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UK National. In the past have spent time in Gaza,East Jerusalem and the West Bank in a working capacity and my experience there has led me to develop deep concerns over the the treatment of Palestinians and their future in their homeland.

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  • An Open Letter to Dan Rabinowitz: Let’s get our facts straight about BDS
    • The divestment and sanctions elements in the BDS movement have been vital and continue to be vital - they are the ones which have given the start up oxygen to the movement. The really pivotal element is however BOYCOTT. Israeli can ignore and withstand economic and trade sanctions and embargoes. What will really make the difference however is for them to be boycotted in sporting,cultural,academic and scientific circles. Yes they will moan,scream,cry "crocodile tears " about "Anti-Semitism" and yes they will suckle even more feverishly on the US teat but eventually they will really begin to feel the effects of being considered as and treated like pariahs in the civilised world.

      And the rats will begin leaving the sinking ship clutching their second passports.


  • Actions planned to protest Netanyahu's visit to Washington
    • Juan Cole "Israel under Netanyahu needs some tough love from friends"

      What Israel 2015 onwards needs is no love from anybody and no friends - with or without the grotesque Nitay.


  • 'Netanyahu destroyed hope' -- Erekat
    • Having watched the Hardtalk interview with Erekat again it seemed that he was "genuinely and passionately" at the end of his tether vis a vis "peace" and the"two state solution". At the end of his tether because he had no more wool to pull over the Palestinians eyes. He kept asking "what do I say to my son". Almost as if his son/daughter/nephew whatever had finally called his bluff about negotiations and UN initiatives being the only way and told him to his face that he was nothing more than a self serving collaborator. It came across almost like a MAYDAY MAYDAY plea not to Nitay but to the good old US = "Help for God`s sake we have completely run out of 2SS ammunition on our side.We`re really f....d. You have got to do something."

      Truth is there is nothing that the US or the UN can now do. The US is bought and bent. The UN is in a US stranglehold due to the US veto on the Security Council The 2SS is a corpse. It cannot be revived. The only relevant player now is BDS and that can only be led by Europe.



    • @kay24
      "There is nothing left for the Palestinians. They must now arm themselves and fight for their life and lands. BDS is the only help they can get from the world."

      Agreed and the more that the Zionists complain about BDS the more publicity it gets and the more that western institutions and even governments ( viz France ) seek to make it illegal the more publicity it will get,the more the western voter will get to know about and understand the reality of Israeli Fascism

      The recent French "legal" ruling is a case in point. IMO instead of counteracting the BDS movement it will encourage it as the French people themselves whatever else one thinks about their government and political elite have a deep sense of commitment to personal liberty and freedom of speech. Making it illegal for a Frenchman or woman to encourage a boycott of Israel is rather like the Vichy government making it illegal to encourage a boycott of the Third Reich. Hopefully in a short space of time this daft ruling by the French judges wil will blow up their faces.


    • Erekat has been threatening to "hand back the keys" to Israel for years now. Opportunity knocks. Have he and the rest of the Palestinian Politburo got the cojones ?

      I doubt it.

  • Only way to save Israel is for US to get out of peace process -- Friedman of Peace Now
    • IMO the Rubicon has long since been crossed with regards to the two state solution. "Liberal" Zionists in the US and in Israel itself are doing no more than timorously flagging up the fact that theend of the 2SS is a possibility. They like Obama and the US (albeit the latter in a more embarassing way ) are simply ducking the fact that the 2SS is dead,deceased,departed this mortal coil,in short it is now an ex solution.

      The only way forward for the victims of extreme Zionism and by victims I mean also those moral and conscionable Jews both in Israel and in the Diaspora who feel deep shame over what their co-religionists are doing, as well as the Palestinians, is an enhanced BDS movement led by Europeans.

      By enhanced I mean on top of the commercial,economic,sporting and cultural boycotts a greater focus on little discussed aspects of what Norman Finkelstein described as "a lunatic state " - eg keep pointing out and reminding people that this lunatic state has hundreds of nuclear warheads and that a significant number of these apparently are aimed at their "trading partners " and diplomatic allies in Europe / NATO countries etc.


  • The idea that people living under violent military occupation must be instructed in nonviolence is problematic
    • @ivri
      "The Gazan group was actually separated into another entity with which Israel has wars like with another country (and a tremendously weaker one)"

      Steady on old bean you are spinning out of control again.

      Which "country .. like any other country" would that be exactly ?

      A few deep breaths and a re-visiting of the manual should get you back on the Hasbara rails.

  • The Case for Parallel States: Excerpt from 'One Land, Two States: Israel and Palestine as Parallel States'
    • @kay24
      Thanks for the link to and the featured "debate". As ever with the slimeball Dershowitz it is never a debate it is a monologue followed by a series of constant interruptions or grunts. Whenever he is in mid monologue and a fellow panelist interrupts he then complains about being interrupted and not allowed to finish his "response". I am surprised at two things 1) That either the host or one of the panelists or co debaters or hosts he has encountered hasn`t yet got to the end of their tether and simply said "will you STFU !"
      and/or 2) someone hasn`t put his lights out live on television.

      Of the two I certainly favour the second scenario.

      One can only hope

      BTW He claims to "have visited Gaza" during the debate. Is he saying that he has actually been INTO Gaza which I find extremely hard to believe or that he has "visited" it by observation from the Israeli side of the ghetto fence. Would love to know when and how exactly.

    • Three words immediately leap extremely vigorously to mind = CLOUD CUCKOO LAND

  • Netanyahu's craziness is calculated, to drive out Palestinians
    • IMO Nitay is simply power drunk and occasionally power crazed. As has been said he,the Zionists,Israel have been getting away with blue murder 100% because America is the property of the Jewish lobby and America still calls the tunes when it comes to any credible European initiatives to change the situation.He thinks that he is impregnable but then his role model Adolf felt the same. Adolf was able to take the next step of mass expulsion and genocide because it was 1940. It is 2015 and poor old crazy Nitay and his equally unhinged cohorts realise that even with all that Jewish power and influence in America they simply cannot get away with anything remotely approaching the Nazi solution. So they continue blindly down the Apartheid cul de sac with no u turn possible.

      BDS is starting to bite. Perhaps it is time to point out also to Europeans as part of the boycott movement that Israel in its current form is an existential threat to their existence as in Israeli nuclear warheads aimed at European capitals ?

    • I think Nitay @ co do daydream about a "Final Solution" to the problem of the Palestinians and would love to have a quick clean sweep expulsion to other Arab countries. I don`t think even they think that they can get away with any form of piecemeal genocide and certainly not what one would describe as a" normal" genocide. The problem is that mentally the Zionists rely so completely and continue to rely so completely on the Jewish narrative of Nazi forced mass transportation and mass killings as the fundamental historical and political justification for the creation of Israel. On top of that this narrative is like a baby`s dummy (comforter) to them - they have to suck on it regularly to give them a meaning in life. If they were to become seen by the world ( yes even the Americans ) as the ones visiting the forced mass transportation and genocide on another people they would I think psycholigically implode. BDS is already making them squirm and is most definitely the way forward.


  • Leading US anthropologist signs on to BDS despite qualms
    • "Ideally, every Israeli person should feel BDS in his/her own life, the more strongly the better. If Israeli people actually lost jobs because of buying-boycotts on Israeli products, they’d feel it. And of course the owners of the Israeli export industries would feel it even more strongly. And, together, they’d be motivated to talk to their government or to elect different politicians."

      Agree with what you say to a point. Unfortunately moral and conscionable Israelis will pay an undeserved price but as with South Africa that is inevitable. I think that the BDS thrust definitely should be at least as much on cultural and sporting links as trade and commercial links. The penny may drop when the younger Tel Aviv generation start to ask why are we loathed , why are our "fellow westerners " trying to exclude us from international competition etc

      One can only hope.


  • 'Washington Post' publishes Elliott Abrams' diatribe against Palestinians without rejoinder
    • Latest news following the departure of Regurgitev is that a creature called Ran Baratz has been appointed as the new Nitay spokesman. Will certainly be fluent in Hasbara but have not read or seen anything to indicate that he is up to Regurgitev`s standard in English.

      He apparently is a settler , recently accused Obama of being an anti - semite , stated that John Kerry`s mental capacity does not exceed that of a 12 year old and most recently described Israel`s President Rivlin as "an insignificant figure".

      Either Nitay couldn`t find a reasonably presentable chump willing to do the job or he has deliberately appointed this dickhead in a continuation of his middle finger approach to relations with the Obama administration and the West in general.

      Can`t find out anything about his origins ie where he or his family emigrated from / whether Baratz is his original name but as with Regurgitev,Rosenfeld and Lerner he looks decidedly Aryan.

      Time will tell but looking forward to seeing Baratz going into Hasbara battle.

