eyes a relevant and important source of expertise.
      If you want to see him at his lying hypocritical best always go back to the classic debate with Norman Finklestein and the unconditional $10,000 bet which when forfeited turned out to have a made up on the spot condition:
      Truly the sort of oozy creep who you would rapidly escape from if he state beside you in a bar.
      As one of the commentators points out:

      "Noam Chomsky on Dershowitz: "It may indeed be difficult for some decent people to believe that Dershowitz actually exists, and is not simply invented by anti-Semites who want to ridicule supporters of Israel, but the evidence is overwhelming that he really does exist." 

  • ‘Onion boy’ Mohammed Ayyash dreams of a playground, just like every other kid
    • Latest news is that Zioland`s newest and arguably greatest hero Elor Azaria is to be released on 10th May. He must be really pissed off that he has missed all the freebie IDF killings on the Gaza border especially the opportunity as a trained medic to terminate lots of wounded Palestinian civilians. Still the Nakba demonstrations are due to last until 15th May so in theory he could get a compassionate posting to the Gaza "border" and be able to put his Ziomedic ROE to very good use in the few remaining days.
      As for his future well a senior cabinet post and even the Premiership could be his for the taking in due course ( Begin and Shamir got there with absolutely no need to go Gandhi at all ).

    • I really do feel sorry for these poor IDF " soldiers". They get it from both sides and live in constant fear of having to act like professional soldiers. For example all these rocks being thrown at them. Mind you having said that the rocks thrown by Jewish settlers are not really life threatening and don`t merit shooting and killing the throwers whereas the Palestinian "terror rocks" well they are the real life threatening deal and the throwers or anyone in their vicinity of any sex or age deserve to be shot dead as :

  • 50 NYU student groups endorse BDS, call on university to divest from companies complicit in Israeli occupation
  • How Gaza came to be trapped 'from fence to fence'
    • @annie
      "not sure what the sloppy “idiot” stuff is about"

      I counted 8 x idiots and 1 x moron from him on this thread which included a record of 4 in one "comment " I think it is about him urgently needing to see a non Zio shrink before his hasbarised brain explodes.

    • @mondonut
      " It is not ignored, it is dismissed as nonsense"
      Bit like the Zio "Law of Return" then as in I am a practitioner of the cult of Judaism who has lived in Golders Green since birth but because I practice the cult of Judaism just like my mommy and my granny I have a right to "return" to a land neither I nor my family have ever lived in.
      Now that is 22 carat gold nonsense (oops sorry reference to gold/money etc = classic Anti - Semitism)
      Let`s say instead that is serious nonsense.

  • Slain Palestinian journalist's media org vows to hold Israel accountable 'for this heinous crime'
    • @amigo
      "To be clear , I am no fan of Russia or Syria,s leader or Iran for that matter , but let,s have some fair play before assigning guilt until unassailable proof has been produced.We have been this route before with the “Weapons of mass distraction ” scam.

      As for Haley , she is one puke inducing hyprocite ."

      Interesting item on Fox News of all places ref the alleged chemical attack by Assad`s forces !!!

      Certainly pause for thought or in Daffy Donald`s case pause for twitter ?

  • Israeli Defense Minister justifies killing of Palestinian journalists
    • @gracie fr
      "Protesters were being targeted in their lower body, Al-Baz said, with 55 shot with live ammunition in their genitals, likely in an effort to cause infertility"

      The demographic nightmare which Israel faces is that the majority of the population between the River and the Sea ie Eretz Zioland is already or very soon will be Palestinian. I personally do not think that there is any planned "incremental" genocide or live fire sterilisation. I think the Israelis are shooting Palestinians just for the hell and the fun of it:

      At a higher level yes I do believe that there has been continuous discussions of a "Final Solution" to the Palestinian problem but the Zios are powerless to act out any of the possible permutations given that it is 2018 and not 1938.
      1) Full scale extermination.Can`t be done in secret and world will not allow. Plus loss of sole eternal victim status would be untenable for Zios
      2) Full scale concentration camps without the extermination. As at 1) but the cost would be horrendous and even the good old US wouldn`t pay for it.
      3) Mass expulsions. Egypt would resis,Syria would resist,Lebanon would resist and not least the Palestinians would resist and as at 2) the US would no bear the costs.

      So all in all it seems to me that the script is unfolding fairly much as predicted with an interim Apartheid Single State and eventually a single equal rights for all state with a very significant Palestinian majority after a large proportion of Ziorats have abandoned their cherished Bibliland dream and returned to their native Brooklyn and Golders Green etc

      Tick tick

  • 1948 and the Anglo–Saxim: on Western involvement in expulsion of the Palestinians
    • There appears to be a problem with the number of "indigenuous" Foreign !! Jews doing the Aliyah shuffle and record numbers leaving Zioland so drastic situations call for drastic measure. Perhaps offering prospective Aliyahites lets say 10 x free live weekend shooting practice sessions on the Gaza border as part of their standard immigration package would do the trick. For those who are considering reverse Aliyah perhaps 20 x free live weekend shooting practice sessions might swing it ? It really does sound like great fun - hey and you get to video it and show to your family and friends who will also have a hoot.

  • Transcript of Ahed Tamimi interrogation by Israeli military
    • Wow those Israeli interrogators were so incredibly brave. Sitting no more than a desk width away from a tiny existentially threatening 16 year old Palestinian girl who at any moment could have lashed out with one of her horrific slaps. Their Moms and Dads must be so so proud of them as they heroically reduced this murderous terrorist to silence. In fact they really deserve some sort of Zio Medal of Honour for their brave actions. In fact apart from the medal perhaps a more substantial reward of some kind such as a days free live shooting practice on the Gaza border would be in order ?

  • Jews and trauma
    • @Keith
      " My gut feeling is that all of these movies and other forms of emphasis have had the desired effect and Holocaust trauma grown stronger, at least for older Jews"

      I think as with physical "staple " diets the Holocaust "trauma" has been a psychological " staple " diet for older Jews and they feed themselves on it whenever they have to confront the reality of atrocities visited by Jews on innocent people as was the case for Jews during the Holocaust. They thus avoid having to address and deal with the reality. A significant and growing proportion of younger non - Israeli Jews fortunately are confronting the reality and addressing it for what it is = gross ongoing violations of Human Rights and contrary to the central tenets of their religion. This along with assimilation is spooking the older generation of Jews outside of Israel.
      As for younger Jews in Israel itself well they are brainwashed from birth and assimilation is aggressively discouraged by the only democracy etc yawn. Despite that with the internet and travel a significant and I hope a growing number will see the light in due course.

    • @jon s

      IDF poet 2017 unnamed

      Video recorded in colour from the IDF shooting gallery platform overlooking Gaza

      When he stops, you take him down
      Are you on him
      I can't fire because of the barbed wire
      Take out the one in the pink
      Son of a bitch
      What a legendary film . I haven't seen this kind of thing for a long time

    • Some encouraging news at last on the Jeremy Corbyn front:
      "Gabbay accused Corbyn of crossing "a dangerous line" between legitimate criticism of Israeli policy and anti-Semitism"

      Haven`t seen the full text of the letter but would love to see if and what he has described as "legitimate criticism" of Israeli policy". Probably along the lines of it is not legitimate and is therefore "Anti- Semitic"to criticise Israel for a policy of indiscriminatly murdering innocent
      civilian demonstrators who are yet again victimising us poor eternally threatened Israeli Jews by forcing us to shoot them etc etcZioblah Zioblah Zioblah.

      It must have been a heartbreaking decision for him and no doubt deeply traumatising. Especially for a closet Fascist masquerading as a Socialist.

      Good riddance

    • @Danaa
      "Personally, I think israel – as an entity – has begotten a very petty, vengeful, small minded nation of whiners and braggarts"
      Nailed it !!

  • Israeli snipers shoot 6 Palestinian journalists, killing one--making international headlines
    • "British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has released a strong statement to be read at a demonstration in London today against the murders.

      The killing and wounding of yet more unarmed Palestinian protesters yesterday by Israeli forces in Gaza is an outrage…

      [Gazans] have a right to protest against their appalling conditions and the continuing blockade and occupation of Palestinian land, and in support of their right to return to their homes and their right to self-determination.

      Firing live ammunition into crowds of unarmed civilians is illegal and inhumane and cannot be tolerated"
      See also:
      As per the Independent`s report not a dicky bird from Theresa May on the killings but one of her minions Alastair Burt at the FO came out with the archetypical Ziohasbaratic bollocks:
      "There is an urgent need to establish the facts, including why such a volume of live fire was used and what role Hamas played in the violence.”
      NB "what role Hamas played in the violence" !!. It`s almost as if he had phoned up Regurgitev and asked him "what should I say".

      Will the Zionist hyena attacks on Jeremy Corbyn ease up as a result of this? We shall see but my feeling is that it is likely that Jonathan Arkush and all the other Israel Firsters here in the Uk will be keeping stumm for a while.

      Hey but watch out for a new dose of "whataboutery " from them as a deflection from Zioland`s current live shooting gallery circus now that reports of alleged chemical attacks on civilians by Assad`s forces are coming in.

      Ref the photo see more at:

      Such a lovely "nation"!