  • 'NPR' and 'NYT' present Netanyahu as a-- moderate
    • "Netanyahu - as a moderate"

      Here in the UK we have a range of newspapers with varying degrees of " left leaning / right leaning" tendencies. Even the most right leaning would IMO never under any circumstances describe Nitay as "moderate". They would be caned.

      Nitay is quite simply a moron. One of the main reasons he and his ilk get away with their ingrained Zionist fascism is that they are never put on the spot by independent hard hitting interviewers. I haven`t seen an interview with this piece of .... where the inherent contradictions,hypocrisies and lies which he spews out by rote are actually challenged by a credible interviewer. Happy to be corrected on this one.

      As an "incredibly courageous " IDF soldier I am sure that he could easily be encouraged to face up to an enemy interviewer. He of course would not be allowed to carry an assault rifle just in case the interviewer asked him an existentially threatening question.

  • Bloomberg's int'l editor to host event on 'incredible courage' of Israeli soldiers (including Netanyahu)
    • Just seen another incredible example of Israeli courage on You Tube

      According to the Times of Israel the woman had not attacked anyone but was suffering from mental problems. Still the courageous Israeli police shot her in the leg anyway without any attempt to calm her down or disarm a la Western Civilisation. It was such a terrifying experience for them and I am sure that they will get PTSD counselling and some time off to recover. I don`t understand Hebrew so can only guess at what they were shouting.

      Perhaps "Help Mommie , Daddie what do I do. She`s got a knife , she`s at least five feet tall and there only eight of us and we are only six feet tall and all we have is full body armour and our assault rifles"

      Just think how well these "incredibly courageous" people would fare in proper combat against the likes of Hezbollah.

    • @HannahKawas
      Just seen the disgusting video. Definitely SS quality "incredible courage" !

    • To be fair there were I suppose "incredibly courageous" SS soldiers. Just a variation on a theme.

  • Telling tales in Israel and Palestine
    • Juliana - thank you for a thoughtful and heartfelt article. The execution of Dania was perhaps the most monstrous of the recent atrocities by Israeli "law enforcement agencies". The sight of her being dragged away like some trophy animal is a true reflection of how barbaric these "chosen people" in their cherished homeland have become.

      "I read that before noon the Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld had tweeted ‘Female Arab terrorist attempted to stab border policeman with knife in the Hebron area. Officer responded at scene & shot the terrorist.’ Call it a targeted character assassination: smearing the victim to feed the narrative."

      The Israeli spokesmen are an interesting trio. Mark Regurgitev was recently appointed Israeli Ambassador to the UK and does not appear to be continuing in the spokesman role. He will however continue no doubt to be clear in reminding people at every opportunity that Haaaaghmas is a terrorist organisation. He emigrated to Israel from Australia and of the three is the only marginally Middle Eastern looking one - perhaps there is a native SITC ? Speaks perfect English with a decided Australian accent. Peter Lerner the IDF spokesman was born in London and lived their apparently until the age of twelve. Speaks perfect English and looks decidedly Aryan.
      Mickey Rosenfeld again speaks perfect English but with a neutral accent. I cannot find any definitive source for his background - whether it is British,Australian or whatever. In a recent Huffington Post article the reporter described him as " Blond, blue eyed and chiseled" ie the perfect Aryan

      All of the above illustrates two strands in the Israeli Zionist narrative and strategies. In their "hearts" they see themselves as being white European Aryan / Anglo Saxon types - they have no choice but to tolerate the "coloured" Jewish immigrants as this is the price they have to pay for selling the dream of Jewish safety in Israel and also maintaining the demographic balance in relation to the Palestinian Arab population. With regard to the strategy this is IMO a simple no brainer. They are selling themselves as the good European , even "principled British " type guys , in the hope that Europeans and Americans will think they are telling the truth because they look and speak like "us". I think this may have worked in the past but the strategy will soon crumble to dust as more and more Americans and Europeans are thinking "wait a minute these people are not actually natives to Israel and the Middle East. How did they end up there etc". This in turn will I hope lead to more and more people who were hitherto sympathetic to "poor Little Israel" suddenly waking up to the fact that they have been sold a pup and cottoning on to the simple fact that Israel is basically a colonial project dreamt up by a cult religion.

  • Anniversary of Rabin assassination is marked by incitement
    • Rivlin stands out on the surface as being something of a realist and a " peacemaker " because the alternatives in the current Israeli political hierarchy,Nitay,Lieberman ,Bennett et al are overtly lying nutjobs who would happily take forward a more "robust" ethnic solution if the world wasn`t closely watching and monitoring. Even Lapid supposedly in the "middle liberal ground" inserts his head in his rectum when it comes to anything approaching a recognition that the "peaceful" two states outcome is dead and buried.

      Rivlin is just a variation on a Zionist theme. At his core he still believes that Israel could not,has not and will never do anything which is contrary to international law such as ethnically cleansing an indigenous people and occupying their homes and their lands.


  • Karmah Elmusa rocks Elle Magazine
    • Kay24

      Thank you . A timely reminder that it is not not long now until the 50th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty and hopefully the survivors and relatives of the survivors are planning a major commemoration which will serve as a testimony to the "special" nature of the relationship between America and poor old fallible to" mistakes" Israel. They will I hope continue to question the lack of a Congressional inquiry, leading up to and beyond the anniversary date, and here at Mondoweiss we can help them by consistently raising the issue nearer to the date.

      As for poor old misunderstood,victimised " I did for the Love of Israel and not for the money" Mr.Pollard things have gone quiet recently. Am really looking forward to the day he is released and particularly his return as a feted hero to to his beloved " homeland". Just fascinating to contemplate how the NYT and the US TV media will spin that particular little hot potato.

  • Glen Weyl's agonizing journey to boycott the country he loves
    • "But if it signs up to treaties or international conventions,it should stick to them. If it no longer likes their terms it should remove itself from them,not try to weasel out of its obligations while pretending that it is doing no such thing "

      Wise words indeed to describe the correct moral stance and duty of a country and its leaders if the country is a signed up member of the UN for example.

      Strange then that this should be penned by one Melanie Phillips in an article in yesterday`s London Times criticising UK government ministers for "trying to wriggle out of international law obligations". Phillips being a notorious and frankly quite nauseating Zionist shrill here in the UK MSM is this a sign of a changing mindset amongst Zionist shrills ? I fear not. I watched her on a recent BBC question time programme (available on YOU Tube) when she nearly jumped out of her underwear when a softly spoken member of the audience suggested that she was being"paranoid" about Iran.

      Her comments in the article are worth archiving though as they can be thrown back in her face whenever she is encountered in the I/P debate. No doubt she will get the aforesaid underwear in a twist qouting San Remo/ Balfour declarations/British perfidy etc etc. But notwithstanding that it will be worth the effort just to wind her up.

      Even better would if she is wound up just enough to convince her to pack up her bags leave the anti - semitic horrors of England and seek asylum in her beloved little Israel.

    • Additional factors in their decision to stay in the good old USA and not move to beloved but misguided Israel
      1) They will be conscripted and have to face the terrifying bloodthirsty Palestinians with all their sophisticated high tech stones and "knives"
      2) They will have to live alongside and perhaps horror of horrors in the midst of these strange Arab people
      3) Worst of all they will see the reality of ugly Israel on their cherished Holy Ground up close and personal and be forced to kiss goodbye to their heartfelt Zio dream

  • 'The Palestinian body finally achieves the approving gaze of the settler'
    • @inbound39
      "Whilst American and British Politicians are led by the nose by Netanyahu there are enough people around the World that will undoubtedly make life uncomfortable for Israel and it will largely get no support and slowly wither and die."

      On the subject of Israel`s possible expiration I came across a book the other day called " The Land of Blood and Honey " by one Martin van Creveld. From the inside cover comments and the "reviews" at the back it was fairly obvious that it was a Zionist preening orgy so I didn`t bother to delve into it. However I had never heard of the author so checked out his profile on Wikipedia. This included the following gem:

      In a September 2003 interview in Elsevier, a Dutch weekly, on Israel and the dangers it faces from Iran, the Palestinians and world opinion van Creveld stated:

      "We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under."

      This from someone described in the blurb inter alia as Israel`s most distinguished historian

      And some in the West think the Iranians are mad !

    • @ just. Was the photo taken before or after the fat thug/slug with the Kippah and matching Kalashnikov lay down beside the slain Palestinian for a selfie. Just wondering.

  • Ghada Karmi comes to New York and DC
    • @just
      ““This is just the beginning of what we are doing,” said Larry Zimmerman.

      Yes what they are really hoping for is Congressional approval to set up checkpoints outside BDS event venues and cultural event venues featuring artists who support BDS. At these checkpoints they can check the ID`s of all those attending , do a full body frisk and search of backpacks,handbags etc , record the names and details for future action , spit on selected individuals and hell , why not , shoot the odd bastard who is found with a Swiss Army Knife or a corkscrew in their bag or who stares at them in a funny way. And all this without having to travel from the comforts of their dear old US to their beloved Zioland and get directly involved in the main deal.