  • Seven things you need to know about Israel's latest attack on Gaza
  • Jewish state, Jewish values, Jewish shame
    • Assuming that the Giro D`Italia organisers do proceed with their plan to hold the first three stages of this years race in Israel the participants will be taking part at a time when innocent civilians are being massacred by the host country(the Nakba demonstrations are due to continue until 15th May and the planned Giro stages are scheduled for 4th - 6th May ) If the wind is in the right direction then they may be able to hear the sound of the slaughter. I do hope that as with the South African sports embargo they have the humanity or at the very least the common sense to switch to their Plan B - which is to hold these stages in Italy itself. If not they and the riders who themselves cannot be exonerated will deserve the consequences of any disruption of the race by demonstrators. Speaking of which I wonder what the most moral ROE will be for those demonstrators. Remember it is a Grand Tour event watched LIVE by millions of people in the West.

  • Pelosi and 9 Dems had 'excellent meeting' with Netanyahu even as Israel sent 'dozens of snipers' to Gaza
    • @dimadok
      " same as Jews in historical Palestine present their claims for the same land"
      Ah so there was an historical Palestine after all ! Most of your fellow travellers deny that there has ever been a Palestine historical or otherwise. And these Jews to which you refer are they the ones from Brooklyn,Golders Green etc ( most of them originally native or ex native Europeans/Caucasians ) who have been arriving in boats and planes over the last 100+ years or are they small minority of native Palestinian Jews who have lived in the land of Palestine alongside their Palestinian Arab neighbours for countless generations ?

      BTW found that map yet ?

    • @Amigo
      "Some interesting blowback .Wonder if BBC will address it"
      It`s all spinning out of control. You get the feeling that the " Auntie Beeb`s "news editors are struggling with the classic Gordian Knot for Ziofreaks. How do you characterise Jews as being Anti - Semitic and keep a straight editorial face? How can you criticise someone as displaying Anti -Semitism for attending a traditional Jewish celebration meal?
      Of course as you indicate the rabid Zio attack dogs in ALL the British newspapers are still snarling and biting (their own paws).

    • @dimadok
      Ahh. You are leading us unto the light. No silly not that one you know " unto the nations" one.
      So the UN recognition of Israel was simply an interpretation. As you quite rightly point out it can go two ways. If the International Community via the UN decides to uninterpret Israel as being a sovereign nation then that will be fine with you no doubt.

      BTW In the absence of a map it is sometimes difficult for us naive Goy observers. E.G. Is there any truth in the rumour that Israel interprets its sovereign maritime borders as extending beyond the Gaza coastline , out into the Med,beyond the Pillars of Hercules ,across the Atlantic,through the Panama Canal across the Pacific and Indian Oceans through the Suez Canal and back to the non sovereign shoreline of Gaza ?I am also sure that I read somewhere that Israel has laid claim to all of Antarctica - you know a land full of snow for a people without snow.

    • @dimadok
      As with Amigo please do provide precise details of the legally recognised International Borders of Israel.

    • @pabelmont
      Just to correct you on this one. The Labour Party has expelled or suspended Labour Party members - not any Labour MP`s.
      As for the farcical "Anti - Semitism" in the Labour Party saga it just goes on and on and on and on and is becoming increasingly boring. The Zio piranhas here in the UK have been feeding on this for at least five weeks and have been encouraged/bolstered and supported by the those unprincipled self serving cretons in to the right of the Labour Party and the so called centre who lost out who were bewildered bemused and befuddled by Corbyn`s success in being elected leader.The whole sorry saga can be compared to a treadmill which they have stated and have no way of stopping or stepping off. As for the Israel First Zionists in the unelected Board of Deputies of British Jews (sans Sheriff) well they are truly indulging in a mega whinge fest. In their eyes of course there is absolutely no point to Judaism,to being a Jew unless you can wail and whine about being continuously victimised and persecuted. This whole thing has been like manna from heaven for them. The absurdity of it all knows no bounds with a Jewish Labour Party member having some sort of weird mental panic breakdown and comparing the situation to events in Nazi Germany in the 1930`s !!. ( Jewish person being victimised into being a "Lord of the British realm shurely shome mishtake ?)
      As we move towards the local council elections in May ( note the timing of this putrid campaign ) hopefully local voters will have seen through the charade and will vote for Corbyn supporting candidates.
      But then again I expect this will prompt accusations of there "being endemic Anti - semitism in the British populace".
      These I really wanna live in my wonderful Biblical God Given hysterical homeland but I am quite well off here in the UK and don`t want to have to live alongside all those smelly Arab natives in the Middle East Ziofreaks still need their ongoing never ending daily whinge fix.

  • Israeli 'terror' propaganda is itself incitement to state-terror
    • So if the PLO had assassinated Begin and or Shamir it would have been fully justifiable as they were designated terrorists before they sprouted wings of angels and became civilian Prime Ministers of the most moral nation in the history of nations.

  • Killing Palestinian protesters turns into a PR debacle for Israel
    • @John O
      " Rightly or wrongly, many Germans and Italians are fed up with taking in ever more refugees. Taking in people from Israel, a rich country that doesn’t want them for reasons of racial purity, will not go down well"
      I hate the term "fake news" but I do think it applies in this case. Given the current level of anti - immigrant feelings in the German and Italian populace I think there would be riots on the streets. "will not go down well" is putting it very mildly.

      I think this simply a case of the Yahoo being stymied by the Israel Supreme Court and dreaming up a fake solution scenario just to satisfy the 110% racist right wing Zioloonies on whom he depends for political survival.

  • Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss can't wait to call you an anti-Semite in 'The New York Times'
    • @ErikEast
      "pretty depressing stuff". Agree 100%. This crap about alleged "Anti - Semitism in the Labour Party " has been relentlessly spewed out by ALL of the newspapers here in the UK over the last three weeks and the fact that this is dominating the news agenda and has de facto been trivialising news and news developments which are factual and very important eg Russian Nerve Agent attacks, Brexit,funding crises in our NHS and schools. And guess what the "letters sections " are totally one sided and guess what the current atrocities being visited on the Palestinians by the most moral are being given little coverage, are buried away in the depths of the newspapers and guess what they vomit out the standard Hamas/human Shield Zio fed Hasbara.

      I have pro tem simply given up buying and reading any UK newspapers and if I do pick them up as freebies in any given situation I use them only for doing the crosswords.

      I hope it is the case that many people in the UK who are ignorant about the level of Zionist control in the UK MSM will increasingly begin to think that something is " rotten in the state" and this will contribute to this whole Zio Conflation ruse backfiring.

      I consider myself to be a traditional Labour Party supporter/voter. I have concerns over significant elements in Jeremy Corbyn`s policies and find his leadership in many respects to be somewhat naive and clumsy. I am however truly appalled by the vile,vicious and totally undeserved attacks which he and some other Labour MP`s and party officials have been subjected to.
      I am particularly appalled by those "centrist" Labour MP`s who in pursuit of their own ambitions or out of frustration at being sidelined by Corbyn as a result of the party elections have jumped on this "alleged Anti- Semitism" bandwagon. They are the ones who are betraying the Labour Party`s core values and they are the ones who deserve to be disciplined and expelled.

      I would encourage anyone in the UK who is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and is critical of Israel because of its ongoing breaches of human rights and International laws to write to their local MP (Labour or otherwise) and ask for confirmation that he / she categorically accepts that criticism of Israel is NOT "Anti - Semitism ". Put them on the spot.

  • A brief, unhappy history of Israeli massacres
    • @jon s
      "I don’t make any distinctions in condemning any massacre and any attack on innocent people, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender…
      I do make a distinction between innocent, unarmed, civilians and armed terrorists and criminals. Again, regardless of their identity"

      So according to your argument Begin and Shamir should have at the very least served life imprisonment for their cold blooded massacre of innocent people including a UN Peace Envoy.
      Grateful for confirmation of this.

  • The double standard for 'a peaceful English town' and Gaza
    • @Bumblebye
      "He is said to have betrayed hundreds of fellow spies for money"

      On that theme the Jonathan Pollard " being allowed return to his ancient hysterical homeland " appears to be on hold:

      Lots of little Ziogems in the article. What caught my eye though was this particular little diamond;
      "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly asked Trump just last month to release Pollard from the arbitrary and unduly harsh parole conditions that deny his religious freedom"
      So this arch traitor who betrayed his own country (ie the one he swore allegiance to ) for money not principles is being denied religious freedom? So let`s see under his parole conditions eg he can`t do anything identifiably Jewish such as visiting a synagogue? I expect that this news will come as a surprise to many readers. But the Yahoo has said it and he being a paragon of truth it must therefore be true.

      Perhaps it has gone quiet because the Yahoo is waiting for May and the official moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Then there can be a double dancing in the streets Ziocelebration. Whenever Pollard does return to his beloved Bibliland ( and I am sure there will be some significant financial rewards for him in the mix - he does after all have serious form when it comes to lining his own pockets ) I am certain that ordinary Americans will just love (not) seeing an American traitor being celebrated and lauded bigtime as an Israeli hero.

      Will be fascinated to see Daffy Donald`s Twitter Take on that one.