  • Israeli police raid East J'lem hospital three days in a row, injure patients with rubber bullets
    • Am I missing something here ?. Shouldn`t they have dropped leaflets from a helicopter warning patients to leave the building beforehand. Hey and don`t they look cute in a their
      Star Wars costumes.

  • 'Why I am a Zionist'
    • Reading some of the heartfelt quotes in the article I feel a great flood of pathos welling up inside of me as in what a bunch of PATHETIC self delusional, self serving hypocrites.

      IMO the worst of the lot in this instance is the supposed "liberal Zionist" Beinart.

      "Is my view shaped by the fact that as a Jew I’m attached to the idea that in a post-Holocaust world, there should be one state on earth devoted to Jewish self protection and Jewish self-expression? Yes. I plead guilty. I’m not a pure universalist"

      Yes Peter we see your Jewish self protection and self expression in operation everyday in Gaza ,East Jerusalem and the West Bank and in Israel itself just as we saw Aryan self protection and self expression in Germany in the years leading up to the Holocaust.

      What hope when even a liberal softie like you cannot summon up the courage , take that last little step and acknowledge the true reality of Zionism in 2015.


  • Video: Israeli military tells Palestinian refugee camp, 'We will gas you until you die'
    • As reported in todays Times of Israel website.

      8-month-old boy was at home near Bethlehem when he died of asphyxiation, PA health ministry says; army investigating

      An eight-month-old Palestinian baby died Friday from inhaling tear gas fired during violent clashes near the West Bank city of Bethlehem, the Palestinian health ministry said.

      The ministry said Ramadan Muhammad Thawabteh died while he was in his home in the village of Beit Fajjar.

      “Ramadan Thawabteh, eight months old, died from asphyxiation today after inhaling tear gas, fired by the Israeli army, that entered the house of his family,” a ministry spokesman said

      Looks as if they the brave IOF have already started to put their plan into action. BTW IOF Investigations come as free giveaway occupation extras but please note they only last for 10-15 seconds

      RIP little one

  • Please Jo, call for equal rights and no more occupation
    • @W.Jones
      "Is JKR really such a major trendsetter, very high quality author, and she someone who can actually be reached personally by such appeals about children’s rights under occupation? "

      I believe that the overwhelming consensus here in the UK , irrespective of the literary value of her novels (whether Potter or crime ) would be that she is a moral and conscientious person. This is certainly backed up by her major support for child poverty charities and other philanthropic causes which would suggest yes that she can be reached personally by appeals for childrens rights under occupation.

      I personally think that she along with a few others on the list may have been a little bit naive and were conned into supporting this "cultural bridges " Hasbara gambit by the Zionist cabal here.

      Perhaps she may get to hear about or read the sad news of the little Palestinian baby killed today by the cultured IOF and this in itself may give her cause for a rethink.

      One can only hope.

  • Rightwing Israelis celebrate murder of a Jewish activist (and NYT won't tell you so)
    • @JeffKlein
      " It also hints at what many Israelis really mean when they talk about two states and coexistence.”

      I agree. I sense a deep Biblical longing for a return to the" peaceful apartheid" of yesteryear (well of last year if truth be told ).

  • Letter to J.K. Rowling: For the sake of all Palestinian children who love Harry you need to say their lives matter
    • @amigo
      Donation idea is great . Even better still would be for her to actually visit Gaza and the West Bank . I suspect the naive JKR would come back chastened , truly aware and truly embarassed by her support for the bizarre idea of building cultural bridges between Palestinians and their Zionazi oppressors. And then set up a fund from her billions.

      Another curious listing on the signatories to the letter is Melvyn Bragg. Most Britons I would suggest have a perception of him as being erudite , astute and clearly left of centre
      in his politics. I can understand the naive JKR being spun into this cute little Hasbara web via the Neil Blair/Abraham Foundation nexus. It would be fascinating to know how Bragg was ensnared.

  • Three new checkpoints lock down an East Jerusalem neighborhood
    • Madeline Abraham, a middle-aged American-Israeli originally from Texas, said she is most conflicted about dividing the capital.

      “I’m very torn, particularly about dividing the city, because first of all, all of Jerusalem belongs to us [the Jews],” she said.

      The above , from a " survey " report in the Jerusalem Post on the question of "dividing " Jerusalem , neatly sums up the revolting hypocrisy inherent in the very nature of the "Jewish State of Israel"

      A Texan saying that the city belongs to her and presumably various other Texans , Iowans Floridans etc who decided to come and colonise.


  • Living and dying by Netanyahu's 'forever' sword
    • "Nonetheless, Palestine will not be liberated on our lifetime, if by liberation is meant a full Palestinian state or equal rights within a bi-national unitary Israel-Palestine state. For the years ahead, both the two-state and one-state options to resolve the Israeli-Palestine conflagration are an imagined hope."

      I confess to being a little more hopeful than this. The Internet and social media is doing it`s job in informing the civilised world at a rapidly growing pace of Zionist Israel`s atrocities and hypocrisies. A younger and more conscionable generation of American Jews will soon represent a force that AIPAC/Adelson et al money simply cannot buy.

      With BDS expanding on a daily basis and impacting on "normal "Jewish Israeli life ( the recent UK Academic boycott is a good example ) the sense of "pariahship" will really start to kick in and the rats will sooner rather than later start to bolt the ship. clutching their second passports. The knock on effect in terms of demographics and economics will be irreversible and will lead to a swift and thoroughly deserved corrosion and destruction of the Zionist dream.

      All this can be hastened by BOYCOTTING APARTHEID ISRAEL

  • (Update) This year for Halloween your child too can help defend the Israeli occupation
    • "Finally my son can dress up with something meaningful and respectful! Representing democracy and peace"

      One of the most succinct and " balanced" customer reviews on the Amazon website clearly from a genuine non Hasbarist buyer.

      I think this may develop into a pattern as in "develop them young" - Israel may soon need to harvest lots more American IDF Jihadists what with so many rats leaving the ship in the coming years , complaining about the lack of peaceful Apartheid , and the growing numbers of Haredi exemptions and refusnicks in the remaining population.

  • Executed: Dania Ersheid, 17, from Hebron
    • @Jon s
      YoniFalic calls Judaism “silly and repugnant”. Would any such description of any other faith be tolerated here? Not Zionism, not Israel, it’s the Jewish thing, after all.

      As a devout atheist I confess to finding all religions and religious practices "silly" in various ways and to various extents. Where I find them "repugnant " as an example is when an interpretation of Sharia in Islam is used as an excuse for beheadings,floggings etc. Where I find it repugnant in Judaism is when a kippah wearing IDF brute puts 10 bullets into a defenceless 17 year old school girl and then goes off to wail against a wall about how he and his ilk have been victimised for thousands of years.

      Hope that puts your mind at rest.

      Hope that puts your

    • Unlike with Hadil they don`t appear to have dragged her body away like a dead animal carcass or perhaps that happened subsequently off camera. Neverthless yet again Israeli "Land of Creation" manhood at its finest. Leaving a 17 year old girl on the ground with zero dignity to be goggled at by their fellow lunatics. They should feel sooooo proud of their brave achievement.

  • Netanyahu: 'We need to control all of the territory for the foreseeable future'
    • This is great news. He is at last getting down to the Nitay Gritay. Pe-election "No Palestinian state on my watch" and now post election"we need to control all the territory for the foreseeable future". ie we need to continue practising Apartheid for the foreseeable future.

      So a clear signal then to any and all of the mediators,Kerry,the Quartet etc - there is no point in wasting your time and money on so called peace initiatives or two state negotiations.


  • Dear Chief Rabbi, your sermon on Palestinian violence failed tests of moral and communal leadership
    • “Men and women are waking up in the morning inspired by messages of hate, taking implements from their kitchen and going out in search of innocent men, women and children to be their victims.”

      A perfect description of the IDF then ( the implements are for dropping at the scene of the slaughter just in case they are caught on camera )


  • 'Most-read' article at Washington Post calls Israel 'savage, unrepairable society'

      Say it loud and say it clear , write in clear bold type. At every opportunity and in every forum including social media repeat the mantra / display the mantra.

      You will be using the tried and tested Hasbara technique of repetitive use of phrases such as Anti - Semitism , existential threat , threatened with second Holocaust , constant barrage of rockets , political terrorism , diplomatic terrorism , economic terrorism , cultural terrorism sporting terrorism and on and on ad nauseam. Only this will be the truth and not Hasbara.
      It may just tip the balance in the US where the unspoken is just beginning to become the spoken. It will certainly impact in Europe.