      Tick tick

  • 'We will not wait 70 years more': scenes from Gaza's March of Return
    • Further to my previous post the Giro D`Italia organisers do have a Plan B:

      So it would appear that the first three stages may well be in Italy after all. If it does go ahead as per Plan A it will IMHO as a cycling supporter permanently tarnish the image of the race and unfortunately by default the reputation of the Italian people.

    • The "Great March of Return" demonstrations are due to continue up to at least 15th May.
      The first 3 stages of the Giro D`Italia in Israel are scheduled for 3rd , 4th and 5th May.
      I hope and pray that despite the relentless slaughter and violence being visited on them by the Fascist IOF the Palestinians in Gaza will have the courage to continue with their peaceful demonstrations for their right of return and that their fellow Palestinians in Israel and in the occupied territories will come out in masses to show their support on these three days.

      Now that is something which will have the Zios really fouling their pants.

      Tick tick.

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  • Israeli forces shoot unarmed protesters from across Gaza security fence, killing at least 15
    • I assume that there were various Pissover non - combatant picnics at various vantage points along the border with Zio families celebrating a particularly enjoyable feast and watching all that wonderful live action through their binoculars . Must have been a little bit frustrating though not being able to get some live Untermenschen shooting practice themselves.

      Still lots of time to come and the most moral could in theory I suppose hold some sort of prize draw for these picnicers with the top prize being let`s say 5 x live kill amateur sniper shots. They probably have a similar system already in place for their own brave existentially threatened uniformed goons

  • Passover is a reminder the battle between Moses and the Pharaoh is still raging
    • @jackanory
      "Sure, but only after all the public places / streets / parks avenues named after the genocidal war criminal terrorists, Winston Churchill, ‘Bomber’ Harris, General Bernard Law Montgomery and Harry Truman be renamed"

      Wow just when I thought you were beginning to realise what true Judaism entails you have succumbed to a serious panic attack and severely od`d on the Zio glue. I will leave you to stew in your own excretions.

      But please do carry on playing with yourself .Goodbye.

    • @jackanory

      "Sure they were murdering terrorists, and Shamir was the worse of the two"

      Great so I expect you to recommend that the family houses of these two Israeli Prime Ministers should be demolished , that all public places / streets / parks avenues named after them should be renamed and that any public stipends/pensions to their families be revoked and any
      public monies previously handed over in this respect be reclaimed.
      Oh and whilst you are in the groove why not go with your own flow:
      "Hamas does not resort to violence. It resorts to terrorism, same as ISIS."
      and point out that Shamir and Begin were therefore little better than ISIS terrorists.
      So good to see you emerging from the de rigeur Zio brainwashing about these two "heroic" founding father terrorists. Still someway to go but given time you might end up as a civilised moral human being espousing the true values of Judaism.

    • @Jackanory
      "Fine" Checkmated again and your response is the typical Zio whinge.
      Mummy mummy they are saying that I am telling lies WaaaaaaaaaH.

      "The United States and the entire EU have branded Hamas a terrorist organisation.

      It’s time for Mondoweiss to join with the Free World and condemn terrorism"

      It`s time for Jackanory to join with the real world and condemn Begin and Shamir as murdering terrorists.

      Well Jackanory were they or weren`t they ?

    • @Jackanory

      "No country ever designated the Irgun and LEHI as terrorist groups"

      Is that so? Brain - mouth Hasbara disfunctioning again.

      "The Israeli government, in September 1948, acting in response to the assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte, outlawed the Irgun and Lehi groups, declaring them terrorist organizations under the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance.[3]"

    • @Jackdaw.
      "Hamas is a declared ‘terrorist group’. The Jews in Egypt were slaves"

      Hamas is not a declared terrorist group by various countries in the world including major world powers:

      As for Jews being slaves well I think a significant proportion of colonist Jews in Palestine and their supporters in Florida and Brooklyn are indeed slaves to their own fables and mythologies:

      BTW JDaw you must really be enjoying the latest Zio slaughterfest in Gaza . Bet you wish you had a "ringside" seat.

  • 'NY Times' covers up Israel's killing of nonviolent protesters along the Gaza border
    • A part of me thinks that with all this Zio slaughter happening in Gaza , and the MSM having little choice in having to report it, albeit in the usual one sided Hamas to blame fashion, the feral attacks on JC and the Labour Party might be watered down or perhaps even put to one side until another little tortuously linked "Anti - Semitism" allegation floats to the surface in their particular toilet bowl.
      But then again I am reminded that the Israel Firsters in the UK have been in full manic attack dog mode in the last few weeks and as with attack dogs when they have their jaws firmly gripped on flesh restraint will be a problem.

      Arkush,Collier and co will no doubt be seriously pissed off with those nasty Untermenschen native Palestinians getting themselves killed and seriously injured and deflecting attention at a time when the only real victims in the history of human victimhood are fighting such a brave battle against the overwhelming all embracing endemic ahem "pockets" of alleged anti - Judaism in the UK Labour Party.

      Then again I suppose that they could ease the pain by booking all inclusive trips out to Zioland which include all meals provided front row seats overlooking Gaza just to experience the thrill of real life on location feral Zionism.

    • @Mikhael

      "It’s a quasi-state entity that is de jure and de facto in a state of war with Israel"

      WTF is a "quasi - state entity". Please define because it sounds as if you are taking the Mickey.

      On the other hand "De jure". Way to go. It`s so reassuring to know that you believe that Gaza has the legal right to be at war with Israel.

      "The terror gang known as Hamas". Now that one did ring a few bells. I`m thinking Stern Terror Gang,Haganah Terror Gang and Irgun Terror Gang.

      " Area A of the West Bank, which is entirely under the security jurisdiction of the Fatah-led portion of the PA"

      Confess to being a bit confused on this one blossom. If it is "entirely under Palestinian security force "jurisdiction" why then was the PA policeman Auda who shot Livnat tried in an Israeli Army Military Court. Please do explain.

      "but I agree in principle that PA police have a right to shoot a Jewish civilian who ignores a lawful order to halt if they justifiably feel their lives are threatened"

      Is your "in principle" the same as your "de jure and de facto " . Will be fascinated to know.

  • Jeremy Corbyn and ’anti-Semitism’ - making sense of the hysteria
    • @MDM
      "Watch it! You’ll have Hadley Freeman and her boss Jonathan Freedland accusing you of anti-semitism!"

      Would really enjoy responding to it. I would first of all ask them to define"Semitism" as without being semantic I have not been able to find one. I can find "Judaism" and I can find "Semites" and I am for sure not anti any of the Semitic peoples native to the Middle East be they Arabs or Caucasians and whether or not they are followers of the various cult religions such as Islam Christianity or Judaism unless they are committing ongoing barbaric war crimes against an oppressed native population.

      Speaking of Christians any who may be looking on with growing confusion and frustration at this headline dominating "Jeremy Corbyn and Anti - Semitism in the Labour Party" bollocks which is being relentlessly spewed out by the Israel First Zionists here in the UK and their B&B lackeys in the mainstream media - just a thought but Jeremy Corbyn`s initials are JC and well not to put to fine a point on it he is effectively being crucified in these attacks. Whoops now I have really done it - cries , howls of Anti - Semitic connotations "pain and suffering" caused by such a remark etc etc etc yawn yawn.

      Anyway back to the "plot". The message from the media here in the UK is clear = The Labour Party and the UK population as a whole must put aside all these irrelevant piffling minor concerns about Russian Nerve Gas attacks,Brexit,crisis in the NHS,Global warming,pollution etc and focus on the only really important issue facing the country which is the scourge Pro - Palestinianism in the Labour Party sorry I mean scourge of "Anti - Semitism" in the Labour Party.

      @Harry Law
      Thanks for the link to the letter to JC from the Board of Deputies of British Jews - it`s a corker. And what a bloated self important title for an organisation. Why "deputies" - did someone shoot their sheriff?

      “Some time in May the ex-Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks was interviewed on Radio 4 about the antisemitism ‘crisis’ by now gripping the nation"

      I wonder if Sacks and his successor have been interviewed or have made any comments about recent remarks by their counterpart in Zioland calling black people "monkeys".
      Could have been worse I suppose - Boris Johnson prefers to use the non Hebrew term piccaninnies.

      I can hear lots of skeletons rattling in cupboards:

    • An excellent summation.Overhanging all of this charade is a palpable sense of desperation on the part of Israeli Firsters/Zionists here in the UK that the next UK PM/Government could be horror of horrors openly and actively supportive of the Palestinians and might take some meaningful action to call Israel to account for its ongoing war crimes against them. The"rampant Anti - Semitism in the Labour Party " brigade have worked themselves into a frenzy in the last week over the latest little tit bit to float their way , the Ocherman mural. If a leading Corbynite figure were to actually say something Anti - Semitic they would be positively frothing at the mouth.
      What has been revealed without doubt is that the UK press and the BBC have been taken over by the Zionist lobby. Their one sided coverage of this non story has been truly embarrassing.

      My own opinion is that this , far from undermining Corbyn , this may actually strengthen his support particularly amongst younger voters who can see this as simply the latest Zioploy.