  • Peace activist Rabbi Arik Ascherman attacked by knife-wielding settler in West Bank
    • Hopefully JK Rowling will get to see the video and report. She can then contact the leader of the Yitzhar settlement " residents " and offer to come and discuss "cultural bridges" with them.

  • JK Rowling stumps for Israel -- what would Harry Potter do?
    • @just - Methinks they protest too much.

      “As David Cameron has said, the UK government will never allow those who want to boycott Israel to shut down 60 years worth of vibrant exchange and partnership that does so much to make both our countries stronger.”

      So then Mr "Friend of Israel" Cameron you are going to prevent us UK citizens from shutting down this "vibrant exchange and partnership" with Israel. And how exactly old Etonian bean are you going to do that ? If we citizens of the UK want to boycott this monstrosity and suffocate this "vibrant exchange and partnership " we will simply do it - same as we did for Apartheid South Africa .

      I know that you and your pro - Zionist arslikhan ilk have really enjoyed the past 60 years worth of this " vibrant exchange and partnership" with a country which has been in open and flagrant breach of international law during all of those those 60 years and which sticks two fingers up to all and sundry including the UK when it is criticised for this. However the party is over.


    • Some interesting,some unusual and some totally predictable names on the list. Would be interesting to know how many of these savants have actually been to the occupied territories or Gaza and seen the limitless possibilities for cultural bridges.Bottom line though is that anyone who has signed the letter is either a moron or a hypocrite. It is blindingly obvious to anyone with basic intellectual integrity what Israel is doing and has been doing to the Palestinians for the last 50 years and will continue to do with their usual impunity unless there are wholesale across the board boycotts including very definitely a cultural boycott.. To pretend that "cultural bridges" are the way forward is a shameful and disgusting cop out. It would never have worked with the Nazis back in 1938 and it will never work out with the Israelis in 2015.

      BTW I notice the list includes Maureen Lipman who back in January threatened t to leave the UK for Israel because of the supposed " rise in anti - semitism" in the UK ( A classic Hasbara mirage ). Not sure whether she actually went through with it but hope that she has or will. It would be a great move for her what with all those Pro-Semitic Jews only roads etc.

  • Fact Check: MSNBC’s Palestinian loss of land map
    • Just watched a recording of a BBC HardTalk programme ( still available on BBC I Player ) featuring an interview by Stephen Sakur of the "moderate" Israeli leader Yair Lapid. Very interesting as a piece of quality forensic journalism which in a half hour puts to shame a thousand hours of the arslikhan equivalent in the American MSM. On the question of his own support of a shoot to kill policy when soldiers, police or "licenced gun holding civilians" are faced with stabbers or potential stabbers he makes the usual nonsense claim that this is exactly what happens in England where of course there are no soldiers,armed police or armed civilanns wandering the street and there are laws and the laws are applied. He does comes across as being reasonably sane as compared to the lunatic Nitay but nevertheless wriggles and twists and turns and continues to come up with these ludicrous comparison scenarios so entrenched in the Zionist Hasbara mindset such as on the question of the possible division of Jerusalem ."Is London the eternal capital of England or are you willing to give half of it to the French" FFS. !! Sakur bites back everytime particularly when Lapid vomits up the old spew about you don`t treat the Palestinians the way you treat us in these interviews. The really interesting points however come toward the end of the interview when he is firmly pinned down on the options facing Israel if the two state solution is not met. He says sooner or later the Palestinians will come to us and say OK then give us the vote.And then there are two options. We say no and we are not a democracy .We say yes and we are not a Jewish state anymore. So there must be a separation. A little while earlier I was a little bit confused when he referred to the need to "build a higher wall" between "us and the Palestinians. I don`t think he meant concrete rather he was using a metaphor for political separation but who knows. By the end I felt that he was quite close to giving in and saying to Stephen "Do you know what I think we are screwed". Right at the end he made a half hearted attempt to return to archetype when in what appeared to be joke mode he asked Stephen to be"try and cover us in a more fair way".

      As I said for all the conveyor belt Hasbara he at least came across as capable of self deprecation and a polar opposite of the unhinged egotist Nitay.

  • State Dep't slams Netanyahu's Hitler story as 'inflammatory' and against 'scholarly evidence'
    • Meanwhile down at the Old Dog and Duck.
      "Here Fred were you reading about that Hitler business the other day.Apparently this Prime Minister of Israel bloke whassname Netyahoo said that that Hitler didn`t really mean to do that horrible Holocaust stuff. Apparently according to this Netyou all he really wanted to do was to kick all of the Jewish people out. But what actually happened in fact says this Natyu was that this weird Arab geezer called Mufti turned up out of the blue , had a word in old Adolf`s shell like and next thing you know you had the camps and all that horrible stuff. I couldn`t Adam and Eve it at first but then this Nutyoo apparently is the head of all of the Jews all over the world so it`s like coming straight from the horse`s mouth. So basically old Adolf yes he was a really evil bastard but it turns out that the real villain was not him but this Mufti bloke. It`s a funny old world innit. Anyway Fred same again is it - two pints of lager and a packet of crisps ? "

    • @Hophmi " He was a horrible human being and a war criminal" Take out the "was" substitute an "is" and you have the perfect description of your paymaster = Ben and for my next trick Nitay . By the way it appears to me that you are starting to suffer from HFS (Hasbara Fatigue Syndrome) and have staggered out of the starting blocks on this one. Should you actually be referring to "Palestinians" since as a people according to your manual they don`t actually exist.

  • Despite global disgust, Netanyahu doubles down on claim that Hitler got idea of Final Solution from a Palestinian
    • And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, 'If you expel them, they'll all come here (to Palestine).' According to Netanyahu, Hitler then asked: "What should I do with them?" and the mufti replied: "Burn them."

      Just a minor technical point and apologies if I have missed something in the mix. There is an implicit verbatim element here. Was Nitaycase quoting from the minutes of a meeting where the comments were recorded ? Highly unlikely to put it mildly .If not and again, apologies if I have mixed something in the mix,if not quoting from actual minutes who was the source and when was the information revealed and to who ?

  • Criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitic . . . It's anti-racist
    • @tokyobk

      "I guess I am being anti-Semantic when I say, so what? We know what the term means, though inaccurate and in fact invented by someone who didn’t like Jews or Arabs)"

      At the risk of being accused of "semantics" I am assuming that the "term" referred to in your last sentence is "anti - semitic" . That being the case can you confirm the identity of the "someone"

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      BTW I promise to respond.

  • Palestinian viewpoints on the intifada from the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon
    • @HarryLaw

      An interesting and apposite analysis of the situation and what may turn out to be the only way forward in terms of Palestinians themselves on the ground being able to make a real difference in the near to medium future. Sadly I believe that Norman Finklestein`s hope for a broad ranging and peaceful "demonstrations " intifada is a non starter as Israel knows that it can simply outlaw and brutally suppress these, with US backed impunity. We in the non AIPACed West have got to underpin our support for the Palestinians by seriously cranking up support for BDS and taking every opportunity to label Israel ( using the Hasbara" repetition" weapon of choice ) for what it is - an apartheid state. Sooner or later one can only hope those Israeli Jews with a conscience as well as those Israeli Jews with common sense who can see the writing on the wall will start to leave the sinking ship as will a lot of the Exodus Dream settlers. The rump of Jewish Israeli society remaining will largely consist of the freakshow zealots. The economy will lose its major population drivers and the much vaunted IDF will struggle to get even a basic standard of recruit able to continue the 3 am raids on Palestinian homes and the shooting of innocent civilians let alone being able to put up any kind of fight against the likes of Hamas or Hezbollah.

    • @CigarGod
      Exceptional photos - exceptional people/exceptional courage.

  • Facing down hecklers in NY, Gideon Levy calls for equal rights for all in one state
    • “‘So what should I do with them?’ He [Hitler] asked,” according to Netanyahu. “He [Husseini] said, ‘Burn them.'”

      Yup have just watched the video and listened to Nitay say these very words.

      So Hitler in fact according to this moron was unsure what to do about the Jews until he listened to the wise words of a trusted and respected Arab untermensch.

      Great stuff Bennie boy keep it coming and do try and fit in a cartoon of some kind in these appearances. They do so add to the flavour.

  • Israeli society is crumbling under the weight of occupation
    • Looking at the picture and in light of recent events I think I would be worried if I were an " Israeli" Jew from Ethiopia or India or an Israeli Jew with Arab colouring or Arab features.When the IDF have a shoot to kill policy if the victim looks at them in a funny way there are even more dangerous possibilities given the growth in setter vigilante activity.

      BTW Take away the gun and the kippah and the one nearest to the camera looks like a bloodthirsty Palestinian terrorist to me.