      And I think more and more of the British public will be asking the question -why does a religious cult whose members amount to only around 0.5% of the overall UK population appear to get so much publicity and have so much control over news narratives .Follow the money ?

  • Israeli soldiers claim 3-year old in Hebron was 'camouflage' for 'agents of terrorist activities'
    • Having seen the video it looks to me as if the soldiers are first approached by the adult male presumably the father who trys to get the child back and after he is pushed away an eight/nine year old presumably the brother rushes in and pulls child away. The 3 year old must have been terrified throughout all of this and if he had slapped one of the two soldiers well Shaked and Co would have been calling for a life sentence.

      These little cameos sum up the occupation nicely. The IDF soldiers just look like nasty Fascist goons.

      Mummy"What did you do at work today son?"
      Son "Well I detained an existentially threatening 3 yr old"
      Mummy" Well done son we are all so proud of you "

      It can be described as laughable if it wasn`t so serious for the Palestinians

  • Older Jews are officially terrified of young Jews' views of Israel
    • @YF
      " Thus new paradigms of connection to Israel are needed and they are lacking"
      Interesting observation = paradigms of connection to racism,apartheid , land theft,dispossession,murder,brutality,blatant breaches of international law,war crimes to name but a few.
      Lots of luck with that plan.

  • The problem with Passover
    • @amigo
      "Will no one rid us of this scourge"
      Despair ye not Amigo.Zionists have blind spots when it comes to unsealing cans full of little wriggly creatures.And they are so full of arrogance they tend to have difficulties engaging brains before speaking.
      The "Dayenu" "Enough is Enough" saying is a good example. It is a "Passover" chant which amongst other things appears to rejoice in God slaying the first born infants of the Egyptians.
      So everytime they sing this particular ditty they are in theory glorifying infanticide.
      And as for the actual "Passover" well as made up fables go it is a whopper:

    • @Hophmi
      "What a surprise. Another Judeophobic piece on Mondoweiss"

      Hooray Hoppy I salute you. You have finally nailed it for us all as in stating that being critical of Jews or hateful towards Jews is not in fact being Anti -Semitic because even back in the days of Bibliland the Judeans(AKA followers of the cult of Judaism) were only a very small proportion of the native Semitic peoples of the Middle East. And these Semitic peoples were a mixture of races/tribes as opposed to being solely followers of a particular weird animal sacrificing cult. As for today`s " Judeans " well they are lets see Russian European,Indo Chinese,Caucasians,Inuits you name it but not Semites.

      Suggest you urgently contact your fellow travellers in the non - Semite BODOBJ including the WASP looking ones who claim that their lineage goes back to Babylon and let them know that legally they may be up shit creek on this and they really should be focusing on rooting out "pockets of Judeophobia" in the Labour Party.

      BTW While you are at it can you ask them to clarify WTF is a "Board of Deputies". Has it got anything to do with cowboys/the Wild West/John Wayne ?

    • Further to my previous post ref skeletons in the Tory Party please do take a gander at this lot:

    • Haven`t read as yet any of the UK`s dailys but the "Rampant Anti - Semitism in Corbyn`s Labour Party" has certainly not be mentioned on the BBC news today (as yet). Today`s BBC is all about tangible relevant and very real news as opposed to the Zionist crap which has been spewed out by the likes of Arkush,Pollard and the lackey Mann in the last few days. I sense that the UK Zios may have blown a fuse on this one. There was a pathetic turn out for their "mass demonstrations" in London yesterday with very significant counter demonstrations by Jewish Labour Party supporters of Corbyn.
      As is suggested in the article there may be lots of Anti - Semitic skeletons in the pro Israel Tory party and once you start digging and using guilt by association tactics (current or past ) who knows where it will lead.

      Such a relief though to get even a short break from the relentless eternal victim whinging and whining and the now well past being a joke faux conflation.

      Hopefully when it comes to the upcoming local elections ordinary British voters will show their contempt for those who have hummed along to this particular Ziotune.

    • @Annie
      "just when you think it can’t get worse it gets worse"
      I think it has become "worse" because the Bliarites and the non Corbynites in the British Labour Party have simply sold their souls and allied with the Tories in increasingly desperate attempts to avoid a Corbyn Labour Party government.I am nowhere near a 100% Corbyn supporter and consider myself to be a "traditional " Labour supporter. I am disgusted by those so called "centrists" in the Labour Party who have jumped on this "Anti - Semitic" bandwagon simply as a way of attacking Corbyn. I am not talking about the likes of the thuggish John Mann or the Joan Ryan brigade but people like Yvette Cooper who IMHO know damn well that all of this is a Zionist conflation ruse and who have de facto insulted the Labour Party voting base and the British public as a whole in their attitudes to the issue.

      Yes there are a minute number of individuals in the Labour Party and as in the Tory Party and in UKIP and possibly at a stretch in the Green Party ( unlikely I would have thought in our very own "Monster Raving Loony Party) who may be descibed as genuinely Anti - Semitic. But to suggest that British Jews are under assault at all and that this assault emanates solely from the Corbyn Labour Party is total b...ocks.

      BTW But on topic I hope any news of the fate of the Al Jazeera expose on the American Zionist Lobby

    • Meanwhile here in the UK the Zionists and their hacks in the Bliarite (misspelling intentional)have gone into serious diarrhoeatic overdrive in their attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and in their desperation to establish the Biblical mantra of criticism of Israel = Anti - Semitism. In todays Times there is an almost full spread front page feature with a photo of an attractive young lady with an Arab looking scarf / shawl ( hint presumably to make her look like a Palestinian type native ) holding a sign saying "Dayenu" and below in English the translation "Enough is Enough" at an "end Ani-Semitism" demonstration outside Labour Party HQ in London

      Have to 100% agree on that one. Enough is really Enough. Russian Nerve agent attacks,Brexit,not to mention the crisis in our NHS the only really issue which should concern Britain and the entirety of humanity is the overwhelming "Anti - Semitism" in the UK Labour Party alleged by a portion of the 0 .5% of the UK population which proclaims itself to be Jewish.

      Those in the British population who are Labour supporters are not already totally pissed off with this relentless whining about this IMHO are becoming increasingly pissed off about it.
      The scale of Islamophobia and the scale of racism against coloured minorities in the UK is by comparison huge but their communities are by and large working quietly and diplomatically to address the problems as opposed to the eternal victim crocodile tear whinging and whining from a large section of the Israel First Jewish population. These people are so arrogant that they simply cannot see that they are insulting the party of working class people and Brits in general with their Hasbaratic rants.

      Good to see that there were non Israeli Firster Jews and Jewish Groups counter demonstrating and I do hope that someone with photoshop / cartoon skills (Latuff ?) can use the featured photograph to superimpose a picture of Ahed Tamimi behind bars with the "Dayenu" motif behind.

  • Trump appointed Bolton because Republicans desperately need Adelson's money
    • Have heard little mention in the context of a heightened possibililty of an attack on Iran of the threat to the flow of oil through the Straits of Hormuz "the most important oil choke transit point in the world" and the knock on effect on the world economy:

      With doombrain Ziobent warmongers in the US and Zioland`s own domestic versions it is of course irrelevant and the thought of going it alone , unlike in the Iraq war fiasco and with seriously major players inc Russia,China and the EU 100% against them doesn`t raise any eyebrows.
      The Zios have become totally conditioned to getting their own way that they really don`t see a war with Iran as being anything more than a brief surgical blitz. Much the same as Herr H and fighting on the Eastern and Western front at the same time.

      It seems to me that any "what if" questions in the US media are suppressed,edited out or simply ignored on the issue of a possible strike on Iran. The extreme evangelicals in America including Trump`s pet rabbit Pence must be wetting themselves in anticipation of their longed for end of days.

  • Video: Israeli police destroy Palestinian tombstones in Jerusalem cemetery
    • @Jon66
      Remember Jon it is 2018 not 1948. The civilised world has moved on and the understanding in civilised countries of what of real democracy means has evolved. In Israel`s case it has abandoned evolution is regressing towards Stone Age tribalism at a rate of knots.

      In any event do please read again in full as opposed to selectively the Forward article which you linked earlier. The Zio ethnic cleansing in Palestine has left behind hundreds of destroyed and desecrated Palestinian Arab cemeteries.

    • On the positive side at least the tombstones of those "heroic" Zionist terrorists Begin and Shamir and their fellow travellers can now be reasonably viewed as fair game for destruction by the native Palestinians in due course.

      Tick tick

  • War-loving, Muslim-hating John Bolton wants to give 'pieces' of Palestine to Jordan and Egypt
    • I think it is simply a question of how many days Bolton lasts. Daffy Donald is already reputed to dislike the Groucho moustache(perhaps because he can`t himself grow one ?). Plus he has got a real head of non glued on hair. Plus all the bizarre warmongering crap which he spouts is at least delivered with reasonably coherent media standard English as opposed to DD`s premature ejac splatter delivery.

      All of which will rankle with the attention on me only obsessed DD.

      Hopefully during this short lovey dovey period with DD he won`t actually manage to trigger WW3.

    • @James Michie
      "So how’s gonna do that when Zionist Israel wants ALL of Palestine?"