  • Over 2,000 take to the streets of London as part of 'International Wave of Solidarity for Palestine'
    • @palikari
      "Those demonstrations had much less propaganda than anti-Israel demonstrations. "

      "Those demonstrations had much less propaganda than anti-Israel demonstrations. "

      "Those demonstrations had much less propaganda than anti-Israel demonstrations. "

      Yup. Tried to get my head round this at least three times and counting. On the face of it it seems like a"balanced" statement however I think it has more likely been a DIY amendment to a Hasbara manual staple which has spun out of control and flopped on its side rather like a robot which has run out of battery power.

      Please ease my misery. Are you saying that both the Pro Israel and the Anti - Israel
      demonstrations had"propaganda" but that the Pro-Israel ones had"less". If so can you give me an idea of notional percentages . And to really put me out of my misery would you please define what you mean by "propaganda" in both instances and give examples from each of the demonstrations.

    • Great to see this and hopefully it is the start of something bigger and more widespread throughout the UK and Europe. Judging by the increase in overt brutality by the Zionist scum currently running the show in Israel and the occupied territories, the complicity of the US and the cowardice of the EU and European governments in failing to take any meaningful action , the only way forward is BDS and mass demonstrations. I hope that the BDS movement can crank up it`s campaign and would suggest an increased focus on sporting events and Israeli participation in international sporting events. BDS should directly address national and international sport government bodies over their complicity in allowing representatives of an apartheid nation to participate in their events. A good starter would be online appeals to the growing world wide running community to distance itself from Israel and Israeli Athletics eg a call to boycott next year`s Jerusalem Apartheid Marathon and any and other race events or triathlon type events in the country.

      Yes innocent and undeserving Israeli Jews and Palestinians will suffer and be deprived as a result of these actions but such also was the case with South African apartheid.

  • 'Caught on Camera': Extrajudicial killings of Palestinians
    • @just
      Would be great if there was a link to Regurgitev`s latest " lets be clearification" on MSNBC. He and his mellifluous Aussie tones have been greatly missed since he took up his UK Ambassadorial role. Don`t know whether he will meet Her Majesty but would love to be a fly on the wall:
      HMQE "And what do you do?"
      MR " G`Day .Let`s be clear Your Majestic I am the Israeli Ambassador and Haaaaghmas is a terrorist organisation"
      HM (turning to Prince Philip ) " Poor man is deluded.He is obviously one of those Australian people and I think he is Catholic because he said something about organising a mass"
      MR"Hooroo Your Magistrate.Catch ya later"

  • Israel approves stop-and-frisk just as Mayor de Blasio arrives in solidarity
  • Goldberg says the root of the conflict is the Palestinians' anti-Jewish 'narrative'
    • By way of an illustration of the the importance of the Bible as a legal anchor to Jewish claims to Palestine:

      On her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant
      Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus
      18:22, and cannot be condoned under any circumstance.

      The following response is an open letter to Dr. Laura, written by a
      U.S. man, and posted on the Internet. It's funny, as well as informative:

      Dear Dr. Laura:

      Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I
      have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that
      knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend
      the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that
      Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination ... End of debate.

      I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some other elements
      of God's Laws and how to follow them.

      1. Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and
      female, provided they are from neighbouring nations. A friend of mine
      claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians.
      Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians?

      2. I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in
      Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair
      price for her?

      3. I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in
      her period of Menstrual uncleanliness - Lev.15: 19-24. The problem is
      how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense.

      4. When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a
      pleasing odor for the Lord - Lev.1:9. The problem is my
      neighbours.....They claim the odour is not pleasing to them. Should I
      smite them?

      5. I have a neighbour who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus
      35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally
      obligated to kill him myself, or should I ask the police to do it?

      6. A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an
      abomination, Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than
      homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this? Are there
      'degrees' of abomination?

      7. Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I
      have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading
      glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle-room

      8. Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair
      around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev.
      19:27. How should they die?

      9. I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes
      me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

      10. My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev.19:19 by planting two
      different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing
      garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend).
      He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary
      that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to
      stone them? Lev.24:10-16. Couldn't we just burn them to death at a
      private family affair, like we do with people who sleep with their
      in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)I know you have studied these things extensively
      and thus enjoy considerable expertise in such matters, so I'm confident you can help.
      Thank you again for reminding us that God's word is eternal and unchanging.

      Your adoring fan,
      James M. Kauffman, Ed.D. Professor Emeritus, Dept. Of Curriculum,
      Instruction, and Special Education University of Virginia
      P.S. It would be a damn shame if we couldn't own a Canadian.

    • "Jeffrey Goldberg has an important article up at the Atlantic saying that the root cause of the conflict is a powerful Palestinian narrative: the refusal to accept that Jews have an ancient connection to the land of Israel"

      So Jeffrey old bean to sum up and I do hope that I have understood you correctly what you are actually saying is that all Jews be they the descendants of the small pre-zionist native Jewish population of Palestine or the millions of new arrivals from overseas anti semitic hotspots like Brooklyn,Golders Green,Sydney,Toronto,Moscow,Antartica and Monaco to name but a few ,have the absolute right to set up home in Palestine as they are the real indigeneous inhabitants of the land because there was a Judea there back in Roman times and none of these people are converts to Judaism or the descendants of converts to Judaism and are all in fact descended directly from the original Judeans and have full title to all of Palestine and the problem is that these bastard Arab neanderthals who still live there and the ones who chose of their own volition to emigrate to Jordan and the Lebanon 67 years ago don`t have the courage and compassion (being neanderthals) to recognize that they are not the real natives and if only they were to recognize this and go live elsewhere there would be everlasting peace. Phew deep breath.

      I am sir in awe of your intellect. Following on from your powerful and incisive analysis of Saddam`s threat to the west including the small Jewish population in the Artic you deserve at least a moderately thickish brown envelope from Sheldon.

      Looking forward to further little gems from you.

      BTW Just for the record as there appears to be some confusion in this area. Are you an Israeli or an American or an Antartican ?

  • Rubio prays for Israel, and auditions for Adelson
    • @Annie Robbins
      "it’s not a gift. they instigated it — put a lot of effort into ratcheting it up as soon as they lost the iran deal deadline on sept 17th. they went into highgear over al aqsa. it was calculated. they made it happen.
      I did say that it was "obviously engineered by Nitay and his cronies"

    • @mooser

      With Iran temporarily off the Hasbara script the "terrorist violence" in East Jerusalem and the West Bank has come as a gift to the Zionosphere Ministry of Propaganda .Obviously engineered by Nitay and his cronies by means of the "Temple Mount" incitement.Sooner or later Iran will be worked into the equation as being the true evil behind it all. Blaming Iran and Isis at the same time is a tricky one but for a nation which invented the cherry tomato I am sure that they will manage it.

      As for Rubio and his comments eg:
      "Indeed, the indifference that President Obama and Hillary Clinton display toward incitement and violence against Jews fits a long-running pattern of callousness and neglect toward the Jewish state."

      They are indicative of the power that the Zionist lobby and their lucre have over politicians across the spectrum in America - something thankfully which is simply not possible here in the UK , not least because the MSM here is not controlled by the aforesaid lobby and TV interviewers tend to query and frequently dismember absurd allegations and downright silly comments.

      Latterly I sense that the pro-Israel crap which is being spewed out by the likes of Rubio is becoming even more ludicrous and outrageous. This probably reflects the fact that the exiled Judeo-Samarian backers such as Sheldon Adlebrain are getting desperate and they are insisting that their poodles earn their donation dollars by cranking up the pro-Israel rhetoric.

      Hang in there.

  • Until the denial of Palestinian rights ends, 'political violence' will continue -- Munayyer explains on CNN
    • Following on from a previous post on Mondoweiss lamenting the ongoing Pro-Israeli bias in the right wing newspapers here and specifically the Times I am pleased to eat humble pie and give credit where credit is due. Featured in todays Times in the readers comments and yes in the eye catching top left hand spot on the page is the following:
      Headlined "Violence in Israel" the letter reads:
      Sir.The signatories of the letter"Israel under siege"(Oct 14) are correct to lament the escalating violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian terriritories which is a tragedy for both Palestinians and Israelis.however it is myopic not to mention the almost 50 year long occupation of Palestine by Israel,its relentless expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank and the iniquity of the Israeli army providing security for illegal settlers but not the Palestinians. There is also no evidence to support the claim that the Palestinian Authority is inciting the violence - indeed quite the opposite. Sadly as the Palestinian statesman Hanan Ashrawi stated more than ten years ago the Palestinians are the only people on earth asked to guarantee the security of their occupier. Until the Palestinians are freed from the injustice and degradation of occupation with a viable and truly sovereign state that guarantees the human rights of its population this conflict will continue.
      Signed: Baroness Morris of Bolton,Lord Cope of Berkely,Lord Lamont of Lerwick,Sir Nicholas Soames MP,Sir Alan Duncan MP.

      All incidentally are Conservative Party politicians.

      I hope that this balanced reporting of views continues to be the norm here in the UK in relation to the Israel/Palestine conflict and can only hope that it will become the norm in America with the growing voices and power of the knowlegeable and conscionable younger generation there including the younger generation of American Jews.

    • MUNAYYER: Of course the Israelis are going to do accuse him of that, because it is very difficult for them to accept any responsibility for the situation.
      Not only that but the latest cartoon diagram purporting to illustrate "how to stab a Jew" to young impressionable Palestinian teenagers and displayed for all the world to see at the UN by doombrain Danon proves conclusively that the Palestinans are 100% responsible for the current violence and unrest including the violence, sorry I mean the wholly justifiable acts of self defence, by the IDF,Israeli police,Israeli settlers,tourists from Brooklyn as well as any and all violence committed at any time anywhere and for whatever reason throughout Eretz Israel for the past 67 years.The Israelis have of course zero responsibility for this and it is gross and blatant anti semitism to suggest this given the Holocaust etc.
      Being a new kid on the UN block he probably panicked at the thought of having to explain away Israeli incremental genocide ,phoned Nitay and was told "FFS do a drawing,a cartoon,anything which you can lift up,point at and then blame the Iranians - sorry I mean the Palestinians"

  • State Department forced to retract statement suggesting Israel incites violence
    • On this side of the pond there is a mixture of cringe and sheer disbelief at the outright Arslikhanism amongst mainstream American politicians (notably Republicans) when it comes to unconditional support for the Middle East`s only democracy. Presidential" hopeful" Ted Cruz the Presidential hopeful (as in "hopeless") has weighed on this one - as follows from the Times of Israel:

      Republican Senator Ted Cruz called on Secretary of State John Kerry to either resign or distance himself from comments made by State Department spokesman John Kirby that some Israelis were guilty of terrorism.
      “Once again, Secretary Kerry and his staff have proven themselves utterly unfit for the positions they hold,” the presidential hopeful complained. “Mr. Kirby should immediately retract his offensive assertion that Israel is ‘guilty of acts of terror’ or resign, and Secretary Kerry should immediately disavow these remarks or resign.”

      This is the same Ted Cruz who said in July ref Obama`s decision to re-establish diplomatic ties with Cuba "unacceptable and a slap in the face of a close ally that the United States will have an embassy in Havana before one in Jerusalem."

      I know the original bottom line is funding for campaigns with these cretins but it would appear that once they have entered the Zionosphere they genuinely lose whatever marbles they started out with.

    • @diaspora
      "Existential threat" seems to be off the menu for the moment as well.

  • Hamas calls for intifada, takes aim at Palestinian Authority
    • @ivri
      "Reading this it is clear to me that you are in an acute danger of losing your mind by this insatiable hate of yours of the State of Israel and its people.

      Kalithea was expressing revulsion not hatred.

      "An obsession carried so far can consume a person completely – you stop seeing anything else but the imagined pure maliciousness of your fixation target to which you attribute any evil in this world – likely, wondering how come not everybody see what you have unraveled so unequivocally. Think about that"

      I have thought about it and my considered advice is that you should press the buzzer so that the nurse can come and adjust your Hasbara drip.You are starting to spin around in circles.

  • On Bret Stephens' hate speech
    • I can`t believe what this creature has actually said." Today in Israel, Palestinians are in the midst of a campaign to knife Jews to death, one at a time." Inter alia. As opposed to Israelis burning Palestinians to death one at a time ?
      He and his ilk must truly live in a Ziovacuumed world which does not permit any reflection discussion or perspective before they spew out such racism.
      What a revolting t..d.

  • American press coverage grants Israelis all the humanity
    • @kay24
      You may be aware of similar pro-Israel/Israel First bias in the MSM here in the UK but generally it has been reasonably succinct as opposed to the overtly nauseous variety in the US. Things however may be changing rapidly and our MSM with guess what the Murdoch Times" taking the lead. I have gotten quite used to the small Zionist cabal of "leading article writers" such as Finklestein,Aaronovitch and the truly odious Melanie Phillips deftly crafting into their articles on baked beans and sofabeds references and reminders about the holocaust and anti semitism. - par for the course I`m afraid. However as a result of the recent upsurge of violence in Palestine there has been much greater coverage of the situation in the paper and guess who is being portrayed as the victim - yes you have got it the poor old defenceless terrified occupiers with perhaps a grudging reference to any attack by a a Jewish Israeli ( who has invariably it seems a history of mental problems ) on an innocent Arab tacked on at the end of the report.I suspect the Murdoch machine will crank this up in the coming weeks. Again the pro-Israel lobby here in the UK is not as openly vomit inducing as in the US but it does exist and has powerful influence in the UK Parliament both obviously within the right wing Conservative and definitely since the saintly Tony Blair within the supposedly left wing Labour Party. As an example witness this little gem from the readers Letters to the Editor section in yesterday`s paper. Headlined Israel "under siege" and strategically positioned at the prime spot top left of the page it goes as follows:
      "Sir Israel is experiencing a wave of terror not seen in a decade.The methods may be rudimentary but the results are deadly.The spiralling levels of violence are utterly contemptible.The attacks have been encouraged by continued incitement by senior Palestinian officials. For years Conservative politicians and Conservative Friends of Israel have called on the British government to tackle this Palestinian incitement. Enough is enough.Inaction and silence has led us to this dark place.Faced with the echoes of the devastating second intifada,the government can no longer afford to be silent"
      Signed by Sir(sic) Eric Pickles MP,Guto Bebb MP , Bob Blackman MP , Mike Freer MP , Matthew Offord Mp , Andrew Percy MP , Dame (sic) Angela Watkinson MP.
      As ever it is a difficult call given the tragic circumstances FOR THE OCCUPIED PEOPLE OF PALESTINE but I don`t know whether to weep,throw up or just p..s myself laughing at the hypocrisy.

  • Solidarity with the Palestinian popular resistance! Boycott Israel now!
    • @Maximus
      On a more positive note the Ziolobby and it`s supporters in the UK including Cameron must be keeping a spare set of underpants handy at the thought of what the new leader of the official opposition will say in Parliament when it comes to Israel and the Palestinians ie the truth. And the Guardian still marketing itself as a left wing Labour leaning newspaper will not be able to air brush away his comments.

  • Hillary Clinton expresses alarm for Israeli Jews, and not one word about Palestinian victims
    • What has the world come to when the sight and sound of an Amercan ziogranny makes you want to throw up.

  • NPR fails to mention occupation-- while Barghouti says in Guardian it is 'root cause' of violence
    • @hophmi
      "Palestinians in East Jerusalem are free to become Israeli citizens anytime they choose". Really grateful for this info - you have introduced a ray of light into the darkness . Obviously the same will apply to all those other Palestinians in the rest of the occupied and blockaded Palestinian Territories once the two state solution charade completely implodes.

    • @Straightline
      Have to agree with you on the BBC and Cameron.Ref your attached link to an article on Danny Cohen - hot of the UK press today that he is leaving the BBC. As for his comments in the featured article 11 months ago:

      "Danny Cohen, who is the director of BBC Television, claimed that anti-Semitism has become so bad that he has to question the long-term future for Jews in Britain".
      " I’ve never felt so uncomfortable being a Jew in the UK as I’ve felt in the last 12 months. And it’s made me think about, you know, is it our long-term home, actually. Because you feel it. I’ve felt it in a way I’ve never felt before actually…"

      A complete and utter load of b......s. There has been NO surge of anti semitism in the UK. There has been NO rise in anti semitism in the UK. What there has been is a surge in expressions of revulsion, particularly amongst the educated young, at the horrors being inflicted on the Palestinians by his co - Zionists in Israel .His attitude and comments are classic examples of Zionists retreating to suckle on the "Anti - Semitism" teat when unable to face up to these crimes. It is rumoured that he will be fleeing the rampant anti - semitism in the UK for a better paid job in the US where he would no doubt quickly become an AIPAC cheerleader. If he does go good riddance.

  • Netanyahu approves mandatory prison for stone-throwers
    • "We are doing this as an emergency measure and will consider the extent of its implementation; if need be, we will make the law more severe"
      As in:
      "Protective Custody” Rules
      Hitler induced a confused and frightened Hindenburg to sign a decree euphemistically called, “For the Protection of the People and State,” suspending all of the basic rights of citizens and imposing the death sentence for arson, sabotage, resistance to the decree, and disturbances to public order. Arrests could be made on suspicion, and people could be sentenced to prison without trial or the right of counsel. The suspension was never lifted throughout the entire period of Nazi rule, and the decree of February 28th destroyed fundamental guarantees under the Weimar democracy"

      I knew I had seen something remarkably similar somewhere before !

  • Mourners of Gaza mother and child killed in airstrike urge resistance-- '3rd, 4th, 5th intifada, whatever it takes'
    • @Jackdaw
      "A major difference is that Palestinian driver deliberately set out to murder unarmed civilians,while the IDF unintentionally caused collateral damage and death". Yeah just like the Nazis during the London blitz.