      I think it has been obvious from the outset that Zionism presupposes possession of all of the land of Palestine = " the ancient hysterical/historical Jewish homeland". With the West Bank colonised by a honeycomb of heavily protected Zioenclaves , tiny Gaza blockaded and suffocated and the Jordan Valley secure in pure terms of territory control they have effectively got all of Palestine. Their problem which is an insurmountable one in 2018 is that they still have the Palestinian native population (half the overall population between the river/sea and still breeding). In order to maintain this territorial control they need International Support and they can`t retain that with any variation on a "Final Solution". to the Palestinian problem. And with the growing international awareness of the self evident Apartheid system and BDS it is the Zios who will soon start to suffocate.

      Tick tick.

    • Just listen to this goon Bolton on Iraq/Iran:
      To be fair the Fox News !!! interviewer puts him in his place and Bolton comes across as a smug moron.

  • Ron Lauder's two-state epiphany elicits rage and condescension in Israel
    • @Annie
      "this is why bds freaks the heck out of israel and they are scurrying to pass all these laws and make it illegal. because they know, as any person with common sense knows, public opinion matters!"

      I agree with you that BDS is freaking the heck out of Israel largely because they can`t knock it (and its supporters) out with F15`s and precision bombing.All they can do is scream "Anti - Semitism" and all the while they do that particular currency is hyperinflating into oblivion.

    • @catalan
      " I am just saying, if you want to influence Israelis,"

      Sorry but I`m afraid that the point has been reached where the overwhelming majority of Israelis are uninfluencable. They live in a parallel "Historical Homeland" universe either blind to or turning a blind eye to the oppression and brutality and deprivation of rights which they are visiting on a weak and virtually defenceless native population. The only thing which will drag them out of this weird Zionist world will be South African standard Apartheid boycotts when the reality of trade embargoes and financial,travel and sporting travel restrictions kick in. Israel is careering arrogantly and happily towards that scenario all the while believing naively that American diplomatic support and American high tech weaponry is all that it is needed to maintain the status quo.

  • Criticism of Women’s March leaders reminiscent of attacks on Jesse Jackson 30 years ago
    • @Annie
      "it’s sort of mindblowing what’s going on with the labour party in the UK. the attacks on corbyn are unrelenting"

      The dynamics of the electorate here in the UK are very different from elsewhere in Europe and hugely different from the US. Yes there is blatant Zionist Lobbying and political funding , yes there is blatant media imbalance when it comes to coverage of the I/P conflict but it is a drop in the ocean IMHO compared to what goes on in America.

      The UK electorate for example does not have a huge volume of zealous end of days Evangelists blindly supporting Israel .Despite the crap which is fed to them by the likes of the Daily Telegraph (aka Daily Telavivagraph) , the Daily Times (with its phalanx of Zio hacks led by Mad Melanie Phillips) and silly tabloids such as the Daily Mail Britons and especially the young are much more aware of the reality of what Israel is doing and are increasingly sympathetic to the Palestinians. Even the older less well educated generations have memories of family members who as British soldiers and police were murdered by Zionist terrorists during the Mandate period. Additionally IMHO a significant proportion of the UK public resent the Zionist portrayal of the UK as being some sort of hotbed of anti - Semitism especially given the history of Britain`s resistance to Nazism and efforts to save Jews in the lead up to and during WW2 - the Kindertransport/Frank Foley spring to mind.

      The attacks on Corbyn yes are unrelenting but as with Israeli panic vis a vis BDS it is likely because the Israel Firsters in the UK are in panic mode at the very strong possibility (some would say probability ) of Corbyn becoming Prime Minister after the next election with he and his cabinet openly and actively supporting the Palestinians. They are aided and abetted in this by the Tories and the pseudo - Tory Blairites in the Labour Party who simply see the alleged Anti - Semitism card as part of their ongoing weaponry in the fight against a hard left Labour Party.

    • " it should be that accusations of antisemitism can be weaponized to de-legitimize those on the left"

      I am sure that I am not the only one out there be it left right centre or all three mixed up but I used to inwardly groan when I heard or read the expression "anti - Semitism" in the context of criticism of Israel.

      Nowadays I just yawn. It is so predictable , so pathetic and so so boring.

  • Ahed Tamimi, 17, to serve 8 months in prison for slapping soldier in occupied village
    • From the NYT report on the case:
      " Ahed’s mother, Nariman Tamimi, who was charged with incitement for showing the altercation live on Facebook, was sentenced to eight months in prison, a suspended sentence and a fine of about $1,700"

      Just register that. A mother films her tiny young daughter trying to force out heavily armed foreign soldiers who have illegally invaded their property and she is charged with "incitement"for streaming it on Facebook (FFS !).

      BBC,CNN,Al Jazeera etc you have been warned ! Filming and reporting the truth in Zioland is "incitement" and could lead to charges/prison or if Bennett/Shaked etc had their way a death penalty.

      And you TV sports crews who will making your way to the Land of Creation for the Giro D`Italia be very very careful what and who you film.

      What a pathetic bunch of unhinged losers these Zios have become.

    • @Amigo
      "I wonder if she will get credit for time served and good behaviour"

      I think TOFGB only applies to Menschen in Zioland proper such as that thoroughly well behaved IDF health professional Azaria.

      The Ziorightfreaks are probably already outraged that the death penalty wasn`t introduced for Ahed Tamimi or failing that a life sentence in solitary confinement.It would be a brutal blatant and life threatening slap in the face to the likes of Bennett,Shaked and the endearing Oren Hazan if she were to be let out early.

      As I have said everyday that she is incarcerated represents another tiny nail in the Zioland Apartheid coffin. I think that she has the courage and resilience to face up to this disgusting Fascist sentence and the more messages of support from around the world the better.

  • In the occupation, slapping a soldier is worse than killing a Palestinian
    • " an intimate framework of proceedings "

      You couldn`t make these people up. Oh though wait a minute they are made up.

  • Dear Senator Harris, You have been drinking the pro-Israel Kool-Aid
    • Slightly off topic. New from Zioland that Ahed Tamimi has allegedly accepted a "plea bargained" 8 month sentence NB by a military court in "non-occupied" Palestine for the horrific offence of slapping and kicking a foreign soldier who had illegally entered her family`s property. Yet to be confirmed as is the rumour that the Gruppenfuhrer "Judge" as part of the plea bargain dropped the charge of looking at the ZioStormtrooper "in a funny life threatening way".

      Same" judge" who insisted that the trial should not be heard in public so as to protect her as a minor. Bless his cuddly little Zionist soul.

      Of course the Zios think that this will divert the international spotlight away from Tamimi because fundamentally the majority of them are clueless fanatics either declared or still in the closet.

      So lets at least try to give give them a clue. The brave heroic magnificent IDF "medic" Elor Azaria is due to walk free in May after serving less than two thirds of his 14 months sentence for coldly and casually putting a bullet in the head of a defenceless and unarmed Palestinian - you know following his Zio medical training on protecting and saving lives etc. At the same time an 18 year old girl will go to prison (ZioFascist" standard ) for the horrendous crime of yet again victimising a poor Jewish Israeli by slapping and kicking him to try and force him out of her family`s property when she was 16 yrs old and so dangerously life threatening.

      Every single day that Ahed serves in prison is one further nail in Zioland`s coffin.

  • Jennifer Rubin likens Trump to Hitler in 'blood and soil' ethno-nationalism that threatens Jews
    • " We are all becoming the other– whether you’re Hispanic, whether you’re immigrant, whether you’re Jewish"

      Firmly ensconced in the Ziobubble. NB says "Jewish" not Hispanic Jew or Bulgarian Jew or Polish Jews or even Yahweh forbid "American Jew"

      When it comes to defending dearly loved Israel all Jews are the same "race" except when it pleases the audience to insist that you are first and foremost (LOL) a full blooded American defending cherished American liberties.

  • You cannot occupy another people and consider yourself a just society -- Haneen Zoabi, suspended Palestinian legislator
    • "Mizrahi: I would be willing by the way to go back to Europe – I didn’t come from there… "
      This is self evidently a contradiction. Having said that I wonder where he /his family actually originated from.
      As for Oren Hazan , "the flower of Zioland youth" - in his own words the youngest member of the Knesset:
      What terribly a nice young man (well 36 year old Fascist scumbag in the real world ) - Zioland should be so proud of all these burgeoning "most moral" statesmen.

      Shame that Jeremy when presented with the classic Ziotrope of "there are no Palestinians" didn`t follow up with a question along the lines of "well then tell me who exactly are these native people who you say do not exist".

  • Israeli courts denies Ahed Tamimi’s request for public trial
    • As they say in these parts with Ahed Tamimi the Zios are truly up s..t creek without a paddle . The closed doors for the "trial" I believe represents no more than a panic knee jerk "what do we do now" action in a desperate attempt to limit the attention which she is getting from the world media.
      Their PR machine can`t portray her as a violent dangerous terrorist because she simply isn`t one. The longer her so called "trial" goes on the greater the world focus and world incredulity at her being detained for the horrendous crime of slapping and kicking a soldier in one of the most sophisticated heavily armed and unbelievably moral armies in the world who had illegally entered her family`s property.