  • The popular resistance in the Galilee
    • Palestinians will suffer horrendously ,those remaining Israeli Jews with morality and conscience will suffer but the sooner the situation moves to an end game in this revolting little Fascist colony the better. Overt apartheid / overt ethnic cleansing including sadly I fear, overt massacres will lead to the expulsion of Israeli "Embassies", the recall of European Embassies ( the US will probably be be forced by the domestic Israel First lobby to cling on to the bitter end) total boycott of imports/exports,severance of all economic,commercial, cultural,academic and sporting links etc. and eventually the banning of Israeli passport holders from entering democratic Western countries and the expulsion of Israeli nationals resident in Western countries. Right wing Israeli politicians will respond with their usual Hasbarised whinging and whining about a second Holocaust/ wolf cries about Anti-Semitism/why focus on us and not other nasty regimes etc but a large portion of these devoted pioneering Aliyahised hypocrites and freaks will grab their second passports and scamper back to Western civilisation at the earliest opportunity before the final Zionist implosion.

  • In Bethlehem, community rallies to support protests, each helping however they can
    • @Mayhem
      "Palestinian Arabs who are citizens of Israel are not hounded and in fact would generally prefer to live in Israel than in any other country in the Middle East" Of course they "generally" would prefer to live in "Israel" dickhead. They are the NATIVES.It is THEIR HOMELAND.

  • Palestinians will never have a state and will be ruled by Israel -- says Israeli minister
    • I`m sure his boss Nitay will correct him in due course. BTW what a cuddly looking "Defense" minister. If he loses his job he would certainly get work over Christmas as a department store Santa Claus in Europe. Naah thinking about it he would probably completely lose whatever plot he`s got if he travelled to Europe , away from his little fascist Middle East colony, and was obliged to mix with decent,moral and civilised Western people.

  • Whose violence?
    • @Mayhem.
      "Netanyahu offered immediate and unconditional talks in his last speech at the UN"
      You really are taking the proverbial. This is probably one of the latest script amendments being circulated at Hasbara Central. So let`s be clear what you are saying is that Nitay offered , in between cold icy stares , talks without insisting on the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, with abandonment of the idea of an undivided Jerusalem,insistence on maintaining military control of the Jordan valley , the demilitarisation of a future Palestinian state etc etc etc ad nauseum . So all these things which have been his absolutes before the UN speech suddenly became things to be negotiated. What a LOB !

    • Elliott - you nailed it. Another day at the office for those nice dedicated young family men in Zionland.

  • More than 1,000 clash with Israeli forces in Shuafat refugee camp as Netanyahu promises to crack down
    • "Hateful terrorists are trying to hurt our people". Was he suppressing sobs or dabbing his eyes with his kippah when he said that ? Poor old Nitay - the withdrawal symptoms are really kicking in. Didn`t get the Americans to bomb Iran for him and now he is behaving like a spoilt child who is soooo used to getting his way that he just can`t cope with being told "no". He has tried the De Niro stare at the UN , now the Cowardly Lion. Looking forward to his next cameo role.

  • 'It's like military reserve duty': Jerusalem mayor calls on Israelis to carry guns as tension soars
    • @Eva "The whole progression to 1939 is accelerating. I am taking bets how soon Zionists persuade themselves that a yellow crescent compulsorily displayed on the Palestinian clothing will be a matter of pure expediency"

      You are definitely on the right track Eva however I think the wonderful start up nation which invented the cherry tomato and a host of other groundbreaking contributions to civilisation is quite capable of coming up with something a little more sophisticated than your plain old crescent sewn onto clothing. How about the rounding up and microchipping of all Palestinians and incorporating a built in tracking device.

  • Netanyahu did everything but use the 'n-word' against Obama to stop the Iran Deal -- Susan Rice
    • Rafi. Obama did not direct/glorify/gloat over the Kunduz tarrgeting unlike Nitay who has been absolutely wetting his pants in glee over the carnage which he has been inflicting on innocent men women and children in Gaza in the last decade. And no I don`t think that Phil will pin the blame on poor little defenceless victimised misunderstood Israel for this one . He has got what is known to the civilised Western world as "integrity" - something that currently is a rapidly shrinking commodity in your vainglorious little Middle Eastern colony.

  • In Israel/Palestine we are witnessing the end of a colonial regime
    • "Can anyone say when the Israeli colonial project, dependent as it is on the suppression of a subject people in the name of the theft of their land, will reach its end? For sure not."
      Sadly Ilene I believe that the beginning of the end, and this can`t be far off, will be a blatant massacre of Palestinian civilians by either the IDF or a settler group or both( not a Cast Lead or Protective Edge type massacre perpetrated under the cover of a so called "war") Nitay must be soiling his pants at the thought of this as it is something which is now out of his control and will be something that cannot be cannot be Hasbarised away.

    • MikeHolloway - "One of the things I try to do in studying the conflict is understand what outcomes the various political groups are trying to achieve."

      You are having a laugh and giving the new Hasbara game away as in really we are not trying to screw the Palestinians we are really really desperate to achieve peace oh and I forgot in order to do that it`s best to desist from criticism of Israel and just well continue to study the conflict.

      You sound like Regurgitev Mark II

  • Over one thousand mourners gather in Bethlehem to lay 13-year-old Abed Obeidallah to rest
    • There was a sad incident in the UK in recent days when a young policeman ( obviously unarmed ) was killed when trying to stop a stolen vehicle using a "stinger" device. He had more courage and morality in his little finger than the entire IDF / Israeli Police/Israeli Border Police/Shin Bet put together. What scum of the earth these people have become.

  • Hey Jews, listen up, Netanyahu is your leader!
    • Bryan I`m afraid you have got it all wrong. Nitay apparently has got a rabbinic scroll secreted in his bedroom wardrobe which proves conclusively that his great - great- great - great etc grandmother lived in a three bedroom duplex apartment in downtown Hebron in 10,000 BC. After those nasty Romans expelled one of the grannies and her family, like lots of other 10000 year old Jewish families, they wandered the earth through the millenia fleeing pogroms and discrimination in such diverse places as Poland , Mongolia , Australia , Golders Green, Baltimore and latterly Florida Keys and Melbourne. Eventually the Nitay family returned to their ancient homeland in 1920 AD. It is rumoured that Nitay got a mortgage for his current house in Israel using the Hebron deed as collateral.

  • Video of 18-year-old Palestinian chased by Jewish mob and killed by police shocks global audience
    • Poor old Nitay. He didn`t get permission from his Congress Harem to instruct Obama to demolish a number of" within a year" nuclear warhead producing buildings in Iran and perhaps just for the icing on the cake " command and control centres " in downtown Teheran. I imagine that his psychiatrist has advised him that it`s too soon to mow the lawn again in Gaza but if he really has got an unbearable itch to destroy buildings he should satisfy the itch by upping the rate of destroying "A la SS"the homes of suspected Palestinian "terrorists" ( oh incidentally also the homes of innocent men women and children )

      One step away from the Lidice doctrine becoming official government policy in the only "Western" democracy in the Middle East ?

    • The increasingly unhinged and degenerate Nitay is probably well past the point of realising that he has "unleashed the dogs of war". I suspect and fear that one of the next steps in this spiral into the abyss will be a structuring/legitimizing of these Uzi wielding Zionist whackos. In the interests of protecting the "native" Jewish population from " rampant Palestinian terrorism " they may be recruited / trained and deployed like the infamous "B" Specials in Northern Ireland. There are in fact a number of striking parallels with the situation as it was in Northern Ireland during the "troubles" and the years leading up to them - not least the mindset of extreme Protestant Loyalists who truly believed that they were the God ordained proprietors of Ulster and regarded the Catholic natives as little better than foreign vermin. One of the the worst case scenarios for the Palestinians would be the emergence of a Zionist equivalent of the "Shankill Butchers" who epitomised the savagery which can be unleashed by unscrupulous or simply unhinged politicians pandering to the extremes of their electorate in order to retain power. The situation in Northern Ireland in the 60`s and 70`s led to the emigration in despair of many thousands of decent and honourable Protestants. The nightmare largely dissolved because many thousands of decent and compassionate Protestants remained , got involved in the Civil Rights movement and ultimately the Peace Process. There was also the simple fact of being part of the United Kingdom in itself being an automatic check on the excesses of the Ulster government and its police and paramilitary units. It is increasingly obvious that no such checks exist in relation to the actions of the Israeli government and its very own "dogs of war". Time is running out for those thousands of decent,compassionate and truly Jewish Israelis to get out of the hellhole which their country has become.