      BTW If you want to read up on how screwed up some Zionists are in the case of Ahed Tamimi have a look at this little gem:,7340,L-5122930,00.html

      The writer one Yoram Yovell a leading Israeli psychoanalyst (sic) clearly sees himself as some sort of pragmatic liberal Zio but without realising it slips into surreal comedy on the one hand ( suggesting Ahed be invited to sit down with the soldiers mummy over cake and coffee) and on another pure any whatabout port in a storm mode when suggesting that she wouldn`t dare do what she did to Hamas or Isis fighters.

      He clearly has issues and should seek help from someone outside Zioland and outside the Ziobubble.

  • Video: Jewish settler looses attack dog on Palestinian shepherd and flock, maiming sheep
    • And just when I thought that Zios couldn`t get more absurd:
      I wonder how many Jewish Israelis have been arrested/detained for not intervening to stop a "terrorist crime"? Somewhere in the region of 99.999999999% I expect.

    • What struck me most about the video was that the dog well looked so European and out of place in the Palestinian landscape. Now if it was patrolling the perimeters of a Nazi concentration camp in the 1940`s it would look to have been in its element. As for the "settler" far from looking at home in the setting he well looked like a red haired,red bearded Viking hippie and even more incongruous in his Tel Aviv lightweight slacks and open neck shirt.
      Still brutal Viking invader stealing,terrorising,brutalising the native population etc he perversely fits the bill. One can only hope that his cuddly little pet takes a dislike to him soon and treats him like a sheep.

  • Netanyahu’s AIPAC speech – interrupted
    • Good reprise of the antics of an unparalleled Category A A...licker.
      The Yahoo truly excels at being a Yahoo:

      Still all the signs are that he is on his way out and he will end up remembered by sane moral intelligent people as nothing more than a nasty substance on the pavement.

  • For Bari Weiss, Israel advocacy was both ideology and good career move
    • @Steve Grover
      "All this proves is if you behave like a reasonable person and do the correct thing your career and when you don’t your career suffers. Bari Weiss has nothing to be ashamed of. The other Weiss, ya know the Harvard Grad, should look to Ms. Weiss as a role model"

      Your career what`s after doing the"correct thing". At a guess perhaps is eternally linked with Zio a...licking.

      And Phil she should be a role model for you as in she personifies the evil which you are fighting against.

  • 'Someone is paying Trump to do it' -- Pompeo elevation shows neoconservative lock on foreign policy
    • @shaun patrick
      "He didn’t say whose weapons but l assume he meant Israel’s"
      As per the clip he talks about picking up a phone and phoning Nebraska etc so it is clearly US weaponry he is thinking about. Perish the thought that poor little eternally victimised eternally threatened Zioland foots the nuking bill.

    • @Citizen
      "Take a google gander at the recent military exercise Juniper Cobra, it cross-trained IDF & US Marines for Israel’s imminent war against Syria, Lebanon, Hamas, Hezbollah, with IDF to decide when to send in US Marines to help the IDF"
      Wow so the IDF have been training the US Marines in the art of 0300 a.m. raids on family homes in refugee camps and the skills required in terrifying defenceless unarmed men women and children and safely (for the elite units that is ) extrapolating those highly dangerous sleepy eyed little boys and girls.
      I expect the marines will feel as moral as hell after the training and will feel positively angelic once they get to do the real thing.

  • Pedaling for Palestinian Rights: 20 cities around the world demand UCI and Giro d’Italia #RelocateTheRace
    • Here you go Giro D`Italia organisers this is what the most moral think of foreign cyclists.

      I for one who am a keen cyclist and someone who enjoys watching stages of the various Grand Tours will not be tuning in if the Giro goes to Zioland (subject to the Yahoo and Mad Donald not having turned the Middle East into a giant war zone by then).

      If all keen cyclists do the same ie don`t switch on or even boycott the whole televised event then ratings = (advertising income ) will plummet , the Chosen Tourist industry will suffer and the great PR coup will become a great PR disaster

      I hate the thought of these races being disrupted by protests and the safety of the riders being compromised by eg tacks being spread on the route but I believe that the riders are being duped by the organisers and their sponsors and should be more aware of the risks. If they do know of the risks and decide to continue to go ahead and participate in the stages then be it on their own head.

  • American Jews need Israel to be safe -- megadonor Paul Singer
    • Slightly off topic but nevertheless. Dominating the news over the last few days here in the UK has been the attempted assassination of an ex Russian spy and his daughter using a deadly nerve agent.Persons unknown as yet of course but the nerve agent has been identified as Russian military spec and the UK Government have after an initial investigation concluded that it was authorised by the Russian Government and have subsequently expelled 23 Russian "diplomats" (sic). France,Germany and the US have also now condemned the attack and have pointedly supported the UK Government in identifying Russia as the perpetrator.
      What is poor old Yahoo to do. After all he views himself as a "leading world statesman" and Prime Minister of a leading "Western" power so he has got to say something.
      What has he done. Well late in the day in true Ziomode he has come up with a classic Ziofudge:
      Now this tepid condemnation can be put down to a number of reasons:
      1) The need to keep up with the International Joneses as in we are one of you (civilised,democratic etc)
      2) Sensitivity over the fact that Zioland itself has form for this sort of attack in the past (see news article)
      3) Reluctance to criticise Russia since it wants to avoid pushing them further into the Iran/Hezbollah/Syria camp by way of retaliation.

      I suspect it may be 3).

  • Pressure mounts over psychoanalysts' 2019 conference, slated for Tel Aviv
    • Holding anything "International" in Zioland may well become a non starter in the very near future with the Yahoo beating the" war with Iran "drums even more frantically and another freaky warmonger Pompeo now Secretary of State and in support of Mad Donald who definitely wants to fight a war for America to make amends (not) for his "bone spurs" exemption. The clouds are now very definitely gathering. Goodbye eg Giro D`Italia , goodbye tourists,goodbye flights to and from Zioland by foreign airlines what with all that incoming from Lebanon and Syria. Then and only then will the average Tel Avivian be faced with the true reality of what their comfy little racist colony has become.

      This war unlike the previous Zioengineered Iraq one will not be a "coalition"
      project but will be disowned by the previous coalition "partners". Zioland may just persuade Micronesia to send some of its elite "melon " cropper units to support to give an appearance of a coalition and if the Marshall Islands were to send their much feared "breadfruit" brigade it would become a truly broad based coalition.

  • Israel 'made a desert bloom' -- and I helped -- Kamala Harris to AIPAC
    • If only AH had known about this unmatched horticultural expertise. The Sahara may have been an option and last I heard their weren`t any Arab villages amongst all those dunes.
      A land full of sand for a people without sand.

  • From an Israeli prison, Khalida Jarrar salutes feminists struggling for justice the world over
    • Yafa perhaps it would make sense to send a letter to Wonder Woman Gal Gadot asking her to speak out about the abuse of women`s rights ( not to mention the barbaric abuse of female children ) in Zioland. After all she has spoken on a number of occasions about her strong beliefs in women`s rights:
      "In the past weeks and months, we've been witnessing a movement in our industry and society, and I want to share this award with all the women and men who stand for what's right: Standing for those who can't stand or speak for themselves. My promise and commitment to all of you is that I will never be silenced, and we will continue [to] band together to make strides, uniting for equality."

      Oh wait a minute though. She did serve as one of the most moral and has spoken out about her impassioned love for Zioland in it`s heroic resistance to the stone throwing Goliaths who threaten it.

      Womens rights you betcha but Palestinian Women`s rights. Probably no comment

      Forget the letter. Braindead Zios are simply not worth the effort.

  • Rabbi Cardozo: outlawing circumcision would 'end the state of Israel'
    • @YF
      "if the rabbis announced that from now on jewish males would wait until 18 years to get mila"
      Nice try Yonah. Still haven`t addressed the basic issue. Do you believe that the circumcision of infant boys constitutes child abuse or not?If you believe it isn`t child abuse then IMHO you and those who share that opinion be they Jewish,Moslem,Christian or pagan are beyond the pale. As for Rabbis "announcing" or their equivalents the Imams "announcing" you are talking about theocratic states. In modern democracies democratically elected representatives make those decisions and enforce them though independent judiciaries.

      "Those who await the disappearance of the jews with glee are overrepresented in the mw comments section"

      Sorry but you sound like a selfish little child who has stolen all the other children`s toys whining about no one liking him

    • @YF
      "I would place mila in the top 10 Jewish traditions"
      I notice that you stopped at 8. Could the missing 9 or 10 perhaps be the "metzitzah b’peh" or does that conjure up images of vampirism.
      Stills goes on in 2018 though I believe . So YF what are your thoughts on this 4000 year old tradition of post circumcision oral suction.

    • @yonahF
      "Judaism did not give ethics to the world"
      Good to hear that you are not adding to the cherry tomato, hummus etc list.
      Zionist Jews to the contrary have been all over world ethics since they began their colonisation of Palestine.
      On the down side though :
      "One of the few cultural continuity successes has been mila"
      You are listing barbaric child abuse as a "cultural continuity success". It doesn`t get much weirder than that in 2018 AD.

      To use the traditional Celtic saying Yonah you are truly"away with the fairies".
      You need to take a break from the Hasbara Lite.

    • @Jons
      "On the other hand, it’s instructive to see the reactions. We’ll remember them next time we see that “I’m anti Zionist, not anti Jewish” slogan"

      As you have not clarified your comment I am assuming that you are thinking along the lines of " I told you so it`s all about anti - Judaism na na na na na"

      I will try once more as I do believe that like the vast majority of Zionists when it comes to facing up to reality 2018 you are fundamentally a lost and confused soul.

      Ritual infant circumcision is a particularly horrendous form of child abuse whether it is practiced by Jews, Muslims or any other religious cult. I say particularly horrendous because it is structured and organised.

      Mondoweiss editors showed sound editorial judgement in publishing the piece as the the practice has lately been the subject of discussion in civilised Europe

      Hopefully very soon where Iceland has led others will quickly follow.

    • @Mooser
      "Perhaps circumcision benefits you if you observe the law, but if you are a lawbreaker, your circumcision has become uncircumcision"

      Do I detect an element of circumspection in your comment about circumcision.

      Still I suppose it is better than just speaking willy nilly.

    • @JonS
      "About a year ago I wrote this:"

      Ah progress at last you have fast forwarded from 2000BC to 2017 AD.
      All we have to do is convince you that it is not " an act of love and acceptance, a celebration of life, performed by devoted and loving parents" but an act of self indulgent barbarity commissioned by parents whose priority is their lunatic fairy tale based cult and not the welfare and rights of their child who being an infant has f... all say in the matter.

    • @JonS
      "The brit mila (Jewish ritual circumcision) is the exact opposite of “abuse”. It’s an act of love and acceptance, a celebration of life, performed by devoted and loving parents, welcoming the new little guy into the tribe"

      As they say in these parts you are pulling my plonker (pun intended).

      Get real. To repeat we are in 2018 AD not 2018 BC.

    • @JonS
      "It’s quite another to prevent other parents from making the opposite decision.
      You should understand that the result of such a law would be to drive the brit mila underground, to be performed in secret, in dark basements, hidden from people like you"

      It still hasn`t registered with you so lets go back to the basics:
      It is 2018 AD not 2018 BC
      In 2018 AD child abuse whether ritual or not is illegal.
      No parents have the right to abuse their children and the power of the law should be used to prevent any such parents from making a "decision" to abuse their children.
      Cutting off a section of an infant child`s penis in a cult ritual and not for clearly identified medical/health needs is straightforward barbaric child abuse and should be made illegal in civilised countries with heavy penalties for the parents and those who carry out the practice. This is the case whether circumcision is being practiced by Jews,Moslems,1000th day Adventists or any other religious cult.
      As I said before the only reason that this revolting practice has not been addressed up until now is the fear of being accused (yawn) of guess what.

      When the infant becomes an age of consent his parents may "decide" to suggest to him that to have the procedure done as part of a cult ritual but this in turn should be subject to general medical regulations in the relevant country.As an adult he can then make that decision which is his and his alone to make.

    • @Mooser
      "What result are they expecting when they cut off a piece of the penis? They won’t say"
      As you will know it has it`s origins in the Torah (Genesis 17:714) as a commandment handed down from God (sic) to Abraham(sic). Simply a commandment which gives us the what. Unfortunately can`t find the "why".

      Ergo it emanates from a 3000 year old fairy tale as opposed to a standard 21st Century Medical Journal

      So basically it was is and forever shall be (sorry for sounding biblical) a straight forward weird and barbaric cult ritual whether practised by Jews,Moslems or 800th Day Adventists.

      It is now being actively addressed quite rightly by civilised countries in the West as a staightforward question of child abuse . I suspect the main reason that it has not been addressed by these countries previously is fear of being accused of guess what.

      If an adult Jew,Moslem,Presbyterian etc decides as an adult to be circumcised then that is his right and the hope would be that it is done by a qualified medical person and carried out in a hygenic medical environment.

      Similarly if the procedure is recommended by qualified medical personnel for valid medical reasons and is carried out by qualified medical personnel then that too is perfectly acceptable.

      To carry out the procedure for non medical reasons on infants who cannot give consent is repeat quite simply child abuse and my view is that it should be made illegal here in the UK with heavy penalties and perhaps a warning that the child when adult could potentially sue both the parents and the "practitioner " through the civil courts

    • @mooser

      “Circumcision” covers a lot of ground"

      Surely you mean uncovers a lot of penis?

      Speaking of which:

  • Bibi does Broadway
    • @Misterioso
      "Any permanent status for that territory should be part of a final status negotiation.’”

      Too late I`m afraid Mr.Khatib. The status of your wannabe capital has already been added to the Yahoo`s growing non pre-condition pre- conditions for these mythical final status 2SS direct negotiations.

  • Netanyahu in DC: I don't want Palestinian 'subjects' but the West Bank will remain 'militarily under Israel'
    • “I think most Israelis would favor a situation where we could separate from the Palestinians. I don’t want the Palestinians as citizens of Israel and I don’t want them as subjects of Israel,” he explained"

      Of course this racist moron only appears in interviews and in front of a...licking US politicians where the Fascist vomit which he spews is never questioned and the inherent contradictions pointed out.For example as above a serious journalist/interviewer would have said something along the lines of "wait a minute Israel already has around 1.5 million Palestinian Arab citizens (20% of it`s population) are you saying that you are going to deprive them of their citizenship rights ? "

  • Israeli left leader praises Trump and bewails 'Palestinian majority' and 'Palestinian narrative'
    • @PanamaKid
      I think I can help on this one. A Liberal Zionist is one who can just about be allowed to wander about in the halls of the institution. A Right Wing Zionist is one who definitely belongs in the padded cells. The "Centrist Zionists" and "Left Wing Zionists" as is now very clear never really existed.

      The 2SS which she referred to is patently a Dodo. Zioloons refer to it along with the classic"can only be achieved by direct negotiations" as a standard front to mask incessant and incremental land theft.

      This hypocrisy ridden pseudo-liberal woman and her Ziologic would be shredded in any truly independent interview or debating forum but I hope that she and her ilk be allowed to continue self polluting the Zionist well with their coy ravings.It will serve to confirm and enhance the "distancing" of young Americans which is panicking the AIPAC Elders.

      BTW She said:
      "the perception that they have about Israel is a very different perception to what Israelis want to have about ourselves"

      Was the "want to have" perhaps a Freudian slip as in = self delusion. I wonder if she will get a bollocking from her handlers for that one when she returns to Zioland.

  • Zionism, anti-Semitism, Israel — and the UK Labour party
    • @ElizabethBlock

      "As for anti-Semitic incidents, some people would no doubt include my wearing a shirt that says “JNF 100% Israeli Apartheid.” And I’m Jewish"

      Elizabeth I imagine that you are filed under"Self - Loathing/Self Denying "Anti - Semitic" Semites in ZioCentral records.

    • Always good to hear Regurgitev , Zioland`s very own pet wallaby, in full flow.Here he is lamenting the growth of "anti Semitism" in the UK Labour Party. But let`s be clear before you watch and listen despite his G`day Blue Aussie twang he is a drop down dead 100 % ancient hysterical homeland Israeli and as far as he is concerned on this the full facts are known and there is no need for a thorough IDF type investigation:

    • @ErikEast
      "The cries of anti-semitism have become genuinely boring"

      I agree with you on this one.It is triply boring when their are simply no physical "anti - semitic" incidents to report such as attacks on Jews , attacks on their properties , synagogues etc. It is straight forward conflation and some of it is hilarious and an insult to the intelligence of ordinary British people yes the same British people who fought Nazism and who are now being accused effectively of being Nazis sympathisers.
      IMHO at the risk of the accusation of being a conspiracy theorist an unholy alliance has developed between the Pro Israel Lobby Groups who have been in panic mode ever since the reality of a Pro - Palestinian PM and Pro - Palestinian Government became a strong possibility , the Blairite (uuuughhh) wing of the Labour Party and predictably the Tories and all three have desperately cobbled together and nurtured the clumsy" Anti - Semitic" campaign with the active connivance and support of a largely Ziocontrolled (yup Zio) press here in the UK. If anything the blatant lies and hypocrisies deployed largely via the Tory=Zionist press have backfired because they are so transparently baseless.

      They have simply reinforced Corbyn`s standing in the Labour Party and have further undermined the relevance of the Blairite faction who are seen as being no more nor less than puppets for the Pro-Israel Groups and financiers.

      For more background on the Greenstein scenario:

      With regards to the use of the term"Zio" perhaps given that Zioland`s current best buddy Daffy Donald has not been suspended by his party for use of the term we should vary it with "sh..hole".

      As for the ongoing absurdity of Pro -Israel dimwits accusing Jews of being "Anti - Semitic" well it would appear that the terms "self denying" and "self loathing" are passe ?

      Tick tick.

  • Schumer and Dems outdo Trump at AIPAC-- there's no peace because 'Palestinians don't believe in Torah'
    • @Ejay
      "I wonder how Zionists like Schumer determine which Ziosplanation to use on which day"

      It`s all down to Ziography. And ZioLebensraum.