  • 'Third intifada was launched,' Palestinian law student posted before carrying out fatal attack in Jerusalem
    • Sadly I fear that there will be an increasing number of these Zionist variations on Kristallnacht. Ben Nitay in his desperation to stay in the glory seat has surrendered control to the extremist thugs and they ,ignored by their fellow travellers in the IDF and Zionist Police, and egged on by the unhinged Zehada activists will soon be in charge of the streets. Next worrying development for poor old Nitay will be Western governments advising their citizens not to travel to the "Land of Creation" as it has become too dangerous specifically if you are not Jewish.

      BTW and slightly off script - where is good old Mark Regurgitev when Nitay needs him. I do so miss his dulcet Aussie tones and his catchy trademark one liners such as "Let`s be clear Hagggghmas is a terrorist organisation" and "It`s a proven fact that Hagggghmas uses civilians as human shields" Now that he he is ambassador to the UK he must have been advised to keep a low profile as Pommieland TV is infested with intelligent,cultured and incisive Jon Snow type interviewers.

  • The refreshing bluntness of Ayelet Shaked
    • Ellen
      100% agree. Game shows/survival shows - the lot. With poor old beleaguered Ben Nitay having to cuddle up to the extreme right in order to stay in power he has had to allocate ministerial positions to various right wing nutjobs and surrender control over the demented spoutings of the likes of Shaked. The more air time Skaked and her fellow travellers are given the more obvious it will be to the civilised west and civilised western people that this Middle East oddity, Israel, has become a dangerous freakshow.

  • 'NYT' reporters parrot Israeli claims re cherry tomato
    • Shame that Nitay was just cherry picking and didn`t allocate say around a further 44 seconds to include all those other Zionist inventions or" developments" which may have included all time greats like the disposable nappy,the flush toilet and the portaloo.

      Surely there must be a definitive list held in Hasbara Central to be wheeled out at appropriate times. I look forward to seeing it.

      Amigo - congratulations on a stout defence of the Irish invention of Guinness.Got in there just in time my friend.

  • Netanyahu's 44 seconds of silence at UN are being widely mocked -- 'pathetic,' 'creepy'
    • I think the practice of referring to this power crazed lunatic as "Bibi" waters down the message a bit as "Bibi" IMO tends to soften the picture and infer by default that he has a soft side to his character which is patently not the case - a fact reinforced by his ghoulish performance at the UN. Recommend simply referring to him as "Benjamin Netanyahu " or better still "Netanyahoo" with the emphasis on the "Yahoo" . There is even the option of "Ben Nitay" the one state solution protagonist of 1978 or best of all his real off Zionist stage name Benjamin Mileikowsky".

      A repetition of the latter on a regular basis may make him really foam at the mouth.

    • Didn`t a certain A.Hitler use a "staring pause " technique in his speeches ?

  • UK activists target radio station's 'Win a trip to Israel' contest
  • For the 'New York Times,' #PalestinianLivesDoNotMatter
    • "Overcompensation for that nagging knowledge that wrong has been done". Spot on. It also helps to ease that nagging guilt when there is clear evidence of daily atrocities by the other side. Have just read a classic news piece in that well balanced Israeli daily "Arutz Sheva" headlined "Not Europe 1939 - Jerusalem 2015 " and "Terrified Jewish Children hounded by Arab mob"

      Yet another great example of the "we are the real victims" in this conflict mentality. More importantly if you then look at the attached comments you will see evidence of the overcompensation and the scary direction this overcompensation is taking .These people are increasingly becoming the norm in the Jewish Israel population and all the decent moral Israeli Jews,the Gideon Levys, who have been doing their best to stem the tide of this growing Fascism will soon I fear themselves be under direct physical threat from these droogs.

    • This particular photograph clearly shows how despite his high tech body armour and rifle how terrified and vulnerable this highly trained and extremely moral IDF hero must have felt before he made the brave decision not to run away from the life threatening "knife" but to confront the evil 18 year old Palestinian female student who had approached the checkpoint and disable her with the use of proportionate force. Not sure that it will count in the IDF "kill" ratings league back at the barracks though as he didn`t appear to manage a shot in the back.

  • Amnesty: Killing of Hadeel al-Hashlamoun was 'extrajudicial execution'
    • Just
      I am not aware of any comments from Western leaders or any specifically critical comments from Western MSM. I suspect that this may relate to the fact that this young girl was wearing a niqab which has a dehumanising effect for many people in Western society. The UK Daily Mail website has a picture of a young and smiling Nadeel wearing a burqa. Had this been the image from photos at the checkpoint it might just have prompted an expression of "concern" by a US State Department Official and certainly IMO would have resulted in a great deal of condemnation in the Western press. I think the fact that the Israeli authorities did not announce that there would be one of their usual world class leading "thorough investigations" may reflect the fact that they felt that they could just wing this one as there was no human face which could be associated with the atrocity.

    • What I find most gruesome about this incident is the way in which one of these brainwashed IDF zombies drags the young girl along the ground like a slaughtered game animal. It reminded me of images of naked skeletal Jewish victims of the Nazis being dragged along the ground and thrown into pits during the Holocaust.

  • The Greater Gaza Plan: Is Israel trying to force Palestinians into Sinai?
    • Leaving aside the politics, local and international, of what would be a forced move what about the mechanics. Would the Zionists have to approach Germany for supplies of railway lines and cattle trains or would it be SS style forced marches with welcome incremental population depletions en route.Oh and yes to make it viable the Palestinians would almost certainly have to have some sort of identification emblem sown onto their clothing.

  • Israel imprisons Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Saba'aneh without charge, sparks international demands for his release
    • @oldGeezer
      Precisement mon vieux. If there is a solidarity march organised in Paris I can`t see Monsieur Nitay jetting in without an invite and barging his way to the front line.

      I think MDM is right that he will be quietly released,the Israeli Hasbara machine will somehow invent an Israeli application of justice in action scenario. They won`t hope that it will all blow over because they are well passed the stage of giving a shit about anyone or anything outside of their bubble.

      Still you can piss off journalists , you can piss off writers,you can piss off academics but beware pissing off cartoonists - they have nasty stings in abundance.


  • Mearsheimer on dual loyalty and William Safire
    • @Keith
      "There are no “American” interests in Afghanistan, only the imperial interests of the transnational corporations. The birth of empire was the death of the Republic. And let us be honest, these “brave young American citizens” are imperial stormtroopers"

      Sorry but I think that you are completely missing my point. I have zero illusions about the true "interests" of America and all the other powers who have and continue to take part in the "Great Game" as well as the multi nationals prodding from off stage.
      My point was quite simply that whether or not you consider them to be no more nor less than "imperial stormtroopers"(slightly OTT !!) they are at least putting their own country first and not volunteering instead to be colonial stormtroopers in Zioland.

    • "2. There was a dual loyalty question. Mearsheimer said that in America, we’re allowed to have dual loyalty. You can be a citizen of another country, fight in their army. But the real question is, what happens when the “interests of the two countries come into conflict. The question is who will you side with? For most of Israel’s supporters they will side with Israel, and they don’t view that as a conflict of interest"

      A grey area which is mostly tiptoed around by the the both the Zionist Lobby and its US Government lackeys. Fact is that if being anywhere true to form Mad Donald and his loony Republican lackeys should be up in arms about American citizens deciding to enlist in the Zio army whilst a lot of brave young American citizens are putting America First and are facing death and serious injury on a daily basis in defending American interests in Afghanistan etc. This applies whether or not they have dual American - Israeli citizenship - again it`s all about putting your country first and if you are an American Jew born and bred in the US who opts for Israeli citizenship and on applying for that citizenship and certainly when enlisting swears an absolute oath of loyalty to Zioland you are patently not putting the US first and arguably should be stripped of US citizenship.

      NB Around 8,000 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq/Afghanistan and an estimated 900,000 injured including of course life changing injuries.

      What does the ordinary American think I wonder seeing their sons and daughters who have volunteered to serve their country coming home in body bags or severely injured whilst in the same area or community other young American citizens who practice Judaism opt to forego the risks of live combat zones and choose out of religious zealotry to serve in the armed forces of a foreign country. What do they think when they hear someone like Adelson lamenting the fact that he served in the US army rather than the IDF quote:
      "The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform. It was an American uniform, although my wife was in the IDF and one of my daughters was in the IDF … our two little boys, one of whom will be bar mitzvahed tomorrow, hopefully he’ll come back– his hobby is shooting – and he’ll come back and be a sniper for the IDF"

      As I said the dual loyalty scenario is a grey area when it comes to military service but see:

      Oh and before MW`s resident Israeli Firsters jump down my throat and talk about the large number of Jews who serve in the US military forces yes I do acknowledge this to be the case as I acknowledge the fact that a large proportion of American Jews see themselves as being first and foremost loyal Americans ( that proportion worrying for AIPAC and the other Zionist lobbying groups is growing amongst young American Jews )

      Having said that on a population pro rata basis the number of Jews serving in the US Armed forces appears to be markedly low:,-should-more-Jews-join-the-u-s-military/

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