      Schumer is an hilarious unhinged buffoon who really ought to read the Torah more carefully and realise that he is in serious breach of its tenets by not taking the opportunity to return to his beloved ancient Torah given Bibliland. Life is very comfy for Israeli Firsters in the US as in cake and eating - the thought of having to live up close and personal with all those Untermenschen Arabs and the reality of just being just another run of the mill Ziofreak in a society teeming with them is not good for self image don`t you know.

    • A lot has changed and continues to change in the Middle East since the Yahoo made his puke inducing speech to Congress and stuck two fingers up to Obama in 2015. Syria and the role of Iran in defeating ISIS with the backing of Russia has IMHO irreversibly changed the dynamics. Whatever their differences on some issues there is now a set Russian-Iranian Alliance. All the prompting by AIPAC for the US to take on Iran on behalf of their beloved Zioland will hit a brick wall when the realisation kicks in that Putin like mad Donald does not like to have sand kicked in his face.
      WW3 I don`t think so. A panicky Yahoo and Zraeli Lobby in the US seeing the end of their days looming - yes I think so.

  • Nine reasons Israel is not a 'progressive paradise'
    • @Jackdaw
      "Just name a country in the Middle East that’s more progressive than Israel"

      Ah state authorised and instructed heavily armed IDF goons snatching children from their homes at 0300 a.m. in "daring" and "most moral raids" then detaining ,interrogating and torturing them without access to parents. Wow really progressive dude.

    • "Progressive Paradise".

      Ah yes like the Third Reich was.
      Shiny happy Zionists holding hands.

  • Israeli army's lies can no longer salvage its image
    • @Festus
      "To admit your whole worldview has been wrong your whole life is not something many people can do"

      A good point. Germans throughout the 1930`s, 40s and 50s probably faced the same problem of facing up/owning up. Unlike their Fascist successors in Zioland in their defence it could be argued that they didn`t have access to uncensored media , most definitely not the internet and smartphone communications.

      So how to defend the ZioFascists? Can`t be done. Particularly when their staple diet is the Holocaust and the horrors inflicted on Jews and they are visiting similar brutalities on defenceless Palestinians all the while calling them "terrorists".

      "Never Again" no. "Same Again" for the Palestinians yes subject to the limits imposed by world laws and world opinion and the need to sustain trade and tourism..

      That will teach those Germans/Poles/French etc.

  • AIPAC panics over progressives abandoning Israel
  • An intimate portrait of Palestine: Ramzy Baroud's 'The Last Earth: A People's Story of Palestine'
    • @Misterioso
      Benny Morris has since changed his tune(money ,promise of some sort of Zraeli gong ? - who knows).
      Watch his smirking nauseating responses to Norman Finklestein (an honest,principled and consistent historian) when discussing what he said happened in his book but in his new hysterical as opposed to historical incarnation did not actually happen:
      Historian my a..e. Lying Ziohypcrite just like all the others = YES.

  • 18-year-old fisherman killed by Israeli forces off the coast of Gaza
    • @Jackdaw

      "IRA terrorism bad. Palestinian terrorism good.
      Got it"
      You are drivelling again. Please try to focus.
      I did not say and would never say that any terrorism was "good" or "bad". As I did say you know absolutely SFA about Ireland,Northern Ireland,the Troubles,the IRA , the UDA , the Peace Process , the Good Friday Agreement. However I bet that you know a s..tload about the Irgun , Hagannah , the Stern Gang and the superheroic murderers Begin and Shamir all of whom of course in your warped Ziolosophy were not "terrorists" but National Liberation Fighters.

      At least in Northern Ireland it took some time for the likes of Adams and McGuinness to be granted status on the negotiating table and become politicians in what became and still is the Peace Process ( BTW the Peace Process came about primarily because the Nationalist Community and the Unionist Community had had enough of the endless dead end violence and in particular the younger generation and both the British and Sinn Fein recognised this ergo the Good Friday Agreement - b---ar all to do with the spying antics referred to in the Atlantic article which you quote.)

      As for Zioland - well terrorists there were and are fast streamed into political prominence , as in Prime Minister Begin and Prime Minister Shamir , where they updated and refined their terrorism into state sponsored ethnic cleansing and incremental genocide(read the article). Zioland in fact has its very own state of the art Long Kesh with priority being on the illegal detention and torture of Palestinian children)

      The terrorists in Northern Ireland on both sides of the divide are now a tiny minority of fanatics. The terrorists in Zioland are now the overwhelming majority of Zraeli politicians backed up by their unbelievably moral IDF.

      Are there any mirrors in your home?

    • @Jackdaw
      "Legitimate responses to the ‘occupation’ of Northern Ireland?"
      Are you answering your own question , asking a question or fumbling about on the usual Ziowhataboutery autopilot ?

      You know SFA about Northern Ireland and the genesis of the IRA campaign which bears zero comparison to Zioland and the Palestinian resistance. Address the issues relating to your own little racist hellhole as in look in the mirror.

    • @jackdaw

      "Remind me. What ‘Shangra La’ country do you hail from?"

      Ah you mean do I live in a fictional realm like Narnia or Ziobibliand? No I live in a real country the UK. Yup riddled with faults - good Christians,bad Christians - good Jews,Bad Jews - good Moslems , bad Moslems etc. Yet still by and large a civilised humane non racist country with a civilised and humane society. Not at all like the make believe artificial quasi -Nazi apartheid hellhole which you drool over.

      Hope that answers your question.

      You have a nice day now you hear.

    • "so to my ears, this sounds odd"

      Nothing odd about it. Just Nazis behaving like Nazis.

  • One State Foundation launches today
    • @James Michie
      " must we be content with the fantasy wishful thinking that there can ever be freedom, justice and equality for the Palestinians at the hands of Benjamin Netanyahu and his millions of brutal, racist, fascist, terrorist Zionist thugs? What say you?"

      Obviously I can`t speak for Phil and Adam but IMHO you are missing the obvious initial factor in what will become a single state = the Apartheid factor. I am sure that black South Africans in the 1970`s and 1980`s despaired at times but they fought on and within a short period of time the civilised world was forced to deal with their situation. With the example of South African Apartheid in the near past and with the new facts of life in information technology ( spartphones.Internet etc) the battle will be a lot easier.

      Plus I believe the bottom line is that a significant proportion of Jewish Israelis see themselves as being civilised "Europeans" and from the moment that the "pariah" sanctions across the board kick in they will be scrambling to get out.

      Initial indicators about the so called Trump I/P initiative suggest that this reality has been recognised and that the US administration in tandem with the Zraelis is cobbling together a "faux" Palestinian State with what is laughingly described as "eternal self rule" (the Yahoo`s state -minus). I think that Trump and whoever is left in his "cabinet" want to be seen to have at least tried before the brown Apartheid stuff hits the fan.

    • Thank you Angelique and Jonathan for setting out the only stall left in the I/P conflict and good luck with your Foundation. The single state is quite simply the only way forward and as your initiative shows the acceptance of this is gaining traction with each new settler unit built in the O/T.
      Some Israelis are just blind to this fact or are too frightened to address reality so they just look the other way with regards to the O/T situation.
      Some Israelis know that the 2SS was is and will continue to be a basic ploy to maintain the Apartheid status quo but are so arrogant and so certain of continued US support and European hesitation that they will simply carry on as is.
      A minority of Israelis realise that the 1SS is now inevitable and would want to make the landing as soft as possible. As the extreme right dig in further these Israelis will have a stark choice - either to dig in and fight on or admit to a losing battle and get out of the unholy mess which their country has become.
      The writing is on the wall for the so called "Nation State of the Jewish People" which will go down as just another stain in the history of humanity with a particular depraved twist in that it was a catalogue of oppression and ethnic cleansing perpetrated by members of a religious community who themselves had suffered so horrendously from savage oppression and ethnic cleansing in the recent past.

  • Video: Israeli soldiers brutally beat wounded man, leave him to die 'as though he were not a human being'
    • As Regurgitev in that wonderful biblical Australian drawl would be saying if he had not been shunted off to the UK by a jealous Yahoo. "Let`s be clear.We don`t know all the facts yet" "There will be a full investigation"

      The Zraelis are so mired down in their own excrement that they can`t even smell it any more.

  • In calling for end of Jewish state, Avraham Burg is painted as 'troublemaker' at liberal NY synagogue
    • @Jon S
      "By and large, mainstream zionists sought to live in peace with them"
      As in forcing from their homes 700,000 + and expelling them from their own country to refugee camps in neighbouring countries where they could live "in peace with them".

      Try pulling the other one it - it`s got bells on.

      BTW WTF are "Mainstream Zionists"? Is there an implicit comparison with sewerstream Zionists?

  • Mohammad Tamimi: 'They beat me into confessing'
  • In fit of mendacity, Israeli official claims Mohammed Tamimi, 15, was not hit in the head by a bullet
  • Video: East Jerusalem Palestinians fear new Damascus Gate checkpoint marks change in status quo of the city
    • @Emet
      "As the Arabs continue to deny the connection and history that Jews have to the Temple Mount, this leaves Israel with no other option but to continue to control the entire region for security and other reasons"
      As in Adolf`s Lebensraum.

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